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2001-08-26, 08:42 AM
The Scene

A Space satellite facility which tests and manufactors satelites is undergoing a normal day until...
*something crashes through the wall, it is Skybyte who is leading Dark Scream, Slapper, and Gas Skunk, Skybyte transforms to his robotic mode and approaches the startled workers*
Skybyte: *gripping gun* Which one of you is Dr. Jacobs?
Dr. Jacobs: *steps forth* I am he, what is the meaning of this?
Skybyte: simple, you lead us to and hand over your latest creation and not one of you will be harmed, however, we can't have you going for help, isn't that correct, Dark Scream?
Dark Scream: indeed *draws sword, flies up, slashes the phone lines*
Dr. Jacobs: *sigh* follow me *leads the Preds to a back building*

2001-08-27, 01:11 PM
After getting reports of a disturbance in the area of the Satellite Facility, Super Fire Convoy and God Magnus arrive at the area and spot the large hole in the wall of the facility and enter.

Magnus: "Hmm... looks like a sword cut these cables. Predacons?"
SFC: "Seems likely. There's noise coming from the back lab. Let's check it out."

They walk in to see the 4 Predacons with a human

2001-08-27, 03:01 PM
Slapper sees the Autobots first and shouts "AUTOBOTS!" The Predacons turn around, while they draw their weapons for battle, Dr. Jacobs escapes unnoticed.
Skybyte: Slapper, were not leaving here without what we came for, so go through that construct and bring the device to us, Dark Scream, Gas Skunk, we'll destroy these interfering Autobots.
*Gas Skunk fires several smoke bombs in the direction of the Autobots as Slapper, Gas Skunk and, Skybyte charge Convoy and Magnus.

2001-08-29, 12:37 AM
After getting rammed by the 3 Predacons, SFC and Magnus got up and fired a few shots through the smoke at the Predacons.

SFC: "You stay here and keep them busy, I'm going after that one that went through the wall."

With that, Magnus started firing and the Predacons. Using that as a distraction, SFC went through the wall that Slapper did and found him attempting to tear open a vault

2001-08-29, 12:57 AM
*Dark Scream is hit by a shot, he falls, his sword sticks out of the ground, one of Skybyte's shoulder panels is hit and subsequently blown off*
Skybyte: Grr.. *seeing shoulder panel gone* it wont stop me from flying but they'll pay for that! *fires 4 shots in Magnus' direction*
Gas Skunk: *fire 2 smoke bombs in an upwards direction over Magnus's head*
Skybyte: 1 of them went after Slapper, I dont know who, but make sure he gets what we came for, Skunk
*Gas Skunk runs after Convoy*

Slapper: *turns around* I dont have time for this, Convoy! *whips out his tongue weapon, swipes through a support pole in the building, the ceiling begins crumbling*

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2001-09-03, 03:51 PM
As the ceiling crumbles, SFC is unable to get out of the way in time and is buried in the rubble.


Magnus: "You Predacons don't have a chance of beating me!"

Magnus is hit in the arm by 2 of Skybyte's shots and fires a half dozen shots back.

2001-09-04, 12:13 AM
Slapper smiles at what he has done by causing part of the ceiling to collapse on Convoy, using his tail weapon, he wails on the vault door 3 times with nothing more than minor dents resulting. Suddenly an array of explosions hit the vault door knocking Slapper down who just moves out of the way of the falling door, he looks behind him to see Gas Skunk.
Slapper: Will you warn me when you do that?!!
Gas Skunk: *running into the vault* No time, we've got go, *emerges with the satellite prototype* if thats Convoy buried there, then that has to be Magnus that Skybyte and Dark Scream are fighting by themselves!
They flee the damaged building running towards their Predacon comrades with the prototype satellite in their possession.

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2001-09-04, 12:31 AM
Damn, they got what they came for. Where's Convoy? If he didn't follow them out...

Magnus gave up the fight with the two Predacons and and ran through the whole in the wall where SFC went. He found a pile of rubble with SFC's hand sticking out of it. He set to work digging SFC out.

2001-09-04, 12:39 AM
Slapper and Gas Skunk approach Skybyte and Dark Scream
Slapper: We got it *shows the satellite to him*
Skybyte: good, Slapper, grab my gun *throws in up and transforms, as Slapper catches it* Dark Scream, Gas Skunk, put the satellite into my mouth and climb on, you too Slapper *the satellite is put into Skybyte's mouth and the 3 smaller Preds climb on as Skybyte flies near where Magnus is*
Slapper: *targets Magnus, adjusts aim* heh heh heh, glad I'm sober for this shot *fires 2 missles towards Magnus as Skybyte departs with his comrades and the satellite*

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