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Reverend Shrapnel
2001-08-28, 08:50 PM

The Insecticons tunneled further and further away from the Autobot's base of operations.


"Yes Kickback what is it, it?"

"Shall we surface now?"

"Agreed. Insecticons surface, surface."

The Insecticons made a 75 degree turn upwards and burst through onto icy ground. Shrapnel followed his routine and destroyed the tunnel for fear of Autobot pursuers, and then looked around.

"Checking location...polar ice caps, caps..."

"We have come this far?" questioned Bombshell.

"It would appear so" commented Kickback.

The Insecticons temperature sensors recorded the temperatures of biting minus degrees. It was enough to slow a few gears down. They moved forward to search around and possibly find a signal so that they could radio in to Megatron. After a few minutes silent walking the Insecticons discovered something very odd.

"What...is...THAT?" gasped Bombshell. The now open time rift stood gaping wide in the ice before them-gleaming and beconing.

"It appears to be some kind of portal, portal." Observed Shrapnel, "I shall explore further, further." The Insecticon stepped into the time rift as Kickback and Bombshell stood back. Once inside Shrapnel materialised at the exact smae spot. He checked his datum...2015?!? This was most odd-a time rift? Couldn't be...but evidently it was...Shrapnel stepped back through.

"Well? What is it?" asked Kickback.

"A time rift, rift. It takes us to the year 2015, the future, future!"

"Why do we not explore further?"

"Wait. We shall but first we must prepare something for Megatron, Megatron."

Shrapnel began the cloning process-making one of himself and one of the other two Insecticons.

"He will notice. He will search their maps and memories-Shrapnel,they can't speak."

"These will, will. Download your personality and memory banks onto these discs, discs. Megatron will think these are us, us."

The Insecticons began copying data in order for Shrapnel to implant into the Clones. The Insecticons were going to explore the future...

Shrapnel Clone
2001-08-28, 10:25 PM
"UUUAAAA! It....is...happening.....again....again!"

Scarem fell to the ground, experiencing an incredible pain in his chest. He had not even recovered from the last surge, when the pain struck again.

"Computer, what is happening to me...to me?"

The computer answered in it's monotone, high pitched voice.
"Unit Shrapnel has travelled in time. Twice. First entry: 1987, unit Shrapnel shifted to 2015.
Second entry: 2015, unit Shrapnel shifted to 1987."

Scarem did not understand. They did not have time travelling devices in 1987!

"Computer, give me a full analysis and advise course of action....action!"

"There is a 89.3% possibility that Unit Shrapnel has located a time rift. According to available data, Unit Shrapnel has entered the rift, and almost instantly returned to his own era. I have calculated a 96.8% chance that he will utilize the time rift again, and spend unspecified time in 2015.

Advised course of action: Return to 2015. Protect Unit Shrapnel. Return Unit Shrapnel to his own era. Do not inform him about his future, since this will jeopardize the future of Unit Scarem."

Scarem: "So be it. Computer, download data about 2015 from Maximal AND Predacon computer. Store all vital data, and open time portal...portal!"

'Here goes nothing....nothing!' Scarem thought, while he leaped into the portal...

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2001-08-29, 01:51 AM
(OOC: Shrapnel, why are you controlling Bombshell? He's one of my characters)

Reverend Shrapnel
2001-09-01, 07:28 AM
Originally posted by Bombshell:
(OOC: Shrapnel, why are you controlling Bombshell? He's one of my characters)

(OOC: Sorry Buddy! When I wrote that, practically when RPG started he hadn't been claimed. I will not use him again.)

2001-09-01, 08:37 PM
Originally posted by Shrapnel:
(OOC: Sorry Buddy! When I wrote that, practically when RPG started he hadn't been claimed. I will not use him again.)
(OOC: You could. Just PM me and ask, first.)

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