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2002-08-08, 07:07 PM
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Having arrived on Earth with the Renegades, Bean Bandit, Rally Vincent and Talon the Minicon were glad to be rid of them.

"Man, I'm glad we're rid of those guys" Rally said.
"Yeah, now that we're back on Earth, let's hold a party at the Chicago PD, won't Percy be surprised" Bandit said with a grin.
"I doubt the police is going to allow that, don't you think so Talon?" Rally replied.

Talon was silent, he had hidden his damage from his fight on Cybertron well, but now his auto diagnostic was reading nothing but critical. Systems severely damaged. Stasis lock imminent

Bean stopped the car and turned to Talon. "Talon, what's wrong buddy?" he asked.

Talon looked at Bean and smiled. "Bean, remember that promise we made inside Unicron.. The one where... if one of us didn't make it... the other would tell their friends... what happened"

"I do" Bean replied.

"Well... my fight with Javelin left my systems damaged... the trip to Earth... without aid worsened the problem... I will cease... functioning shortly... please take.... my datatrax to ... my friends..." Talon continues.

"Now hold on there buddy, we'll get you fixed" Bean started.

"No.. It's too.. late for that... please... take my datatrax... to my friends... take them... to Dr...Light..." Talon said as his optics flicker, then dim and go out. A cartridge pops out of his head. Bean picks it up and turns to Rally, who had slumped down in her seat.

"Talon... Why didn't you tell us about the damage sooner?" was all Rally could say.

"He didn't want to delay our trip to Earth, for whatever reason. I'll give this to his friends, and I'll bring them Talon too. They fixed him once, they can fix him again. Let's go" Bean said.

"You're right, but where do we begin looking for this Dr Light?" Rally replied as she looked at Talon's inert form.

"Well I know someone who can help, might need to persuade him, but he'll help" Bean said as he heads for Chicago.

A few days later, at the Chicago Police Department.

Inspector Percy couldn't believe his eyes or ears.

Here he was, looking right at the infamous "Roadbuster" his personal nemesis. After a few years of absence, here he was, and asking for his help.

"Now listen here, Roadbuster. You barge into the station, demanding my help. And not even caring about the fact your a wanted criminal" Percy said.

"As if you guys can stop me. And like I said, you're going to help me willingly, or by force. It's your choice" Bean replied.

"And just HOW are you planning to do that? In case you've forgotten there's an entire station ready to arrest you, or put you full of lead!" Percy snapped.

"If you don't help me willingly, I'd have to persuade you, and that would result in some VERY expensive repairs. And I'm not afraid of those guns" Bean answers as he moves towards the window(one of those 2 meter ones)

"Really, then what would you do if I did THIS!" Percy said as he pulled a Magnum 347 and aimed it right at Bean.

"This" was all Bandit said as he pulls his exosuit from subspace.

Percy fired a few shots, all of them bounced from the suit.
"What the?" was all Percy could say, before Bean jumped through the window. Percy ran to the window, being several stories above the ground he was sure Bean would be roadkill. He reached the window just in time to see Bean's red sportscar transform into a headless robot and Bean transforming into the head of it.

"Are you willing to help me now Percy? Or do I have to tear apart the station?" Bean's voice echoed from the head.

"No, that's all right. I'll have my boys find this Dr Light your looking for" Percy replied as he gave a few orders via the intercom. 15 minutes later, Percy gave Rally, who had been lifted to the office by Bean, a map of an area in the Rocky Mountains. "He should be there, somewhere. Now get out before I arrest you!" Percy snapped.

"Thanks Percy, and one more thing. You'll NEVER arrest me" Bandit said as he heads off towards the Rocky Mountains.

2002-08-08, 08:13 PM
After a few days of scouring the Rocky Mountains. Bean and Rally find a large house in the middle of a large stretch of forest.

"Think this is it?" Rally asks as they head to the door.
"Maybe, there can't be many houses in the Rocky's now can there?" Bean replies as he rings the doorbell.

A blond girl opens the door. "Can I help you?" she asks.
"Yes, my name is Bean Bandit and this is Rally Vincent, does a Dr Light live here?" Bean asks.

"No, there's no doctor here" the girl replies.

"Do you know where he might be, it's urgent" Rally asks.

Before the girl could reply, a loud explosion interrupted her. Something crashed a few feet from Bean. After the smoke cleared, they saw a guy wearing black armor getting up. They heard him saying "Hate to admit it, but Rock's getting better" The guy then notices Bean and Rally and heads over. When he gets close, the guy's arm turns into a cannon, he aims it straight at Bean's head. "What do you guy's want?" was all he says.

"Wow, calm down buddy. We're here looking for a Dr Light" Bean replies.

The guy took even better aim. "What do you want with the doc?" he asks.

"We want to give him a message, a message from a friend, Talon" Rally answers.

The guy eases up as they mention Talon. "So you guys know Talon, huh? For your sakes I hope you aren't lying" he says.

"We can prove it, Talon's in the car" Bean says as he heads to his car. Rally, the girl and the guy follow Bean, as soon as Bean shows them Talon's body, the girl gasps and the guy aims his cannon at Bean again. "What happened to him? And you'd better tell the truth, I'm very triggerhappy when it comes to liars" the guy barks. "We met Talon on Cybertron, we made a promise that if the went offline, we'd tell his friends about it. Could we discuss this inside? Bean said.

"OK, but one false move and your dead" the guy said as he backs away,lowers his cannon and turns it back into a normal arm.

"That's enough Forte!" the girl snaps. "These people have brought Talon here, Talon trusted them, so why can't you?"

"Roll, I'm not as trusting as the rest of you" Forte replies.

"Fine, then you can help drag Talon into the house, while I call Dr. Light and the others!" the girl called Roll snapped as she went into the house. Rally quickly follows her.

Forte shoots Bean a look that could kill. "Just remember, one wrong move..." he says as he picks up Talon.

"I won't forget" Bean replies as he helps Forte drag Talon inside.

They carried Talon untill they reached a large room. Roll and Rally were already waiting. They placed Talon on a nearby table.

"Good, you're here, now let's get the others and find out what happened" Roll says as she flips open a panel on her arm. "Attention everyone, this is Roll, could all of you please come to the meeting room? Talon's back, but he needs help" Roll had only just finished the message and closed the panel, when several flashes of light occured. With each flash, one blue, two red and one purple, one person or robotic dog show up.

A few minutes later a man with a labcoat and white hair shows up. He approaches Bean and Rally. "Welcome. My name is Dr. Light. You two brought in Talon correct? Where is he?" he asks.

"Well doc, My name's Bean Bandit and this is Rally Vincent. Talon is right over there" Bean said as he pointed to Talon's body on the table.

"Ah yes. Did Talon give you anything?" the Dr. asks.

"He gave us something he called a Datatrax" Rally says as she hands it to the Dr.

"Excellent, fixing his body shouldn't be a problem. But without this, it's just be an empty shell. You see, this Datatrax IS Talon. All his memories, and his entire personality is stored on it" Dr Light explains.

"That's good news. Would it be too much to ask if we stayed untill he's fixed" Bean asks.

"BEAN! You don't ask someone if you can stay!" Rally snapps.

"It's quite allright, miss. I was just going to offer you to stay myself. Feel free to stay here as long as you wish. I'll introduce the others" the Dr says as he heads over to Roll. "This is Roll, she's one of my finest creations, second only to Rock" he then heads over to a guy in blue armor with a red robotic dog. "This is Rock, he's my finest creation and his sidekick Rush" next is a guy in red armor. "This is Blues, not one of my creations, but a part of my family none the less" finally he heads over to Forte and a purple robotic dog "And last we have Forte and Tremble, the finest creations of my arch enemy Dr Willy. Fortunatly they have turned their back on their creator. They're the troublemakers in the family" he introduces them. "Now, If you'll excuse me, I'll start working on fixing Talon" with that the Dr heads off down a corridor, with 4 small robots wearing hardhats following as they carry Talon.

"So all of you are robots? Bean asks"
"Yup, surprised?" Rock replies.
"Not really, we've met sentient robots before, just none that looked so.. so.. Rally says.
"Human?" Roll says.
"Yeah" Rally replies.
"So you've met others similar to us?" Blues asks.
"They weren't attacking anyone, were they?" Forte adds.
"Yes to both questions. Yes, we have met other sentient robots, and yes they were fighting. In fact they started fighting a long time before mankind even existed" Bean explains.
"Though when we left their world, both sides were finally at piece" Rally says.
"Talon mentioned something about that from time to time" Blues replies. "Great to hear that that war is over"
"Yeah, war ends quickly, when your planet is facing doomsday" Bean says.
"What do you mean? Rock asks.
"Grab a seat, It's going to be a LONG story" Bean says as he started telling them all about Cybertron, the Transformers, Unicron and how they got mixed up in all of it.

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2002-09-02, 06:36 PM
The next morning, Rally was jarred awake by an explosion. She headed over to the window to see what was going on. She saw Blues and Forte sparring next to the house. She looked at her watch. Great, 6 AM and they are already making a ruckus she thought as she heads downstairs. Bean simple kept sleeping.

She saw Roll in the kitchen and headed over. "Good morning" she said with a jawn.

"Good morning, did you sleep well?" Roll asked as she started making coffee.

Rally: "Could have been better. Is it normal for Blues and Forte to blast each other first thing every morning?"

Roll: "Almost every morning. It's always Forte vs either Rock or Blues. It's rare when Forte doesn't want to fight. I must apologize for the inconvenience"

Rally: "It's nothing to apologize for, back in Chicago we had a house in the noisiest part of the city. I was always up at 6 AM there too. And Bean, he's still asleep"

Roll: "good to hear that, Bean must be a sound sleeper"

Rally smiled. "He is, he'd have to be at ground zero before a blast wakes him up" she states as she turns on a nearby tv and tunes into the news. Snake's message was being played(see A Angry Swarm). "Seems there's some terrorist trouble"

Roll: "Seems so, that message has been playing since yesterday"

Just then the house shook. A crashing noise came from upstairs.

Rally: "Let me guess, one of those 2 has just blasted the house" She heads over to the stairs to see if Bean is alright.

"You're probably right. One of them may have been blasted against the house. Let's see if anyone needs to be dug out" Roll replies as they head up the stairs.

2002-09-02, 07:39 PM
Reaching the hallway where Bean and Rally's room was they saw it had collapsed.

"Bean! I hope he survived" Rally says as she starts clearing the rubble. Roll was sending a message to the others.

Roll: "Blues, Forte, stop your training! You might have buried Bean!"

"I couldn't continue even if I wanted. I buried Blues on the 2nd floor. He'll have to dig himself out before we can continure. You say I might have buried Bean too? Gee, that's too bad" Forte replied, his voice clearly showing his lack of regret.

Roll was steaming. "Forte! get up here and help or I swear I'll have Dr Light lock you up with the others!"

"You don't have to go balistic. I'm there" Forte states as he teleports to the hallway and helps Rally move the debris.

Rock showed up. "Causing a mess as usual Forte? Let me guess, you buried Blues again?"

Forte scowled "I'd rather have it was YOU who was buried, but I'll just have to make due with Blues and Bean"

Rock: "Roll, this will take too long. Blues will survive, but I doubt Bean can survive without air for long. Get Gutsman up here"

Roll: "Roger. Gutsman, report to the 2nd story guest rooms on the double"

Moments later a big robot teleported next to them. He resembled a gorilla.

Roll: "Gutsman, help us move this debris. And don't try anything else if you know what's good for you"

Gutsman growled and started moving large portions of the debris. They found Bean and Blues, hiding behind Blues' shield.

Bean: "Ugh, what hit this place?" he asks as he looks at the remains of the bedroom.

Blues: "I did, Forte blasted me right into this section of the house"

Bean grinned: "Forte, could I have a word with you?" he said as he stands next to Forte. He says something to Forte who almost immediatly starts laughing.

Rock, Roll and Blues were surprised. They had never heard Forte laugh before.

Forte: "You fight ME? Are you serious? You'd never stand a chance against me" he states after he stopped laughing.

Bean: "I'm not too sure about that. You talk big, but I've taken down opponents who boasted even more then you do. They also looked tougher"

Forte: "Ok, if you really want to go through with this, meet me outside when your ready. I'll be waiting" with that he teleports outside. Gutsman followed him. The others all went downstairs.

Forte: "This will be over quick. So pay attention or you'll miss the action" Gutsman grinned as he sat down against the wall of the house.

Rally: "You can't be serious about fighting Forte!"

Rock: "I agree. Forte is a formidable opponent. He tends to be quite ruthless. He tends to damage Blues and myself quite severe. Losing to him may be fatal for humans"

Bean grins "I don't think that's what Rally ment"

Blues: "Why not?"

Bean: "I've taken down bigger opponents then him. Right Rally?"

Rally: "Right, but wouldn't it be unfair to Forte?"

Bean: "Unless he can grow to 30 feet, It'll be a fair fight. Make sure to park the car nearby, just in case"

Roll: "Enough already, at least have breakfast before you fight Forte" she interrupts as she points to a nearby table.

2002-09-08, 11:02 AM
After breakfast everyone went outside to where Forte was waiting. Having heard about the fight, Dr. Light had stopped working on Talon and came to watch.

Rally brought the car, just in case..

Bean walked up to Forte.

Forte: "So you really plan to go through with it? Then I'll make it easy on you, I'll keep one hand behind my back"

Bean: "You dont have to do that, feel free to use both hands, as long as you agree to my terms"

Forte sneered: "And those are?"

Bean: "No ranged weapons, just hand to hand combat"

Forte grinned: "Fine by me. It's more fun crushing you then blasting you"

Bean: "Then it's settled, give me a moment to prepare and we can get started"

Forte: "Prepare all you want. It won't save you"

Bean summoned his exosuit and took a fighting stance.

"You think that armor will protect you from me? I'll show you the error in that" Forte said as he too took up a fighting stance.

"Enough bragging, let's see what you can do!" Bean shouted as he charged at Forte and swung his arm towards his head.

Forte blocked with his left arm and countered with his right. Bean blocked the attack and tried to kick Forte. It hit Forte in the side. "Not bad, better then I thought, but try dodging this one" Forte said as he jumped up, using Bean to lauch himself in the air, he flipped, landed and tried roundhousing Bean. Bean, surprised by Forte's move, couldn't evade the blow and landed a few feet away. Bean got up and tackled Forte. And on and on it went, Forte and Bean were evenly matched, occasionally one would hit the other, but neither of them showed signs of surrendering.

Unlike the others, who were watching the fight, Gutsman had his optics on something else, or rather someone else. Rock. His memories of their fights still burned bright, filling him with rage. His optics turned red, and he got up and moved behind Rock. He clenched his massive fists together and raised them above his head, he had every intention of giving Rock a hammerblow. Just as he planned to strike Rally noticed him. "Rock, behind you!" she shouted. Rock dove aside just as Gutsman attacked. He quickly turned to face Gutsman, his buster ready and charging. He noticed the red optics. "Everyone stay clear! He's turned Maverick!" he shouted as he unleashed his buster's charge. The blast knocked Gutsman into the wall, his optics dimmed and went out.

Bean and Forte had stopped fighting after they heard the blast, both were pretty worn out.
Bean: "What happened there?"
Forte: "Gutsman turned Maverick"
Bean: "Maverick?"
Forte: "A programming flaw in the inferiour designs of my creator. It drives them mad with battlerage, attacking anything that gets in their way"
Bean: "You're not bad, not bad at all. Care to call it a draw?"
Forte: "You're almost as good as me. Ok, a draw it is then"
"Let's see if the others are alright" Bean said as he heads to the others. Forte however attempted to punch Bean from behind. Bean grabbed his arm and used Forte's momentum to throw him on his back. "I thought we had finished fighting" he said. "Now we have" Forte replied.

When they met up with the others, they saw that Roll was sending a message. She turned around. "A guard droid is on it's way to fetch Gutsman"
Dr. Light: "I'm impressed mr Bandit.
Bean: "I've fought bigger enemies, but Forte has to be one of the toughest I've faced.
Just then the guard droid arrived. Standing several stories tall, it cast a shadow over everyone. The behemoth reached down and grabbed Gutsman. As it was leaving, it stopped. It dropped Gutsman and turned towards the others, it's one eye glowing red. Two swords slid out of it's arms and it lifts it's foot in an attempt to stomp the group. They manage to avoid that attack. Rock, Blues and Forte activated their weapons, Rush transformed to his hoverjet form and Rock go on. The Guard droid thrust it's swords down. One of them imbedded itself mere inches from Bean's car.

Bean: "Let me guess. It turned Maverick. I'll take care of him" he says as he heads to his car.

Rock, Blues and Forte were already attacking the guard droid. Bean merged with his car and became Bandit. Bandit readied his claws and closed on the guard droid. It swung one sword at Bandit. It's other sword was used to bat away Rock, Blues and Forte. Bandit parried with his right claw and attacked with his left. The guard droid brought up it's free sword and blocked Bandit's attack. "AIM FOR THE EYE!" Roll shouted. "Gotcha, ready Rally?" Bandit asked. "Ready" Rally replied as she runs over to Bandit, pulling her exosuit from subspace as she goes, transforms and lands in his shoulder gunmount. Taking aim she fired right into the eye of he behemoth, destroying it and the CPU behind it. The behemoth realed backwards and crashed down with enough force to leave a large crater. Bandit heads back to the others. He reverts to Bean when he arrives, Rally stays in the gunmount as Bandit's body turns into Bean's car. The gunmount now located on the roof of the car. After the transformation stopped, Rally transforms and lands next to Bean. "That takes care of him"Bean said. Dr. Light was astounded, he had never seen a Headmaster or Targetmaster in action before.

Dr. Light: "Amazing, I'd love to study this technology you two use. Especially your car"

Bean: "You're free to do that, but you're not touching that car unless I'm around"

Dr. Light: "Fair enough"

A small army of hardhat wearing mini robots arrived and carried away Gutsman and the guard droid.

"Effective little guys" Rally commented.

Dr. Light: "Indeed, the Mettools are a usefull creation of my nemesis Dr. Willy. Let's go inside and get some rest and repair. I've still got some work left on Talon"

With that they all went back inside.

The next few days we're pretty hectic. Dr. Light had finished repairing Talon. And the Dr, Talon, Bean and Rally spent most of their time in the lab examining the Headmaster and Targetmaster technology, and how Talon's linking with the two of them affected their systems. Dr. Light had never been so enthusiastic in his life, everyday there seemed to be something new to examine.

Dr. Light: Astounding, mass manipulation, nano robotics, bio mechanical integration, who ever designed this technology is a genius"

"I'm not sure it can be called genius, this technology isn't that rare on Cybertron" Bean replied.

Dr. Light: "Ah yes, Talon's homeworld. How'd you get your hands on this technology anyway?" he asked.

"It was given to us for services rendered" Rally replied.

Bean then told the Dr. everything that had happened from the day they left earth and arrived on Cybertron to the day they had arrived at his door.

2002-09-11, 08:52 PM
The next day, during breakfast, the tv showed a special bulletin about the White house being attacked(see A Angry Swarm).

Rock: "Seems Dr Willy is at it again"
Blues: "Are you certain, it's not his style to attack like this"

Bean noticed something: "you guys wouldn't happen to be recording this broadcast would you?"

Roll: "Why Bean?"

Bean: "There's something I need to check in that broadcast"

They recorded the broadcast when it was repeated later that day.

Almost immediatly Bean ran the tape frame by frame, as one of the large insect robots came into view he stopped.

"Rally, take a look at this and tell me what you think it is" he asked as he points to the screen.

Rally took a good look at the screen, especially to the torse section of the insect: a purple symbol was visible. "Looks like the Decepticon symbol" she said.

Bean: "Exactly, Dr. Light is it possible for you to upgrade our technology a bit?" he asked.

"Won't know unless we try" the Dr said as he headed for his lab, Bean in tow. As Bean left, he turned to Rally again. "Rally, see if you can get the EDF on the line, ask if they need any exterminators" he said to his partner.

After contacting the EDF, Rally joined Bean and the Dr in the lab. Talon was also there, helping them with upgrading the car.

2002-09-13, 02:35 PM
As they were finishing with upgrading Bean's car, Roll burst in.

Roll: "Urgent call from the EDF" she says as she brings it up on a monitor.

EDF member: "I wish to speak to the persons who offered their services as exterminators"

Bean stepped up to the monitor.

"That's us. Well? Need any exterminators?" he replied.

EDF member: "Frankly sir, you have a lousy sense of humor. It may be true that we are having trouble with some bugs, but I doubt you could harm them"

Bean: "Because they are robots?"

EDF member: "How'd you..."

Bean: "Simple, I've met some of their kind before. They're with the Decepticons. I trust you've heard of them. And as for how I know about Decepticons, check your records for a Transformer Headmaster going by the name of Bandit, you should see my face"

EDF member: "one moment... Hmm, there is indeed a listing for Bandit. Fine then, tell us your location and we'll send you the coordinates for the nearest base"

Bean: "Rocky mountains"

Bean took down the coordinates.

Bean: "See you guys in a day or 2. Have to finish a few preparations first"

EDF member: "Good day" he said and signed off.

"Now, let's finish this upgrading so we can get going" Bean said as he returned to the others.

The next day Bean, Rally and Talon departed for the EDF base.

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