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2002-08-26, 08:33 PM
Outside of an Energon facility several clicks south of Iacon it was quiet other then the two on duty patrol. An Autobot named Lightblast capable of creating large quick flashes of light from two gun looking things on his shoulder and a Decepticon named Needleknife with a weapon capable of launch thousands of needles capable of shredding any metal and they patrolled and as usual they bickered.

“Stuff it Decepticon or I’ll make it so you need new Optics” Lightblast demanded

“Why Lightblast? IS the fact I’m right getting to you?” Needleknife snickered back

“Listen no matter what you think Optimus Prime is not afraid to fight” Lightblast replied

The two did this every night until their shift ended and the next two came out to patrol. Nothing ever happened. No overzealous Autobots trying to steal energon to use their faction to attack the Decepticons, No Decepticons still power hungry and wanting to attack the Autobots. Quiet and if it wasn’t for the fact they were always arguing over things probably boring. Though this watch was not like the others and it started out this way. A flash from behind a near by energon belt was how it began.

“Besides if he was…. What was that?” Lightblast said quickly looking to where the flash was.

“Aww what’s wrong Autobot out of an argument?” Needleknife said with a chuckle

“No that light over there what was it?” Lighblast said

Needleknife shrugged “Nothing probably one of the belts, or you playing games” he said of the Autobot suspiciously

Before the Autobot could speak again the sound of something big connecting with the metal floor behind them was heard to which both of them turned.

“Sure it’s me?” Lightblast exclaimed pulling his blaster out

Needleknife nodded “Fair enough Autobot but if not you then who?” He asked pulling his needle gun out looking around.

“I dunno be ready they are gonna strike soon” He replied to the Decepitcon

Needleknife nodded “Ofcourse but from…AAAAGGGHHHH” He cried a scythe comeing from no where as Karandras stopped reflecting the light from around him his scythe deep within the Decepticons chest.

Too easy Karandras thought but as he got ready to strike the Autobot he was blinded and knocked back with a groan. “AGH!” He cried.

Lightblast turned back opening a channels with both Autobot and Decepticon bases “Someone respond please I don't care Autobot or Decepticon! This is Lightblast at Energon plant 0508 we have come under attack by an unknown transformer I cannot get any identification” He said raising his blaster and firing at Karandras the blasts ricocheting off the Wraithbone armor.


“Calling for help?” Karandras asked looking at Lightblast the scythe pressed into his chest the same place as the Decepticon. “Better hope your pals arrive soon they are your only hope for survival now.

Karandras opened another web gate reaching in and pulling out three large vials and walking over to a large vat of energon swirling around waiting to be put in cubes or any other thing needed “And now” karandras pulls the lids of the three vials off pouring them in “It begins” Karandras drops the three vials turning away “One down several more to go soon no energon cube on cybertron will be pure and will contain anti-electrons enough to disable the transformers for good” he smirked “This is to easy” he muttered as he exited the large building.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-26, 08:54 PM
Sixshot picked up the transmission...

Oh at last! I'll have something to do...

Sixshot transformed to his jet mode and exited Metrotitan, headed towards the energon plant at full-speed...

2002-08-27, 06:40 AM
Almost to easy Karandras thought as he drank a glass of wine his mech in shuttle flying towards the next energon facility.
He watched the metal surface below him fly by smiling. It would be a nice planet the metal reminds me of the outside of a craftworld plus all the marvels. How life was formed here. Sadly orders are orders and I must follow through with for the better of the Eldar empire.

"Shallan Khain" he muttered closing his eyes for a second. He had removed his armour feeling no need anymore leaving his hair down flayed out. He turned and looked at a picture bolted into the wall, his wife he smiled nodding to it "soon my love" he whispers turning his head looking at his computer.

"Time to get going" he stood up walking over to the computer and censors placing them on. The ship transforming and the scythe coming into the mechs hand. Karandras smirked Time to take some Transformers down he thinks to himself creeping towards the facility. He begins a scan of the building for life forms raising an eyebrow.

"Seems they expected me this time. No doubt they will be everywhere and they will probably send re-inforcments, this could get interesting" He smirks spinning his scythe above his head then sheilding himself from the light again.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-27, 08:02 PM
Sixshot flew over head and saw the creature below him...

Interesting weaponry at least....no others, this could get interesting

Sixshot transformed to his winged wolf mode, slowing rapidly and landing, then transformed to his tank mode.

"Face me creature.....face your fate......and your ultimate destruction...."

2002-08-27, 08:30 PM
Karandras stopped and smirked turning his head slightly so he could only see Sixshot out of the corner of his eye.

"Oooo I know who you are, yes I have many reports on you. A warrior like me, though I forget your name your mode you rest in now is all to familiar the pictures still rest upon my mind" The Phoenix Lord spoke turning the rest of the body to face him.

"You've come to stop me I see. But why? The things I offered your leader Teratron would have mad you happy. To fight worthy opponents almost every other day he said no would you be so foolish to pass this up. If you destroy me who then would you fight? No one would be left with this alliance. Now if you joined em not only would you fight Transformers, after that you would fight things that provide new challenges every day no waiting for battle. IT is always there" Karandras spoke smoothly still gripping his Scythe in hand if this didn't work they would fight.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-27, 08:41 PM
Sixshot was amused by Karandras' tone...subtle, yet deadly.

"Deal? I know of no such deal, though I am glad my reputation preceeds me...IF I destroy you? Creature you are clearly mistaken, WHEN I destory you I will move on, fight Autobots til there are none left, as well you know, ANY kind of alliance or 'peace treaty' is sooner to be broken than stood by...."

Sixshot charged his weapons, his infra-red sensors targeted the massive weapon weilded by his foe...

2002-08-27, 08:45 PM
Karandras nodded he was right any type of peace would be broken but no use in not trying he would have been a powerful ally untill he turned on him and made him a mindless atamton aswell.

"Oh well I did my best" he smirked getting his mind ready lifting his scythe to his other hand now waiting for him to make the first move. He would see how powerful his lasers were and if they were enough to do anything other then scorch his mech.

"Well then Decepticon as Mon-keigh say 'Lets get it on'"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-27, 09:16 PM
Sixshot heard the words he'd been waiting for....

"In the words of a former ally.....DDIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE"

Sixshot transformed to his more familiar robot mode, still holding aim on Karandras' scythe he let fly two rapid shots, knocking the scythe clean from his hands...

"Now creature, you will truly learn the meaning of pain...."

2002-08-27, 09:21 PM
Karandras turned his head to his scythe laying on the ground looking back at Sixshot.

"Do you think I need that?" Karandras asks seriously raising his right hand his energies extending and wrapping around Sixshot.

"I am a living weapon" He lifts Sixshot high into the air flinging him at the side of a building realsing him so it was capable for him to stop from colliding.

He turned his head to his scythe reaching a hand out and pulling it back his hand gripping.

"Fool" he mutterd raising his free arm the shuriken cannon coming out of the arm and firing two of the explosive suirkens at the Decepticon.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-27, 09:27 PM
Sixshot hit the wall at full speed, though low enough to stop abruptly...the building caved in on top of the warrior.

Moments later there was a small explosion of laser fire as the debris was scattered...

"Mind tricks.....you are nothing more than a magician..."

Sixshot saw that Karandras' had re-gained his weapon, un-detered he holstered both his weapons to his gun belt and charged forward...

2002-08-27, 09:33 PM
Karandras retracted the shuriken cannon smirking "A magician eh? Perhaps I shall change your mind...." Karandras said glee fully flipping the scythe around and attaching it to his back. "With hand to hand combat" he called as he pressed into the ground one leg infront of the other the front leg pushing him off in a full run towards the Decepticon.

He pulled back his right fist to be thrown forward when they came in range of eachother. Combat finally I have waited for this

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-27, 09:39 PM
Sixshot saw the retracted arm, still travelling full speed toward his foe...

"Let's see what you're really made of Alien scum...."

Sixshot allowed himself to be struck....the blow with the sudden reverse motion didn't serve him any favours...

"well, that was impressive..." Sixshot muttered to himself, sliding backwards on the Cybertronian surface, sparks were flying as he came to rest against a wall... "yet not quite impressive enough..."

Sixshot watched Karandras continue coming towards him...ready to move at the last moment...

2002-08-27, 09:56 PM
Karandras jumped into the air a few meters away from Sixshot.
"Not good enough? You wish me to try harder?" Karandras asked as he came down to the ground right leg extended to hit the Transformers face.

"So be it but you will not live if I do"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-27, 10:01 PM
"I'd at least have expected to have broken out in a sweat by now...."

Sixshot shifted quickly before Karandras had any time to react to his movement, rolling sideways Sixshot released one of his blasters and shot at the building behind Karandras...hoping to bury the creature...and buy himself a little time...

2002-08-27, 10:25 PM
The building collpased on Karandras' mech causing him to be thrashed around on the inside he growled.

"I knew they were incapable of stayign hand to hand. Oh well if this is how he wants it" Karandras muttered.

His mind began to remove the rubble from his body disintigrating most of it ripping it apart molecule by molecule and the rocks his midn didn't disintegrate it picked up and threw towards Sixshot at high velocity until after a good 30 seconds Karandras was standing once more scythe in hand.

The weapon transformed into it's Pulse laser form and he grinned "So we switch to guns"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-27, 10:32 PM
Sixshot stood, now with both blasters in hand blasting the rocks out of the air, many fell to the ground, only pebbles...cyberducks...

If Sixshot had a mouth he would've smiled....

"Mind games and guns....will the fun never end?"

Sixshot was steadfast, blasting firmly towards his target Sixshot's attack was relentless, before stopping to take cover behind a few scattered shards of buckled metal....twisted by the psychic energy

2002-08-27, 10:43 PM
Karandras moved towards Sixshot shots pelting the mech leaving nothing but scorch marks.

"Something about your weapons Decepticon is they do not really do mucgh to the material this suit is mad..." he spoke to soon a shot had done some damage he hadn't noticed it.

"Right arm has taken a shot at it's joint function is slow and not mobile at this time" An internal computer spoke "Internal repairs beginning"

I have been over confident this one is far stronger then the others his weapons included I must not take him so lightly

Karandras raised his pulse laser in his left hand and fired two blasts off at the chunk Sixshot hid behind. One shot too destroy the cover, one shot to take down Sixshot.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-27, 10:50 PM
Sixshot was un-aware he'd even managed to penetrate the suit, let alone cause any sort of damage...

He wasn't alone with his thoughts long...his temporary resting place was oblitered, following shortly by the area he was crouched behind. Sixshot was flung forward...knocked almost unconscious by the blast...

"Okay, no-more mr niceguy....."

Sixshot transformed back to his tank mode, made dintinctly more painful by the gaping wound in his leg...and unleashed his fury...

2002-08-27, 10:57 PM
The first shot knocked Karandras onto his back sliding sparks shooting up from the ground. Using the momentum he rolls backwards onto his feet crouched. Then like a compressed spring his legs unloaded and launched him to the sky. The damage to the body of the suit from that blast could be repaired but it would slow him down greatly.

As he sailed over top of the Decepticon he pointed the Laser down at Sixshot and fired a blast before beginning to arc back towards the ground.

Karandras smirked It is a warriors life for both of us. We would make a force to be reckoned with to bad he must die

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-27, 11:05 PM
For the first time in the battle Sixshot released an Audiable yell as the beam tore over the surface of his tank mode destroying one of Sixshot's cannons in the process...

He's lost a lot of speed...not so manouverable...I MUST be getting to him now....

Sixshot transformed, now lying on his back, the form of Karandras was silhouetted with Cybertron's sun gleaming behind him...

"This ends now....."

Sixshot levelled his remaining Concussion blaster at Karandras, firing off a couple of shots...

2002-08-27, 11:33 PM
Karandras turned his head he stood very little chance if both of those hit him he had to think fast.

He quickly projected a shield before him but it was half to slow. On concussion blast hit him sending him back into a wall the building collapsing around him. The other blast hit the psychic sheild Karandras had created.

Karandras shook his head "Damage report" He called as the computer immdeatly scanned over the frame.

"Minor internal damage right arm fully off line circuits cut needs repair. Other things can be dealt with via internal repairs" The computer said.

Karandras nodded lifting the pulse laser up again and aiming towards Sixshot. Firing off one last pulse blast.

"I hate to retreat but if this doesn't knock him down long enough for me to get to the Energon plant. I'll need to do the repairs right away if this works or not"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-27, 11:45 PM
Sixshot bore the full brunt of the blast...reeling backwards, his lack of energy coupled to the seering battle damage forced him to nothing but enjoy the ride...

This one fights to the death, that is sure....

Sixshot lay on Cybertron's cold surface, perhaps this is what near-death feels like

He glanced over at his enemy, no other back-up had received the call, or responded to it...Sixshot noted to himself that perhaps this was the break they both needed to continue the battle afresh...

2002-08-28, 06:59 AM
Karandras watched the Decepticon from his fallen position.

"The battle is a draw we both need repairs so it seems and I now have the advantage with my mind still intact. Get repaired" Karandras said the mecha getting to it's feet. "After that I am sure we shall meet again soon"

Karandras was now ready to teleport if the Decepticon wanted to continue the fight or not. He was going to pollute the energon before making to a hiding spot to do the repairs on the arm.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-28, 05:22 PM
he speaks the truth....

"You are evidently the cowardly off-worlder I thought you to be...you are not an advisary worthy of my full ability. Next we meet you shall not be so lucky...now leave, before I have chance to steady my aim..."

Sixshot lifted his Concussion blaster one last time, adamant that the creature wouldn't reach the plantation...

2002-08-28, 05:30 PM
Karandras shook his head

"You call me unworthy yet you cannot stop me even if you had the biggest strongest weapons in the universe you cannot stop my plans your race will falls and I will be the cause not a chaos god. A demi-god"

With that the light blue light engulfed the mecha. "Until we meet again decepticon" were his last words as the last of the light grew over him and he teleported within the plant.

Karandras shook his head movng quickly to the energon and opening the Webgate. That one decepticon will be my adversary while I'm on this planet. I expect to see him quite often now. Karandras reaching pulling out the three vials of Anti-Electrons dumping them in.

"And now to hide" He mutters this shuttle transforming as he flies out of the energon plant for anywhere he can hide to do repairs.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-28, 05:47 PM

Sixshot fired wildly at the escaping Karandras until he was out of sight...Sixshot's body gave up, he'd taken a full beating, and willingly. He had wanted to test what the creature could dish out, and now he knew his powers the next battle would turn out greatly different.

Sixshot collapsed forwards, sending out a weak distress call on a Decepticon frequency...

*This is Sixshot, require immediate attention, be on the look out for alien...polluting Energon refineries...repeat, require immediate attention*

2002-08-28, 06:43 PM
Karandras wasted no time the mecha transforming back into the blackened robot mode and landed laying on it's back. It had hid its self in the fallen rubble of Cybertron from the Unicron battle.

The front of the chest opened up as Karandras hopped up and our with a large kit making his way the right arm and going to work. Several droids popping out of the chest in following of Karandras going to work everywhere else.

He knows my capabilities now as I know his he will try to counter the factor of my mind that will give me the edge against anyone on this planet. I cannot under-estimate his strength nest time I must note to take cover when I can and he is firing otherwise I am a target and his weapons were far more powerful then I had thought he is no normal Transformer. No doubt calling for back up. I'll patch a call in for a few wraith lords that should be able to help me if I meet a small detachment maybe a titan-walker. But he is mine I shall finish that battle and if not finish him then make him my ally he is be far more powerful with a mind then without one Karandras thought as he worked sparks flying as the arm was re-connected.

2002-08-30, 06:09 AM
Karandras closed the arm off locking it in standing up looking up at the sky "Repairs complete" he muttered his pony tail hung from the back of his head as he wiped some moisture on his forhead away

"Time to get back to work I wonder if my friend has been repaired yet" Karandras wondered as the droids all fell back into the main front hatch of the chest as Karandras climbed up sliding in and closing it behind him.

He looked around the dark room the lights of control panels was all there was all the moniters was off but he knew where the equipment was waling along the back wall to it and putting it on the suit sitting up crouched on one knee.

"Computer nearest Energon facitility is where?" Karandras asked

"5 miles west of here" It replied

Karandras nodded the mobile suit taking to the air heading towards Metro-titan and the next facility.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-08-30, 09:58 AM
**Sixshot, this is Skywarp, we are headed to your current location, what was the last co-ordinates of the alien creature? Skywarp out**

"Last known location....well, right in front of me, the creature appears to have telepathic skills and teleportation abilities to match yours. Creature is extremely powerful, though not invulnerable, possible weak point is the right-side. Be on the look out if you pass energon facilities, that's its aim...Sixshot out"

Sixshot sat alone, still holding one of his concussion blasters, the other charred weapon was back on his gun clips. The battle had taken its toll, and repairs were needed.

2002-08-30, 10:19 AM
Short flight not even 10 minutes at half the suits speed. Karandras stepped forward cautiously looking around looking around the area for any Decepticons.

"The way Decepticons horde Energy you think it would be far more protected then this but I guess normal guards are stretched out with the alliance going on. Oh well the quicker this goes the quicker I see Ronnie again and the fire works fly" he said to himself with a smirk approaching the energon facility.

2002-09-01, 08:21 PM
Too Easy even beside Metro-titan do they think that lone Transformer killed me? Over confident fools Karandras thought shaking his head dropping the Anti-Electrons into the Energon 5 damaged transformes were on the ground around him.

Karandras turned transforming into his shuttle mode and taking off "Computer next Energon Facility"

"10 miles south"

"Alright" Karandras replied laying in the course the whip taking off at a half it's full speed.

2002-09-01, 10:50 PM
Ultra Magnus was approaching the location Karandras was last reported, Ultra Magnus was followed by the fellow Autobot Jazz. "Jazz I think this guy is moveing, I'm detecting a slight heat signature, could be old weapon fire... whoa..." Magnus swirved for a moment, he was not as well as he had himself believe, still quite dizzy from the awful blow to the head he recieved. But it was too late to turn back now...

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-02, 09:50 AM
Skywarp flew flanked by both Dirge and Thundercracker...

"Thrust, Ramjet, Snapdragon....survey the area, the creature cannot have gotten far, be on the look out for Autobots too, but remember our 'peace treaty'"

Sixshot crackled through on the radio...

"Do...not engage the creature....powerful...all of you fight....him...."

Skywarp kept a steady course, flying to Sixshot's last know location he saw several Autobot's leaving Iacon.

"Hey, Thundercracker, think they're after that creature too?"

2002-09-02, 10:13 AM
"I do to Magnus but there is more then one" Jazz replied

"Hey guys I'm picking up Decepticon transmissions between eachother" Blaster said from within Jazz.

Karandras looked at his scanners seeing several new blips upon it Ahh so they bring bigger numbers lets do this

The nearest transformers for 3.8 miles north-west of his position now. Thrust, Ramjet and Snapdragon though Karandras did not know this yet.

So do I fight and Eliminate those after me or do I go for the objective Karandras asked in his mind a smirk on his face.

As much as I want to Karandras turned back for the Energon plant flying as fast as he could.

2002-09-02, 05:52 PM
Thrust and Ramjet began to patrol the area, scanning the area for any strange signatures.

"Hey", Thrust said. "I think I found something."

"Where?", Ramjet asked.

"Running back towards the energon plant", Thrust said.

"Ramjet to Skywarp", the seeker signaled. "We've found something heading towards the energon plant. Should we pursue?"

2002-09-02, 06:18 PM
Ultar Magnus thought for a while, "On one hand we might need the Decepticon's help, but on the other hand they may thing this is our fault. It may ruin our alliance." Ultra Magnus focused a bit, he was too responsible to leave the Decepticons in the dark. "But that renegade has already caused plenty of trouble, Blaster get those Decepticons on the line..."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-02, 07:41 PM
"Pursue, but maintain your distance, this thing made a mess of Sixshot..."

Skywarp transformed and landed next to the badly beaten Sixshot.

"You okay old buddy...."

"Well, I've had....better....days...." replied Sixshot.

Mech fluid was down his faceplate, dripping from the tip of his chin, a dull dripping noise could be heard as the fluid rolled off his chest plate and dripped into a pool that had gathered beneath his broken chasis...

"Dirge, quick...get him back to Thunderwing, there's not much time...Thundercracker..you and I will meet up with Thrust and the others, we've got a monster to take out..."

**Skywarp to Ramjet. Thundercracker and myself are on our way, make a preliminary attack, I trust Snapdragon will enjoy that task...**

2002-09-02, 08:44 PM
"Yes", Thrust said. "I'm sure that he will."

The two seekers then locked onto Karandras' signature, and fired off a cluster bomb each.

2002-09-02, 08:44 PM
Thundercracker stood back and glanced over Sixshot's battered frame.

Golden spires... it's like the amphitheatre at Jekka all over again...

He turned to Skywarp as he heard his mould-brother's comments.

Monster?! That time in stasis didn't dull your sense of understatement, Skywarp...

"Yeah, whatever. It's not like I had any plans for the rest of my life-cycle anyway..."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-02, 08:55 PM
"Oh, c'mon Thundercracker..it'll be like old times...."

Skywarp's impetuous nature was as full-bore now as it had ever been.
Skywarp ran and transformed into his black F-15 mode, almost invisible against the stars that surrounded Cybertron he flew towards Thrust's position.

2002-09-02, 09:07 PM
Just like old times? Where you fly in all guns blazing in an attempt to prove your deathwish, whilst I stand about getting bored? Already is, my friend. It already is.

Solemnly, Thundercracker sent a key command from his primary processor to his morphcore. A complex sequence of secondary commands were then relayed about his system, as millions of tiny plates repositioned themselves and swapped places.

Thundercracker's secondary - or was it primary, he loved the thrill of being airbourne so much - form lifted off from the ground, and drifted up into the Cybertronian skies in pursuit of his comrade.

2002-09-02, 09:07 PM
Two smaller moving at highspeed towards me from one of the Transformers. Seems they want to play Karandras spun in the air turning and firing off two surikens each intercetpcing a cluster bomb causing it to explode a few feet from him.

And now Karandras pulled his Scythe From his back transforming it into the pulse laser and flying into the bellowing cloud the cluster bombs and shurikens made leveling the powerful weapon. "Target acquired. Fire" Karandras muttered as he fired two shots off at Thrust. Thrust immdeatly tried to pull up but one shot collided with his wing causing hit to start to spiral the other grasing his other wing.

Karandras smirked "Far Far too easy" replied turning and firing off two more shots at Snapdragon and another at Ramjet

2002-09-02, 09:14 PM
Thrust collided with the ground. He transformed and rubbed his head.

"Thurst to Skywarp", he signaled. "Advise caution approaching the area. This robot has impressive firepower."

Ramjet swerved out of the way of Karandras shot, only to collide with a building, his nosecone embedded in the building. He transformed and tried to shake himself loose.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-02, 09:23 PM
"Considering the mess he made of Sixshot, I'm not surprised..."

Skywarp noticed that Thundercracker was a little behind him.

"By the inferno Thundercracker, get a move on....still a little stasis sleepy, wanna go nap...?"

Skywarp maintained his distance slightly, he knew Thundercracker well enough to know his comments wouldn't sit well.

2002-09-02, 09:32 PM
If Thundercracker had been in robot mode, he would have raised an eyebrow at Skywarp's comment. If he had eyebrows in robot mode, of course.

Calmly, he ran a diagnostics to check that his weaponry was in full working order, and toyed with the idea of sending a localised sonic blast out on Skywarp's private frequency.

Dismissing the idea, Thundercracker primed his drone rocket with it's standard charge of TNT, and ensured that his remote guidance system was operating efficiently before opening a channel back to his fellow Decepticon.

Just because you're in a hurry to die doesn't mean the rest of us should burn extra fuel, Skywarp. One fully loaded long distance cruise missile all cued up... you want me to send it in the direction of whatever this thing is...? Or shall I just aim it at your rear thrusters? he added silently...

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-02, 09:37 PM
"Sure thing, start things as we mean to proceed, jus' make sure that it don't hit me on the way past..."

Skywarp banked slightly, just enough so he would be out of any feasible line of fire.

**Ramjet, Thrust, Snapdragon....re-enforcements have arrived**

Skywarp primed a couple of heat-seeking missiles... the creature had been easy to track as he was burning so much fuel to get around so quickly.

2002-09-02, 09:57 PM
Spoilsport... Thundercracker mused to himself.

He carefully levelled out, and locked onto the vague set of co-ordinates he was headed in. Okay... so I'm firing 3000 pounds of high explosives at an unspecified target at an unspecified location... at least with Unicron I could see the problem... thank Primus for remote control

And with that, Thundercracker activated the release mechanism, and his drone rocket seared out into the cool Cybertronian air, cutting a guided path towards their destination.

Quick Switch
2002-09-03, 12:48 AM
Dirge transformed, landed next to Sixshot, picked up the S.T.A.G. warrior and flew off toward Thunderwing's position without comment.

2002-09-03, 02:37 AM
Karandras scanners went off again

"Another missle" he said to himself shaking his head

"When will they learn"

He flew down to Ramjet who was still struggling to pull free and kicking him in the back of his head then pulling him from the wall and holding him as he struggeld in confusion.

"That to beat me they'll have to attack AT ONCE" and with that as the missle came into range he threw Ramjet at the guided missle.

"Magnus I am detecting a whole whack of explosions goin on in the same place I detected those 'Cons heading" Jazz said.

2002-09-03, 03:38 AM
"Well then, just forget about it..." Ultra Magnus was speaking about the transmission, "We'll try to intercept and assist. Let try to come in from the other direction and box the renegade in. Hopefully the Decepticons won't blast everything they see." Magnus himself started to speed up, and almost hit the edge of the street, yep he was still dizzy. He regained his bearings and drove to the location.

2002-09-03, 04:13 AM
Ramjet collided with Thundercracker's missle, sending him carneening to the ground, landing beside Thrust.

"Who is that guy?", he asked.

"Beats me", Thrust said.

2002-09-03, 06:49 AM
... closing.... come on... Thundercracker tracked his drone's progress by it's remote scanners... ... where are you... what the... anomoly... incoming...

Within miliseconds, the Decepticon had run a search to match the energy signature headed towards the drone, and had managed to reroute its path slightly.

Thundercracker watched through his scanning array as Ramjet clipped the side of his cruise missile, diverting the charge way off course and into an Iaconian tower on the horizon.

** Thundercracker to Ramjet... What's the status, buddy? You very nearly ended up back in stasis permanently... **

2002-09-03, 03:36 PM
"I'm fine", Ramjet radioed to Thundercracker. "No thanks to you. Maybe you should watch where you're shooting next time."

"If there is a next time", Thrust muttered.

"Don't start talking like Dirge", Ramjet said. "One of him is enough."

2002-09-03, 04:44 PM
Snapdragon let out a frustrated growl as some of Karandras' lasers scathed his left wing, yet the Horrorcon did not let the damages stop himself from attacking the creature.

Using his superior speed compared to the seekers Snapdragon began making hit and run attacks, diving randomly from different directions at Karandras and letting his four invidually targetable laser cannons to speak from themselves...

2002-09-03, 05:20 PM
Arriving at the Energon Station, Apeface saw that Snapdragon was attacking the robot Kandaras, so he swooped down beside him.

"Hey, friend", he said. "Need help?"

2002-09-03, 05:51 PM
"Like I would admit that Apey?" Snapdragon smirked at Apeface and started a new attack run at Karandras with his guns blazing vigorously...

2002-09-03, 06:01 PM
"Yeah", Apeface said. "I know you better. That head drone told me of your mission, and I decided to come. Besides, I have lots of pent up agression."

He transformed to ape mode, landed, and began to run towards Karandras

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-03, 09:42 PM
"Woah, the horrorcons don't waste any time do they..."

Skywarp disarmed the heat seeker's he'd primed and transformed to his robot mode. He moved toward Ramjet and Thrust to check they were okay.

Standing back he watched Snapdragon and Apeface decimate the ground around Karandras.

"Those guys always spoil the fun...."

2002-09-03, 09:49 PM
"You want to use speed Decepticon? Very well." He said to Snap dragon turning in the wair watching his attack pattern. His lasers were hitting armour leaving small scorch marks.

"Pattern aquired counter-attacking now" The Zephyre launched off at high speeds matching that of the Horrorcon the blazing sun keeping the suit energizedx as he transformed the pulse laser back into a scythe.

"When will you decepticons learn" Karandras sped up moving above Snap Dragon following hit erratic flying "ATTACK ALL AT ONCE" and with the swung his Scythe down at the top of the transformer jet form.

"Internal damage from laser fire being repaired now perparing to inject coolants into all systems" The computer spoke but Karandras ignored it.

He was now deep into the heat of the battle pulling one hand from the shaft of the Scythe pointing it at Apeface and firing off two Shurikens. He then returned his hand to the Scythe goingafter Snapdragon again if he didn't finish the job.

2002-09-03, 09:50 PM
Thundercracker listened to Ramjet's whining, and somberly dismissed it. Next time? If he's going to throw himself into the path of a cruise missile again that's his problem...

The Decepticon shifted back to his robot mode and landed a few yards away from Skywarp and the others.

".... so, what exactly are we dealing with here?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-03, 09:56 PM
"call it a hunch, Thundercracker, but that...."

Skywarp pointed toward Karandras and Apeface, who was moving towards him at a great pace...

"...and maybe it's time we got involved..."

2002-09-03, 09:58 PM
"Alright" Jazz replied to Ultra Magnus Speeding up and going by him.

"Wonder what this dude is" Jazz asked Blaster

"I dunno and I don't care it tried to kill Prime so he is not gonna leave this planet fine" Blaster replied.

OOC- Sky Karandras is moving after Snap Dragon he fired a few shots off at Ape face but thats it.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-03, 10:13 PM
Skywarp watched blankly, almost bored by events....

"Wonder where those Autobots are...."

Skywarp raised his arm mounted lasers and fired off a few shots.

"Looks like that thing can match flight paths, let's see if it can match what it can't see..."

with those words Skywarp initiated his internal programming and teleported to another part of the Cybertron surface, fired again and vanished....returning to the air, this time re-appearing in his F-15 mode and launching his heat-seeking missiles...

"Decepticons, attack!!"


Sixshot grumbled slightly, something about wanting to kill aliens...his words were muddled and his life was ebbing away.

2002-09-03, 10:41 PM
Karandras looked around "Teleportation" He muttered leaving the Horrorcon Snapdragon to stalk the teleporter.

"Coolants injected next injection in five minutes external damage by lasers affecting circuits response time slowed by 3 millaseconds. Incomeing missles from the right side" The computer reported

Karandras radar had already taken not of the missles and he had very little time. Taking a page from Skywarp's book teleporting behind the black and purple seeker.

"Teleportation is a useful tool isn't it?" he says to Skywarp with a small grain raisng his arm firing a shot at him.

~Blastrix be ready I am not going to be able to hold this pace much longer~ Karandras spoke to the mind of his friend.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-03, 10:45 PM
"It's got me outta a few scr...." Skywarp vanished mid sentence, re-appearing next to Apeface "....apes..."

2002-09-04, 07:27 AM
Thundercracker watched as Karandras evaded Skywarp's attack.


Okay. So, it can track missiles. It can teleport to evade them. But I bet I've got something that it can't dodge...

He opened a private frequency to the other Decepticons in the area. "Guys, you may want to dampen your audio sensors slightly..."

Firing a volley of incendiary capsules as cover-fire, the Decepticon warrior shifted to his jet mode, and tore through the sky towards Karandras, banking away and releasing a sonic boom in the creature's direction...

2002-09-04, 02:32 PM
The two shurikens hit Apeface's optics dead center, destroying them instantly. He thrashed around, trying to hit anything near him.

Meanwhile, Ramjet and Thrust took off into the sky again, heading towards Skywarp.

2002-09-04, 06:18 PM
"Bye bye..." Snapdragon snarled as Karandras began approach him from above and hit his brake thrusters but before the Horrorcon had time to do anything else Karandras had teleported to harass Skywarp.

"This is like fighting my own shadow... I don't like this at all..." Snapdragon muttered, his courage beganning to wear off. Yet he was not going to give up yet.

Snapdragon landed to the ground in robot mode and took cover behind some rubble, aimed his both laser rifles towards Karandras and opened fire...

2002-09-04, 08:26 PM
Karandras was flung back by Thundercracker's sonic boom his ears ratteling within the ship causing it to fall to the ground in a pile of rubble near Skywar, Thrust and Ramjet.

"AHHHHH ****" he cried the mobile suit struggeling back to his feet his head ringing.

"That was wonderful the transformers are finding otherways around the ships impervious armor" Karandras grinned as he shook his head the mobile suit doing the same grabing the Scythe which had fallen near him.

(ooc- I control Thrust, Ramjet and Apeface for the day)

Thrust looked at Skywarp "Maybe we should attack now?" The coneheaded seeker asked.

2002-09-05, 04:29 AM
"And maybe you should shut up!", Ramjet said.

"Why, you little...". Thrust said.

Meanwhile, on the ground, Apeface continued to thrash around in pain.

And closing on the seeker's position was the huge form of Dreadwing, ready to deal out some destruction.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-05, 10:49 AM
"Decepticons, now, whilst he's vulnerable, don't let him escape!"

Skywarp, now returned to robot mode, volleyed laser fire at the downed Karandras...



Sixshot stirred slightly....

"Dirge, might I suggest a little more pace.....they need help...."

2002-09-05, 03:48 PM
Ramjet, Thrust and Dreadwing took aim at Karandras and opened fire.

2002-09-05, 05:25 PM
Snapdragon let his lasers speak their own language.

"What you think I am doing?! Sunbathing?!" He smirked at Skywarp's attack order and began to redirect more power to his weapons...

2002-09-05, 05:43 PM
Apeface continued to thrash around, then ripped the shriukens from his eyes.

"AH! Crush Autobot!", he yelled, runningtowards Karandras.

2002-09-05, 07:11 PM
Ultra Magnus and his group finally arrived at the battle scene, finding a position that would surround the renegade, "Karandras give it up, you're surrounded. And you do best to surrender to us, now, before the Decepticons get ahold of you!" Magnus had a feeling that wouldn't be the case, but he had to give the offer.

2002-09-05, 07:14 PM
Thundercracker watched as Karandras writhed about in agony, and let his systems warm-over in the nearest electrical equivalent to self-satisfaction.

... still got it...

He shifted back to his robot configuration in mid-air, took aim, and fired several rounds of incendiary capsules at the creature.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-05, 07:19 PM
"like you've ever needed an order to attack in your life..."

Skywarp sneered at Snapdragon, watching the Horrorcon as he swept by. Skywarp heard Magnus' ultimatum.

"Don't be a fool Magnus, this creature MUST be destroyed!"

Quick Switch
2002-09-05, 09:27 PM
Dirge shrugged.

"Sure." He upped the power to the healing bed.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-05, 09:44 PM
Sixshot stirred...and ran his internal diagnostics...

Systems at 74% damage repair 23% completed....

In the medbay Sixshot was now close enough to Thunderwing to question him....

"Thunderwing my....old friend... why did you, of all people, save me...we didn't exactly part on good terms after the 2nd great war..."

Quick Switch
2002-09-05, 09:47 PM
"I'm curious as well," Dirge remarked.

2002-09-05, 11:20 PM
Jazz transformed sending Blaster into the air. Blaster inturn transfurming pulling his Electro-Scrambler out ansd landing crouched firing at Karandras

"The Decepticons right Magnus we gotta take him down" Blaster said

Jazz pulled his laser rifle out firing off two shots at Karandras.

The computer chattered as Karandras took blow after blow transformers charging and he only had a few options left

~Blastrix get the Zephyre clone ready this one is gonna bit it also ready two gatling gun star cannons I'll make me way to the plant on foot~ Karandras spoke into the mind

~Done Karandras~

The computer blabbed about mobility and armor but that didn't matter any more. The bright light appeared around the suits two hands two guns entirley black in them as the light faded sice small barrels steaming from the back.

"Auto pilot" Karandras said pulling all the equipment off "Melans" he muttered his armor coming over him biting blade sliding from the sheathe the Scorpion claw begnning to charge as a portion of the chest began to open.

Outside the Zeohyre noight fighting for its self opened fire taking steps backwards from all the fire light blue bolts as hot as a sun of pure plasma firing out at all the transformers Apeface, Snap Dragon, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Thrust, Ramjet, Dreadwing, Ultra Magnus, Blaster and Jazz.

"FOR KHAINE"!! Karandrascried thrusting his hand holding the Biting Blade into the air jumping down like a green blur running towards Apeface bouncing off and up rubble towards the horrorcons face. whe he reaches it the thrusts the now energy curdling Scorpion claw capable of now ripping through up two three feet at his right optic using his legs to kick off the transformers head then jumping down and proceeding along the ground out of sight in the rubble the plasma firing over head.

2002-09-06, 02:54 AM
Thrust, Ramjet and Dreadwing swered about after being hit by Karandras plasma energy.

Apeface turned around and tried to find out where Karandras had run off to, but because his optics were shot, he was barely able to walk without hiting something.

2002-09-06, 07:09 AM
Still hanging back from the rest of the pack, Thundercracker watched in awe as the blast of plasma cut through the air towards the other Decepticons.

Steadying himself, he descended back to ground and dived behind a pile of debris, putting the rubble between himself and the conflict, but allowing him to observe.

Okay... and wait till you get an opportunity... of course, the others may take heavy damage in the meantime, but hey, I'm sure they'll be rewarded if they survive...

2002-09-06, 04:37 PM
Magnus was forced back and hit the floor, he was still dizzy. He got right back up, nothing but his armor was damaged, for now. Karandras made his choice... but something he said, something about someone called Khaine, Magnus figured there were always options, Magnus shouted out, "Karandras... stop this! Whatever's wrong we can help!"

2002-09-06, 05:56 PM
Karandras shook his head you can only help me destroy yourselves he thought.

Karandras like a rat though he is the size of a mini bot made his way through the rubble towards the Energon plant.

His mobile suit still pulling back unloading blasts at it's enemies.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-06, 07:11 PM
Skywarp stood, the blast reeled him backwards.

He watched from the ground as Karandras continued his attack...

Attack pattern Omega Seven, I'd know that anywhere...but no living being in creation could...

"There's nothing in that suit, it's a computer running attack pattern Omega Seven. Snapdragon, counter-attack!"

"Ramjet, Thrust find whatever was controlling that creature...according to Sixshot it was his intent to pollute energon supplys, find the nearest and I'm guessing you'll find our creature..."

2002-09-06, 07:22 PM
Some creatures see the world as a series of objects, viewing them in relation to each other. Other lifeforms can only detect motion, blind to inanimate objects.

Whilst some beings see the whole picture. Being a robot, with a synthetic brain comprised of computers more powerful than a human can comprehend, Thundercracker fell into this last category. Every minute detail of every nano-click's visual input is recorded for posterity. Everything is seen, and can be analysed in the time it takes a hummingbird to flap a wing.

Despite these natural advantages, a Transformer still needs a great deal of serendipity. To be in the right place at the right time, and to have the presence of mind to actually realise what their optical sensors are telling them.

He almost didn't see Karandras. Well, he saw him, but almost didn't register. From his vantage point behind a mound of rubble, Thundercracker's attention was more geared towards observing the combat, and keeping his chassis clear from harm. It took almost ten Earth seconds for him to process the flicker of movement in the corner of his eye, and relate it to the situation at hand.

A curious grin crept across the Decepticon's face as he scanned the area for the lifeform he had spotted, and double-checked his incendiary cannons were loaded...

2002-09-06, 08:41 PM
The mobile suit just backed up and fired that was it's goal to take out what it could by any means. The computer took into account an aerial assault raising one weapon up and firing up at an moving targets.

Karandras stopped in the rubble looking up from behind a peice of rock. "Ahh the Decepticon may have seen me. Very well" he muttered as Thundercracker was scanning over the area "Very Well"

Quietly immdeatly turning his suits ability on becoming the same colour of the surface he was moving upon beginning to move again at high speeds.

2002-09-06, 08:48 PM
Come on... where are you.... I know you're out there...

Thundercracker surveyed the area, trying to pick out his quarry.

... vanished? Not likely. Switch to thermal imaging...

The Decepticon remained motionless as he picked out the cleverly camoflagued Karandras, before slowly raising his arm and locking the targetting crosshairs...

2002-09-06, 08:53 PM
"Counter attack what...?" Snapdragon muttered, unsure of Skywarp's intentions.

Not really giving his CPU much time to process what was happening Snapdragon lauched himself to the skies in jet mode from behind the boulders he had been using to protect himself from Karandras' mobile suit.

The Horrorcon approached Karandras' suit from behind and just few seconds before impact he transformed into his reptilian mode, and made an attempt to sunk his teeth and claws into the back of his enemy...

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-06, 09:05 PM
"Attack pattern Omeg....." Skywarp stopped mid-sentence...

Yeah, sure Warp, like he EVER studied attack patterns, he just attacks indiscriminently anyways....

"....nevermind....carry on"

Skywarp noticed that Thundercracker had stopped fighting the mobile suit, ducking out of firing range, Skywarp made his way over to Thundercracker....

2002-09-06, 09:07 PM
... on second thoughts...

Thundercracker slowly lowered his arm-mounted weapon, and examined the terrain.

Moving at 12 m/s... constant speed... headed north by nor-nor-west.... puts him on a direct course for...

The Decepticon grinned evilly, before opening a comm.channel to Skywarp.

**Sky, buddy... we've got a stray... transmitting course trajectory, co-ordinates and projected ETA...**

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-06, 09:52 PM

**Thundercracker, prepare to have a little....fun!**

As soon as Skywarp had received the co-ordinates, his micro-processors kicked in, his programs prepared for the teleportation and in the blink of an eye the pair vanished and re-appeared infront of Karandras.

Skywarp stood as Karandras ran into him...

"Going somewhere little creature..."

2002-09-06, 10:13 PM
Karandras looked up at Skywarp smirking shaking his head

"To finish my mission do you intend to stop me?" He let his cloak fade knowing Thundercracker was going to show soon.

He let his mind begin to focus he may get taken down here but these two would leave without conciousness. As he stood there his energy began to swirl around him and take form white but bright like a light beginning to emit from him swirling around him like water in a whirl pool very space out small lines circeling around but they began to grow thicker as he began to charge.

"Well if you are gonna stop me then do it but you under estimate me I will not be the one who dies here" Karandras voice had begun to grow deeper becoming like a demon.

2002-09-07, 01:36 AM
"Acknowledged", Ramjet said, he and Thrust heading off towards the nearest Energon facility.

"What about me", Dreadwing asked.

2002-09-07, 10:03 AM
Thundercracker felt a small molecular wobble as Skywarp's teleportation caused him to materialise alongside his comrade.

He watched as the alien creature began to have what he could only recognise as similar to a human "seizure"...

Quick Switch
2002-09-07, 01:45 PM
The healing bed clicked in affirmation: Sixshot was recovered.

"Let's go," Dirge said to the S.T.A.G. warrior. "Apparently our comrades can't hack it alone."

2002-09-07, 06:52 PM
Ultra Magnus wasn't going to give up on it yet, "Karandras! This makes no sence, tell us what you're fighting for! Let us help. This is causeing nothing but pain!" However Magnus decided this would be his last attempt at peace.

Quick Switch
2002-09-08, 02:56 AM
(OOC: Controlling Sixshot for Skywarp for a little bit.)

Sixshot rose from the table, and without further words, he and Dirge transformed to star and jet-fighter modes respectively and rocketed toward Karandras' position.

Dirge locked Karandras on target and fired two concussion missles.

Sixshot transformed to laser pistol mode and fired a burst directly at the main hinge holding the being's exosuit together.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-08, 09:00 PM
Sixshot heard Magnus...

"Still as big a fool as you always were...you're not a warrior, you're a thinker and THAT's your problem..."

Sixshot transformed to his wolf mode and pounced forwards, sinking his teeth deep into the mech suit's workings...

"Now jets, whilst the suit's immobilised, destroy it..."


Skywarp looked at Thundercracker...

"looks like his neuro-network's shutting down to me...."

2002-09-08, 10:17 PM
The mech was immobile now it was all but blown to bits all systems were offline.

Karandras smirked shaking his head "Only one of you was worth fighting the rest of you stop to think not go for the kill"

Karandras opened a channel with Blastrix "You can finish the mission now

"I've been caught and it seems the two that caught me aren't up for a fight just to talk"

Karandras let the biting blade spin to a hault re-sheathing it looking up at Skywarp

"A little going away present" he muttered letting energy swirl into his hand his energy taking on form hard enough to break and peirce any metals like a laser and hurled it at the chest of the Black decepticon seeker before his signal was locked onto and he disappeared.

Jazz and Blaster watched as the suit fell standing full up and ceasing their firing

"Thats it, Lets get outta here" Jazz said

Blaster nodded "Come on Magnus The suit fell lets go"

The web tunnel opened on the other side of cybertron a robot like Karandras' but red instead of light blue dropped the Antil-Electrons into the Vat. The transformers kenw the others were infected but not this one. The suit moved backwards into the tunnel as it closed around him.

Karandras walked onto the breide of the craftworld

"Four infected" Karandras said

"Five Mkalach hit one more. We leave now and return in a few months and hope that last energon vat we infected takes it's toll

Karandras nodded and turned heading for the Striking Scorpion shrine to train. Blastrix stood on the bridge watching the metallic planet "Soon" he muttered.

"Calansa open the dimensional rift we will return sooner to check up" Blastrix said the the pilot nodded.

2002-09-08, 11:01 PM
Ramjet, Thrust and Dreadwing closed in on Karandras.

"We've found him", Thrust reported to Skywarp. "Commencing Strafe attack!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-08, 11:32 PM
Skywarp opened a return channel to Ramjet

"...forget about it, take out the mech suit, myself and Thundercracker have 'dealt with' the creature...."

Skywarp teleported himself and Thundercracker out of harm's way at the last moment


Quick Switch
2002-09-08, 11:47 PM
Dirge flew lazily.

"Uh yeah. Fellas, what do you want me to do?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-08, 11:53 PM
Sixshot tore out some more of the workings of the mobile suit.

I guess some things you need to do yourself...

Sixshot removed one of his repaired Concussion Blasters, placed the barrell of the weapon in the hole he'd torn and pulled the trigger.

The suit blew apart with an incredible force, Sixshot stood and allowed himself to laugh, he wasn't aware that the creature controlling the suit had escaped, though Skywarp was fully aware...

**A few clicks away...**

Skywarp stared where the creature was and ran scans on every available level....

"No sign of him....Decepticons, re-form, we return to our base of operations..."

2002-09-09, 12:23 AM
Ramjet, Thrust, Apeface and Dreadwing met up with Skywarp.

2002-09-09, 02:05 AM
Magnus stared at the floor for a moment, "Ya... I suppose it's finished." He looked back up, "It just feels wrong, I feel like something else could have been done. And this is all it came to." Ultra Magnus was just thinking aloud, his thoughts half finished, "All right let's get out of here." he transformed and started off.

Quick Switch
2002-09-09, 03:06 AM
Dirge flew back to Thunderwing's camp...