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2001-08-11, 01:09 AM
In the waters of prehistoric earth, sea life goes about their daily routines as unusual looking visitors makes thier way through, he is Depth Charge, the Maximals' Underwater Forces commander, who today is displeased with assignment from Optimus Primal which is fairly common as he'd rather look through his databank of Cybertronian War strategies, he finds the destination he was sent to search, the Axalon, or its remains rather, not much had been left of it since it was sent into the water by Rampage and the former ship itself had fallen to another depth in a recent encouter for the ship's security system console. Depth Charge ceases his approach and goes into robot as does his trailing young charge Cybershark who despite his youth has been involved in the Beast Wars 2 years prior to Depth Charge's arrival.

Depth Charge: "Arms ready, 'Shark, Rampage or any other pred could be hanging around here"
Cybershark: "Really, you sure you're not just itching for another go around with "th' crab?"
Depth Charge: "Thats my issue, "X" is a slick, twisted, slag for logic reject who'd do anything to further get under my shell, approach with caution"
Cybershark: "Sure, boss"

They approach and enter the remains of the Axalon

Cybershark: "What did Optimal want us to find in here anyways?"
Depth Charge: "Security monitors, he gets on my nerves, talked to me like I know my way around this dump when it was his base before I got here" (Depth Charge's wings scrape against the walls)
Cybershark: (seeing the walls get scraped by D.C.'s wings) "one things for sure, you wouldn't fit in here"
Depth Charge: "I hope if you're ever caught, you make Megatron laugh hard enough from your jokes to where you can escape without being noticed (Depth Charge reaches up), heres the hatch (opens it and 4 monitors slowly float downwards)
Cybershark: "Not too hard, hope we can go now"

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-08-11, 07:14 PM
what is he doing in there....does he think he can hide from ME? But why does he go in there, surely his sensors must see me......ah yes, his fear....Starbase Rugby...it's too much for him, he fears me, and that fear will lead, TO HIS DEATH

Rampage transformed to his tank mode.

"Come out come out, wherever you are, not that it matters to me, it'll just mean more mess to clean up, BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAA, for your maximal friends..."

Rampage opened fire on the sunken maximal base with ferocity and firepower rivalled by none ripping apart the axalon...

2001-08-11, 08:04 PM
Meanwhile, back on the surface.....

Blackarachnia sat in the jungle just beyond the edge of the water, watching for a stupid Maximal to fly into her net. A creepy little chuckle escaped the spider as she saw a flying cat circling above the water....

Cheetor watched the water below him, waiting for Depthcharge and Cybershark to return from their mission. "Why did Optimus tell me to watch these two? This is a dumb assignment..." Suddenly, he saw some explosions. "What the...." Suddenly realizing what was going on, Cheetor nearly dropped out of the sky. "Oh, man! I have to go get help!" Cheetor spun around, and started to fly back to the base. Of course, he doesn't get very far, as he ran right into Blackarachnia's net.

2001-08-12, 12:34 AM
"hey sugarbot, what ya up too" came a voice from behind Black Arachnia, "Fishing for Maxies I see, Mind if I join in and kick some Maxie butt?"

"Quickstrike, TERRORISE!!" and with that the Fuzor transformed into his robot mode, lifted his right arm and fired at Cheetor missing him and cutting through several parts of Black Arachnias web, accidentally freeing Cheetor in the process.

"So ya wanna go one on one with me hey Maxie, So be it" and with that he ran to cheetor screaming a battle cry

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-08-12, 07:30 PM
"WHAT IS IT MAXIMAL, SCARED TO FIGHT?" cried Rampage as his attack continued on the axalon.

why doesn't he retaliate, what's stopping him, I came here for a fight, not to bury the miserable piece of slag under this ship, ARGH, if he won't come to me, I'll have to go in closer, for ... the ... KILL

"Rampage TERRORISE" cried the crazed crustation.

Rampage moved through the water with the speed of a shark stalking it's prey. Moving in for the kill, he saw movement from inside the debris of the axalon.

"Full power to weapons"

Rampage continued to move toward the axalon...

2001-08-13, 07:14 PM
Blackaranchia glared at Quickstrike. "Megatron told me to bring him back alive, you idiot!" Cheetor, now free, saw the spider and the Fuzor. "Oh, man! A whole lot of Preds! I'd better get some back-up!" The flying cat-bot wheeled off towards the Maximal base, while Blackarachnia yelled at Quickstrike. "You idiot! If you hadn't shot my net we'd've had a prisoner for Megatron!"

2001-08-13, 07:27 PM
"Megatron know others are idiots can always trust Waspinator" said waspinator rather proud that he had been sent on this mission to make sure others don't fail

In the distance Waspinator say some gun fire "Waspinator think he will hide over here till the battle is over, that way Waspinator no get slagged as ussual" and with that Waspinator hid behind an overhang on a mountain

Suddenly the shooting had stopped and feeling a bit braver Waspinator transformed and looked around the overhang. Seeing nothing he ventured out a bit further and before he could do anything was hit by a flying transformer. Crashing to the ground Waspinator separated on impact and as ussual started to pull himself together but he soon heard a ussual voice

"Excelent, you serve the Royalty well Waspinator, he will be pleased you have gotten this"

2001-08-14, 01:22 AM
Cheetor sped towards the base. This is bad...Preds at the sunken base....Oh, man.... While he flew, Blaackarachnia stalked away from Quickstrike, towards where Waspinator and Inferno were. "What are you two doing here?" she demanded. "If you were here to make sure I didn't fail, take out the punishment on that stupid scorpion-snake back there!" Stalking away from them, she looked at the torn apart Waspinator. "Pull yourself together!"

2001-08-14, 03:44 PM
Optimal Optimus inside the base was busy playing chess with Rhinox. Optimus wasn't doing that well however, but it felt good to do something other than battle Megatron. "You know Depth Charge and Rampage should be done by now. Or at least Cheetoer should have reported." Optimus said moving a pawn up one space.

Rhinok moved his rook up and took Optimus's queen. "Oh, you just worry too much. I'm sure the minute there's trouble Cheetor would have called you. And there's no jamming zones near Cheetor's location, so no worries."

Optimus finally noticed Rhinok took his queen, he glared at him for a moment and continued. "I guess your right. Checkmate."

Rhinok couldn't be more surprized, "You sneaky devil! What a statagy, making me believe you weren't paying attention to the game. I'll get you next time!"

Optimus left the game and laughed.

2001-08-14, 05:11 PM
Just then, Cheetor flew in. "Preds at the Sunken baaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeee!" Of course, he missed the brakes, and flew into a wall.....*THWAP!* Sliding down the wall, Cheetor tried it again. "There are Preds all over that sunken base. I got caught in one of Arachnia's webs, till some idiot blasted me free. I got out there in a hurry....Oh, yeah, someone attacked Depthcharge and Cybershark!"

2001-08-14, 05:42 PM
Optimal Optimus squinted when Cheetor came crashing in, knocking over various equiptment boxes. Optimus looked over at the hurried cat. "Depth Charge and Cybershark, huh? Well, weather they want it or not thry're getting back up! Optimus Primal Maximize!" Optimal Optimus transformed into his massive jet mode and flew off to assist the Maximals in need.

2001-08-14, 09:53 PM
As Rampage moves in on Depth Charge and Cybershark, Depth Charge suddenly knocks the debris out of the way and raises himself to where he could move about freely.

"You've gotten in the way for the last time, X. You're going down!"

Depth Charge simoutaniously fires two shots from his gun and from his chest.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-08-14, 10:51 PM
the shots land either side of Rampage, one hits him square in the chest.

"That.....hurt......fortunately I feed on pain, yours will nourish my systems for cycles to come BWAAHAHAHAHAHAAHA"

Rampage lifted himself off the sea-bed and looked at the scorch marks on his chest.

"YOU FOOL, you realise the penalty is death, and a painful, slow one at that..."

Rampage picked up his gattling cannon and fired several rounds toward Depth Charge.


2001-08-14, 10:56 PM
Depth Charge avoided Rampage's onslaught as best he could. He was making his way to the ocean floor where there was more room for cover. He was hit in the leg and in the shoulder before he made it to cover. A quick systems check told him that the shots only knicked him at that he was still fully operational.

The second Rampage stopped to see if he had finished the job, Depth Charge got out from the rock and started firing his gun in his mortal enemy's direction.

"If you love pain, you're gonna love this!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-08-14, 11:56 PM
Most of the rounds Depth Charge fired struck Rampage.

systems report

His internal computer replied .. "damage minimal"

miserable hunter thinks he's behind that rock, not only does he not realise he's the hunted, he doesn't realise he's....not.....safe

Rampage transformed to his tank mode and continued to fire on Depth Charge's position...

2001-08-15, 12:07 AM
Depth Charge knew he had to move. Rampage's shots in tank mode were slowly wearing down the rock he was hiding behind. He flirted with the idea of heading back to the sunken base and take cover in there, but he wasn't going to run from the psychotic Predacon. He transformed into his Manta Ray mode and headed for Rampage, just as Rampage blew up the rock he was hiding behind.

"You're mine now X!"

Rampage was in tank mode so he was unable to hit Depth Charge while he was moving that fast. Depth Charge transformed to robot mode just before he reached Rampage's position and went to tackle him.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-08-15, 12:27 AM
The momentum that Depth Charge carried from hurtling toward Rampage was to swift for Rampage to re-act to and Depth Charge collided into the side of Rampage.

"you have courage maximal, shame you never showed it at Starbase rugby"

Rampage transformed to his robot mode now, and launched himself into Depth Charge midriff pinning him to a rock. Rampage moved his head closer to Depth Charge's.

"you remember Starbase Rugby don't you....how could you forget, all those innocents dying under your protection"

Rampage lifted his fists as to strike Depth Charge in the chest...

2001-08-15, 12:39 AM
Rampage punched Depth Charge square in the chest. Depth Charge was hurt, but he didn't care about that now. He was so full of rage that nothing that happened to his own body would matter to him. All he cared about now was destroying X.

As he was knocked into the wall, he bounced off and went strait for Rampage's throat.

He clutched Rampage's throat in both of his hands and looked him strait in the eyes. "Now X, I going to make you feel like all those people on Starbase Rugby felt when you took them out."

2001-08-15, 12:49 AM
Blackarachnia paused, hearing the explosions under the water. "Must be a nasty fight...I bet Rampage is slagging those Maximals..." A dark little laugh escaped the spider. "I'd love to help him...But I don't like water...."

Cheetor picked himself up just in time to see Big-bot take off. "I should go help him!" Cheetor hopped up and flew after Prime.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-08-15, 12:51 AM
Rampage struggled to get his words out


Rampage grabbed Depth Charge's arms and pulled them from his neck, raised his legs underneath Depth Charge's chest and kicked him away.

"foolish maximal, you couldn't stop me before, what makes you think you can even ATTEMPT to stop me now...my power grows from your rage, it feeds my spark, let your rage grow, let it feed me hahahahahahahaha"

Rampage moved toward Depth Charge once again, the killing machine set out to finish the job...

2001-08-15, 01:04 AM
Depth Charge jumped up as Rampage was heading in his direction. He kicked the Predacon in the back and the added momentum sent Rampage flying into a nearby boulder.

"You're not taking me down that easily X!"

Rampage's words about feeding of his rage went right over Depth Charge's head, as he was now as mad as ever.

As Rampage was recovering from his colision with the boulder, Depth Charge quickly shoulder checked him back into the boulder. The force of the two warriors made the boulder give way and they both lost their balance and fell to the ocean floor.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-08-15, 01:29 AM
Rampage lifted himself up, slowly, the force of being slammed into the boulder confused his systems, he turned round in time for Depth Charge's fist to make contact with his head and send him futher back.

"ow....." muttered Rampage, once again lifting himself up "...fool"

Rampage's fury grew, fuelling his anger and making him stronger.

"I'M GONNA TEAR YOU LIMB FROM LIMB...." he screamed as he charged his foe again. He pinned Depth Charge to the sea bed and pounded his fists into his chest and head area.

"Not this time X" Depth Charge said with confidence as he tipped Rampage over with all the strength he could muster.

Rampage stood up and stalked back to Depth Charge who was attempting to get back up...
"like I said, you are not the hunter, YOU...ARE...THE...HUNTED"

And with those chilling words Rampage pulled out his gattling cannon and pointed it straight at Depth Charge's head...

2001-08-15, 01:36 AM
Cybershark had just managed to get himself out of the debris. He was in shark mode and was following the trail of destruction that was made by Depth Charge and Rampage. He saw Rampage and Depth Charge fighting, and headed strait for them.

When he was close enough, he transformed to robot mode and yelled, "Don't worry Depth Charge, I'm coming to help you."

As soon as he said that he saw Rampage turn his attention to him.

2001-08-15, 01:41 AM
Blackarachnia sat down on a rock above the water's edge, resting for a moment. "Megatron would be very unhappy if I came back empty handed...." Just then, she laughed again. "I know that stupid cat will bring back with him Prime...That would be a huge catch! I might even be promoted for a catch that big!" Jumping up, Blackarachnia laughed again. "Blackarachnia, Terrorize!" Changing from robot to spider, the black widow wove a web between all the trees around the water's edge. "Those idiots should fly right into them..." Another evil laugh, and the spider watched for her prey....

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-08-15, 01:50 AM
Rampage heard Cybershark's cries, he half turned his body with a bemused look on his face, as he manouvered his body he pulled out his laser rifle.
Cybershark couldn't stop himself in time, he swam straight into the rifle...
"such heroic nonsense" screeched Rampage as he pulled the trigger, point blank to Cybershark's head.
The shot teared through Cybershark's head as if it were tinfoil...

"AAAAAAAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA" Rampage sickeningly yelled with laughter, losing concentration on Depth Charge...

2001-08-15, 01:58 AM
"Noooooooooo!" yelled Depth Charge.

Depth Charge was angry before, but now he was furious. The water around him seemed to boil as pure hate was all Depth Charge was feeling.

"That was the last time, X! No more will suffer! You will be stoped, no matter the cost."

He jumped on Rampage, who was still savouring the death of Cybershark. He knocked him right off his feet, and the Predacon dropped his weapon in the process. Depth Charge punched Rampage several times in the head and upper body before he got up and drew his tail sword.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-08-15, 11:15 AM
Depth Charge plunged his sword straight throuhg Rampage's chest, close to his should joint.
"now who's feeling fear X" yelled Depth Charge in maniacal tones.
"it appears I lay here defeated maxmial, go on finish the job.....kill me"
"THIS IS FOR CYBRESHARK...." cried Depth Charge as he pulled out his cannon...he paused...he saw what all Rampage's other victim's saw before they met there demise...a sick gloating smile, twisted like the spark that pulsated inside of the creature, the predacon that lay before him...

Depth Charge's thoughts gave Rampage the opportunity he needed, with his free arm he reached for a nearby rock, and with the force of a wrecking ball slammed it into Depth Charge's head knocking him sideways.

The 2 mighty warriors lay there, damaged, neither knowing when the next attack would come or how, but they knew it would, and soon...

2001-08-15, 02:58 PM
Optimal Optimus sped through the air, all the fury of his Cybertronian air guardian jets blazing behind him. Optimus opened his comm link trying desperatly to reach Depth Charge, "Depth Charge, do you read? What is your situation?" No response. Optimus continued it was only a short distance away. "Hopefully you can hold out, Depth Charge." he whispered.

2001-08-15, 06:23 PM
Flying after Prime, Cheetor got close enough to hear him try to raise Depthcharge on the comlink. Speeding up some, he got close enough to say, "Shouldn't we watch out for spider webs, Big-bot?"

2001-08-15, 06:30 PM
"Spider webs? Don't you think they're a little" At that moment Optimal flew into one of Blackarcnia's webs. "Cheetor you should have said CYBER WEBS!" The force of the collision and Primal's speed caused the trees that the web was ancored to snap off. Primal spun out of control. His jet mode turned and turned as the odd weight threw off his gyros. Primal went down, and with a giant splah he landed in the water, sinking down, closer to Rampage and Depth Charge.

2001-08-15, 07:34 PM
Depth Charge was suddenly jolted awake. Someone other than Rampage was near him. He slowly got to his feet and looked around, but Rampage was gone.

"Where are you X? You were never one to hide from a good fight."

2001-08-15, 07:43 PM
The spider laughed. "One down, one to go!" Just then, Cheetor flew into a nearby net, getting all tangled up. The cat tried to tear the net, but, he was too wrapped up. Seeing Prime hit the water and sink, Cheetor roared in rage, till one of Arachnia's poison-tipped projectiles hit him and paralyzed him. Quickly the black widow hurried over to the web, wrapped the cat up like a present. Grabbing the web, the spider began to drag the cat back to base for Megatron...

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-08-15, 08:45 PM
Rampage moved slowly away, grudgingly, one day he would take back the part of his spark that Megatron possessed.
He heard Optimal Optimus hit the water behind him...
should I go back, destroy them both, kill two birds with one stone...b'ah, no, let Megatron try to catch them, hopefully he'll die trying

Rampage continued to move toward the shore where he saw Black Arachnia dragging something along the beach into the forest.

what has that arachnid got now...always plotting, always scheming....

His thoughts were broken by a com message from Megatron.

"Rampage, what are you doing, I ordered your return to Predacon base IMMEDIATELY"

"I'm coming..." snarled Rampage

"I don't care for your tone Rampage, remember who controls you..." with that Megatron squeezed upon the device that housed the 2nd half of Rampage spark.

"I'm following Black Arachinia, Inferno and Quickstrike, Waspinator ... needs to pull himself together"

Rampage cancelled the com link and rolled past Waspinator.

2001-08-15, 09:04 PM
And of course, the arachnid had a present for Meagtron. The paralyzed cat was no trouble to drag back to base, though Arachnia almost wished it was Prime...But then again, trying to drag something that big would have been a problem...Hurrying along the ground with Cheetor dragged behind her, Blackarachnia made good time for the base. She had already gotten half way there when Rampage moved past her. "Watch it, creep." The spider was not in the mood to lose this prey a second time...

2001-08-16, 02:39 PM
Primal still couldn't transform, with the cyber-webbing stuck in most of his motor joints. He set his jets to low so they could work underwater. He slowly moved side to side, trying to wash that net off. But he was making an incredable racket. Sea life swum away from him in fear, he wondered if Rampage noticed all of this. Where was Depth Charge or Cybershark? And Cheetor! He was up there without backup. Primal had to get loose, soon.

2001-08-16, 06:44 PM
Arriving at the base, Blackarchnia dragged the wrapped up Cheetor to Megatron. Having transformed back to her robot form sometime before entering the base, Arachnia hoped that this catch would give her at least some recognition. "Megatron, I brought a prisoner."

2001-08-17, 12:14 AM
Depth Charge was now in Manta Ray mode searching frantically for Rampage. But the Crab was no where to be found. Depth Charge finally gave up and returned to the site of the battle where he found what remained of Cybershark's body. He picked up the caracass and walked underwater until he found Optimal Optimus tangled in a web.

"'Bout time you got here," said Depth Charge.

2001-08-17, 01:16 AM
Slowly, Cheetor woke up from the paralysis. Seeing his location, the cat started to fight the net. Blackarachnia let him, to show Megatron that she hadn't killed him. Of course, the poison still affected the stupid cat-bot, so he lost evergy quite quickly...

2001-08-17, 03:37 PM
Primal heard Depth Charge approach and make some sort of comment, Optimus was still in panic, "Cheetor, where's Cheetor? Cybershark! What happened! I need to get out..." With that Primal mustered all of this servos They cracked uder the immence pressure Primal was giving then. Then in one last burst of streanth he transformed.

Most of his parts were stiff and his left leg would not move at all. Many fragments of Cyber-webbing was caught in his gears and joints. He actived his boosters and glided upward toward the surface. He bursted out of the lake and scrambled onto the ground. He sat there for a moment and waited of Depth Charge to follow.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-08-17, 08:45 PM
"Ah, my dear Black Arachinia, you never fail me despite your treachery"

Megatron turned his attention to Cheetor...

"You struggle, yessss, but your struggling will get you no-where fast nooo. Rampage, where are Inferno and Waspinator at, I need them here, NOW. With our new bargaining chip here, the maximals will surely attempt a rescue, we need all out forces here, and they must be prepared for a fight."
Megatron turned to his computer panel..."external defences, online" he muttered and watched as several massive weapons raised from the ground and bleeped into life "scanning for maximal energy signatures" spluterred the computer...

"Ah, excellent, now for strategy, WHERE ARE QUICKSTRIKE, INFERNO AND WASPINATOR, I need them here. Black Arachnia, take Cheetor to the cells."

Megatron turned to Rampage, "you, you had better get repaired, your little waltz with Depth Charge took it's toll, and I need YOU at full-strength."

Rampage headed toward the cr unit.

"yess, the maximals will come to rescue their one, and we will be waiting, in...full...force"

2001-08-18, 12:10 AM
"here boss, did you say we get to start bashing some maxies, woohoo" said Quickstrike before transforming and heading to the front line, after all that is where all the fighting would be.

"Royalty what is your command" asked Inferno "Waspinator is in a CR bath after his latest accident but he should be out soon enough, hopefully before the Maximals arrive"

In the CR Bath Waspinator heard Infernos comments and started praying for the Maximals to attack before he got out as whenever he left the baths his life tended to involve pain

2001-08-18, 01:36 AM
Blackarachnia smiled a touch, and bowed a little, then grabbed the netted kitty and dragged him to a cell. "There. That net will wear off soon, but the poison in your system won't. And I wouldn't try anything, cat. I'll shoot you so fast, Megatron's head will spin." With that, the spider sauntered away, leaving Cheetor to his own company.

Cheetor was not happy. Not only had he caused Big-bot to fall into a trap, he got caught too. He had no idea if Prime was alright or not, and he had no way of finding out here in the Pred base. Trying to transform was out of the question, as that black widow's venom was still in him. All he could do was sit and wait....

2001-08-19, 05:28 AM
Depth Charge leaped out of the water in his Aerial and was about to take off when Primal stopped him.

"Where do you think you're going?" asked Primal.

"I'm going for X. He's gonna pay for what he did to Cybershark."

2001-08-20, 02:34 PM
Primal tried to pull some of the Cyberwebbing from his joints. "Come on Depth Charge at least wait until I can give you some back up! And we have to rescue Cheetor!"

2001-08-20, 06:33 PM
Blackarchnia walked back to the main part of the base to wait for further orders from Megatron. At least now she knew she was on his good side. Of course, she wasn't sure what would happen now....

Cheetor sat in his cell, worried. He made no noise, he didn't even move. He knew that spider would come back and shoot him if he did. He only hoped Prime was okay.....

2001-08-20, 08:35 PM
Depth Charge transformed back to robot mode.

"Fine, but you better hurry up. I want to take care of X as soon as possible."

2001-08-21, 06:02 PM
Primal started his jets and hovered in the air. "First we go to base to repair and refuel, and think of a plan." Primal saw the deactivated Cybershark and shifted gears, "Depth Charge are you sure that Cybershark is..."

2001-08-21, 09:03 PM
"Judging by the hole in his head, I'd say his Spark is almost extinguished, but if you think the CR Chamber can do any good we might as well give it a try."

Depth Charge Picked up Cybershark and transformed to Aerial mode with the Maximal sitting on his back.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-08-21, 09:33 PM
Megatron stared at his viewscreen...

why don't they attack us, attempt to save their comrade, hmm...perhaps they don't consider him valuable enough...

Megatron noticed Black Arachnia return...

"I take it our guest is very un-comfortable Black Arachnia, I want you to pay him another visit. Yessss. The Maximals haven't attempted a rescue yet, perhaps this is time to recruit a new predacon. I want you to talk to the maximal, convince him his allies don't value him enough to warrant a rescue attempt, I'm sure you will be very....persuasive, yesss."

Megatron watched Black Arachnia for a moment.

that one is treacherous, yes, but a worthy comrade none-the-less, I think that she would persuade the maximal feline to join our cause

Megatron's thoughts were broken by Quickstrike's mutterings.

"Yes Quicktrike, as you so appropriately put it, soon, we will get to "kick some keister"."

why don't the miserable maximals attack, this does not breed confidence nooo, but still, prepared we must be...

2001-08-22, 02:48 PM
Optimal Optimus flew as fast as he could to base. "Then get to base ASAP!" Primal opened his comm-link to base. "Optimus Primal to base, Cheetor has been captured by the Predacons...again. Me and Depth Charge are headed to base for repairs. Rattrap you and Silverbolt go ahead of us to the Predacon base and scope out the situation. But do not attemp rescusee until backup arrives! Over and out!" Optimus Primal hoped he could get to the base and get repaired in enough time...

2001-08-22, 07:29 PM
Blackarachnia nodded. "Of course, Megatron." With that, the spider returned to Cheetor's cell. "Well, cat. It seems as your so called friends don't value you as much as you might think. No one has come looking for you since that stupid ape fell into the water. It seems as though they think of you as nothing but a burden." The cat stared at Blackarachnia, disbeliefe in his eyes. "On the other hand, your flying ability and speed could be useful to us. Plus, we would never abandon you to the opposition." Cheetor, with the venom slowly wearing off, transformed into his robot mode. "Look, widow, I don't know what you're trying, but forget it. I won't turn Pred." Blackarachnia chuckled. "Your friends, cat, have abandoned you. They don't want you. They never did. We want you. We will always want you. What you know, and your skills, will be an asset to us, not a hinderence..." Slowly, the black widow's words crept into Cheetor's mind and began to make sense to him. "Join us, and never fear rejection again..." Slowly, Cheetor made up his mind. In a sudden cry, Cheetor said, "I'll leave the Maximals! I'll never be abandoned again!" The black widow chuckled. "Stay right there, Cheetor, and I will go tell Megatron the good news..." With that, the spider walked back to Megatron's control room. "Megatron, I have good news for you. The cat has turned."

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-08-29, 10:19 PM
He returned. A door to the main room shunted open and he moved his colossal frame through. The metal of his claws scrapped against that of the ship.

war he thought in war there are only losers....and they are not on my side

Megatron noticed his greatest Predacon aquisition arrive.

"Ahhh, my dear Rampage, as punctual as ever I see...yesss...I would like you to meet our newest comrade; Cheetor."

Rampage swung round to face the maximal.

"Uh......hi," muttered Cheetor.

Rampage stared at him blankly, thought about destroying the puny maximal he saw before him, then he remembered that Megatron had the second half of his spark, and remembered the pain it caused him.

"Cheetor will be our new ally" hailed Megatron "he will be the Maximal's downfall, and the Predacon's ally in our victory in the BEAST WARS..."

2001-08-29, 10:43 PM
Cheetor stared back at Rampage, wondering what he was thinking. Blackarachnia stood nearby, watching the little play. Cheetor looked at his new leader, then around to Arachnia, then to Quickstrike, and finally to Rampage. He didn't speak, for fear of ticking the giant X off. Arachnia, instead, spoke. "Well, our numbers are increasing, while the Maximals decrease...This War will be easily won."

2001-09-01, 05:18 PM
Optimus sat at a med table, reapiring himself, since he was mush to big for the R chamber. He looked over at Rattrap and Silverbolt's written report that they sent from the Predacon base. It wasn't conclusive, they couldn't see past the outside. But no screaming was heard. That could be good. But Primal anticipated it was not.
Rhinok reported that it would take about another 10 cycles to reapair both him and Depth Charge. Primal hoped that it would be enough time...

2001-09-09, 07:47 PM
Cheetor realized that joining the Preds was the best thing he could have done. Turning to Megatron, he said, "Megatron, do you want the information on the Maximals defenses and other useful details?" Cheetor was very willing to give up that knowledge. Blackarachnia simply stood off to the side, pondering. Coming to an idea, she glanced to Rampage...

2001-09-10, 04:48 PM
Optimal Optimus screamed through the air. His jet mode was at full speed, headed toward the Predacon base. He didn't wait for Depth Charge to catch up. Maybe it was already too late. Well what every happened Rattrap and Silverbolt saw no outside activity. He then entered Predacon terrortory. He flew low to aviod being scanned. Soon he made it to Rattrap and Silverbolts location. He Transformed into robot form. Rattrap we need a way around Sentinal.

Rattrap knew this was coming, "Well we could draw the Preds outside, but we still have the external guns to worry about."

Optimal Optimus had a plan. "When I give you the signal sneak into the Predacon base and rescue Cheetor. Silverbolt hang tight and tell Depth Charge to wait here when he gets here."

Optimus leaped into the air, again transforming into jet mode. He circled arould the Predacon base letting loose several shots at the base. The sentinal shields automatically rose, deflecting Primal's shots. Then He switch targets and fired at the Predacons autoguns.

Rattrap stared at his leader, "Is that ape crazy?!?"