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2001-10-09, 01:29 AM
Galvatron smiled at Thundercracker. For the first time in his existence, he almost looked...benevolent. His voice was low and soft. The amount of rationality in his tone would have disturbed most Decepticons, as well as Autobots.

"No Thundercracker, let them be. My officers are welcome to see me at any time. Now, go patrol the skies above Decepticon City. I want to be informed at once of the Autobots' inevitable counterstrike."

He gave Thundercracker a dismissing nod, then turned his head to Sixshot and Scorponok.

"You two may recharge your systems and repair any wounds you may have suffered in the battle. I am not expecting the Autobots to simply abandon Metroplex. You are two of my strongest warriors; I want you ready for the Autobots' return."

Galvatron gave them the same nod he had given Thundercracker, when the doors were suddenly opened. His complacent expression became a scowl as stepped through...

"Darkwing, Dreadwind! I must get a secretary...Leave me, before I obliterate you!"




The turbulence was over. For a moment, he could not help wondering what had happened. But it passed quickly, and the sensible solution pushed itself to the front of his mind.

The vortex must have sucked us in. But, where is Jinrai? We entered together...almost. That split-second's difference must have multiplied. I wonder how long he's been here. Days? Weeks? No matter, I must find him.


The human (in appearance only, that is) watched through his glass eyeshield as the main monitor shifted from a forward view to a chart, mapping all stars within a one hundred light year radius.

"Locate subject: God Jinrai."

Nearly instantaneously, a fairly lonely dot on the far left of the screen began blinking. He did not need an analysis to know what he was seeing.

"Earth. I should have guessed. Foward perspective. Set course: Earth."

The massive starcraft hesitated for a few moments, then rocketed off through the cosmos.

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God Jinrai
2001-10-09, 03:55 AM
Jinrai became disghusted by skywarp's remark... still in the shadows, he was sorely tempted to spring on the both of them... and he did just that... making a mad dash from his shadowy hideaway, he opened fire, full blast on skywarp, avoiding the shapeshifter... his quarrel was not with her... or it ..or whatever it was...

Jinrai transformed, the cannons mounting onto his trailer... all swiveled forward, opening fire on the teleporter... he was fully aware skywarp would likely teleport out of harm's way... but that mattered little to him... all that mattered was that he could get inside metroplex... he couldn't let things go worse than they already were.. if he could just reach the control center...

2001-10-09, 05:07 AM
"Blaster we are gonna have to find voer soon m'man decepticon patrols afre gonna start coming" Jazz transformed into vehicle mode the door opening.

Blaster sent the message out again then spoke
"I know jazz man but when we gonna make the stand" he got into jazz as thedoor closed and jazz sped off

"we'll do it in 3 cycles... lets just hope we have back up"

2001-10-09, 05:09 AM
Scorponok and Sixshot exited along with Thundercracker. Sixshot turned to his old friend:

Sixshot: "Thundercracker...how is it that you live after all these years? We thought you were long gone!"

Scorponok: "Yes, after our first attempt to destroy this cursed city...you never returned. Though, I suppose it matters little where you were, so long as you live now...you know Thundercracker, I meant what i said about air commander. That moron Starscream doesn't even deserve to be the head janitor much less the air commander. Perhaps if you were to ask Galvatron for a chance to prove yourself, he would grant it."

Sixshot: "He does have a point...I don't believe that Galvatron would vaporize you for asking...especially since you just got back!"

2001-10-09, 02:49 PM
"But Mighty Galvatron", said Darkwing. "We would like to offer our services to you."

"Yes. " said Dreadwing. "We would like to eliminate the remaining Autobots for you."

2001-10-09, 05:28 PM
The Autobot's sudden movement surprised even her, as Adeara had kept a close eye on this one's mind. An instant after his movement, Adeara realized she had underestimated this Autobot. "Skywarp, watch out!" Adeara cried as she brought her blade up in time to just barely(hopefully) deflect the first blast from the attacker's guns.....

2001-10-09, 05:54 PM
Thundercracker allowed himself a slight smile, and lifted his head slightly in the direction of Scorponok

"The cards of power will fall where they may, Starscream's ineptitude has long since ceased to be the source of debate. However, I am not one to presume, I much prefer to allow events to happen as they see fit." However, helping them along never hurt anybody yet... except their predecessors of course...

He continued "I appreciate your support in the matter. However, I must attend to business - Galvatron commands I scout the airways, then that is what I shall do" after all, it should give me a chance to admire the scenery again...

2001-10-09, 06:39 PM

Springer scowled slightly. He turned to the others in the shuttle and said,

"That's all great, but the others are going to have a heck of a time converging on our position if we don't find a place to hide, pronto. Any suggestions? I'm for the nearest mineshaft... it should keep us safe from Decepticon scanners. Downside is, we'll have to set up some sort of enhancer outside the shaft so Prime and the others will know where we went."


"....One hour aaaaand counting till we reach Earth..."

Muttered Ignition as she went over her scans of surrounding space... again. Still no unusual anything, anywhere. It was frustrating, especially knowing what was happening on Earth. All she could do was sit and wait. The light from the consoles illuminated her face as she glanced over at Shatterbolt, who seemed oblivious to their current situation as she focused on the console in front of her.

"How can she stay so quiet? It's as if we're doing a bloody cargo run instead of trying to save Earth. If anything, I'd expect her to be raging... like she would have back when we were both trainees..."

Realization struck Ignition like a bullet train. She quickly turned back to her console, looking at the screen without really seeing it.

"...That's the problem. Shatter's been so different lately... she's trying to advance herself, she's leaving me behind... she's... "growing up"? "

It made sense. Shatter had been promoted only weeks ago. Since, she'd been... really bland. Boring. And she didn't cover for Ignition as often as she used to. In short, she was fast becoming the model Autobot officer.

"...She outranks me now, like everyone else... She's turned into Magnus, for Pit's sake!!"

Ignition laughed out loud. Shatterbolt turned to her and said quietly,

"...What could be funny at a time like this?"

Ignition grinned.

"Nothing... whoops, I mean, Nothing, sir."

Her grin grew as Shatterbolt looked at her for a moment, then chuckled herself.

"...Whatever, Iggy. Thanks."

Ignition looked puzzled.

"For wha-"

She started, but Shatterbolt only grinned as she set the shuttle to autopilot, got up, and headed towards the back. Ignition watched her for a moment, then shrugged.

"...Hmph. Officers. Thank Primus I'll never be one!!"

She grinned.


Shatterbolt sighed a little as Ignition announced the time.

"One hour... Still one hour away..."

She cast a sideways glance at Ignition, who was dilligently checking her scans... again. Shatterbolt grinned slightly, then returned her glance to her console.

"....She might not realize it, but she'd make a good officer if she could get a grip on her temper and learn some patience..."

The console faded as Shatterbolt's thoughts turned inward. She thought of Earth and what was happening to it right now. Last known reports placed Autobot City in Decepticon hands. She had no idea if their forces were wiped out or in hiding.

"...Are they safe? are they dead? Is there anything left to come home to? Is Earth..."

Just when Shatterbolt thought she couldn't stand the weight of her own thoughts anymore, Ignition laughed. It was a startling sound, carefree and light in a moment that was anything but. Shatterbolt leaned in and asked her about it, and recieved an unsatisfying answer. She shrugged, and smiled a little. Though she didn't know what Ignition was laughing at, her laugh was infectious. Shatterbolt chuckled. Ignition looked puzzled, but Shatterbolt just grinned and went to the back of the shuttle. There, she uncovered a load of weapons and ammo, and fished out her assault rifle.

"...Yes, thank you, Iggy... I needed to be brought back to reality. I'm an officer now, I have to be prepared for what's going to happen and stop worrying about what's been."

She picked up a laser clip and slid it in, then turned to a nearby window. Earth was just becoming visible now.

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2001-10-09, 07:00 PM
A large Decepticon stepped through one of the wrecked doors of Autobot City. Looking at the destruction they had brought. This is a fine monument of Decepticon victory... too bad that this... Metroplex... must be built a new... as a Decepticon.

He concentrated his mindreading abilities and began to search for Galvatron's mind, only to find Jinrai's. An Autobot here?

Stalker began to read the outer layers of Jinrai's mind, sensing that the Autobot was ready to attack Skywarp. Telepathic message from Stalker was sent to Skywarp. "Skywarp, teleport. The Autobot attacking you is too powerful against you alone."

A rocket launcher materialized to Stalker's hands from the subspace. "Attention. Stalker to all Decepticons inside Metroplex. There is an unknown powerful Autobot hiding at the former Autobot memorial hall."

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2001-10-09, 07:09 PM
"We can't risk it, really," Wheeljack pointed out. "Right now, we're the main group left on Earth. Everyone else is scattered about. We have to somehow get in touch with them first."

"But we can't be out in the open the whole time," Hound interjected. "What's the point of gathering everyone together if they can spot us all?"

2001-10-09, 07:11 PM
Thundercracker heard the message, and frowned at Scorponok. "I suppose that air recon is a bit unnecessary now. Get moving or there won't be any left for you."

And with that, Thundercracker transformed to jet mode and went soaring off down the widening corridor, toward the memorial halls. I suppose that my sightseeing'll have to wait. Again.

2001-10-09, 09:03 PM
And he lost his temper.

"Why you insubordinate..."

Galvatron jumped up from his chair, walked directly over the workstation, and hoisted Darkwing and Dreadwind into the air by their throats.

"Did I not make it clear enough to you yet that you are to destroy the Autobots? Am I talking to myself?! Or do you want me to annihilate you?!"

Then it hit him.

Ah, the shuttle. Hm...These two are expendable, and they've been getting quite on my nerves of late. Besides, what will the Autobots do if they fall under attack...retaliate? Bwahahahaha!

Galvatron watched each struggle to escape his grasp for a few more seconds before setting them down.

"Very well, permission granted. But be warned: Do not fail me! This is the only chance you shall have to redeem yourselves. You will destroy the Autobot shuttle or die trying. Now go! Bring me victory!"

As Galvatron concluded the speech, a message entered his head. It was Stalker. Galvatron listened with minimal attention at first, but the word "Autobot" caught him.

"Stalker, this is Galvatron. Engage the Autobot. Capture him if you can, but do not go out of your way to let him live. If you run into trouble, contact Gigatron; he is in the area. Galvatron out."

As the transmission ended, Galvatron released a small sigh. He stared blankly at the door just long enough to catch Darkwing and Dreadwind watching him.

"Well? Go!"

2001-10-09, 09:08 PM
Soundwave watched as Darkwing and Dreadwind left, he scanned their minds briefly. Hmm, nothing of use. Just fear.

He glanced down at the diskette Galvatron had handed him, and stored in for later study. He then remembered something else he had stored. Removing the data slug regarding the stasis pods, and clenching it in his fist to hide it from view, he turned to Galvatron.

"Commander, there is something within the city that I would like to investigate further. I will need the abilites of Reflector to execute it. May I ask where they are?"

2001-10-09, 09:22 PM
Galvatron nodded to Soundwave.

"I'd nearly forgotten about them. I did --"

Another transmission interrupted him. He scanned its source and decided to take it.

"One moment. What is it, Gigatron?"

"The Autobots are eliminated, save the one in the memorial hall. Your orders?"

Galvatron grinned. "Be on standby. Your assistance may be required in bringing him down. Galvatron out. Now Soundwave, you wanted Reflector. You shall have him..."

Galvatron slowly and calmly returned to his new workstation, pushed a button, and spoke into the microphone. His words were broadcast clearly to the exterior of the city.

"Starscream! Get in my office! NOW!!!"

God Jinrai
2001-10-09, 09:58 PM
Jinrai could feel someone peeling at his mind... and nailed the throttle... charging past skywarp, he swung a tight turn, and could see the armory ahead... no one in his path... giving it all he had, jinrai pulled the masterforce around him, diverting it to his engine systems... surging forward with a huge burst of speed... edging through the doors as the slammed shut... he was in the armory... not where he'd hoped... but perhaps this would be better yet...

HE glanced around, seeing various autobot weapons... explosives... and a link into metroplex's systems... he approached the interface, and as he did so, activated the magna locks on the door... sealing it shut until he saw fit to unlock them... IF he unlocked them...

2001-10-09, 10:02 PM

Springer nodded at Wheeljack.

"Well, that's impossible until we know where everyone is... Great. this is looking better by the second..."

Hound spoke up, and Springer turned to look at him. A thought hit him.

"...Maybe not impossible, after all..."

He looked back and forth between Wheeljack and Hound as he spoke.

"...Maybe we won't have to gather everyone together. Wheeljack, do you think you can rig our communications to emit a coded message on an Autobot frequency? Something to let our guys know what's up, and tell them to get into hiding until further notice. It's the only thing that I can think of... Prime will bring everyone together when the time's right. Right now, though, safety's most important. We've got to retreat, lick our wounds, and hope the Decepticons don't come looking for us."

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2001-10-09, 10:38 PM
Sunstreaker looked at Springer "That reminds me wonder if Jazz and blaster got anybody yet" He looks the the screen Blaster signal still being emitted. "Guess not"

2001-10-09, 10:43 PM
"Yes, Lord Galvatron", they both said.

The two ran out the hall and out of Metroplex.

"Wait," said Dreadwind. "Shouldn't we get some help?"

"No", said Darkwing. "You heard what Galvatron said. We gotta go after that shuttle. We need to do this by ourselves."

"All right then," said Dreadwind

The two jets transformed, Throttle and Hi-Test landing in their cockpits as tey did, then took off after the Autobot shuttle.

2001-10-10, 03:11 AM
"Guys," Cybershot spoke up. "I've got a signal from Blaster. He's rallying the troops to fight back."

Fire Convoy sighed. "The fool. He'll get himself killed. Come on, we have to convince him to get out of here."

The group transformed, except Warfare.

"What's wrong?" Bushido asked.

Warfare hesitated. "I...can't transform."

God Magnus pulled up in front of him and threw his rear door down. "Climb in, hero."

Warfare looked reluctant, but he did as he was told. God Magnus closed him in, and they rolled for Blaster's position.

I hope we're not too late, Fire Convoy thought.

God Jinrai
2001-10-10, 04:06 AM
accessing the data readouts currently displayed by metroplex, Jinrai now had a rough idea of where the higher ups in the decepticon army were hiding in the city... "Galvatron... and others.. they're in the conference chambers... quickest route... blast it! there's a group of cons in that path... Wait a second. this... looks like... " Jinrai went silent for a moment..

"That's EXACTLY what it is!" he headed over to a huge rack of weaponry, and slid it aside... an access panel that lead to that central hub area... it wouldn't get him to the conference chamber... but it MIGHT just get him past that group of cons... leaving him only to have to worry about those in the conference chamber...

The panel slid away, and jinrai crept silently inside... it was a bit of a squeeze... he'd have fit better in vehcile mode instead of crawling, but the sound of a semi rig running through the walls would likely make the decepticons wonder just what was going on... silently as he could, he crept through the access halls, headed for the hub center of metroplex...

2001-10-10, 05:02 AM
Jazz was driving through a small forest blaster still sending out the signal "one more cycle" jazz said.

Blaster again didn't speak till the signal was fully sent the spoke "Lets hope reinforcments show or this is gonna be a suicide go". he began send the signal again.

"yep But remember we can use the back door Thundacracka and soundwave made for us"Jazz and blaster laughed as Jazz sped up autobot city coming back into view

2001-10-10, 05:50 AM
sixshot smirked at Thundercracker's comments.

Sixshot: "Good to see him back again, eh Scorpy?"

Scorponok: "I detest it when you morons insist upon calling me that! But yes, Thundercracker was always a fine warrior, and his return will be of great use to our cause."

Sixshot: "Especially if either he or Skywarp replace Starscream."

Scorponok: "Yes...Starscream..." a scowl went across Scorponok's face at the mention of his name and the Predacons rumbled up.

Razorclaw: "Save for the one inside...all autobots either booked or are terminated?"

Scorponok: "Ah...do you realize what has happened here Sixshot?"

Sixshot: "uhm...a predacon used the word terminated?"

Razorclaw: "grrrrrr"

Scorponok: "No...in just a short while since his return, Galvatron did what Megatron failed to do in millions of years...he destroyed the greatest testiment to Autobot ingenuity!"

Sixshot: "Yeah...and he's not even nuts anymore."

Razorclaw: "Must I remind you two there is still an autobot in the premise?"

Scorponok: "No...let us find this Autobot, and crush him!"

2001-10-10, 02:23 PM
Optimus looked through the veiw screen, staring at the blue marble coming up. "Galvatron..." Prime got up and stood beside Prowl at a scanner concel. "It's looks like the Decepticons have some sort of secerity net around Metroplex. It also looks like Metroplex's transformation cog is offline." Prime pressed a button to make the scanners focus on the net. It's designed to not allow us in, so how will we..." Prime's eye was cause on the rotating Decepticon symbol in the corner of the consel. "Of course Decepticons! Shatterbolt, I want you to sneak us in, your the expert. That will be our greatest advantage, surprize..."

2001-10-10, 05:17 PM
Whitespeed rocketed back into Earth's atmosphere and crashed into the lake near Metroplex. He rose up through the water, shaking the water off and saying, "Whoooohooo, that was a rush! Time to take care of the Cons!" He transformed and headed straight for the entrance to Autobot City.....


In one of the rooms of Metroplex, Starscream finally had the chance to meet with Optitron and his lieutenants.

Starscream: You fool! Why didn't you destroy Galvatron?

Optitron: The situation dictated otherwise. Now that the Autobots are defeated, I shall settle my....differences with Galvatron. [Optitron grabs Starscream around the throat] And it has NOTHING to do with you. Understand?

Starscream: I....I....understand.

Optitron dropped Starscream to the floor and said, "Release Reflector."

Starscream protested, "But Optitron, he knows about your desire to dethrone Galvatron!"

Optitron pried open Starscream's chest panel and removed Reflector. "Who cares?" he replied. "Once Galvatron and I have the chance to talk, he will know my intentions regardless of what Reflector knows. Transform, you little fool."

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2001-10-10, 05:48 PM
Thundercracker transformed into robot mode as he reached the hall of monuments, and landed heavily, guns up ready to fire.

A quick glance around. No Autobot. Hmmmm. He glanced toward Skywarp. "What gives?"

2001-10-10, 06:55 PM
Two signals on Trypticon's radar systems caught his attention. Another one had just crashed into a lake near his location and it was clearly an Autobot, another was a Decepticon shuttle approaching Earth. Trypticon decided to contact it.

"Unidentified Decepticon shuttle! This is Trypticon! Declare your purpose here! There are no scheluded shipments to arrive today!"


Stalker kept following Jinrai's thoughts and was able to spot Jinrai's destination from the Autobot's mind... The central hub of Metroplex? This Autobot is dangerous... I saw him matching the mighty Trypticon... I must alert some Decepticons...

Stalker used his telepathic skills to contact Scorponok, Skywarp, Soundwave and Gigatron. ***This is Stalker. The Autobot Jinrai is heading towards Metroplex's central hub.*** Stalker readied his rocket launcher and began to run towards the area where the central hub was located.

2001-10-10, 07:22 PM
Adeara stood there, staring after the autobot. What a coward. Even Lasher wasn't such a coward, for all that he was so blastedly loyal to Unicron. Hearing the other jet approach, Adeara put her sword away. Sighing, she looked at this other jet. Thundercracker, if I heard the transmissions correctly earlier. "He ran, like a coward." The contepmt in her voice was unmistakable. She hated cowards, to the very core of her being.

2001-10-10, 07:30 PM
Soundwave waited for some reply from Starscream, nothing came. Why does Starscream have Reflector? Very interesting. Then Stalker's message flashed across his mental synapses.

"Galvatron, one of your troops reports that there is an Autobot present within the central hub of Metroplex. Scorponok, Gigatron and Skywarp have also been made aware. What is your command to relay to your forces?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-10, 07:34 PM
Skywarp teleported and re-appeared in the same instant, all of Jinrai's shots missed him.

"Thanks for the warnings!" Skywarp laughed off the attack as Jinrai entered the armory.

"Well, that was, interesting to say the least, Adeara, you grab anything from his mind? I'm guessing you have some sort of telepathic skills."
Skywarp turned his attention to the larger decepticon.

"And who might you be..." Skywarp heard the transmission "...Stalker"

Thundercracker appeared from the Autobot's recreational area.

"So, what gives"

"Well, whoever just attacked me went in there..."

Adeara interjected, "He ran, like a coward."

"Yup, he ran, didn't stand and fight, typical Autobot. Anywho I guess seeing as he locked that door I'm gonna have to go and see what he's doing in there."

Skywarp teleported inside the armory...

"Nothing in here...." Skywarp opened the locks on the doors and glanced sideways


Then Stalker's telepathic transmission came through..

***This is Stalker. The Autobot Jinrai is heading towards Metroplex's central hub***

"No kidding..." Skywarp muttered outloud. He motioned for Thundercracker and Adeara to join him in the armory.

2001-10-10, 07:40 PM
Thundercracker glanced at Adeara, and motioned toward Skywarp. "After you..."

2001-10-10, 07:57 PM
A decepticon shuttle arrived above Earth. "We're here," Birdbrain said. "Good, excactly where do we find the other decpticons?" Dragonbreath asked. "In some kind of city on that planet," Birdbrain answered. "Take us there," Dragonbreath said. "Yes, boss," Birdbrain answered.

2001-10-10, 08:02 PM
Adeara gave a rather sarcastic half-bow, and hurried after Skywarp. She didn't trust easily, so she wasn't that pleased to have someone she didn't right behind her. In fact, it made her down-right nervous. That nervousness manifested itself into a steady radiating heat that wasn't bad enough to melt metal, but it could have been unpleasent, if she hadn't controlled it.

2001-10-10, 08:14 PM
Thundercracker watched carefully as Adeara disappeared inside, before glancing back into the hall to check for hiding Autobots.

He waited until the shapeshifter was a safe distance ahead of him, and followed. If you think I'm having... whatever you are... behind me, you're sorely mistaken...

God Jinrai
2001-10-10, 08:25 PM
Jinrai could hear the sounds of others comming after him behind him... "DAMN THE TELEPATHS!" he shouted... hoping it would distract them for a moment... despite the lack of room... he managed to transform... and raced through the ducts... hoping he could beat the other to the hub... even if he couldn't... he knew he could probably take him... if he had to...

2001-10-10, 10:38 PM
Ramjet and Apeface were standing guard at the enterance of Autobot City, when they saw an form moving towards them.
"What's that?", asked Apeface.
"I don't know", said Ramjet. He activated his sensors to find out who it is.
"Well, who is it?" Apeface asked impatiently.
"Don't know, but it looks like an Autobot", said Ramjet.
"Then we'd better stop him from getting in!" said Apeface.
The two Decepticons opened fire at the approaching Whitespeed.

Bombshell stood near the enterance to Autobot City, wondering how to get in, when he saw an Autobot approaching the enterance. "If I can capture him, he may be useful." He then looked at the enterance "But those two fools are guarding the gate. If that Autobot can distract them, I may be able to get in."
As he thought this, the two Decepticons opened fire on the approachingf Autobot.
"Now's my chance!" he thought, transforming and heading to the enterance.

Up in space...

Darkwing and Dreadwind orbited the planet, looking for the Autobot shuttle.
"I can't see anything", said Darkwing.
"Wait! I think I see something", said Dreadwind.
"What?", asked Darkwing.
"I don't know. My sensors can't pinpoint it exactly, but we'd better check it out", said Dreadwind.
The two jets headed towards the mysterious object.

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2001-10-11, 02:19 AM
Reflector transformed, landing on their feet facing Optitron. For a fraction of a moment, they thought about how good it felt to be free again. Just a moment. They all stared at Optitron in silence, giving Starscream three quick glances. As spies, they knew to be silent when captured by the enemy. However, they had been granted freedom. Slowly and cautiously, they backed away, keeping all four eyes on Optitron. Their gazes only deterred when they had reached the exit, and they ran for the place they knew their leader would be.


Galvatron frowned just a touch. He didn't like the idea of an Autobot running about in his city.

This could throw a wrench in the works. I'd better make certain he's destroyed.

"Instruct Scorponok, Gigatron, and Skywarp to pursue the intruder. As ever, they have the liberty of lethal force. You shall remain here, Soundwave; you have a more important task. As soon as Reflector arrives..."

And Reflector arrived.

"Lord Galvatron, we have important news about the one called Optitron!"

Galvatron grinned as a wise man being told some "profound revelation" made by an infant.

"And what would that be, Reflector? That he seeks to overthrow me, to replace me as leader of the Decepticons? I know already, and I do not care. I suppose next you'll want to inform me of Starscream's intents, or that the Autobots are our enemies."

It's funny, the relationship between Galvatron and Reflector. They shared the deepest respect and, simultaneously, something of a friendship. Galvatron did not consider many truly a friend to him, and Reflector was no different. However, he trusted them to the point that the term is nearly applicable. As such, most Decepticons would have been terrified by Galvatron's sarcastic tone; Reflector was pleased.

"Now Reflector, you will go with Soundwave. He has need of your services in the implementation of my plans. I'm certain I can trust you to offer your full assistance."

Reflector nodded and turned to Soundwave.

2001-10-11, 03:37 AM
"Unidentified Decepticon shuttle! This is Trypticon! Declare your purpose here! There are no scheluded shipments to arrive today!"

Trypticon's comm system crackled a moment, when a response came through.

"This is Freon, captain of the Decepticon ship, Vindictive. We were assigned by Galvatron to attack and distract incoming Autobot vessels for Cybertron, while Galvatron's master plan for Earth's takeover was underway. I see the plan worked successfully. Standby to receive command codes, I expect you to send these directly to Galvatron himself."

2001-10-11, 04:10 AM
Hearing Thundercracker's thoughts, Adeara turned and simply glared at him. "What makes you think I would want you behind me? I don't trust you any more than you trust me. And at this moment, if I even had the slightest notion you were going to attack me, you'd be a pile of molten metal before you could act!" Her extreme annoyance had raised the tempurature in the room a good number of degrees. Around her, just barely, was the faint image of a bird made entirely of flame. "Do Not assume that, just because I'm a fleshling, I am weak, and will turn on you in the blink of an eye!" Adeara followed behind Skywarp, still angered at the assumption that she was a spy, or a sabatoure(please ignore spelling.).

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2001-10-11, 10:51 AM
Originally posted by Pun-3X:

"This is Freon, captain of the Decepticon ship, Vindictive. We were assigned by Galvatron to attack and distract incoming Autobot vessels for Cybertron, while Galvatron's master plan for Earth's takeover was underway. I see the plan worked successfully. Standby to receive command codes, I expect you to send these directly to Galvatron himself."

"Commands codes received, sending them to Galvatron. Do not enter Earth's atmosphere, wait for clearence." Trypticon replied and sent the command codes to Galvatron.

"Galvatron. This is Trypticon. A Decepticon shuttle on Earth's orbit. Command codes have been sent directly to you. Waiting for further instructions."


Stalker reached the hub-center area. He fired a rocket to wall, blowing a hole to it. He scannend the room quickly and entered the room. Autobot hasn't reached the room yet. I'll set him a trap...

Stalker went hiding behind large computer console and waited.

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God Jinrai
2001-10-11, 04:42 PM
Jinrai could feel something wrong as he approached the access hatch for the hub to metroplex... for that very reason instead of taking the time to transform and be read, he crashed into the panel, sending it flying across the room, as he came charging from the access hatch, transforming on the fly... quickly glimpsing around expecting no less than a trap of some sort...

2001-10-11, 06:11 PM
Thundercracker fell silent as Adeara launched her tirade. "Oh, wonderful. Another telepath. As if having Soundwave back wasn't fun enough..."


Soundwave watched as Galvatron gave Reflector their orders, and opened a channel to the other recipients of Stalker's message.

**Gigatron, Scorponok, Skywarp. This is Decepticon Communications officer Soundwave, back on active duty. You have received warning from Stalker - you are to pursue the Autobot, and neutralise him through whatever means you feel necessary. Message ends**

He turned to the three robots before him. "So good to see you again. I require your talents for two distinct assignments. First, we must retire to the Command Centre."

Soundwave gave a final salute to his commander, and marched out into the corridor.

2001-10-11, 06:32 PM
Whitespeed spotted the two Decepticons at the gates of Autobot City just as they opened fire on him. He thought to himself, "Decepticons....guarding the city?!? It can't be!" He swerved back and forth to avoid the blasts, but one hit him right in the hood and flipped him onto his back. He transformed and returned fire at the pair, shouting, "They've taken the city, but they won't take me!!!"

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2001-10-11, 07:46 PM
Adeara simply stared at him. Another telepath? I know of one, Stalker, but there is another besides him, named Soundwave? Odd. Within a moment, her shock vanished as she spoke again, this time not as heatedly. "Well, at least you know some of what I am. I'd explain the rest, but now is not the time nor is it the place." She started to turn, then paused. "Oh, and next time, try not to be so....close-minded. Just because I'm not a Cybertronian doesn't mean I'm an enemy." She turned and started after Skywarp again.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-11, 08:24 PM
**Gigatron, Scorponok, Skywarp. This is Decepticon Communications officer Soundwave, back on active duty. You have received warning from Stalker - you are to pursue the Autobot, and neutralise him through whatever means you feel necessary. Message ends**

Skywarp paused a moment as the message came through on his internal sensors.

"Thundercracker, Adeara, we are to follow the Autobot and take him out, at all costs"

With that Skywarp transformed and flew off down the corrider that Jinrai had taken.


Sideswipe looked into the distance.

"Whitespeed...is....attacking? Blaster get that signal to him, make him disengage that attack."

as if we don't have enough problems without gung-ho Autobots attacking at will

A loud crashing noise was heard a few hundred metres away from the Autobot shuttle.
Sideswipe transformed to his Lamborghini form and sped off in the direction of the noise. Upon arriving he examined the slightly charred mass of metal.

My rocket pack.....damaged, wonder if Wheeljack could fix this...

Sideswipe transformed and drove back to the shuttle, he wandered over to Wheeljack who was still tinkering with his damaged arm.

"Reckon you can fix this" Sideswipe glanced over at Sunstreaker who was smirking at him. "What? This wasn't my fault!"

Sideswipe turned his attention to Blaster again.

"You get that message through?"

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2001-10-11, 08:35 PM
Whitespeed ducked behind a rock to avoid the combined blasts of Apeface and Ramjet. He heard some muttering from Blaster coming over the radio. He responded, "Blaster, is that you? Where are you? What the hell's going on?"

2001-10-11, 08:40 PM
Galvatron stood up and walked to the window overlooking the great falls of Autobot City. He noticed how the water had flown through one of the many Autobot Hydroelectric Power Conversion units scattered throughout the city and then went through the periphery of the city. For a moment, Galvatron was almost swayed by the simple beauty of it...that moment was not to last.

Galvatron: (on his comm) "Cyclonus, report your current position."
Elsewhere, Pointblank walked unabaited through the outskirts of Autobot city. He and Peacemaker had made it out and were in route to the autobot shuttle that had escaped the city. Unfortunately, Pointblank feared he was the only Autobot not on the shuttle to make it out of Autobot City alive.

2001-10-11, 08:51 PM
Reflector quickly nodded to Galvatron once again as they left his office. They followed Soundwave in silence, as usual. They liked him as much as anyone could like a cold-hearted blackmailer, perhaps moreso. The life of spies had taught them to respect someone as talented as the famed Soundwave.

Viewfinder considered briefly asking Soundwave of their mission, but he knew words would be wasted by this point.


Gigatron stood outside the central hub, waiting for Scorponok and Skywarp to arrive. His arms were across his chest, his back to the wall.

Extermination squad...This is not my forte.

2001-10-11, 09:11 PM
"Ha, ha!" laughed Ramjet. "we've got the Autobot cornered now!"
"Yeah, " said Apeface. "Should be eassy now."
Neither of them noticed Bombshell entering the city....
As Darkwing and Dreadwind apprached the blip they had found on the sensors, it came into focus.
"It's that Autobot shuttle!", said Dreadwind.
"Then fire on it, dummy!", said Darkwing.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-11, 09:13 PM
"Cyclonus, report your current position."

The voice came through loud and clear. Cyclonus had broken off his attack on Autobot City as soon as he saw the Autobot shuttle leave and was simply circling hoping for some sort of action.

"Galvatron, I'm circling Autobot City, there is nothing to see up here, nothing but charred Autobot remains, kinda reminds me of home" Cyclonus released a little chuckle.

2001-10-11, 09:28 PM
Thundercracker marched quickly down the corridor, edging past Adeara, and slowing down as he reached Skywarp.

"Hey, Sky' long time no see." He was almost smiling, but maintained his somber air. "This Autobot - which one is it?"


Soundwave strolled into the Control Center, and waited for Reflector to join him. In his hand he clasped the disk that Galvatron had given him. He glanced at the Autobot computer terminals. The bombs were only deactivated. They'll need permanently removing at some point....

He took another look around, before deciding that his actions were justified. Viewing the schematics contained on the disk via Autobot equipment was too risky at this early stage. The machinery would need sterilising. Reflector was the best option.

Then he remembered the bomb he'd missed. And the structural damage it had caused. He opened a comm.channel to Galvatron. "Lord Galvatron, there is severe structural instability in subsection Kilo-Twelve of level four. Suggest deploying the Constructicons to affect repairs."

He turned back to the task at hand

2001-10-11, 09:35 PM
Adeara smirked as Thundercracker edged past her. Hah! Looks like I scared someone already! Hearing Skywarp say that they were to follow that autobot, and take him out, Adeara smirked again. Shifting immediately into a fairly large bird. Taking flight, she easily caught upto Skywarp. Gliding just next to him, Adeara reached her mind out to find that autobot.......

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-11, 09:47 PM
"I believe his name his Jinrai, I ain't ever seen him before, but Galvy ordered, Galvy gets, or we get"

"Not much of a choice huh"

"well, we're gonna have some back-up when we get there"

The crew continued down the corridor, Skywarp made a note of the damage along the path as they neared the exit.

"looks like this is quite the big fella, in a hurry too" Skywarp released a slight laugh, to himself it appeared nervous, he'd already had one near miss with this character, he didn't know what to expect, despite the forces that were waiting for the Autobot.

2001-10-11, 09:49 PM
Galvatron took the comm.

Galvatron: 'Cyclonus, I am placing you in charge of the energy collection process. Take whatever you need and begin immediately. Sooner or later the autobots will begin a counteroffensive!'

2001-10-11, 09:59 PM
Giga stood proud outside Autobot City, Mega alongside him. He turned and gazed up at Overlord's defence-base configuration and smiled. "Soon, Mega, all will be as it should be."

"But what of us?" Mega replied, turning to her husband. "What would become of us should we succeed in altering events?"

"That is a problem that will fall on ourselves from this time. We shall live on in one form, regardless."

Mega frowned "But it won't be US - it will be the us that we used to be, not who we have become..."

"Better to start afresh from what we were, than to live as the mockery of life we have become..." Giga looked at his arm, a longing, pained look, as he thought of the mechanical upgrades under his Godmaster suit. Where it once was flesh, now replaced by cold steel. The result of too many encounters with Jinrai. "He will pay for what he has done to us..."

"The Jinrai we fight here is not the Jinrai that did you harm, my beloved. It is no point in seeking revenge against him. If we are successful, the events in question will never happen - surely that is reward enough?"

Giga dropped his head "Yes, you are right, my Mega. Come, let us pay visit to Galvatron, and commend him on such a good campaign."

2001-10-11, 10:46 PM
Blaster picked up WHITESPEED signal and laughed thinking finally a response "Yes It's BlasterBlastin at ya Where are ya we'll meet up"

Jazz stopped his door opening and blaster hopping out and transforming into robot mode Jazz transforming shortly after him
"So Blaster m'man we gonna get reinforcement"
Jazz looked at him

"Let's hope so Jazz"

2001-10-12, 04:14 AM
"Er..." Hound started. "Hey fellas. We've got incoming.

Wheeljack put the partially repaired rocketpack to the side and stood up. Springer made his way over to where Hound was sitting. "What is it?" Wheeljack asked.

"Decepticons, inbound," Hound answered. "Two of them, but they're coming in hot on our position."

"Great," Wheeljack uttered. "We've been spotted. We'll have to lift off and either shake 'em or take them down."

"What about Blaster and Jazz?" Sideswipe reminded the group. "Can we leave them out there?"

"Have the Decepticons taken notice to them?" Springer asked.

Hound circled back to the monitor. "Not as far as I can tell. They're coming straight in at us."

"Up to you, Springer," Wheeljack stood up, facing the Autobot. "What's the call?"

2001-10-12, 05:04 AM
Sensing that autobot, Jinrai, Skywarp called him, ahead, Adeara spoke telepathically to both Skywarp and Thundercracker, as she was in a form with no mouth. ~Skywarp, Thundercracker, our quarry is ahead. But he's like a cornered rat. With no where to go, he'll be very dangerous. I believe another Decepticon is near his location, but he oddly has a number of strong sheilds against Telepathic scanning.(note-I am just taking this for granted. if its not true, let me know, and I'll change this.)The autobot is rather trapped. Shall we go get him?~

2001-10-12, 05:38 AM
Sunstreaker looked at his brother sideswipe "Blaster and Jazz are out there playing hero probably already nuked by a decepticon pat..." Sunstreaker was interupted by a radio Transmission from Blaster

"Sunstreaker, Hound, Sideswipe, WheelJack, and Springer this is Blaster if any of you want to join me and Jazz say now we got a call and may have reinforcements and we are getting ready to attack now. and you know if you come there ain't not turning back Hope to see you there."

The transmission ended and Sunstreaker looked at the rest of them

2001-10-12, 01:25 PM
Whitespeed tried to stand up and fire, but the heavy firepower of Ramjet and Apeface kept him down. He shouted into his communicator, "Blaster, I'm out in front of Autobot City takin' some serious fire from some Decepti-stooges. Long as they stand their ground, I'm pretty much pinned down, good buddy. Just waitin' for one of 'em to take off, then they're mine...what's goin' on out there?"


Optitron turned to Starscream after Reflector departed. He said, "You! This is your fault! Galvatron will certainly find out about our plans now!"

Starscream stepped up against Optitron, saying, "My fault? You're the one who didn't kill him when you had the chance! And you're the one who let Reflector go! It's YOUR fault!"

Optitron responded, "Don't dare raise your voice against me! I am your superior!"

Starscream raised his weapon and shouted, "No one is superior to me! NO ONE!!!!!" And before Blackout and the others even knew what was happening, the room was being torn apart by Decepticon fire! The four Cons sprinted from the room and, as Starscream and Optitron began to battle, Driveby transformed to low-rider mode and rocketed forward, saying, "Gotta find Galvatron, yo! He gon' wanna see this!"

Driveby and the others were quickly in Galvatron's temporary chambers, and Blackout said, "Galvatron, come quickly, Optitron and Starscream are tearing each other apart!"

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2001-10-12, 02:43 PM
Optimus knew Trypticon was monitering all ships arriving, he would have to think of a way to clear the shuttle. "We'll pass throught the net in 5 cycles." Optimus shouted to his crew.

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2001-10-12, 03:41 PM

Springer turned and looked at Wheeljack for a moment, then turned and checked the scanners again.

"... We can't leave them out there and we can't attack again... we'll have to go back for them. We'll keep the 'Cons off until we get them onboard."

Just then, a transmission came in from Blaster. Springer put it through.

***"Sunstreaker, Hound, Sideswipe, WheelJack, and Springer this is Blaster if any of you want to join me and Jazz say now we got a call and may have reinforcements and we are getting ready to attack now. and you know if you come there ain't not turning back Hope to see you there."***

Springer was bewildered. He couldn't believe they couldn't see that they were outgunned and outmanned. Angrily, he walked over to the comm and sent a message out to Blaster.

"Don't be foolish, Blaster! You're fighting a losing battle. We're coming back for you. If you've got reinforcements on the way, they can get on the shuttle, too. It'll be a tight fit, but it's better than leaving anyone behind. Prepare to leave your position and board the ship!!"

2001-10-12, 05:24 PM
Stalker heard Jinrai's foot steps and took firm grip of his rocket launcher. He jumped out from his hiding place and fired a rocket towards Jinrai. All the time reading Jinrai's mind to counter the Autobot's possible attacks.

As the rocket sped towards Jinrai, Stalker activated the jamming device on his left shoulder, it began to send electronic signals which disturbed transformer's brain functions, inflicting pain and making concentration difficult.

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2001-10-12, 05:25 PM
The hull rang out as blaster fire raked the Autobot shuttle. "Our two guests have arrived," was Hounds retort.

"It's plenty of us against the two of them," Sideswipe stood up. "Let's knock these pests out of the way!"

The Autobot shuttle rose up from it's parked position, and the turrets came to life. Laserfire exchanged between the bulk ship and the two Decepticon fliers.

"Too maneuverable," Wheeljack muttered as he tried to chase on down with the upper turret. "And they're still getting hits in..." The hull shook as if to strengthen Wheeljack's comment.

"Turn the ship about!" Springer yelled. "Get to our Autobots down there."

"If we get too close to the city," Hound started, "They'll spot us again and send out a barrage of Decepticons. We won't survive against all of them."

Springer grimaced as he thought of leaving the others behind. Then he pressed the comm system "Blaster, Jazz, get to a safe position if you can, and get out of that fight! We are in no condition--"

The shuttle took a hard hit, lurching it to starboard. Springer kept his footing. "We are in no condition to perform a rescue op this close to the Decepticons, get with whatever group of refugees you've found and stay with them!"

"Uh-oh..." Wheeljack muttered.

"What?" Hound questioned, looking over his shoulder.

"Dreadwind and Darkwing are forming up. That may make only one target now, but that's one hell of a target..."


God Jinrai
2001-10-12, 08:42 PM
Jinrai spotted the missile comming... and managed to get out of the way... he could feel something trying to fry what would be a transformer's cpu... it was a slight tingle to him... and he also could feel him trying to read his mind... "I don't think so, stalker." he shouted, charging the decepticon... knowing full well he would try to dodge the strike...

2001-10-12, 08:46 PM
Blaster got both of Springers Transmissions and whitespeed's and looked at Jazz "Do we Hide or Fight"

Jazz looked at autbot city then in direction they came from then back at autobot city Transforming "We Fight Contact WhiteSpeed tell him were on our way"

Blaster Nodded and smiled "Alright Decepti-creeps look out cause here we come" he opened to comm-line "WHITESPEED THIS IS BLASTER BLASTIN AT YA ME AND JAZZ OUR ON ARE WAY JUST STAY ALIVE"

Jazz door opened Blaster transformed into a boombox and hopped in as Jazz took off towards Autobot City

2001-10-12, 10:07 PM
Blackout said, "Galvatron, come quickly, Optitron and Starscream are tearing each other apart!"

Galvatron glared coldly at Blackout: "Good...maybe those two buffons will kill each other."

Galvatron got up and stormed into the room where the two were fighting.

Galvatron: "Pathetic...I don't know which one of you is worse. to think, you call yourselves Decepticons. Do you not have better things to do...after all, aren't you conspiring to kill me? hmmmmm?"

Galvatron smirked at the two. He had called their hand and knew all two well that neither of them had any idea what his new body was capable of. Now was the time to see where the chips would fall. He expected Starscream to return to his sniveling ways and grovel for mercy...throw himself at Galvatron's feet, and blame everything on Optitron. Or maybe...just maybe...Starscream had grown something of a backbone since his reincarnation.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-12, 10:40 PM
"I don't think so, stalker."

Skywarp heard in the distance as he, Thundercracker and Adeara sped down the severly damaged corridor. As they neared the end of the passage way it was scorched black as if it had been hit by an explosive.

"Stand and fight, cowardly Autobot"
Skywarp mocked as he flew into the room, closely followed by his comrades.

"DEATH TO THE INTRUDER" he yelled again as he launched off two heat seeking missles, transformed and continued his attack.


Cyclonus couldn't believe his audio receptors.

Energy collection duty...such "duties" are not worthy of a warrior of my callibre, still, it may provide, opportunity

He opened a comm channel to Galvatron

"Very well"

The message was simple, but concise.
As he flew off to the nearest oil field he watched Darkwing and Dreadwind as they started to combine.

such actions against that number of Autobots appears futile, particularly in that shuttle of theirs

Cyclonus opened another comm channel to Sixshot and Scorponok.

"You two join me at the powerstation, grid section Beta, be prompt, there is much energon gathering to be done and destruction to take part in."

With that Cyclonus flew off to the powerstation.


Sideswipe grimmaced.

If only Wheeljack had fixed my rocket pack, I could've given them a run for their money

Another blast ricocheted off the hull of the Autobot shuttle.

"Hey, who's idea was it to take-off in this thing again" Sideswipe yelled, amidst the chaos.

"Wouldn't it have made more sense to stay on the ground?"

Sideswipe simply sighed. He manned one of the weapons systems and began to launch shot after shot at the two Decepticon flyers.

"Uh-oh..." Wheeljack muttered.

"What?" Hound questioned, looking over his shoulder.

"Dreadwind and Darkwing are forming up. That may make only one target now, but that's one hell of a target..."

Sideswipe watched in awe as the two combined, he'd never seen anything like it.

no time to daydream now Side, get a grip

He left his position behind the weapons array.

"Wheeljack, get my rocket pack fixed, I'm going out there."

"but..." Wheeljack was interrupted before he could finish.

"...but nothing, get it fixed, pronto. Springer, I could probably use a hand out there, you up for a little game of chicken? Sunstreaker, you've flown one of these birds before, take the control, give Wheeljack a break."

Sideswipe had already had enough of sitting around, he'd been waiting for a bit of action, this was his opportunity.

2001-10-12, 11:07 PM
Dreadwing had just finished combining together and began another assault on the shuttle, when a hatch opened up.

"What do those fools hope to accomplish" he thought to himself. "Nothing can stop me!"

2001-10-12, 11:29 PM
As they closed on Jinrai, Adeara shifted to her Decepticon form, drew her sword, and prepared to attack. A fight like this she could enjoy-unless he turned and ran again. And if he did run, she'd go after him, and make him regret running. Then she'd kill him.

2001-10-12, 11:43 PM
Sunstreaker nodded to his brother walking over to WheelJack "step aside let a real ace fly"

2001-10-13, 03:07 AM
Reflector shortly followed Soundwave in entering the Control Center. They found it odd that Soundwave had not yet bothered reading their mind and answering their unasked question.

Probably thinks he has better things to do, Spectro thought as he watched Soundwave scan the room.

Viewfinder stepped forward. "So, what's the mission?"


Gigatron grew bored.

Where are they? This has gone from below my standards to a sheer waste of time.

As he contemplated leaving, a ruckus was heard in the room behind him. Gigatron did not normally talk to himself, but he could not help letting out a faint, "Finally."

In three quick motions, Gigatron extended his left claw, struck and tore open the wall, and entered the hub. He removed both swords from his back and scanned the room for the Autobot...

"You again! Perhaps this time we can finish our little dance."

Gigatron charged Jinrai.

2001-10-13, 04:05 AM
"Okay," Wheeljack got up with the rocketpack in hand. "I've got it patched up somewhat. Listen, you won't have the same flight time, since I haven't really completed patching up the energy cycling unit. That means you'll lose efficiency on the rocket systems..."

"Stop speaking in Perceptor," Sideswipe interrupted, "and tell me what it means."

"It means you'll only be in the air for twenty cycles, that's it. At fifteen, I've setup a crude chimer to let you know. At eighteen, it'll chime twice. Also, the left jet is only up to ninety percent thrust."

Sideswipe nodded, "Meaning I'll have to roll one-eighty if I want to make a decent right turn."

"Somethin' like that..." The hull was hit again by another barrage. "All right, I'll keep the turrets goin' while the others give some cover fire from the hatches. Good luck!"

2001-10-13, 08:20 AM
Soundwave turned round to face the robot Hmm, Viewfinder if memory serves... it's been a long time... "I was wondering when you would ask. In truth, I myself do not yet know." He held up the disk. "Galvatron's orders are contained within this disk. I wish to view it, but the Autobot equipment still remains a security risk. I needed somebody I could trust - you three - to project it for me."

He paused momentarily. "Transform, and switch to visual output."


Thundercracker stood back and watched as his mould-brother Skywarp through himself headlong into battle. Same old Sky, charge first, assess afterwards. He then watched the shape shifter - Adeara was it? - lunging into battle.

He recognised the Autobot on sight. It was the Optimus-alike. Wonder where he actually came from... May be worth saving him, just to find out.

Thundercracker watched as Skywarp fired another round of heat-seekers. Hmmm, let's see... heat-seeking missiles home in on the hottest area. My incendiary guns fire flammable-liquid filled bullets, that ignite on impact - closest thing to a flamethrower - Hehehehe... Let's see how the Autobot dodges heatseekers when he's a ball of fire....

The Decepticon raised his right arm, twisting his body back so he was looking sideways along the length of his cannon, and fired several rounds toward his target...

2001-10-13, 01:40 PM
Galvatron: "Pathetic...I don't know which one of you is worse. to think, you call yourselves Decepticons. Do you not have better things to do...after all, aren't you conspiring to kill me? hmmmmm?"

As Galvatron stepped into the room, Optitron was just picking up Starscream and tossing him into a wall. But as Galvatron spoke, Optitron's four Decepticons (Blackout, Magnacrunch, Driveby and Blazestarter) gathered behind Galvatron and, using their combined firepower, blasted him in the back!!! They then closed, locked and sealed the only entrance to the room.

As Galvatron fell to his knees, Optitron and Starscream stopped fighting! They stood and trained their weapons on Galvatron, joining the other four in a circle around the Decepticon leader!

Smirking, Optitron said, "Who is pathetic now, Galvatron? Did you really think I would not only turn my powers on Starscream, but that I would allow my own men to tell you about it? DID YOU?!?"

Pressing his null ray against Galvatron's forehead, Starscream said triumphantly, "Farewell, Galvatron! Fire!"

God Jinrai
2001-10-13, 02:16 PM
the incinidary shots came... jinrai did the unexpected... striking him headon... the heatseekers came charging soon after... jinrai managed to blast two from the air... but the other three crashed into him with a brutal force that slammed him into one of metroplex's walls... Jinrai went silent... but rose from his feet... "No one... calls ME A COWARD!" The trailer errupted from subspace, and it was fortunate that metoplex's ceiling was as high as it was... the autobot merged with his trailer... drawing a larger cannon... the shoulder mounted cannons came online as well... "Let's see who the cowards are now, you pathetic excuses for destrons!" the shoulder cannons took aim on the shapeshifter and stalker... jinrai aimed for thundercracker... and opened fire...

2001-10-13, 04:16 PM
Not for the first time, Thundercracker cursed that his memnet circuits had been rewritten to output in terran-only. He settled on an appropriate similie for the thought he wished to convey, and quietly mouthed "darnit".

He wasn't quite sure why, or how he'd done it, but he later reflected it must have been instinctive. Some reflex impulse aligned by his upgraded body. It consisted of three stages, almost performed simultaneously. First he threw himself to the ground, flat. Second, he rolled onto his back, not an easy task with a wing-triangle configuration. Thirdly, he released an ultra-sonic, controlled field of sonic distortion up into the air above him.

Whoah. Was the only thing he could think as he watched the red-hot laser fire dissipate under the distorted air. Close one Thunders...

Then he realised what he'd done. He'd managed to regulate the field of the blast, so that it would only affect what was directly above him without deafening Skywarp and Adeara... but he hadn't made allowances for the strength of the blast. He watched as the invisible wave of destruction tore up through the city, searching for release, and carving a clear hole straight up into the sky.

Thundercracker wandered how many chambers he'd just destroyed. And who was in them. Then the rubble fell on him. And it was darkness.

2001-10-13, 04:54 PM
The net came closer and closer. "The moment of truth." Optimus muttered to himself. Then in the blink of an eye. The shuttle passed through. "We did it, we passed trough their early defences, but it's not over yet, we have to find a way past Trypticon." Optnius looked at his crew, "Does anyone here do good Decepticon impersonations. I suppose I do a mean Motormaster."

2001-10-13, 05:23 PM
Gigatron stopped. He watched the battle quietly, watched Thundercracker valiantly and accidentally bury himself. He found the whole scenario curious.

Ignore me, eh? Go ahead, but when you've dealt with them and I'm still at full fuel...

Gigatron waited.


Spyglass sighed. "So what you're saying is you need a film projector you can trust."

They glanced at each other briefly.

"Better than energon duty..."

They transformed and landed in front of Soundwave, pointing their lens at a blank wall.


A phantom. That's precisely what the ship was as it entered Earth's proximity. The pilot scanned and analyzed the situation, watching as the Decepticon shuttle entered Earth's atmosphere.

The Destrons must have a defense system around the planet. This is bad indeed...

He pressed a button on the console in front of him, commencing a transmission on the standard Autobot frequency.

"Cybertrons on Earth, respond! My name is Grand, and I require assistance in reaching Earth immediately. If any Cybertrons on the planet can tell me how to dismantle the Destrons' defenses, I will offer my assistance in your fight. Repeat..."

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2001-10-13, 05:29 PM
One of the newer Autobot arrivals on the Decepticon shuttle stepped forward.

"Well," he spoke, "I've been doing well as Freon so far. Might as well keep up the charade."

A few moments later, full authorization--straight from Galvatron--was received via Trypticon. Not without hearing a partial disturbing growl from the large dinosaur city.

Having clearance, the comm clicked off. "I suppose that one was looking for a fight," the Autobot noted. "Well, we're through in any case."

Optimus nodded, and had he been constructed with a mouthpiece, would have smiled as well.

2001-10-13, 06:15 PM
Giga walked through the halls of Autobot City, staring up at the vast expanses of metal, with Mega a few paces behind.

"All this space...." Mega mused "... a couple of humans could easily get lost. How long before they tear out all the embossed Autobot sigils?"

"It matters not. A home can look however the inhabitant desires, it still retains its function."

They both stopped as the entered the next chamber. Tire marks scorched the otherwise pristeen floor. Laser fire had burnt the walls. Quite obviously a battle had raged within. And from the battered state of the door on the far side, it may still be going on elsewhere.

Giga turned "Come, Mega." back to our transtectors. It appears we have an uninvited guest - there may be much fun to be had."

And on that, the pair marched back the way they had come, crossing their bracelets as they went.


Soundwave watched as Reflector's combined form landed on the table-unit in front of him.

"Yes. That is exactly what I meant. You should take it as a compliment that I trust you at all... only the one known as 'Optitron' seems to be so misguided... Tell me what you know of him. Idle banter helps speed a job along, I feel."

He carefully loaded the disk into Reflector, and watched as a stream of images flooded the wall opposite.

Maps, grids, diagrams, schematics. There was no soundtrack, no encoded explanation. Galvatron had known it was unnecessary. The images were self explanatory.

"Quite remarkable. The insanity of his ambition eclipses by far the extremes I previously envisaged. It may even work..."

2001-10-13, 08:17 PM
Stalker had predicted the blast from Jinrai. He grabbed Adeara and jumped out of the way of the huge blast from Ginrai's weapon, diving behind one of the sturdy walls of Metroplex. His power... This Autobot is not from this timeline...

Stalker reached the mind of the shapeshifter woman. **Adeara, hear me. I can sense that you possess somekind of a symbiote? Use it against that Autobot if can.**

Stalker reached out, launching couple of rockets towards Jinrai's head. Then he took cover again.

He turned to glare at Gigatron and spoke to him telepathically. **Gigatron that I knew would not stand there, letting his warriors fall before joining the battle himself.**


Trypticon continued observing the aproaching shuttle. I feel uneasy... maybe I'm just paranoid... it is a Decepticon shuttle afterall. Galvatron himself approved its landing. Why I'm even thinking about this? The only thing that can oppose me is Fortress Maximus. One of the scanners top of Trypticon's assembly flashed, sending a bright beam towards nearby hill. After the beam had hit its target the hill vanished. Yes... I have nothing to worry...


The Constructicons were examining the structucal damages in section Kilo-Twelve of level four.

Hook had a worried look on his face. "These damages a more severe than Soundwave said. It's a matter of time when that carrying wall will collapse."

Scrapper rubbed his chin. "Yes... better to start working before it is too late..."

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2001-10-13, 08:23 PM
Reflector felt a bit odd engaging in conversation as he displayed images, but Soundwave was right. Talk would speed the process.

"Very little, I'm afraid. I've hardly any more than a few images of him, as I was in Starscream's chest nearly the entire time I was in contact with him. I did hear Starscream and Optitron's men speaking outside the city prior to my capture. They seemed to place a great confidence in his powers. They may have been justified; he led quite an assault against the Autobots at Hoover Dam a few weeks ago. Of course, his strength seemed nothing in comparison to Galvatron's...Is everything in focus?"


Gigatron grinned as Stalker's message entered his mind. He wished to tell Stalker that he was being allowed to prove himself, but the noise of the battle would have swallowed vocal words. Gigatron contemplated.

Perhaps I had underestimated this Autobot. Though they deserve to die if they cannot defend themselves, we shall need every Decepticon alive shortly. Then, it is time I take matters upon myself.

Calmly and methodically, Gigatron connected his two swords. He stood in silence momentarily, then charged.

"Leave the weaklings, Autobot! Fight your superior!"

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God Jinrai
2001-10-13, 08:49 PM
Jinrai barely got away from the oncomming rockets... and heard gigatron's challenge... "You want me, Purple and gruesome, Come get it!" Jinrai opened fire again on stalker and adera... muttering to himself.. "Come on grand... I can't hold out forever... " Gunfire errupted from across the room, shots flying toward thundercracker and skywarp... a huge rocket blew past jinrai headed for gigatron... "Well, friend... it seems you FORGOT about your PARTNER at hand!" Jinrai chuckled to himself... "It seems so, godbomber!" The duo went back to back, readying themselves... to blast their way out if necessary...

2001-10-13, 09:56 PM
Soundwave smiled. "Everything is perfectly clear, thank you. So, Optitron has lead battles against the Autobots? He does not presume to hold any form of power does he? And what role does Starscream play in this?"

He stared at the images, smiling and thinking. It's definitely workable. In theory. However, if the information I plundered from Thundercracker's neuranet is correct, it could prove slightly problematic. I will need the Constructicons, but they are occupied... hmm, they number six. They can be split...

"Thank you, Reflector" Soundwave removed the disk "You may transform."

Slag. Slag slag slag. SLAG. I'm an IDIOT! Thundercracker couldn't move. Pinioned down by a huge pile of rubble. He couldn't see either. He could hear gunfire though.
Helpless. He was almost scared...

2001-10-13, 10:56 PM
Bombshell moved through Autobot City, hoping not to be noticed...
Dreadwing continued to fire at the Autobot Shuttle
Ramjet and Apeface continued to pin down Whitespeed.

2001-10-13, 11:53 PM
Grabbed by Stalker, Adeara heard his words in her mind. **Adeara, hear me. I can sense that you possess somekind of a symbiote? Use it against that Autobot if can.** Adeara laughed mentally. ~I guess you could call the firebird that. Its a mutual relationship....Now, lets see how Jinrai handles being roasted!~ While Jinrai was occupied by the newcommer, Adeara picked herself up, and stared at the autobot. Just as she was about to 'attack', another attack came from behind Skywarp. Growling to herself, she changed her focus to both of them. As Adeara focused, the internal tempuratures of bnoth autobots began to rise, at a very fast rate. If they didn't surrender soon, they'd melt from the inside out.

2001-10-14, 12:44 AM
Jazz kept driving Blaster sending out the Signal for autobots to converge on his position "Hey Blaster Laser Fire that mean were close ta whitespeed" jazz said

"alright Time to beat some decepti-creeps" Blaster retorted
Jazz door opened and Blaster popped out transforming taking up position behind a rock
Jazz Transformed after wards quickley and popped behind a rock They looked at each other nodding.looking over the rock raising there laser rifles Blaster opened fire at APEFACE and Jazz firing at RAMJET

Blaster contacted Whitespeed "reienforcements have arrived"

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2001-10-14, 03:17 AM
Gigatron batted the missile away in mid-stride.

"I shall not be defeated so easily, Autobots! The pleasure of destroying you will be mine!"

As Gigatron came within range of Jinrai and Godbomber, he took a swing at their waists.


Grand grew impatient.

"I've no time to wait! Here's hoping the Destrons did a shoddy job."

A series of button presses later, the entire arsenal of the Maximus battleship was online.


And a horrendous barrage was unleashed on all nearby enemy weapon satellites.


Reflector shut off their lens, and transformed.

"I know no more about Optitron. Starscream's canopy is very well soundproofed...Anything else you need us for, Soundwave?"

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God Jinrai
2001-10-14, 04:37 AM
The duo could feel their internal circuitry starting to heat... and glanced at eachother... "Let's do it!" Godbomber burst apart, and reconfigured over jinrai's body, as the command armor component for god jinrai... " You've asked for it... Play with fire... you're gonna get BURNT! GOD FIRE GUTS!" The enormous cybertron became surrounded by a massive ball of flame... and charged the shapeshifter... he wasn't going down... if it meant the two were permanently fused, so be it... he was NOT going down without a fight!

2001-10-14, 05:23 AM
The Autobot shuttle lurched from side to side, avoiding some hits from Dreadwing. Sideswipe aided in keeping the duo-jet busy, but the Decepticon-pair made it clear they were only interested in one target. Thinking quickly, Springer brought the shuttle about, oddly corkscrewing his way through a one hundred, eighty degree turnabout. Dreadwing poured out a few more hits, then shot by. The turrets clawed at the Decepticon ship, scoring random hits.

"We need a better plan than this, it's taking too much to knock that thing down!"


2001-10-14, 02:23 PM
Soundwave smiled. "I think that is all for the time being, Reflector. If you could merely convey a message to Galvatron for me - I don't seem to be able to raise a direct signal."

The three robots merely looked at him, waiting.

"Tell him that his plan is workable, based on overcoming the obvious hurdle. Also request that any capable engineering staff are to report to me when available."


Have to... get out It was no good. Thundercracker was stuck fast. He was left wandering what damage he had sustained in the avalanche, and what was happening outside the pile of debris that had replaced him in the battle. How many times had he tried to fire an incendiary blast to free himself? Too many times. His cannon must be offline was the only explanation. Normally he'd use a sonic blast to free himself, but after what happened the last time, he wasn't sure that the structures above him could take the strain.

Great. Stuck until somebody gets me out. He suddenly felt strange. Is it my imagination? Or is it getting rather warm?

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2001-10-14, 02:47 PM
Reflector nodded...

"Sure thing, Soundwave."

..And headed back to Pri-- Galvatron's quarters.


Gigatron grew angry, as his swing sliced the empty air where the two had been.

"You dare ignore me?! When Gigatron challenges you, Autobot, nothing else in the universe matters!"

He held his sword over his shoulder, allowing one blade to be fired at Jinrai.


Another one down. The Decepticons' defense satellites continued to fall, but Maximus was still receiving fire.

This is taking too long. If Jinrai is on a Destron-controlled Earth...I must reach him at once!

Though still engaged in firefight, Grand's ship slowly began to descend on the planet. It would have been a suicidal run for most vessels...

If only the rest of the mission goes half as well.

God Jinrai
2001-10-14, 03:29 PM
the blade came flying at jinrai... spinning, he grabbed it from the air... "Nice of you to offer even terms, destron... " Jinrai charged the destron, planning to give him what he wanted.. a fight...

2001-10-14, 04:55 PM
Suddenly, as one of the downed defense satellites began to burn up in Earth's atmosphere, a strange green particle-glow took shape where the satellite had once been in orbit. The green filled out into the shape of a new satellite, then solidified. The part of the defense field in that region reformed.

Self-replicating! Each defense satellite was being replaced by its neighbor, at such random locations that it couldn't have been from one master system. Could all the satellites do that?

The gap in the field in front of grand was closing fast as he descended--he didn't have much time to make it through...


Dreadwing took up a strike position directly behind the weaving Autobot shuttle, preparing for another hard blow...

2001-10-14, 05:39 PM
Stalker cursed aloud. Jinrai had gotten so furious that he couldn't read the Autobots mind without concentration. So be it. If that Autobot wants to die, I'm more than willing to put him out of his misery.

As Jinrai turned to face Gigatron, Stalker jumped to the Autobot's back and took grip of Jinrai's neck. Then he placed his rocket launcher against Jinrai's head.

"Surrender." He hissed.


Trypticon's radars spotted another unknown vessel approaching. This one had attacked the defence satellites. It was a hostile, Trypticon was sure of it. The giant Decepticon activated his transformation sequence, transforming into his battlestation mode. It seems that I can get some target practice...

Several missilelaunchers took aim to Grand and opened fire. At the same time Trypticon began to prepare his destructo beam cannons for action.

2001-10-14, 06:20 PM
Suddenly, Dreadwing took a hard blast to its back, causing the ship to jolt into a chaotic rolling-rocking pattern. A Moment later, a rain of blasterfire pummeled at the ship at all points above. Dreadwing pulled hard to starboard and fired its jets to full in order to avoid the rest of the assault. It didn’t succeed as well as it’d hoped, and the barrage followed its tail until Tal’Noktaraus flew past its stern from above at a high speed. A second and third ship passed close to its port and starboard sides, the wash of their jets’ wakes slapping the Decepticon’s sides like ocean currents impacting at the sides of a sea-going vessel. The wash did nothing more than move the Joined off course by a mere meter at most as it rolled the other direction to chase one of the new targets down. As its roll brought it level with the ground floor, a fourth ship pulled up hard from it’s dive-bomb approach and flew straight overheard and forward, when a fifth took one final shot at Dreadwing’s rear side. The blast was enough to mess up the Decepticon’s aim as he was firing at the newly-visible fourth ship in front of him.

Everything happened within the time span of three-point-nine-one seconds.

With that distraction, all five assailants peeled off and prepared for another run.


“Where’d they come from?” Hound looked through one of the monitors at the action. The streaks of ships flew over and past Dreadwing at such an accelerated rate that it was almost impossible to make out any noteworthy forms.


“What the hell is Noktaraus doin’ out here?” Wheeljack asked bluntly.

“For that matter,” Springer chimed in, “Why are Shatterbolt and Ignition with him?”

“And those other two,” Hound said, finally recognizing the others in the group of five. “All five of which had been on their way to Cybertron. They’re ALL not supposed to be here.”

“That’s something we’ll have to ask ‘em about once we get the chance,” Wheeljack answered as he continued firing at the Decepticon ship behind them. “Right now, who cares so long as they’re assistin’ us!”


Noktaraus called the group back into formation; Quickwind and Talis off his port, Shatterbolt and Ignition to starboard.

"All right," Noktaraus began, "we made it past on attack, and you saw how well Dreadwing held up. Keep on him until he splits up, then initiate attack pattern: Gamma-three."

"Sounds like fun!" Ignition chimed in. "Can't wait to really give it to 'em!"

"Initiate break-up pattern: Delta, and reform back up on my wing--we're taking this one down!"


2001-10-14, 06:35 PM

Grand had not anticipated that the satellites would be capable of replacing themselves. He knew that time was limited, and pushed up his engine output to maximum. It was a dangerous gambit, being so close to a gravitational force, but he had no choice.

I'm not going to make it.

The hole was shrinking.

I'm not going to make it.

He was beyond their fire, but not through.

I'm not going to make it.

Too small.

I'm not going to make it.

The klaxons began ringing when he came within range.

I'm not going to...

Grand closed his eyes as a series of explosions erupted at the ship's bow. This was it...

Nothing. Slowly, one eye opened again. He still existed? But, what had happened to the satellites?

"Dinosaurer? I thought he was smaller..."

Grand contemplated thanking the enemy for saving his life, but he knew the favor would not be granted twice. Now safely through the defense net, Grand selected his new target, Trypticon, and opened fire.


Gigatron scowled.

"Stalker, stand down. This Autobot is far too powerful for you to handle. I shall deal with him."

Gigatron reloaded his missing blade and prepared to strike.


Reflector entered Galvatron's quarters again, this time more leisurely than the first. They made certain to take their time, as they knew Galvatron would put them on energon duty as soon as their message was delivered.


Galvatron was not there. It was strange, being that he had not yet left his quarters since his conquest of Metroplex.

"What do we do?" Spectro asked, turning to his brothers.

"In the mood to haul something heavy?" Spyglass retorted sarcastically. Spectro shook his head slowly. "Then we wait here."

One Winged Angel
2001-10-14, 07:06 PM
Bumblebee and Athena arive on Earth. To their surprise Autobot City is crawling with Decepticons. "Athena, how will we ever repair Kup with all these Decepticons around?" "I don't know but..." Just then a stray laser went right passed Athena's head.

"We have to leave it's not safe here!" "What about Kup?" "I'm more worried about us right now!" "Bumblebee, without Kup we don't stand a chance!" "Then we'll have to sneak him into one of the repair rooms."

2001-10-14, 07:09 PM
Ramjet and Apeface ran behind the cover of a nearby rock.

"That stupid Autobot got himself some backup", said Ramjet

"Time we got some of our own", said Apeface.

"Right." Ramjet opened up a general communications link to the city.

"Attention all Decepticons! Autobots attempting to break into city. Request backup at city enterance."
Dreadwing attempted to get a lock on the ships, but they were moving too fast.
"Blasted ships!" he yelled. "go away!"

One Winged Angel
2001-10-14, 07:15 PM
"Did you hear that,Athena?" "Hear what?"
"I thought I heard someone talking..."

One Winged Angel
2001-10-14, 07:24 PM
Athena looks around."Lets get this overwith." She atemts to break through the ddor.

One Winged Angel
2001-10-14, 07:30 PM
Sephiroth the black decepticon jet apears and transforms. "Oh no...",said Athena,"Bumblebee, take Kup and repair him this is my battle!" Sephiroth fires a missile. Athena dodges and fires her wrist lasers.

2001-10-14, 07:50 PM
Blaster Looked at jazz "Man one of those weak decepti-creeps are calling for back up" Blaster said firing again at Apeface letting out shot after shot at the decepticon

Jazz Looked over firing at RamJet again then looking at Blaster "Well you start calling for reinforcements" he fired again at Ramjet after saying this

Blaster smirked "I already am" justa normal distress signal nothing fnacy justhoping to catch attention from fellow autobots

One Winged Angel
2001-10-14, 07:50 PM
Bumblebee carries Kup's mangled body through the city looking for a place to repair him.meanwhile Athena and Sephiroth are in the heat of battle. Sephiroth said with a sneer,"You can't possibly hope to beat me!" "I'm invincable!" He must have a weakness,but what?

One Winged Angel
2001-10-14, 07:57 PM
Bumblebee hears a distress signal."A distress signal I can't help,I'm already in the middle of something." I hope Athena is alright But Athena isn't alright, she has just be hit by decepticon laser fire and Sephiroth is closing in.

2001-10-14, 07:57 PM
Stalker heard Gigatron's words.

"Very well Gigatron, you can have the Autobot if you so wish!" Stalker stated and jumped off Jinrai's back. Then he searched for cover.


"So, it can fight back!" Trypticon roared as Grand opened fire on him.

"I'll deal with you quickly!" The huge battlestation roared.

Dozens of Trypticon's cannon turrets and missilelaunchers took aim at Grand and opened fire. Soon the powerful destructo beams joined the onslaught, releashing enough firepower to lever a city in several seconds.

Trypticon's main weapon, a large particle beam cannon began to charge-up, targeting his new enemy. Hahahaa... let's see how he can handle this... maybe that mountain back there will be erased too with the same blast...

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-14, 07:59 PM
Skywarp looked around the room that had been filled with laser fire.

Where's Thundercracker gone to now...

He hit the ground as laser fire bounced around him, he noticed a pile of rubble just ahead of him.


Skywarp kept low and moved towards the pile of rubble, any kind of communication was made impossible by the noise of the continuing battle. He pulled away one of the massive slabs of ceiling that had collapsed and noticed the dust covered blue underneath.

Thundercracker....let's hope you're still functioning here

He crouched a little, just enough so he could attain sufficient purchase to lift the heavier blocks.

Skywarp shouted to his mould-brother as loud as he could.

"I suppose we should get out of here whilst I can still teleport eh"
Sideswipe's tirade on Dreadwing had barely made any distinct damage. The quick fix to his rocket pack had all but given up, he now stood atop the shuttle, firing his rocket launcher and rifle best he could, using his rocket pack to steady himself.

He watched in a stunned silence as Noktaraus, Shatterbolt, Ignition, Quickwind and Tails entered the fray.

Finally there's some back-up here

He used what little energy there was left in his Rocket Pack and re-entered the shuttle, where Blurr and Mirage had been working frantically to stop fires that had broken out.

"Thanks for the help" Sideswipe sarcastically remarked to Springer as he got back on=board. He ran to one of the weapons systems and fired off several shots, best he could.

"Wheeljack, that patch job worked fine, thanks for the boost!"

Cyclonus kept flying towards grid section beta, to gather energy for the depleted Decepticon forces and in hope to wreak some destruction on the humans.

He again opened a comm channel to Sixshot and Scorponok

**You two join me at the powerstation, grid section Beta, be prompt, there is much energon gathering to be done and destruction to take part in.**

Cyclonus closed the comm channel.

If all else fails, I can always count on Reflector...

2001-10-14, 08:07 PM
Light. At last.. The boulders lifted enough, Thundercracker could finally see again...

He heard Skywarp's words "I suppose we should get out of here whilst I can still teleport eh?"

"Heh, I never thought I'd be glad to see that ugly mug... Sounds like a good plan to me - I'm in no fit state to walk home..."

One Winged Angel
2001-10-14, 08:09 PM
Bumblebee finnaly finds a place to repare Kup and he begins building a new body frame."Blast,this is impossible I'm no repairman!" Bumblebee sends a transmission. I am in need of technicall assistence,any Autobot that knows anything about repairs please get here right away! I'm sorry that I can't do more Kup.

Athena tries to hide in a narrow passage way. Sephiroth flies toward her but stops. He tries to follow her, but something is holding him back.What's he doing? Why did he stop? I'm in this narrow passage trapped like a rat and.....that's it! He must be claustraphobic. "Take this!" She transforms to jet mode and fires 2 missiles, each hits him right on target. "Noooo!",exclaimed Sephiroth.

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2001-10-14, 08:13 PM
Grand grew annoyed as small explosions rocked his ship.

"I have no time to entertain you now, Dinosaurer! Perhaps this will keep you occupied!"

Grand shut down the entire arsenal, allowing energy to accumulate. Within a few seconds, he unleashed a fearsome proton beam from his main cannon directly toward Trypticon.