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2002-07-30, 06:01 AM

Finally, a chance to rest. With his feet again firmly on a solid hunk of Cybertron's remaining ground, Grand Maximus hunched and stared blankly into the distance. He was tired. Battle with - and very nearly, termination by - the Chaos Bringer had taken quite a bit out of him. However, it did help him to appreciate the niceness of life, certainly enough to teach him that he would likely survive a few minutes of being merged with the Maximus battleship. Grand offered Iacon one weak salute and declared his return.

"Cybertron Solar Commander Grand Maximus reporting in to Iacon central command, functional but compromisingly damaged. Warrior now sets to rest cycle for recharging lost energy units."

Grand Maximus' weak red optics faded to a bland gray, and the behemoth toppled squarely onto his back.

2002-07-30, 05:12 PM
Once again, Remedy entered the room where the four Cosmobots were waiting. He had an uncanny ability to find people, it seemed.
"Venture..." he started slowly.
"There is someone here for you to meet."
The medic stepped away from the doorway, as Apollo walked through.

"Apollo!" Thorr leapt from his seat, and embraced his comrade, swiftly followed by Mercury and Sun Runner.
"Ouch, oh! Hey guys, gerroff!" came a muffled voice from below the pile, which quickly disengaged.

"The operation was a success?" Venture asked the medic.
"Absolutely. The pathways have been realigned, and merging should be no trouble anymore. He is cleared to return to duty."

"Thank you," Apollo said sincerely.
"Yes, thank you. On behalf of all of us," Venture smiled.
"Yeah, thanks Doc!" Thorr exclaimed.
"I'm glad you're back with us," Sun Runner told Apollo.
"Me too," the communication expert replied.

"I'll love and leave you now," Remedy said, then departed quickly from the room.

"So..." Apollo turned to the others.
"What happened?"

A loud chatter of voices filled the room. They had much to catch up on.


In orbit around Cybertron, Omega Supreme's lifesigns had stabilised. While still offline, he had entered a stasis lock, which would preserve his memory for as long as his internal batteries could last. He floated silently, dreamlessly among the detritus of the destroyed Cybertron Armada.

2002-07-30, 05:30 PM
After the keeper was grounded Hot Rod this time, made sure it was closed and locked. Interesting, it listened to his commands now, it didn't matter he had more important things to do. He reenetered the med complex, and headed right for Lockpick's room, he immediatly walked up to the medical lacky, "Anything else you learned about those implants?"

2002-07-30, 06:39 PM
"Pointblank I'd ask where you were but it doesn't matter we found Springer and it looks like the battle ended just in time a few more bumps and he was liable to shatter" Blaster replied to the Other Autobot

"We are on our way to Iacon now if you wanna see him we;ll be there soon, if he is active is another story"

Jazz looked up at Taikoon the music still softly flowing out from him. "Welcome home" Jazz said

2002-07-30, 06:58 PM
The medic picks himself off the ground and taps on a computer "Not much else, aside from they're NOT transformer-built, and they seem to be inactive, at least." he states "I... can't remove them myself, but I send out a message asking for a neurosurgeon... someone who could remove them without damaging her neural links."


Taikoon smiled at Jazz and transformed again, slowly and awkwardly to his robotic form as he takes a seat with a tired sigh. "S.. Sorry for... Uh..." he puases to get the word "Scaring you... at battle."

2002-07-30, 08:18 PM
Vanguard smiled as all had been explained to the communication expert.
"For sure, a lot has gone on, but ultimately we won, and that's what's important."
"Yeah," Thorr said.
"We showed 'em what we're made of."
"Yes, we did." Sun Runner said slowly.
"We fought well and with courage and honour. A grave threat was avoided today, and we can all be proud that we fought to see it off."
"Say, big guy. I never knew you were an orator," Mercury grinned.
"Well, ya know..." Sun Runner grinned back.

"Right, well, now that we're together, I'm sure there's work to be done," Vanguard said, then activated his radio.

"Iacon Commander Please respond, the Cosmobots are now fully operational, and ready for another assignment.!

2002-07-31, 04:52 PM
Hot Rod figured that in the Autobots current state, that may take some time to get those things out/ But there was something more important for him to find out, "Medic can you wake her?"

2002-07-31, 05:30 PM
The medic blinked "Err, yeah, but do you think its a good idea if she's being..." he drifts off, realizing Hot rod was very seroius and he sighs, nodding. "Right away."

After adjusting a few of the machines, Lockpick started to stirr a bit, before her blue optics flickered on. "Wh... Where am I?" she asks groggily.

2002-07-31, 07:08 PM
Hot Rod looked down at her his tone of voice changed, it looked like she was still a little weak, "You're in a med bay... you were pretty beat up...." he shifted a look toward the medic, then back at lockpick, this wasn't going to be easy for him to say, "Lockpick... we found some... implants in you."

2002-07-31, 08:41 PM
Lockpick blinks a few times as she sits up with the medics help, fingering the weld mark over her scarred chestplate, not noticing it at first. Then she whips her head up, optics flickering in fear and she nods slowly "I... I know... " she pauses. "CAn we talk in private somewhere hot rod? I.. .have something important to say."

2002-07-31, 08:43 PM
Jazz shook his head to Taikoon "No problem man sit down and take a load off I insist grab an Energon cube to and just listen to the tunes"

Blaster and the Two casettes enetered Iacons medical bay setting Springer on a table "Yo get a Medic springer is messed up in a bad way"

Sunstreaker looked at Blaster walking over "What happened to him?"

"Dunno Steeljaw found him like this" Blaster replied.

"Damn, we gotta get a medic here fast" Sunstreaker said turning and getting one over to Springer.

2002-07-31, 10:56 PM
Hot Rod was getting even more nervous, but he understood her request. He faced the medic for an instant, "Don't worry I'll take care of her..." He then opened the med bay door for Lockpick, "Ok... I know the perfect place."

2002-08-01, 03:40 AM
Taikoon picked up an energon cube, staring at it puzzedly. "Fuel?" he asks, then lifts it to his face to sniff it.

Recoiling in disgust, the dracobot pushes the cube away, shaking his head "no... is not fuel to Taikoon." he states, leaning back in the chair heavily.

"Have rations... in ship... " his ship was still out a mile from Iacon in a crater.

2002-08-01, 03:46 AM
Lockpick nods as she slips off the table, lurchign suddenly, but after a moment she starts after Hot Rod, each footstep heavy, as though she were being lead to her death row sentence, blue eyes staring at the backs of Hot Rod's knees.

God Jinrai
2002-08-01, 04:34 AM
A thunderous rumble could be heard comming in closer to iacon central. On the horizon, one could make out the outline of a massive half track tractor trailer. Arriving at last at iacon's gates, prime silently entered, trying to avoid a big ruckus over his arrival.

Quick Switch
2002-08-01, 04:48 AM
Quick Switch continued to scan from the air as he flew into Iacon, staying above Optimus Prime, alert for enemies on the ground and in the air.

2002-08-01, 06:19 AM
Sixswitch peeled off from the main convoy, and took a circular flight path around the perimeter of the city. Finding nothing out of place, he rejoined his comrade as he followed Prime through the gates. As he passed through, he deaccelerated and transformed into scout car mode, following after Optimus Prime.

2002-08-01, 03:12 PM
Hot Rod was glad this place he was leading Lockpick to was not to far away. Just outside the med complex, it didn't take long. Hot Rod smiled it had been a long time. The area was a somewhat impressive scene, at best descrption it was a Cybertraonian attempt at a park. Lights were embedded in the floor and benches were scattered about. The best features were the pools of liquid mercury arranged in formations like the crop circles of Earth, "This is sorta a park, an old one, it's kinda like a waiting room, but as the war got worse it was kinda forgotten. I used to come here all the time, mostly to think." he led Lockpick over to a bench over looking one of the mercury pools, he sat down, "Well we're alone, and I thought, if it's that serious, might as well do it in a nice place..."

2002-08-01, 07:17 PM
Lockpick looks around at this, wide-eyed. "This place... so famliar." she says quietly, taking a seat beside him. Her face shows uncertainity, reluctance, and even fear. "Its... something I don't like talking about... but I wanted to let you know, so you can back out now if you wanted."

She pauses again, then goes into her tale.

2002-08-01, 07:52 PM
Jazz looked at Taikoon "Want me to drive to it you look about as ready as a half dead electro-monkey" Jass replied to Taikoon sitting up "Plus I am re-energized"

A medic had begun to tend to Springer The casettes were back within Blaster and Sunstreaker was still helping out.

2002-08-01, 08:30 PM
Taikoon pauses again "Err, is sealed up. Taikoon can open though. You come with?" he offers, getting to his feet slowly.

2002-08-02, 02:37 AM
Hot Rod listened intently, he started to shake as the tale came to an end, it hit him hard, he sat there in silence as it ended looking over the pools. "I... I..." he was lost for words, his Autobot self began to peice some things together and the Autobot inside of him knew exactly what to do, "I'll stay with you for a while... maybe we can work through this." Hot Rod had to protect her, no matter what.

Javelin blended with the shadows, new data streamed in, Talon seems to be bonded with Bandit. It could somewhat be related to Binary-bonding, but Javelin did know he couldn't fight Talon and Bandit, both, now. He needed those Minicons, and needed them bad. Too bad Talon would reconize him, and too bad Javelin didn't really know where he was. It hit him... he had a plan. He jumped out of the shadows, standing in an attack pose, "Minicon Talon! You will tell me the location of Lockpick now!"

2002-08-02, 04:29 AM
Lockpick kept her head down, optics closed and tense. At his words, she looks up, surprised. "You... you..." she stammers, not sure what to say really. Finally, she stops herself, and simply states "Thank you. We have ten million years to undo though. It... won't be easy."

2002-08-02, 11:03 AM
Bandit, who had just finished watching the meeting of Prime and the newly formed Teratron turned to Javelin. Talon recognized him and quickly brought Bandit up to speed. This could be trouble, he abducted other Minicons on mars. I doubt he has anything friendly in store for the lady Lockpick. Fortunatly we can tell him the truth. "Talon can't speak directly, so I'm relating his answer. The last time we saw Lockpick was in the Keeper. I suggest you try looking there" Bandit says to Javelin as his lightningclaws slide out of their compartments and start glowing. "And don't try anything you'll regret" Rally adds as she transforms and links up with Bandit's shoulder gunmount.

2002-08-02, 04:22 PM
Javelin smiled, "Anything I wouldn't regret... oh please, such Autobot nonsence." Javelin transformed into armored car form, "Thanks for the information anyway! Bwa Ha HA HA!" Javelin sped away back from where he came, the Keeper. Play right along little Bandit... play right along.

2002-08-02, 06:14 PM
Overlord escaped Cybertron's velocity in his jet mode and advanced to orbital flight path. He had been looking for hours for signs of Omega Supreme by the command of Astrotrain. He had found nothing on his search until he had decided to do an orbital scan...

The information he had received was unaccurate at best due the numerous pieces of destroyed spacevessels floating around Cybertron. But it the leads were now better than before... he was getting closer to the Autobot Guardian... he was sure of it.

2002-08-02, 06:50 PM
Jazz nodded standing up "Might aswell got nothing better to do and it just doesn't feel right sitting down while everyone else" Jazz said to Taikoon

2002-08-02, 07:04 PM
Taikoon nods, and heads for the door with Jazz, rolling his battered shoulders slightly to work out the stiffness. he grimaces slightly, but doesn't complain "You lead way then, friend?" he requests with a smile.

2002-08-02, 07:09 PM
After Javelin left, Rally disconnected and transformed back to her human form. "Glad that guy's gone. Bean, got any plans what to do next?" she asked her partner. Talon was worried about Javelin. I'm worried. He's definatly up to no good. "Don't worry about it. I've met dozens of characters like him on Earth. He's just a little bit crazy, but fairly harmless. Bandit thought in reply.
Mentioning Earth to Talon gave Bandit a great idea. "I've got an idea all right" he said as he smiled. "Let's find a ship and go back home" he adds as his helmet disconnect from Bandit's head. Almost immediatly the Megasmasher recedes back into Bandit's chest. The gunmount stayed where it was.
The helmet pieces transform and link together forming Talon. "Bean, linking with you was an interesting experience. And could I join you on your journey to Earth?" he states as he hovers in front of Bandit's head.
"Sure, I'll introduce you to Percy. Won't he be surprised to see me again" Bandit replies to Talon as he reverts to Bean Bandit. His body converts to his car. Bean lands next to it. "Everyone, get in and let's find a ship!" He says as he get's in the drivers seat and starts the car. "It'll be good to see home again" Rally says as she gets in the front passenger seat. "Indeed, I look forward to seeing Earth again as well" Talon replies as he takes a seat on the roofmounted gunmount. "So, you've been to Earth before?" Bean asks as he starts towards Decepticon territory. "I crashlanded on Earth about 2 years ago. I would have ceased functioning if person called Rock hadn't found me. He took me into his house and with the help of his friends they repaired me. I spent most of the next 2 years in their company and became good friends with them" Talon explains as the car moves across Cybertron.

2002-08-02, 07:50 PM
"Some heros they forgot all about my threat." Javelin was not actually headed toward the keeper but he drove in a circle and followed behind, "I can't believe it! They didn't even send off a transmission!" Javelin just stopped mumbleing and just figured that these guys where either new to the whole 'Autobot' thing or just weird. But Javelin might as well take advantage of an Autobot he really knew too well.

Hot Rod remained sitting mostly thinking, he'd never been in a situation quite like this, he felt pity, guilt... a lot of feeling for Lockpick, it was hard to sort it all. Am I even supposed to feel this way? where did that thought come in? He felt somewhat of a block one in his mind he didn't quite understand it but. then something new enetered his mind... a foreign one... like transmission, it was, one only directed toward him, he immediatly stood up, "Lockpick... Javelin sent me a transmission on a private channel text only. He has Talon. Slag it! He wants me to exchange knowledge of the Matrix for his life." Hot Rod became very angry, "That does it! He's played me for too long! I'm getting rid of him once and for all! He'll pay for his crimes... and taking advantage of you, this is personal!" He looked back at Lockpick before running off, it was going to be hard to leave her, "I'll be back... you can come with me... if you want to..."

2002-08-02, 08:00 PM
Lockpick blinked at this sudden outburst from hot Rod, and as he starts to run off, she stands as well "I'll follow you from a distance. If he doesn't know I'm there I might be able to rescue Talon..." she starts, then nods and moves after him quickly. What must he think of me now? Ugly, abused, unable to deny anything someone asks of me... He is so nice, I hope he stays that way.

2002-08-02, 08:29 PM
Hot Rod quickly transforms and speeds off She must think I'm the biggest jerk in the world constantly getting her in all these messes.

Ultra Magnus rolled ahead of Optimus Prime and the others, he had a lot of work to do. He predicted everyone with some authority and responsiblity would be very busy soon. Mostly Magnus would handle some of the Adminstative reprt collecting and report writing... very boring activities. He transformed upon enetering the building and immaedatly made his way to the command center. It was somewhat undermanned at the time but Perceptor was there waiting for Magnus. Perceptor handed Magnus the first reports.

Perceptor began to point out areas of interest, "23,000 astro liters of Energon were amalgamated in the last 5 Mega-cycles, Medical teams are in decrement, and there are undeviating monitions of..."

"Whoa! Perceptor you're getting worse!" Ultra Magnus read the report... it was even worse then his talk, Ultra magnus had to get perceptor off the report job. "Perceptor you have a new task, I need to to research this Javelin guy... find out everything you possibly can about him... I have a feeling about him, a feeling that he must be dealt with."

"Yes sir I will endeavor to...."

Magnus sighed and tapped the report, "Just do it..."

2002-08-02, 08:42 PM
Jazz nodded "Will do" and Transformed into his porche driving ahead of Taikoon

Powerblade still over angered at the death of his brother but finding no one except Autobots to unleash his anger on. He looked up slowly re-approaching the battle damaged Iacon with a sigh "Why him" He muttered, he felt like he was nothing his brother was the risk taker and fighter he was the tactician that got to bathe in the glory of his brother. Why couldn't the laser have struck him why did it hit Deathblade dammit why. All these questions could never be answered.
(OOC- Wheeljack is an NPC)

Sunstreaker lifted a damaged body into a stasis pod pressing it in place turning it on to keep the Autobot alive "This lifting is murder on my arm joint how much longer?" Sunstreaker asked Wheeljack. "Not much longer Sunstreaker just hold your horses" the scientist and filling in medic replied.

Blaster had taken to assisting aswell "Playing nurse is no fun sadly all the action is done" He said over to Sunstreaker.

"Well you wanna play moving forklift?" Sunstreaker asks

Blaster laughed and shook his head "Na you look way into it, maybe in a bit"

Sunstreaker nodded grumbleing walking over to a case of anergon lifting it up and bringing it over handing packs out to medics.

2002-08-02, 09:22 PM
Sixswitch contacted Quick Switch on his radio.
"Hey bro, any signs of trouble up there yet? Let me know and I'll be up there like a shot."


Vanguard led his team to Iacon's command centre. The place was a bedlam. Autobots were rushing everywhere, working at consoles, delivering reports, and issuing orders to the repair crews. Many of them were still chattering about the new peace treaty between the Autobots and Decepticons. Vanguard had his own theory on that. He was fairly certain that it wouldn't, and couldn't last. He grabbed a nearby Bot, on his way to the Commanders office.

"Hey. I'm Vanguard of the Cosmobots, how can I help out?"
"Cosmobots... OK. There are still some Autobots in Cybertron orbit, damaged from the battle with Unicron and unable to return to the surface. Get up there, and see what you can do for them."
Vanguard turned to the rest of the Cosmobots.
"OK people, we have our orders, let's move out."

The five bots trooped from the room.

Outside Iacon, Sun Runner transformed into shuttle mode, and the other Cosmobots climbed aboard.
"Next stop, Cybertron orbit."
"Thanks Captain," Apollo grinned as Sun Runner took off, and shot up into orbit.


OK folks, standard search pattern. Mercury and Thorr will asist. Apollo and I will monitor the situation from here.

"Rodger boss," Thorr grinned as Sun Runner's drop doors opened, and the Tactical expert dropped down, transforming to fighter mode, and accelerating away, swiftly followed by Mercury the Scout.

Almost as soon as they had cleared the bay, Apollo had transformed into Satelite mode, and begun his scans.
"Some of these hulks still have low power. They might be useable as makeshift hospitals up here."
"Suggestion noted," Vanguard replied. He'd mention it to Iacon's medics later.

"Hey, I'm picking up a very large energy signature out here, on a course, of vector 20 by 310," Thorr's voice came over the comm.
"Something's alive?" Mercury asked.
"Unless my scanners are faulty."
"OK, rendevouz ahead of the signature along that vector. We might be able to find what it's looking for first."

Sun Runner swung about and headed for that position. Well before they reached it, Apollo spoke up.
"It's an unknown Decepticon signature. The reason Thorr's scanners picked it up as very large was that it appears to be comprised of three parts, with a very small variance in energy output. Possibly some sort of binary bond. I can also detect a very faint Autobot signature. Stasis Lock, I would guess."
"Intercept," Vanguard ordered.
"We're already in his path."
"OK, let's get ready for action."

"Decepticon Warrior, this is the Cosmobot leader Vanguard. Please state your intentions."

2002-08-02, 09:23 PM
Taikoon moves into a jog after Jazz as they head out of Iacon, the dragon-robot heading in the direction of where he had crashed so many threads ago.

He moves first as they climb the small lip of the crater, then stops at the top, resting a moment. In the crater, the dark, burnt hull of his ship remained where it had fallen.

Lockpick transforms, her clipped wings cutting the air as she follows him without objection towards Javelin's position.

Quick Switch
2002-08-03, 02:07 AM
"I read you, Six," Quick Switch replied via radio.

Quick Switch banked to avoid a bridge.

"Looks like a big bot's checking out something," he finally replied. (OOC: Overlord rocketing off Cybertron.)

2002-08-03, 08:01 AM
Then as Kup waked up in the pod the pod opened up and hes teps out of it

"Man, I feel better now, if I was still an old timer back then I would been history", Kup thought as he looks around the room and sees Recoil taking a nap and then he pokes recoil in the stomach

"HEy old man, time to wake up im back", Kup said as he wkaes up Recoil

"Wha...oh ok then", Recoil said as eh gets hit helmet on and transforms into Kup's gun, "Nice to see you here again Kup"

"Please, call me Extreme Kup", Kup said as he gets out of the room and walks around

He walks in the corridor and sees Hot Rod and Lockpick chasing Javelin

"HEY WAIT UP GUYS!", Kup said as he transformed and zoomed up to follow the 2 autobots

2002-08-03, 08:28 AM
Jazz drove up transforming and flipping up behind Taikoon looking into the crater "Nice ship" He says with a grin "What type of music can you get on that thing?"

2002-08-03, 03:30 PM
Taikoon smiles a bit and shrugs at the joke, only half-getting it. "Come... is not far." he states, starting down the steep crater hill. "Uh... careful... roof... broken." he states again, eyeing the top of the burnt little ship as he enters the nonexistent airlock, debris crunching underfoot. The inside of the ship was once done in quiet beige tones, strip luminescent lighting now dark, although a few bulbs flicker in places.

The ship was hardly large, one corridor with doors along both sides, only three doors per side. One at the end was painted with a bright red stripe, two with yellow and the rest with a weird shade of green.

2002-08-03, 04:36 PM
(OOC: Erm, I don't think there's any need to bump active RPG topics)

"Gotya Skybot," Sixswitch radio'd back.
"I doubt Prime'd appreciate us going up to check it out. When I was running patrols I saw an Autobot shuttle taking off. Maybe they're meeting or something."

He switched his radio to Prime's frequency."
"I guess we're permanent bodyguards now, eh Prime? Not a bad plan. This alliance might not last, best be on our guard at all time. What's the next move anyway?


On the periphery of Omega's concience - or what little remained active, he was aware of movement nearby. However, he was unable to act on it, and in frustration, he could do nothing but wait.

2002-08-03, 05:15 PM
Oh no, why not now... Hot Rod couldn't believe he was thinking that, he knew he could use as much help as he can get, of course without resorting to it being an all out war. The location of Talon and Javelin wasn't too far away. "Ok Kup... you can come along, stay with me. We're on our way to find Javelin. I've had enough of him."

2002-08-03, 05:18 PM
Lockpick moved over as Kup pulled up beside her, following Hot Rod. Startingly, her own frame matched his closely, aside from the countless scars and welds on hers, and the twisted wings. Plus the obvious fact she was a hovering vehicle.

2002-08-03, 06:46 PM
Hot Rod stopped as he saw Bandit and Talon... and someone else headed thier direction but no Javelin. Hot Rod transformed into robot mode and shouted after Talon, "Hey Talon, I thought Javelin had you hostage."

Javelin jumped down from a nearby building, "Must you also think of things temporally, you've fallen right into my trap, and THEN Talon will be mine. THEN you will hand over your Matrix knowledge!"

Hot Rod smiled, "Who do you think you are... you're outnumbered bozo."

"Not much a mind... I have you flanked." Javelin pointed behind Hot Rod, an autogun popped out of the floor. It bared on it's targets and fired.

Hot Rod took cover, figureing the easiest way out of this, "Talon you can link with that gun! And use it to fire at Javelin, do it! Hurry!"

2002-08-03, 07:00 PM
Lockpick had slowed and transformed a distance away, intending to sneak up on Javelin while Hot Rod confronted him. The autogun rang out and she flinched, shaking as she moved forwrads to a rock, peering to stare at what was happening. No! Hot Rod!

It took all her strength to keep from rushing out there to him, and instead she ducks down, sidling along quietly in as much cover as possible to avoid being seen, wishing she had grabbed some energon before coming.

2002-08-03, 07:14 PM
Overlord had just transformed to his massive robot mode and was closing in towards Omega Supreme when he began receiving the transmission from the Cosmobot leader Vanguard.

"Who I am and what I am doing is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS Autobot! Just stay out of my way!" The large Godmaster roared to his transmitter and closed it.

After finishing with communicating with the Autobots, the Overlord began to manouver towards Omega Supreme motionless form that was floating aimlessly on Cybertron's orbit.

"Hah... Mighty Omega Supreme... the last of the Guardian robots. How are you feeling today? Little stressed?" Overlord smirked at the Guardian and began to scan the damages of the giant Autobot in...

2002-08-03, 08:07 PM
Vanguard balked at the sight of the huge Godmaster.
"Wow, I had no idea that they were that big together," Apollo commented.
"Nor did I," Vanguard replied. Cosmobots, battle deployment."
Drawing their weapons from subspace, Vanguard barrelled out of Sun Runner, swiftly followed by the duel pistol armed Apollo.
"Merge into Proximus," Vanguard ordered tersely.

Sun Runner was the first to transform, wings and nose folding away, then the other four swiftly moved into position as the gestalt formed.

Now as one, Proximus flew forwards and placed himself in between Omega and Overlord.
"I must insist that you explain yourself. You are surely aware of the Autobot/Decepticon alliance. I would appreciate it if you would allow me to move Omega Supreme to the surface of the planet."

2002-08-03, 08:15 PM
A confident and arrogant smile grew to Overlord's face as he turned his gaze to meet Proximus'.

"I am aware of the allience. But no laws or regulations have been set to follow." The Godmaster spoke, not drawing his weapons out.

"Yet you come here to demand something you have no authority to do." Overlord snarled and let his thrusters to push himself closer to Proximus and Omega Supreme.

"I was here first. I found your former ally. He is dead now and he belongs to the finder." Overlord added, his optics beginning to burn brightly.

"And the finder would be me." He said, pointing his thumb at himself.

"Out of my way Autobot and I salvage the body of your lost friend... for I have use for it."

2002-08-03, 08:22 PM
Proximus's face remained impassive, and he yielded no ground to Overlord's approach.

"Incorrect, Decepticon. He is not dead. He is in stasis lock. Besides, even if he were dead, his body belongs to his own people, the Autobots."

2002-08-03, 08:27 PM
"Prove that he is alive then. For if he is dead I am not going to let you have him. His body is raw materials... dead materials that can be used again without asking your opinion about it." Overlord growled and began approaching Proximus.

2002-08-03, 08:31 PM
Talon turned around as Hot Rod shouted and saw Javelin and the autogun firing at his friends. He immediatly did as Hot Rod suggested. He flew towards the gun and merged with it. Now one with the gun, he ceased firing on his friends and instead fired a warning salvo right in front of Javelin's feet.

Bean not having heard the commotion behind him, kept driving onward.

2002-08-03, 08:36 PM
Proximus nodded slowly. If it is proof you want, it is proof you shall have.

At that, the giant gestalt disengaged into the five robot forms.
"Do I have to do this?" Mercury asked.
"Yes," Vanguard replied emphatically, "I don't much fancy jeopardising the alliance with a battle right now, and the only way he'll stand down is if Omega is brought back online."
"It may damage his spark," Mercury replied.
"It may. But so will that Decepticon's cutting beams if we can not secure proof."

"Alliance be damned," Thorr spoke in an urgent whisper.
"I say we merge again, and kick his tailpipe as Proximus."
"He has a point, Sun Runner said.
"After all, one of our comrades IS in danger."
"Yes, yes I know," Vanguard replied hurriedly.
"That's Plan B. Mercury, get to it."
"Yes, OK then."

The bot moved over to Omega, and floated above his chestplate. Summoning a tool from his hand, Mercury opened the covering, and delved in, while the others waited, weapons in hand nearby.

2002-08-03, 08:39 PM
"Ya! Good work!" Hot Rod shouted.

Javelin jumped backward, he gasped, "How... How did you do that?" Javelin looked utterly confused, He took the warning and fell back, leaping off the edge of the street.

Hot Rod ran after him, fireing as Javelin left, "No Come back here! COWARD!!!!" Javelin disappeared again, Hot Rod slugged a nearby lightpost, "SLAG! He got away..." he slugged it again, he calmed down for a bit, but he promised himself that he get that villian sometime. He looked over at Talon, still linked with the gun. "Thanks, I guess the important thing is that nobody got hurt."

The gun now played it's part, downloading the information Javelin required. Specs on the Minicon powerlinx. Javelin recieved it, thankful for the ruse, thankful for Hot Rod, that Autobot made things way to easy for him. And there was a second part of the downloading process, a feedback pulse...

2002-08-03, 08:42 PM
"Really Thorr? I couldn't stop myself from overhearing you... Trust me Autobot... I am tempted to annihilate you even more than you wish to get rid of me." Overlord spoke out.

"But at least some of us are respecting the Alliance." The Godmaster spat out.

"Still it doesn't mean I am going to wait here for much longer! Faster Autobots!" The massive Decepticon roared out his frustration.

2002-08-03, 08:58 PM
"Why you overgrown doorstop..." Thorr aimed his cannon as if to attack the massive Con, but Vanguard batted it away.
"Easy Thorr. Let Mercury work."

The field medic had delved into the chest armour, and had found the spark casing. He began tapping in commands on the keypad housed on the exterior.
"I'm only bringing him online for two seconds. If your sensors are anything as good as I think they are, that will be enough for you," he told Overlord.

"Finally he jabbed the last button, and a loud hum could be heard as the spark casing begun to glow. Precisely two seconds later, the hum died again as Mercury cut the power and turned towards Overlord furiously.

"There's your slagging proof. You may have cost Omega his life later on, but for now, he's alive and well. Are you happy? Because you better be."

He slammed the casing closed and rejoined his comrades. Vanguard laid a hand on his shoulder.
"I'm sorry."
"I know."

Then they turned to Overlord, and Apollo called out.
"There, you have your proof. Now, will you go peacefully?"

2002-08-03, 09:29 PM
"Enough for me? Hah! He is dying fools. His spark is getting weaker as we speak..." Overlord said, glaring at the Cosmobots amusedly.

"No. I will follow. If he dies before you get him to be repaired. I'll take him." Overlord stated and launched the spacecraft attached to his arm, after giving it orders to monitor the Autobots.

"Until later Autobots!" Overlord shouted and began to take distance from the Cosmobots, his scanner set to find something else with enough worth to get back to Cybertron.

2002-08-03, 10:30 PM
Vanguard gave a relieved sigh. We have to get him into the med bays of Iacon ASAP. Mercury, Sun Runner, Thorr. Transform.

The three bots quickly complied, transforming into their flight modes.

"Apollo, help me attach cables."

Swiftly, Vanguard and Apollo drew cables from subspace, and connected Omega Supreme to the three flyers.

"OK, good work. Now, get him down there as quickly as you can."

And let's hope the atmospheric change will not be too much for him

"Right away boss," Thorr replied for the three.
"Let's go."

The three accelerated, beginning to pull Omega away, and down into the atmosphere of Cybertron.

"Now," Vanguard turned to Thorr.
"Let's continue our search."
"Sure, lets move."

The two bots flew away, seeking more transformers to rescue.


Meanwhile, the three flyers had dived through the atmosphere directly above Iacon. Cables and engines straining, they bore the weight of the huge Guardian bravely.
"Mercury to Iacon. Open the roof doors of the med bay. We have a big bot coming down."

Quickly, the command centre complied, and the roof slid open, allowing the three to fly inside, lowering Omega to the cavernous chamber that was the biggest available repair bay.

"Oh not again!" one medic exclaimed as the three transformed and landed.
"Hmmm?" Thorr asked.
"This is the third time he's been here in the last year. He really takes a pounding."
"Yeah, that's because he's the Guardian of Iacon," Mercury told the medic.
"Yeah, yeah I know. I'll get Remedy. You can go now."
"Right, a pleasure doing business with you," Thorr joked as the three took to the air, transformed, and flew out again.

"Now, back into orbit."


"OK ya big lug, let's get you in position."
With a whine of servos, the crane hoisted Omega around into the right position in the bay, and a swarm of medics began attaching diagnostic, and recharge wires.

Omega Supreme slept on.

2002-08-04, 06:06 AM
Then as Kup followed Hot Rod he transformed and stood up next to him

"So much for a fight, I thought somethin good was gonna happen, oh well........", Kup said as he looks at where Javelin disappeared, "Boy howdy! but I am getting an odd feeling this confrontation aint over"

2002-08-04, 09:22 AM
Talon had almost seperated fully from the gun when an energy pulse hit him. He was thrown off the gun and hit the road. After a quick diagnostic he got up. "Must have had a faulty battery, the thing overloaded. No harm done though" He tells the others. He then transforms to his bat mode.

"I hope that guy has learned his lesson this time! Now if you will excuse me, I have to find Bean and Rally" he says as he flies in the direction he knew Bean was driving.

2002-08-04, 06:18 PM
Lockpick had looked down the way Javelin had leapt, still hidden. She thinks a moment, then turns nad leaps down after him, as agile as a mountain goat on a... mountain. With total silence she tries to follow Javelin, to see where he was hiding out.

Quick Switch
2002-08-04, 07:23 PM
"Autobot shuttle?" Quick Switch mused, shifting to drill tank mode, as he skired the ground. He drove next to Sixswitch.

"Odd that something that fast would be leaving after all this devesation...unless their refugees? But as you say, Prime wouldn't appreciate us bailing right now."

2002-08-04, 11:44 PM
"Hey where did that lockpick person go?", Kup said to Hot Rod, "oh well, Hot Rod, any suggestions if we have to find her there or just stay put?"

2002-08-05, 12:26 AM
"Oh no..." Hot Rod was just as surprized as Extreme Kup was. "We have to follow her Kup." Hot Rod was about to leave but it seemed that something he thought of stopped him in his tracks, "But... I can't keep treating her this way, she'll think I think so little of her. It's a long story, X-Kup." he looked over at Kup, "We wait a minute then follow her."

As was Javelin's custom he never actually ran away that far when retreating. But this time it had another purpose, the data could only transmit so far, but he got it. Now all he had to do was copy tech for the Minicon engine attachment, which he knew Jolt had. He started to leave turning the corner, and found himself faceing Lockpick. He gasped almost out of surprise and a bit of emotion streamed out of his optics. The lights on his neck flashed faster, and his face resumed it's orginal look.

"You shouldn't be chasing me... and while I'm giveing advice..." he paused for a moment then continued, "...stay away from Hot...Rod." The last word was almost forced, "He'll cause you nothing but trouble."

2002-08-05, 01:13 AM
OOC - guys? My char was hiding the entire time from before she lept to when she started following Javelin. She's pretty good at sneaking too

Startled that she had been found so easily I'm rusty. Need to work on that. And she glares at Javelin "And /I/ suggest /you/ stay away from my friends in the future. You're not the only one who can cause trouble for others." she states in a rare fit of courage, optics flickering back at him.

2002-08-05, 01:19 AM
Jazz walked down the corridor "Man looks like a light show was painted on the interior" he says finally looking at Taikoon again "SO where is your fuel?" he asks leaning against a wall the metal groaning.

2002-08-05, 01:57 AM
OOC: she was? oh damn i didnt know, I'll just follow it up if i can


"...treating her like a what??? I dont get it", Kup said to Hot Rod as they wait then Kup had a flash grin

"oooooohhhhhh...I see now, hehehe you like her huh? So she your new girlfreind or something Hot Rod?", KUp said as he pats Hot Rod's back and chuckles a bit , "is that why she suddenly disappeared after Javelin exited.......nevermind"

2002-08-05, 03:06 AM
OOc - that's ok.

Taikoon points down the hallway to the red door at the end "That way in motor-room." he states, leading the way carefully. there was debris everyone "Sad. Good ship. Called EXCEL." he states, patting the wall gently "Maybe someday rebuild. Better, faster, smarter."

2002-08-05, 03:49 AM
"I'm getting low heat signatures in big quantities this way..." Hound thought to himself as he followed orders, departing quickly from Iacon. "Grand Maximus' last report was so brief they didn't have time to lock in on him, but I'll find him, and hopefully before anything else does."

2002-08-05, 04:42 AM
Redstreak relaxed outside of Iacon, looking up at the starry sky. He couldn't remember everything that had happened, or even how he had survived the battle. He observed some activity, Hound's departure, some rebuilding, but did nothing himself. He needed to find Prime, he needed...a confirmation. That he was alive, that they had beaten the chaos bringer. He could sense something amiss...something far away but very near. A force of some kind, but he couldn't put his finger on it. If there was one thing that he wasn't, it was psychic. Detecting energies was not a strength, he only ever got vague feelings like this one.

He sat down and leaned against the building. He had teamed with a Decepticon to mediocre but intriguing results, a first for him. There could be alliances, there could be peace...but could it ever last?

That was the truly burning question, and he sat there, pondering it for several more minutes.

2002-08-05, 10:56 AM
Talon cathes up to Bean and Rally as they neared Metrotitan. He quickly transforms and lands on the roof, winching slightly. There was some damage after all, better not tell the others about it Rally turns around as she heard Talon land. "Did you just return from somewhere or are you just tapping the roof?" she asked the Minicon. "Returned from a small fight with Javelin, he was attacking Hot Rod. He fled after I turned his own trap against him. Let's hope he stays away this time" Talon answers.

"Let's not worry about that guy and concentrate on finding a ship" Bean says as he drives ever closer to Metrotitan.

Talon was already looking around, it had been a while since he saw Cybertron. The sight saddened him a bit. "It never looked like this" he whispered. "What do you mean?" Rally asked.

"A long time ago, before your race had evolved, we Minicons lived on Cybertron. It looked different back then. Where now is dull grey once bright gold shined. A true golden age" he explained.

"Must have been some sight" Bean replied.

"Indeed it was. I hope Cybertron will look like that someday" said as he spotted something near Metrotitan.

"Look, a ship!" He shouts as he points to Gunrunner. Bean quickly turns and heads towards the Decepticon ship, and the renegades...

(ooc: to be continued in the Voyage to Earth thread)

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-05, 12:37 PM
Springer seemed to be in eternal turmoil, his battered body, blasted clear of Unicron during the explosion that terminated his lifeforce Springer was sent unconsciously spiralling into Cybertron's orbit, he had heard scrambled messages, though he didn't know they were for him.

His memory banks were damaged, he didn't recognise anyone around him, his saviours, his own planet.

He was alone, and very scared...

2002-08-05, 03:10 PM
(ooc: *Reads post more carefully*... ooops. Well lets say Javelin bumps into Lockpick on extreme chance.)

Javelin now almost looked... disappointed, who knows for what reason. "Your freinds are pretty impotant to you. Well not even you can stop destiny, what must be..." His talk almost seemed old even to himself he tapered off his speech, "And what do you think you were doing anyway? Battle me? Chase me? No... find my hideout... yes." The look on his face didn't show that he had telepathy, but that he was... cheating somehow. "Well I assure you Lockpick, my hiding place is one place you'll never discover."

Hot rod was geneually jolted by that slap on the back. "Girlfreind... not exactly... and I wounldn't want to... I'll admit..." Ok he couldn't finish his sentinces, "We have more important things to worry about, I'm going to call Firebolt, once he gets here, we find her."

2002-08-05, 03:50 PM
Lockpick's optics flashed oddly as she states "The rules have never stopped me from doing the impossible before. You watch your back, cause I'll be behind you always, looking, waiting. When you least expect it, you can turn around and see me there. When you hear footsteps in the dark outside your door at night, those are me. When you feel eyes looking at you in the middle of nowhere, those eyes are my eyes."

She then turns, and starts away from javelin, before melding into the background and seemingly dissapearing.

2002-08-05, 04:29 PM
"What's taking Firebolt so long..." Hot rod was starting to get a little impatiant, then he realized something, "Oh, he's not that fast while flying or walking, I better get him, I'll be back in a jiff." Hot Rod transformed but as he did his spoiler fell off, "Oh great, now I have to get a spare." He sped off to find Firebolt quickly.

Javelin shook his head, "So sure are you... that I be that easy to find. Nevertheless I better make sure I'm not followed." he muttered transforming and makeing his escape.

2002-08-05, 05:17 PM
Grand yawned. It had been one long cycle... rest cycle, luckily. He stretched, looked to the sky through his glass faceplate, and pondered how he'd returned to Pretender mode. His eyes looked up and behind to the enormous Maximus City, and he surmised that he must have transformed in his sleep. At a shrug, he turned back to scanning the more-than-usually battered surface of Cybertron, and a quiet engine crying from the distance.

Ah, a visitor. He grinned, and plopped down upon a ledge of the city's main ramp. Seems I forgot to bake those cookies...

2002-08-05, 06:41 PM
Jazz nodded "Best ship I was ever on was the Ark" He said with a laugh "Woulda been greater if those Decepti-Creeps hadn't attacked" He replies to Taikoon

"Well Sunstreaker Springer is pretty bad still don't know how even survived. His memory banks are damaged his frame is totaled" Wheeljack said doing all he can to bring the Wrecker back to working order.

"I think most of the people in here ere pretty bad the medics fixed em up and they look like I normally do" Sunstreaker retorted

"Yeah you medics have been working on little to no Energon for the past while" Blaster added

Wheeljack shrugs "Do what we gota to keep friends alive"

OOC- Once again Wheeljack is an NPC

2002-08-06, 04:20 AM
Taikoon smiles at Jazz as he walks down "Should show Jazz friend picture of MONARCH. Best ship in fleet. Flagship. Pride of Skylaria." he states proudly "Not largest, not fastest, but most beautiful and agile."

He then taps on the keypad beside the door, frowning. Stepping back, he slams his foot forwards, kicking the door open on the third one. Black smoke billows out and he staggers back a moment "Careful! Toxic!" he shouts, crouching below the smoke to let it clear.

Lockpick watched Javelin leave, then she turns and slinks back to the others, walking up quietly behind Hot Rod "He's gone but I don't doubt he'll be back."

2002-08-06, 11:54 AM
As Hot Rod goes out to find Firebolt Kup sits on the floor

"there he goes again", Kup thought as he sees something, "eh?.....oh well...just the wind"

2002-08-06, 02:57 PM
Hot Rod was almost startled by Lockpick sneaking up on him, "Oh you're right he will return." Firebolt was already on his way and made his way to Hot Rod carrying a new spoiler. Firebolt made his way over and handed the spoiler over. Hot Rod placed it on his back, "Heh, I've been haveing trouble with this thing." He smiled, "Ok Lockpick lets head off."

2002-08-06, 03:00 PM
Lockpick stared at Kup a moment..oO(Hes... familiar... but from where? Its been so long...) then Hot Rod's voice snapped her out of it and she blinks with a smile. "Lead the way then Rod."

She transforms to her battered mode, compensating for the awkward balance of her uneven wings.

2002-08-06, 04:19 PM
Hot Rod transformed as well, he stopped for a moment opened his door on let Firebolt in. The Hot Rod yelled out to Kup, "Hey X-Kup you coming? Sorry about not giving you any action, but we'll get that villian another day." Hot Rod started moving out, knowing Lockpick would follow. "Well, with the war finished, Unicron destroyed, and Javelin gone for now. There's probably little to do but... work. You... know we should probably get to work on your ship."

2002-08-06, 05:49 PM
"Nearing Maximus City... hope I've got the right heat sig..." Hound thought to himself as he navigated the shards of torn terrain. In a moment, he regeared his engine with a sigh as he heard the noise echo..."No choice, gotta switch to 4wd... this is more challenging than the Grand Canyon."
Minutes later on approach to the city, he saw with relief the familiar form of Grand Maximus propped on the entrance ramp. Hound transformed and walked over with a grin.
"Hey big guy, you're up! Dispatch will be glad to hear that... What's your status Grand?"

2002-08-07, 04:06 AM
Grand chuckled quietly as his eyes floated up to Hound's friendly optics. The guy was always welcoming, but he couldn't help wondering if the "big guy" comment was meant to be ribbing or respectful. His human mode certainly wouldn't provide much intimidation, but the Maximus battleship might...

"Ah, Hound! It's been such a long time. Thank the cosmos you survived the battle with Unicron!"

Grand smiled beneath his faceplate, leading him to realize his overly-casual manner. Abruptly, he groaned to his feet, popped from Pretender to robot mode, and saluted the now-eye-level Hound.

"Maximus class fortress vessel is now beginning self-repair stage, to be followed by more physical repairs shortly. Minimal casualties received by battleship personnel: most noteably are a team of Mini-Cons lost from the hull into space. Will conduct search and rescue mission once flight capabilities are operable."

Grand fell into an at-ease stance, but it didn't last. His grim visage spread into a grin, and eventually the Solar Commander sprang forward and hugged his guest.

"Forget the formalities! How've you been, Hound?"

2002-08-07, 06:50 AM
Jazz ducked under the smoke that poured out from the room "Whoa this must have been one big crash" he calls to Taikoon who was in the room which the smoke poured out.

"Is the smoke toxic to robots or am I crouching for no reason?" he asks with a chuckle

Powerblade sat within Iacon now starting at the room where the dead body of brother lay. If transformners could cry he would be instead he felt sadness for the loss of his brother and this time there was no poutting him back together half his head was melted. He was dead, For good.

Blaster finished off another energon cube him and Sunstreaker had split looking back at Wheeljack doing his best on Springer

"Any luck doc?" Blaster called

"Very little progress if any at all. He looks worse then I did back at Autobot City" Wheeljack replied

"Alot of people looked worse then you did. Remember Huffer?"

Wheeljack laughed and nodded "Touche"

2002-08-07, 10:32 AM
As Kup gets up he responds to Hot Rod , "Ok then...."

Then he transforms into Car mode and speeds up to catch up to Lockpick and Hot Rod

2002-08-07, 05:40 PM
Even though it was a warm welcome and he knew Grand was happy to see him, Hound's smile flickered briefly at the mention of the battle with Unicron. He had been stationed to help other efforts on Cybertron, but had heard the reports of the fighting, and the deaths. He didn't feel quite the same individual he had been before the battle. But Grand was a welcome sight and for a moment it seemed everything was right again.

However, the quick salute surprised Hound, and it took him a moment before he could adjust. He had always regarded Grand in all forms as a superior in both rank and ability, especially Gran. He really felt a lot of admiration for his human friend.
Catching himself, he quickly flashed a smile back, listened, and then nodded to the status report as he relayed the info back to dispatch.

Seconds later, he realized he was being hugged and returned the embrace with warm chuckles. "Psychically- I'm good Grand. Otherwise... it's been a rough go for a while... would've rather been there to help your group out- but I was needed elsewhere as you know. There's a lot to catch up on my friend, and dispatch has cleared me if you need an extra pair of hands..." Hound shot Grand his best grin...

2002-08-07, 11:49 PM
A knock comes at the door to Wheeljack's lab. It pauses, then becomes more insistent a few moments later. "Wheeljack, open up!" comes a muffled yet familiar voice.

2002-08-08, 02:03 AM
Wheeljack looked up from the broken body of Springer, Blaster and Sunstreaker also turning their heads to the door. "Who is it?" Wheeljack replied.

2002-08-08, 02:09 AM
"It's Torque!" the voice replies. "It's an emergency and I don't have the hands to open the door myself!"

2002-08-08, 02:21 AM
Wheeljack nodded to Blaster who at this point was closest to the door of Wheeljacks part time lab as repairs happened "Okay" he called

Blaster reaching a red arm out pressing the button "Come on in the room is chillin"

Sunstreaker looked to the door as it opened Wheeljack going back to work on Springer.

2002-08-08, 02:35 AM
Torque steps in, battle-scarred and fatigued, carrying the motionless body of his friend Red Wing. "He's still alive," Torque rasps, dropping to one knee, his friend's body rolling out of his hands, "but he's in awful shape. Unicron...Unicron just tore him to pieces. I don't even remember what happened anymore..." he takes in deep breaths, and a small pool of energon appears near one leg, slowly gaining size. "I did what I could, but I can't transform, I couldn't get here any sooner."

2002-08-08, 04:01 AM
Lockpick falls silent as she follwos the two mechs towards Iacon again.


Taikoon blinks at Jazz, confused, and as the smoke clears, he takes Jazz' wrist gently and holds it next to his own "Autobot... and Taikoon... same. not know what 'robot' mean." he drops the wrist, then looks inside "Is clear.

He steps into the room and glances around in the gloom. Seven piled tubes, each one tall enough for a minibot to crawl through, were stacked against the far wall, tubes and consoles connected to them. To one side was a bank of ruined consoles, and to the other... lockers.

Taikoon heads for the lockers and pulls the first one open. Out tumbles suits, like E-suits and such for robots, and he kicks them away to open the second locker "Cannot... remember which one. " he grumbles.

2002-08-08, 04:32 PM
Perceptor did his best to gather as much information an Javelin as he could. He seems to be Minicon compatable... that proves that he's... mechanical, and Cybertronians. He looked at another two instances, at one point he seemsed to use telkentic energy to throw Hot Rod around, but he never used it again. He aslo seemed to be able to use power from the Matrix... quite a feat being that he doesn't even have the Matrix. Perceptor had many theroy, but all needed more proof.

Ultra Magnus walked in, mainly to see how the research was progressing. Perceptor swiveled around to face him, "Not much to report on now..."

"How about his back story could it possibly be true about him being some program to control transformers?" Magnus asked, as if it were the only important issue.

Perceptor shook his head Ultra Magnus generallized Javelin's statment, "Our quarry actually said he was the program used to give intelligence to our line before Primus gave us life force. And yes there could be some truth to that statement, but the Quintessons never set up a collective program for thier slaves, it was individual programming... so in most likelyhood..."

"...It isn't true." Magnus continued for Perceptor, but he wasn't done, "Perceptor I want you to theroize, if Javelin was telling the truth, how would it work?"

The question was crude, but Perceptor knew what Magnus meant, "Well, I suppose, if the programming itself began to upgrade, before the injection of sparks."

"So you saying this program was on it's way to becomeing self-aware... and Primus, by giving the Transformers sparks, stoped it from happening."

Perceptor nodded, "...In theory."

The three bot made it back to Iacon after thier little adventure. Hot Rod transformed, and figured that it should be time for Lockpick to finally get fuelled up but he had to do it without... "Lockpick, you should be still low on energy..." Hot Rod stopped there.

2002-08-08, 06:09 PM
Lockpick transforms sluggishly, her battered form shifting modes as she stands, thinking, then nodding "You're right.... I... I should ask... no, I will go recharge." she states finally, smiling at him softly. "Should we all go for some fuel and rest?"

2002-08-08, 06:31 PM
Hot Rod took out Firebolt and the Targetmaster gun transformed into robot from, Hot Rod looked down to him, "Hey keep Kup company. I going for a bit of rest."

Firebolt was confused, 'Didn't you already... refuel?"

Hot Rod chuckled a bit, "Not as much as I should have. You better go eat something." Hot Rod opened the door, well it was automatic but he would let Lockpick in first.

2002-08-08, 08:50 PM
Lockpick hesitates, then moves into Iacon, slowing so the others could walk ahead or beside her as she thinks eagerly about refuelling. Its been a long time... "Iacon's sure changed."

God Jinrai
2002-08-08, 09:18 PM
Sitting in silence in his personal command chamber, prime's head was bowed... the room was virtually black... were it not for the light emmitting from one central viewscreen.

On it was displayed his beloved, elita one... in a time before the first minicon war had begun.

but not long after, the viewscreen went solid black... prime's optics burned blue in the dark room...

"Elita..." he whispered... brooding had been the only way he was able to retain some degree of visible sanity in this war... trying to remember his love... lost though she may have been... in the back of his mind, however... aa subconscious thought floated there... another female... linked to him... but... consciously... prime did not know of the thought... he merely sat... brooding

2002-08-08, 09:47 PM
Wheeljack looked down at Red Wing "Oh Boy this could prove a problem" He looked down at Springer then at Blaster and Sunstreaker "I need some nurses"

Blaster and Sunstreaker both shook their heads "Hey man we ain't docters" BLaster said Sunstreaker nodding in agreement

Wheeljack nodded "Yep you're nurses now come on I need one of you to fix up that hole in Torque's leg and the other to help me Get Red Wing to stasis. Getting some energy in him first would also be a good plan"

Blaster and Sunstreaker reluctantly got up Blaster grabbing a welding torch walking over to Torque "Things are gonna work but you may need a new paint job"

Wheeljacks hand pushed back out of the socket he had retracted to use a utensil on Springer "Sunstreaker get an energon cue from there and you see that tisc shaped thing"

Sunstreaker took an Energon cubed then reached his hand our for an object "This?"

"Yeah, it's an invention I call the Stasis Traveler it puts one in stais for a short while till it's energy drains"

"Well lets up it doesn't blow" Sunstreaker muttered walking back to Red Wing kneeling down and handing the Stasis Traveler to Wheeljack putting the energon cube to the fallen bots mouth and letting it go into him

"It would have been wiser to use an Energon transfusion" Wheeljack suggested

"A little late now" Sunstreaker replied as Wheeljack programed the little disk slapping it on Red Wings chest

"There lets get him to a stasis pod" Wheeljack called picking the autobots Shoulders up Sunstreaker taking the legs.

Jazz laughed at Taikoon slightly "Great thing to forget buddy oh well lets bust lockers" and stood up kicking a locker letting it bust open

2002-08-08, 10:29 PM
"It's been attacked and upgraded so many times... it's a wonder it has kept it's name." Hot Rod rushed to Lockpick's side, "It more a monument now then a place, every part of it is protected... even that park I showed you earlier. How do you prefur to get refueled, injection or chamber? Both the same realyy But you stand up and shut down in the regeneration chamber or you lie down and have it directly injected. I recomend the chamber... very relaxing."

2002-08-09, 12:58 AM
Lockpick hesitates, thinking a few moments. "You don't use cubes anymore?" she finally asks, a bit surprised. "Uh, I'll try the recharge booth then. I could use the rest." she smiles a bit, chuckling.


Taikoon looks confused again, but yanks open the next locker. Jazz' holds an assorment of small thin boxes, and he poitns 'Take one. Is... err, caller." he explains, then rummages through his locker, finally a tryumphant cry ringing out as he pulls out a large cylendrical bag, like a hockey bag, out of the cabinet.

"Here we are. can go now."

2002-08-09, 02:03 AM
"If that's the least of my worries I'll be happy," Torque says weakly. "I just hope you can do something for Red Wing..."

2002-08-09, 03:56 AM
Grand smiled falsely to Hound's warm openness. He wanted to comfort the scout for his inability to participate in the battle with Unicron, but decided that it would likely be less effective than simply getting back to business. His grin quickly became more convincing, and he motioned over his shoulder with one thumb and a tip of the head.

"Well, I've still got quite a few injured Mini-Cons on the hull that need to be repaired. All power's been rerouted to repairs, so my medbay's been shut down for the moment. If you wouldn't mind giving me a hand, I'd like to get them set up for repairs in Iacon..."

2002-08-09, 09:25 AM
As Kup neared Iacon with Hot Rod and Lockpick, Firebolt asks something

"What is it Firebolt?", Kup asked Firebolt

2002-08-09, 04:37 PM
Firebolt looked back at Iacon then at Kup, "I don't know something seems strange about Hot rod at times he seems to be... avoiding me." He smiled a bit, "It's not like I understands, it must be that Lockpick, oh well. Hey Recoil, you want to raid Spike's fridge?"

"Cubes, ya sure we can still injest energon orally, it tastes pretty good too." Hot Rod searched himself for his energon ration container, he found in and extendeded a small energon cube he offered it to Lockpick, "Here have some, of course getting fully fueled is just easier the other ways."

2002-08-09, 09:01 PM
Wheeljack and Sunstreaker set Red wing in the Stasis chamber removing the stasis traveler and Wheeljack shuttin the chamber and procedding to turn it on

"That should keep him alive till someone can repair him" Wheeljack said turning to exit Sunstreaker following

"I still need to find some touch-up paint and some wax" Sunstreaker complained to Wheeljack

"I may just have some in my lab I will check when Springer is functioning" Wheeljack replied

"Yes!" Sunstreaker exclaimed.

Blaster was saudering circuits back together within Torque's leg

"So Torque how did you end up with a leg wound and Red wing got caught with the big ones or were you to not as close together as my mind pictured?"

Blaster asks pulling back for a second peering into the leg then going back to work, the job was sloppy but he was no medic and he was just trying to fix these circuits and hopefully stop the energone leak before re-sealing the leg all this guy needed was his leg malfunctioning.

Karandras re-appeared outside of Iacon looking at it's large gates "And now" Karandras said to himself as the looks of his Mobile suit changed becoming diffrent looking a bit like an Autobo he had seen in battle and his suit Autobrands appearing on the armor not a hologram but an image he projected with his mind that only powered psychic or people who are very keen on knowing could see through. Optimus was keen but perhaps the deal would help him see through this. He approached Iacon quickly an Autobot on a mission.

Jazz shrugs walking over taking on of the small boxes Taikoon had pointed him to then looking up "alright lets roll for Iacon" Jazz suggested.

Quick Switch
2002-08-09, 09:11 PM
Quick Switch transformed from his drill tank mode and shifted to robot mode, standing guard outside Prime's command room.

Both his photon blasters were primed and ready.

2002-08-09, 11:48 PM
Sixswitch transformed also, and took up a position on the other side of the door, blasters charged, and missile launchers swivelling around alertly.

"Think anyone will try and make a move on Prime in his quarters?" Sixswitch asked inquisitively.

2002-08-10, 12:21 AM
"Yeah..lets", Recoil said as he opens Kup door, "Hop on Firebolt"

Then the 3 got in the iacon main entrance and entered then Kup transforms and the 2 targetmaster companions land on the ground

"Dont worry firebolt, the lad...er...Hot Rod is just inlove with the fembot I guess", Kup said, "well you guys go wherever ya want here, since I need to go recharge as well"

Then as Kup leaves, Recoil asks Firebolt

"OK..where is Spike's fridge here again? Man im hungry", Recoi asked Firebolt as he chuckled

Quick Switch
2002-08-10, 02:18 AM
Quick Switch shrugged.

"Sure. There are always a few fanatics in the bunch...just take these idiots who actually supported Unicron. What were they thinking?"

2002-08-10, 11:59 AM
Omega Supreme flickered into conciousness. He felt a presence in his chest plate, and tried to swat it away, but his arms refused to move. Then, he slept once more.

In Iacon, various wires and conduits ran from the hulking form of the Guardian Robot into the consoles and monitors that lined the room. His status was damaged, but stable. Hopefully, the medics would see to him when they had a free moment.

(OOC: If Wheeljack, Ratchet or anyone else wants to fix up Omega for me, I'd appreciate it)


"I have absolutely no idea," Sixswitch replied.
"One thing is certain, I'm sure that they weren't thinking straight. Controlling a God? That's just crazy."

"Speaking of crazy, the whole of these last few months have been crazy. I arrive in this universe in the midst of a huge battle with the Destr... Decepticons. Then we go to Cybertron to continue the fight, and then a short time later, we're allied against an even bigger threat."
He shook his head.
"It's a lot to take in. I'm just glad I'm not Prime, or one of the other Commanders."


"I think we've done all we can up here," Thorr reported over the radio as he flew alongside Sun Runner, and transformed, hovering in space in robot mode.
"I agree," Mercury replied.
"The field hospital we set up in that ruined hulk is full, and I haven't spotted any more living Transformers up here. How about you Apollo?"
"Nope, me neither - although there is a lot of radiation interference around the area where Unicron was destroyed. There might still be some survivors there."
"Can we make it inside to search?" Vanguard asked.
"No, the levels are too high."
"For you maybe, but not for me," Thorr replied.
"My armour is designed to resist things like that."
"He's right," Sun Runner said, "I knew there was a reason to bring you along."
"Hey!" Thorr pounded on the side of the shuttle's fuselage.
"OK, we'll accompany you to the edge of the radiation field, and you can go in to search."
"Righto. Mercury, you better get aboard Sun Runner."

Thorr transformed into fighter mode as Mercury boarded the shuttle, and the two craft accelerated away towards the remains of Unicron.

2002-08-10, 05:49 PM
Hot rod enetered a regeneration chamber room. About 15 chamber lines the walls, 2 of them were filled, the rest empty. Hot Rod opened on of the doors, and spoke to Lockpick, "After you."

"I found it... looks more like an ice box..." Firebolt opened the fridge, "hey look sliced ham, and cold pizza, and... the hamburger is mine!" Firebolt transformed into gun form fireing at the hamburger and his lowest setting, heating it up, he transformed back into robot form and started eating.

Quick Switch
2002-08-11, 01:19 AM
Quick Switch nodded.

"Me too, brother."

2002-08-11, 02:18 AM
Then Recoil gets the PIzza and transforms into gun mode aswell and blasts it in second to the lowest setting of fire

"mmm....this pepperoni pizza tastes great", Recoil sadi as he transformed to normal and grabs a slice

2002-08-11, 08:10 PM
Wheeljack and Sunstreaker entered into the main medical room that lead to Wheeljack's lab catching a glimpse of the Moniter Wheeljack groaned.

"Omega Supreme to, where is Perceptor First-Aid and Ratchet?" Wheeljack asked

Sunstreaker looked in to the Lab where Springer laid on a table "What are ya gonna do?"

"Hope Ratchet or someone else gets to him I have to repair Springer" Wheeljack replied

Sunstreaker nodded "I'll try and find Ratchet" and with that turned and Transformed "Ratchet come in this is Sunstreaker"
(OOC- if someone controls Ratchet PM me)

Blaster looked up as Wheeljack re-entered the lab. He was now resealing the hole in his leg "Almost done Torque and it looks like Wheeljack and Susntreaker Got Red Wing to saftey"
Blaster said looking up at Wheeljack confused "Where is Sunstreaker?"

"Went off to find Ratchet" Wheeljack leaned over and went back to work on Springers upper body "Gotta repair Omega Supreme"

Karandras stepped deeper into Iacon looking at an Autobot "Where is Optimus?" He asked the autobot shrugged "I don't know" it replied

Karandras shook his head and began to try and lock on to a special power source. The matrix. He would find Prime before the day was done"

Jazz transformed driving out of Taikoon's ship.

2002-08-11, 10:45 PM
Taikoon turns to jog out with Jazz, making sure to close the wreck's door behind him, before heading back to IAcon.

Lockpick rests in the recharge pod peacefully, a long-needed sleep and fuel.

2002-08-11, 11:14 PM
"What are you stuffing in your mouths?!!!" Jolt ran toward Recoil and Firebolt, "Stuffing organic elements in your oral processors is asking for clogs! And which Minicons are you I've never seen you guys before?!" Jolt was getting irractic.

"Whoa, we are organic... under this targetmaster armor, and not Minicons..." Firebolt chuckled for a bit and took another bite.

"Oh great... I'd been looking for some other mincons for the last 3 mega cycles and all I find is organics." Jolt sat down, "Have any energon in that box?"

2002-08-12, 01:36 AM
"Good to hear," Torque says. "And to answer your question, yes, I think we were further apart than you imagined initially. Half my memory circuits are fried, though, so I'm not real sure. I just get flashes at this point...until they're all fixed that's all I think I'm going to get." He stretches the leg as Blaster finishes, and it feels well enough to go on. "If you need some help, Wheeljack, I think I'm ready to go. Perhaps we should go to Iacon and enlist some more help, though. Omega's no small job."

2002-08-12, 06:47 AM
"yeah were nebulons", Recoil said to the minicon, "well....i know theres a energon cube here in spike's fridge since he keeps one for well....i dunno what"

***recharging room***

as Hot Rod and LOckpick recharge, Kup goes in and he gets a wire and recharges himself

"ahhh....thats better", Kup said as he pulls the wire off his arm and heades outside the room, "see ya 2"

2002-08-13, 05:04 AM
(From Flec--Grand smiled falsely to Hound's warm openness. He wanted to comfort the scout for his inability to participate in the battle with Unicron, but decided that it would likely be less effective than simply getting back to business. His grin quickly became more convincing, and he motioned over his shoulder with one thumb and a tip of the head.)

"It seems we could use some time off," he said. "Or something. What say we head back to Iacon and see what we can rustle up. You up for a little race?"

2002-08-13, 07:48 AM
Hound studied Grand for a moment, a little startled at the suggestion of a race but quickly covered his surprise with another grin. Having been cooped up moving supplies in Iacon for weeks, he was glad for any chance to get out. He shot Grand a warm smile. "I'm ready when you are Grand. Let's just get beyond the jagged ridgeline there and we can start at the high point."

As he followed Grand to the peak, a nagging feeling settled in his mind and a wave of mixed guilt and unease swept past as he pondered it silently in broken thoughts.
"Wish I had been there to help. What's wrong with me? Something doesn't seem right. It's great to see him again, so it must be the agreement that's still bothering me."

Hound knew his loyalties would have gotten in the way of the alliance that was needed, so he had stayed back on orders. As the reports of the dead had come in, Hound felt as if he had betrayed them in a way. Now, after some time had passed, he was ready for a change- and any change would be welcomed. Out of habit, he quickly checked his scanners and found nothing. "Looks all clear Grand," he said with a light chuckle as he glanced down the metallic trail in front of them. "If we race, don't expect me to wait up for you."

2002-08-13, 10:15 AM
Wheeljack shook his head at Torque going back to work on Springers damaged frame.

"No you don't Torque you're staying here till I get all of you checked out and fixed up" Wheeljack spoke up.

Blaster shook his head "One of the few functioning bots in the Medical bay and you are saying no? You got into some spiked Energon didn't you Wheeljack"

Wheeljack shook his head "No he needs to be looked at who knows what other internal damage he could have taken"

Karandras stalked through the halls of Iacon glancing around "Oh Optimus come out and play" He muttered looking left and right for the Autobot earliar getting agitated.

Jazz flipped up transforming as he reached a giant rock looking up at Taikoon "You can head back to Iacon I'm gonna stick around out here for a while.

Sunstreaker looks around the main medical bay damaged and dead Autobots everywhere "Where is Ratchet?" Sunstreaker moans rather annoyed.

"I'm right here Sunstreaker what is it" Ratchet replies from behind

Sunstreaker turns around "Omega Supreme needs to be repaired" He announces

"As does everyone else in here" Ratchet replies

"Not to sound cold but we need someone like him right now" Sunstreaker says "Defensive units are required after all"

"Point taken but we will have to get him somewhere where I can get between here and there quickly" ratchet demanded

"I'm out of Ideas" Sunstreaker retorted immdeatly

"Great, well where is he?"

"Check the Moniters" Sunstreaker more or less demands of the surgeon

"Where is Perceptor when you need him" Ratchet groans.

2002-08-13, 05:10 PM
Ultra Magnus was continuing to go over Javelin's specs with Perceptor, the scientist found something interesting. "Ummm Magnus some type of attachable light emiting can be found on our quarries neck connector."

Magnus stared at it, "Might be a command flasher... I don't know, but is it me, or does it look like is skin is actually armor?"

Perceptor took another look, "It wholely possible..." Perceptor got a message, Ratchet was looking for him.

Ultra Magnus turned of the screen, "Ok you can go, we'll continue this later. I'll talk with Lockpick when she's up to it to get more information." Perceptor nodded and they both left.

Jolt was busy injesting the Energon cube. Firebolt tryed to make conversation, "We still need energon for our suits and weapons systems."

"So Transformers still found a way to use smaller beings to improve themselves." Jolt responded.

"Ya I guess it's always been a part of the Autobots to partner up with Targetmasters, Powermasters, Headmasters, and Mini-cons." Firebolt ate his last bite, "Speaking about Headmasters, what ever happened to Spike?"

There was no time to answer the lights in that section went out.

Perceptor made his way to Ratchet's position, "I heard you were looking for me."

2002-08-13, 05:28 PM
Taikoon nods, and moves off to Iacon.

Lockpick stirrs, wakening slowly. She felt refreshed, better than she had for many years. The pod opens and she steps out quietly, to not disturb the others. Rolling her red, scarred shoulders, she inspects the pod Hot Rod was in, deciding to let him sleep as she slips out the door quietly to explore teh base.

2002-08-13, 07:02 PM
The lights flashed on and off in that section, Jolt looked around, "Hey what's going on, energy failure?"

"More like security failure."

"Oh no." Firebolt backed off, "Javelin, but how did he get in here?!"

Javelin threw a barrage of knife like weapon, none actually hit the Targetmasters or the Mini-con. Firebolt transformed in gun mode and started fireing, "Come on guys! Let's drive him off!" Jolt transformed and attached his special Mini-con engine and started fireing with it.

2002-08-13, 07:20 PM
Sixswitch blanched as the internal defence systems notified him of an intruder within Iacon.
"Great," he turned to Quick Switch, then gestured with a reversed thumb towards the door to Prime's quarters.
"Think we better get in there, and, you know, guard?"

God Jinrai
2002-08-13, 07:44 PM
the instant the alarms were set off, prime spun in his seat, bolting out of the room... as he charged through the doors, he shouted to the twin sixchangers...

"Come on!"

Flying down the corridors, he headed for the area where spike once held residence along with cerebros...

2002-08-13, 08:32 PM
"Or not," Sixswitch said, unnessesarily, before heading straight down the corridor, running hard to catch up to Prime.
"What the slag is going on?" he asked no one in particular.

2002-08-13, 11:08 PM
Javelin looked around almost nervously, "Alarms... they detected me, that wasn't supposed to happen." Javelin quickly threw his weapon toward Jolt, the throw was presice and the engine fell off. He rolled over and placed the engine on his back. "Full powerlinq activate!" Javelin's whole body was powered up by the engine. This gave him the Magnekentic powers he had before Firebolt didn't have a chance. He threw Firebolt across the room.

Firebolt transformed with an utterly hrrified look in his face, "I can't belive it that guy is..."

Javelin threw the Targetmaster again this time knocking him out, "Remote unit, we're going to have to make our stand... here... now!"

Hot Rod woke up to a general alarm, he stepped out of the pod, and instantly noticed Lockpick's was empty, "Lockpick?! Where are you?" He yelled out.

Ultra Magnus was just continuing his studies, when he saw Optimus Prime running down the corridors, he decided to ignore him and continue to find Lockpick, so he could ask her a few questions about Javelin... the alarm never occured to him.

2002-08-13, 11:26 PM
The alarms start gonig off and Lockpick jumps where she stood, startled. She glances all around wildly, panicked for a moment that she did something wrong.Calm down... Calm... I know this alarm... what is it... Security breach? she moves towards a console and taps on it, seeing if her old passcode still worked after fifteen million years...

2002-08-13, 11:29 PM
Redstreak's dreaming is broken by hearing the alarm. Not knowing quite what was going on, he stepped inside and surveyed the area, before walking cautiously deeper into the structure. Whoever was in here, he considered, wasn't going to be found easy.

2002-08-13, 11:33 PM
Hot Rod was getting frantic himself he knew who the intruder was and he had to do something, he continued to look for Lockpick... the comm he almost forgot the simpleist way... "Lockpick, this is Hot rod... where are you?"

Javelin channeled the magnetic power through his bladed staff, fireing it at Jolt. The Min-con came crashing down, "These small ones... so easy." He looked over at Recoil, "I would do anything, if I had my guess optimus prime himself will choose to handle this. I would make sure your fellow nebulan is all right."

2002-08-13, 11:38 PM
Lockpick jumps again as her radio goes off, and she yelps, tapping it. "Uh... corridor D2 I think... Unless they changed all the numbers too." she looks at the screen to see if it gave the location of the problem.

God Jinrai
2002-08-14, 01:52 AM
the doors to spike's chambers slid open, and prime's optics burned deep blue as he stared down the source of the problem...

"You...... You... have the nerve to come here... into iacon... into our HOME... to get your mitts on the minicons for your own gain?!? HOW DARE YOU, YOY PILE OF SCRAP!"

With that, prime charged javelin head on, one arm cocked back, set to drive his right fist into javelin's gut

2002-08-14, 02:03 AM
"Ok Lockpick, I don't want anyone to get scraped by Javelin, lets go over there and help, we have more experiance with that slag heap then any one." Hot Rod was playing the hero so well, that he forgot he was telling Lockpick what to do, not suggesting it.

Javelin admired Prime's fast actions, but the alterations he made to his frame. We was at first hit by Optimus Prime but his back jets allowed him to control the impact. He flew up letting the impact die off. "I have just as much right to this base as you do, even more! And I have taken no Minicons just thier technoligy! Now prepare to hand over the Matrix--and die!" Still hovering in the air he once again channeled his magnetic energy through his weapon and toward Optimus Prime

It took Ultra Magnus a while to find out what was going on, but he still had to meet Lockpick, with a direct look at the troublemaker they possibly could descover what he was. He headed toward Lockpick's last reported location.

2002-08-14, 02:30 AM
Lockpick nods "right... where IS there?" she asks, not seeing Ultra Magnus walking towards her from behind as she taps on the keyboard. "By the way, they gotta update the system. My ten millino year old passcode still works."

God Jinrai
2002-08-14, 02:46 AM
"In your wildest dreams, friend. I am the matrix bearer... and I'm not planning to pass it on any time soon!"

Prime drew back both arms, then suddenly thrust them forward...

"You're going down!"

The twin forearm cannons roared to life, loosing massive bursts of energon...

Prime knew he had to act first... and act fast... giving javelin time to react would not be a smart thing to do...

"Jolt! Commence interface! " he shouted over the sound of the cannon fire... were sparkplug, leader one , the military force or air defence forces on hand, this battle would be highly short lived... but prime was going to have to work with what he had.

2002-08-14, 06:43 AM
Sixswitch skidded to a halt as Prime charged through the door, and made his way in through the doorway. Immediately upon seeing Javelin, his missile launcher targetting system began tracking. However, he dared not fire, in case he hit Prime instead.

Rather, he transformed into tiger mode, crouched, and leapt - clean over the heads of Optimus and Javelin, to land nimbly on the other side of the Decepticon warrior. Spinning around, he gave a low, gutteral growl, and waited for a chance to strike.

2002-08-14, 09:38 AM
As Recoil helps Firebolt get up he asks, "you ok youngin?"

Then as Prime and Javelin were at it, Kup enters the room

"Dont tell me Jave-ass is back", Kup said as he watches the fight

2002-08-14, 03:44 PM
"NO! I AM THE TRUE..." Javelin was hit by one or two shots of Prime's cannons, He is definatly learning. But this time it just hit his armor, oddly powered up now. This time no running away, I fight to the death...

Jolt was kinda confused by Prime's request, basically where to interface, Jolt guessed that Prime would decide he he actually got close to his frame, so he did so and flew toward Prime, ready to link whereever Prime would ask.

Javelin noticed that the bots were trying to surround him, it wouldn't matter, once Prime had been destroyed the entire army of Cybertron would mean noting with the Matrix in his hands.
"Lockpick, am I glad I found you." Ultra magnus rushed in the room, he waisted no time, "Lockpick, Hot Rod is right. I need a little help here... did you notice the lights on Javelin's neck before?"

Quick Switch
2002-08-14, 05:43 PM
(OOC: Bah.)

Quick Switch bolted down the corridor, stopped in front of Prime and transformed to pistol mode. The Six Changer aimed at Javelin.

Quick Switch snarled:

"Give me the order, Optimus! Let me terminate this scum!"

2002-08-14, 08:09 PM
Wheeljack closed Springer's chest compartment getting up and pulling his hands away looking down at the still damaged frame

"This is hard stuff only seen Prime this done this badly and even still this is far worse" Wheeljack replied Blaster and Torque still in the room.

"Either of you have any idea how to get the main motor control component locked down?" Wheeljack asked

Blaster shook his head "Hey man I can sauder wires and metal but I'm not the circuit board type gives my jives touchin that stuff"

"How about you Torque?" Wheeljack asked
(OOC- Might aswell take Ratchet too, we need medics x.x)

Ratchet nodded to Perceptor

"Outside of Iacon Omega Supreme is waiting on assistance"

Ratchet transformed his back hatch lifting open

"You are to get in and we are going to go there and fix him up while others tend to the wounded here"

"I'll come to" Sunstreaker exclaimed transforming.

Karandras turned his head at the energy fluctionation from down the corridor to the left of him "Energon being fired" Karandras muttered pressing a few buttons on the panel before him the eyes of the mobile suit flashing red and heat sense coming online
"Optimus, many smaller bots, two large ones and an unknowen they are attacking. Interesting" He muttered the Mobile suits eyes returning to normal as he pulled his pulse laser off his back converting it to scythe mode.

"Now the fun begins" and with that the Zephyres feet lifted from the ground hovering and flew towards the area of the battle at a medium speed Karandras grinning.

2002-08-15, 12:08 AM
"Lockpick, am I glad I found you." Ultra magnus rushed in the room, he waisted no time, "Lockpick, Hot Rod is right. I need a little help here... did you notice the lights on Javelin's neck before?" [/B][/QUOTE]

Lockpick thinks back hard, focusing on her last close up of Javelin as she frowns in concentration. "N... No I..... " then she freezes, optics widening in fear. One arm reaches up to her elbow and she pries the armor open, ignorant of the pain as she twists the limb now to look inside...

There, a small button-like object sat on her joint. It was dark, diactivated... but also eerily similar.

The femme looks up again, optics showing fear as she backs up a little bit, lowering her arms. What were they thinking? Did they think she was in league with Javelin? They WERE pretty similar... and she had a record of breaking-and-enter... and then there was the shuttle-theft...

God Jinrai
2002-08-15, 03:22 AM
"Negative, quickswitch... this scum.. is mine. "

Prime extended his right arm as jolt closed in, a powr point became visible on his right forearm...

"Jolt, this configuration you're about to undergo may seem a bit strange.. but trust me. you'll have found a new use for that rotor blade of yours before we're done with this pile of slag!"

2002-08-15, 04:30 AM
"On the count of three," Grand said. "one, two...three!"

With that, he bolts.


Redstreak could hear commotion down the hall, then he heard Prime shout something. He cautiously drew his gun, and slid down the corridor toward whatever it was that awaited him...


"Whoa, don't look at me," Torque said. "I'm a fighter, not a fixer. The Wing-meister over there," he pointed to the stasis chamber, "I think would be a lot bigger help than I would."

2002-08-15, 05:20 AM
"one, two...three!"
As Grand shot forward, Hound grinned and charged along beside him down the steep path leading back to Iacon, and being more sure-footed, pulled ahead of him. However, as they reached the bottom where the land flattened out, Grand picked up speed and eventually they were running shoulder to shoulder. But on the approach up the main entryway to Iacon, Hound knew he was tiring... he wasn't built for speed. Grand eased ahead and pulled up at the base of the ramp several paces in front of him. Hound chuckled warmly as he joined Grand, all troubles put out of his mind. "Well done Grand!"

Quick Switch
2002-08-15, 12:22 PM
Quick Switch continued to aim, making sure he had an optimal shot, if Prime couldn't take down Javelin.

"Affirmative, Optimus."

2002-08-15, 04:23 PM
Perceptor figured this was going to take a bit longer then he expected, "Well I'm more a scientist then anything, but I can do the repiars, better then most." he went ahead and headed for Omega Supreme, Percetor thought it would be a while before Javelin caused any throuble anyway.

Ultra Magnus saw all that happened and senced a bit of reluctance in the femme "Lockpick, is there something wrong? I need you to..."

Hot Rod burst into the room, "Lockpick we don't have time for this we got to help Prime, he could be in a lot of trouble." Hot Rod then gave Magnus an almost defiant look.

Jolt did as he was told and connected with Prime's arm, trying to figure out what Prime had in store.

Javelin took this oppurtunity, he flew forward on his back jets, he stuck his staff forward and activated the energy blade on his other arm. he would attack him with both blades.

2002-08-15, 04:40 PM
Lockpick blinks as Hot Rod busts into the room. She looks from the towering Magnus to Hot Rod and back again uncertainly "I... I..." she keeps one hand over her elbow to keep Hot Rod from seeing the device there.

"You go ahead Hot Rod. I'm not much good in battle." she finally decides, looking down and away from him.

2002-08-15, 06:05 PM
Ultra Magnus was getting anxious himself, "Hot Rod you are in the way! I need to know exactly what those light are... I think they're controlling Javelin's mind, but I need to know for sure, and Lockpick is the only one that saw these lights up close, and Prime, but he's busy."

Hot Rod was getting a little anxious as well, "Magnus leave her alone, she don't want to answer... can't you see."

"This is too important Hot Rod!!!" Magnus was getting angry, "I need to know now!"

2002-08-15, 06:14 PM
"Hot Rod!" the femme blurts, then pulls herself upright "i... Those things are similar to control algorithms I've seen. they're used to override the robots' own neural control system remotely and... they can also cause pain."

She looks at Ultra Magnus, slowly calming down "A powerful EMP might short it out... although damaging them could do it too. But if they're on his neck, it could be dangerous... well, if that mattered."

God Jinrai
2002-08-15, 08:45 PM
Beneath his battlemast, prime grinned slightly. he felt an increase in speed, but it was the weapon he gained that would be more usefull....

"Alright, jolt... he's apparently going to use that energy attack of his... time to set up one of our surprises..."

Jolt's rotorblade suddenly began spinning rapidly... turning into one massive blur... it now was a turbine, serving as the power source for the shield that would project from the joining point of the four blades...

"Let's see just what you're made of, friend..." prime growled...

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-15, 09:01 PM
Springer's body had been layed motionless since arriving at the Med bay....Wheeljack, Sunstreaker and Blaster had been working diligently to get him functional again...

The internal work completed, Springer's shell still remained battered, parts missing, his was essentially, what humans would refer to as a zombie....

Springer's optics flashed briefly...no-one would've noticed...


Springer didn't know who, or why he said what he did....darkness fell again.

2002-08-15, 11:03 PM
"That what I feared... So he could be another bot, just controled remotely." Ultra Magnus thought for a while, "He would have to be an Autobot that's why the security sensors didn't detect him at first... but how can..."

"Mangus, you're waisting time we can just get over there and stop him." Hot Rod lookied eager for action, "Javelin has hurt too much... we have no time to ask who he is!"

Javelin parried left and struck at Prime with both blades, it wouldn't work due to Prime's new shield device, "You just bought some time Prime, but you stand little chance."

2002-08-15, 11:40 PM
Lockpick looks from one to the other, then blurts out "Well, let's do SOMEthing. We have to stop him soon before we can try to disable the control algorithms, so let's GO!" she states, turning to dart down the corridor.

OOc - waiting for a certain someone at seibertron.

2002-08-16, 03:12 AM
Hot Rod followed Lockpick, while Ultra Magnus thought for a moment on that on what he was just told.

"If Javelin is an Autobot taken over by some... wait he did say he was a computer program, not a body, so which body would he choose..." He simply mumbled, "Optimus Prime... me... even Hot Rod we've all carried the Matrix, but it's not Prime and I just saw Hot Rod...."

2002-08-16, 03:24 AM
Ratchet groaned still in van mode "Get in Perceptor I can drive alot faster then you can walk" He claimed

Sunstreaker had already taken off to their destination
Wheeljack looked down after Springer had muttered the name "Roadbuster?" he asked rhteorically "Hmmm well atleast he is alive but his fram is totalled" Wheeljack said looking up at Torque and Blaster

"You two wanna grab some new parts for me mainly all of Springers"

"I'm game to find the parts you Torque?" Blaster asks

Karandras watches down the corridor where Optimus Prime and Javeline fight his weapon ready at his side. Hmm perhaps I should watch Prime fight encase he catches on to my plan I caj deal with him and if he needs help I'll step ing He thought moving forward.

2002-08-16, 04:09 AM
"Let's go for it," Torque says. "I'm sure we can track something down someplace..."

He transforms and drives slowly out of the lab, his treads creaking under him. He could tell he still wasn't repaired fully, but it would do well enough for now. Things were still in a bit of shambles, and the widespread needs of the Autobots and Cybertron itself outweighed his concerns about his own health and well-being. If he could be of assistance, his own condition didn't matter.


"You gave me a run for my money there," Grand said to Hound. "Thought you might actually beat me." He takes a look at Iacon, then around the general area. "May as well see what's going on inside." He steps to the door.


Redstreak sees the confrontation this time, and spots Karandras as well. He wants badly to interfere, but it is almost like a duel of honor...he decides he must stay back, lest he pull a Hot Rod and screw Prime over while trying to help. Powerful or not, he dared not take that kind of risk.

2002-08-16, 04:06 PM
Perceptor pointed to the inside of Ratchet like he was afraid to get in or something. But he climbed in nonetehless, "You should hurry posthaste..."

Hot Rod caught up to Lockpick, Are you so sure you can take out those controlers... have you done something like it before?" he felt his questions were important...

2002-08-16, 04:44 PM
Lockpick shook her head "No... I don't know enough to even START to take them out." she states, skidding to a halt as she looks at Hot Rod "I ws thinking of disablling him in a more violent fashion, then... then someone else who's trained to can remove them."

2002-08-16, 06:17 PM
Hot Rod could hear the clangs of battle incoming, he looks over at Lockpick real quick, "Wait a sec Magnus think there's an Autobot in there, would removing them injure the Autobot?"

2002-08-16, 07:59 PM
Lockpick shakes her head "I dont know Hot Rod... I've never had to remove them! Usually...the ones I discover I smash, but left htem intact. I... I never got a chance to see if theyr'e removable..." she tries to explain. "I don't knw."

2002-08-16, 11:39 PM
As Magnus, Hot Rod and Lockpick left the room, Kup thinks, "What the hell are they gonna go do now? better go with them silently"

Then kup followed them until the 3 stopped in one room then he goes in there as well

"What are you guys planning to do?", Kup asked Lockpick and Hot Rod

2002-08-17, 04:51 PM
Javelin thried to think of a new attack... it would be simple enough. He backed off from Prime. He brought out his smaller blades. He threw them, but this time he controled them with his magnekentic powers they surrounded Optimus Prime, and charged. "You better know how to use that shield Optimud!"

Hot Rod had already reached the battle area, noticing kup was tailing him and other Autobots had already arrived, but only Prime and Javelin were fighting, made sence to him. He turned back to Kup, "Kup you just finished regenerating I don't think it's wise for you to get involved." Then he looked at Lockpick, "Get your weapon out, and aim for those lights but don't fire yet."

God Jinrai
2002-08-17, 05:40 PM
As abruptly as javelin commenced his new attack, prime raised the shield to shoulder height, and charged headlong at javelin...

"No, javelin... You'd better know how to surive THIS!"

Now only feet from his adversary, prime drew back the shield, and swung it in a tight arc at his nemesis... the edge of the shield was sharp as any energo sword... more than sharp enough to take down jav's staff if he dared block the strike

2002-08-17, 05:49 PM
Javelin extended his own energy blade, given to him by the power of the Minicons. But it was small in comparison to Optimus Prime's new toy, all one would hear would be the collison of energy for a moment, breaking apart Javelin's arm energy blade. It sent him backward spriling and hitting the wall strait with his head. Javelin braced himself up on the wall, his helmet had begun to crack. "If you think this is over Prime..." The razor blades were still homing on Prime, now from behind, it was his turn.

Hot rod was worried., "Lockpick are you ready? Wait for my order to fire."

2002-08-17, 07:38 PM
Lockpick swallowed as she pulls her weapon out, looking terrified. She wasnt a targetmaster! The air-gun is lifted towards Javelin, and it wobbles as she tries to take aim. "Hot rod... I don't know if I can hit them...." she states uncertainly "I'm not a crack shot."

2002-08-17, 11:22 PM
"well seeing the fact thta i recharged earlier than you 2 I can handle this", Kup said as he summons Recoil and recoil transforms to a gun

"If you guys dont have enough fire-power, I can help you", Kup said as he aims at Javelin

OOC: Im not sure when you guys are gonna fire at that guy...if im not here when you post it, just add me to the part when you guys blast him ok?

2002-08-18, 12:43 AM
Blaster looked down at Torque as he walked behind him

"You really should get fixed up soon man I know there isn't that much room to get in and get fixed but you look like you can fall apart at any second"

They approached the main Medical room as Sunstreaker blew past them Blaster turning his head

"Little errand boy" he mutters with a chuckle when Ratchet flies past "And his master"

"He is just outside Iacon Perceptor so we will be there soon so be ready he is no quick job to repair" Ratchet told Perceptor not really taking happily to his action a few moments ago rather impatient and easily aggrivated from all the work and no rest

Karandras watched curiously his mind scanning A robot with Telekinetic powers now, interesting if he has psychic powers he is in the same boat as Adeara. On death row Karandras thought refering to Javelin. Time to even these odds.

Karandras shook his head letting his energy flow from his head then begins a low chant in Eldar watching Javeline and slowly cutting off his ability to use telekinetic abilites the psyker dampener in place the metal blades he was controlling fell to the ground the area was now devoid of the ability to use your mind.

"Cheap tricks for a battle how unfair" Karandras said with a grin his mobile suit doing the same.

OOC- Philcom if you or any really has a problem with Karandras doing this PM me and I can change it.

2002-08-18, 04:05 AM
Hound nodded at Grand and followed him up the ramp and into Iacon. They passed the stationed guards and walked into the city grounds. Everywhere, halls and tunnels ran off in different directions to other buildings and chambers, while the everpresent hum of activity floated down and around the area. Several passing figures exchanged friendly greetings with them as they walked. They drew up to a main corridor and Hound watched as Grand paused and considered which way to go.

2002-08-19, 02:19 PM
Javelin only smiled at Karandras, "That's the name of the game..." He stood there as if waiting for something.

Hot Rod stared at Lockpick, "You need not worry... because I ORDER YOU... to to SHOOT OPTIMUS PRIME!"

2002-08-19, 05:55 PM
Lockpick's optics swivel around towards Hot Rod, wide with shock and surprise. She opens her mouth, then shuts it and turns to take aim again, focusing the weapon to make a narrow, powerful blast of air.

She hesitates, then her body gives a shudder before the trigger is pulled, sending the damaging blast of air towards Optimus Prime.

God Jinrai
2002-08-20, 01:59 AM
OOC: once jav's dealt with, th thread will be closed, and the next chaper will begin.


Prime coldly glares at javelin... optics burning a deep hue of red now...

"This ends here and now, scrap heap."

Bringing the shield in a tight arc, jolt's rotor blade detached, and was sent whirring toward javelin... a spinning disc of doom and destruction.

2002-08-20, 02:12 AM
"I can hold it together," Torque says. "Don't worry about that, Blaster. We've got bigger problems, I'm sure."


Grand hears things from all sides. "Hound, your tracking systems are pretty advanced. Can you scan the building, find out what's going on? I keep hearing things...from all over."

2002-08-20, 02:33 AM
Javelin got hit square on, he was sent off to the wall. He grasped and covered his face in pain, his helmet was completly torn off.

Hot Rod began to be indestinct, fadeing, he began to glow and lose his substance. As he began to clear, he looked back at Lockpick, "Lockpick... I am sorry, forgive mee........" He was gone.

Javelin laughed almost in an insane tone, mech fluid flowed from between his fingers, "Fooools, alll fools... never had a clue, so small.... minded." He laughed again, "That Hot Rod just a hologram... where's the real one you ask?!" Javelin removed his hands, "RIGHT HERE!"

It was Hot Rod's face... just pale and black. Hot Rod and Javelin.... one and the same. No it was more like... Javelin takeing Hot Rod's body hostage.

Javelin laughed as he picked up his staff once more... "Die Optimus Prime... die and let destiney take it's course! Or destroy me... and your own Hot Rod." Javelin charged Prime attacking him in more of a last ditch attack. "DIE!"

2002-08-20, 03:39 AM
OOC - btw Op, I just fired at you.

No! Primus... What have I done??

"...Hot Rod?" she stared, horrified as Hot Rod started to fade out. She stood there, still holding her weapon as her head whipped back to stare at Javelin, optics bulging out. "NO! NO!!!!" she screamed, and hurled her weapon towards Javelin, Quickly followed by herself as she pelts across the short distance, a blurr of scars, pain, and red paint the color of dusky apples.

She was never one to be a fighter, but one thing she had going for her: She was DAMNED hard to catch, and knew every trick in the book for evading enemies, as well as knowing exacly how to pin one. Lockpick moved, keeping low as she tries to tackle Javelin/Hot Rod.

2002-08-20, 04:21 AM
Hound replied, "Sir," with a quick nod as he set to scanning. Seconds later his heat tracking fixed in on a notably large energy source and he glanced with an alarmed look to Grand. "I'm picking up weapon discharges inside Iacon- Grand, and they're coming from this way..." Hound tensed as he motioned down a side corridor. "Second hall to the diagonal right leads straight there."

2002-08-20, 06:52 AM
As Hot Rod fades and Lockpick triying to tackle Javelin, Kup just shouted, "What the hell is goin on??!"

Then he just stands there and watches helplesly

2002-08-20, 03:22 PM
Lockpick's weapon hitting him forced Javelin to stop, he suddenly noticed the ringing his his head... the conflict... the pain. he had to stop it, it was that Karandras, his powers were started to have some effect. The mind controles on his neck started to flash faster to counter the effect. He was about to start to charge Optimus again, it was either going to be him or Optimus, one was going to... Javelin was hit in this defining moment by Lockpick. He fell to the ground definatly pinned. No problem just get her off and hold her hostage...

Javelin yelled out, "Lockpick... I order you to get...." He words started to get melded with screaming, Karandras mind attack was interfereing, with his mind, "HELP ME! Don't let HIM...me GO. Lock me up... no destroy me!" it was Hot Rod talking now...

God Jinrai
2002-08-20, 04:52 PM

The shot pegged prime smack in the center of his back... gasping for air, he somehow managed to recover... likely due to the simple fact that he shut off his pain receptors in his back...

"Lockpick! MOVE!" shouted prime. optimus lunged forward toward the two on the ground... his right hand wide open, as if set to strangle someone... or perhaps, prime had something ELSE in mind...

2002-08-20, 07:14 PM
Lockpick continued to pin Javelin with all her remaining strength. Optimu's words, Hot Rod's words, Javelin's words were all lost on her as she struggled with her captive and she starts to growl out.

"You can steal my ship... threaten me... Make me go into the bowels of unicron..."

She lifts her fist to strike at his head, anger and fury present.

"but..> you... do...NOT... Control... My... FRIENDS~" she shouts, puncuating each word with a blow towards Javelin's head. Her own armor will crumple under the force, but hopefully Jav will be knocked out.

"EVer! You hear me?"

2002-08-20, 08:22 PM
Karandras growls "Prime kill them both" Karandras called stepping forward raising the large scythe "And if you don't I will" Karandras grinned moving towards Lockpick and Javelin/Hotrod ready to strike taking both their heads off.
~NO! Karandras what are you doing fool! You are letting your instincts kick in to fight control it Autobots are peace lovers~ A voice spoke to Karandras' mind.

~Yes Blastrix I know but I cannot see my wife or family and the fighting is dull there is nothing to do~ Karandras complained the arguement of the two began as Karandras stopped his approach

~I DON'T CARE! Disable them any other way but do not KILL THEM!~ Blastrix ordered back

~FINE~ Karandras replied turning his head to Prime again "Or perhaps I can unplug Hotrod's circuits for a while and take him off line?"

Blaster nodded to Torque "Lots of people were damaged and killed friends and allies, Decepticons and Autobots. Everyone Meaning the medics have alot of work problem is there is not enough medics meaning robots that may be damaged but are still functional like you are pushed top work it's no fun I know but go with the flow, you'll get repaired eventually" Blaster said as he entered the med bay walking to the very back several boxes with Autobot names extra parts he hoped.

"Come on Torque I beileve we found what we are looking for"

Back in Wheeljacks temp lab he was keeled over the body of Springer placing a pecie of metal inplace of his damaged chest plate he had removed. A temporary solution until Blaster and Torque got back his chest plate to shreded to protect anything. A metal plate may conflict with his transformation but he wasn't really able to do that now was he.

Ratchet saw Omega Supreme now a few more minutes and they'd be there to repair the big lug. Sunstrealer way ahead of them now had already transformed and was now using a little bit of wax he snagged from the med bay

"I deserved this" he mutters beginning to wax his chest plate.

"Perceptor" Ratchet called "We're almost there"

2002-08-20, 11:31 PM
Perceptor look out, "Ok... is there anything on Omega you want started first?" he asked.

Javelin spuddered out his last words takeing over Hot Rod's mouth, "Hurt me and you hurt Hot Rod... stay here and you you get hurt by your leader. Hot Rod cares much for you... he was himself when I was not active. Let him suffer one way or another. Move and let him be destroyed." His power systems began to fail, he was shut down. But Prime was still coming.

2002-08-21, 04:34 AM
"Whats going on here?", Kup thought as sees Karandas approaching Lockpick and Javelin/Hot Rod, "Oh no! Have to act fast!"

Then he aims at Karandas and fires at Karandas' hand that is holding the shcyte

OOC: I hope this is ok with you blaster if I hit the schyte thing to let it fall down or something

2002-08-21, 11:36 PM
Karandras head turned as his hand was struck the scythe droppeing as he growled.

"FOOL!" Karandras screamed raising both his arms aiming at Kup anger seething through Karandras the mechas eye flickering white and two weapons sliding out of his arms firing two shurikens at Kup that explode on impact kneeling down and grabbing his scythe. The dampener was till on so he couldn't use telekinesis.

Karandras turned his head back towards Javelin and Lockpick his mind beginning to think of ways to solve this without killing one.

"Yes there is Perceptor We have t get him back online then we will repair any other damage" Ratchet replied coming to a stop his back spinning and pointing towrds Omega and his back flipping up

"Now lets go!"

2002-08-22, 04:51 AM
Then Kup avoided the first shiruken and then jumped to avoid the second one and he landed on teh ground as the 2 explode

"whew", Kup thought as he got up then he screams back at Kandaras, "Dont you try to kill Hot Rod or his girlfriend or your gonna answer to me!..even though your one of us dude!"

2002-08-22, 05:45 AM
Lockpick slumps, stopping as Javelin goes offline, although she remains sitting on him. Her eyes dim a bit, oblivious to the action around her as she keeps holding Javelin pinned down. "Never... again... never... " she whispers softly.

2002-08-22, 06:54 PM
Karandras turned and looked at Kup

"I answer to few people and you are not one of them if you wish to die by all means pick a fight with me it is one you will not get up from" Karandras threatened with a low toned growl looking back at Javeline

"If you people have a way to restrain him I have a way to heal his wounds for a temporary transport after a few hours they would re-open but that should be enough time" Karandras offered.

God Jinrai
2002-08-22, 09:46 PM
Prime was still comming... slipping lockpick aside, his hand reached down around hotrod's neck...to the control collar, and proceeded to rip it from his throat... if it caused damage, hotrod could be repaired.. but at the moment, prime needed to ensure that javelin could not manipulate hotrod.. nor lockpick again

Quick Switch
2002-08-22, 10:24 PM
Quick Switch transformed to robot mode, and ran forward to assist his leader.

The Six Changer grabbed Lockpick and placed her gently up against a wall.

"You again," he murmurrs.

Quick Switch retrieved his two photon blasters and cocked them.

"What do you want to do with that scum, Optimus?" He waved one of his blasters at Javelin.

2002-08-22, 10:38 PM
Lockpick offers no protest as she's pushed off Javelin/Hot Rod, then picked up by the Triplechanger. She was shockingly lightweight, even for her size, and she stares at Quick Switch a moment, looking like she was in shock as she leans against the wall, silently. As Optimus rips off the control collar, she actually shudders, and grasps a hand over her elbow instinctively, merely watching now, worried as her emotions start to return.

2002-08-23, 12:09 AM
Karandras stops before Prime and Hot Rod

"Well Optimus would you like me to close This ones wounds or not?" Karandras was sincere or as sincere as someone with motives like his could get.

Quick Switch
2002-08-23, 12:14 AM
"Who the shock are you?"

Quick Switch points a blaster at Kandaras.

He then glances once again at Locpick, and frowns as he sees her react as the collar's removed. His optics narrow for a moment, then he returns his gaze to Kandaras.

There's more to this than is readily evident. I don't like it.

2002-08-23, 01:01 AM
Ultra Magnus rushed into the and seeing what had happened So he had taken over Hot Rod. I didn't see that one coming... Wait a second... "PRIME! That could kill Hot Rod!!!"

It was too late, the control devices were comnpletely torn off. Javelin gave his last words, "IT IS USELESS I AM ETERNAL!!!!" Javelin gave a last laugh as the control was broken. Then it was followed by screams of pain but they were Hot Rod's, his positronic matrix was being assulted by the feedback pulses. Then again he shut off. But6 this time Javelin was gone.

Ultra Magnus immediatly activated his comm-link, "We need a medical team here! NOW!"

Quick Switch
2002-08-23, 01:07 AM
Quick Switch scanned the area, but apparently Javelin was gone.

"Fine time for you to show up now Magnus!"

The Six Changer looked at Hot Rod, frowning.

2002-08-23, 02:11 AM
As Hot Rod starts to scream, Lockpick shudders again and places her hands over her audials, optics flashing black, then white as she curls up on the ground as though in pain herself. As Hot rod stops screaming, she darts to his side, turning him over to look at his face "Rod? Rod?" she states shakily.

2002-08-23, 03:17 AM
Karandras looked at Quick Switch "Put the gun down see the
Autobot symbol you dolt" Karandras growled back.

"You have changed so much since me and my crew first left so wanting to fight now" Karandras muttered looking at Ultra Magnus

Ratchet let out a groan waiting for Perceptor to get out as Ultra Magnus call came over his comm-system

"Bah let Wheeljack take it" he muttered

Sunstreaker stood before Omega Supreme

"Alright Omega what can docter Sunstreaker do for you?" He asked mocking Ratchets voice.

Wheeljack looked up from Springer shaking his head "Sorry Magnus" he muttered going back to work on Springer

Blaster turned to Torque holding two new arms for Springer a new chest and back and legs.

"We got Springer his new parts so lets make it back to Wheeljack" he said beginnign to walk.

God Jinrai
2002-08-23, 03:30 AM
Prime suddenly turned his head toward magnus...

"Magnus... listen to exactly what I'm about to say... ANYTHING... even death... is better than being manipulated by some being as sadistic and cruel as that monster which posessed hotrod..."

Rising to his feet, he glanced down at lockpick as she dropped down beside hotrod...

"Lockpick... if those transmitters on you may yet funcion... I know exactly how we're going to finish off javelin, once and for all..."

Prime turned grimly again, and glanced at the mobile suite piloted by kandras...

"And you... autobot eh? then I charge you with the high crime of treason. I suggest you either leave here now before I decide to go through with the punishment FOR treason... NOW."

Quick Switch
2002-08-23, 03:33 AM
Quick Switch's optics narrowed.

"Leave, traitor! You dared to offer to heal the enemy who almost cost our beloved Leader his life!"

His arms twitched, and he gestured a blaster at Kandaras.

"Speak ill against Optimus Prime, and I will see you do not do so again, fool."

2002-08-23, 03:38 AM
Karandras smirked at Optimus.

"High treason for what? I have done nothing wrong. I returned fire on the imbecil over there" Karandras points at Kup "that is it I have offered to save your friend there and you try to charge me with crimes?"

Karandras smirks These transformers are so stupid and stubborn they will all pay either way

"Besides I have come to help with the re-construction of our home world Cybertron with new weapons, and metals we have forged any attempt the Decepticons made to restart the war..."
Karandras closed his hand into a fist "You can crush them with these weapons. I suggest you reconsider"

Karandras turned Quick Switch "I offered to Heal Hot Rod fool"

2002-08-23, 03:40 AM
Redstreak stands nearby and looks things over. "If you need me, Prime," he says, finally speaking, "I am here, and I'll be more than happy to help you finish off Javelin if you need." His mind swirls at what he has been seeing, the sheer power not only of his leader but also of his opponent, and his greatest concern was the fate of Hot Rod. He WAS still the chosen one, after all...


Torque says nothing, and accompanies Blaster as they head back to see Wheeljack.


Grand pauses. "Weapons discharge? I'm not sure...something strange must be going on. Hardly the R&R I was looking for..."

2002-08-23, 03:59 AM
Originally posted by God Jinrai
"Lockpick... if those transmitters on you may yet funcion... I know exactly how we're going to finish off javelin, once and for all..."

"Mm... My control algorithms?" she asks shakily..oO(how did he know?!?). Her hand goes to her elbow again and states "The... They haven't been used in years. Deactivated... but I could probably figure out how to...to reactivate them... " her tone said she didn't wnt to do that, but she looks down at Hot Rod and nods "I'll try, sir, when the time comes, if it means stoping that guy."

Quick Switch
2002-08-23, 05:36 AM
Quick Switch shook his head, and stepped to Prime's side.

2002-08-23, 05:38 AM
Then Kup just stands around listening to the conversation

"Well whoptie doo! the schte man talks to us after all", Kup said sarcastically

2002-08-23, 01:47 PM
Sixswitch had been watching in stunned amazement as the scene unfolded before him. Now, with the heat of the moment dispersed, and Prime confronting Karandras, he had a moment to sort it all out in his head.

Stalking forwards, still in tiger mode, he stood in front of Prime, ready to spring forwards and attack the strange Autobot on his leader's command.

God Jinrai
2002-08-23, 04:48 PM
"...that FOOL as you called him... was once chief of security on cybertron. I would watch my tone. If it's help you wish to offer... offer it to the decepticons... we're perfectly self sufficient without your likes here..."

Prime's optics burned brightly...

"And if you don't like that..."

his trailer emerged from its subspace hangar, transforming into the legs of the combiner mode... As this occured, prime reconfigured himself for combiner mode... the two sections locked together, and the golden faceplate shifted as he began again...

"Then you can take it up with me personally."

2002-08-23, 06:23 PM
Obvoiusly this wasn't the time to argue with Prime, and he could easily understand, with what has happened. Ultra Magnus said nothing more, and no medics arrived, he shook his head as he ran off to get some medical equiptment.

His vision was still blurred by Hot Rod struggled to go back on-line, he succeeded, he did not want to fall into an unrevivable state. At first noone would notice him coming on line. He noticed he was whereing some type of armor Oh Primus... He began to remember what has happened, what he had done. He almost wanted to slip back off line, but he held on. He found Lockpick's leg with his fingers, she was still here. Why? woud she ever forgive him?

There was a conflict, that's not what he wanted, there was something he knew, and he happen to remember... "Stop!" His voice was very weak, "Hologram... my Matrix was downloaded to it, when Javelin... in use." His power was running low, "He could download... into hologram...This is only chance to destroy his program. He's going to head for Decepticons... going to try and possess... Scourge."

Just a set back... But I will destroy them all, and Primus! I must! The hologram neared the exit of the Autobot's base, they would never go looking for him, they were too soft, they would gather around that equally weak Chosen One.

Quick Switch
2002-08-23, 06:34 PM
Quick Switch nodded to his counterpart Six Changer and nodded at Prime's words.

He gripped his blasters expectantly, eyes locked on Karandas.

2002-08-23, 07:44 PM
Lockpick felt Hot Rod move as she tries to pull him to one side, out of danger's way. She froze, looking down at him as he spoke, then looked up "A hologram? How do you destroy a hologram?" she asks, trying to distract the others to the matter at hand. Then she mutters "Relax hot Rod. you're safe now. We'll get that slagger." She uses one hand to cushion his head gently, pulling out the energon cube that Optimus had given her so long ago, that she hadn't used. "Here."

Taikoon walks up to Iacon's gate, poppin one of his remaining rations into his mouth as he does so, oblivious to what was inside the door.

2002-08-23, 10:01 PM
Karandras shook his head at them all "You think you three would even stand a chance to me? Since me and the other Autobots left millions upon million years ago we have become something far greater you you could ever become...."

~To hell with it Karandras they are all retarded spike the energon supply there are so many wounded at the Autobot base besides look at the female one. A freshly damaged one he shall be the first to take in the electrons and the first to fall~ Blastrix spoke to Karandras mind

~Fair enough playing with the good guys got boring~ He replied

He let the images of his suit fade t the Autobrands disappearing being replaced by the light blue coloring of the Anaigan Craftworld as he stared down the Autobots holding his scythe.

"I may be no autobot but" Karandras murmured the scythe transforming back into a pulse laser and pointing at Lockpick and Hot Rod

"I still know how you work especially you Optimus. Please go a head and shoot me your weapons will not harm this armor.... and besides it is unlikey the shots will go through anyways"

Karandras finger had pulled the trigger back already.

"You had your chance but you blew it and you will now watch the beginning of the end for you Transformers"

Blaster reappeared in Wheeljacks lab the door slid open for him and Torque handing the parts off to Wheeljack who already had Springer's old parts off.

"Thanks guys this should take a second" He replied to which Blaster nodded and Wheeljack re-attached the legs and arms quickly saudering all the circuits into place.

"Now just need to fix his head up and he is good to go" Wheeljack said

"Alright, Springer will be Springin' again in no time" Blaster said.

"PERCEPTOR GET OUT!" Called the annoyed medic to the Microscope within his body

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-23, 10:19 PM
As Wheeljack attached Springer's head, he suddenly lurched into life, grabbing his saviour by the throat, Springer trashed the nearby table that was adorned with surgical impliments.

"RRRaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh......." Springer couldn't distinguish where he was, who he was, who was around him, his basic instincts were screaming to protect himself by any means neccessary.

Grabbing a nearby welding torch he raised it to Wheeljack's head, clearly distressed by the situation Springer, for an un-known reason, dropped the make-shift medic to the floor...

Staggering forward, not too clever with his new legs, Springer clashed next with Blaster, who attempted to grab Springer and steady him....Blaster's words were simply met by being thrown to one side of the med bay, crashing through tables, and med equipment...

Springer made for the door, an escape, his mind wasn't clear, neither were his intentions....

2002-08-23, 10:35 PM
Blaster shook his head sitting up
"Man that was uncool what just happened" Blaster asked looking to Wheeljack "What did you do?"

Wheeljack rested against the table "I have no idea but we gotta get after him"

Blaster nodded "Steeljaw keep an eye on him relay wher he is going" Blasters chest opened and the Orange cat ejected running out of the lab after Springer.

"Optimus This is Wheeljack do you read me Springer is umm I dunno how to put this" he rubs his head "I was almost finished my repairs he got up and thrashed me and Blaster we have Steeljaw watching him but if you can get a someone down here to help detain him it would probably help don't wanna damage him to the point I start the repairs all over"

Blaster had gotten to his feet and walked over to Wheeljack helping him up.

"We gotta get 'im" Blaster said

Wheeljack nodded "we need to sedate him not kill him and I think I know just the thing" Wheeljack turned rummaging through all of his now on the floor gizmos.

2002-08-23, 11:02 PM
Lockpick stares as the weapon is raised at herself and Hot Rod. "No!" she twists over, landing between Hot Rod and Kes to protect the weakened Chosen one. She lifts her own wind-gun then, sitting there, curled up and terrified but not willing to back down.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-23, 11:17 PM
Springer stormed through the corridors of Iacon city...he knew he was being followed, but didn't care, he needed to get out...by any means neccessary...

"rrr......Liiiiiiiigghhhhtttttt......rgghhhh" Springer paused, looking at a flickering light a drone was attending to...the repair drone dropped to the floor in a heap as Springer took away the hover platform he was stood on and slammed it on the drone...


Springer threw the platform behind him, causing a small explosion in the corridor, charring the wall it hit...

2002-08-23, 11:57 PM
"I cant take this anymore....LEAVE HER ALONE!!!", Kup said to karandras as he charges at him and tries to tacke karandras

2002-08-23, 11:58 PM
Sixswitch, upon seeing the weapons raised at Prime, transformed into robot mode, missile launchers already swivelling to target Karandras, and arm blasters powered up and ready to fire.

Quick Switch
2002-08-24, 12:14 AM
Quick Switch brought up his photon blasters, already cocked and aimed them both at Karandras.

God Jinrai
2002-08-24, 02:05 AM
Prime grew even more enraged than before...

"Alright, Kandras... what's your game here? Do you even WANT to leave this room alive? Redstreak... activate the internal molecular scramblers... if he tries his teleportaion trick again... he's as good as slagged. "

Raising his cannon level with kandras' head, he spoke again

"It's you against us. The odds aren't exactly in your favor... and to top things off, if you try teleporting, you're as good as dead. You've got two options, Kandras. Leave this room now... with your internals intact... or leave in a crate that'll be carrying your remains. I'm not exactly in the mood for your attempts at disrupting the peace here."

2002-08-24, 03:54 AM
Redstreak does as ordered, activating the scramblers. He then eyes Karandras. "If you want trouble, believe me, you've come to the right place."


Torque sees this senseless rage going on, and looks to the others. "We have to subdue Springer before he gets out!" He says, and targets him with his cannon.

2002-08-24, 07:55 AM
Karandras shook his head keeping his weapon pointed at the Femme and the wounded Autobot named Hot Rod.

"Keep under estimating me you transformers do" Karandras said shaking his head raising his hend pointing at Kup launching him in the oppoisite direction colliding with a wall. His energies emitted from his hand hand entered the air argoung Kup and lifting him up like an arm, for Karandras tossing the Autobot to the wall.

Karandras looked at Quick Switch next "Under estimate me to the point that you think your guns can stop me".

His energies of his mind latched onto every molecule in the metals and the circuits of the Autobot being and stoppin their movement causing him to freeze into place untill he was thawed he couldn't move nor think. Temporarily offline.

Karandras looked at Prime, Sixswitch and Redstreak grinning inside his mech and outside his Pulse laser still pointed at Hot Rod and Lockpick

"Odd Prime it may see the Odds grow a little bit more even" He then looked at Kup again "He tried to attack me perhaps..." he turned his head back to Prime staring him in the eyes "Perhaps Hotrod and the femma should take a wound for his hastyness or perhaps he should become mine" Karandras said

Karandras' energies again extended into Kup's mind begining to take him over.

Kup grabbed at his head and writhed at the pain it caused before his optics flashed white and the struggle ceased and he climbed to his feet pulling his blaster out and firing at the control panel the internal molecular scrambler was turned on at letting out a loud bellow

Karandras continued to aim at the Lockpick and Hot Rod "Well Optimus how lucky do you feel?" Karandras asked him smuggly

Wheeljack pushed Torque's cannon away from Springer "No we tak him down by hand"

Blaster nodded "I have the way" he pulled out his Electro-scrambler "To the side Steeljaw gotta get Springer before he hides" and with that fired off the electro-magnetic waves at Springer.

2002-08-24, 08:04 AM
Lockpick watched this, stunned, and her finger pulls down on the trigger of her wind-gun instinctively, sending a tornado of wind towards the mecha. She was oblivious to the others, but remained positioned between Hot Rod and the weapon.

Taikoon starts into the base, tensing as he hears fighting ahead. He crouches slightly, sidling up to the corner between the others and himself. A quick glance tells the mech what was going on and he narrows his optics, hands clencing into fists as he leans past the corner again, to stare at Kes' back. He crouches slightly, then steps smoothly past the corner, aiming a wrist at her back.

2002-08-24, 08:54 AM
Karandras was slammed into by the gust of wind causing him to take to the air and slam into the ground his pulse laser sliding towards Prime and the other.

"RAAAGH!!" Karandras screamed shaking his head inside the cockpit the mobile suit doing the same his right arm lifint and the gun sliding from the arm firing to explosive shells at Lockpick

I had expected laser dammit this was not supposed to happen

After firing at the control panel Kup looked up his face not looking stable as he fired random shots at Sixswitch, Optimus, Redstreak, the floor, the roof, and the walls screaming all the while.

2002-08-24, 09:00 AM
Lockpick takes the shells without moving aside from a few twitches, her weak armor shattering and innards being shredded. A slight grimace comes over her face at this as she squeezes the trigger harder, trying to use the wind-force to pin Karandras against the wall, pumping all her energy into the weapon. Her mechfluid starts to pool beneath her, but her face never moves, even when a bit of oil trickles from her lips, every inch of her resolve remaining on keeping Kendaras DOWN and out of action.

Taikoon blinks, wa tching this, and he dives, not for Kend, but for Kup, to tackle the Autobot and bring him down, quickly. The dracobot transforms in midmotion, powreful hind-legs putting all their force into the pounce on the old bot.

OOC - My last pose for tonight. We'll see wha thappens tomorrow!

2002-08-24, 09:26 AM
Sixswitch looked worriedly over to Quick Switch, then growled.
"You know, now I'm really angry, you worthless piece of slag," he growled at Karandras, missiles swiftly targetting the Eldar warrior as he opened fire, sending two explosives shooting across the room.

2002-08-24, 02:33 PM
(OOC:...AHEM!!!!! the "OLD TIMER" aint an "OLD TIMER" anymore, remember????check his profile just in case ok? lol nevermind but i still have to say kup aint old anymore..just passing puberty still lol)

IC: Kup cant control his aim

"WHATS GOING ON?!", He thought out loud as he cant stop firing at anythign in sight, then he accidentally hits the incoming taikoon with a powerful blast

"oh ****!!! whats happening?!!! AAARRGHGHH!!!!! I CANT CONTROL...SELF!!!!!", kup said then he gets hit with one of the missiles and he lies motionless after he got blasted by the missile

"ugh....i...shoul...d...have..benn...better off being old again", Kup grunted as he was lying on the ground

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-24, 03:22 PM
Springer jolted forward, in a vain attempt to avoid the blast...the shot narrowly caught his right leg, lifting himself up Springer grabbed the fallen drone and threw it at the following pack...


Springer turned an began to limp away, albeit at a slower pace than before, he turned a corner, desperate to escape...all the time his mind was awash with confusion, pain...most of all fear.

Quick Switch
2002-08-24, 04:48 PM
As Karandras became engaged in battle, his control slipped a bit.

Quick Switch's body suddenly moved- backward, and slammed into the floor, the Assault Warrior lay flat on his back.

2002-08-24, 05:01 PM
Hot Rod looked over his frame he still had all of Javelin's enhancements added to him. And he was just given a little energon, he looked over at Ultra Magnus and extended his hand. Magnus nodded like he knew what Hot Rod was planning. Hot Rod struggled to get up, but he slumped right back down. He again extended his hand and actived his Magnekenetic powers with the power he hurled the bladed staff toward Karandras. It was only meant of a distacrtion. Ultra Magnus ran into the fray, HE was going to tackle Karandras.

2002-08-24, 05:57 PM
OOC - Ahem. I will decide if Taikoon is hit by missiles or not. Not you.

Tiakoon ducks the blast, which takes out part of his wing-shoulder and the dragon snarls as he continues his leap towards Kup, cause once you're leaping, its dang hard to stop. So he tries to adjust, to land on Kup and keep him out of the action.

Lockpick... keeps firing, oblivious to the mess she was in. that HAD to hurt, but she gave no indicatoin of being in pain.

God Jinrai
2002-08-25, 01:38 AM

Prime's paitience had been tested, and broken...

charging past kandras, he dove for lockpick and hotrod... seconds before hotrod put his plan into motion.. the lance still flew... but now the two were protected from any retaliation...

2002-08-25, 02:01 AM
Karandras growled missles, lances, wind. Three things two of which Karandras could deal with easily the wind however was not something he had counted on.

First the missles, he turned his head to them the wind was pinning him down but he could still move within the mech. He raised his arm watching them creating a wall of energy invisble to the eye the missles connecting with it not him detonating causing an explosion before him. With this shield up the wind was no longer hitting him and the lance hit the feild bouncing off.

"The strain is becoming to much I cannot hold my control over the Autobot, keep the sheild up and fight the Autobots all at the same time I need a way out" he muttered to himself

He dove toward his gun near Sixswitch nad Redstreak grabbing it and rolling so he was behind the two transformers looking up at the light nodding. He dropped the sheild and the control of Kup looking up. He let his energies move up into the light then come down still invisble but now charged. Karandras closed his eyes and with a thought the particles came into view ripping out from no where creating a bright flash. Bright enough to permanently damage a humans eyes.

He re-opened his eyes raising his pulse laser and letting two shots rip at Redstreak and Sixswitch's backs before turning and fleeing down the corridor.

So it begins, ~Blastrix open a web gate~ he spoke a bright light opening befor him Karandras diving in and entering the webway.

Blaster shook his head "almost but no cigar gotta keep chasin' him" Blaster said

Wheeljack nodded "Torque can you launch any sort of sets out of your barrel?" he asked

2002-08-25, 03:56 AM
Redstreak absorbs what blasts he cannot dodge, and gets pushed back against the wall. He sees Karandras enter this 'web gate', and stops short as it sits there a moment. "Prime," he says, "follow or forget it?"


"All I got is artillery," Torque says. "When they made me...I didn't get a lot of fancy upgrades. I'm big, I'm tough, and I'm powerful, but I don't have many subtleties. But I can grab him."

He lunges for Springer's legs a moment later.

2002-08-25, 04:01 AM
Magnus realized that perhaps thans not waht Hot Rod was hinting at. Ultar Magnus miscalculated at slammed right into the wall, busting a hole in it "Ouch."

Hot Rod couldn't help but see some humor in what magnus did, but now was not the time and he was growing weaker. He was the cause of this, the battle he started cause this bot to go over the edge. He didn't want this to happen, and now he could lose the femme he fought within himself. But he still failed Javelin won, and he was still out there, as a hologram now. There was a flash and the bot was gone.

Hot Rod stayed on the ground, "I feel so... horrible..."

2002-08-25, 04:12 AM
Lockpick finally pries her finger off the trigger as Optimus moves into her sights, and she drops it, slumping, holding her torso's bits still. As hot Rod spoke, she turns, a bit of fluid trickling from her mouth . "Are... are you okay?" she asks, voice light, but calm and worried. She moves to help sit him up, oblivious to her own damaged body. "Its... its ok. The medics will be here soon.

2002-08-25, 06:25 AM
OOC: Well, that dont matter since im well "dead????"....so that means yeah, my character is lying on the ground moving nothing.....aw heck I'll let him get up when the scene is over since this is too much action for me ;) lol

2002-08-25, 01:47 PM
Sixswitch winces as the shot slams into his back. However, his tough armour took the brunt of the impact, and the effect was minor. Spinning around, he sees the swirl of colour as the web gate opens and Karandras vanishes into it. Then ran to Quick Switch, who seemed to be slowly recovering on the ground.

"You OK?" he asked as he started helping him to his feet.
"That was weird."


Thorr flew through the debris and expanding gas clouds quickly, his internal diagnostics had told him that he would be unable to withstand the radiation for much longer. No matter, he was done searching.

"Did you find anyone?" Vanguard asked as Thorr rejoined the Cosmobots.
"Anyone, no." Thorr transformed into robot mode, floating a few feet above Sun Runner's hull.
"But I found this," he pulled an object from subspace.
"Let me see that," Vanguard replied as he flew up and out of the shuttle?"
"A sword? That's all you found?" Sun Runner asked.
"Not just any sword."
Vanguard took the weapon, slowly, almost respectfully.
"This is Grimlock's sword. We know that he didn't report back to Iacon. I also know that he wouldn't willingly part from it."

Vanguard looked straight at Thorr.

"If he was still alive."
Thorr bowed his head, then looked up at his commander.
"Grimlock was a great warrior. He must have gotten inside Unicron, and died trying to get to the central core."
"Yes, a true hero."
"What should we do with it?" Thorr asked, nodding at the energo blade.

"It would be a shame for it to lie gathering dust on a shelf somewhere," Vanguard mused.
"I agree, that's not what Grimlock would have wanted."
"I know," Vanguard paused.
"You should keep it. What better way to honour his memory than for another warrior to take up the blade?"
"I don't know. I'm not good enough to take this."

Vanguard layed a hand on his fellow Cosmobot's shoulder.

"Remember the time on Talos IV, when we were under attack from that horde of Debian hunters? Apollo was down, we couldn't form Proximus. We had no option but to run, but they were faster. We retreated through that narrow defile. You stopped, refused to move, and insisted we go on. Your bravery held them up long enough for Mercury to get Apollo online again. Without you, we'd have died."

He removed the hand, and looked straight into Thorr's blue optics.

"That's just one of many, many times. Grimlock may have been tougher and stronger than you, but in here." he pounded his spark-plate with his hand.
"You stand alongside him as an equal."

Without a word, Thorr gingerly took the blade from Vanguard.

"Very well. I'll take it."
"Good, now come on. We have to report back to Iacon."
Vanguard reentered the shuttle, but Thorr stayed outside.
"Coming?" Sun Runner asked him.
"I'll follow you down."
"OK," the shuttle replied, as he turned about, and headed back towards Cybertron.

Thorr stayed, looking into the remains, for a long moment. Then, he raised his hand to his chest, in a warrior's salute, before turning away, and heading back down to Iacon.

Quick Switch
2002-08-25, 03:59 PM
Quick Switch rose, akwardly.

"Thanks..." he bit out. "I should have terminated him on the spot."

2002-08-25, 09:02 PM
"Holy extridation..." Perceptor got out of Ratchet. "I was just collecting my thoughts... Like you said this will not be a simple work. Well I had better get started." Perceptor started to walk inside Omega Supreme.

(ooc: When do you want him repaired?)

Hot Rod rested a bit, trying to help Lockpick move his body, but there was not much he could do. Javelin had done a lot on his way out, but not as much damage as he was in. But there was Lockpick, Hot Rod didn't understand why she sounded so... concerned. "Lockpick... our freindship caused you much trouble.... my knowledge, the things you've told me, were taken directly advantage of you... and I could do nothing to help you." Hot Rod looked over the armor still clasped around him, if he were human he would be in tears, "...I failed you, not only that I failed my race and the Autobots. I wasn't strong enough..." Hot Rod felt truely depressed, "...I can never ask to be forgiven... I must beg."

2002-08-25, 09:33 PM
Lockpick shook a bit, eyes wide in confusion, as she tries to figure out what to do. She looks up at Prime and the others, only now starting to feel the damage to her body in the form of sluggish, difficult movements and a feeling of dizziness. "Hot Rod... hush... rest now so you don't die okay? We'll talk later..." she states, sounding a bit out of it herself. Too much had happened in too little time. One hand rested on his shoulder as she finally props him up against her to wait for the medics.

2002-08-25, 09:52 PM
(OOC: Whenever. I just wanted him to be repaired by a PC, rather than an NPC. He's in robot form, in Iacon's biggest med-bay, pretty beaten up.)

Omega slept. Dreamlessly. Offline. However, with effort, he will live to fight, and serve again.


Sixswitch nodded at Quick Switch.
"We both should have been quicker off the mark."

Quick Switch
2002-08-26, 01:53 AM
The Six Changer nodded.

"Let's see after Optimus, Six. Now we have Javelin and Karandras to worry about. Could the Decepticons be behind these attacks?"

2002-08-26, 05:33 PM
Hot Rod did as he was told, and shut his mouth, no need to cause anymore trouble. but there was an irony... before they found out who javelin's body was they all wanted him dead. Some nameless repair bots rushed into the room, 2 started immediatly looking over Hot Rod.

One other looked ove Ultra Magnus, but he wasn't in the mood, "I'm all right unless you can cure stupidity. That was the dumbest thing I've ever..." He stared at the medic, "Check the girl!"

Perceptor pulled a wire or two inside of Omega Supreme, He looked at the wires, "Oops red one first." He fixed the problem and started welding, "Make sure it is securly welded.." Perecptor noticed he was talking to himself.

2002-08-26, 06:16 PM
Lockpick moves away from Hot Rod, letting them go to work on him as she stands, looking somewhat zombie-ish with her innards hanging out, yet she still didn't falter yet. She looks uncertainly at the medi-droid, then slumps into its grasp so it could repair her. That would take a while too, and her neural system could not be repaired yet.

2002-08-26, 07:02 PM
Ratchet had transformed and begun to check Omega's arm for any damage. Sunstreaker had backed off to let the two do their work.

Jazz re-entered Iacon "Wonder where Taikoon got off to?" He asked himself walking down the halls of Iacon looking aroung "Battles over good to be home in peace" he muttered

Wheeljack and Blaster followe Torque as he went after Springer's legs. Wheeljack cringed "I just repaired the guy to"

"Don't worry about it Wheeljack we'll get him back" Blaster replied

"In one peice?"

"We'll try"

2002-08-26, 07:20 PM
OOC - O! I forgot about Taik.

Taikoon was helping Kup to his feet. Yeah.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-26, 07:33 PM
Springer buckled under the weight of the Torque grabbing his legs...determind to get away, Springer managed to free a leg and attempted to kick Torque off.

Blaster ran over and grabbed Springer's free leg, stopping him causing any damage.

B_86 take springer in, repair him....PM me!

2002-08-26, 08:37 PM
“Someone respond please I don't care Autobot or Decepticon! This is Lightblast at Energon plant 0508 we have come under attack by an unknown transformer I cannot get any identification”


(OOC- I'd ask all posts referring to this attack and Karandras and stopping him be posted in the 'Karandras Strikes' thread thank you)

Blaster looked at Wheeljack "Dude grab his arms dragging him by his legs is not suggested by you may pull on off"

Wheeljack nodded "lets get him back to my lab and restrain him I am gonna open his head and do what I can"

Blaster nodded to Torque who began with Blaster and Wheeljack towalk back down the corridors they cam to the lab.

2002-08-27, 12:24 AM
"He's heavier than I remember," Torque remarks. "And am I crazy, or is ol' Spring-o falling into a lot of bad luck lately?"

Torque can feel the strain on his repaired leg. The joint is weak, almost dangerously so. But that was not a concern to him. He would fight and serve the Autobot cause until he ceased to function.


Redstreak turns to see the carnage behind him, and rushes to the side of Hot Rod and Lockpick, seeing both of them down in agony. "Guys..." he says, "is there anything I can do?" He pokes his head back up and looks around for Prime a moment, then returns his attention to them.

Am I allowed to use my power to heal them? Should I? They're both Autobots, I can't just let them die...but is it meant to be? If they have to die...then I can't help, but otherwise...so, so confused...

2002-08-27, 03:45 AM
Lock isn't really DOWN in agony. She's standing there, leaning heavily on the med drone looking more like she was just clonked by a baseball than blown half to peices.

She looks over as Redstreak arrives, and looks to Hot Rod "Him first. I'm fine. I'm... used to it." she states, voice only slightly strained. The willpower she has...

God Jinrai
2002-08-27, 01:15 PM
Had prime a mouth behind his facemask, his teeth would have been so tightly grited that they would have likely shattered or milled away at eachother from extreme pressure. Plain and simple, optimus prime was borering on enragement... it was just as he snapped out of his rage filled trance that he recieved a com from central...

"Prime here. Patch it through, comm officer"...

it was a distress call from an energon power plant... and apparently, the guard had been taken down in mid comm... the message was cut off...

"Redstreak. Get hotrod and Lockpick back on their feet. Sixchangers, gather up our fastest ground and air units... I've got a very bad feeling that Karandras is behind this..."

As prime finished his words, he disengaged from his trailer, allowing it to revert to its base mode... frustated, Optimus bowed his head... Why in the name of the pit did this all have to come crashing down around him... and at this time... when trust was essential between both autobot and decepticon... when even the slightest disturbance would lead to another great war...

Prime rose from his crouch, but as he did a sudden jolt of energy burst through him, sending him to the ground... Unconscious, prime's mind drifted into the matrix... he had been called by the leaders of the past in an effort to save the future again...

"optimus prime..."

"wh...who... S.. Sentinel? It can't be..."

"Yes, Orion... it is I... Sentinel Prime, bearer of the matrix, before the time of alpha trion... Prime, we of the past have taken notice of a great possible disaster... a dark soulspark... or rather... a third matrix... has been created... and only recently at that. It was concealed from all for a time after the destruction of unicron... however, now it has begun to slowly spread its influence... attempting to acquire a new host for its chaotic essence. You must stop it, Optimus. The Chaos matrix must NOT be allowed to fall into the hands of primus' creations... there is only one way for its destruction to be ensured... but it would require primus himself to perform the act... Find the chaos matrix, Optimus Prime... find it... before he... does..." sentiel trailed off

"Who, sentinel? before who does?"

The image faded, and around him, realit warped... but still, optimus prime lie unconscious...

Lord Zarak
2002-08-27, 02:08 PM
An Autobot on patrol saw four heaps on the floor. He didn't know who they were from a distance. But on closer inspection he saw that they were Transformers: Swoop, Sky Lynx, Hausa Machienus and Fulani. They were in stasis lock. He ran as fast as he could to the Medical Bay of the Autobots to tell them of his discovery.

"Hey, I've found four Autobots, they look in bad shape, can you help[ them?"

Quick Switch
2002-08-27, 04:02 PM
Quick Switch nodded as he heard Prime's transmission.


Quick Switch activated a wall speaker.

"All available Autobot ground and air units, report at once. Optimus Prime commands."