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2001-08-13, 04:33 PM
Inside the ancient Decepticon underwater headquarters...

Blazestarter, Driveby, Blackout and Magnacrunch, the four Decepticon lieutenants, rejoice. The repairs on their leader Optitron, the uncrowned successor to Galvatron's throne, are finally complete. Ravaged almost beyond recognition by the combined forces of dozens of Autobots, Optitron had fallen in a blaze of...not glory, but sheer, unadulturated carnage and violence the likes of which had never before been seen. He took countless Autobots with him, but he fell nonetheless. After many months of work, Hook and his fellow Constructicons had finally resurrected the silver and black Decepticon commander, who towered before his four closest soldiers triumphant.

"Welcome back, boss. You sure look good," Blackout, the black helicopter, said quietly.

"Yeah yeah yeah. Better than your first day off the assembly line," added Blazestarter, the hyper black, red and white hot rod. Optitron reached out with both hands and grabbed Blazestarter and Blackout around the throats and lifted them off the ground. Driveby, the purple low-rider from the darkest ghetto of Cybertron, watched the two Cons struggle for life in the tightening grip of their leader.

"Damn, y'all scroungin!" he said, shaking his head. "Ain't gon' get nuttin done til y'all quit leakin' and let the boss work! W'sup, Op?" Optitron turned to Driveby and simultaneously dropped his gasping soldiers.

"Very little. Too little. My time in the void between life and death has brought no glory to the Decepticons. My surgeons have left me more powerful than ever, making this the perfect moment for action!"

"Ummm....what action?" muttered the dim-witted Magnacrunch, the tan and brown weapons expert of the group. Optitron turned to Magnacrunch and grabbed him by the throat, pulling him close.

"EVERY ACTION!" he replied, tossing the heavy Magnacrunch into a wall. "I have heard reports of the status of the Decepticons, and I don't like it! The Autobots have spread across the galaxy, bringing that hideous, pathetic, disgusting message of peace everywhere they roam. No more! This Earth is the first step in conquest of the universe, and no great conquest can be sustained without energy! Let us strike now!"

Slumped against the wall, Magnacrunch said, "Duh, boss...just us? Only five?"

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2001-08-13, 07:01 PM
Apeface, Ramjet, and Bombshell arrive at the Nemesis.

"Driveby ordered us to report here", said Ramjet. "I wonder what he wants"

The three Decepticons arrive and see the newly repaired Optitron.

"Optitron's back", said Bombshell

"Yes. now we can go destroy puny Autobots", said Apeface.

2001-08-13, 08:08 PM
"Hmmmmm...more troops...good..." Optitron said evilly, turning to the communications screen. "If we are to strike successfully and begin producing enough energy to achieve my greater goals, we must harness the combined power of the Decepticons scattered throughout the galaxy."

Pressing a button on the console, Optitron let a microphone slide from his cheek guard and said, "Decepticons, calling all Decepticons, this is your leader Optitron speaking. I have been resurrected! With resurrection comes life, and with life comes conquest! All those who will join me in pillaging this worthless planet Earth for the resources we need, respond!"

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2001-08-14, 11:34 PM
Meanwhile, as all of this happens, Bombshell sneaks away and tries to contact Cycloni.

"Cycloni, this is Bombshell, can you read me?" Bombshell says into his comlink.

2001-08-15, 01:59 PM
Optitron turned toward the three new arrivals and said, "Ramjet, inform me of the activities on Charr. What are their plans for attack on the Autobots? Do they plan to take action? Or do they delay, talking and negotiating like whining minicons?"

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2001-08-15, 08:53 PM
"We didn't see much, but it appears that the Decepticons are splintered", said Ramjet. "we also noticed Cyclonus, and we were following him when we got your message".

2001-08-16, 12:53 PM
"Enough!" Optitron shouted. "Splintered? The once-mighty Decepticon army is splintered? This is unsatisfactory! Any robots weak and indecisive enough to become divided do not deserve to call themselves Decepticons!"

"Whatcha sayin' boss?" asked Driveby. "We gon' go out der and whoop some ass?"

"No, Driveby, we are not. Our purpose on this planet is singular: to drain its resources to power the Decepticon army. A single, immediate strike on one of the Earth's main power sources will gain the attention of both our Decepticon brothers and those accursed Autobots, if they are foolish enough to...intervene. Ramjet, you know this planet well. Where shall we strike?"

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2001-08-16, 06:01 PM
"Well, I remember one time Starscream told me how he and Thundercracker stole some kind of special metal to make a weapon frame for some powerful object", said Ramjet. "Perhaps we can start there".

2001-08-16, 06:56 PM
"Starscream? Any mission involving Starscream was ordered by that fool Megatron, who failed more times than any good Decepticon would care to remember. I will not follow in his footsteps."

Optitron turned and paced before his troops. "No, while gathering the energy we seek, we must keep our optics on our greater goal. We must strike at the heart of the Autobots. We must strike at the laser core of Optimus Prime."

"Duh, but how, Op, how?" said Magnacrunch.

"Very simple, my dimwitted Magnacrunch. We shall attack the one thing Optimus Prime holds more dear than his own life: the humans."

"But how's attacking the humans gonna get us energy?" asked Blackout.

"Very simple. We attack Hoover Dam, a vast energy source with enough humans present to gain Optimus Prime's full attention. But where is that Insecticon that came with you?"

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2001-08-16, 06:59 PM
"I don't know", said Ramjet. "Apeface did you see where he went?"

"I don't know", said Apeface. "we should find him".

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2001-08-16, 07:08 PM
"There's no time to waste wandering around headquarters. Driveby, stay behind and find the Insecticon. When you have retrieved him, the two of you join us in conquering the dam. Decepticons, transform!"

With that, Ramjet, Apeface, and Blackout transformed to their aerial modes and followed Optitron, Blazestarter and Magnacrunch up through the access hatch and into the sky, headed for Hoover Dam.


Driveby stepped to the control console and pressed a series of buttons, activating the Nemesis' interior energy sensor. It picked up a Decepticon in the room off to the right of the control room. Driveby strolled over to the door, then reached out and pulled it right off its hinges. Bombshell stood in a corner and looked like he was whispering to himself.

"W'sup Bombs?"

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2001-08-17, 02:57 PM
The army of six Decepticons could see Hoover Dam in the distance. Flying at the head of the pack, Optitron turned to Apeface (in jet mode) and said, "Apeface, you and Ramjet shall lead the first wave. Secure the area, and be certain that none of the flesh creatures escape alive. Now dive!"

Excellent, Optitron thought. By the time Optimus Prime and his sentimental lackeys arrive, I shall already be super-powered by the vast energies harvested from the humans' own power supplies! And when the other Decepticons come to investigate, they will see the fallen Autobots strewn about and follow me to victory!"

2001-08-17, 05:01 PM
Apeface and Ramjet fired at the humans near the dam, causing them to flee.

"Ha Ha. now this is fun", said Apeface.

"Yeah." said Ramjet. "Now, lets start getting the energy."

"Yeah, but I think we have a problem", said Apeface.

"What", said Ramjet.

"How do we make the energon cubes?" said Apeface.
Back at the Nemesis

"Oh no" said Bombshell. He ducked and rolled, firing a cerebro shell at Driveby.

2001-08-17, 05:17 PM
Optimus Prime was alerted due to the computer systems in Metroplex. He opened the Comm-link to the whole base. "Autobots we are needed at Hoover Dam, the situation is unknow but they are under attack. Autobots advailable for battle report to me ASAP!"

2001-08-17, 05:23 PM
Before Driveby could even react, Bombshell's cerebro shell struck him dead center in the forehead, knocking him clean onto his back. Driveby sat up holding his head, then got to his feet and said groggily, "Oh...uh....w'sup? Whatchu want from me?"


Back at Hoover Dam,

Blazestarter flew by Apeface and Ramjet and said, "Quit thinkin' you two, it's not your strong point! Let's secure the area!" Blazestarter landed and raised his arm-mounted flamethrowers, firing into the mountains surrounding the dam. Before long, the entire complex was surrounded by an enormous ring of fire. "Gahahaha, that oughta keep the Autobots busy!"

Meanwhile, Optitron, Magnacrunch and Blackout landed on the edge of the dam. Optitron turned to his lieutenants and said, "You two have your orders. Convert the compound's energy processing and storage equipment as I described."

2001-08-17, 06:01 PM
Bombshell walked up to Driveby.

"You're coming back with me to Charr", Bombshell said.

"Yes sir, master insecticon", said Driveby.

"Now let's go" said Bombshell.

The two of them head for the ship that Bombshell used to pursue Ramjet and Apeface to Earth, and head back to Charr.
Meanwhile, back at Hoover Dam

"Hey, boss" said Ramjet. I think we need to call some more help. There's no telling how many Autobots Prime'll bring with him.

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2001-08-17, 11:27 PM
Gunrunner: "There semms to be some activity at a dam in North America. We're gonna head there."
Driveshaft: "I picked up an Autobot transmission. It seems Optimus Prime and others are gonna be heading for the damn."
Gunrunner: "Good. We'll land near the damn and see what develops."

Gunrunner landed and the other disembarked and they waited for the Autobots to get to the dam.

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2001-08-18, 03:35 AM
Uh, boss", Apeface says to Optitron "I think we have some company".

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2001-08-18, 01:34 PM
Pointblank led a group of Autobots onto the dam.

Pointblank: "Autobots...transform and attack!"

Pointblank transformed and Peacemaker lept into his hand.

Pointblank: "Ah...more Decepticon scraps...I think its time to bury this feud once and for all!"

Pointblank began to fire away at Apeface and began to charge the Decepticons.

2001-08-18, 05:37 PM
Apeface jumps out of the way and fires his sonic bommer weapon at Pointblank.

Suddenly, Ramjet notices Battletrap and Dreadwind approaching.

"Hey, we got some reinforcements", said Ramjet.
"We could use this place to make tools to fix Darkwing", said Battletrap.

"Wait a minute", said Dreadwind "It looks like there's a battle happening. We should help out."

"All right then" said Battletrap. "Hide Darkwing, then let's get involved".

2001-08-18, 09:44 PM
After taking an hour to obtain and store the water, Gunrunner and the other Chaoticons were ready to take off for Charr when Gunrunner got Gigatron's message.

Meanstreak: "Great. We have to find that twit Starscream."
Mortormaster: "You'd think we'd get an easier assignment like the 6 of us re-taking Cybertron by ourselves."
Gunrunner: "Lets just split up, find his carcass, and haul it back to Charr."

After about an hour of searching, Afterburn found Starscream on Guadal Canal. Starscream was unconscious due to slight energy depletion, which made the whole process easier. Afterburn signaled the others and they loaded Starscream aboard Gunrunner and they left for Charr.

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2001-08-19, 09:49 AM
Swoop picked up a transmission from Prime.

"Autobots we are needed at Hoover Dam, the situation is unknow but they are under attack. Autobots advailable for battle report to me ASAP!"

Swoop: "Stranger, Our leader has requested assistance at Hoover Dam. Are you able to assist?"

2001-08-19, 04:12 PM
Blazestarter raised his flamethrowers and shouted, "Have a hot time with this, Auto-blots!" firing a huge ball of fire at the group of Autobots.

Meanwhile, Blackout and Magnacrunch rushed up to Optitron and Blackout said, "The modifications to the energy sources of this dam are complete, Lord Optitron."

"Very good, Blackout," he responded. "Give me my weapons. The Autobots are in for quite a shock."

Blackout and Magnacrunch dragged in Optitron's two huge guns, which were attached via cable into the dam's control center.

2001-08-20, 03:52 AM
GFC: "Yeah I can assist. But when we get near the dam, I want to seperate then drive up. No point in giving away the existance of this form to the attackers there."

and off they went towards Hoover Dam.

2001-08-20, 05:14 AM
As they neared the Dam, Swoop and GFC exchanged a quick glance. With that, GFC headed for ground, and Swoop rose up into the clouds.

Swoop scanned those below, and recognized the energy Signature of Ramjet.

"Time for some FUN!!!!!!" thought Swoop, as he folded his wings in, and dove straight down towards his target.

2001-08-20, 05:26 AM
GFC landed and seperated into Super Fire Convoy and God Magnus. They transformed and drove to the dam.

Once they reached the dam, they transformed and took a few shots at the Decepticons at on and near the dam

2001-08-20, 05:32 AM
Swoop registered the shots being fired, and was thankful for the distraction.

At an altitude of 2 kilometers, the noise of his dive had registed in Ramjets audio sensors. Ramjet looked up, and saw the immense frame of Swoop diving towards him. Swoop fired his 2 rockets at Ramjet, then twisted around and back up as they exploded around the fear stricken robot, forcing him to the ground.

2001-08-20, 01:15 PM
Blackout and Magnacrunch handed the two silver double-barreled guns to Optitron, then Blackout transformed to helicopter mode and hovered above the Autobots. He headed right for Swoop and fired his desensitizer pistol, hoping to "black-out" Swoop's optic sensors.

On the ground, Optitron spotted Super Fire Convoy and God Magnus firing away. He thought, Two more huge Autobots? But from where? No matter, their time against my Decepticons will be short-lived! Optitron raised his guns and said, "Feel my wrath, Autobots!" and fired two incredible beams of energy at Convoy and Magnus that tapped directly into the dam's power reserves.

2001-08-20, 02:15 PM
Swoop was caught by the blast of the inhibitor shells. He couldn't tell if he was damaged, but he could tell that he was flying blind. Hoping it was only a temporary effect, he used his internal gyroscope to figure out which way was up, and headed into the clouds.

2001-08-20, 02:23 PM
The evil Blackout cackled, "One Dino-dolt down! Now for the heavy hitters!" He transformed to robot mode and aimed his desensitizer pistol down at Pointblank, firing several shots.

2001-08-20, 02:38 PM
A convoy of Autobots lead by Optimus prime closed in on Hoover dam once Optimus was in range he transformed into robot mode and ran to see what the situation was. "Looks like Decepticons! New ones at that. Autobots stop those Decepticons!" prime took out his rifle and looked for someone who needed help.

2001-08-20, 02:49 PM
After about half a minute of flying blind, his optical sensors returned to normal.

Thankful of the temporary effect, he circled about, located his attacker, and dove towards him at his fastest speed....

"Just you wait....."

2001-08-20, 06:00 PM
Suddenly, Swoop got hit from behind. he turned to see Dreadwind and Battletrap's helicopter mode firing at him.

"Ha"! said Hi-Test. "Dumb Dinobot'll never know what hit him"
Ramjet got up after being knock off-line from the impact of Swoop's missles.

"No one fires on me and continues to function", Ramjet screamed, as he transformed and went after Swoop.

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2001-08-21, 03:29 AM
Magnus and SFC just barely dodged Optitron's blasts and fired a few shots back. Then they saw the trouble Swoop was having and fired about a dozen shots at Decepticos that were following him.

2001-08-21, 03:55 AM
Despite the Ringing out of shells and explosions Dodge Transformered with a slowness that contradicted his sleek blue form.
"I'm singing in the Rain Just singing in the Rain what a glorious feeling I'm happy again." Singing Dodge unholsters his pistols and contemplates his first move.
"Hey Optimus what's the plan?"
" Autobots Attack!!" Optimus's battle cry inspires the ranks of Autobots
Dodge shrugs "Well it the best plan I've heard all day"
Dodge runs into the battle firing.

2001-08-21, 01:53 PM
Firing randomly at the Autobots, Magnacrunch spotted the absent-minded Autobot Dodge lumbering around singing to himself. He shouted, "Duh, time to start crunchin'!" He transformed to cruncher mode and activated his magnetic forces, drawing Dodge into the air and towards the crunching device.

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2001-08-21, 04:40 PM
Swoop circled around, and saw Prime and the other autobots. He also saw several energy bolts coming heading towards his pursuers, and hoped that they would head for there new attacker.

As he circled around, he noticed Magnacrunch dragging Dodge towards part of his alt mode. Swoop fired at Magnacrunch, and flew in close enough to grab Dodge by the shoulders. As the missiles hit, the magnetic feild dropped, and allowed Swoop to fly to another part of the battle.

Placing Dodge on the ground near the other Autobots, Swoop transformed into his robot mode, Thermal sword in hand, and looked for another decepticon to target.

2001-08-21, 05:49 PM
Blackout watched from above as Swoop's bombs detonated around Magnacrunch, freeing Dodge from his grasp. Blackout landed and transformed in front of Swoop, then pulled out his twin swords from his back.

"This time, it's lights out for good, Autobot!" he shouted as he charged forward, swinging his swords.

2001-08-21, 05:54 PM
Prime stood his ground firing his laser cannon trying to find the leader of this group of Decepticons. "Autobots we cannot allow these Decepticons to succeed!" He turned to notice Swoop in trouble, "Swoop look out!"

2001-08-21, 06:05 PM
The bolts that GFC and Magnus shot zoom past Dreadwind.

"Hey, it's that punk we fought earlier," Hi-Test said.

"Yeah", I want another shot at that guy", said Dreadwind.

"Battletrap, Ramjet, keep going after Swoop. I'll take care of the stranger" Dreadwind said.

Hi-Test ejected from his cockpit and transformed into Dreadwind's engine, causing Dreadwind to transform to robot mode.

"Now for some fun", Dreadwind said.

2001-08-21, 06:19 PM
Optitron stared across the battlefield and spotted Optimus Prime. He shouted, "Welcome, Optimus Prime...to your funeral!!!" and fired his twin rifles, drawing on the full power of the surging dam. The two beams of potent energy headed straight for the Autobot leader...

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2001-08-21, 06:31 PM
Battletrap and Ramjet continued to fire at Swoop, while on the ground, Dreadwind approached Magnus and the stranger.

"Well, I see you brought backup, stranger" Dreadwind said "But it's gonna take more than that to stop me"

Dreadwind picked up his weapon and fired at Magnus and the stranger.
A ship landed near the spot where Dreadwind had hid Darkwing.

"He's too heavily damaged" Bombshell said. "I might as well leave him, and head to Hoover Dam. Come, Driveby.

Bombshell and Driveby went towards the dam. As they approached it, Bombshell pulled Driveby close to him.

"Now remember, you are to remain loyal to Optitron in appearance only."

"Yes, master Insecticon", Driveby said.

2001-08-21, 06:34 PM
An errant shot hit Blazestarter and knocked him out of the sky, and he landed near Driveby. Blazestarter dragged himself to his feet and stumbled up to the purple low-rider Decepticon. Blazestarter said, "Driveby, where ya been? These Autobots ain't lighting like I thought they would!"

2001-08-21, 06:37 PM
I found Bombshell and brought him up to speed. he then said he had a interesting plan." Driveby said.

"Oh, yeah? What?", asked Blazestarter.

"This", said Bombshell.

He fired a cerebro shell at Blazestarter.

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2001-08-21, 06:57 PM
Dodge was about to thank Swoop for the quick save when he noticed Blackout was swinging in too attack.
"Swoop look out." Came Optimus' cry from across the battle field. As Swoop blocked the decepticons twin swords Dodge Aimed his pistols and fired. Blackout fell backwards onto the ground his Armour plated hide cracked and dented.
"No time to stop swoop we got a battle to fight." Swoop returned Dodge's smile and started to fire upon the next set of decepticon attackers. Leaving him to it Dodge Transformed into his Car mode and Drove off to find some more atcion.

2001-08-21, 07:14 PM
As the cerebro shell zeroed in on Blazestarter's cranial chamber, Blackout, injured by the Autobot Dodge, crashed to the ground nearby, sending enough force through the ground to knock Blazestarter off-balance. Blazestarter stood and said, "Why you worthless little insect!" He rushed forward and punched Bombshell as hard as he could, while Blackout got to his feet and prepared to join in on the beating.

2001-08-21, 09:28 PM
Driveby ran up and tossed Blazestarter and Blackout off of Bombshell. Bombshell then got up from his prone position.

"If i didn't need you, I'd gladly slag the both of you. Driveby, hold them down"

Driveby used magnetic clamps to hold Blazestarter and Blackout down. Bombshell then fired a cerebro shell at them both.

2001-08-21, 10:42 PM
Dodge transformed back into his robot mode and was firing before his feet hit the ground. He was shooting at the decepticon Bombshell who had his back to the fight; when he ran between Optimus Prime and the Decepticon leader Optitron. Turning to face the decepticon he heard the remnants of the Opposing groups' Leaders conversation: As Dodge swiveld to face Optitron he cried
"...to your funeral!!!" and leveled A pair of Rifles at him.
"Oh s-" Dodge was launched backwards by the force of the blast slaming into the rock wall at the side of the Hoover Dam.

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2001-08-22, 12:03 AM
SFC took a shot in the leg from Dreadwind.

Magnus: "I would have thought you would have learned not to mess with us after what happened to your friend."

SFC took a shot at Dreadwind while he was distracted by Magnus

2001-08-22, 12:53 AM
Swoop was feeling outnumbered, so he transformed, fired both missiles at Battletrap and Ramjet, and headed to the skies. As he flew upwards, he noticed a large, metallic object directly above him.

After a closer scan, he also noticed several smaller craft between himself and the object. As he was trying to think what they could be, he recieved a direct communication...

Blades: "Heads up Dino-birdy... The cavlary has arrived!!!"

Blades came flying towards him, and zeroed in on Battletraps Helicopter form, leaving Swoop to deal with Ramjet in arial combat.

As the dropships approched the ground, more autobots lept into the battle.

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God Jinrai
2001-08-22, 01:38 AM
jinrai quickly shook off the fear... and hearing the alarms blaring, dashed out of spike's quarters... "Here's hoping my memory's right... " He made a sharp right turn, and there before him lay a long hangar... taking a long run, he reached the end of the hangar, shouting the command for his armor to activate... "GOD ON!" the armor materialized, and jinrai merged in mid air with the cab of the tractor trailer... "this MAY just be the diversion those down below need... " He could pick out several of the robots below..Bombshell... some of the other insecticons... but two cons caught his eye... "Buster and Hydra! Impossible! I'm not picking up any masterforce energy emmenating from them... " Jinrai drew his laser cannon from subspace, and brought to bear... on what looked to be the leader of the decepticon strikeforce... "here's hopin this'll throw him off... if not completely confuse him..." he muttered... "HEY SUCKER! UP HERE!" Jinrai squeezed off a shot... but would it do its job?

2001-08-22, 02:00 AM
Noktaraus waited a few more moments before transforming to his more-maneuverable robot mode.

"Quickwind, Aamram, break to starboard bearing two-zero-four. Get those Decepticon fighters in a tangle for us. Brainstorm, stay at my portside. We're going after the grounders at the damn. Break now!"

The four Autobots broke in their two respective groups. They had flown just ahead of the dropships and most of the other Autobot formations.

"We'll drop at 2 clicks, drop-angle of minus fifty-six degrees."

"Pretty steep," Brainstorm quirked. "Keeping in mind that you're more maneuverable than I, at our current speed and with my climbing ability, I'll only be able to hold the attack for six-point-one seconds."

"You'll break off before I do," Noktaraus answered. "It'll also help to draw fire."

"Ah." Brainstorm's voice went up. "Yes of course. And with you continuing the attack for a moment or so longer..."

"They won't be able to take and clear shots at you," Noktaraus finished, "and in that time I might be able to knock a few down before breaking off. Hoping Quickwind and Aamram keep the aerial Decepticons busy..."


Aamram stayed on Quickwind's wing the entire descent, both ships staying to the right of the damn.

"Remember," Quickwind began, "our targets are the Decepticreeps in the air, not the grounders at the damn."

"Eh," Aamram mentally shrugged, "that guy always gets all the fun."

"Who said this wasn't going to be fun, hmm?" Quickwind answered. "And it looks like we'll be finding out just how much--we've got incoming..."

2001-08-22, 02:50 AM
Dreadwind dodged the shot from the mysterious stranger and dove towards Magnus.

"You won't escape me, miserable Autobot", Dreadwind said.
Ramjet dodged Swoop's missles, but Battletrap got hit straight on, falling to the ground. His jeep section rushed over, and he formed his robot mode. He then turned and saw that Dreadwind need help, so he rushed over to help him.
Bombshell got hit from behind by Dodge, but he still managed to get both of his shells shot.

"Driveby, take care of that scrap heap"< Bombshell said.
"Yes, master insecticon", Driveby said.

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2001-08-22, 03:53 AM
Seeing Battletrap was grounded, Blades headed to ground, and transformed next to Streetwise and Groove all three started to fire on Driveby.

Hotspot was also in robot form, and was firing his fireball cannons at Apeface.

While they did this, First Aid started to check on the damaged autobots. While he was looking around the battlefeild, he was amazed by who he saw.......


2001-08-22, 06:35 AM
Magnus uppercutted Dreadwind (ala Prime to Megatron), knocking him loopy. Magnus took the opportunity and picked up SFC and carried him over to a medic (First Aid).

Magnus: "You, medic boy. Fix his leg."

2001-08-22, 06:47 AM
First aid: I'll do what I can.

With that, First aid went to work on repairing the strange, unknown robot before him. Before long, he had finished.

First aid: Glad I could be of help... er... who did you say you were?

2001-08-22, 06:51 AM
SFC stood up and tested his repaired leg.

SFC: "You did an excellent job. And I'm Super Fire Convoy. The other guy is God Magnus."

2001-08-22, 06:59 AM
First Aid: Good to meet you. I'm First Aid, Autobot Medic.

Firstaid was knocked to the ground by a blast. When he looked up, the battle was looking even worse than before. Optimus looked to be in trouble, so he raced over to the other Protectobots.

2001-08-22, 02:53 PM
Optimus Prime moved out of the way of Optitron's blast, but they didn't almost srcach his paint. Optimus realized this was probably thier leader, "Decepticon! The war is over! What do you hope to gain from starting it again?"

2001-08-22, 07:39 PM
A lone car traveling on a highway about 5 miles from the battle sees the explosions and lights.
"What the hell is going on out there?" Skylark thought to himself.
"Well maybe I should check this out!" He thought to himself as he tore off down the highway.

2001-08-22, 08:05 PM
Driveby got hit from behind by the Protectobot's fire, and went down. Meanwhile, Apeface took Hot Spot's blast full on, and fell to the ground.
Dreadwind got up and went for the stranger.

"Come over here and fight me like a real robot", he said, throwing his gun to the ground.

God Jinrai
2001-08-22, 08:14 PM
"you can't handle me, pal. I'm going to warn you now." Jinrai charged dreadwind, and suddenly leapt into the sky... staring down at his foe... he hovered there for a moment, but came flying down, fist cocked, and ready to put the lights out in his opponent's head.

2001-08-22, 08:23 PM
Dreadwind got out of the way at the last moment, causing Jirai to plunge his fist deep into the ground

2001-08-22, 08:27 PM
Skylark pulled up to the dam to see Autobots fighting Decepticons.
"Hmm I have never seen these Decepticons before." He said transforming to his robot mode.
"Anyway a Decepticon is a Decepticon!" He though as he unleashed all of his firepower at the enemy forces.

2001-08-22, 09:58 PM
Dodge was badly damaged from the duel blast of the Lead Decepticon's Rifles.
He Stagerd and swayed and fell back to the ground; the damage was exstensive and he needed repair, but from the look of the light fight that was taking place all around him his Autobot buddies needed him more.
He slowly hobbeled over to the Autobot shuttle craft and, once inside the door Strapped himself into the Main Guns, smileing he aimed the four heavy blasters and fired.
Their awesom power quickly helped even the scores of the battle.

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God Jinrai
2001-08-22, 10:02 PM
jinrai's fist slammed into the ground... but he quickly recovered, pulling his hand from the earth, spinning back toward dreadwind... going for a backhand

2001-08-22, 10:56 PM
Skylark jumped down to the battle field using all the awesome firepower he has firing on any Decepticon he see's on the battle field and looking for any Autobot to tell him what is going on.

2001-08-23, 03:50 AM
Dreadwind dodged Jinrai's backhand.
"You can do better than that, you big scrap pile", Dreadwind said.
Suddenly Jinrai got hit from behind. Dreadwind noticed that it was his companion, Battletrap.
"Hey, buddy, thought you could use some help", said Battletrap.

2001-08-23, 04:23 AM
Magnus and SFC ran at Dreadwind and Battletrap. SFC dove at Dreadwind while Magnus shoulder blocked Battletrap in the back.

2001-08-23, 12:38 PM
Optitron said, "Over, you say, Optimus Prime? The war is over? You know in your laser core that the Decepticons will settle for nothing less than conquest of the universe! My powers exceed those of any Decepticon to come before me, and I shall succeed where the others have failed!" Optitron transformed to tank mode and, allowing his two huge guns to attach onto either side of his cannon, fired a tremendous barrage at the great Optimus Prime.


The cerebro shells entered the cranial chambers of Blazestarter and Blackout dead-on, and Bombshell had two more of Optitron's men under his control.

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2001-08-23, 12:55 PM
Skylark noticed the two power line attacted to Optitron's cannons and opens fire hoping to sever them and save Optimus Prime.
"I hope this works!!" Skylark thought as he took aim with this shoulder mounted plasma cannons and fired at the lines.

2001-08-23, 02:51 PM
Skylark's blasts made direct contact with the cables and blew them to bits, but not before Optitron had fired! Though Optitron did not see or detect the explosion, his assistant Magnacrunch did. The only one of Optitron's four lieutenants not under the control of Bombshell snuck over and aimed his rifle directly at the back of Skylark's head.

Oh, the boss is gonna love this! he thought as he fired.

2001-08-23, 04:58 PM
Battletrap and Dreadwind got hit from behind by the two mysterious strangers.

"Battletrap, go back and see if you can repair Darkwing", Dreadwind said. "We'll need to combine into Dreadwing in order to beat this guy."

"All right" said Battletrap.
Bombshell and Driveby released Blackout and Blazestarter from their restraints

"Three down, two to go", said Bombshell

2001-08-23, 05:08 PM
First aid saw Optitron transform, and new Prime was going to be in trouble. Using their private frequency, First Aid summoned the other Protectobots, and they merged into Defensor.

Defensor leaped towards prime, charging a Force Field as he flew towards their leader. He managed to cover Prime just in time, and the massive blasts hit the Shield.

The excess energy overloaded Defensor, and blew many systems, forcing the 5 protectobots to disengage, leaving them all collapsed on the ground.

2001-08-23, 05:35 PM
As the Protectobots and Optimus Prime fell in a heap, Optitron transformed and trained his guns on Prime.

"You shall not be so lucky a second time. Farewell, Optimus Prime!" Optitron pulled the triggers of his rifles...but nothing happened!

"WHAT?!?" he shouted as he shook his guns in frustration. He turned and noticed the severed wires, the cause of his weapons' lack of power. He also noticed Skylark nearby, his guns smoking.

"You will pay for that, puny Autobot!" Optitron transformed back to tank mode and fired at the outgunned Skylark.


Just as Magnacrunch was about to blow Skylark's head clear off his shoulders, a blast from out of Magnacrunch's line of site scared Skylark out of the way, detonating the rocks he was hiding behind and hurling the Decepticon onto his back.

2001-08-23, 06:29 PM
Battletrap reached Darkwing and began to repair him.
Ramjet continued to fire at Swoop.
"Die, you miserable Dinobot", Ramjet screamed.

2001-08-23, 06:42 PM
Prime looked at Defensor who defended him from the barrage, "Good work. Now lets round up thier leader." Prime called back his trailer from subspace and opened it up and readied its base gun. The base gun started firing in Optitron's location. Prime knew that this wasn't the Decepticon the Matrix warned him about, that Decepticon was yet to come.

2001-08-23, 06:57 PM
Blackout, Driveby, Bombshell and Blazestarter approach Magnacrunch.
Battletrap continues to work on Darkwing, grumbling to himself.

2001-08-23, 07:15 PM
Prime's blast connected solidly with Optitron's side, rolling him several times before landing him on his treads. He turned his cannon to face Prime and said, "Not even a scratch, Prime. A pity I can't say the same for you!" he said, firing at Prime's combat deck.


Magnacrunch stumbled to his feet holding his head. Standing before him were his comrades Driveby, Blackout and Blazestarter, along with the Insecticon Bombshell. Magnacrunch said, "Duh, what's up, guys?"

2001-08-23, 07:25 PM
Blacout, Driveby, and Blazestarter tackled Magnacrunch, driving him to the ground.
Battletrap had finished repairing Darkwing as best he could. He only hoped it would be good enough.
"Hey, Darkwing. Are you all right?" Battletrap asked.
"Uhhh.... I think so. What's going on?" Darkwing asked.
"Your buddy Dreadwind needs your help", Battletrap said.
"Where's Throttle?" asked Dreadwind.
"Right here, boss" said Throttle.
"All right, then. Transform, and let's go." said Darkwing.
Throttle transformed, placed himself on Darkwing, and he and Battletrap flew back to the battle.
Apeface recovered and ran to Optitron's aid.
"I'm coming, boss", said Apeface
Ramjet transformed and grabbed Swoop by his neck.
"Why won't you go off-line?", he yelled

God Jinrai
2001-08-23, 07:28 PM
jinrai drooped down to one knee... in slight pain... "THAT'S IT!!" he shouted... the trailer errupted from subspace... "NO MORE GOOFING AROUND!" Jinrai leapt into the air, transforming back into rig mode, hius tail end flipping upward, and slid into the trailer, now standing vertical... The rig landed as the head of Super Jinrai slid into place... "YOU! NOW IT's YOUR TURN!" Jinra shouted as he raised both of his cannons level with the retreating Dreadwind... the shoulder cannons also came online, pivoting down toward his hands, charging energy... until finally, jinrai pulled the triggers... six lances of energy errupted from the cannons... streaking out toward dreadwind

2001-08-23, 07:34 PM
But at the last minute, Dreadwind avoided the blast. He then saw his partner Darkwing approaching.
"All right," said Dreadwind.
The two jets combined to form Dreadwing.
"All right, buddy, let's have some fun", Dreadwing said.

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2001-08-23, 07:38 PM
Magnacrunch struggled around as his comrades tackled him to the ground, but even though he was the strongest of Optitron's men, it was no use. He shouted, "Lemme go, guys! Lemme go!" as Bombshell hovered over him.

2001-08-23, 07:43 PM
"Nice try, Magnacrunch", Bombshell said tauntingly to the fallen Decepticon. "But from now on, you're taking orders from me".

He fired a cerebro shell at Magnacrunch.

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2001-08-23, 08:02 PM
Once again, as the cerebro shell entered Magnacrunch's head, Bombshell had nabbed himself another unwilling Decepticon.

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2001-08-23, 08:08 PM
Dodge Contuinued to fire upon the Decepticons the shuttle crafts blasters spewed out torrents of Laser energy; swinging all 4 of the heavy blaster cannons around to face the decepticon leader, he pulled the trigger and a steady stream of blaster fire spewed out at the enemy.

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God Jinrai
2001-08-23, 08:46 PM
jinrai quickly charged in after the blast, lashing out with a hard blow from his right fist ... followed by a gut shot from his left... finishing his attack with a knee lift, that he hoped would at least stun dreadwing

2001-08-23, 09:09 PM
The battle had proved precisely the distraction they'd required. None of the participants noticed the tiny camera observing from a mile away. How could they? Only one Transformer could have spotted such a diminutive and obscure target, only he with absolutely the most superb vision, only...

"Reflector's log. Location: Hoover Dam. The Autobots engage in combat with the Earthen Decepticons, led by Optitron. The Decepticons continue to fight, but the Autobots have the advantage. Their assets: Optimus Prime, Fortress Maximus, and a number of large Autobots unfamiliar to my memory banks. End session 1415."

Reflector took a few more pictures, then transformed to robot mode and began walking away. After reaching a safe distance from the dam, they took off.

"Now," Viewfinder cried, "to Metroplex!"

2001-08-23, 10:22 PM
Dreadwing was knocked for a loop, and was severly dazed, but not seriously damaged.

"This guy is more powerful than I thought", he said to himself.
Bombshell stood in front of his four new troops
"All right, then. Now that we have infected the body, it is time to move to the brain. optitron shall be the next to fall.

God Jinrai
2001-08-23, 10:31 PM
Quickly locking his shoulder cannons back onto dreadwing, Jinrai let loose again on the slightly dazed decepticon... and an instant later, directed the fire from his blasters onto him again... he was NOT about to let up on this guy

2001-08-23, 10:35 PM
Dreadwing took the blast full on, and fell to the ground, out cold, but not dead.

2001-08-24, 12:24 AM
Swoop could feel Ramjet's hands around his throught, but would not give in to the Decepticon. He had one more trick to try. Swoop transfored into his Dino mode, and as he did, his beak pushed Ramjet away, and he fired his I lasers straight at the decepticon, blowing him several meters accros the battlefield.

God Jinrai
2001-08-24, 12:55 AM
Jinrai approached the knocked out decepticon, glaring down at him... "No. certainly not buster nor hydra... No masterforce energy at all." Jinra turned from the downed decepticon... glancing around for any remaining decepticons. he spotted one of the insecticons.. "Bombshell. have to be careful on this one." Jinrai sited up bombshell from a distance, opening fire...

2001-08-24, 03:30 AM
"This is gonna suck!" Skylark thought to himself, "too late to avoid being hit but if I can get smacked in the armour I'll at least function."
Optitrons blasts knocked him backwards and onto the rocks.
"Ouch!" he thought as he stood back up to see some of his armour charred. After running a system check he found he had no damage, an advantage of being so heavly armoured, "More charred than I like it and I just waxed!" he thought.
Skylark ran to help Prime using 6 guns he has avaiable firing at Optitron. Sending a hail of plasma energy, missles, energy from his energy machine gun and bolts of electricy from is eletro blaster.
"Hey Prime, sorry I am late! Anyway Blitzwing junior needs a taste of some real firepower, sides I've been hit harder by the battlechargers than you hit!" Skylark yelled as he fired.

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2001-08-24, 12:40 PM
The four dazed and confused Decepticons stood before Bombshell and said, "We await your orders, master Insecticon."

Meanwhile, Optitron took the blasts from Skylark head-on...and transformed without a scratch on him! He looked down at the smaller Skylark and said, "Fool. You dare challenge the might of the leader of the Decepticons? For that, you shall die!" Optitron momentarily turned his attention to his troops, who were apparently having a confab of sorts with Bombshell.

He shouted, "Decepticons! Gather the energon cubes! Decepticons?"

2001-08-24, 02:52 PM
His base gun was damged so Optimus prime deactivated it. "This is going to take more Autobots then I thought." Optimus Prime opened a link to Fortress Maximus. "Fortress Maximus transform and get down here! We need you skills!" Optimus Prime noticed that this firepower didn't do much to Optitron. maybe brute force would work. "Defensor, when Fortress Maximus gets here I want you to double team the leader and if you can capture him. But anyway you can, stop him."

2001-08-24, 03:22 PM
Spike recieved the message from Prime, and set in motion what was need to be done. While he examined the battlefeild, Cog was running course calculations, and Cerebros began the descent to the surface.

Spike was troubled. The layout of the battle meant that firing any of the massive lasers would take out as many autobots as it would decepticons. After a short while, an idea struck him.

Spike: "Optimus, pull all autobots out of the area around the decepticon leader. We will grab him from the ground."

Spike hoped this would work.

2001-08-24, 03:27 PM
Sunstreaker and Sideswipe pulled up next to Optimus Prime.

Sunstreaker: "Orders Chief?"

2001-08-24, 03:46 PM
Optitron turned and fired at Skylark and Optimus Prime, but they both ducked out of the way and retreated away from Optitron.

Optitron laughed and said, "Bwahahahahah, the Autobots show their true colors...as cowards! Stand and fight, Prime! Even though your fear is obvious, meet your end like a warrior!"

2001-08-24, 04:33 PM
Suddenly, Optitron felt and heard a significant blast behind him. The wave of energy washed past him with little effect, and his external sensors could measure the amount of heat. He knew something was wrong.

He turned around, to see Tal'Noktaraus, on one knee with his arched energon blade sparking between the now-severed cable connection to his two weapons. He'd sliced into the cable before it branched off!

Noktaraus stood up slowly, then faced Optitron. It was then that the damage was apparent. The front of his chest armor was blackened from the normal darkish gray-blue hue. His right shoulder plating was cracked and chipped at the ends. His right hand seemed to be partially melted, most likely welded around the hilt of his blade. The armor casting of his cranium helmet was blackened, curled at the corners, and one side of the V-crest on his forehead was snapped off.

Licks of energy randomly traveled around his body in quick arcs. The damage from being at ground zero of severing off so much power was totally visible.

Noktaraus stared down Optitron, his head at a low angle and his optics looking up under his brow. "You weren't..." Noktaraus managed, "...using that, were you?"

2001-08-24, 04:35 PM
Cog landed on the battlefeild, and repaired FirstAid as fast as he could. The two then set about fixing the other Protectobots as much as they could, and began moving autobots away from Optitron.

Cog decided it was now or never....

Cog: "AUTOBOTS!!!!!!! FALL BACK!!!!!"

2001-08-24, 04:54 PM
The decepticons heard Cogs order, and began to get excited. Autobots were running for cover, and it was looking like they would win.

Optitron was in a faceoff with Noktaraus, and was oblivious to everything else except for the retreat of the Autobots. So oblivious infact, he never noticed the gigantic craft decending from above him.

Cerebros gave the final command, and was launched from the command center. Flying through the air, he orientated himself, and transformed into the head of Fortress Maximus. As he did this, the Giant Battlestation transformed as well.

Even as Cerebros connected to Fort Max, the plan was being executed. Fort Max's arms extended to the ground, and his hands surrounded Optitron, plunging into the ground and digging up and holding soil, plants, human and decepticon equipment, and the decepticon leader.

Fortress Maximus steadied himself on his feet, and held his clasped hands, and all they contained, into the air. He then trained his external cannons towards the shocked decepticons.

2001-08-24, 05:52 PM
Optitron stared at Tal'Noktaraus with pure fury running through his optic sensors. He said, "I do not know you, Autobot. Perhaps that is because you are so insignificant that not even your comrades will mourn you!" Before Optitron could transform and fire, however, he felt the ground around him shake and tremble, and before he could even react, he and his surroundings were in the hands of Fortress Maximus!

Optitron screamed, "Daaaaaaaaahhhhh, no!!!! No!!! Release me or perish, you overgrown freak!" He looked to the ground and saw his troops standing around in shock at the sheer size of Fortress Maximus.

He spotted his lieutenants and screamed, "Decepticons! Attack! Free me!!!" When the Decepticons under Bombshell's control lowered their weapons and did nothing, he screamed, "WHAT?!?" He then turned his attention back to Maximus and screamed, "Die, robot!!!" and began to fire randomly at the massive Autobot.

2001-08-24, 06:17 PM
Apeface, in plane mode, strafed Fortress Maximus.

"Take that, Maximus", said Spasma.
Ramjet was knocked for a loop from being knocked off of Swoop. He hit the ground and was knocked out.
Dreadwing got to his feet, still dazed after being knocked out by Jinrai, but he still saw the massive form of Fortress Maximus, and the small form of Apeface preforming a airial strafe.
"Better help him out", Dreadwing said, and went to help Apeface.
Bombshell and his four controlled troops stood as Optitron tried in vain to fire at the massive Autobot.
"Ha, ha" said Bombshell "With any luck, we won't need to destroy Optitron. Fortress Maximus will do it for us".

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2001-08-24, 06:35 PM
Skylark seeing the decepticon forces attacking Fort Max.
"Hmm I think I can help even the odds just a little!" Skylark jumped into the air and transformed into his car jet mode and took off weapons blazing hoping to help relieve some of the firepower conentrated on Fort Max.

2001-08-24, 07:26 PM
Seeing Fort Max's trouble Dodge began to swing the guns at his control around to face the enemy but before he could aim at any of the decepticons the damage to his chest overloaded his circuits and Dodge shorted out colapsing into the gunners chair unconscious.

2001-08-24, 07:37 PM
Dreadwing and Apeface continued to fire at Fortress Maximus, when they noticed Bombshell, Driveby, Magnacrunch, Blackout, and Blazestarter approaching Optitron.

"We've got to help him", said Spasma.

"So go help him already. I'm not under his command", said Dreadwing.

2001-08-25, 02:27 AM
Skylark does a full strafing run on the Decpticons running toward Optitron.

2001-08-25, 04:35 AM
Fort Max brought his wrist and forearm cannons online, and began firing at arial decepticons that were strafing him.

2001-08-25, 12:16 PM
Even when semi-zombified by Bombshell, Blackout still had a keen sense of when to fight and when to flee. When Fortress Maximus began firing on the miniscule by comparison Decepticons, he transformed to helicopter mode and screamed, "Decepticons, retreat!!!!"

Blackout headed for the horizon, and Magnacrunch, Blazestarter and Driveby were close behind him, much to Bombshell's chagrin.

2001-08-25, 02:04 PM
"Alright big guy!" Skylark howled "they're fleeing!"
He yelled as he fired everythign he had at the retreating Decepticons.

God Jinrai
2001-08-25, 02:09 PM
Jinrai disengaged from his trailer, allowing it to transform into battlestation mode... and began a counterstrike from the station on the attacking decepticons... Jinrai stood out in front of the station, guns blazing

2001-08-25, 05:23 PM
Optimus Prime motion toward the rest of the Autobots, "Good work Autobots! But it's not over yet. Let's follow them, and see where they go." Optimus transformed into truck mode and followed.

2001-08-25, 05:54 PM
"You got it Prime!" Skylark said still in the air as he trailed off after the fleeing Decepticons.

2001-08-25, 06:28 PM
Dreadwing approached Battletrap.

"Should we go after them?" Battletrap asked.

"Yeah. we should see what they're up to", said Dreadwing.

The two of them took off after the retreating
Ramjet came to and saw Apeface hovering over him.
"What happened?" he asked Apeface.
"The troops retreated", said Apeface.
"Well, let's follow them", said Ramjet.
The two Decepticons transformed into jet mode and followed the retreating Decepticons
Bombshell was still in shock over his mind-controlled slaves departure.
"I'd better follow them before Optitron finds out what I did to them".

2001-08-25, 07:28 PM
Tal'Noktaraus watched as many of the Autobots rode off alongside Prime after the Decepticons. <i>He's usually the type to simply let them go...but this situation is different.</i>

Noktaraus was too badly fused to transform, and was in no condition to follow the troop. He looked up and behind him to see Fortress Maximus still standing in position. The damaged Autobot decided it best to make some use of Max's repair facility, and flew up into on of the city-sized Autobot's many entryhatches.

God Jinrai
2001-08-25, 08:01 PM
seeing the crew on the move, Jinrai decided perhaps he should make haste... he was interested in speaking with optimus... and moreso, were overlord, or those two jets to strike again, he wanted to be around to ensure they were stopped... Jinrai disengaged from his cab, and leapt inside... flooring the throttle, charging off after prime and maximus

Prowl G1
2001-09-02, 11:31 PM
It was only a matter of time until the black and white Datsun 280ZX Police cruiser caught up with the rest of his comrades. His calculation of their exact location was, as always, right on the money. He reduced his speed to match that of the autobot leader, driving abreast.

"Sorry I'm late Optimus. Prowl reporting for duty."

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2001-09-05, 03:31 PM
(ooc: Prime's responce to Prowl and furture Autobots activites will now be handled in the Invasion pt 1: The Conquest: Earth topic. Topic closed)