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2001-09-07, 06:32 PM
The Scraplets continued to multiply as they made their way
towards Vector Sigma...the few guardians that stood in their way
were quickly made into meal...though it did little to curb their appetites.
Time was running out.

2001-09-18, 04:09 AM
On a remote area of Cybertron, a jet swooped down from the blackness of space. Seven transformers bearing the Autobot symbol emerged. Upon the last one's exit, the jet fired its thrusters and took off, coating the 'bots in soot and ash.

"That dirty...." One of the bots began.

"Leave him... Mudbogger. We have more important things to attend to. Let's find the Autobot headquarters, our best bet to check is Iacon, so we'll start there. Recovobots, Transform... and roll out." The seven changed to their car modes and took off, headed for the Autobot city on Cybertron.

2001-09-19, 09:47 PM
Location: Polyhex
Date: approx 3 million years B.C. (Earth standard)

Bludgeon stared straight ahead, unable to believe what he was hearing.

"You're actually going through with it, eh Trannis?"

Trannis glared at Bludgeon, shocked at the manner in which the soldier was speaking to him. If it had been anyone else, he would have been shot for even considering questioning his commander's judgement. "If it's the future here you are concerned about, we have no dangers - Scorponok, Straxus and Thunderwing are more than capable of filling his shoes."

"I don't care about what happens to the Decepticons left here - things have been stable for long enough."

"Then what is your concern?" Megatron's golden boy was beginning to try Trannis' patience

"Sending a party of Decepticons into space in this manner is absurd - Jhiaxus is insane and we don't know enough about biomorphic reproduction yet. What happens if they turn into soul-less watered down zombies?"

"It is a glorious plan. Your concerns are completely unfounded. The Decepticon influence will be spread."

Bludgeon still couldn't believe it "You are a glorified CARETAKER! Your main concern should be preserving Cybertron for Megatron's return!"

"MEGATRON is DEAD, Bludgeon! As will you be if you do not back down! Scorponok has requested your assistance - your techno-organic shell is ready for testing. You are honoured to be the test droid" Trannis mentally added "if I'm lucky it will kill you"

A squadron of guards moved in to escort Bludgeon away... "You'll regret this Trannis!" As Megatron's appointed head of the Mayhems, I could have your head if I wanted to... but then they wouldn't be top secret would they? I bet you'd kill to find out who holds the datatrax listing the squad members... hehe

2001-09-20, 07:41 PM
[still way back when]

Bludgeon strolled into Scorponok's laboratory, glancing up at the night sky, wondering what could be causing such violent electrical storms. He located Scorponok in the far corner, and gave his best Decepticon salute.

"Ah, the testdroid has arrived!" Scorponok marched forward, gesturing to a large glass/metal pod behind him. "If you'd like to step this way, we can begin the procedure"

Bludgeon stepped into the pod, and took one last look at his gleaming body - his brown chest, still glistening despite the orns of scars and dents that had built up on it. He glanced at his green shoulders, admiring the bulky impression they gave, and noticed a spot of dried oil in one of his tank treads. Oh, his tank mode... if this procedure went awry he'd miss it so much... but, Trannis orders and Trannis expects. If all goes well, Bludgeon knew he'd theoretically be powerful enough to slaughter the acting Decepticon commander... the worthless drone who'd jumped into Megatron's throne before the announcement of the Ark's disappearance had finished it's firt echo... yes, the idea appealed... despatch the Mayhems to kill Trannis, and put somebody more deserving in power... Scorponok maybe, Jhiaxus would be out of the picture, leaving only Scorponok or Straxus... Bludgeon knew that to attempt to seize control himself so early would be suicidal... no, his time would come eventually... if this doesn't kill him...

"Is the patient strapped in, Mindwipe?" Scorponok's harsh voice broke the soon-to-be Pretender's reverie

"Yes, my lord."

Bludgeon started to like the idea of Scorponok being in command... he already had loyal support...

"Excellent. Begin the procedure."

Bludgeon suddenly spasmed in pain, as his neuranet was flooded with energon, and the pod filled with a strange metallic gas, which began to cling to his exostructure...

"Is it working, Mindwipe?"

"Uncertain. Untested parameters make it impossible to tell at this stage."

"Hurry, the storm is closing in, I want this perfected soon, otherwise Straxus will overtake me in Trannis' favour!"

suddenly a bolt of lightning hit the lab, and the equipment exploded.

"Slag! Abandon base!" yelled Scorponok, as the occupants evacuated the laboratory, leaving the patient dazed and confused in his pod, as the storm enveloped the area...

2001-09-21, 02:31 AM
Doubledealer stood at the controls on a shuttle he had commandeered from Charr. He pointed the shuttle towards Cybertron and began to descend.

2001-09-27, 08:03 PM
He crept through the shadows, never making a sound, never disturbing a speck of dust.

Normally, that is. Today was different. Today he was pelting full speed through corridors and drainage tunnels, desperately avoiding the fire from autoguns.

He knew that it was pretty pointless running, he could just engage his cloaking device and disappear again, but the first shot (the one that had caught him by surprise) had temporarily knocked out that circuit.

And here he was, alone, running for his life down a series of tunnels underneath the old Autobase, knowing full well that no Autobot had been down here for years, dodging age-old automated machinery.

Ravage was NOT happy.

2001-09-27, 09:05 PM
It was when he rounded the last corner that it all started getting worse. Well, "worse" isn't really the right term - "different" is probably the best word.

He was moving fast enough to stay a few yards ahead of the tracking guns, but slow enough to register the "A" on the tunnel wall, and to realise that it meant the surface was nearby, when he was thrown off his feet by a mini-tremor.

He spun around to see that the gun had stopped on it's wall-runner, and was now firing into the collection of oil and grime at the bottom of the piping. Ravage glanced into the distance and realised what had happened - the tunnel had been shaken with enough force to derail the moving cannon.

Rumble stepped out of the shadows, retracted his piledrivers, unsheathed his rifle, and blasted the autogun to smithereens.

"Yer gettin' sloppy in yer old age, Rav. Once upon a time ya never woulda tripped somethin so obvious."

Ravage glared at his associate with an air bordering on contempt. "It wasn't me," he growled "something else disturbed the tunnel - something topside... storm or something."

"Oh yeah, Rav - blame the weather... heh heh"

"What are you doing here, Rumble? Shouldn't you be helping Thunderwing reinforce the base?"

"Woulda been - Buzzsaw hasn't come back from patrol yet... the boss sent me out to find him."

Ravage was confused, he'd seen Buzzsaw less than a picobreem before the autoguns came online "Buzzsaw shoulf be right above us... at least, that's where he was earlier..."

"Fine, but... how do we get out? Beastbox spent days lost down here..."

Ravage lifted his head in the direction of the "A" on the wall. "Autobot markings - indicates the surface is nearby... I'd think you'd know that by know... then again, Frenzy was always the smart one..." he skulked off into the shadows, heading in the direction of the surface, leaving Rumble to chase after him

2001-09-28, 06:11 PM
Ravage sat perfectly still, staring at Buzzsaw. Beneath him he could hear Rumble scrabbling about, trying to find a way out of the tunnels.

It was strange, he knew that Buzzsaw missed Soundwave (after all, they all did... not even a chance to say goodbye... just vanished), but this sort of behaviour would be bizarre even for Squawktalk.

The condor was perched, perfectly motionless - as if Ravage had been giving lessons - atop a mound of debris. Just staring into the distance. The storm was getting worse, lightning was sparking in the distance, and Ravage didn't approve of any Decepticon being topside for any length of time. Not with so many Autobots about.

"Buzzsaw...?" he growled.

No response. Hmm. Ravage would have to resort to less subtle means. He fired a cluster bomb at the bird, praying that the Autobots would accept the noise as part of the storm.

Buzzsaw's head snapped around, he met Ravage with a cold, icy glare, and let out a solitary "caw" before returning his gaze to the distance.

Ravage suddenly realised what was happening - Buzzsaw's cranial camera was operating. He turned his head to follow the condor's line of vision... and understood... "By the Primal program..."

2001-09-28, 08:57 PM
On the dark side of Cybertron, in what is now the last remaining Decepticon controlled area of the planet a large figure lands and begins to search. gone from his homeworld for millions of years, he knows not why he has returned only that he seeks something familiar. Suddenly a noise draws his attention.

"HALT!" a single shot glances across the strangers back.

"Who dares?"

As the stranger turns the seeker drops to his knees begging forgiveness.

"L-L-L-Lord J-J-Jhiaxus...you-you-have returned? After all these years?"

Jhiaxus: "Yes...I have returned...and I am most displeased with the lack of progress the Decepticons have made in my absence..."

2001-09-28, 09:05 PM
Bludgeon stretched, feeling the flow of power through his new body. Scorponok and Mindwipe had run as if they'd spotted a Scraplet. No matter. It seemed that the proto-technology had worked perfectly.

He punched out. Shattering the glass around him, and for the first time caught a glimpse of a gauntleted hand. As he stepped into the open, he recalled Scorponok's words - "the biomatter will configure itself according to designs present in your sub-psyche"

Bludgeon wondered what designs his sub-psyche held. He strolled towards a deck of equipment, itching for a glimpse of his reflection. "B'ah. Nothing. All dead metal."

Then he spotted it - a sword, sheathed, lying atop a deck. He reached out, drew the sword, seeing his new face in the blade... and smiled.

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2001-09-29, 07:22 PM
Doubledealer landed his ship and got out.

"I need to find some allies to bring to Earth with me" he said to himself. He then noticed Bludgeon.
"Yes. He will do." He said, walking up to Bludgeon.

2001-10-01, 09:12 PM
Ravage could barely believe his optics. Not four hundred yards away from him lay Scorponok's old laboratory. Not that that was in anyway remarkable, it had stood there for nigh on five million years, in one shape or another. Some time after the launch of the Nemesis, before Ravage's return to Cybertron, the lab had been destroyed in an Autobot attack.

But now... now it was stood firm, 100 per cent complete, as shiny as the day Ravage skulked past it on what he called "the last day"... the day they went after the Ark, and it all changed forever.

Then, there was a flash of lightning, and momentarily it was as it should be - derelict.

Ravage realised what was happening. He glanced at Buzzsaw, motionless, transfixed, and out of the corner of his optics saw a pile of rubble moving - Rumble still struggling to exit the tunnels. He turned his attention back to the sight in front of him, and saw that the lab was neither derelict nor complete, but that images of both condition were overlayed on each other.

He remembered it all. The long trek through the storm, climbing the mountain to Shockwave's castle to recover the remains of Cyclonus... the storm... it was the same as the one engulfing Cybertron... a time rift.

He kept looking, seeing the image of past overlayed above the present... and spotted something else... something he could have killed himself for missing - a shuttle. Near the lab. Clearly in the present, but obscured by flickers of the past. He saw something else. A robot, approaching the lab, staring through a hole in the wall... as if looking at something...

2001-10-07, 02:46 PM
Bludgeon was impressed. It was a strange sensation, looking at a reflection of yourself, and seeing somebody else's face staring back.

He eventually summised that it was the eyes that did it. Black, deep, with no trace of the optics within. Optics are the path to the soul. If they can't see your optics... He knew immediately what was to be done. He was no henchman, no piece of cannon-fodder, and now he had the look to prove it. Megatron had left him in charge of the Mayhems, and on his command they would jump into the smelting pool itself.

Trannis wouldn't stand a chance. Suddenly a noise caught his attention, he glanced in the direction it had come from - the floor. A hatch was present in the ground, obviously an escape route to the tunnels below. Somebody's trying to come in the exit... Bludgeon grabbed the sword, and creeped silently toward the hatch, raised his sword high, and placed a gauntleted fist on the handle.

Come on in, and meet your death! He lifted the hatch.

2001-10-07, 04:00 PM
As Doubledealer worked the hatch, he saw it open. He also saw Bludgeon hold his sword, as if he intended to slice him in half.

"Hey, whoa. Don't hurt me, Bludgeon. I just want to talk" he said.

2001-10-07, 04:17 PM
Bludgeon eyed the intruder cautiously.

Without moving a muscle, and with the point of his sword still directed at the newcomer's forehead, he spoke in a hushed, rasping monotone.

"Move one inch and I'll slice your cpu in two, Autobot. Three Questions - answer them, and I may let you live. Question One - Who are you? Question Two - How do you know my name, did Scorponok send you? Question Three - What were you doing underground?"


Ravage glanced toward Buzzsaw as he saw the stranger disappear around the back of the lab. "Come on, Buzzsaw. I think it's time we took a closer look."

"Where ya goin' to Rav?"

the voice came from the other side of the pile of rubble. Ravage recognised it instantly. He could have kicked himself for not noticing his presence earlier. He'd been so entranced by the spectacle of super-imposed pasts and futures that he'd stopped looking around as soon as Rumble had found them. He hadn't heard the robot's mould-brother approach.

"Unlike you to approach without any noise, Frenzy. Did Thunderwing send you?"

Frenzy slid down the pile of debris, cradling a carry case. "Yeah, he sent us to look for ya. Nasty storm, eh? Perfect cover to do a bit of Auto-bashin'"

"Us?" Rumble was confused.

Frenzy lifted the carry case in front of him, and shook it gently. "Yeah, Rumbs - US. The gang's all here!"

Buzzsaw suddenly shook himself out of his reverie, and lurched from his perch to sit comfortably atop the case.

"Yeah, Buzzy," Frenzy smiled "Laze' is in there too"

The condor motioned his head at the pile of rubble, and projected back the images he'd observed of the stranger entering the area around the lab. The picture zoomed in, clearly showing the sigil emblazoned on the stranger's shoulder.

"Well, Frenzy" Ravage smirked "it seems as though you may get to exercise your fists after all."

And with that, the panther skulked off across the scarred terrain, leaving Rumble, Frenzy and Buzzsaw to trail behind.

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2001-10-07, 04:52 PM
Doubledealer wondered what Blugeon was talking about, then realized that he was still in his Autobot mode. "oops!" he thought to himself. "He thinks i'm an Autobot."
Knok left his body and Skar affixed himself to Doubledealer, causing him to turn into his Decepticon falcon mode.
"That's better", he said. "As for your questions, allow me to answer them. My name is Doulbedealer, the Decepticon double-spy. I used my ship's onboard sensors to spot you. I know nothing of Scorponok or his plans. I came underground because it was the only way to reach you. I would like to suggest an intersting propositon. Would you like to join me. I seek leadership of the Decepticons, but there are those, such as Galvatron and Scorponok, who would oppose me. If I were to gain a force of powerful allies, I could take control, and you could be my second in command. What do you say?"

2001-10-07, 05:18 PM
Bludgeon pulled his weapon away, still leaving the blade close enough to skewer the bird who had appeared before him.

"You speak of Scorponok as if he is in command. What has become of Trannis? and Straxus? Who is this "Galvatron" of whom you speak? And you still have not told me of how you know my identity."

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2001-10-07, 05:37 PM
Doubledealer looked confused.
"Trannis? Straxus? I know nothing of these characters. And I see the Decepticon insignia on you. Unless you have had a memory wipe, you should know all about Scorponok and Galvatron."

2001-10-10, 08:36 PM
Bludgeon frowned. "You waltz in here, apparantly an Autobot, then do some sorcery with some bipeds, and expect me to believe you are a Decepticon. You know my name, yet are the first to lay eyes on my new Pretender shell. And you claim to know nothing of Trannis, he who has commanded Cybertron in the million years since Megatron vanished attacking the Ark?"

He relaxed his pose, before aiming his sword directly for the falcon's nose. "Who are you, and where do you come from?"


Ravage stopped. Rumble and Frenzy saw, and automatically followed suit.

"Whas up Rav?" mumbled Frenzy.

Ravage shot him a glare, and turned his head back to the building they had approached. They were within twenty yards of it, and Ravage had been in good hearing range for a considerable while longer. "Listen." He growled. "Voices - inside. Two of them."

Rumble smiled. "Two? Hehe - that means twice as much Autobutt to wail on, eh Frenzy?"

"What makes you think the're both Autobots? What if it's Blitzwing or somebody, and he's gonna beat us to the kill?" Frenzy replied.

"By the spires, you're right! Let's get in there quick while there's still a fight to be had!" Rumble darted forward, but Ravage spun around and stopped him in his tracks with a low pitched growl.

"Neither of the voices belong to Decepticons known to be on Cybertron. I do recognise both, however. One is that of Doubledealer, a Decepticon spy who departed Cybertron some time ago."

"And the other's the Autobot!" Rumble could barely contain his glee.

"Grrr. The 'Autobot' we saw is Doubledealer's alternate form. Now I am close enough to hear the voice I am sure of it. The other voice, though... strange. It's familiar... from a very long time ago... yet sounds odd, as if it's echoing around something."

Buzzsaw cawed.

"Hmm..." Ravage looked toward the bird. "It may be time for us to make an entrance. Frenzy - release Beastbox."

Frenzy carefully placed his carrier unit on the ground, and Buzzsaw hopped onto his shoulder. Opening the box, he reached in and removed a purple-coloured data-cassette. He placed it onto the ground, and watched as Beastbox transformed into his gorilla mode.

Beastbox looked up at Frenzy, searching for instruction.

Frenzy pointed to the wall "Get us in!"

The gorilla silently turned, and charged full speed toward the wall.

2001-10-10, 10:20 PM
Befor Doubledealer could respond, the side wall collasped, and Beastbox, Ravage, Buzzsaw, Frenzy and Rumble walked in.
"Thank goodness you guys are here", said Doubledealer. "Will you please tell him I'm a Decepticon? For some reason, he doesn't believe me."

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2001-10-11, 07:38 PM
Rumble peered through the Beastbox-shaped hole in the wall. "Ah, darnit Rav - you were right, it's just 'Dealer. Dealer an' another dude..." the dust settled "... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah"

Rumble fell over Ravage as he ran to escape, and fell headlong into a pile of debris.

"Rowrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!" Ravage snarled at the fallen cassette, before glancing in and hearing Doubledealer's request. "Hmmmmm?" He glanced toward the other character, strange looking, almost like an Earthen-samurai, but with a skull instead of a face "Grrrrrr...." *sniff* "no... Bludgeon?"

Frenzy pulled Rumble out of the pile of debris by his feet. "Bludgeon? Nah, Rav - Bludgeon vanished while we were on the Ark remember? Squawkbox told us..."

Bludgeon dropped his sword from Doubledealer's neck, and knelt to the ground, staring at the hole in the wall. "...Ravage? But... how? When did you return? Where is Megatron?"

2001-10-11, 10:08 PM
"See", said Doubledealer. "He doesn't have the slightest clue about anything that has happened over the last 4 million years. He doesn't know about Galvatron or anything. It's like he's from the past, or something."

2001-10-11, 10:27 PM
Ravage glanced at Doubledealer, his words sinking in. It would make sense...

"Yes, Doubledealer... he quite possibly is. The un-natural weather conditions are consistant with previous temporal disturbance phenomena..."

Rumble staggered to his feet, still spooked by the image of Bludgeon "Say what now, Rav? Consisitempophenowhat?"

"Timestorm." Frenzy said simply.


Ravage looked at Bludgeon. "What were your last actions, Bludgeon?"

The newly-shelled Pretender was getting ever more confused... "I... I... was being tested on by Scorponok... "pretender technology" I think he called it... now this... ???"

Ravage turned his head. "Frenzy, as much as it pains me... release Squawktalk."

The robot shook his head and complied, grumbling under his breath "you gotta be kiddin me.. my audios still ache from last time..." he removed a green cassette from his carry case, and threw it skyward.

A robotic parrot landed on the ground. "Last time... awk... last time... Ravage!"

Ravage scowled. "Report last known data on Bludgeon, cross-reference Pretender Technology."

"Walk the walk, can't talk the talk squawk! Scorponok shells out on shells like no tomorrow, bub. Bludgeon test drives new improved washable format, disappears to the parts other Decepticons can't reach. Dateline 12000 orns"

"Good. Now shut up." Ravage turned back to Bludgeon. "You were caught in a timestorm, Bludgeon, you've been thrown 3 million years into the future." He turned to Doubledealer. "What's your excuse for being here?"

2001-10-12, 02:14 AM
Doubledealer looks at Ravage.

"I came looking for troops to take with me to Earth", he told Ravage.

2001-10-12, 10:20 PM

One small word. One small, bluey-green planet in a solar system light-cycles away.

Rumble hadn't heard the whole conversation, having been trying to come to terms with Bludgeon's new face. And being semi buried in a pile of rubble, of course. But as Frenzy had helped him to his feet, he had distinctly heard the word. He knew what it meant.

Frenzy stopped in mid-motion, and stared Rumble square in the face. Earth. Four million years ago it meant nothing to him. Thirty years ago it had just been the local name for the dustball they were stranded on. Now it was something different.

Squawkbox was dumbfounded. For the first time in his existance he was speechless. Well, there had been that one time when he'd overenergised and burnt his vocal unit out in the post-buzz chatter. But now it was different. Beastbox looked at him, each knew what the other was thinking. Neither had ever been to Earth, but knew of it, having been given terran forms on Soundwave's return.

Buzzsaw perched contentedly on the case containing Laserbeak, and smiled. He knew what it meant.

Ravage stared up at Doubledealer. "You just found yourself a crew." He smiled a smug, contended grin. He turned to the befuddled Bludgeon, who had dropped trembling to his knees, trying to comprehend what had happened to him. "Nice new look, old friend. Cybertron is in Autobot hands now, you wouldn't survive out here alone. Come with us to Earth, start afresh."

Bludgeon raised his head in a semi-nod. "Wh-where... is... Earth?"

Ravage smirked. "A safe place." And also where Soundwave was last seen...

2001-10-12, 10:43 PM
Doubledealer looked at Ravage.

"Yes, Earth is a safe place, but we have no idea of what is happening there. Before I came here, I was on Charr, and there was a great deal of preperation for an assault on Autobot City. We do not know what happened. We will need to be careful." He then looked at the assembled Decepticons. "Follow me to my ship!" he said.
"And to your destruction." he thought.

2001-10-13, 10:47 PM
Ravage watched as Doubledealer exited and walked toward his vessel. With Soundwave missing, the other cassettes looked to him for guidance, and they were looking.

Rumble spoke first, voicing one of the two questions on everyone's lips. "We gonna see Soundy again, Rav?"

Ravage looked up at the robot, seeing the cracks of hope in his eyes. "Maybe. If we survive."

"Survive? Ya don't trust him?"

Ravage smiled benignly. "He's a spy, Rumble. His main function is to be deceitful, deceptive, treacherous and scheming. He spends 80% of his time disguised as an Autobot. We are not to trust him one iota."

Frenzy voiced the second question. "Who's gonna tell Thunderwing? He'll hunt us down and melt us down if he finds we've deserted..."

Ravage didn't flinch. "One of us will have to stay. Any volunteers?"

As if on cue, Buzzsaw (perched atop the open carrier unit) transformed to cassette mode and slotted into place alongside the damaged Laserbeak.

Ravage smiled, and turned to the four remaining Decepticon cassettes. Rumble and Frenzy automatically went to aid Bludgeon in returning to his feet. Ravage's gaze fell to Beastbox and Squawktalk.

The two cassettes glanced at each other, before merging into their combined form. Squawkbox stood tall and firm. "I will remain. I have never seen Earth, and I have no wish to. I survived 4 million years without Soundwave. I can do so again."

"Thank you." Ravage turned purposefully turned his back on the robot, picked up the carrier in his mouth, and walked in the direction of Doubledealer's shuttle, with Bludgeon following, herded by Rumble and Frenzy.

2001-10-13, 10:55 PM
Doubledealer entered his ship.

"Those fools have no idea of what I am planning. I shall take them to Earth, but they shall not return."

Doubledealer had finished the final touches on a computer program he had secretly worked on on his trip to Cybertron when the cassettes walked in.

"Ready to go to Earth", he asked.

One Winged Angel
2001-10-14, 01:37 PM
Kup and Bumblebee watched helplessly as an unknown Autobot was devoured by scraplets.They were the only Autobots in the area and could not hold out against the scraplets. Bumblebee:"We have to get to Earth and find some water, it's the only thing that can stop them!" Kup:"Lets make our way to the shuttles."

One Winged Angel
2001-10-14, 01:58 PM
Bumblebee and Kup arrive at a shuttle bay. As they move towards a ship they hear a desperate cry for help. Kup draws his pistol and runs toward the sound. "Don't go Kup it's too dangerous!" But Bumblebee's warning goes unnoticed. Bumblebee watches as Kup fires at a horde of scraplets. "Open the shuttle door!" Bumblebee does what Kup tells him. Bumblebee starts the ship and runs outside to see if Kup made it. Kup jumps into the shuttle,as he does this a scraplet latches to his leg. He doesn't notice. "Who was it?" "By the time I got there, there wasn't enough left to tell." The shuttle takes off on a course for Earth.

2001-10-14, 02:15 PM
Ravage nodded at Doubledealer, and watched as Bludgeon dropped into a semi-crouch, with his hands clasped together. "A lot's changed, old friend - not just you. I'll fill you in on the way to Earth."

Rumble sat down on the carrier-unit, and Frenzy shook his head in despair. "So..." said the latter "Doubles, whadda ya wanna go to the mudball for?"


Squawkbox watched as his comrades loaded into the shuttle. He couldn't help but feel a pang of sorrow. His mind was in turmoil enough, being the combination of two others, without the oh-so-closeness of seeing Soundwave again. He knew that the Decepticon was alive, they all did. A symbiotic relationship existed between the carrier and his ancilliary units, one that no science had ever been able to pinpoint. In short, there was a slight 'tug' between them. If Soundwave had died on his last trip to Earth, they would have known...

Slowly, he began to trudge back across Cybertron's surface. Unconcerned by the storm raging around him, given the fact that the planet would normally be swarming in Autobots, it made a nice change to have some freedom. Then he saw them.

A flash of lightning illuminated the ground before him, and he saw the hatchway into the tunnels below. Normally covered by debris, it was plainly visible. And more than that - it was open.

Upon closer inspection, he realised that the hatch hadn't been opened manually, more dissolved - it just wan't there anymore. No, not dissolved... "Chewed? Something... has eaten the hatch?"

Then he saw them. And he ran.

One Winged Angel
2001-10-14, 02:55 PM
Bumblebee and Kup were almost to Earth when it happened."gaaah ugh!" "Kup are you all right?" Bumblebee didn't need an answer,he looked at Kup's leg and was horrified. Scraplets were multiplying all over it. "Stay away from me!" Bumblebee backed away from Kup."What should I do?" "There's only one thing you can do." "Throw me into space." Bumblebee was shocked. "I can't do that."

"You have no choice!" "If I stay here they will get you too." Kup aimed his gun at Bumblebee. "Do it!" Bumblebee opened a hatch and Kup was sucked into the vacume of space.

Bumblebee closed the hatch.In a weak voice Bumblebee said,"I'll come back for you Kup, as soon as I get to Earth and get the water."

Bumblebee steered the ship into Earth's atmosphere. The ship began to break apart. "What's going on?!" The shuttle crash lands in a desert. Bumblebee exits the ship and and whispers to himself, "Primus help me." The entire ship was covered with scraplets,and there wasn't any water or anything for that matter for miles around.

One Winged Angel
2001-10-14, 03:50 PM
Bumblebee is face to face with the scraplets and each is waiting for the other to make a move. In the distence an engin is heard.Bumble looks up, this is just the distraction the scraplets were waiting for.They begin their attack. The cause of the noise was an Autobot jet named Athena.When Bumble looked up he saw a blue streak in the sky and sent a distress signal. "What?" "A fellow Autobot way out here?" Athena goes to the signal and sees a helpless Autobot surrounded by scraplets. "I'll never let anyone hurt a fellow Autobot as long as I live!" She opens fire.

Athena transforms into robot mode and grabs Bumblebee. She flies off holding him by the arms.

Hours later after reaching Autobot HQ,Bumble explains about the scraplets on Cybertron. They prepare a cargo ship with water tanks and begin going to Cybertron.But on the way there they destroy the scraplets that are on Bumblebee's ship.

About halfway to Cybertron Bumblebee tells Athena to stop the ship. "What is it?" "I've got an old friend Who's in trouble." "It's Kup." Bumblebee explains about how he was forced to leave Kup behind. They fid Kup's body floating in space, or what's left of it.

They dispose of the scraplets on Kups body and begin repairs. Athena:"I don't think there's much we can do for him." B:"How can you say that!?" A:I'm sorry, but there really isn't much more we can do." B:"If his memory is intact we could build him a new body." A:"Yes,IF his memory is intact."

One Winged Angel
2001-10-14, 05:11 PM
Athena opened Kup's head. "The brain chip is intact." Bumblebee:"That's great!" A:"Yes, but we don't have time to build him a new body." b:"You're right, we have to get rid of those scraplets."

Athena and Bumblebee set the shuttle down in the area of Vector Sigma, where an unbelievable amount of scraplets had gathered. At every turn transformers were being slautered.

"We have to stop them." "Release the water!" Bumblebee let the water out of the tanks and a huge wave crashed into the scraplets. It was a bueatiful sight to see,shimering water flowing over the surface of Cybertron destroying the scraplets.Bumblebee was very excited. "That takes care of them!" Athena wasn't so shure. "Maybe..."

They left Cybertron and went Back to Autobot City on Earth to repair Kup.

2001-10-14, 05:26 PM
Squawkbox never knew he could run so fast. He hadn't seen a scraplet in orns... where did they COME from??? head down, he charged onwards. He glanced up as he saw something looming on the horizon...

"By the prime program..."

He walked forward, not believing what he saw... it WAS him... Two and a half million years had elapsed, but it was definitely the same robot...


2001-10-14, 07:17 PM
"I've come to deliver you to Earth, so that you could be reunited with Soundwave", Doubledealer said. "And deliver you to your deaths", he thought to himself.

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2001-10-14, 10:01 PM
Jhiaxus spun around at the mention of his name.

Jhiaxus: "Squawkbox? Where are the mighty legions of Decepticons...what has happened to our planet?"

2001-10-15, 07:37 PM
Ravage raised a mechanical eyebrow at Doubledealer.

"Two things," he said, leaping onto a control panel near the Decepticon "firstly, what makes you think Soundwave is on Earth? Secondly, why do you keep repeating yourself?"

"Thirdly!" chimed in Rumble "Shouldn't you have this heap o' junk airbourne by now?!"


Squawkbox bowed his head at Jhiaxus, "Longish story. Basics: Cybertron in Autobot control. Scraplets eating planet. Temporal anomaly messing with weather."

He disengaged into his component parts. Beastbox knelt at the feet of his former unit commander. Squawkbox perched on his shoulder. "Do the splits, on the double bigtime pronto! Autobot patrols patrol like no other - go underground, Weller weller weller more tell you more later... SCRAPLETS! Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasands of 'em!"

Squawkbox was interrupted by Jhiauxus' hand clamping over his beak...

2001-10-15, 09:11 PM
jhiaxus leaned in: "Need i remind you that I am High Lord jhiaxus? Need I remind you of my power?"

Just then a squad of three Autobots pulled up.

Jhiaxus: "Wait and watch..."

"Halt, this is a restricted area...state your name and purpose for being here."

Jhiaxus: "My name is Jhiaxus...my purpose is your deaths"

Jhiaxus charged at the Autobot group, releasing 4 million years of pent up rage...rage that the Liege had ordered to be subdued...but the Liege didn't own him any longer...and these Autobots were about to learn just how painful the repression of demons can be. The first Autobot felt no pain, as his head was pulled from his body. The otehr two began to cower back, but this did not deter the former warlord...

Jhiaxus: "Cowards...how did this cowardly lot ever conquer the fiercest race of beings in all the universe?"

Jhiaxus lunged towards one of the surprised autobots, punching through his chest cavity. The other tried to rush him, only to be blasted in the face by Jhiaxus' particle bean gun. The Autobot slumped to the ground. Jhiaxus then turned to the Autobot who's lasor core he held in his hand.

Jhiaxus: "how does it feel knowing you are about to die?"


Jhiaxus: "Pathetic..." with a twist of his hand, Jhiaxus tore the laser core from the Autobot's chest and crushed it.

Jhiaxus: "Now then, would you again advise me to seek cover?"

2001-10-15, 10:55 PM
(after this, they'll be at Earth, so continue at the Invasion Pt.4 thread.)

Doubledealer glanced at Ravage.

"First off, most of the other Decepticons are ther, so he must be there too. Secondly, I am repeating myself so that you can understand the situation better."

He reached for the controls, hit a button, and glared at Rumble

"And Thirdly, we are now on our way!"