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2001-09-20, 06:27 AM
Galvatron sat looking at the Earth as they began to decend towards Autobot City. He knew full well that Prime would quickly be onto his little ruse on Cybertron and that the scraplets would now but him much time...his only hope that the other distractions would warrant more time for them.

Galvatron turned to his warriors...

Galvatron: "Skywarp...you and Thundercracker commence teleportation...disable Metroplex and be quick about it."

Galvatron then opened up a patch to the Constructicons. "Constructicons, once Trypticon is ready...commence you attack on the Earth Defense Center...destroy it...then launch the counter offensive measures and set up the security zone in the planet's atmosphere...then proceed to join us with your troops for the second phase of the attack..."

it was time...

2001-09-20, 06:41 AM
At the fight at Fort Max
Hatemunger looked at the Aerialcons and yelled. "We have done what we needed to Cybertron!" With that the Aerialcons followed Hatemunger to Cybertrons surface.
Stealth wandered the halls of Fort Max with ease looking for places to his his explosive charges.

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StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-20, 10:59 AM
Skywarp glanced towards Thundercracker.
They were ready, they had been waiting for this moment all of their existence, a chance to show what they could do, properly.

"Hey, Screamer, get some energon ready, we'll be back soon" sneered Skywarp as he and Thundercracker disappeared.


"not too shabby" exclaimed Thundercracker, "you'd think after last time there would be more security"
"Enough, let's get on with this, and get outta here" yelled Skywarp

They turned to the transformation cog and armed their lasers, Thundercracker paused
"what is it" asked Skywarp
"I heard something"
"your audio receptors are still rusty, there was nothing" joked Skywarp.

"Now......" Skywarp fired on the transformation cog it began to glow, red then white as it neared critical breaking point Thundercracker began firing now also, he stopped and spun around "Security drone" he cried and he spun and fired wildly into the darkness "there's nothing there you fool" Skywarp cried, "it's gonna blow" he dived towards Thundercracker dragging him behind a computer panel.

The transformation cog exploded with such force that it shattered all the near-by equipment.

"It's done, let's get outta here" Skywarp teleported himself and Thundercracker back to the Autobot shuttle.

"Mega......Galvatron, it is done" announced Thundercracker.

yeah, thanks to me Skywarp thought.

"Lord Galvatron, I suggest we continue with speed and crush our enemies, strike, when they aren't looking..."

God Jinrai
2001-09-20, 05:07 PM
Jinrai sat there before vector sigma... Opening a broadband link that would hopefully reach fortress maximus... "Prime, Jinrai here. no sign of those scraplets yet. What's status at your end?" Jinrai waited impatiently for a response, but as he waited, he felt strange... he turned and saw vector sigma... ACTIVATED... as if someone had used the key or linked into it to bring the supercomputer online... "What in primus name is going on here?" he muttered... (Anyone interested, PM me, I've got a reason for this, and wanted opinions before I went on with it)

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2001-09-20, 06:43 PM
Mixmaster replied to Galvatron's message. "Affirmative, Lord Galvatron. We will proceed with all haste. Mixmaster out."

Mixmaster contacted Scrapper through comm-link. "Galvatron gave the order to attack. Have you finished upgrading Bonecrusher and Scavenger?"

The door behind Mixmaster opened and the rest of the Constructicons walked in. "But of course Mixmaster!" Scrapper said.

Hook smiled wickedly. "Our upragedes are now complete. Our strenght and durability have been increased..."

"Hey! Don't forget about the fact that we are now as tall as those arrogant seekers!" Bonecrusher yelled.

Hook was annoyed because of the interruption. "Well yes... that's true. In fact we are now little bigger than the seekers. But this is purely because I and Scrapper wanted to make Devastator the most powerful gestalt around."

Hook smiled smugly and glanced at Scapper. And if all goes as planned... I will share the control of Devastator's mind with Scrapper. This will lead for dramatical increase of Devastator's intelligence. Hook thought.

Scrapper walked in the middle of Trypticon's control center. "Okay. Take your positions. We have an empire to build. Trypticon take us to Earth!"

Still cloaked giant battlefortress began to move towards Earth. Reaching the Earth Defence Center in couple of minutes. Trypticon decloaked and launched a massive array of destracto beams against the EDC. The space station didn't last longer than several seconds, before exploding into large fireball that could be seen from Earth's surface. "First objective completed. Proceeding to next task." Trypticon informed all Decepticon's inside him.

2001-09-20, 07:17 PM
Galvatron grinned as the craft touched down on the landing bay.

Galvatron: "Perfect...Decepticons, attack!"

With that the cons poured out of the shuttle and commenced a massive assault on Autobot City. The plan was about to come to fruition.

2001-09-20, 07:37 PM
"Jinrai I don't know how but we are under attack! We are being boarded." Optimus leftt the message like that and sent it. He hoped he could do this in time, but he could not help feeling that this was a trap. Optimus turned to his troops, "Shatterbolt come with me we'd better find these intruders right away." A wall of Fort Max had been broken into that much was known, but any Decepticons couldn't be scanned, Optimus didn't know how many or where. "Prowl, we still need to help out that freindly ship. If they don't answer our hails then borad them with your troops."

Optimus noticed there was one piece missing, "Ignition, why not monitor the heat sensors." Optimus prime picked up his rifle and prepared to examine the ship.

God Jinrai
2001-09-20, 09:25 PM
Jinrai became preturbed vry quickly... Vector sigma online, the news from prime... Jinrai turned to the super computer and spoke... "Vector Sigma. You are all knowing. Prime is under attack... what is the current status of earth?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-20, 10:19 PM
"WELL? YOU HEARD HIM.....ATTACK" yelled Thundercracker rushing out of the shuttle closely followed by Skywarp.

both transformed into their jet modes and flew off firing upon Autobot City, with their newly created abilities they dodged any defences with ease and grace that their old forms couldn't manage.

"this is easy huh Thundercracker" Skywarp's somewhat youthfull side shining through.

"yeah, not like the old days" Thundercracker exclaimed "this Galvatron certaintly knows how to keep his troops happy"

2001-09-21, 12:25 AM
Gigatron stepped out of the shuttle slowly and calmly. He took in the scenery one inch at a time.

Autobot City. His mouth gradually became a grin. We meet at last.

Before Gigatron could absorb every iota of the image surrounding him, he caught a turret rotating in his direction. In an instant, its existence ceased, as Gigatron launched a missile down its barrel. He looked at the hilt of his sword, and the missing blade rematerialized.

"Yes...I suppose there's a battle to be won."

Gigatron sauntered up to the nearest wall and sliced it open, revealing a team of Autobots.

"Decepticon attack!" The leader shouted. "Destroy --" And his head rolled to the floor. The other Autobots stared at the body of their captain as it slumped against a wall and slid down. One ran to it and held it for a few seconds, then turned to Gigatron. A disgusted, frustrated frown grew, and he charged the enemy, but found himself watching his legs take a few more steps and crash to the ground. Gigatron looked at the remaining Autobots.

"Should I expect anymore nobility?"

They glanced at each other, then at the body of their fallen companions. A quick nod, and the three drew their weapons and ran to combat. Gigatron quickly launched his sword at one, impaling him against the opposite wall. As the others watched his gruesome fate, Gigatron snatched them up, crushing their heads against each other. He dropped the carcasses and fetched his sword.



Reflector ran off the shuttle together. Though not the Decepticons' greatest warriors, they did enjoy combat.

"Come on," Viewfinder rallied. "Let's imprint the name Reflector into the minds of these puny Autobots!"

They took off after Skywarp and Thundercracker, and opened fire on the city.

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2001-09-21, 12:58 AM
Stealth walked around Fort Max.
"Hmm I better get a move on here, I planted 2 charges already and have 2 more to go before I can blow this joint." Still cloaked he ran as fast as he could avoiding rushing Autobots who were looking for their unseen intruder.

God Jinrai
2001-09-21, 02:25 AM
Jinrai's answer came not from earth.. but vector sigma instead. "I have forseen the comming events. They MUST COME TO PASS. But You... You are not of my creation... nor do I sense are you of the matrix... Go. Earth must be defended. The scraplets on their way here will be dealt with by your friend... Earth must be protected... " The supercomputer went silent abruptly... Jinrai was greatly surprised, he'd never encountered vector sigma first hand, but he'd heard that the supercomputer was one to tell all at once... "Jinrai to skylark. Track thos scraplets, and deal with them IMMEDIEATELY! Tal' Naktorus, I need two of your fliers to stay with skylark and ensure the scraplets do NOT REACH VECTOR SIGMA! You, and all available units, Get to the shuttles! This was a trap from the beginning! Inform Optimus Prime immedieatly... I'm returning to earth now... by my own means. No questions, just GO!" Jinrai summoned his trailer, it transforming into base mode. He quickly approached it, activating the gateway he'd brought with him. The portal to earth opened, and the base became trailer once again. crossing the subspace barrier, jinrai suddenly was back inside metroplex... The portal closing behind him. Transforming again, he approached metroplex's control panel... "metroplex, status report..." "Unable to commence transformation. Transformation mechanisms no longer present. Decepticon invaders on level 2, more incomming headed for command towers. "

"wonderful. just what we need. ALL AVAILABLE AUTOBOTS, RALLY ON LEVEL 2!" Jinrai went into vehicle mode again, storming down the halls of metroplex, up the ramps to level 2 of the city base...

2001-09-21, 02:29 AM
Ramjet and his group had finally decided to get in o the action. They had been avoiding conflict whenever possible (OOC: My fancy way of saying that I haven't been here in a while), and finally decided to attack.
"all right everyone. Attack wherever you can. If you see who's in charge, radio everyone and rendevous at his coordinates.
The four Decepticons split up and went off in different directions.
Bombshell stood nearby, wondering what became of his mind -controlled subject, Dodge.
(OOC: This is the first time I've posted here in a while. Can someone bring me up to speed on what the heck is going on?)

2001-09-21, 02:35 AM
Cyclonus stepped off the shuttle after Gigatron and Reflector, transformed and took to the skies to survey the carnage that had already transpired.

Cyclonus opened a comlink to the Chaoticons on Charr. "Gunrunner, get the Chaoticons to Earth. You finally have a chance to do some damage. And bring Overlord, I have a special assignment for him" Cyclonus said while strafing some Autobots heading for a cannon.

On Charr...

Gunrunner gathered the Chaoticons. "We're heading to Earth to help in the attack on Metroplex. Overlord, Cyclonus has a special assignment for you when we get there." Gunrunner transformed and open the hatch. "All aboard. Next stop Earth, Metronplex, and all points east." With that, Gunrunner took off

2001-09-21, 02:37 AM
Skylark wondered deep into Cybertron and found the problem he was there to fix.
"By the matrix!" Skylark saw thosands of scraplets munching away at metal and Vector Sigma.
"Well I know what must be done." Skylark turned on the water on his tank and begin to spray water at the metal menaces.

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2001-09-21, 09:19 AM
Talis was the last to finish setting up his equipment pack, and Noktaraus lead the group of three down towards Vector Sigma. Partway down the path was Skylark--as expected--battling the scraplets. "Start here, let 'em have it." The three arrivals sprayed their water sources and quickly started plowing through the mess.

2001-09-21, 01:16 PM
"Ok guys watch out for the little metal munching jerks!" Skylark turned behind himself to spray a group of scraplets who were hoping to attack Getaway.
"I wonder how many more of these things there are?" Skylark thought to himself.

2001-09-21, 02:29 PM
Optimus walked along the corridors carefully, looking for the intruder, but still couldn't find anything. Prime looked over at Shatterbolt, "It seems like our intruder does have some sort of cloaking device." Optimus then received a call from the bridge. The message was that Jinrai was calling bots to Earth.

"We can't leave until we are sure we have no intruders." Optimus said to himself. Optimus opened a line to Prowl, "Prowl, report have you boarded the ship yet?"

2001-09-21, 02:36 PM
Starscream stepped off the ship and surveyed the battlefield, where the Decepticons had already taken the advantage.

He shouted, "Who shall face Starscream, ace of the air? With this new body, I'm more powerful than ever!" As Starscream finished his own introduction, an errant blast hit him in the chest and knocked him onto his back.

He struggled to get up and thought, "But power without allies is useless." He transformed and flew over the battlefield, then beyond it, hoping that Galvatron would not notice his absence.

2001-09-21, 03:22 PM
Shatterbolt gritted her teeth. (ooc: Do Autobots have teeth? If so, I don't see a reason for it... oh well...)She hated the thought of intruders onboard... and she hated the thought of Earth in trouble even more. But there was nothing they could do, at the moment. They were here to help Vector Sigma... and, at the moment, they were also trying to save their own chassis.

"I wish I could be in two places at once..."

She thought to herself. Earth was in trouble, and there was nothing she could do.

"...Perhaps Fort Max can find our intruder for us, Prime...Maybe we'd better try to get some scans going. Whatever we do, we'll have to do it quickly, before the intruders reach the bridge..."

Meanwhile, Ignition was fiddling with controls. Monitoring the heat sensors was soo fraggin' boring... She watched as Shatterbolt and Prime left the Bridge, and listened as the call from Jinrai came in from Earth. Things were getting serious, and she was... stuck monitoring heat sensors?!?

"...Shatterbolt said to calm down. Why the Pit should I listen to her?!? We're getting fraggin' boarded here! Am I the only one who sees it isn't the best idea for commanding officers to leave the bridge when we're being boarded?!? Now, if they had thought to send me, that would have been better... Maybe they might need my help...

Just as she was about to leave, she noticed some odd heat readings in the corridors. She scanned them, and grew puzzled. She flicked on the comm to Prime.

"Hey Prime, I'm getting some weird heat readings here... they're near the sector you two are in."

(Okay... which 'Cons are in Fort Max, anyway? I think you all know where I'm going with this, so....p.s. I won't be able to post this weekend, as always.)

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2001-09-21, 09:22 PM
Galvatron walked around smirking at the precision with which his destruction was being wrought. Everywhere he looked Autobots retreated, falling back. With Metroplex's cog and primary defense destroyed, they would not have to worry about facing the giant robot.

Galvatron: "Breach their defenses!"

Galvatron transformed into cannon mode and fired several shots upon various Autobot positions. Just then Galvatron saw Starscream.

Galvatron: "What is that moron up to? Reflector, keep and eye on Starscream...I think he is up to something..."
*Back at the autobot shuttle

Peacemaker walked over to Pointblank and began to tinker with the large wound on his chest.

Peacemaker: "come on, come on..."

2001-09-21, 10:11 PM
Trypticon moved to Earth's orbit and began to launch small satellites around the planet. Scrapper and Hook were watching proudly as the satellites took their positions and powered up, creating a weapon force that would have to be taken seriously. The defence zone soon covered the whole globe.

"You know Scrapper. After all we have done to help Decepticon Empire, I have to wonder why Galvatron doesn't show more respect to us." Hook said as hundreds of defence satellites began to secure Earth from the soon to be happening Autobot counter attack.

Scrapper smiled. "Only madman would question Galvatron. Our work is important and it must continue."

Hook sighed. "You are right of course... but one can always dream for better rank, can't he?" He let out a nervous laugh.

Scrapper shrugged his shoulders and proceeded to give Trypticon his next assignment. "Trypticon. Take us to the Autobot City. Prepare to destroy it."

Scrapper opened up a patch to Galvatron. "This is Constructicon Scrapper. Lord Galvatron, we have secured Earth. Trypticon is now on his way towards you position."

The largest living Decepticon entered Earth's atmosphere and began to approach the Autobot City.

2001-09-22, 12:50 AM
Dreadwing noticed Galvatron, and radioed his location to his other companions. They went up to Galvatron.
"Lord Galvatron. We have realized the error of our ways. We had tried to follow the path of Optitron, but we failed. Please allow us to rejoin you, and we shall bring glory to the Decepticons."
Bombshell noticed Galvatron talking to the others. He then formulated a plan. He transformed and headed towards Galvatron

2001-09-22, 03:51 AM
Wheeljack made his way inside the base and manually sealed off the blast door to the outside. Something was terribly wrong. OTHER than the fact that the Decepticons were attacking. Metroplex hadn't gone on the offensive; he remained in city mode while his defensive cannons were trying to hold the attackers at bay.

It wasn't working. Wheeljack's left arm had taken a bad hit. From the elbow joint down there was nothing but mangled armor and internals, mech fluid draining everywhere. His hand was outside somewhere, and now was no time to even worry about it. Outside, he could hear the battle unfolding. He ran down a corridor to get to the weapon's locker on this level, running into Hound on the way down.

"You all right?" Hound questioned, noting the mangled limb.

"I'll be awright," Wheeljack answered. "But not for long if we don't fight back."

"You'll need this," Hound said, handing him one of the three rifles he was carrying. Two in each hand, one on a sling over his shoulder. Wheeljack also noted the blasters maglocked to his hips. "Figure some of our guys'll need some ammo and fast."

"Good thinking," Wheeljack nodded. A shudder traveled down the corridor, thundering for a moment. "It's looking bad. This ain't gonna get fixed by a few Autobots on defense. We need to figure out what's wrong with Metroplex." Wheeljack handed Hound the rifle. "Just a blaster'll do fine, in case they get too far in."

"Er...you got it," Hound answered, giving him one of the hand blasters.

"Hold 'em off as long as ye can. We'll need to buy some time for whatever's wrong. Hoping it can get fixed. I'll keep in touch via personal commlink."

Both Autobots split off as more booms and shudders shook the complex. Wheeljack made his way to the only place that seemed realistic. somethin's wrong with that transformation cog, er somethin' connected to it. Anyway, it's a start...

2001-09-22, 04:06 AM
Simultaneously, Reflector turned their heads and nodded.

"Yes, Lord Galvatron."

They ceased firing at the incapacitated city and assumed Starscream's heading, maintaining a safe distance from the traitorous target.

God Jinrai
2001-09-22, 04:06 AM
Arriving on deck 2, he caught a glimpse of wheeljack and hound... "Wheeljack! Metroplex's Transformation cog's been stolen... or destroyed! Get o trying to relocate some means to get him transformed.. hound, with me. I'm going to greet our intruders... " jinrai charged down the hallway, toward a large doorway... he knew exactly what was outside... but refused to stop... transforming, he punched the throttle, charging out the door... sunlight rushed over him, and he could see various decepticons around him... "Starscream... Thundercracker.. Skywarp... " he muttered... "WHAT?!? Those three according to history records don't exist in 2015!" Jinrai's attention quickly turned to A possibly greater threat... A Black and Purple decepticon tearing away at the defenders not a hundred yards away... and Galvatron,to his left, about the same distance... "Choose my poison, eh? " Jinrai Transformed, taking to the air, in a mighty leap, his plasma cannon ready to fire at the winged intruder, as he sailed through the air at him...

2001-09-22, 09:19 AM
Hound watched Jinrai leap up at the purple and black organic-looking jet. Why'd he haul me out here just so he could take off on a solo attack?

About that time, multiple blaster shots rang against the area he was standing. He ducked right away, checking the charge on one of the rifles he was carrying. Quickly, as he remained hidden, he generated a hologram of an Autobot some five meters away standing up and firing down at the assailants. He couldn't give accurate aiming direction, nor could he project the blaster shots properly without seeing below him in his crouched position, but none of that mattered. They took the bait and splattered the guardway and back wall with blasterfire trying to take down the illusion. Before the image could fade, Hound stood up and started firing below him, taking no time to aim. His first shot actually hit one Decepticon in the head. He went down as Hound changed targets. He fired three times before scoring a hit on the Con's left leg. He made an attempt to duck down as the rest of the Cons redirected their fire, when a good hit slammed into his right shoulder. It forced him back and he landed to the ground before he was able to make contact with the wall. Better the floor, I'd rather not be propped up on the wall for them to take more shots at...


Wheeljack made his way to the central Transformation room, only to find it a mess. The Cog was gone--though debris that littered the floor showed what had become of it. The immediate consoles near where the cog had been were destroyed, and many others beyond that flickered with partial life.

"Oh man," Wheeljack began, "this is beyond a simple tune-up. This'll take hours just to figure out--DAYS to fix!"

He knew that even hours he most definitely didn't have. And still, one armed, he set to work.

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2001-09-22, 04:03 PM
Another slash, another Autobot guard dead. Gigatron admired the parts littered on the ground, when he noticed a shadow befall them. In one swift motion, he spun around and fired a missile into the air.

"Ah, Optimus Prime I presume!"

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2001-09-22, 05:21 PM
Magnus tried to order Metroplex to transform but it was useless. "Transformation cog is out, I can't believe Galvatron is trying this again. Autobots lloks like we're on our own!"

Magnus left his station and lead a few Autobots out. "I hate Deja Vu" Ultra Magnus sighted Galvatron, "Galvatron! You will not succeed!"


Prime received Ignitions call. "Affirmative I'm headed to that location right now." Prime and Shatterbolt ran over there. Prime looked around and looked for the heat zone as did Shatterbolt. "There's no heat source found yet, wait... Shatterbolt." Prime pushed Shatterbolt out of the way. Now he was in front of the a charge attached to the hull. Then in an instant, it exploded.

2001-09-22, 05:54 PM
As Cyclonus was chasing down some nameless, random autobots, he saw Ultra Magnus enter the battlefield. "Looks like I get a challenge after all" Cyclonus said as he flew high up in the air. He then went into a power dive and fired on Ultra Magnus.

As Gunrunner and Overlord were coming in over Metroplex, Overlord spotted Jinrai attacking Gigatron. Overlord pulled away from Gunrunner. He landed, transformed and charged Jinrai.

Super Fire Convoy and God Magnus were driving up to Metroplex after hearing an alert that the Decepticons were attacking. They got there just in time to see Overlord charge Jinrai. Then they spotted Gigatron. They transformed and opened fire on Gigatron hopingto draw his attention so Jinrai would have a fair fight.

Gunrunner landed in a random part of Metroplex and the Chaoticons disembarked and started destroying gun turrets, cannons and anything else that would blow up.

God Jinrai
2001-09-22, 07:07 PM
Jinrai managed to dodge the missile, just barely, and returned the favor with a blast from his plasma cannon... He didn't respond to gigatron... as perhaps if they thought he was prime... he'd have a slight advantage...

2001-09-22, 07:16 PM
Gigatron spun his head as the shots landed next to him.

"Fire Convoy! You've come to your doom!"

Gigatron reloaded his sword and charged his nemeses.

2001-09-22, 08:41 PM
Arriving back on Earth, Adeara Stormweaver returned to her normal, 7 or 8 foot tall form, her long, fiery hair flowing towards the ground, her clothes barely covering her body and showing the malar stripes that declared her age. The Firebird form that she had used to fly from Cybertron to here was very useful-firebirds didn't need air to breathe. Landing near the giant base of Metroplex, Adeara began walking towards it, looking for, hopefully, Galvatron. Sensing, more than seeing, a number of battles, Adeara drew her light sword and began walking again. The short Ta'Kaalen woman looked as if she would have been killed by any of the nameless Autobots that ran around her, but they ignored her. Heading for the sounds of battle, Adeara watched for any Decepticon she recognized......

2001-09-22, 09:28 PM
Galvatron looked around him. He had heard Ultra Magnus, but Cyclonus had cut him off. The second phase of the attack was beginning and all was going along with clockwork perfection. Galvatron noticed the two strangers that had engaged them at his revival moving in on Gigatron. quickly, he transformed into cannon mode and begin to lay down a covering fire on them so try to force them back. This would not last as something would soon hit him with great impact.

Galvatron: "arrrg....who dares?"

Pointblank: "I trust you remember me...scrapheap!"

Galvatron: "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Can't you miserable Autobots stay dead when you get killed?"

Pointblank: "My friends are gone cause of you...countless others have been killed in this slaughter...what do you hope to accomplish you lunitic?" Pointblank asked as he kept a constant fire on the Decepticon leader.

Galvatron transformed: "Oh I'll show you autobot...Scrapper...is the defense grid ready? If so...begin targetting sequence, random city selection and open fire!"

In response a pale transparent dome went across the sky, and the image of Trypticon was seen cast against the sunlight heading towards the battle site.

Pointblank: "Random targets...I have no time for this...I have to get a message to Prime!"

pointblank transformed and rolled past the Decepticons, finally finding wheeljack...though his damaged structure was beginning to give him major problems.

Pointblank: "arg...Wheeljack...we need to get word to Optimus Prime...we can't hold out much longer...why hasn't metroplex transformed?"

outside Galvatron began to cast of numerous random Autobot guardians into oblivion. Hubcap charged at him only to be grabbed mid-transformation and thrown through one of the defensive walls. Galvatron smirked as he realized that this battle was growing steadily to his advantage.

Galvatron: "Dreadwing...you and the others must prove your loyalty...destroy the communications tower."

Galvatron smirked again...soon Earth would be his.

Prowl G1
2001-09-22, 09:37 PM
Receiving Prime's orders, a battle ready Prowl activated a tractor beam to lock onto the disabled decepticon cruiser. The sudden jolt rocked Fotress Maximus slightly indecating a connection. The docking ramp attatched itself creating a bridge between the two ships. Having no time to assemble a boarding party, Prowl went ahead himself, weapons armed. As he carefully walked the ship, Prowl responded to Optimus.

"It seems all clear so far Prime."

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2001-09-22, 09:46 PM
Sixshot, Scorponok, and the Predacons arrived ahead of the second wave of Decepticon attackers.

Sixshot: "Predacons...why don't you re-introduce those losers to Predaking?"

Razorclaw: "An excellent idea...Predacons, MERGE!"

As Predaking assembled himself the three cons drifted closer to the city and began to fire upon all thos autobots that scurried about seeking safety.

Sixshot: "Lord Galvatron...Sixshot, Scorponok, and Predaking reporting for duty!"

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2001-09-22, 10:09 PM
Scrapper activated the defence grid. "Computer, random city target. Authorization level: Total destruction."

>Commercing attack. Target locked. City of Kabul, location Afganistan.

The weapon satellites above their current target began to charge-up. After several seconds, the satellites opened fire. Levering the whole city of Kabul to dust.


As Trypticon landed with small earthquake. Then the enormous battlefortress transformed into dinosaur mode, twice as big as before and began slumbering towards Metroplex who had lost his transformation ability.

"Galvatron! Shall I destroy the Autobot City?!" The largest Decepticon ever roared over the screams of the battle.

2001-09-23, 01:27 AM
Galvatron looked up at Trypticon. While he knew what Trypticon wanted to do, he was needed elsewhere.

Galvatron: "No Trypticon...we can handle this. However, take the Constructicons the site of the United Nations...demand the immediate surrender of all Earth forces...should they decline...unleash hell!"

2001-09-23, 01:47 AM
Dreadwing, Battletrap, Ramjet and Apeface headed for the communications tower.
"There it is", said Ramjet.
"Open fire!" said Dreadwing.
The four Decepticons fired on the comm tower.
(OOC: galvatron91, it's up to you whether or not they hit it, or if someone else gets in the way of the blasts)

2001-09-23, 02:16 AM
Three vehicles approached the city. As they neared, a camera aboard the helicopter shouted to the others, "There they are! Chaoticons at twelve o' clock!"

"All right then," the tank responded, increasing his speed. "Let's move in!" He fired a shell toward the city.

The race car sighed. "Since when is firing on an unsuspecting enemy bravery, Warfare?"

"It's called the element of surprise. I suggest we use it before it's gone!"

"Sorry to disappoint," the camera interrupted, "but I think it's a bit late for that."

Indeed, the four machines were already upon their quarry. The race car spoke up. "Orderforce, transform!"

The camera ejected from his helicopter host, and the team switched to their robot modes. The race car stepped toward the largest of the Chaoticons and drew his katana.

"I am Bushido. I challenge you to a duel of honor. Do you accept?"

Warfare groaned painfully. "Just fight, already!" His staff materialized in his hands, and he charged Mortormaster.

"Come on, Shoulderblades," the camera rallied. "Let's kick some butt!" He took aim at Driveshaft with his gun arm, and fired.

Shoulderblades stood silently behind Bushido, staring at Gunrunner, Driveshaft, and Meanstreak.

2001-09-23, 02:45 AM
Cybershot's blast just missed Driveshaft. The Chaoticons turned to face the Orderforce. "Its been a while. What took you so long to find us? We were getting bored waiting" Gunrunner said.

Mortormaster pointed at Bushido and said "And whats with the goofy looking new guy?"

"Hey Warfare, we still got our souvenirs from you partner's last day on the job" Afterburn said holding up a blue optic.

Meanstreak fired a plasma missile at Bushido and yelled "Enough of this! Lets just slag them and be done with it!"

Mortormaster, Afterburn, and Spaceshot opened fire on Warfare and Cybershot while Gunrunner, Driveshaft, and Meanstreak charged Bushido and Shoulderblades

2001-09-23, 03:09 AM
Warfare turned his head and looked down. Cowboy... Though he hadn't seen it, he could imagine the Chaoticons ripping him limb from limb, gutting him, tearing apart his...

"Warfare!" Cybershot cried, as he fired on Afterburn. "Wake up! These guys are all over us!"

Warfare nodded and, dodging a quick shot, took a stab at Spaceshot's torso.

With incredible speed, Bushido batted away the missile. "Answer me, Gunrunner! Do you accept my challenge?"

Shoulderblades watched the charge and silently raised his rifle. Though he showed no signs of emotion, a terrible pain filled him as he fired on Meanstreak.

2001-09-23, 03:36 AM
Warfare's stab opened a small gash in Spaceshot's chest. "You worthless piece of slag!" Spaceshot yelled while firing at Warfare with his Proton rifles.

"I have no use for honor, you pathetic collaboration of spare parts" Gunrunner said while firing his rail gun on Bushido.

"Perhaps we should show these guys how we blew up that planet" Mortormaster suggested after punching Cybershot in the faceplate.

"Alright. I guess we've toyed with these punks long enough. Chaoticons, transform" Gunrunner ordered.

The Chaoticons each transformed to their alt modes and then each made slight transformations to their corresponding part of the Gestalt: Meanstreak into the left leg; Driveshaft into the right leg; Mortormaster into the lower torso; Spaceshot into the right arm; Afterburn into the left arm; and Gunrunner into the upper torso and head.

"Prepare to face the wrath of Anarchy!" Anarchy said while taking a thunderous step towards the Orderforce

2001-09-23, 04:12 AM
Bushido spun his head to Warfare. "You never told me they could merge!"

Warfare stared stupidly at his leader. "I-I didn't know!"

They both looked back to the monstrosity as it stepped toward them. Shoulderblades helped Cybershot up, and they joined the others.

"Good thing we were prepared for this sort of thing." Cybershot rubbed his face.

Bushido nodded, then glanced quickly at each. "Orderforce, unite!"

Simultaneously, the four Autobots transformed. Warfare's legs folded up, his chest split along its horizontal line, and his arms unfolded and returned to their tank position. Cybershot's head sank into his body and was hidden, his right arm retracted, his legs connected and swung to the right and up, and his gun arm stuck straight out to the left. Bushido jumped into the air. His legs rotated forward and folded back, his arms connected over his head then rotated and dropped, forming a torso. The four wheels rotated under. Shoulderblades also leaped. He transformed into helicopter mode, then split in half. Each side ejected a hand and connected to the openings where Bushido's front wheels had been. The propellers rotated upward as Bushido dropped onto Cybershot and Warfare. Finally, a head emerged from the torso as Warfare's staff connected to the hilt of Bushido's sword.

"You shall cause this city no harm, Anarchy," the gestalt shouted as he grasped the nodachi. "So swears Vigilance!" Without hesitation, he jabbed at Anarchy's midsection.

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God Jinrai
2001-09-23, 05:23 AM
Jinrai landed, turning from gigatron, seeing he was now occupied... his head turned, only to see overlord charing him... Jinrai nearly froze... "overlord... no.. it... DAMN IT! both mega and giga... here... DAMN IT!" Jinrai took a run at overlord, squeezing off round after round of plasma fire on his oncomming assailant... but it seemed it was doing little good... "blast it, I should have known better than to try and..." Jinrai was cut short... the gap between the two had closed... and overlord's strike connected with him... sending him sprawling to the ground... (ooc: Uni, my appologies, just setting up for something comming up)

2001-09-23, 05:31 AM
Anarchy jumped backwards just in time, avoiding Vigilance's jab. Anarchy drew his high powered rail gun and fired a shot at Vigilance's chest.

The impact of the blast sent Vigilance flying through a wall, send debris flying. Vigilance got up and shook off the shot. He picked up his nodachi, charged at Anarchy, and swung at him.

The only effect of the swing was knocking Anarchy's rail gun flying into a nearby pile of rubble.

Vigilance looked down at his weapon, then back up at Anarchy. "I would dare not fight an enemy with no weapon..." And stabbed it into the ground. "That is, unless I were unarmed myself." And then Vigilance charged.

"Spare me your honor you overgrown toaster oven!" Anarchy exclaimed just before Vigilance reached him. Anarchy took Vigilance head on and the two grappled.

After struggling for control for a minute or two Vigilance gained the upper hand, picks up Anarchy, and slams Anarchy into the ground with an echoing crash.

"Do you surrender, or must I provide you concrete proof that I shall not let you prevail?" Vigilance inquired, standing over Anarchy.

"Never!" Anarchy shouted while leg sweeping Vigilance and sending him crashing to the ground. "Shall we continue this fight at a more interesting location?" Anarchy said while getting up and taking off. Vigilance got up and followed Anarchy, who led him to the top of a mountain.

Anarchy landed, and turned to watch Vigilance land. "Let the fun begin"

2001-09-23, 07:22 AM
Galvatron commenced firing when he noticed a small female wondering about the battle field.

Galvatron: "It couldn't be..."

Galvatron continued to press on, trying to not allow himself to be distracted by this. Everywhere he looked the autobots were falling back and regrouping. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Red Alert, Huffer, and Gears charge at him. Galvatron took a step back and braced for the impact of their shots...each autobot fired freely, and each hit the Decepticon leader square on. Yet Galvatron would not fall, instead he made use of one of Gigatron's new abilities and transformed into jet mode, racing towards the Autobots, cannons blazing, Gears and huffer fell to severe injuries almost immediately and were quickly pulled back. Red Alert stayed to cover his fallen friends while the medi-bots pulled the wounded to safety. Galvatron transformed and sneered at Red for standing his ground.

Galvatron: "You have picked a poor day for such heroics...autobot."

Galvatron knocked Red's weapon out of his hands and grasped him, tearing away a piece of Red's chest compartment. Galvatron was about to literally tear the spark from Red, when Pointblank looked out from his position with Wheeljack...

Pointblank: "Oh no...wheeljack...keep working on getting the signal up...i have to help Red."

Pointblank opened fire on the Emperor of Destruction with everything Peacemaker could give him...enough to stagger Galvatron back and force him off Red Alert. Pointblank then pulled Red back to Wheeljack.

Pointblank: "Now we really have our work cut out for us...I think I just made Galvatron really, REALLY mad."

2001-09-23, 05:41 PM
Adeara paused, and turned her head. Seeing Galvatron attacking an autobot, she nodded, and walked towards him. As she walked, little wisps of smoke drifted from the rubble around her as the firebird part of her make-up awoke. Reaching a place near Galvatron, she paused again, and climbed up a pile of rubble so she could watch...

2001-09-23, 06:19 PM
Trypticon was disappointed. He had wanted to destroy Metroplex, who had humiliated him many times. But Trypticon was not a Decepticon that didn't follow orders.

"Very well Commander Galvatron. If you say so. But don't blaim me if the Autobots manage to beat you." Trypticon sighed and transformed into his mobile assault base mode. Then the giant Decepticon activated his thrusters and lifted off, heading towards New York and the UN building.

Inside Trypticon...

Bonecrusher was getting annoyed. "I want to crush Autobots! This flying from place to place is getting boring!"

Scrapper glanced at Bonecrusher and spoke.

"We're going to go demand the immediate surrender of all Earth forces Bonecrusher. If they don't cooperate, we have authorization to destroy everything on sight. So stay calm for now."

After their little discussion both of the Constructicons went to prepare for the landing as Trypticon was approaching their targer quickly.

After several minutes...

Trypticon arrived to the Big Apple, laying down large shadow over the city. The enormous transformer landed near the UN building, crushing dozens of buildings as he landed.

One of the doors on Trypticon's large hull opened and the six Constructicons marched out. All of them carried a gun. Scrapper stopped several metres from the building, he lifted his gun towards skies and fired.

"I'm Scrapper, the ambassador of the great Decepticon Empire! Heed my words people of Earth, as they will define your lifespan!"

The other Constructicons surrounded the UN building. All of them were prepared to act, if any threat was being presented.

Scrapper continued his speech. "Lord Supreme Commander Galvatron of Decepticon Military demands immeadiate surrender of Earth forces! Accept our terms and your race shall not be wiped out from existance!"

Couple of humans observing the happenings began to throw different objects towards Bonecrusher and Scavenger. "Humankind will never bow before you monsters!"

Bonecrusher kicked the building near the angry mob. The building collapsed, burying the humans.

"Hahahaa! Puny fleshlings!" Bonecrusher laughed.

Scrapper's voice got dangerous tone. "Don't try anything stupid! Next attack against us will be punished much harder!"

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2001-09-23, 06:23 PM
The bolts hit the comm tower dead on, completly destroying it. Not even the best Autobot repairbots could fix it.
"Well done, everyone. Dreadwing to Galvatron, the tower has been destroyed."
Bombshell couldn't belive his luck! The Decepticon leader, here in his grasp. He just hoped those miserable Autobots would keep him distracted long enough so he could get his work done. Taking aim, he fired a cerebro shell at Galvatron.

2001-09-23, 06:55 PM
Vigilance grew enraged. How dare he call this fun! he thought. But he remained silent, for words would be wasted on his enemy. They stared at each other for minutes. Vigilance maintained his quiet fury, while Anarchy wore a vague smirk. Then simultaneously, they both charged. Vigilance extended his hands to grapple Anarchy, but instead caught his shoulder. The force was too much, and Vigilance fell back. Anarchy stood over his foe for a moment, then pulled his leg back and booted him. Vigilance soared through the air, between a pair of trees. Anarchy threw his arms over his head.

"Three points!" he shouted sarcastically.

Vigilance flipped himself backward and onto his feet, staring coldly at Anarchy. He fired a quick barrage from his arm gun, which caught the unprepared Anarchy in the shoulder. Before Anarchy could recover, Vigilance charged and grabbed Anarchy's hands. They struggled for control, but Anarchy was still stunned from the blast. Vigilance slowly began to crush his hands and tear his arms from his body.

"W-Wait!" Anarchy cried painfully. "I surrender!"

And Vigilance stopped. He smiled gently, as much as he could with his underlying pain, and released Anarchy's hands. "Then I must take you into custody. Disengage at once."

Anarchy grinned wickedly. "What an idiot." While Vigilance stared at him confusedly, a gun formed of each Chaoticon's weapon materialized in his hand, and he pulled the trigger. The point blank blast caused as much damage to Anarchy as it did to Vigilance, and the two were sent plummeting over opposite edges of the mountain. Each tumbled over the terrain, tearing loose boulders and trees as they slid. By the time they reached the bottom, both had disengaged, and the rockslides only furthered their injuries.

Gunrunner looked over his soldiers. "That fall damaged us. It's sure to have destroyed them. Lets get out of here." As the last Chaoticon was freed from the rubble, they took off.

Warfare, lying under a boulder, barely spotted Gunrunner through the dust as he passed over the mountain. "No...Give back...Cowboy..."

As Bushido dug Warfare out, he could see great amounts of energon leaking from wounds on his chest. He nearly winced. "Shoulderblades, can you transform?"

Shoulderblades nodded and complied. Bushido hoisted Warfare and boarded Shoulderblades with Cybershot. They took off for Autobot City, hoping to find help within.

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StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-23, 07:31 PM
Thundercracker and Skywarp watched the destruction beneath them as they continued their high-speed aerial assault on Autobot City.

Skywarp saw Pointblank fire at Galvatron...

"miserable Autobot..."

Skywarp disengaged his attack and flew towards his leader.

"want me to gut him...?" questioned Skywarp.

Galvatron stared blankly over Skywarp's shoulder seemingly fixated on something else.

"well?" Skywarp continued.

Thundercracker watched from the skies, he saw Red Alert lift his rifle...

"battered but not beaten Red Alert, you should know better..." Thundercracker went into a steep dive and launched several missiles towards Red Alert's position destroying the surrounding area of the Autobot and knocking him offline. He pulled up and flew through the smoke of the once proud autobot's remnants.

pathetic...these Autobots are no match for our numbers and firepower Thundercracker returned to the air continuing the assault on the city.

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2001-09-23, 10:48 PM
Sitting on the pile of rubble, Adeara simply watched the fun. Her sword vanishing for the moment, she folded her hands. Pieces of metal around her began to melt some as the heat from the firebird settled into one place. Compared to the Decepticons around her, she was tiny, but compared to the fleshlings of this world, she was quite large. Looking to the purple jet, Adeara spoke quite loud enough for him to hear her. "I don't know you. I am Adeara Stormweaver, last of my people."

2001-09-24, 01:13 AM
They could hear the blasts in the distance, the explosions and screams of warfare. As they pushed through the woods into the clearing occupied by the Autobot giant Metroplex, the lieutentants of Decepticon Commander Optitron (Blazestarter, Driveby, Blackout and Magnacrunch) looked for the other half of their rendezvous. It came from the sky, transforming from a jet into a robot and landing before them.

"Starscream," Blackout said, "you do indeed live. We could hardly believe that your calls for this rendezvous were genuine."

"Of course I live! No force in the universe can destroy me!"

"Duh, cept Galvatron," Magnacrunch interjected.

"Silence, you metallic moron!" Starscream shouted. "Now then, our mission is clear. Galvatron is unfit to be Decepticon leader. Deep within him lies Megatron, the most inept commander in Cybertron history. To remove him from power, however, we need the only Decepticon capable of standing against him...we need....Optitron!"

"But how we gon' free him, yo?" Driveby asked. "That big ol' bot still got him in space!"

"No matter," Starscream replied. "The Decepticons have destroyed Metroplex's transformation cog. It is only a matter of time before the Autobots summon that fool Optimus Prime to Earth. With Prime will come Fortress Maximus, and Optitron will be inside. You know what to do once they arrive. So do it!"

With that, Starscream transformed and headed for the battlefield.

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2001-09-24, 01:41 AM
As they spotted Starscream's return to the city, Reflector dove into a cluster of trees to be sure he would not spot them. They watched him head off, then faced each other.

We must report this to Galvatron at once, Viewfinder thought. Spectro and Spyglass nodded, and they headed for Galvatron's location.

2001-09-24, 03:35 AM
Every one of Starscream's sensors was at maximum level, his paranoia heightened by his first move to dethrone the very robot that had brought him back to life.

As he neared the airspace of the brutal battle outside Metroplex, the jet detected movement below and behind him. Sensing Autobots, he flew low into the trees, trying to confuse his pursuers. Pulling a daring move, Starscream executed a full 180 turn through the trees and headed straight for the source of the motion.

Suddenly, the source disappeared. Starscream transformed and, frustrated, shouted, "Where are you hiding, coward?!?" He turned and prepared for takeoff when his boot struck a tiny metallic object on the ground. He picked up the camera at his feet and recognized the Decepticon logo emblazoned on it. It then struck him that he held his Decepticon compatriot Reflector in his hand.

Starscream said, "Don't dare transform. I should crush you now, once and for all, and I would if I didn't think that you could be useful. You must have overheard my conversation with the other Decepticons, and you're no doubt going to report back to Galvatron. No! You won't! Instead, you'll return to the field with me, and you won't leave my side, puny one. You will not leave my side until my plan is complete. Utter one word of what you've heard to Galvatron, and I'll melt you into scrap, all of you. Understand?"

2001-09-24, 06:07 AM
Galvatron turned as the cerebro shell sailed towards him. He reached up and caught the shell.

Galvatron: "I had thought you would have known better...pity."

Galvatron crushed the shell and let the dust fall to the ground. His fury was about to be unleashed at his attacker when the comm center went up in flames.

Galvatron: "Excellent...I will deal with this whelp later...right now I have a city to conquer."

2001-09-24, 07:00 AM
"That's it," Pointblank shouted to Wheeljack. "Comm tower just went out!"

Wheeljack slammed his fist into the console. "I hope we got enough of that message out. Barely got finished saying 'Under attack' when that rumble shook us. The comm tracker's on--we can find out how much of the message got through..."

Wheeljack keyed up the commands--slowly with one hand--and the computer began to playback the sent portion of the message.

"Attention, Op--*';.,.."

Then, silence.

"That's it?!" Pointblank growled.

Wheeljack dropped his cranium. "We're in big trouble. Fort Max is probably the only one that can get us out of this jam if we don't start pushing back soon. And we have nuthin' to push with!" The Autobot inventor looked around the comm room, then thought a moment. "I might have something to create a long-range tight beam transmission, but we'd have to know Max's exact coordinates to make it work."

"How hard's that going to be?"

"Well, first things first--we need to BUILD the thing before we can go anywhere with it. And, I only got one hand, so..."

Pointblank nodded. "Just tell me what to do."

Both made their way to Wheeljack's lab, luckily not too far away.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-24, 12:24 PM
why doesn't he answer me, it's as if I'm not standing here beside him

"I don't know you. I am Adeara Stormweaver, last of my people." a voice came from behind him, Skywarp turned to look where it came from...a human here

"Lord Galvatron..."

Galvatron turned and caught the cerebro shell that Bombshell fired at him "I had thought you would have known better...pity."

Skywarp was still fascinated by the human that appeared amidst all the chaos....

"Excellent...I will deal with this whelp later...right now I have a city to conquer." Galvatron proclaimed, Skywarp stood still, then broke his gaze.
"Galvatron...." he paused, looked at his leader then transformed to his jet mode, the light of the setting sun glinting off the sheer black paintwork, "....nevermind"
Skywarp took to the air again and watched at Starscream returned to the battle...

2001-09-24, 02:41 PM
Ultra Magnus dodged Cyclonus's shot, but one shot hit his gun. He threw it to the ground in frustration. "Ugh! I got to save Autobot City!" Maguns fired one of his missles from his upper arm.

Optimus Prime got up damaged. "Ugh, I'll...be...alright." Optimus narrowed his optics, "But I lost energon, I'll be unable to fight." Prime thought about the intruder, "This...isn't working. We have to find a way to get it out. You have any suggestions Shatterbolt?"

2001-09-24, 03:33 PM
Shatterbolt sat up. a bit dazed. The shrapnel from the explosion had taken a part of her left arm, and she stared at the wound as the fluids ran out onto the floor. Grimly, she clamped her right hand over it and did what she could to hide it from Optimus.

"Uh... whew. I think we should get back to the bridge, sir, and quickly. No doubt these charges were planted here as a diversion... Our intruder might be making his way to the bridge as we speak."


Ignition looked at the monitor. Shock slowly settled itself on her countenance as she looked at the readings. Now that she knew what to look for, she could see dozens of bomb clusters all over Fort Max.

"Cripes, there's tons of 'em... I wonder if they're remote-detonated? If so, we have to find the one who's settin' them..."

At that, Ignition activated the comm.

"Prime, there's far too many bombs down there for the two of you to take care of! I don't know what our little "friend" is planning, but he's got enough explosive stuff spread out around us to blow Fort Max to the moons!"

(ooc: Lah dee dah... Ravage, Phil, check your PM's! Oh, and I forgot to mention to the rest of you... I have a couple of drawings of Shatterbolt up on Geocities, I put them up when I was still playing the RPG at Seibertron. Here's the URL, if ya wanna take a look:

She really hasn't changed all that much from when I put these up, so... that's her, basically.)

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2001-09-24, 04:31 PM
Adeara simply sneered when she picked up the jet's thought of her being a human. Human...As if a human could change her form at will, or rip a mind apart. Human... Turning back to see what Galvatron was doing, Adeara simply let her anger simmer, the area around her now so hot the metal debris was turning liquid.

2001-09-24, 06:27 PM
A large group of terrified people began to rush out from the UN building. But no answer was given to Scrapper's request.

Scrapper turned towards the huge form of Trypticon. "Trypticon! Show them that we are not to be taken lightly!"

The huge battlefortress turned one of his rotating scanners towards the Statue of Liberty and fired, destroying the statue completely with one shot.

The Constructicons began to laugh. After several seconds after the destraction of the Statue of Liberty Scrapper turned towards the UN building again. "We want your answer! And we want it now! We want complete surrender of Earth forces! Surrender and your pathetic race will be spared!" He yelled.


Inside the UN building...

"We can't surrender! Those mechanical monsters would slaughter us one by one!" One of the council member screamed.

"If we surrender, many lives would be saved! They promised to spare us!" Was the answer of couple of other members.

"Let's nuke 'em!" Someone shouted.

They were interrupted by gigantic Constucticon gestalt Devastator, punching his fist through the wall.

"You have one hour to answer! We have surrounded Earth with Defensive Grid of satellites! We can destroy any target on Earth in couple of seconds be it a nuclear missile or city! If you don't surrender within an hour, we will start destroyin Earth cities, starting here!" Devastator roared, ripping the roof of UN building away, throwing it towards Manhattan.

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2001-09-24, 08:21 PM
Galvatron turned back to Skywarp: "Pardon my distraction...yes...the autobot is yours...destroy him!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-24, 10:44 PM
"Pardon my distraction...yes...the autobot is yours...destroy him!" crackled the order over the com link...

finally, I get a reply
"on my way Galvatron, thought you might like to know; Screamer's back"

Skywarp disengaged his brief attack on the city and flew low searching for his foe...

2001-09-24, 10:51 PM
Bombshell scuttled away from Galvatron as fast as he could. "I'm in trouble" he thought to himself."
Dreadwing and the others noticed Pointblank and Wheeljack running away.
"Battletrap, stay here. The rest of us, after those Autobots!"

2001-09-25, 03:14 AM
Trapped, Reflector thought. We could transform and take him out, but at least one of us would be critically injured in the process. What good is a spy who can't transform? And yet, Galvatron will kill us all if we cooperate with Starscream. Trapped.

"Yes, Starscream," the camera finally spoke. "We understand."

We must figure out a way to inform Galvatron...Perhaps...


"There!" Cybershot cried, pointing out the window at a helipad. "We can land there!"

The helicopter moved in to descend on the spot, but it shattered in a cascade of fiery ash before he could. He hovered over a small building. "Jump." His voice was nearly inaudible.

Bushido and Cybershot looked at his console. "But..."

Before Bushido could finish, Shoulderblades threw his side door open. No words were required for Bushido to understand that this was a losing argument. He lifted Warfare, and motioned with his head for Cybershot to go first. He did, and Bushido and Warfare quickly followed. Cybershot hit the ground on his feet; Bushido could not prevent falling into a roll and dropping Warfare. Once all were on the ground, Shoulderblades transformed and slowly began lowering himself, but his left propeller gave out and he plummeted the rest of the way. By the time he regained his feet, the others were prepared, and they entered the door atop the building together.

"Medic!" Bushido shouted as he descended the stairs.

2001-09-25, 04:14 AM
Starscream eyed the camera suspciously.

"Very well," he said evilly. "Enjoy your new accomodations until your services are needed." He then opened the cockpit on his chest and placed Reflector inside. He then transformed to jet mode and returned to the battle, landing next to Skywarp and Galvatron, both of whom tossed him an angry glance.

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2001-09-25, 08:00 AM
Galvatron glared at Starscream...

Galvatron: "Off hiding? Pathetic...most of the Autobots have been battered back into hiding and you finally get into the battle...its too bad that new body of yours didn't come with more courage! Skywarp, show him how this is done...you and Thundercracker start the second wave of the attack...i want Autobot City to be taken by morning tomorrow!"
Elsewhere Pointblank looked out from where he had covered Wheeljack. Leaping out he went to retrieve Red Alert's body.

Pointblank: "How...you still function old friend? How is this possible?"

Pointblank: "Ultra Magnus, this is Pointblank...wheeljack and I are fairly certain that our transmission was too brief to reach Optimus Prime...we need to get some help soon or we'll never hold out. Perhaps we should send a team of Autobots to the old Autobot HQ in the restored volcano and see if they can rig up a radio..."

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-25, 10:51 AM
Skywarp once again broke off his low-level attack

sheesh, wish he'd make his mind up (OOC - http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/wink.gif)

He landed next to Galvatron and saw Starscream land and transform beside them, he glared towards the sneaky decepticon. He laughed at Galvatron's comments towards Starscream.

"Skywarp, show him how this is done...you and Thundercracker start the second wave of the attack...i want Autobot City to be taken by morning tomorrow!"

"Yes Lord Galvatron" Skywarp opened a com channel "All Decepticons not currently battling re-group at my position, we take Auotobot City, TONIGHT, Galvatron commands it! Dreadwing, break off your attack, I need all available strength at the main attack, leave Ramjet to the chase."

With that Skywarp transformed and flew of towards the main entrance of Autobot City, Thundercracker followed closely. They both dodged Autobot City's defences using the skills their modified bodies provided them.
They landed at the entrance to Autobot City:Earth taking out a few paltry defences as they touched down. They awaited to see who would join them in their conquest...

2001-09-25, 07:44 PM
Thundercracker touched down, firing a blast at an auto-gun, grinning in delight at the smoke that poured from it I haven't had this much fun in years... come to think of it, I haven't done anything in years... Thundercracker suddenly realised how much he'd missed in the past few years...

"Uhm, Skywarp...?" He wrestled with the words he wanted to say... about whether it was really wise to be involved in a war he was kinda happy to have missed a decade of...

"Leave it Thunders - there'll be plenty of time for yakking afterwards"

"Er... yeah, whatever..."

2001-09-25, 08:56 PM
Ultra Magnus fired again but as the smoke cleared he transformed and started to speed away. He then recieved the call from Pointblank.

"Pointblank! We can't leave Autobot City to the Decepticons. You'll have to go alone, with Wheeljack." Magnus replyed. He tryed to open a wide band message, "Autobots, Galvatron wants this place bad! Head to the control center. We'll make our stand there!"


Prime didn't even take the time to respond to Shatterbolt as he already rushed to the bridge. "Uh, how could I leave Ignition ALONE, if a Decepticon is there...."

2001-09-25, 09:14 PM
Thundercracker stared into the sky, watching "his" forces circling in. Take the city by morning, eh? Some chance, even unable to transform, this thing's about as impregnable as they come... really needs softening up a bit... heh "Later, Skywarp - I've got a job to do!" Thundercracker transformed into jet mode and rose up into the sky

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-25, 09:23 PM
Skywarp watched on, he couldn't believe what he just heard Thundercracker say...

"Later, Skywarp - I've got a job to do!"
This left him standing, stunned.
what's he planning?

He then heard a message coming through his comm systems..
"This is Thundercracker calling all Decepticon units - engage high freqency dampeners, and turn on your audio filters... this may sting!"

Skywarp thought to himself let's see what he can do...

2001-09-25, 09:27 PM
Reflector could see Galvatron through Starscream's cockpit.

So close! If he sees me, he'll realize something's gone wrong with the mission, and he'll free us...or he'll think we've allied with Starscream and kill us. No, he knows we're loyal. Galvatron! Help!


Each member of Orderforce, Warfare included, looked up as they heard Magnus' announcement.

"We may be damaged," Bushido began. "But we cannot allow the Decepticons to take the city. I would rather die tonight in saving Metroplex than live otherwise!"

"F-For once..." Warfare struggled, "we agree." Slowly, he struggled out of Bushido's arms.

"You can't fight, Warfare. Look at yourself! You'll be killed!"

Warfare drew his staff from subspace. "What were you just saying about dying here being better than living in shame?" Before Bushido could respond, Warfare was on his way to the control center.

Bushido watched him stagger away for a minute, then nodded. "Right. Orderforce, let's go!" He drew his katana and led the rest of the team after Warfare.

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2001-09-25, 09:33 PM
Thundercracker rose up, and couldn't help noticing how beautiful the Earthen scenery looked... "what a waste.." he heard himself mutter... "C'mon, Thunders - concentrate! Do this right and Screamer's out the door and it's 'Hello Air Commander Thundercracker'"

He began his circle of the city, gaining speed and momentum, dipping lower and closer to the city as he flew.

"Gotta time this just right..." he primed his audio blasters, and just as he began his second circuit, tipped over 90 degrees and unleashed the full fury of his sonic boom, at the precise moment that he broke Mach 1. Thundercracker knew immediately that the simultaneous double breach of the sound barrier would not only live long on the audio receptors of all who had heard it, but that his job was more than certainly accomplished.

He opened a line to Skywarp "There ya go, Warp. If there's a reinforced window uncracked, a seal unruptured, or a radio transmitter still functional in that city - I clear your old tab at Macadam's!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-25, 09:51 PM
"There ya go, Warp. If there's a reinforced window uncracked, a seal unruptured, or a radio transmitter still functional in that city - I clear your old tab at Macadam's!"

Skywarp prayed he found one...
"Thanks buddy, I'll hold you to that!"
He surveyed the damage the sonic blast had caused...doesn't look like my tab's getting cleared anytime soon...

Skywarp opened a comm channel and repeated his message

"All Decepticons not currently battling re-group at my position, we take Auotobot City, TONIGHT, Galvatron commands it"

2001-09-25, 10:12 PM
Adeara heard the transmission, and smirked. Well, now I can actually do something rather than sit here and watch the fun. Hopping to her feet, she jumped off the pile of metal and instantly shifted into a bird. Flying higher, she spotted the jet, and flew towards him. Before getting too close, she shifted back to her normal form, and dropped onto a pile next to him. "You called for bored Decepticons?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-25, 10:12 PM
"All Decepticons not currently battling re-group at my position, we take Auotobot City, TONIGHT, Galvatron commands it"

The message came through loud and clear amidst the sounds of war.
He headed towards Skywarp co-ordinates at the edge of the city.
His Jet half scorched the ground beneath him, the tank section steam-rolled the ground infront of it.
Both headed towards the city, the very size of them over-whelming and over-shadowing the transformers it passed on it's way.
As he neared the position he saw the sonic boom hit the city spoil my fun why don't you he thought to himself.

Both sections stopped where they were. The tank split in two down the centre and stood upright, the jet turned to a vertical axis and lowered onto the upright tank sections, the top half breaking off and attacking various Autobots. 2 huge sets of weapons sprang from his chest, the wings of the massive jet folded back and fists extended from the ends, 2 panels on his chest opened revealing engines, one gold, one silver, his face glinted orange, reflecting the setting sun.
The shadow of the giant robot blanketed a large amount of the city in relative darkness.

"Overlord destroy Autobot City"

2001-09-25, 10:52 PM
Originally posted by Skywarp:

"All Decepticons not currently battling re-group at my position, we take Auotobot City, TONIGHT, Galvatron commands it"


"You heard him" said Dreadwing. "return to Autobot City.
"But the Autobots..." Ramjet protested.
"Do as I say!" shouted Dreadwing

2001-09-25, 11:29 PM
Aboard Fortress Maximus...

He was the goal, the fusion of strength, intelligence, armor, firepower, battlefield savvy and a total lack of mercy that no Decepticon before him could match. And yet, with all these powers at his disposal, Optitron sat dejected in the corner of his holding chamber, waiting for salvation from his evil comrades.

Where are the Decepticons? he thought. My rescue should be their first priority. The fools must be into something, but who leads them? And what battle could be so titanic that the Autobots would not send this monstrous contraption in on their side? Something is not right...without enough power in my circuits to break these bonds, I need my weapons to drain the energy from this huge Autobot and repower myself tenfold. Something must happen soon...

Back on Earth...

As Pointblank asked Ultra Magnus over the radio for assistance, the young Autobot freewheeler Whitespeed was blasting away at the Decepticons before him. Just as he was starting to feel that they might have to fall back, the Decepticons pulled back.

"Just when it was getting good!" Whitespeed said, lowering his weapon. Just then, an errant blast hit him in the chest, blasting him through a wall and into the waiting arms of Pointblank and Wheeljack. Whitespeed sat up holding his head and said, "What's up, guys? Get through to Prime, or are we taking this one up the tailpipe?"

Prowl G1
2001-09-26, 12:07 AM
As Prowl made his way back to the docking shoot, he could hear the sounds of small arms fire. His blue eyes gave shot a flash of aggression, and Prowl transformed.
His engine was thrown into over drive as he tried to get to the heart of the matter, but was too late. He passed the whole that was cut into the hull of Fortress Maximus, only stopping a moment for his sensors to take it all in. The tires peeled out as the Datsun shot forward, high beams on. Shining on a fallen a mass of fallen red metal, Prowl transformed to come to the aid of Optimus Prime. His battle system still armed, weapons drawn, he looked to Prime and spoke.

"What hit us?" He said as he looked down the corridor of which Stealth had first emerged from.

2001-09-26, 12:53 AM
"Okay, now recenter that last portion," Wheeljack instructed. He shook his head a moment. For a bit, it had sounded as if the fighting outside had subsided. He continued to work, no time for thinking about what could be going on out there.

"No wait, hold on," Wheeljack interrupted Pointblank. He pointed at one of the colored relays. "This one goes there," he gestured to where a second relay was installed, "and that one goes....yeah that's it." Before Wheeljack had finished, Pointblank had already swapped both relays and had them installed in their proper position.

"Is it me, or did it really quiet out there?" Pointblank questioned.

Wheeljack's head shot up. So it wasn't just him!

A moment later, a loud boom shook the room, vibrating everything. not the room, the whole city... Interrupting Wheeljack's thoughts, the wall to Wheeljack's left blew through, and an Autobot sailed into the room, crashing between them.

"What's up, guys? Get through to Prime, or are we taking this one up the tailpipe?"

"Whitespeed?" Wheeljack heard Pointblank say through messed up audio receptors. Every sound was a pulsating mess and canned at the same time. Whitespeed stood up as the two working Autobots looked down. The transmitter was a wreck.

Wheeljack sighed. "This...."

"Is not good?" Pointblank finished.

"Understatement," Wheeljack answered. "This jus' plain sucks..."

2001-09-26, 12:53 AM
Fire Convoy batted the missile away. "The only one dying today is you, Gigatron!" God Magnus raised Blue Bolts to fire, but Convoy pushed it down.

"No. Go to the control center and help Ultra Magnus. I can take care of him." God Magnus nodded, transformed, and rolled off.

"A foolish move, Fire Convoy. I'll hunt him down as soon as I'm done with you!" Gigatron lunged at his enemy, swinging a sword. Convoy raised his arm to block it.

"Don't bet on it, Gigatron!" The blade slowly began to cut into his arm, motivating Fire Convoy to push Gigatron away. He's gotten more powerful. Must have altered his design...

Gigatron swung again, but he was deflected by a blast from Fire Convoy's pistol. In the moment, the latter jumped into the air.

"Super Fire Convoy!" he cried, and his battle armor pieced itself together around him.

"Even God Fire Convoy pales in comparison to the might of Gigatron! Too bad we'll never see, isn't it?" Gigatron leaped, flipping his body as he ascended. In the split second that his form was inverted, his swords launched from his hands and struck Super Fire Convoy in the arm and side. He staggered back, giving Gigatron the opportunity to place his legs around his foe's neck and bring the monstrosity crashing to the ground. He fetched a sword and held it over his head.

"Your precious planet is mine!"

Only one chance. "Fire Convoy!" As Gigatron brought the blade down, the armor collapsed. Fire Convoy utilized the momentary confusion to sneak out from under Gigatron, kick him to the ground, and transform.

"The Autobots are more of a concern to me than you are at the moment, Gigatron!"

Gigatron looked over his shoulder at the retreating fire truck. An enraged scowl covered his face. He nearly screamed a challenge to return, but by the time he reached his feet, it was too late. In his fury, he collapsed a nearby wall with a punch, and transformed to jet mode. Momentarily, he spotted Skywarp and Thundercracker.

"Come, fellow Decepticons! Our primary target is the control center!"


Orderforce and God Magnus entered the control center simultaneously from opposite ends of the room. They looked at each other briefly, then at the city's commander.

"Ultra Magnus, my name is Bushido. This is my team. We are here to assist you in any way."

"Can it, kid," God Magnus commanded as he pointed out a recently shattered window. "Company's coming!"

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2001-09-26, 12:58 AM
"Oh, come on!" Whitespeed said, throwing up his hands. "You can't tell me that's the only way to get through to Prime! I'll take a ship out and fetch 'em myself if I have to! And maybe I'll take a few Cons with me if we're lucky! Well, whaddya say, Wheeljack?"

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2001-09-26, 01:28 AM
Hound ran into the entryway hangar of the city, making his way to the command room. It was at that moment the main blastdoors creased open, and Orderforce plus another autobot came rolling through. They past the blast doors as blaster shots ricocheted off of everything. "Hey!" Hound began to shout. Instead, he turned towards the slowly closing blast doors and pulled out his rifle. The aerial Decepticons making a strafing run ceased their fire, and the central one rolled 90 degrees as if to split the closing doors. Hound wasn't having it and fired with his rifle. Enough shots tagged the ship and caused him to angle slightly to the right. Before he could roll back and correct, the doors closed up again. A moment later, a loud thud echoed from outside.

Hound let his rifle down then turned back down the hangarway the two Autobots traveled down. "Keep opening blast doors like that and we'll let 'em ALL come in! What were you thinking?!"

But they had long gone, leaving Hound's remark to echo off the bulkheads.


"You mean, so you can get yourself shot down in three seconds?" Pointblank questioned.

Wheeljack stood up. "Actually, it's not a bad idea. We'd only need enough time to send a signal on a narrow beam. We could send it encoded and prerecorded, sped up so we can transmit in a matter of seconds. Of course, we still need to build a transmitter."

"AND, we still need to try and locate Prime. Which takes more than a few seconds."

Wheeljack shook his head. "You have to figure Prime's probably already made it to Cybertron by now. If he hasn't, he's still on course and no tellin' exactly where. In which case, it's still better to contact Cybertron, as THEY will have a much better chance of contacting him and letting them know what's happening."

"Of course," Pointblank nodded. "So we have our destination."

"But we still don't have a comm system."

"Hold on," Pointblank started. "Whitespeed, don't you have a long-range communications system for CAP missions?"

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2001-09-26, 04:04 AM
Stealth wandered around Fort Max.
"Hmm one more bomb to go I should put this one in the bridge." he thought to himself then suddenly he saw a Decepticon symbol and a Transformer behind bars.
"Who are you?" Stealth asked the robot.

2001-09-26, 05:19 AM
"Yeah, I do," Whitespeed responded, "but what good's that gonna do us now? I don't know if I have the range capabilities for a call like that...I'm a warrior, not a satellite dish!"

On the battlefield...

Starscream said to Galvatron, "Well, mighty leader? What is the delay? Let's finish off the Autobots now, before they call in reinforcements!"

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2001-09-26, 05:56 AM
"Well," Pointblank nodded, "today you're a satellite dish."

"Of course!" Wheeljack exclaimed. "Adjusting that comm system hopefully shouldn't be too hard to do. If we can get the range we need out of it, all we'll need to do is give you a stellar coordinate to point to, then you just transmit and get yer butt back down here."

A sudden boom nearly took the group of their feet. "Though, standing near that hole probably isn't the best idea. We'll move what we can further in." The three Autobots made their way quickly down the hall to the now-shambled medlab. Pointblank carried with him what was left of the transmitter and a few of the components he immediately recognized as originally part of the mess. He hoisted it up onto a table near a medcot while Wheeljack took the other side. "All right," the inventor began, "let's get you up on this cot and get to work..."

2001-09-26, 08:10 AM
Pointblank began to tinker away as he looked down and saw the Decepticons closing in on the command center.

Pointblank: "this better work guys...or we're all going to look like burnt out toaster ovens."
Galvatron sneered at Starscream then caught a glance at Reflector within Starscream's chest compartment with one of his scanners.

Galvatron: "Allright you miserable coward...then take the command center for me and show that you are no longer the snibbling little lakey you once were! Oh...and one more thing...would you like to explain why you have Reflector in your chest compartment...and why you thought for an astro-second that a clumsy buffon such as yourself would be able to get this rather bizarre act by even my lowliest of sensors?"

At that moment Cyclonus landed: "Perhaps Starscream has gone back to his old ways my lord and needs to be taught a lesson in how the new regime is run?"

God Jinrai
2001-09-26, 01:29 PM
Jinrai could see the cons approaching again... but couldn't hear them... having shut down his audio recievers when he spotted thundercracker, he went unaffected by the sonic booms, but now, was temporarily deaf until his audio recievers came back online... which strangely happened rather quickly. Jinrai went into vehicle mode, and could see Skywarp and several other destrons approaching the city... for a final strike... "Well. if it's a fight they want, it's a fight they'll get!" Charging at them in vehicle mode, weapons firing at maximum power outputs, jinrai roared toward the oncomming decepticons... but his attention was solely focuses on one... "Overlord... you're not going to survive again." Approaching the group, He disengaged, not bothering to transform, instead going directly into his trailer merge... taking on the god bomber command armor as well... "no use holding back now!" Now in robot mode, he leapt high into the air, and looking down at the cons below him, opened fire with his two plasma cannons... he came down behind overlord... tapping him on the shoulder, right fist cocked back to strike... "Remember ME?"

2001-09-26, 03:17 PM
Shatterbolt slowly lifted her hand from her wound. Her internal repair system was doing what it could to control the loss of fluids.

"...It's enough. I'll have to get it looked at later, however..."

She thought to herself as she transformed to vehicle mode and rushed after Prime. As they sped along the corridors, she activated her comm to the bridge.

"Ignition, come in....Iggy?....Report!"

A few seconds of static, then the comm kicked in.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm here... I'm tracking another weird reading... this one's movin'. Seems it's found it's way to the holdin' cells..."

2001-09-26, 05:02 PM
Adeara, standing on the pile of junk, jumped off it. Once she landed, she shifted her form once again, to a more appropriate form-a Cybertronian form slightly smaller than the purple jet's. (Bear in mind that Adeara only knows maybe one of the Decepticons here.) Maybe now I won't be ignored.

2001-09-26, 06:00 PM
Stealth looked the the captured Decpticon and tossed him one of his energy swords. "I don't know who you are or why you are here and I don't care this is not suppose to be a resuce mission by me." Stealth turned away and recloaked. "Anyway do what you can to get out and take care." Stealth then ran down the corridor to find the bridge of Fort Max.

2001-09-26, 06:03 PM
Devastator stood like a statue in front of the UN building, observing how the humans reacted to their demands. Hundreds of police officers had gathered around the green giant, but Trypticon was left alone, mainly because his repulsor field denayed any attempst to approach him.

The green goliath had already crushed several policecars and tanks to warn the humans as the New Yorkers had shot him with rocketlaunchers and tanks. Devastator wasn't bothered by human weapons, they didn't harm him at all. "Your time is running out." He calmly stated.


US military command in Pentagon had made their choise. Thirteen strategic nuclear missiles had been launched towards Autobot City. They were in air only couple of seconds before the Defence Grid in Earth's atmoshere had shot the missiles down. The situation was hopeless and UN was preparing for total surrender if only to buy time for humankind to survive.

Every possible communication channel was opened, as the spokesman of UN alongside the president of USA told the world of their new rulers... the Decepticons. A wide smile was formed to Devastator's face as he listened the announcement. "Trypticon! Inform Galvatron from our success! The Earth belongs to the Decepticons!" He roared.

Trypticon opened radio channel directly to Galvatron. "The United Nations of Earth has agreed to complete surrender Lord Galvatron! This was an interesting turn, smartest thing that those fleshlings have ever done. Perhaps we can turn hostile towards the Autobots?"

2001-09-26, 06:18 PM
Optitron raised the energy sword in his hand and watched as the Decepticon disappeared. He said, "Time to get my guns back. Something is happening...on Earth...I can sense it..."

Optitron took the corridor in the opposite direction and began slicing throug doors left and right, looking for his two huge guns. Before long he had found them, carelessly propped up against a wall in a small arms room. Optitron raised the guns and said, "The Autobots are getting careless. They underestimate me."

He raised his guns above his head and plunged their sharp ends into the steel walls. Tiny cords emerged from the handles of the guns and attached to Optitron's chest.

Optitron said, "Thank you, Fortress Maximus, for bringing me back to life!" He pulled the triggers, and using his unique powers to act as an energy siphon, the energy surged from the living walls of the Autobot fortress into the Decepticon commander. His entire body shook and a green glow engulfed Optitron as the intense power at Maximus' disposal flowed through his body. After a few moments, Optitron finally pulled his guns from the wall and fell to his knees, gasping for air. He then looked up and, his red eyes glowing, reached to the side and casually grabbed the wall. His fingers dug into the metal and ripped the entire wall away, revealing the cavernous, empty space outside.

He took off into space and said, "Now, to Earth...for the Decepticons!"

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StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-26, 08:02 PM
Skywarp looked at the arriving Decepticon forces

shame, I would have expected more of a response, still

He glanced to one side noting an odd energy signature.

"Adeara, how, how do I know your name, I don't know you..."

Skywarp was momentarily confused...

"It matters not, Decepticons, tonight we destroy take Autobot City, squash their defences, destroy...them...all"

Suddenly there was a large amount of laser fire in the area. "WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT" Skywarp yelled as he was knocked backwards into the city walls. He watched as the truck transformed into a huge robot and confront Overlord.

Fool Skywarp thought to himself...he lifted himself off the ground and surveyed the damage Thundercracker had caused...

"Decepticons, take the city" he yelled firing his lasers at a crack in the wall, it disintegrated before him. "NOW"

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2001-09-26, 08:26 PM
Thundercracker circled high above Autobot city, surveying the damage he'd caused.

A strange sensation overwhelmed him... he gradually realised that he was actually happy. Seeing the home of his enemies lying in near tatters filled him with an overwhelming joy he hadn't felt since the good old days on Cybertron... ah Cybertron - home.

As he allowed his view to drift further outwards, he noticed the beautiful Earthen scenery again... how lucky these Earthlings are, he mused to call this "home"... a sudden rage built up within the Decepticon and he found himself speaking aloud "their home... and we're trashing it just because the Autobots are here... our fight doesn't belong here..."

Suddenly he lurched into a dive, firing shells at the city below him. His ambivalence restored, Thundercracker transformed into robot mode, and landed on the roof of one of the city's towers.

"If only there were a way to get this back to Cybertron and..." his sentance remained unfinished, as the crumbling floor gave way beneath his feet...

2001-09-26, 09:32 PM

Galvatron received Trypticon's transmission informing him of humanity's surrender.

Galvatron: "Bwa-hahahahahahahahahaha! You have done well Trypticon...very, VERY well, as have you Constructicons...your reward shall be great. Deploy the sentinals to cover the humans...then find yourselves and energy source, gorge your fill and return here for the final touches. I shall not forget your successes!"

Galvatron turned to Starscream: "You could learn alot from them...now then, I still have yet to receive a satasfactroy answer from you. Your constant testing of my patience will not be tolerated as it once was. I have but one goal...total conquest...and I will not be deterred as we have in the past. If you cannot handle the responsibilites placed upon you, perhaps Skywarp would make a better air commander!"

2001-09-26, 09:54 PM
Reflector sighed with relief. They momentarily debated allowing Starscream to make up an excuse and blackmail him, but certain facts dissuaded them.

"Well, Screamer? Would you like to tell him, or should I? And, since your secret's out, why not release me?"

If they'd been in robot mode, each would have grinned sinisterly.

2001-09-26, 10:38 PM
At Galvatron's command, Dreadwing, Apeface, Ramjet, and Battletrap charged at the city, shooting at anything that wasn't a Decepticon.

2001-09-26, 10:55 PM
"M-m-m-m-mighty Galvatron, listen," Starscream stammered, "Reflector was merely damaged in battle. I'm letting my internal repair systems bring him around. I assure you, oh superior one, I meant no harm by it!"

Just wait, Starscream thought. Soon Optitron will arrive, and you will be at your end!


In the darkness of space....

Optitron could see Earth in the distance. As he jetted through space and passed Mars, the Decepticon superpower began scanning the surface of the humans' home planet for Autobot and Decepticon activity. He locked in on Metroplex's location and jetted forward...

2001-09-27, 02:39 AM
Reflector paused. Starscream did have a way of covering his tracks on the spot. Perhaps they should let Galvatron believe him. Then he would be their slave...

What are we thinking? Starscream would not allow Reflector to live long that long, and they did not want to see Galvatron die. The renaissance of the Decepticon Empire came before anything else.

"He lies, Lord Galvatron! He was conspiring against you with foreign Decepticons in the woods! I was about to report back that he was on his way to retrieve one who could destroy you, but he oafishly stumbled across my hiding place. Now Starscream, release me, and perhaps I can convince Lord Galvatron to let you live. You do remember ten years ago, don't you?"

2001-09-27, 02:53 AM
Stealth finally saw the end of his journey the bridge of Fort Max, the excape of the other Decepticon he saw helped to create even more choas on Fort Max.
"With some luck this will be a snap!" Stealth hummed to himself as he attached the final bomb to a computer board on the bridge.

Wildfire Herald
2001-09-27, 03:12 AM
Galvatron's(BWII) sleep was interrupted the roar of Gigastorm's engines. The massive battle station hovered above the lush Brazilian rainforest, unfolding into city mode before landing, crushing trees and vegetation beneath it's massive bulk, Gigastorm's cannons extended and locked into place, his ramps lowered into the spongy loam. The Cyber-beasts rushed along him, throwing camo nets over the gigantic Destron. Galvatron(BWII) allowed himself a slight smile as he stared out the viewport. His brother had been far more loyal to him since his brief attempt to seize control of the Destron's, Galvatron(BWII) had seen too it, the scars across Gigastorm's cerebro circuitry would guarentee no more insolence. Galvatron(BWII) had been watching his namesake's progress on the trip from Charr to Earth, he was pleased. Humanity had surrendered and the Autobots were confused and faced on all sides by Decepticon forces, at the same time however, his mind burned with anger. Galvatron's(BWII) arrival at the palace had gone largly unnoticed, Galvatron had entirely ignored his presence. But that would change, there was another force, a Decepticon very near Galvatron's location, one whose power seemed greater, Galvatron(BWII) would watch, and wait, there would be a time to strike.

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2001-09-27, 06:22 AM
Galvatron glared at Starscream and yet he was unable to hear Reflector's pleas behind the shielding of Starscream's chest plate.

Galvatron: "Hmph...I see you haven't lost your groveling skills. Very well, while i doubt that you are telling the truth...I trust that Reflector would have told me if you were up to something. Now get back to the battle and see to it that Reflector is back on the front quickly...i need his services."

Galvatron and Cyclonus flew off to lead the final push on the command center.

Cyclonus: "You actually believe him."

Galvatron: "Of course not...its just easier to find out what he's up to if he thinks he has a little freedom to plot. Starscream always hangs himself and he will never get me in the position he had me in so long ago...apparently he has forgotten who disposed of his original body...but right now, there is a world to conquer...back to the battle."

2001-09-27, 06:48 AM
Pointlank shut the panel on Whitespeed's shoulder. "Done!"

"Perfect. Now to get you on your way."

"Remember, the coordinates we'll give you is to CYBERTRON. They'll receive the transmission and get it to OPTIMUS one way or another."

"I doubt Sideswipe will miss this for the while," Wheeljack said as he attached the rocket pack to Whitespeed's back. "You have to get into the stratosphere to send the transmission cleanly. The transmission will recycle until a full version makes contact with Cybertron. It may take some time for your system to get a lock, even after downloadin' the coordinates. After that, it'll be another three seconds before you'll get a green light to head back home."

"Hey, I thought you said you'd speed the message up," Whitespeed added.

"It'll take that much time for the computer to confirm the send. It'll probably have sent three or four times in that phase, but it will only be able to account for the first one that makes it. Ready?"

Whitespeed nodded and the three made their way to a hidden upper hatchway on one of the towers.

"Too many guys to give decent coverfire against," Pointblank noted.

"And by firing, you guys'll draw all sorts of attention this way," Whitespeed added.

"Yer blasting off'd do it anyway," Wheeljack finalized. "Just push that pack to the red if you have to. If you can outfly 'em for long enough, get those few seconds after getting in position and bug out, that's all you'd need. Remember, yer internals will give you the green when it's all said an' done."

"Er...you didn't mention how I was gonna get back in one piece."

Wheeljack simply looked up. "That, buddy, is gonna be all up to you."

2001-09-27, 11:04 AM
Whitespeed looked up at the sky before him and, shimmying around to settle the rocket pack into place, said, "Flying isn't exactly my forte, but hey, if they can't catch me on the ground, why should they in the air, eh?" Both Wheeljack and Pointblank could sense the nervousness in the young Autobot's words. They did not respond.

Whitespeed activated the rocket pack and he shot into the air, headed for the stratosphere. Before Whitespeed even knew it, he was where he was supposed to be, and he could feel his internal comm system, supplemented by Wheeljack's adjustments, begin to click and whirr as the message was sent.

Just then, a fiery silver bolt shot past Whitespeed and entered into the atmosphere. He didn't have time to even guess what it was, but it looked like it was headed straight for Metroplex.


Starscream backed away from Galvatron and Cyclonus, then heard something entering the atmosphere at high speeds. He smiled and said to himself, "Finally."

Before anyone had even contemplated shooting him out of the sky, Optitron slowed to a halt and landed on the Earth's soil, guns drawn.

He shouted to all the Decepticons gathered before him, "My Decepticons! I have returned to lead you! Who commands this strike against the Autobots? WHO?!?"

2001-09-27, 01:27 PM
"Hmm" Stealth thought to himself as he begin to exit from Fort Max.
"Hatemunger, the charges are set!" Stealth radioed his commander. "I am going to try and exit the ship and you may then detonate them as you wish." Stealth ran and was going to exit where the other Decpticon exited Fort Max.

2001-09-27, 02:57 PM
As Shatterbolt and Optimus raced to the bridge, a sudden jolt shook Fort Max, and the lights momentarily dimmed. Shatterbolt stopped, looked at Optimus worriedly, and muttered,

"Primus... what the Pit was that?!?"


When Prime and Shatterbolt arrived on the bridge, they found it completely empty. Shatterbolt cursed quietly, then said,

"That damn kid... she's gone, Prime! I- "

While Shatterbolt was talking, Ignition arrived on the bridge, in jet mode and travelling fast. As she caught sight of Shatterbolt and Prime, she cut her flight short, transformed to robot mode, and landed in front of them, a worried look on her face. Without giving Shatterbolt a chance to finish her sentence, she turned immeadiately to Prime and said,

"Prime... I was following up on one of the heat readings when I found that... Optitron's escaped. He ripped another fraggin' hole in the wall, then left. That's not all... he had help."

Shatterbolt walked up to the two of them, not caring anymore that Ignition had left the bridge. She cast Prime a worried look.

"Optitron's gone... the power drain... Prime, he's on the loose again..."

Shatterbolt turned away slightly. Earth was in big trouble, with Optitron on the loose, and the Decepticon attack... Earth was going to Hell, and there was nothing she could do...

"...Galvatron... you'll pay for this.. you'll pay for it all... Earth..."

With a grim look on her face, she turned back to Ignition and said,

"...Have you found a way to track our "invisible friend"?"

Ignition looked a bit confused.

"Well... I think he's gone, the heat readings are all stationary now. Looks like he used the hole in the side of Fort Max as an exit point."

2001-09-27, 06:17 PM
Thundercracker stayed motionless. He felt that he'd been that way for breems... he could hear sounds in the distance - Autobots scrambling for their battle stations he assumed. He gradually realised that he couldn't actually see anything... he reached around for something to grab hold of, and hauled himself up. No lights, that was the problem. He felt a rush of relief as he realised his optics hadn't been damaged.

"No problem... switch to thermal imaging" everything remained dark. The problem with thermal imaging, he mused is that it actually relies on there being heat in around...

2001-09-27, 06:35 PM
Optimus was worried, "This is bad, Prowl as you could see we have an intruder. But we spend so much time chasing him that he's loaded Maximus with exposives and freed Optiron." Optimus thought for a moment, "All according to plan."

Ultra Magnus was still recovering from Thundercracker's ear shattering attack. A group of Autobots approached him. One indroduced himself and another said thier was a battle to fight.

"I don't know who who are, but I don't care. Just as long as you know how to fire at Decepticons." Ultra Magnus transformed into robot mode and started to run the rest of the way to the Control center.

"Follow me. We have to protect the control center, because if the Decepticons take that over, we're done for!"

Optimus opened a link to Fortress Maximus. "Maximus we're getting off! Head toward the Cybertron sun and open all your hatches. Hopefully the sun will demagnitize the bombs and the depressurazation will send them out into space."

"All Autobots out." Optimus approached the hole that was blown into the ship and saw how long the jump was. And then he saw the docking shoot still attached. "To the docking shoot, Ignition get down here!"

2001-09-27, 07:27 PM
Adeara followed the jet's example, and simply forced a large flame to erupt into the metal around her, instantly turning it to liquid. "The reason you know my name is because I'm that little fleshing you called a human."

2001-09-27, 07:46 PM
Stealth found Hatemunger and the Aericons and begin to talk to Hatemunger.
"All the bombs are set boss, those foolish robots didn't even see me " Stealth laughed.
"Excellent! Great work my friend." Hatemunger looked at the detonator he had now let's start the party he laughed pressing on of the buttons to detonate one of the bombs on Fort Max.

2001-09-27, 09:14 PM
Bushido nodded to Ultra Magnus, then looked over his shoulder and waved to his team.

"To the control center!"

They ran off after one Magnus, with another in tow.


Reflector was horrified.

"Too late...I hope Galvatron can handle him. Yes, of course he can. Galvatron is invincible. But..."

They sat in silent contemplation for a few more moments, then opened a communication channel.

"Lord Gigatron, this is Reflector. A new Decepticon has arrived, the one I saw leading the Decepticons at Hoover Dam. He seems to be challenging Galvatron, but I'm inside Starscream and can't hear him. Please be prepared to come to help."

Gigatron, on the other side of the city, leveled out, and changed heading.

"I'm on my way now, Reflector. Keep me updated. Gigatron out."

Reflector closed the channel. He sat staring at Optitron momentarily, then began violently shaking inside Starscream's cabin.

"You will not succeed, Starscream! I promise it!"

2001-09-27, 09:20 PM
Galvatron looked around...

Galvatron: "Somewhere Ultra Magnus is leading all of this...if he falls, the Autobots will have no choice but to surrender to me like the humans did. Skywarp, Ultra Magnus is in command here, if we can eliminate him the battle is ours...find him...tear him apart...and bring me victory."

Galvatron then turned towards the landing Optitron.

Galvatron: "Who controls the Decepticons? Who leads this attack? I do, you fool! Galvatron...the bearer of the Decepticon Matrix, the one true leader of the Decepticons...and you have disturbed our greatest moment of victory! I do not appreciate such disturbances!"

2001-09-27, 09:22 PM
Thundercracker was not happy. Darkness is one thing he could handle, but it was another thing entirely when using thermal imaging. Suddenly he caught a flare of warmth on the far wall "Whoo, either there's a flare gone off in here, or it's getting REAL hot outside..."

The Decepticon backed away from the light, and bumped into a wall. Instinctively he put his hand out behind him to feel his surroundings, and the door he had been leaning against slid open, filling the room with light...

"By the spark of Primus..."

Thundercracker realised where he was

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-27, 10:20 PM
"Skywarp, ..... Magnus .. in command h.., if .. can elim..ate him ... battle i. o..s...fi.d him...tear h.. a..rt...and b.i.g me vi.to.y."

The message Skywarp received was distorted, but he got the jist of it, he left the decepticons that were warring at the main gate of Autobot City, transformed and flew off searching for Ultra Magnus.

At the control centre Sideswipe watched monitor after monitor fizzle out to static. He attempted to aim several of the smaller cannons that were still functioning, most simply fired randomly, a few got off shots that hit the odd Decepticon more by accident than any skill on Sideswipe's part.

is anyone out there even still alive, the Decepticons have been blitzing this place for hours, and there's been no outside help

Sideswipe's thoughts were broken as yet another explosion rocked the control centre.

I hope help gets here, and soon...

2001-09-27, 11:07 PM
Building with rage Bluestreak lunges forward towards the few still working monitors

I can't watch this any longer Sideswipe I gotta get out there and do somethin', if those decepticreeps keep pounding the way they're doin' we're all gonna die, fast. I'm gonna take their nosecones and stick 'em up their afterburners

Mirage moves to restrain him

Bluestreak, no, you can't take on the decepticon army by yourself, help will be here soon

Mirage to himself, I hope

2001-09-27, 11:27 PM
"Decepticon Matrix?" Optitron responded, drawing his two massive guns. "You have the Decepticon Matrix? Hand it over! I am its rightful owner!"

Galvatron did nothing.

Leveling his guns on Galvatron, Optitron continued, "You will give me what is rightfully mine, along with command of the Decepticons, or you will be destroyed!"

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2001-09-28, 04:01 AM
"He's still up there," Wheeljack commented. "Come on, kid. Send that signal."

A moment later, a blaster shot seared through a part of the top tower handhold-rail above the Autobots' ducked heads.

"Eh, that was gonna happen," Wheeljack sneered. "Kid's on his own anyway, head back down."


Tal'Noktaraus blasted the much smaller group of scraplets with water, letting the hose and gravpump recall what water on the floors and bulkheads that it could. They'd lost about sixty percent of their water supply in the process and time, but the Scraplet problem seemed to be more under control. A few more minutes and they would no longer be a problem.

"Keep it up, we're almost through!" he shouted.


2001-09-28, 06:10 AM
Galvatron sneered at Optitron then began to laugh.

Galvatron: "Mwa-hahahaha! You hear that Cyclonus? This buffoon believes the matrix and the mantle of leadership of the Decepticons belong to him...bwa-hahahahaha! Look around you fool...you had nearly five years to accomplish something like this and you did nothing! In five hours I have wrought more destruction on the Autobots than you in your entire, miserable life! Look around you...everywhere you see Decepticons fighting with pride...fighting for a cause...fighting to conquer! You couldn't even lead them to a picnic!"

Galvatron glared at Optitron's weapons: "you're pathetic...you should no that I have no weaknesses...I cannot be beaten! So I give you one chance to return to the fold...if not I will show you first hand what I do to traitors...ask Starscream about it...it is not pleasent! Gigatron, to my side...we may have a problem to discuss! So what will it be Optitron...oblivion or servitude...the choice is yours!"

2001-09-28, 02:51 PM
Ultra Magnus stopped in his tracks, looking in the horizon, seeing an oppurtunity. "Head over to the command center without me! I think I just found a weakness." Magnus yelled to Bushido over the noise.

When Optimus was sure the Autobots have boarded the other ship. He boarded it himself. Oddly there was there noone on that ship except the Autobots that just boarded it. "Fortress Maximus GO!"

Maximus disconnected and started it's short trip. Then suddenly a mine went off. "Keep going! Hopefully he won't actiavte all of then now, he may still be close. Then head to the sun, full speed now!"

Ultra Magnus observed the scuffle between Optitron and Galvatron. "Decepticon Matrix?!? That's what Prime was feeling..." Magnus prepared to do something although he didn't know what at the time...

2001-09-28, 06:00 PM
Thundercracker quickly regained his composure, and shut the doors behind him again. Now aware that no Autobots were hidden in the room with him, he flicked on his chest mounted flashlights, illuminating patches of the room.

He afforded himself a cursory glance upwards at the way he'd come in - a girder had collapsed above, sealing the route. He curiously wondered how many storeys he'd plummeted through, then returned to the sight before him.

A quick count revealed about a dozen of them, give or take. He wasn't sure of their purpose, but he recognised the design without a doubt. Chryo-Stasis tubes. Similar to the tubes of transferrance aboard the Ark all those years back.

He glanced up and down the rows, and saw that the bulk of them were occupied. He picked one at random, and tried to make out what was inside... he could only make out vague shapes... some bits metallic, some almost organic... Thundercracker's knowledge of terran crustaceans wasn't exemplary, but he'd have sworn on Starscream's life that there were giant crab's legs floating in there. He glanced up at a flicker of light - a small pod was within the tube, a sub-compartment almost. Definitely part of the structure, but deliberately seperated. A small pulsating ball of energy throbbed menacingly from within.

Thundercracker shuddered, and moved along the line...

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-28, 06:23 PM
"your faltering will be your downfall Ultra Magnus" Skywarp yelled as he screeched past firing his cannons on a low-level course.

"Don't you understand, you can't beat the might of the Decepticon empire, led by Galvatron" he continued as he banked, coming back for a second strike.

"By the order of Galvatron, you will die today, and Autobot City *will* fall"

2001-09-28, 06:26 PM
"Freon, you COWARD!" Burner growled. "How could you simply leave the ship to the Autobots! The shields were intact, the gun cannons could have done SOME damage to that flying city!"

"And we all would have been vaped moments later!" Freon rebuttled. "No, this was the best move--leave the Decepticon ship to the Autobots if they want it. We're heading back to Cybertron."

"Yeah, maybe we are," Burner said in a low tone. "But, not with you as Captain--"

Freon's optics lit far too bright for normal standards a moment later. Sparks flew from his back as Bruner ripped his energon dagger from his back all the way up to Freon's cranium. The cowardly Decepticon slumped forward in a mass of smoke and sparks.

Burner hauled the Decepticon out of the command chair. "Decepticons, back to Cybertron. We have no ship to combat with, but we'll return!"


2001-09-28, 06:30 PM
"Affirmative Galvatron." Trypticon said and closed the comm-link.

"Galvatron wants us to deploy the sentinels and fill our tanks." Trypticon said. "Very well Trypticon." Devastator growled. Devastator immediately disengaged into six Constructicons, who then made their way inside Trypticon.

As the Constructicons had reached the command center inside Trypticon, Scrapper adressed the giant. "Move out from the human city, transform into your own city mode and unleash the sentinels you have to New York."

The gigantic Decepticon battlefortress lifted off and moved majestically over the highest buildings of New York city towards the limits of the largest city of United States. As Trypticon reached his destination, he landed and transformed into city mode, his highest parts towering up to 1600 meters. Trypticon's main entrance openened and hundreds of sentinel droids began to march into New York City to keep order.

Couple of minutes after the sentinels had marched out, worker droids and large vehicle began to came out from Trypticon. One of the large vehicles stopped couple hundred meters from Trypticon and transformed, forming somekind of a building. Then four other vehicles surrounded it and transformed, forming a large building together. Twenty sentinel droids surrounded the building and the worker droids marched inside it.

"Excellent! The first sentinel factory has been formed!" Scrapper rejoiced. "Activate the worker factory units Trypticon!"

Three more vehicles rolled out from Trypticon, forming another building, although not as big as the first one. The sentinel droids in the area regrouped and surrounded both of the factories. After about half an hour first new units from the factories came out.

Then Long Haul and Mixmaster drove out from Trypticon, carrying large power cable. They headed towards the nearby nuclear power plant. As they reached the building, they transformed and connected the cable into the power plant. Mixmaster opened comm-link to Trypticon. "Okay. You can begin filling your energy storages." After Trypticon finished recharging, Long Haul and Mixmaster took the powercable and returned to Trypticon.

Hook opened the inner communication systems of Trypticon. "Quantum, Hyperdrive, Lightspeed and Quickseek! Report at once to command center!"

Soon four seeker stepped into the command center of Trypticon. Hook turned to adress them. "As you now the humankind has surrendered. We activated the first of our droid factories near the large human city. It's your job to take care of the facilities. You know what you have to do. Go. You're dismissed." Quantum nodded and lead the other seekers to the factories.

As the seekers left Trypticon, the giant transformed into his mobile battlestation mode and lifted off, heading towards the location of Autobot City.

2001-09-28, 07:10 PM
Thundercracker peered in through the plexiglass of the pods, bemused that they'd survived his sonic boom best remedy that later - wouldn't want Skywarp finding out now...

He gave a running commentary to nobody in particular... "Ugh, Autobot... hmm, empty... b'ah another Autobot... some sort of eh?" Thundercracker peered in through the latest pod, a collection of almost bat-like metallic parts gleamed back at him, with an energy ball stored in a compartment similar to the one he'd seen earlier... he managed to make out a label on a computer panel next to it... "Ray? Ah whatever... Autobot... empty..."

Thundercracker finally came to the last pod, strangely murky, and marked differently to the others. He peered in and recognised the occupant immediately "By the horns of Unicron! Galvatron will be pleased with this..."

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-28, 08:05 PM
"Remember ME?"

The giant turned....
that voice, it couldn't be
his body moved in time for God Jinrai's fist to slam into his face. Overlord stumbled backwards, his colossal structure shaking the ground beneath him.

"You'll regret ever coming back, that I promise"

Overlord steadied himself and swung his giant fist towards Jinrai sending his foe backwards, he then opened fire with his chest cannons...

2001-09-28, 08:16 PM
Thundercracker stared through the plexiglass. At first he'd thought the Decepticon logo was a reflection of himself, but it couldn't be - the positioning was wrong.

There was no doubt any more who it was. Thundercracker may not have seen him in years, but it was difficult to confuse the robot with anybody else. He wasn't sure what his ally was doing suspended in cryo fluid in an Autobot lab on Earth, but he intended to free him anyway.

Thundercracker took a step back, examined the control panel for a moment, shook his head, lifted his arm-cannon and fired.

The plexiglass shattered, the room was flooded with light and the sound of warning sirens, as Soundwave's body thudded onto the floor.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-28, 08:40 PM
Sideswipe was rushing around the control centre when the room filled with the warning red light.

oh no, the stasis tubes, not those, anything but those

He ran over to Mirage and tried to explain that whoever was in that room had to be stopped, but both his and Mirage's audio receptors had not fully recovered. He grabbed Mirage away from the monitor he was watching and showed him the screen.
Mirage glared at Sideswipe as Sideswipe handed him a weapon and pointed toward the monitor again they continued to watch...


Thundercracker saw something glint in the corner, amidst the smoke of the shattered stasis pod. He raised his arm cannon again and fired, shattering the camera in the corner, in the same motion he took out the alarm systems and warning lights. Then turned his attention back to his fallen comrade.

2001-09-28, 08:57 PM
The light was piercing. It had been dark for so long... cryo fluid has a strange effect after a while... it stops working. Time doesn't freeze, it just distorts... but now it was back to normal...

Soundwave clambered to his feet, and found himself steadied by a familiar pair of hands. He looked his aide in the face, and for a moment thought that he was going insane.


2001-09-28, 10:22 PM
Ultra Magnus turned to Skywarp comig right for him. He shot one of his arm missles at the Seeker jet. "You first, Decepticon!"

2001-09-28, 10:34 PM
Soundwave looked up and down at the Decepticon in front of him. In appearance it was definitely Thundercracker... but... how? Could the past events have been part of my time in that pod? Have the Autobots been drip-feeding me memories for the past thirty years? The Ark? Shockwave? Galvatron? All of it just a sick joke to see what makes me tick?

"Soundwave? You okay?"

"yrrrrs" Hmmm. Vocal synapses not yet realigned. One way to find out what's gong on without resorting to lengthy monologues however...

Thundercracker never even noticed Soundwave scanning his mind, searching through the nooks and crannies, ferreting out all the available information on recent events. Along with all the incidental little things - hopes, anxieties, fears, recriminations. In a little under a microsecond, Soundwave new more about Thundercracke than the jet himself did.

"Same old Thundercracker. Being brought back online hasn't changed you a bit."

Thundercracker was baffled "I don't know what you mean..."

"Of course not" smirked the recovered Soundwave "how foolish of me. Galvatron finally located the Decepticon Matrix then? How interesting."

Thundercracker stared blankly "How did you..?"

Soundwave turned away and looked around the chamber. "Let's see what we have here, shall we?"

2001-09-29, 02:14 AM
Adeara paused what she was doing. She sensed two Decepticons inside Autobot City. "What in the name of the Creator.....?" Walking forward, Adeara's mind reached out to see what two they were. Of course, they were minds she didn't know, but the one was fuzzled, a bit confused. The other was in shock. "By the Creator...." Turning around, she yelled, "We got two Decepticons inside the city!"

2001-09-29, 02:47 AM
"I shall be there momentarily."

Gigatron dove from his circular aerial vigil on the usurpers' confrontation. As he neared the ground, he transformed to robot mode and landed next to Galvatron.

"Optitron, I presume. I've heard much about you. But not too much..."

He turned his head to Starscream.

"No doubt you are the cause of this. Consider yourself fortunate that I was never your chief; one life would be a reward beyond your 'servitude'."

God Jinrai
2001-09-29, 05:24 AM
Jinrai managed to move enough that the blow glanced him... overlord's cannons began to tear at his armor... but it wouldn't stop him... "No, overlord... It's YOU that will regret surviving! Giga and Mega... you two have caused far too much grief for humanity... you're disgraces to the human race!" Jinrai's plasma cannons roared to life again, as he dove to the side, returning fire from overlord's strike...

2001-09-29, 08:20 AM
Soundwave stood rigid, examining the bank of pods, examining each one closely.

All Thundercracker could do was watch, his mind rushing with things to say How did he get here? How did he know about the Matrix? Did he scan my mind? What else did he find out in there? What ARE these pods for? What's in them?

Soundwave barely glanced up as he flatly spoke "I was on routine surveillance after Galvatron vanished, I was spotted and captured. During the battle I was damaged. The Autobots, compassionate to a fault, put me in a cryo-tube to give my system the chance to repair, and so that I wouldn't cause any problems."

Okay, thought Thundercracker that I can buy... "What are those thi-"

"The 'things', as you so eloquently put it, that are within these pods are of somewhat dubious origin."

"How di-"

"How did I know what you were going to say?"

By the Primal Program, Soundwave - STOP IT! The jet was curious more than anything as to the response.

Soundwave chuckled. A cold, mechanical laugh, with a touch of bemusement. "Very well. Before loading me up in the pod, the Autobots wanted me to help shed any light on these things..." he gestured towards the sea creatures within the pods. "I of course refused. Not because I knew what they were, though I naturally implied that I did, but because I felt it prudent to keep my options open."

It was no good, Thundercracker was fed-up of Soundwave's crypto-speak and semi-truths already. He mentally spoke a phrase to carry it across to his associate, but garnered no reaction. Either Soundwave was playing fair again, or was at least pretending to. "Just cut the babble, and give me the scoop."

"Momentarily." Soundwave was tapping away at a bank of computers nearby. "There." A small disk ejected itself from the console. Soundwave scooped it up and concealed it in a storage cavity in his forearm. "Now, if I am not mistaken, we are in a perfect strategic position to aid Galvatron. Radio a signal to him."

Thundercracker lifted his wrist-comm, and then stopped. "Perhaps it would be a better idea if nobody were to be aware of your presence yet."

Soundwave stared at the jet for a moment "Ah, I see what you have in mind."

"Yes, I know you do. You're going to have to stop doing that."

2001-09-29, 09:23 AM
Hound made walked quickly into the command center to see Sideswipe and Mirage working at the stations and trying to reroute dead monitors. "Hey guys," Hound said, his own voice still sounding canned through his audio receptors, "we've got some problems..."

"We've been watching," Sideswipe interrupted. "And we got some bad guys in the base."

"And they're all over the outside perimeter," Hound sighed. "Making their way in now. You know, we might not have much of a choice..."

He let his voice trail off, watching Sideswipe stare at a monitor which had gone to static before Hound had even started talking. Mirage had turned his head suddenly in Hound's direction, as if he'd just noticed him, but went quickly back to work. "I just took recon of the situation up and down--there's no way out by way of brute force..."

A sudden jolt hit the command room, and one of the consoles sparked heavily.

"I don't like it either," Hound stated, "but we can't win, and at least we'll take some of them with the base. Evacuation will be a different challenge."

Sideswipe's entire body froze as he thought it over, and when his head inclined forward in defeat, Hound took to the private comm relay. He keyed Ultra Magnus' internal frequency. "Magnus, this is Hound. We're prepping for a code-three-three. I'll need your authorization signal, copy?"


2001-09-29, 04:57 PM
The dust was sturred up, Magnus had not known whether the missle hit it's mark, then he got a signal. "Evacuate?!? We can't leave this world to the Decepticons." Magnus looked around him this could easy turn into another 2005. He didn't want to loose so many. Ultra Magnus didn't know what to do, "Sideswipe I'm processing the request, stand by."

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2001-09-29, 06:49 PM

The barely functioning MetalWave was lying under a cliff. Then at last the Pretender Monsters found him. It seamed like the end for MetalWave.

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2001-09-29, 06:58 PM
Stalker, a large, dark green, black and purple Decepticon emerged behind Gigatron. His optics burning bloodred with rage, because of the hatred he felt towards Optitron.

"Gigatron! Stand away! I will tear that pompous fool into shreds!" He roared, staring at Optitron.


Ground trembled as Trypticon landed to the battlefield in his battlestation mode. His main entrance opened and Devastator marched out holding large container. After Devastator had walked far enough from the giant battlefortress, Trypticon transformed into dinosaur mode and fired couple of plasmabombs towards one of the Autobot City's towers.

"Galvatron! I have arrived! What are your orders!" He roared over the sounds of fighting.

Devastator walked over to Galvatron, Gigatron, Holocaust and Optitron, with the container on his right shoulder. The giant glanced down at Optitron. "Who are you puny one?!"

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2001-09-29, 07:18 PM
Dreadwing and his crew returned to Galvatron. Then they noticed Optitron.

"Mighty Optitron, we have found you at last", said Apeface.

"What are you doing?" asked Dreadwing.

"Yeah, we're loyal to Galvatron", said Ramjet.

"Oh, yeah." said Apeface.

"Galvatron, what are your orders", asked Dreadwing.

2001-09-29, 07:40 PM
Galvatron looked around as his forces consolidated around him. This was giving the Autobots time...time he was not willing to give them.

Galvatron: "Dreadwing...take your squad and launch an attack against the shuttle bays. Devastator...meet up with Predaking and commence your final attack on the Command Center...Trypticon...go have fun...if you know what I mean! mwa-hahahahahha...as for this fool Optitron if he continues to defy me he will die by my hands alone..."

Suddenly Octane stepped forward.

Octane: "No...he was our leader...YOU abandoned us...you...fai..."

Before the triple changer had finished his sentance, Galvatron had already transformed into cannon mode, fired a single shot, and reduced Octane to debris. Transforming back:

Galvatron: "Look familiar Starscream? Been wanting to reprogram him for years anyway! Now then...if this discussion is over, I have a world to conquer!"

Flanked by Gigatron and Holocaust Galvatron glared down Optitron, his patiance wearing thin.

2001-09-29, 08:00 PM
"As you command, Galvatron", Dreadwing said, splitting back into his two componets, Darkwing and Dreadwind. Then they, along with Ramjet and Apeface headed to the shuttle bays.

Approaching the shuttle bays, Darkwing said, "Commence firing, Decepticons!"

The four Decepticons fired on the shuttle bays.
Bombshell stood off to the side, wondering what to do. Finally he decided. Since Cycloni hadn't contacted him, he decided to attack discrimantely until he could ally himself with a more powerful leader. It couldn't be Galvatron, since he had tried to bring him under his control, so he had to wait for someone else.

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2001-09-29, 08:09 PM
He knew he could have used the keypad. It hadn't been designed to keep people from opening the door from within, after all - everyone within was supposedly in stasis. He'd also managed to open the door beforehand. But... he didn't know... letting the doors slide open of their own accord just didn't fit with the mood of the moment...

Thundercracker raised his arm-cannon, and the entire wall seperating the lab from the corridor exploded. The sounds of the warning sirens were music to his ears... an Autobot funeral march of sorts.

Soundwave, meanwhile, had located his concussion blaster (hidden ineffectually in the same room he was stored in? shocking really), and was gently shifting it from hand to hand.

They exchanged glances, loaded their weapons, and lurched headlong into the smoking corridor, guns blazing at everything in their path...

2001-09-29, 08:22 PM

Suddenly a junkion appeared. "Police, Freeze!" he said. "KILL HIM!!" Dragonbreath ordered, and the Pretender Monsters started firing at the junkion. But Bob, as the junkion was called just transformed and drove off. The Pretender Monsters followed him, but when they left MetalWave, Bob jumped of the cliff above him. "Get on!" Bob yelled at MetalWave. MetalWave got on, and then they drove off.

2001-09-30, 02:05 AM
"Okay, that's it," Wheeljack called out as he closed up the datacase one-handed. "He's all in here now."

Sideswipe nodded to both Pointblank and Wheeljack, then turned to Hound. "You're sure this is the right thing to do?"

"We can't win, look around us. At least this way, we might take a few Decepticons out in the confusion. Besides, they'd Turn Metroplex into scrap one way or another."

"Every Autobot loves to go out with a bang," Pointblank added. "Metroplex is gonna get the the Galactic prize for this one."

"So to speak," Wheeljack added, brandishing the data case. "Let's get to the shuttle bays and get our assplates out of here. Sound the retreat."

"Make sure you move it double-time," Pointblank said. "They'll be giving us a bumpy ride the entire time."

Sideswipe keyed in Ultra Magnus' command codes, and the room went red. The particular alarm for evac went off, as well as an internal voice warning:


"You know those Cons inside the base may have heard that," Mirage warned.

"They have more forces alive to evacuate than we do," Sideswipe pointed out, "On top of that, we've got everyone rigged with an internal hook-up to Metroplex's warning systems. They'll have to inform the Decepticons on a more individual level. And in the end it doesn't matter, we need to get what we have left out of here!"

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2001-09-30, 10:38 AM
Optimus Prime do you read me the decepticons or blitzing autobot city were really taking a pounding don't know how much longer we can hold out-Blaster TFTM

2001-09-30, 03:31 PM
The sudden sound of the alarm sent Thundercracker diving for cover, almost certain a bomb had gone off.

Soundwave, on the other hand, had detected the trip-signal being sent micro-seconds previously, and was thus expecting the sudden aural explosion.

The corridor was filled with flashing red beacons, as the warning rang out:


Thundercracker spun himself into a kneeling position behind a chunk of debris, adopting a crouched sniper position, arm-guns raised, hoping Soundwave hadn't noticed his best tactical impression of Starscream. He listened to the warning echoing around the halls. "That isn't good, is it?"

"Affirmative." replied Soundwave, transforming to his alternate form as sending out a long range signal sweep. "Transmission source verified. Signal originates from six orcs horizontally due east, point three hics vertically above."

Thundercracker picked up the cassette player, staring at the stream of figures rushing along the display panel. "All very nice, Soundy - but as-the-cybercrow-flies directions aren't really helpful in a city this size... I need a map!"

"Negative. Recorded information dictates the presence of a vacuu-lift shaft at the end of this corridor."

"How far?"

"One point seven Earth miles."


"Correction. Four point six cycles."

Thundercracker started moving. "Like it makes a difference." The Decepticon hurled Soundwave's terran form into the air, morphed into his jet mode, catching his comrade in the cockpit. "Let's go then" he screamed, streaking down the endlessly winding corridor.

2001-09-30, 04:23 PM
Floating in space, Whitespeed felt the message, the call for help, go through to Cybertron numerous times. He said to himself, "Not much more I can do up here, time to head back to Earth."

And on Earth...

Starscream said defensively, "Me? Why me? I had nothing to do with this outrage! Destroy him, Galvatron, destroy him!"

Optitron watched as the Decepticons stood beside Galvatron. He turned to the Benedict Arnold Starscream and said, "You coward! Silence! Galvatron, perhaps you are right. Perhaps our quarrel is better settled after the destruction of the Autobots is complete. Once we are finished here, then we shall see who will lead."

"And if we are to work together," he continued, "you must meet my comrades." The Renegades (Blackout, Blazestarter, Driveby, and Magnacrunch) stepped out from the trees and stood beside Optitron.

Optitron continued, "Allow me to introduce them. This is Driveby." A purple lowrider with a gigantic machine gun on its roof drove up next to Optitron, then transformed. "He spent much of his life on Cybertron lurking in the darkest ghettos of the planet with his car group, the Sleeks. They remain on our home planet. He is fast and battle-savvy, with enough firepower in his one machine gun to annihilate an Autobot."

Next, a black helicopter landed next to Optitron, then transformed. "This is Blackout," Optitron continued. "He has the unique power to deactivate an Autobot's optic sensors for up to 30 seconds with his desensitizer pistol. He's not very mobile in the air, and he's not the most courageous warrior, but who needs courage?"

As Blackout stepped aside, a black, white and red old-school hot rod with long silver exhaust pipes running along its sides drove up and transformed. "This is Blazestarter," Optitron said. "He's not crazy, he's just a bit unbalanced. Don't get near him, I warn you. His flamethrowers, whether in car or robot mode, can melt any material known to Decepticon technology. He can also jump extreme distances as a hot rod, I assure you."

Finally, the brown robot stepped up and stood beside his leader. "This...is Magnacrunch. He...he can gather energon like there is no tomorrow."

Magnacrunch looked up and, in his typical lunkhead voice, said, "Hey! Tell 'em!"

Optitron said, "And he can magnetize, crush and kill an Autobot with no effort. None."

Optitron turned to Galvatron and said, "My troops shall be one with yours...for now."

2001-09-30, 05:41 PM
Trypticon let out a thunderous roar and rushed towards Metroplex, who was stuck in his city mode. He stopped about a mile from Metroplex and began to blast his arch enemy into pieces with his awesome firepower. He releashed all the bitterness and rage he felt towards the Autobot through the barrage of beams, projectiles and missiles that he fired towards Metroplex.

"Weaponless fool! I'll end your misarable existance right now!"

Metroplex's towers fell, his armor cracked, his weaker parts shattered under the malicious onslaught of his most dangerous foe and there was nothing that would save Metroplex from Trypticon.


Devastator was on his towards Predaking and the control center of the Autobot City, but stopped as he saw Trypticon opening fire at Metroplex. He turned back to towards Galvatron.

"Galvatron! Did you order Trypticon to do that! I thought you wanted to conquer the city!" Devastator roared over the sounds of ripping and crushing metal.


Stalker stared angrily at Optitron and his followers.

"Trypticon can take care of the Autobots! Let's finish this right here!" He roared.

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2001-09-30, 05:48 PM
As Thundercracker tore through the corridors that make up Autobot City, the magnitude of what he was doing began to sink in... bomb... in the city... me... in the city... defuse bomb... or die... defuse the bomb... save the day... I DON'T WANT TO DIE AGAIN... The Decepticon would have smiled briefly if he'd been in robot mode, as he reflected that he'd much prefer Starscream to be doing this job... that way it wouldn't be too big a deal if he failed... Best warn Galvatron. If this doesn't work it'll be a nasty surprise... The jet opened a comm channel

** Galvatron... Lord Galvatron, do you copy? **

** -/-#~@://///// **

"Argh! Soundwave, the city's structure is interfering with my communicator - I need you to relay the message to the Decepticons outside. Transmit on all known Decepticon frequencies, at maximum amplification - the Autobots already know what I'm gonna say, so if one of them picks it up it won't matter..."

"Request understood. Broadcast facilities engaged, frequencies locked. Begin transmission."

Thundercracker curved around a tight bend, letting off a salvo of missile fire to clear any obstacles from his path, and patched into his onboard amp...

**Calling all Decepticons, this is Thundercracker. Autobot City: Earth is primed to self-destruct within four point one cycles. Suggest undertaking emergency precautions. Repeat: Autobot City: Earth will detonate in just over four cycles. I will attempt to neutralise the threat until otherwise instructed. Message ends**

2001-09-30, 07:35 PM
Hearing the transmission, Adeara simply rolled her eyes. "Great. Another explosion...I saw one already when my homesun blew up." Muttering to herself, Adeara jumped into the air, and headed for a safe place....

2001-09-30, 08:23 PM
Blaster ran into a room sunstreaker trying to contact his brother he turned and looked at blaster "hold on well go in a minute let me get my wax" jazz appered behind blaster"we don't have time for that we gotta split" he ran off down the hall planning "yo blaster lets go" Blaster looked at him "I'm coming jazz don't spazz" he looked at sunstreaker "lets go sunstreaker or your gonna be singing a sad tune" with that he grabbed sunstreakers arm and started to pull him "wait...wait what if my shrom gets smuged" he drags him dwon the hall ignoring his pleas

2001-09-30, 09:00 PM
Darkwing, Dreadwind, Apeface, and Ramjet strafed the hangar bay again and again, turning it into a pile of slag and rubble.
"This is really fun", said Spasma, in Apeface's plane mode cockpit.
"Yeah, No resistance," said Hi-Test.

2001-09-30, 09:14 PM
Just before the crew of Autobots could reach the control center, a message came through. As each realized the enormity of the situation, he stopped to listen.

"We can't let them destroy Metroplex!" Cybershot cried. "If he falls, Earth will have no defense against the Decepticons!"

Bushido sighed and sheathed his sword. "We have no choice. If we don't destroy Metroplex, the Decepticons will. Now --"

A powerful engine roared to Bushido's right. Just as he turned his head, Fire Convoy rolled up and stopped.

"What are you still doing here? Didn't you get the message?"

"We were just on our way out," God Magnus replied. "Come on, Warfare. Hop on."

As the injured tank was helped into the trailer, Shoulderblades and Cybershot transformed and took off. Loading procedures completed, Bushido transformed, and the group rolled for safety.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-09-30, 10:27 PM
The missle flew towards Skywarp and clipped his right wing, sending the seeker crashing to the ground and stunning him momentarily. He steadied himself and transformed to robot mode, his glanced at his wing, severly damaged, he wouldn't be able to use his jet mode for a while. He'd expected Magnus to be attacking him by now, but nothing, perhaps he hadn't known his missle had made contact.
Through the smoke and haze of gun fire he made out the shape of Magnus, he could see his face, his expression, it concerned Skywarp, it didn't look good.
He forgot about the look on Magnus' face, picked himself up, checked his weapons, and charged Magnus.
"That was a lucky shot you got there, it won't happen again Auto-scum"
Overlord was hailed down in gun-fire from God Jinrai's weaponry, he dropped to a knee.

"you are as powerful as I remember Jinrai, shame that you're an autobot, we could make quite the formidible team"

With that the giant once again stood up, he saw Trypticon land in the distance and opened a private comm channel.
*I see you are keen to destroy, Trypticon, how's about you introduce yourself to my friend here*
He closed the comm channel and fired again at Jinrai.
Sideswipe knew that this had to be done, he derived no joy from having to initiate the self-destruct sequence, but if it meant stopping the decepticons from taking AC:E and ultimately Earth itself, it was worth the price. He looked at Mirage, Pointblank, Hound, Bluestreak...

"Shuttles be damned, let's just get our collective butts outta here!"

"Wait" Wheeljack said with an urgent tone, "what about the stasis pods? we'll have to go back for them"

"Are you crazy Wheeljack, we don't have time, this place is set to blow" Sideswipe replied frantically

"Wheeljack, he's right, there's no time, we've GOT to go NOW" Hound intejected.

2001-09-30, 10:27 PM

After searching for MetalWave and Bob for a while, the Pretender Monsters gave up. They returned to their shuttle and sent a transmission to all Decepticons. "This is Dragonbreath, leader of the Pretender Monsters. We are wondering where we will find other Decepticons in this area. So, please tell us where the decepticon HQ around here is."

Meanwhile, MetalWave and Bob had hidden in a cave. "Who are you?2 MetalWave asked. "I'm Bob!""I'm MetalWave, thank you for rescuing me."

2001-09-30, 10:37 PM
Thundercracker finally reached the end of the corridor, and transformed to robot mode, keeping Soundwave stored in his chest cavity. Shame, I was hoping to encounter some Autobots. Nevermind.

The vacuum lift doors were in front of him. Eight storeys up, and he'd be in the control room. No problem. Here comes promotion. Thundercracker raised his arm, and blasted the doors open.

2001-10-01, 12:52 AM
Jazz still ahead of sunstreaker and blaster sees thunder cracker blast a door open from dwon the wall and turns back saying "Yo Blaster Sunstreaker Decepticons" blaster draggin sunstreaker lets go and the both look at Jazz blaster speaks up "decepeticons in here well lets get em and make em run like scared deer"sunstreaker looked at jazz "as long as my new paint job dopesn't get scratched" all three begin to run upp the corridor

2001-10-01, 01:14 AM
Hatemunger laughed and pressed the rest of the buttons to detonate Fort Max.
"Now my Decepticons we shall wait and see what our next move is."

God Jinrai
2001-10-01, 02:32 AM
shots glanced jinrai as he bolted for overlord again...and again, he drew back his fist for another jarring blow...

2001-10-01, 05:23 AM
Galvatron's head spun around at the sound of Thundercracker's warning.

Galvatron: "No...we need Metroplex in tact! Trypticon...move back...Decepticons...take tactical positions and be prepared to move out!"

With that Galvatron ignored all others and honed in on Thundercracker's energy signal, transformed into jet mode and rushed at supersonic speed to his location.

Galvatron: "Thundercracker, we must not allow Metroplex to be completely destroyed, I need him intact! Have you located the explosives yet?"

2001-10-01, 06:34 AM
Trypticon growled in disappointment as he had wanted to destroy Metroplex. Then he remembered Overlord's transmission to him. Perhaps had no authorization to destroy Metroplex but we would gladly slag God Jinrai.

Trypticon turned and charged towards Overlord and God Jinrai, both seemed like ants compared to the mighty thunderlizard.

"Move out Overlord!" Trypticon roared and swinged his tail towards God Jinrai.


Meanwhile Devastator began to open the container he had been carrying...

2001-10-01, 10:21 AM
Bluestreak pulls Mirage to one side and whispers, "look, Mirage we have to get those stasis pods, there must be a way we can get them and still make it to the shuttle bays"

Mirage shows a look of concern to Bluestreak, if I don't go with him he'll only go on his own, at least if I'm with him we stand a chance, "ok, Bluestreak", sighs Mirage, "someone's gotta go with you to make sure you're ok....., why do I let myself get talked into these things....", Mirage thinks for a moment and then turns to Bluestreak, "ok, if we get to the pods we should be able to make it to shuttle bay 4 with at least 20 seconds to spare, I don't like those odds but....", Bluestreak interrupts, "but nothin', c'mon that's plenty of time, let's get outta here quick before anyoone notices we're gone"

Bluestreak and Mirage sneak out of the control centre, when far enough away they transform into car mode and speed to the stasis pods.

God Jinrai
2001-10-01, 01:23 PM
jinrai spotted the oncomming tail of trypticon, but did not move... Holding his ground, he brought his shoulder mounted rocket launcher online, and as the tail came in closer, opened fire... hoping to blow a hole in the overgrown thunderlizard's tail.

2001-10-01, 03:09 PM
Ignition sat down beside Shatterbolt, confused and disoriented.

"What are we gonna do now, Prime?"
She asked.

2001-10-01, 03:50 PM
The missiles didn't even scratch Trypticon heavily reinforced armorplating. His tail swung towards Jinrai with enough force to send the Autobot flying couple of miles from the place where he was standing.

2001-10-01, 05:28 PM
Wheeljack nearly rounded the corner of the shuttlebay dock when Hound grabbed him by the shoulder and hauled him back. A blaster shot seared the wall to their right, the shot coming from the left side of the bay.

"They're already here," Sideswipe growled.

"Figured as much," Hound said. "We'll have to fight our way through. On three: one, two...three!"

2001-10-01, 05:58 PM
There are some phrases and words that cannot be accurately translated from one language to another. One of these phrases was being bounced back and forth between Thundercracker's neuranet and voxsynth. With his vocal circuitry configured for Terran-English-only output, he was having a hard time expressing himself.

As the smoke cleared and he stared into the lift shaft, he decided on a suitable Earth approximation... "Oh, bloody hell".

The vacuum lift shaft was empty. Not a problem, he'd initially thought, but upon peering up the shaft, he had discovered that the passageway had been distorted beyond belief, with the tangled remains of the lift blocking any way through. You did too good a job there, Thunders me boy...

Suddenly he received Galvatron's message, relayed through Soundwave Clever boy, Sounders, sweeping all radio communications... "Hmm, what do I tell him now? Soundwave, can you locate the source of the explosive charge? Some electro-frequency signal type guff?"

The reply echoed ominously from Thundercracker's chest capsule... "Requested data already collected. There is no solitary charge. Explosives are located in six key locations throughout the city. Recommended course of action: shut down from central control station"

"No! No No No No!" Thundercracker was panicking... "Open a direct comm link to Galvatron for me - priority code red..."

** Lord Galvatron, the charges are scattered throughout the city, disarming them in time is out of the equation. The central control room cannot be accessed in time either... **

He paused, letting a thought permutate through his neural cluster... whether it had occured to him on his own, was the residual effect of exposure to the Decepticon Matrix, or had been planted by Soundwave was immaterial - it was there... and he knew immediately it would work

** ... there is another way, however - I will need to shut down all internal radio equipment for it to work however... Thundercracker out **

Thundercracker opened his chest compartment, removed Soundwave, and watched as his comrade returned to full size. "How long remaining?"

"Two point six five cycles and closing."

Thundercracker smirked... "Plenty of time." He turned to a nearby access hatch, and ripped the cover from the wall. "Plug yourself in, Soundwave - you're gonna save the day..."

2001-10-01, 06:24 PM
Mirage and Bluestreak turned the next left and stopped. There was no way they could get through the wall of charred metal in front of them. They transformed back to robot mode.

Mirage looks at Bluestreak, "now what are we gonna do?", "hmmm...,", puzzles Bluestreak. "Ah!,", Mirage looks up, "up there Bluestreak". They both look up and see a narrow passage heading upwards. It must have been caused by an earlier blast. Mirage thinks for a moment, "If we head up there it should take us directly to...", Bluestreak interrupts, "I'm way ahead of you Mirage", he leaps up and begins to climb using the broken wires at the sides of the hole. Mirage follows Bluestreak up the chute.

After a few minutes of climbing they emerge just outside the chamber. It appears eerily quiet as they stand and look around.

Mirage grabs Bluestreak by the arm and whispers, "wait a minute, let me go ahead to see if everything's ok", Bluestreak nods as Mirage activates his invisibility. He walks towards the doors which are partially opened and is able to squeeze through without opening the door any further. decepticons!, Mirage stands in the centre of the room surrounded by at least 3 decepticons examining the stasis pods. Mirage exits and meets back with Bluestreak, "there's 3 decepticons in there, there's no way we can get them outta there", "listen Mirage, if I was in one of those pods I'd want someone to come and rescue me" replies Bluestreak. Bluestreak transforms and drices through the doors, he drives around the decepticons and heads off past Mirage and down a passage to the right with the decepticons chasing him. Mirage deactivates his invisibility and re-enters the room. He looks at the mess as there were only two pods remaining intact, Mirage sighs and begins to try to open the pods, he approaches the keypad and attempts to open the first pod. A series of noises is followed by a silence, and then the pod opens. A robot which is a similar size to Mirage falls from the pod, the robot begins to speak gibberish. Mirage ignores him and begins work on the second pod, let's see now, darn it, that didn't work, oh well, there's only one other way to get this pod open, and Bluestreak isn't here to see it, Mirage raises his hunting rifle and points it at the pod, with one blast the pod shatters, an unusual robot falls from it, it has no insignia on its body. Puzzled for a while Mirage looks at the robot, he seemed familiar but he could not ut a name to the face I'm sure we;ve met before, but why haven't you got a deceptcon or an autobot symbol? Mirage helps both the robots to their feet as he hears Bluestreak returning with the decepticons in pursuit. Mirage and the two robots arrive at the hole he and Bluestreak arrived by, a thundering shot was heard and the robot from the first pod is hit, a second blast as Mirage turns around and the robot's torso is shattered, his limbs disconnected into a million pieces. Mirage picks up some wires from the floor and creates a net to lower the robot with no insgnia to the lower level. "c'mon Mirage, it's gettin' a little hot back here", shouts Bluestreak as he tries to fend off the decepticon onslaught. "It's all finished" replied Mirage, let's get outta here". "I was thinkin' the same thing" added Bluestreak. They both jump down the hole.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-01, 08:40 PM
"Wait a minute, where's Mirage and Bluestreak" yelled Sideswipe, the noise of weapon's fire almost drowning out his voice.

"I don't know, maybe, no, they wouldn't have, the stasis pods!" exclaimed Wheeljack.

"well, they've got to be there by now, wonder how they're getting on" Sideswipe shouted as loud as he could.

"Better than us I hope" mused Pointblank as Wheeljack shot him a sideways glance.

"Hope that signal got through to Prime, otherwise we're all gonna look like fried circuit-boards soon enough."

Sideswipe stood up from his defensive postition,
"well, we gotta get out of here one way or another, I'd prefer it to be in one piece, and not itty bitty ones."

Wheeljack nearly rounded the corner of the shuttlebay dock when Hound grabbed him by the shoulder and hauled him back. A blaster shot seared the wall to their right, the shot coming from the left side of the bay.

"They're already here," Sideswipe growled.

"Figured as much," Hound said. "We'll have to fight our way through. On three: one, two...three!"

As Hound yelled Two, Sideswipe bolted round the corner into the midst of the gun-fire.

wish I had my jet pack right about now he thought as he charged headlong towards the shuttle bays firing with all the weaponry he could muster.

2001-10-01, 08:58 PM
Thundercracker knelt in front of the access panel in the wall, routing through cables and wires, jabbering as he went. "You see, Soundwave, a bomb needs to be detonated in order to explode, which means that a signal has to be sent to it. There'll be no Autobots around, which means that the signal has to be sent through a pre-programmed mechanism..." He didn't know why he was talking, Soundwave already knew all this, and even if he didn't, a quick mind-sweep would be all that was necessary. He quickly came to the conclusion that talking it through would make it sound rational, and distract him from the very real threat of a second death... "... now, the signal would have to be sent through wires, and as the entire of Autobot City is wired together - doors, commports, lifts, Metroplex, bombs - if we can access the main conduits, we can hack straight into the Control Center. All signals travel as electromagnetic impulses, which you can also emit. Therefore, all you need do is transmit on the correct frequency, and you can shut down the entire self-destruct system from here!"

Soundwave stood over his compatriate. "Thundercracker, shut up and move." He reached down, and pulled the blabbering Decepticon away from the panel, before transforming to alternate mode, and extending a link into the exposed circuit panels.

Immediately, a timer appeared on his display. One point six cycles.

2001-10-01, 10:47 PM
"well Jazz where did he go I think we were to slow" blaster said as jazz looked around for thundercracker "I know I saw him around here aww man" he said subnstreaker spoke up "well this place is gonna blow and i don't wanna be in it when it does so either we find them or we get out" blaster and jazz looked at eachother Jazz transformed and a door opened Blaster transformed and went in jazz "Sunstreaker were going after em.They can't be to far off" Jazz said Sunstreaker quickley transformed "well lets go" Snstreaker sped off ahead of them jazz close behind..

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2001-10-02, 12:06 AM
Optimus looked around the interor of the empty ship. "We get to Vector Sigma, then Earth"


Ultra Magnus was surprized as he got his first good look at this seekers colors. It was Skwarp, "I thought you had retired Decepticon!" Ultra Magnus clasped his hands together and took a swing at him. But Magnus knew if his Arm mounted weapons and teleportation were on-line, this fight could be one-sided.

God Jinrai
2001-10-02, 02:13 AM
The rocket failed to pierce trypticon's armor... Jinrai was slightly surprised... but reacted quickly nonetheless... Diving for the tail, he rolled, sliding under the behemoth's tail... comming out from under it unscathed... Jinrai was rather disgruntled.. "Trypticon... was never that powerful... one of my blasts from the rocket launcher should have torn a hole in that thing's armor! Guess it's time to let these fools see what it really is that they're up against... "

Jinrai knew that overlord posessed the capacity to patch into the masterforce as well.. but it was a chance he had to take... opening his mind, he reached out to that unknown source... the masterforce itself... and drew on it's power... just slightly... Heaven energy would likely be enough to rock trypticon's world... His body glowed a pale golden color... clasping his hands together, in a fireball motion, he released the heaven energy onto trypticon, aiming it right for his central sensory array on his forehead

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-02, 10:30 AM
Skywarp took the blow of Magnus' uppercut square on the jaw and flew in the air, he remembered his teleportation skills, and re-emerged behind Magnus.

"nice shot." sneered Skywarp as he raised his arm cannon and fired at Magnus' back.

"As I said before, this is your last battle, you can't beat me."

He charged at Magnus again, his rage getting the better of him, Skywarp was hell-bent on destroying Ultra Magnus, he'd waited 10 years to destroy something again, now he had his chance...

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2001-10-02, 03:41 PM
Shatterbolt stood up and looked around the ship. She had had enough of this. Vector Sigma... Earth, both were in danger, and they were taking far too long... if they didn't hurry, there would no longer be anything left to save...

She walked over to a console and sat down, and began to enter coordinates. She managed to keep the anxiety out of her voice as she turned to Prime and said,

"Course for Vector Sigma plotted, Prime... say the word, and I'll do what I can to get us there."

2001-10-02, 06:50 PM
It was a difficult sensation to pin down. He felt like it had been present for an eternity, but at the same time it felt fresh.

It wasn't fear, he knew that. Fear was easily recognised, and could be dealt with with a simple rerouting. This was something else - something that was affecting his concentration, and forcibly improving his focus simultaneously.

Soundwave suddely realised - it was panic.

Even in his alternate mode, blinded to the world outside, his mind only seeing a virtual reproduction of the circuit boards and wires he was probing, he knew that Thundercracker was stood over him, intently. He wondered how long it would be until his fellow Decepticon interpreted the information flooding his 'screen.'

Surely not long. He had been dreading the moment ever since he realised his mistake. And he knew it was there, plain as day for all to see in liquid crystal format. He knew Thundercracker was smart enough to interpret it... he just prayed to Primus that it wouldn't register.

He'd realised his error the nanosecond it had been made. But by then it was too late. Accessing the central control systems had been far simpler than he had ever anticipated, even decoding the security data on the explosives was a doddle: Seven bombs in total. Seven. Three forming a triangle in the centre of the city, with the remaining four encompassing the perimeter. Contrary to his earlier assumptions, the seven would not be detonated centrally, but independantly and simultaneously.

The scale of the operation had been impressive. A small impulse of energy would be transmitted to each charge, timed to reach their destinations at exactly the same time, causing the city to collapse in one fell swoop.

Locating the bombs had been easy, so easy in fact, that Soundwave had paused momentarily before calculating the frequencies of his counter-charge impulses, and setting them on their way. He had then realised that the first wave of signals had already been sent to the outside ring of bombs.

The first three could be headed off with no worries. But the fourth, the charge farthest away, had a head start. Soundwave realised that even taking the shortest route possible, his signal would still arrive point-zero-zero-one nanoseconds after the command from the central computer.

One bomb would definitely explode. He just hoped Thundercracker wouldn't realise it was his fault...

2001-10-02, 07:30 PM
Prime stood still for a moment. He hadn't heard anything from Vector Sigma. But he would know if has been destroyed. "Shatterbolt, ignore my last order, head us to Earth! In the grand scheme of things Earth is far more precious then Vector Sigma. But it is a difficult decicion to make. But we have to protect Earth."

Ultra Magnus fell to the floor but got back up. Skwarp can still teleport, slag. Ultra Magnus looked back at Galvatron's position. Optitron was fighting with him. He no longer had his edge. Magnus reopened his link, and then remembered something that came in a while ago, "Sideswipe do you copy, premission granted! We got to get out of here." With any luck Sideswipe was already out of there.

I got maybe one or two minutes left. he thought. Ultra Magnus then realized the hate in Skywarp's eyes as he charged him. Magnus buried his feet and held his hands out. He did have one thing over Skywarp, strength.

2001-10-02, 09:03 PM
Galvatron looked around...he had to stop Metroplex's total destruction. With that he opened a comm to thundercracker.

Galvatron: "Thundercracker, I am heading to the command center...i may just have a way to stop the explosions..."

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-02, 10:23 PM
Sideswipe heard the faint crackle of a comm message, it was Ultra Magnus...

"Si$e"$pe do !" c : }, per!"/ion g...ted! We got to get out of here."

The detination codes? They've already been processed

Sideswipe dived behind some storage containers in the shuttle bay, he opened a comm link to Magnus

"In case you haven't heard, the codes have been started, we ain't got long to get outta here, we're pinned down in the shuttle bays, and things ain't gettin any prettier"

A shot glanced over Sideswipe's position.

someone has to get to those shuttles, or we're all toast

Sideswipe stood from his position and fired towards the Decepticons in the shuttle bay.

"Wheeljack we have to get into at least one of those shuttles, give me some cover fire, you too Pointblank"


Skywarp's anger turned to bemusement.

"A test of strength Autobot? I'm not the mere jet you once knew, I'm more now, stronger, better, faster, a test of strength you want, that's what you'll get"

Skywarp continued to move towards Magnus, their hand's locked, the force of Skywarp's movement towards Ultra Magnus forced him back a little.

"You are worthless, nothing compared to me, don't you understand that?" Skywarp laughed in Ultra Magnus' face.

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2001-10-02, 11:17 PM

Under Kup's order, Halfblast pinpointed Fort Max on their incoming vector. He received word that a situation had occured and that Prime and the crew had, for the most part, commandeered a Decepticon ship. The communication sent from Earth was given to Fortress Maximus, to relay to Prime on the ship...


"Incoming signal from Fort Max!" An Autobot next to Shatterbolt said. "Says it's from Cybertron, and they got a message coming from Earth!"

The message was relayed, after being slowed down. Earth was under attack by Decepticons, practically all of the major players were present.

Ignition sat on the other side of Shatterbolt. "What are we gonna do now, Prime?"


"We'll do what we can," Wheeljack nodded. Pointblank prepared as well. When there was a gap in the blaster fire against them, they both turned the wall and began their cover.

2001-10-03, 01:12 AM
Sunstreaker transforms and peers around the corner to see thundercracker and soundwave he looks back at jazz as blaster pops out his door and transforms in robot mode jazz transforming shortly after

"Jazz there was two decepticons not one" he says quietly not wanting soundwave to hear him

Jazz looked at Blaster then raised his weapon
"well lets go man don't hold back" he nodded to sunstreaker as he pulled out his rifle

Blaster let out a small laugh "eat laser heat decepti-creep"

all three looked around the corner firing at soundwave and thundercracker

2001-10-03, 02:24 AM

Shatterbolt let out a small sigh.

"..Yes, sir! Next stop... Earth!"

She lightly pressed a few buttons, and the Decepticon shuttle lurched to life. As the ship jumped to warp, she sighed again and muttered under her breath,

"...I'll rip Galvatron a new one if he's done anything we can't fix..."


Ignition looked around as everyone found something to do. She was beginning to consider getting some shuttle training... it was boring as Hell to sit and watch everyone else. She sidled up to a nearby console. Heat readings were displayed. She looked around, noticed no one was watching, shrugged, then plopped herself down on the nearest chair and began to watch the readings scroll along the screen.

"....Nothin' better to do."

She thought boredly. Then, a thought struck her. She turned in her chair and looked at Prime.

"Hey, Prime... What about Fort Max? Are we gonna leave him? And what about Prowl and his team? Did they make it aboard?"

(ooc: Just a note: Yup, there's still a bomb on Fort Max's bridge... and I'm going to start "bold"ing all the character's names, it's just so much easier that way... http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/biggrin.gif)


"...And you can count on me, as well!"

Springer shouted as he made a run for Sideswipe's position, blasting at the Decepticons to give himself cover fire. he dived for safety when he got close enough, and barely missed being scrapped by return fire. Looking up at his comerade, Springer grinned slightly.

"...Well, you look like you've seen better days. You need cover fire, you've got it. Just say when!"

Springer said a little jovially as he got to his feet. Cautiously, he peered around the storage containers and took aim.

2001-10-03, 04:58 PM
Trypticon began to back off as the masterforce energy approached him.

"What is this?!" The surprised giant roared.


Devastator dragged the container that he had been carrying as close to Autobot City he could. Then the green goliath began to rip the container open. A large EMP bomb was now uncovered and Devastator's movements slowed down due the maintainance impulses that bomb kept sending. Devastator began to move further from the bomb, holding the remote controller of the bomb in his right hand. The further from the bomb he moved the faster he could move.

Scrapper took control of Devastator's mind. Then Devastator took small communications device from sub-space and tried to contact Galvatron.

"My Lord. The EMP bomb is ready. It will stop the self-destruct sequence but it would also deactivate you if you don't get out of there. The range is three miles. I wait for your orders."

2001-10-03, 05:00 PM
"HeySpringerwaitformewaitformewaitforme!" Blurr said as he followed Springer to Sideswipe's position, firing at the Decepticons as he ran.

2001-10-03, 06:42 PM
Thundercracker heard a crack of energy explode behind him, and spun around quickly.

"What the...? AUTOBOTS! The idiots, what do they think they're doing?"

The Decepticon quickly fired a few high-power salvo's back down the corridor, aiming them for the ceiling panels, hoping to seal off the route between them.

Don't they realise that this whole place is gonna blow up in under a cycle?!

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-03, 07:57 PM
Sideswipe was glad to see Blurr and Springer aid him. He watched as Wheeljack and Pointblank rounded the corner and started firing.

"Here goes everything"

Sideswipe transformed to his Lamborghini mode and sped off towards one of the open shuttles

hope I can make this

Several shots bounced around him, he couldn't differentiate which was Autobot covering fire and Decepticon attacking fire.

"When I said covering fire, I didn't mean cover me in it" yelled Sideswipe.

A shot hit his front-right tire sending the Autobot out of control and crashing into some fuel containers, an errant shot hit them and they burst into flames around Sideswipe.

"Woah, talk about out of the frying pan, into the fire, literally."

Sideswipe ran out of the flames, not far from the shuttle now, he transformed again

even with a busted tyre, this way's faster than any other

As he boarded the shuttle via the cargo ramp he noticed two Decepticons lying in wait, in an instant he transformed back to his robot mode, he dived forwards firing his rifle, taking out one of the cons he steadied himself and aimed at the second, he was hit square in the chest by the second decepticon. Lying on his chest Sideswipe manouvered his rocket launcher and fired upon the Decepticon, blowing him apart.
He stood up, pained, his chest plate scorched boy am I glad Sunstreaker can't see this, he'd have a fit Sideswipe mused to himself well, let's see if this bird can fly.

He ran over to the command chair and punched a few buttons, *WEAPONS SYSTEMS ONLINE*


The few Decepticons that remained in the shuttle bays fled when they saw the shuttle's weapons point in their directions.

"Path's clear guys, all aboard!" Sideswipe laughed over the comm systems, "uhm, Wheeljack, how *do* I fly this thing..."

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2001-10-03, 08:00 PM
Galvatron took the comm...

Galvatron: "Devastator, hold off on the EMP until the last possible second, if this doesn't work...then use it. Metroplex is needed for my plans! Also, make certain that all Decepticons are in a safe range away from both the bombs and the EMP!"

Galvatron looked down and began to work to override the Autobot's detonation sequence. He had a plan...but time was running out.

2001-10-03, 10:19 PM
"The-way-is-clear-so-lets-go-lets-go-lets-go cause-the-decepticons-are-outta the-way-so-lets-go," Blurr said as he transformed and drove towards the shuttle.

2001-10-03, 11:01 PM
Jazz fired off another shot then turned around "If we don't go soon guys this places is gonna blow with us in it I say we pull back let these decepticons get slagged"

Sunstreaker nodded "yeah I gotta find sideswipe to so lets go"

Sunstreaker and jazz transformed as blaster fired off another shot and yelled at the two decepticons

"HEY DECEPTICREEPS IT'S BEEN FUN BUT BEFORE THIS PLACE BLOWS WE GOTTA RUN"with that he transformed into a boombox and went in jazz window as they pulled off jazz said

"wish we coulda finished em off before that bomb blew that woulda" Blaster laughed and replied
"I hear ya buddy"
they drove off down the corridor heading for the shuttle bay hoping etleast one ship was left

2001-10-03, 11:07 PM
Mirage and Bluestreak hear the last call for the shuttle. "We're not gonna make it" exclaims Mirage, "hey, of course we're gonna make it Mirage, replied Bluestreak. The robot they had rescued was now functioning better. "who are you?", asks Mirage, "what?, where?, who?, what do you want?, leave me alone, I don't know anything....", the robot frantically answers, "hey, hold up there", shouts Bluestreak, "no-ones gonna hurt you". "That's what they all say...., get away from me, get away from me I said!", shouts the robot, "ok, ok", says Bluestreak as he and Mirage back away. The robot reveals a gun and points it at Mirage, "now wait just a minute, there's no need for that, don't you know this place is gonna explode any minute?, we're trying to help you, you we're in one of the stasis pods and we......", Mirage is interrupted, "I don't want to hear it, just leave me alone", the robot fires a shot in between Bluestreak and Mirage intentionally missing them, his mind scrambled, the robot turns and runs down the corridor and disappears around the corner. "Mirage we gotta..", "No Bluestreak, he's gone, we gotta go too, the whole place is gonna blow", replies Mirage. They both reluctantly transform and speed towards the shuttle. I hope we make it, they both think. Nearing the shuttle as it begins to prepare to set off, Bluestreak and Mirage see decepticons firing on the shuttle.

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2001-10-03, 11:13 PM

*"Path's clear guys, all aboard!"*

"Sideswipe did it! Let's go, Autobots!"

Springer yelled triumphantly as he stood and waved an arm toward the shuttle. as he was getting onboard, he heard the rest of the message.

*"uhm, Wheeljack, how *do* I fly this thing..."*

"...Oh, great. It's gonna be a bumpy ride, guys!"

Springer laughed. Once on board, he opened a comm to Jazz:

*"Jazz, this is Springer! We've got a ship, so bring your team to the shuttle bay, pronto!*

2001-10-04, 12:17 AM
Darkwing noticed Springer and the Autobots inside the ruins of the shuttle bay.

"All right! Time to slag some Autobots", said Ramjet.

"The four jets turned and started firing at Springer's crew.

2001-10-04, 12:38 AM
"Oh-no-it's-the-decepticons-the-decepticons-the-decepticons-the-decepticons-are-back!" Blurr said as four jets started shooting at them.

2001-10-04, 03:03 AM
Wheeljack took control of the gun turrets from Sideswipe. "Get out of my shuttle bay!" he growled. Sideswipe could never remember Wheeljack being that angry before as the shuttle shook from its own blaster fire. The jets scramble around in the small junked-up shuttle bay.

"Get on board, hurry!" Sideswipe keyed the comm system.

"Where the hell are Bluestreak and Mirage?"

"They'd better hurry, we've only got less than a cycle to go," Wheeljack said.

"There!" Pointblank stated, looking at one of the monitors. "They'll make it in time if they do a direct run on board."

Then let's give them the cover they need," Wheeljack acknowledged, hammering on the turretfire.


2001-10-04, 03:06 AM
"Back! All Decepticons, back to safe ground!"

Cyclonus fired his gun in the air a few times, then began beating his retreat. A glance over his shoulder showed him Gigatron staring silently at the city.

I cannot let him die again. Without Galvatron, the Decepticons are finished. If he falls, our empire...no, our future falls with him.

Cyclonus walked slowly up to Gigatron. A confused look later, "Gigatron, we must retreat. There is great danger of being affected by the electromagnetic pulse."

Gigatron did not turn his head.

"There will be no electromagnetic pulse, Cyclonus. I will make sure of it. Get the rest of the Decepticons to safety." He glanced over his shoulder. "And don't dare follow me." With those words, he transformed to jet mode and made his way to the control center.

Cyclonus absorbed the whole scenario. There was no time for him to warn Gigatron, to attempt to stop him. He had already made it into the city. An explosion hid Gigatron from sight, and Cyclonus' concentration returned.

"Optitron, get your men out of here. Holocaust, help me get the word out to the rest of the Decepticons."

With a nod to each, Cyclonus ran off.


I must be cautious, Galvatron thought. The Autobots designed this very well. One miscalcu--

A pair of metal feet hit the floor. Galvatron's eyes remained on his task.

"Foolish, Autobot. Very foolish. Be warned, any attempt to stop my work will result in instantaneous termination. Not that you have any reason to want to stop me. After all, I'm trying to save your city."

The figure did not draw a weapon on Galvatron. Rather, it walked to him and stood, as though it were curious of his actions.

"Autobot, you are beginning to test me..."

Galvatron could not help noticing the shadow on the floor. His head spun up.

"Gigatron! What are you doing here? I gave you orders to retreat!"

Gigatron knelt beside Galvatron. "No time to bicker. We must work."

They stared at each other silently for a moment.

Gigatron must not be here. He is to take over for me if my plan does not succeed and I perish again. If we both die...No! That is not an option! I cannot fail!

And returned to work.

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2001-10-04, 04:35 AM
jazz appeared in in the corridor leading to the damaged launcha pad as blaster hopped out his window and transformed jazz transformed afterwards and sunstreaker drove up transforming

"ramjet and his boys are attacking are ticket out. TRASH EM"jazz said and sunstreaker and blaster complied as the began to run to the ship opening fire at ramjet and his boys

"Springer this is Blaster blastin at ya open the doors and make it fast cause here we come" he fired again at ramjet

"Hey Springer is sideswipe with you guys" sunstreaker yelled firing

2001-10-04, 04:54 AM
Pointblank looked around as the Autobots boarded the shuttles and prepared for take off.

Pointblank: "You guys take off and get out of here...I'll distract the cons!"

Sideswipe looked ready to protest but the Targetmaster commander simply glared him down. He transformed and rolled towards the Decepticons...then once he cleared the shuttle he transformed and began to fire away on Dreadwing's entire squad.

Pointblank: "OUT OF HERE NOW GUYS!!! OK, Decepticons...let's rock..."

2001-10-04, 05:37 AM
"You heard him, lift-off!"

Just as the last of the Autobots got onboard the shuttle--passing by Pointblank making his way towards the Cons--the shuttle repulsors whined. The ship lifted slowly off the floor and rounded for the hangar opening. Then, with a loud thoom of the engines, the shuttle roared out of Autobot City.

"Good luck, Pointblank," Mirage murmered, who'd just made it on board the last possible second along with Bluestreak. He'd watched the Autobot commander drive right past him and into the fray.

The shuttle made for a slow ascent as it made distance from the fight below. All around, Wheeljack could see on the monitor as flight-capable Autobots were making their escape, those not onboard the shuttle. Some had pursuirs.

What caught Wheeljack's optics on the rear cam was Devestator. Namingly, what was in his hands. Wheeljack zoomed the view in, and would have smirked had he been built with a mouthpiece. "What's he think he's gonna do with that?"

"What?" Sideswipe asked while trying to pilot the ship.

"He's got a very interesting Electro-Magnetic Pulse bomb, Devestator I mean."

"What's so interesting?" Hound inquired.

"It looks like a custom version of one I designed. Almost a decade ago. You can tell lookin' at the outer casket--that's nearly my signature style. Anyway, later on the design was stolen by Galvatron and the Decepticons, but we'd defeated them a year later so I'd forgotten about it. Heh, it sure ain't gonna have the affect they'd all want it to have."

"So, you're saying it was defective?"

"nah, it's pretty nasty stuff. Has a range of about three miles or so. And it's thurough. It'll do it's job all right." The way Wheeljack's optics partially squinted--to the best of their ability--and his faceplate rose, Hound got a clear impression of a smile. "But it ain't the bomb that holds the surprise I'm referin' to..."

2001-10-04, 02:57 PM
Ramjet and Darkwing peeled off from the laser fire, but Dreadwing and Apeface continued onward.

"Fall back, you two!" said Ramjet!

2001-10-04, 07:35 PM
Devastator watched as the Autobot shuttle flew over him. He lifted his nova cannon and fired couple of 20 000 degree beams after the shuttle, though he knew that he would most likely miss his target.


Stalker followed Cyclonus. Roaring orders through Decepticon radio frequences to other Decepticons to get into safety.

"Decepticons!!! Fall back!!! If Galvatron can't prevent Metroplex from explosing, Devastator is going to use a large EMP bomb to shut down the whole area within three miles!!!"


The masterforce-energy reached Trypticon who froze for a moment. Then he began moving again.

"What were you trying Autobot?!" He roared and fired some destructro beams from his mouth towards God Jinrai.

Trypticon's optics began to glow bloodred, then red beams were shot from his optics towards God Jinrai. Hypno beams...

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2001-10-04, 07:48 PM
30 second, that may be all I got. Ultra Magnus thought, as his comm-link fizzled out. He knew he got a responce, but it wasn't read able. Magnus's hand started to crack, this caused a considerable amount of pain. But if he could just hold on a bit longer. But he had to get out of there and yet keep Skywarp off his back, at least long enough to get a head start. Then a thought crossed his mind. It was something he hadn't done for many years.

"Stronger, huh? Right, I suppose that happens to all Zombies! Now meet mine!" The light went out in Magnus's eyes. And then his head just plopped off. Suddenly a smaller robot ejected out of Magnus's back. Wait, it was Magnus himself! He looked like a slightly smaller Prime, but he was all white. The remainder of his, the armor still held on to Skywarps hands, that action still being processed by the hands command response system. It was similar to a disk being taken out of the computer while it's program was still operating.

The robot portion of Magnus transformed into vechical mode. All there was, was the cab, no patform-trailer. That's because the trailer was the armor. And the Amor without Magnus to control it started to lose it footing. It began it fall on Skywarp. Magnus set his engine to overdrive and sped away. "You can't win too easily, Skywarp!"

Optimus Prime walked up to the security panel, and made sure there were no bombs on board, or any other Decepticon trick. In his work he listened ti Ignition's questions.

"No need to worry, Ignition, Prowl and all the Autobots boarded just before you did. As for Fortress Maximus, it's his show now." Prime activated the view screen. It showed Fort max heading to the Cybertron sun. It wa leaking plasma out of it's port bow. Hopefully Prime's plan would work, and hopefully Fortress maximus would get there in time.

2001-10-04, 07:51 PM
Thundercracker watched as the Autobots retreated. They set a bomb to blow the place up, and hang around... they start a fight, then run away before any contact... I'll never understand Autobots...

He turned back, and knelt down in front of Soundwave, studying the display intently. Every character, every stat, he understood implicitly. With a mere glance he knew that Soundwave had messed up one of the bombs, he also knew that it was in a relatively unimportant area. Mere structural instability would be caused. Nothing drastic. Seal the area off, declare it a no-go until Hook and co fix it up.

He also noticed something else. The bombs were fitted with electro-magnetic stabilisers. Soundwave was knocking the bombs offline by activating the stabilisers. Heh, they build a bomb, and fit it with a standby function. Bizarre.

Thundercracker also knew, though it didn't register -it had no reason to- that it was a mechanism that was easily over-ridden. All it would need was an electro-magnetic impulse of strong enough magnitude.

"C'mon Soundwave - hurry up!"

2001-10-04, 10:29 PM
Adeara stood close enough to Autobot City to see the main features, but far enough away that any explosion wouldn't affect her. Then again, she was joined with a firebird. Simply watching sitting atop a rock, Adeara relaxed, waiting for her next orders.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-04, 10:57 PM
Pointblank rushed headlong towards the on-coming decepticons, firing with everythings he had. The shuttle engines behind him roared.
least they're gonna get out of here alive

Sideswipe struggled to keep the Autobot shuttle under control.

"uhm, a little help here guys"

Sideswipe kept the shuttle steady, the shots fired by Devestator flew past the shuttle, but none made contact.

"okay, we're clear, wow, look at Autobot City, hard to believe that only a few hours ago that place was home..."

Sideswipe paused...

"Hey, Wheeljack, where can we land this thing? And can someone help me out with flying this bucket of bolts!"

Skywarp watched as the smaller section of Ultra Magnus dis-engaged.
what the...

He had no time to think, Magnus' armour began to crumple under the sheer weight of itself, it began to fall on Skywarp!
As he felt himself being crushed alive underneath the armour, he teleported from his position and transformed to jet mode.

no choice, I have to fly, even with my busted wing
He heard Cyclonus' warning about the bombs.

"You haven't seen the last of me Ultra Magnus, I'll be back, mark my words, you won't get out of our next battle so easy"

He retreated along with the other fleeing Decepticons, he watched Gigatron join Galvatron's side.
I hope they defuse those bombs soon...

2001-10-05, 02:33 AM

Springer cast a weary optic out the nearest portside window as the shuttle left Autobot City. He shook his head slightly. As the full city came into view from the air, the sheer number of attacking Decepticons shocked him.

"...Geez. We're the lucky ones... Not many will survive this night..."

Sideswipe's slightly panicked request caught Springer's attention. He turned and walked towards the front of the shuttle.

"Just set it on Autopilot 'till we figure out what we're gonna do, Sideswipe."

He said, taking a seat nearby and working with the scanners.

"...Well, either they haven't noticed we're gone, or they don't care. No bogeys anywhere, clear flying for miles... what do you think, guys? Should we try to contact Prime again?

2001-10-05, 03:50 AM
Dunno what good it'll do, contacting Prime now," Wheeljack answered. "There's a field surrounding the area. Can't tell just yet if it's world-wide or just over our location. But it looks like something the Decpticons would do. And they wouldn't put up a field you could blast through too easily."

2001-10-05, 06:18 PM
Thundercracker watched the timer couting down. He was impressed, and at the same time wondered if Soundwave was aware of how much information was being displayed...

Seven bombs. Nought point nought seven cycles remaining.

Bomb A defused. Great.

0.06 cycles

Bomb C defused. Brilliant.

0.05 cycles.

Bomb D defused. Wonderful Soundwave, wonderful.

0.04 cycles.

Bomb E defused. Whatever happened to B?

0.03 cycles.

Bomb F defused. On the inner ring now...

0.02 cycles.

Ah yes, B was the "error"... won't mention it...

0.01 cycles.

Uhm, Soundwave....

Bomb G defused. Yess!!!!!!!!!!

0.00 cycles

2001-10-05, 09:04 PM
Blaster looked out the window at the smoking ruin that had been his hom for so many years
"this sucks the Decepti-creeps won and he had to run"

Jazz looked at blaster sighing "I know what you mean man this one shindig I wanna forget"

Blaster kept looking out then an odd look covered his face "thats odd metroplex should be gone"

Sunstreaker walked opver to his brother SIDEWSIPE "what happened to you" looks at the damage he took "I can pilot if you want I have piloted one of these before"

Jazz looked at Blaster "That ain't right man it should be gona along with any..." he thinks of soundwave and thundercacker and soundwave being plugged into the wall then looks at WHEELJACK
"You into the technological kinda stuff.. What are the chances of the bombs being disarmed"

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-05, 09:15 PM
Sideswipe listened to Blaster.

"NO!, this isn't over yet, we've still to hear from Prime and Fort Max out in space, we haven't lost this war, not by a long shot"

An explosion slightly rocked the shuttle.

"doesn't sound like they got all the explosives, maybe there's hope yet"

2001-10-05, 09:22 PM
Gigatron checked his inner chronometer. He felt a miniscule vibration, but his continued existence was enough to convince him of victory.

Excellent. Soundwave must have done it.

"Galvatron, I believe we have won. The city is ours."

Galvatron grinned.

"I know, Gigatron." He turned his head, his expression now serious. "However, you disobeyed an order. Normally you would be punished..."

"...But you know perfectly that if we lost you and Metroplex, our name would once again become a relic. Thus, you realize my actions were justified."

Galvatron nodded slowly. "Indeed. You shall go without reprimand."

He turned away from Gigatron and walked to a nearby communication device, obviously the city's PA system. Following a quick scan, he pressed a button and spoke into the microphone.

"This is Galvatron. All Decepticons may now enter the city and begin eradicating any remaining Autobot troops. Once finished, you may find the repair bay and see to your wounds. Soundwave, if you would be so kind as to meet me at Prime's quarters."

Galvatron pressed the button again, and began walking away.

"Come, Gigatron. There is much planning to be done...and a hero to commend."

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2001-10-05, 10:00 PM
Thundercracker could barely believe the signal he was receiving. Soundwave? He KNOWS about Soundwave? But how? Unless... of course - the Matrix...

He reached down, and tapped his colleague's alternate form lightly, letting him know the job was done...

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2001-10-05, 10:45 PM
Ultra Magnus swiveled around, he knew how much trouble it would be to rebuild his armor if it was destroyed. The Armor recieved the simple command to transform. it transformed into it's platform mode and joined with Magnus's cab. Magnus then made a break for it.

Prime thought it might be a bit of a surprize if he arrived at Earth in a Decepticon shuttle. But that's all he had, surprize. He folded his hands 3 hours until they reach Earth.

2001-10-05, 11:43 PM
Blaster watched the bomb explode "yeah well that one did nothing external damage is all" he clenched his fist and looksed at jazz then at everyone else in the shuttle "Why we in her runnin away Turn and fight who cares if we don't see another day etleast we went down like warriors"

Sunstreaker looks at blaster "were out numbered brutally are casualties are already huge"

Blaster got a battle hardened look on his face "so what lets see if we can raise the decepticon casualties"

Jazz stood up and looked at the rest of them "dunno about you guys but Blaster I'm in"

2001-10-06, 02:23 AM
Darkwing got Galvatron's message"
"This is Galvatron. All Decepticons may now enter the city and begin eradicating any remaining Autobot troops."

"All right guys", he said to the other's. "Move in."

The four jets headed to Autobot City.

God Jinrai
2001-10-06, 03:39 AM
Jinrai caught the beams comming... but wasn't about to be suckered... Dodging to the left, then the right, he managed to avoid the destructo-beams... he then spotted the mind control blasts... "Not today, trypticon.." Jinrai dodged, and commenced his ultimate attack, quickly closing distance between he and trypticon... "I don't care HOW powerful you are, you oversized dinosaur! THIS WILL BURN! GOD FIRE GUTS!"

Jinrai was fifty yards now from trypticon, his body engulfed by a massive ball of flame... He then leapt from his run... the attack taking its effect... he charged through the air... the ball of flame growing in size and intensity... finally slamming into trypticon...

2001-10-06, 07:13 PM
The over 2 miles tall Decepticon giant roared in flustration as Jinrai dodged Trypticon's weapon fire and blasted the fireball against the giant.

Dozens of cannon turrets emerged from his massive body, releashing his massive firepower towards God Jinrai.

"I can destroy mountains! Cities! Even planets! You are no Metroplex or Fortress Maximus, Autobot! You're nothing! Face your destroyer, pathetic weakling! You were fool to stand against me!" Trypticon roared, as he kept shooting at his new persistent opponent.


Devastator was relieved that he didn't have to use the EMP bomb. The Constructicons hadn't had too much time to test the bomb beforehand. Devastator used the remote-controller to turn off the bomb, then he began to move the bomb back into the container made of special materials which were able tho absorb the accidental explosion of the EMP bomb.

As he had closed the container, he began to walk towards the Autobot City, knowing that he would have much work to do there.


Stalker stared at the Autobot City. "Bah. This was too easy." He crushed a head of a wounded Autobot, who was laying on the ground, under his foot.

"In my time there were no time for the weak... this timeline is not so different. You had no place here weakling. Only strong survive." He exlaimed to the dead Autobot, before he began to walk towards the Autobot City.

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2001-10-06, 07:32 PM
Hearing Galvatron's orders over the PA system, Adeara headed back into Autobot City to follow through on said orders......

2001-10-06, 07:54 PM
Soundwave knew his task was done. He also knew that when it came to one portion, he had failed.

Upon transforming back to his robot mode, he was greeted by Thundercracker, standing nose to nose with him. Soundwave did not move, he did not twitch, he didn't even try to discover what Thundercracker was thinking.

They stared at each other for what felt like an eternity. Then, Thundercracker grinned, and put his hand on Soundwave's shoulder.

"Nice one Soundy. C'mon - the boss wants to see us."

And on that, the pair marched off in the direction of Prime's quarters, following Soundwave's assimilated map.

2001-10-06, 08:44 PM
Galvatron marched triumphantly down the halls of Metroplex, with Gigatron in tow. They examined each door upon passing. This was the officers' sector. This one on the left was Kup's. On the right, Blaster. Then a closet. Again on the left, Grimlock. Of course, each room was empty by this point. Galvatron grinned as they passed Ultra Magnus' room.

My, what I'd give to see that look on his face again. I do hope Skywarp did well...

The Decepticon Matrix was radiating, giving Galvatron an inflated feeling which was as much physical as it was mental. For the first time in ten years, victory. They reached the end of the hall, which had a pair of doors considerably larger and more extravagant than the others embedded in it. Galvatron and Gigatron stopped, and read the words on it simultaneously.

"Optimus Prime."

They exchanged contentedly sinister grins. Gigatron threw the doors wide and pointed his open hand toward the room.

"After you."

Galvatron entered. An enormous Autobot symbol decorated the back wall. Hologram frames littered the others, containing pictures of Optimus with dear friends: Alpha Trion, Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod, Ironhide, Elita One, Spike and Daniel...too many to be rationally counted. The room was rather pristine, almost dusty, giving the effect that Optimus had little use for it. A workstation in the shape of an Autobot symbol sat near the center of the room, facing the door. Like everything else, it looked as though its former owner had never even bothered turning it on.

"Must do something about that," Galvatron mumbled almost disgustedly, scowling at the back wall. He stretched nonchalantly, then pulled the chair back from the workstation and flopped down in it. It squeaked a bit, its pivots still tight.

"Gigatron, Ultra Magnus' room shall be yours when we have secured the city. Now, go out and lead the extermination squad. When your task is done, gather the Decepticons in the briefing room and report back here...Metroplex does have a briefing room, yes?"

Gigatron nodded. "I'm sure. Thank you, Galvatron."

Gigatron spun around silently and exited the room, closing the doors behind him as he did so. Galvatron, still inside, threw his feet up on the workstation and folded his hands behind his head.

2001-10-06, 09:28 PM
Ramjet, Apeface, Darkwing, Dreadwind, and Battletrap, (who had rejoined his partners) wandered through Metroplex. They couldn't help but be glad that they switched over to Galvatron's side. If they had decided to continue to follow Optitron, they could have been slag metal by now. Entering the living area of Metroplex, they started wandering into quarters until they saw one name that particulary interested them.

"Optimus Prime"

"I wonder what he has in there?", said Battletrap.

"Well, let's find out", said Ramjet, walking up to the door and opening it.

2001-10-06, 09:30 PM
Thundercracker and Soundwave marched down the corridors, not a word exchanged between the two of them. Though for different reasons.

Thundercracker was deliberately avoiding talk, as he knew the subject would inevitably drift onto the bomb that exploded. He didn't blame Soundwave. He knew it was a miracle that they'd survived at all. He wasn't sure that his associate shared the view though...

Soundwave wouldn't have been able to describe his feeling if asked. It was a curious mix. He was, of course, guilty about the bomb he'd missed, but at the same time felt no worry... as if it had been fated that the Autobot's selfish plans of all-or-nothing warfare would succeed in part. But he also felt an overwhelming sense of insecurity. The last actions he had any control over were five years ago, prior his capture. He had then been placed in cold storage. The cryo-pods were prototypes, of course. They didn't fully freeze time for the inhabitant, they merely slowed it down. Five years locked in stasis, where every passing cycle lasts an orn. He imagined that the Pit must have been similar. Still, plenty of time for thought. Then, with little warning, as his systems were on the verge of collapse in an attempt to save him from a moment's circuitburn dragged into an eternity, he was freed.
Next he knew he had garnered second (or third) hand information direct from Thundercracker's neuranet, regarding the situation. He was then thrust into a race against time to stop an exploding city. Enough to phase anybody he mused.

Soundwave couldn't help being drawn on two things however. He could answer the first with a simple mindsweep of the area - he knew that the Autobots had taken a stasis pod, and he knew it contained the manta ray, leaving the crab behind.
The second issue was more complex. In scanning Thundercracker's mind, he had gathered information about time-fugitives. Ananchronisms - Transformers out of place in the scale of the universe. He couldn't help remembering Galvatron's appearance in 1986, Ravage's account of Shockwave's insanity and the Time Wars, and of course his own experiences in 2008... the end of his reign in control of the Decepticons.

Thundercracker was desperate to keep silent.
What Soundwave would have given for idle banter to keep his mind off what may happen...

2001-10-07, 03:07 AM
Galvatron threw his legs off the workstation in a rather shocked manner, almost as though he were embarrassed to be caught sitting as he was. He watched the door swing open. As Darkwing, Dreadwind, Battletrap, Apeface, and Ramjet stepped through, Galvatron scowled.

"You five? What is it you want? Be gone, before I change my decision to allow you to live!"


Gigatron walked down the corridor alone...somewhat. He'd been inspecting Silverbolt's quarters when Apeface and company had passed his location, so he hadn't the chance to intercept them. When he returned to the hall, Soundwave and Thundercracker were approaching. Both were silent; the latter looked a bit nervous. Gigatron shrugged them off and continued his work. His sensors rang as he opened the door to Perceptor's room. If a still camera had caught the next fifteen seconds of Gigatron's life on video, a viewer would have sworn it was a still frame. Motionless. Gigatron scanned the room, perhaps longer than he should have. Finally, he slowly and silently removed a sword from the back of his wing, aimed, and launched it across the room. A quick shriek, and an Autobot was dead. Gigatron reclaimed his life and walked over to the corpse, examining it. Not a big kill; just a Micromaster, the name of whom escaped him at the moment. Gigatron did not feel satisfied. Simple murder, particularly of those weaker than he, was just no fun. Regardless, he removed the sword from the Autobot's gut, sliced off his head, and tacked it to the door. He released and replaced the blade, leaving a bit of gothic art for his Decepticons. By the time he left the room, Soundwave and Thundercracker had passed. He continued on.

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2001-10-07, 03:25 AM
Galvatron notived that Thundercracker and Soundwave were doddling a bit.

Galvatron: "By the time you two get in here...nevermind...get over here you two!"

Galvatron stood up from Prime's desk and looked mockingly towards one of the awards the human's had given to his mortal enemy.

To Optimus Prime and his brave Autobot Warriors: For ending the reign of terror of the Decepticons once and for all, the people of Earth will forever be indebted to you.

Galvatron: "Rather ironic...would you not say? It appears that the Autobots received this award on this very day 8 years ago! HA! All too fitting that our victory occurs today then."

Galvatron walked towards his two warriors. He now radiated with a pride and confidence that had not been seen since the days of megatron. The world that the Autobot's had so selfishly kept from his...now belonged only to him. The victory was nearly as sweet as the day that Cybertron had fallen under his rule. Galvatron then turned to the pair.

Galvatron: "You have done well...you kept Metroplex together and now he is available to utilize in my plans! Soundwave...it is good to see you again old friend, though you seem a little worse for wear? I have a mission that you must carry out...are you up to it?"

With that Galvatron extended his hand to his oldest and most loyal warrior, then offered the other as well, which contained a detail of plans...

Galvatron: "Well old friend?"

2001-10-07, 12:12 PM
Soundwave was apprehensive. He was loyal to Galvatron over all others, not through trust - how anyone could trust such an unpredictable lunatic was beyond him - but through his nature: further advancement. Removing obstacles to power was so much simpler when you had the full support of the commander.

He couldn't help but wonder what the plan Galvatron spoke of was; he could tell that his leader was changed slightly by the presence of the Decepticon Matrix, but couldn't put a finger on the way. He looked down at Galvatron's hands, examining the datadisk, curious as to what plan was within it. Ridiculous concerns. He has always trusted me. Megatron trusted me implicitly. But as Galvatron...

He risked a mindscan, and was greeted with what he expected, the exact same foggy wall that had greeted him on first contact with Unicron's creation in 1986. But as Galvatron, his thoughts and motives are as mysterious as Unicron himself. To accept is to open myself up future betrayal, to decline is to authorise my own execution.

Soundwave extended his hand, and thus accepted his place back at the heart of Decepticon command.

God Jinrai
2001-10-07, 03:56 PM
The fireball around him absorbed the blasts... as he collided with the massive citybot, he felt it... another master... was comming. This one with a very familiar energy signature... Jinrai broke off the attack, and charged back for metroplex... it was then he caught sight of the autobot shuttles rocketing skyward... "They've given up metroplex?!? NO! SLAG IT!" Jinrai disengaged the armor, went into rig mode, and burned rubber heading for metroplex...

2001-10-07, 04:09 PM
THe five Decepticons, not willing to risk their sparks, ran down the hall as fast as they could.

Dreadwind slapped Ramjet across the face. "You idiot! you almost got us slagged!"

"Hey, how was I supposed to know Galvatron was in there!" Ramjet asked.

2001-10-07, 10:10 PM
Thundercracker watched cautiously as Galvatron handed a diskette to Soundwave. That should be you, Thunders me boy. You destabilised the city, you forced your way in, you defrosted big blue. Not to worry, what do I care as long as I'm secure. AND outrank Starscream. He smiled. After today, that last one may actually come to fruition.

He stepped forward, dropped to one knee, and bowed in front of Galvatron. "I await your command, oh mighty Galvatron."

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-07, 10:19 PM
Pointblank looked up from his position in the shuttle bay.

hmm...no Decpticon fire...they must've taken the city, darnit Prime, why couldn't you have gotten here...

He stood and surveyed the area - nothing, quiet, desolate. He examined the scorch marks created by the shuttle as it left the bay, for no particular reason, he noticed scratch marks along the floor, as if it were created by a large object being dragged.

they actually managed to rescue a stasis pod?

Peacemaker lept out of Pointblank's hand and transformed.

"Shouldn't we be getting out of here, this place is bound to be crawling with Decepticons now, and with no plan, or hope, we've gotta get out of here"

Peacemaker's words struck a chord within Pointblank,
"You're right, there's nothing we can do here, let's go.."
Pointblank let out a small sigh and transformed, Peacemaker followed suit transforming back to his weapon mode, and combining with Pointblank. He performed one last systems check and drove out of the shuttle bay.
In the distance he spotted the shuttle.

"well, best to follow it I guess..."
Skywarp realised that there had only been one explosion, he turned back and began to fly back to Autobot City.

Magnus is going to pay for that trick, he will pay dearly for making a mockery of me

Skywarp teleported back to the city, where he had initiated the first strike at Galvatron's command, he entered through the ruined main entrance and walked through the main hallway.

Decorated with Autobot memorabilia, statues of past heroes, such trinkets are worthless, and thusly will be destroyed

Skywarp raised his arm cannons and began to destroy the statues which adorned the hall.

hmm....this grows tiresome

He continued to walk down the hallway towards the command center

2001-10-08, 12:41 AM
Blaster and jazz had got off the shuttle the only ones willing to take the risk they were about two miles away from Autobot city blaster was in ghetto-blaster sending a signal at a frequency only autbots can pick up

Jazz looked at Blaster "If it's just you and me Blaster it's been nice knowen ya buddy"

"you to jazz but etleast were going down in style"

2001-10-08, 03:35 AM
Sixshot and Scorponok entered the main hall where more symbols of Autobot heroism surrounded them. The Predacons were off somewhere wrecking things.

Scorponok: "Such simple creatures the Predacons are aren't they?"

Sixshot: "Can you blame them? Senseless destruction is my personal favorite spectator sport."

Scorponok laughed as the two made their way to Galvatron's new office. He thought back to the days of fighting on Cybertron, about the day he turned over his position as a warlord...about his quest to eradicate autobots and about his old friend Bludgeon...who had been lost for so long. He had never served under Galvatron in such a stable condition. Once he had sought only to usurp his leader...now he sought only to conquer by his side.

Sixshot meanwhile had always been loyal to Galvatron. He sought only conquest and destruction to the Autobots. Megatron had provided this first...and Galvatron continued the mantle. Sixshot had always been treated well and rewarded for his service.

The two arrived in Galvatron's quarters.

Scorponok: "My lord...the city is ours. Thundercracker, you did quite well. Seems you have an eye on becoming the new air commander, eh?"

Sixshot: "Lord Galvatron, what are our orders?"

2001-10-08, 03:36 AM
Entering the almost deserted city, Adeara drew the Laser-light sword she was trained with from almost infancy. Beheading nameless Autobots as she walked towards the main hall, Adeara sighed, actually bored! By the Creator, I've never been so bored. I had more fun when I was dodging asteroids made from my destroyed planet 50 or so turns ago! What has happened since then? Has my life actually gone downhill this quickly? Entering the main hall, Adeara saw that purple jet. Remembering his name from one of Galvatron's transmissions, Skywarp, Adeara simply watched as he destroyed statues. Speaking up, she said, "You know, though those statues are rather....disgusting, you could simply melt them down to made into good statues proclaiming the glory of Galvatron and the Decepticons." She walked towards him as she spoke, still in her Decepticon form.

2001-10-08, 03:52 AM
Wheeljack had been at work on repairing some of the damage to his torn arm. The portions below the elbow were a mass of metal and wiring. He worked around the elbow joint, removing ruined portions of armor and connecting wires. Eventually he'd be able to replace the lower part of the limb, but right now he simply wanted to get rid of the mess.

"Blaster gotten anything from the other Autobots?" Wheeljack finally spoke up.

"Nothing yet," Hound answered. He's still repeating the signal. If he doesn't get a responce in four more cycles, we'll call him back and move on." Absently, the scout pressed a few keys on the console. He'd been at the job of pulse-scanning the area for a while now; resetting for new scans was becoming routine. "I thought it was bad enough that the Decepticons had taken Autobot city. I don't understand how they grabbed hold of Earth!"

"We got laxed," Sideswipe muttered. "We figured the war was over, that no Decepticon still out there would bother attacking again. We let them come in."

"No one was expecting an attack," Wheeljack assured him.

"That's the point, isn't it?" Sideswipe retorted.

"He's right," Hound added. "You can never rest with the Decepticons. Somehow we thought we could. How long have we been fighting them now? How long did this victory last? Hell, we've had truces last longer than 8 Earth years. And what happens, the Decepticons break them. Back at war we go. Victories we thought were the end of things turned out to be minor, and back at war we go. Every time, it's the same. Why in the Heart of the Inferno did we think now would be different?"

2001-10-08, 04:05 AM
Sunstreaker sat beside his brother.
"even if we were ready the decepticons had it planned obviously and we were at suprise what could we have done."

"Only a little bit longer then we move in and take out the decepti-trash" Jazz said.

Blaster fnished sending the signal again and spoke "It's gonna be a bang" he laughed.

God Jinrai
2001-10-08, 11:55 AM
Jinrai arrived at the entrance to metroplex... slowing down, he scanned for decepticons... finding none nearby, he transformed, and slowly edged his way inside... it was then he spotted skywarp and that nameless shapeshifter he'd seen, destroying the monuments errected in the names of many of the fallen autobots... and many of those still alive... the act sickened him to no end... but two against one... a shape-shifter and a teleporter against one wielding the masterforce... well... maybe he COULD deal with them... but he wouldn't risk it...just yet.

2001-10-08, 04:57 PM
Suddenly, Adeara spun around, sensing someone watching her. Barely catching his thoughts, she cursed silently. Knowing the watcher was an Autobot, she turned her head slightly towards Skywarp. "I think we got company."

2001-10-08, 06:08 PM
Thundercracker remained bowed, but turned his head to face Scorponok.

"Mine is but to serve our commander. You would do well to think the same. The rewards of power fall to those who deserve them." and Starscream he mentally added. "Remind me, Scorponok - were you invited into Galvatron's domain, or are you merely gatecrashing?"

2001-10-08, 07:22 PM
After Jinrai retreated, Trypticon moved his huge frame somewhat closer to the Autobot City and transformed to his own city mode.


Devastator walked into Trypticon. Taking the EMP bomb container into highly protected area deep inside the giant Decepticon.

Then Devastator disengaged into the six Constructicons.

Scapper looked at his fellows. "We have big rebuilding project waiting for us. Let's go to see Galvatron."

The Constructicons headed towards Galvatron's current location, inside damaged Metroplex.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-08, 08:31 PM
"You know, though those statues are rather....disgusting, you could simply melt them down to made into good statues proclaiming the glory of Galvatron and the Decepticons."

that voice

"You again," Skywarp ceased firing. "The only thing this metal is good for is making weapons to aid the Decepticon cause, not making useless trinkets from, these statues are ugly, and deserve to be destroyed"

Skywarp glanced over Adeara's shoulder as she turned round sharply

"I think we got company" she muttered to him.

Skywarp watched as the silhouetted figure moved away from the entrance.

"Nothing that concerns us now we have Autobot City, come, let us join our decepticon allies."

With that Skywarp continued down the hall, Adeara followed behind him, he raised one of his arm cannons and destroyed another statue

"Tiresome" he muttered out loud.
Sideswipe groaned, why did we loose our battle savvy minds, what happened to us

"Wheeljack, any news of Whitespeed yet?"

Wheeljack looked up towards the sky and pointed.


Sideswipe looked at what Wheeljack was pointing at. He saw a glowing white fireball heading towards the earth at a phenominal speed.

"I hope that message got through"

Sideswipe looked at Sunstreaker.

"There was nothing we could do, the Decepticons had this planned from the beginning, think about it, the sudden attack on Vector Sigma drawing Prime and many of our forces to Cybertron. We were easily out-numbered, they knew we would be. The fact that they took one of our own shuttles to get to Autobot City un-detected, again. They were swift with their actions, we didn't stand a chance, our only hope now is that any functioning Autobots hear that signal and convene on out position. Then pray that Prime finds some way past that defence grid."

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2001-10-08, 10:23 PM
Back at Metroplex...

Darkwing and Dreadwind sat in the command station.

"We should go to track the Autobots", said Darkwing.

"But who should go ask Galvatron if we can do it?" asked Dreadwind. "He wasn't too happy with us."

"OK, we'll go together." said Darkwing.

The two Powermasters walked down back to Optimus' quarters, hoping that Galvatron would still be there. They reached the door.

"You open it", said Darkwing.

"No, you open it", said Dreadwind.

"OK, we'll both open it together." Darkwing said, as they both opened the door to Optimus' quarters.

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2001-10-09, 01:13 AM
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