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2001-09-03, 01:58 PM
Galvatron looked at the Decepticons that had assembled. He began to show the intelligence gathered by Reflector on the Autobots defenses and could sense that they were becoming agitated by the footage and images. He glanced at Gigatron and Cyclonus, both of whom were unphased by it.

Galvatron: "Decepticons...do not be concerned by this show of force by our enemies. We will not have to deal with all of them." Galvatron said with a wicked smile.

The images continued...Autobot city, Fort Maxx, Optimus Prime, then...ones Galvatron didn't recognize...which were God Ginrai, Super Fire Convoy, and Ultra (God) Magnus.

Galvatron: "Hmm....they all seem to resemble Prime...and they are all greatly powerful. These ones could be a problem."

Scourge: "How do you expect us to deal with all that."

Galvatron: "As I said we will not have to deal with all that...we will launch a diversion on Cybertron...draw the Autobots there to fend of some crisis...then, as we did in 2005, steal one of their shuttles, slip through the early warning systems, wipe the rest of them out, and conquer the Earth!"

Galvatron then turned to Cyclonus: "As for our distraction...where are the scraplets?"

2001-09-03, 03:29 PM
Cyclonus: "The Chaoticons have them stored inside the shell of the pretender that brought them here. How do you propose we disperse them on Cybertron?"

2001-09-03, 04:22 PM
Galvatron smirked at Cyclonus. "We are going to launch them straight into the heart of Cybertron...allow them the chance to feast upon Vector Sigma...that should get the autobots attention...though the small number we have may not be sufficient...we must get them to multiply first...find something to feed them with. Ah...give them one of the old shuttles we stole from the Autobots when we evacuated Cybertron after the Great War. Allow them to feast on the internal systems...lock in the coordinants straight to the heart of Cybertron...thus getting them close enough to threaten Vector Sigma, but giving enough time where the Autobots will be forced to respond. cyclonus, take Skywarp and make the preperations...our moment is at hand. Reflector, take whoever you need and monitor all autobot transmissions...wait for a shuttle to get inroute to Earth, then notify me at once...it is time we take back our glory!"

2001-09-03, 05:05 PM
Hatemunger looks at Galvatron.
"Lord Galvatron, I wish to help you in anyway I can, as my lord Megatron would have willed it. The Aerialcons and Stealth are ready to serve you so the world can again sing the proud pharse. Decepticons forever!"

2001-09-03, 06:40 PM
Painflow walked out as anyone didn't listen to him. Sabretooth and Hellrazor of the Neo Terrorcons followed him. They arrived to the large boulder outside the base.

Sabretooth began to tear the stone layer off the boulder. "You were right Painflow. There is something metallic... Hellrazor start scanning the boulder. Try to find out what it is."

Hellrazor nodded and began to work.

2001-09-03, 11:07 PM
Cyclonus: "Chaoticons, where is Iguanus' pretender shell?"
Gunrunner holds up the shell and syas "Right here."
Cyclonus: "Good. Chaoticons, Skywarp, to the Shuttle."

2001-09-03, 11:14 PM
From the back of the assembly hall, the Crashticons (sans Pileup) watched and listened as Galvatron outlined his plan. After the Decepticon leader had finished speaking, preparations were made to begin the operation. Not all in attendance were overjoyed at the plan.

"Ah don't believe this," Runaway commented to his fellow Crashticons, and anyone else that would listen, "We gotta whole army rarin' ta go, and the firepower to level them Autobots, and they wanna go shooting bugs at 'em. It ain't right, we got the power let's go in with a strait-up, kill-em-all, guns-blazing, shoot-first, drag-down, old-fashioned slaughter and take what we want rather than dinkin' around in the dark like a buncha weaklings that couldn't blast their way outta a fleshling prison?"

"Actually, I think his idea has merit." Blindside responded. "If we go charging in, it will cost us far more than if we were to exact his plan and catch them off guard. Used at the right times, a little tact can swing the war for us."

"Pah, yer a coward anyway, Blindside. We need action, not sneaking."

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-03, 11:27 PM
Skywarp mumbled to himself...

Preperations, why should I prepare anything....I thought he considered me one of his mighty warriors, I guess that, once again, Thundercracker's gonna get the go-ahead for war council or something, and I'll be the lackey as usual, under-used and under-appreciated

His thoughts were interrupted

"Chaoticons, Skywarp, to the Shuttle" ordered Cyclonus.

Skywarp looked to the Chaoticons who lifted the pretender shell between them and follow Cyclonus. He paused for a moment, to look back at Thundercracker who was still confused by his re-awakening...
hmm... maybe he's not as stable as we thought, hopefully our leader will be able to talk to him soon, re-assure him about who he is, and his place in the Decepticon Battle Fleet

Skywarp followed Cyclonus and the Chaoticons towards the shuttle bay, he stared through the ruins of the decepticon base over the barren planet he was on...

"Cyclonus..." he questionned "what happened here, where are we?" he continued "what preperations need to be made?"

2001-09-03, 11:40 PM
As they continued on to the suttle bay, Cyclonus started to answer Skywarp's questions

Cyclonus: "Skywarp, to answer your second question, We're on Charr. It's a barren, lifeless rock in the middle of space. It became the Decepticon base after we were forced off Cybertron. To answer you're third question, we need to get the shuttle into space, set its autopilot for Cybertron, unleash the scraplets, and get off the shuttle before they get to us. And for your first question, I need you to elaborate. Much has happened since you were last yourself."

They reached the shuttle, the Chaoticons loaded the shell onboard, and left Cyclonus and Skywarp alone.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-03, 11:53 PM
"What year is it?" questioned Skywarp as he listened to Cyclonus' answers..."as to my first question, 'what happened here' as far as my memory serves the decepticon army was strong, we held Cybertron, the Autobots were all but defeated, we attacked Autobot City Earth, after that my memories fade, until I was awoken this day"

Skywarp paused..."I remember many casualty's that day..." He watched the Chaoticons load the pretender shell on-board the shuttle, "maybe now you can answer my questions?"

2001-09-04, 12:27 AM
Cyclonus worked the controls and started to get the shuttle ready for take off.

Cyclonus: "The year is 2015. During the attack on Autobot City, You, Thundercracker, Bombshell, Shrapnel, and Kickback were damaged severely. Megatron was also severely damaged but mortally wounded Optimus Prime.
That traitorus worm Starscream ejected you and the rest of the wounded, including Megatron out of Astrotrain after the retreat. You and thge others drifted through space where you were found by Unicron. He reformatted You into Me, Thundercracker into Scourge, and Megatron into Galvatron. Long story short, Hot Rod got a hold of the Matrix, turned into Rodimus Prime, defeated Galvatron for the time being, and destroyed Unicron's body leaving his head in orbit of Cybertron."

Cyclonus finished readying the shuttle's launch sequence.

Cyclonus: "Shortly after Unicron's destruction, the Autobots retook Cybertron and we were forced to take up base on Charr. Scourge, the Sweeps, and I went and found Galvatron on the planet Thrull but due to a combination of being threw through Unicron's leg and a plasma bath, Galvatron was no longer sane. After defeat, after defeat, after defeat, Galvatron was eventually buried under ice in the Arctic region of Earth in the year 210. Gigatron arrived from the future recently, and unburied Galvatron and brought him to Charr. Once here, after a somewhat long wait, Galvatron was fully repaired and upgraded. Shortly after that, I delivered the Decepticon matrix to Galvatron and He returned You, Thundercracker, and Starscream to life. That about covers it. Anything else you want to know?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-04, 12:42 AM
"Starscream still lives..."

This fact amongst other stuck in Skywarp's mind. Charr, Decepticon homeworld, more like Decepticon scrapheap, Unicron, this name seemed familiar, Cyclonus' words held some truths for him.

2015, so much time had passed, so much had happened, so much he had missed, the battle's, the war he had missed so much of, the great war.

Skywarp checked the shuttle's systems... "internal systems check" he announced as the computer infront of him gleemed into life "weapons systems are online" a wry smile crossed Skywarp's face. The Chaoticons secured the shell in place on the shuttle.

"Everything is set Cyclonus, the mission is clear....destruction to the autobots" he opened a channel to Galvatron "we are all set here, preparing to undertake mission"

2001-09-04, 05:06 PM
Galvatron took his communicator.

Galvatron: "Excellent Skywarp...this little task has proven to me that you have sorted through the revival process and are ready to claim the mantle of a great Decepticon warrior...launch the shuttle and return to the war room."

Galvatron then approached Thundercracker: "You are still unsure of much are you not, old friend? Allow me to explain."

A short time later, Galvatron had explained what had happened in the last ten years, the defeats, the humiliations, the loss.

Galvatron: "Thus, that is why Starscream, you, and Skywarp were brought back...Decepticons are meant to rule the air, but we cannot without our elite air corps. Soon this confusion will pass Thundercracker, and you shall remember your place in our fold."

Galvatron stepped up and walked over to the Terrorcon he had known as Hun-Grr.

Galvatron: "Hun-Grr...I am glad to see that you made it out of our last encounter alive. You and your terrorcons fought valiently to help save me...you action shall not be forgotten."

galvatron could see the terrorcon commander was a bit confused.

Galvatron: "What? What seems to be the problem?"

2001-09-04, 06:50 PM
Holocaust stared at Galvatron. "Hun-Grrr? No, I'm Holocaust. And... I don't remember you. I don't remember this cursed planet you call Charr. I don't remember what happened to me or to my Terrorcons. I only remember that Gigatron resurrected us."

He glanced at Gigatron and then he turned his attention back to Galvatron. "We followed Gigatron through a timerift."


At the same time outside the base, Hellrazor continued scanning the boulder. "This is not a boulder..."

Sabretooth glanced at Hellrazor. "What it is then?"

Hellrazor turned to look at Sabretooth. "This is something really huge... this base... is built over it."

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-04, 10:32 PM
Thundercracker listened to Galvatron's tale of defeat and humiliation closely.

Starscream, that treacherous scum. I should have led the Decepticon Air Fleet on Earth under Megatron's commmand, I had the experience, I had the will to destroy the Autobots, Starscream's thirst for leadership of the decepticon's faltered our supremecy

He stared over Charr, deep into space and beyond, memories, Cybertron, before the war began, memories of his time on Cybertron, in the gladiatorial battles, when he first met Megatron & his plans for universal conquest came to the fore.
Galvatron had mentioned something of elite air force, but they were in deep space, his old fighter jet form was surely not capable of space flight... he ran an internal systems update, and modifications log, so, it appears they have made changes, I am capable of space flight...I am stronger, faster, more agile "and ready to destroy autobots" he yelled out loud.

He paused, looked around at the Decepticons that were staring at him,
"I know my place now, my memory's are still hazy but they will return, Galvatron, my leader, what is your command?"

2001-09-05, 09:41 PM
*inside a cloaked vessel, orbiting Charr*

Eon quietly shut off the listening device she had been using to monitior the communications on the surface. She smiled slightly.
"Well well.... so misguided Galvatron goes for the kill, yet again..."

She had been following and monitoring Decepticon forces for years, undetected. Few even knew of her existance... But, lately, times had been tough...

As she shifted her shuttle into a lower orbit, she wondered just how much Galvatron remembered of his former incarnation...

"Perhaps it is time... to play the faithful servant once again..."

With a soft, disarmingly gentle laugh, she prepared to decloak her tiny shuttle.

2001-09-05, 10:35 PM
Skyfire who hasent been fully functional since season 2 is wandering the icey waste lands of charrs poles
Skyfire:What happened...I remember fire then nothing! How long have I been wandering here?My energon is so low.......

2001-09-06, 12:03 AM
Doubledealer returned to Charr after an unsucessful attempt to track some renegade Decepticons.

2001-09-06, 03:33 PM
Reflector sat at his station when Viewfind caught an Autobot transmission.

Pointblank: "Optimus Prime, this is Pointblank...we have the supplies and are on our way back...see you soon! Pointblank out."

Reflector called over Gigatron and Galvatron and played the transmission. The two leaders smirked.

Galvatron: "Oh yes Prime...we shall see you soon...."
On Cybertron, the rapidly multiplying Scraplets reached their destination and ate their way out of the shuttle and began to munch their way towards Vector Sigma. An autobot guard managed to get a single message through to Kup.

Guard: "....scraplets...headed towards Vector Sigma...help...."

Kup: "Better relay this to Prime."

2001-09-06, 05:23 PM
Hellrazor's jaw almost dropped into ground. "Guys... I think we have found... Trypticon..."

Sabretooth and Painflow stared at Hellrazor in disbelief. "Impossible! Gigatron told us that Trypticon was destroyed decades before he *created* us..." Sabretooth gasped.

Painflow transformed his creature mode and began to dig. After several thousand tons of rock Painflow looked at his fellows. "Eh, guys? Me can't do this alone."

Helrazor turned and began to run towards Galvatron's quarters. He reached the doors and forced them open. "Galvatron! You're not going to believe this! Your current HQ is built over the carcass of fabled Trypticon!"

2001-09-06, 06:30 PM
Galvatron looked up in utter shock. He could not believe how well things had been going.

Galvatron: "You have done well! Take whatever you need...I want him excavated and brought back online immediately! This has been fortunate...the Autobots are about to meet their doom!"

2001-09-06, 07:09 PM
Hatemunger looked at the aerialcons, "Merge into Skyrender and help them retrive Trypicon, I will assist as well. Stealth you may do what you wish." Hatemunger walked off with Skyrender to dig out the gaint robot.

Scorpnok- Kindness is no virtue and cruelity is no vice.

2001-09-06, 08:58 PM
Eon decloaked and landed her craft a few yards away from the Main Decepticon base (ooc: wherever the heck that may be...) And walked up to the guard stationed outside. Casting him a brief glance, she said,

"I would like to speak to Galvatron. Open your gates immeadiately."

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-06, 10:04 PM
Thundercracker stood aside Gigatron and Galvatron, he watched as Skywarp, Cyclonus and the Chaoticons returned from the shuttle bay.

"Who's Trypticon?" Skywarp questionned.

Thundercracker looked blankly back at him, then to Galvatron motioning for an answer from him.

"Skywarp" called Thundercracker "The shuttle you launched has reached it's target, Cybertron's in a state of panic, we must devise war strategies with Gigatron, Galvatron and Cyclonus.

Skywarp joined them at the table, Cyclonus followed.

2001-09-07, 07:27 PM
Holocaust began to walk away from Galvatron's quarters, closely followed by Fearscythe and Hellrazor.

They soon arrived the area where the Decepticons were digging Trypticon out from his prison.

Holocaust stopped and contacted the Constructicons through comm-link. "Constructicons? Can you hear me? We need your unique abilities. We have found Trypticon and he is need of serious repairs."

Then Holocaust jumped into air. "Neo Terrorcons! Unite!"

The five future Terrorcons formed an entity called Cryhavoc. The huge gestalt began dig. Clawing the ground away around Trypticon's immobilized frame.

2001-09-07, 09:21 PM
"hmm" Hatemunger growled. "It seems these warriors are not as concerned about action and teamwork like we were." Hatemunger looked to the Aerialcons and Stealth.

"Everyone, gather all the ammo and fuel you can we will get ready to assist in the battle for cybertron, or we will make our own war there. Anyone else who is ready to battle come with me." Hatemunger turned with his soilders and walked back to the base.

2001-09-07, 09:38 PM
Galvatron looked at Thundercracker and Skywarp.

Galvatron: "I trust you are wondering whom Trypticon is aren't you? Well, Trypticon was our answer to Autobot City. A massive Battle Station/City that transformed into a Dinosaur...he was sentiant though not that intelligent..."

Gigatron: "Lord Galvatron, how do you propose we get Trypticon to earth...the autobots would never send a shuttle big enough to carry him on a routine shipping mission."

Galvatron: "No, they wouldn't. But it won't matter, once we get past their warning systems in the shuttle and commence the attack, we will relay for Trypticon to first take out the Earth Defense Station, then proceed to Earth to finish the battle."

Scourge: "And what if Metroplex transforms?"

Galvatron: "Ah...that will never happen! Skywarp is going to use his special teleportation abilities to get him and Thundercracker into the very core of Metroplex...the two will then destroy his cog, thus leaving him in city mode...the Autobots will then only have so much time before we crush them..."

Gigatron: "and how will we take the whole planet before the autobots return."

Galvatron: "Oh...lets just say that the shuttle had more of a threat than just the scraplets! bwa-hahahhahahahaha!"

Reflector: "My lord, we have completed the defense grid!"

Galvatron: "Splendid! Proceed to Trypticon, once he is excavated, bring him online, get him powered and load the grid...that should take care of any autobot intervention!"

Galvatron then turned to the monitor and heard the announcement: "Eon? That name...how is it possible? Admit her at once and bring her to me..."

2001-09-07, 10:06 PM
Trypticon's badly damaged body had been uncovered from its underground prison and the Constructicon were leading the repair operations of the massive battlefortress.

Scrapper and Hook even had made plans for partially rebuilding Trypticon, making him bigger and more powerful than before.

Piece by piece Trypticon was built anew as dozens of available Decepticons worked continously with the largest building project since the Castle Decepticon in the former Decepticon capital city Polyhex.

After days of work the project was almost ready, only Trypticon's main cpu needed reprogramming. Scrapper looked up at Galvatron who was examining as the project was being finished. "My lord. I just finished upgrading Trypticon's memory systems."

Scapper gestured Hook to activate Trypticon's cpu. "W-WAR?" The booming voice from Trypticon's internal speakers filled the surroundings.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-07, 11:03 PM
Skywarp looked at Galvatron..."my teleportation skills, you made it, more acurate and I can teleport more than one person at a time, excellent."

He glanced toward Thundercracker "at last, a chance to show what we are really capable of."

"Yeah, and it's about time too" mumbled Thundercracker, still bitter about Starscream's ressurrection.

Thundercracker raised from the table and walked outside to oversee Trypticon's re-building, as he walked out he passed a female robot
a female.....Decepticon? Oh all the things I have seen in my time, I thought a female Decepticon would be the last.
He stared at Trypticon for a while "W-WAR!!" the giant yelled, Thundercracker stumbled, then opened a comm channel to Galvatron
"When you said Trypticon was big, I didn't think you meant BIG! Makes my old buddies Menasor and Bruticus look like bugs."

Meanwhile Skywarp remained with Galavtron and Gigatron in the main hall, "well, when do we get to go? Earth will be ours for the taking" he paused "What 'little surprise' is aboard that shuttle?"

2001-09-07, 11:07 PM
Doubledealer walked into the Decepticon base, wondering what had transpired in his absence.

2001-09-08, 06:29 AM
"What 'little surprise' is aboard that shuttle?"

Galvatron smirked at Skywarp.

Galvatron: "Well...if I told you it wouldn't be a surpries now would it? mwa-hahahahahah!"

Galvatron could see Skywarp was ratehr frustrated bu this.

Galvatron: "Fear not...the autobots shall find it most unpleasant...speaking of which, have they departed for Cybertron yet...their shuttle must be nearing our interception point."

2001-09-08, 09:30 PM
"Trypticon? Can you hear me?" Scrapper asked.

"Scrapper? I was dead... You've been brought me back... but it seems that I'm not the only one... I can identify those two seekers from my databanks... Skywarp and Thundercracker correct?" Trypticon spoke through his internal speakers.

"Well... the future Terrorcons found you and Galvatron insisted that you must be rebuilt. I've heard that he is planning to conquer Earth." Scrapper said.

"Hah, I should have guessed. What is it this time Galvatron? Me against Fortress Maximus and Metroplex? You know what happened last time..." Trypticon snorted.

Scrapper turned to look at Galvatron. "I think he has attitude problem, sir."

Holocaust stared at Trypticon in awe. "We didn't have anything like this in the future..."

2001-09-09, 12:44 AM
"Lord Galvatron!" Hatemunger angerly called with the aerialcons and Stealth following him. "Why do we stand here and gawk at an ancient Decepticon toy while we should be destorying the Autobots. Our little game with the scraplets will not last forever, and in case you forgot the Autobots still outnumber us and we do not have the time to resurrect the entire Decepticon army!"
Hatemunger looked to the rest of the Decepticons. "I recommend action! Lord Galvatron I will lead a group of warriors to wipe out the Autobots if you will allow me the honor, if not my troops and myself will go with or without your premission! You may have once been the mighty Megatron, but you lack the desire for combat that he had"
Hatemunger's eye's glowed red with anger rage and hatred for the Autobots.

2001-09-09, 12:55 AM
Gigatron looked over his shoulder at his insolent subordinate. Each word infuriated him more.

"Hatemunger." Gigatron backhanded the smaller Decepticon. "Do shut up!"

In one swift motion, Gigatron spun around and hoisted Hatemunger from the ground.

"It is quite apparent to me that you have forgotten something: I am from our future. And history tells me that it was Megatron's impatient thinking which became the beginning of the end for the Decepticon Empire, a folly felt by our people for hundreds of years to come! Now, you will obey Galvatron's orders, or I will be forced to destroy you. And I do mean forced; you know as well as I that every Decepticon is important in the accomplishment of our return to glory."

Gigatron slowly set Hatemunger down.

"Do I make myself clear?"

2001-09-09, 01:06 AM
Hatemunger growled.
"Your from the future right? Tell me did you see your own death!" Hatemunger charged his dual fusion cannons and drew his energy saber.
Skyblade decided he needed to stop his commander from the possiblity of creating another group of rogue Decepticons.
"Aerialcons merge into Skyrender!" with the six Aerialcons merged into their massive Gestalt form.
"Commander" Skyrender boomed drawfing Gigatron and Hatemunger. "As much as I do enjoy watching a good fight I recommend you both step down, simply put we will have our chance to fight soon enough and if not we will take our own chance."
Skyrender looked down at Gigatron, "Also future robot I do not recommend ever touching my commander again, unless you desire to feel what my megacannons can do, do you understand? I have no problems with evaporating anyone that attempts to harm a soilder in my company."
Hatemunger growled and looked at Gigatron and Skyrender. "Yes I will wait for now, and..." then took a slash at Gigatron with his energy saber, not aiming to harm him but slightly cutting one of his wings. "Remember you may have came from some future but I do as far as my lord Megatron had me placed outrank you, next time you touch me I will rip you apart." Hatemunger turned and walked away with Stealth and Skyrender in follow.

2001-09-09, 01:28 AM
Gigatron ignored the minor pain in the tip of his wing. Though Skyrender was now out of earshot, he spoke.

"Nor do I, friend. Nor do I."

After watching the gestalt take a few more steps away, Gigatron turned back to Galvatron.

2001-09-09, 02:01 PM
"hmm" Hatemunger was thinking as he walked charr allowing himself to calm down from his near battle with the new commer Gigatron.
"Galvatron wants to take over Cybertron but I do not think a full force head on strike would be as effective as we wish. I wonder if we have any Decepticons in our ranks that we could use as trojan horses?" With that Hatemunger saw a group of car based Decepticons that were not the Stunticons.
"Well what do we have here?" he thought and rubbed his chin, "I think Galvatron may like this idea, very much indeed." Hatemunger looked to the group of Decepticons.
"You over there! I am Hatemunger identify yourselves!"

2001-09-09, 07:25 PM
Scrapheap looked up when he realized Hatemunger was addressing him and his group. He immediatly snapped to attention.

"Sir, I am Scrapheap, leader of the Crashticons, Decepticon ground support, general mayhem, and assault unit. With the exception of one memeber missing in action, we are fully functioning and ready to depart."

Blindside stepped up.

"Excuse me,"He nods to Hatemunger, "Blindside - covert operations specialist" Turns back to Scrapheap, "First of all, if you were paying attention, you would have seen Pileup come in just before Galvatron started talking. Secondly." Turns back to Hatemunger "I think I know what you might be talking about. I remember reading in the history of the great war that once Optimus Prime and 4 Autobots fooled the Decepticons (however temporarly) by masquarading as the Stunticons. Now, unless I'm mistaken, that's your idea. We go in, posing as Autobot reinforcements to aid them until the attack, then an assault from the inside to break through and neutralize their defenses."

"And then, let the slaughter begin" Hit giggled from behind them

"Exactly." Blindside grinned. "A little bit of cosmetic change,"He tapped the Decepticon symbol he was wearing "And we can get going."


Behind them, Rollover leaned over to Runaway.

"What're they talking about?"

"I dunno. Don't care, long as I geet to blow up Ottabots."

2001-09-13, 03:54 PM
"Yessss" Hatemunger smiled. "If you can get the Autobot symbols I will have Fearmaker drop you off on Cybertron and return to Charr."
"Yeah boss, I can drop these guys off so fast those idoitic Autobots won't even know what happened!" Feakmaker smiled.
"Excellent! Crashticons go get your "cosmetic" changes and board Fearmaker and goto Cybertron!" Hatemunger smiled feelint that in time the Decpticons would agian rule Cybertron.

2001-09-15, 09:00 PM
Above Charr...

Two shuttles was nearing Charr. One of the shuttles fired some shots at the other.

Shuttle nr. 1...

"The engines are out, my only hope is to land on that planet," MetalWave thought.

Shuttle nr. 2...

"Now we've got him!" Icepick said. "He's trying to land on that planet," Dragonbreath said. "Don't let that happen!" "As you wish," Birdbrain answered.

2001-09-16, 05:27 AM
The Crashticons returned from altering the symbols they had to Autobot ones. Blindside stepped forward.

"I am sorry to inform you, but the Crashticons have left this existance temporarily, let me introduce you to the new Recovobots, Autobot urban rescue team. The brothers, Carryon and Longrun," He pointed to Hit and Run

"Offroad rescue unit, Mudbogger." Indicating Runaway.

"Vehicle recovery, Salvage," This time Scrapheap.

"Autobot soldiers Pealout and Hightail," Pileup and Rollover.

"And of course, myself, Coverup. We are ready to depart for Cybertron to infiltrate the ranks of the Autobots. As has been said, 'In confusion, there is opportunity'"

Scrapheap/Salvage stepped up. "Let's head out. Fearmaker if you will..." Fearmaker transformed without a word to his jet mode. "Let's go, Blindside will finish briefing in transit. Move out." The Crashticons turned Recovobots loaded into the Arielcon and took off into space.

2001-09-16, 10:02 AM
MetalWave is running away from the crashed shuttle. Not far behind the Pretender Monsters are following.