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2002-07-30, 07:03 AM
(OOC: Right, quick disclaimer. This post is going to include quite a bit of action, so don't mind. Just trying to catch up after BotCon lag. Oh yeah, and other character use done with permission.)

Gigatron glanced down at the hand and sneered. His optics turned briefly to the ever-vigilant cameras, then bypassed the swarm of lights before returning to the Autobot leader's face. This was a single vestige that symbolized everything a Decepticon - and in his own time, a Destron - should despise. To touch its hand? Revolting. And yet, too many times in the past had that same mentality held the Empire down. Perhaps it would be time for a change. But could he... The pain struck again, this time numbingly strong. Finally, Gigatron realized the truth. It had not been some lingering systems damage, as he had suspected. This was a force from within, tearing at him, trying to pull him in. So far, he had resisted it for his schedule, but this time he could not be so confident of his will.

"It's this place!" a dozen voices screamed from his mouth as he staggered away from the Autobots. "Primus' essence is here! I... We... GUAH!"

As Devil Gigatron finally succumbed and fell to his knees, he was lifted into the air and surrounded by a thick, dark energy aura. In moments, the silence was shattered by a dozen separate screams coming together to form one, harmonized voice. Bits of shrapnel flew from the glowing sphere. (If one were paying enough attention, he may notice that the black and white pieces were indeed parts of Devil Gigatron's armor.) Though invisible to those on the outside, the remainder within was the core of the Matrix, its case floating just beyond in its two split pieces.

"We are Primus!" the Matrix cried. "We are Liege Maximo! We are Megatron! We are Galvatron! We are..."

The sphere suddenly contracted, its force increasing to pull in loose scrap from the floor and chunks of Gigatron's former armor. Finally, the energy burst and dissipated, and the remnants of Gigatron's line schematics were covered by the newly reinforced armor.

"Behold..." Galvatron's lone voice emitted from the creature fashioned around the Matrix. "Teratron!"

The same basic design had remained, but now devoid of the former gothic edgy look. In its place were smooth curves, a streamlined golden Cybertronian warrior. The Matrix knew something that no one Decepticon could, and had fashioned a body that would best serve his mission soon to come. As Gigatron was returned gently to the floor of the temple, he raised his hands enough to be seen by his own optics - and by the various recording equipment. His receptors looked to the cameras themselves, and he chuckled once from beneath his black faceplate.

"Very well, Autobot," he announced as he thrust his hand into Prime's and shook heartily. "So it shall be! I name my lieutenants as Astrotrain and Soundwave. Now, you must excuse me. I have things to which I must attend. We'll be in touch."

Without waiting for so much as the lift of an optic-ridge from the Autobot commander or his subordinates, Teratron transformed to his newly refurbished Teraformula mode and rocketed out of the temple. Nearly before even reaching the streets of Crystal City, Teratron switched to jet mode and soared off for Metrotitan.

"I trust you saw all that, Soundwave?"

"Indeed, Commander," the response came. "I've completed my preliminary scan. The briefing is still on."

Teratron clicked a positive response, and laughed inaudibly through the Cybertronian sky.


Soundwave crossed his arms over his chest and looked down - not too much, just some - to Adeara. As usual, he looked considerably more contemptuous than he felt.

"Well, I believe that the commander would just be curious about your intentions in surrendering to us. That is... we're well aware of your stint under the command of former warlord Jhiaxus. If you are sincere about returning to the legitimate Decepticon hierarchy, we would like to understand your motivation."

Quick Switch
2002-07-30, 02:04 PM
The combiner squads, Mindwipe, Vorath, Alpha Major and Astrotrain stared in incredible silence as Gigatron's transformation to...Teratron...was completed.

"All Hail Lord Teratron!" Astrotrain called out hoarsley.

Mindwipe and the Combiner squds picked up the rallying cry. After a few moments, hands were lowered.

"Blah, congratulations, Astrotrain," Mindwipe smiled as Astrotrain collapsed in his seat, weary with tension.

"Thank you, Mindwipe. Lord Gigatron...Teratron...has placed much faith in me. I will not fail!" Astrotrain rose, and barked to the combiners.

"Scrapper, Motormaster, Hun-Grr, Razorclaw, Onslaught! Assemble your teams in an honor guard stretching from the door to inside. I want Lord Teratron to see a reception befitting the new Leader."

The combiner captains nodded, and in a few moments two lines were formed by the various teams, standing at Parade rest from the entrance door extending into the main room proper. Mindwipe stood, arms behind his back next to Astrotrain near the podium where, hopefully, Teratron would make his welcoming sppeech... and mention plans for the future.


Quick Switch looked up in awe as Teratron left the temple.

"May Primus protect us," he whispered.

2002-07-30, 02:59 PM
Overlord got up and flexed his arms. "Another namechange..."

"What next? Petatron? Hah!" The godmaster smirked and turned to examine the look on Hatemunger's and Megatron's face.

"Tough luck boys. Looks like you have to fight for power." He said with a sly grin on his face and winked.

WipeOut tried to push his ways through the bigger Decepticons to see Teratron. He had been sent to observe the meeting by Trypticon and was scared to death to fail his task, especially as he didn't know what Trypticon wanted from him...

2002-07-30, 03:05 PM
Skyblade saw the whole transformation.

"Intersting...." He thought and beamed it to Hatemonger.

Hatemonger smiled.

"Ohh Teratron. Same product, new package, still a loser." he said unimpressed.

As I thought, the maxtrix would indeed power him up. Took it's sweet time. Hatemonger laughed . Megatron lead with out a silly matrix or otherwise. I will win or I will follow. Hatemonger thought to himself.

"Well time to great our new friend." Hatemonger said looking at Shockwave.

"Would you care to join us friend?" He asked looking at Shockwave and began to start towards where Teratron was going to arrive.

"Legion, Salvo I hope you got your friend here." Hatemonger said smiling "Things will be getting intersting."

OOC OP 2005 :)

He did a roll call of Sorts.

"Aerialcons, Crashticons meet me at the arrival point."
"Megatron our new leader is arriving, meet me at the Arrival point to greet our wonderful new commander."
"Cryotek, Blitzwing, come join me in celebrating the wonderful arrival of our newest leader."

Will that Hatemonger strood off to see the new arrival Teratron.

2002-07-30, 03:28 PM
Minerva: -talking to Metrodrone- "We just wanted to thank you for allowing us to use your repair bay." -smiles a little sheepishly- "And to ask you one more favor. Could you show us the way out? We're a little lost."

Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -sees Gigatron's reforming into Teratron on the auditorium screen-

Nightbeat: "Primus on a jet-ski......"

Chromedome: "Great Primus......"

Siren: "Holy slag....."

Hosehead: "Wow."

Hardhead: -agape in astonishment-

Brainstorm: "Facinating."

Roadbuster: -still catatonic-

2002-07-30, 04:23 PM
A Decepticon in the sky. Its wings covered in flames although covered in darkness. Its mind as sharp as a sword but its armour as soft as a pillow. HELLFIRE

An FB-111 fighter bomber swooped in from the sky. It nearly took out an eye or two but it didn't care. It didn't have a care in the world.

I am home at last.

It transformed in front of Hatemonger and his...brothers Leigon and Salvo.

"Brothers. HellFire has returned!"


Megatron in his tank mode came to join Hatemonger, transforming at his side he looked at the new arrivals, HellFire, and the other, Teratron.

Megatron spoke in his raspy voice.

Ahh. Excellent. Hehe!"

2002-07-30, 04:38 PM
Hatemonger looked at Hellfire, impressed that he was willing up upstage even Teratrons arrival.

"I like you already." Hatemonger smiled and extended his hand to the warrior.

"So you know Legion and Salvo?" He asked.

"Yes Hatemonger, Salvo, Hellfire and myself are a military team. We merge into the warrior Blitzkreig." Legion smiled, thrilled to see Hellfire was still online.

Legion looked to Hellfire and filled him in on Teratron, Hatemonger, Gigatron, Unicron, the war with the Autobots and everything else.

2002-07-30, 04:41 PM
HellFire smiled.

"As i like this!"

HellFire gave a silent laugh.

"Leigon,Salvo. I think it is about time we gave your master a demonstration of what we are!"

2002-07-30, 04:58 PM
Hatemonger looked at them.
"Just be careful not to step on anyone too important." Hatemonger smiled.

2002-07-30, 05:05 PM
Scourge stared in astonishment at the monitors.
This changes everything.
"Indeed it does. Even I could not predict this."
It appears that the Decepticon Matrix no longer exists in its old form.
"Indeed. Now it is one with Teratron. It would be very, very unwise to try and take it from him now."
Agreed. For now, our plans will be on hold.
"Correct. It may be that they will never come to fruition now."
Can you not predict that?
"Even I can not predict the ways of a God."
Of course not.

Scourge turned to Astrotrain.
"My hearty congratulations on your new permanent position, Commander. My services are yours to command."


Sixswitch swivelled, then turned back as the land vehicle shot out of the temple.
"Woah!" he exclaimed, then he heard his fellow six changer's quiet prayer, and turned to him.
"You know, I think you're right, but... What now?"

2002-07-30, 05:37 PM
"Ok you don't see that every day." Ultra Magnus said in reference to Gigatron's transformation into Teratron, he put the treaty draft away, "Ok we can work on this in later meetings." Ultra Magnus looked over at Prowl then at Optimus Prime, "I think we forgot one thing in this meeting, Minicons, we have to deal with the situation, set up some rules."

God Jinrai
2002-07-30, 05:56 PM
"Magnus, you quickly forget... the only decepticons to wield minicons were cyclonus and hatemonger... neither of which I believe would willingly give their partners up... however, you ALSO forget who currently wields the REST of the minicon armada..."

and with those words, prime transformed into rig mode, and began his exit from the temple...

"Sixswitch! Quickswitch! Magnus! Roll for home!"

with that line, prime punched his throttle, rocketing off for iacon command

2002-07-30, 06:39 PM
Ultra Magnus transformed and followed along side Prime, "I guess you're right, it's just the defensive part of me. As long as the Transformers are at last at peace noone will want to exploit the Minicons. There would be no reason unless we were fighting."

(ooc: I guess this'll be continued in the Autobot thread.)

2002-07-30, 06:49 PM
Adeara looked back to Soundwave. "My reasons for surrendering are quite simple. You won the war. We lost. I was alive, and so I surrender to the winners. It was the honorable thing to do. Besides, why should I continue to follow the orders of a coward such as Maximo obviously was? He fled, leaving behind everything he was after. Only a coward would do such a thing, and I hate cowards. Had I known what he was before I joined his forces, I would never had done so. At least Jhiaxus was honorable, and never ran from a fight! Gigatron is quite obviously not a coward. He fought bravely against Unicron and Maximo's troops, and did not run from combat. A leader like that doesn't appear every day. The only reason I would return to the ranks of Decepticon is because of Gigatron's honor. I hold that as the key personality trait of an excellent leader. That and the ability to inspire a type of fantasism in one's troops. Jhiaxus had both qualities. I believe both traits follow each other, which means Gigatron may have this second trait." Adeara stopped, as she had never spoken so much of her own beliefs to anyone before. Hmmm....Odd... I've never been this open with anyone... Might be because I died once... Or because I have nothing to lose....

"You surprise me, Soundwave. You have actually gotten me to speak more about my own beliefs and way of life and combat than anyone I've ever met. And I have no idea why." Just as she finished, Adeara felt that strange feeling again. "Dammit! There's someone or something nearby that wants me dead! And I dare not try and find them with telepathy. I do not want a repeat of the fight with that damned fleshling that blocked me!"

2002-07-30, 08:13 PM
Sixswitch moved forward.
"I hear you Optimus," he said, transforming into fighter craft mode, and ascending into the air, maintaining Optimus and Magnus below well within his vision and field of fire.

"Optimus, if I may. What does Gigatron's reformation mean for the alliance?"

2002-07-30, 09:42 PM
Megatron looked at Teratron.

" Strange. A very strange being!"

Megatron looked at it. Studying it. Then he came out of thought looking at HellFire.


HellFire looked at the other two, he jumped up as the other two did. It was as if their sparks fused. It felt wonderful for HellFire. To join his two comrades again. But within a moment. He was no longer HellFire. They were no longer Leigon and Salvo. They were one. One mind, one voice.

Blitzkreig was born.

He spoke little but he wanted to speak now.

"New improvements to our original models. More armour and ... weapons!"

The warrior emitted a silent laugh as he looked at Hatemonger and Megatron.

His hand extended to Hatemonger.

"I serve Hatemonger.!"

2002-07-30, 10:47 PM
Hatemonger smiled looking at Blitzkreig.

"Impressive." He nodded and shook the gestalts hand.

"For now I wait for Teratron to accept my challenge for leadership. Nothing more." Hatemonger smiled and waited for a moment to tell Teratron what he wished.

2002-07-30, 10:53 PM
Blitzkreig stood at his full height.

"Yes leader Hatemonger. Your orders Sir!"


"My congratulations Hatemonger, you have your Decepticons trained well!"

A small button beeped and flashed on Megatron's console.

"I am getting a faint reading from TimeSplitter. I must see if he is operational, he had many devices online that could prove useful. His weapons for instance. If you need them he wouldn't mind being dismantled.!"

2002-07-30, 10:58 PM
Hatemonger looked at Megatron.

"Megatron, use Blitzkreig to help you with Timesplitter, if he is online Legion can surely carry him *Starship mode can carry 30 cons so I hope so* and they can all help you to extract him if needed. Also if Timesplitter is in needed of help Scrapheap can help you out as well. Good luck friend." Hatemonger said to Megatron shaking his hand.

2002-07-30, 11:26 PM
Karandras sat in between the walls slashed circuts in a hole in the wall behind him and another solid wall infront of him. On the other side? His prey the Fire woman and a transformer no doubt His name was Soundwave. Why he was called that did not matter he like all other Transformers would be an Eldar slave.

Karandras had his blade on still waiting to see if he would express plans to execute her or if it had already passed. Or if she was to live. She remembers the psychic dampener he thought to himself. He'd remind her of it if he didn't need his powers that much more without his mobile suit.

2002-07-30, 11:39 PM
Megatron looked at Blitzkreig. Then he stepped onto him.

The two transformers set off for TimeSplitter.


Upon arrival Megatron jumped off to find a smouldering piece of metal, then he saw TimeSplitter , badly beaten. Almost dead!

Megatron stepped up to him.

He did not speak, TimeSplitter's hand was extended towards Megatron.

"My leader. To serve you was an honour."

"Conserve your energon warrior. You will return to battle soon."

"I had to protect you while you regenerated. Protect the cavern! Megatron... leader... take..."

The transformer tried to lift his head off for some reason unknown to Megatron.

"Download my data into yourself, so that i may live on. End my suffering Megatron!"

Megatron looked down on him. TimeSplitter was a good warrior.Megatron lifted the head as sparks sizzled. He connected it with a cable.

"Take his body Blitzkreig. Take him!"

Megatron lifted the body onto Blitzkreig then jumped onto the robot.

While Blitzkreig lifted off Megatron attached some of the operating weapons to himself. He charged them up so that thy would be operational.


Megatron returned quickly.

He looked at Hatemonger.

"TimeSplitter did not survive."

Megatron lifted the body onto the ground and put the head there too.

"I will fasten a new warrior with TimeSplitter's body. It is what he would have wanted.!"

Quick Switch
2002-07-30, 11:52 PM
Metrotitan had a flash of inspiration.

"Little one," he spoke in binary. "Travel with the Headmasters. See. Listen. Record. After all...my little brothers are at peace."

The Metrodrone considered, and received its directive.

It smiled.

"Of course, Madam," it replied, picking up on the fact that Minerva was female. "I shall accompany you on your travels...I have never been outside my...Creator. That is, if you will have me," the Alpha Drone smiled again. "I have an internal battery which is not depedent on Energon."


Quick Switch transformed to star fighter mode as Optimus left the temple, and he followed Sixswitch, in a few moments Quick Switch soared next to Sixswitch.

"For now, my friend, we watch, and wait. And protect Optimus with our lives."


Astrotrain turned to Scourge, and smiled slightly.

"Thank you, Scourge. I know you will serve me well. And our Lord."

Mindwipe also smiled slightly.

2002-07-31, 03:58 AM
Hatemonger looked at Megatron.

"I am sorry he did not survive, but he was a strong warrior, if you wish it his body will be built into something a warrior of his caliber."

"Screapheap, go with Megatron and work with him to construct whatever he wishes." Hatemonger said to the Crashticon engineer.

"You got it!" Screapheap smiled and looked at Megatron.

"Then go and good luck to both of you." Hatemonger said and waited for Teratron.

2002-07-31, 05:55 AM
Soundwave shrugged, not so much to the question as to himself. It was a bit curious.

"Perhaps you and I share a telepathic rapport, Ta'Kaalen. It is not inconceivable that, between two beings capable of knowing the other's thoughts, one would --"

He stopped himself and listened as Adeara snapped out her report concerning the death wisher. Soundwave's optics scanned about the silent walls as he spoke to the vocal command receiver at the end of the room.

"Cell phi mark eight, open." As commanded, the bars dissipated. "As Decepticon chain of command, I believe that Gigatron will deem you worthy of rejoining our forces. You are free. However, I must hurry to Gigatron's coronation speech. I detect that another is near as well. If you require assistance in dealing with a hostile threat, I shall dispatch... I shall answer your call. But not now."

With one more look to the wall above Adeara's head, Soundwave dashed out of the brig.


Teratron rocketed over the rattled Cybertronian landscape with a smile over his fuel pump. Despite the physical changes, it seems some traits are too powerful to be overridden...

It all makes sense! The Matrix accepts me as one with it! I... I never knew. My time as Devil Gigatron was just a half-measure. I was meant to have so much more changed, but the simple moment of grasping the Matrix was not enough to complete the process. But this. This!

With the expertise of the best programmed autopilot, the sleek golden jet swooped down over Metrotitan and disappeared into Teratron's robot mode. His wings smoothly expanded behind his form, allowing him to glide gently down to the platform of a helipad in the city's airport. He smirked beneath his faceplate; already, he could feel the enhancements. With hardly more than a thought from the Decepticon Commander, the lift beneath his feet dropped rapidly to deliver him to the airport's bustling inner level. With a relished new confidence, Teratron marched through the city. His optics set on every Decepticon he passed, and he continually attempted to properly read their thoughts - loyalty, respect, or terror? Ah, those up ahead would provide entertainment. An entire line of Decepticons awaited him just outside the auditorium's grand entrance. He stepped between the nearest one on either side (Onslaught and Razorclaw, as it happened), and smiled.

"No trumpets, I see. Very wise. I see Soundwave rather accurately judges my style..."

Not about to wait for a response from those lining his path, Teratron began straight down the aisle and toward the stage at the front of the room. His optics continued to scan the seated Decepticons for emotion, but the contrast in light helped none. In moments, Teratron found himself upon the stage and approaching the podium. His path brought him past Soundwave, and he delivered an approving nod to Astrotrain. As the remaining Decepticons found their seats, Teratron placed his arms on the podium and looked out over the crowd.

"Well. As I imagine many of you would not understand much about me, let's get to know each other. My name is Gigatron. (OOC: That's not a typo.) I come to you from the future. In my time, I was the commander of a team of Decepticons - Destrongers, as they were called - charged with the destruction of our mortal enemies. In time, however, my men were destroyed, and I decided that the only solution to our grim future lay in the past."

He paused to glance over at Soundwave, who stared plainly over the audience with his hands folded neatly behind his back.

"You may remember that, until one Earthen year ago, the state of your Empire was no better. However, through a series of tactical moves, Galvatron and I revived our name and quickly gained the upper hand over the Autobots. Given time, he and I would have led you all to victory in conquering the universe. His tragedy shall not be forgotten. Now, as a Decepticon of honesty, I admit to my one failure to the cause - an assistant's role in the revival of Unicron. That, however, was a choice I was forced to make in order to save the universe from its own destruction. If that is considered an unwise maneuver, I would like to re-evaluate our principles as warriors."

Teratron paused. He brought his hand up to his face and, with one quick motion, removed the optic band and faceplate to reveal his former face, now silver, looking grimly over the crowd.

"I have learned much since inheriting the Matrix. It has granted me this new body to allow my systems to accomodate its presence. In the change, our former lord Galvatron has named me Teratron. While I find my own name more befitting a warrior of my class, I shall not deny his wishes. I have learned that the Matrix is not a tool, nor a weapon, but a force which cannot be denied. It has chosen me to lead, as so few before, and named me through Galvatron. I ask you, Decepticons..."

Teratron leaned over the podium. His voice lowered, as though to speak individually to every mech present.

"Dare you defy the Matrix?"

Quick Switch
2002-07-31, 06:36 AM
The Combiner teams filed back into their seats (Mindwipe also) as Teratron/Gigatron strode to the podium.

Astrotrain stood next to Soundwave off to the side of the podium, and bowed low as Gigatron nodded to him. The Triple Changer/City Commander had hastily attached to his back by clasps the obsidian-crimson cape he had worn to Starscream's coronation so long ago. It fluttered briefly when he bowed.

Rising up to his full height, cape rippling behind him, Astrotrain simply placed his hands down by his sides and listened to his lord speak, looking directly at Gigatron not with arrogance, but rather direct candor and gratitude.

"Dare you defy the Matrix?"

After Gigatron had delivered his last-pivotal comment, Astrotrain turned his head to scan the crowd as his Lord had done. Astrotrain maintained a stern visage on his face.

Mindwipe, as always, was unreadable, but Astrotrain was certain of the hypnotist's loyalties.

Among the combiner squads, reactions were myriad. All of the subrodinate combiner team members were sitting ramrod straight, optics riveted on their leader. Scrapper shook his head in the negative, as did Onslaught- agreeing with Gigatron. They did not dare. Razorclaw proved inscrutable. Motormaster actually smiled, but also shook his head no. Hun-Grr had the temerity to appear bored, but otherwise didn't do anything idiotic.

Astrotrain waited to see who would be the first fool to defy the new Decepticon Leader...and defy the Matrix. To defy Galvatron's last request...and perhaps, attempt to deny the destiny which he had planned for the Empire.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-07-31, 09:48 AM
"Yes...your brother...his damage is much worse than yours...but he will live, thanks to my brilliance! "

YOU INSANE MONSTER! Skywarp couldn't manifest the thoughts into words, he was still groggy, though he was beginning to feel the effects of his recovery...


Sixshot made his way to Metrotitan, his head now lifted, he entered the citycon...He waited for any kind of response...

2002-07-31, 01:14 PM
Megatron nodded at Hatemonger.


Megatron began to walk with Scrapheap then he tujrned back round at the last moment, when Teratron had given words to the crowd.

"Dare you defy the Matrix?"

Megatron's head went down. He did not know what to say at this time. He wasn't the one to say anything.

Megatron turned back to Scrapheap, while the fallen TimeSplitter lyed there.

"What kind of machine can you make my fallen comrade into?"


Blitzkreig looked down at Hatemonger.

His eyes glowed a little.

"The Matrix!"

2002-07-31, 03:06 PM
Overlord had not been impressed by Teratron's appearence and had actually been thinking about siding with Hatemunger only to assassinate him later had Hatemunger proved a wrong choice for the throne until the reformatted Gigatron made his request... I was not a question... It was a demand. He could not deny it.

The enormous Decepticon bit his lower lip and looked around him, still unsure what to do. Within his mind a discussion between the three minds that ultimately were Overlord was being held...

Mega: ~ Giga? We can't defy the Matrix...

Giga: ~ This was... unexpected Mega. He is clever... I have to admit that.

Overlord: ~ Then it has been decided Giga! We follow Teratron!

Giga: ~ It is not that simple Overlo-

Overlord: ~ Just watch me.

Suddenly Overlord straightened up and lifted his right hand for traditional Decepticon salute, his optics locking to Teratron's.


2002-07-31, 03:13 PM
Over the din of the Decepticons who supported Teratron, Screapheap looked at Megatron.

"His body is huge, we can make him into a powerfull warrior indeed, I see heavy weapons armour massive strength and power. Needless to say, he will be fun." Screapheap smiled just as Hatemonger pushed through them anger in his eyes.

"Oh slag, here we go." Screapheap side as he washed Hatemonger push through the amassed Decepticons.

Cryotek laughed, and quietly said.
"Go Hatemonger, deny this leaper messiah what he thinks is the way."

The rest of the Aerialcons and Crashticons stood ready to help Hatemonger if anyone decided to strike at him.

Blitzwing stood with a puzzled look on his face but ready none the less.


Hatemonger strood to the front of the assembly leaving his men in the back, not afraid of Teratron or anyone else, he shoved Astrotrain off to the side.

"Move coward." he growled.

"Teratron, I dare defy the matrix!" Hatemonger stood up to his new leader that he did not consider as such.

"First Gigatron, your a terrible liar, your situation in the energy chamber was you were one of Jhixaus's generals, not following blindly as myself, the Combaticons and Predacons did due to the missing Galvatron." Hatemonger yelled.

"Second, who are you to say what the matrix will? Galvatron did give you the matrix, but didn't Optimus Prime first give the matrix to Ultra Magnus? We all learned how "With the Matrix" he was didn't we?"

Hatemonger stood up to Teratrons face no fear in his eyes.

"A pity, our leader is now worried about the Matrix, not what the Decepticons should be doing, either conquering or working to end this war which ever choice it is!" Hatemonger swung around.

"We work as an empire guided by our moral and believes not a rock of immense power. Do the Autobots need to be an example of how many of their own fell with the "power of the matrix"." Hatemonger screamed with an errie amount of voice similar to a certain dictator.

"Anyway, I will get to the point Teratron, I am tried of seeing words being used in this war. Wars mean slag. Actions mean everything, our past was decided by our actions. Some were stupid and resulted in the decline of our empire and men, some were greatness and brought about incredable leaders namely Megatron and to a lesser degree, Galvatron who had he not been insane may have led to our victory. Victory Teratron, something I DO NOT THINK YOU ARE CAPABLE OF!" Hatemonger growled.

"So yes, yes I defy the matrix and I offer you a challenge, Gigatron, we duel for leadership of the Decepticons, if you win I will serve you faithfully as your power will be my proof. If I win I lead the Decepticons, to our final victory." Hatemonger jumped to the stage *Ala Brock Lesnar* and stood to his height.

"Besides, your new city commander Astrotrain was too much of a coward to put his honor on the line in a dual. But was more than willing to call my soilders, anyone else that does not believe in you and myself traitors to the Decepticon name, only because many men do not think you are capable as a leader. But yet he is too much of a coward to defend his own honor. I hope you are not the same." Hatemonger said.

"So what is your choice Teratron?"

2002-07-31, 05:01 PM
Megatron looked down at ScrapHeap.

"Can you partially make him into a HeadMaster, with me as the head. But make him in the image of me or the original Megatron.
As long as there is a time where i can discontinue being the head."

Then Megatron stood up.

He looked at Teratron and Hatemonger.

Then his eyes shifted to Overlord.

Megatron's cannon was fully charged and so was his other weapons.

He aimed the weapons toward Overlord.

"Interference will not be tolerated!"

2002-07-31, 05:19 PM
Scourge stepped quickly up to the base of the podium, his red eyes glowing angrily.
"You are a fool, Hatemonger. Your petty aspirations of power might well have doomed the Decepticons. As it is, your battle with Teratron will only spell your own doom."
"Quite. Even one such as he surely cannot prevail here."

"Also, since the Code of Honor requests that all leadership duels be fought alone and unaided, I believe that there are two mini-cons that might want to stand aside."

Unknown to everyone else in the room, his lasers were already charged, to be used at a second's notice. His eyes were unwavering as he stared at the upstart General.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-07-31, 05:22 PM
"Nor will yours...."

Sixshot had managed to sneak up on the crew that were betraying the Decepticon cause, one of his concussion blasters now firmly planted against the false Megatron's cranium.

Sixshot looked to Overlord to make the next move

2002-07-31, 05:31 PM
Minerva: "Thanks." -looks over at Nightbeat- "What do you think, Nightbeat?"

Nightbeat: -watching events unfold in the auditorium with interest- "Sure."

Chromedome: "What do you think will happen?"

Siren: "Beats me. Should be interesting, though."

Minerva: -smiles at the Alpha Drone- "Welcome to the team." -thinks for a second- "We'll have to call you something, though. Do you have a name?"

2002-07-31, 05:40 PM
"Ahh my dear sixshot. You have forgotten about one tiny thing!"

Megatron pointed to Blitzkreig who was standing behind Sixshot, all weapons pointed at him and Overlord.


2002-07-31, 05:52 PM
Hatemonger was angry.

"Everyone else enough with this Mexician Standoff!" Hatemonger growled at the Decepticons that were ready to fight in the crowd.

He then looked at Scourge.

"Scourge, my minicons are no different than you targetmaster, ones headmaster or powermaster, or in Teratron's case the Matrix itself. However I have no fear of Teratron I will duel however is nessicary. And yes I realise it will be one on one. I'd not savor it any other way." Hatemonger smiled.

He then turned to Teratron.

"Seems you can't even keep your problems between the one that wants to solve them with you." Hatemonger spat.

2002-07-31, 05:57 PM
Overlord turned his head towards the false Megatron with a sinister grin on his face.

"I think you both have forgotten something..." The Godmaster laughed, his glowing optics observing attentively the look on Megatron's and Blitzkrieg's faces as the ground began to shake under them.

"I doubt that Trypticon has any mercy left for us if we start fighting now." He smirked and turned to look at a viewscreen showing the monolithic Decepticon battlefortress standing next to Metrotitan in his new robot mode.

"Even though I would love to teach you some respect..." Overlord snarled, glaring at Megatron furiously.


2002-07-31, 06:00 PM
Scourge laughed.
"You think you'd have time to fire them, General?" he asked politely.
"Teratron IS the Matrix now, the Matrix IS Teratron. The same can not be said for your mini-cons. My weapons are just to ensure that you will comply with the Code. Nothing more."

"As for the rest of them, I believe that your troops were the instigators."

(OOC: We're inside Metrotitan, not outside. And thanks Rav for ze edit)

2002-07-31, 06:01 PM
"Enough all of you." Hatemonger growled.

"The only battle will be myself against Teratron." Hatemonger growled.

Idoits, they are just as willing to kill themselves, Teratron you truely are a fool. Hatemonger thought to himself.

"Scrouge, I am not the one you need to worry about complying to code. I would recommend you control your armies." Hatemonger smiled.

"Besides, then Teratron can remove the matrix just as anyone else can. If you are sooooo worried about the fight being unfair."

"Just as Rodimus Prime turned back into Hot Rod after giving Prime the matrix. He is only powered by the matrix while he has it but not the matrix itself. His body is a vessal nothing more."

2002-07-31, 06:05 PM
"Overlord. Let us leave this battle for another day. There is only one battle that concerns me. That is this one. Teratron and Hatemonger."

Megatron looked at Scrapheap.

"Your work will have to be done fast. After this is done, we may have a war on our hands."

2002-07-31, 06:17 PM
"You were the one to point your weapons at me first my dear fake." Overlord smirked at Megatron.

"Where as I was merely waiting for the duel to begin." He added. "I am beginning to think that you just love boasting."

2002-07-31, 06:22 PM
"I assume you saw the monitors General. It is not quite that simple anymore. Believe me, it angsts me to see the newest developments just as surely as it does you. But what's done is done."

He flicked his head impercebively to one side.

"As for my armies. I have no armies. I am a leader no longer. Now, I am a warrior only."

2002-07-31, 06:26 PM
"You do a fair amount of that yourself Overlord!"

Megatron laughed a little.

2002-07-31, 07:43 PM
LIVES!?!?!?!?! He thought The Decepticons were the ruthless ones according to the reports and they are letting a traitor live!?!?!?! Blastrix if you made a mistake He growled the anger surfacing his eye flicking white under the gems as his energy began to pulsate through his body. The psykers power was able to be felt by even the slightest of psykers as he had now given into anger and hatred. She would ruin everything and she was a traitor but the Decepticons let her live. He would have to done the mask of executioner once more.

His Biting Blade ceased the spinning as he slid it back into the sheath then placing his left hand against the wall "TELEMAI" He screamed swearing in Eldar as energy begfan to pull from his mind and form to matter against the wall a pure form of energy and final blowing a peice of the wall out the metal melting in heat and power of the energy the energy blindingly white and singingly hot.

Karandras stepped through the Arch-way he had blow liquid hot metal dropping down to his armour smoking then sitting dhot but dried. He turned to face Adeara "I now finish what I started" He says the anger very aparent as he pulls the Biting Blade from his sheathe and the silent beep of his Scorpion claw is heard as the weapon begins to charge. "This time I face you without my mobile suit and this time there is no chaos bringer to distract you"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-07-31, 08:12 PM
"Your cowardice is only matched by your lack of appropriate action, you worthless pile of scrap"

Sixshot lowered his rifle..

All I see around me is mouths....no-one willing to take action, not even Hatemunger realises that he is nothing compared to this, Teratron

Sixshot walked away from the deserters...


2002-07-31, 08:16 PM
Soundwave freeing her did not surprise Adeara. She knew it would happen. But Karandras appearing did.

"By the Maker, can't you just leave me alone!?" Staring down at the annoyance, Adeara cursed rather heavily in her own tongue. This creature just wouldn't let it go that she had telepathy. Instantly returning to her normal form, Adeara pulled out her sword.

"You know you can't win. I can't die. The only way you can survive is to flee, but that would be cowardice, and I hate cowards."

Knowing he can and will block her telepathy if she called for help, Adeara simply planned on overpowering him. Or asking Metrotitan to call Soundwave in if she needed his help. Nothing about his appearance escaped her. He was very angry, which was good for her. Those who fight in anger usually make stupid mistakes and attack erratically.

"Besides, even in that stupid suit you wouldn't have been able to defeat me. It's too weak." If she got him even angrier, she could get him to attack her before he was ready.

"Why not flee now, weakling? You can't win. You probaby won't even survive the fight."

2002-07-31, 08:35 PM
(I was aware I was coming back to edit it now)

Karandras shakes his head "You need help to beat me?" He says reading her thoughts "Pathetic you are no threat to me" He shook his head turning and exiting the hole he came she was nothing why was he worried he would now proceed to do as he planned. Spiking all energon supplies with anti-electrons.

2002-07-31, 08:54 PM
Adeara glared at Karandras' back as he stalked away from her. Muttering a lot under her breath, she returned her sword to its scabbard, returned to her Decepticon form and headed down the hall Soundwave had travelled down. She was annoyed and angered. Annoyed that such a waste of energy was allowed to exsist and angered that he felt her no threat. I'll show him no threat... Heat rose from her, increasing the temperature in the halls as she walked. Soundwave had mentioned a speech by Gigatron. The very soft voices in the back of her mind, the ones no telepath can block out, grew slowly in volume as she approached the area the speech was to be taking place in. As she aproached, she was stopped by...something.

"What's going on?" she spoke aloud, hoping Metrotitan or Tripticon would hear and answer her inquiry.

Quick Switch
2002-08-01, 04:45 AM
Metrotitan rumbled in an echo of Trypticon.

"Yes...only Gigatron and Hatemunger shall battle...no other little brothers shall become involved..."

Metrotitan heard Adeara's query.

"Little sister, our new leader Gigatron has been decreed Decepticon Leader. Go, and hear his words of wisdom. One of my children will assist you."

An Alpha Drone clanked out of a corridor, took one hand of Adeara's into its own, and began walking down the corridor, gently pulling the shapeshifter in its direction, to the auditorium.


The Alpha Drone considered. It had only considered itself..."it."

Merely an extension of its Creator.

Finally, it decided. A small smile lit up its face. It beamed at Minerva.

"I wish to be known as Traveler." It paused again. "Thank you for letting me journey with you."


Astrotrain lurched somewhat as Hatemunger shoved past him.

Keeping his feet however, the Triple Changer glowered.

"My Lord, do you wish to accept the challenge?" Astrotrain glanced at Teratron, words low and intense.

2002-08-01, 05:13 AM
(OOC: Dammit. Gimme a chance to respond, will ya?)

Teratron sighed, and turned his head to look off into the crowd. Many of the Decepticons were already taking things into their own hands. It would entirely be civil war if allowed to continue. And, after having prospered so greatly of late, that would be inconceivable. Teratron raised one silencing black hand toward the crowd, then panned it over to those on the stage itself. His optics set on Hatemonger.

"Ah, you. The non-entity. Your place in the history of the Decepticon Empire is hardly beyond anonymity. However, you raise some good points. Now, one at a time."

His gaze turned back to the crowd. He paced confidently among his higher lieutenants, and the would-be usurper.

"The war, of course, is over. However, I believe we can all agree that the Autobots would never settle for peace our way." He shrugged. "Let them think what they want. We have reached the ultimate opportunity - the fighting has ended, but our reign of conquest shall not! We shall utilize the lull in combat to spread our regime to new worlds and, should the Autobots ever learn of our secret endeavours, it will be too late! We are Decepticon! We bow to none!"

As many of the gathered Decepticons cheered, Teratron returned his burning crimson optics to Hatemonger's.

"You've charged me as a traitor to the Decepticons as a former conspirator with Jhiaxus in the resurrection of Unicron. You however, Hatemonger, seem to have a nasty habit of overrating your own knowledge. I do not lie to my Decepticons. I entered the time rift in the hope of stopping Jhiaxus' scheme, but failed. Surrounded by his loyal, I was forced to cooperate in a plan which would have succeeded without my help. You seem to ignore the fact, Hatemonger, that without my continued existence - which would have been threatened if I had not played along - none of us would have known of Unicron's threat ahead of time. Do your research."

A glance back to the Decepticons in the audience, and Teratron began to speak again.

"The Matrix. For a soldier, you certainly seem to think you know a lot about it, Hatemonger. From my own experience, I can say that you do not. I once believed the same that you do. That the Matrix is a tool, a reservoir of power to be used in vanquishing the enemy. It is so much more. The Matrix is a being itself, comprised of all former Decepticon leaders. It is sentient. It is more our leader than I am, than Galvatron was. It guides our actions daily through its bearer. I have been chosen to wield it, to relay its message to the troops. The various Autobot and Decepticon pretenders to leadership were able to take and discard the Matrix at their leisure, because they were not one with it. I am. Leadership is not simply a testament of power. It is genetic."

Teratron idly flipped one hand over, exposing his upturned palm to Hatemonger. Not to accept a handshake, of course, but merely to gesticulate his communication.

"Never in my existence have I turned down an honor duel, and nor do I intend to. You, however, must understand that our agenda as a race does not make allowances for such petty nonsense at this moment. We must rebuild Cybertron, while simultaneously advancing our forces on other planets. I simply do not have the time to slaughter capable field commanders. Consider this a raincheck, Hatemonger: we shall fight, as per your request, but at a time when it suits the Empire."

He paused again to look to the Decepticons, many of whom were listening quietly.

"I imagine this is an unacceptable solution to you, but I also believe that one such as you should take this time to better know me. I realize that many Decepticons disapprove of my being named successor; in reality, I had not expected this move myself. In the past, I seemed an outsider to you. The Matrix has given me a more Decepticon body to symbolize my new heritage. Your concerns are understandable, but in the end, uneducated. Give time, I shall win you and your defectors to my style of leadership. This I guarantee."

Quick Switch
2002-08-01, 05:46 AM
Astrotrain nodded, and his fears (such as there were) became dispelled instantly. Gigatron had handled the situation with flair and panache, coupled with pragmatism.

"The matter has been decided, Hatemunger by our Leader. Seat yourself and let the meeting continue. Protocol demands it."

The Triple Changer pointed to an empty chair, face impassive.

Lord Zarak
2002-08-01, 10:05 AM
Shockwave waa watching events unfold from his cell in the brig, and was disturbed. Teratron was a fool, but he had charisma. He could lead the Decepticons, but not with logic. Hatemonger was foolish too, for entering the duel with him. Shockwave spoe up.

"Teratron, do not overestimate yourself. Powerful Decepticon warriors have fallen before now after claiming the leadership of the Decepticons. I give you Thunderwing as an example. He now no longer functions.

If you do beat Hatemonger, newer, fresher Decepticons will challenge you."

2002-08-01, 01:45 PM
Hatemonger smiled.

"Oh by all means leader, so you are cowaring out of an honor duel as you seem to think that it is not the right time?" Hatemonger laughed.

"Frankly Gigatron if you have power, then prove it, I have watched you lead plenty of times be it the battle againist Unicron, to when you did serve Jhixaus. I have yet to be impressed. I doubt you will impress those that do not trust you as is, my men or myself. As Shockwave said, if you fail, I will not be the only one you need to worry about." He glanced down at Astrotrain.

"Coward why don't you simply be quiet." Hatemonger smiled hopped down, pushed Astrotrain to the ground with a one arm shove and walked back towards his men. With that he looked at Shockwave and the rest of his allies and smiled.

"Oh if you wish Astrotrain why not shot me with my back turned you coward." Hatemonger laughed.

Teratron is a coward, by not setting a duel time near now, he has shunned a challenge, the fool is only going to hurt himself in his reign of power, no me. Hatemonger though and laughed then said.

"In time then, in time."

Scrapheap looked at Megatron.

"Actually I can make a heavy hitter without you needing to be the headmaster. He can be yours to command if you wish?" He said to the generation 2 leader.

Skyblade was not impressed with Gigatrons actions at all, he knew that Gigatron served Jhixuas loyally at least for a time. By shunning Hatemonger he proved he was a coward and could not control those that didn't fully trust him.

Cyrotek stood with a smile on his face.
"Always know what your allies and enemies choose to ignore." He said and laughed.

Blitzwing was lost as all hell.
"Of all the times one offers to return me to the fold." He sighed and stood up.

The rest of the Aerialcons and Crashticons really didn't care much about what Teratron had to say, by ignoring an open challenge he seemed incredablly weak to them and hence unworthy of being followed.

2002-08-01, 02:39 PM
(OOC: Um, we are still here........)

Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, Minerva, Brainstorm, and Roadbuster: -standing with Traveller outside of the open auditorium doors-

Nightbeat: -having heard more than he really wanted to- "Better speed this up, Min...."

Minerva: "Right." -looks at Traveller- "Shall we go?"

Siren: -whispering- "At least nobody's noticed us yet...."

Nightbeat: -sighs, whispers- "I wish you hadn't said that."

2002-08-01, 03:31 PM
Megatron looked at TimeSplitter.

"Do what you can ScrapHeap"

He turned back to see Hatemonger.

He looked at him and Teratron. He spoke quietly to him.

"He is the Matrix. Soon... the Decepticon Teratron era will fall."


Blitzkreig was watching over his leader Hatemonger. Making sure that no harm would come to him.

2002-08-01, 03:35 PM
"Shockwave speaks the truth!" Overlord roared out.

"Your words sure are high and mighty, Teratron!" Overlord shouted. "But promises of grandeur are waste without power behind them!"

"Many have given out promises and failed in making them true! Power is what makes the difference! Megatron is the most legendary leader we have had and did he have the Matrix?! Not to my knowledge! And you dare to claim he was a pretender to the throne?! Where were those who carried the Decepticon Matrix when Megatron ruled?! Why they did not lead?! Prove yourself by accepting Hatemunger's challenge Teratron! I don't know about the others but I have no respect for leaders who hide behind words!"

A wide grin grew to the Godmaster's face. "For I know that Empires shall not be raised in mere minutes... any more time you will not need to make Hatemunger lick your feet clean if you are as powerful you claim to be!"

2002-08-01, 03:39 PM
Megatron saw Overlord shouting at Teratron.

"You are right Teratron. Decepticons bow to no one. But you do accept challenges to your throne. If not, then you are not a strong leader."

2002-08-01, 06:41 PM
Teratron placed an elbow on the edge of the podium, and rested the side of his head on the tip of his fist. He grinned and allowed a quick chuckle to escape.

Twits. All of them! But then, I should not have expected sophistication from the Empire so early in our history.

Still in his restful leaning position, Teratron looked down and opened his chest with his free hand. It reached in and searched about for a moment, then unsheathed the object of its affections. The chestplate zipped shut, and Teratron tossed the estranged head of Bludgeon to the floor behind Hatemonger.

"I see. You are, in essence, more a monger of power than hate. If the destruction of the Chaos Bringer himself is not enough of an accomplishment to impress you, it is obvious you will not be satisfied until you lead... or die. Fine. I stand by my word - I have never rejected a challenge, nor shall I. However, I also stand by my decision to first set in motion our continued glory. The Constructicons and fellow members of the MedTech division shall begin the reconstruction of Decepticon assets on Cybertron. Scourge, I would like to speak with you in a breem or two about your assignments. The rest of you shall be given your orders by Astrotrain. Hatemonger..."

Teratron grinned widely and pointed down upon the usurper.

"You and I shall battle. Alone. Within the next orn. I have no time until then, as I have other things which I must see into action. I would suggest you utilize the time to hone your skills. You will need them."

After a glance back to Astrotrain and Soundwave, Teratron dove from the stage and marched through the troops and out of the auditorium.

"For the record," he stated blindly toward Overlord, "Megatron did carry the Matrix. He simply did not know."

With that, Teratron left the auditorium. Back on the stage, Soundwave folded his arms and ankles, leaned against the back wall, and looked over to Astrotrain.

2002-08-01, 08:16 PM
Karandras clambered back into the cockpit of his mobile suit his armor disappearing back to the warp tunnel from which he pulled it walking over the main seat thinking thought and the shuttle coming to life. Karandras stood up waling to the small pad where the circuit like armour hung beginning to place it on to his body smirking

"Gigatron first, pay my respects to the new Decepticon leader and pay what ever supplies are needed to get on his good side"

The mobile suit began to unfold and stand up straight and took to the air flying back to Metro-Titan

"I will do it as a robot they don't like fleshlings" he says with a grin

2002-08-01, 08:22 PM
Having been lead to the auditorium by the Alpha Drone, Adeara arrived in time to hear the accusations of those who disliked Gigatron. Hearing Gigatron, but not really seeing him, she looked about. Then she saw him. By the Maker, he has changed. So, Galvatron gave him the Matrix and it changed him....I should have known. Hearing him speak of honor and such, Adeara realized that this was the kind of leader she had hoped Jhiaxus would have been if he had lived. Here is one who deserves fanatically loyal troops, ones who would die for him if he so wished it. If he had lead my people, perhaps we would have been free of Uniron's rule... As Gigatron left the auditorium, he passed her with out seeing her.

"Lord Gigatron, might I speak with you? I think I have something you should hear..."

Quick Switch
2002-08-01, 08:58 PM
Scrapper rose, and signaled the Constructicons to leave. They filed out of the room.

(OOC: I'm ignoring that shove, Ravage.)

Astrotrain walked to the podium, his coronation cape fluttering behind him. He grasped the sides of the podium with his arms.

"Right. Lord Teratron had given his marching orders."

He pointed at Hatemunger.

"You will remain here until the Lord wishes to battle with you."

He indicated Scrapheap, and some of the other Hatemunger-loyalists.

"As of now, all of you are assigned to Scrapper's work detail. Cybertron needs rebuilding. The Constructicons can't do it alone. Even if most of you have no technical knowledge, you have brute strength and numbers. At the very least, most of you can carry out the rubble for future melt-down."

Astrotrain indicated Overlord.

"Overlord, I'd like you to check on the status of Omega Supreme. He is, as always, a threat. Is he alive? Dead? We need to know. Find where he is and report to me."

Another wave of his hand.

"Razorclaw, Hun-Grr. Lead your teams on patrol. Scour the ruins for any remaining Renegades. We must go back on the defensive. If you find any undesirables, bring them to me."

The two leaders escorted their teams out.

"Motormaster, the Stuncticons are being assigned to security duty. Remain on the premesis."

Motormaster smirked, and whacked Breakdown to get his team up and out.

Astrotrain motioned for Mindwipe to come up to the podium.

"I'd like you to interrogate Shockwave. Find out where he's been, what he's done. Report to the Brig at once."

Mindwipe gave a half-salute, then walked off.

The Triple Changer turned to Soundwave, and he wiped lubricant from his brow.

"Well...let's head to my Office. I have a City to command, and I'll need your assitance in doing it. Summon Reflector also, Soundwave. We'll need his eyes and ears more than ever, sniffing out more plots against Lord Teratron."

Nodding grimly, Astrotrain walked off the stage, and removed his cape, and put it back into subspace. He waited for Soundwave before he began to walk toward the command wing.


(Hein, the Drone was speaking in terms of being allowed to travel with the Autobots. Not going at that time. No problem, anyway.)

Traveler nodded.

"Lead on," the diminutive Alpha replied.

2002-08-01, 09:04 PM
"Rebuilding. You assign me to Rebuilding!"

Megatron roared enraged.

Quick Switch
2002-08-02, 01:45 AM
Astrotrain turned.

"Forgive me...Megatron. Onslaught, see to it that Megatron is sufficiently debriefed. I'd like a full report of this one's activities."

Onslaught rose and saluted.


He walked over to Megatron.

"Let's begin, shall we?"

2002-08-02, 02:45 AM
(OC: Not sure where you all are heading with this, QS, but if the Decepticons don't want the Autobots to know abou the more passive elements of the expanson plans for the Empire, what will they do when they realize that a group of Autobots overheard the whole thing?)

Minerva and Co: -following Traveler-

2002-08-02, 03:44 AM
Hatemonger smiled.

"Excellent, Teratron, don't be a fool yourself." Hatemonger smiled.

"Go do as Astrotrain wishes." He smiled to his men "For now I train." Hatemonger smiled.

Fool, he overestimates himself already. Bludgon was a fool, but Teratron is too into himself to realise that.".

With that Hatemonger drew his two energon blades, and begin to run through a series of kada's with the two massive blades swinging through the air. He then dropped them and went into a series of matarial arts postures and begin to cycle through a series of movements.

"Wow, when could he do that?" Scrapheap asked Skyblade.

"It seems there is alot we don't know about Hatemonger." Skyblade said walking out with the rest of the Aerialcons and Crashticons.

"So why by the inferno are we doing this." Scrapheap said.

"Yeah why are we following a coward!" Hit snapped.

"Cuz Hatemonger told us too?" Run said in reply.

"Yeah but that don't mean we need too!" Hit growled.

With that Cryotek stood behind them.

"Boys, what Hatemonger says goes, he wants us to keep some order and to a point I can't blame him."

Cyrotek was somewhat amazed at the fighting skill Hatemonger was showing as he stood out of the way already running through his fighting styles and stances of which were many. Suddenly, Hatemonger drew an energy mace and swung it with the ease of a mighty warrior but the grace of a trained fighter.

No way, Hatemonger seems to be in similar style to Megatron himself? Could it be he is one of the few surviving students of the Mighty Megatron?! Cryotek thought to himself and walked off.

Scrapheap looked at Megatron.

"Can you bring me Timesplitters body into one of Metrotitan's med bays?" He said looking at Megatron.

"I can begin work on him there, Skyblade, the rest of the Crashticons are under your command for now." Screapheap said getting ready to goto work on the massive structure of Timesplitter.

2002-08-02, 03:47 AM
The figure looked at Skywarp and could sense his distress.

'You're uneasy old friend...you don't really remember me do you? Relax, we are old friends...and as you can see, I have other friends here that like you and Thundercracker I intend to bring back to the land of the living!"

In a seperate chamber, the bodies of Dreadwind and Darkwing, Ramjet, Dirge, and Thrust were revealed.

"I only come to help...perhaps it is time I revealed myself...have you forgotten me? Have you forgotten Thunderwing?"

Quick Switch
2002-08-02, 05:21 AM
(Further OOC: G91- If Dirge and Thrust are being brought back by Thunderwing, I'd like to pick them back up as characters.)

Mindwipe strolled down to the brig and rapped on Shockwave's cell.

"Shockwave. I am Mindwipe, sent by Astrotrain to interrogate you," the Headmaster's optics began to light, and flickered between various levels of intensity.

Mindwipe's vocoder took on a soothing, relaxing tone.

The Headmaster outstretched his hands in a comforting gesture, almost touching the cell bars of the former Operations Commander.

"Why don't you tell me...everything," Mindwipe asked, intent on establishing a hypnotic thrall over Shockwave.

(OOC: To be honest, Hein, I'd forgotten about the Auto Headmasters position. Gigatron ordered Astrotrain to debrief, Astrotrain did. But now that you mention it...)

The Stunticons exited the conference room, carousing amongst themselves. Except for Dead End, who remained quiet.

Motormaster came out of his reverie as he saw the Autobot Headmasters, escorted by the Alpha Drone began to leave the corridor.

"Huh? What's goin' on here?" The Stunticon leader growled.

"It looks to me, Fearless Leader, that the Autobots might have picked up a snipet or two of the conversation...how droll," Dead End smiled blandly.

Motormaster smirked.

"Well, let's see about that."

The Stunticon leader jerked his head, and Breakdown, Wildrider and Drag Strip caught up with Traveler, Minvera, Roadbuster, Horsehead and Brainstorm.

They formed a neat little semi-circle blocking the Autobots from moving up the corridor.

"This is a roadblock!" Breakdown crossed his arms.

"Don't try nothin' stupid now," Drag Strip laughed.

"No- go ahead, try it!" Wildrider was nearly shaking with anticipation. He eyed the unconcious Roadbuster.

Motormaster and Dead End walked up to the Autobots filling in the gaps left by the other Stunticons.

"Lessee...we got Autobots leaving the vicinity of the audotorium. I think-just let me hazard a guess here-that you all might have overhead something. Am I right? I'm right," Motormaster completed his own train of thought.

"We were just-" Traveler began.

"Stop," Breakdown barked.

"We were just-" Traveler continued.

"Stop," Breakdown's face hardened.

"You'd better silence your vocoder...not that I care," Dead End replied.

"Stop talking...stop looking at me!" Breakdown nearly shrieked, and before anyone else could stop him, Breakdown's concussion rifle was out of subspace, aimed and fired at the Alpha Drone, who in five seconds flat began to shake and convulse, then fell at Minerva's feet.

Motormaster became grim.

"Shut up before I shut you down," was all he said, but the threat was implied. Breakdown stopped shaking, and Drag Strip put out a hand to steady his comrade.

The Stunticon leader smiled at the Headmasters.

"How much did you hear, Autobots? And don't lie to me. I won't waste time with getting Soundwave to confirm. Maybe I'll let Mindwipe have a go at you," Motormaster cavalierly pointed at Minerva, "...just to see how tough you are, little lady."

2002-08-02, 12:23 PM
-Inside Roadbuster's head.....-

Dinobot: "Wake up! They need you out there!"

Roadbuster: -mind locked in a repeating cycle- "I'm the last of us. There's peace. There's no reason for me to exist anymore......"

Dinobot: "There is! We're surrounded by Stunticons! The condition this group is in, Rumble and Frenzy could take them down! For Primus' sake, SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!"

Nightbeat: -still balancing on one leg between Hosehead and Brainstorm- "My, my, Motormaster... I like your leadership style. Do you have to terrorize all of your team members?"

Siren: "Uh, boss.... this might not be the best time to inform the really strong mental midget over there that his style of leading the troops is kinda lacking....."

Nightbeat: "Why? A little constructive criticisim is always a good thing." -looks at Dead End- "Don't you agree?"

Minerva: -thinking and pretty much ignoring Motormaster- "Mindwipe.... That name sounds familiar...."

Chromedome: "I told you about him. Remember?"

Minerva: "Oh, yeah. The hypno-wave guy. Gee, Skullcruncher must be really nervous around him, huh." -kneels down next to Traveler, looks at Breakdown accusingly- "Did you have to do that? All he was trying to do was tell you what we were doing. But no, you have to flip out just because he's talking to you. Do you do that everytime somebody talks to you?" -starts checking the damage- "No wonder people stare at you all the time and whisper behind your back."

Chromedome: -looks at Hardhead- "This is gonna get ugly."

2002-08-02, 02:51 PM
"Omega Supreme?" Overlord thought aloud, lifting his brow with light interest in his mission. "He could give me a challenge..."

Without leaving to think of Astrotrain's request any longer the massive Godmaster transformed into his two separate modes, with the Gigatank being attached to the bottom of the Megajet.

Then Overlord hit his thrusters and left the area behind...

2002-08-02, 03:06 PM
Hatemonger continued his training.

Oil poured off his brow as he continued to change fighting stances anf forms using different weapons as he trained.

Funny how the rest of the Cons think I should be afraid for my life Hatemonger thought to himself.

I have faced Decepticon royalty before and won. When I was a student under Megatron, I wanted to lead my own forces againist the Autobots, still under the Decepticons but under my own leadership skills to strike at the Autobots well before the rest of our men attacked. Hatemonger remembered while going through a series of punches and kicks into holds and throws.

Megatron didn't want me to leave but allowed me one chance to fight him. The battle was not to be recorded by Decepticon records so neither of our records would be tarnished. Hatemonger thought.

The battle was long and hard and lasted several earthen days until finally Megatron made a foolish *for him anyway* mistake and I was able to lock him into a hold from which he could not excape. He said I was the winner and shook my hand and clasped my shoulder, saying he knew he had trained me well enough that I could live on my own with my own team. So I fought all over the universe. But because of the erosion of the empire many of the lands I claimed are now barren and useless. I rejoined the Decepticons in hope of helping to fix the erosion after the battle with Teratron I may have my chance.

With that Hatemonger drove his fist through a massive block of alloy shattering it before returning to a stance and continuing his practice.

2002-08-02, 03:46 PM
(OOC: Is abusing the Stunticons in a room with the entire Decepticon army a good idea?)

Scourge spoke to Astrotrain quietly on his communicator.
"I shall be available if you need me, Commander. For now, I have business to attend to."

Scourge silently left the room, and returned to his office. Despite his new role in the Decepticon army, the office had not yet been revoked, and he silently hoped that Astrotrain wouldn't bother. It was good to have a quiet place to think, and carry out certain tasks. He entered, and sat at his computer.

"Computer, access the Cybertronian Sensor Grid"
"Working now. Grid link established."
"Determine the location of Decepticon warriors Misfire, Slugslinger and Triggerhappy."
"Working. Misfire, Slugslinger and Triggerhappy can not be located on Cybertron."

Scourge nodded, that wasn't wholly unexpected.
"Spinister, please report to my office at once," he said over the intercom."
"On my way."


"Spinister. Sit."
The aerial warrior complied, and sat on a chair by Scourge's desk.
"I'm trying to locate several of our comrades, who have gone missing. Triggerhappy, Misfire and Slugslinger. The sensor grids can not detect them on Cybertron."
"I'm not sure. They left Cybertron a while back, on a shuttle. Well before this mess with Jhiaxus started. I don't know where they are now."
"Very well. I'll send out a transmission to space, see what we get back."
"Is that all?"
"No. As you may be aware, I am no longer a Lieutenant to Astrotrain. I don't want or need a leadership role any longer. Therefore, I am stepping down, and naming you as the new leader of the Decepticon Targetmasters."

Spinister simply nodded.
"I shall arrange for an office to be made available to you."
"Very well. Thank you."

Scourge nodded.
"That is all. You're dismissed."
Spinisted inclined his head slowly, almost as a bow, before spinning on his heel and leaving the room"

"Now..." Scourge turned back to his computer.
"Send a transmission into space, ordering Triggerhappy, Misfire and Slugslinger home."
"Complying. Completed."

2002-08-02, 04:41 PM
Megatron ignored Astrotrain and Onsluaght for a moment.

He looked at ScrapHeap.

"It seems i have business to attend to. Let the Crasticons help you, then do the construction work. I will return shortly."

Megatron turned to Onslaught.

"You wish to debreif me. Then proceed. But not here. Not among everyone else."

2002-08-02, 07:59 PM
(OOC: Oddly enough, this is what I've been expecting ever since Astrotrain's order to Soundwave to detain any Autobot spies. I figured we'd get rousted out of the repair bay long before this. Although, on the upside, being in a corridor does limit how many people can attack you at once. Unless the people in the back start shooting through the people in front of them, that is.....)

-Inside Roadbuster's catatonia-

Roadbuster: "So the Stunticons are out there. So what? We have peace now. The worst they can do is a lot of taunting."

Dinobot: "Wrong. Gigatron announced his plan. And if word gets back to Autobot headquarters, you know Prime will do everything he can to make sure it doesn't happen..... No matter the cost."

Roadbuster: -sounding hopeful- "War?"

Dinobot: "War. And, since you are the last of the Wreckers, you will have to build a new team." -scowls- "None of which can happen if the Stunticons imprision and/or destroy you now!"

Roadbuster: "You do have a point there........" thinks for a second, calls up systems and weapons status- "Just the linear blaster and the laser rifle, and the rifle's only good for a few more shots." -chuckles- "This is gonna be fun....."

-outside Roadbuster's brain-

Nightbeat: -picking up on where Minerva's going with this- "That's right, Breakdown. In fact, I heard Wildrider and Drag Strip earlier, talking about how they don't like working with you. How you're too unstable. Whispering and staring at you like you're some kind of monster. Now me, personally, I think you're fine. A little trigger-happy, maybe, but fine." -hooks a thumb at Motormaster- "I mean, anybody who can put up with that egomanic Motormouth has to be a good person, right?"

Hosehead: -groans- "This is gonna hurt........"

2002-08-02, 08:18 PM
Karandras mobile suit set down infront of Metro-titan and he began to make his way in "Time to test their security on large objects" Karandras muttered as he let his mind open and began to cause light to reflect before it hits his shrouding him in stealth as he enters the front door of Metro-titan

"Now to find Gigatron"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-02, 09:18 PM

I wonder what insane ambition you harbinge this time... and what part I and my kind are to play..

Skywarp's systems fluctuated slightly, his blue optics flashed briefly as his systems kicked into life again.


Sixshot stood as all around him was enveloped in chaos

Quick Switch
2002-08-03, 01:58 AM
Onslaught nodded.

"Of course, Megatron. You and I will head to the conference room. Dismissed." Blast Off, Brawl, Swindle and Vortex left the room, and entered the corridor outside...


The scene in the corridor...

Motormaster scowled at Nightbeat.

"You better shut up, punk. Nobody questions the King of the Road!"

"No comment," Dead End replied to Nightbeat...but the Stunticon winked at the Autobot detective. He tried to maintain a straight face.

Traveler came back on line for a brief moment.

"Min...er...va...concussion...circuits...damaged...help...me?" The Alpha Drone quiried, then went offline.

"He was looking at me," Breakdown's optics took on a wild gleam, and Drag Strip let go of his comrade. "What are you talking about, Auto-wench?" Breakdown nearly snarled at Minerva. "Who's talking about me?"

"Whoah, take it easy Breakdown," Drag Strip took a step back. "This isn't a race!"

"Uh, yeah," Wildrider replied.

Breakdown whirled around and stared at Drag Strip and Wildrider, stunned.

"Nightbeat is right! I knew it all along! You all...think I'm crazy!"

Drag Strip and Wildrider's jaws dropped, and they exchanged glances.

"No, Break-" Drag Strip started to reply, when Breakdown savagely slammed the butt of the concussion rifle into Drag Strip's face, causing lubricant to splatter in a fine mist. Drag Strip slammed into the wall. Wildrider started to put out his hands to ward off a blow, but he was far too late. Breakdown slammed the rifle into the warrior's gut, and Wildrider was knocked to the floor, prostrated. Drag Strip slid to the floor.

Breakdown chucked his concussion rifle, which clattered behind Dead End. The scout leaped on top of Drag Strip and Wildrider, and began punching them savagely. Widrider began warding off blows, then he and Drag Strip were hitting Breakdown and each other, as the three Sutnticons formed a writhing mass of flailing fists and legs, along with cursing heads.

The Combaticons rushed up the corridor, and formed a new semi-circle around the Headmasters.

"Fight! Fight!" Brawl pumped his fists in the air.

"I love sneak attacks!" Vortex also raised his fists in a chanting motion.

"Go for the breadbasket!" Swindle called out, adopting a human-style boxer stance. "One! Two! Stick and move! Juke and jive!"

"Excellent work, Motormaster," Blast Off sniffed. "This will look good on your first security report to Astrotrain, hmm?"

"No, this will stop! And when I'm finished with them-" Motormaster pointed at the three Stunticons- "I'll get back to...terrorizing...you!" he pointed at Nightbeat.

Motormaster glowered, and tried to seperate his teammates by striding forward, but as he bent down to pull them apart, Breakdown happend to get lucky and connected with a vicious kick to the leader's head, sending Motormaster careening into the opposite wall. He slid down, and didn't move.

"Out cold," Dead End bent down to inspect Motormaster. "Pity that." After a pause, Dead End smiled. "I absolutely loathe you, you self-centered egotistical maniacal blowhard!"

Dead End straightened up, then shrugged to Blast Off.

"I've always wanted to say that. It seemed like the appropriate time to tell Motormaster what I thought of him."

"Yes...I suppose that fact that he was uncouncious had nothing to do with it?" Blast Off smirked.

Dead End harrumphed, but said nothing.

2002-08-03, 03:04 AM
Nightbeat: -flips a thumbs-up to Dead End- "So was that his idea of terrorizing me?"

Minerva: -working on bringing Traveler back online-

Siren: -watching the fight- "Ow. He's gonna feel that in the morning."

Hardhead: "We may get out of here yet....."

Nightbeat: -looking down as Minerva works on Traveler- "Brainstorm, give Minerva a hand with him." -looks up at Dead End and Blast Off- "He's our guide. We got a little lost trying to find our way out. "

Brainstorm: -leans Nightbeat over so that Nightbeat and Hosehead won't overbalance and topple over when he lets go, lets go, and kneels down next to Minerva, helping to repair Traveler-

Nightbeat: "We knew that you guys probably needed all of your available spare parts after the fight with Unicron, so Minerva and Brainstorm got us patched up to the point that we could be moved. Think you guys could give us an escort out?"

Siren: -still watching the fight- "Now there's a pain that will linger......." -winces in sympathy-

Chromedome and Hardhead: -sizing up the distracted Combaticons, knowing how this will probably turn out, feel the weight on their shoulders from supporting Roadbuster slacken marginally-

2002-08-03, 03:27 AM
Screapheap laided down Timesplitters body.

"Now vat shall ve do now." He laughed in a mad scientist tone.

"Oh my, Timesplitter you have so much raw power indeed. I am going to have fun rebuilding you in something special." Screapheap laughed and started to work.

(OOC OP PM ME :) What I am I making him into :) )

Cyrotek stood perched in dragon mode, wings wrapped around him he watched Hatemonger.

"Perphaps now I should tell Hatemonger far more about Gigatron than anyone else knows." He laughed after all, him and Gigatron were from the same time period, but forwhatever reason Cyrotek fell into the past first, not that he cared much it just allowed him to start his crime empire sooner.

Skyblade the Aerialcons and remaining Crashticons looked around.

"Umm so what are we suppose to be doing?" Hit asked.

"Why ya'll asking me?" Runaway said in his southern drawl.

"Bloody redbot." Fearmaker joked.

"Enough men, I wish I did know what the slag we are suppose to be doing." Skyblade laughed as Blitzkreig walked over and disengaged into Legion Salvo and Hellfire.

"So now what do we do on this primus forsaken planet?" Legion asked.

"Wish I knew, nobody gave us any specfic orders." Skyblade said and sat down.

"Hmm maybe we should plan?" Salvo asked.

"Not now too many loyalists around. Don't worry everything will work out in due time."

"In my opinion I'd like to help Hatemonger train, but he sometimes does work best alone." Skyblade smiled and got onto his comlink.

"This is Skyblade and company what do you guys need done around here?" He asked and waited.

2002-08-03, 01:27 PM
HellFire transformed into the fighter jet then looked above him. He flew up scouting the area. Then he flew back down and transformed into robot mode.

HellFire tossed a piece of scrap metal.

"Too much scrap in this place for my taste!"


Megatron walked with Onslaught into the conference room.

Megatron looked around for listening devices.

"So, what is it you want exactly.!"

2002-08-03, 08:32 PM
Transmission from Overlord to Astrotrain. "Overlord calling Astrotrain. I found out Omega Supreme's remains. Autobot gestalt Proximus arrived just after me, demanding that I release Omega Supreme to the Autobots... The question is... Does this damned alliance deny me from wasting this fool!"

2002-08-03, 10:46 PM
Screapheap smiled in the med-bay a huge array of heavy weapons and missle salvos sat all around him.

"Now my pretty, what shall I name you, hmm I know Battery sounds intersting." Screapheap smiled, welding away as spark flew throught the med-bay.

Skyblade was getting bored.

"What by the inferno are we suppose to be doing?" He groaned as the rest of his comrades waited uneasily.

Hatemonger continued his training, using different weapons, stances and fighting styles he trained getting ready for his challange agianist Teratron.

2002-08-04, 04:03 PM
Teratron spun around at the sounding of his name. (In reality, it seemed a bit more natural for him to respond to Gigatron than Teratron. He thought it a silly name.) His optics landed squarely on Adeara, narrowed, and sized her up.

She is freed? And she makes no effort to escape the city. Then logically, she must either wish to join our forces, or destroy me for her master. Of course, she should know that an assassination attempt on me would be purest folly...

Teratron smirked as he fully turned to Adeara, and crossed his arms over his chest.

"And what would that be, Ta'Kaalen?"


Soundwave followed Astrotrain simply. No signs of subordination or respect for his superior; rather a look of similar walking coordinates. His optics scanned those they passed carefully as he spoke lowly to Astrotrain.

"Reflector has not yet reported in from the battle with Unicron. I'll deploy scouts about to search shortly, but... I imagine the results will not be positive."

Soundwave sighed - a bit strange kinsmenship for the easily forgettable Reflector, wouldn't you think? - and walked on.

Quick Switch
2002-08-04, 07:20 PM
Astrotrain nodded at Overlord's transmission, and responded via his own commlink.

"I'm not fully aware of the circumstances of the Guardian Robot's capture...but unfortunately, I must order you to release Omega Supreme into the Autobots custody. Lord Teratron does not wish to have the alliance broken yet. I thank you for your puctual response."

He clicked off the comm-link, and turned to Soundwave, as they moved down a quiet corridor to the command wing.

"Understandable. Dirge and Thrust are also dead...many fine warriors perished. At any rate, send out the scouts. If he is dead, I will commission Scrapper to add a statute next to Dirge and Thrust in the Warriors' Crypt."


Onslaught settled into a chair, and crossed his arms in the conference room after Megatron seated himself.

"Firstly: which alternate universe are you from? The Megatron with which we are familiar was transformed-literally-into Galvatron, and has perished. You are not him."


Dead End smirked, but said nothing to Nightbeat.

That Alpha Drone volunteered as a guide? Intriguing. Blast Off mused.

"Yes...well...in regards to your request to be granted access...I'm afraid that I can't allow it," Blast Off said, picking up the thrown concussion rifle, cocking it, and jarring Vortex, Brawl and Swindle out of their pleasant mood. In his other hand, the space warrior's ionic blaster appeared. He pointed both at the Autobots.

"Yeah...he's right. You head guys heard too much," Brawl retrieved his electron gun and pointed it at the Autobots.

"Them's the breaks," Vortex said, retrieving his glue gun from subspace, and cocking it.

"Well, I got two to one Breakdown beats Drag Strip and Wildrider!" Swindle absently remarked, until Blast Off shot him a look.

"If you'll come along to the Brig with us, please. We'll get that useless bit of our plans out of your heads. Perhaps a visit to Mindwipe will clear this up..." Blast Off muttered, and motioned with his weapons. "Now, if you please. Don't make me use deadly force."

Dead End shrugged.

"We're all food for rust anyway. Don't make it hard on yourself," he said to Nightbeat.

Vortex and Brawl aimed their weapons at the cirlce of Headmasters.

2002-08-04, 08:36 PM
Nightbeat: -sighs- "And none of you guys is wearing a straw skimmer."

Minerva: "Neither was the Bolivian army."

Siren: "This is just great. I keep my mouth shut, and we're still gonna get dragged down to the brig and get our brains drained by some guy who can't hit the broad side of a barn with a hypno-wave beam."

Hosehead: "He's got no problems hitting Skullcruncher, apparently."

Siren: "But Skullcruncher isn't the broad side of a barn."

Hosehead: -catches Nightbeat's eye, nods- "True."

Nightbeat: -catches Hardhead's eye, nods- "What makes you guys think we heard anything, anyway?"

Hardhead: "Well, we did hear a lot of yelling about leadership duels, then we started talking to Traveler." -catches Brainstorm's eye-

Brainstorm: -nods, looks at Minerva- "You don't want the rest of the Autobots to know you're having problems with the transferral of command?"

Minerva: -looks up at Swindle, pleading look in her optics- "All we want to do is go home. Not get our brains swiss-cheezed!"

Chromedome: -moving forward with Hardhead, both apparently still supporting Roadbuster- "It's no use, Minerva. Even if they knew what we said was true, they'd still have to do it. Who knows what else we could have seen in here?"

Chromedome, Roadbuster, and Hardhead: -stop directly in front of Brawl and Vortex-

Minerva: -suddenly stands and throws herself into Swindle's arms, sobbing loudly- "I DON'T WANT TO DIE!!!!!"

Brainstorm: -stands, turns to Blast Off- "Must you scare her like that?"

Hosehead: "She's scared? I'M scared."

(OOC: Any ideas on how we should resolve this?)

2002-08-04, 09:00 PM
Karandras grinned The Auditorium He muttered to himself walking through Metro-Titan looking at a random decepitcon passing him by. Your thoughts are now my thoughts Decepticon Karandras said in his mind taking the info needed the location of the Auditorium. Fairly close the robot the firgirl was talking to said a meeting yes thats it tthey were all over the place

He quickly moved around two corridors slightly disturbed seeing The fire bird girl there, no matter she tries anything he would dispatch her and claim she had tritourus intentions.
Karandras pulled his pulse laser from his back rasing it in both hands aiming it at Teratron's head.

"You may wish to get a new security system Decepticon for how easy I crept in" Karandras let his stealth fade behind Teratron

"I'd be worried if anyone were to try and assassinate you" Karandras pulled the trigger but nothing fired and he lowered the gun

"Luckily I am here to help you not kill you"

2002-08-04, 09:02 PM
Megatron laughed.

"Of Course I am not Galvatron!"

Megatron's eye's glowed.

"I am from from a completely alternate timeline. In my timeline a gene kicked into all of the transformers because we were growing. More powerful, more stronger. This caused a race-wide memory loss which would end any further growth. It didn't last.

While my ancestors lay on Earth, the second Generation arose. My generation."

Megatron turned.

"Many exsisted in my timeline. Jhiaxus. And the Leige Maximo..."

2002-08-04, 10:45 PM
Scrapheap smiled.

"Let's see what do I have for weapons for my friend here." He laughed. "Heavy cannons, check, missile salvo's, check, plasma cannon's, check, heavy lasers, check, gattling cannon's, check, particle cannon, check, flame thrower, check, rocket launcher check and for up close and personal, energy saber..... check." Scrapheap was admiriing the array of weapons. "Megatron should be happy with this guy, as will be Hatemonger." he said and continued to weld the robot's frame.

"Let's see extra large energon capciter so he can handle carring and using all of this. Diamond, titanium, gundanium allow mix armour to absorb punishment. Similar allow composite for the treads for this beast. Specially made recovery areas inside the frame for in his mobile assult base mode, Deceptions can have repairs and finally quad energon chargers so he can go for long time!" Scrapheap checked off all of the matierals he needed.

"Now just to put him together." he frowned.

Skyblade was bored.

"So anyone have any ideas on something we can do for this planet?" he groaned looking at the rest of the Crashticons and Aerialcons as well as Blitzwing, Salvo and Legion.

"I don't mind doing nothing." Blitzwing smiled and sat back.

2002-08-04, 10:49 PM
HellFire smiled as he picked up a pack of playing cards.

"There's always poker!"

2002-08-04, 10:50 PM
Blitzwing jumped onto it.

"How about some black jack for now?" He smiled as the rest of the Aerialcons and Crashticons walked over.

"No no Poker!" Hit yelled.

"Yeah Poker!" Run smiled.

2002-08-04, 10:53 PM
HellFire laughed as he sat on a piece of scrap metal.

"So whos The Dealer! And hey i aint talking about Energon drugs!"

2002-08-04, 10:54 PM
Blindside tosses a bag away.

"Oh opps..." and seems kinda nervous.

2002-08-05, 12:42 AM
Adeara was about to speak when Karandras' voice came from behind Gigatron. Ignoring the annoyance, she spoke. "Lord Gigatron. I have no plans to contact or follow Maximo from this point on. Maximo is a coward and a waste of being. You, on the other hand, are honorable, brave, and do not run from fights that aren't necessary. You are the kind of leader whose troops could have a fanatical loyalty to. If you would let me, I would be honored to be one of your troops...."

Quick Switch
2002-08-05, 12:51 AM
Onslaught began typing furiously on a datapadd.

"Megatron, please continue with your narrative. This is fascinating..."


(Hein, check your PMs, please.)

Swindle looked embarrassed as Minerva began pleading.

"Well, look, lady I..."

Vortex prodded Roadbuster with his glue gun.

"He looks bad," the helicopter commented.

Brawl motioned with his electron gun to Horsehead and Chromedome.

"Yeah, we know you head guys've got an injured Wrecker...OK? But step back! I'm not as nutty as Breakdown, but I'm not takin' any chances with you guys!"

Swindle was winded as Minerva dove into the jeep's arms. He began to bluster, and show Dead End a pleading look. Dead End shrugged.

"Look...um...Lady-Bot. Nobody's going to get short circuited, OK? I'm not a murderer!" Swindle began patting Minerva slightly, but was becoming noticeably embarrassed. "Do you have to cry like that? Please, it's effecting my logic circuits!"

Blast Off stiffened.

"That must be Arcana talking. I am a Space Warrior, not a Terrorcon! And I resent that tone, Brainstorm! I am fufilling my obligations as a soldier." The space shuttle looked away. "I do not delight in the debasement of others."

2002-08-05, 02:05 AM
(You got a PM, QS. And I have to try this at the very least. If you have some non-trigger happy reinforcements, might want to bring 'em in. :D )

Brainstorm: -brow furrows- "See? There's that name again."

Siren: "I've heard that name......." -snaps fingers- "He was a bio-engineering professor at the university that Quig" -points at his head- "worked at."

Brainstorm: "What happened to him?"

Siren: "Had a stroke, I think."

Nightbeat: "We already figured this out, guys. Not our home dimension, remember?" -sighs, looks at Blast Off and Dead End- "Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm here come from an Autobot colony called Master Star. Their core robot modes are about human height." -looks at Dead End- "These dimentional mixups can be such a pain."

Roadbuster: -shudders violently, pulls loose from Chromedome and Hardhead, collapses to the floor, curls up into a ball as.....-

Minerva: -still sobbing on Swindle, straightens and spins him 180, locks an arm across his throat, pulls her gun, and places it against the side of his head- "Sorry about this." -as....-

Hosehead: -drops Nightbeat and aims his gun at Blast Off as....-

Brainstorm: -pull his guns and aims them at Dead End as....-

Roadbuster: -rolls onto his back, aims his linear blaster at Brawl and laser rifle at Vortex-

(When you do shoot, please use stun beams..........)

Lord Zarak
2002-08-05, 10:19 AM
Silently, Shockwave laughed at his interrogator.
"Mindwipe, you dare presume to hypnotise me? Who is the greater fool, you or Astrotrain? Answer me this, Mindwipe, if Astrotrain wants information, why doesnt he get it himself? Surely, it is logical to gain information first-hand than second hand. Think about it."

2002-08-05, 12:42 PM
Overlord was approaching Metrotitan with rather large object attached to his back. He had failed in obtaining Omega Supreme's remains but Omega Supreme was not the only one left to float around Cybertron's orbit... Much of the objects there were remains of Liege Maximo's attack fleet and Unicron but bodies of fallen Autobots and Decepticons were also found from there... But this one was different from many others...

Overlord landed close to Metrotitan's entrance and transformed into robot mode, lifting his cargo on his shoulder and opened his comm-link. "Astrotrain! This is Overlord speaking... I had to let the Autobots to take Omega Supreme because this doomed alliance but I found something else... or what you think of the remains of Black Zarak's main weapon?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-05, 01:03 PM
Sixshot opened a channel to Soundwave

"Soundwave, this is Decepticon Warrior; Sixshot. Might I request a personal meeting with yourself that we may discuss matters of Decepticon Hierarchy"

Since the battle Sixshot was bored of having nothing to do...

2002-08-05, 05:08 PM
Soundwaved nodded simply to Astrotrain's back. His silence would serve as the usual affirmative. Finally, they reached the end of the empty hall, and Soundwave stepped slowly toward the door on the left side of the hall.

"I have things I must take care of, Commander. I will report to you once we have confirmation about Reflector's status."

A bit hastily, Soundwave stepped into his office and hurried the door shut behind him. He'd heard the transmission, but put off response until now. No reason, really; Soundwave just liked his privacy. He dropped casually into the seat behind his desk and threw his legs up, kicking a few superfluous datapads to the floor.

"This is Soundwave, Sixshot. You are invited to speak with me personally at my office in the command sector of Metrotitan. Soundwave out."


Teratron smirked at Adeara's fairly expected response. He remembered this one vaguely, and he believed that she knew where the money was...

"As you wish. You will be a valuable addition to our force. Your first assignment --"

Teratron paused as another unfamiliar voice came from behind. His head slowly turned to scan the newcomer, and his optics eyed up Karandras' mobile suit.

"...Is to identify this abomination."

2002-08-05, 06:30 PM
"Why let a traitor tell you this, you don't think she will actually stay loyal to you? She tried to destroy your planet and kill your friends she would turn on you in a second I have been trying to kill her for all of Cybertrons greater good you just don't see that yet but I see far into the future"

He lied and kept the straightest of faces doing so showing no emotion in his heart that would tell otherwise only locked away in his mind.

"I am Karandras Teratron a being far older then most would think and from a diffrent dimension I do not come here to cause trouble only to assisst. Give you supplies needed to rebuild damages to your planet and Energy to creat a new golden age"
Before you become mindless slaves
"for you all, Armour that can sheild most blasts and is imune to heat, weapons that can penetrate this armour, unlimitless energy and almost anything else you wish requested. I only wish to assisst this once great race that has fallen under dark times"

He flips the pulse laser around letting it connect to his back "And all I ask is your allegiance not to much to ask for is it?"

2002-08-05, 06:34 PM
Adeara nodded to Gigatron. "That...thing is a fleshling a type of armor. I know not his name, only that he seeks my death for some reason. Apparantly, I'm the only thing here that threatens him, as I can read minds. I've been trying to avoid combat with him, as he will most certainly die."

Adeara glared at Karandras. "Though if I were you, my Lord, I would kill him now and be done with it. I do not trust him."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-05, 07:59 PM
Very well...

Sixshot made way to Soundwave's command quarters, bypassing any Decepticons that would've recognised him he leant against the door-frame as he knocked twice...

2002-08-05, 08:10 PM
Megatron looked at Onslaught.


Megatron's eyes darkened.

"If you want the information you will have to clean my cybernetic brain with a clean toothcomb."

Quick Switch
2002-08-05, 10:05 PM
Astrotrain nodded, and went to his office.

The Triple Changer began absently sifting his reports, as Metrotitan alerted him to the progress of his repairs.

On receiving Overlord's transmission, Astrotrain perked up.

"Excellent, Overlord! I'll meet you outside!"


In a few moments, Astrotrain left his command quarters and strode out to meet the massive Godmaster.

"Wonderful work, Overlord. Such a weapon could not fall into Autobot hands. It still looks remarkably undamaged..." the Triple Changer thought.

"If you could, bring that with you to the main storage facility. I'll alert Lord Teratron of the weapon's recovery, and he can decide what to do with it."


Mindwipe shrugged at Shockwave's retort.

"Blah, we can do this one of two ways. You supply the information peacably, or I extract it from you with assistance...which won't necessarily be pleasant."

He paused.

"And to answer your arrogance, Astrotrain is busy at the moment. He has a City to run. Surely you should see the 'logic' in that statement. Now, would you like to tell me where you've been the last five years? Perhaps I can get the Commander to commute your sentence."


(No problem, Hein. :) )

Dead End chuckled.

"Quite," the Stunticon muttered.

Blast Off nodded.

"Interesting..." until his musing was cut off as the Headmasters lunged into attacking position.

Swindle blustered as Minerva put the weapon to his head.

He began to release coolant fluid from his braincase.

"Um...no problem...as long as you don't pull the trigger ma'm!"

Blast Off remained cool.

"Damn. You certainly fooled me, what?"

Brawl bristled, and brought his weapon up at Roadbuster simultaneously.

"I knew somethin' was the matter with you!" He growled.

Vortex chuckled, and raised his weapon.

"I love-"

"Shut up," Blast Off muttered. "I believe this is what is known as a standoff. We can't alert security...or we'll be cut down."

Quitely, the three Stunticons rose, battered and oozing chemical fluid, and took stock of the situation.

Drag Strip and Wildrider pulled out there weapons and aimed them at Roadbuster. Breakdown silently crept around to Minerva.

Motormater stirred, took stock of the situation, and said-

"Set yer weapons to stun and fire!"

Breakdown lunged at Minerva, arms outstretched as Drag Strip, Wildrider, Dead End, Blast Off, Vortex and Brawl discharged their weapons.

(Hein, we can work out what's going to happen via PM about who got hit by who...no rush.)

2002-08-05, 10:42 PM
Karandras gave a glare to Adeara then looking back at Terotron

"I no longer seek to kill her, I was doing to save the Decepticons much trouble in the future it's her telepathic powers that will do the damage to you I feel her elimination is required. I let her live now because she is one of you and I seek an alliance not a war" You're all useless obliterated "Besides who would you trust someone willing help you re-build or someone who only days ago was trying to kill you and all of your ilk"

Karandras asked seriously "If you wish to know me I am an Eldar Pheonix Lord my name is Karandras Nemekilee and as she said I am a fleshling but underestimating me as she does could be costly and remember how Mon-Kiegh helped the Autobots back on earth supplying energy while Decepticons were forced to steal it only to be thwarted everytime"

Decepticons may have hated anything other thenDecepticons but they would not give up this oppertunity. The autobots would be harder to forge an alliance with, not as easily bought off.

2002-08-06, 01:25 AM
(QS, I think you have a PM. I tried to send it, but instead o a mssage sent screen I got an error message.)

Roadbuster: -stunned back into unconsciousnes-

Minerva: -tackled by Breakdown- "WAK!" -hangs onto Swindle partly for dear life, partly out of reflex action, her heavy stun blaster sent flying to clatter down near Nightbeat-

Hardhead: -snaps a kick at Brawl's head-

Chromedome: -leaps at Vortex-

Hosehead: -fires stun blast at Blast Off-

Brainstorm: -fires stun blasts at Dead End-

Nightbeat: -scrabbles for Minerva's gun-

Lord Zarak
2002-08-06, 11:10 AM
"Astrotrain doesnt run this base" Shockwave replied to Mindwipe. "His sub-ordinates do. He just tells them where to go, and what to do. They are the ones who run this base, not him, so therefore it is logiacal to assume that he would interrogate me himself. Do not use logic aginst me Mindwipe. I am a master of it, whereas you...you are not even a talented amature. And if I am correct, I have only been charged, not sentenced. Why would I be questioned if I am already sentenced?"

He is a fool thought Shockwave. I can use this to my advantage.

"If you cannot get that small fact correct, then you are placing the whole of the task you have been asigned to in danger. I can see that, and I am the one incarcerated. You try to use your "power" of hypnosis to obtain information concerning my whereabouts during the last five years. If you were to conduct research, you would find that I have been in stasis. I only tell you because you are too incompetant to find it out for yourself. Now get me Astrotrain, I grow tired of even tolerating you."

2002-08-06, 01:33 PM
"Heh... Yes, better to us have this than 'bots... you are definately right in that Astrotrain." Overlord said in response to Astrotrain and lifted his cargo from the ground.

"There is lots of pieces from Jhiaxus' ships floating around there in space... not mention chunks broke off from Unicron. Maybe we would have some use for them as well?" Overlord spoke and headed towards Metrotitan's main storage facility...

2002-08-06, 04:11 PM
Megatron looked at the silent Onslaught. His eyes glowed.

Megatron stood up and walked to the door.

2002-08-06, 05:00 PM
"Hey, how come you get to be in charge?" Needlenose demanded after Spinister had told him the news.
The new Targetmaster leader shrugged.
"I don't know. I was chosen by Scourge, that's all I can tell you."
"Hey man, everyone knows I'm the badest of the 'Cons, I should be in charge," Needlenose complained.

"Perhaps you'd like to go ask Scourge to change his desicion?"
"Uh, no, I think I'll give that one a miss."

"Yeah man," Sunbeam agreed from his perch on one of the tables in the room.
"The new Scourge is scary."

Spinister took a deep breath.
"Needlenose. Leadership is a huge responsibility. I have to make sure of the personal welfare of all the Targetmasters, and make sure we're fighting at peak efficiency..."
"Yeah man," Needlenose cut in, "but there're only two of us."

"Not for long. Scourge has sent a message to Triggerhappy, Slugslinger and Misfire ordering them back to Cybertron."

"Cool, we'll all be back together."
"Right. And with the increased size of the Targetmasters group, I'm going to need a second in command. You."
"Yes. You. The second in command spot is much more exciting than the Leader. No boring paperwork, and you'll even get to lead some missions."
"Sweet!" Needlenose turned to Sunbeam.
"D'ya hear that? We're going to be second top team in the Targetmasters."

"I know you won't let me down," Spinister told him.
"You betcha I won't," Needlenose said happily.


"That was a wise move. You will need at least some strong support among the Decepticons. Spinister's loyalty to you should ensure the fealty of the rest of the Targetmasters."

Scourge could speak aloud freely, now that they were alone. He was unusued to thhe mind-talk, and felt somewhat uncomfortable with it.

"Right. I've been thinking. How am I to complete my goal if the Matrix is now part of Teratron?"

"You can not. At least not by your original plan. Teratron has the power of the Matrix radiating through his whole body. I suspect that he will have to voluntarily aid you if you are to complete your goal."

"That will be difficult to achieve. He and I were never on the best of terms."

"Then that will have to change. Maybe if you more fully achieve the City Commander's support, it would influence Teratron to aid you."

Scourge stroked his chin thoughtfully.

Quick Switch
2002-08-07, 12:17 AM
(Hein, I did not receive your PM. You can try to resend again, if you wish.)

Drag Strip and Wildrider turned and fired at Horsehead and Brainstorm, as both Blast Off and Dead End were jarred by the stun blasts and collapsed to the floor.

Swindle let out a small cry as he, too, fell with Breakdown and Minerva. It should be noted that the Combaticon Jeep did not attempt to injure Minerva...

Breakdown attempted to unpry Swindle from Minerva's arm with one hand, and strangle the female Headmaster with the other.

"You're going to pay, Auto-wench!" Breakdown's optics indicated he might have finally reached the point of new return in regards to sanity.

Vortex aimed and fired his glue gun, but since Chromedome was already so close, the glue gob spattered and entangled both the Combaticon Helicopter and Autobot Headmaster in a mass of writhing parts.

"Figures!" Vortex cried out as he tried to hit Chromedome and free himself at the same time.

Brawl brought up his electron gun to parry Hardhead's attack; that did the trick, but caused the gun to fire, sending an electron burst ricocheting around the corridor.

Motormaster retrived his cyclone gun from subspace, fell to one knee and aimed at Nighbeat.

"This thing doesn't have much of a stun mode," he growled. "Stop or I'll shoot."


Onslaught shrugged.

"I'll have to note your non-responsiveness, Megatron. You may go about your business, but be aware that Metrotitan is monitoring your activities."


Mindwipe bristled.

"Blah, mere semantics, Shockwave!" Mindwipe flung his hands out in a gesture of frustration.

The hypnotist pointed a finger at the Operations Commander.

"Don't toy with me, Shockwave. And you can forget about that commution for your sentence. I'll go get Astrotrain, to see if he is available."

Mindwipe left the Brig in a huff.

You were manipulated too easily, Mindwipe. Vorath stated.

"Blah, I don't care. Astrotrain can let him sit in the dry dock for years for all I care!"


Astrotrain nodded, and followed Overlord into the storage facility. He paused as the massive Godmaster laid the large weapon onto a loading table.

"Another excellent point, Overlord." He snapped his fingers.

"Right. If you don't mind...scour the wreckage. Find me anything that is salvagable. The more unique, the better."

Astrotrain's internal comm beeped.

"I have other matters to attend to, Overlord- but once again, your work ethic is excellent."

Astrotrain left.


Mindwipe met Astrotrain at the outskirts of the Brig.

"I take it the meeting didn't go well? How rare," Astrotrain commented.

Mindwipe muttered. Astrotrain moved down the corridor, and stopped in front of Shockwave's cell, hands behind his back.

"All right, Shockwave. Enough games. You managed to bully Mindwipe, but you won't do it to me. Because if you aren't forthright to me, you will rust in this Primus-rotting Birg. Tell me why, after five years in stasis, do you suddenly re-appear on the scene...and supporting that rabble rouser Hatemunger instead of Galvatron's choosen successor, Lord Teratron?....And salute me, damn it. I'm your superior now."

2002-08-07, 12:23 AM
Megatron was about to walk out when he turned around.

"Everything from that peroid was in TimeSplitter. He died, why do you think i am unresponsive. You want to ask me a question ... Onsluaght!"

Megatron pushed the small Decepticon a bit.

"Then ask me!"

2002-08-07, 03:28 AM
Hatemonger continued his training, and to him it felt good. His movements were gracefully and presise something that most Transformers would have thought his massive frame was incapable of. Hatemonger trained hard the inevetable battle with Teratron burned in his sprit.

2002-08-07, 03:47 AM
Soundwave pressed a button on his desk (sliding the door away) just before Sixshot arrived, but electronic lag allowed the guest his knocks anyway. Soundwave shrugged, his hands still holding up his restful head, and he nodded toward the empty seat across from his desk.

"Feel free. Down to business - you wanted to speak about hierarchy?"


Teratron smirked broadly to Karandras' offer. It was shrewd, he'd give it that. Certainly something he'd go for.

"Nor do I," he responded to Adeara without a glance to her. "I know more about Decepticon history than you can fathom, and her name does not appear in the list of significant traitors. So tell me, Eldar, why I should trust you more than this devoted warrior. It seems a bit suspect to me that you, an outsider to the Transformers and foreigner to Cybertron, would have so much interest in revitalizing our homeworld without any substantial reimbursement. I am rather tempted to follow my dear Stormweaver's advice..."

2002-08-07, 06:45 AM
"You'd be so foolish to try and attack me where only a second ago I had you at my mercy" The Decepticons are far to over confident and underestimate me greatly perhaps if I showed them my capabilities. No then they would trust me even less

"I seek what I stated allies. Become allies with my raceyour planet and your people will be showered in energy and supplies to retake any planet"
This one is trusting of his troops unlike previous Decepticon leaders as well. Though I will take the fire bird out of the way one way or another
"Not a traitor? She was trying to kill you and your whole race that counts as being traitor no? and if you think she isn't still following Leige Maximo she truley has you fooled"

Karandras shrugged "Either way if you do not wish to accept this idea I am sure the Autobots would jump at the chance to rebuild your planet and if war were to ever break out again the weapons they had would Obliterate decepticons with ease, and it would most likley be a fool hardy decepticon to create said war. I do not hide my intentions I plan to assist the Autobots aswell but if you deny me and they do not...." Karandras finishes with a grin

"Just an alliance that is all"

2002-08-07, 08:22 AM
Overlord glanced after Astrotrain as the triplechanger left and then headed out of the storage room.

Bah... more of junk scavenging. Well I am not going alone this time. Some help could be arranged... Overlord thought as he continued on his way out of Metrotitan. Blast-Off...

The massive Godmaster set his sensors to look for the Combaticon spacewarrior and headed to the chamber where his sensor indicated Blast-Off to be.

Overlord arrived to his destination soon enough, only to find that Combaticons and Stunticons had engaged into a combat with Autobot Headmasters.

"What is this about?!" Overlord roared, his optics flashing dangerously as his gaze fell over the Autobots.

"Breaking the alliance already?" Overlord smirked and the weapon batteries in his stomach area targeted few Autobot Headmasters.

"What if I join this little battle of yours?" He smirked. "Can you afford that?"

Lord Zarak
2002-08-07, 11:29 AM
"I didnt think that incarcerated individuals have to salute their superiors, as they no longer have a place in society, Astrotrain. Have you ever seen those in exile salute those who claim to be their superiors, when they do not accept those in exile as one of them? You hold no claim, no real authority over me. What you see is a perceived power because we are seperated by a fence."

Now to the matters that count thought Shockwave.

"My reapperance coincided with the reappearance of the threat of Unicron. My stasis pod must have been programmed to resurect me at a time of great need, though I do not know who, or what, was the author of that programme. It is logical to assume that the author anticipated such an event. I must note that I played a vital role in the war against Unicron, did not commit an act of treason, and have not jeapodised the alliance with the Autobots. I have proved my worth once again.

With regards to Hatemonger, he is not a "rabble rouser" as you so bluntly stated. He is intelligent, cunning and compassionless. A Decepticon by definition. Why not support a Decepticon with the ideal characteristics. It would be logical not to do so.

I do not support Teratron because I find him less likeable than Starscream. He had potential. He never had the logic to use it."

2002-08-07, 01:28 PM
Blitzwing had heard the gunfire and went to check it out.

He saw Overlord yelling but ignored it for now.

"Teletran show me what happened." Blitzwing said as an image of the last few minutes in the Brig occured.

"Hmm this is problem, but maybe not such a bad problem." He laughed and got onto his comlink to Astrotrain.

"Brother, I realise we do not see eye to eye exactly right now, but you should look at the security video in the brig, seems the headmasters pulled their weapons our Decepticons and a fight ensued, Overlord is there already so I am not getting involed nor will anyone else, unless you tell us too. As Overlord alone can eat most of those headmasters for lunch. However, I think this video is perfect blackmail." Blitzwing smiled.

"If you wish to know more let me know." He smiled and stood in the shadows watching.

Quick Switch
2002-08-07, 04:08 PM
Onslaught shrugged from his seat.

"Tell me what your plans are."


Astrotrain shrugged.

"Be that is it may, you are supporting Hatemunger, who has challenged the balance of power, and who is not the Choosen Leader. Consorting with such elements may be viewed as treasonous. I have no choice but to maintain your incarcertaion. You are not repentant, nor are you even humble. If Hatemunger is as brilliant as you say, then why didn't Lord Galvatron choose him, instead? Your claims are folly. Galvatron, and the Matrix, have spoken. If you continue to support Hatemunger, the only recourse available to us is to conduct a trial. However, if Hatemunger is defeated in the leadership duel, who knows? What will you do then?"

He paused.

"It is sad that we, last of the old guard, are placed in the position that we must follow new warriors. In the days of Megatron, things were not like this. I'm sure you and I will both agree on this point...but times have changed. And it appears you've miscalculated this time, Shockwave."

Astrotrain crossed his arms.

"If you have anything to else to tell me, then do so. Otherwise I will attempt to find Lord Teratron to see what he makes of you, and your loyalties."


Motormaster growled.

"Nice time to show up, Overlord!"


Astrotrain answered his comm message.

"Blitzwing, I don't have time to deal with your petty threats. The Stunticons and Comabticons can deal with any insurgency."

Nevertheless, Astrotrain deployed two squads of Metrodrones, who filed in the corridor of the battle, and took up a defensive perimeter next to Overlord and the remaining battling Stunticons.

2002-08-07, 04:31 PM
Adeara glared at Karandras. "Playing both ends against the middle, are you? So I made a mistake. I felt Jhiaxus to be a worthy leader. Galvatron was too mad for my likings, so I fled once he vanished. Though joining Jhiaxus and Maximo was ultimately a mistake, I learned much. The Decepticons are quite strong, much stronger than the Autobots. Plus, I know that when a war comes between the two factions, my skills will be quite useful. I prefer to be useful to the side I feel will win. And before you say anything, Karandras, I knew Jhiaxus and Maximo would lose, but having sworn loyalty to Jhiaxus, I couldn't leave. Jhiaxus is now dead, and I hold allegience to Leige Maximo. I never did. I held all allegience to Jhiaxus, who was loyal to Maximo. I trusted Maximo as far as I could throw him. Jhiaxus I trusted enough that if he had asked my death, he would have gotten it."

Adeara turned to look at Gigatron, surprised by his comment of, "I am rather tempted to follow my dear Stormweaver's advice..." This was something she had not anticipated. Perhaps he is willing to trust me solely upon my word and honor. That would be a first. Not even Jhiaxus trusted me like that.

"My lord, perhaps he has an ulterior motive to helping you. That is often the case with offers like his." Her voice was quiet, though loud enough for Gigatron to hear. She wasn't ure if Karandras could hear it, but if he did, oh well.

2002-08-07, 05:01 PM
Blitzwing got back onto his com-link.

"You know what, Brother I think it's time your big brother knocked some sense into you." With that He looked for Astrotrain. The Aerialcons and remain Crashticons in two with Legion and Salvo following behind him.

"Did you stop to think for two seconds my idea was about the Autobots and the Deceptcons not you, you hapless twit. The more I see how you act the more I realise Hatemonger is correct. Now let me explain this to you because maybe you can calm me down before I rack your skull like a pool ball. We have a tape of the Autobots inprisioned which is within our rights as we didn't know their full reasoning for being here. Now we have a tape of them attacking our men. Think about it does that break the alliance? Aside from myself, Overlord and the other two gestalt teams nobody else really knows what happened. With that tape you could use it as a power move on Prime. If you are so worried about your position of power here, why not? I think having the Autobot leader by the bearings would be quite an accomplishment." He said storming with the rest following him.

"You think this is a smart idea?" Skyblade asked.

"Do I care, sides Hatemonger has his duel soon enough if Astrotrain wants to be a whiny bot so be it, but I will make him remember something about respect." Blitzwing cracked his knuckles.

Screapheap smiled at his work, the frame was complete, the massive warrior sat there weapons bristling out of him.

"HEHE, I do great work if I say so myself." He goto onto his comlink to Megatron.

"Megatron your new friend will be online soon enough, his frame is complete, I just have to get the personality systems back online." Scrapheap cheered.

Hatemonger continued his tireless training. In his mind the ablities of Teratron and Gigatron flowed through his tactial mind, as he though of how he could beat the new Decepticon in combat.

2002-08-07, 05:24 PM
Megatron heard his comlink beep.

"I am tied up right now, I will get the new warrior shortly."

Megatron turned to Onslaught.

"I am Megatron."


HellFire walked with the other two thinking.

HellFire laughed a bit.

"If only the action was happening this moment."

2002-08-07, 06:58 PM
Outer Space.
A Decepticon shuttle streaks through the void. Onboard, three Decepticon warriors returning from a successful raid on a weak colony. How could they have known what has gone on in their absence. How will they deal with it?


"I'm picking up a transmission from Cybertron."
"Let's here it Misfire," Slugslinger said.
The sleek red Decepticon Targetmaster pressed a button, and the computerised message from Metrotitan played over the cockpit's speakers.

"Looks like we missed a lot!" Triggerhappy said, loudly as always.
"Right. Something's come up, and now they're begging us to come help them," Slugslinger laughed.
"Triggerhappy, increase speed, take us home."


"What the..." Misfire spoke as the shuttle entered Cybertron's orbit and the three aboard took in the scene of devastation.
"A battle. Could we really have done this in our fight with the Autobots?" Slugslinger asked.
"No way. Those wrecked hulks up there..." Triggerhappy gestured up, referring to Cybertron orbit, "weren't Decepticon or Autobot."
"Right," Misfire agreed.
"So another species did this. We best find out what's going on."

Suddenly the console beeped into life.
"Ah, gentlemen. Glad you could make it back. Come to the city at these coordinates," Scourge's voice came over the comm line.
"I await your arrival."

The shuttle streaked on, around the arc of the surface of the planet. Soon, it reached Metrotitan, and Misfire pilotted the ship down.
"Decepticon Shuttle, you are cleared to land," an autonomous sounding voice spoke from the radio as a hatch opened, allowing access to one of the city's shuttle bays. Soon, the Targetmaster shuttle was landing inside, and the three warriors were trooping out, to be met by a Metrodrone standing nearby.
"Please report to Scourge's office, A-356."


The three Targetmasters barrelled through the door, then stopped in their tracks as they gazed upon the new frame of their old leader.
"Erm, Scourge?" Triggerhappy blurted.
"As ever," the Huntsman replied succingtly.
"What happened to you?" Misfire asked.
"The same that happened to Cybertron. A tangle with Unicron."
"Unicron? Again?" Slugslinger asked.
"Yes, again. I don't have time to explain. Records of the battle are in the archives. Now, on to business."

He got up, and walked to the window.

"I am no longer leader of the Targetmasters. That mantle has been passed to Spinister. He is your new direct superior, who, in turn reports to City Commander Astrotrain, one of the two new Decepticon Lieutenants. The other is Soundwave. Galvatron was destroyed in the battle with Unicron, and has been replaced by Gigatron, now known as Teratron."

"Wow," Triggerhappy breathed.
"Indeed. Much has gone on in your absence. Now, report to Spinister for your assignments.


"Be seated," Spinister gestured to the chairs dotted around the room. Needlenose, Misfire, Slugslinger and Triggerhappy were present.
"As you may guess. With the advent of the new leader, there is much discord within the Decepticons. Already, one known as Hatemonger has stepped up to challenge Lord Teratron. As of now, our task is to try to keep the peace within the confines of the city. Once the challenge has been beaten down, we will recieve a new assignment. Questions?"

"Yeah, why call us back here for simple guard duty?"
"I need people I can trust, Slugslinger. That includes you three."

"Spinister to Astrotrain. My Targetmasters are assembled. I assume that Scourge has informed you of the change in command? We await your orders Commander."

(OOC: QS, if you want to give my guys a task, no matter how minor...)

2002-08-07, 08:32 PM
Ulterior motives? Everyone was ulterior motives they will never admit it but they always do. But I shall admit my motives they just will not be the real ones

Karandras pointed elf like ears had no problem recepting Adearas comment. "My motives are simple. Gain alliance once you are all rejuvanated you assist my race in killing off all the Mon-Keigh that suppress us not with technology but mass number. Feral creatures, The Autobots may not agree with this but we do need help dealing with Chaos something I'm sure Autobots have nothing against killing"

It wasn't a total lie they would fight a war for them, just as mindless atomatons

"I do not beileve you firegirl I see into your mind you are waiting for the oppertune moment to kill the Transformers" Karandras turned his head "She is about as trust worthy as a human"

2002-08-07, 08:38 PM
Nightbeat: -surveying the fracas from his position on the floor, sighs- "All right, guys. You got us. Stand down, guys. Hosehead, help me up."

Chromedome: -still tangled with Vortex in the glue- "Commander! We can't-"

Hosehead: -drops gun, helps Nightbeat to foot(still missing right leg, remember)-

Nightbeat: "They've got us outgunned. Their powers of observation may be lax, but they've got the firepower to make up for it." -looks at Overlord- "So what are you supposed to be, anyway? The May Queen?"

Siren: -checking Roadbuster-

Hardhead: -checking on the stunned Brainstorm-

Minerva: -choking- "Some.... body want... to tell him.... that we've... surrendered?" -points at Breakdown-

Hosehead: -whispering- "Is this a god idea?"

Nightbeat: -whispering- "Probably not. Only viable option left, though." -looks at Motormaster and Overlord- "For the moment, anyway......" -looks at Motormaster, pointedly ignoring Overlord- "Take us to your leader."

Quick Switch
2002-08-08, 07:37 AM
A Metrodrone appeared, and gave Astrotrain a status report.

"Very well," he growled as the Drone handed him a datapadd which detailed the battle.

He received Spinster's comm message, and replied.

"I suppose Scourge did, although I am unaware of it...anyhow, your Targetmasters are hereby relieving the Stunticons of Security Duty. Begin patrolling at once. Monitor Hatemunger's troops...and if you locate any Autobots, detain them immediately. That is all."


Meanwhile, in the corridor...

Motormaster smirked, and rose, beckoning with the weapon, he strode over to Minerva and with a free hand, backhanded Breakdown, who slammed into a wall.

"Get him up," Motormaster called roughly to Drag Strip and Wildrider. The two Stunticons held Breakdown between themselves, glowering.

Swindle gingerly helped Minerva to her feet, but removed her weapon.

"Um...hope you weren't injured," the Jeep muttered, averting his optics. "I'll uh...escort you with the others." Swindle had become attached to the cunning female Headmaster. Dead End noticed the exchanged, but said nothing.

"That's more like it. On your feet, Autobot scum!" Brawl shouted.

Blast Off and Dead End were revived by shock prods supplied by two Metrodrones. The two Decepticons rose and retrived their weapons.

A Metro Drone appeared with a desolvent, and extricated Vortex and Chromedome from the glue glob. Vortex roughly pushed Chromedome.

"I'm not letting down my guard again...even though it was a pretty good maneuver, Chromedome!" the helicopter prodded the Headmaster into line.

Soon Horsehead, Siren, Nightbeat, Roadbuster and Minerva were shadowed by either a Combaticon or Stunticon. The two squads of Metrodrones formed a cordon around the advancing Decepticons and captive Autobots. The group left the main corridor.

As they walked, Motormaster turned to look at Nightbeat.

"Oh no, mister private optic. I'm not going to waste Teratron's time with this. You're going to be questioned by Astrotrain...and Mindwipe, of course!" Motormaster laughed, and opened his comm channel.

"Commander, I've got the situation under control. We're heading to the Brig now." The Stunticon leader nearly bellowed.

"Very good, Motormaster. Deposit them in seperate cells away from Shockwave. I'll be along with them shortly. The Combaticons will remain as ad hoc jailers...the Metro Drones are insufficient for this task. After you arrive at the Brig Wing, I'll give the Stunticons their next assignment."

"OK," Motormaster replied, then clicked off on the comm.

After a time, the group drew up to the Brig...

2002-08-08, 12:16 PM
Minerva: -holding Traveller up-

Nightbeat: -looking at the brig- "Well, given the usual jails we've wound up in, this looks pretty good."

Chromedome and Hardhead: -holding Roadbuster up-

Chromedome: "Airy and well lit. Hey, Hardhead, is this one in the book?"

Hardhead: -pulls out a well worn travel guide- "Let's see...... Metrotitan's brig...... 4 thumbracks, 5 skull and crossbones and a 3 star cafeteria."

Siren: -trying to hold Brainstorm up, looks at Motormaster- "Bummer, man. You know the Black Hole of Calcutta has it all over this place, don't you?"

2002-08-08, 03:31 PM
Overlord glared angrily after the Autobot Headmasters as they were led away to meet Astrotrain.

"Bah... insignicant weaklings... I could have killed them all myself." He muttered and then seemed to remember why he was there.

"Blast-Off. Astrotrain commanded me to look for debris floating on Cybertron's orbit that we could exploit somehow. I would like you to come with me." The Godmaster spoke.

2002-08-08, 04:14 PM
"Recieved and understood. Spinister out."
He turned to the group.
"Our new orders are to act as Metrotitan security. We will work in groups of two, with me on my own. Triggerhappy and Needlenose will team up, as will you two," he said, gesturing at Misfire and Slugslinger.

"If any trouble with Hatemonger's troops occurs, act with extreme prejudice, and also with prudence. With his new allies, his small army will be no pushover, and more than likely a match for us five. Go now."

The four Targetmasters nodded, and filed out of the room. Spinister took a look around, then left, and made for the Auditorium.

Quick Switch
2002-08-08, 08:20 PM
Blast Off veered off from the main group and walked with Overlord.

"Very well, then. Let's be off, yes?"


Motormaster glanced at Siren, but said nothing. The motley group reached the Brig.

"All right, each Autobot to a cell! No exceptions!" Motormaster gestured, and Siren, Horsehead, Brainstorm, Hardhead, Chromedome and Minvera (w/ Traveler) were placed in seperate cells. (OOC: With no objections, Hein?)

A Metrodrone appeared next to Motormaster.

"Commander Astrotrain asks me to relay this message. You are hereby relived of Security Detail. Report to your quarters....now."

Motormaster turned stiffly, and the Stunticons shuffled off.

The Metro Drone turned to the Combaticons.

"Commander Astrotrain asks you all to remain as protection...he shall be along shortly after he finishes his present questions of another prisoner."

"No problem," Brawl muttered. The Combaticons pulled up chairs at a table and sat.

2002-08-08, 10:13 PM
Now Adeara was mad. "Look, you insignificant little piece of sketi, you have no right to lie aboutwhat goes on in my mind. Also, even if you had looked in my mind, which you have no right nor permission to do, you wouldd have it rather quiet. The only being on this world I dare wish to kill is you!" Adeara kept a tight rein on her temper though. She did not want to raise the temperature of the hall above where it was. "I swear to the Maker, if you dare try and slander my honor again, you'll find my sword shoved through that chicken-neck of yours!"

2002-08-09, 03:09 AM
With that Astrotrain the Aerialcons and remaining Crashticons, Legion, Salvo and Hellfire all arrived in the brig.

"Where is my brother?" Blitzwing yelled looking at the Stunticons and Combaticon forces there.

Skyblade got onto his comlink to this friends there.

"We are not here to fight, this is between the two brothers. Do not draw your weapons unless they are stupid enough to fire on us. Understood." Skyblade waited.

"I do not act unless provoked." Legion smiled.

"Likewise." Said Salvo.

"Aww if we need too." Hit sighed.

"Yes Sir came from the Aerialcons."

Skyblade then spoke.
"Please tell Blitzwing where Astrotrain is so that they may sort out their problems." he said and waited.


Cryotek was still absorbed by Hatemongers training.

"Amazing the time it has been and he does not tire. He continues to train harder and harder, doing things I never thought he could. He maybe the next Decepticon leader, if he keeps from becoming cocky." Cryotek said to himself quietly.

Scrapheap closed the chest on Battery the warrior was huge easily the size of Predaking, maybe bigger, his weapon armourment was amazing.

"Well this guy should be what Megatron asked for." He smiled and flicked a few switches, as machinary and computers hummed to life." He got onto his comlink.

"Megatron Battery is complete, he is nearly online and ready to go." Scrapheap smiled and waited for a reply.

OOC OP2005 Scrapheap is done with Battery, he's yours now. Hope I did it the right way :)

2002-08-09, 03:15 AM
Nightbeat: "Minerva, how's Traveller doing?"

Minerva: -checking the damage- "He should be awake soon."

Siren: "I wonder where we'll wake up?"

Hosehead: "I'm wondering IF we'll wake up."

Brainstorm: -sitting groggily in his cell- "I'm kinda wishing I wasn't awake right now. My head's killing me."

Roadbuster: -also sitting groggily in his cell- "You ain't kiddin'. What'd they hit me with, anyway?"

Chromedome: "Four stun blasts."

Hardhead: "We tried to get away, but they got backup."

Nightbeat: -feeling the proverbial lightbulb flash into being over his head- "Hey, Min.... Remember that time capsule we made when we were kids?"

Minerva: -looks up from her repairs of Traveller- "What? Oh, yeah. Your old Scooby-Doo lunch box."

Nightbeat: "I wonder if our messages to the future reached anyone?"

Minerva: "I doubt it. They paved the lot we buried it in about a year later."

Nightbeat: "Bummer." -sighs- "I've got this urge to leave a message for the future now."

Minerva: "Why?"

Nightbeat: "I just do. Don't you?"

Minerva: "Um......." -gets what he's talking about- "Ah. Yes, yes I do feel like leaving a message of some kind.... Got any paint?"

2002-08-09, 03:38 AM
Teratron oversaw the debate, continually growing irritated. A stare become a frown, the frown a scowl. Finally, a hand came out before him to signal silence.

"Enough," he demanded frankly. "You, newcomer, have won nothing but my contempt! Your offer, quite simply, is a pathetic lying attempt at coaxing me into subjugating my troops - and myself - to your command, even temporarily. That is intolerable. When you have some proof of your generosity, feel free to come speak with me. Until then..."

His hand lifted directly above his head, and he snapped his fingers once loudly.

"Metrotitan, see our guest out."

With a curt smile to Karandras, Teratron turned on his heel and headed off. Metrotitan rumbled his compliance, and an escorting gun emplacement in the ceiling turned down upon Karandras.

2002-08-09, 04:10 AM
So...unstable. Almost lost. They seem to be willing to fight among themselves...is it any wonder they've never won this eternal war? Galvatron truly was their one real salvation, for now look at them...so disorganized, pitiful. Hardly the army they once were.

The figure stands alone, watching. Silent as ever, deadly as ever. It was almost time...almost time to make his move.

2002-08-09, 05:00 AM
Karandras shook his head at Teratron "Pointing weapons at me can cause you to end up like the weapons"
The guns metal began to heat up as the molecules within it were forced to speed up faster and faster causing the metal to turn to liquid and splash to the flor a puddle of molten metal

"Now then" Karandras presses a few buttons and dials on the panel in his cock pit causing a white portal to split open beside them the light almost blinding KArandras reaching a hand in and retrieving a generator then taking it into his other hand "This is capable to produce millions upon millions of Energon cubes as long it is in somesort of natural light lucky for you or rather the autobots now it's already been charged"

Karandras grinned replacing it in the portal and retracting a prism crystal laser "This is capable of destroying ten feet thick of wraithbone" he replaces it back in the portal "Something the Autobots will be graced enough to get aswell as Wraithbone to coat themselves and make Most heat and laser weapns useless also most projectile weapons will have a hard time peircing it aswell imagine this but in much vast amounts and who said we were going to take charge of yo, you would have led yourselves just destroyed everything in your path. Too bad off to Iacon"

and with that Karandras let but a thought pass his mind a light blue light engulfed him and he disappeared from Metro-titan the lights closed and ther weapons disappearing.

2002-08-09, 08:59 AM
An arm moved n the mechanical table. Then the body moved followed by the legs as the giant piece of technological warfare stood up and looked down on ScrapHeap.

A giant hand lifted ScrapHeap up.

"Where Is Megatron!", The giant voice roared.


HellFire lowered his blaster.

"If you say so Sky"


Megatron looked an Onsluaght.

"I will serve the leader of the Decepticons after this battle is finished. Then if Teratron wins, i am at his command. If Hatemonger wins i am at His Command."

Megaton smirked.

"But i shall always be Megatron!"

2002-08-09, 12:26 PM
"Yes we are not here to attack our brothers, however Blitzwing might be to smack his around." Skyblade laughed as he watched Blitzwing tense up waiting for Astrotrain.

"Whoa boy!" Scrapheap shouted and squired out of Battery's gaint hand.

"Megatron will be back soon enough he is talking to Onslaught right now." Scrapheap laughed. "Gee I get you back online and this is the thanks I get."

2002-08-09, 06:16 PM
Visibly fighting her temper, Adeara forced herself calm. She'd never had a problem with her temper before, yet now...It was confusing. Why should her temper suddenly become so uncontrolable?

After Karandras' dissapearance, Adeara called after Gigatron. "My lord, that snake with a silver tongue will convince the Autobots to trust him, and they will get what he offers. That would make them nearly invincible. Not even my abilities could truly harm that armor of his, and if the Autobots had it, the Decepticons would be wiped out, and the Autobots would win. If you do not want that, I would contact them and warn them of Karandras."

2002-08-09, 07:34 PM
Battery put ScrapHeap ScrapHeap down onto a workbench.


"Creator, what do i do now!"

Quick Switch
2002-08-09, 09:09 PM
Traveler stirred, and attempted to sit up.

"Minerva...thank you...systems...mostly on-line." The Alpha Drone sat up.

"What has happened?"


Onslaught tapped his fingers on the table, and rose.

"Indeed...Well, that's really all I needed to hear. You may go about your business...but, if I may say...the appearance of another Megatron is...rather unsettling. Pity you couldn't have had words with Galvatron from this dimension and settle the score, what?"

Onslaught led Megatron out of the conference room, nodded to Megatron, then began walking toward the Brig.


(OOC: Ravage, I'd really like to avoid another fight right now, OK?)

Brawl stood up and crossed his arms.

"Commander Astrotrain isn't here in the main corridor. He's in the maximum security area, talking to Shockwave. But you won't be getting back there, so move along!"

Vortex and Swindle also rose.

"Come on, guys. This isn't the time for more scuffs. Especially in front of the Autobots!" Swindle jerked his head toward the cells.

Vortex pointed a finger at Blitzwing.

"You better call it off, Blitz, or the Metrodrones'll be over you like Goo. Metrotitan will never let anything happen to Astrotrain."

2002-08-09, 09:14 PM
Megatron followed Onslaught to the brig.

His eye's skipped along everyone in the brig.

"Why are they here!"

Quick Switch
2002-08-09, 09:19 PM
(OOC: 'Tis Onslaught Megatron's following...Astrotrain is questioning Shockwave in the maximum security wing.)

Onslaught arrived at the Brig, and stepped up by the Combaticons, and appraised the appearance of Blitzwing, et. al.

"That is news to me, Megatron," Onslaught shot the three team members a look. Swindle answered.

"These Headmasters tried to infiltrate and get our plans. Astrotrain is going to question them momentarily."

2002-08-09, 09:29 PM
Megatron held the enrgon bars. Sparks surged, Megatron smiled.

"These do not seem at full power. "

Megatron turned to Onlsaught.

"Yes it is a pity. But..."

Megatron looked again at the Energon bars, then he picked up Swindle and held him towards them.

"You feel this. Not death-defying is it. You all should concentrate on getting this power up to full!"

Megatron tossed Swindle toward the wall.

He gave the rest an angry look.

Quick Switch
2002-08-09, 09:36 PM
Swindle blustered, and was caught by Vortex as he was shoved toward the wall.

"Look, about Brawl's personality component, that was a long time ago!"

Brawl shook his head.

"Uh, it's a alt-verse Megatron," Vortex whispered. Sindle flushed and stayed quiet.

Onslaught nodded.

"Your suggestion is noted. Increase cell security settings by fifty percent, Metrotitan!"

"Acknowledged," Metrotitan rumbled. The cells bars surged for a moment, then faded.

"The security measures are fullproof." Onslaught nodded.

2002-08-09, 09:44 PM
"Security. Foolproof."

Megatron laughed.

"If security system can be broken. Its just a matter of implemetning the correct..."

Megatron looked at the enrgon bars again.

He held one.

"Ahh better, much better."

Electrons surged throughout Megatron's body.

"Megatron got onto his comlink."

"Battery, this is Megatron, your leader. Come to my co-ordinates at once."

"Yes Megatron!"

Megatron looked at the Decepticons in the room.

"You shall be of the first to see my new warrior."

Within seconds a new warrior arose with a black finish. He was sleek and new, he had huge weapons that were already sizzling with power.

"You called Megatron"

"Ahh Battery. Old Product, new packaging, same effect. Destruction!"

Battery looked at the Decepticons below him.

Megatron tapped his foot.

"Do not worry warrior. Now Onslaught, are there any other transformers that your men know about that are being held here!"

"Are you keeping any Decepticon's here. Or any more Autobots."

Quick Switch
2002-08-09, 11:40 PM
Onslaught nodded.

"Impressive. Battery is it? You certainly seem charged."

The other Combaticons chuckled.

"Shockwave is being interrogated in the Maximum Security Wing," Onslaught replied, optics flashing. "Beyond the Headmasters here, I know of no other Autobots."

2002-08-10, 12:02 AM
"Battery. You and i shall accompany Onlsaught while he see's how ShockWave is doing"

Megatron's face turned to Onsluaght.


2002-08-10, 01:11 AM
Minerva: -talking to Traveller- "Breakdown shot you when you tried to fill him in on what was happening. We tried to get away, and now we're here."

Nightbeat: "No good deed goes unpunished."

Quick Switch
2002-08-10, 02:30 AM
Onslaught shook his head.

"Negative, Megatron. Only the City Commander...and of course Lord Teratron have security access to the Maximum Security Wing. We shall remain here."

Onslaught spun on his heels and looked at the Headmasters.

"Daring lot," he commented.

Traveler nodded, and was silent for a time.

"My memory banks have given me the appropriate information. I remember now..."

The Alpha Drone turned at the sound of Nightbeat's voice.

"In most cases," Traveler replied softly.

2002-08-10, 06:37 AM
Scrapheap smiled at his work as Battery strode off.

"Now anyone else have someone for me to work one?" He smiled and waited.

Skyblade looked that the Combaticons.

"I am not here to fight, Blitzwing is." He smiled leaning on a wall.

Blitzwing just laughed.

"Astrotrain, remember sometimes a fight is of words as well, but your cowardance amazes me. In time Metrotitan will see you for what you are, weak." He said and walked away from the group punching a wall.

"Moody ain't he?" Hit said to the group.

Hatemonger continued his training, he knew the time for the battle with Teratron would be drawing soon, so he indensified his efforts.

2002-08-10, 09:08 AM
"Maximum Security."

Batter's face showed no emotion.

Megatron smirked a bit.

"I told you about my time line. why don't you tell me about yours!"

2002-08-10, 04:09 PM
Minerva: -looking around her cell, waves at Swindle-

Nightbeat: -looking to Traveler- "What do you think will happen when Astrotrain shows up?"

Chromedome: -looking around interior of cell, pacing like a caged tiger-

Brainstorm: -has panel on his arm open, tapping commands into it, looking at the energon bars occasionally-

Hardhead: -staring glumly at the floor-

Siren: -whistling 'I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than have to have a frontal lobotomy'-

Hosehead: "Isn't that a little depressing concidering our present situation?"

Siren: "Nah. Besides, it's better than Fulsom Prison Blues."

Hosehead: -groans-

Roadbuster: -glaring out of the cell at the cluster of chatting Decepticons with a look that, if looks could kill, would likely have atomized the lot of them-

2002-08-10, 06:58 PM
Overlord looked around him. Blackness of the void, the stars showing off as few bright spots here and there, the battleravaged silver sphere... his homeworld glowing softly below him.

"Can they not give me any more boring task..." He grumbled a lound and opened comm-link to Blast-Off.

"<Have you found anything worth of taking back to base Blast-Off?>" Overlord asked from the Combaticon shuttle.

Quick Switch
2002-08-11, 01:34 AM
Onslaught shrugged.

"Well...it's the only reality I've known. You can access everything you need to know from the Transformer Archives."


Swindle waved back to Minerva, rather sheepishly...then shrank back next to Vortex and Brawl as Roadbuster looked at him.

In the cell with the other Headmasters, Traveler's optics glazed.

"Master Astrotrain is just and fair...he saved Metrotitan from the Autobots...he is just and fair. He will dispense justice in the name of my Creator. Do not fear him."


Blast Off fired his retros as they approached the site.

"We must retrive Unicron's brain. It must not be re-used again."

2002-08-11, 05:06 AM
(OOC: I thought we were all in seperate cells, with the exception of Minerva, Traveler, and Nightbeat. I also figured that the corridor ends with a cell in the dead end wall of the corridor, and three cells in each of the corridor walls.)

Nightbeat: "I just hope he doesn't feel that he might have to prove something to the others. He might think to use us as a prime target." -chuckles- "Or, everything may go right for once and we'll be escorted out of here with a full honor guard."

Minerva: "With our luck, we'll wind up frozen in slabs of carbonite hanging on Motormaster's wall."

Nightbeat: "That's right. Think positive."

Minerva: -shrugs- "Little else has gone right since we got here."

Brainstorm: -still punching commands into the panel on his arm, still occasionally looking up at the energy bars of the cell-

Quick Switch
2002-08-11, 03:44 PM
(OOC: Slip of the keyboard. Ignore 'with the other Headmasters' and such.)

Traveler smiled weakly but said nothing.

2002-08-11, 07:35 PM
An amused smirk grew on Overlord's face. "Unicron's brain? Do you seriously think that something is left of it after that explosion we all saw?"

Quick Switch
2002-08-11, 07:57 PM
If he could have shaken his head, Blast Off would have. But he couldn't. So the Space Warrior angled one tailfin as a sign of displeasure.

"The Autobots must not capture what is left...I will find it if you will not search for it! Imagine the wealth of knowledge stored in that brain...somewhere...lies the keys to the Liege's destruction...and it will give us ultimate ascendency over anyone who dares defy the Empire!"

The space shuttle detached a scanning crane arm to weave amongst the wreckage. Blast Off fired his booster (and occasionally retro) rockets to delve deeper into the atmospheric junkyard.

2002-08-11, 09:54 PM
Megatron turned to Battery.

"You have the memory of some unwoken warriors don't you Battery!"

Battery Nodded.

"They are stored in my databanks!"

Megatron smirked and walked over to Onslaught.

"Some of the warriors may want to join Teratron for now. I think you should join me!"

2002-08-11, 11:24 PM
Hatemonger paused for a moment in his training to address Cryotek.

"I am I amusing you?" He smiled throwing several punches to the air.

"It's ok. There is nothing else to do in this waste of time. I could go snack on Astrotrain, but that might anger someone." Cryotek smiled.

"Ahh, So tell me what is it you seem to know about Gigatron." Hatemonger asked Cryotek.

"Ahh plenty. You might find it hard to believe but I fell from the future as well. Damn lab accidents." He laughed.

"Ok so you somehow created a time rift." Hatemonger said smashing a block of steel.

"Yes, but thats unimportant. I ended up here a few years ago but long enough to meet you and the rest is history. Most of the Decepticon heirarchy really does fail to impress me." He spat.

"I agree that's why I agreed to the duel with Teratron." Hatemonger said welding a ball and chain around him.

"Yes, you do realise that Gigatron will be a powerful foe, but I would not be standing behind you if I didn't think you could not beat him." Cryotek said looking down.

"I understand that, but still there are no assurances I will win. However this needs to be done to satisfy my spark." He said still swinging the ball and chain.

"And this is why I stand beside you. You have drive, something so terribly lacking in this time. Gigatron in the future sort of had it but relied too much on his lackies who tended to get smashed to pits by the Autobots in that time. Rather than fighting with them himself." Cryotek said.

Hatemonger nodded.

"Either way I will leave you be so you can continue your training." Cryotek wrapped his wings around himself and watched.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-12, 09:41 PM
"Soundwave, surely you can see the rabble that dares to call itself Decepticon....these warriors are not worthy of bearing our name....Robots such as you and I are no longer respected because these whelps squabble whilst we lead...."

Quick Switch
2002-08-13, 01:01 AM
(OOC: I'm looking after Flec's characters in his abscence.)

Soundwave stared at Sixshot.

"The leadership contest shall end all speculation," he replied.


Onslaught shook his head.

"In another time, Megatron, perhaps. But now...the risk is too great."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-13, 09:59 AM
Sixshot was almost taken aback...

"Soundwave, was that a joke? Decepticon warriors as you and I are ignored as this rabble fight amongst themselves, chasing shadows. Whilst warriors, true Decepticons are shunted backwards, what contest is this you speak of? I seem to have missed some fun and games in my....absence..."

Sixshot was now standing at Soundwave's desk, leaning forward. One of the slight modifications he'd made during the battle was to add two gun clips to his waist. His huge Concussion blasters rolled slightly forward as he leant, both clanking on the desk..

2002-08-13, 04:36 PM
"Blast-Off... With all that aristocratic intelligence of yours that you seem to value over everything else... Did you even once stop to think does a celestial being like Unicron store data as we do?" Overlord questioned the Combaticon while following closely behind the spacewarrior.

"I would be surprised if we indeed find a brain module with all this knowledge you seek... encoded into it... with such ways that we could understand it." The larger Decepticon continued with a sarcastic tone in his voice.

Quick Switch
2002-08-13, 04:48 PM
Soundwave stood. He turned on a wall monitor, displaying pictures of Gigatron/Teratron and Hatemunger.

"Galvatron chose Gigatron/Teratron as new Leader of our race. A usurper, Hatemunger, has issued a leadership contest against him. Commander Astrotrain is attempting to maintain order in Metrotitan until the duel is completed."

He turned back to Sixshot, arms crossed.

"You are not completely free of doubt, Sixshot. Your temporary allegiance with the Renegades may go before Gigatron for scrutiny. At the very least, Astrotrain will demand an investigation."


Gigatron sat in his chamber, meditating- circuits and servos priming for the fight which would determine the future of Decepticon leadership.


Blast Off remained silent for a time.

"Very good point, my large comrade," the Combaticon replied.

The crane arm weaved.

"But the attempt must be made. You found Scorpnok's weapon here. Why not something else?"

2002-08-13, 06:25 PM
Megatron looked at slowly.

"And what would the risk be."

Battery turned and exited Metrotitan.

He transformed into his mobile station mode and waited for Megatron.

Lord Zarak
2002-08-13, 10:30 PM
After mulling over the words of Astrotrain, Shockwave came to a conclusion: to achieve his goal of Decepticon leader, he must accept the leadership of others before it would progress logically to him.

"Astrotrain I seak an audience with you regarding our last meeting. What I have to say to you may interest you."

He also decided to get in touch with Scrapheap.

''Scrapheap, this is Shockwave. I have a request for you. I would like you to make the body, and install the personality of the transformer, whos specification I am sending you. You will find that I have included weapons schematics, armour specifications and alternative mode, plus other design specifications. Please contact me if you can do as I have requested. I think you will find that it is important that we replace our fallen with fresh, new blood who will carry the Decepticon name into the future.''

2002-08-13, 11:02 PM
Scrapheap got back to Shockwave.

"Ok, I am on it, better than sitting around rotting in this place. I'll get started right away!" He smiled as a video screen popped up and he told a drone to go retrieve metals and weapons for this new transformer.

"Now to get to work." He smiled looking at the sematics and welding a frame together.

2002-08-13, 11:11 PM
(OOC: People can use their radios in the brig? I wouldn't have thought so.)

Triggerhappy and Needlenose walked through the corridors, their rifles held across their chestplates, a clear indication that they meant serious business, and were not to be trifled with. As they made their way through the corridors, they noted muted conversations and heated debates. Most revolved around the upcoming contest between Hatemonger and Teratron.

"So," Triggerhappy asked his partner.
"Who's gonna win?"

"I dunno man. Hatemonger's been training hard recently I noticed. But how much good all the training will do against this Matrix empowered Teratron dude, I have no idea."
"Should be great to watch."
"Yeah, hope we get to see it."


Meanwhile, in another corridor, two of the newcomers were strolling along, in a somewhat more relaxed manner, weapons held loosely at their sides. Their conversation revolved around a different topic, however.

"Man, what do you think of the new Commander?"
"Spinister? He's OK," Slugslinger replied.
"Very quiet though," Misfire noted.
"You said it, but deadly efficient. We know that, otherwise Scourge wouldn't have chosen him."
"Yeah? I don't think much of Scourge."
"Don't sell him short. He's tough. Remember, he got us out of that Nebulan mess."
"Weeeell," Misfire replied, glancing down with distaste at his weapon, obviously referring to the Nebulan partner inside.
"Besides, did you SEE him back there? Man, he looked even scarier than he did before. I bet you a whole stack of energon cubes that he's even more dangerous now."

The two patrols continued.


Meanwhile, Spinister was walking swiftly through the corridors towards the Auditorium. Soon, it would be full of Decepticon warriors, and he wanted to ensure that it was secure before they all began filing in.

With a sigh, he keyed open the door, and entered the room, beginning his search.

2002-08-14, 06:32 AM
Hatemonger continued to train. Brutal force, sheer speed and uncanny skill. He trained long and hard continuing to ready himself for Teratron.

Cyrotek hung over watching Hatemonger ever closely.

"Man this is a drag." Skyblade sighed with the rest of the group there.

"Anyone got some ideas?" Hit asked.

2002-08-14, 05:27 PM
Adeara shook her head. Obviously, Gigatron hadn't heard her. Oh well. Time to wander, and possibly find some quarters, if possible. I think Soundwave has some authority here....let me find him... Adeara began to walk the corridors of Metro-Titan, listening all the while for Soundwave's unique voice. Her smaller size, and obviously feminine features were a shock to those Decepticons she passed. From what she knew, she was the only female Decepticon.

She wandered for a while when she heard Soundwave's voice. "You are not completely free of doubt, Sixshot. Your temporary allegiance with the Renegades may go before Gigatron for scrutiny. At the very least, Astrotrain will demand an investigation." She walked a little faster, making surprising little noise. As she approached what appeared to be an office, Adeara slowed. Once outside the place where she had heard the voice, Adeara stopped, then rapped on the wall, then waited.

Quick Switch
2002-08-14, 05:51 PM
Onslaught shook his head.

"Now is not the time, Megatron. Perhaps later."


Soundwave turned to the door.



Astrotrain crossed his arms.

"Speak, Shockwave."

Mindwipe smiled.

2002-08-14, 05:59 PM
Megatron turned to the exit.

"Too bad the new arriors will most likely join me."

Battery had already transformed into his base mode.

"Battery. To the rock surface not far away. We will.. inspect our new warriors!"

Megatron laughed.


HellFire looked around.

"I don't. Thats for sure!"

2002-08-14, 06:36 PM
"True enough Blast-Off." Overlord replied. "However... there is so much junk floating around here that it might be better if he stabilized a temporarly base up here."

"Trypticon or Metrotitan would be quite ideal for such a task as they have the equipment to make some use of this junk." Overlord suggested.

2002-08-14, 06:49 PM
Battery arrived at some caves. They were dark.

A little too dark.

Megatron jumped out and transformed into his tank mode. A light shone from it.

"Wait here Battery. We may have some...."

Megatron heard a noise. Something swooped along the sharp edges above him.

Then something roared as small shining eyes glowed in the dark.

"Who are you!"

A voice from above said.

"Have you come to try and destroy us?"

The voice seemed to move around the room.

Megatron finally spoke.

"I am Megatron. I have come here..."

Megatron transformed.

"To welcome you to the Decepticons.!"

The transformer that roared stepped forward.

He was Dark Lio Convoy, the evil version of Lio Convoy of the Cybertrons.

"Come out Blood. It is time for us to stop dwelling in caves"

A bat of some sort swooped down and landed. It showed itself to Megatron. It was a pretender. It was Blood, the leader of the Decepticon pretenders.

"A pretender. Strange, i have never seen one before, but you seem like an able warrior!"

The Vampire showed his fangs with an evil smirk.


Battery landed back beside Metrotitan.

Battery was just a bit smaller but not by much.

Battery was in his battleship mode.

Megatron, followed by Blood and Dark LioConvoy stood at the entrance.

Megatron targetted his scanners on Hatemonger's warriors.


2002-08-14, 07:52 PM
Adeara entered the office seconds after Soundwave spoke. Seeing he was already busy with another Decepticon, she paused. "You're busy. I'll come back later..... Forgive the intrusion." She then moved to leave.

Lord Zarak
2002-08-14, 08:18 PM
"I have come to this conclusion: for the Decepticons to become as strong as we previously were, all Decepticons must accept the currant leadership, no matter who it is. This applies to myself, and as well as yourself." said Shockwave.
"In short, I recognise Lord Teratron as my leader."

2002-08-15, 06:38 AM
Scrapheap looked at the frame that now laided on the table in front of him. He paused and looked at his handywork.

"Well, I hope Shockwave will be pleased." He smiled and continued to weld.

Legion looked and saw Megatron.

"Skyblade it looks like Megatron has returned." He said to Skyblade.

Skyblade looked over the horizon and zoomed in his optics.

"Megatron? How goes the time here?" He yelled and waited.

2002-08-15, 11:43 AM
Brainstorm: -taps final command in on his arm panel, looks at energy bars on cell-

Energy bars: -turn blue-

Brainstorm: "YES!"

Chromedome: "You found a way out?"

Brainstorm: -sighs, sits down in cell- "No, but I was able to tap into the available light spectrum for the cell bar photon emitters and changed the color."

Chromedome: -groans-

Nightbeat: -looking at Traveler- "Think Astrotrain'll get here soon?"

Minerva: -waves at Swindle again-

Quick Switch
2002-08-15, 12:28 PM
Blast Off replied:

"Perhaps we should return to Cybetron...the scrap isn't going anywhere. As soon as Lord Teratron deals with Hatemunger, we can begin the salvage operation with our city comrade's assistance."


Soundwave shrugged.

"Are we finished, Sixshot?"


Astrotrain nodded.

"I suppose that will have to do for now. All right, you're released. However, Metrotitan will monitor your activities. If you flee Metrotitan, you will be fired upon."

Astrotrain commanded:

"Metrotitan! Release Shockwave!"

The bars vanished.

Lord Zarak
2002-08-15, 12:40 PM
Shockwave stepped out.
"Thank you Astrotrain."

Fool. He should know that I am a threat. he said to himself.

He started walking towards Scrapper.

Quick Switch
2002-08-15, 01:24 PM
Astrotrain left the Maximum Security wing with Mindwipe.

"Do you think that was wise?" Mindwipe asked.

Astrotrain shrugged.

"Lord Teratron granted a reprieve for Hatemunger. And if Shockwave tries anything, I'll have Metrotitan kill him."

"Fair enough. Blah, he must know he is being monitored," Mindwipe quiried.

"Metrotitan is observing Shockwave...yes, Metrotitan?"

"Yes, Master," the huge city replied.


Swindle returned the wave Minerva gave him, still feeling sheepish.

Traveler's optics dimmed.

"The Commander arrives," he said simply.

The two Decepticons laughed and entered the main Brig. Onslaught stood and saluted.


Astrotrain nodded.

"These are the Headmasters?" The City Commander jerked his head to the bars.

"Yes, sir. We've detained them, but not after a fierce struggle." Onslaught stepped to the bars and pointed at Roadbuster.

"That one is especially crafty," the Combaticon leader opined.

Astrotrain stepped up to the bars, and put his hands behind his back.

"For those of you who don't know me, I am Astrotrain. I command this City, for the glory of Lord Teratron. Now, I'm going to ask you one simple question: what did you hear in the Auditorium."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-15, 07:48 PM
"Finished? Soundwave you think I have even begun you are gravely mistaken. Understand I care not for leaders or particularly leadership, I understand my actions have not been .... beneficial to my standing in the ranks, I am prepared to answer my actions."

Sixshot stood as Adeara entered and left...

"But Soundwave, in your infinite logic, surely you know I speak true, despite the power of our ranks, they are as brainless as Kantrian Platypi...."

Sixshot turned sharply, his twin concussion blasters remaining firm to his legs...

"You will see Soundwave, I shall be around, watching, find me should you need..."

2002-08-15, 08:33 PM
Megatron smirked.

"What are you doing here. All lone. Bored."

Dark Lio Convoy strode forward.

"Who are these, beings!"

Megatron let out a silent laugh.

"These are Hatemonger's warriors. Dark LioConvoy, and Blood."

The Vampire flew forward showing his fangs.

"What are you doing here, sitting like a bunch of..."

Megatron cut him off.

"Stop it Blood. They are warriors. And what are you doing here?"

Battery waited outside checking certain memory files.


HellFire nudged Skyblade forward.

2002-08-15, 08:42 PM
Skyblade spoke up.

"Right now we are waiting. Hatemonger is training for his duel with Teratron, Scrapheap is busy building for various Decepticons and we are sitting here, as the current Decepticon leadership seems to think we are all traitors, so they do not have us help with anything." Skyblade grumbled.

Scrapheap looked at the steadly filling frame, as mechanics and robotics and computer components began to fill the frame of the Decepticon he was working on for Shockwave.

2002-08-15, 08:47 PM
"Then why don't we just try and do something."

Blood's pretender shell blew off and a small robot emerged.

Dark LioConvoy transformed into his Beast Mode. Blood jumped onto it.

"Hatemonger is going to need a base. Metrotitan, it is too cold. It can be used as a backup plan. I found some strange caves that could be made into a base. There was some unused equipment from TimeSplitter. It is still with ScrapHeap. Since you are doing nothing what else is there to do. Build a few weapons and test them. ScrapHeap will have some weapon parts."

2002-08-16, 12:04 AM
Nightbeat: "We heard that your change of command from Galvatron to Gigatron.... Teratron..... Whoever he is now did not go as smoothly as one might have hoped. We also heard that your own position as City Commander may not be completely stable. Plans were mentioned, suggestions were raised, and a duel was challenged."

Siren: "It was exciting stuff, to be sure. Made me wish I'd brought a video camera."

Hosehead: "Or at least a tape recorder."

Minerva: -shrugs- "I was talking to Traveler."

Roadbuster: -still glaring at the Decepticons-

Minerva: -moves into a position so she can partially see Roadbuster through the bars- "Calm down, Roadbuster. Glaring at them isn't going to help matters any. It's not like you have laser beams in your optics or anything." -looks at Mindwipe- "Well, I'll be..... Hey, Chromedome! Mindwipe's here!"

Chromedome: -chuckles- "I thought I noticed a distinct lack of Skullcruncher around here."

2002-08-16, 05:02 AM
Skyblade nodded but then spoke up.

"For right now we are going to wait until after the duel to make any more plans." Skyblade said.

"It makes the most sense, if Hatemonger wins then we are set anyway if he loses thats a back up plan." He smiled.

2002-08-16, 10:56 AM
"Powers are shifting, plans are unfurling. More and more are flocking to Hatemonger's side. You must be vigilant."
"I always am. That's why I'm still around. Maybe it's time to find Astrotrain."

Scourge turned and left the room.


Later, he walked along the corridor outside the brig, and stepped up to the door. Keying it open, he slid inside, and stood near the door, waiting for Astrotrain to finish.


Spinister had, after a most thorough search of the Auditorium, found nothing. It appeared that no one would dare try to disrupt the duel before it had even begun. Pulling his flamethrower from subspace, he tossed it at his feet, where Singe transformed into robot mode.
"Come, we have much work to do," he told the Nebulan.
"Ready when you are."
"We must ajourn to the observation room."

The observation room was lined with monitors and speakers, each showing what the various vid-cams around Metrotitan were seeing at the time. The two bots sat down, and begun monitoring.

Quick Switch
2002-08-16, 01:24 PM
Soundwave said nothing as Sixshot left.

He turned to Adeara, and looked at her, remaining silent.


Astrotrain stood, nonplussed.

"That is a lie. My position is not tenous. It is secure. Lord Teratron has placed great faith in my position, and I will not fail our Leader."

Mindwipe smirked slightly.

"Blah, yes...."

Astrotrain shot him a look, and the hypnotist promptly became quiet.

"As you all can understand, this situation is unacceptable. If this data leaves your braincases, this will spark another war... None of you will be able to leave Metrotitan for the time being. The legalities of this are simple enough: you were tresspasing."

The Triple Changer thought.

"I'll have that data removed from your minds one way or another. But rest assured- it will only be a simple-minute, really- operation...nothing serious, or life threatening. Unless you all have something else to mention to me, good day."

Astrotrain stepped back from the bars and waited, and caught eye contact with Scourge.

2002-08-16, 01:44 PM
Scourge held eye contact, and nodded once. Astrotrain was proving to be a wise and decisive Commander, and that could only bode well for the Decepticon cause.

Assuming that the Headmasters had nothing more to say, Scourge half turned, and made ready to accompany Astrotrain and Mindwipe out of the room.

2002-08-16, 04:27 PM
Nightbeat: "You people brought us here when we were injured. You could have delivered us to Iacon and then none of this would have happened. Or better yet, left an escort outside of your repair bay." -crosses arms- "We weren't trespassing. We were lost." -scowls- "And you're right. What we heard would probably start the war again."

Roadbuster: "Personally, I can't wait."

Lord Zarak
2002-08-16, 04:37 PM
Shockwave walked into Scrappers workshop immediately after leaving his cell in the brig. He wanted to check on progress of the new Decepticon warrior.

"Greetings Scrapper . I trust all goes well?"

2002-08-16, 07:25 PM
Megatron looked at Skyblade.

"If Hatemonger loses... most likely he and his followers will be slaughterd or sent to mine ore!. And if Teratron loses... either the remaining Decepticons will follow us..."

Megatron turned to Blood and Dark Lio Convoy.

"Or they will kill us!"

2002-08-16, 07:53 PM
Adeara stood outside Soundwave's office till Sixshot had left, then reentered. "Soundwave, I understand you have a command position. I am curious, have you any need for me, and is there some place where I might find respite when I am not needed for anything? As you know, fleshlings tend to tire with out regular rest, and I am like most other fleshlings in that respect."

Adeara's voice was calm, showing nothing of her slight fear that Soundwave, or Gigatron, would demand that she be reimprisoned.

2002-08-16, 09:25 PM
Overlord transformed into robot mode and crossed his arm over his chest. "Why? There is nothing for me down there. Just pointless bickering and overconfident braggarts."

"Before that blasted duel has been fought nothing will happen." Overlord snorted. "Astrotrain and other couldn't care less what we are doing as long as we are not causing trouble to them by attacking the Autobots."

"You go if you so wish." The large Godmaster said to Blast-Off. "I rather stay here for I cannot promise to keep myself under control if I see someone trying to jump of my feet again..."

"Like that slagpile Cryotek..." Overlord snarled, clenching his fist angrily...

Quick Switch
2002-08-17, 12:07 AM
Astrotrain nodded once.

"Very well. You have confimed that you do possess explosive information. I will confer with my lieutenants. For now, you will remain housed here. Good day."

Astrotrain turned on his heel and strode out of the Brig, Mindwipe followed.

Onslaught saluted as Astrotrain passed, Brawl, Swindle and Vortex also saluted, they then came out of attention and remained seated.


Outside the Brig, Astrotrain turned to Scourge, who managed to make pace with the Triple Changer.

"A minor operation must be undertaken immediately, Scourge. For the good of the Empire, the Headmasters must not leave Metrotitan with that information."


Soundwave stood, reflective.

"Your position...is still somewhat tenous, despite what I may have said earlier. For now...gather information. Find out which Decepticons show loyalty for Hatemunger. The information you discover may help sway Lord Teratron to change your stature within the Empire."

The Communications Officer paused.

"Astrotrain is the other trusted Lieutenant of our Lord. Show him respect due to his position. He...is rather zealous in his defense of our Leader. Lord Teratron showed Astrotrain much faith, and promoted him on merit...he attained his present position in a most satisfying manner, defending Metrotitan from the Autobots. Be mindful of him."


"You may stay in one of the unoccupied living quarters. Metrotitan will make one available. You will be monitored."


Blast Off transformed to robot mode, and landed on an asteroid a few feet from Overlord.

"No, I will stay. And scan. Perhaps the Autobots shall arrive, and lead us to something precious. Then we shall interdict them from receiving it."

2002-08-17, 02:02 AM
Nightbeat: "Well, that went about as well as could be expected."

Roadbuster: "Then why did you tell him what we heard?"

Nightbeat: "Given where they found us, they'd braindance us just to be safe either way."

Chromedome: "Even the knowledge that their command structure is slightly unstable could be useful information."

Nightbeat: "Add to that the fact that not having the Autobots be aware of what they're doing could be a signifigant advantage, so that when they do know what's going on, the Decepticons will be in a much better position."

Hardhead: "So what do we do?"

Nightbeat: "We wait for the right moment."

Minerva: -waves at Swindle again, transforms to vehicle mode, removes helmet- "All right, big brother. Get down here so I can check you over."

Nightbeat: -removes head, sets it on floor next to Minerva-

Head: -transforms-

Muzzle: -sags, caught by Minerva- "Leggo.... I'm fine..... just tired......"

Minerva: -eases Muzzle into the front passenger seat of her transector- "Then get some sleep." -looks out of cell- "That goes for you guys as well."

Siren: -sarcastically- "Yes, mom." -removes head-

Quig: -transforms, spends the next few seconds convincing himself that his right arm is still attached-

Hosehead: -removes head-

Lug: -transforms, stretches-

Minerva: -looks up at Traveler- "Does Metrotitan have any food for us organic types?"

Quick Switch
2002-08-17, 03:15 AM
Onslaught sat, reflective.

"That went well. These Headmasters will soon concede their information...one way or another."

Brawl sniffed.

"I dunno, Onslaught. Half of these characters didn't seem that impressed."

Vortex laughed.

"What's the difference? When Scrapper and Hook get down remvoing the info, it'll be like nothing every happened."

Onslaught's optics gleamed.

"Perhaps. These Autobots were-almost- worthy opponents."

Brawl and Vortex exchanged puzzled glances.

"They had the courage to defeat those idiot Stunticons, didn't they?" Onslaught replied, which caused derisive laughter from Brawl and Vortex.

Swindle, however, stood, acutely awkward. Again, returning the wave, he quietly approached Minerva's cell.

Traveler began:

"Of course, my Creator possesses a variety of food processors..." but stopped when Swindle appeared.

"Um...listen, Minerva. Can I talk to you for a minute?" Swindle placed his hands behind his back.

2002-08-17, 09:21 AM
Scourge nodded ascension.
"Of course, Commander. Keep it close, however. War with the Autobots is exactly what some of our fellow Decepticons want."

He glanced at Mindwipe for a second, a new level of confidence there. Before, he had been - well, afraid was too strong a word - apprehensive of the mystic, but now, he could afford to be more confident. Turning back to the commander, he briefed him on the recent goings-on.

"I've been acting on your orders. Megatron recently left the city along with his new warrior Battery, and was observed entering a cave complex nearby. Our scanners detected two Transformer lifesigns, consistent with technorganic lifeforms. They could either be Pretenders, or... Well, recently, just before the battle with Unicron, Metrotitan observed a time-rift opening, and several very small organic Transformers appearing through it. It's possible that two of these have decided to allign themselves with Megatron."

"Now to the bigger threat. Most of Hatemonger's warriors are on standby, inactive at the moment. Waiting for the duel, no doubt. Spinister and his Targetmasters are observing them. Spinister informed me that he doesn't think that they'll try to interfere with the duel before it takes place, but I've ordered him to monitor them closely. As for Hatemonger himself, he's training hard. He believes it'll do him good when it comes to fighting Teratron."

2002-08-17, 10:47 AM
"Dark Lio Convoy, Battery, make sure Hatemonger is doing okay with his training. Keep in those caves. Don't make contact. No one shall interfere in the match between Teratron and Hatemonger. If anyone does, you know what to do."

Megatron turned to Blood who had jumped of Dark LioConvoy.

" Come with me to the brig. We should go see how our friends are doing."

The Pretender shell began to cover the small robot.


Battery in ship mode flew up above Metrotitan.

He scanned the area.

Dark LioConvoy fan up to the caves. There was a small cliff above them. He jumped up and transformed into robot mode. He got his gun out and settled down on the cliff. Ready to take out any interferer.


Megatron and Blood walked down to see Onsluaght and the others again.

"Hello again"

2002-08-17, 01:31 PM
Minerva: "Sure. What's up, Swindle?"

Muzzle: -looks to make sure no one is watching, pulls out a data pad, starts writing- "Traveler, could you have Metrotitan send some food down?"

Quick Switch
2002-08-18, 01:36 AM
Astrotrain nodded as they walked.

"Excellent infromation, Scourge."

Mindwipe walked on the other side of Astrotrain.

"The ancients have told me that this is a perilous time," the hypnotist spoke obliquely.

Astrotrain nodded again.

"Yes...Megatron...well, the one of which you speak is not the Leader I fought for twenty Earth years with. For now...we shall wait. But his attempts at fostering another rebellion will come to nothing. We shall make sure it does not, after Lord Teratron settles this nonsense with Hatemunger."


"Lord Teratron is of a higher plane than that usuprper. I am certain of that. Training or no...Hatemunger will fail."

Astrotrain reached his office and entered.

"Please, sit," he indicated to his lieutenants, pointing to the chairs opposite his desk.


Traveler's optics dimmed for a moment.

"I have sent a request to my Creator. The materials you require should arrive shortly."

Swinde was sweating coolant lubricant. He slowly raised his head and looked at Minerva.

"Um...I just wanted to say...I appreciate you not terminating me when you had the chance." He paused. "I never met an Autobot like you before, Minerva."

2002-08-18, 12:52 PM
"We hope, anyway" Scourge noted, as he sat down.


Spinister had decided to switch to view the corridors of Metrotitan, who knows what he might spot?

While on his patrol, Needlenose had noted that the rest of the 'Cons gave him and Triggerhappy a wide berth, and this boosted his confidence yet further. He subconciously began to strut.

2002-08-18, 07:50 PM
"Bah... now that we are here we can have a little discussion... What you think of all this... disturbalance with the Decepticon leadership? About this rather amusing infighting between Teratron and Hatemunger?" Overlord asked from Blast-Off while letting his scanners keep an eye on Autobot actions and at the same time searching for anything that the Decepticons could exploit.

2002-08-18, 08:15 PM
Adeara stared at Soundwave. He wants me to do simple spywork? How degrading. And I'm guessing Teratron is Gigatron's name now the Matrix has changed him, yet he readily answered to Gigatron when I spoke to him earlier. Hmmmm.... She simply nodded, turned and walked away.

Once she was out of hearing range, Adeara cursed quite colorfully in her own language. Why do I have to do what a simple drone could do?!? Its so beneath me!

Quick Switch
2002-08-18, 08:24 PM
Astrotrain sat.

"Very well...now to business. I'll detach Hook and Scrapper to oversee the operation...and Scourge, I'll need your assesement of preparations by your Targetmasters to put down any rebellion of Hatemunger's forces. In case...other forces are not loyal."


Blast Off shrugged.

" It is the way of leadership, Overlord. And our race. Fighting is all we know. Onslaught is loyal to Astrotrain, who is loyal to Teratron. Thus, my place has been decided. But I take it you find the whole affair...pointless."


Soundwave spoke.

"Monitor her activities."

Metrotitan replied:


2002-08-19, 01:00 AM
Minerva: "I'm a doctor, Swindle. I can't kill. It's against the Hypocratic Oath." -grins- "Besides, all I have for a gun in a stun blaster." -bows slightly- "And thank you for the complement. You're not like any Decepticon I've ever met, either."

Roadbuster: -clenching and unclenching his fists, still glaring at the Decepticons-

Brainstorm: -looking through his cell bars at Roadbuster- "Hey, Chromedome.... You don't think he's gonna do anything stupid, do you?"

Chromedome: "He can try. Don't know how successful he'll be."

2002-08-19, 04:08 PM
Adeara was still walking when she realized that it would be easier to get the information Soundwave sent her for if she changed forms. Shifting to a very small form, one a Decepticon wouldn't be able to see easily, that flew, Adeara, now in a tiny black bird-like body whose wings beat very fast, but silently, flitted about, looking for where Hatemonger and his cronies might be......

2002-08-19, 10:46 PM
Hatemonger trained harder, knowing his fight with Teratron would be occuring soon enough.

Skyblade smiled.

"Well if we are gonna be made slaves when we should be leaders, then we take the fight to the ones that attack us." He smiled.

Scrapheap continued to work on Shockwave's project the massive framework slowly beginning to fill out.

2002-08-20, 01:43 AM
Thunderwing stroked his chin looking at Skywarp and Thundercracker.

Thunderwing: "You have both healed well...Skywarp is completely online and Thundercracker is at 95 percent. The Coneheads have also begun to come around...but the twins...they aren't going as quickly as I would like."

Thunderwing opened Skywarp's chrio-tube.

Thunderwing: "Well...you are complete old friend...and I give the choice. You can either stay and work with me...or you can leave. The choice is yours."

2002-08-20, 02:05 AM
Thundercracker holds his head and shakes it as he stumbles out of his tube as the healing cycle completes itself. "Talk about your cobwebs," he says, then stands to look at Thunderwing, then Skywarp. "Looks like everything old is new again."

Quick Switch
2002-08-20, 02:05 AM
(OOC: Mindwipe has been shifted to NPC status. I have picked Dirge back up, since G91 has revived the Sec-Gen Seekers thanks to Thunderwing. If any other Mods have a problem with this-G91 and I have spoken already concerning the above- please let me know.)

Dirge awoke.

I function? What madness is this?

The blue Seeker, made whole again by some unknown machinations left the operating table.

He appeared in the doorway with Thunderwing, Skywarp, and Thundercracker.

"Thunderwing...how?" The blue Seeker quiried, looking at his new body (which resembled his old shell.)

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-20, 07:13 AM
Skywarp was uneasy with the position Thunderwing had provided him...a tearaway group, yes, his leader Galvatron, he had saw destroyed and he didn't much care for the off-worlder who replaced him.

"Work with you? Or work for you? Thunderwing don't think for one second that your 'legacy' doesn't come before you...what re-assurances can you give us that you ain't gonna go schizo on us...."

Though I do owe him my life.....

2002-08-20, 06:35 PM
"I am not from this time." Overlord grunted and looked at Blast-Off. "Jinrai and I came from same timeline... It amuses me that he seems to have forgotten me completely. Not that it bothers me at all."

Overlord's optics flashed and he let his gaze travel deeper to the space before him. "In my timeline there was no Teratron. Nor I am sure if Gigatron was there either. I remember Galvatron being buried under thousands of tons of ice... he was a lunatic, no one was loyal enough to dig him out. The leadership was divided between me, Deszaras, Black Zarak and Hatemunger. I led the Decepticons on Earth... Hatemunger and Black Zarak on Cybertron and Deszaras... who knows where."

"Needless to say, Jinrai was a thorn at my side but I crushed him, left him to die. I was unstoppable... until Devil Z and God Jinrai." Overlord spat out, clenching his fist angrily.

"Hatemunger was butchered by a Black Zarak because of different views considering... the future of the Decepticons... I met Black Zarak few times... and I really wouldn't like to see him again." Overlord explained, not going to the humiliating details he wasn't very fond of telling.

"I hate to admit that 'bots were winning..." Overlord said. "Ah... but back to the original question... No. I do not think this is pointless for there has to be one leader whose authority is not contininuously questioned, but I loathe Teratron for not crushing Hatemunger immediately... and Hatemunger for not acting when he had his best chance. Now these tensions between Decepticons cause only distress and hinder us away from our goal thus giving the Autobots more time to regroup and prepare. This is not the right way."

Lord Zarak
2002-08-20, 10:52 PM
After locating Scrapheap Shocwave approached him.

"I trust everything is well with the new warrior. Any mistake at all would jeapordise the whole experiment."

2002-08-20, 11:54 PM
Scrapheap smiled his eyes were black with a welding shield over them.

"He is coming along quite nicely." He smiled and continued to weld armour onto the new warrior, a black armour was beginning to cover the frame work.

"I should have him complete in a few days." He smiled working away.

Hatemonger thought to himself.

"I fought Megatron for my freedom (OOC EDIT I am fixing the story with Hatemonger and Megatrons duel ignore the post way back when about it). My freedom to not leave the Decepticons but couquer worlds for us. Megatron knew I was one of his best students if not the best and offered me a deal. If I could be him in battle I could leave. So we left the troops for some time and fought in the ruins of Cybertron, we battled for days neither of us gaining the upper hand until once when I went to attack Megatron and help up his hand and said enough!." Hatemogner thought practicing with weapons.

"Megatron looked at me and extended his hand. You are truly a great student and warrior, you are allowed my permission to take a force and leave doing as you wish, as long as you serve our cause loyally. This battle would have continued for days maybe weeks or months longer, you were not going to beat me just as I was not going to defend you. With that we shook hands and returned to the base. I assembled the Aerialcons and Stealth and went to fight for the Decepticons!" With that he paused and looked up at Cryotek and the scanners in the room.

"Opps I am sorry about that, you were not all suppose to hear that." He said frowning slightly.

"In honor of our Lord Megatron, we both swear to never discuss that battle. Most of the Decepticons from that era never did know who won or lost, they just knew I gained Megatrons respect. And one way or another I will reclaim my respect when I duel Teratron." He smiled and continued to train.

2002-08-21, 01:23 AM
Thunderwing smiled

Thunderwing: "Skywarp...such mistrust for an old friend. Galvatron...our leader...is dead and gone...or is he...hmmmm? No...this quest is not about personal glory...its about glory for the Decepticons...its about us claiming the power we so richly deserve. Thundercracker...what about you?"

2002-08-21, 01:53 AM
"I'm always up for a little glory," TC replies, "and claiming power as well. What kind of power are we talking about?"

"Ultimate power," a voice says from the shadows. "The kind you've only dreamed about."

The figure steps out, his orange 'hair' shining brightly in the powerful lights. His piercing eyes look over each of them, and he twirls his gun on his finger as he stands next to Thunderwing. "Well old friend, I see you've brought everyone out for this one. It is agreeable to see you all again. For those who might not remember, I am Top Dollar."

The name strikes TC as familiar. The powerful bounty hunter, assassin for hire whose abilities have never been in doubt, and whose desireis the stuff of legends. The Autobot bounty hunter Devcon, he thinks to himself, never has been in this guy's league...

"Yeah," he says finally. "I remember you...2004, wasn't it? That Autobot supply shuttle you, Skywarp and I raided?"

"Right," Top Dollar says. "Starscream paid a considerable fee to have me replace him, but it worked out well in the end."

"A few people weren't happy with you after that."

"I know. But that's life. Anyway, enough remaniscing. Let's get down to business," he looks at Thunderwing. "Yes?"

2002-08-21, 02:06 AM
Thunderwing smiled even more broadly as his old friend entered the room.

Thunderwing: "That depends..."

Thunderwing glances at Skywarp.

Thunderwing: "What do you say?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-21, 10:08 AM
Red, I don't know what kind of characterisaion you're trying to put on Skywarp, please don't, thanks

Thunderwing: "What do you say?"

Skywarp was uneasy....Thunderwing's past dealings with the Matrix Quest were well documented.


Skywarp paused momentarily, this one decision would shape his life, and the Decepticon Empire as they saw fit, an army of jets....

"Let's revive the others..."

2002-08-21, 02:40 PM
Megatron watched his old warriors from a different time. His eyes lit up .

"Battery, report!"


Battery transformed into robot mode beside the caves.

"Nothing is going wrong on this end Megatron"

LioConvoy kept his blaster in check then responded to Megatron's message.

"I have a sniping position set up if anyone attempts to try to interfere in the fight."


Megatron smiled a little bit.


Blood, now in vampire mode, sucked his fangs looking for some enrgon fuel.

"When will this fight be over!"


Megatron walked down to the end of the corridor.

2002-08-21, 06:09 PM
Adeara found herself in a room with Hatemonger and others, though she couldn't really see the others. She watched, and listened. Hatemonger was practicing, and when he saw the others, he stopped, and spoke two names she was able to discern: Megatron, and Teratron. With that heard, Adeara flitted out of the room, and flew back towards Soundwave's office as fast as she could.

Once she arrived there, Adeara shifted back to her Deception form, and just entered Soundwave's office.

"Soundwave! I think Hatemonger is trying to take control for someone else! He mentioned a being named Megatron, and something about respect. I didn't stay to hear if anything else was mentioned, since I thought this would be important to you, and Gigatron."

2002-08-21, 10:36 PM
Thunderwing patted Skywarp on the shoulder and smirked.

Thunderwing: "Excellent! Commence the revival process on Dirge, Ramjet, Thrust, Dreadwing and Darkwing!"

Thunderwing turned on the main computer and began to enter in the programming and schematics for the coneheads and powermasters.

Thunderwing: "Quickly, help me get them into the stasis pods...soon our brothers shall live again."

2002-08-21, 10:42 PM
Hatemonger smiled as he watched the shapechanger leave.

"Fool, she does not realise that it was the Mighty Megatron himself not another Megatron." He laughed and threw several punches.

Quick Switch
2002-08-22, 12:28 AM
(OOC: G91...Dirge is already re-activated...see my above post?)

Dirge scratched his head, and shot a look at Thunderwing

"No need, I'm already here, if you all had taken the time to notice!"


Soundwave nodded.

"Excellent. I will notify Lord Teratron in due time. Continue your work."


Blast Off shrugged.

"But that is not for us warriors to decide, comrade. The leaders shall due so for us. And the Autobots have squandered far greater chances at ridding the Universe of us. All of the Decepticons in this Universe were trapped in Scroponok for years, and the Autobots could have destroyed us. We were helpless...floating in deep space. But eventually, Galvatron freed us."

The space warrior shrugged.

"The Autobots will sow their seeds of their own destruction, I am sure of it. Their compassion, as Cyclonus has mentioned, is their weakness."

2002-08-22, 06:01 AM
Four drones wheeled in stasis pods. The pods were labelled "Ramjet", "Thrust", "Darkwing" and "Dreadwind".

One drone approached Thunderwing. "We will be able to completely rebuild Ramjet and Thrust's seeker bodies to their original specifications, Lord Thunderwing. However, since Darkwing and Dreadwind's bodies were melted down, we will be forced to reconsruct their bodies from scrach. We used their original blueprints to rebuid their bodies."

The drone held up a hologram pod, showing Thunderwing the hologram of the two jets in their original forms.

"We, of course, eliminated the human element from their bodies."

The drones placed the four bodies in the stasis pods.

"Ready for the reactivation process, Lord Thunderwing", the drone said.

Just then, a small beeping noise was heard from one of the consoles. One drone moved towards it.

"Incoming message from Earth, my lord", he said. "I will patch it through."

"Shrapnel to Cybertron, Cybertron. Can you read me Cybertron, Cybertron?"

Quick Switch
2002-08-22, 10:31 PM
Metrotitan interrupted Astrotrain's musings.

"Master...a transmission from Earth."

Astrotrain sat up.

"Play it at once."

Metrotitan obeyed.

Astrotrain looked at Scourge.

"What do you make of the message, Tracker?" The City Commander asked, perhaps a tad more jocular than usual. "That's Shrapnel...you do remember he attempted to take over the Empire? He betrayed us...as is his want...what is the motivation behind this message?"

Astrotrain leaned back in his chair.

"A plea for clemency? A boast? The Insecticons are fickle constructs..."

2002-08-22, 11:26 PM
Thunderwing looked at the drone.

Thunderwing: "See that Dirge is completed and finish the rest."

Thunderwing then went to his communications table.

Thunderwing: "Lord Thunderwing here...respond messenger."

Quick Switch
2002-08-22, 11:40 PM
Dirge shrugged and went back to the operating table.

He sat, and waited.

2002-08-23, 12:55 AM
"Acknowledged, Lord Thunderwing", the head drone said, he and two others preparing the pods for the reanimation process, as another one headed to give Dirge a look.

"Success!", Bombshell said. "We've made contact!"

"This is Shrapnel, Shrapnel. Who is this?"

Quick Switch
2002-08-23, 01:01 AM
Dirge shrugged.

"I'm...uh, already functional. You all did a good job, I suppose...but check me over again, OK? Maybe that way Thunderwing and the others'll tell me what's going on."

2002-08-23, 02:42 AM
Minerva: -wondering what Swindle is going to say next-

Muzzle, Quig, and Lug: -wondering when the food will arrive-

Brainstorm: -wondering if he can open the cell doors from inside the cell-

Chromedome and Hardhead: -playing cards-

Roadbuster: -wondering which position would be the best one to attack anybody coming into the cell from-

Quick Switch
2002-08-23, 03:29 AM
Swindle scratched his head.

"I'm...sorry things worked out this way..."

A Metrodrone clanked down the hallway, bearing a food tray.

"What is this?" Onslaught stood up, and pointed. "I did not authorize food brought to the prisoners!"

Brawl and Vortex also stood.

The Metrodrone shrugged.

"I received an order from another unit, the one located inside the cell. Make of it what you will, sir."

Swindle turned and looked at the Metrodrone. He thought.

"Come on, Onslaught! Have some compassion!"

Brawl and Vortex swiveled to face their comrade.

Onslaught too seemed dumbstruck for a time.

"I...see...Metrotitan...prepare to open the electro-cell locks."

Metrotitan rumbled:

"Acknowledged. Awaiting order."

Brawl and Vortex retrieved their weapons and pointed them at the Headmasters.

"Just give me an excuse to kill you all, and I'll do it!" Brawl snarled, aiming specifically at Roadbuster.

Onslaught spoke:

"Open the gates....disrupt the electric field for the Metrodrone only. Understood?"

"Complying," Metrotitan answered.

The Metrodrone walked through the cell when the bars disipated, deposited the food, and left. The bars re-appeared.

Onslaught stood, still apprehensive.

"Those whom need to consume, do so. Remain silent."

2002-08-23, 03:33 AM
ooc: Warp, you are way off on me--AGAIN. Check your PMs.


Top Dollar looks at the others as they are revived. There appears to be hints of recognition from all of them, which he is glad to see, because it saves him from having to remind them. Though they should simply believe Thunderwing when he greets him as an old friend, all those past dealings with the Decepticons have taught him that sometimes they simply don't trust their leaders.
"You guys really do have quite the bug collection," he quips, hearing Shrapnel's voice.

Thundercracker looks at his brother and waves his hand in front of his face. "Um...am I invisible over here? I said hello, Skywarp..."

He gets the feeling he is being ignored, so he steps away from him and goes over to the coneheads to hang out. "You're just a little dazed," he tells Dirge. "Your equilibrium needs to stabilize again and you oughta be fine."

Quick Switch
2002-08-23, 03:36 AM
Dirge smiled weakly.

"Uh, yeah, I guess so Thundercracker. It's just odd...comin' back from the dead..."

The Seeker shrugged.

"But hey, I'm not going to pass up a second chance."

Lord Zarak
2002-08-23, 11:33 AM
After being released from captivity, Shockwave had kept his distance from Hatemonger, as he knew that people would jump to conclusions. However, he now felt that this was the time to see him.

He moved through Metrotitan to the training area where Hatemonger was preparing. He found him in the middle of an exercise. He stood there and watched for a few minutes.

"Greetings Hatemonger . Is everything satisfactory?"

2002-08-23, 07:55 PM
****Metrotitan's Brig*****

Minerva: "So am I, Swindle...... So am I."

Muzzle, Quig, and Lug: -eating quietly-

Muzzle: -observing Onslaught's reactions, smiles-

Quig: "What is it?"

Muzzle: "Just information...."

Quick Switch
2002-08-23, 07:58 PM
"Onslaught said silence Autoscum!" Brawl stepped to the cell holding Quig and Muzzle and brandished his weapon. "So shut your vocoders!"

Vortex laughed maniacally, as was his want.

"Yeah, you heard Brawl. Do what Onslaught ordered!"

Onslaught seated himself in his chair, and steepled his fingers.

Swindle sat in a chair next to Minerva's cell, face more furrowed than ever.

2002-08-23, 08:30 PM
"The obvious question, is what are the Insecticons up to on Earth? Whatever it is, it can't be good for the Autobot/Decepticon alliance. If any harm comes to the fleshlings at the hands of the Army, then Prime will be swift to disolve the alliance."

Scourge frowned.

"We need more information. You should send someone to Earth. Someone discrete, who won't raise suspicion."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-23, 08:48 PM
Skywarp chuckled slightly....he allowed himself to do it occasionally, out loud.

"Yeah Dirge, you ain't kiddin' I've been back online almost an earth year now, in this new body....it still feels strange to me..."

OOC - Skywarp is still the same design, but souped up, decepticon matrix...long story

2002-08-23, 09:32 PM
The four pods opened up, and the four reanimated Decepticons woke up.

Ramjet shook his head. "Hey...what happened?"

"Yeah", Dreadwind said. "The last thing I remember was getting tossed in some smelter."

"Yeah", Darkwing said. "Me, too."

2002-08-23, 09:39 PM
Hatemonger smiled hearing Shockwave.

He was in the middle of exercise with his energon sabers, as he brought them down near Shockwaves head, stopping a hairs length from his head.

He smiled.
"Everything is fine, my friend. I am sorry if I surprised you, I wanted to test my skill and by not removing your head I can tell, I still can weld my weapons with the best of them." he said sheathing the sabers and grabbing a modified tonfa.

"The rest of my men I worry about, they most be getting restless here."

Scrapheap was finishing the work on the new Decepticon he was creating.

"Almost done, just a few more parts to weld and he will be online." He smiled.

Quick Switch
2002-08-23, 09:43 PM
Dirge cracked a smile.

Back in business.

"That's the truth. But, like I said...I'm not questioning it."

He rose from the table.

Dirge turned.

"Evidently, Thunderwing's revived us, 'Jet."


Astrotrain leaned forward.

"Adeara, the Shapechanger, comes to mind. She is new to our cause...she is unknown to the Insecticons, and their human confederates..."

The Triple Changer fixed Scourge with a level gaze.

"Do you perceive any tactical flaws with her selection? I do not."

2002-08-23, 09:58 PM
Ramjet looked at Dirge, then at Thunderwing.

"Why?", he asked.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-23, 10:04 PM
Skywarp chuckled again...

"Why Ramjet, for the glory of the Decepticon empire...naturally...."

Skywarp didn't like the situation, but made light of it, as was his nature...

2002-08-23, 10:25 PM
"Well, this is surprising", Ramjet said. "Last time I remember, I was attempting to bring down the Decepticon Empire."

Quick Switch
2002-08-23, 10:59 PM
Dirge smiled again at Skywarp's joke.

"The situation's changed, Ramjet. I think we have a new destiny now."

2002-08-23, 11:39 PM
Top Dollar looked over Ramjet. "You ask a lot more questions than you used to...I seem to remember you usually following without question. Albeit that was a long time ago now..."

Thundercracker found the irony of Ramjet's situation amusing, and Skywarp's joke annoying. Yep, he thought, just as it once was, it is again. He knew what would invariably come next...someone would take charge of the seekers and act as their liason to Thunderwing, like Starscream was supposed to have been to Megatron. Infighting wasn't his pleasure, however. He was far more interested in what was going to happen next, and what role the assassin/bounty hunter Top Dollar would play. Old friend to the Decepticons or not, whenever he was around, things happened. TC knew that this time would be no different.

2002-08-24, 12:00 AM
Scourge nodded.
"She has not proven herself. Yet. This will be a good oppurtunity, I think."

Quick Switch
2002-08-24, 12:18 AM
Astrotrain nodded, and activated his intercom button.

"Adeara Stormweaver, report to my office at once."

The City Commander terminated the transmission.

"Quite. And if she fails, the Empire will be none the worse."


Dirge laughed again.

"Ramjet went on an ego trip during our adventures. Almost got us killed a few times." The blue sec-gen Seeker shot a glance at his blue first-gen counterpart.

"I'm surprised Starscream himself isn't here. Shock, Thunderwing's managed to find our spirits and mesh them into new bodies. Why not our beloved Air Commander?"

Dirge's face twisted into a rictus grin. He wondered if the others would find the observation amusing. At the moment, Dirge didn't really care.