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2001-09-05, 03:29 PM
Optimus Prime sat in the control center of Metroplex, refecting on Optitron's recent appearence. Prowl came in saying something about him being late. Prime turned his chair to face him. "Prowl we could have used you, but we stopped Optitron." Prime paused for a moment rfecting now on the urging of the Matrix, "...But it's not over yet."

2001-09-05, 04:43 PM
Skylark walked around Metroplex and found shooting area and decided to train.

Prowl G1
2001-09-05, 09:26 PM
As he felt the disappointment of letting his leader down, Prowl began to explain himself.

"My patrol ran longer than expected, by the time I received your . . . I"

He stopped himself short, as an explaination at this juncture would only be a waste of time. The events had passed, and seemingly the only thing left was to wait until Optitron reared his ugly head again.

". . . it won't happen again."

His voice took a more determined and confident edge to it. More so than usual.

"What would be our next course of action?"

2001-09-05, 09:27 PM
Shatterbolt stood in a corner of the room, watching a few monitors while idly listening to Prime and Prowl speak. At the mention of Optitron, She turned to face Optimus. Puzzled, she asked,
"Sorry to interrupt, Prowl, but...Prime, who's Optitron?"

Meanwhile, elsewhere...

Ignition was finally free of the bog she had been trapped in for the last hour. She transformed to robot mode, and looked down at her mud, dirt, and twig-encrusted chassis in disgust.

"Primus... what in the Pit was that thing doing there?!? Fraggin' piece of - Oh, no, not again! My frame's a mess, thanks to that stupid..."

She transformed to jet mode and slowly made her way to Metroplex, muttering random curses and vowing to dig the bog up tomorrow.

Prowl G1
2001-09-05, 09:41 PM
He turned and looked at Shatterbolt, then back to Prime. Not much of a conversationist, though her question did spark some interest. He took a few steps back, folding his arms across his chest, and leaned against a wall.

2001-09-06, 12:04 AM
Hiding nearby, Dreadwing, Battletrap, Ramjet, Apeface, and Spasma huddled around each other.
"What are we going to do", Ramjet asked. "Optitron's gone, and we have no way of getting back to Charr."

God Jinrai
2001-09-06, 02:16 AM
Jinrai rolled into the command room in vehicle mode... combining with his trailer as he entered, he readied himself for all the odd looks, and everything else that would come with being an "optimus lookalike"...

2001-09-06, 02:46 PM
After the battle, Pointblank was sent to Cybertron with a small crew to retrieve some badly needed parts and supplies for repairs and additions to Autobot City. The crew had finished loading the supplies and was preparing to depart.

Pointblank: "Optimus Prime, this is Pointblank...we have the supplies and are on our way back...see you soon! Pointblank out."

2001-09-06, 03:36 PM
Kup sat grimly at his station after receiving the transmission.

Kup: "Better relay this to Prime...Optimus, I thought you should hear this...sound like we are in serious trouble."

Guard: "....scraplets...headed towards Vector Sigma...help...."

Kup: "Might not be a bad idea to hop in Fort Maxx and get us some help up here sir..."

2001-09-06, 06:19 PM
Prime faced Shatterbolt and answered her queston. "Optitron is a new Decepticon terrorist. He had ralled some troops and made an attack early on Hoover dam. Not much is actually known. I hope to learn more, from the tracting device that was place on one of the troops."

Optimus Prime know faced Prowl, "We all do our best, Prowl, but stay here I will need all the experenced hands I can get. I have reason to believe that the Decepticons are regrouping for an attack on us, again."

There was a message relayed to optimus Piontblack logged off. As soon as he logged off, Prime recieved another message. Prime thought for a moment, "This may be it."

Prime stood up preparing to hand out orders, "Prowl, rally any Autobots to make the trip to Cybertron, and board Fortress Maximus. Metroplex will remain on Earth."

Prime made his way to make his own preperations then he noticed his "Twin" of sorts. "We may need you power on Cybertron with us. Vector Sigma must not be allowed to be used for evil."

2001-09-06, 07:12 PM
"Prime" Skylarked motioned to him. "Should we bring water to cybertron to defeat this mence?"

2001-09-06, 07:21 PM
Prime raised his eyes, "Water, right."

Prowl G1
2001-09-06, 08:00 PM
Finally, an oportunity to face this new menace on home grounds. He swiftly moved
to the intercom on Metroplex's communications terminal, and began to carry out Optimus Prime's orders.

"Hound, Cliffjumper, Smokescreen, Jetfire, Wheeljack, Hotrod, Grimlock, Swoop. Report to the command deck!"

2001-09-06, 08:51 PM
Shatterbolt was about to reply to Optimus when Ignition burst into the room. Apparently, she had heard the whole thing.

"Cybertron? I'm there, Prime! When do we leave, Prowl? Shatterbolt, stay outta this, I'm going, get used to it!"

She said in rapid sucession, glancing from one to the other in turn. Shatterbolt shook her head and sighed.

"Primus, what have you gotten me into this time...?"

After walking up to Prowl, Shatterbolt turned, looked at Ignition, and grinned.

"One mad, mud-encrusted trainee...Sure, Ignition. It'll be great to have you along... By the way, Prowl, I'm going, too."

Ignition sighed, and looked at Shatterbolt.

"You don't have to follow me around anymore... I know what I'm doing! Besides, you hate Cybertron. Stay, I'll be fine!!"

Shatterbolt shook her head, still grinning.

"Last time, I promise. Now go take a bath... you're filthy."

Prowl G1
2001-09-06, 09:45 PM
Turning to face the two, Shatterbolt and Ignition, whose childish prattle was by far overshadowing the seriousness of the matter at hand. Prowl said nothing. He didn't want this mission jeapordized by two battle hungry autobots, nor did he want to make any type of judgement call. He felt it would be illogical, but then again he could use all the hands he could get. He looked to Optimus for a final decision as to whether or not they should come.

God Jinrai
2001-09-07, 01:15 AM
Jinrai replied to Optimus... "Prime. This may sound strange... but perhaps I should remain here. with you and ultra magnus on cybertron, who's staying behind to keep things under control on earth?" Jinrai knew it wouldn't work, but felt that he had an obligation to take out that destron he'd encountered earlier.. he reminded him FAR too much of buster and hydra... then he caught sight of a sleek looking autobot femme. Jinrai approached slowly, so as not to alarm her... "Excuse me. We've not met... I'm.. "

2001-09-07, 02:08 AM
Skylark laughed at all the new comers she saw. "Rookies better be careful or they won't last a day on the battlefield." he looked at the other Autobots. "I will help in anyway you need but for now I am going to go train." He said as he walked back down to the firing ranges.

2001-09-07, 02:56 AM
Dodge and Bombshell stood nearby.

"Now, Dodge. Got inside and Bring out Optimus Prime", said Bombshell.

"Yes, Master Insecticon", Dodge said.

2001-09-07, 07:55 AM
back at Autobot City

"If I may," Noktaraus appeared from the med hall, "I would like to be part of the return party to Cybertron. There is still some unfinished business there for me."

2001-09-07, 02:16 PM
Prime thought for awile, "OK Ignition you can go as long as Shatterbolts goes with you, I suppose you could use more experiace. Experiance changes people."

"Jinrai, you may be right.. But I don't know. But I trust you, for some reason. It is your chioce weather to stay on earth and guard it or go to Cybertron with us." Prime responded

God Jinrai
2001-09-07, 03:07 PM
Jinrai thought for a moment... then he realized something... "On second thought, prime... I'm going to cybertron." Jinrai knew that he'd easily be able to get back to earth quickly if need be... steping over to a central computer bank, he took a small device from a pocket compartment and attached it to the computer... "that should do it... now to test it." Jinrai took out a small remote, walked away from the console... and hit the button... two gateways appeared... He steped through the first, and wound up right back in front of the computer...." Good. Now that I know this works, should an emergency arise, I can always get back here... '

Prowl G1
2001-09-07, 06:11 PM
With all the new comers joining the away party, so battle ready, some that have yet to even see a battle, Prowl could only think to himself.

". . . I've got a bad feeling about all this."

2001-09-07, 09:15 PM
Skylark found prime.
"Prime I can fly so I am going to goto cybertron with a load of water and try to slow down these scraplets." Skylark loaded up all his ammo and fuel to make and found several thosand gallons of water transformed into his jet mode and took off for Cybertron.
"You guys meet me there!" Skylark called back "Good luck to us all!"

Prowl G1
2001-09-08, 09:29 PM
Prowl queitly brought up a global map of Cybertron and began to study it.

"A direct attack on Vector Sigma . . . this isn't a typical Decepticon tactic."

He paused for a moment then played back the transmission that Kup had intercepted.

Guard: "....scraplets...headed towards Vector Sigma...help...."

He repeated the message several times listening at every intricate detail, but his finger came to rest on one solitary detail that was left out. There was no mention of Optitron or any other Decepticon for that matter, only these . . .

"Scraplets . . . " Speaking outloud to no one in particular. It was almost crystal clear to him. A theory that Optimus Prime had to be notified about. Prowl caught up with Prime moments after Skylark departed.

"Optimus, I've reviewed the transmission from Cybertron, and I think Skylark, and the rest are about to be caught in the middle of a Decepticon ambush. Its only a theory, but it's solid. If we send more than one counterattack and rescue party we should be able to draw them out and ambush them. But like I said, its only a theory. What should we do?"

2001-09-09, 12:31 AM
Skylark called Earth and Cybertron.
"Attention all Autobots, this is gunner Skylark, I should be arriving in about 20 minutes. Onboard I have water and enough firepower to help in case of any attacks. Anyone please respond. Skylark out."
Skylark continued on his flight path with Cybertron appearing over the horizon.

2001-09-09, 07:23 AM
Noktaraus sat in the corner of the shuttle's main bridge as the rest of the Autobots prepared for arrival on Cybertron. Skylark was flying point and would make planetary entry soon. The rest of them had to be ready, though. These scraplets had probably already multiplied and were in more places than what just one Autobot could handle. Their water supply was large enough, hopefully, to take care of the problem. Jinrai was standing in front of the captain's chair of the ship as the other Autobots ran their control stations.

Then, the hull shook.

No breaches, just a large thud and a mass of shimmies. Alarms rang as space outside rolled partially until the ship regained itself.

"Status, what hit us?" Jinrai requested. But neither he nor Noktaraus really needed to hear the answer. They already knew. As did the rest of the bridge crew.

"Decepticon attack!"

2001-09-09, 08:10 AM
"Great time for these Decptipunks to show up!" Skylark thought to himself, "well right now my goal needs to be to get this water to cybertron then I can assist in the air battle!" Skylark took off towards the base where Kup and some of the other cybertron stationed Autobots were.

2001-09-09, 09:49 AM
Noktaraus stood up. "All stellar-capable flyers with me, we'll have to create a defense until the shuttle makes it to Cybertron."

God Jinrai
2001-09-09, 09:04 PM
Jinrai's optics narrowed... "just what we need. I'm taking point." Jinrai rushed for the airlock, drawing his plasma rifle from subspace.. merging with his trailer as he got to the door...

2001-09-09, 11:13 PM
"With all due respect, Jinrai," Noktaraus interupted him, "your mission is to get this transport and its supplies to Cybertron. You're in command of this entire group, and will need to be when you arrive. I'll take the flyers and hold the Cons off long enough for you to get through, then we'll rendezvous later."

2001-09-10, 02:24 PM
"Good thinking Prowl, but I'm afraid Skylark is already gone, that means that we have to get going! Autobots enter Fortress Maximus we're headed to Cybertron!" Optimus ran out of Autobot city, transformed and headed toward Maximus.

Prowl G1
2001-09-10, 04:13 PM
He didn't like to rush into things without somewhat of a plan, but Skylark threw a monkey wrench in a perfectly laid out strategy by rushing ahead of the rest of them. It would make things even harder, as if liberating Vector Sigma and ridding Cybertron of the Decepticon strike force wasn't enough, helping Skylark didn't lighten the situation any. Carrying out Optimus Prime's orders, Prowl joined the away party on board Fortress Maximus.

2001-09-10, 07:02 PM
"Ignition, hurry your slow chassis up, we're leaving! NOW!!"

Shatterbolt yelled into her comm as she raced down the corridor (in vehicle mode) towards the launch pad, and Fort Max.

"... knowin' Iggy, she won't take that one too kindly..."
Shatterbolt thought with a grin, just as Ignition's reply came in.

"...SLOW?!? I'll show you slow, you reject model!"

As Ignition drew closer, Shatterbolt could hear that she was moving way too fast... if she hit the wall, or another Autobot, she could do some serious damage. She activated her comm again.

"Iggy, slow it down! SLOW IT...!"

Communications had been clear for only five seconds. Ignition had shut down her comm.

"Primus... here we go..."

Shatterbolt muttered as she braked and skidded sideways to block the corridor. She deactivated her optics and braced herself.

Just then, Ignition rounded the corner at a lightning speed. Seeing Shatterbolt blocking her path, Ignition let out an involuntary yell and braked fast, losing control and entering a high-speed 360...


...All was silence. Shatterbolt conducted a quick self-diagnostic. Nope, no damage, and she wasn't dead. Goody.

"Well, that's a good thing... where's Iggy?"

She activated her optics, adjusted them to view her surroundings... and found herself staring into Ignition's front grille. Ignition sighed involuntarily.

"...PRIMUS! Shatterbolt. You're insane. Let's go."

Ignition said quietly, like nothing had happened. She turned and continued while Shatterbolt stared at her, incredulous.

"....I'M crazy?!? You've just violated the top speed rule, and you say I'm nuts?!? I-"

Ignition cut her off... quietly.

"...Okay, whatever. Just... don't tell Prowl, okay? I haven't been to Cybertron in forever..."

Shatterbolt was quiet for a second, then sighed.


She muttered as they made their way to the launch pad.

God Jinrai
2001-09-12, 07:59 PM
".. so be it, noktourus... good luck. " Jinrai returned to his place before the captain's chair... wishing so badly to go out there and slag the cons himself.

2001-09-13, 06:23 AM
Noktaraus lead ths group of flyers in flight mode towards the Decepticon cruiser. It had been further out than was expected after the preliminary assault on the shuttle. They had probably either fired off dumbfires or had left explosives as mines in their path...

"Heads up, bots, they're sending out interceptors!" Noktaraus warned, his internal comm system connected to everyone else in the vacuum of space.

"I count seven," Amraam stated. Closing fast.

Two Autobots were to Noktaraus' left; Amraam and two others on his right. seven to six, but a good group of six.

"Let's see how sharp these guys really are. Break into secondary formation and open fire on my command..."

2001-09-13, 03:56 PM
Skylark arrived on Cybertron and looked around for Kup order to help destory the scraplet infestation.
"Autobots, I am fine, I did not meet any Decepticons on my way here... but whatever you guys are encountering there be careful!"
Skylark transformed and drove to find any Autobots to learn where the scraplets are.

2001-09-13, 05:51 PM
Prime sat on the control seat, "Fortress Maximus Prepare to launch, all Autobots clear and ready."

2001-09-13, 06:58 PM
Shatterbolt and Ignition entered Fort Max and quickly found a place to sit.

"Nothing to do but wait, now."

Shatterbolt muttered as she sat down. Beside her, Ignition sat down, but seemed restless. With a small grin, she looked toward Prowl and asked,

"Hey, Prowl... we there yet?"

2001-09-14, 04:32 AM
out in space

The battle with the seven Decepticon interceptors was quick, but not without pain. At weapons range, both sides poured in the firepower, volleys of shots burning past each group, very few making good contact the first second. The next second allowed one of the Autobot flyers a hit on his port side, veering him and his laser trail off to the side for the time. Noktaraus dodged the fire coming in from one target, squared off at a dead angle with him, and squeezed off a dual shot. The Decepticon pulled up to avoid the contact hit. As the first blast squeezed under him, another smashed into his nose. Noktaraus' second attack forced the ship up, bearing a very vulnerable underside.

Amraam took advantage and poured in some firepower. The ship took the hits and began smoldering from its starboard wing. Noktaraus flew past it as the ship began to spin. He beared down on a second ship coming at him. Tal'Noktaraus fired once, undershooting his target. The blasts trailed past the underside of the ship as the Autobot lined up for a second hit. This one scored the top of the Decepticon who was getting into firing position.

And fire he did. Noktaraus pulled above the blasts, then leveled out and flew directly over the ship and towards the one behind him. He went into a tight roll, transforming to robot mode and extending his arms straight out--one of the hilts of his arched blades in hand. Still in the roll, Noktaraus ignited the blade nanoseconds after he completed transformation and sliced into the underside of the third ship that had attempted to cut him down with firepower. The cut went up through the Decepticon at a diagonal angle heading towards the back of the target. At mid point in the bot's fuselage, something exploded. Nokataraus freed his blade from the fiery mess of a Decepticon, now in two pieces. The fires quickly put themselves out in the coldness of space, and the Decepticon's body halves and debris went floating away.

The Autobot turned around, still floating backwards. The others were in tight dogfights: the Decepticon Amraam scored against was now flying in robot mode, his right arm venting something out into space. He took as many shots as he could at the other Autobot flyers until on of them scored a hit to his back. The Decepticon went limp, arms spread out and floating behind him as his body tumbled forward. Quickly, the Autobot attacker flew by with a Decepticon on his tail.

Noktaraus converted to flight mode and tailed after him. He unfortunately arrived a moment too late as the Decepticon scored a good hit on the Autobot trying to shake him. He veered out of control to port, transforming to robot mode in an out-of-control spin. With the Autobot out of the way, Noktaraus took a few shots at his target. The ship dodged and weaved, then rolled one-hundred, eighty degrees and transformed. The Decepticon slowed, and Noktaraus came hurtling at him. He as well transformed, then jet-stepped to the right as the Decepticon began firing. What appeared to be a random shot smashed into the Decepticon's shoulders from above. Noktaraus took the moment to ignite his arched blade and fly into his target. The tip of the blade shoved into the other's chest plate before he could regain from the first attack. His hand let go of his blaster, and Noktaraus watched as sparks flew. The Decepticon's optics flickered, then went dead.

The Autobot shut down his weapon, then turned to take a new target--when he noted the initial battle was over. The other four Decepticons had been taken down. Two Autobots, including the one Noktaraus' last target shot down, had taken falls.

"That ship is still out there," Amraam said into the comm system. There it was, almost within firing range.

"We have to hold it off," Noktaraus sighed, reluctantly.

One of the others voiced his concern. "That ship can take us out quick if we get too close, and we won't be able to do a whole lot anyway."

"And besides," Amraam continued, "we aren't that important--they can plow right past us and continue on."

"Agreed." Noktaraus looked over at one of the heavier-armored Autobots. "Talis, let me have one of your torpedoes. Amraam, a flash grenade if you would."

Both Autobots looked confused as they handed over the requested ammunition. Noktaraus installed the grenade into a port piece on the side of the torpedo, set it for motion sensitive time-delay of five seconds before active. Then, he jet-pushed the whole thing towards the incoming ship.

"They'll see that thing eventually and blow it up," Talis commented.

"I expect it. Flyers, head in at various vectors, draw their fire away from the warhead. Go!"

The three Autobots flew out and then towards the incoming Decepticon ship. A moment later, weapons-fire pierced the blackness of space.

Noktaraus watched the torpedo drift unseen towards the enemy ship until it was close enough. He pulled out his hilt and waited...

Prowl G1
2001-09-14, 07:28 AM
As Prime took the command seat, Prowl manned the tactical terminal and radar scope. He waited a moment until his boards had finished uploading the data he had stored in the command centre of Metroplex. Without looking he simply called out.

"All clear on my end Optimus. All systems go."

Hearing a question asked of him he looked quickly to ignition without saying a word then back to his terminal. Her inquiry was illogical, they hadn't even left yet, and now was not the time to dwell on it. He continued to monitor the scope and was prepared to take evasive action.

2001-09-14, 02:32 PM
"Fortress Maximus launch!" Optimus Prime commanded. The engines of Fortress Maximus roared to life. It thrust in the atmosphere and as it lifted off it left Earth.

"To Cybertron."

2001-09-14, 07:47 PM
Dodge walked almost mindlessly through autobot city when he found it almost empty he radio'd his master.
"Master Insecticon the autobot earth base is almost empty Prime is not here."

2001-09-15, 06:16 PM
*Galvatron waited and watched with the bulk of his force in tow...the time to hit earth was now. He waited, as they had in 2005, for the shuttle that would bring them to Earth. At last it arrived.

Galvatron: "Skywarp, teleport to this section of the autobot shuttle, as soon as you materialize, blast the sensor section and teleport back."

Skywarp did so, and hit the sensors with such ferocity that in an instant all Autobot scanners and radar went dead.

Inside the shuttle:

Pointblank: "What the...Roadrage, give me report on this...Diver, keep us steady...I don't like the feel of this."

*An instant later, the emergency hatch is ripped open and Decepticons pour into the shuttle.

Pointblank: "Galvatron! Autobots...defensive positions!"

Galvatron: "Die Autobots"

Diver moves to the left firing on the Cons, hitting Galvatron several times, Galvatron responds by transforming into his cannon mode and firing a single shot which vaporizes Diver...some of the other Decepticons begin to smirk at Starscream. Roadrage had taken the right flank only to run into Skywarp and Thundercracker who fired some 25 shots before the Autobot could get off a single shot. All that remined was Pointblank...who began to fire away but soon found himself out gunned. Galvatron charged and caught him by surprise knocking his nebulon counterpart from his hand.

Galvatron: "yield...or die..."

Pointblank: "Never!" Pointblank kicked Galvatron in the face, and the Decepticon leader replied with a single close range blast to the chest, Pointblank slumped to the ground."

Galvatron turned to Cyclonus: "And you thought this would be difficult?"

Prowl G1
2001-09-15, 06:53 PM
The radar scope jumped alive and Prowl turned to face his leader.

"Optimus I'm detecting two cruiser on scope. One friendly, and one not so friendly. Should I set a course to intercept?"

Prowl waited to carry out Prime's orders.

2001-09-15, 06:56 PM
Cyclonus: "When did I say this would be difficult? Are we attacking Metroplex or did we steal this shuttle just to sell it on Ebay?"

2001-09-15, 07:04 PM
Galvatron turned to Cyclonus.

Galvatron: "When did you program yourself a sense of humor?"

Galvatron watched as his decepticons re-sealed the hatch and tossed the Autobot crew to the back of the shuttle. He looked around. He had his seekers, Cyclonus, Scourge, The Predacons, Sixshot, Scorponok, and Reflector, with the rest still preparing Trypticon for the attack on the EDF or planning the covert strike on Cybertron. All was going exactly as planned.

2001-09-15, 09:44 PM
In space, further up the course to Cybertron...

Freon watched the battle unfold as the handful of Autobots made their way to his cruiser. What a waste of time for these garbage collections.

But then, wasting time was the point here. All concentration from the shuttle and these few warrior-wannabe's was focused on his Decepticon group. No one would even notice the Decepticons slipping past and on its way to Earth, within a stolen Autobot ship.

Not that they needed to cover it up with their--what was that term the fleshies used?--Trojan Horse.

"Captain," one of his Decepticon crew uttered, "we have an incoming torpedo on silent approach. Looks like a personal-equip."

light-duty... "Shoot it down."

The turret on the ship's nose fired at the small projectile, hitting it on the first shot. Before a fiery eruption could be seen, a brilliant flash filled the viewscreen. The bridge crew winced as the black of space went all white. The gunners continued to fire even though they had no targets.

The screen stayed a haze of bright light, but Freon's optics adjusted. That's when he saw the silhouette of a small ship jetting towards the bridge. Before he could give an order, it spun quickly and converted to a robotic form, still a black shadow against the fading white background.

"There, target ahead! Fire!"

But the gunners still hadn't completely adjusted and missed every shot. The figure grew nearer at a high rate of speed. Straight for the viewport.

"He's going to collide!" Freon panicked, ducking out of the way...


At the last moment, Noktaraus pulled up and skimmed the surface of the ship, heading for the engine nacelles all aranged on the direct rear of the craft. Laser fire still tried to track him, but he was too low to the ship's hull for the turrets to get to him, those that were recovering their site. Noktaraus ignited his arched blade and prepared.

"Be ready, I'm almost there!" Noktaraus could see the other three getting into position past the sides of the ship. While most guns were tracking Noktaraus, the others weren't being completely ignored. They were forced into various dodges and weaves from turretfire.

Then he came up on the target's engine section. This is the second blade I'll lose today... Noktaraus hurled it into the central bank of the engine plumes. It stuck about eight meters from the white blasts of engine heat as the shields caught it. The whole section surrounding the blade sizzled and fluctuated.

"Now!" Noktaraus yelled as he pulled straight up. The others rounded the ship and transformed to their robot modes. Flying past the ship but facing backwards, they poured on the laserfire. Talis fired his warheads while Amraam blasted away with his rifles. They all knew this model warship. It had a slight problem with its rear shielding, as the projector wells hadn't been designed to handle the intense heat and radiant energy from the mass of engines all in one tight cluster. Too much energy drawn from one location would leave the rest of the shielding in that area far too weak to handle firepower.

Sure enough, the laser blasts flew through, the missiles and other projectiles burst through sudden spasms of energy mere meters from the ship's hull before impacting with the engines. The active blade finally gave and exploded, but it was too late. One engine exploded suddenly, while the two surrounding it flickered and died. The furthest engine from the collapse automatically shut down to compensate. A moment later, one of the central engines blew out in a small explosion. The remaining two engines held, but it would not be enough momentum to allow them to pursue their shuttle.

With the mess finally dying out, and far less energy disruption from the engines, the projector wells came on full strength. Rifle blasts deflected harmlessly, and missiles exploded against the invisible barrier.

"The task is done, let's head in," Noktaraus called. Easier said than done, the turrets were thirsty for mechfluid and began pummeling the space the Autobots took.

"We're too close! They'll tear us up!" Talis flew out as fast as he could. Tal'Noktaraus converted to flight mode and started making distance. They would have to fly away before they could fly back to the shuttle. Laser and plasma energy streamed up after them all. Pale green and yellow reflected off their hulls as they flew, dodging what they could.

A bright flash went off from Noktaraus' starboard side. He figured what had happened, but there was no time to look. It was taking everyone's own concentration to avoid being pegged; one hit from those batteries could take each of them out.

Finally, the laser fire thinned out as they made distance. Noktaraus afforded to slow speed and let the others pass him by. He noted that Amraam wasn't in the group.

He transformed and turned around, continuing to fly out. A piece of debris caught his attention, and he zoomed his optic lenses in on it. A wing floated in space, the portion of hull that had blown off with it cooled in the middle of being liquified on its sides. The Autobot insignia on the far part of the wing confirmed what Noktaraus knew. As Amraam's wing flew across the view of the Decepticon ship, Noktaraus turned towards the shuttle some distance away--his other two flyers ahead of him.

2001-09-16, 06:43 PM
Trypticon was waiting for Galvatron's orders behind Earth's only moon. His huge frame was hidden by cloaking device that the Constructicons had built for him.

"Scapper... are you sure that all of these new equipment installed to me will work when needed?" Trypticon asked through his internal speakers.

"Now you're questioning my skills Trypticon. Of course they'll work. I tested them with Hook and Mixmaster dozens of times before installing and after that too. Trust me, everything will work fine. The only question is whether Galvatron's plan works or not." Scrapper said and shrugged his shoulders.

2001-09-17, 03:18 PM
Starscream turned to Galvatron and said, "Well, almighty leader, let's put on some speed! Surprise is the key element!"

And deep inside the holding chambers of Fortress Maximus....

Optitron raised his fist once again and rammed it into the door of his holding cell. It had no effect. The frustrated would-be leader of the Decepticons slumped against the wall, retracing the steps of the past few days to see exactly where he had gone wrong. His weapons deactivated and his powers drained, even breaking free of the Autobots' chamber would be a tremendous task. Optitron pictured others in command of his Decepticons and he shuddered. He sat back and waited, biding his time until escape would be possible....

God Jinrai
2001-09-17, 06:54 PM
The shuttle came to a landing pad over iacon, slowly comming to rest... Jinrai was the first to exit, glancing about, seeing the fliers up above, engaged in combat with the decepticon forces... "Autobots, transform... and roll for vector sigma!" Jinrai transformed, flooring the throttle, charging down a ramp into the labrynth where the super computer was located.

2001-09-17, 07:59 PM
Galvatron smirked at Starscream:

Galvatron: "Why it seems we agree...why don't you take the comm and bring us in? Notify me when we are within striking distance of Autobot City."

Gigatron looked up in shock.

Gigatron: "You're letting the traitor bring us in?"

Galvatron: "Consider this his initiation into the new order. When we are close enough, Skywarp...you and Thundercracker teleport into Metroplex's main control room...take out his transformation cog and primary systems...then teleport back at the same time we will begin the attack..."

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-17, 09:45 PM
"Finally, I get to show what I can do..." Thundercracker thought as he watched Starscream take point.

Skywarp moved toward Thundercracker "you okay?" he asked noticing that he was somewhat silent. "yeah" muttered Thundercracker watching Starscream's every move "just fine"

"right......." Skywarp stood aside Gigatron "what's the matter, got no faith in us?"

2001-09-17, 10:01 PM
Gigatron looked at Skywarp:

Gigatron: "It is not your skills that I lack faith in but the motivations of your seeker brother that I find troubling. Starscream has not yet fully earned my trust...I am confident that you shall deliver us the advantage that we need."

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-17, 10:34 PM
Thundercracker overheard their conversation

Starscream is no brother of mine. Only by design

"Excellent I'm glad you know who to trust and who not to trust" Thundercracker explained to Gigatron "you're not the only one wary of his 'intentions'."

2001-09-18, 04:35 AM
Starscream turned to face Gigatron, Skywarp and Thundercracker and shouted, "Silence on the brig, you dolts! Your commander orders it!"

He then turned forward and said authoritatively, "Decepticons, maintain readiness to strike..."

2001-09-18, 04:48 AM
Back on Charr Fearmaker returns from his mission.
"Excellent!" Hatemunger smiled.
"Aerialcons Stealth ready yourselves for battle!" Hatemunger started to charge himself fully.
"We leave for Cybertron now to help our Decpticon brothers to regain our homeland!"
"Yes sir!" Skyblade yelled.
"Hmm wonder what I can steal this time?" Stealth thought storing his energy blades.
The other Aerialcons transformered into there jet forms and were ready for luanch. Steath rode in Skyblade.
"If we are ready then let's go destroy the Autobots forever!" Hatemunger and his troops took to the sky.

2001-09-18, 05:38 AM
Two Autobot flyers Transformed and landed on Iacon near their respective shuttle. Tal'Noktaraus--with one of the woundered Autobots from the battle in tow--came in a little slower. He transformed and rested the fellow to the ground.

"All right, inside and to the med section."

"See where Jinrai went with the group?" Talis asked.

"Northward, and down ramp El-See-twenty. Right for Vector Sigma. We'll catch up later. Right now, let's get him inside and tended to..."

2001-09-18, 03:50 PM
Ignition watched what was happening on Cybertron with growing anger. She hopped onto the next unoccupied seat and began fiddling with controls.

"What?! Of course we have to intercept, Prowl!! Frag! I think something's wrong with communications... let's go!! Our guys are going to be getting their chassis kicked and we're just sitting here!!"

Prowl G1
2001-09-18, 05:18 PM
Prowl turned sharply on Ignition, who for all he was concerned was out of line.

"Its not your call Ignition, and you don't have the capability to man that terminal. I suggest you return to your previous seats and let Optimus Prime make the decision. Now go sit down before you draw the Decepticon's attention to us."

He didn't offer her a suggestion, it was more of a command. He didn't want to bring the rookie along because of her reckless nature. It had to be more than obvious now to Optimus Prime. Prowl fixed the errors Ignition had entered and brought them back on course to Cybertron, and looked to his leader as he had yet to answer his previous question.


2001-09-18, 07:39 PM
Optimus thought for a moment, "We need to get to Cybertron, but that ship may need our help." Optimus thought for a while longer, "Change course to intercept those ships. Hopefully it won't take too long."

Maximus changed it course and neared the two ships, Optimus hailed the ships. "This is Optimus Prime, enimey ship, break your run or we will open fire."

2001-09-18, 10:35 PM
Ignition walked back to her seat, seething. After sitting down she muttered to Shatterbolt,

"Frag... I could have had us landed..."

Shatterbolt shook her head.

"Damn it, Iggy... Forget Prowl, I'm about ready to shove you out of an airlock myself! First rule: Never mouth off at your superior officer... and everyone in Fort Max at the moment is your superior officer, so keep your trap shut!"

With that, Shatterbolt got up and walked to a nearby monitor. She felt useless and restless... probably, she thought with a wry smile, just as useless and restless as Ignition feels.

God Jinrai
2001-09-19, 02:18 AM
Arriving at Vector Sigma, jinrai transformed, and slowly approached the supercomputer... The scraplets had yet to arrive... Jinrai opened a channel on wideband com to skylark... "Skylark. this is Jinrai, report status. what's your location... and just how close are those scraplets to vector sigma's chamber?"

Prowl G1
2001-09-19, 03:14 AM
With Optimus' orders he set an intercept course for the secondary cruiser.

"Altering course heading" He called out to Optimus Prime.

2001-09-19, 04:01 AM
Skylark got the message. "Hey I am getting down there, but no sign of the little metal buggers yet. I'll keep you posted as to my situation. Skylark out."

2001-09-19, 04:50 AM
Freon watched his crew trying to get things running again. The fact that everything else was functioning but some 80% of propulsion frustrated him. Catching the random snorts and mutterings as he barked orders didn't help his mood either.

"I said, put a CREW out there if you have to! Get those engines working again! Not all of them are blown!"

It was about that time, long after the shuttle had departed with the Autobots for Cybertron, that something else came up on the monitor. Something huge.

"Captain ..."

"I see it!" Freon growled. But he hadn't realized until later that he hadn't really seen it. Just a spec in space making its way to them. When he glanced at the display monitor, his optics widened.

"By the Inferno..." Freon choked. "Fortress Maximus!"

2001-09-19, 02:55 PM
Optimus tried to reach the ship but it was possible that they weren't in range yet, "Do you read me?" Optimus turned to Prowl, "Ready the docking bay."

Prowl G1
2001-09-19, 05:34 PM
Prowl ran down to the Docking station to operate the terminal. He activated the docking bay doors, then hailed Optimus.

"Docking Bay ready Prime . . ." He called out over his com. Having no idea of that ship was over taken by the decepticons, Prowl readied his battle computer and weapons systems.
" . . . and so am I" He said to himself. He braced himself against the wall in front of the docking bay doors. His shoulder cannons activated as he twisted the barrel of his rifle, arming acid pellet rounds. It was only a precaution, he took aim at the docking bay doors and waited.

2001-09-19, 06:14 PM
Shatterbolt Quietly got up from her seat and started walking over to Prime. Finally, they were going to do something... sitting around only made her uneasy. She cast a glance at Ignition, who seemed to be watching what was going on quietly.

"...For once. About time, kid."

She thought to herself. Turning away from Ignition, Shatterbolt walked up to Prime and said,

"I can help, too, Prime. Just tell me where to go..."

2001-09-19, 07:08 PM
Constructicons were running final tests on Trypticon's weapon systems.

Hook stared at the craters on Moon's surface that Trypticon's weapon systems had made sometime ago. "Well Scrapper. I think we don't have to run tests anymore. Trypticon is working well and fine."

Scrapped smiled behind his faceplate. "Hah, atleast this time all of our work didn't go in vain. Redesigned Trypticon is the most marvellous of our creations."

Hook smiled and nodded. "Yes. But shall we go now to finish the updates to Bonecrusher's and Scavenger's bodies?"

Scrapper shuddered. "I almost forgot about that."

The two Constructicons began to walk into the research labs inside Trypticon.

2001-09-19, 08:24 PM
"Decepticons!" Hatemunger talked to his group of soilders as he noticed Fort Max in the horizen by Cybertron.
"The Autobots have became foolish in their staretgy. The construct massive starships but forgot just how large and easy a target they are to hit."
"Stealth, the Aerialcons and myself shall strike at Fort Max. You will use your energy blades to get inside of Fort Max and place explosive charges on the inside of him then leave."
Hatemunger smiled and looked at his troops.
"Aerialcons, attack and confuse the foolish Autobots. Use your speed and ability to merge into Skyrender to your advantage, Stealth enter and destorty the accursed starship. Myself I will show you what I can do." Hatemunger had an evil gleam in his eyes. Suddenly Hatemungers fusion cannons began to glow a hot white color.
"Targetsystem wide blast, destruction ratio everything. Weapons systems to max."
Now let this battle begin!
"TERROR FORCE!" With that Hatemunger unleashed a pure wave of fusion energy from both of this cannons the blast swept out wide and engulfed Fort Max, some nameless unfortante Autobots escorting Fort Max were melted to slag in the heat of the beam. Fort Max's armour began to warp, crack and melt as well.
The Aerialcons under they lead of there commander Skyblade took off firing all of their firepower at Fort Max as the energy of his massive fusion blast began to subside.
Rain, Buzzer and Fearmaker strifed one side of Fort Max avoiding the Autobot's terrorfiing amount of firepower. As Skyblade, Rain and Sonicforce attacked the other then they would merge into Skyrender and fire the Dual megacannons and heat buster that he had desengage and strife the starship again hitting and striking then remerging and attacking like a pack of evil wolves. Hatemunger laughed and fired his fusion cannons at the base dodging it's firepower with total ease.
"That's it Aerialcons strike with all your might! Stealth go in now!" Hatemunger shouted over the firefight that now ensued.
"No problem boss!" Stealth laughed and cloaked himself and took off for the Autobot starship.
"Good luck warrior!" Hatemunger saluted firing at the towers that cotained the Autobot commanders.
In his cloaked form Stealth got near Fort Max and drew his energy swords, he cut a hole in the Autobots armour and looked into the hallway a foolish orange truck Autobot did't even notice the hole until it was too late as Stealth dropped in invisable walked behind the Autobot and slit the Autobots throat wide open with one of his energy swords.
"No oil is systems mean wheelie goes into soil gack." the Autobot named Wheelie spurted as he died.
"I am in the base boss!" Stealth laughed.
"Excelent seek and destory and install the bombs you have!" Hatemunger laughed as the Aericons and himself single handedly attack at Fort Max using their vast combat skill and ablity to attack the starship.