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Reverend Shrapnel
2001-08-10, 10:36 PM
Slugslinger paced the floor of what was once Galvatron's throne room, thinking to himself. It had been a LONG while since he had had anything worthwhile to do. All he was left with were his thoughts and a group of battered and scarred Decepticon former-warriors. And his "weapon" Caliburst. Although Caliburst was of little use to him. Slugslinger's sanity chips would soon fail if he attempted to find company with Caliburst as Caliburst's transformation cog had been lost or damaged years ago. He would be left talking to a gun and that was something he did not plan on doing. No. Not his style.

Slugslinger secretly planned to take back a slice of the Autobot's pie-he had done for years now but his "army" was much too weak and in need of repair. Drag Strip entered the chamber.

"What are you doing in here?" questioned the Stunticon.

"Finding yet more ingenius ways of wasting my time, as usual Drag Strip. While you may be content shooting rocks all day with Wildrider I have no desire to join you."

"You think you're so perfect don't you? You think-HEY I'm the big Targetmaster. I'm better than DRAG STRIP. He's so purile..."


"Well? DON'T YOU?!"

"Drag Strip-we're getting old. Past our prime. Our systems no longer function properly, or at least not ALL the Decepticons left on Charr's systems do. Even Caliburst has lost the ability to Transform."

"SO? What's that prove?"

"...Nothing. Leave me!"


Drag Strip left the chamber and could be heard transforming and racing away across Charr. Silence at last. Slugslinger WOULD act. He just needed to convince others. And bide him time.

2001-08-10, 10:42 PM
Outside, Soundwave was walking with Snaptrap.

"The Seacons are ready to go, right, Snaptrap?"

"Hell yeah. We need refueled right before we leave, that's all."

"Good. I will need all of your help."

"Soundwave, if it gets us out of here, we're going with you."

"Alright. Just remember what we agreed on."

"I remember."

2001-08-10, 11:25 PM
Dragstrip screched up and Transformed.
"That punk Slugslinger!" He shouted.
Wildrider took a shot at a rock 50 feet from him. To draw attention away from the embarassing fact he'd missed he turned to Dragstrip.
"What's he done now?"
"He's thinkin'"
Dead End, lying back on the floor, staring at the empty sky, deigned to speak:
"Well, I could see why such alien behaviour would upset you..."
Dragstrip pulled his laser pistol from subspace, and pointed it at Dead End's head.
"Take that back fool!"
Motormaster knocked his gun away.
"Stop that! We've got what we wanted haven't we? Galvatron's disappeared! We're out of the war!"

2001-08-11, 12:05 AM
Wingspan, who has been standing with his clone brother sighs with disgust over the Decepticons present situation.

Wingspan to Pounce:Something must be done. The troops are becoming withered with time.

Pounce walks up to Slugslinger and glares at him.

Pounce:We are becoming old and wasted here and nothing is done! Now we need a leader and we need one now.

Wingspan:Quite Pounce! Let these fools waste away. Its not as if any of them have it in them to do anything otherwise.

2001-08-11, 05:59 AM
Snaptrap entered the quarters where the Seacons were staying.

"Guys, we need to get ready. Soundwave is ready and in a few cycles we are going. There's no turning back now. Remember, we have to resist any opposition separately, only merge into Piranacon of there is absolutely no other choice. Understood?"

"Yes, Snaptrap!" They all answered in unison.

"Good. Now, all of you, charge up. Get your weapons fully loaded. I have a feeling we have to shoot off some heads to get out of here."

Reverend Shrapnel
2001-08-11, 07:32 AM
Slugslinger glared back at the Decepticon clones.

*Odd* he thought to himself, *I wonder what they could want. Well no use worrying. I'm going to have to try and guage the men's loyalties-see who wants one last glorious dance and who wants to wither here*

Slugslinger treansformed and flew off over the Clones heads, in search of other Decepticons to speak with. After hovering for a few minutes Slugslinger saw Soundwave going about his business. Soundwave seemed ideal. If there was one Decepticon who he could count on loyalty from it was Soundwave. Slugslinger transformed and landed near the Decepticon.

"Slugslinger. Greetings."

"Greetings Soundwave. Can I ask you a question?"

"Certainly comrade."

"Do you never long for the olden times? I mean sanctuary on Charr is a nice commoditiy but living with a purpose..."

"Why do you ask me this?"

"Honestly? To try and guage your feelings."

"Slugslinger-I am perfectly content here on Charr. I have no desire to leave."

"Very well Soundwave."

Slugslinger nodded and took to the skies once more...

2001-08-11, 03:10 PM
Cycloni the Armada, Spinister, Stranglehold, Octopunch and Abominus fell out of the sky.
"DAMN QUINTESSONS! STAB US IN THE BACK WOULD THEY! WELL, I COULDN'T LEAVE WITHOUT A SOUVIENIER." Cycloni yelled, while holding the angry face of a Quintesson, that he had managed to rip of before the Quintessons had hurled his rabble through a portal.
"So, where are we?" Octopunch hissed.
"I'm not sure, but we THE DEMONICONS will take over this place and slay anyone who tries to stop us!" Cycloni laughed.
The Demonicons had altered their Decepticon badge into a goat skull design.
"Hey boss! This here machine says there is life to the north of us!" Spinister cackled.
"Good! Now we can unleash a killing spree!" Cycloni laughed and walked north with the others.
They got to a hill and looked over. A CAMP OF SOME SORT!
"HELLO!" Cycloni said.
"LETS BUST SOME HEADS!" Stranglhold shouted.
"Good idea!" Cycloni said.
They moved in and saw old Decepticons.
"Well, I never!" Cycloni gasped.
Slugslinger was walking by.
"YOU!" The Demonicon rabble charged over.
Slugslinger plugged his ears!
"Think that's funny huh?" Spinister said.
"WAIT! Take us to the punk in charge!" Cycloni ordered...

Reverend Shrapnel
2001-08-11, 03:46 PM
"Now just one moment." Said Slugslinger, "Cycloni...I thought you were Cyclonus? Nevermind anyway. As for the 'punk in charge': there isn't anyone as such. I don't know where you've come from as I've been here five Earth years and nothing's come by in that time but I don't think the tone of your voice will make you popular here. This is a merely a gathering ground for us Decepticons who fled after the last great battle. What is THAT? A Quintesson? Look, I haven't the time to deal with you. If you and your men wish to stay here there's nothing I can do to stop you."

Slugslinger transformed and flew off over their heads. Now he DEFINITELY wanted to get off Charr...these new arrivals seemed definitely hostile...

2001-08-11, 04:05 PM
"What a rust bucket!" Cycloni cursed as Slugslinger flew away.
"Now what?" Octopunch asked.
"We build a stockade, a camp of our own. We shall create weapons and form an army! This place is a mere stepping stone, we need a ship! Remember when we destroyed SOFRAM (Solar Organisation For Revenge And Murder) right before we met the Quintessons? This battle should be just as easy!" Cycloni laughed.
"Cyclonus indeed!" Abominus said.
"YES! I wouldn't mind meeting Cyclonus actually! Lets get to work. Abominus, me and Spinister, shall start on the stockade with old metal, you guys can try and find weapons we can use for defence!" Cycloni ordered.

Octopunch and Strangle hold went to the ENEMY camp. They made sure they didn't run into any TFs. They found a couple of guns they could use for a gun tower, if they were lucky! They found other pieces of junk and wondered back to their own camp!
The others had worked fast, as an outer fence had been put up, a gate had, and they were now trying to build quarters and other buildings.
"Anything?" Cycloni asked.
"A few pieces of junk, a couple of guns for a tower. Not much going spare!" Stranglehold said.
"Well help us with this. It may be a small camp, but it isn't too bad!" Cycloni said.
They all finished a few more buildings. They were really just small rooms, but it wasn't a bad job.
"I shall go and look for some recruits." Cycloni said and left camp.
"Okay. We'll...er, hold the fort." Spinister said.
Cycloni went into the other camp and saw Dragstrip.
"My comrade! How would you like to be in a mighty army? I-AM-CYCLONI. I crashed here." Cyclonisaid and asked...

2001-08-12, 05:32 AM
Soundwave turned around as soon as Slugslinger left. "Ah, scrap. I have to avoid things like that. I cannot reveal my plans to anybody. I hope those Seacons are done and ready." Soundwave said to himself. He entered the hangar bay where the shuttles were stored and repaired. "I doubt it will be hard to hijack one of these." Soundwave thought again, and walked down an isle, turning out of sight into a little room at the end...

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-12, 05:54 AM
Hell Scream approached the ruined structure that looked like it had been a great palace. Max snarled at his feeyt in cyber wolf mode. Gigastorm floated up behind them, Hell Scream was unpredictable and Gigastorm wanted to stop the fool before he caused trouble that with their depleted power levels they couldn't get out of.

Hell Scream lifted his eyes to the monlithic statues at the building's entrance. There was no sign of movement, but that could be fixed. He locked a missle into his turbine gun and aimed at the head of a statue.

"This'll wake em' up!" he cackled.

"No you fool!" Gigastorm yelled, transforming to his T-Rex mode.

But it was too late, the missle streaked up and shattered the statue, raining shrapnel upon the cyber beasts. An eerie silence filled the air as the smoke cleared, and the cyber beasts steeled themselves for a counter attack, all except Hell Scream. He stood confidently, arms crossed over his chest, steel teeth gleaming.

2001-08-12, 12:51 PM
Wildrider looked up at the pillar of smoke.
"What the Heck was that?"
"Who cares?" Dead End intoned
"If Galvatron's back..." Breakdown began
"He Won't be happy!" Motoromaster added. "Stunticons, trnasform and head to the palace!"

2001-08-12, 03:26 PM
Lucifer sat on Tincans turrent , back leaning against the open hatch, chewing on a toothpick and watched the Stunticon's display of rock shooting abilities.

God, was he bored....for months now, this episode on Charr, which started as a stopover, had turned out to be more a final hide away than anything else.

But what was to do? Lucifer wanted to go back to earth..... EARTH!
So many loose ends.... so much to do.
He grinned.

Takeing out the toothpick, Lucifer said: "Tincan, ya wanna show Wildrider one or two aiming tricks?"
Tincan: "What?"
Lucifer: "Ah, nevermind"

With that, Lucifer sprang up and kneeled behind the automatic rifle, pulling the loading lever back, closing one eye...

A detonation knocked Lucifer off his knees, as Hell Scream's missle hit it's target.

Noticing the Stunticons transform, Lucifer said: "Follow Motormaster."
With what, the huge tank was brought to life, crushing the rocky debris of Charrs scatterd surface under Tincans tracks.

2001-08-12, 06:52 PM
Ramjet and Apeface arrive just in time to see Tincan drive away.

"Let's follow them", said Ramjet.

Ramjet and Apeface transforms into jet modes and follow Tincan

2001-08-12, 07:27 PM
Noticing Apeface and Ramjet up above:

Tincan: "Lucifer. We gots company. You want me to hit the skys?"

Lucifer, a bit bored: "Na, you stay put, Tinny. Geeezzz, wonder what's this all about."

Looking out to the east: "Seems like every Decepticon on Charr is comming to see that new circus in town."

2001-08-12, 07:28 PM
"You think they spotted us?" asked Apeface.

"I don't think so", said Ramjet. "But be careful"

2001-08-12, 07:35 PM
Cycloni, noticed a great feature. Everyone one here was a rival.
"Yes, this should be easier than I thought!" Cycloni laughed.
He saw so many TFs, he didn't know know who to ask to join. He had got the Demonicons working on a ship. Cycloni wanted to invade Earth.
"I bet loads of these people would love to go to Earth, but he needed warriors.
Then he had an idea. DECLARE MARTIAL LAW!
Cycloni ran back to his camp.

"Any luck?" Spinister asked.
"All of you! Come and help me take over their camp!" Cycloni ordered.
The Demonicon forces ran into the 'enemy camp'.
"So, anyone worth takin' aboard?" Octopunch asked.
"We shall see." Cycloni smiled.
They all went into the centre of the camp. Many people wondered who the new-comers were.
Everyone got a shock.
"I AM MANY TIMES YOUR MASTERS! But, I have something to ask." Cycloni shouted.
"Does anyone here, wish to leave this hellhole, and go to Earth?" Cycloni grinned.
"Yeah, and those who do not agree, will get a lovely surprise." Spinister thought.
"So who will join...THE DEMONICONS?!" Cycloni yelled...

2001-08-12, 07:38 PM
Bombshell races forward and joins Cycloini

"I will", Bombshell says. "My cerebro-shells will be most useful in your conquest of Earth"

2001-08-12, 08:26 PM
"Yes! You shall not regret this! I think you could be useful. Well Bombshell, you have just got a seat on board my ship to DESTROY EARTH! Anyone else?" Cycloni asks.

Spinister gives Bombshell a Quintesson riffle.
"We also stole the secret of magic off the Quintessons. You shall be taught it!." Spinister smiled.
"We shall also upgrade your Decepticon badge. So you are a true DEMONICON!" Octopunch laughed.
"Take him to the base, Octopunch. After all, you are fellow warriors." Cycloni orders.

Bombshell and Octopunch walk back to the stockade.

"You are lucky. You will have no hard dutys. As it is me and Stranglehold on gate duty, and the Terrorcons on patrol." Octopunch said.
"We may raise an army yet!" Spinister said to Cycloni...

2001-08-12, 09:24 PM
Arriving at the ruined statue, Lucifer climbed out of the hatch and stood up on Tincans turrent:

"Hey, what was that all about, ya bunch of freaks? Are we a little little discontent or just plain bored? Well noone orders you to stay and you could aswell use your energy more wisly in thinking of a solution to the "Charr affair" instead of breaking up lifeless mineral!"

To himself: "Geeez, is Slugslinger the only sane robot at theis time? The 'cons seem to so discontent with themselves that they are on the verge to jump at one another's throat in a second."

Turning to Hell Scream: "Who the hell are you, anyway? You need a strong hand to guide you? Well sorry to tell you this pal, Galvatron is non-functional, period. Live with it.... or whatver you call your existance."

Lightening a cigarette, Lucifer took in the cold stares of the Robots standing within hearing range.
"Hey, you want to be content again? WAnt to be proud of wearing that Decepticon insignia again? Well then stop sobbing in your own misery, choose a cousil of able strategists and come up with a plan! A plan to: 1rst get us energon, 2nd reach out for our lost forces in nearby systems, and 3rd, claim what has been robbed from us....... earth...... EARTH!"

Lowering his head, Lucifer mumbled to Tincan: "Stay alert, 'can. I dunno what the freaks might be up to. I our former Decepticon brothers, but the new faces.... hmmmmm....... those freaks give my the creeps."

2001-08-13, 12:43 AM
Motormaster halted a few hundred yards from the palace. HE couldn't see anyone.
"Stunticons transform.." he whispered. "Advance carefully and stick together - we may need Menasor."

There was no sign of anybody, just the ruined palace....

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-13, 03:44 AM
Gigastorm did not recognize the two before him, but thought that the one creeping up on the area looked suprisingly like the legendary Stunticons, but that couldn't be! Or could it? He causually kicked Hell Scream to the ground as he had begun to reload his turbine cannon and snarl a retort at the Decepticon that had questioned him. Motioning for his men to keep a close eye, Gigastorm approached the strangers and spoke.

"Greetings," he began "We are the Cyber Beasts of the Destron command squad under my brother, Galvatron. I am Gigastorm, these are my lietenants, Dirgegun and Thrustol, and the one who destroyed your statue is Hell Scream, with his companion, Max B. I am somewhat confused of how we arrived here from Gaea, what year is this? And what has become of Charr? Where is the commander of this group?"

He swung his head back back and forth between the two waiting for an answer.

Dirgegun fingered the trigger of his Needle Shot nervously. Before, he had no trouble discerning friend from foe, the Cybertrons had been easy prey, but now.... As Gigastorm spoke to them, asking the year and something else, Dirgegun's long range sensors twinged. There was something out there, beyond the Cons creeping up on their position. Switching to infrared scanning, he briefly picked up the outlines of two jets landing behind some ruins. Things were not looking very good. If these Cons turned hostile, he knew his group was out numbered, and what of those other two? His eyes scanning the horizon, Dirgegun waited to see what would unfold.

2001-08-13, 05:44 AM
Some hours after the crew left Earth, it arrived in Charr airspace. Orbit acheived, Gigatron scanned the surface of the planet.

Hm...I do not detect any Decepticons in this region. Perhaps...

A pain hit him. His power supply dwindled.

"Cyclonus, Overlord, I'm afraid we must land now. We can locate the Decepticon army from the ground."

Gigatron dropped.

Reverend Shrapnel
2001-08-13, 05:56 AM
Slugslinger flew to a small cave on the northern side of Charr.


"Where have you been? You shouldn't leave unarmed you know."

"Busy. Trying to get off Charr."

"And why do that?" enquired the gun.

"I grow weary of this place and..."

Slugslinger didn't have time to even finish his sentence as a large purple coloured craft landed roughly nearby.

"What on Nebulous?" gasped Caliburst.

"A ship. I wonder...Autobots?"

"Better take me with you."

Slugslinger glided down the cliff-face with Caliburst in hand and knelt behind some rocks. Watching.

2001-08-13, 06:10 AM
Cyclonus: "I guess we better stay with him."

Cyclonus and Overlord followed and caught up with Gigatron after he landed.

Overlord: "Hmmmm. After doing some scanning we seem to have landed on a deserted part of the planet."
Cyclonus: "Guess we'll have to wait here a while for Gigatron and Galvatron to get back to somewhat good health. You stay here and keep an eye on them. I remember I cached a relatively large amount of energon in a cave near here in case of emergency so I'm gonna go see if any is left."

And with that Cyclonus transformed and took off heading for the cave.

2001-08-13, 06:13 AM
As Overlord and Cyclonus landed shortly behind him, Gigatron released Galvatron from his cockpit and transformed to robot mode.

"This terrain is too rough. I'll have to walk from here."

He kneeled.

"Galvatron, can you stand?"

Reverend Shrapnel
2001-08-13, 06:18 AM
*Galvatron?!?* Thought Slugslinger. *He's here? But Galvatron was killed. How can this be.*

"It's Galvatron!" Exclaimed Caliburst.

"Quiet!" Hissed Slugslinger.

*With Cyclonus up in the cave, I'll be found anyway...Maybe I should give myself up...*

2001-08-13, 06:28 AM
Overlord, while doing a casual scan, picks up something. He contacts Cyclonus with his communications device
Overlord: "Hey Cyclonus, I picked up a Decepticon over by where you are. You might wanna pick him up."
Cyclonus: "Good idea."

Cyclonus flys down to where the Decpticon is and confronts him.
Cyclonus: "What are you doing here Slugslinger?"

Reverend Shrapnel
2001-08-13, 06:31 AM
"Cyclonus! It really IS you. What are you doing on Charr? Why is Galvatron here? I thought he was dead...and you were..."

2001-08-13, 06:38 AM
Cyclonus: "As you can obviously tell I'm not dead. But then, I'm not the Cyclonus you know. All will be explained after we get back to where Galvatron and Overlord are. Right now, we need to get some of that energon that I cached up in that cave so we can help Galvatron, and his companion."

2001-08-13, 06:41 AM
Triggerhappy had slipped out of the large group of Decepticons that were listening to the newcomers speech. He didn't want to have anything to do with these new arivals.
He transformed to jet mode with Blowpipe and headed back to the area where he last saw Slugslinger heading.

After a long while he picked up Slugslinger on his radar. Slugslinger was with others that he did not recognize. Wait a minute... that purple Decepticon... It was Cyclonus!

Reverend Shrapnel
2001-08-13, 06:41 AM
"Who is this "companion"? But I'll help you. You've got a ship and a way off this desolate rock."

Slugslinger transformed and flew up to the cave again with Cyclonus.

*Finally-A way off Charr* thought Slugslinger.

Neither of them noticed a small brown coloured space shuttle gliding above them, many miles away...

2001-08-13, 06:55 AM
After gathering enough energon from the cave, Cyclonus and Slugslinger made their way back to the others.

Cyclonus: "I told you I'd explain everything so here goes..."
Just then Overlord broke into the converstaion
Overlord: "We got company, a Jet-type craft coming from where you and Slugslinger came from and some kind of small space-craft above us."
Cyclonus: "Perhaps I'll wait till they get here so I don't have to repeat myself."

Reverend Shrapnel
2001-08-13, 06:56 AM
Blast-Off hovered above Charr with Swindle on baord.
"Swindle-we have reached Charr."

"So what? Dead planet-no good for my energon cycle anyway and another thing..."



"Distinct life-signs on Charr. Possibly a Decepticon colony."

"Really? Decepticons?"

Swindle would never admit it to Blast-Off or indeed anyone but he hoped that the other Combaticons were there...it'd been a long while since he'd seen any other Transformers besides Blast-Off.

"Possibly Swindle, it would be worth a closer look-even if we are only going to gather energon from the planet."

"Right! Well what are we waiting for? Land!"

"Checking atmospheric pressures. Charr seems relatively unaffected since we were last there."

Blast off engaged thrusters and headed for the surface of Charr.

2001-08-13, 07:37 AM
Cycloni was still tempting the other TFs to join the Demonicon forces.
Octopunch returned with Bombshell after showing him his quarters.
"Cycloni! We saw a ship!" Octopunch hissed.
"So did I! Tell all our men to get ready!" Cycloni replied.


2001-08-13, 07:39 AM
Triggerhappy saw a Brown space shuttle lower itself to the position that Cyclonus, Slugslinger, and a large unknown robot was standing. Triggerhappy recognized the space shuttle, but he couldn't remember where he had seen it last.

He transformed to robot mode and landed near Slugslinger and Cyclonus' position. Blowpipe transformed to robot mode. Triggerhappy liked his Nebulon partner, although most other Decepticons hated their Nebulan partners. Triggerhappy kind of wished that Blowpipe was stuck in gun mode, like Caliburst was though, because the more he was in gun mode, the more chances Triggerhappy would have to shoot things.

"What's going on Slugslinger?", he asked, "and where did Cyclonus come from?"

2001-08-13, 08:21 AM
With a creeking, Tincan's tank mode folded, changed, and transformed into robot mode, the Fusion cannon on his right arm, missle rack on the left shoulder, and the automatic fixing itself in place in his left chest piece. Lucifer transformed to head and locked itself in place.

Raising the fusion cannon: "It is the year 2015. Our glorious leader Galvatron in non-funcional... so we do not have a commander here on Charr."

Looking in the direction of the Jets and back: "And you really want to make us think you fell out of the sky?
BWAHA! Nonesense"

2001-08-13, 02:07 PM
Galvatron grumbled as he looked around the landscape.

Galvatron: "...Charr...this is the fate my departure doomed the Decepticons too. The Autobots will pay dearly for this...I shall make Prime suffer...Galvatron shall have his revenge..."

The leader pulled himself to his feet, drawing upon every reserve he had, It was time for the Decepticons to regain their glory.

2001-08-13, 02:53 PM

Reflector transformed. They looked at each other in awe.

"It can't be," Spectro exclaimed.

"My lens never lies," Viewfinder replied. "That is indeed..."

"Galvatron," they finished in unison.

They began running to their once estranged leader.


Gigatron stood next to Galvatron.

"He still requires a great deal of repair."

He looked to the other Decepticons.

"Can one of you guide us to the nearest medical equipment?"

Reverend Shrapnel
2001-08-13, 06:58 PM
"Ah Triggerhappy. Welcome to this little gathering, Cyclonus is about to tell us all what's going on and why Galvatron is here as soon as that shuttle lands...Whatever's going on it sounds confusing but"

Slugslinger motioned Triggerhappy away from Cyclonus and whispered to him.

"Triggerhappy. You've been a trusted comrade of mine for years now so I'll tell you: I intend to get off Charr any way possible-and these new arrivals seem perfect. Why not come with me? Strike back at the Autobots for one last dance?"

2001-08-13, 07:11 PM
Apeface and Ramjet noticed Cyclonus.

"Hey, wasn't that Cyclonus?" Apeface asked.

"I think it was", said Ramjet. "Let's follow him."

They both transform into jet mode, Spasma sliding into Apeface's cockpit, and take off after Cyclonus

2001-08-13, 07:15 PM
"Sir, apparentely Galvatron is here on Charr!" Spinister said to Cycloni.
"Well, hopefuly if our plan goes ahead, he shall not be leaving, if you get my point! I AM THE LEADER OF CHARR NOW! ME!" Cycloni hissed.
"What shall we do now though?" Spinister asked.
"Get the Terrorcons to go and see what is happening, and to wreck Galvatron's ship if possible. Also, tell them only to attack the TFs if they have to!" Cycloni replied.
Spinister went to hand out the orders.
"Bombshell, Octopunch, Stranglehold, Spinister! Let us return to the fort. We have done all we can!" Cycloni said.
They all marched back to their base.

The Terrorcons hid and watched Slugslinger talking to someone else. It was true, they all saw Cyclonus!
"Let's form Abominus and destroy then now!" Cut-throat said.
"Maybe!" Ripper Snapper replied.
They all waited and watched.
Getting to the ship would be hard!
"Let us return to the fort and tell the mighty Cycloni what we have seen. No mistaking him and Cyclonus. For one Cycloni is made of black metal." Ripper Snapper said.
They all turned and stalked back to the fort...

2001-08-13, 07:41 PM
"Of course I'll join you," Triggerhappy said to Slugslinger, "I'd take any chance I can get to blow up a few Autobots. Count me in."

2001-08-13, 08:02 PM
Cycloni looked at his new ship. It was good.
Unfortunately only a few spaces on it were available, so it was first come first served.
"I've almost finished the engine work!" Spinister said.
Cycloni nodded.
"Can we make a bomb, or plauge? So as we leave, we can leave Charr a gift?" Cycloni asked.
"I'll see." Spinister said.
Cycloni turned.
Bombshell was wondering around the camp. Octopunch and Stranglehold were guarding at the gate.

Octopunch saw the Terrorcons coming over.
"BOSS! TERRORCONS ARE BACK!" Stranglehold yelled.
"Good!" Cycloni smiled.
The Terrorcons came in.
"Anything to report?" Cycloni asked.
"Yes! Slugslinger and some other Transformer were plotting! Or so it would seem. Cyclonus was also there!" Ripper Snapper said.
"Cyclonus eh?" Cycloni asked.
"Yeah!" Cut-throat replied.
"If, many other people join, we shall attack good 'ol Cyclonus. Pillage their ship and burn everything else down!" Cycloni grinned.
"Then what?" Octopunch asked.
"Earth shall feel our WRATH!" Cycloni laughed.
Twisted grinns crawled on to the other's faces...

2001-08-13, 08:13 PM
As the Decepticons milled about, a call from the planet Earth came over their internal communications systems:

"Decepticons, calling all Decepticons, this is your leader Optitron speaking. I have been resurrected! With resurrection comes life, and with life comes conquest! All those who will join me in pillaging this worthless planet Earth for the resources we need, respond!"

2001-08-13, 08:51 PM
Elsewhere on Charr, Sixshot and the Predacons had located an old friend.

Sixshot: "Razorclaw, I think we have found him! Predacons...start digging!"

The Predacons dug away, save for Divebomb who kept a silent vigil with Sixshot. Suddenly the Predacon eagle picked up a transmission.

Divebomb: "Sixshot, I've monitored a transmission...it appears our leader has returned!"

Sixshot: "WHAT? Galvatron lives?"

Divebomb: "Yeah...I guess."

Sixshot almost smiled...then looked at the Predacons.

Sixshot: "Get Scorponok unearthed...Galvatron is going to need an army to crush the Autobots!"

2001-08-13, 09:42 PM
After everyone had assembled and got situated, Cyclonus started his explanation
Cyclonus: "Many of you are wondering how I came to be here, who my large friend is over there, how Galvatron survived, and who the purple guy is with him. Well, here goes.
My large friend, Overlord, and I are from the future. A horrible, twisted future that was caused by some turn of events in this time. We came back hoping to stop that from happening. Galvatron survived his last encounter with the Autobots but he was buried under ice in the Arctic region of Earth. The 'purple guy' with Galvatron dug him out. I'll let him explain who he is and why he's here."

2001-08-13, 11:02 PM
Triggerhappy and Blowpipe didn't know what to make of the situation. Triggerhappy wasn't sure if he believed Cyclonus' story. As far as he was conserned, Time Travel was imposible. He wish he could know what Slugslinger was thinking. What ever Slugslinger chose to do, Triggerhappy would stick with him.

2001-08-13, 11:46 PM
Gigatron glanced at Cyclonus before turning to Triggerhappy and Slugslinger.

"Greetings, Decepticons. My name is Gigatron. Like Cyclonus and Overlord, I have recently become a time traveller. However, I come from a point in time much farther in the future than theirs. I have returned to your time to save Galvatron, that the future of the Decepticon Empire may be altered. Now, if you would be so kind as to lead us back to your headquarters."

2001-08-13, 11:56 PM
Triggerhappy wasn't sure if he trusted this new comer either. All this talk of time travel wasn't something that gave him faith in these new Decepticons. However, before Slugslinger could say where their base was, Triggerhappy spoke up.

"There are new Decepticons that have arrived on Charr. They seem to hostile and their leader is attempting to take full control of the Decepticons here. I didn't want to have any part of them, so I came and found you."

2001-08-14, 12:06 AM
Gigatron looked at Triggerhappy, confused.

"A usurper? Perhaps this is the great catastrophe the record codex reported. If the Decepticons are to reach their full glory once again, we must unite them under a strong leader."

He glanced at Galvatron, then back to Triggerhappy.

"Where can we complete his repairs?"

2001-08-14, 12:12 AM
"Our former base of operations is where the new Decepticons are currently holding their base camp. We can't return there without causing a small fight... although a fight might be exactly what I need."

2001-08-14, 12:19 AM
Cyclonus: "Since Galvatron is still too damage to lead us, I'll take charge. I figure we need to stay away from those usurpers till everyone can be repaired to fighting condition. We have a small energon stockpile over in that cave. We can take that and set up somewhere near here. We should also try to contact every decepticon we can that hasn't sided with those new guys."

2001-08-14, 12:24 AM
At that moment, Reflector ran up.

"Lord Galvatron!" Spectro cried. "You have returned!"

Gigatron looked down at the three new followers.

"Well, that's a start," he mumbled to himself.

2001-08-14, 12:32 AM
Cyclonus: "Well, now we got people to move the energon..."

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-14, 12:49 AM
"If I may offer some assistance to you, legends of the Destron past." Gigastorm began, hovering up to the gathering of Galvatron, Gigatron, Overlord and Cyclonus, with Dirgegun, Thrustol, Hell Scream and Max B riding on his station mode.

"My team and I can add considerable power to the army you propose, as well as a solution, possibly, for your energy crisis. If this is indeed 2015 as I was informed, then you are still using energon cubes as a primary energy source correct? If so, I give you this."

Thrustol lept to the ground and tapped a release on his chest, swinging two plates outward to reveal several glowing blue tubes hooked up to his energy processing system.

"Liquid energon system." Gigastorm rumbled, "By processing cubes to a liquid form it provides twice the power of a cube in much smaller amounts. Dirgegun and Thrustol can build a processor if given proper tools and supplies, and it may not solve the energy problem, but it will reduce your need. I give this to you as a gift as well as our sevitude to you, should you accept."

The Cyber Beasts bowed before the leaders, all except Hell Scream who stood sneering until Dirgegun smacked him in the back of the head, then he too lowered to one knee.

2001-08-14, 12:57 AM
"But where are you going to get the tools and suplies needed to build the processor?" asked Triggerhappy.

Blowpipe leaped out of Triggerhappy's hand, transformed to robot mode and landed in front of him. "I can sneak back to our camp and get whatever you guys need. They won't be able to detect me as well as you guys because I'm smaller."

"Sounds like a plan to me," said Triggerhappy, "Is that a good idea guys?"

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-14, 01:05 AM
"That should work." Thrustol growled, scratching his chin with a clawed hand "It won't require much, a few power converters and energy coils, as well as some steel plates and something for the energon to pool in after the liquification.."

"And we will require laser torches and perhaps a few other common tools." Dirgegun added.

2001-08-14, 03:35 AM
"I'll take him to an area that near our old base, and after that he'll be on his own," said Triggerhappy.

Triggerhappy transformed to his jet mode while Blowpipe transformed to his gun mode and the two of them headed for their old base.

2001-08-14, 05:02 AM
Cyclonus: "We need something we can use as the set up for a base.
Overlord: "Remember what I can do."
Cyclonus: "That's right. Overlord, do your stuff."

Overlord transformed to his Battle Station Complex mode.

Cyclonus: "Ok. Anyone else got any abilities we should know about?"

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-14, 05:57 AM
"I am capable of the battle station mode you currently see, as well as T-Rex and City modes as well. My men are specialized in certain areas, Dirge Gun is an air commander, Hell Scream is my chief of staff, Max B serves mainly as his body guard, but is a fierce fighter just the same, and Thrustol is an expert troop commander and never surrenders." Gigastorm offered.

2001-08-14, 05:32 PM
"Sir?" Spinister asked.
"I will make friends with him!" Cycloni smiled.
The Demonicons looked at each other.
"Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer!" Cycloni smiled.
At that Cycloni left.

He soon saw Cyclonus.
"Well, it's the man I take after! Except you are purple. Maybe we could become allies. The Demonicons and Galvatron! Oh, so sorry, I am Cycloni. Leader of the Demonicon forces." Cycloni said...

2001-08-14, 05:42 PM
A portal opened through time and space somewhere on Charr. The portal whirled and glowed as two mean looking transformers walked through it. As both of them had walked through the portal disappeared.

The smaller, black one turned to look at the taller one. "Holocaust? Are you sure that Gigatron came here?"

The larger, blue and black looked at the horizon. "I'm positive Hellrazor."

Hellrazor crossed his arms, snarled. "You understand that we can't get back to our time without him?"

Holocaust started walking towards nearby lavapool. "I have no desire to go back... if Gigatron decided to come here..." He stepped into the lava. "Our timeline was doomed." Holocaust dived into the lavapool and opened his energy gathering device. Hellrazor followed Holocaust's example and dived into the lava. He opened his mental-link to Holocaust. "This melted mix of minerals is ideal for recharging." Holocaust replied. "That's why I walked here... after the portal closed I felt strange energy loss... I had to recharge myself somehow. As soon we are recharged... we'll begin to track Gigatron."

2001-08-14, 05:47 PM
Ramjet and Apeface, on their way to Cyclonus, intercept Optitron's message.

"Hey, that was Optitron", said Spasma.

"Yeah, let's get back to Earth and see what he wants", said Ramjet.

The two jets take off toward space.

Meanwhile, in Cycloni's camp...

Bombshell had noticed Apeface and Ramjet take off into the sky, so he started to form a plan. He walked up to Cycloni.

"Boss", Bombshell said. "I saw two Decepticons take off into space. Can I go see what they're up too?

"Yes", Cycloni said. "But be careful".

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-14, 05:53 PM
Thrustol looked up from his work on the Energon processor, scanning the horizon with his scope eye.

"Problem?" Gigastorm said, turning to look at the cyber raptor.

"Large energy fluctuation to the north," Thrustol growled, "And a sudden temperature drop..."

"Perhaps another time rift..." Gigastorm rumbled, looking to Cyclouns and Galvatron.

2001-08-14, 07:33 PM
Meanwhile, Gunrunner is approaching Charr carrying the rest of the Chaoticons and a 'Mysterious Sir'

Gunrunner: "Sir, we're appraoching Charr."
'Sir': "Excellent. Take us down to where Galvatron is. Perhaps he can identify this artifact we found back on that planet."

Gunrunner enters the atmosphere and heads to land at Galvatron's camp.

Now, back to the main story...

Overlord: "Cyclonus, I'm picking up a strange craft heading for our location."
Cyclonus: "Great. An unknown craft and another time rift. Hmmm... Gigastorm, send a few of your men to investigate that possible time rift and have them report back. You, Me, and Overlord are gonna go find out who that is that's landing."

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-14, 07:49 PM
"Yes Cyclonus." Gigastorm said, turning to his troops, he spoke. "Thrustol, you detected it's location exactly? Good. Take Dirgegun and investigate, attempt to negotiate with anything that came through, do not enagage in combat unless they are hostile. Hell Scream, you go too, they might need backup, and don't argue."

Hell Scream opened his mouth to protest, then closed it again.

"Yes, Gigastorm." he muttered.

The three warriors headed towards the rift, Max B loyally following his leader.

Gigastorm transformed to Battle Station mode.

"Shall we proceed?" he said to Cyclonus.

2001-08-14, 07:58 PM
Cyclonus: "Yes, lets."
And with that, Overlord transformed and the 3 of them headed for the landing site.

At the landing site Gunrunner landed and the other 5 Chaoticons disembarked followed by another who was kept out of view by the Chaoticons. Gunrunner transformed and joined the rest of them. The Choaticons parted to reveal the one Decepticon no one expected to see on Charr... Cyclonus

2001-08-14, 08:01 PM
Ripper-Snapper of the Terrorcons ran back to the Demonicon fort.
"Master! Out scouts spotted a ship land near the Cyclonus' base! I say we investigate!" he gasped.
"Yes! Octopunch, Stranglehold go!" Cycloni ordered.
They both went.
"Look Stranglehold. Shall we go and see?" Octopunch asked.
"HEY!" a voice yelled. It was Spinister.
"I was told to look after you 2!" Spinister said.
"Shall we advance?" Octopunch asked.
"No! I'm sure one of Cyclonus' men will investigate. Let's capture them and take them back to base for interrorgation!" Spinister said.
They crouched and waited...

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-14, 08:03 PM
Gigastorm transformed to T Rex and swung his head back between the two Cyclonus', confused.

"How...how can this be?" he stuttered.

2001-08-14, 08:09 PM
Gigatron folded his arms and grinned.

Present and future collide. I certainly hope he doesn't shut down from the shock.

He turned to the rest.

"I recognize you. Chaoticons, I believe you called yourselves. Here to join the service of Galvatron, are you?"

2001-08-14, 08:11 PM
Gunrunner: "Yeah, we're here to work for Galvatron, for now. And to see if Galvatron could identify an Artifact the we discovered on a distant planet."
PCyclonus: "This artifact is rather strange in configuration but Galvatron must see it before anyone else."

FCyclonus: "Well, that explains whether or not they are hostile. And Gigastorm, to answer your question, as I said before, Overlord and I are from the future. Appearantly there is some link between myself and the present day version of me. It would explain why he didn't freak out when he saw me. But anyway, we should get back to where Galvatron and the others are. We still have those new guys to worry about."

So, as usual, they all head back to where the rest of Galvatron's group is located, without incident.

2001-08-14, 10:15 PM
Slugslinger and Caliburst had chosen to go with Triggerhappy and Blowpipe in order to steal the supplies they needed to build the liquid energon system. The two jets landed behind a nearby mountain. Blowpipe would be doing all the dangerous work, but was small so hopefully nobody would see him.

Caliburst sincerely wished he could transform and accompany Blowpipe, but was unable to because he was unable to transform to robot mode. He was hoping that once the Liquid Energon System was functional, he would be able to transform again.

"Alright," said Triggerhappy to Blowpipe, "You know where all the equipment you need to get is. All you need to do is get some power converters and several energy coils. Slugslinger, Caliburst and I can get the rest of the equipment needed because it isn't guarded as heavily. We'll meet you back here in 2,000,000,000 astro seconds."

"Will do," said Blowpipe as he made his way to the Decepticon's former base.

"So where are we going to get the other supplies?" asked Slugslinger, holding Caliburst in his hand.

"We can get them from the scrap yard. Nobody is ever around there anyway."

The two Decepticon Targetmasters slowly made their way to the junkyward.

2001-08-14, 11:32 PM
FCyclonus pulled PCyclonus aside outside the camp.
FCyclonus: "Cause of that link we currently have, I know what you know about that artifact and I know what your suspicions about it are. And I think you're right."
PCyclonus: "But the only one that can tell us if we're right is Galvatron."
FCyclonus: "Right. And if we do turn out to be right, I have an idea that would put that artifact to good use."
PCyclonus: "You mind telling me what that idea is?"
FCyclonus: "You'll find out in due time. The link, remember?"

2001-08-14, 11:50 PM
Blowpipe ran quickly to the outskirts of the Decepticon base. He hid behind a boulder that was twice the size of him. He could see the entrance to the base from where he was. The only problem was, Pounce and Wingspan were standing right at the gate.

2001-08-14, 11:54 PM
Suddenly, a shadow passes over Blowpipe. Blowpipe turns around to see the huge form of Doubledealer.

"Hey, runt", said Doubledealer. "Need any help"?

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-15, 03:26 AM
Thrustol knelt on the rock near the lava pool, ran his finger through a pool of oil and lifted it to his nose, sniffing.

"Well?" Hell Scream asked impatiently.

"There were transformers here," Thrustol began "But they are apparently gone now."

"Really, you don't say." Hell Scream sneered.

"The point is," Thrustol said, rising, "that the time rifts are still occuring, either as a result of the others, or because someone has wanted them to."

"More time travellers like Gigatron and Overlord?" Dirge Gun questioned.

"Very likely." Thrustol growled. "We had best alert the others."

Though Gigastorm understood that time could be warped, even turned back on itself, the sight of the two Cyclonus' still shocked his neuro circuits. Still, the mighty Cyclonus was a great warrior of legend, and two could only be more powerful. Something nagged at him though. If Cyclonus could return to the present through these rifts, his brother may also be able to find his way to Charr. And Gigastorm knew Galvatron would not be pleased with him for abandoning him....

2001-08-15, 07:38 AM
Blowpipe looked up at the large Transformer that was towering over him.

"Umm..." Blowpipe stagered, "Umm... No, that's alright. I'm just here to check something."

2001-08-15, 07:45 AM
Hellrazor listened attentively. He spoke to Holocaust through his mental link. "Khan... we have company." Holocaust replied to Hellrazor. "I noticed... transformers... but I can't identify them." Hellrazor began to feel somewhat worried. "What if they are hostile?" Holocaust transformed into his dragon mode under the lavapool's surface. "Let's find out.

Soon Holocaust's two dragonic heads rose from the lavapool. His eyes burning red and smoke coming out from his slighty opened jaws. The two heads stared at the Dirgegun, Thrustol and Hell Scream attentively.

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-15, 04:21 PM
Thrustol jumped back and swung his raptor sheild forward to block any attacks as the dragon heads surfaced suddenly. Dirgegun quickly knocked Hell Scream's turbine gun out of his hand before he had a chance to fire. Thrustol turned to Dirgegun, who just shrugged. Thrustol took a step forward.

"Greetings, I am the Destron Thrustol, this is Dirge Gun, Hell Scream and Max B, though my memory circuits give me insight as to who you are..."

2001-08-15, 04:58 PM
The look on Holocaust's two heads changed somewhat, first amazement then disbelief. He stared at Thrustol his optics narrowing.

"What year this is?" He stepped out from the lavapool and shaked his wings clean of the lava.

His voice took threating tone. "And what you know of me? My memorybanks don't mention destrons called Thrustol, Dirge Gun and Hell Scream..."

2001-08-15, 09:35 PM
Doubledealer looks suspiciously at Blowpipe.

"Are you sure," he says. "It looks like you're up to something".

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-16, 02:12 AM
"According to what we've been told, this is the year 2015." Thrustol said "Though we are not from it, we come from the...no, a future, though we are far from there now. Our orders were to investigate a time rift, which I can only assume you came here through, and make contact."

2001-08-16, 06:20 AM
The Cyclonus' and Gigatron are discussing Galvatron's condition

PCyclonus: "We need to get Galvatron repaired quickly. Do you have any repair faciities here?"
FCyclonus: "Overlord has minimal facalities. We need more equipment to be able to fully repair Galvatron."
PCyclonus: "Gunrunner has some stored inside him."
Gigatron: "Allow me to assist in the repairs. There is something important I can repair and I have a few upgrades I'd like to make."
FCyclonus: "Ok. Cyclonus, you get the equipment from Gunrunner and we'll get Galvatron into the repair bay.

Overlord, having overheard the conversation transformed to his battle station mode. FCyclonus and Gigatron hauled Galvatron into Overlord's repair bay and PCyclonus retrieved the repair equipment from Gunrunner.

During the 2 hours of repair work, Gigatron repaired the plasma damage done to Galvatron's meta processor and made a few "unspecified" upgrades. With the repairs and upgrades completed, Galvatron was back to full working order.

2001-08-16, 09:48 AM
Holocaust's other head reached towards Thrustol and grinned evilly.

"You hesitated."

Flames came out from his mouths. "Maybe you are from future but... You are from different timeline or dimension, aren't you?"

The two headed dragon rose to air. "I followed Gigatron here... and I smell his energy trace... where he is?"

Commander Shockwaeve
2001-08-16, 10:00 PM
"Did you copy that?" whipered Night Glide into his transmitter. A small green light lit up, indicating "yes" with radio silence. He had been watching and recording the process of Galvatron's repair for several hours. He now knew that Galvatron's mind was stable - and he was deadlier than ever. The Quintessons would have to find someone new... He pulled out a sort of remote and entered the coordinates of Galvatron's present location, and quietly stole back towards the cave where his squad of sharkticons had set up a temporary base. When he was sufficiently far away from their camp, he let a transmission from his ship come through.
"We have locked on," came a Sharkticon's voice over the radio, "and audio pickup is clear."

2001-08-16, 10:15 PM
"There," Gigatron said, to himself mostly, as he backed away from Galvatron. He silently admired his work.

Perfect. Absolutely perfect. The Galvatron I'd read of was but a shadow of this...and that Galvatron was a legend already! Gigatron, my automation, I do believe you've outdone even yourself.

Deciding that to be enough, Gigatron discarded his repair tools and leaned over Galvatron again.

"How do you feel?"

2001-08-17, 12:26 AM
Triggerhappy, Slugslinger and Caliburst had succeeded in their mission to attain several plates of metal that could be used to build the Liquid Energon System. Now all they had to do was wait for Blowpipe to return with the power converters and energy coils and they could return to where Cyclonus, Galvatron and the others were stationed.

"Where is that little runt?" asked Slugslinger.

"He'll be here..." Triggerhappy said while looking over the landscape of Charr.

2001-08-17, 02:16 AM
Doubledealer got annoyed, so he decided to take action.

"Skar, get over here", he said.

The bat creature flew and afixed himself to Doubledealer, transforming him into his Falcon mode.

"I think you're gonna come with me", said Doubledealer.

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-17, 03:28 AM
"We are indeed from a time different than this one." Thrustol said "From a future in which we served under the mighty Galvatron and his brother, our commander, Gigastorm. As for Gigatron, he is at the camp that has been established near the ruins."

2001-08-17, 07:41 AM
Holocaust transformed into robot mode and landed in front of Thrustol. "Then lead a way. We shall follow you to the camp and meet your chieftain there."

Holocaust turned towards the lavapool. "Hellrazor! Come out!"

Black and blood red two-headed creature jumped out from the pool and transformed into robot form. He glanced at Holocaust. "Can we trust them?" He hissed and turned to stare at Hell Scream.

Holocaust grinned viciously. "Then... it's their problem."

2001-08-17, 07:54 AM
Before Doubledealer and his cronies could make a move, Blowpipe quickly opened up a radio frequency to Triggerhappy.

"Triggerhappy, I'm in trouble down here, come bail me out..." said Blowpipe just before he was cut off by Doubledealer.

Triggerhappy picked up the message. "We got to go down there and help him," he said.

"Its too risky," said Slugslinger.

"We need Blowpipe to get the supplies anyway, so we gotta help him."


The two Targetmasters transformed to Jet mode and headed for the Decepticon base to rescue Blowpipe.

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-17, 08:30 AM
Thrustol didn't quite trust these new transformers, but he knew the camp held superior numbers. He opened a radio frequency to Gigastorm.

"Gigastorm, we are returning to base with two beings who came through the rift, we will arrive shortly."

"Excellent," Gigastorm's voice rumbled over the comm static "we await your return."

Hell Scream hung back from the group, fuming.

"He had the nerve to threaten me....." He grumbled. This, Holocaust was it? would learn to respect the mighty Hell Scream, no matter what time he was from.....

2001-08-17, 08:49 AM
Both Holocaust and Hellrazor glanced at Hell Scream with amused looks on their faces. Holocaust smiled wickedly. "Try not to grumble so loud Hell Scream."

Hellrazor turned to Thrustol. "Shall we get going?"

Holocaust optics flashed red as he stared at Hell Scream. This one may cause troubles... I need to know more of these three...
"Thrustol. Who is the Warchief of your camp?"

2001-08-17, 04:53 PM
Doubledealer notices the two Decepticon jets approaching.

"Ah, good", said Doubledealer. "More friends to play with.

2001-08-17, 08:45 PM
Galvatron began to flicker back to life. He looked around and saw Gigatron as he came too. He felt a strange sensation...a feeling of purpose and completeness, but mostly he just felt the power.

Galvatron: "It is time my friends...it is time!"

Galvatron looked at Gigatron: "So I assume I owe you for this?" Galvatron motioned towards his new arm mounted cannon. "I must say...I like your work. Yet, I feel rather odd...have you made some modifications to my design?"

2001-08-17, 11:09 PM
Gunrunner: "I've been talking with the other Chaoticons and we want to go to Earth. We haven't been there, we want to see whats going on, and we want to cause some damage."
FCyclonus: "That's acceptable now that Galvatron has been repaired. We'll contact you incase we need you."

Gunrunner went back to the other Chaoticons, told them the news, and transformed to his transport mode. The other Chaoticons got onboard and they took off for Earth.

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-18, 02:18 AM
"Bah!" Hell Scream fumed and seperated from the group, Max B following him. No one look the least bit concerned.

Thrustol thought before answering Holocaust.

"Until up until a few days ago, our "war chief" was Gigastorm, but now there are many who could hold that position, though I suppose it is Galvatron who leads us all."

2001-08-18, 03:58 AM
Bombshell's ship landed at Cycloni's camp. Bombshell and Driveby approach Cycloni

"I captured Driveby from Optitron for you." said Bombshell. "He is your's to command"

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-18, 07:00 AM
A shuttle streaked through Charr's atmosphere and hurtled toward the cliffs, smashing into the side of a mountain ands hurling debris into the air. The ship rolled several times before grinding slowly to a halt. The entry hatch popped off and hung down into space, a shower of nuts and bolts tumbling out and clattering on the ground. They were followed by a figure, falling clumsily out and landing with a sickening thud on the ground. The figure weakly struggled to it's feet. It was about 7 feet tall and looked for all the world like a bipedal lizard. The Decepticon pretender Iguanus took a shaky step forward and immediatly fell to his knees.

"Need help," he thought "so...so...much..pain..."

He activated his heat sensors, detecting several forms to the west. Struggling back to his feet, he began to limp slowly towards the palace in the distance.

2001-08-18, 07:19 AM
PCyclonus noticed the crashing object in the distane and took off to investigate.

As he neared the crash site, he saw a lizard working its way away from the crash. He transformed and landed infront of the lizard.

PCyclonus: "Who are you? Why are you here? And who are you looking for, if anyone?"

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-18, 07:22 AM
Iguanus looked up into the face of Cyclonus.

"Please..." he rasped "he..help me...please...."

Iguanus collapsed to the ground. There was a beep and digital voice spoke:

"Warning! Unit energy supplies near exhaustion, primary systems failing. Unit requires immediate refueling or stasis lock imminate."

2001-08-18, 07:26 AM
PCyclonus: "Looks like I better haul his carcass back to the others and get him some energon."

Pcyclonus picked him up and flew back to the others and gave him some energon hoping to get this lizard's systems running again.

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-18, 07:29 AM
Iguanus coughed and sputtered as his systems began to reactivate. His eyes roved around him, widening in terror as he took in those around him. His eyes finally fell on Galvatron, and he lept to his feet, throwing Cyclonus back.

"No! no! You don't understand! You're all in incredible danger!" he screamed hysterically.

2001-08-18, 01:07 PM
Millions of years ago, Cybertron had been taken from them by rebellious Transformers. They were forced into exile by their own creations. Their new home they christened Quintessa, and began to plan their revenge. But it was not to be, not yet. Quintessa was destroyed in a conflict with the Autobots: the way the Quintessons saw it, the Transformers had robbed them of another planet. They swore it would not happen a third time.
New Quintessa was completed in 2012. Primarily a factory not unlike Cybertron, the Quintessons were determined that it not be found by unwanted visitors. Much of construction time was spent on the development of a massive cloaking device, one that would permanently keep the planet from standard detection. Unfortunately, a suitable power source has not yet been constructed, and the field may only be active for limited times. The planet is also in constant motion: rockets propell it ever along a pre-plotted fractal path thus insuring difficulty for whoever may attempt to track it. Meanwhile, the Quintessons, long absent from the Transformer conflict, are ever scheming...

2015. Four five-faced Quintessons are in a control room on New Quintessa. A Quintesson scientist speaks with them.

"These satellites have enabled us to remain informed of all Decepticon activity on Charr. Disguised as common asteroids, I project a 98.9% probability that they will never be detected."

He directs them to several images recorded.

"In the last cycle, an interesting development has been noted: a new faction of Transformers has emerged. They do not appear to be allied with the Decepticons, but are clearly derived from them. They also appear quite powerful compared to the remaining Decepticons on Charr."

"Then if their programming is like to that of the Decepticons, they will prove to be quite useful to us. You may go."

The Quintesson scientist leaves the control center.

"Indeed, and - "

Several images flash on the many viewscreens.

"It can't be!"


"But evidently true! Galvatron survives!"

The Quintessons study the images relayed from Charr.

"Apparently recently freed from his icy tomb, he appears to be in a weakened condition. But if he recovers and unites the Decepticons, they will prove more troublesome than expected."

"But if Galvatron's second death has not stabilized his circuitry, he will most surely meet defeat at the hands of the Demonicons. After this defeat is the ideal time. I project a 99% probability that Galvatron will not refuse our proposition."

"For the present we must watch and wait. But look! More now surround Galvatron! It would appear he now commands several Decepticons, and is in legion with unidentified Transformers."

"A scan reveals that several of them are surrounded by temporal static: these beings are travellers in time!"

"We must learn more about these developing situations on Charr. If we are to reclaim Cybertron, the Decepticons' unwitting help is an asset we cannot overlook. Dispatch a stealth team of Sharkticons to Charr immediately!"

2001-08-18, 01:43 PM
Galvatron looked at Iguanus.

Galvatron: "Ha! We are Decepticons...you should know that there is no threat in the universe that we must fear. Now tell me...what is this threat that is so grave? And someone...tell me what is the state of our forces and those of the Autobots...I think we may have to take action soon."

Galvatron looks around at the collapsing structure of the Charr base: "...very soon.."

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-18, 05:46 PM
"No please, Lord Galvatron!" Iguanus begged "You are the last one I should ever have wished to see here! It's too. too..ARGHGHHHHH!!!!"

Iguanus' pretender shell suddenly cracked open, spilling nuts and bolts to the ground and revealing the nearly skeletal robot inside.

"Too...dangerous...." it croaked before falling face first to the ground, it's energy signiture fading away to nothing.

2001-08-18, 06:24 PM
Galvatron looked down at the collapsed Pretender.

Galvatron: "Strange...his damage did not seem so severe...something is not right here. Reflector, could you run some tests and see if we can put him back together?"

Galvatron then turned to face the gathering Decepticons.

Galvatron: "It is time my Decepticons...it is time for us to reclaim what is ours! It is time for us to regain the glory we once had. Spread the word...today we reunite the Decepticons!"

Galvatron the turned to Gigatron and Cyclonus. "Dispatch someone to the last known coordinants of Starscream...I want him found and returned to the Decepticon Army...I have use for his skills."

Galvatron then began to walk away: "Decepticons...I want you all to find a way to energize yourselves...do whatever it takes...we shall leave for Earth shortly. Gigatron...with me please."

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-18, 06:42 PM
Something shifted under the fallen pretender. His arm jerked slightly as a small creature peered out from beneath it. The thing began to giggle.

"We see robots." it chirped "we hungry!"

Suddenly the pile of nuts and bolts began to seethe as they transformed into tiny mechanical creatures. The things began to run after the robots, jumping and clinging to their legs and sinking their tiny fangs into them.

2001-08-18, 07:01 PM
Holocaust transformed back to his dragon form. "My sensors indicated that camp is several miles to the north."

He picked up Hellrazor and rose to the skies.
"Let us go to see if Gigatron is there." Holocaust's other head glanced behind him. "Are you coming?"

Soon Holocaust reached the current Decepticon Highquarters. He let down Hellrazor who transformed into his creature mode. "I smell something familiar Holocaust..." Holocaust examined his surroundings. "Gigatron most likely."

Hellrazor quickly transformed into robot form and jumped into air. "No, not Gigatron! Do you remember the scraplets?!"

Holocaust both heads looked worried. "The robot eaters? What about them?"
Hellrazor looked at Holocaust. "I think I smelled their energy trace khan."

Holocaust turned to look at Thrustol, who had followed them. "What do you know of this?"

2001-08-18, 09:40 PM
Both Cyclonus' happened to be outside when the scraplets started to run amok. When they heard the sound of the little buggers, they got airborne and contacted the Chaoticons.

FCyclonus: "Gunrunner, get as much water as you can and get back to Charr now."
Gunrunner: "Why?"
PCyclonus: "Scraplets."
Gunrunner: "This is serious. We'll work quickly and get there as soon as possible."

2001-08-18, 11:46 PM
Reflector walked over to the fallen body of Iguanus. Before their scannings could commence, Spectro felt a sharp pain in his foot.

"Yowch!" He examined the problem. A miniature robot was latched onto his foot. Attempts to remove it quickly proved futile. "What is it?!"

Spyglass and Viewfinder reached in to help, but their arms were quickly infected with similar parasites.

"Get them off me!"



"If I recall correctly," Gigatron said quietly, "Starscream is currently stationed on Earth, under the command of Optitron."

Having overheard Cyclonus' transmission, Gigatron sent one of his own.

"Gunrunner, this is Gigatron on Charr. Before returning, be a good chap and fetch Starscream for us."

After closing the channel, Gigatron walked up behind Galvatron.

"What is our course of action?"

Commander Shockwaeve
2001-08-19, 02:48 AM
"Dispatch someone to the last known coordinants of Starscream...I want him found and returned to the Decepticon Army...I have use for his skills."

Galvatron's voice crackeled over the satellite link. Starscream... perhaps Galvatron would provide them with the one they needed after all...


A beeping in a control room on New Quintessa alerted the four Quintessons of an incoming transmission. Night Glide appeared on a console.

"Delibrata... acknowledge..."

"Report, Nightglide"

"I have learned of Galvatron's latest plan. He has sent for Starscream!"

Starscream. The most treacherous Decepticon in the history of the Cybertronian Wars. Galvatron killed him. Unicron rebuilt him. Now Galvatron wants him back.

"Even in his improved state of mind, Galvatron works for us still. This is the development we have been waiting for! Alert us immediately when Starscream arrives on Charr. Have you anything else to report?"

"Yes, I have. Apparently the Decepticons are plagued with a Scraplet infestation."

"Scraplets? How did they get there?"

"An unknown Decepticon brought them"

"Impossible! That convoy was headed to Cybertron... we can't have them decimating the Decepticons on Charr now! Have they been neutralized?"

"The Decepticons are working on it, my lord."

"Good. In any case, do not fear them, Night Glide. The alloys used in the construction of you and your Sharkticons are impenetrable by them. But remember, do not make yourself known. And if they discover you, your Quintesson allegiance must not become known. Duplicity, Night Glide, is your strongest ally!"

2001-08-19, 03:05 AM
Gunrunner hovered in front of Gigatron and "jetisoned some weight".

Gunrunner: "Here. Do whatever you're gonna do with him. By the way, he needs some energy. Right now we have to take care of these scraplets."

And so the Chaoticons scoured that planet of Charr using the water to kill every last scraplet except for one which they trapped in a container so it can be studied.

2001-08-19, 03:42 AM
Gigatron nodded to Gunrunner, then looked down at the new arrival. He began to extend his hand, but realized that Starscream would not see it.

"Galvatron. It seems our new acquisition has arrived."

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-19, 04:10 AM
Thrustol lifted one of the dead scraplets and zoomed his lens eye in on it.

"Hmmm....these are of course scraplets, but they do not match the descriptions in the historical archives. Their systems seem more advanced, as well as their circuitry."

"Meaning what?" Gigastorm growled, crushing a mound of the dead parasites beneath his foot.

"They have essentially evolved, but at an incredible rate." Dirge Gun chimed in "They have gone beyond simply being able to attack and infest the older systems of this era, they could infest us just as easily, I fear they may even be able to infect beings from Gigatron and Holocaust's era."

"But how did they get so advanced in such a short time? The first infestation was documented by Autobots on earth in the 1980's. How could these creatures possibly adapt that quickly to our systems?" Gigastorm questioned.

"Perhaps the craft this Decepticon arrived on can provide some answers," Thrustol said, flicking the dead scraplet to the ground. "You DID search the shuttle, didn't you?"

The looks on the Chaoticon's faces told him all he needed to know.

Thrustol sighed, "Of course not. Come with me, and bring water, we will return soon, hopefully with some answers."

Thrustol transformed to raptor mode and waited for the Chaoticons to follow.

2001-08-19, 06:16 AM
Slugslinger and Triggerhappy got Doubledealer in their sites.

"Blowpipe," said Triggerhappy over a radio frequency, "Get in their and get the stuff we need. Slugslinger and I'll hold off Doubledealer for as long as we can but you better hurry up because the other 'Cons are gonna be down our necks soon."

As Slugslinger and Triggerhappy began to open fire on Doubledealer, Blowpipe snuck into the complex.

'Great' Blowpipe thought to himself, 'Now I just hope I don't run into anybody else.'

2001-08-19, 02:26 PM
Galvatron seemed almost oblivious to what was going on around him as he sat at the Decepticons main data base, keying in information frantically.

Galvatron: "Where are you?"

Galvatron then opened a patch: "This Decepticon Commander Galvatron...calling Bludgeon...if you are hearing this and still function, I have need of your skills...please respond!"

Galvatron then realizing the full dilema on his hands turned to Gigatron.

Galvatron: "Once the scraplet problem is taken care of, see that Reflector is fully operational...let nothing happen to him...he is crucial to my plans...now then, once this threat is taken care of, i have a special task for you and Cyclonus...I need you to find the Decepticon matrix...we are going to need new warriors and who better to help us than two of my finest soldiers."

Galvatron could see that Gigatron was somewhat perplexed.

Galvatron: "My friend...I believe it is time that Thundercracker and Skywarp returned to the fold. We must consolidate our forces if we are going to conquer Earth."

Galvatron smirked and handed Gigatron a print out of an unknown interior section of Cybertron and two wristbands. "Take these, they shall guide you to the matrix...when you are ready, we will collect as many of these scraplets and launch them to Cybertron, thus serving as a distraction...you should be able to get by with ease then...time is of the essence my friend, I know you will not let me down."

Galvatron then turned to the shells he was fashioning: "very soon my friends...very soon...we shall find a way to bring you back!"

2001-08-19, 03:06 PM
Gigatron nodded and went about his business.

Reflector first, eh? I'm not much of a medic, but --

Before Gigatron could finish his thought, he stumbled over Spyglass.

"Ah, Reflector! Just the robots I've been looking for."

They did not respond. Though there were no Scraplets remaining on them, signs of their infection's earlier presence were clear. Their exostructures were dented and scratched, their once glossy finishes were dull.

They'll be fine, Gigatron thought as he kneeled among the three damaged Decepticons and presented a small cube, once they get some energon back in their systems.

As each received his share, each slowly returned to consciousness. After a few minutes, all were standing and loosening their joints.

"Your automatic repair systems will have you in perfect condition once again in a few hours. Once your damages are completely erased, report to Galvatron. He has use for you."

Reflector silently acknowledged and continued their recovery. Gigatron walked away.

Now, for Cyclonus. Gigatron looked to the sky. Ah, there he...they are.

Gigatron transformed to jet mode and caught up to the brothers in time.

"Cyclonus, we must talk. Galvatron has an assignment for us."

2001-08-19, 08:25 PM
Holocaust and Hellrazor followed Thrustol, still in the air, to protect themselves from the scraplets.

Holocaust's other head turned to look at the giant Gigastorm. "I suggest that you don't try to step on those robot eaters. They may infect you and there are only two cures I known about... death and water."

Then he grinned. "And I don't see any water here." Suddenly he noticed Gigatron flying towards Cyclonus. His other head turned to look at Hellrazor. "There he is! But with that speed there is no way that we can follow them..."

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-20, 02:56 AM
Tracing Iguanus' path back into the desert, it wasn't long before Thrustol spotted the hulk of the shuttle in the mountains. After scaling the cliff it had landed on, he swung himself up inside it.

"Be careful." He called to the Holocaust, Hellrazor, and the Chaoticons, "There may still be scraplets on board, clear the rear decks and work towards the bridge, I'm going to search for the ship's logs."

Thrustol reached the bridge shortly and attempted to interface the computer. The screen was smashed and it's power supply had been cut off.

"Hmmm..." He snarled.

Thrustol rerouted power through his own systems and called the visual up on his optics, after dissarming the pitifully simple firewall, he accessed the log.

--Entry 01
After collecting the neccesary supplies, I've activated the warp engines and entered the return course in the ship's nav computer, now I have only to wait.

--Entry 02
Intercepted audio only order from a ship on Autobot radio frequency to retrieve a storage unit that was level one priority. Dropped out of warp to investigate. Approaching the vector indicated, discovered a single storage unit among the remains of a ship. It bore a destination code ordering it brought to Cybertron. Heh, a free present for the colony, so nice of the Autobots to leave it for us. It radiated a high energy signature, possibly an energy source? I'll leave finding it's purpose to the scientists at Virak. After bringing the unit aboard, I returned to warp and continued on.

--Entry 03
The ship seems to have slowed somewhat, the warp drive is operating at less than 100% efficientcy. Checking the fuel gage in the hold, I swore I heard a grinding noise coming from the mysterious storage unit, but moving closer, I heard nothing.

--Entry 04
Unexplained mechanical failures are occuring throughout the ship. My comm systems have failed completely. Everytime I go to repair the malfunctions, I find the components frayed and pitted, as if something has been eating through them, some items have dissappeared completely.

--Entry 05
I was jarred out of my power-down sequence by the ship lurching out of warp. Rushing through the cargo hold to the engine room, I noticed the storage unit had tipped over in the turmoil, and it's bottom was gone. The floor beneath it was also eaten through. I returned to the bridge to arm myself before I return to the engine room.

--Entry 06
It is worse than I ever could have feared! Scraplets! The storage unit contained scraplets! I escaped without becoming infected and have welded the bridge door closed behind me, but I fear the worst. They have alreadly disabled the warp drive and Primus knows what else, and it won't take them long to find a way through to here. I've programmed the computer to head for the nearest planet in this system, but it is at least three days from here using the ship's boosters. I only hope I can last that long...

--Entry 07
My life is near it's end. The Scraplets broke into the bridge yesterday, and a few attached themselves to me. I fled to my pretender shell, and they seem to be unable to infect the bio-organics of it, but the ones alreadly on me are multipling. I can feel them, digging in deeper. My shell continues to try to repair me, but it's fighting a losing battle. Even as my energy fades, I still wonder why. Why was there an order to pick up scraplets? What being in their right minds would willingly want these things brought anywhere? Much less Cybertron, the Autobot's must be mad. Ship's system says the planet is still 17 hours away, I hope I last that long....

As the logs scrolled over Thrustol's eyes, he growled softly.

"Yes, why would the Autobots want scraplets delivered to their homeworld in an unmarked container? They wouldn't, there's something more going on here...." He disengaged from the terminal and went to search for the others.

2001-08-20, 03:27 AM
FCyclonus: "Which one of us?"
PCyclonus: "And what assignment?"

The Chaosticons were in the cargo hold cleaning it up and catching as many of the little scraplets as possible inside of Iguanus' pretender shell. Just as they had finished, Thrustol walked in.

Spaceshot: "You find anything in the main computer or did you just waste a bunch of time?"

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-20, 03:39 AM
Thrustol sneered.

"Nothing I do is a waste of time. It appears the pilot, whose corpse you're now stuffing with those cursed things, brought them aboard in a cargo container meant to be picked up and brought to Cybertron by the Autobots. But somehow I doubt the Autobot's would order the doom of their race by sending these creatures there. Something more is going on, but I don't have enough information to know what.I suggest someone with better technical know how try to pinpoint where the storage unit was picked up, perhaps there are clues there."

2001-08-20, 04:04 AM
Gunrunner: "Perhaps. But that is none of our concern."
Afterburn: "Yeah. We just wanna cause some damage now."
Driveshaft: "Last time we had the chance, we were called away to take care of this mess.
Meanstreak: "It better not happen again or I'm gonna impale someone."
Mortormaster: "Maybe we should attack Cybertron.
Spaceshot: "Yeah, that'd be a lot more interesting than anything happening on this rock."

Commander Shockwaeve
2001-08-20, 05:25 AM
Night Glide sat perplexed. He decided he had to relay this information to New Quintessa.

"New Quintessa, come in! This is Night Glide on Charr..."

Delibrata's voice soon came in answer.

"Proceed, Night Glide."

"Starscream has been brought to Charr, but remains, for the present, non-functional."

He paused, wondering how he should continue.

"Once Starscream is operational, we can begin our plans, and -"

"But there is more. Galvatron has sent a patrol to Cybertron... to locate the Decepticon Matrix!"

"The Decepticon Matrix! But it doesn't exist!"

"But it is impossible that Galvatron still pursues that misinformation..."

"Even so, whatever the relic Galvatron pursues, we must see that he doesn't get it. Alert Sea Hunter on Cybertron. Have his squad on full alert! Night Glide, we will need all possible information on the location of the Matrix."

2001-08-20, 08:51 AM
Blowpipe had gotten all the supplies he needed and was escaping the Decepticon base through the same place he entered it from.

Doubledealer was tough, but wasn't able to take on two other Transformers and by the time Blowpipe made it out, Triggerhappy and Slugslinger were finishing Doubledealer off. Once Triggerhappy saw his Targetmaster, he transformed to jet mode, put the supplies in his cockpit and the group made their way back to where Galvatron, Cyclonus and the others were staying.

2001-08-20, 10:45 AM
The two future Terrorcons decided to land as the scraplet threat was over.

They started to investigate the current Decepticon base. "Look at this hellhole khan. I doesn't look much better than our camp in Darkmount's ruins." Hellrazor smirked.

Holocaust grinned. "True. But Gigatron is not stupid. He would not come here without reason."

Holocaust's both heads got grim look. "But I would like to know why he left alone." He turned to look at Hellrazor. "Do you think that Fearscythe and other are intelligent enough to use that transwarp portal?"

Hellrazor laughed. "I hope so khan. We did left them instructions, didn't we?"

"Yes, but still..." Holocaust replied. "But if the enemies got there first..."

2001-08-20, 05:49 PM
Another dimension...

Fearscythe stormed into the research facility with Painflow and Sabretooth. He grabbed one technician by the throat. "Where did Holocaust go! Answer me!"

The technician tried to speak. "I think you don't know anything!" Painflow growled and ripped technicians head off. Sabretooth glanced at Painflow and Fearscythe angrily. "Fools." He began to investigate the nearby computer console. "Hah! Hellrazor left us a message! They went through that portal!"

Fearscythe glanced at Sabretooth. "Can you open it?"

Sabretooth began to fill the coordinates from Hellrazors message to the computer. "We shall see Fearscythe."

Painflow ran to the room from his guard place. "Faster! The enemy is approaching! I don't want to fight against dozens of Autobots without chance to unite!"

Sabretooth pulled the activation lever. Electrocity filled the room and slowly the time portal opened. "Ran through it! Now!"

The three Terrorcons made their way through the portal and found themselves at the same location where Holocaust and Hellrazor had reached sometime ago. The portal closed almost immediately. Painflow was first to stand up. "Sabretooth? What if they try to follow us?" Sabretooth got up and grinned. "They can't! I destroyed the computer!"

2001-08-20, 05:57 PM
Doubledealer watched as the two Decepticon Targetmasters flew off. "Another time, Triggerhappy" he said to himself.

2001-08-20, 06:41 PM
It was then that Gigatron noticed the other Cyclonus.

"Galvatron did not specify, but I suppose you can both be of use. Please, follow me."

Gigatron descended to the surface of Charr.


Reflector was almost fully repaired. They transformed a few times, to test their ability. Spyglass became confident enough to aim his opto blaster at a boulder, but Viewfinder stopped him before he could fire.

"Save your energy. There's little enough on Charr as it is."

Spyglass stared at Viewfinder for a moment, then nodded and followed him to Galvatron.

"You called for us?"

2001-08-20, 07:02 PM
Inside Starscream's body......

Let me out of here!!! Kill me, reactivate me, do what you will!!! Just let me out of here!!!

His eyes stood like glass barriers between he and the outside world, between he and life. The most treacherous, unpredictable, downright dangerous Decepticon of them all floated against the inside of his own motionless carcass, screaming at the top of his vocalizers to no avail. Control of his body was out of the question. With his systems offline, all Starscream could do was watch...and wait...in silence, hoping that the Decepticons would either restore his body to life or destroy that same body, freeing his soul once again...

2001-08-20, 08:19 PM
Galvatron looked up at Reflector.

Galvatron: "Ah yes...Reflector. Do you still have access to the technical configurations of all known Decepticons? We have need of those...then I have a mission for you...on Earth!"

2001-08-20, 09:54 PM
Reflector grinned. For once, someone had given them the opportunity to use their abilities.

"Of course, Galvatron. What is our mission?"

2001-08-20, 10:26 PM
The two Cyclonus' followed Gigatron down to the surface.

PCyclonus: "Hold up Gigatron. I found an Artifact on a planet before coming here."

PCyclonus opened a compartment in his leg and removed an object that produced a sort of eerie, dark glow.

FCyclonus: "If our theory is correct, it might save us a trip. But we have to get the artifact looked at by Galvatron."

2001-08-20, 11:13 PM
Gigatron looked perplexedly at the item of Cyclonus' attention. After a few moments of examination, it hit him.

"You think this is the Matrix?"

2001-08-20, 11:30 PM
PCyclonus: "Yeah. It seems to be the most likely possibility."
FCyclonus: "It looks to be an almost exact copy of the Autobot matrix except the crystal in the center is black and it produces a dark glow."
PCyclonus: "We really should take this to Galvatron."

2001-08-20, 11:48 PM
Gigatron nodded.

"Indeed. Let us make haste."

Before either Cyclonus had time to respond, Gigatron transformed and took off for Galvatron's location.

2001-08-20, 11:53 PM
THe two Cyclonus' transformed and took off after Gigatron.

They arrived at Galvatron's location, transformed and showed him the Artifact.

PCyclonus: "Mighty Galvatron, I found this Artifact on a planet shortly before returning to Charr. I believe it be the Decepticon Matrix."

2001-08-20, 11:54 PM
Galvatron smiled at Reflector.

Galvatron: "Its good to have soldiers on your side with ambition...you shall go far. Now then, once you have downloaded the tech specs into the main drive of our database, I need you to go to Earth. Take whatever back up you require...but find out the exact status of the Autobot's forces there. I want to know exactly who is positioned where, where their strongest points are and where their weakest points are...then I want you to make a special trip to Metroplex and find a way to knock out their early warning systems on Earth...report back to me once you have done this...this is the most important task you have ever been charged with...you must not fail!"

Galvatron then spun around to his two Cyclonuses.

Galvatron "WHAT!?!

2001-08-21, 12:05 AM
PCyclonus: "I think I have the Decepticon Matrix. It was hidden underground on a desert planet. I mstook it for a low level power source when I first picked it up on scanners."

PCyclonus handed the artifact over to Galvatron.

PCyclonus: "There was a computer in the room. I was able to get it active. It didn't disclose what the artifact was, it just said that it had been moved there in the year 2005 during the retreat from Cybertron when the Autobots re-took it."

2001-08-21, 12:10 AM
Galvatron looked at the object then began to cackle manically.

Galvatron: "mwa-hahahahahhahahahaha! the greatest piece of Decepticon history...and you find it laying around on some filthy wretched sand ball...oh the irony...many a Decepticon has quested for this one object. Sought its power and wisdom...but could this be? Could it really be the Matrix? There is only one way to be sure..."

Galvatron slowly took the object and a dark glow enveloped him, a red light began to shine as the object called to Galvatron.

Galvatron: "...it...is...impossible..."

Galvatron's chest opened automatically and he instinctively inserted the matrix. In an instant eons of history washed over him and he collapsed to the floor.

2001-08-21, 12:21 AM
The Cyclonus' looked on in horror as Galvatron fell to the floor and was almost convulsing.

PCyclonus: "We have to get that thing otu of him. It could be killing him."
FCyclonus: "Yeah. Luckily that compartment is still open."

As the one Cyclonus held Galvatron still, the other carefully removed the Matrix. Galvatron came to shortly after

2001-08-21, 12:29 AM
Galvatron suddenly jerked back to his normal functions and saw his two Cyclonuses holding the Matrix.

Galvatron: "ARG!!! BUFFOONS...I should melt you down to be use as cookwear for the humans! You dare to interupt the wisdom being imparted upon me!?!"

Galvtron seized future Cyclonus as hurled him through one of the interior walls of the room. He then turned to present Cyclonus.

Galvatron: "I'm only glad there's two of you...all the better to channel my rage!"

Galvatron began to bash the other Cyclonus on the head, then kicked him in the torso through one of the many monitors in the room.

Galvatron: "Ah...now that's more like it." Galvatron exclaimed as he picked up the matrix and returned it to his holding slot in his chest compartment.

galvatron: "now then...we have much to discuss...assemble the Decepticons!"

2001-08-21, 12:55 AM
FCyclonus climbed through the hole in the wall while PCyclonus pulled the upper part of his body out of a monitor.

FCyclonus: "I get the feeling we shouldn't have done that."
PCyclonus: "You think?"
FCyclonus: "Well, I'll send a message out to everyone on Charr."

FCyclonus turned on the communicatiosn system and set it to do a global transmission.

FCyclonus: "Galvatron has ordered all Decepticons on Charr to gather. We have much work to do."

2001-08-21, 01:05 AM
Gigatron folded his arms and grinned as he watched the chaos from the corner of the room.

The records never did give a clear reason for Galvatron's abusiveness to Cyclonus, Gigatron thought. I suppose it's one of those things which must be seen to be understood.

As Galvatron finished up with his punching bags, Gigatron acknowledged his order with a nod. He opened his mouth to speak via radio, but Cyclonus beat him to it.

Commander Shockwaeve
2001-08-21, 01:43 AM
Back on New Quintessa, the four Quintessons listened to the recording Night Glide had sent them.

"This is grim news. The Decepticon Matrix exists - and Galvatron now has it! With the Matrix and his previous modifications, he is more deadly than we anticipated."

"But observe the effect of this new power: when removed of the Matrix, he relapsed temporarily into his old ways; perhaps he may yet be susceptible to persuasion."

"And, the Matrix will surely be a relic that Starscream will desire..."

"Then we can use its presence as an extra incentive for betraying Galvatron. This development may ultimately be to our advantage!"

And so they schemed on...

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-21, 03:26 AM
Gigastorm couldn't believe it. The Decepticon Matrix! The one thing that could crush the enemies of all Destrons, Decepticons, and Predacons alike! There was so much power coursing through it...

His thoughts were interruptted by Thrustol

"Lord Gigastorm, there's something strange about how that Decepticon contracted the scraplets!The ship said..."

"Nevermind that now, Galvatron posseses the Decepticon Matrix, and a call has been made to assemble, get the others and.. Blast! Where is Hell Scream and Max B?"

"I do not know Gigastorm." Dirge Gun said, "They left our group after we had encountered Holocaust and Hellrazor."

"Grahhh.... Find them! We will need all the help we can get..." Gigastorm rumbled.

2001-08-21, 09:17 AM
Triggerhappy and Slugslinger picked up the message sent by Cyclonus and returned to Galvatron's group right away.

Upon their arrival they met up with Gigastorm and his men. They gave them the supplies needed to make the liquid energon system.

2001-08-21, 03:35 PM
Holocaust noticed something familiar, as his mental link activated. "Hellrazor, it seems that they were intelligent enough to get here. Send them our coordinates."

Hellrazor grinned. "Right away khan." He opened his communication link to Sabretooth. "You came atlast. We're are at the Decepticon camp couple miles to north from the place you landed. Make your way here. Hellrazor out."

Elsewhere on Charr...

Sabretooth smiled. "I got message from Hellrazor. They are here. Couple miles to north. Let's get going fellows." The three Terrocons jumped into air and headed towards the Decepticon base.

2001-08-21, 06:30 PM
"Good", Cycloni said. "Take him back with you and collect some more troops"

"Yes, sir" Bombshell said.

He and Driveby went back into the ship.
Doubledealer open a comm channel to Triggerhappy and Slugslinger.

"Triggerhappy, Slugslinger, I'm calling you out. If you want me, come and get me."

2001-08-21, 09:11 PM
Slugslinger got DoubleDealer's message and responded saying, "DoubleDealer, why don't you join us. I know you wanna bash some heads, but I'd rather bash the heads of Autobots. Join us under Galvatron and we can return the Decepticon name to glory."

2001-08-21, 09:35 PM
"Very well" said Doubledealer. "But be warned. If this is a attempt to decieve me, I will destroy you".

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-22, 02:56 AM
Thrustol and Dirge Gun stood and wiped the grease off their plating. The liquid energon refiner was complete. Thrustol dropped an energon cube into it and watched the system power up, the first irridescent drops of liquified energon falling into the catch tray underneath.

2001-08-22, 08:33 PM
Galvatron saw his Decepticons assembling. As the matrix was returned to him he felt the final modifications Gigatron had made transpiring...in an instant his mind was renewed, healed back to the state he had not felt since his days as Megatron.

Galvatron: "My Decepticons...we have gained a great power today. Thanks to the efforts of Cyclonus we have gained something that every Prime has dreaded...we have gained power...we have gained wisdom...we have gained the Decepticon Matrix of Leadership...a piece from our past that links our history back to the very start of our race. What's more, with it in our possession, we can give life to new Decepticons...as well as old ones."

Galvatron pushed a button and three familiar bodies lowered for all to see.

Galvatron: "Behold...my finest seekers! Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp...soon each of them shall be brought back into the fold! Then my Decepticons...we have but one target...one objective...total conquest of the universe. And where shall we start? Why Earth of course! mwa-hahahahahahahha!"

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-23, 04:02 AM
"Hail Galvatron!" Shouted Gigastorm. His men followed suit, raising a chant.

"Hail Galvatron, hail Galvatron, hail Galvatron!"

(OOC: sorry fellas, little out of it tonight http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/wink.gif)

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2001-08-23, 04:05 AM
"Hail Galvatron", said Doubledealer.

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2001-08-23, 05:42 AM
PCyclonus: "But Mighty Galvatron, how are you going to bring back Skywarp and Thundercracker? Thundercracker was reformated into Scourge and Skywarp into myself. It doesn't seem possible for them to come back."

2001-08-23, 06:25 AM
Triggerhappy and Slugslinger both said, "Hail Galvatron."

2001-08-23, 07:33 AM
Holocaust and Hellrazor watched as Fearscythe, Painflow and Sabretooth flew towards them.

"Was it that hard to find that lab?" Holocaust asked, wide grin on his face.

Fearscythe landed and smiled. "We had two Autobot teams after us. It took some time to get rid of them." Fearscythe grinned viciously. "But after we ripped their tracker into pieces, they had little difficulties following us."

Hellrazor looked at Fearscythe. "What about the device?"

Sabretooth grinned behind Fearscythe. "I destroyed it. They can't follow us. Painflow killed the chief engineer... and rest of them propably died when the lab went sky-high."

Holocaust began to laugh. "They deserved it!" He turned and started to walk towards the place where Galvatron's Decepticons were gathered. The five future Terrorcons took places near the exit doors and started to listen Galvatron's speech.

2001-08-23, 06:52 PM
Gigatron stood at Galvatron's right, his arms folded across his chest. As each Decepticon raised his voice in their leader's glory, Gigatron nodded approvingly.

The records showed no such spirits as these being achieved within the ranks of the Decepticons after Galvatron's burial. It seems the change is beginning already. Excellent...

It was then that Gigatron noticed them.

"The Terrorcons? I thought they were destroyed."

He walked across the room to address his soldiers.

"Holocaust! It is I, Gigatron. How have you come to be in 2015?"

2001-08-23, 07:07 PM
PCyclonus: "But Mighty Galvatron, how are you going to bring back Skywarp and Thundercracker? Thundercracker was reformated into Scourge and Skywarp into myself. It doesn't seem possible for them to come back."

Galvatron turned to Cyclonus and Scourge.

Galvatron: "That is going to get a bit complicated, but with the matrix it can be done...your future counterpart and I have been discussing it...I would suggest discussing it with him as it may not be a pleasant endeavor for one of you..."

2001-08-23, 07:19 PM
While Starscream's body was lifeless and without activity, his soul was anything but.

Hurry up! he screamed to the Decepticons he knew couldn't hear him. Let me out of this prison! Please!

Starscream watched as Galvatron walked by his body.

Galvatron, you fool! You have the Decepticon Matrix of Leadership! Use it! Use it to give me life! Galvatron!!!

2001-08-23, 07:26 PM
Galvatron felt a slight tremor from inside the matrix, as if someone was screaming at him.

Galvatron then tunred back to Cyclonus: "Starscream on the other hand, will be much easier to revive...his essence is not trapped within another, but his own body as I learned in the matrix. He lies dormant...a prisoner of his own body!"

Galvatron smirked a bit, then continued.

Galvatron: "While I doubt that Starscream will be loyal, he is still one of the elite Decepticons...and I trust I have demonstrated to him the price of disobediance!"

Galvatron then took out the matrix, pointing it towards Starscream.

Galvatron: "Now my old friend...it is time for you to awaken!"

Galvatron opened the matrix, its dark light washed over Starscream and then returned to its shell.

Galvatron walked over to Starscream and looked into his optics.


2001-08-23, 07:50 PM
Holocaust smiled. "It's rather long story actually..."

He leaned against the wall behind him. "We narrowly escaped from that little trap by Cybertrons, some of us were badly damaged. In the end we were able to escape. After that we went hiding underground for couple of months. We healed our wounds and planned for revenge, the typical." Holocaust grinned wickedly.

"Then we find out some notes from the ruins of your former HQ. Indicating that you had made a timejump to this timeline, reason for this we didn't find out. Our situation back on future wasn't so good, so we decided to find a way to follow you. After several rather fatal encounters with Cybertrons, we found a high-tech facility which was researching timewarp portals..."

Holocaust changed his position somewhat. "As you can guess, the cursed Cybertrons decided to start hunting us after we had began to make some raids to gather energon. So, I ordered Sabretooth to get Cybertrons attention, thus giving me and Hellrazor an opportunity to enter the research facility. The techfellows there agreed to send us through the timeportal and we found ourselves here at this barren planet they call Charr. Even Sabretooth, Fearscythe and Painflow managed to follow us. They even remembered to blow the lab sky-high."

Painflow reached towards Gigatron. "Me wants to know why you wanted to go here war chief? This place doesn't look too good."

2001-08-23, 08:04 PM
Starscream felt the light rush over his...body. He could feel his body! He reactivated his optic sensors, and he could see that it was true, that he, Starscream, was alive again!

Starscream wobbled a bit, then fell flat onto his stomach and clutched Galvatron's boot.

"Oh, Galvatron, thank you! Thank you thank you thank you! I live again!"

2001-08-23, 10:56 PM
Doubledealer rushed to the front.

"You can't restore Starscream", he said to Galvatron. "He's a known traitor".

2001-08-23, 10:57 PM
Gigatron smiled and placed his hand on Painflow's shoulder.

"Of course it looks less than pleasing, my friend. But think symbolically. Think as I do. This is how the fate of our army looks to me. Every day of our time looked like this to me, no matter where we were, because I knew that we had failed in our struggle. But, still thinking symbolically, Charr is beautiful. It is the hope for which we have been searching so desperately. Charr is the stone to which we must step back, that we may step forward to the proper one."

Gigatron realized that Painflow had been lost, so he paused and rethought his words.

"I understand that the state of Charr is not the glory we Destrongers command, but temporary sacrifices must sometimes be made to achieve that which we deserve. Come now, Terrorcons."

Gigatron began walking away, looking over his shoulder at his troops.

"Let us introduce you to Galvatron."

2001-08-24, 03:45 AM
Hatemunger, Skyrender and Stealth all decide to return to Charr to see if there is anything going on, now at the Decepticon.
"What is this?" Hatemunger questioned, seeing Galvatron with the Decepticon matrix.
"My lord I will obey." He bowed down to Galvatron. "I'am sorry I was not here for the cermonies my leige. I was in space looking for Autobots to destroy. I'am a field commander created by the mighty Megatron himself. I command Stealth the theif and the Aerialicons who form the fearsome Skyrender." He talked to Galvatron.
"If you find us worthy my troops and I will serve you."
With that Skyrender disengaged into: SkyBlade the aerialcon leader, Firebomb the pyromaster, Fearmaker the carpetbomber, Buzzer the warrior, Sonicforce the destoryer and Rain the heavy bomber.
Stealth also transformed into his robot mode and stood with the other 7 Decepticons hoping to serve Galvatron.

2001-08-24, 10:57 AM
The Seacons walked down the hallway to the hangar bay. There, they met up with Soundwave.

"Alright, Soundwave. We're here. Now what?" Snaptrap asked.

"Your Seacons should seize a shuttle and we can get off here." Soundwave replied.

"You got it. Seacons! Merge!" Snaptrap ordered, and a moment later, Piranacon stood in front of Soundwave.

"Go get the shuttle!" Soundwave said.

"Piranacon destroys! Piranacon kills!"

"No, you big dumb...not destroy, just capture!"

"Piranacon will...capture?"

"I am surrounded by a**holes!" Soundwave said, then smacked himself on the forehead.

Piranacon tore through the wall, and shot a few guards. He then ripped open the shuttle door, and entered. Soundwave followed him. There was no one on the shuttle. Soundwave got into the pilot seat and fired it up. The Seacons disassembled.

"You morons! You ripped off the door! Go fix it!" Soundwave yelled.

"Hey, we ain't your b*tches!" Overbite yelled, and in a fit of rage charged Soundwave, attempting to hit him. As he was running, an arm extended out in front of him, and he ran into it, clotheslining him, and flipping him upside down. It was Snaptrap.

"Overbite, shut the hell up. We f*cked up. End of story. Soundwave, we'll fix the door. Seacons, after me!" They all left. Soundwave sat in the chair, as they were taking off.

"I wouldn't be too hurt if the suction takes a couple of them out that hole..."

The shuttle took off into space.

"Yes! We're off Charr! Freedom!" Soundwave said out loud.

2001-08-24, 11:15 AM
Jetfire was flying in space, with a mission given him by Optimus Prime. He was to circle around Charr and take scan samples as well as other visual aids. Optimus wanted to keep tabs on the Decepticons. But to Jetfire, it was nothing but a bullsh*t assignment. He hated bullsh*t assignments. He went around Charr once, taking a few scans. One he was particularly interested in, it showed a bunch of Decepticons just running around.

"What the hell are they doing?" Jetfire thought.

He then noticed on of the hangar bay launchers was getting ready to be activated.

"But...that means they're launching. They can't. They don't have any shuttles. Or do they...?"

Jetfire didn't know what to do. He decided to just fly around, and see what happens. Then he saw the shuttle take off.

"Son of a...I have to alert Optimus. These scrappiles built themselves shuttles. A direct violation of Optimus's orders. I told him he needed to kill them, not just stick them on a planet. Optimus. Great leader, but sometimes great leaders have...weak points. And Optimus seems to be having a lot of those recently." Jetfire was thinking while he observed the shuttle taking off.

Jetfire was by trade a bounty hunter, so he actually could hunt down these Decepticons, capture them or kill them, and get a reward for it. And Optimus couldn't say anything. Jetfire fired up his thrusters, pushing him up to speed with the shuttle, and then some. He caught up to it, and flew over it. He activated his radio.

"Decepticon shuttle! This is Autobot Legion Commander Jetfire! Identify yourself! Now, or I will open fire without a second warning!" Jetfire cocked his cannons.

2001-08-24, 12:58 PM
Galvatron looked at Doubledealer.

Galvatron: "But I already have...besides I think that Starscream knows what happens to traitors...don't you Starscream?"

Galvatron then addressed the new arrivals: "Yes...I know you from long ago. You made a wise choice joining us...for the time of our glory is at hand. Once Reflector returns with the needed information from Earth we shall prepare to make the next move."

2001-08-24, 02:59 PM
"Traitors?" Starscream said pitifully. "Oh yes, I know, I know mighty Galvatron. I live only to serve you, after all, Galvatron. I have learned from my mistakes!"

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2001-08-24, 05:22 PM
The five future Terrorcons followed Gigatron as he lead them to meet Galvatron.

Holocaust glanced at the Decepticons, who were gathered to witness the resurrection of Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker as he walked pass them towards Galvatron. He shook his head and spoke to Hellrazor. "Look at them. Before Galvatron began to speak, they were almost ready to give up and now they are chanting his name. They really respect Galvatron."

Hellrazor smiled happily. "Maybe he can lead us to better future khan." Fearscythe tapped Hellrazor's shoulder. "Hah, isn't it strange that all we can remember about Galvatron of our timeline is the fact that he is dead and we aren't."

Holocaust rubbed his chin. "That is strange indeed. Now that I think of it... I can't even remember how he died..."

The five future Terrorcons reached Galvatron and the seekers and stopped, waiting for Gigatron to introduce them to Galvatron.

2001-08-24, 06:19 PM
"I don't belive him, mighty Galvatron" said Doubledealer. "He must be planning something".

2001-08-24, 06:30 PM
Starscream pointed his null ray in Doubledealer's face.

"Well, I don't trust him, Galvatron! I've been alive not two minutes and already I must assert my loyalty! Let me do so by terminating this plotting traitor!"

2001-08-24, 06:34 PM
"Very well, Starscream" said Doubledealer "I challenge you"

2001-08-24, 06:40 PM
(ooc I maybe gone a few days to see my grandfather since he had a heart attack, you guys can do what you need with my charecters just dont kill them http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif )
"Excellent mighty Galvatron. My troops and i shall be most useful to your cause. Decepticons forever!!" With that Hatemunger wandered around to talk to othe rDecepticons, some he commanded on battles againist the Autobots others where completly new.
He noted one Decepticon was missing....
"Mighty Galvatron where is Soundwave? He served with me in many a battles why is he not here, did he die, or has he left our cause?" The massive jet black colored robot asked his new leader.

2001-08-24, 07:51 PM
Galvatron looked at Doubledealer and Starscream.

Galvatron: "We don't have time for infighting you morons...while it would be amusing, we must focus on the tasks at hand. Skywarp and THundercracker still have to be completed before they can be revived and we have to prepare for our assault."

Galvatron then addressed the new arrivals: "As for Soundwave, I have not seen him since my return...that seems strange to me as he did not appear on the list of deceased Decepticons...this does not sit well with me..."

2001-08-24, 10:42 PM
"Soundwave, you don't think Galvatron will be angry because we left?" Snaptrap asked.

"I couldn't give a rat's ass what that rusted tin can thinks." Soundwave said.

"We will not return to Charr. Ever. Right?"

"Right." Soundwave said, then heard Jetfire's transmission. "What...?"

Snaptrap turned around. "Seacons, to the gun posts! This Autobot will regret he put his optics on this shuttle!" The Seacons left.

"Jetfire, this is Soundwave. We are not with harmful intentions. Let us go, we mean no harm."

2001-08-24, 10:52 PM
Jetfire didn't know what to make of this. Was Soundwave acting on his own, was he sent by Galvatron? Should he alert Optimus? Or should he just take out the shuttle by himself? He was ready to fire. "What are you doing, Soundwave? What is Galvatron up to? Or should I just ask him?" Jetfire got closer to the shuttle. All of a sudden, from the 2 gun turrets on top shots were fired. "What the...? That was unprovoked..." Jetfire opened fire from his cannons, blowing away the 2 top turret guns. Now, the side mounted cannons began firing. They hit Jetfire in the wings, and one of his engines. "Ahhhrrrrhhh!!!" Jetfire let out a cry of pain, and began descending. He hit Charr's atmosphere at more than 400 miles an hour, only his thick armor protecting him from burning up. After he got through, he trasformed, hitting the planet's surface in robot form at more than 200 miles an hour. He was completely knocked out. An Autobot high officer knocked unconscious. On Charr. Full of Decepticons. Not the best place for an unconscious Autobot to be.

2001-08-24, 11:52 PM
Doubledealer hears a noise coming from outside.
"Hey, did anyone hear that?", he asked the assembled Decepticons

2001-08-25, 02:25 AM
(OOC Iam still in the area and will be sorry about having to voice my worries)
Hatemunger looked to the sky, it looks like a starship fell from the sky. Aerialcons, merge into Skyrender, Stealth and any other Decipticons who wish to invstigate come with me!" Hatemunger barked wanted to find out what had just fell from the sky.
"Just in case this is another Autobot trick maybe we should bring some water in case those wicked Autobots have send us another Scraplet infested ship."
With that the six Aerailcons merged into the massive Skyrender Stealth transformed into his Black Ford Probe mode and Hatemunger waited to see if any other Decpticons would follow him and his troops.
"So lord Galvatron shall we instatgate alone or bring more warriors with us?"

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-25, 03:18 AM
"You'll not be investigating alone!" Gigastorm rumbled, transforming to battle station mode, his cannons glowing to life. Thrustol and Dirge Gun drew their weapons and lept on Gigastorm as the Destron drifted out of the hall towards the strabge craft.

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2001-08-25, 03:41 AM
"Excellent!" Hatemunger boomed following Gigastorm and his troops. With Stealth driving beside and Skyrender flying above the massive destronger. "Anyone else follow us!"

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-25, 03:48 AM
Gigastorm floated to where Jetfire lay unconsious.

"Excellent." he chuckled, "Dirge Gun, would you do the honors?"

Dirge Gun's mouth lifted in a toothy grin. He raised his needle shot, loaded a spear filled with his nerve-circuit scrambling viruses and shot it into Jetfire's back.

"Thrustol, restrain the Cybertron so that we may bring him to lord Galvatron."

Thrustol hopped down and bound Jetfire's arms and legs with steel cords.

2001-08-25, 03:57 AM
Skyrender landed and then took the tied up autobot in his arms and flew alongside Gigastorm to return the Autobot to Galvatron.

2001-08-25, 04:07 AM
Doubledealer flew up and alonside Gigastorm to return the Autobot to Galvatron.

2001-08-25, 04:41 AM
Jetfire came conscious, only to realize that he was being carried, and that he could neither move, because of his bounds, neither could he transform, because of the virus he was given, it messed up his circuits. He kept quiet, so the Decepticons wouldn't realize he was alive.

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-25, 05:05 AM
Gigastorm floated into the palace and transformed to T-Rex mode.

"Lord Galvatron, we have captured the offending Cybertron! He still functions, even though he believes we aren't aware," Gigastorm smacked the prone Jetfire and leered at him, "He is unable to transform or operate normally thanks to Dirge Gun's virus, it will last for about 12 hours."

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2001-08-25, 12:22 PM
Starscream stepped to the front of the group of Decepticons standing around Jetfire. He pressed his null ray against Jetfire's side and said, "So let's melt him down now, Galvatron!"

2001-08-25, 02:01 PM
"No!" Hatemunger growled. "Lord Galvatron, we need to know why the Autobot was even here!"

2001-08-25, 04:29 PM
Holocaust walked over to Gigatron.

"Gigatron... I've this strange feeling... It's like I once knew this Galvatron... but I can't remember anything... I keep questioning myself, what happened to us before you found us and we joined Destrongers..."

The other future Terrorcons gathered around Gigatron. Fearscythe spoke. "Yeah war chief, do you know something about Galvatron of our timeline? I think I saw Terrorcons of this timeline when were on our way to here. I remember those designs still but like Holocaust said... I too don't remember anything what happened before we meet you."

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2001-08-25, 11:46 PM
(OOC: Apologies for the delay.)

Gigatron looked around the circle. His face remained expressionless as his eyes contacted those of each Terrorcon.

"I suppose you have the right to know," Gigatron began. "You do know Galvatron. He was your first leader, in the year 2006. Of course, at that time you were not the Terrorcons you are today. Then you were Hun-grr, Rippersnapper, Blot, Cutthroat, and Sinnertwin. Your combined form was known as Abominus, and was greatly feared by all Autobots. However, as the Decepticons began to lose the war, you all fell in battle. I was fortunate enough to find, rebuild, and reactivate you just over one hundred years after your final defeat. You were the first Destrongers, as such. Now, any other questions?"

2001-08-26, 07:36 AM
Jetfire looked straight into Starscream's optics. "I am not afraid of you." He then smiled, letting Starscream know that he's not a threat to Jetfire by all means. "I will not resort to violence. Though I could take all of you out." Jetfire then turned to Galvatron. "Galvatron. I am not here to start anything. I was on a regular security flight around the Autobot colonies, and I noticed a Decepticon shuttle. It had Soundwave and a few others on it. I suspected it was you who sent them, but now I am not so sure. They shot at me, hitting me a few time. I crashed on Charr. I have no intentions of doing anything here. My being here is purely coincidence. You better get Soundwave and the others back, before some other incidents like this happen, and Optimus will have the Autobot army on your back. This is my last request. Next will be a warning, and if I am not let go after that, I have no choice but to attempt to fight my way out, at all costs." Jetfire turned back to Starscream. "Take that toy gun out of my face before I make you swallow the barrel, punk."

2001-08-26, 11:06 AM
Starscream turned to Galvatron adamant, still with his gun aimed at Jetfire. He screamed, "Don't let him fool you, Galvatron! It's a trick! A trick!"

2001-08-26, 02:14 PM
Hatemunger growled and aimed his dual fusion cannons at the back of Jetfire.
"Starsreams Null Ray is not what I would be worried about puny Autobot."
"Galvatron, what should we do about Soundwave and the other defectors? Were they given orders to leave this planet?"
"Also should we slag this foolish Autobot?His tongue will get him into far more trouble than he already has."

2001-08-26, 03:20 PM
The future Terrorcons looked somewhat shocked at each other. Then Holocaust looked at Gigatron.

"I was expecting an answer like that. If that is true... It is more than propably that you have done right decision to travel here. We shall follow your lead as before Gigatron..." Hellrazor gestured Holocaust to speak with the other Terrorcons.

The future Terrorcons gathered to speak. After a while, Holocaust stepped away from other Terrorcons and adressed Gigatron. "However, Galvatron needs to prove his worth before we follow him. You have done it many times and if he really is as mighty as you say... he can do it too."

Holocaust grinned. "And as our... predacessors... are here too... you may refer us the Neo Terrorcons for now."

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2001-08-26, 06:00 PM
Lucifer, sitting with crossed legs on Tincan's turrent in tank mode: "'attempt to fight my way out', now that is funny, Autobot. And your plan would be? It must surly be an ingenious plan, if you are to survive the first 3 seconds.....
Even if you were to lift off, we do have some jets ourselves, as you happen to have noticed by now."

Turning his turrent towards Jetfire and lowering the gun, Tincan said: "Kill him now! He Autobot. I hate Autobots. Me will crush you."

Lucifer: "Hey, Decepticon leader! Yes you there, Galvatron. Either destroy him and let's get on with our conference or 'question' him on some Autobot clearance codes, transmission frequencies, and location of terrestrial defences."

"Oh yeah" grinning at Galvatron "I'd do something about that 'con shuttle. If they reach earth first, the 'bots will be on alert."

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2001-08-26, 08:07 PM
Doubledealer apprached Galvatron.

"my lord, I have a idea. Why don't I take the fliers and go after it?"

2001-08-26, 11:55 PM
Hatemunger nods to Doubledealers idea.
"Galvatron myself, Stealth and the Aerialcons will gladly assist in the search for the stolen Decepticon shuttle."

2001-08-27, 01:06 PM
(OOC: After a long time of doing nothing, I finally do something)

PCyclonus pulled FCyclonus aside.

PCyclonus: "What have you and Galvatron been discussing? I want to know!"
FCyclonus: "Keep your bishop hat on. We've been discussing how Galvatron would go about bringing Skywarp out of one of us. After a lot of theorizing and many simulations, we've determined that doing so would kill whichever one of us that has Skywarp brought out of him. The same thing will happen to Scourge when Thundercracker is brought out of him."
PCyclouns: "Ok. But which one of us gets 'sacrificed' for this?"
FCyclonus: "I would say you. Seeing as I'm from a future, I have more experience and more powerful weaponry. Galvatron agrees with me."
PCyclonus: "Well, if it's what Galvatron wants... I'm gonna have to do it."

With that, Future Cyclonus went over to Galvatron and informed him that the Present Cyclonus will be the one used to bring back Skywarp.

2001-08-27, 04:12 PM
Galvatron looked at Doubledealer and Starscream: "Why don't you two go after it?"

Galvatron then turned to Gigatron: "Are we ready to proceed with the extraction to revive Thundercracker and Skywarp?"

2001-08-27, 04:24 PM
Starscream turned and shot Doubledealer a sideways glance and said, "As you command, Galvatron. Come on, slow-poke!"

With that, Starscream transformed and took off, thinking to himself, It feels good to fly again! That fool Doubledealer had better stay out of my way, or his flight won't be nearly as pleasant!

2001-08-27, 04:48 PM
Doubledealer took off after Starscream, thinking to himself"If he trys anything funny, I'll turn him into a pool of melting slag

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-27, 05:51 PM
Elsewhere on Charr...........

Hell Scream fumed. No one had even come to find him! Such gratitude, after all the service he had given Gigastorm. He had been wandering aimlessly headed away from the camp for several hours. Suddenly he tripped facefirst into the dirt.

"What the..?"

Hell scream noticed he was tripped by the edge of a panel buried in the dust, a small black void was visible beneath it.

"Max B, help me."

The two Destrons lifted the plate up and flipped it over, revealing a dark entrance into the earth. Hell Scream descended into the void.

After walking for some time, the plain steel walls became shelves covered with data tracks. Hell Scream finally entered a massive chamber with a high vaulted ceiling, the shevled data tracks stretching into the shadows.

"Amazing." Hell Scream said, his head craning to look around him.

Not watching his step, Hell Scream's foot passed through a laser beam. Immediately the alarm systems went off. A thick metal door slid closed over the tunnel he had entered through. Hell Scream covered his auditory sensors in pain, searching for the control box, and launching a missle at it. The alarm silenced, but the door was still there. As he attempted to find a way to open it, Hell Scream heard a low growl coming from behind him. Before he could react, a massive form lept from the shadows pinning him to the floor and battering his gun away. The monster flapped it's black wings and roared, lowering it's green eyed head close to Hell Scream. Hell Scream quaked in fear, waiting to feel the thing's teeth close over his fuel lines. The attack never came. Hell Scream slowly opened his eyes to see the creature with a quzzical expression on it's face.

"Hell Scream?" the monster growled.

2001-08-27, 09:13 PM
Gigatron turned away from the Neo Terrorcons.

"Indeed we are, Galv --"

A spaceship came into his view, approaching the scene. Gigatron examined it. An old Decepticon shuttle, it was greatly battered after years of combat and more years of erosion on Charr. He knew what it was, and retained hostility. The vehicle quickly landed and its passengers disembarked.

"Galvatron," Viewfinder began. "The mission is complete."

Gigatron looked at the three small triplets for a few moments, then at Galvatron.

"Shall we delay the resurrections?"

2001-08-28, 01:18 AM
"Gigatron we should continue the resurections, the more warriors the sooner we wipe out the acursed Autobots!" Hatemunger yelled.

2001-08-28, 02:39 AM
Gigatron grinned. Such enthusiasm certainly had become rare after the fall of the Decepticon and Destron Empires.

"Patience, Hatemunger. Galvatron has very important business to be discussed with Reflector. They may very well hold the key to our ultimate victory."

2001-08-28, 02:42 AM
"Ok Gigatron, but as long as we both get to slag some Autobots in the glorius name of the Decepticons!" Hatemunger grinned.

2001-08-28, 05:09 PM
The Neo Terrorcons stared the lifeless bodies of Skywarp and Thundercracker who were waiting for resurrection. Fearscythe began sharpen his talons.

"They don't look so tough." He said to Sabretooth, who was checking status of a remote controlable explosive which he had taken from his subspace pocket some time ago.

Sabretooth glanced at Fearscythe and continued the status check. "Maybe they have some unique abilities... who knows."

Holocaust stared at Galvatron. Trying to find refresh his memory from the times he had been squadron commander under Galvatron's reign. He had noticed that Painflow had disappeared somewhere but Holocaust didn't pay any attention to that.

2001-08-28, 06:37 PM
As they coasted through space together, Starscream said to Doubledealer, "My talents are wasted on this overhyped project. What are we even chasing after?"

2001-08-28, 10:05 PM
(Posted by Bombshell...)

Doubledealer and Starscream flew throught the vastness of space, following a Decepticon shuttle piloted by Soundwave and the Seacons. Doubledealer did not like working with Starscream. He had even protested the idea of Galvatron bringing the traitor to life. But for now, he had to put his feeling aside.
"What do you think we should do, Starscream", Doubledealer asked his companion.

2001-08-28, 10:17 PM
Galvatron looked at the four standing in his quarters...two Cyclonuses and two Scourges...one future, one present of each. It had been decided that the two future ones would remain, while the others would endure the extraction proceedure. It was nearly time...and Galvatron could tell that all parties were nervous. Galvatron knew only a little bit about space and time continueums, but he did know enough to realize that Cyclonus and Scourge came from alternate timelines and had somehow come to this time by Gigatron's actions. Thus, if Galvatron replaced his Cyclonus and his Scourge with these advanced models, he would have an entire future with more powerful enforcers than had originally been intended...or would he? What if these two were not from an alternative timeline, but this one...then the exctraction process would eliminate two of his finest warriors for all time...yet something in the matrix told him to proceed...it was this that Galvatron listened too.

Galvatron: "If we are ready to proceed, call Gigatron and Reflector in here and have someone bring in Skywarp and Thundercracker."

2001-08-29, 12:29 AM
FCyclonus took off and found the Neo-Terrorcons looking over the bodies of Skywarp and Thundercracker.

FCyclonus: "Galvatron wants those bodies brought to him now."

FCyclonus took off again with ven giving them a chance to speak. He then found Gigatron with Reflector.

FCyclonus: "Galvatron wants both of you, now. He's ready to start the resurrections."

2001-08-29, 12:39 AM
Gigatron nodded to Cyclonus, then turned back to the three spies.

"Very well. You can deliver your message to Galvatron himself. Follow me."

Gigatron led Reflector into Galvatron's quarters. Spyglass closed the doors behind him.

"Now, shall we proceed with the revival?" Gigatron inquired.

2001-08-29, 12:48 AM
Hatemunger stood with the other Decepticons on Charr.
"I wonder what Gigatron, Reflector and Galvatron are discussing, as one of Megatron's generals in this war I should know as well." he mused.

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2001-08-29, 01:27 AM
"Didn't you hear Galvatron?" Doubledealer said to Starscream. "We're chasing a Decepticon ship. And I don't really need to hear your pathetic whining. Go back to Charr if you don't want to help."

2001-08-29, 04:37 PM
Elsewhere on Charr...

Sixshot and the Predacons looked at the body, and hardly recognized it.

Sixshot: "He looks like one of you!"

razorclaw: "yes...his color scheme is much more pleasing than before."

Sixshot: "not sure if I would go that far...Divebomb...initiate re-energization process!"

divebomb: "right..."

Divebomb flipped the switch and energon began to flow from the conductors to the lifeless body.

Sixshot: "Since he basically just ran out of power and collapsed...a fresh infusion of energon coupled with the repairs we made should bring him around."

After a few moment the process ended and the large orange and black body began to move, then his optics flickered back to life.

Sixshot: "Welcome back Scopronok!"

2001-08-29, 06:45 PM
Jetfire looked behind him, and noticed Hatemunger. "I oughta shut your mouth permanently. I am sure no one would hold it against me." Jetfire turned on his cannons. He was ready for anything. His jet-boots also fired up. But the place was covered, and if he took off, he would have flown head first into the ceiling. "Sh*t. I am trapped." Jetfire thought.

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2001-08-29, 06:54 PM
Soundwave was steering the shuttle around. "Why are we going back?" Snaptrap asked. "We cannot let that Autobot fall into Galvatron's hands.""Oh, please, they already ripped him to shreds!""Not quite. Galvatron wouldn't do that. That moron Starscream would attempt to do it, but I am sure Galvatron is still not dumb enough. We have to go back.""Alright. I'll get the Seacons ready."

Wildfire Herald
2001-08-29, 07:34 PM
"Do not pressume you are going anywhere Cybertron." Gigastorm growled at Jetfire, stalking around him "I'm sure you'll serve a purpose yet, fuel perhaps or...."

He was cut short as the ground began to rumble suddenly the center of the floor caved in. Hell Scream lept up out of the pit, grinning.

"Hell Scream!" Gigastorm bellowed "You fool! Where have you been? I should..."

"Should what..." Another voice chimed in, coming from the pit, "...brother?"

At that, a tall regal looking Destron rose from the floor, his armor shining and his green eyes blazing at Gigastorm. The cyber-beasts immediately feel to their knees, and even Gigastorm bowed his head. The mighty Galvatron (BW II) stood before his former troops.

2001-08-29, 07:34 PM
Hatemunger looked at Skyfire and smiled
"The traitor speaks" Hatemunger growled.
"You dare to challenge me, your a fool and weak, nobody would care if I ripped you apart as long as your logic circuits remain intact. Unlike the fleshling we can talk to corpses." Hatemunger growled unsheathing his energy sword and charging his dual fusion cannons incase the Autobot decided to try something foolish.
"Aerialcons and Stealth come here and make sure the traitor with bad language does not try to excape, I am sure Galvatron will not mind if there is some more silence on this planet." Hatemunger tossed Skyfire to the ground reached into Skyfire's mouth and pulled out Skyfire's tongue and started to cut into it with his blade stepping on Skyfire's body. "Don't worry I will make sure Galvatron gets your head, thats all we need from your small data banks."
"Aerialcons and Stealth also make sure nobody bothers my pleasent meeting with Skyfire."
(OOC Hey mod how does this stuff work, given Hatemungers stats, I think punishing Skyfire will be kinda fun from the Decpticon stand point http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif But I don't want to cheat roddy out of his charecter.)

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2001-08-30, 08:41 AM
Originally posted by Unicron:
FCyclonus took off and found the Neo-Terrorcons looking over the bodies of Skywarp and Thundercracker.

FCyclonus: "Galvatron wants those bodies brought to him now."

Holocaust lifted Skywarp's body and walked into Galvatron's quarters. Fearscythe followed his leader with Thundercracker's body on his shoulder.

Hellrazor opened the doors. Holocaust and Fearscythe walked inside and placed the bodies of the two seekers on table in the center of the room. Holocaust nodded at Gigatron and began to wait with Fearscythe what Galvatron would do with the bodies of Skywarp and Thundercracker.

Sabretooth and Hellrazor took guard positions at the entrance to Galvatron's quarters, making sure that the resurrection could be done without disturbance.


Painflow was sitting on a large boulder outside the Decepticon base, looking at the stars. Me no like this rock. Nothing here. Painflow's metal fingers clawed into the boulder, tearing a piece away from it. Then he stopped as his finger found something harder, something metallic.

Painflow began to remove the stone layer from the boulder. Me wonder what this is...

2001-08-30, 08:41 PM
Gigatron leaned over to Holocaust.

"I shall introduce you to Galvatron once Skywarp and Thundercracker are online," he explained quietly. "Where is Painflow?"

2001-08-30, 09:10 PM
Galvatron looked at Skywarp and Thundercracker...then to the present Cyclonus and Scourge. All were gathered and it was time. Galvatron slowly removed the matrix and held it facing the four of them...

Galvatron: "Now, return to us..."

Galvatron slightly opened the matrix and the dark light escaped, enveloping the four, i swirled around Cyclonus and Scourge until finally a spark emerged from each of them and their bodies hit the floor...then rose up into the air. The spark then split into two parts, one part went to the bodies of Thundercracker and Skywarp...the other went to future Cyclonus and Scourge, merging with their bodies...the light then returned to the matrix and Galvatron returned it to his chest.

Galvatron: "Well?"

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StoneCold Skywarp
2001-08-30, 09:59 PM
his optics flickered...his internal systems shunted into life. He felt something he hadn't felt in over 20 years, a new life, another new life, another chance to wreak havoc on the ranks of the purile Autobots, a chance to show his leader his worth as a warrior.
His body felt somehow different from the last time he knew it, but he could not figure out how.

He sat up and looked around, he saw so many un-familiar faces, he looked next to him and saw the still, lifeless shell of the one he knew as a brother - Thundercracker.

"well?" questioned Galvatron.

Skywarp sat up and looked at the robot infront of him.

"who, who are you? WHO ARE ANY OF YOU?"

Skywarp jumped up and armed his weapons systems, pointing them straight at the one who spoke...

"what have you done to Thundercracker? Who are you? What.......where........when....."

Skywarp slumped to the ground, the shock to his systems too much to handle...

2001-08-30, 10:01 PM
Galvatron quickly pulled Skywarp up.

Galvatron: "Look into my optics...think back and you shall know who I am...the answers are there!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-08-30, 10:09 PM
Skywarp stared into the cold eyes of the robot ...

"you....you can't be, you're dead, I saw you die...Megatron....it....it's you? How...Prime destroyed you..wait, darkness, I ... what have you done to me?"

Galvatron's grasp on Skywarp broke, and Skywarp looked over his body..

"this shell, I know it, I remember, but you've made changes and I feel stronger..."

2001-08-30, 10:14 PM
Galvatron looked Skywarp dead in the face.

Galvatron: "I am not Megatron any longer old friend...I am now Galvatron. While Prime did succeed in destroying that old shell, he could not kill me. I am beyond death...as this one (motions to Gigatron) can attest, as he saw to it to once again assist me in cheating death, just as Unicron did for all of us all those years ago. For a long time now, you have been trapped in another body...this one. (motions to Cyclonus) his was much more powerful than yours, so to compensate, both you and Thundercracker have been upgraded...you live again Skywarp. I revived you as you did for me all those years back on earth...now it is time to check on your brother...are you up to it?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-08-30, 10:41 PM
"Galvatron, this name, unfamiliar, yet, powerful"

Skywarp glanced toward Gigatron; "you revived this, Galvatron, as I did Megatron so many years ago?" Skywarp extended his hand toward Gigatron and shook his hand.

Skywarp turned back to Galvatron, "you said you revived Thundercracker too"


Thundercracker stood up, "Skywarp, is that you?" he muttered.
"Yes, my brother, it is me, this is the person you owe your life to - Mega....I mean Galvatron"
Thundercraker turned to the decepticon "Wait you're Megatron..." he was interrupted "no brother, he was Megatron, it was made clear to me, Galvatron is the re-incarnation of the great leader we knew, but greatly improved upon by him" Skywarp pointed towards Gigatron.

Thundercraker looked around him, much confusion, but his wiseness told him he was amongst friends.
He paused for a minute, looked towards Skywarp and they yelled in unison ...


(OOC, I'm controlling Thundercracker for the time being)

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Wildfire Herald
2001-08-31, 01:45 AM
A knock came at the door to Galvatron's chambers. Dirge Gun stuck his head in catiously, eyes moving from Skywarp, to Thundercracker, then Gigatron, and finally landing on Galvatron.

"Pardon my intrusion oh mighty ones, but our, err...Lord wishes to speak with you....."

2001-08-31, 06:01 AM
Holocaust grinned as he tried to contact Painflow through mental link that the Neo Terrorcons shared. "He is..." The doors of Galvatron's quarters opened and Painflow rushed in. "Right here."

Then the dumbest Neo Terrorcon approached Gigatron. "Me be sitting on large boulder outside base and boulder begins to crack and metal layer appears. What be it me wonders and comes to tell to war chief."

Other Neo Terrorcons turn to look at Painflow with confused looks on their faces. Holocaust turned towards Painflow. "What are you babbling about?"

Painflow looked very serious. "There is a large boulder outside the base. But is it not a boulder."

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2001-08-31, 01:16 PM
Hatemunger Proceeds to beat the oil out of Skyfire for having angered him. With the Aerialcons and Stealth watching for any intrusions.

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2001-08-31, 03:46 PM
Hatemunger's blows come suddenly to Jetfire, and he's surprised. The first few knock him down, but he gets right back up and starts punching the daylights out of Hatemunger. "How" punch "...many" punch "...times" punch "...do I" punch "...have to" punch "...tell you" punch "...to shut" punch "..the hell" punch "...up!!!" kick to the face. "Now that this moron is down and out, is there anyone else trying to pick a fight with me?" Jefire raises both his cannons. He is surrounded by fully armed Decepticons. "Ah, man...now this will be what I call a slobberknocker!" He cocks the cannons, ready for anything.

2001-08-31, 05:18 PM
"Grr, foolish Autobot." Hatemunger smiled wiping oil from his face and bringing his dual fusion cannons to point blank range behind Skyfire.
"Aerialcons, merge into Sky Render!" Sky Blade yelled as the six Decpticons merged together.
"Someone's gonna get slagged http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif" Stealth laughed drawing his energy blades.
"No Autobot it is time for your back to school lesson so to speak, you will now learn that Decepticons are not as easy to push over as you seem to dream. Remember this when your spark dies." With that Hatemunger fired his dual fusion cannons directly at the base of Skyfire's neck.
Sky Render also fired his cannons at the puny Autobot while Stealth stood armed with his energy daggers to slash at anything that was left.
(also note that Hatemunger is far enough away from Sky Renders firepower so that if Skyfire should dodge he will be fine as will Sky Render and Stealth is in the room away from the battle.)
(OOC we need to figure out some form of combat here http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif )

2001-08-31, 05:56 PM
In a remote area of Charr, a transport touches down violently, nearly crashing. The loading hatch blows out violently, sending smoke streaming out into the sky. Staggering out of the ship come several transformers all with the Decepticon symbol prominently displayed.

"Runaway, you slag-for-circuts fool. It was a space roach!!!" The largest choked out.

"Awww, comeon Scrapheap, it had to die, y'all gotta know that. Right, Rollover?" Runaway whined.

"You didn't need to kill it with a rocket launcher, genius." Rollover stated as he rolled out in his vehicle mode. The next one out of the ship come out with a big grin on his face.

"Actually, I thought it was kinda cool." Hit leered.

One more Decepticon came out of the ship "Where's Run?" He asked while looking around, "And Pileup?"

Runaway looked out over the horizon. "I not quite so sure, but I done think I saw Run geet blasted outta the hatch as we came down. Dunno where Pileup went."

Scrapheap snapped back into leadership mode. "Alright, spread out and look for them. I'll go north, Blindside, south. Runaway head east, Rollover check west. Hit I want you to double over the ship and stay here in case any of them show up. Meet back here in 4 Breems (*TF note:1 Breem = ~8.3 minutes*). Let's move, bots."

The Crashticons quickly moved out in a search pattern. Over the first hill, Blindside found Run lying on a pile of rocks. He looked up at the truck and spoke two words: "I hurt."

Blindside lifted the wounded bot into the bed of his truck and headed back for the ship, radioing the results of his search to Scrapheap. Back at the ship, Hit worked on fixing Run as Blindside went searching again. After the designated time, no sign of Pileup could be found.

"We move out" Scrapheap decided. "Pileup can catch up or radio us. He's survived on his own before. Let's find the Decepticon Base. Run, can you drive?"

"Sure. It'll take more than that to put me down."

"Then let's go."


From the bushes, Pileup watched as the other Crashticons headed off.

"So that was their plan, land in the middle of nowhere, knock me off, and let my body dissappear. And I thought I could trust them. Let's find out who's behind this." As he spoke, Pileup transformed and began following the other Crashticons at a safe distance.

2001-09-01, 07:37 PM
Galvatron looked at the chamber door and told the knockers to enter, then looked around, quite pleased at the progress that had been made. Now it was time to advance his plan.

Galvatron: "Cyclonus, Gigatron...I need a full assessment of our forces."

Galvatron then tunred to Reflector.

Galvatron: "Reflector...now that we are back in order here, tell me what you learned of the state of Autobot defenses on earth?"

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2001-09-01, 07:40 PM
Jetfire heard Hatemunger's cannon, and ducked. The 2 shots went above Jetfire's head. "Idiots." Jetfire thought. "I don't have time for this." He said it out loud, firing up his jetboots to the max. He then charged up his cannons, and shots came out of both of them, bright as the Sun, blinding the Decepticons. Jetfire then took off, blasting a hole through the ceiling with his cannons. He flew up above the fortress, and transformed. Then, in his jet mode, headed for outer space.

(OOC: Sorry, Ravage, but Jetfire is my main character. I cannot afford to have him killed or seriously damaged this early in the story. Nothing major has happened yet. But don't worry, Jetfire and Hatemunger will meet again. http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/biggrin.gif )

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2001-09-01, 09:57 PM
Hatemunger laughed.
"Foolish Autobot, take care of yourself." With that Hatemunger glanced at a small gameboy like unit that had a blip on it.
"In time Skyfire you and your kind will be finished off forever!" Hatemunger laughed.

(OOC Don't worry I was not going to have him killed, but yeah we shall meet again http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif )

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