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2001-10-14, 09:58 PM
(Chapter 3 was a mess, let's clean things up a bit. to stand and we will pick things up around there. Basically to this point the Autobots are preparing to get back into Earth, Jinrai is struggling through the city, Soundwave and Reflector have started on a big project and Galvatron at it with Optitron and Starscream.)

Galvatron laid bent on one knee, pain coursing throughout his body.

Galvatron: "Gigatron if you are available your presence is needed at my location...seems some cowards have tried to take advantage of me."

Galvatron tried to grab at Starscream. "Is that all you have? Or are you trying to bore me to death once again?"
tossed Starscream to the side.

Galvatron: "Thundercracker...Skywarp also to my side...we have some pests to deal with."

With that Galvatron fired some shots at the followers and waited for backup to take care of them. He then turned to Optitron.

Galvatron: "You I shall kill myself! and you Starscream...it will be a great pleasure to once again destroy."

Galvatron took some more shots and hunched over further...Thundercracker's blast had bought him a little time to get his repair system's online...but how much?

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StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-14, 10:05 PM
Skywarp remained knelt by Thundercracker's position.

TC : "Heh, I never thought I'd be glad to see that ugly mug... Sounds like a good plan to me - I'm in no fit state to walk home..."

Skywarp was a little bemused by his statement.
"When did you get a sense of humour...wait..."

A transmission came through the chaos

**Thundercracker...Skywarp also to my side...we have some pests to deal with.**

"Well, it's not quite home, but it's definitely not here, which, is a bonus"

Skywarp smirked slightly and the pair disappeared to Optitron's quarters, just avoiding Starscream as he slammed into the wall.

"Well, well, what a surprise screamer getting his keister kicked"

Skywarp half turned and trained his weapons on Galvatron's would be usurpers.

"Are you brave, or stupid enough, to attack us?"

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One Winged Angel
2001-10-14, 10:14 PM
After destroying Sephiroth Athena made her way through the city carefully avoiding detection by the evil Decepticons. When she found Bumblebee he was hard at work fixing Kup,but he wasn't alone.Ratchet was with him.

"How come the Decepticons didn't find you?",asked Athena. "They have more important things to do than worry about me, I guess",said Bumblebee.

"There,that should do it!" said Ratchet.
Kup's eyes flickered and lit up.He slowly raised himself from the repair table and looked about himself. "Where are we",asked Kup. "Inside Autobot city,or what's left of it"said Bumblebee. "The Decepticons have taken over"Stated Athena. "This reminds me of the time.."Kup started but was interupted by Bumblebee,"We don't have time for stories Kup we have to escape!"

Ratchet asks,"Shouldn't we be trying to take back the city?" "How are we supposed to do that?",asked Athena,"we're way outnumbered."
"There has to be some more Autobots left in the City!",said Kup.

The group starts going through the city when they are spotted by a sacurity camera with a built in gun. It fires and barely misses Ratchet. Athena and Kup draw their weapons and take cover behind some debri. Bumblebee and Ratchet do the same. The group is pinned,if they move they are dead.

Athena transformed to jet mode and flew away. Ratchet said,"Is she just gonna leave us here?" "Aparrantly not,look!",exclaimed Kup. Athena came flying toward the camera at top speed,she was hit twice but did not stop. She fired two missiles and destroyed the gun cam. But the 2 shots that hit her threw her off course and she crashed some miles away.

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StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-14, 11:05 PM
Cyclonus reached his destination, with Scorponok and Sixshot not far behind him.

He transformed as he came in to land.

Such work is beneath warriors of our callibre, but it must be done if we are to succeed

"Scorponok transform to battlestation mode, we may well encounter resistence. Sixshot, as much as such futile actions are not worthy of our concern, energon must be collected."

Cyclonus moved to one of the giant oil containers and began to withdraw the black liquid into the energron cubes, he stacked a few, then compressed them into a single cube.

"Ah, pure energon, how I've missed your power" Cyclonus muttered outloud.

He paused, since Galvatron's demise he'd not had an opportunity to recharge, however, this was not the time to think of one, but rather the whole.

He opened a comm channel back to Autobot City.

**Reflector, this is Cyclonus, I request your presence for energy gathering duties at the oild field, grid section Beta**

The extra hands would make the work swifter, Cyclonus knew that by now the Autobots had to be on their way back, and the Deceptcicon's did not have enough energy, yet.

One Winged Angel
2001-10-15, 12:13 AM
By this time Kup,Bumblebee, and Ratchet were very low on fuel. Ratchet said,"If we go to the cons' energon depot we could refuel and it would be easier for us to go find Athena". "But how will we get past the cons?"asked Bumblebee. "We'll deal with that when we get there",said Kup,"but we better hurry for Athena's sake and ours". Bumblebee asked,"But where is their energon depot?"

They were at a loss for words.They needed to refuel and time was running out, now they would have to search for it and pray to Primus that they got there before they shut down from power failure.

2001-10-15, 02:59 AM
Dreadwing saw five different shapes flying around. He couldn't lock onto them. They were moving so fast. He seperated back into Darkwing and Dreadwind.

"Do you see the shuttle", asked Darkwing.

"I don't know", said Dreadwind. "Those stupid things are in the way."

"Then let's get them out of it!" said Darkwing.

The two Powermasters fired at the five objects flying about
Back at Autobot City....

"I don't know if we can keep this up", said Apeface.

"Hey, 'cons, Where's the backup?!" Ramjet yelled into his communicator.

2001-10-15, 03:26 AM
Blaster Laughed pulling out his electro scrambler "okay apeface lets play" he fired at him hopin to fry his circuts if he connects and jazz transformed

Blaster contacted white speed over the communicator "Cover your eyes white speed jazz is holding a light show"

Jazz began to emit the flashing lights and crazy sounds towards Ape face and Ramjet

2001-10-15, 04:31 AM
"That's it, they've split up," Noktaraus called to the group. "You know the drill."

Quickwind and Talis broke high while Shatterbolt and Ignition took to a dive. Noktaraus held straight for a moment before transforming and flipping around. He watched as Shatterbolt and Ignition took on Darwking, Dreadwind coming straight in at Quickwind and Talis. He quickly examined the situation and determined the proper proximities. The Autobot transformed back to his flight mode and pushed his jets to the limit. He began his approach on the closest of the pair, Darkwing. The plan called for Noktaraus to execute a zig-zag strafe attack starting with the closest target then moving on to the next, both attacks while each pair of fighters began their own attack runs. His speed would allow him to move between targets quickly, hopefully before they knew the attack was coming. Darkwing prepared to open fire, just as Shatterbolt and Ignition started to pour in the firepower. It was at that moment that Noktaraus fired off a dual blast for Darkwing's portside.

2001-10-15, 05:58 AM
Sixshot and Scorponok worked quickly to fill as many cubes as they possibly could.

Scorponok: "Cyclonus, if the humans have surrendered to us, we should be forcing them to do this for us..."

Sixshot: "yeah, we should set up slave labor posts for energy collection and just let the human germs handle this for us!"

Scorponok: "It would really impress Galvatron for you to propose such and idea."
Meanwhile back at the smoldering hill formerly known as Autobot City.

Razorclaw: "Security sweep complete! Predacons, let us report to Galvatron!"

Just then, the Predacons intercepted the transmission indicating Galvatron's troubles.

Razorclaw: "There are traitors in our midst...Predacons to our leader!"

In an instant, the Predacons rushed to Galvatron's side glaring down Optitron's followers.

Razorclaw: "Say the word...and these traitors perish Lord Galvatron!"

One Winged Angel
2001-10-15, 11:33 AM
Bumblebee and the rest were frantically searching for the energon depot,when Ratchet looked around the corner and saw Scorponok filling energon cubes. "Let's get em!",exclaimed Bumblebee. "Are you crazy,lad",said Kup,"if we get found out we're gonners...espessially if it's him."

meanwhile in the outscirts of the city:
"ohhh",murmered Athena weakly. She tried to stand but was to weak from fighting Sephiroth and being shot by that gun cam.

Bumblebee wasn't listening to Kup's warning he took Kup's gun and along with Ratchet ran ahead leaving Kup far behind.The Autobot duo hid behind some oil tanks. Bumblebee jumped out one side of the tank, Ratchet the other. They simultaniously fired at the huge Decepticon. "This is for our fallen Autobot brothers!", they both shouted.

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2001-10-15, 12:47 PM
In the dark cell. Megatron, a second generation Decepticon, lies there chained to the wall. It had became too much for them. Word was he had broken a few decepticons in half and ate their energon.

"Megatron, transform"

There was a slight hum but nothing happened.


He tried to brake free from the futuristic energon chains but he couldn't. He couldn't blast his way out either. They had disabled his cannon.

He opened his comlink.

"TimeSplitter. Get me out of here."

TimeSplitter stood up.

"As you command Megatron."

TimeSplitter knew that Cyclonus knew that Galvatron had sent him to find energon. Cyclonus might have been the right robot for the job. If he had the right connections.

He punched a button in his arm and a screen popped up.

"Cyclonus. This is TimeSplitter. I wish to aid in your search for the energon. I have been tracking your signal."

After he got the reply he closed the link.

Timesplitter, the giant Gestault, transformed into his large ship mode. The purple ship arose from inside the gigantic robot's body. His parts became one with it.

"Time to get my master his true place in the galaxy."

Omega Supreme was with Goldbug. He was in his rocket mode. He had tranmitted a message.

"Autobots. Do any of you require assistance."

He was roaming the planets near Earth.

Goldbug sat down and rechaged himself.

"Omega, what do you think is going to happen."

"I don't know Goldbug, i do not know."

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2001-10-15, 02:24 PM
Darkwing got hit from behind. He turned to see who it was, but found no one.

"Did you see who attacked me?" Darkwing asked Dreadwind.

"No," said Dreadwind "And I think we lost that shuttle!"

Darkwing looked artound, and saw that the shuttle had escaped.

"Blast!" he said
Apeface got hit by Blaster's Electro-Scrambler shot and fell down. Ramjet rushed to his side.
"We can't keep this up!" he yelled into his commlink. "Where's our backup?!"
Bombshell wandered through the city, and had come across a interesting situation. The Predacons were engaged with Optitron's lieutenants.
"I'd better stick around and watch this", he said to himself. "With any luck, they'll destroy one another."

2001-10-15, 04:59 PM
Jazz Transformed pulling his laser rifle back out firing at Ramjet "We got 'em pinned down m'man"

Blaster just started firing laser fire at the downed Apeface "Yeah were having fun but if they get back up we gotta grab white speed and run"

2001-10-15, 05:37 PM
As if being buried alive wasn't enough... Thundercracker hurt in more places than he could be bothered to count Skywarp's teleport system doesn't exactly offer first class accomodation to passengers.

He hauled himself from the floor, before his leg gave way. [i]Slag. That's gonna take a while to fix. He knelt on the ground, assessing the situation, and fired a stream of incendiary capsules at the nearest of Optitron's troops...

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-15, 05:39 PM
Cyclonus glanced at Scorponok.

"Yes, that would prove a good idea, had the flesh creatures not ran away at the sight of you..."

His overly miserable tone reflected his boredom at energy collection.

"Not to worry though, our task will be complete soon enough and aid is on the way"

2001-10-15, 06:23 PM
Suddenly Stalker felt strange force pulling him. His body began to lose its form.

"What?! No! The time rift!"

Shadowly form of Stalker could be seen for a moment before it vanished, taking Stalker with it... back to his own time...


Level Kili-Twelve, inside Autobot City...

The Constructicons were reinforcing the damaged structures on the area. Their work was advancing smoothly and the main structures were almost repaired.

2001-10-15, 09:04 PM
Reflector looked at each other with somewhat nervous expressions.

"I'm not going out there!" Spectro whispered unnecessarily.

Viewfinder nodded. "Yeah, uh...We'll be right down, Cyclonus. Just have to talk to Galvatron first."


Gigatron watched the spectacle confusedly.


But it was futile. He was gone. Gigatron did not know what had just occured, but he could guess that it had something to do with the time rift he had created.

"Blast...I'm afraid that I am the only left to destroy the Autobot, Galvatron. Once he is no more, I shall be there to assist. Gigatron out."

He scowled at Jinrai.

"Let's dance then, shall we?"


As Trypticon was busy recovering from the proton blast, Grand utilized the opportunity and altered his course. Metroplex came within view shortly, at which point Grand attempted to hail his leader.

"Jinrai! Can you hear me? This is Grand. I am about to pass over Autobot City. If you are there, please give me a sign!"

2001-10-15, 09:19 PM
Soundwave stopped motionless. Something was wrong, something had changed in the electro-magnetic atmosphere. The ability that gave him thought-monitoring capabilities was not standard telepathy, but more the ability to tap into electrical impulses.

As such, he had just felt a change. It was a familiar sensation, though it took a moment to narrow down. He remembered the last time he had felt it, much stronger then. It had been in 2008, and he had until now been unsure what had caused it. He now knew.

In retrospect it was the same sensation he had felt in 1986... when he had first encountered Galvatron.

Something had altered in the timestream. A traveller. Coming? Or going? He mused. This has to stop...

And he turned back to his task at hand: the array of circuit boards he had exposed at the heart of the city control center.


Giga and Mega could hardly believe their eyes as they reached the outside of the city.

"Who is that Trypticon is firing on?" Mega screamed

"It appears to be... no... no, he is not ours... he must have followed the Jinrai here... no matter. Come, Mega - to our vehicles!"

God Jinrai
2001-10-16, 01:21 AM
Jinrai heard the transmission, and smiled to himself... Flinging gigatron's blade at him, he blew up through the ceiling... through the roof of metroplex, comming flying up through the hole... splitting from godbomer... "THAT ENOUGH OF A SIGN, GRAND? OPEN YOUR CARGO HATCH, I'M COMMING ABOARD!" Jinrai flew skyward ,grabbing ahold of a large crossbar on the maximus battleship's underside, waiting for him to open the cargo bay doors...

2001-10-16, 01:50 AM
A disgust wrenched Gigatron's gut. He loathed a rejected challenge. Yet, Galvatron needed his help more at the moment. He snatched the blade from the air as it soared toward him, and ran off for the confrontation.


Some seconds earlier...

Grand was horrified as he came closer to the city. The towers of smoke still erupting from the area, as well as the firefight at the city's gate, could easily be spotted by Maximus' scanners.

"Dear cosmos...Destrons in Metroplex!"

Grand was still gawking at the charred scenery when a loud clang rocked the ship. His thoughts hurried back to the transmission he was receiving from...


Nearly instantaneously, the bottom view was accessed. Super Jinrai's face was ridiculously close to the camera, and it was clear that he was clinging to the bar on the ship. Another moment later, and the cargo doors were open. Grand wanted desperately to go to the hold and greet his estranged chief, but his priority at the moment was to escape the Decepticons' automatic defense onslaught.


Gigatron spotted the door.

"Open!" he shouted on the fly.

No response. He stopped in front of it.

"Open! I, Gigatron, command it!"

The door should have recognized his voice, but again no response. Gigatron, having no time to be spent, took one preliminary step back, and subsequently kicked the door in. He entered the room slowly, spotting Starscream, Optitron, and his men about to engage Galvatron, Skywarp, Thundercracker, and the Predacons.

"Again Starscream, you are the cause of trouble in our ranks. Tell me...How would you like to die?"

God Jinrai
2001-10-16, 02:01 AM
Super Jinrai held on with his left arm, hanging from the bar, letting loose a barrage of fire on the automated defense systems of the former autobot base...and quickly swung up inside... bolting for the command chamber.

"Grand, get us outta here NOW! Prime must be stopped before he can get down here! I know what that destron force is up to now... we CAN'T stop them... not yet at least."

One Winged Angel
2001-10-16, 02:11 AM
Bumblebee continued to fire on Scorponokwhile Ratchet gathered energon as fast as he could.

"Hurry up,Ratchet!" yelled Bumblebee,"We don't want to give these decepticons enough time to fire back!"

Ratchet began refueling himself and Bumblebee,they took turns firing.

Athena staggered through the city trying to find some other Autobots. She was growing very weak and needed to refuel badly.

From behind a wall a Decepticon drone apeared and fired 3 rounds into her chest.

"Slag...",she murmered and tumbled to the ground.

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2001-10-16, 02:43 AM
Earth orbit....

A small ship eneted the Earth's orbit.

Doubledealer looked back at is companions.

"We're here", he said.

2001-10-16, 02:49 AM
The Autobot shuttle's hatch opened as the five airships moved to its side. One by one they transformed and boarded the ship. Darkwing and Dreadwind had taken to a different direction once they realized they'd lost the shuttle. Of course, finding it for the Autobots was easy enough. Wheeljack had made it a point to send a tight beam transmission to Quickwind on their next heading, and Quickwind relayed that information to Noktaraus when the heavily unbalanced fight was over.

Once everyone was on board, the shuttle closed its hatch. "Welcome aboard," Wheeljack welcomed them. "And thanks fer the assist."

"Thank you," Noktaraus answered, nodding once. "Glad we could be of service."

"Speaking of which," Hound began, "would you mind telling us how you all got here? Being you're supposed to be on Cybertron, I mean."

2001-10-16, 03:11 AM
Grand's brows raised.

"C...Optimus Prime lives? But he died years a--"

He remembered.

Ah yes, the vortex. Very well.

"Locate subject: Optimus Prime."

Again, the map pinpointed a single dot, this time nearly at the center. A few zooms, and a physical image was visible.

"What? In the Decepticon ship? Of course, that's brilliant..."

Grand altered the craft's course, to intercept the approaching shuttle.

2001-10-16, 08:20 AM
Noktaraus, his arms cross and backplate leaning against an inner bulkhead of the Autbot shuttle, watched Hound shake his head. "How did Prime get a hold of a Decepticon shuttle on such short notice?"

"We'd been ambushed on our way to Cybertron," Noktaraus said. "In reality, they turned out to be a diversion while Galvatron came to keep you guys company. We wouldn't know that until later."

"When Cybertron received your signal that Autobot City was being torn up," Talis added. "Sounded like Whitespeed, but I couldn't have been sure."

Wheeljack chopped his head forward once in understanding. "Cybertron did get our message."

"Yup," Noktaraus said, standing clear of the wall. "They'd sent it to Fort Max, who informed the relayers that Prime and his crew had relocated to a Decepticon ship. We'd only known of one in our path."

Mirage looked up. "I don't understand, how did you catch Prime in the Decepticon shuttle? With so little time?"

"We were the team that disabled most her engines," Noktaraus answered, gesturing to his two wingmates. "While her warp nacelles were most likely intact, the Vindictive's main engines had taken some nasty hits. She'd been reduced to a crawl's pace. Meaning, any amount of time she was out of warp, the ship would be at low speeds."

"Plus, Jupiter's gravitation field," Quickwind spoke up, "was most likely going to force them into realspace for quite sometime. They'd get a micro-jump or two past that point, but that was it."

"Our guess turned out to be right. Hence our ability to catch the ship before it reached Earth. We used a small shuttlecraft to get most of the way there. We left it behind just past the asteroid belt so as to not be detected getting to Earth."

"And we pretty much rode tractor-cable on Noktaraus' sides the rest of the way," Talis said.

"Prime was gracious enough to not only allow us onboard, but lend us two of his better flyers." Noktaraus gestured across the way to Shatterbolt and Ignition.

"And you just happened on our shuttle?" Hound asked.

"In a way," Noktaraus nodded slightly. "We were actually coming in away from Autobot City. It may have looked suspicious but we didn't want to be tracked for too long. The atmospheric thrusters were working well enough to set the ship down anyway. We saw your shuttle on our way in, and your pursuers."

"well, glad you could join our small party," Wheeljack said. "Where's Prime's location right now?"

"Out of the way for now," Noktaraus answered. "We'll be hearing from him soon. Springer, what are your plans at the moment?"

2001-10-16, 10:28 AM
Megatron broke free of his chains and ran up to the cell door.


He grabbed the bars of the door but it was filled with energon. He kept hold of them for as long as he could but it was too much. He was through back at the wall of the cell with a giant THUD.

He lay there. But he needed to check his systems.

He punched a few buttons and it came up. Something he didn't want to know. He was going to be stuck in his robot mode. A chip had been taken from him. The chip made it possible for him to transform into the tank.

Timesplitter arrived. He transformed and looked for Cyclonus' team.

Omega Supreme still searched the sky's for an Autobot in need of help. He transmitted a similar message again. It would hopefully be broadcast over the worlds.

"This is Omega Supreme.Do any Autobots need assistance."


One Winged Angel
2001-10-16, 11:17 AM
Athena heard an incoming transmission asking if any Autobots needed help.

"This is Athena",she transmitted,"I'm in the outer parts of the city with a Decepticon drone closing in!"

She tried to fly, but her wings were damaged.

If help didn't arrive soon,she was in big trouble.

2001-10-16, 12:15 PM
Omega Supreme found someone. He homed in on the signal and landed. The door of the giant rocket opened. A ramp fell from it. Goldbug came out running. He had his blaster and a bomb. He saw the autobot lying there. He planted the bomb with the readings he picked up off the autobot. He set it for contact.

"Come on. We gotta get outta here."

He held his arm out.

One Winged Angel
2001-10-16, 12:23 PM
Athena got up and grabbed the outstreched arm.

"Thanks",she said

The drone was coming into firing range and had its weapons ready.

"Blow it up now!",Athena shouted.


Bumblebee and Ratchet were fully recharged and were currently in vehicle mode trying to get away from the Decepticons before thay could fire back.

Above them they saw four planes firing at unsees targets.

"I think those are Autobots, should I contact them?",asked Ratchet.

"Lets get a little closer first."

2001-10-16, 12:51 PM
Goldbug takes his gun and resets the bomb.

He fires a few shots as he walks backward picking up his bomb as he moves.

As he reaches Omega Supreme, he fires one last bolt and jumps into Omega Supreme with the other Autobot.

"High Orbit, big guy"

"Fine by me."

Omega Supreme enters a high orbit and transmits the messge again.

"This is Omega Supreme. Do any autobots need assiastance."

One Winged Angel
2001-10-16, 01:18 PM
Athena finds herself inside the huge robot.

"Who are you?", she asks the the Autobot that saved her life.


The four planes recieve a transmission from Ratchet.They tell Ratchet they are in the middle of a battle with 7 unknown Decepticons.

"Come on lets go help them!",exclaims Ratchet.

"What about Kup?",asks Bumblebee.

"He's been through worse, he can take care of himself.",says Ratchet.

The four planes are outnumbered and are taking a pounding,untill.

All four shout ,"Combine to form Zeus!"

The planes transform into a huge robot with a long spear like weapon.

The end of the spear glows and Zeus uses it to strike 2 of the unknown cons dead.

2001-10-16, 01:34 PM
Hatemunger and his troops waited on Cybertron.
"Excellent work Stealth" Hatemunger smiled
"Even though you were not able to destroy Fort Max the choas you were able to cause should have been enough to keep them busy for some time." He looked out to the sky.
"Now we wait and see how the Crashticons are doing on there little acting mission." Hatemunger smiled.

Elsewhere on Cybertron
Skylark finished off the last of the Scraplets and made a report to Prime.
"Optimus Prime this is Skylark the scraplet threat at Vector Sigma has been eliminated awaiting any farther orders or commands." With that Skylark begin to return to the surface and one his way up saw a group of seven automobiles with Autobot symbols on them.
"Hmm must be some new troops here on Cybertron." Skylark though and decided to chase after them to see who they are.

2001-10-16, 02:12 PM
Adeara had been shot, but the wounds weren't her main concern. What was concerning her was the fact that Jinrai had been a contemptable coward yet again. He ran, when he should have fought. All honor dictated that when challenged, one must accept or die. But then, this wasn't Ta'Kaa. This was Earth, and that Autobot obviously had no Honor. Having seen the other Decepticons there leave, and the one known as Stalker pulled through an obvious time rift, Adeara walked as slowly and as carefully as she could out of there. Pain was something the shifter had felt before, but not at this level. By the Creator! That Autobot shot me rather well! Knowing the Decepticons had not planned on a fleshling ally, Adeara knew she was goign to have to deal with the wounds herself...

2001-10-16, 02:35 PM
Goldbug looks at the autobot.

"Well, i'm Goldbug, and this is my Buddy Omega Supreme. We came through the rift and got a search party organized. There are a few others on board. It all happened with a time-rift of some sort.We got stuck here and on-board we found people from different time-frames. It's funny, we autobots, become the Maximals."

Goldbug looks around. He finds a small little thing.

"Me and the big guy came just after the case with Zarak and the birth of the headmasters and target masters. We found some plans."

He shows the autobot a little sketch.

" We are trying to build something that will allow us to go inside Omega Supreme's head. Also to make us combine into a large weapon for him. A gestault Target Master.Do you wanna join us. In stepping inside the big guy's head of course."

Rhinox and betrayal step out.

" I'm Rhinox and this is Betrayal. I'm a maximal. He's a AutoCon, but he works on our side. Who are you?"

Warlord Kalloxis was walking around. He wanted to talk to some DECEPTICONS

2001-10-16, 05:32 PM
A random Autobot ran up to Skylark's position. "You're still here?"

Before the Autobot could give him an answer, the stranger cut him off, "I mean, Noktaraus and his group left already, except for that one guy that was pretty messed up. Went straight for Earth--something up at Autobot City. Haven't exactly heard what. Sorry, they left in such a hurry, I figured you'd be with 'em."

One Winged Angel
2001-10-16, 09:24 PM
Amazing.All these people from different times fighting for one cause.

"My name is Athena,"she said,"and I would be interested in learning more about these plans of yours."


2 of the remaining cons fly into the air.

"So you want an air battle?", asks Zeus. "I must warn you, they don't call me Zeus for nothing."

"When I'm in the sky I am a god."

The decepticons fire at Zeus from all sides.

"Ugggaahh!" With tramendous speed and strength Zeus retaliates with a burst of energy from the end of his spear.

The 2 decepticons are thrown down to earth.

The remaining 3 decepticons transform and retreat.


StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-16, 09:45 PM
Sideswipe paced the Autobot shuttle.

"Where exactly are we going?" he muttered outloud.

"Shouldn't we land this heap again, and re-group our forces, I wanna kick some decepti-tail as much as the next, but this is ridiculous."

Where *is* Prime anyways, I figured he'd be back now, and Magnus, what's he doing, unless Skywarp got the better of him...no, that can't be

Sideswipe walked towards the front of the shuttle as Blurr rushed past him putting out another small fire.

"There, land there" he said, pointing to a clearing in some dense forrest.

"If all else fails at least we'll have some cover, we need to re-group, and fast"

Cyclonus surveyed the situation, Sixshot continued to load Scorponok with energon.

All is going well, as it should be, Galvatron will be proud

2001-10-16, 10:14 PM
"You should try their CR chambers. It a wonderful feeling."

Goldbug thinks for a moment.


Rhinox buts in.

"Anyway this, Omega Supreme is a huge transformer. We are hoping to build a Gestault Target Master for this guy. But not any kind of Target Master. A Target master that can transform into a robot."

Betrayal wants to put his two cents in.

"It also has the power to change its insignia."

"And this Target-Master transformer needs four robots to make it work. We need one more and hopefully if the plans work, we will have a Gestault Target Master."

Rhinox goes to check the equipment.

Goldbug walks up to Athena.

"We could use your help."


TimeSplitter eventually finds Cyclonus.

"Cyclonus. Energon collection is below decepticons of our calibre. I was ordered to aid in the search. I do wish they could just get some autobot slaves with out heir power packs to do it. Or that we should strip the very energonic componets from the Autobots."

2001-10-16, 10:49 PM
Bombshell looked at the assembalage of Decepticons.
"If I can get control of some of these Decepticons, I can have my own army again!"

Bombshell transformed, lept out, and fired cerebro shells at the assembalage of Decepticons.

Earth Orbit...
Doubledealer looked at Rumble.

"Could you take the controls for a moment, Rumble?" he asked, heading off to the back compartment. When he reached the back compartment, he crawled into a one-man escape pod and launched it. He then produced a small control box and pushed the large red button on it.

Outside the viewport, the ship began a barreling nosedive towards the Earth....

One Winged Angel
2001-10-16, 10:50 PM
Athena thinks about the situatuion for a moment. I don't know if this will work, but they saved my life. I owe them.

"I'll do it",She says. "Now about those CR chambers,I could really use a recharge."

Bumblebee and Ratchet race towards the huge robot that was formed by the four planes.

Ratchet says,"Did you see how he took care of those cons?" "I know it was amazing!" replied Bumblebee.

The two autobots arive at the robot's location.As they transform to robot mode the gestalt seperates into 4 smaller autobots.

One of them comes up to bumblebee.
"We are Zeus", they all state at once, while the one that stepped forward shakes Bumblebee's hand.

"Why do you talk at the same time?"

"Our minds are one, just as our bodies become one when we combine."

Ratchet puts his hand on his chin as if in deep thought.Their minds are one? How strange.

2001-10-16, 11:02 PM
Goldbug looks at Athena with a smile.

Right this way. Come with me.

Bumblebee takes the plug and plugs it in to "MAXIUM RECHARGE"

"That's it set up. We will talk about the plans after your recharge."

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-16, 11:04 PM
Skywarp raised his arm cannon slightly and destroyed a few of the cerebro shells that had been fired by bombshell.

"Treacherous bug, Megatron should've melted you down for slag years ago"

He raised his other arm and destroyed the cerebro shells that had been heading towards Galvatron and Thundercracker.

"How you can even conceive of controlling us is beyond comprehension itself"

He teleported to Bombshell's position and ripped him off the wall, the bug landed on his back making a slight dent in the floor.

"Foolish insect..." Skywarp gloated as he placed his foot on the under-belly of Bombshell, "...any final requests..."

2001-10-16, 11:11 PM
Bombshell struggled, but it was no use. Skywarp had him pinned cleanly. All he could do now was hope that his spark would go out quickly.

One Winged Angel
2001-10-16, 11:21 PM
Athena comes out of the CR chamber fully healed.

"That was amazing!",exclaimed Athena"With this technology Ratchet will be out of a job."

I wonder were Ratchet is right now,I hope him and the rest are alright.

Quick Switch
2001-10-17, 12:07 AM
(OK everyone, this is my first post, so bear with me...)

***Autobot City***

Quick Switch took a last look at Metroplex before transforming into his stealth beast mode, snarling as the Autobot leaped between the various piles of rubble strewn about the City. With his enhanced shielding, a Con might have a difficult time in tracking him... perhaps.

Running a sensor sweep, the Hexa Changer located a massive area of Autobot radio signals.

"Must be a shuttle of some sort," he mused. "That's the best confirmation I'll get...gotta make contact!" The Hexa Changer transformed into suborbital fighter jet mode after a good breadth of distance had elapsed between him and the desolate city.

Rocketing into the sky, he rapidly closed on the shuttle's position. Quick Switch sent out a burst of an encoded message to the shuttle.

"Autobot Shuttle, this is Autobot Quick Switch...am rapidly closing on your position...please respond...will assist in whatever operations necessary from Command."

2001-10-17, 12:42 AM
Wheeljack swiveled in his seat when the message relayed, switching on the viewing monitors. "Quickswitch," Wheeljack recognized. "Wondered where he'd gotten off to."

"We'll take him on board before putting down," Noktaraus stated. "Watch the monitor for Decepticons. We don't want to get followed."

2001-10-17, 01:36 AM
Darkwing looked around, but there was no sign of the Autobot Shuttle.

"Did you see where it went", Darkwing asked Dreadwind.

"No!" said Dreadwind.

"Blast! Well, we'd better try to find them again", he said

The two transformed and flew off.

Bombshell waited for Skywarp to put out his spark.....

2001-10-17, 02:28 AM
Skylark looked at the unknown Autobot and said
"Yeah I am still here, damn Scraplets where everywhere down there." He looked to the horizon. "I want to know who those guys were that just sped along I have never seen them before." Skylark continued to talk to the stranger. "Anyway I am Skylark who are you?" Skylark said with a slight grin.

Hatemunger was with his troops in a secret bunker that he knew of.
"Sky Blade have you got that broadcast system working so I can try to commnicate with the Decpticons on Earth?" Hatemunger watched as sparks flew from underneth a large video display.
"Yeah sir, the system should be online right after I get myself out of the bottom of this thing." SkyBlade said as he crawled out of the display and reattached a large sheet of steel to it.
"Excellent" turn it on.
The screen flickered on and an assembly of Decpticons could be seen.
"Decpticons I do not wish to interupt your meeting on Earth but this is Hatemunger, I am here on Cybertron with a group of my own troops and a gestalt of Decpticons that are currently infiltrating the Autobots here on Cybertron. I with to help in any way you need for the glory of the Decpticons and the memory of the mighty Megatron." With that Hatemunger stood and awaited orders.

Quick Switch
2001-10-17, 02:56 AM
"Boarding clearance acknowledged," Quick Switch transmitted.

As the aft ramp swung down, the Hexa Changer quickly entered the craft, smoothly transforming to robot mode as the shuttle ramp closed behind him.

Quick Switch walked to the fore of the shuttle, nodding to the assembled Bots. Some he recognized, some he did not. Noticing Wheeljack, he snapped off a short salute.

"Quick Switch reporting, Wheeljack," he stated as the Autobot dropped his arm to his side, looking at the engineer.

"I still can't believe the Cons have taken Metroplex..." he muttered softly, "but I'll do whatever I can to pay them back because of it."

2001-10-17, 04:19 AM
"We're hoping to gather for a counter-offensive," Noktaraus responded. "It'll take some time, but we'll need more than just force and numbers."

Wheeljack saw as Quickswitch made note of his arm. "Oh, I got it bashed up durin' the battle at the City. Too much damage to the lower part of the limb, so I removed everything up to the elbow. Have to get it replaced, and I still got one workin' arm at least," Wheeljack flexed the fingers on his other arm.

"We're setting down," Springer said over his shoulder from the pilot seat. "We've taken some heavy damage from that attack. See if we can't patch some of it up."

2001-10-17, 09:18 AM
The shell launched towards Galvatron who was still struggling to get to his feet after the attacks by Optitron's men. The shell actually hit Galvatron, but not in the head as was needed to take control over a strong willed robot such as Galvatron. The shells that could not take control over their hosts were programmed to self destruct, as a way to allow Bombshell to escape from any situation he was in.

The shell struck Galvatron in the back and when it was unable to link up with Galvatron's neural net, it exploded violently...sending Galvatron into the wall and knocking into Skywarp...buying Bombshell a few seconds.

Pointblank activated his signal beacon and waited for one of the Autobot shuttles to pick him up. Looking back at the billows of smoke rising from Autobot City, the Targetmaster Commander felt a loss unlike any he had ever felt. How many had perished? How many more could he have saved? It was the greatest failure of his existance and there was nothing he could do to fix...the only thing left was to see to it that those who died had not done so in vain.

2001-10-17, 10:09 AM
Megatron took his fist and banged it into the wall. The sound echoed throughout Cybertron. He nearly made a hole in it but it just shattered a bit. He tried it again and again. But nothing happened. All he heard was the sound of everything moving. Everyone on Cybertron would hear it, but would they respond to it.

Warlord Kalloxis wanted kick some autobot scrap.

He sent a message on a wave to every Decepticon.

"Decepticons. Where are you all. Do you reguire my assistance."


Omega Supreme kept relaying his message when he caught something on his scanners. Autobot signals located in a shuttle.

"More Autobots big Guy. Get in on their signal. I'll but a message through."

Goldbug pressed a few buttons and up came a screen. He spoke into it. His face appeared on the screen.

"This is Goldbug. It would be nice to see some familar faces."

Betrayal was having some modifations made to him. Rhinox was making him look like a more convincing Decepticon.

One Winged Angel
2001-10-17, 11:58 AM
Athena wanders through the huge robot when she sees radio. Maybe I can contact the others with this

She sends a message to the area were she last saw them.Nothing.

She sent another one in a larger area.

This is Athena...Ratchet, Bumblebee, and Kup please respond.


Bumblebee pics up the message and transmits one back to her telling their location.

They tell her that Kup isn't with them at the moment,but they've made a new friend.
A very powerful one.Zeus.

"Where are you?", asks Ratchet


"I'm inside Omega Supreme With a few others.",she says.

2001-10-17, 12:21 PM
Goldbug looks at Athena sending a message and hearing a reply.

He thinks to himself, " She knows Kup, Ratchet and Bumblebee. Hey wait, i'm Bumblebee too."

2001-10-17, 02:26 PM
Bombshell saw Skywarp go down. Now, he wasn't a stupid drone. He knew a good escape opportunity when he saw one.

He transformed back to bug mode and ran away.
Ramjet went down due to Blaster's electro-scrambler blast. The last thing he was able to do was send off a quick message to Galvatron

"Galvatron. Autobot intruders at the city enterance. Request backup."

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2001-10-17, 03:28 PM
There it was the battleflied, Optitron vs. Galvatron. With the sun high in the sky all one could see is the outline of the legendary Autobot, Optimus Prime. "Were not the intruders! You are!" He shouted as he called his rifle from subspace. His first target was Optitron.

Quick Switch
2001-10-17, 03:36 PM
Quick Switch glanced over at Noktaraus, a Bot he did not remember having seen before, but impressed nontheless at his stature and confidence. Nodding slightly, he answered:

"I'm for it...but you're right, friend. We also need leadership. And a plan..."

who we need is Prime Quick Switch mused silently.

The Hexa Changer focused his attention back to Wheeljack, and smiled.

"Well, at least the damage wasn't that bad. But hey, you need to be more careful, eh? Your skills are too valuable to be lost if you get blasted like that in every skirmish!"

Quick Switch heard Springer's appraisal, and nodded in agreement.

"Right. I'm kinda a novice when it comes to repairing things... but I'll do what I can to defend the Shuttle. If you want, Springer, I'll guard the perimeter. Just say the word."

2001-10-17, 04:06 PM
Blaster watched Ramjet fall "NOW" he hopped rock and started to run towards Ramjet and Apeface firing his laser rifle as Jazz quickly followed suit

As Blaster sent a message to the autobot shuttle sending it to Springer "Two Decepti-Creeps down Were making a move on the city soon if you wanna join up COME FAST"

he closed the link and fired at Apeface again

2001-10-17, 06:08 PM

Rumble eyed Doubledealer suspiciously Don't trust him an inch? Is that what Ravage said? I buy that...

The Decepticon strolled over to the console, watching as Frenzy did the same. They both took up their pilots' positions, and watching the spy retreat to the recesses of the craft, awaited the moment of treachery.

Thundercracker could barely stand, and he surprised himself with his reactions, instinctively twitching his head away. He tilted it towards the wall he was using for support, and saw a cerebro shell buried in the panelling. "You worthless, double crossin' insect!"

He raised his arm-cannon at the mass of limbs that contained Skywarp and Bombshell, and tried to pick out the Insecticon. Argh... can't get a clear shot...

"Hey Sky!" He yelled "Fancy a bug barbecue?" Thundercracker fired a succession of incendiary blasts at the floor next to the pair. As the capsules burst on impact, their contents ignited, leaving a patch of fire beside them...


Ravage heard it first. The whoosh of an airlock opening. Then they all felt the shudder as Doubledealer's craft blew free.

Bludgeon jumped to his feet, screaming "What's he doing? He's abandoning us? I'll rip his head off when next we meet!"

Ravage calmly interjected. "He is not abandoning us, my dear friend - he is betraying us. Fortunately I anticipated such actions."

"Er, Rav" it was in stereo. Both Rumble and Frenzy speaking together.


"We've, erm, been locked out..." Frenzy continued. "I've no control over our course. I can't even access the weapons to slag the sucker..."

Then they started to dive...

2001-10-17, 07:53 PM
After seeing the connection to Earth sudden fade out Hatemunger slammed a first down angerly. "I should goto Earth and wipe out the pathetic Autobots myself but that would be too easy." He laughed with a evil smile across his face.
He turned on his comlink and begin to speak to the Crashticons.
"Scrapheap do you read me, this is Hatemunger this is your mission, you are to begin the attack on the Autobots do you understand we shall begin our little seek and destroy mission againist these foolish robots."

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2001-10-17, 08:17 PM
Galvatron was still woozy as he looked up and realized that Prime was here.

Galvatron: "No...its too soon!"

grabbing his comm: "Soundwave are we finished yet? time is of the essence! All Decepticons...forget the traitors for now. Overlord, Devastator, Thundercracker, Reflector, Apeface, Soundwave, and Cyclonus... when you have completed your tasks, rendez vous with Gigatron and he will dispatch your orders. Trypticon, Scorponok, Predaking, Skywarp, Ramjet, Stalker, Dreadwind, Darkwing, Scourge, and Sixshot, you will be with me in my group and take your orders from me."

Galvatron still quite weakened turned to Optitron and Starscream: "but don't think that i haven't forgotten about you two...there is no room in the Decepticons for traitors!"
(I am babysitting Prowl for a little while)

Prowl looked down at the smoldering ash billowing from parts of Autobot City. Like the Decepticons before them, they had used an enemy shuttle to sneak past their defenses. The irony of it all was not lost on Prowl, who for the first time since his rebirth saw first hand what had been the result of that doomed shuttle mission 10 earth years ago. for the first time, Prowl was not logical, not cool under pressure, he was angry...he hated the Decepticons and they were going to suffer...by his hands.

Prowl: "Autobots, on Prime's mark hit them with everything you have...let's blast them back under whatever rock they crawled out of."

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2001-10-17, 09:03 PM
And near to the huge group of Transformers stood Adeara, holding the arm that was shot to the seventh level of hell. What the....? Adeara watched as about 50 things happened in quick succesion. Just watching as pain numbed her arm, Adeara attempted to contact Galvatron telepathically. (See? Attempt. Galv, let me know if you want him to actually recieve a messege from her.)

2001-10-17, 09:55 PM
Prime ran closer to Galvatron and looked him strait in the eye, "Galvatron leave now before it too late! This planet will never belong to the Decepticons! There are so many that will go against you. Starscream, Optitron, the humans, and us. Galvatron, we had peace, why can we have it that way?"

Optimus opened his comm-link to the Autobots, "Autobots stand by!"

2001-10-17, 10:35 PM
Blaster heard this message and looked at Jazz "it's Prime he said autobts stand by"

Jazz looked back at Blaster "we'll stand by when these two are slag" he fired at Ramjet

2001-10-17, 10:43 PM
Hatemunger attempted to reach Earth again, "What is the situation on Earth? My soilders and myself are capable or intersteller flight, if there is a need for any assistance please responde."

2001-10-17, 10:52 PM
Outside the city...

Ramjet and Apeface had gone down. Blaster had short-circuted them both. They would need a lengthy stay in a CR chamber to repair themselves.
Darkwing and Dreadwind heard Galvatron's call.
"We have to head back", said Darkwing.

"But Galvatron will be mad when he finds out we lost the shuttle", said Dreadwind.

"Think of it this way, then", said Darkwing. "He's going to be mad when he finds out we lost the shuttle. He's going to be mad if we don't report back. Either way, he's going to be angry."

Dreadwind thought for a moment, then said, "Good point."

The two jets headed back for Autobot City.
Up in space.....

Doubledealer watched the craft spin widly out of control towards Earth.

"That's right. Plunge. Plunge down to your destruction!" he said to himself. He turned to the controls of his escape craft.

"Now to head to Earth to begin my own plans", he said.

2001-10-18, 12:01 AM
Jazz sighed "man those decepti creeps never stay"
Blaster laughed "etleast not while there losing I'm gonna contact Springer and ask for there position"
Jazz Nodded and Blaster sent the Transmission
"YO SPringer This is BLaster Blastin At Ya the decepticreeps split and we wanna meet up where are ya"

2001-10-18, 01:17 AM
"Fellow soilders the time of strike is at hand." Aericons lock and load your weapons, "Stealth use your skills to your advantage and destory!" now let's go and begin to retake Cybertron for the Decpticons!!"
With that Hatemunger and the Aericons took off from their bunker and Stealth followed them on the ground.
They began their attack on an autobot installation filled with some pathtic mini-Autobots.

Huffer looked up just in time to see seven Decpticons flying over him.
"What the? Tailgate call the Autobots and tell them we are under att*" With that Hatemunger yelled out a fearsome cry of
"Destory all the Autobots! Decpticons forever let no Autobots exist!" And used one of his fusion cannons to take the upper body of Huffer completly off.
Before Tailgate could even begin to make a transmission to other Autobots on Cyberton the Aeriacons used their full firepower to wipe out the installation and any living Autobot inside of it.
"HAHAHAHAH Yes my soilders that is it!" Hatemunger and his men (robots?) continued their strike of death and devastation.

2001-10-18, 01:32 AM
***Cybertron, outside Vector Sigma***

The Crashticons(In Autobot disguse) cruised along the surface of Cybertron, missing still unable to locate any Autobots.

"Geez, where they all at?" Runaway complained as he bumped across the metal surfaces off the roadway.

"Uh... Scrap... I mean Salvage... We have a... uh... shadow." Hit commented.

"Cra.. Recov-what was it? Oh... Just get ready for battle" Scrapheap commanded. All 7 of the disguised Crashticons transformed and turned, drawing their weapons on the lone Autobot following them. Skylark transformed as he drove up.

"Relax, I'm an Autobot." He said. Rollover nearly forgot thier cover and kept his weapon trained on the Autobot warrior, but Blindside stepped forward and pushed his rifle down.

"Greetings, friend. I am Coverup and these are the Recovabots, Autobot urban rescue team. We were sent as backup support."

"Well, we could use the help." Skylark relaxed when he saw that these too were Autobots. Autobots he hadn't met yet, but Autobots still.

In the background Scrapheap paused as his internal radio relayed a message: "Scrapheap do you read me, this is Hatemunger this is your mission, you are to begin the attack on the Autobots do you understand we shall begin our little seek and destroy mission againist these foolish robots."

Over the Horizon, a series of explosions sounded through the air as Hatemunger and the Aerialcons began attacking Cybertron. All of the present transformers turned to the sound.

"What was that?" Skylark said as Scrapheap gestured behind his back. Blindside, Rollover, and Pileup grabbed on to Skylark, immobilizing him.

"Sorry," Scrapheap said as he walked around in front of the Autobot, "But, this is something we have to do." He opened up Skylark's chest and pulled out his power modulator chip. Skylark's eyes went dark and he slumped over as his system went to emergency reserve power. Scrapheap transformed to his truck mode.

"Load him on, let's deliver this prisoner to Hatemunger and we can still join in the attack."

The seven Crashticons, with the captive Autobot, headed towards the battleground.

2001-10-18, 01:47 AM
Darkwing and Dreadwind were approaching the city, when they saw two damaged Decepticons, being fired at by Blaster, Whitespeed, and Jazz.

"What do we do?", asked Dreadwind.

"I'll go report to Galvatron. You take care of them", said Darkwing.

"Gotcha," said Dreadwind.
Bombshell had almoist reached the exit, but was stopped by the wall of fire from Thundercracker's incendiary blasts.

"Oh, no! I'm trapped" he thought.

2001-10-18, 01:53 AM
Hatemunger was wiping out some unnamed Autobot soilders when the Crashticons rode up to him.
"What is this?" Hatemunger said looking at the fallen Skylark.
"We found him and took him prisoner, foolish robot thinking we were on his side." Scraphead said in his truck mode.
"Excellent, now my dear Scrapheap do you think you could reprogram this warrior into one of our own? Another warrior of this Autobot's skill in our army would truly be of great use."

2001-10-18, 03:08 AM
It is time then...

Gigatron turned on his heels, but his head remained facing Galvatron. As his body rotated, his wing made contact with a cerebro shell, splintering it into metal fragments which subsequently destructed in a group of tiny explosions.

"I must brief the troops. I trust these pitiful conglomerations of scrap will give you no trouble, but I shall dispatch someone to assist if necessary."

Before Galvatron could respond, Gigatron was already out the door and on his way to...

"Ultra Magnus' quarters! Gigasquad, that is where we meet! Gigatron out."


Reflector heard Galvatron's words and Gigatron's in quick succession. As ever in a time of unexpected circumstance, their eyes connected, that their minds could as well. Though none thought any actual words, their shared emotion was unmistakably saying, "Shirked it again." They sauntered out of Galvatron's office, catching a glimpse of Gigatron running in their direction. No change in course was made, as they still entered Ultra Magnus' quarters before Gigatron could.


"Autobots stand by!"

Grand looked shocked. This was, quite simply, straight out of the blue for him. He stared in silence momentarily, his head slowly rotating to look over his shoulder.

"Jinrai? We have a signal..."

2001-10-18, 04:21 AM
"Noktaraus! We have a signal!" Springer yelled out the hatch. "How are those repulsors?"

Noktaraus was working heavily on an open hatchpart under the shuttle. "Pretty bad, we won't be able to lift off unless I can get these couplings realligned. Surprised we landed at all."

"Well, Prime just gave out a stand-by signal. Seems like we're making our big push back!"

Tal'Noktaraus cursed. "Too early. We aren't up yet." Sparks flew from a conduit connection as Noktaraus worked around it. He slammed an emergency shut-off panel and the sparks quit. Quickly, he detached the connections and pulled the conduit section away from the paneling. "And this is going to take longer than a few minutes."

Springer hopped down and ran towards Noktaraus. "Then go now, leave the shuttle to us."

Noktaraus looked over at Springer, simultaneously working on the repulsor. "No point, we'll divide our forces."

"And we'll do it properly too," Springer added. "Plus, Blaster's making a pick-up call as well. Take the flyers and clear his airspace. Except Quickswitch. He can work defense for us. That makes it five of you. There's still Wheeljack, Mirage, Blurr, Hound, Sideswipe, Bluestreak and myself. I'm not counting on the shuttle for offensive work, just to get us into the base. Plus Quickswitch can run point for us. One of the things he's good at and can survive. Wheeljack can finish up that repair work. The hull patches aren't going to be needed anyway."

Noktaraus stopped. Springer was right. "All right, everyone on board and to the fore of the ship. We have a briefing to setup. Fast!"

2001-10-18, 04:47 AM
Blaster looked up "DECPTITRASH JETS" he immdeatly grabbed his electro scrambler firing at dreadwind Jazz firing off his laser rifle

2001-10-18, 04:55 AM
Optitron watched as Galvatron and his men escaped the room without a shot having been fired. He turned to his troops and said, "You idiots! We had Galvatron and his men dead to rights, and you fools don't even fire a shot!"

Magnacrunch replied, "Duh, well we didn't see you firin' too much either, boss!"

Optitron backhanded Magnacrunch with ease into a wall. "Silence, you dolt! We must get off this planet to regroup and devise Galvatron's final downfall. The Autobots are here, and we don't need to be. Let us acquire a ship and get to Cybertron."

With that, Optitron, Starscream and the lieutenants blew a hole in the wall and escaped Autobot City, looking for any shuttle capable of sending them to Cybertron.


Whitespeed charged out from behind the rock, transforming to race car mode and shouting, "Now you're goin down, Decepticreeps!"

2001-10-18, 08:35 AM
Sixshot also caught Galvatron's transmission. He relayed it to the other teams around the planet and to the energon collection drones that had been deployed by the planetary defense grid.
Sixshot: "Cyclonus it seems it is time for us to depart, might i suggest that we find a transport and be gone?"

Without saying a word Scorponok sighed and transformed into battle station mode, opening his cargo bay.

Scorponok: "Let's be quick about this...i'm not designed as a transport..."

2001-10-18, 09:17 AM
The Constructicons finished their repair work, after receiving their orders. They transformed into their vehicle modes and headed towards the rendezvous point with Gigatron.


Trypticon was in his enormous battlestation mode outside the Autobot city, waiting for Galvatron's orders. Did I have a blackout or did those Autobots get past me? No matter... I shall give them a warm welcome... if they dare to show up.

Quick Switch
2001-10-18, 12:19 PM
Quick Switch turned as he heard Springer announce Prime's message and Blaster's call for backup/evac.

The Hexa Changer heard snatches of conversation between Springer and Noktaraus, and tensed.

This is it he thought.

Quick Switch went over where the other cluster of Autobots were meeting at Springer and Noktaraus' command, in the fore of the shuttle. He waited for the briefing to start.

2001-10-18, 12:35 PM
"Autobot Shuttle do you read me. This is Omega Supreme."

Hopefully that would do the trick.

"Wait a minute i'm getting a signal. It's from Prime."

Goldbug ran up.

"That shuttle is in bad condition. I don't want to leave without them alive. Athena, go quickly tell Rhinox to begin. He only needs one to start with. You and Betrayal start off. Then tell Rhinox to get started. Take us in closer big guy. Hopefully that shuttle will get our message.

2001-10-18, 12:58 PM
Hatemunger and his crew were having a field day on Cybertron wiping out any Autobot installations or Autobots that happened to be in their path.

One Winged Angel
2001-10-18, 01:06 PM
Athena tells Rhinox to begin.
Bumblebee hears the transmission and leads his group to the other Autobots that have gathered.
Battletrap's Helicoptor component sees Omega supreme and the shuttle.

"This looks like fun",he said .

The coptor flew in closer and began to fire on the unsuspecting Ships.

2001-10-18, 01:47 PM
Goldbug saw Battletrap.

"Defence systems online. Full power to shields. Get the docking port ready."

He turns round and walks to the black chair.

He sits on it.

"Manuaal battle systems."

He looks at Battletrap and notices an area that the power cells are located. He is not shielding it. Goldbug takes the command control rod and targets the area of BattleTrap.



Megatron sits in his cell. His systems losing power. TimeSplitter would not be enough. He needed someone else.

He used his scanner to locate the Decepticons in this timeframe.

He found one. Ravage.

He activated a weak comlink.

"Ravage.... Thisssss,,, is Megatron. I need you to get me out of this cell on Cybertron. The cell is, ZT6- DELTAAAAAA."

2001-10-18, 02:52 PM
Dreadwind took fire from the Autobots on the ground.

"Take this!", he shouted, firing back.

2001-10-18, 04:26 PM
Adeara sent this messege to Galvatron-~Galvatron, this is Adeara Stormweaver. During the attack on that Autobot, Jinrai, I was wounded. That blasted coward has a rather nasty gun. Since I am not like you, but a fleshling, is there anyone who might be able to help me?~ And, with that messege, was sent, not of her own accord, some of the pain from her rather wounded arm.

2001-10-18, 04:45 PM
Rhinox, started his work on the target master. He had done the work for Betrayal and himself. He needed Athena and Goldbug.

"This is gonna get tricky with these interuptions."

Betrayal transformed into his Decepticon mode.

He ran forward to where Goldbug was and activated a panel. He tried to send a message to BattleTrap.

Goldbug ran backwards, out of sight.

"BattleTrap this is Betrayal. I have taken control of the ship. I have powered down Omega Supreme but i cannot activate the weapons sytems. Come abord. I wil meet you at Docking Port 2."

He ended the transmission.

"This just may work Goldbug. Come with me to Docking Port 2. I will need you."

The two autobots ran toward Docking Port 2.

2001-10-18, 05:23 PM
"The first thing on the list is a rescue mission, lead by Noktaraus," Springer began the briefing. "The rest of the intercept group will consist of Ignition, Shatterbolt, Quickwind and Talis."

"Good!" Ignition exclaimed. "Finally some action. I'm getting tired of all this waiting around."

"We'll leave here in depart-pattern Baker," Noktaraus said. "The dispersal will help prevent any Decepticons from using our trajectory as a lead-in to where we came from, and find the shuttle prematurely. After clearing the area around Blaster and Jazz, my group will make their way to loiter-position just outside of Autobot City until the attack call is made."

Springer nodded. "Everyone else will remain on board until the repulsors are fixed. Once that's done, we'll make our way to Autobot city. We'll get there kinda late, but the extra help will be needed. We'll fly in low and drop everyone off on a strafe run. The shuttle will autopilot itself out of the area, and we'll be in the middle of the fray."

"That's it," Noktaraus finished. "Everyone on my wing, we're leaving now."

Quickly, the five flyers made their way down the boarding ramp, transformed and flew out towards Blaster's position. They quickly dispersed into multiple directions, meant to rendevouz at a later waypoint.

"Hey, Springer?" Wheeljack announced. "I don't know how they found us, but..."

"Decepticons?" Springer was already on alert.

"Better," Wheeljack assured him. "It's Omega Supreme.

2001-10-18, 06:33 PM
Soundwave heard the transmission from Galvatron. Gigatron? Ah yes... that one.

He made a move towards Ultra Magnus' quarters, and patched into a private frequency to Galvatron. Galvatron, time may be of the essence, but one factor is even more crucial: I shall need both the Decepticon Matrix and a powerful morphcore - a transformation cog. I am open to suggestions. Soundwave out


Thundercracker turned to watch Starscream fly the nest The depths of his cowardice never cease to amaze me. So, I am to be assigned to Gigatron am I? Heh... what problem to deal with first? The Insecticon flame-grill I started, or the fact I can barely stand?

He paused, before levelling his arm-cannon at Bombshell. "Decided."


Frenzy was panicking. Rumble was screaming. Well, Rumble had been screaming, his mouth was now locked open, his voxsynth having initiated voluntary shutdown to prevent further damage.

Ravage was curious. Bludgeon had been motionless for around a cycle, legs crossed on the floor. His eyes were, well he didn't have any eyes... just sockets... but Ravage was sure that if there had been eyes, they would have rolled back into his head. He was concentrating... and murmering...

"seven - eight - tach - delta - pi - theta <://*.*> - push - steady - (%) - {@#} - omega - rho - omega - beta - omega - beta - omega - alpha! - omega - alpha omega!"

Bludgeon shot up to his feet, and darted across to the control panel, throwing Rumble aside. He started pulling levers and pushing buttons.

Frenzy couldn't believe it... the controls were responding to Bludgeon's touch... they were levelling out... He tried to flick a swicth himself - nothing happened. "Wha? I'm locked out still... but he's in?"

Ravage smiled. He knew the answer, but thought that he'd wait until after they'd landed before explaining it to Frenzy. He wandered across to Rumble's chassis... and sniffed. Hmmmmm. Stasis lock. Pity...

Quick Switch
2001-10-18, 06:41 PM
Quick Switch watched as Noktaraus and his wing deployed out the shuttle and disapeared.

He nodded as he heard Springer give out the other assignments.

When he heard Wheeljack announce a signal from Omega Supreme, he broke into a wide grin. "Holy shock!" the Hexa Changer exclaimed.

with Omega still functional, that means we have a Bot who can take on Devestator!
Quick Switch thought eagerly, then looked over at the Triple Changer Leader.

"Springer, what do you want me to do? If I can't go out...can I go ahead and run some sensor sweeps? The Cons could still find us."

2001-10-18, 07:00 PM
Hatemunger recieved the transmisson from Megatron.
"There is no Ravage on this planet only myself and my warriors, but we shall resuce you." Hatemunger looked at the Aerialcons.
"Hmm arrocrding to my coordinates the cell block he is in would be below here." He looked at Skyblade. "Aericons merge!" Hatemunger commanded.
"You heard the man!" Skyblade yelled as the six aircraft merged into the gaint robot known as SkyRender.
"SkyRender fire you megacannons at this point!" Hatemunger gave SkyRender the coordinates for where to fire his cannons.
SkyRender aimed and fired two massive beams of energy shattering the ground where he aimed.
"Excellent, Stealth follow me!" Hatemunger jumped down into the hole and saw the cell with the so called Megatron in it.
"Well now he said, you cannot be the might Megatron I once served." Hatemunger did see some similarties between this Megatron and the orginal that he worked with. "But you are a Decpticon none the less." Hatemunger used one of his fusion cannons to blow the lock off the cell and Stealth used his energy swords to open the cell.
"Now go warrior, you may serve me in debt or leave the choice is yours." Hatemunger turned around tossing a small package behind him.
"That package contains a full energon cell that should be enough to restore you to your full power. Be well. With that Hatemunger and Stealth flew out of the hole and continued to destroy Autobot targets on Cybertron.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-18, 07:11 PM
Cyclonus received Galvatron's transmission as Sixshot commented.

"Cyclonus it seems it is time for us to depart, might i suggest that we find a transport and be gone?"

"It appears to be the best course of action. You travel in Scorponok, guard the energon, I will not be far ahead, radio if you require assitance, I shall go on and aid the Decepticons as best I can."

"Let's be quick about this...i'm not designed as a transport..." Scorponok muttered as Sixshot boarded.

"See you at Aut....Decepticon City" Cyclonus stammered as he transformed to his jet mode and flew off in direction of the city, as Scorponok took off.

Hopefully, this will be enough energon to undertake Galvatron's plans


Thundercracker's incendiary capsules landed next to Skywarp throwing him off Bombshell, he then heard a small explosion and turned in time to see a flash of purple streak into him, smashing the pair into the wall behind Skywarp. As the wall crumbled around the pair, Skywarp noted the scampering insecticon vanish into the shadows.

Next time you won't be so lucky

Skywarp cursed the insecticon as he stood up and lifted Galvatron.

"Galvatron, my leader, are you okay?"

Galvatron was still woozy as he looked up and realized that Prime was here.

Galvatron: "No...its too soon!"

Galvatron then sent out his comm message to all the available decepticons forces. Skywarp helped the injured Decepticon leader to his feet. As he did so, Galvatron turned to Optitron and Starscream

"but don't think that i haven't forgotten about you two...there is no room in the Decepticons for traitors!"

Skywarp grinned to himself, not visibly, but in thought.

Maybe this is my opportunity to be the Decepticon's air commander, Starscream's aerial prowess held me back, but in this new body I...

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of laser fire near-by.


2001-10-18, 08:21 PM
Galvatron took his comm link.

Galvatron: "Adeara...why is that name so familiar...at any rate as you claim to be a decepticon i will see to it that you are helped. Find Soundwave...he is the only one that will be able to find the information you need to make your repairs...out."

Galvatron turned to Skywarp: "A flesh creature...fighting with us? What madness is this?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-18, 08:42 PM
"A flesh creature...fighting with us? What madness is this?"

Skywarp looked at Galvatron.

"Yeah, she can handle herself, she also appears to know you, or at least, of you. Still, we can worry about that later, now we must rendevous with Gigatron."

hmmm, two to teleport, teleporting myself and Thundercracker was easy, but adding another, well, here goes...

His final thought before the trio vanished, could he actually teleport more than one other at any given time, he was nervous, had he been human, he'd be shaking.
Neither Galvatron nor Thundercracker could detect what he was feeling as the three Decepticons disappeared.

2001-10-18, 08:42 PM
Megatron took the energon cell and put into his system. He picked up his transformation chip and the codes for his cannon. He inserted them into his system. It only took a few seconds.

He then followed Hatemunger using his cannon.

He spoke to him.

"The Megatron you served with was a coward. We all know that. He became Galvatron because of Unicron. But when he was being reformatted a part of his spark still remained. It intercepted me as i was in mid-creation. That part of his spark made me look like him. It gave me his memory's. It also gave me an insight into his feelings. But as i saw everything of the Autobots, my hate grew. I do not run away from a fight. Not even if you pull me. You see, I am Megatron. Who is your leader at this current time. You must explain to me this... and where the Decepticons stand in this timeframe."

TimeSplitter heard a bleep, bleep from his system. It was Megatron he had awoken.

Timesplitter transformed and flew to Megatron's coordinates.

Megatron looked at the upcoming ship.

"Wait. Let me introduce you to someone."

Timesplitter transformed into his Gestault Robot mode.

"TimeSplitter. My new Commander of Operations. Loyal to me. A very special Decepticon. He is not like any other Gestault you have seen. He was altered by the rift. Made into a gigantic robot that could not transform into its other modes. It's jets. A Gestaultian Warrior.

Timesplitter transformed again and the door opened.

"You may fly in this. You will find that it will be much faster."

Megatron flew inside.

He sat on his chair.

"Follow them.Unless they wish to join us."

2001-10-18, 08:54 PM
Soundwave strolled into Ultra Magnus / Gigatron's quarters. The door had been locked, but that was no problem for somebody of his "talents".

"Hmm. First in. Interesting..."


Bludgeon poured all his concentration into flying the shuttle. His mind was still struggling to comprehend the loss of 3 million years of his life. Plus adapting to a new "body" - a pretender shell.

He spoke through gritted teeth "Planet's atmosphere successfully negotiated. Within the confines of the atmosphere."

Frenzy was still in shock "But... how? How did you override the systems?"

"I didn't." Bludgeon didn't even move "I adjusted my own vorcode to be compatible with the shuttle. The traitor adjusted the controls so only he could use them. It thinks I am him."

"Hu..hu.. wha?"

"Metalikato" interjected Ravage.

"There's no such thing... it's a myth." Frenzy hauled Rumble's body onto his shoulder.

"Evidently not" smirked Ravage.


Thundercracker was trying to spot Bombshell amid the flames, to get a clear shot C'mon bug, I know you're in there...

He didn't even feel Skywarp grab his wing.

I'll fry your circuits extra cris- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

He teleported.

2001-10-18, 09:08 PM
Darkwing entered Autobot City and looked around for Galvatron. He looked at a computer terminal to locate Galavatron's present position. He found his position.

"Better go report", he said.
Dreadwind continued to fire on the Autobots outside Autobot City. He needed a distraction. He fired at a nearby tree, causing it to fall in front of Blaster, Whitespeed, and Jazz. While they were distracted, Dreadwind went over to Apeface and Ramjet.
They're damaged, but nothing a stay in a CR chanber won't fix" He thought to himself. He picked up their two motionless bodies and ran inside the city.
Bombshell looked around for another escape. He found none. He was trapped here.
Doubledealer landed his craft near Autobot city. He was happy. He was assured that those stupid cassettes would be destroyed. Suddenly, a light on his console flickered. He looked at the screen.
"But how! It's not possible!", he said. "The ship is under control!"

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One Winged Angel
2001-10-18, 09:57 PM
Battletrap makes his way to docking port 2.
Strange...there are no signs of battle..I better be careful

2001-10-18, 10:26 PM
"Man this sucks 3 decepti-creeps got away" blaster retorted Transforming into radiop mode

"Yeah I know... lets go meet up with springer and the rest of the guys" Jass said transforming his door opening and Blaster hopping in "WhiteSpeed you gonna come?" Jazz said

2001-10-19, 12:24 AM
Adeara leaned against a half-destroyed wall when she got this response through a comm-link-: "Adeara...why is that name so familiar...at any rate as you claim to be a decepticon i will see to it that you are helped. Find Soundwave...he is the only one that will be able to find the information you need to make your repairs...out."

A sigh, and a wince, then shook her head some. Find Soundwave? That's easier said than done. I don't even know who this Soundwave is... It was a shame the injuries were too bad that she couldn't just shift, and heal them. Taking a deep breath, Adeara started into the main complex of, now, Decepticon City, and began to search for Soundwave. As she went, she called his name every few hundred feet.

2001-10-19, 02:03 AM
Bombshell stood in insect mode, looking for a way out. He saw Thundercraker, Skywarp and Galvatron. And they didn't look happy.
What to do, what to do?" He thought to himself.
Suddenly, he saw a door open.
"Galvatron, I've..."
Bombshell didn't bother to see who it was. He ran as fast as he could out the door and down the hall.
Darkwing ran down the hall, trying to find the room where Galvatron was. Having located it, he opened the door.
"Galvatron, I've..." he began to say.
He was cut off by the small form of Bombshell racing by him, and down the hall.
Darkwing looked at Galvatron.
"Who was that?", he asked.
Dreadwind had located a functional CR and repair chamber, and had begun the repair sequence on Apeface and Ramjet.
"Now to find Galvatron", he said.

2001-10-19, 02:54 AM
***Cybertron, a secure location***

Hit paced back and forth impatiently, keeping a furtive watch as Scrapheap looked over the internal workings of Skylark, comparing them with the readout on a portible terminal he had rigged up.

"I don't see why we need to work out the reprogramming of this scrap." Hit complained as he kept an eye out for any visitors.

"Reprograming the thought functions of any of the Transformers is a complex task. He will be an asset if we can figure out how."

"Ah, it's Hatemunger's idea, let him rack his circuts fixing it."

"Rack his circuts.... My dimuntive friend, you may have an idea." Scrapheap switched on his internal radio. "Come in Hatemunger. I may have a way to fix our Autobot friend, but I will need your assistance, please respond."

"What're you gonna do?" Hit puzzled. Scrapheap just smiled back at him.

***Elsewhere on Cybertron***

A group of Autobots had cornered Blindside, Rollover, and Run. Backs to the wall, the two Decepticons kept their weapons on the approaching enemy force.

"Surrender, traitors. (OOC: Remember, the Crashticons are still disguised as Autobots.)You're outnumbered and outgunned." The superior force had their weapons raised. Blindside smiled in thier faces.

"Things like that... change." As he finished speaking, Runaway, in vehicle mode, came barreling out from the side of the road with Pileup riding on his back. Pileup leaped off Runaway and flipped over the Autobots, firing with both pistols while Runaway crashed into the ranks of the Autobot force, scattering them. It had been a trap all along and the Crashticons quickly turned the situation into a full slaughter. The larger Autobot group had been caught off guard and handily beaten.

"Let's go. To the Autobot command center!" Run ordered. One of the Autobots, not quite dead reached out towards him.

"Such heroic nonesense..." Run fired his blaster at pointblank range to the Autobot's face. Pileup looked at the robot's body.

"He's still not dead..." Run went berserk and fired his gun repeatedly at the dying bot. Finally, after seeing that he wasn't really doing anything, he grabbed a decent size rock and bashed in the robot's face plate.

"That did it. Now, to victory!" Run looked around and realized that all the other Crashticons had left already. He saw the dust plumes as they drove and away and transformed to motorcycle mode to try to catch up.

2001-10-19, 03:30 AM
Hatemunger looked that the starship in front of him.
"Well Megatron all I can say to you is that I serve the Decpticons not one master. But if what you say is true perhaps we may work together in the future. For now though Cybertron is mine to talk for our glory and after something else occuers who knows where I will stand." Hatemunger flew down to his troops.
"Anyway Megatron I wish you well if you are the orginal lord I served but for now I will fight for my own cause." Hatemunger heard Scrapheaps communication.
"Scrapheap I will be there as soon as I can
with my troops I will be there soon."
With that Hatemunger, the Aerialcons and Stealth all flew to the location of Scraphead and the fallen Autobot Skylark.
"Now Scrapheap what is it you require?"

2001-10-19, 04:02 AM
***Scrapheap's makeshift chopshop***
Scrapheap looked up from the body of Skylark as Hatemunger and his crew entered. He stood up to address the Decepticon Commander.

"Sir. I belive I have a plan. We can't entirely reprogram the prisoner, however there may be an alternitive to a total reprogramming. If we override his logic circuts with a copy of your logic program, he should act like you do, which is close enough to what we want. Not only that, your own logic circuts will say that you are right, so he might even come out as a slave to your will."

"How do I know I can trust you not to tamper with my mind while you are in there?"

"You have Stealth and the Aerialcons to back you up. Besides, you won't have to shut down. It may feel a little odd, but nothing bad."

"Very well. But be quick about it." Hatemonger opened his chest plate to allow access to his central CPU. With both Stealth and Skyblade overlooking the procedure closely, Scrapheap hooked in his terminal and typed a few commands. The screen flashed for a second, then Scrapheap removed the connections.

"Done. Now to add it to his protocol." He hooked up the body of Skylark to the terminal. "By the way, I made some other alterations while I had the time... Done" He Crouched down and reinserted Skylark's power modulation chip.

"He should be waking up soon. Let's see how it worked...."

***(Tag Skylark***

2001-10-19, 04:10 AM
Skylark begin to stand up from the restraints that he was held in.
"What I am I doing here!?" he screamed tearing out of the restraints.
"Who did this to me!?" Skylarks frame was larger and black and he seemed to glow with an errie amount of energy coming from him.
Hatemunger stood up with a simile on his face. "Scrapheap you have done well." He clapped the Decepticons shoulder. "Now Skylark you are no longer Skylark you are Darklark do you understand?" He looked at Darklark. "You obey and serve me now and you are out to help the Decepticons to glory."
"The Autobots they did this to me so they must pay!!!!!" Darklark fired a massive bolt of energy from one of his cannons wiping out a wall.
"Hey! He is gonna have to pay for that!" Scrapheap jumped up.
"It's ok" Hatemunger placed a hand on Darklarks shoulder.
"You are amoung allies here, come with us and we will destory the Autobots forever."
"Ok I will serve you Hatemunger for the devastaion of all Autobots and there allies!"
"Excellent truly excellent." Hatemunger laughed.

2001-10-19, 03:01 PM
Galvatron had made his way away, Prime Lowered his gun. Here it starts again. This is Great War 2. But this time I will not stop until the Decepticons are stopped no matter the cost!

Optimus re-opened his comm-link, "Autobots! The time has come! ATTACK!"

Prime transformed in his famous truck mode, but opened his trailer. The platform gun, now repaired by Roller would shoot any Decepticon mark it found.

2001-10-19, 03:19 PM
Whitespeed heard Jazz's call to retreat to the shuttle and said, "As much as I'd love to chase a few more Deceptigoons, probably better meet up with our boys! Let's go!" He transformed and followed Jazz and Blaster.

2001-10-19, 08:36 PM
Soundwave was shortly followed into Ultra Magnus' quarters by Reflector and Gigatron; the latter quickly observed the nearly empty room.

"No surprise. You four always seem to know where your priorities lie. Soundwave, would you be so kind as to summon the others again? I fear the dolts may have forgotten what they were doing already."


Grand continued to stare at Super Jinrai as he heard Prime's second message.

"Jinrai, Optimus is ordering all Autobots to counter-attack the city. It's legit: the voice matches perfectly, and he's on the Autobot frequency. Your orders?"

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2001-10-19, 09:07 PM
"Hmmmmm, this is interesting. He wishes to overthrow Galvatron.He has courage. He wishes to take Cybertron and Earth for himself, well, we will see."

Megatro walked up and down the halls of the purple ship. Nemesis II would have been a fine ship. He made improvisations.

"This shall be Nemisis II. To me, it is smaller but that does not matter. TimeSplitter. I must regain my forces."

A thought crossed his mind.

Clones? But that was too far in the future to worry about.

"Megatron was always the true leader of the Decepticons. If only there was someway to combine us all, past present and future. But then again i do not know what this future will hold. Why bring us here. Why not bring the Decepticons to the past. To destroy the Ark before it crashed into that wretched Volcanoe. Ahh, yes to save themselves, the cowards. But a timeline would always appear. There has to be an alternate route."

He looked at something a statue, of Megatron's finest moment. When he destroyed Optimmus Prime.

"That's it. An alternate route."

He walked up to a computer.

"Computer, all data regarding alternate realities and how to get to them."

"Acknowledged Megatron."


Goldbug waited with Betrayal.

"This won't hurt , Goldbug.Much"

Betrayal winked.

Goldbug knew what he was planning.

Betral fired a low density pulese at Goldbug. It sounded like a huge blast.

One Winged Angel
2001-10-19, 09:24 PM
Battletrap was almost to the port when he heard a huge blast. "What the slag was that?",he asked himself.

He ran into the port and saw Goldbug and Betrayal.

2001-10-19, 09:37 PM
"It was time to take out the Garbage. And then the Bin Man came. And you know what i think of Bin Men."

By this time his blaster is reset and Goldbug has sneaked up.

"I like to tell them to..."

Goldbug shots the Decepticon from the back.

"Take the slag to Galva"Flusha"tron"

Betrayal transforms and picks up the Decepticon. Goldbug helps him take him to Rhinox.

One Winged Angel
2001-10-19, 10:22 PM
Bumblebee and the rest ran back into the city's inner walls and began firing like mad.

Zeus remarks,"Let's take our city back."

The group fires on any decepticon that crosses their path.

Ratchet runs around a wall and fires on some drones.
Bumblebee transforms to car mode and goes further into the city.

Zeus is taking care of some auto guns.

2001-10-19, 11:29 PM
Optitron, Starscream, Blazestarter, Blackout, Magnacrunch and Driveby pushed out of the woods into a clearing. Optitron turned to his men and said, "There's an Autobot shuttle nearby. I can sense it. Let us capture that shuttle and return to Cybertron."

They maintained their positions and waited for movement from the Autobot ship in their vicinity...

2001-10-20, 01:23 AM
Jazz and Blaster had pulled a 180 and headed back for autbot city on Optimus primes orders

2001-10-20, 03:28 AM
Hatemunger was impressed by this new Darklark, the reprogramming and modifications done to the autobot Skylark had made him a force to fear.
"Darklark, you will follow me and my troops the Aericons and Stealth and our allies the Crashticons and together we will take over this planet for the Decpticon cause!"
"But now it is time for your test Darklark, come with us." With that Hatemunger, the Crashticons, the Aericons, Stealth and Darklark all went on another spree of devastation.
"Darklark" Hatemunger commanded "See the Autobots below prove your service to us by wiping them out!"
Darklark looked at Hatemunger, "Yes my leige" and flew down towards the Autobots firing a barrage of energy at them slagging some of them before they could even try to run.
One Autobot looked at Darklark.
"Skylark what did they do to you? Why are you doing this?" the Autobot made the mistake of trying to reason with Darklark.
"Autobot you spend spend too much time talking, when you should have been running!" Darklark unleashed a full blast of energy from his cannons reducing the Autobot to slag and wiping out the barracks behind him.
"Perfect!" Hatemunger laughed "Perfect!" He looked at Scrapheap. "Now Scrapheap there is one other idea I need to run by you and it involves your team and the Aerialcons." Hatemunger smiled.
"Do you think you are up to it?" Hatemunger asked and then said "Decepticons return to base!" and the group went back to their bunker.

God Jinrai
2001-10-20, 03:24 PM
Jinrai stared down at the control panel... "I don't believe this... first he orders a retreat... and now he orders an all out assault... something's not right... But until we can figure out what it is... let's show these destron scrapheaps what power really IS!" Super Jinrai headed for one of the access hatches, diving out of the maximus battleship... cannons drawn, he altered his descent... he saw prime going for galvatron... but there were others... " now's as good a time as any to get properly aquainted with prime... as well as galvatron..." The super robot came down with a loud thud, landing on his feet, his closed fist slamming into some generic seeker that was foolish enough to be trying to sneak up on prime... Guns in both hands, he brought them to bear on the closest target...

2001-10-20, 04:38 PM
Optimus Prime still headed toward Galvatron, but due to his Decepticon ability to fly he was already ahead. Optimus then heard Jinrai's "enterance".

"Jinrai! Sorry I couldn't get here earlier, but I got stuck in traffic!" After a moment of silence, Optimus decided never to try humor again, "The Decepticons planned this well, they damaged Fortress Maximus, he barely escaped the junkyard, but he won't be joining us." Optimus acitvated his platform gun as another Decepticon came to close, it missed but the Decepticon flew away. "I don't believe we're going to win here, the Decepticon easly have us out numbered and we can't get reenforements. What we have to do then is make Metroplex useless for them. We have to find some way of corrupting the power system with out destroying Metroplex."

2001-10-20, 05:05 PM
Darkwing backed away uner the combined firepower of Prime's trailer component. He had tried to get to galvatron, but the platform had begin firing at him Darkwing tried a different approach.
Dreadwind had locked on to his partner's energy signature, and ran to the room. He opened it,a nd saw total chaos. He ran up to Darkwing.
"What's going on?" he asked.
"Hold on, I'm trying to find out. Darkwing to Galvatron, request instructions.

God Jinrai
2001-10-20, 06:18 PM
Jinrai glanced down at prime... tapping him on the shoulder, and pointing up... "What was that about being outnumbered?" Above the battlefield hovered the maximus battleship piloted by grand... His attention turned quickly to galvatron, and those present... "Sure you folks still want to deal with us?"

2001-10-20, 06:36 PM
Giga and Mega watched from afar. They had seen it all unfold. The arrival of Grand, and now Jinrai's return to action. They looked each other in the eyes, and did what they knew they had to.

Giga leapt into the air, transforming into his engine form and yelled the code "God On!" as he made impact with his tank transtector.

Mega then imitated the feat. "God On!" as she merged with her Blackbird.

Then it happened again. The morphcores complete, the transtectors began their task. Millions of tiny pieces grew and contracted, rotating on their axes, and swapping places. Gears ground and engines fired.

The two vehicles meshed together, their parts overlapping and joining seamlessly, as if never seperated. Then their minds merged. The emotions and the chemical rush felt by both humans was incredible, overpowering, awe inspiring, and exquisite.

And there he stood. Sixty foot tall, and armed to the teeth. Two forms made one, two minds made whole: Overlord.

He stepped into the open, and from his chest exploded a volley of missile fire.


Soundwave watched the drama unfolding from a viewscreen within Gigatron's quarters. Upon seeing Overlord form, he was enraptured Absolutely remarkable... almost inspirational

He heard Gigatron's request, and patched into the inter-Decepticon frequency. "All Decepticons ordered to report to Gigatron please do so. Immediately"

"You are Gigatron, I assume. Know then that your presence here only serves to endanger us all. Know also that the Autobots must not cause any harm to come to the Metroplex bodyshell before I have had a chance to form a replacement morphcore."

2001-10-20, 07:46 PM
"Come on hurry up. Get into Omega Supreme. Shuttle do you read. Lets use the shuttle as a decoy to get downwards to (name of planet)."

Goldbug kept transmitting.

2001-10-20, 07:58 PM
"That won't be so easy, Goldbug," Wheeljack answered over the comm. "We don't have sufficient repulsor power to lift off. Need assistance, copy?"

2001-10-20, 08:24 PM
The teleportation faded and Galvatron, Skywarp and Thundercracker materialized before Gigatron and the others.

Galvatron: "That was rather...unpleasent!"

Galvatron then turned to the others. "Soundwave, Reflector, How much time do you need to get this project finalized? Scorponok and Sixshot arrived with a full supply on energon, as have 55 percent of our collection drones...now then you have the energon...I'll worry about my part...what is that we need now?"

2001-10-20, 09:33 PM
Jazz swiftly in and out of the laser fire "Whoa man this is getting hot" he remarked as he reached the wall of autobot only a couple laser mark on his roof that nicked him..

His door Quickly opened and Blaster hopped out Transforming "That was close if you were any slowr we would been toast" Jazz transformed after him as the walked in the hole in the wall blasted by autobot laser fire. They walked in and begin to walkd down the corridors "I want me Office back" Blaster retorted as the made there to Blasters office

2001-10-20, 09:35 PM
Goldbug heard the reply.

"Copied. We are moving into positions. Docking Port 2 will recieve you."

Goldbug turned away.

"Omega Supreme, get us in to their door. Make us feel right at home."

Omega Supreme went on maximum jetburn.

The docking ring connected with the door. Omega Supreme's Port opened. A door lay behind a chamber that would clean them up a bit.

2001-10-20, 10:05 PM
Optimus Prime tranformed into Robot mode and left his trailer on and Platform gun ready. "What? That's Maximus!" Prime looked at it more closely, "It looks like Maximus, but it's not, wait..." Prime then remembered his visions from the Matrix, "He's from the future, as you are." Prime got out his rifle and readied it, "OK it looks like we have a chance! We draw the line here. But we still need a plan. We still need to corrupt Metroplex's power, so the Decepticons won't use it against us." Prime thought for a while. "That's it!" Prime then ran for his trailer. "Jinrai keep an optic on Galvatron, I'll be back soon." Prime activaed a computer in his trailer. "Computer, get me Chip Chase, where ever he is I bet he's in front of a computer!"

God Jinrai
2001-10-20, 11:22 PM
the fire came from nowhere, and slammed into super jinrai's chest headon. He recognized the burning feeling... only one destron had ever succeeded in puting such a hurt on him... he shouted to optimus as he took off... "Prime, we've got bigger problems than Galvatron to deal with now!" Jinrai turned to the source of the fire... " Overlord... I might have known you would find some way to follow me. You're both disgraces to humanity... siding with the destrons simply for youd own desire for power and total control and domination!"

Super Jinrai let loose a fury of plasma from his cannons, the plasma streaking toward overlord.

2001-10-21, 03:56 AM
"Overlord! You won't escape this time..."

But before Grand could catch a lock on his target, the ship was shaken by the explosion of missiles against its underbelly.

"Malfunction in gravitational repuslors! Jinrai, I'm afraid I won't be much help against him!"

Grand struggled desperately to regain control as the Maximus battleship slowly began a crooked descent.


Gigatron chuckled at Soundwave's remark.

"No doubt you of all mechanisms knows how closely that borders insubordination. Of course, you wouldn't bother if you weren't confident of your position, but I think you underestimate what I've done for you. Tell me Soundwave, would you like to spend the next thousand years rotting on Cha --"

Gigatron was interrupted by the arrival of his three space travelling companions.

"Galvatron! But...What of Optimus Prime?"

Galvatron ignored Gigatron's question, and went on to question Reflector and Soundwave.

Spectro shrugged. "Soundy? It is your project."

2001-10-21, 04:21 AM
On Cybertron still slaughter Autobots and stuff http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif

Hatemunger looked at Scrapheap, "I want to you create a new technology allowing my Aericons and your Crashticons to merge into one super robot Dominator!" Hatemunger looked Scrapheap in the eyes.
"Do you think you can do this?"

2001-10-21, 08:39 AM
The very question posed by his second in command: "Galvatron! But...What of Optimus Prime?" forced Galvatron to spin his head around.

Galvatron: "He will be dealt with...I need only to know how much time you need Soundwave...after all I have a shuttle to catch!"
Pointblank had made his way back to the city at Prime's orders. He got there just in time to meet up with Prowl.

Pointblank: "Together again, old friend?"

Prowl: "We feared the worst when we heard that Galvatron had sacked the shuttle...did your crew make it as well?"

Pointblank: "..."

Prowl: "I see...I of all Autobots understand! Today we will see to it that our friends are avenged."

Pointblank stood in silence. He had never heard Prowl speak of vengence before...Prowl had always been about rational thought and logical planning before action.

Prowl: "to battle then! full attack!"

with that, Prowl rushed into the war and Pointblank once again called on Peacemaker to accompany him into battle.

2001-10-21, 08:53 AM
Hound looked out one of the vieports as Omega Supreme came alongside their shuttle. The earth beneath the rocket ship shook as loose soil sprayed everywhere. The trees took to motion as the ship set down, and a docking ring connected to the side of the shuttle. Everyone on board transfered quickly from the Autobot Shuttle to Omega Supreme.

2001-10-21, 10:13 AM
Soundwave glared at the pretentious Gigatron.

"Your presumption of seniority over me merely underlines your arrogance. I am yet to see any evidence of worth in your position in the hierarchy. I was merely stating that your presence in this time and dimension could have a greater and more catastrophic effect than you can even comprehend. A repeat of the Time Wars is not what is needed right now."

He turned to Galvatron "I see no purpose in my presence here, I am available to leave this meeting immediately. After all, I have far more important tasks to undertake than acting as a public announcement service for time-travelling nomads."

God Jinrai
2001-10-21, 03:09 PM
Jinrai glanced upward, seeing the ship comming down... "Grand... transform! anything else, and the ship may not survive!" he quickly returned his attention to overlord...

2001-10-21, 03:53 PM
Pain. It burnt. Both human minds, melded together as one, felt it.

Overlord looked down, and saw the scorch marks on his chest. Anger filled his mind. He pulled back his arm and swung "Dis-relieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve!!!!!!" The portion of the Blackbird that was mounted on his arm began its drone mission, an arced flight towards its target, firing all the while.


The shuttle landed quietly.

Bludgeon stepped back from the controls, calmly centering himself, realigning his vorcode. He unsheathed his sword, and rammed the blade into the heart of the control console.

Frenzy stepped back as the sparks started jumping. "So... er... whereabouts are we?"

Bludgeon yanked his sword free. "Earth. I believe you said it was called."

Ravage chuckled to himself "I believe he means what part, my friend. If my assessment of the terran map on the viewscreen is correct, we are in a location deemed by the natives as 'New Mexico'"

"Whatever." Bludgeon continued. "All I know is I'm 3 million years away from home."

"Been there. Done that. 'cept with us it was four mill. Ya get used to it after a while. Course you ain't gotcha friends goin through it with ya, like we had." Frenzy hauled Rumble's chassis up and slung it over his shoulder, before picking up the case containing the condors. "Shall we leave?"

Ravage smiled, and fired a cluster bomb at the hull of the ship. He glanced at the smoking control deck, before skulking out, his comrades in tow.

Two hundred yards later, the ship exploded.

2001-10-21, 04:40 PM
*******Autobot city, Earth*******

Six green and purple constructicon vehicles arrived to the where Gigatron and Galvatron were. They transformed and began to observe what the highups were up.

Hook walked over to Soundwave. "The sector kilo-twelve has been repaired. I have to say if the bomb had been placed closer to the holding elements..."

Bonecrusher interrupted Hook, pushing him out of his way. "The thing would have collapsed! Who cares! What we even need Metroplex for?! We have Trypticon and the defense grid!"

Scrapped smiled behind his faceplate as he watched Bonecrusher making himself look like a fool as usual. Idiot. He has no clue... and will never have. He thought, cleaning his laserblaster at the sametime.

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2001-10-21, 05:07 PM
(OOC: Cryhavoc IS Hun-Grrr)

...extra crisp aaaaaaaaah Thundercracker rematerialised in Gigatron's quarters. He had definitely felt better than he did now. At least being dead for fifteen years is pretty painless...

He shot an evil glare at Skywarp, before standing up. Whoa... energy levels way down... not gonna... His semi-crushed leg gave way a mili-hic before his circuits initiated voluntary systems shutdown. He landed with a crash.

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2001-10-21, 06:27 PM
Omega Supreme departs from the shuttle.

Goldbug looks at his friends.

"I see you came through the rift well. Who else is with you."

Rhinox comes rushing in.

"We need you."

"Excuse me friends. Betrayal will come to you shortly. We have a Decepticon in the back. If you want to go to him you can."

Goldbug exists the "lounge" and goes to become a Gestault Targer Master.

2001-10-21, 06:30 PM
Darkwing tapped his commlink. It had been damaged. No way they could contact Galvatron.

"No way we can contact Galvatron", said Darkwing.
"Then let's go talk to him", said Dreadwind.
"We don't know where he is", said Darkwing.
"Yeah, we do", Deadwind shot back.
"Oh, yeah? Where?" asked Darkwing.
Dreadwind pointed to Galvatron who stood with Soundwave, Gigatron, The Reflector robots, and the Constructicons.
"All right," Darkwing said, looking annoyed.
The two jets ran towards Galvatron.
Apeface and Ramjet lay on cold, metal tables in the city's repair bay, undergoing repairs after suffering damage guarding the Decepticon attack. Neither of them noticed the small figure of Bombshell entering the room. The also didn't notice him firing a cerebro shell at both of them.
"By the ttime they have finished repairs, they will be under my control", he thought to himself.
Half a continent away......
Doubledealer stood fuming ovcer the controls of his ship.
"Blast! How could they have escaped?!", he yelled. Ht thought things through. The cassettes probably had no idea of what happened, and even if they did, it wouldn't matter in the long run, probably. Galvatron probably wouldn't believe them.
"I've got to get to Autobot City and find out what is happening", he said.
He activated his ships engines and headed to Autobot City.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-21, 06:31 PM

Skywarp yelled as his mould-brother crashed to the ground.

Why did I even attempt that, I knew I shouldn't have...my teleportation is not honed enough, I need more practice at using my new systems

"I'm no good at this.." Skywarp muttered as he slumped against a wall, his metallic body screeching agianst it as he slid down. All he could do was stare at the shell of Thundercracker, although he knew he wasn't permanently offline, he felt responsible, in some way, for his shutting down.

"Galvatron, your orders?" he sullenly requested.


Cyclonus entered the briefing room as Skywarp slouched against the wall.

"To think, I used to be you"

"Galvatron, Energon collection was successful, on my return journey, I spotted many Autobots dying to be scrap, but I felt I should report before taking any action"

Sideswipe and Springer boarded Omega Supreme following the rest of the Autobots from the shuttle.

"Hey, hadn't we better be getting to the City, Prime's gonna be needing some back up, and, if my memory serves, soon."

2001-10-21, 08:32 PM
Optimus grabbed a disk that popped out of the Computer. "Thanks Chip, Good to see you again." Optimus took one last look at the grown up Chip Chase he know was no longer confined to a wheelchair, his legs now having a mechanical upgrade.

Optimus turned off the Computer and looked up in the sky, "Overlord?..." Prime then looked at the disk. "Jinrai this disk contains a Computer virus. Once installed it will corrupt the power systems. Only Chip knows how to stop it, this will stop the Decepticons from using Metroplex against us!"

Optimus transformed into vechical mode and hooked up with his trailer, "I'm going to the power center, I you don't hear from me in 10 minutes get out of here."

2001-10-21, 08:43 PM
Sunstreaker also got on board omega supreme
Blaster Walked up to the office stepping in and smiling "Glad to see the deceps left most of it intact"

Jazz nodded "you just start finding out where everyone is"

Blaster nodded and transformed nto his chair and started emitting the Signal "Springer This is Blaster Blastin At ya WHERE ARE YOU GUYS YOURE MISSING THE PARTY GET HERE AND BRING THE WHOLE GANG CAUSE THIS IS GONNNA BE ONE BIG BANG" he spoke then contacting Prowl and Omega Supreme

2001-10-21, 08:54 PM
Omega Supreme got the message.

"Springer is here onboard. We are coming into position."

Goldbug with the alterations complete came running in.

"Blaster that you?"

Omega Supreme lands on Blaster's last known coordinates.

As everyone exists the shuttle, Omega Supreme transforms into his robot mode.

Goldbug looks at Omega Supreme.

"Don't worry, we will get your gun online soon. Just need a few minutes.

2001-10-21, 09:15 PM
Soundwave glanced toward Scrapper.

"Excellent. Now all the repairs have been made, I only need a functioning morphcore. If you find any volunteers willing to give up their transformation cogs, you are authorised to perform whatever 'surgery' is necessary."

Soundwave then turned and marched out, toward Metroplex's control center.

2001-10-21, 10:00 PM
Warlord Kalloxis blasts off and enters Metroplex.

"Ahh. With proper Reprogamming this could become Dark Metroplex. Or MetroCon."

Warlord Kalloxis glances at Soundwave.

"Soundwave isn't it.? Have you ever thought of ever becoming more than what you are. Maybe you can design a new Tape with some Decepticons that have died. You served with the originial Megatron. He above all else trusted you. You should have more respect than what you get."

TimeSplitter(The Nemeisis II) still remained the same. Minimal power. Megatron was looking at the files.

"Ahh yes. That will do nicely."

He pressed a button and started recording into his own personal data file.

"Operation Re-Construction To Begin Soon."

He pressed another button and encrypted the file. It cotnaineda plan. With technical specifications and other sources of Material.

"TimeSplitter... This will require you attention."

2001-10-21, 11:18 PM
Rolling through the forest with their guns blazing, Blazestarter and Driveby (with their four comrades in the sky above) finally came to a clearing, where the old, unused Decepticon space bridge sat before them. Blackout and Starscream transformed and landed, and Optitron and Magnacrunch (already in robot mode) joined them.

Optitron: Is the space bridge still operational.

Blackout [fiddling with the control panel]: Should be. Only one way to find out.

The six Decepticons entered the space bridge and were launched off into the nothingness between Earth and Cybertron. Secretly, each of them feared that the trip would never be completed....

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2001-10-22, 02:02 AM
"Come on!"

Nothing. Maximus was still hovering above the battlefield, but Grand had no idea how long he could sustain his elevation. Another order from Jinrai came through, and another series of buttons was pushed. The transformation sequence should have started, but another klaxon began screeching instead.

"What now?!"

He looked down at the monitor on his left. A light was blinking in the center of a map of the ship, with the text TRANSFORMATION COG NOT FOUND.

Grand wanted to scream.


Gigatron watched Soundwave march out of the room with Scrapper.

Does he think I am unaware of the Time Wars? Really...

Gigatron looked at the viewscreen, watching the battle outside.

"These Autobots grow pesky, Galvatron. Perhaps we should send someone to eliminate them, that we may continue with our work."

2001-10-22, 03:29 AM
Adeara followed the sound of voices, and found a large group in one of the rooms. A tall, purply-blue Decepticon walked past her, and she sighed. Was he the one Galvatron told me to find?Curious, she said to the retreating Decepticon's back, "Are you Soundwave?"

2001-10-22, 07:06 AM
Scorponok looked around and then at the plans and approached Soundwave.

Scorponok: "You have a problem, don't you? I may have the answer...if you look into my mind, the answer you seek may just be there!"

2001-10-22, 09:16 AM
It almost came out of no where.

Some of the Decepticon flyers in the area could see it coming, but by that point it was already on impact course. A flash later, and a section of the former Autobot City took a hit. The targeted area was small, but central. The blastwave rippled in all directions, pummeling into those towers nearby and causing some to collapse. Others simply took the hit of the blastwave, cutting the rippling energy into small portions like scissors to paper. The boom echoed throughout the surrounding area, shaking the base for a moment. A second thoom fired off from the other side of the base, just as defensive turrets--those either still functional or brought back online after the Decepticon take-over--turned towards its direction. They aimed slightly off from the rising fireball and began firing.

At that moment, Talis flew overhead, making a low approach on the open platform area in the front of the city. As turrets fired, he buzzed the group of Decepticons there and pulled back up for the sky, his engine wake forcing some off their feet.

The laser turrets were aided by many a Decepticon who began firing up at the jet, slowly disappearing from view.

2001-10-22, 01:49 PM
Hatemunger and Company are still on Cybertron slaughtering Autobots like no tomorow.
Hatemunger looked at Scrapheap.
"Scrapheap take the Aericons and your Crashticons and construct the modifications I wish. Darklark Stealth and myself shall continue our onslaught of Autobot Forces."
"Good luck." Hatemunger nodded as the Crashticons and Aerialcons returned to base.
Hatemunger looked at Darklark and Stealth.
"Now let's let the slaughter really begin!" Hatemunger and his troops begin another dance of doom on any Autobots unlucky enough to be in the area.

2001-10-22, 04:09 PM
IC: Cybertron was not doing well, due to the sudden and deliberate attack by a group of Decepticon slaughtering unprepared Autobots. "Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves..."

A giant form landed near the group of evil Decepticons, it was Fortress Maximus! "I've just been though the fit Decepticons, and I'm not too happy!" Maximus stepped into the light, he had a lot of damage in different sector and over all he looked flushed, like he'd been too close to the sun. Maximus raised his foot smiled and gave the Decepticons one second to get out of the way.

2001-10-22, 04:50 PM
The 3 Decpticons scrampled out of the way.
Darklark begin to glow an errie yellow hue as he started to charge.
"Fort Max you weak diluted Autobot, now I begin to see why the Autobots are so weak." Darklark flew up in front of Fort Max's optics.
"You might not remember me I was Skylark until the Decepticons rebuild me into this mess! You Autobots did nothing to save me or help you kind here on Cybertron you were all too worried about that presious stone Earth to care about your comardes and soilders who died in combat proving just how pathtic you are."
Darklark began to laugh though
"Now I don't know who I am or who I serve except for Hatemunger down there, and for that I feel everything must die!" Darklark unleashed a horrible amount of energy staight at Fort Max's face at near point blank range.
Hatemunger smiled and raised his dual fusion cannons and Stealth drew his two plasma pistols and they both fired on what was left of Fort Max with Darklark.

2001-10-22, 05:14 PM
Laserfire began to erupt from the cover of nearby buildings. It impacted around Fort Max's feet, namingly at the Decepticons. It was something about seeing Fortress Maximus arrive on Cybertron that rallied the Autobots together, for the two dozen that were scrambling were now fighting back.

Exo was one of them. He'd been injured during the fight to get to Cybertron with Noktaraus and his crew. He had awakened to the news that they left for Earth to handle a Decepticon take-over. On an attempt to try and get there himself, he'd found this mess of Decepticons strafing Autobots left and right.

Until Fort Max arrived.

Exo pulled out his pulse beam rifles and joined the group firing back.

2001-10-22, 05:23 PM
Hatemunger saw the Autobots over the horizon and decided to radio Scrapheap and Skyblade.
"Ruturn to our postition at once with the Aericons and Crashticons. The Modifications can wait the mice have decided to come out to play." Hatemunger smiled and his eyes glowed red as he drew both of his energy sabers and fusion cannons.
Darklark now hated everything with an Autobot symbol. "Is it the Decpeticon reproggaming these bastards did to me or is it the fact that the Autobots ignored us even thouge we were being slaugtered." At this point he did't care he fired at Autobot on that he saw with his energy arua creating a energy shield around him and using all of his fire power to fire anything he could aim it.
Stealth just smiled placed on pistol in a holster and drew one of his energy daggers this cloaked himself and ran into the battle.
Skyblade responded to Hatemunger.
"Hatemunger this is Skyblade, good thing you called when you did Scrapheap was all ready to fix us all up. We will all be on our way."
Skyblade commanted the Aericons to grab the Crashticons and they took off to the battle ground.

2001-10-22, 05:48 PM
Soundwave glanced at the new arrival as he walked past... I still serve the original Megatron, just not in the manner I did before. And right now, I am so much more than you could possibly imagine, or will be soon at least... He wandered along the corridor.

"Are you Soundwave?" He stopped. A strange voice it was. Quiet, almost meek. He gradually turned around, but saw nothing. He let his optics drop to a lower level...

"Affirmative, fleshling. Of what consequence is it to yourself?"

2001-10-22, 07:26 PM
The Aerialcons arrived carrying the Crashticons whom the Aerialcons set on the ground.
Hatemunger smiled.
"The mice are strong when the numbers are in their favor now lets see how they handle this!" Hatemunger barked out commands.
"Aericons merge into Skyrender! Crashticons destroy the Autobot vermin that surrounds us." Hatemunger fired at some random Autobot that felt firepower was the better part of bravary slagging him into the neverworld.
The Aerialcons all flew into the air and merged into Skyrender.
Skyrender imdeattly used his duel mega connons firing them at the already damaged Fort Max and then into the crowd of Autobots causing them to scatter.
"Now my warriors wipe out these Autobot fools send them back to their maker in small piles of molten metal!" And with that the Decpticons that amassed fought the growing Autobots with a fury unseen before.
"Now Autobots you will learn how it feels to be the outcasts when we are though with you all!" Hatemunger laughed.

God Jinrai
2001-10-22, 07:28 PM
Jinrai was stunned... Grand Maximus should have been transformed... but nothing. the ship slowly slumped down... Jinrai knew then that something was gravely wrong... he glanced about, remembering prime was attempting to corrupt metroplex' power grid... Jinrai opened his comm... "Prime... if you can hear this... time's up... if the grid IS down, it's not going to stop the destrongers from taking metroplex... the human you got that virus from could easily be captured... and if he DIDN'T give up the antivirus... soundwave would strip him of it anyway! Prime, get out now! Like it or not... we're retreating." The comlink closed... He glanced up at grand maximus... "Grand, land the ship, and get it fixed. FAST. We're gonna have company in the form of several cybertron regiments. " Jinrai let out a shout that was heard across the battlefield... "AUTOBOTS! RETREAT!" Not caring if they listened or not, he headed for grand's landing place... if they chose not to follow him... he couldn't do anything to stop them.

2001-10-22, 07:34 PM
Hook smiled wickedly as he listened Soundwave. So only thing we need is a transformation cog...

Scrapper placed his hand on Hook's shoulder. "Hook. I know what you're thinking. Let it be. You can have your revenge some other time. We need all Decepticon available now. There are many wounded or dead Autobots lying around. So there must be functioning transformation cogs too."

A disappointed look came to Hook's face. "Your right Scrapper. Let's us find some Autobot then."

Bonecrusher slapped his hand against Hook's back. "Make sure that you take that cog from living Autoscrap, eh Hook?"

2001-10-22, 07:42 PM
Adeara nodded some. "Galvatron told me to find you. During the attack on the Autobot known as Jinrai, I was wounded." OF course, it was hard to tell she was a fleshling in her Decepticon form, but she wasn't about to say anything. "I was wounded too bad to 'repair' myself, and Galvatron said you might be able to help me."

Quick Switch
2001-10-22, 07:46 PM
Quick Switch followed the mass of Autobots onto Omega Supreme, and waited as the Guardian Robot made his way towards the City.

The Hexa Changer thought his Photon Blasters out of Subspace and began twirling them in anticipation of the coming battle.

"Your days are numbered now, Decepti-creeps," he muttered. His face hardened for a moment.

This one's for you, Ironhide. Wish me luck, friend. Wherever you are.

2001-10-22, 07:48 PM
Soundwave looked at the supposed Decepticon. "it" for want of a better pronoun, was definitely not of mechanical origin, the electro-magnetic impulses were all wrong. But was his initial diagnosis as organic entirely correct? He couldn't be certain... "Galvatron sent you to me, did he? I doubt there is much I can do, biomechanics is not my department. Nevertheless, follow me - I will see what I can do."

2001-10-22, 08:37 PM
Finally, some good news.

Grand nodded unecessarily at the transmission and tried his best to keep the ship level as he set it down. Despite his efforts, the landing was less than flawless.

"Defensive weaponry: Guard mode!" he cried as he ran toward the engine room. He stopped abruptly at a control panel in the wall.


The door nearby did so promptly and roughly, slamming against the ground. Grand could see his commander outside.

"Jinrai! Quickly, inside!"

Before Grand's presence was even noted, he was already on his way again.

2001-10-22, 08:40 PM
Blaster spoke again to Omega Supreme
"I'm inside autobot city with Jazz well met you on the east outer wall"

2001-10-22, 09:03 PM
Goldbug screamed to his friends.


The Autobots become one large weapon. A huge piece of weaponary. Goldbug yelled from inside it.

"Well i guess its not Cybertron, but its of a Golden age."

Omega Supreme picked up the weapon and then something shook his circuits.

"Omega Supreme destroy. Omega Supreme destryo!!!"

Goldbug didn't like this.

" This weapons fused with some of his systemes."

Rhinox twiddled hi s thumb while he was inaise this gestautl mode. He fixed the problem.


Omega Supreme fired the weapon near the left wall. Just to say he had arrived.

********* ************** **********

As they reached the left wall. The saw Blaster and Jazz.

"Hey guys. It's me Goldbug," said the voice from the weapon.


Warlord Kalloxis looked at him.


He walked away. Transporting into his base-rocket mode.

"Give me a call if you need meeee arghhhhh."

He transformed into a fuzing kind of mode. His head came out one side. While his arms and legs the other, jumbled up.

2001-10-22, 09:27 PM
Galvatron reached the comm:

Galvatron: Decepticons Soundwave needs time to complete his project...therefore I order both my squad and Gigatron's squad into full attack on the Autobots...my squad will fight only to the point where Soundwave finishes...then we shall proceed as planned! Decepticons...ATTACK!!!"

*To be continued in New Chapter!*