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2002-08-02, 06:04 PM
(OOC: Unicron's characters used with permission.)

Squinting at the six evil Decepticons before him, Blackout gritted his teeth at the thought of working with...Transformers.

Blackout: This trip to Earth is of great importance, Gunrunner. Optitron's repairs are a Class 1 priority, and the only force capable of repairing our leader resides on Earth. Now....transform!

Growling for a moment at the black Renegade, Gunrunner finally transformed to ship mode and opened his doors as his five teammates climbed aboard. Slowly, the four operational Renegades picked up Optitron's lifeless frame and carried him inside Gunrunner, and the ship began to lift off.

(OOC: Anyone who wants to hitch a ride to Earth, grab on to Gunrunner or ask the Renegades for a ride.)

2002-08-05, 11:04 AM
As Bean approached Gunrunner, he saw that the transformers near him didn't look like the friendliest sort. "Guys, I'd better transform, I'm not sure those guys up ahead would be too friendly to 3 humansized beings" Bean says as he stops the car. Rally and Talon get out of the car and Bean transforms into Bandit. Bandit bends down and grabs Rally and Talon and places them atop his shoulders. He then heads for the Renegades. He taps one of them on the shoulder. "Can I ask you something? This ship wouldn't happen to be going to Earth would it?"

2002-08-05, 04:40 PM
Feeling a tap on his broad purple shoulder, Driveby turns around slowly to face an unfamiliar face, devoid of any Autobot or Decepticon markings. He smirks and slightly raises a mechanical eyebrow above his shiny red visor, unimpressed by the robot before him.

Driveby: "Whatchu want, fool? It don't matter where this bitch be goin', all you gotsta know is that you ain't goin wit' it!"

As he gently rested Optitron's head on the cold steel floor plating of Gunrunner's interior, Blackout looked up and saw the irritable Driveby reading the riot act to the newcomer. Jumping from the loading area, he pulled Driveby back from the stranger.

Blackout: "That's enough, Driveby. Now, you. I am Blackout, sub-commander of the Renegades. Normally, I already would have left a....Transformer like yourself a smoking pile of rubble beneath my boot, but with peace comes understanding...who are you, and why do you want to go to Earth?"

2002-08-06, 01:11 PM
"The name's Bandit. And the lady and gargoyle are Rally and Talon. The reason we want to go to Earth is simple. For me and Rally, it's our home. And with the war being over, we wanted to return there. As for Talon, he's got some friends there that he hasn't seen in a while." Bandit explained to Blackout.

2002-08-06, 05:17 PM
Behind his face plate, Blackout grimaced at the thought of spening an entire trip to Earth with these organic creatures.

Humans disgust me, Blackout thought to himself. Still, this Transformer could be useful if those on Cybertron spot our departure...peace may be of prime importance, but any Transformer beyond this gang of half-wit mercenaries and this hapless human-lover will surely blast us out of the sky if given the chance. A sacrificial lamb is always useful.

Blackout: "Fair enough, Bandit. Climb aboard. Gunrunner...afterburn!"

With those words, Bandit climbed aboard Gunrunner, and the evil Decepticon transport lifted off from the Cybertronian terrain and rocketed towards Earth.

As he leaned back against his seat, Blazestarter cast a suspicious eye in Bandit's direction. Gently tapping the flamethrowers mounted on his forearms, the black, orange and white hot rod placed his hands behind his head and glared at their new associate.

Blazestarter: "So so so, Bandit-boy, what's your deal? You a lousy, yeah yeah yeah, a lousy Autobot? Or are you, heh heh heh, are you a worthless Decepticon?"

2002-08-06, 08:24 PM
Bandit moved to a corner, leaned against the wall and turned to Blazestarter. "So you want to know what our deal is and which faction we belong to? Ok. Well faction wise, neither myself, Rally or Talon belong to the Autobots or Decepticons. Rally and me are freelancers, specializing in transporting goods. We work for which ever side hires us. That's also why we don't wear the emblem of either side. Technology wise, I'm an Autobot Headmaster. Rally is a Decepticon Targetmaster and Talon here is a Minicon. As for how we got here, Rally and me moved to Cybertron from Earth when our hometown got taken over by Decepticons. As for Talon, we met him inside Unicron" he explained.

2002-08-07, 01:58 PM
Blazestarter: "Neh neh neh, an Autobot, a Decepticon, yeah yeah yeah, and a human. How, yeah yeah yeah, how beautifully schizophrenic."

Sitting across from Blazestarter, Driveby mockingly kicked Blazestarter in the shin.

Driveby: "Damn, fool, where you learn sh*t like that? Somebody f*ck with your programming?"

Always on the edge of his seat, Blackout stood up and slapped both robots in the back of the head.

Blackout: "Enough prattling, you two! Silence is golden until we leave Cybertronic airspace. You accidentally open a communications channel during your blathering and the Transformers will know that the Renegades are still functional!"

The slowest and least intelligent of the group, Magnacrunch's attention was still piqued by his sub-commander's last statement.

Magnacrunch: "Duh, but why, Blackout? Why don't we, duh, you know, go and fight? They're just Autobots and Decepticons!"

Blackout: "We shall fight when the time is right, my dear Magnacrunch. But we do not fight...without our leader. And we do not fight...until we know the status on Cybertron. You..."

(he said as he pointed at Bandit)

"...what is the status of Autobot-Decepticon relations on Cybertron?"

2002-08-07, 02:18 PM
"Well, as far as the Autobot-Decepticon situation is on Cybertron all I know is this" Bandit said as he turned to Blackout.

"According to a video feed I've seen of a meeting between Optimus Prime and Gigatron, there is an alliance between both sides. If it lasts, or for how long I have no idea. Though they'll probably rebuild Cybertron before they start fighting again. There was a strange event during that meeting though, Gigatron was engulfed by some light and was changed into Teratron" he answers.

"And I can imagine that what I said about being both Autobot, Decepticon and human can sound Schizofrenic, so let me explain that a bit further.

I'm an Autobot Headmaster, meaning that I'm a human who has control over an Autobot body by transforming into the head of it.

Rally is a Targetmaster, Targetmasters are humans who can transform into a gun.

So basicly we are humans in Transformer clothing, to use an old Earth phrase.

Talon here resembles some form of creature, but he's completely metalic. He's a Minicon, basicly just a small Transformer, about the size of a human" Bandit replied to Blazestarter's statement.

"I do get the feeling that you guys don't like Autobots or Decepticons much" he finally asks.

2002-08-07, 04:36 PM
(ooc - im gonna try and make a return of SKYLINE. Can someone tell me in ooc like whats going on cos ive been away for a while and tell me if what ive put in my post isnt right, as in what we're in, whats happening so on.)

Autitron was quietly sneaking through the the silent corridors of the ship, he shouldnt have been there, he was banished a millenia ago for releasing a near fatal virus, but alas he had found his way back and was once again amongst his comrades, He came to a window and peered through the transparent glass to spot an oncoming shuttle which was badly damaged, it then entered the landing bay, Autitron recognised the shuttle as his old friend Skyline. He entered some air vents and quietly crawled to the landing bay to find his friend badly damaged and in need of immediate repairs, the bay was remarkably empty considering the autobots new mission, he climbed down and run to his friends side who slowly transformed at separated from his component Dropship. He got up and solemnly looked at Autitron.

"Hello old friend, long time no see, what is the date?" Autitron looked confused, he had no idea why Skyline had an amnesia od sorts,
"Its umm..07/07/02, why do you ask?" (todays date but i will use it as a cybertronian date)

Skyline pulls up a chair and sits down to rest,

"Approximately three earth months ago, i was aiding the cosmobots in searching Jupiter for the lost minicons when i was caught in a temporal storm and thrown into a limbo of some sorts, i lost communications and was unable to explore this limbo, and my body locked up from drainage of energon, i managed to escape a few days ago and was fuelled using nucleon. It was highly dangerous though and Dropship ceased to function, i managed to download his consciousness into my body, we now share this body which causes us great pain and i just managed to return. But what has been happening here?"

"I have no idea, i was hoping you knew, but looks like we'll have to find somebody and find out."

(ooc - if someone could reply telling my characters a prief description of whats been going on in the last few months then it will help)

2002-08-07, 05:42 PM
Blackout: "For a time, we fought with the Decepticons. When the time of the return of Unicron was nigh, we Renegades and our leader Optitron joined with the creators of Unicron and assaulted your planet Cybertron. We knew all along that we were not of the Transformer race, but when Optitron took control of Unicron's body, he had a vision of our creator...on Earth. It is there that we will find salvation...and life for our leader. Once repaired, our assault on the planet Earth shall commence...we must conquer the planet for the creator."

2002-08-07, 07:34 PM
Bandit grinned. "So you guys are planning to conquer Earth huh? Well, I'm not gonna help you with that. But I'm not going to stop you guys either" Bandit started.

"Bean, you can't be serious? They are planning to take over Earth and you're not going to stop them?" Talon interrupted.

"Talon, I can understand that you disagree with it, but look at it this way. If I said that I can't let them go through with it, they'd slag the three of use right here and now, right?" Bandit replied.

"I suppose" Talon said.

"Anyways, Earth may prove to be hard to conquer with a handful of troops, even top of the line troops like yourselves. For one thing, there's a little thing called the EDF. The Earth Defense Force has dealt with robot attacks before so they are quite prepared. And then there's the criminal circuit, they dont like a planetwide dictatorship much, bad for profit. And speaking of dictators, there's a bunch of them that are not going to sit back and let you guys take over the planet, they want to do that" Bandit continued.

"Oh, and about not helping you guys. I won't tell anyone about your plans. No one would believe me, especially not the police or EDF. I'm not on the good side of the law if you know what I mean" he added.

2002-08-07, 08:18 PM
"And slag you we would," Blackout replied to Bandit's comment. "It is only because of the peace between the Transformers that we let you live now...our truck is not with you, but with the planet Earth and all its inhabitants. And our numbers may be small, but I promise you this: once we have reached the creator, we shall be empowered far beyond any resistance Earth...or the Transformers...could possibly muster."

2002-08-08, 07:22 AM
"If you says so, just don't blow up a city called Chicago, It's my home" Bandit said with a grin.

Just then Rally adressed Blackout. "Mr. Blackout, do you have any idea when we arrive on Earth?"

2002-08-08, 02:15 PM
Captain Marcus Kirkpatrick felt someone tap him on the shoulder, and he was shot back into consciousness by the realization that his commanding officer had caught him asleep on the job....again. Slumped over one of the dozens of control consoles inside the Gamma sector Earth orbit space station of Earth Defense Command, Kirkpatrick had let the boredom of his job take over. Business had been slow ever since the war to end all wars had broken out on the planet Cybertron...invading Decepticons constituted the bulk of their business, and with Earth way down on the Transformers' collective priority list, Kirkpatrick and his colleagues had seen less than no action of late.

All that was about to change.

The commanding officer shouted, "Kirkpatrick! To your post! We've got an incoming Decepticon bogey headed straight for Earth...and they're not listening to our transmissions!"

Snapping into action, Kirkpatrick slammed on his helmet and rushed to his miniature space shuttle, sealing the airtight door behind him.

What do these metal morons want now? Family Matters was about to come on...

Activating the boosters, Kirkpatrick felt himself heaved back into the seat as the tiny ship rocketed through a short tunnel and plunged out of the space station and into the great beyond.

These boys better turn it around if they know what's good for 'em.

Just then, the massive Gunrunner came into Kirkpatrick's line of sight.



To answer Bandit's question about their ETA, Blackout glanced out the window...he could see Earth a short distance away...and directly between the planet and their ship, a lone Earth Defense Command shuttle rocketing right at them.

Blackout: "Ah, it seems we're just on schedule...it also seems that someone's less than amused with our arrival. So you want your city spared, is that it? You'll....have to do something for us. Strap on that jet pack...and destroy that EDC shuttle! And while you're at it, destroy the space station! If you don't....I can't guarantee your city's safety, I'm afraid. Gunrunner, open the hatch doors!"

With that, a nearby door depressurized and opened.

Blackout: "Now, GO! Destroy them!"

2002-08-08, 03:44 PM
"Now, GO! Destroy them!".

"I've got an idea, that's might work alot better then destroying both the shuttle and the space station.. We trick them. Could you guys act like Autobots? If not then just keep radio silence and just keep heading to Earth. Cause if we play it right, they won't only let us pass, but they might even help you guys find this creator of yours" Bandit says as he pulls a 10 feet white flag from subspace. "Us humans are suckers for the "We come in peace routine" he adds as he puts on the jetpack.
"Besides, I lack the firepower to destroy a space station" he says as he heads toward the EDC shuttle, making sure to wave the white flag and radioing the shuttle: "This is Bandit, Autobot Headmaster, don't shoot!"

2002-08-08, 04:09 PM
As a lone Transformer plunged from the side of the massive ship and headed directly at him, Kirkpatrick nervously fingered the trigger, waiting for just the right moment to blow the supposed invader out of the sky. He then heard the robot identify himself as Bandit...an Autobot.

Kirkpatrick: "Bandit, this is Captain Marcus Kirkpatrick of the EDC. Hold on a minute while I transmit your information to the Command station."

Kirkpatrick opened a line to his commanding officer, who received the Transformer's name and appearance and entered it into the EDC's computers. After a few moments, the computer replied...

Autobot record Bandit...not found.

Shaking his head, the commanding officer relayed the news to Kirkpatrick, who grimaced and said to himself, Not an Autobot. What's the deal?

Kirkpatrick: "You're not listed in our Autobot records, Bandit. Give me a reason to give you clearance."

2002-08-08, 04:42 PM
"Well, I can explain why I'm not listed on the Autobot records. I'm only a recent addition to their side, I'm originally from Earth. If you'd allow either me or my partner aboard your shuttle for a few minutes we can explain in detail. My partner is on her way.

If you don't trust us after that, you can lock us up.

And as for the clearance, we have a severly damaged transformer on board, and since he was created on Earth, we're looking for his creator so he can be fixed.

If you're worried about the shuttle being Decepticon in origin, let me state that there is PEACE and even an ALLIANCE between the Autobots and Decepticons. Both sides are currently rebuilding Cybertron. Which is another reason why we are here, to inform any Autobots and Decepticons still on Earth about this.

And how do you think both sides would react to an attack on a shuttle that poses no threat? I can honestly say that it won't be pretty. They might even restart their war. Do you want to be responsible for that?" Bandit states.

He also sent a message to Rally, who was still on Gunrunner, via their closed circuit communicator: "Rally, get Talon and meet up with me, just to be safe"

Rally quickly turned to Talon. "Bean wants us to meet up with him, could you fly me to him?" she asked.

"I could, but.." Talon said as he neared Rally. The next moment Talon seperated into several pieces and merged with her exosuit.

Why don't you fly for the both of us? his voice finished in Rally's mind. ("I'll give it a try") was all she had to think.

Rally moved to the airlock and flew out towards Bandit.

2002-08-08, 05:31 PM
He had heard of stories, legends about human beings that had binary-bonded themselves to Transformers. He had heard of a man named Witwicky, a man who had become one with the biggest Transformer of them all, or so the story went. Still, after all those stories, Kirkpatrick couldn't help but be surprised when he saw a human-sized figure plunge from the shuttle out towards he and Bandit.

Kirkpatrick: "There is peace between the Autobots and Decepticons? Good news, man, good news. This associate of yours...is he a human? If so, we'd have no reason to detain you any longer."

2002-08-08, 06:01 PM
Bandit smiled. "Yeah, she's human, and so am I. With this matter cleared up we'll return to our ship and land"

With that, Bandit flew back to Gunrunner, picking up Rally and Talon on the way. As he climbed aboard he adressed Blackout "We're cleared for landing on Earth. I know it's not what you asked, but if I had destroyed the shuttle, the space station's weapons would have blasted us apart. And now, the EDC isn't aware of your plans either" he says as he makes his way to a corner. Rally flew after him and landed on Bandit's shoulder. After landing, Talon seperated from Rally and returned to his normal form. "Quick thinking, I'm surprised" Rally said. "I'm as strong as an Ox, not as stupid as one" Bandit replied. "Could have fooled me" Rally says with a grin. Bandit chuckled a bit. Talon just kept silent.

2002-08-08, 06:18 PM
Suspicious of anyone who does not wear the Renegade brand, Driveby growled at Bandit and his tiny sidekicks.

Driveby: "That ain't what the B-man told you to do, fool! Come on, Black, let's smoke this sucka. He ain't nothin' but a soft-ass punk."

Blackout: "No, Driveby. We've accomplished our objective, though not exactly as I'd planned. Forward, Gunrunner....to Earth!"

A few minutes later, Gunrunner was taking the wind out of his sails and setting down in the middle of an open field somewhere in North America. The hatch doors opened and Blackout and Blazestarter climbed out, with Bandit and company right behind them.

Blackout: "A deal is a deal. Now, out of my sight. If I or my Renegades ever see your unsightly hide again, I promise you that we will dismantle it."

2002-08-08, 06:27 PM
Bandit had already started to walk away when he heard Blackout's words. He turned around briefly. "I wish I could say it was a pleasure traveling with you, but it wasn't" he says as he places Rally and Talon on the ground, disconnects his head(which reverts to Bean Bandit) his body transforms into Bean's red sportscar. And the three get in and drive away. "("And we'll just see who gets dismantled if we ever meet again") he thought.

(ooc: the fate of my characters will be posted in the "Talon's Friends" thread)

2002-09-03, 01:13 AM
Thunderwing looked at the monitor...

Thunderwing: "It's time..."

Thunderwing looked at Dreadwind and Darkwing: "You two...to Earth with me...we have business to discuss with some old friends."

2002-09-03, 01:27 AM
Top Dollar looks back at Thunderwing. "Er...Thunderwing, you wanna know where Galvatron is or not? I may yet be onto something here..."