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2002-07-28, 03:45 AM
(OOC: I've been gone for a long time, and was quite angry to find out what had happened to my characters in my absence. This si my attempt to get back into things. This post will deal with the Insecticons, my characters, and what they have done during the end of Extinction. Also, I am dropping the Spychangers and Dinobots as characters so I can focus on these guys. Thank you.)

They were alone.

It was a simple truth. Ramjet, Dirge, Thrust and Lastrites had all abandoned them, returning to Cybertron in order to combat the threat of Unicron.

But they had not gone with them. Oh, no. For the Insecticons had other plans.

Approaching a power plant, Shrapnel looked at his companions. Bombshell, Kickback, Ransack, Venom, Barrage and Chop Shop were all ready to pounce on the plant and the unsuspecting workers.

"Insecticons, transform and destroy, destroy!", Shrapnel shouted, charging at the plant, the other six Insecticons following.

At the plant, there were two human guards, who watched as the seven giant insects charged at the plant.

"Holy sh...", one of them said, only to get trampled on by Kickback. The other, fearing for his life, ran away to a nearby car, and sped away.

Transforming to his robot mode, Shrapnel looked at Bombshell. "Please, Bombshell, Bombshell", he said.

Bombshell nodded, and fired off an inseci-shell, which landed nearby, and scattered hundred of filament pieces of metal.

"Now, for the electronic clone beams, clone beams", Shrapnel said.

From his antennae erupted beams which swarmed over the fragments, transforming them into clones of the Insecticons, which then began to devour the plant.

"Yes, yes", Shrapnel said with utter glee. "We may have been abandoned, but we shall soon have our revenge, revenge!"

(OOC: Quick Switch, I would like you to assist me. I still control Snake, and would very much like for him and Fakkadi to find out about this attack.)

Quick Switch
2002-07-28, 05:09 AM
In the quiet of Carbombya, Abdul Fakkadi was roused from sleep by his Vizier and General in Chief.

"Sir, the Insecticons have been reported ravaging a power plant nearby," the Vizier said anxiously, as the dictator was roused from his sleep.

"It has been reported that the Seekers have perished against Unicron. Their only contacts are yourself and Cobra Commander. We should contact them immediatley, Your Excellency." The General said without premable.

Fakkadi rose, and put on his dress uniform, and adjusted his cap and COBRA pin. He walked briskly to his comm station, and activated his own secure frequency.

"Snake, my friend. A plague of Insecticons has been loosed. We must attempt to contact them, to continue our alliance. I await your response."

2002-07-28, 08:27 PM
The screen filled with the helmeted image of the former leader of COBRA.

"So, those meddlesome bugs have resurfaced", Snake said. "We haven't seen them since our altercation. But what are they up to, I wonder. Perhaps they are feeling underused in our plans, and decided to strike. We shall have to rectify this. Send some troops to the power plant. I will meet you there."
"Yum!", Kickback said, gnawing on a steel beam. "This is more good than I could have imagined."

"Yes, yes", Shrapnel said. "This pathetic fleshlings and excuses for Decepticons think that they can abandon us? Well, we will teach them the error of their way, their ways."

Quick Switch
2002-07-29, 01:28 AM
Fakkadi nodded.

"Of course, my friend." He terminated the feed. "General, assemble your most crack troops. The power plant is on the outskirts of Carbombya City. We shall go to parley with our Insecticon allies."

The General saluted.

"Yes, Your Excellency."

In moments, a convoy of troops (led by the Presidential car, and the General in Chief's own halftrack) which included a brigade of tanks and several platoons of Shock Troopers had assembled outside the power plant. Fakkadi exited the limosuine, and the General stepped down from his Jeep, his main officers scurrying behind. An officer handed Fakkadi a megaphone, saluted, then stepped back. The General and his Staff Officers stood behind the King of Kings.

The dictator adjusted his resplendent white dress uniform, cap, smoothed his goatee, then spoke into the megaphone.

"Esteemed Insecticons! It is, Abdul Fakkadi. My esteemed friend and comrade, Snake-the Cobra Commander- is en route. We wish to parley. Shrapnel, show yourself so we may begin a dialogue! I do not want more bloodshed!"

2002-07-29, 01:31 AM
Shrapnel emerged from the flaming power plant.

"You want no bloodshed, bloodshed?", he said. "Then you should not have betrayed us, and left us to die."

Suddenly, from around Fakkadi, and his troops, swarmed the entire group of Insecticon clones.

Soon joined by his fellow Insecticons, Shrapnel and the others pointed their guns at the humans.

"You have ten seconds to explain your actions, actions."

Quick Switch
2002-07-29, 01:34 AM
Fakkadi was unruffled.

"After Thrust left with the cargo ship, we heard nothing from you. It was assumed the Insecticons were stationed aboard Metrotitan, and thus were sent to Cybertron via the new Space Bridge built by Astrotrain. I swear to you, it was neither Snake's nor my intention to abandon any of you...but we hadn't received transmissions in many Earth months. Why no contact? Where were you if you were not on Metrotitan?"

2002-07-29, 01:58 AM
"Well", Kickback said. "Let me tell you where we were. Commander Astrotrain didn't feel the need to have us join in the battle against Unicron, so he decided to leave us behind."

"Yes", Bombshell said. "We were most upset."

"So, before Metrotitain left, we planted a drone onboard, which would allow us to moniter what was occuring onboard."

"It wasn't pleasant", Venom said.

"And so, we decided to wreak havoc here on Earth until Galvatron would come to rescue us", Kickback said. "After all, he needs us more than we need him."

"That is probably true", came a voice from in front of them. But it didn't belong to Abdul Fakkadi, nor any of the soldiers present.

"Ah", Shrapnel said. "It seems our other former partner has arrived, arrived."

Quick Switch
2002-07-29, 02:06 AM
Fakkadi nodded, and smiled slightly.

"Snake, my friend. It is good that you have arrived."

He looked up at Shrapnel.

"I have bad news to report. Galvatron is dead. It was broadcasted over the infidel EDC NewsNet wires. Gigatron has now been named Decepticon leader, and Optimus Prime still survives."

He paused.

"I believe it is time we had our discussion."

2002-07-29, 02:12 AM
Shrapnel pointed his gun at Fakkadi's head.

"The only thing that needs to be discussed", he said. "Is your death, death."

"Hold on a minute", came a voice from the jeep that Snake had driven. He was a male human, about 20-30 years old, with black hair, and a scar over one of his eyes.

"Oh, yes", Snake said. "I forgot. This is someone that I have come to consider a friend, my dear Fakkadi, and I hope you will consider him one as well. His name is Lazarus."

"Yes", Lazarus said. "And I wish to talk to the Insecticons."

Quick Switch
2002-07-29, 02:19 AM
Fakkadi was unperturbed. If he died, Allah would grant him the ultimate place in the Afterlife. He had accomplished much against the EDC, and those fanatics who wished him dead in his own country. Nevertheless, becoming a martyr wasn't necessary.

He smiled serenly.

"Of course, Snake. A friend of yours is a friend of mine. Lazaraus, welcome to Carbombya. Snake, my friend, I would now like to speak with you."

2002-07-29, 02:23 AM
"Certainly", Snake said, moving off with Fakkadi, as Lazarus approached the Insecticons.

"And what would a puny human like you offer us, us?', Shrapnel asked.

"How about revenge on those who abandoned you?", Lazarus responded.

"Hmmm....", Kickback thought. "Your offer is most intriguing, human, but all I hear is words. There is no proof that this can be done."

Quick Switch
2002-07-29, 02:30 AM
Fakkadi led Snake into his private car, and settled back in the plush seat.

"Now, my good friend, we can discuss our plans. Who is this mysterious Lazarus fellow? Have you had a chance to contact your former COBRA associates?"

The dictator offered a bottle of congnac to his ally, though he himself did not drink.

2002-07-29, 02:41 AM
"Sadly, my friend", Snake said. "My felow COBRA assosiates have all been killed. Very messy business, that. It seems that they were all attacked by an EDC squad at one of their last hiding places."

He turned around, and took off his helmet. Covering his face with one hand, he turned around and picked up the bottle and a glass with the other.

"But I would not fear, my friend", Snake said, sipping the congnac. "This Lazarus fellow has quite a plan fot the Transformers. He agreed to help us when I told him that there were already Transformers here on Earth willing to be exploited by him."

Quick Switch
2002-07-29, 01:29 PM
Fakkad crossed his arms, thoughtful.

"Interesting," the dictator replied. "It is a pity all of your former associates are dead--but what of that now, I suppose? At least you won't have to deal with that fanatic Serpentor."

Fakkadi chewed on his upper lip for a moment.

"Very well. Where shall we begin again? From the ashes of the old COBRA shall arise a new one- here in Carbombya. With time, we shall be able to supplant the infidel EDC with real power. With the Insecticons assisting us, millions will flock to our banner."

He fingered the hissing cobra pin prominently displayed on his dress coat.

"If you agree to such a measure, of course."

2002-07-29, 08:30 PM
Placing his helmet back on, Snake turned around and looked at Fakkadi.

"Of course", he said. "With the combined power of the three of us, along with the Insecticons, we shall spread a plague across this planet the likes of which no one has ever seen, which will destroy all in it's path."

Snake's rant was interrupted by the reappearance of Lazarus.

"The Insecticons have agreed to work for us", he said. "But they have asked for a price."

"What do they want", Snake asked.

After a few moments silence, Lazaurs said, "250 super energon cubes for the seven of them."

Quick Switch
2002-07-30, 03:26 AM
Fakkadi smiled.

"Yes. Those who oppose us, shall suffer our wrath."

After Lazarus' announcement, Fakkadi waved a hand.

"Done. Carmbombya's resources are vast...however, this will only be an initital amount. I will not have my country sucked dry again as it was with Trypticon. The Insecticons will accept a lower standard amount, since they don't really have to have Energon at all...yet only Carbombya's crude oil is the key for Super Energon."

2002-07-30, 03:12 PM
"I don't think that they will find that acceptable, Commander", Lazaurs said.

"Well, they do not have a choice", Snake said. "They want to get back at those who betrayed them, fine. But they're resources are limited. If they wish to borrow ours, they will have to agree with our terms. Otherwise, we can just...eliminate them."

They walked back outside to where the seven Insecticons waited.

"Very well", Snake said. "We agree to your proposal. However, you shall have to share the 200 energon cubes between the seven of you."

"That is outrageous!", Bombshell shouted. "That was not the deal!"

"I'm making a new deal!", Snake said. "You wish to get back at those who betrayed you. We will help you, but you will have to agree to our terms."

"Very well, well", Shrapnel said. "But I should warn you, you. Do not cross us, us."

Quick Switch
2002-07-30, 11:38 PM
Fakkadi walked back out with Snake and Lazarus.

"Shrapnel, enough of this melodrama. We may be the only allies you have. Now that the war is over, the Autobots might want you handed over for war crimes. I suggest you act reasonable."

The dictator clapped his hands.

"Now, we must begin our plans for the future!"

2002-07-31, 01:33 AM
Shrapnel let out what could be considered a sigh.

"Very well, well", Shrapnel said. "Let's head back to Carbomya to discuss our new...partenrship, partnership."

The seven Insecticons transformed and headed back to the Middle Eastern country.

Snake and Lazarus boarded the jeep that htey had used to come here.

"See you back at the base", Snake said, turning the ignition key, and heading back.

Quick Switch
2002-07-31, 03:47 AM
Fakkadi returned to his limosuine and drove back to the Presidential Palace.

After arriving, he, the General in Chief and Vizier walked out to the balcony to await Snake, Lazarus and the Insecticons to arrive.

2002-07-31, 04:03 AM
Several minutes later, the seven Decepticons and two humans arrived at the palace.

"There, now", Bombshell said. "Perhaps we can get down to business."

"Yes", Snake said. "All in good time."

Quick Switch
2002-07-31, 04:11 AM
Fakkadi nodded at Snake.

"Unless there are more pleasentries to discuss, I'd like to get started."

The dictator paused.

"Namely, my allies: the Great War is over...for now. Galvatron is dead. A new leader has succeeded him. Optimus Prime still lives. In reality, nothing has changed. More warriors have died, but the command structures have not moved one way or the other. My question, is this: with both factions divided, what are we to do about it on Earth?"

Fakkadi smiled broadly.

"Snake and I have a plan to unite the globe under the rule of COBRA- a human organization I believe you are familiar with, Shrapnel, in case your Hive mates are not. The Commander's former associates are dead. Thus, the organization must be rebuilt. And the one obstacle standing in our way of global recruitment, indotrination, and supremacy is..."

Fakkadi's face twisted into a malicious sneer.

"...the infidel Earth Defense Command. I propose we do something about this. I believe COBRA- with Carbombya's superior military, officer corps, charismatic leadership of Snake and I, Abdul Fakkadi, my nation will act as the foundation for a New World Order."

Another pause.

"I put it to all of you- how far are we willing to go to achive our ideals? For this is no half-hearted measure. We must decide, here and now. For what we decide will shape the world."

2002-07-31, 04:16 AM
"Ah, yes", Shrapnel said. "I do remember COBRA, COBRA. In fact, I think that they even captured Bombshell once, once."

"Don't remind me", came the reply. "I still have flashes every time I think about that."

"Anyway", Kickback said. "We agree. With Optimus and co. out of the way back on Cybertron, it seems as good a time as any to take over here. The EDC has no chance of a defense against the likes of us."

"Yes", Venom said. "With Shrapnel's ability to create clones of us, we could be all over the world in days."

"Then it's agreed?", Snake asked.

"Yes", came the unanimous reply.

"Very well, then", Snake said. He got three glasses, and passed them to Lazarus and Fakkadi. He then looked up at the Insecticons.

"A toast...to the new world order!"

Quick Switch
2002-08-01, 04:55 AM
Fakkadi raised his glass, though it contained water...a liquid for more pleasing (and more rare) than any alcohol.

"The New World Order!" Fakkadi toasted.

The dictator drained his glass.

"So be it," he replied. The Carbombyian leader placed his glass on a table.

He glanced at the General and Vizier who stepped forward.

"My Armies can quickly invade the neighboring hostile nations to acquire resources, and crush EDC outposts. My Staff Officers have planned for many contingenices, but our forces have superior weaponry, materiel, and morale. All are willing to die for His Excellency." The General nodded emphatically.

The Vizier rubbed his hands together.

"The Ministry of Propaganda...under my guidance...has prepared a number of campaigns designed to whip up unpopular sentiment against the EDC with our population, and those of our local neighbors. These efforts should prove useful."

"And of course," Fakkadi replied, "Snake's underworld, terrorist, and black market contacts will make the effect on the EDC most unbearable...assisnation of key leaders, support of other rebel groups with international arms trading deals...Carbombya will assist its Arab allies first against the infidel EDC. And, of course, the Insecticons will be able to eliminate less conventional targets with ease. An...Attack of the Clones, if you will."

Fakkadi smiled.

2002-08-01, 07:28 PM
The Insecticons chuckled.

"Yes", Ransack said. "There will be an Clone Attack. We will raise a mighty army, and we will send it forth against the corrupt EDC."

"Yes", Shrapnel said. "I shall get to work on this immediately, immediately."

He and Bombshell left the room, as Kickback and the others withdrew their weapons and examined them.

Snake, menwhile moved to examine a map of the world mounted on the far wall.

"The question now is", he said. "What should be our first target?"

Quick Switch
2002-08-01, 08:29 PM
Fakkadi crossed his arms.

"First, my friend, we must capture key leaders who could marshal the EDC into action. First among that list is Captain Marissa Fariborne," the dictator stated matter of factly. "She has humiliated me in the past...and her father, Warrant Officer Dashiell R. Faireborn-otherwise known as Flint- has certainly humiliated you, Snake. We must capture her."

The dicator smiled.

"I'm sure you and I both will think of sufficient ways to get information out of her to use against her pathetic organization."

Fakkadi hoped that Snake would jump at the chance to strike at Flint through his daughter, after all those years of defeat at the hands of the GI Joe leader. Fakkadi himself was anxious to get his hell-spawned daughter into his hands...

2002-08-02, 01:53 AM
"Yes", Snake said. "There is an old saying that I think is relevant to this situation. Cut off the head, and the body dies."

"Yes", Lazarus said. "But where would she be located. She must have gone into hiding after our last encounter."

"Yes", Snake said. "She will be most difficult to track down. Perhaps we could lure her out of hiding."

"But how?", Lazarus asked.

Snake turned to Fakaddi. "Any suggestions you have are welcome, old friend."

Quick Switch
2002-08-03, 02:12 AM
Fakkadi smiled at Snake's use of the aphroism. He stroked his goatee.

"How appropriate..." he then responded to Snake's query. "Simple...send out an express message stating that the Insecticons have returned...and the strike team, lead by Captain Faireborn should be dispatched at once..."

The dictator nodded at the remaining Insecticons

"If you would like to pick the location, Kickback, Venom, et. al., then do so. I'm sure any will suffice."

He then pointed at the General.

"A crack group of my Elite Guard will then capture her, after she's reached the confirmation site in Carbombya. I'll make certain the message does not originate from my Palace."

2002-08-03, 06:07 AM
Kickback moved to the map, and pointed to one location on it.

"Here", he said. "Right here in Toronto, Canada."

Quick Switch
2002-08-05, 10:16 PM
Fakkadi nodded, and his Vizier bowed and moved off.

"My advisor is going to broadcast the signal using our Propaganda Division. The signal will appear to originate in Toronto, where the Insecticons, along with my strike force, will arrive and detain her at our leisure."

2002-08-05, 10:22 PM
"Very well, well", Shrapnel said, emerging from outside. "I have created over 200 clones of each of us, us. We are ready to depart, depart."

"Very well", Snake said. "Let's get going."

The Insecticons and the clones took off, heading towards North America. A few minutes later, a plane took off from the Carbombya airstrip, heading after the departing figures.

(OOC: I'll be back later, Quick Switch. Would you mind doing a thing as Marissa?)

Quick Switch
2002-08-09, 09:38 PM
Captain Marissa Fairborne flew towards Toronto following a broadcasted warning regarding the Insecticon presence on Earth. A small detachment of lesser fighters accomponied her to the projected site of the Insecticon appearance...

2002-08-10, 12:51 AM
Closing in on Canada, The plane carrying Snake, Fakkadi, and Lazarus passed over Quebec, the Insecticons following.

They laned on a clearing near the Toronto border, and Snake and Lazarus exited the plane.

"We'll wait here until she arrives", Snake said.

Quick Switch
2002-08-10, 02:25 AM
Fakkadi exited, along with a small detachment of Elite Guardsmen. They were dressed in the blood red uniforms of the CORBRA Crimson Guardsmen. Even down to the distinctive helmets echoing Cobra Commander's.

"Yes," Fakkadi waited, hands behind his back, as the Elite Guardsmen took up positions around Snake, Lazarus and their President.

The EDC officers and troops exited their planes and walked into the clearing.

"We're here, Captain," an officer called out, scanning the area.

"No signs of Transformer activity," another technician called out, holding up a scanner of some sort.

"Kill the others. Leave Fairborne alive," Fakkadi hissed.

The Elite Guardsemen (numbering about six) opened fire with specialy issued laser rifles, quickly cutting down the supporting EDC personnel (who numbered about 10-12), who were caught unawares. The corpses smoked as they fell, the fatal wounds be they body or head shots cauterzed and exposed.

The Elite Guardsmen exited the clearing, aiming at Fairborne.

Fakkadi exited the clearing, and exposed where Snake and Lazarus were perched.

"My dear Captain Fairborne," the dictator called out. "At long last...you are my prisoner. Commander? Anything to say to the esteemed spawn of Flint?"

Captain Fairborne stood firmly, jaw clenched, hand on her sidearm.

2002-08-10, 02:59 PM
"Ah!", Bombshell shouted. "The fleshling refuses to talk!"

He transformed to his beetle mode and approached the struggling figure. He then fired a cerebro shelll directly into the human's forehead.

Transforming back, Bombshell began to laugh. Pretty soon, the other Insecticons joined in.

"There now", Snake said to Fairborne. "Does that improve your disposistion?"

Quick Switch
2002-08-11, 01:15 AM
Captain Fairborne tried to fight the effects of the shell, and attempted to raise the pistol to her head.

Two Elite Guardsmen ran forward and brought Fairborne towards the Commnder and Fakkadi.

"I am your to command...Insecticon masters..." she replied quietly.

Fakkadi turned, eyes gleaming.

"I suggest we return to Carbombya...we have what we came for, my friend!"

2002-08-11, 06:19 PM
Lazarus grabbed Fairborne, and guided her to the plane, as the Insecticons lept into the air.

"We'll meet you there, there", Shrapnel said.

Snake and Lazarus boarded the plane.

Quick Switch
2002-08-11, 07:53 PM
The Guardsmen saluted, and they and Fakkadi boarded the plane.

"Home, Pilot. Home, to Carbombya!" Fakkadi sat in a plush seat as the plane lifted off.

The dictator's laughter could be heard outside the cabin as the plane gained altitude.

2002-08-11, 08:18 PM
The Insecticons landed in Carbombya, near the palace, and then they waited for the Carbombya plane to return.

Quick Switch
2002-08-11, 08:48 PM
The aircraft landed on Carbombya's main hangar. Fakkadi deboarded to an honor guard, and the Elite Guardsmen dragged Captain Fairborne inside the palace. They placed the EDC officer in a secluded interrogation room. Fakkadi waited in the main foyer of the palace.

2002-08-11, 08:50 PM
Snake and Lazarus approached Fakkadi.

"So, now that we've...'acquired' Captain Fairborne", Snake said. "What shall we do with her?"

Quick Switch
2002-08-22, 05:38 AM
"Good question," Fakkadi replied.

The dictator thought.

"At the very least, we can use her as propaganda. Her father is in a position of authority now. Perhaps we can wrest more concessions out of him to weaken the EDC, before we ultimately crush it."

2002-08-22, 05:46 AM
"Perhaps", Lazarus said. "With the world in as bad an turmoil as it is nowadays, it will be easy to wrest governmental control away from the rulers of America."

"Yes", Snake said. "And then we can present it to Devil Gigatron."

The trio of humans entered the palace, with a pair of guards escorting Fairborne to a nearby cell.

Meanwhile, the Insecticons stood around a makeshift interstellar communicator.

"Shrapnel to Cybertron, Cybertron", he said. "Can you read me Cybertron, Cybertron?"

(OOC: I don't really give a damn who answers this, as long as some Decepticon does.)

Quick Switch
2002-08-22, 10:29 PM
Fakkadi shook his head at Snake at Lazarus.

"What if Shrapnel's transmission is not well received? The Insecticons may still be considered traitors back on Cybertron."

2002-08-23, 12:52 AM
"We can only hope, my friend", Snake said.

Quick Switch
2002-08-23, 12:59 AM
Fakkadi stroked his goatee.

"Yes, I suppose that is the only avenue open to us."

Quick Switch
2002-08-24, 04:43 PM
Fakkadi nodded.

"It appears the transmission has been answered. Now, we merely need to hear a confirmation."

2002-08-26, 05:35 AM
"Yes", said Lazarus. "But there is one important question."

"Yes", Snake replied. "What will that response be?"

He moved to the cell where Fairborne was held.

"But now", he said. "A more important dilemma. What to do with her?"

2002-08-30, 04:21 AM
"I have the perfect idea", Lazarus said, pulling a gun from his inside holster and holding it to Fairborne's head.

"No!", Snake said, knocking Lazarus back. "We need her alive!"

"Why?!", Lazaurs said. "This place is going to go to hell in a hand basket soon anyways. It'll just be one less goodie-goodie gum drop to deal with.
Outside, the Insecticons fiddled with their transmitter.

"What is wrong with this thing?!", Ransack asked. "Did they get a response or not."

"I don't know, know", Shrapnel said. "This thing is a piece of ****, ****. Why else could we get it second hand, hand?!"

"Well", Bombshell said. "They've recieved our message. All we can do now is hope."

Quick Switch
2002-08-30, 06:33 AM
Fakkadi held up a hand.

"Patience, Lazarus. If we have her murdered, her true power as a manipulative tool will be lost. We merely have to use her in the correct capacity."

(OOC: Bombshell, this really hinges on G91 replying with Thunderwing at the moment.)

2002-08-30, 06:46 PM
"And what would you suggest?", Lazarus asked Fakkadi.
"Can we get it working again?", Venom asked.

"I don't know", Kickback said. "I'll give it a try."

He began to fiddle with the insides of the comm unit.

Quick Switch
2002-08-30, 08:56 PM
The dictator thought.

"We'll have to mount a series of propaganda campaigns to exploit her full potential...I'll have to discuss it with my propaganda minister."

2002-09-02, 03:54 AM
***TV Broadcast***

"Attention all citizens of the US , the helmeted figure of Snake said. "You no doubt know who I am. I am Snake, former leader of the COBRA organization. At this very moment, we have one Captain Marissa Fairborne of the EDC in our posession."

The camera focuses in on the picture of Marissa Fairborne, bound and gagged in a chair.

"She was caught spying near the borders of the Carbomya nation. This has forced us to capture her to prevent her from coming under fire from some of the nations less...hospitiable people."

"She shall be returned unharmed...unless the United States government fails to provide us with one million dollars and an interplanetary transport ship, so that we may take our Insecticon allies to Cybertron."

"Compliance within one week is mandatory. Otherwise, dear old Marissa Fairborne will suffer...an accident."

*End of Message*

Quick Switch
2002-09-03, 08:07 PM
Fakkadi nodded after the transmission had ended.

"Excellent. If the EDC does not comply....we are free to take appropriate action."

(OOC: I'm not going to take more characters at the moment...so hopefully one of the mods will step in as some EDC officials, et. al.)

2002-09-05, 04:18 AM
Spike turned off the TV. He had to do something. But what?

He looked across the room at a machine set up. It was a interstellar communications device. This problem was too big for the EDC to handle alone. They needed help.

But could he do it?
Shrapnel shouted at Fakkadi.

"How much longer, longer?!"

Quick Switch
2002-09-05, 09:36 PM
Fakkadi turned, ruffled.

"Longer for what, Insecticon? Invasion?" The dictator turned to his General in Chief.

The General stepped forward.

"All of our elite Strike Force teams are assembled, and can invade EDC headquarters within a moment's notice. But conventional wisdom concludes that we allow the EDC ample time to respond to our demands. They may yet surrender, and spare us the necessity of war."

Fakkadi nodded at the officer's projections.

"And that is how it should be. If the EDC does not respond as my comrade presented on the program, the invasion will commence in due order. Their silence is a testament to their weakness."

2002-09-06, 03:02 AM
"Hmmm!", Kickback said.

"All right, dictator, dictator", Shrapnel said. "We shall wait for 72 hours for a response. Any more, and we shall be highly annoyed, annoyed."

2002-09-08, 04:53 AM
***TV Broadcast***

"Attention, Abdul Fakkadi", Spike said. "This is Commander Spike Witwickey of the EDC. We will not respond to your demmands. Captain Marissa Fairborne would not sneak around your territory unless she had a good reason. You have twenty-four hours to surrender her, or I will call Autobot reinforcements.

***End of Broadcast***

Snake turned off the TV.

"So", he said. "That's it. We have no other choice. Spike will not cooperate. We need to take action. And besides, I do think that our Insecticon allies are getting restless."

Quick Switch
2002-09-08, 07:25 PM
Fakkadi placed his hands behind his back.

"General," the dictator stated.

"Yes, Excellency?" The General in Chief asked.

"Scramble all available troops and invade all Middle Eastern EDC outposts."

"Yes, Excellency," the General saluted, and left the palace for Military HQ.

"Minister," Fakkadi motioned to his Vizier. "Gear the Ministry of Propaganda into motion. Declare an outrageous greviance has been done against us to whip up popular support for the war."

"Yes, Your Excellency," the Vizier bowed and left the Palace for the Government Buildings in Carbombya City.

He turned to Snake.

"Tell the Insecticons they are free to attack the Washington command post. Once that is crippled, Earth shall fall!" Fakkadi smiled, then strode away. "I would recommend we vacate the Palace. The Autobots will level this building in no time."

2002-09-08, 08:43 PM
"Yes, my friend", Snake said, who transmitted the message to the Insecticons.

"At last!", Kickback said. "Action!"

"Insecticons", Shrapnel said. "TRANSFORM AND DESTROY!"

The Insecticons headed off towards Washington.

Quick Switch
2002-09-08, 11:42 PM
Somewhere in the Middle East...

"Attack Squadron Gamma, Attack Squadron Gamma...confirmation received. Destroy the infidels!"

The main strike force of COBRA model Ravens, Rattlers, and massive drop ships attacked the various EDC outposts.

A radio crackled, as troops dressed as Crimson Guardsmen advanced on a certain palace in the Trans Middle East.

A hooded figure, bearded, strode through the palace as the loyal corp of protectors was slaughtered.

Coming upon the dignified hooded Prince, hair gray, manner somewhat stooped, the brigade stopped. The bearded Arab withdrew a standard issue pistol.

"Why are you doing this to my Kingdom?"

"You support the infidel EDC, traitor! And you call yourself an Arab!"

"The EDC is a peaceful organization dedicated to stopping the Insecticons! Why must we fight against one another? Wait...I know your voice..." The Prince moved off his throne, and threw up the hood. "By Allah, it is you, Ali! Pawn of Megatron!"

"Indeed I was," the Arab known as Ali (beard white with the passage of years. "But now, through the generosity of the Great King of Kings, Abdul Fakkadi, your Kingdom is mine. Here is a statement from the new leader of the Arab world."

Ali brought out a tape recorder, and pressed the PLAY button.

"Greetings, Prince Jamal. You were no more than a common thief, and stooge of the infidel supporting Autobots. Your crime...shall result in your removal from power. I, Abdul Fakkadi, and the glorious Cobra Commander shall reshape the world with the power of the Insecticons. Earth is ours. The EDC has failed, the Autobots have abandoned you. May you burn in Hell for all eternity, for sins against Allah."

The message ended. Jamal squared his shoulders.

"My family?"

"Dead," Ali smiled. "I cannot allow usurpers on my throne."

It must be said that Jamal did not weep. He was a proud man, whose kingdom had benefited from his rule. But now, alas, that rule had ended.

"If you submit, I will spare your life," Ali smiled.

"Never!" Jamal echoed Optimus Prime's famous last words.

"Then, Prince Jamal, you will die," Ali said. A Crimson Guardsman, standing behind Jamal, withdrew an executioner's scimitar and, in one smooth motion, decapitated the Prince. His white-robed body fell to the floor, and his head stopped at Ali's feet. The stolid expression was still across his face.

"This Kingdom is now mine. Long live Abdul Fakkadi, leader of the New Order!" Ali roared. His troops continued the cheer...


Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away, and in a secure bunker buried beneath hundreds of feet of sand, Abdul Fakkadi sat. His top Generals, Admirals and Ministers sat with him. At a massive billboard, his military inteligence officials surrounded by Tele-Vipers receiving reports

"Ali reports Prince Jamal has been executed, and his kingdom has fallen," one Tele-Viper reported.

"Excellent," Fakkadi sat on a makeshift throne, steepling his fingers. "Excellent."

2002-09-09, 02:19 PM
The Insecticons approached the White House, which was surrounded by hundreds of millitary units, obviously in place ever since Spike's announcement.

"Ha!", Shrapnel laughed. "I cannot belive the human's stupidity, stupidity."

"Let us teach them the error of their ways", Bombshell said.

The Insecticons engaged with the human military forces. Despite the best efforts of the humans, it was a bloodbath. The human defense line fell within thirty minutes.

Then the Insecticons transformed and began to gnaw away at the White House.


Quick Switch
2002-09-09, 08:52 PM
Fakkadi smiled as a satellite feed showed the White House under attack.

"Ah...all so easy, my friend?" the dicatator turned to where Snake and Lazarus sat at the main conference table.

2002-09-12, 03:34 AM
"Yes", Snake said slowly, and began to laugh.
The Insecticons continued to nibble on the structure of the White House, sending their clones to deal with the ptiiful human resistance.

Quick Switch
2002-09-12, 03:58 AM
Fakkadi smiled, and reflected.

2002-09-17, 03:25 AM
The Insecticons stood over the ruined wreckage of the White House.

"Yum!", Bombshell said. "That was a good meal."

"Yeah, yeah", Shrapnel said. "But a little heavy on the metal, metal."