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2001-10-22, 09:42 PM
36 million light years away from Cybertron, there lies a white dwarf.

Around this star, there orbit four planets. Only one of these planets, Tlemen, is inhabited.

Tonight has seen the occupants of the planet gather to witness a strange phenomenon.

The people of Tlemen are on the evo-brink. Poised to make the leap into a civilised species. They have more potential than any other species in existance. Yet their records do not show if tonight's occurance is natural, or sinister.

They are gathered, twelve thousand of them, staring at the night sky, turned from purple to red. They are gathered to watch the end of their world.

A huge patch of the sky shimmers a translucent red, as if something was superimposed upon space. The patch is growing.

The natives hardly notice the chill wind, freezing their souls to the core. They do not bat an eyelid as the plantlife starts to wilt.

A child turns to it's mother, tugging to go home, it does not see the moment that transforms it's life forever. The patch consumes their sun. The white dwarf instantaneosly becomes a giant, and then collapses to form a black hole: a sudden concentration of mass that not even the fabric of the universe can sustain.

Having dragged their galaxy across it's event horizon, destroying it utterly, the time rift continued it's path, desperately consuming matter in an attempt to restore balance...

2001-10-22, 09:53 PM
(OOC: This will follow up the events of the Invasion story line. We are going to start to roleplay following the guidelines a little more closely. This story will open with with the close of the other. The Autobots are counterattacking at Autobot City: Earth, Galvatron is organizing an offensive to buy Soundwave and Reflector sometime to finish their secret project...and things are beginning to happen on Cybertron which will have some pretty dire consequences.)

Galvatron stormed out into the streets of Autobot City and sited in Prime and began to fire upon his old foe.

Galvatron: "For too long I have waited for this victory Prime...you will not thwart me when I am so close! Trypticon...attack!"

Trypticon: "Yes Galvatron! Trypticon Destroy!"

With Galvatron's order, Trypticon lumbered into battle, firing upon all the Autobot's positions and closing in on Grand Maximus.

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2001-10-22, 10:53 PM
Darkwing and Dreadwind, in their plane modes, streaked out of the city, firing at the general locations of the Autobots.
"What the heck is that?" exclaimed Dreadwind suddenly.
Darkwing scanned the area, and saw that the thing Dreadwind was talking about was Grand Maximus.
"Should we attack it?", asked Dreadwind.
"Why not?" said Darkwing. "Trypticon may need more help."
The two jets streaked towards Grand Maximus.
Ramjet came back on-line, his circuitry feeling all fuzzy. He looked up at the face of Bombshell.
"What....what's going on?", asked Ramjet.
"The Autobot's attacked you.", said Bombshell. "I brought you here to repair you."
"But....I don't....I don't remember..." Ramjet stuttered.
"Silence for now", said Bombshell, fiddiling with a control panel on the wall. "Everything will be explained in due time."
Ramjet looked over at Apeface. "What....what about him?", he asked.
"If he's back on-line when my rescue ship arrives, he can come. If not, he will have to be left behind."
A panel on Doubledealer's control's started blipping.
"That must be him", he thought to himself. "hold on, I'm coming.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-22, 11:15 PM
Skywarp stood up, still fixed on Thundercracker.

well, nothin' I can do for you for now, hopefully Soundwave or someone will get back for you

Skywarp charged towards the front of the city, past the statues he had destroyed previously. The scorch marks on the floor still fresh from Jinrai's initial attack on the sleek black jet.

It was now dawn, the sun was rising on another day, but the war had far from ended, the orange of the sky was further enhanced by the colour of laser fire that scraped across the scenery.
An explosion near to Skywarp rocked him as he made he way through the main gates of Autobot City. He searched for his first victim, his vengence for what happened to Thundercracker, but found no-one of interest.

As he continued his search he watched as Galvatron sighted Optimus Prime as his target. Galvatron's spread firing putting Prime on the back-burner somewhat.

Skywarp broke his gaze and transformed, with no particular Autobots in view he flew off and fired randomly, attempting to hit any Autobot foolish enough to re-take the city.

Dreadwind and Darkwing flew past him.

They seem to be going somewhere, awfully quickly Skywarp thought to himself. Then, in the distance, he spotted him, Skywarp had waited long enough.


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2001-10-23, 01:21 AM
Jazz spoke "Omega Supreme Do your thing" he points to the wall "make yourself an entrance"

God Jinrai
2001-10-23, 01:50 AM
Jinrai could see trypticon comming as he charged toward grand... "Grand, set primary weapons to lock on trypticon, and release the master sword... I'm going to have to deal with this guy myself!" Jinrai called out godbomber... the duo merged,and God Jinrai charged trypticon again... "well... It seems normal attacks aren't gonna cut it against gruesome... time for some REAL power... " Jinrai leapt onto grand's command tower, and entered a stance... it looked as if it were out of some earthen cartoon... joining his hands, he began to amass masterforce energy...

"This is for every autobot that has or may die because of you, you overgrown tin lizard!" Jinrai's muscle cables tensed; more masterforce energy surged into the condensing ball in his hands...

2001-10-23, 02:18 AM
Gigatron looked displeased as ever.

I suppose the meeting will have to wait, he observed as Galvatron left his quarters.

A quick glance at the viewscreen revealed several groups of Autobots approaching the city. Gigatron chose one at random (he was not sure which) and ran out after Skywarp.


Master Sword! What does he want me to do, throw it at him?!

The door slammed behind Grand as he entered the engine room. Nothing appeared to be out of place, save the red lights which continuously flashed.

"Diagnostics!" he shouted, leaning over a monitor. Sections of one anti-grav generator lit up. Grand ran to the --

The ship rocked again, as though under fire. Grand groaned and rolled his eyes as he got to work.

"The whole universe is against me!"

2001-10-23, 02:54 AM
Darkwing and Dreadwind strafed Grand Maximus' hull.

"This is so easy", said Dreadwind.

"Yeah, no problems at all", said Darkwing.

The two jets then noticed Jinrai on Grand Maximus' hull.

"Who is that?", asked Darkwing.

"Don't know. Let's find out", said Dreadwind.

The two jets streaked towards Jinrai, dodging laser blasts as they went.

One Winged Angel
2001-10-23, 03:44 AM
Bumblebee was ahead of the others and stood watching the battle.This is insane! With all this fighting by the time someone wins there won't be much of a prize.I wonder when this'll end.... Bumblebee's thoughts were interupted when a laser went past him grazing his arm.

"Ouch!",cried Bumblebee. He turned and saw a group of decepticons.

"Oh no..." He transformed to vehicle mode and drove away with the cons in hot persuit.

Ratchet thought that he was more useful as a medic than a fighter so he sent a transmission to all autobots.

"This is Ratchet, is anyone in need of medical assistence?"

2001-10-23, 07:00 AM
The two jets, Dreadwind and Darkwing, made their approach on Grand Maximus--when two ships slowly emerged behind them from below.

"Hey there!" Shatterbolt shouted.

"Remember us?" Ignition, added playfully.

2001-10-23, 11:20 AM
"Omega Supreme always, prepares."

They walk forward and meet up with them.

"Hey so what do you want us to do."

Omega Supreme stamps his foot.


"Easy big guy."

Omega Supreme looks up and uses the target master weapon to try and disintregate the nearest decepticon he can see.

********************************************* Warlord Kalloxis finds a group of Autobots.

He fires on them at close range.

Megatron and TimeSpliter remain in space.

"Bahhh. I do not take orders from you or Gigatron."

God Jinrai
2001-10-23, 02:28 PM
...Jinrai's attack was finally ready... His optics began to turn red slightly, and he thrust his massive hands forward... the energy beam lanced forth, headed straight for trypticon... Jinrai didn't intend to destroy trypticon... just buy the autobots some time to get aboard grand and hightail it back to cybertron... Jinrai shouted to those still outside... "AUTOBOTS! I SAID RETREAT! BOARD THIS SHIP, AND PREPARE FOR AN IMMEDIEATE DEPARTURE!"

2001-10-23, 05:26 PM
Overlord had waited long enough. He had watched calmly as his jet extension returned, having missed his target. He had remained calm as Trypticon fought Jinrai ineffectually. And now Grand Maximus was leaving. [i]Not if I/we can stop it[/] he/they thought.

Overlord engaged his anti-gravity boosters, rising above the ground, and streaked through the sky towards the ship, fist raised ready to bring it down on the hull.

2001-10-23, 05:43 PM
Optimus Prime remained calm as he saw his plan crumble before his eyes. So he made a new one. Jinrai called a retreat to Cybertron. But Prime felt an overwelming urge to stay behind and fight. But he knew that was foolish. And so would be leaving Chip Chase here. He made it to the energy storage. Optimus Prime opened his comm-link to Ultra Magnus, "Ultra Magnus I need you to pick up Chip Chase and bring him to Cybertron. I cannot disable Metroplex's power unless I know the Decepticons don't have him. I cannot put him in any danger. He lives 20 miles North of Metroplex."

Prime awaited his response, but knew there was the chance that this meant he wouln't be able to get off Earth anytime soon.


Ultra Magnus listened carefully to Prime's instructions, "Understood Prime. Ultra Magnus out." Was his short response, but it was enough for Ultra Magnus. Just as he was about to transform, he saw something come for him, "Oh no, not again..." Magnus Muttered as he saw Skywarp head right for his position.

2001-10-23, 05:50 PM
A decepticon near the far towers of Autobot city took a hard fall after a strafe run by Quickwind knocked him off his look-out station. Noktaraus flew in at his side in robot mode, rifle in hand. With the other hand he tapped his commlink. "Jinrai, what the hell's going on?" he demanded, agitated. "We're all here, and we're all pushing in. You might want to give an explaination to that retreat call!"

Quickwind dropped a bomb load into the courtyard, onto a mass of Decepticon troops scrambling to get out of the way. One of the most agile ships in the Autobot's inventory, Quickwind pulled straight up to get away from the blast. Noktaraus straightened his body and blasted upward to stay with him, slugging slightly behind.

"Maybe he's on to something," Quickwind said as the light from the bomb impacts reached them. "Something we don't understand..."

"He has a bad habit of jumping on whims," Noktaraus cut him off. His tragectory was still straight up, but Noktaraus afforded a look below him. Trypticon was near a farther portion of the city, Jinrai poised for a new attack. The smoke and fireballs rising from the bomb impacts hid the courtyard from view, and any damage to Decepticon troops it might have done. Off at the fringes of the city, Autobots began storming in on the Decepticons--of which were forming a strong defensive return.

"We're all here," Noktaraus said as he pressed his commlink again. "Jinrai, if you give no explaination as to what's happening, I see no reason to retreat. AND it's a waste of manpower--we'll be sitting ducks again during evac."

"Something most be wrong, Noktaraus," Quickwind said as the two turned to starboard and straightened out.

"I don't doubt it," Noktaraus answered, "but I want to know if it has anything to do with us, or simply wherever Jinrai came from..."

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2001-10-23, 08:32 PM

Grand stepped back to take a full look at the generator. He didn't know why, really; it looked exactly the same. A moment of admiring his work, and he was off for the bridge again.

Outside, the defensive weapons continued to fire at Darkwing, Dreadwind, Trypticon, and Overlord...

2001-10-23, 08:48 PM

"I have not met Prime or Jinrai since i came here. I only met Optimus in my time frame but where is he now."

Goldbug looked at Betrayal and then Rhinox.

"Everone here. I have a plan."

Goldbug walked over to Betrayal and Betrayal transformed into his Decepticon Jet mode.

"He told the autobots to get aboard the shuttle. But not if the autobots were DECEPTICONS."

He turns to Rhinox.

"Can you do it?


"Well what do you say team. I'm stayin Betrayal and Rhinox will too. So will Omega. We have been a family for so long. We were the first to arrive. We came years before the time rift opened, it took us a year before everyone else came out."

2001-10-23, 08:53 PM
Hook examined a transformation cog that he had removed from an wounded Autobot. He walked over to Soundwave.

"I don't think I can fashion a large enough transformation cog for your project within our time limits. It is too complicated. Though we could overdrive normal sized cog to cause Metroplex to transform... however the cog would be useless after the transformation."

Scrapper looked at the cog. "Yes that would propably work... but there is a possibilty that Metroplex or whatever you call him now, would get stuck in mid-transformation."

Bonecrusher stared at Adeara, who was with Soundwave at the moment. What is a flesh creature doing here? Now she is Decepticon form but I saw her before... I'm sure of it. It's size and color scheme varies compared to humangerm... I wonder what kind of a splash sound it would leave if rammed against the wall...

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2001-10-23, 09:01 PM
Soundwave glanced towards Hook and Scrapper. "I would prefer to spend extra time deducing a permanent solution to the problem, than risk a botch job for convenience sake. File the idea under 'contingency' "

He turned back to the newcomer, and began running an indetecable electromagnetic scan across the body... the closest he had to an external diagnostics check

(Outside the city)

The ground shook as the salvo sent Overlord crashing into the ground. He smiled as he hauled themself out of the imprint they had made in the dirt.

He chuckled, and they released a huge barrage of missile fire from their chest.

2001-10-23, 09:19 PM
Kalloxis leaves the planet and returns to Cybertron.

2001-10-23, 10:00 PM
Adeara had followed Soundwave after he had said to go with him. Luckily, she had been able to shut the pain off from her arm, or she'd be in a bad way. Of course, the damage was enough to trap her in her current form. "Is there anything you might be able to do? If I can't shift forms soon, I might be trapped like this." That was one problem-Too long in one form, and she'd get trapped. Not permenantly, but long enough to cause a problem to her true form.(OOC-Cryhavoc, Adeara's in her Decepticon form, not her normal fleshling form. Just to let you know.)

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2001-10-23, 10:10 PM
Soundwave was intrigued "forms? you are a shapeshifter." aaah, that should do it. He sent out a wave of ultrasonic magnetic impulses from his chest across the damaged area "All living creatures operate on electrical impulses of some kind. Hence by finding a compatible signal, all non-major damages can be treated thusly..."

2001-10-23, 10:28 PM
Blaster Sunstreaker and Jazz walked through Autbots city's many corridors looking for decepticons to turn to scrap

2001-10-23, 10:38 PM
"These two are too boring," Shatterbolt commented as she chased Darkwing. "They aren't even worth toying with."

"It doesn't help that they aren't putting up much of a fight," Ignition said while sending laserfire across Dreadwing's position. "And that Fort Max look-alike battle thing down there is holding them at bay. They aren't even really trying to shake us."

"Kinda like they've got other plans besides us?"

"Or other plans to beat us,"

Shatterbolt thought a moment. "Hey, just make sure they don't combine, and we should be okay."

"In other words, now is the time to take 'em down?"

"If ye think yer up for it." Shatterbolt joked.

"You're on!"

2001-10-23, 10:40 PM
Darkwing and Dreawind looked at the two ships.

"Oh, no. Not those two ships again", said Darkwing.

"Hey, we can beat 'em", said Dreadwind.

"all right. I hope you know what you're doing", said Darkwing.

The two jets headed towards Shatterbolt and Ignition.
Doubledealer landed his small craft near Autobot City. He pressed a small red button on his control board.
Apeface came to. As his head, Spasma felt most of the effects of Bombshell's cerebro shell. He had just asked what had happened when a red light flashed on Bombshell's panel.
"No timeto explain now", he told his two companions. "Follow me!"
The three Decepticons left the repair bay

2001-10-23, 10:56 PM
Shatterbolt watch as the two jets thrust forward and turned about, heading straight for them.

"Uh-oh," Shatterbolt said. "Think they decided to put up a fight.

If ignition were in robot mode, she would have smirked. "Good!"


Noktaraus and Quickwind circled the city from high above, watching various attacks in progress.

"Jinrai's not responding," Noktaraus finally said. "He's concentrating on that attack, whatever it's supposed to do." He tapped his commlink. "Prime, what are your orders? We're all here and ready to fight, and we won't get another shot at this. If they fortify Autobot city, Earth might as well be theirs permenantly."

Noktaraus looked over at Quickwind--the other in robot mode now as well-- and waited for a response...


"Well," Wheeljack said at the side of Omega Supreme, "if you guys are staying here, then so am I."

Hound stood next to Goldbug. "I'm with you too. I don't mean to go against a direct order, but we simply can't abandon Earth. To protect this planet and its inhabitants must come first."

Wheeljack, Goldbug, Hound and the others all turned towards the undecided Springer, Blurr, Bluestreak, Mirage and Sideswipe...

Quick Switch
2001-10-24, 12:47 AM
Quick Switch turned at Wheeljack's words, and crossed his arms.

"I agree. If we lose Metroplex, the Autobots will have nothing to counter Trypticon, and lose a Command Center."
The Hexa Changer shook his head.

"That's just to big a risk to take. When Prime gives the order, I'm scrapping Cons."

God Jinrai
2001-10-24, 01:03 AM

the masterforce beam closed on trypticon immedieately... the big black dino managed to dodge it... but not all of it.

One Winged Angel
2001-10-24, 01:40 AM
Ratchet and zeus make it to a shuttle just as it preparers to take off.
Bumblebee still being chased by decepticons tries to escape.

"This is bumblebee,Ratchet and Zeus come in!"


Zeus hears the transmission and leaves the ship just as it takes off.

Ratchet yells,"Are you crazy?" "We have to retreat!"

"Bumblebee's in trouble, I must help him!"

2001-10-24, 01:54 AM
Noktaraus looked over at Quickwind. "May I remind you Jinrai, the only authority you had was our rescue run to Cybertron, of which you bailed out of. I don't recognize your authority to order a retreat." He slapped his comm signal off.

"You know Prime will probably back it up," Quickwind added, "Jinrai's call for retreat."

"True, but perhaps not," Noktaraus said, then tapped his comm again. "Prime, stand-by. Situation may have changed. I recommend moving troops to safe-distance only, but be prepared to move in. I'll have more information soon." If we're going to pull back, let's not pull back too far...

Internally, he routed a private channel to Wheeljack. "You get all that?"


Wheeljack tapped his commlink. "Yup, especially with you hammering out Jinrai. Last thing we need right now is squabbles between troops--"

"I agree, but we've got bigger things. You think you can be ready?"

"I'll have to get closer in, closer than safe-distance, to be sure. Other than that, if they do what I think the Decepticons will, it shouldn't be a problem."

"Understood, keep low. Let me know if you need CAS and we'll be right there."

Wheeljack's comm went out. He turned to the group. "Okay, this ain't under orders of any kind, so this is all voluntary. I need three able-bodies to come with me for defense in case we need it. Sorry, Omega, but you'll be to big for this one."

"If I know what you're up to, then I'm in," Hound stepped forward.

"Anyone else?"

Quick Switch
2001-10-24, 02:02 AM
Quick Switch pondered for a moment.

"Me too, Wheeljack. Ready to roll when you say so."

2001-10-24, 02:32 AM
Wheeljack nodded. "Good, I need one more person."

2001-10-24, 06:38 AM
Blaster, Jazz and Sunstreaker kept walking through the halls of autobot city there weapons ready to fire on any decepticons that happen to appear infront of them.
"Where are they all I'm tired of just walking these halls" Blaster retorted.

Jazz looked back from the front of the three
"Soon m'man soon just keep looking"

Sunstreaker spoke from the back "We shoulda stayed with the main group"

2001-10-24, 01:50 PM
As Bombshell, Ramjet and Apeface ran through the corridors of Autobot City, they turned a corner and came face to face with Blaster, Jazz and Sunstreaker.

2001-10-24, 03:15 PM
"Prime, what are your orders? We're all here and ready to fight, and we won't get another shot at this. If they fortify Autobot city, Earth might as well be theirs permenantly."

Prime looked at the disked layed in his hand. Then he thought about what Jinrai said. Prime knew they had to get out of there, but not without diabling Metroplex. Then another signal pierced through.

"Prime, stand-by. Situation may have changed. I recommend moving troops to safe-distance only, but be prepared to move in. I'll have more information soon."

That was it a safe distance. Ultra Magnus did not report, he should have been there by now. "Autobots we are falling back head 20 miles north of Metroplex, we are regrouping there! Noktaraus, I hope that's not too far away. But it has to be done."

Optimus shut off his comm-link and rushed over to the power reserves. He inserted the disk. Before it was even finished downloading Optumus transformed and sped away. As he left he noticed Metroplex's power systems already starting to fluctuate.

2001-10-24, 04:40 PM
At Wheeljack's position....

Whitespeed stumbled onto the scene, his gun smoking from the battle. He said, "I heard ya over the radio, Wheeljack....you musta left it on....you know I'm in for a little adventure!"

Why not? the brash young Autobot car thought to himself. These old tin cans need a guy like me to show 'em how it's done!

2001-10-24, 05:04 PM
Wheeljack looked over at Whitespeed with surprise, but more with frustration.

Happened to leave it on? That was a private frequency! Whitespeed, you've been splicing signals again!...

Wheeljack shook his head, it didn't matter anyway. "All right, you're our third. That's myself, Hound, Quickswitch and Whitespeed. Rest of you follow Prime's orders and get to safe distance. We'll be around.

The group transformed to vehicle modes and made their way slowly within range of Metroplex.


"All right, that means us," Noktaraus said, pulling to port. "Retreat to safe distance.

Quickwind followed. "right behind you."

2001-10-24, 07:15 PM
Adeara nodded, listening to Soundwave. Glancing to the other Decepticons with Soundwave, particularly the one staring at her, she thought, My, people get rather interested in me when they find I'm a simple fleshling. It's....rather peculiar... Looking back to Soundwave, she said, "I'd help you if I could, but I wouldn't know what frequency to use...."

2001-10-24, 07:36 PM
Hook continued fixing the transformation cog that he had took from an Autobot body earlier. Then he turned his attention to Soundwave.

"Soundwave. There is no way that we can get this thing to transform when we are under Autobot attack if we don't get as big transformation cog as Trypticon has."

Scrapper decided to join the conversation.

"How much damage Metroplex's old cog suffered? Maybe we could repair it?"

Mixmaster walked over to Hook and Scrapper.

"Maybe we could combine several transformation cogs to form one larger like we do when we form Devastator."

Hook glanced at Mixmaster. "It could work... but we need atleast ten cogs for that."

2001-10-24, 07:45 PM
Soundwave smiled at Adeara. He transmitted a series of codes directly into her mind. "Now, heal yourself." He smiled.

He turned back to the Constructicons.

"From what information I have gathered, Metroplex's existing morphcore was vapourised by Skywarp and Thundercracker. I do not want hypothesis and chance. I require a solution. I would also like a chance to examine the giant Decepticon controlled by the two fleshlings. It's technology intrigues me..."

2001-10-24, 08:54 PM
" Uh well. I would like to go"

Said Betrayal.

"Maybe it is for defence but you might need a Decepticon."

He transformed into a Decepticon car.

Goldbug looked.

"This is gonna be tough. But we alll know one thing. Maybe three but you can't leave us all out.Besides , now i don't care what they say, we need to get into Metroplex. We are coming."

He looks around.

2001-10-24, 09:45 PM
As the group of four Autobots drove along, Whitespeed followed right behind Wheeljack and ended up getting hit in the windshield with a splash of mud.

"Blech! Watch it, Wheeljack!" Whitespeed said as he turned on his windshield wipers and swerved to the right, pulling up next to Wheeljack. "I wanna look good when we put these Decepti-goons outta commission! What's the plan, anyway?"

2001-10-24, 11:23 PM
Jazz raised his laser rifle first "DECPETI-SCUM" he aimed for Bombshell as Blaster raised his Laser rifle and aimed at Ramjet "You better bet we ain't gonna let you jet this time" Blaster retorted.
Sunstreaker aimed at Apeface "you so ugly I can't let you live" he said

All Three Autobots Jumped behind walls and opened Fire on the three decepticons

Quick Switch
2001-10-24, 11:32 PM
Quick Switch, in drill tank mode, drove next to Hound.

Hearing Whitespeed's exclamation, the Hexa Changer stifled a chuckle. He opened a secure frequency.

"Wheeljack, that may not be a bad idea. Hound, is your hologram generator functional? We'll probably need that for dirverting as many Cons as we can, if worst comes to worst."

Quick Switch put his sensors on high alert, and put his targeting sensors on maximum, searching for Seekers, ground Cons or the unmistakable shape of a combiner.

2001-10-25, 01:13 AM
Bombshell and Ramjet avoided the shots fired at them by Blaster, Jazz and Sunstreaker. but Apeface went down.

Bombshell and Ramjet went behind a wall and returned fire at the Autobots.

2001-10-25, 03:37 AM
Wheeljack continued to drive along. "We get as close to Metroplex without bein' spotted as we can. Hound's hologram gun can keep us hidden once we're in place."

Autobot City started to appear over the horizon as they drove towards a section of rock and grass. "Then, we wait. If what the Decepticons are gonna try an' do what I think they will, then we just have to be patient."

2001-10-25, 07:57 AM
(Scorponok and I worked this out before hand, it will be a joint post to save time and space.)

Galvatron looked around as several Autobots scrambled towards him. His sights were set only on Prime...his focus driving him there. Millions of years of frustration, of humiliation, of defeat...all time to repay him. Then he heard it...

Prowl: "Open fire Autobots!"

With that Prowl, Pointblank, Trailbreaker, and several other Autobots opened fire upon Galvatron...each shot hitting the massive Decepticon leader.

Prowl: "He's nearly spent, increase concentration and fire power."

Galvatron drifted down to his knees...he felt the burning sensation of pain shoot throughout his body...the seething sting of an anger and hatred so intense it matched the searing heat of any star. He was Galvatron...he was the Emperor of Destruction. He could not be conquered by these pathetic Autobots...could he?

Sixshot: "Lord Galvatron...Scorponok, Predacons, Lord Galvatron is in peril. Predacons...merge and form Predaking! Cyclonus, Lord Galvatron needs immediate assistance!"

With that said, Sixshot transformed into his wolf mode and pounced through the Autobot ranks...distracting them long enough for Predaking to storm in the battle.

Prowl: "Oh no..."

Pointblank: "Trailbreaker...we need a forcefield...NOW!"

Trailbreaker quickly threw up his field...but only those three Autobots were able to get behind it before Predaking struck. The shot sent the three Autobots within their protective dome reeling back to the Autobot shuttles.

Prowl: "The others..."

Trailbreaker: "Its too late...Prime has ordered a retreat and we don't have the energy for a second attack."

Pointblank: "Especially against that!"


Pointblank: "Come on buddy...we gotta go!"

With that Pointblank and Trailbreaker grabbed Prowl and made their way back to Prime's location...they didn' wait long enough to see Cyclonus enter the battle with their overmatched comrades.

(OOC: hey WARP thought we'd leave you some npc's to eliminate...feel free to use Predaking and Scorponok to do so...just make up some guys commence bashing.)

2001-10-25, 07:49 PM
Recieving the signals, Adeara was able to heal the wounds sufficiently enough to shift to her true form-a seven, or eight, foot tall woman with malar stripes, black hair, and blue eyes. Once shifted, the wounds vanished. Looking up, she said, "Thank you. You've saved me a lot of trouble in the future." Returning to her Decepticon form, she listened to what they were talking about.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-25, 08:47 PM
Cyclonus charged out of Autobot City as he heard Sixshot's transmission.

"Lord Galvatron...Scorponok, Predacons, Lord Galvatron is in peril. Predacons...merge and form Predaking! Cyclonus, Lord Galvatron needs immediate assistance!"

As he ran he transformed to his jet mode and made his way to Galvatron's position. As he neared he watched as the giant figure of Predaking loomed in front of him.


Cyclonus thought to himself as he flew from behind the giant. The shadow of his jet mode casting a blanket of death on the few Autobots still foolish enough to be in close proximity.

As he flew he barrel-rolled towards the Autobots and fired indescriminatly into the fleeing group. He landed behind one autobot who had frozen at the sight of Predaking, Cyclonus tapped him on the shoulder, as the Autobot turned Cyclonus grabbed his face in his hand and began to crush it. If the autobot could have made a sound he would have, but his audio relays had already been shattered, Cyclonus hoisted the disfigured autobot into the air.

"Target practice for you Sixshot"

Cyclonus said with his usual dry-humour tone.

Sixshot transformed to his robot mode and pulled out his 2 laser rifles and fired at the Autobot Cyclonus had lifted in the air. The insignificant Autobot was soon reduced to scrap as Cyclonus still held his head.

"Alas poor Autobot, you are now scrap"

Cyclonus tossed the head towards Autobot group that had watched in silence as their comrade had been torn apart.

"Who's next..."

2001-10-25, 11:15 PM
Jazz and Blaster went behind the wall suntstreaker got caught by on of the lasers and knocked down and out for a little while. The autbots and decepticons exchanged fire the shots richocheting everywhere

"Man this is getting no where" Jazz said over to Blaster after dragging Sunstreaker into cover the decepticons not so caring for their fallen comrad

Bombshell looked at Apeface not wanting to risk his own hide just kept firing at the Autobots

Blaster said fired again just missing ramjets cone
"He'll be fine" Jazz said hitting the wall beside barley missing Bombshell as he returns fire at Jazz just missing his face
(ooc: hard to fight yourself >.> )

God Jinrai
2001-10-26, 01:33 PM
Jinrai was getting extremely frustrated... he'd called this retreat hoping to save the autobots'tailpipes, and what did they do? they went on the offensive again!

"Grand, weapons systems still operational? If so, get me a warning shot on the following coordinates..."

Jinrai pinpointed the exact spot of galvatron, cyclonus and predaking... Raising his own cannon,and activating his rocket launcher, he shouted the command...


2001-10-26, 02:21 PM
Prime was already out of Autobot City, he knew Galvatron was after him, but due to Prowl and some other he was allowed to escape and get Chip Chase off Earth. He found the nearest onramp and took the human freeway. But Prime could not help thinking what happened to Ultra Magnus.

Ultra Magnus took selter behind a corner. Skywarp was targeting him, that would be his weakness, now how to exploit it. Magnus knews his mission was nullified since Prime was now going after Chase. Magnus looked at some of the autoguns of Metroplex, they had already started to go offline. "Well here we go." Magnus picked up a gun off the floor and fired it from around the corner.

2001-10-26, 04:55 PM
The whistling tril of a bomb-drop came from behind Cyclonus and his group a moment after Talis flew directly overhead, the soundwaves of his engine roar hitting the ground a moment later.

One moment just before the bomb made impact.

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StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-26, 08:58 PM
The fallen Autobots' head rolled towards the group, Cyclonus stood aside Sixshot and admired their creation.

"Now there's a work of art" Cyclonus laughed to himself.

"FIRE!!!" the shout came from behind Cyclonus who had barely enough time to get out of the way before the combined power of Jinrai and Grand's weaponry struck the ground where he had been just moments earlier, creating a massive hole where he had been.

As Cyclonus lifted himself from the attack he heard the sound of an unfamiliar jet roaring towards him.

"Autobots..." Cyclonus' words were cut short as he realised the bomb the flyer had dropped only too late. Cyclonus was thrown forward by the blast, much of his left side bore the brunt of the blast as his body landed several feet away from the initial bombed area.

He attempted to transform, but was too severly damaged to give chase, he looked back to the others caught in the blast. The shadowy outline of Sixshot caught his glance first, then as the dust settled he saw what he had hoped to, Scorponok's massive body was un-mistakable to him.

"Scorponok, take that flyer down, I want to introduce him to a friend of mine..." he let a wry grin cross his face as he saw the head of the autobot infront of him.


Skywarp continued his mercyless assault on Ultra Magnus, his aggression over losing his mould brother still at the forefront of his mind.

"I should've finished you off last time, your trick won't work now" he yelled as he banked for another attack.

Skywarp watched as Magnus dived behind a rock, taking count of the situation, his motion was rocked as Talis passed him.

what the...finally, an aerial challenge

Skywarp broke off his attack on Magnus and flew off after Talis.

2001-10-27, 07:31 AM
Talis held his ascent for a good few moments before he noticed that black speck against the backdrop of Autobot City. It was closing in on him fast. "New target acquired. Figured they'd send an interceptor." Talis reverted to his normal propulsion before his mass-thrusters gave out and leveled off at some twelve thousand feet. He polarized his hull and turned his lower quad turret around. "Here's the free sample--we'll see how you like it."

The turret opened fire.

2001-10-27, 08:06 PM
*****Inside Metroplex******

Hook replaced Metroplex's old, destroyed transformation cog with a new one, made of several smaller cogs welded together.

Then the Constructicon surgeon looked at Scrapper who was making the final modifications to Metroplex's morphcore. "It is done, though I would wait for a while if someone gets here a whole functioning morph cog." Hook said.

Scrapper got up and stared at the morphcore he had been working with. "I agree Hook. That customized cog... I would guarantee that it works if I had one more day to run tests with it... but now... I'm not even sure if it works." Scrapper sighed.

Mixmaster finished his own work and looked at Hook and Scrapper. "Hey, atleast we did everything we could."

"Bah, Galvatron don't care if we tried. He wants functioning Metrotitan. And he wants it now." Hook said, glaring angrily at Mixmaster.

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2001-10-27, 08:33 PM
Ultra Magnus finally decided to make his push, but Skywarp left. Magnus scrached his head and wondered, "What do I do now?"

God Jinrai
2001-10-27, 09:15 PM
Prime rolled up in front of a house in a small suburb... he recognized his old friend as he came running down the steps, jumping into his cab, as he opened the door...

"Good to have you back aboard, chip. We've got company... so this is gonna be a bumpy ride!"

Prime nailed the throttle, burning rubber down the main drag as he headed back for the site of autobot city... and hopefully, their ticket to safety...

Back at the ranch...

Jinrai caught sight of overlord in the distance...
"He's got to be stopped... if not taken care of, then slowed down... we can't have him closing in!"

Jinrai leapt from his post on grand's tower... opening fire on overlord as he did so...

"Grand! I need a concentrated burst of fire on overlord, ASAP!"

he landed, and made his charge, guns blazing

2001-10-27, 09:34 PM
(Again joint post with Scorponok cause its the weekend and we are both feeling ratehr lazy!)

Scorponok fired in multiple directions in his scorpion mode. Tail laser fire one way, cannons another...all trying to take out Cyclonus' assailants. As he fired Sixshot approached Galvatron.

Sixshot: "Are you all right my Lord?"

Galvatron: "I function...which is more than those accursed autobots will be able to say once I am finished with them! My internal systems are already compensating for the damage. Now then, where is Gigatron?"

Sixshot: "On the other side of the city I believe."

Galvatron: "Send him a message..tell him that this campaign is his to command...I am taking on the private mission of crushing Optimus Prime...and tell him that that miserable Prime lookalike is his to destroy!"

Sixshot: "Ah yes...the one they referred to as Jinrai?"

Galvatron: "Whatever...he has interfered too much! Gigatron will easily crush him...just as I will crush Prime!"

Galvatron took the skies hunting for his prey and Sixshot relayed the message back to Gigatron. He then moved in on Cyclonus, Scorponok, and Predaking's position.

Sixshot: "We seem to be a bit outnumbered here...perhaps Predaking should disengage!"

Scorponok: "Are you mad? Predaking is worth 50 single autobots..."

Predaking: "Since you doubt my strengths..."

Predaking launched himself towards the forward battery of Autobot defenders trying to break through the lines and cause as much destruction as possible.

Sixshot: "Ah...I am such a motivator!"
On the Autobot side, Prowl, Pointblank and Trailbreaker had paused their withdrawal at the site of Cyclonus' massacre.

Pointblank: "That does it...retreat or not I know one con that isn't going home in one piece!"


But Pointblank had already transformed and began to roll down on Cyclonus.

Prowl: "NO! AHHHHHHHH!!! Lay down covering fire and move back in...I wish that Grimlock and his Dinobots would get here to give us something to fight back on Predaking with!"

2001-10-27, 10:50 PM
Rhinox made the alterations to punch(betrayal) goldbug and himself.

"Alright thats it. Noktaraus do you want to become a decepticon, it will help us from being shot at."

"And what about you Quickwing. It is gonna help."

The autobots transform into their decepticon modes.

Punch transforms into CounterPunch.

"That is if your big boy Prime can make this work."

2001-10-27, 11:43 PM
Noktaraus received the signal in the air. "Negative, we'll keep our affiliation known as it is. I'm not sure where you come from, but out here they know us far too well."

"Hmmm," Quickwind began, "Talis has incoming."

Noktaraus nodded. "Closing fast, too."

"Should we interrupt Talis' fun, or leave him be?"

"We'll let him take care of that one, stay in loiter, in case we're needed."

"Sure hope your buddy down there knows what he's doing."

"Better than I do," Noktaraus half-chuckled...

2001-10-28, 05:34 PM
Grand just heard the back end of Jinrai's message as he entered the bridge.

"--burst of fire on overlord, ASAP!"

Grand quickly scrambled to his command chair, and targeted the enemy.



Gigatron had just decapitated another Autobot when he received Galvatron's transmission.

Third time's the charm...

He transformed to formula mode and raced across the city.


Soundwave watched the Constructicons' work in silence, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Patience, gentlemen. I'm --"

He stopped as his sensors picked up the sound of metal on metal. A quick analysis revealed it to be three small robots walking calmly toward him.

"A bit late, are we?" Soundwave questioned sarcastically, his head still facing the Constructicons.

"Autobots," Spectro replied. "How's the project coming?"

"The Constructicons have finished work on a makeshift morphcore, but I doubt its functionality. Now is the waiting phase. Perhaps we can dig up something else..."

Spyglass glanced at the others. "Perhaps we have."

This caught Soundwave's interest. He turned his head slowly, looking silently over his shoulder at the three spies.

Reflector had already transformed, and was projecting an image of a Maximus class battleship.

"We spotted this one on the way over and decided to do a bit of recon work. He is a Transformer, but he has no cog. If we could find it..."

"It would be the perfect replacement!" Soundwave interrupted. "Very well. Keep an eye on him, Reflector."

Reflector transformed, nodded, and left again.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-28, 08:37 PM
Prowl: "NO! AHHHHHHHH!!! Lay down covering fire and move back in...I wish that Grimlock and his Dinobots would get here to give us something to fight back on Predaking with!"

"No kidding" yelled Springer as he dived to one side.

"If we're gonna be the ducks, I'd prefer we weren't sitting" Sideswipe added, his back to a chunk of metal trying his best to shield himself for incoming fire.

The Ground shook as Predaking made his way towards the autobot's defensive outpost.

Springer: "Oh great, that's JUST what we need, the Decepticons are making their big push and..."

"Me GRIMLOCK smash stupid Predacons"

From behind a nearby hill came the familiar and very welcome voice of the Dinobot leader, closely followed by Slag, Sludge, Snarl and Swoop.

Grimlock's massive jaws clampped firmly onto Predaking's left arm and crushed Predaking's arm cannon. Swoop dived and released two bombs which struck Predaking square in the chest, rocking the giant.
Sludge and Snarl positioned themselves behind Predaking's legs and both swung their tails into the back of the gestalt and Slag charged the front of him sending the colossal Decepticon crashing to the ground, a mighty cloud of dust and debris was sent flying in all directions.

Springer: "Well, he does have a certain sense of style"

Sideswipe: "And timing"

Skywarp chased Talis, his increased height from the ground caused Skywarp no problem in his new body.

Talis appeared to slow down to a more normal flying speed, this gave Skywarp the opportunity he needed to fire off a couple of heat seeking missiles.

As Skywarp continued on his intercept course, he saw the underbelly of Talis turn towards him and open fire. Skywarp was showered with round after round of laser fire, however his determination to avenge Thundercracker kept him on a steady course.

2001-10-28, 11:14 PM
Jazz had pulled back now trying to get Sunstreaker up deep in a corner as Blaster layed down all the sporting fire he had he had a laser streak across his right arm where Bombshell or Ramjet hit him he wasn't sure what one.

"Come on Decepticons is that all you got" Blaster yelled showing no fear firing again one shot at each Bombshell and Ramjet
pulling back around the corner fast.

Jazz closed Sunstreakers chest plate as Sunstreakers eyes re-lit and he looked at Jazz "W..What happened" Jazz stood up raising his rifle "Nothin M'man but your gonna need repairs and to be re-waxed when we get back" Sunstreaker looked at his chest and got mad as laser fire from the cons flew down the hall. Sunstreaker stood up grabbing his rifle "They're gonna pay for that I just got myself waxed a few days ago"

Jazz laughed turning the corner and firing at Ramjet and pulling back behind the wall "well get your revenge Sunstreaker the guy who did it is still sending out bad vibes" Sunstreaker nodded and fired at Bombshell and pulling back

2001-10-29, 06:43 AM
Talis held his fire on the incoming jet. The target was persistant, that much was obvious. The lower turret kept on him as he dodged and weaved. What hits did make contact didn't seem to phase the jet a whole lot.

Then a slight glimmer caught his attention, from where the Decepticon had just banked away from. The glimmer split into two, and Talis realized they were missiles. The two came in straight for him, but none of his warning systems went off. "Now, how am I supposed to know what kind of missiles those are if I don't have an indicator flashing? I'll have to find out what does that, later..."

Talis turned his turret towards the two missiles, but kept an eye on the Decepticon jet as it came close. He put the incoming missiles in his cross-grids and poured in the firepower.

2001-10-29, 03:22 PM
Bombshell and Ramjet continued to fire at Jazz and Sunstreaker

"This is ridiculous!", said Bombshell "Let's get out of here!"

"But Apeface...", began Ramjet.

"Forget him! Let's go!" said Bombshell.

The two Decepticons ran down the hall.

2001-10-30, 01:10 AM
Blaster fired twice more at the retreating decepticons "YOU BETTER RUN" he yelled coming out from behind the corner Jazz and Sunstrekaer doing the same

"What do we do with him?" Sunstreaker exclamied moving towards the damaged Apeface

Blaster and Jazz both shrugged and moved towards him lifting him up a bit "Keep keep him out till we can get him trapped and get him to talk" Jazz said as Blaster opened his chest plate pulling a wire out of place deactivating him for now then then began to walk draggin Apeface behind them

God Jinrai
2001-10-30, 09:50 PM
in the distance, a familiar semi rig could be seen barrelling down the offramp toward metroplex... prime had returned, with chip in tow...


Jinrai poured on the firepower as heavily as he could on overlord, hoping to slow him down... firing a last burst, he took off for grand's access ramp...

2001-10-30, 10:23 PM
Galvatron looked and saw Prime, ready to leave.

Galvatron: "Not yet Prime!"

Galvatron took to the air and grabbed Prowl as he was falling back. He began to crush down on his throat.

Galvatron: "Optimus Prime...engage me now...or I'll send this autobot's mangled body back with you to Cybertron and use his head as a doorstop!"

2001-10-31, 12:11 AM
Blaster Jazz and Sunstreaker all came around the corner in time to hear Jinrai say everyone on board. All three looked at eachother clueless to what was happening."Are we evacutaing?" Sunstreaker said Blaster shrugged "I dunno we better ask or we don't go" he said Blaster and Jazz began to walk again dragging Apeface behind them and Sunstreaker followed Jazz yelled out "Hey Jinrai Where do we go to get on board?"

God Jinrai
2001-10-31, 02:50 AM
Prime skidded to a halt... his door opened, chip taking off on foot to the visible boarding hatch... Prime abruptly transformed...

"Pathetic, Galvatron. You resort to hostages to get something I'd gladly give you... something I should have given you LONG AGO..."

Prime summoned his blaster rifle from subspace, and with his trademark sharpshooting, stung galvatron's hand enough to set prowl free... He then charged Galvatron head-on...

2001-10-31, 03:03 AM
As the Autobot with the strongest internal radio transmitter, Whitespeed was the first to pick up the signal of Optimus Prime calling for a retreat to Grand Maximus. Whitespeed turned to Wheeljack and said, "That's the boss! We gotta head for that big silver city in the sky!"

2001-10-31, 04:55 AM
"Hold up," Hound interjected Whitespeed. "Wheeljack, can we leave?"

Wheeljack sighed. "This plan won't work if we can't counterattack immediately after. Maybe Prime's just callin' a feint; make the Decepticons believe we're heading out, then bringing them all back en masse when the timin's right."

Wheeljack's transmitter beeped. "Wheeljack, you holding steady?"

"Still here, Noktaraus. What do we do?"

"Can't do anything if our entire battalion leaves."

"Funny thing, I was just reflectin' on that."

"I don't understand, Prime was to put everyone out at a 20-mile radius. Why change his mind now? I can't believe he'd let Earth fend for itself. It's not like him."

"He is our leader. He's got to have something planned." Wheeljack paused a moment. "Maybe disobeying orders this time will ruin everything."

There was another pause. "It doesn't matter. We need the entire group or this won't work anyway..."


Noktaraus was frustrated. The whole point of attacking now was to prevent The Decepticons from powering up Metroplex. Now, it seemed to be the reason for retreat. When did the Autobots get to be so soft?

"Hold off until the last minute, then we'll make a break for it. Who knows, maybe the timing will work out just before we go."

"You mean, so we can still pull all this off," Wheeljack added.

"We're just going to have to see. Noktaraus out."

Both jets broke from their loiter patrol towards the new Autobot battlecity ahead. "We'll run defense for the retreat, it'll give us an excuse to stay airborne longer."

"With you," Quickwind responded.

2001-10-31, 05:32 AM
"We're taking back Autobot City like we planned Sunstreaker you can leave with the rest of 'em if ya want" Jazz said as the approached Blasters office "Well Prime ordered us to leave" Sunstreaker responded

"Sometimes ya gotta disobey the boss to get by" Blaster retoreted hauling Apeface behind him. Jazz nodded in agreement also draggin Apeface "Fine I stay" Sunstreaker said as the continued onwards down the corridor

2001-10-31, 03:04 PM
Bombshell and Ramjet raced outside the city to a waiting spacecraft.

"What is that?", asked Ramjet.

"No time to explain! Just get inseide", yelled Bombshell.

The two raced inside the ship. Only then did Ramjet notice the pilot.

"You're..." said Ramjet.

"Yes", said Doubledealer. "Prepare for liftoff."

The ship lifted up off the ground and headed away from Autobot City.
Darkwing and Dreadwind continued to attack Grand Maximus
Apeface came to, seeing Jazz and Blaster
"DIE AUTOBOTS!", he yelled, firing at both of them.

Quick Switch
2001-10-31, 03:29 PM
Quick Switch heard objections of Whitespeed and Hound made to Wheeljack.

"What's the status of this operation, Wheeljack? Is it go or no go? We can only stay hidden for so long here...Hound better think up something just in case."

Sensors on high alert, the Hexa Changer grappled mentally. Shock, this is the only opportunity we may have to keep Metroplex out of Con hands. I can't believe we haven't been spotted yet. This better work...

2001-10-31, 04:33 PM
Blaster and Jazz both got blasted in back Jazz going down Blaster to one knee Sunstreaker turned around and shot at [B]Apeface Blaster shaking his head pulling up his Electro-Scrambler turning to Apeface firing it at him "YOU DIE DECEPTI-CREEP"

2001-10-31, 05:49 PM
Adeara heard the sounds of weaponsfire, and walked towards it. Not in a great deal of hurry, she pondered at something that came to her mind. Why do I feel like I'm on the wrong side? She then shrugged the thought off. Twit, I am on the right side. If I wasn't, I wouldn't be alive today. Adeara then exited the main complex, and saw numerous groups fighting. Grand...Now what? Glad she had shifted back to her Decepticon form after healing with Soundwave's help, Adeara tried to figure out what she should do now...

2001-10-31, 06:59 PM
Overlord took the volley of fire in the chest, and landed heavily on the ground. He shook his head violently to one side. No.. It made no difference. A strange sensation, what a human might term 'groggy'

Overlord flexed the fingers, and lifted their knees. Everything worked. What was wrong. Then she realised. Giga had blacked out. Mega was in sole command of their gestalt consciousness. Overlord slowly climbed back up to his feet, but didn't stop there. The antigrav thrusters ignited, and the monolith lifted from the ground, and began continued the ascent until she was level with top of the Maximus ship.

Mega smirked, as she pulled back one of the enormous fists, and streaked across the sky, full speed, aiming the punch on at the unguarded back of the main tower.

(Somewhere in New Mexico)

They had been trekking for an eternity, when suddenly, Bludgeon stopped.

Frenzy raised glanced sideways at the Pretender. "What's your problem?"

There was no reply. Bludgeon simply stared into space.

"Ah. He's off on one again, Rav. Whadda we do? Just leave him to it?"

Ravage carefully placed the carry case on the ground. "Leave him be, Frenzy. We wait."

Bludgeon could hear none of their words, as his conscious spark extended out, and made contact with the nearest large concentration of Cybertronians, several hundred miles away.

(Autobot, nay - Decepticon, City: Earth)

Soundwave watched as Reflector wandered back the way they had come. He took the opportunity to examine the Constructicon handiwork. What did I tell them? Solutions not hypothesis. No chances. And they still proceed. Hopefully I may not need to make use of... He was shaken from his reverie by a strange tug at the atmosphere around him. He glanced around, nobody else seemed to have noticed. Hmm, a disruption in the electro magnetic aura of the city. I shouldn't be surprised, so much happening that it's probably to be expected... not like that though.

Then he remembered something else. Something from earlier... he quickly stole a march back toward the lower levels of the city... toward the room where Thundercracker had found him...

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God Jinrai
2001-10-31, 09:42 PM
Jinrai spotted overlord as he charged skyward, ready to bash in grand's control tower...


Jinrai's jets kicked in, and he rocketed up after the monster... hoping to get between it and grand... in hopes he could stop him... or perhaps...

Jinrai reached aproximately the height overlord was at, and as the destron charged grand, jinrai came up between the two... grabbing Overlord's extended arm, he flipped the mighty godmaster, flinging him downward toward the earth below...

"Grand, what's our status? how many autobots left out here?"

2001-10-31, 09:43 PM
Galvatron smiled widely as Prowl scurried away.

to himself: Finally! sweet revenge shall be mine!

Galvatron stared at Prime with pure hatred flaring his optics red. It was time to respond to countless humiliations, the defeats, and most of all the imprisonment he had suffered at Prime's hands. Prime would know how the cold entrapment felt...as he would soon embrace the frigid touch of death's hand once again...and it would be Galvatron who would lead him to his fate.

Galvatron: "You misunderstand Prime...I know how sentimental you are...and I was sick of waiting, you know that patience is not among my strongest assets! Now then...care to dance our dance one more time? Care to toss you life away recklessly into the abyss of oblivion? So come Prime, let the final moves be made...let the white king once again face the black king...let us see if you possess the strength to endure...to prevail once again."

Galvatron took to the air and began to fire upon Prime.

2001-10-31, 09:48 PM
Gigatron rolled out of a corridor, spotting God Jinrai rolling into the safe proximity of the Maximus battleship. Gigatron did not waver until a blast from the side cannon hit the ground in front of him. He transformed to robot mode.



Grand was busy trying to target Darkwing and Dreadwind, when he noticed Chip enter the bridge.

A human? Don't know this one...

Grand tried to smile, taking his focus away from the monitor momentarily.

"Hey there! Could you do me a favor and wait in the hold until we're away from the city? I'm sure --"

Grand was interrupted by a transmission from God Jinrai.

"I just got here, I don't know how many Autobots there are period!"

Grand paused as the ship shook from the impacts of laser bolts against its hull.

"But I can assure you I'm not sitting here much longer!"

2001-10-31, 09:53 PM
Mega smiled as she launched a flurry of missiles, and saw them smash into the metal of Grand Maximus' tower, but her joy was short lived as something ploughed into her from beneath, sending her crashing back down to the ground. Wha... Jinrai.... She gritted her teeth, and launched the jet arm-missile at the Autobot Godmaster. "Disreliiiiiiiiiiieve!!!!"

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StoneCold Skywarp
2001-10-31, 10:52 PM
"NO, Grimlock lead Dinobots, Grimlock not do as Prime says, Grimlock destroy Decepticons, Grimlock and Dinobots take Autobot City back, by force."

The other Dinobots butted in, in their usual dignified manner, agreeing with their leader.

"Prime stupid not to cease the opportunity that has presented itself here. Dinobots, ATTACK!"
Skywarp followed the two missiles he'd fired off on his internal systems, he tracked Talis' fire, and watched as the two missiles were turned to dust.

hmmm.... Skywarp thought to himself momentarily Guess I'll have to do this the old fashioned way.

Skywarp continued on his course to intercept Talis firing endless rounds of cannon fire at the Autobot.

That familiar sound....

Cyclonus turned in time to see all 5 Dinobot's on rampage towards him.

As he lifted himself to a standing position, he heard an engine rumble behind him, he turned his head to see Pointblank coming for him from the other direction.

He flicked a few buttons on his arm and a small compartment opened.

A small metallic cylinder dropped into Cyclonus' hand, he pressed a button either end of the device, and knelt down placing it under a shard of metal he quickly stood up.

This is no place to be now... he thought to himself as he transformed to his jet mode and flew off.

2001-10-31, 11:12 PM
Talis' armor took multiple rounds of fire as he blasted back at his opponent. Quite a few of them did more than just dent his exterior. Tough weaponry, but you'll need more...

Talis' turret set from single-fire to quad burst, hammering firepower down at his target.


"Hey," Quickwinded tipped his wing to starboard. "Take a look."

Noktaraus glanced down at Autobot City. Prime was fighting Galvatron on the outskirts, but that wasn't what caught his attention. All five Dinobots were charging into the city at full speed. "Every time I see that, I'm always glad I'm not in front of it," Noktaraus commented.

"Looks like we'll need to round them up," Quickwind hinted.

Noktaraus nodded. "Definitely. I guess we can't leave just yet." He transformed from his robot mode to flightcraft, and both ships turned towards Autobot city.

"Prep for a strafe run, just behind the Dinobots," Noktaraus ordered. "We'll use the confussion in the wake of their charge to our advantage."

God Jinrai
2001-11-01, 02:04 AM
Jinrai wasn't able to stop the missile flurry... as his attention shifted to gigatron, he caught out of the corner of his optics one of overlord's super attacks... the blackbird jet-shield-missle was on the loose... and jinrai knew more than likely, the thing wouldn't stop until either he was dead... or it was destroyed...

"well... here goes nothin!"

turning in midair, he locked his missle onto it, and launched... praying the two would collide before they got too close...

Prime had expected galvatron's response... but such hatred... such fury... he'd never seen galvatron so close to complete madness before... plasma bursts errupted time and again from his cannon... prime managed to dodge most of them... but several grazed him... one on his left shoulder, the second on his right hip, and the third left a large chunk of his right foot missing...


Prime took aim at the flying lord of destruction... and squeezed off three rounds... the first two aimed at galvatron's particle/plasma cannon... the third was simply to knock him from the sky...

2001-11-01, 08:36 AM
Galvatron glared down at Prime. The shots intended for his cannon missed the mark, but the third hit him square in the chest. While the shot caused significant damage, Galvatron was so filled with rage that he shook through the pain and dove to the ground.

Galvatron: "I'll crush you with my bare hands!"
Elsewhere Pointblank transformed and looked at the Dinobots who were now launching an offensive against the Predacons.

Pointblank: "Grimlock is right...if we fall back here, it will only encourage the Decepticons...no, it must end here and now!"

Pointblank began to fire again into a crowd of Decepticons and again began his search for Cyclonus.

2001-11-01, 08:41 AM
As the Dinobots indicated their desire to fight, Predaking was more than willing to oblige, as was Sixshot.

Sixshot: "Predaking, let's knock these morons back into extinction!"

Saying that, Sixshot transformed into pistol mode and flew into Predakings massive hand.

Predaking: "Now Dinobots...DIE!"
Elsewhere, Scorponok ran through the city tracking down Reflector and Spundwave].

Scorponok: "If this morphcore situation doesn't resolve itself soon, Galvatron is going to blow a gasket! Our window of opportunity is closing rapidly...if you need a more stable morphcore I have an alternative, but it is a risky venture to say the least."

2001-11-01, 09:18 AM
And the barrage came.

Predaking was surrounded by a hail of blaster fire and missiles as Noktaraus and Quickwind peeled through the air to their position. Just ahead of the Dinobots, they both dropped a tredulium-compressed plasma bomb at the Gestalt and flew straight over his head. The blast from both bombs and resulting cloud of debris and fire overtook what smoke trails and clouds had developed from their first onslaught of projectile weaponry. Neither could see what damage had been done, but it was definite that where injruy may have not occured, at least disorientation would exist.

And with the Dinobots charging through, diorientation became truly a weapon of mass destruction.

"Hey there, Grimlock," Noktaraus sent a signal to the Dinobot leader's comm, "thought you boys could use a hand breaking into Autobot city. We'll keep in the area and assist Swoop with Combat Air Patrol for the while. If you'll have us."

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God Jinrai
2001-11-01, 01:58 PM
"Now, WHERE have I heard THAT one before, Galvatron?"

Prime leapt skyward, gun blazing, his left hand cocked back to, if need be, clock the decepticon commander out of the sky...

2001-11-01, 02:36 PM
Whitespeed turned to Quickswitch, Hound and Wheeljack and said, "I can't take it anymore! If you guys wanna lie in the weeds, that's fine! But find some other sucker to do it with ya, cuz there's a battle down there, and I'm gonna fight it!" He transformed and rocketed off the hill, engaging his temporary flight mechanism as he sailed over the forest between he and the battlefield.

2001-11-01, 03:41 PM
Apeface went down from the Autobot's fire.
Darkwing and Dreadwind saw Grand Maximus land.

"Well", said Darkwing. "Our jobs just became a little easier."

2001-11-01, 06:02 PM
Wheeljack watched Whitespeed peel down the hillside, "Youth."

"They can't sit still," Hound added.


Darkwing found both Scattershot and Ignition hot on his tail, weapons blazing.

"Give up yet? Ignition shouted. "No? Good!"

2001-11-01, 08:21 PM
Blaster looked up at Sunstreaker then down at Jazz "WEll Sunstreaker.. who you wanna carry the diry ape or Jazz?" Sunstreaker nodded "I'll take Jazz the ape may scrape my paint job." Sunstreaker walked over to Jazz picking him up and Blaster did the same to apeface. "Well lets go" Blaster said as he began to walk Sunstreaker following

2001-11-01, 08:37 PM
Hook glared at Soundwave. "So mighty Soundwave? Shall we activate the morphcore or is there something else that we should know? There is a 82% chance that our makeshift morphcog will work. If we get Metrotitan to work there is now way that the Autobots can win."

Bonecrusher began to get impatient. "There is battle going on! Let's form Devastator and crush those pathetic Autobots!!! I wanna fight! I don't want to sit here!"

Scrapper turned towards Soundwave. "Has everyone of you forgotten the fact that we have dozens of weapon satellites on Earth's orbit? We could threaten to destroy several human cities if the Autobots don't surrender."

2001-11-01, 08:42 PM
Soundwave glanced back over his shoulder toward the Constructicons.

"I do not want 82% chances. I want 100% certainties. The success of this operation is not immediately required, if it needs to be postponed, it can be." He looked toward Bonecrusher "If you wish to engage the enemy, feel free."

He turned and continued his journey back down below.

Quick Switch
2001-11-01, 09:13 PM
Quick Switch watched Whitespeed zoom down the hill.

He also heard Wheeljack and Hound's comments, and pondered.

Wheeljack and Hound are right...what's the sense of urgency here? If the Cons find us, there'll be a fight. Once we do whatever it is Wheeljack's got planned, they'll be a fight. Makes no difference. I'm waiting.

"That turbo-revin' young punk's gonna get himself scrapped," the Hexa Changer opined to the Lancia and Jeep.

Quick Switch spun the drill bit in his tank mode, testing it, then switched it back to neutral. He kept his sensors on maximum, though.

2001-11-02, 06:44 AM
"Well, it's best if we moved location a bit," Hound commented. "Whitespeed most likely looked to appear out of no where with my hologram up, but all they need is a point of reference and it leads them right to us."

"Good point," Wheeljack nodded. "Okay, we'll move position." The three made there way to a new watchpoint, but still at the distance they needed to be at.

2001-11-02, 08:09 AM
Galvatron took a punch from Prime and reeled backwards on the ground.

Galvatron: {comm link to soundwave} "This is taking too long...get the project operational now! I will crush Prime and we can be off this mudball!"

Galvatron then turned his attention back to Prime: "What? No heroic speech...no statement of the superiority of good and right and all that justice garbage you always prattle off?"

Without giving Prime a chance to answer, Galvatron dove towards the Autobot leader with an energon blade.
Scorpy is working out of tow today so I am controlling his character till that slacker gets back

Scoponok looked at Soundwave again.

Scorponok: 'I realize that we haven't always seen eye to eye, but I may have the answer you are looking for...'

With that Scoponok hand Soundwave the Mega Zarak plans.

Scorponok: "Well? Would this work?"
(Since the Dino's except grimlock are npc's i can rough a couple of them up right?)

Predaking looked all around him and grew more and more angered. He began to fire Sixshot rapidly in the direction of his attackers, glaring down the dinobots in particular.

Predaking: "Dinobots...time to become extinct."

glaring down his foes, Predaking tossed Sixshot into the air, who transformed into wolf mode and pounced down on Slag. Predaking then grabbed Sludge by the tail and lifted him into the air. The massive Dinobot cause Predaking some stress, but not so much that he wasn't able to toss him towards some of the others.

Predaking: "Come...face me...meet your doom!"

2001-11-02, 09:06 AM
"The afteraffect of the bombs seem to be helping," Quickwind said. "Predaking can't seem to get an accurate shot in."

The two jets made a full turnabout and came in on Predaking's back as he threw Sixshot into the Dinobot fray. Noktaraus straightened out. "Prep for second salvo, fire on my mark."

He waited for the target lock, as did Quickwind. His grids went from red to green. "Fire!"

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God Jinrai
2001-11-02, 05:09 PM
A compartment on prime's right arm opened suddenly, and an energon shield activated, stopping the blade from doing any damage...

"No, galvatron... only THIS!"

Prime's arms were cocked down, and the instant following galvatron's strike, prime made his big swing... his clasped fists sailed upward toward the decepticon commander's chest... Prime hoped it'd be enough to put him down for the moment... he needed to get EVERYONE out of here... NOW!

2001-11-02, 06:07 PM
If Soundwave had a mouth, he would have snarled at Scorponok. Instead, he remained impassive. I'm surrounded by fools. Can they not see I'm trying to go somewhere.

He calmly and politely took the disc from Scorponok "It will not have escaped your attention, but I have no data-viewing equipment to hand. I will study it when I reach my destination" {i]If I ever get there[/i] he mentally added. Oh, why bother, I can just pluck the information out of the arrogant cretin's head...

2001-11-02, 06:14 PM
Cliffjumper shot round the corner, on two wheels like he was in some cheap saturday morning cartoon. While they were no slouches, Nightbeat and Smokescreen were having trouble keeping up. All three were pushing their car modes as far as they dared.

"Y'know Nightbeat, if you hadn't have been so thorough checking out a satellite that crashed because Wheeljack's inventions always explode, we'd be there by now!" Cliffjumper growled over the roar of his engine.

"Hey, simmer down short stuff!" Smokescreen interjected. "How the heck were we mean to know Autobot City would get wasted? And we probably wouldn't have made much difference."

"Speak fer yerself!" Cliffjumper responded tersely.

Nightbeat moved to the front of the group.

"C'mon guys, less talkin' more drivin'!"

2001-11-02, 08:02 PM
Enraged Scavenger stared after Soundwave as the communications officer left the chamber where the morphcore was located.

"Soundwave wants a perfect transformation cog. Perhaps his awesome intelligence did not thought the fact that Galvatron is going to rip us into tiny pieces if we don't get Metrotitan up and running soon."

Long Haul glanced at Scavenger. "True enough."

"Just shut up! I'm trying to make sure that this cog will work!" Hook snapped at the other Constructicons. "I don't want to hear your pathetic hypothesis! Just shut up!"

Scrapper examined the structucal changes that Hook was making to the morphcore. "Simulation tests indicate 95% chances that the cog will work Hook at the moment." He said calmly, not reacting to Hook's earlier outburst.

"And that's all that I can do with these equipment Scrapper." Hook said, acting clearly more calm than sometime ago. "In this situation 95% is enough for me. I think it would be time to start the transformation process..."

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2001-11-02, 08:22 PM
Soundwave listened intently over his subspace radio, good thing I left this tuned into the bugs I left in that chamber. He patched directly into the chamber.

**Hook, it may have escaped your attention, but Galvatron has placed me in command of this operation. I give the command to fit the morphcore when I feel it is ready. Any attempt to override my decision will be classified as insubordination. Your squabbling is also made irrelevant by the fact that, even with a functioning morphcore, he has no lifespark, vorcode or sentience. I assume I need not elaborate further...**

He cut the connection before the Constructicon could reply, and turned his attention back to Scorponok

2001-11-02, 09:00 PM
Hook hitted the wall beside him hard. "I... aaargh... forget it... it won't help us at all."

Scrapper was busy analyzing the controlsystems of Metrotitan. "We don't need this giant being sentient. Its very transformation should be enough to scare the Autobots to retreat... and taking control of the weapon arsenal of Metrotitan is not compared to building a transformation cog."

Mixmaster turned towards Scrapper. "What about the weaponsatellites? Why can't we use them to fire at the Autobots attacking us?"

"The possibility of hitting our Decepticon brothers is too high." Scrapper said, not letting his attention away from the controlsystems.

2001-11-02, 10:51 PM
Scorponok was not the most patient of Decepticons and he could tell Soundwave was in a similar position.

Scorponok: "Allow me..."

Taking the plans from Soundwave, he interfaced with with one of the Autobot's computers and brought up the Zarak Protocols file.

Scoponok: "Well...what do you think? The only possible problem I foresee besides retrieval would be compatibility."

2001-11-03, 09:10 PM
Dreadwind fired at Shatterbolt and Ignition who were firing at Darkwing.

"I was hoping we'd run into you, again" Dreadwind said.
In his small craft, Doubledealer, Bombshell, and Ramjet sat. Ramjet was wondering something.
"What are we going to do now?", he asked.
"We're going to watch as the Autobots and Decepticons blow themselves up", began Bombshell
"...then walk in and take over", Doubledealer completed.

2001-11-04, 12:38 AM
"Gah!" Shatterbolt screamed as bolts of energy seared through one wing. She broke hard left to avoid the rest of the onslaught as Ignition pulled a loop in reverse, coming in straight for Dreadwind.

"That was a dumb thing to do!" she shouted as she poured on the laserfire.


Skywarp streaked by Talis, giving him a final strafing run in the process. Talis' top turret swiveled over and arched high for Skywarp's position...

...but he wasn't there!

A moment later, two missiles smashed into Talis' underbelly, causing him to buck hard. Skywarp repeated his flyby from underneath as Talis gained control again. His top turret shot after the target, but he was already too far away.

Teleportation. Talis turned hard to port, heading for the Decepticon he knew would come about for another attack. I've heard of you...

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2001-11-04, 08:14 PM
Jazz finally started to come back online laying in the forest "man what happened" Sunstreaker looked at Jazz "You got blasted by Apeface from behind". Jazz nodded pulling himself into a sitting position.
Blaster kept watch on Apeface keeping him away from Jazz and Sunstreaker incase Apeface did wake up. He had his Electro-Scrambler ready to deactivate him again.

2001-11-05, 08:05 PM
Soundwave looked at the images. He knew to walk out on Scorponok would have awkward repurcussion, yet he needed to be somewhere else... soon.

"Yes? All very interesting, Scorponok. A giant body for yourself... your point being... what?"

New Mexico.

Bludgeon smiled as he managed to locate the nearest body of Transformers. He snapped back into consciousness. He pointed. "That way."

"Oh joy... a magician as well as ugly..."

They turned left, and started walking...

2001-11-05, 10:16 PM
Scorponok looked at Soundwave and shook his head.

Scorponok: "You have even less imagination than I remember...you have need of a morphcore...something which I possess, yet am not using...if you want it, I will take a team and get it, if not stop looking at me with your dense looks and allow me to return to the battle where something useful and worthy of my time will develop.
Sixshot was losing his patience...on one side there were Dinobots, on the other an assortment of Autobots rallying around that nuisance Pointblank. Predaking was being hit hard on all sides and he had virtually no back up...it was time to leave and quick the plan into high gear.

Sixshot: "Cyclonus how much longer are we gonna have to put up this ridicuous front?"

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-11-06, 12:46 AM
"The device is set, I suggest a tactical withdrawl and soon unless you want to be scrapped"

The comm message crackled over to Predaking and Sixshot loud and clear as Cyclonus continued his flight away from the battle area and directly into the path of Swoop who had broken away from the main battle.

"You, who are you?"

"Me Swoop, and you history" the dinobot toyed with the futuristic decepticon and gave chase after him. Cyclonus did not want to be around when the bomb exploded.

Skywarp continued his assault on Talis, he used his teleportation techniques to great effect scoring several hits and several near misses on the autobot, who's slow weaponry did him no favours.

As Skywarp began another attack wave something in the distance caught his eye, it was moving towards their location, and fast, it gave Talis the opportunity he needed to locate his target and unleash all the firepower from his turrets causing Skywarp to lose control and plummet to the ground beneath him.
Grimlock and his dinobots had set out the way they intended to continue, through as many decepticon carcasses as possible.

The strafing motion of Quickwind and Noktaraus had given the Dinobots enough time to regroup after their initial quick battle against Predaking.

"Me Grimlock enjoy good fight, Predaking, you are nothing but a simple fleshling's play thing compared to Dinobots, you all brawn, no brains"

Grimlock charged again at the massive Decepticon, showing no fear he clamped his massive jaws into Predaking's waist and tossed him to one side. Slag charged the gestalt clean through a wall of Autobot City as Snarl and Sludge continued the barrage of laser fire.
Springer watched on as the Dinobots fought against the mammoth Predaking.

I can't just sit here and do nothing like some coward, it's just not my style

"...not my style..." Springer's thoughts had formed a sentance that managed to creep out of his mouth.

"Not mine either, but what chance do we stand, look at it out there, it's a case of be scrap or be the victor..." Sideswipe tried to reason with Springer.

"Well, I can't just sit here Sideswipe, I need to be down there, in the action, we need to take back Autobot City."

"Yeah, we need to get Autobot City back, but by what cost?"

"Cost? Prime sacrificed his own life last time this happened, I need people who are willing to make that sacrifice. You say it's a case of be scrap of be the victor, I say it's a case of make *them* scrap and win."

Springer picked up his sword and laser rifle from the ground, brushed off some of the earth that had stuck to his legs, he glanced sideways at Sideswipe.

"well, you in?"

Sideswipe didn't give a second thought to his answer. "yeah, you know I am!"

Springer charged over the hill that the Autobots had ducked behind when Predaking had combined.


2001-11-06, 12:59 AM
Gigatron grew annoyed. He watched Jinrai do battle with Overlord, floating above the Maximus battleship.

This is absurd. I am Gigatron, the mighty! No mere battleship is challenge enough to stop me...

By this time, Gigatron had already unconciously transformed to jet mode and opened fire on Maximus.



Grand grew annoyed. He had waited long enough, and he was now under attack from another Decepticon too fast for him to hit. He put his weapons on defensive mode, and hit the external PA system.

"Autobots! Board the Maximus battleship now! We are leaving in five cycles, with or without you!"


Roadbuster grew happy. He watched from behind his protective boulder as Springer scaled the bunker and shouted that familiar cry.

"That's my cue!"

He jumped out of his slouch, spun around, and chased Springer and Sideswipe, firing his laser rifle wildly.

2001-11-06, 07:09 AM
Talis turned partially to starboard, bearing both turrets onto Skywarp. The blasts struck home, practically trapping the jet between both gun arcs. Quickly, Talis' side hardpoint slid out of its bay, aiming a concussion missile at the disordered Decepticon. A quick lock later, he fired.

2001-11-06, 07:38 PM
Mega glared at Jinrai, but suddenly grew dizzy wha...

As Giga re-awoke, his mind instantly merged with that of his wife, reasserting the combined consciousness of Overlord.

Fully restored to his maximum mental capacity, Overlord smiled. He calmly focussed his energies, and felt the wash of Masterforce energy fill his circuitry, he hung back, watching Jinrai, as he prepared to unleash the full brunt of his powers at the Cybertron.


Soundwave nearly chuckled. Still as easily antagonised as ever... your manipulative malleability remains unchanged, Scorponok. "Do as you wish. Send a patrol to recover whatever is necessary from this body - as long as the morphcore's vorcode matrix is compatible with that of Metroplex I have no qualm about where it comes from."

(178 miles away)

Ravage jumped as he heard the clatter. He spun around urgently, only to see Frenzy stood trembling over the chassis of Rumble, now lying on the floor. He tilted his head inquisitively.

"He... I mean, I... I mean... HE MOVED, RAV!"


"His arm twitched as I was carrying him... scared the life outta me..."

"Hmmm? Is that all?" Ravage replied, his mouth full of the carrier's handle. "This box has been shaking for a cycle."

"But... wha?"

"Come now, Frenzy, surely you remember our theory about carrier / module symbiosis?"

The penny dropped. "Aaah, y'mean the bond we share with Soundwave..."

"Yes, Frenzy. Rumble's spasm was just his neuranet responding to the increase in proximity to Soundwave's biotech signature."

"You cassettes talk far too much." Muttered Bludgeon from a hundred yards back down the trail. "We're less than two hundred miles from the nearest concentration of Cybertronians." he said loudly.

Ravage smiled. "Good."

2001-11-06, 10:10 PM
Scorponok glared at Soundwave: "I really don't like you..but you already know that don't you?"

With that, Scorponok turned and called upon Sixshot and the Predacons.

Scorponok: "Pull back...we have something to do...and we must be quick!"

Sixshot: "WHAT?!? In the middle of a fight?"

The predacons disengaged into their seperate components and raced away, sixshot in tow, they picked up Scorponok and flew to a large mountain vault on the opposite side of the city.

Scorponok: "It is here...I can sense the Mega Zarak's presence..."

Sixshot: "Predacons, merge! and get us inside."

Predaking formed and began to pry the walls open. The Autobots had already abandoned the mountain vault so to protect the city.

Scorponok: "Sixshot, go to the west wing and grab the personality components the Autobots have locked here...the fools. I will liberate the core from the Zarak...Predaking, stand guard."

Scorponok moved quickly as did Sixshot, within moments they had what the came for and were on their way back to the city.

Scorponok flew past the Autobot fighters and to Soundwave: "here, see if you can be useful for a change..."
galvatron pushed prime back a few feet and glared at him.

Galvatron: "For too long you have kept me from what I have wanted...now you have lost. Your forces flee...why don't you join them? You have Metroplex's personality component, all you are giving up with the shell...leave with your life, spare your autobots from the death that awaits them should they stay..."

God Jinrai
2001-11-07, 01:20 AM
"Spare me the sarcasm, galvatron. Unlike you decepticons, we autobots have no choice but to go all or nothing... " Prime lashed out, his right hand tensing into a fist... he was litterally trying to knock galvatron's head off... Prime had become enraged over the last few minutes... he knew that by now... metroplex was lost... but yet... now... there were TWO maximus battleships the autobots held... his optics suddenly dimmed and prime's right leg lashed out at galvatron in a mighty arc... he then transformed... burning rubber for grand maximus... shouting as he did so...


Prime arrived at the entry ramp for grand maximus... transforming, he drew his rifle from subspace, laying down cover fire for the others retreating...

Overhead, Jinrai was having problems of his own... He could tell something was not right... It suddenly dawned on him what it was... Overlord was whole again... previously, he'd sensed only slight energies emmenating from overlord... now.. he could feel it plain as day... overlord's full power. Jinrai let the masterforce engulf himself...

"Well. now that you're both awake... maybe we can finish what we started before!"

Jinrai's rocket launcher locked overlord's energy signature... and fired... Meanwhile, he was ammasing power for his ultimate attack...

2001-11-07, 03:04 AM
Grand could hear the rally echoing down the halls and into the bridge. He smiled just as another blast from Gigatron impacted with the hull of the ship.

Perhaps now they'll get on board...



Reflector remained motionless, in camera mode on a high tower of Metroplex.

"Optimus Prime is covering the entrance. We must wait..."


Roadbuster stopped. He stood straight up, oblivious to the battle, as though he'd been touched by an angel.

"Springer...Prime's calling a full retreat! He says all who disobey will be labelled traitors. What do we do?"

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2001-11-07, 08:26 AM
Galvatron smiled as Prime pulled out of the fight. It had all worked even better than he would have planned. The Autobots had been ordered on a full retreat, a new morphcore had been located, and their new weapon was about to go online.

Galvatron: "All Decepticons, to your teams! Skywarp...see that all the damaged are properly repaired and make your preperations. As soon as Soundwave installs the cog, we will proceed!"
Pointblank and Prowl glared at each other and began to make their way towards Grand.

Pointblank shot an angry look at Prime as he prepared to board the ship.

2001-11-07, 08:42 AM
Noktaraus gave one final flyby, as Predaking disengaged to his five smaller components. Quickwind kept on his wing, when the announcement from Prime went out to everyone.

"That's it, we've held out here as long as we can. Talis, follow me in. We're disengaging."


Wheeljack lowered his head slightly, looking at other Autobots making their way to the other giant city.

"Hold position," he whispered.


2001-11-07, 08:54 AM
Blaster heard primes order come through his comm-line and closed it looking at Apeface "I wanna take that city back and I'm gonna and not you or any decepticon can stop me not even Optimus". He stood up and kicked apeface's lifeless body walking in the direction of Jazz and Sunstreaker

2001-11-07, 05:39 PM
Whitespeed transformed to robot mode and landed from his long, arcing jump over the battlefield. He skidded to a halt right behind Prime, whipped out his twin laser rifles and said, "Get inside, Prime! I'll hold 'em off!"

2001-11-07, 06:34 PM
"The Autobots are retreating... this changes everything." Hook said, rubbing his chin.

"Constructicons, spread out." Scrapper said. "There are much repairs to be made. I will stay here at the control center of Metrotitan, taking care of the final modifications."

Hook glanced at Scrapper. "If you need me, I'm at med bay. I vague that they need me to repair the wounded." Then Hook stepped out from the room and began walking towards the med bay.

After Long Haul, Scavenger, Mixmaster and Bonecrusher were given instructions by Scrapper, the four Constructicons left to do their work. Scrapper then began to work with the morphcore. Only his feet were visible as he had pulled himself under the large device that was part of the morphcore.

2001-11-07, 07:26 PM
Overlord released the wave of energy in an instant. Powerful enough to melt almost anything, it collided with Jinrai's missile.

The explosion as the two forces collided was phenomenal. A bliding flash of light filled the sky, the shockwaves caused by it spreading out, knocking the Overlord back across the sky... beyond the horizon.


Soundwave stood in the stasis hangar. He examined the pod before him intently, as the data he had downloaded earlier from the room's control panels flashed in front of his eyes.

"Fascinating" his hand hovered above the acivation panel, but he withdrew it quickly. "No... not yet... I must be more certain."

He turned his head sharply as he heard an explosion outside. Hmmm. Scorponok should have returned from his jaunt by now. He patched a signal through to the Constructicons.

#Scrapper! This is Soundwave. Report status - has Scorponok's cargo been delivered yet?#

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God Jinrai
2001-11-07, 07:40 PM
"Negative, whitespeed... you're the one to get aboard!"

Prime suddenly spotted scorpinok returning to metroplex...


Jinrai managed to recover from the blast.. and opened fire on overlord as he retreated for grand maximus...

"this is far from over, mega and giga..."

"GRAND! Prepare for immedieate takeoff!"

2001-11-07, 07:56 PM
Whitespeed heeded Prime's order and rushed aboard the ship. He ran into Prowl and Pointblank and said, "Ain't that a bizitch, guys? When'd Prime decide that all we'd do is retreat? I hate running!"

2001-11-07, 08:29 PM
Scrapper heard Soundwave's transmission and answered to his question, still making adjustments to the morphcore which was still waiting for the transformation cog to be installed.

#Scrapper here Soundwave. The morph cog has not been brought to me yet but the morph core is now repaired. They just need to get that cog to me. What about Metrotitan's personality programming? Are you able to do it?#

2001-11-07, 10:33 PM
Scorponok made his way to the Constructicons with Sixshot in tow.

Scorponok: "I think you will find that each of these should suit our purposes!"

Sixshot: "One contains the morphcore, the other contains a personality component that Galvatron selected for the Metrotitan project. It should work."

Scorponok: "Work with haste constructicons, and due try not to mix up the two boxes! We are making our way to our teams...hurry!"

2001-11-07, 11:28 PM
Talis turned about for the new battle-city ahead. Skywarp had broken off his attack--which while it meant no more assaults on Talis, Talis figured it was probably a better thing for Skywarp. Various Autobots were making their way to the city as well in time for take-off. Even Noktaraus and Quickwind were on their way in. Scatterbolt and Ignition were no where to be found--perhaps already on board the base.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-11-07, 11:35 PM
"Springer...Prime's calling a full retreat! He says all who disobey will be labelled traitors. What do we do?"

Roadbuster cried to Springer as his sword sliced through a Decepticon.

Springer: "Roadbuster, I'm here to do a job, take back Autobot City at any cost, traitor or not, I'm taking my home back"

Sideswipe: "but Prime said to retreat, he sounded it for a reason, and for Prime to do that, it must be a good one"

Springer paused for a moment then fired several shots towards a group on rushing Decepticons.

Springer: "I ain't going no-where"


Cyclonus began counting down in his head.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... he waited a moment what, what happened to the explosion I had rigged...

Cyclonus' lapse in concentration allowed Swoop to fire off two missles that made full contact with the rear of Cyclonus.

"MISERABLE AUTOBOT" Cyclonus cried as he heard Galvatron's transmission over the comm.

He broke from his course going into a freefall dive throwing Swoop off his trail and heading towards Gigatron's position.


Grimlock snarled.

"Miserable Predacon scum run away, they scared of Dinobots, or maybe they have something planned that we not know about."

Predaking seemed not to care much about fight, Decepticons don't run from fight unless they have an unseen advantage, Galvatron not stupid like Megatron, Galvatron call his troops back for a reason, must be a good one

"Dinobots fall back, Galvatron planning something.....big"

2001-11-07, 11:48 PM
Grand looked over his shoulder at God Jinrai, letting a light smile escape his hidden lips.

"I never thought I'd be happy to hear that!"

He glanced back at the system of monitors at the front of the bridge, watching Autobots scramble toward the ship from all directions.



Gigatron listened to Galvatron's words as he dodged another blast from the cannons atop Maximus.

"Another day, Autobot! Another day you die!"

He cut abruptly starboard, returning to the city.


Roadbuster stood confused for another moment, then instinctively returned to combat. He mumbled under his breath.

"Prime did call the retreat, but I'd rather Prime call me a traitor than Springer call me a coward. After all..."

He stopped, fired a shrapnel-missile from his shoulder cannon, and returned his voice to full volume.

"How could I live as Roadbuster, the non-Wrecker?"

2001-11-08, 01:24 AM
Jazz and Sunstreaker drove in Primes direction Jazz spoke up first "I wonder what Blasters plannin" Sunstreaker pulled off ahead of hims "Who cares aslong as he comes back in one peice"

(Flec: Sig removal.)

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2001-11-08, 08:37 PM
Soundwave received Scrapper's reply. He sighed.

He ran a hand over the glass of the stasis pod. "Ah well, my beauty... needs must when Galvatron drives. You can wait a bit longer... it's not as if you'd notice another few hours..."

He stepped outside the chamber, and sealed the door behind him, pausing only to encrypt the lock. "Can't be too careful, now can we?"

He began the trek back to the control centre.

(80 miles away)

Bludgeon stopped. He stood perfectly still, and gazed into the distance.

Frenzy noticed. "Er... Rav. He's off on one again."

Ravage turned to speak, but stopped short. Something else had caught his attention. A sound in the distance. He turned his head in the direction of the noise, and noticed that it was the same direction Bludgeon was staring into.

The Pretender listened intently. "Something large, headed this way. Airborne. It will land..." he pointed with his sword "There!"

Frenzy watched as Bludgeon darted off into the distance. "Core of Unicron... the guy's a loon." He followed, naturally, as Ravage was doing so, with Rumble's body dragging on the ground behind him.

2001-11-08, 08:39 PM
Scrapper took the transformation cog out of the other box, glaring angrily at the arrogant Decepticon sub-commander. Scrapper's face was protected by faceplate and visor, thus preventing Scorponok to see his emotions.

"Just leave me alone Scorponok. I don't need you to bark orders to me. I have work to do." He spitted out and turned towards the transformation equipment which only needed the morph cog.

Gently Scrapper placed the cog in to the slot where it belonged. He carefully made some adjustments to it and turned on the stabilation field around the cog. The device began to hum silently. It is working...

Then Scrapper took the personality component and inserted it to Metrotitan's main CPU's interface. There... If this goliath doesn't start moving after I pull the powerlever... it is because of lack of energon... he thought.

The Constructicon engineer proceeded to do final test scans to Metrotitan's system. Everything work just fine. Then Scrapper placed his hand on the the power switch of Metrotitan's main CPU and and pulled it.

Quick Switch
2001-11-08, 09:37 PM
Quick Switch, in robot mode, nodded at Wheeljack's request to hold position.

"No problem, Wheeljack," he replied softly.

The Hexa Changer narrowed his optics as he watched the Decepticon activity nearby.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-11-08, 09:52 PM
The darkness surrounded, oppressing, threatening, consuming.

The silence was deafening, mind splitting, swallowing.

It lasted an eternity.

Then, light. A tiny point of light in the distance. It grew, getting closer. A small blue ball of energy. Pulsating with life. Electrons encircled its crackling surface.

It grew. It consumed the darkness, filling the recesses and corners, purging the blackness. Then, it vanished.

Then, he heard. A faint murmur at first. Gradually it built up, growing steadily louder. A constant noise. A cacophany of aural insanity.

He could distinguish every detail of it. Every whispered confession, every clank of loose plating. Every footstep.

Then, he felt the footsteps as he heard them. He felt every lift and clang, every scrape and buckle upon his metallic structure. And it filled him with pain.

He tried to see what was paining him, but the blackness remained.

Instinctively, he tried to move - to lash out at the irritations, akin to flies walking on bare skin. He could not move.

He screamed. A long, agonised, painful scream from the heart of his very soul.

No sound was made.

The pain and frustration tore through his system. He screamed again, and this time the only sound he heard was the echo of his agony, reverberating around his mind, drowning out all other noise, filling his mind with his pain and grief.

He was awake. He was alive. He was angry.

He was Metrotitan.

2001-11-08, 10:42 PM

Wheeljack opened the panel on top of the casing in front of him. The monitor lit up as multiple readouts filled themselves in. When the screen showed a representation of a face, Wheeljack jammed down on the large red button bottom-center of the mini-console.

The readouts went wild as Metroplex's consciousness within the large case came to full. The spectrum-pulses were sent from the case to the seiged city that was his body. His systems quickly realized a lack of energy, a tertiary personality program installed and encrypted, most his weapon systems off-line and a functioning but altered transformation cog. There were also multiple individuals within his construct walking around various corridors. His internal defense mechanisms had been deactivated or destroyed on all his main levels and decks.

Metroplex ignored the personality program, as his own was of immediate dominance to the construct. A quick pulse was sent to a dormant section of his city-mode, tapping into an emergency reserve energon source. After a few moments, the city construct began its slow transformation to robot mode.

Then, the limbs moved. The cranium looked down and around at the Decepticons, of which were obviously waiting for the captured city to attack the Autobots retreating.

It did no such thing. Metroplex transmitted to its right leg, raising it off the ground and stomping down on three Decepticons unprepared for the sudden change in tactics. Most of Metroplex's weapons were already knocked out, and only certain robot-specific firearms were in activation. Metroplex used them on the Decepticons, identifying them quickly.

"It's working," Wheeljack said. "Metroplex's consciousness is within range of his body...he's takin' control again."

"Can it override any sort of programming the Decepticons create for it?" Hound asked.

"So long as there was no specific lock-down program for Metroplex's core neuranet. Which we took with us. Meanin' they wouldn't have had a template to make a program block. Metroplex would be the dominant mind." Wheeljack tapped his comm. "We've got control again, if the Autobots are goin' to counterattack, now's the time!"


Noktaraus heard Wheeljack's signal, but his concerns kept him from responding right away. Optimus Prime was not answering his hails.

"Prime, I repeat, we have successfully regained control of Metroplex, but our time is limited! It'll be some time before they'll be able to scramble the spectrum-pulse itself, but they can still track it and find its source. They'll launch a strike for it, and it'll mean Metroplex won't be fighting on our side for much longer. This is it, Prime--this is what we were waiting for. This is what we were attempting to do. The time to attack is now!"

But no response came. No response ever came.

"Dammit!" Noktaraus growled.

"He's sticking to his guns this time," Quickwind added.

"Most of the Autobots are already on board," Talis clicked over the comm. "They aren't departing, my guess because the hatches are already sealed. What Autobots are still scattered about aren't going to be enough to wage a successful counterattack."

"Hey guys?" Hound's voice interrupted the frequency. "Hate to break up the conversation, but they're already sending out an intercept group. Coming right for us."

"We can't stay here for long," Wheeljack added.

Noktaraus made a quick look at the battlestation ahead. No Autobot even made a move of coming out. Around them, scattered defiant Autobots made for an approach against the city. But Talis was right, there weren't enough to successfully strike back.

"It's over," Noktaraus muttered. "Wheeljack, close shop and head in. It was a worthy effort. If only our support remained..."

"We'll give you air support getting out," Quickwind added. "We'll fly back far enough to cover you from the strike group."

"I'll post for defense at the front door," Talis added.


"That's it, we're headin' in." Wheeljack transformed to vehicle mode. "Hound, keep the case on you and let it transmit. We'll keep it goin' till we're out of range."

Hound transformed, letting the case he picked up land in his rear compartment. "All right, time to go!"

The trio put in full speed for the Maximus battlestation some ways up ahead.


As confused Decepticons scattered about, as Decepticon flyers avoided Metroplex swatting at them like flies, the giant robot city began to slow down. Its assaults began to pause constantly as the pulse signal of its computer brain left transmitting range. Then, like a still-living human writhing about while being turned to stone, Metroplex's limbs slowed to a freeze in a statue's-pose. Its optics died out as the signal lost all contact...

(ooc: btw, the 'reserve' source of energon should now be detectable by those inside Metrotitan, if not by Metro himself. You can have it so there's just enough to TF him back to city mode, and have him be RIGHT where he was before Wheeljack came in, or use it to your advantage. Been meaning to post this scene anyway, so I'm done with that much.)

God Jinrai
2001-11-08, 11:37 PM
Prime's anger swelled... "it's happening... they've taken metroplex... " Prime stepped inside the doorway, allowing any stragglers to get aboard...

Jinrai could see others headed for grand maximus... "GET THE LEAD OUT FOLKS! KEEP METROPLEX'S PERSONALITY INTACT! WE CAN ALWAYS GET HIM A NEW BODY!!! "

His cannons roared to life, supplying coverfire for them as the interceptor squad approached them...


2001-11-09, 12:03 AM
Grand heard the call.


This was a bit close.


Prime stepped back from the door.


God Jinrai fired toward the Decepticon lines...


...as a few last Autobots entered.


He didn't want to abandon Metroplex.


He had no choice.


God Jinrai entered.


The door raised, slammed, and sealed.


The engines lit up.


The anti-grav generator came back to life.

"Blast off!"

Grand Maximus jerkily lifted a few feet off the ground, just enough to allow the gargantuan star cruiser to rocket over Metrotitan and away from the battle. The retreat had entered stage two.


Gigatron flew to a tower atop the city, transforming to robot mode. Secluded, he felt a strange sense of relaxation. Had he been human, he would have closed his eyes and taken a deep, nasal breath of Earthen air. It would have stunk of smoke and metal, but this was beauty to Gigatron.

His peace was disturbed as he heard engines roar from behind. His head slowly rotated one hundred twenty degrees to the left, but the source of the rumbling had already passed over by the time he had a clear view. With equal equanimity, he looked forward again to spot the Maximus battleship leaving the airspace of Decepticon City.

Good riddance...

Laboriously, Gigatron sauntered to the edge of the tower and operated the lift controls there, reentering himself to the city.


Reflector watched silently. They'd not been surprised that the Autobots had left (the whole counter-offensive was a doomed operation to begin with, after all), but they still had not spotted the transformation cog. As the ship left the scene, they transformed.

"Hold it," Viewfinder said abruptly. "Let's wait to look for it. Perhaps Scrapper got his makeshift cog to work."

Spectro nodded. Spyglass looked about contemptuously. Viewfinder dove off the roof.


Roadbuster watched the ship leave. He didn't like the idea of being stranded on Earth, but Springer's word was Wrecker creed.

"They're cuttin' out, Springer! Looks like we're on our own now. Not that that's entirely a bad thing..."

Roadbuster realized that Springer was not bothering to listen. He paused, shook it off, and returned to his combat.

"Wreck and rule!"

2001-11-09, 12:16 AM
Metrotitian slowed to a stop, the deadly gaint standing still where he started to move.

2001-11-09, 09:43 AM
(grrr....joint post...damage control!)

Galvatron sneered as he looked up at Metrotitan. He could tell that the power was wearing down.

Sixshot: "good thing we hadn't powered him up fully!"

Galvatron smacked him in the head: "Moron! they obviously initiated some sort of override. They don't have the power to keep it in the dominant status for too long however..."

Galvatron removed the matrix from his chest compartment.

Galvatron: "Sixshot, Scorponok must still be inside Metrotitan. Find where this imbalance is and go to his central neural net. The Metroplex persona must be a residual effect, the autobots would never just leave Metroplex's personality to us."

Sixshot: "And my having the matrix will do what exactly?"

Galvatron: "ARG!!! Simply place the matrix in contact with the neural net and it will interface...this should flush the system. Find any energon reserves left in the area and give Metrotitan enough power to begin functioning, have him delete and residuals of Metroplex...then see that he is fully charged. Until then...we have a failsafe."

Galvatron turned towards Metrotitan and pushed one of the buttons on his commlink. Scorponok realizing what the code was, reconnected the secondary power grid that he had been working on and initiated transformation sequence, slowing metrotitan back into city mode.

galvatron: "Go!"

Sixshot flew to Scorponok quickly and the pair made their way to the central neural net.

Scorponok: "Galvatron was right for a change...the Autobots only allowed a temporary interface, but it looks like they were trying to fry Metrotitan out in the process..."

Sixshot: "Here..."

Scorponok: "The matrix? I can't open it!"

Sixshot: "I realize that you don't have the fingers for the slots..."

Scorponok: "Not that you dolt! I'm not the so called chosen leader..."

Sixshot: "Look, Galvatron did not say anything about opening it...just..."

At that moment, the matrix took over and aligned itself with Metrotitan's neural net.

Sixshot: "How did you..."

Scorponok: "I...I didn't do anything"

As the matrix began to interface with the neural net, Scorponok went about adding energon to the primary power grids. After a few moments, the Matrix retracted from teh net and fell to the floor.

Sixshot: "Great, you broke it!"

Scorponok: "I did noth..."

Nothing of the sort was what he intended to say, but that was interupted by a sudden transformation back into robot mode.

METROTITAN: "No more darkness!!! Metrotitan crush follish Autobots who try to keep him in the darkness!"

Down below Galvatron sneered again and began to fire away on the retreating Autobots.

Galvatron: "behold...Metrotitan lives Autobots, your momentary distraction did nothing but fuel his anger..and I will see to it that some of you pay with your lives!"

Galvatron locked onto several of the targets as he transformed into cannon mode.

2001-11-09, 11:30 AM
Quickwind and Noktaraus flew into one of the last remaining hatches as soon as they made sure Wheeljack, Hound and Quickswitch made it on board with Metroplex. Talis flew in behind them and sealed their hatch not moments before the Maximus station took off.

Noktaraus converted to robot mode, frustrated. They walked quite a ways down the corridor before Noktaraus turned to a wall console and punched up for information. "We had the moment. We had it and we didn't seize it."

"Listen," Quickwind said, "Optimus is right, we can build another Metroplex construct."

Noktaraus looked up at his wingmate. "It's bigger than that. The Decepticons have gotten the Earth leaders to surrender to them. What, are we simply going to leave them behind? We had a counterattack ready. Now, we have to regroup again, and that's going to take more time. More time for the Decepticons to fortify."

They were silent a moment. Only the slight rumble of Maximus in flight filled the corridor. "And Prime. Something's wrong with this whole thing. If he leaves Earth, he abandons the humans he's sworn to protect. We won't be able to reposition ourselves on the planet successfully enough to stage a proper counterattack. Those days of plotting at the same time on this rock are long over; Autobots and Decepticons are a lot better at it than they used to be."

"Despite having been at peace time for the past while," Talis walked up the other end of the corridor. "It's amazing what elements we choose to upgrade and advance."

"The point still stands," Quickwind said. "We stay on Earth, we won't get much of anything done, except for defensive training."

"Let the humans be, and then calling our Autobots traitors? For wanting to stay behind and protect this planet? How could Prime say such a thing?"

"He's been angry in the past," Talis said. "We've all seen it."

"This seems beyond," Noktaraus responded, looking at the far wall. "I'll talk with him about it. What's the word on the ship, besides the understandable depression of losing this battle?"

"I've spoken with some of the others," Talis said. "Most understood the reason for retreat, but some wondered what was going on with Prime's decision. Others were rather angry about it. Not everyone, and I certainly haven't spoken to the entire ship, but enough that it's being discussed."

Noktaraus nodded. "If Prime feels the need to keep his reasoning private, he still has a moral issue to deal with then. I'll bring that up when I see him."

2001-11-09, 02:14 PM
Metrotitian looked around and to put it simply he was pissed.
"Metrotitian destory Autobots that tried to infect Metrotitians circuits." With that he began to recharge his weapon outputs and systems and begin to lock on Autobot targets all around him.
"Metrotitian will destory for my creator Galvatron!" And with that Metrotitian's firestorm began.

Scorpnok- Kindness is no virtue and cruelity is no vice.

2001-11-09, 03:39 PM
Whitespeed watched through a window as the Decepticons began to fire on the few remaining Autobots who had chosen to stay on Earth (Jazz, Blaster, the Wreckers and others). The energon in his fuel pumps boiled as he watched the massive Metrotitan begin what would surely be a Decepticon victory. Still, from his safe perch in Grand Maximus, Whitespeed could not watch it happen. He felt something....deep inside...telling him that this was not right, that leaving even a single Autobot to fight on his own was not the Autobot way.

He stood back from the window and fired, blowing a hole in the wall. He then threw himself through the opening and sailed down toward the battlefield. As he dropped, he drew closer and closer to Galvatron (in cannon mode). Whitespeed drew his twin laser rifles and fired two heavy blasts at Galvatron's back, shouting, "Take that, Galvagoon!"

In his mind, however, he said to himself, If those shots don't hit, I'm a dead Bot...

2001-11-09, 04:55 PM
Blaster was running towards the fighting when metrotitan transformed and he just looked at it "My old home is now tryin ta kill me, aint life just grand" he dre his electro scrambler planning to do what ever he could he looked around for any Autobots that also stayed. Maybe he was the only one, He shrugged "Well I can find out if any friendlies are here or I'm going it solo" he transformed into ghetto blaster mode "Any Autobots still on earth take the time open your comm-links and tell me where you are I'll be there shortly"

2001-11-09, 08:28 PM
Galvatron concentrated his fire power and had several Autobots dead centered...ready to fire when suddenly.

Galvatron: "AAAAAA!!!!!"

The shots fired by whitespeed hit the mark and severely wounded galvatron. Galvatron transformed and slowly turned to see how had fired upon him.

Galvatron: "who...who..dares fire upon Galvatron?"

2001-11-09, 09:14 PM
(Posting for Scorpy)

With Metrotitan seemingly able to overcome the remote Metroplex influence, Scorponok set about his next task. Making his way back to the stasis units, he unlocked Thundercracker's and began to go to work.

Scorponok: "You seem to have gotten yourself into quite a mess old friend."

Looking at the other stasis pods, he found one for a long dormant seeker.

Scorponok: "Sorry Deadbolt, Thundercracker needs these parts worse than you..."

Opening the case, Scorponok went about the task of removing some vital parts to be used on his fallen comrade. While he felt some remorse for having basically destroyed a perfectly good body, he felt no guilt. Thundercracker was his friend and he trusted would have done the same for him. Removing Deadbolt's leg and fastening it to Thundercracker proved to be quite simple.

Scorponok: "We'll have to do something about that coloration..."

After several minutes, the work was done...but Thundercracker still need energon. Fortunately, Scorponok had full access to the energon plundered earlier and began to pump it in to his friend. Giving him a jolt of pure energon to his laser core Scorponok waited.

Scorponok: "Come on, come on, wake up!"

2001-11-09, 09:25 PM
Soundwave was livid. The doors slamming in front of him was one thing, being sealed in the leg of Metrotitan was another. His comm link wasn't working through the alloyed walls. You'd better have a good explanation, Scrapper...


Black. Gradually patches of light began to form. The digital spots began to rearrange themselves, and the sound kicked in.

Thundercracker raised his groggy head. He could hear the whir of his lasercore in his ears. He looked up at Scorponok. And smiled.

2001-11-09, 09:47 PM
Whitespeed watched as the shots connected with Galvatron; they seemed to do a good deal of damage. Whitespeed landed on his feet, raised his laser rifles and shouted,

"I did, Galvatron! And there's more where that came from!" Whitespeed fired both his rifles again."Plenty more!!!"

Oh, Primus, please let that shot drop him for good, Whitespeed thought. If I go one on one with Galvy and he gets his hands on me....it's all over...

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2001-11-09, 10:04 PM
Bludgeon knelt down to examine its surface. Still smoking. The size of the crater was phenomenal. He stroked the metal, and felt the heat through his shell.
"It's a Transformer...." he could feel the vorcode... very faint...


Frenzy reached the brow of the crater, and stared down into it. "Look at the SIZE of that thing, Rav... what is it??"

Ravage stared down. "Large." He put a paw on the lid of the carry case. "Must have come from somewhere, the force it landed with. Time for a recon." He flipped the lid open. "Buzzsaw. Time for some fresh air."

Buzzsaw heard the words, and sighed mentally. He engaged his anti-grav circuitry, floating free of the constraints of the carrier. He transformed into condor mode, and launched himself skyward with an almighty "CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW"

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-11-09, 11:35 PM
Skywarp gathered speed, the damage caused to him by Talis had damaged his guidance system, and his jet propulsion systems had been malfunctioning as a result.

He hit the ground like a streak of black lightning causing a deep crater around the area.

His optics flickered slightly as he lifted himself out of the hole.

Galvatron's message came through on his comm system and sent his reply

*Skywarp to Galvatron, suggest I may be better suited to repair myself for our plans to work. Skywarp out*


Springer, Roadbuster and Sideswipe all froze as the giant Metrotian rose before them and began firing round after round towards them and the Dinobots.

Springer: "As much as I love a fight and all, I don't much like gettin my tail kicked, and knowing that guy like I do, it's time to get outta here"

Sideswipe: "But Springer, what about Autobot City, what about our home?"

Springer: "Our home? look at it, turned against us, Autobot City is no more, we'll take it back, but not now. Autobots, transform and get outta here"

Springer transformed to his helicopter form and flew away, followed closely by Sideswipe and Roadbuster.


Grimlock and the Dinobots continued their mass slaughter of any decepticon foolish enough to come close to them. Grimlock paused again as the ground around them began to shake, he looked at Sludge.

"What, it's not me" Sludge defended himself immediately.

Then what is it Grimlock paused and stared in horror as Metrotitan rose infront of him.

"Dinobots, fall back, our time is not today, come back and fight another time, soon"

"But..." Slag was stopped mid-sentence

"But nothing! Me thought Galvatron had something planned, he did, and it huge"

Springer opened a comm link to Grimlock.

*Grimlock, this is Springer, might I suggest we pool our resources at the site where The Ark used to reside*

Grimlock replied.

*Make sense, no need to stay here and fight impossible battle*

2001-11-09, 11:57 PM
Blaster sighed and transformed back into robot mode and looked at what once was Metroplex "well If I'm tha only one left in this area there is no way I can take that out". Blaster sighed then spotted a green helicopter "Well looky there Springer"

Blaster opened up the comm-line and spoke to Springer hoping he would recieve "Yo Springer this is Blaster Blastin at ya Where are you going I'll meet up with ya then we can take back our at this point ratha confused home"

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2001-11-10, 04:26 AM

Viewfinder hadn't been prepared for all the motion of Metrotitan's transformation, and lost his balance. He'd slammed himself on the ground, face first. Spectro and Spyglass landed (feetwise) behind him momentarily. Viewfinder glared over his shoulder at them, getting to his feet.

"You two look like you knew... Why don't you warn me next time!"

Spyglass chuckled.

"Look out!" Spectro shouted, pointing over Viewfinder's head. No one bothered to look, only jump. A giant metal construct landed just meters away. They helped each other to their feet.

"So..." Viewfinder tried to break the ice. "Where do you reckon Soundwave is?"

Spectro shrugged. "Inside?"

Spyglass looked straight up, put his hands around his mouth, and shouted at the top of his synthesizer, "Hey buddy! Where's yer door?"


The lift stopped. Gigatron was in an empty storage room, much like a warehouse. The walls were all cleanly metallic, but the room was poorly lit. It seemed to be used not often. As Gigatron eyed a door at the far end, a steel slab slammed up in front of it. The same process was repeated for the remaining doors, and the lift exit was sealed. Gigatron watched, a tad confused.

"What is the meaning of this?"

No response came. Gigatron stood motionless, his eyes scanning the room for the one whom he would murder. Suddenly, he felt an upward acceleration, followed by the room's tilting. Gigatron could not maintain his balance, and slid into the back wall.

"He's awake then..."


Roadbuster stared with horror.

"Cripes! The guy's lost his mind!"

A few shots exploded against the ground nearby, quickly infringing on his position. He looked down some.

"I hate runnin' from a fight, but... Hey, wait up!"

Roadbuster spun around, transformed, and headed off after Springer and Sideswipe.


Grand watched a small monitor on the right side of the bridge. It transmitted from the underbelly camera, depicting the Decepticon City now in robot form.


It was horrible. Tiny, undefined specks scurried away from the monstrosity en masse. Little explosions rang out from the ground everywhere. Grand could not help but feel remorse for the valiant Autobots still down there, those who may have tried to get on board but were stopped by heavy Decepticon numbers. Those who were now most certainly dead. He shrugged it off. Perhaps a bit of escapism would do some good...

"Autopilot: Notify me when we've escaped Earth's gravitational field."

Grand stood from his command console. He performed an about-face on his heel and walked out of the bridge. Jinrai was standing immediately outside, leaning against a wall.

"Long time no see, boss. Want to introduce me to the crew?"

2001-11-10, 06:54 AM
The corridor hatchway opened as Noktaraus walked through. As expected, Prime with his back turned was in the lounge in front of the larger monitor. The image of the new Decepticon city in robot mode--Metroplex's robot mode--was more morbid than Noktaraus thought he'd feel. He couldn't imagine how Prime was feeling. Still, he pressed on to matters he knew needed to be addressed.

"Prime," he began, "we need to talk."

2001-11-10, 07:52 AM
Metrotitan fired more hellstorms of firepower at any Autobots still around him.
"Weak Autobots dare to control me, use me as their puppet! They shall be slagged!". Metrotitan growled.

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2001-11-10, 11:23 AM
Freedom. It was beautiful.
Earth. It was horrible.

Ugly organics... yegh Buzzsaw thought as he soared higher and higher into the sky. Then he saw it.

It was huge. Even by Transformer standards. Buzzsaw had seen a lot of sights - The Golden Spires of Iacon, the Guardian Robots, The Ark, Trypticon. Heck, he'd even seen this sight before, but no amount of past experience could ever prepare you for the sheer enormity of Metroplex's robot mode.

He dwarfed the horizon in the distance. Stood amid Autobot City, swatting strafers like flies.

He opened a frequency to Ravage, and engaging his video camera, relayed the images directly into the Panther's mind.


Ravage watched as Buzzsaw lofted higher, then stopped, hanging in mid-air. Interesting... wonder what he's seen. Then the images started. Ravage's jaw dropped.

He glanced at Frenzy. "Into the crater - now." He bounded down the steep slopes to where Bludgeon was.

Frenzy sighed. He took a look at Rumble's body, and then the carry-case, still containing Laserbeak. "Sorry, buddy." He picked up Rumble and hurled him down into the crater. He then picked up the case, and skidded down to the depths.

God Jinrai
2001-11-10, 03:56 PM
Jinrai turned to grand, and disengaged godbomber and his trailer, now returning to a more even height with the other autobots...

"Indeed, Grand... There are several I'M not even familiar with... however... now is as good a time as any..."

The duo stared back for the area where many of the autobots on board rested....

Prime stood in silence for a moment..."Alright, Tal' Noktarus. Speak your mind. But Know this. There is much more to this retreat than you could ever imagine. This maximus class battleship... doesn't exist in this time. That alone should tell you something.

2001-11-10, 08:20 PM
Jazz and Sunstreaker sat their looking at eachother on board the maximus ship "Ya thinkM/man Blaster is all right?" Jazz said. Sunstreaker shruged "maybe" they both looked at Grand and Jinraii as the entered "we shouldn't have left him" Jazz said again very guilty

2001-11-10, 09:25 PM
Scrapper was more than surprised when Metroplex's had managed to take control of his body for short time. The Constructicon engineer had found the situation rather unpleasant as Metroplex had managed to lock Scrapper behind massive titanium door.

But when Metroplex's lost control of his former body, the dimwitted Decepticon giant Metrotitan had taken control.

"Metrotitan! Unclock the doors of control center inside you or I'm forced to blast my way out of here!" Trapped Scrapper yelled at the giant.

The other Constructicons who were still making repairs to the damaged parts of Metrotitan inside the giant noticed the doors been closed. Bonecrusher and Long Haul had been carrying 200 ton titanium balk when the door had closed around the balk. Needless to say the two Constructicon were more than shocked. The balk had been bended badly.

"By the Chaos Bringer..." Long Haul sighed. "If I had been..." He looked at Mixmaster, who just stared at the door mouth open. Then with a loud crash Bonecrusher in his bulldozer mode stormed through the door.

"Frag! I can't remember anything like that happen to me before." He said looking at the crushed door.

2001-11-10, 10:18 PM
Galvatron could feel his internal repair systems compensating for the damage Whitespeed had inflicted upon him. But he would not be at full strength again for several moments. Had the autobot continued to fire, he would not have been able to return to his feet so quickly.

Galvatron: "You allowed your foolish comrades to escape...but all you have done is seal your own fate and prolong theirs!"

Galvatron tipped a bit, then pulled himself up and began to approach Whitespeed.
Aboard Grand, Prowl and Pointblank continued to glare at Optimus Prime. Trailbreaker barged into the command deck.

Trailbreaker: "Um guys...whitespeed didn't make it on board, he is kind of...well...he bought us time to get away from galvatron."

Pointblank: "What? That is it...I am going back down there to get him bakc whether Prime likes it or not!"

Prowl: "Oh great...Prime, we have a bit of a problem here!"

2001-11-10, 11:10 PM
Ravage waited for Frenzy to reach the bottom of the crater. "Well, Bludgeon? What is it?"

The Pretender pulled himself up to a standing position. "Definite Cybertronian conctruction... I'm getting strange sigmals from it though... as if it's incomplete..."

"Stasis lock?"

"No... different... as if the controlling force has somehow left the body. There's another thing too - it seems to be suffering some sort of vorcode displacement, a lag of some kind, as if it doesn't belong here... or now..."

"Like you?" Ravage smiled.

Bludgeon glared at him. "Not quite the same, no."

Frenzy finally reached the bottom. "Well, Rav - what did Buzzer tell ya?"

Ravage tunred deadly serious. "Autobot City is nearby. There is a full scale battle afoot. And the Autobots have unleashed Metroplex."

Frenzy was speechless.

"What is a Metroplex?" enquired Bludgeon.

"Autobot City's robot mode." replied Ravage, calmly.

2001-11-11, 12:13 AM
Noktaraus looked straight at Prime. "It tells me no more than the many other dimensional anomalies. Jinrai for one, this station. That oversized lord of a Decepticon out there--I've never seen before. And did I mention some of our group got a lift here from an Omega Supreme and a crew from a different dimension as well?"

Noktaraus dropped his arms from behind his back. "But that's not what I'm here to talk about. Taking back Autobot City is not important so much as an object, as it is a staging position to protect Earth. Now that the Decepticons have it, we won't be able to successfully relocate on this planet without them constantly barraging us. Even with this new base. We're bringing this war right back to the humans. How can you do that to them again? And how can you call our Autobot brethren traitors for wanting to hold to that sworn oath? We had the moment to retake Metroplex's body, but NOT to simply reclaim our lost city. It was to drive the Decepticons out. But no back-up came. Nothing."

Prowl began walking towards the two Autobots. Noktaraus lowered his voice. "What the hell's going on? What's made you abandon so many principles with one command decision?"

"Prime," Prowl began as he stopped at Optimus' side, "we've got a problem here!"

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2001-11-11, 12:17 AM
Whitespeed watched as Galvatron rose to his feet, amazed at the strength of the Decepticon leader. He then glanced over his shoulder and saw the Wreckers and the Dinobots desperately trying to escape the wrath of Metrotitan.

Looks like those shots slowed him down a little, Whitespeed thought, holstering his guns. If I can catch him real quick while he's still slow on his feet, the guys'll have enough time to hightail it outta here.

Whitespeed transformed to race car mode and jetted forward, racing at incredible speeds toward the Decepticon superpower. Just as he reached Galvatron, Whitespeed transformed to robot mode and sailed at the purple juggernaut, hoping to catch Galvatron with enough speed and force to.....

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God Jinrai
2001-11-11, 02:57 AM
Prime stared coldly at Noktarus first, then at prowl then pointblank...

"None of you are ever going to be able to understand. Cybertron as we speak is being torn apart by decepticons. YOUR HOME is being torn apart by the decepticons. AGAIN! The humans gave up to them, that is their own choice. Springer and the others chose to remain... they'll be dealt with... when we return to wipe the earth clean of galvatron. Pointblank, Meet me in the command center in five cycles. Now what is it Prowl?"

Jinrai and Prime listened as Prowl explained whitespeed's departure...

Jinrai took the initiative... "Grand! Open the bottom hatch! I'M BRINGING HIM BACK!"

Diving from the maximus battleship's belly hatch,Jinrai merged with the trailer again in freefall, and could see whitespeed down below... he ALSO saw galvatron... recovering...

"YOU'VE CAUSED ENOUGH PAIN FOR A LIFETIME, GALVATRON!!! NO MORE! NO MORE TODAY!" The cannons he held in his two massive hands roared to life, letting loose blue hot plasma on galvatron...

"Whitespeed, with me! You're comming with us, willingly or not!"

Quick Switch
2001-11-11, 03:39 AM
Quick Switch transformed into jet fighter mode as soon the interceptor squad begin to close.

Rocketing toward Grand Maximus, the Hexa Changer roared toward an open aux hatch and entered as the door slammed shut.

Transforming to robot mode, Quick Switch fell to the floor inside one of the huge station's bays. He sent a burst of signal to Wheeljack and Hound.

"Wheeljack, Hound, I'll tell Prime what you tried to do...I WON'T let him abandon you both. Hang in there...by the Matrix...hang in there!" Shaking, Quick Switch terminated the transmission.

Staggering, the Hexa Changer dashed toward the area he assumed was a Command Center. Seeing the clustered group there, he moved toward Prime.

Quick Switch came to attention, and threw off a sharp salute.
"Quick Switch reporting, Prime. As per your orders."

He broke off, waiting for Prime's response as he surveyed the other Bots steadily.

I'll let Prime know about Wheeljack and Hound later...judging by everybody's mood, something heavy just hit the generator...

2001-11-11, 06:15 AM
Pointblank glared at Prime.

Pointblank: "As you command, fearless leader!"

Pointblank made his way to Prime and tossed Peacemaker into the air. His companion transformed into humanoid mode and also sat down.

Prowl shook his head at his friend but said nothing.

Pointblank: "Let's get this lecture over with Prime...I have no intention of letting another friend die!"
Galvatron stood up as Whitespeed approached. The Decepticon leader was almost in complete shock that anyone would be brazen enough to try this stunt to him...again.

whitespeed's acceleration made it impossible for Galvatron to do anything but brace himself for the impact. The shot rocketed both of them back several yards, damaging Galvatron's upper torso and dislodging his cannon. As Galvatron hit the ground, he re-injured his back where the shots had hit their mark. Angrily the Emperor of Destruction reached to grab Whitespeed.

2001-11-11, 06:51 AM
"Leave the humans to fend for themselves? They wouldn't have to if we hadn't brought this threat here in the first place. So long as it remains, it's our DUTY to defend them. Look at the monitor Prime. All those Autobots, they're out there fighting for the cause you swore to. The one you're backing out of now. Our home has more Autobots than we do here. Even if a preliminary attack caught them offguard, the retaliation couldn 't be stopped."

Noktaraus watched the monitor as Jinrai flew out of the hatch after the rogue Autobot. "And are you going to get him because you need more troops, or so you can hold a proper hearing?"

Noktaraus didn't bother looking up for Prime's expression, of which he was certain of anyway. I shouldn't be attacking my commander in front of Quick Switch and Prowl--in front of ANYONE. But this is more than just a disagreement. This is all completely and totally wrong. He's not acting like Optimus Prime at all. It's almost as if he's a completely different...

Noktaraus stopped midsentence as he continued to watch the speck on the monitor.


Something just seemed to make sense, even if Noktaraus didn't have all the details. Another thought came to mind, something he'd been told lately...

Noktaraus turned to Prime. "You want to take this fight to Cybertron. Fine, I'll be on the front lines if you want me to. But know this. The deaths of every human on that planet from Decepticon hands will be on your conscience." He walked out of the room and down one of the corridors. "Excuse me gentlemen," he added to the others belatedly.

2001-11-11, 07:37 AM
Metrotitan looked at the ground and saw the Autobots attacking Galvatron and his voice thundered.
"Leave my master alone or you will pay dearly with your lives."

2001-11-11, 11:25 AM
"A city. With a robot mode?" If had eyes, they would have been wide. Instead, the cavities just gaped black.

"That's what the pussy cat said, now." chipped in Frenzy. "Now, if the 'bots have turned on the big guy, that must mean that they were takin' on helluva beatin'... and now our guys will be - I say we get it together, leave the sleepy-twins here..." he gestures toward Rumble and the case containing Laserbeak "... and get over there to give our buddies a hand!"

Bludgeon glanced around. He gazed up at the giant robot alongside him. "Well, he isn't going anywhere for the forseeable future... and I haven't been in a good fight in over three million years..." He grinned. An evil, maniacal grin. "Let's go cause some Mayhem..." and on that, he engaged the antigrav thrusters in his shell, and took off skyward, in the direction Buzzsaw was facing.

Ravage glanced up. "Good to have him back." He looked at Frenzy "Well? I'm a CAT - you can't expect me to fly under my own power?"

Frenzy nodded, resigned. He caught Ravage in his hand as the panther jumped to transform to cassette mode. He then engaged his thrusters, and took off after Bludgeon.

2001-11-11, 03:53 PM
The incredible collision had done its fair share of damage to Whitespeed: his shoulder plating was bent and torn open where it had collided with Galvatron, and his cranial chamber was a little uneasy. He'd felt pain like this every time he used his power as the fastest Autobot in the universe to simply crash through his enemies and tear them to shreds. And every time, his enemies had fallen for good.

But his enemies had never been Galvatron.

The Decepticon leader rose once again, badly damaged but still functional. He should be scattered all over da place after that! What do I have to do to put this guy down? Whitespeed thought as Galvatron reached for his throat. As Galvatron's incredibly powerful hands wrapped around Whitespeed's neck, Whitespeed's optics grew large as he realized that he was in the clutches of one of the most powerful Transformers in creation, and that he was just about out of offensive manuevers....

2001-11-11, 07:32 PM
Scrapper took his laserblaster and blew the door open with couple of blasts.

"So much for trying to speak any sense to this creature..." He grumbled and put away his gun.

The Constructicon engineer walked in front of the main controllers of Metrotitan and opened the doors inside the giant manually.

"That should do the trick..." He muttered while making contact to the Earth's defense sphere with Metrotitan's communication devices.

The weapon satellites on Earth's orbit began to regroup for a strike against Grand and Fortress Maximus.

Scrapper grinned evilly behind his mask. "Let's see how tough these Autobot battleships really are..."

>Targets locked.
>Ready to fire at command.

"OPEN FIRE!" Scrapper yelled and pressed the weapon activation button.

2001-11-11, 07:42 PM
(Sorry for not posting before now....Been rather busy....)

Suddenly, Adeara came back to herself it time to see the giant robot waking past her. "By the Creator!" Adeara fell back against a rock behind her, and just stared. Why me???? Just then, she saw Galvatron being attacked. Watching, she saw Galvatron return the attack, so she simply waited....

Quick Switch
2001-11-11, 08:27 PM
Quick Switch stood uneasily after hearing Noktaraus' comments, and watched the Autobot leave. The Hexa Changer also turned his head and watched Jinrai's pursuit.

Quick Switch shot a look at Prowl to see if he could glean a reaction of the speech from him, but the quiet Security Officer revealed nothing at first glance.

Oh...this adds another complication to things...how are we going to have a unified front if half of us are worried about the humans? The Cons don't give a zark about them, that's for sure...and I haven't seen any Earth Defense Command personnel helping us out yet. But, shock. I'm glad I'm not the command element.

Frowning, Quick Switch crossed his arms and waited silently to see what, if any, response Prowl or Prime would make.

2001-11-13, 12:30 AM
Galvatron closed his hands around Whitespeed's throat, his grasp grew tighter by the second. From his back, the whole from the blasts had closed, but the damage was still quite severe. Galvatron though he would never admit it, was impressed. No Autobot had ever attacked him with such ferocity and tenacity. Were he going to live for much longer, this Autobot would have made an excellent decepticon warrior.

Galvatron: "Any last words, Autobot?"

2001-11-13, 06:52 AM
Whitespeed: "Nrrrrrgggggghhhh...."

As the pain grew more and more intense, Whitespeed could feel the energy flow to his logic chips begin to fade. As the interior muscle cables that connected his head to his body began to recoil and snap, Whitespeed reached up with his left hand and pushed Galvatron's torso back just a few inches. With what little energy remained in his circuits, Whitespeed cocked his right hand back and let go of a huge uppercut in between Galvatron's body and his own....he knew that as the last Autobot on Earth, his death was almost certainly assured...he only wondered whether he could bring down Galvatron with him.....

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2001-11-13, 07:08 AM
Galvatron was again amazed by his opponent as the shot rocked him backwards and caused him to loosen his grip with one of his hands. He still had one hand around Whitespeed's throat. The whiplash effect however served to sent a shot of pain through the decepticon leader and with his free hand he brought it slowly to his chin to wipe away some internal fluids which he was now leaking.

Galvatron: "Well...koff...after all these years, finally an Autobot opponent worthy of putting up a real fight! Tell me Autobot...do you feel that today is a good day to die?"

Galvatron tossed Whitespeed to the ground and walked over to reconnect his arm cannon. The injuries cause Galvatron noticable strain when picking up his own massive weapon and it was not without some labor that the weapon was placed back at home upon his arm. Turning slowly towards Whitespeed again, Galvatron prepared to fire.

Galvatron: "So...now i believe...our little game is at an end..."

2001-11-13, 05:23 PM
Whitespeed had never felt such pain since his creation. His shoulder was ripped open and leaking fluid badly, and the interior damage to his neck was extreme.

Whitespeed pulled his face from the mud and tried to stand to die like an Autobot, but the pain was so great that he fell to his knees. As Galvatron reattached his arm cannon, Whitespeed spotted one of his laser rifles on the ground just a few yards away.

Whitespeed looked up at the battered Decepticon leader and heard his evil words all too clearly.

Galvatron: "So...now i believe...our little game is at an end..."

As Galvatron prepared to fire, Whitespeed's optics opened wide as he looked past Galvatron into the distance. Mustering all his strength, Whitespeed pointed with his undamaged arm and said, "Puh....puh....Prime! Now!"

2001-11-13, 07:37 PM
Bludgeon was amazed by the sight that greeted him as he landed on a rock formation near the city. It would appear that all the Transformers in the vicinity are... Decepticons. An intriguing development, if his is indeed 'Autobot' city...

He gazed skyward at the goliath robot that towered into the sky. And you must be Metroplex. But why do you not attack your adversaries? It cannot be that you are mindless - I detect a strong field of life from within you. So many questions.

He crounched low, surveying the scene. His knowledge of Metalikatto had seen him land unnoticed, and his minute movements enabed him to remain detected by only the most sensitive optic...

Then he caught glimpse of an interesting sight. A large purple warrior, seemingly in the process of choking another to death. Logic would dictate such actions to be attributable only to a Decepticon... which means that his victim must be an Autobot...

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-11-13, 11:03 PM

Springer had turned as soon as he saw Whitespeed go into a freefall dive from the escaping Maximus battleship and was now heading towards Galvatron at full speed.

"Not today Decepticon..."

Springer launched himself forwards transforming and pulling his sword from subspace.

"...you mess with him, you mess with us."

Springer charged at the decepticon again, sword extended...



Skywarp had gathered what damaged Decepticons he could find, but his own severe damage prevented him from carrying too much.

Teleportation's shot til I get myself repaired anyways, could've made this task easier

Skywarp continued his trek toward Metrotitan, and salvation.

2001-11-14, 12:19 AM

Grand slammed his helmet and hands against the nearest viewport, watching intently as his commander plummeted to the Earth below.

Brash young idiot! When I get my hands on him--

Grand stopped mid-sentence as the battleship shook fiercely. Almost instinctively, he punched up a monitor in the near wall.

The defense grid! I'd forgotten! Can't retreat back to the city, it might hit Jinrai...

Grand thought.
And thought.
And thought.

"Does anyone know how to deactivate the defense grid?!"


"That's right, Galvatron! You mess with one Autobot, you mess with the Wreckers! Let him have it, boys!"

Roadbuster prepared to open fire on Galvatron, but stopped himself. He was not the most careful of Autobots, and his machine-gun style would not be a safe thing for Whitespeed.

"Can't risk hitting him......Damn!"


The five monolithic Autobots dinosaurs continued their trek...back to the crater of a former home in which the Ark once resided. Slag was none too pleased.

"I hate this! Why we runnin' from a fight! I don't care how big he is, we coulda taken 'im!"

Sludge nodded stupidly. "He's not so tough! And those Decepticons..."

"Pansies!" Slag chimed in.

Snarl walked a few feet back, alone. He scowled at Slag and Sludge for their prattling, but he silently agreed. He only wanted to be at the city, destroying Decepticons.

So did Grimlock. Me want to fight Metro, but the safety of my Dinobots is first priority. Good chance they'd get killed. Can't allow that.

They trudged on.

2001-11-14, 01:00 AM
Quickwind heard Grand's request and slapped his commlink. "We got that Decepticon recognition code from the Decepticon warship we smuggled in on. Prime should still have it, check with him."

2001-11-14, 01:38 AM
Blaster sighed "oh well then I go solo" he stayed in the forest and opend up his chest reading the lay out of Metroplex to see if he can figure out a plan to take metro-titan down.... if there was one. He was overly hopeful there was nothing he could do alone he had to find where the Autobots were going to land. He started to walk closing his chest

Quick Switch
2001-11-14, 08:17 PM
Astrotrain and Dirge crouched in the rubble of Autobot City. Both Decepticons had watched in awe as Metroplex/titan had wrestled with itself, and both had barely escaped destruction from the giant.

Astrotrain turned to Dirge.

"Hard to believe, eh? The Autobots retreating like they did...and so quickly," the Triple Changer mused.

"All except for those three," Dirge pointed towards Galvatron's position as the Decepticon leader wrestled with Whitespeed.

The two warriors saw Springer make a move toward the Decepticon Commander, followed by Roadbuster attempting to fire on Galvatron, but hesitate.

"What do you suggest we do about it, Seeker?" Astrotrain retorted, crossing his arms.

"Well, Galvatron's in trouble out there! Shouldn't we do something?" Dirge answered.

"You're right, Dirge," the Triple Changer vaulted out from behind a trench of crushed metal. "Mind you, it's not because I have a deep sense of love for our leader...but if we save Galvatron's life, it might earn us points in our favor. Besides, would you have Reflector or Soundwave report us if we did nothing?"

Dirge smiled, and followed Astrotrain out of the trench. "Good point."

Astrotrain transformed to train mode and began to move at top speed toward Springer in an attempt to ram the Triple Changer. Dirge transformed to jet mode and roared toward Roadbuster, strafing the Autobot to distrupt his concentration.

"Galvatron, we have come to assist you!" Astrotrain transmitted via com link to Galvatron as he moved toward Springer.

"Let us teach them a lesson in sorrow!" Dirge cackled, firing concussion missles at Roadbuster, his engines wailing a song of dread.

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2001-11-14, 09:12 PM
Bludgeon watched the events unfold calmly.

He saw a group of Autobots charge onto the scene, only to be intercepted by a pair of Decepticons Hmm.. Astrotrain and Dirge, seemingly... I'd help, but they wouldn't recognise me in this body.

His optics wandered into the distance. Another Autobot, en route to join the others, was lagging behind. He grinned, and dropped down behind the rock formation, and silently crept away.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-11-14, 09:19 PM
Sideswipe had watched as Springer and Roadbuster had made their way back to Autobot City.

Ah, what the hell

Sideswipe accelerated then pulled a perfect 180 handbrake turn and rolled back towards Metrotitan, some distance behind his compatriots he transformed to his robot mode and fired at Astrotrain and Dirge trying his best to cover Springer and Roadbuster.

2001-11-14, 09:34 PM
Unable to get a clean shot in, Sideswipe grew frustrated. Aagh. Need to get a better position - one that won't leave me exposed..

He shot a quick glance to the side Aha - those rocks should give me brilliant cover. Sidesipe transformed and sped around behind the rubble. A quick change back to robot mode and he was in a perfect position.

"Now, Deceptibrats... where were we?" He raised his gun, and lined up his sights.

Suddenly a noise behind him diverted his attention.

"We were in the process of slaughter" said a voice from behind.

Bludgeon drew himself up from crouched to standing, stepping out from behind the corner of the rubble, sword drawn.

Sideswipe turned, falling backwards "What in the name of Primus..." he gasped as he stared into the black, soul-less eyes that gazed down upon him. "...ARE you?!"

Bludgeon kicked out, knocking the Autobot's gun from his hand.

Sideswipe turned to grab it as it skitted across the ground, but realised his mistake a moment too late. He was lying on the ground, unarmed, at the feet of a sword wielding samurai skeletion... Not a good move, Siders...

"Names are unimportant to the dead, Autobot." Bludgeon raised his sword.

Sideswipe wasn't sure which action came first... he initiated an emergency back-up, writing his entire memnet into the storage datatrax in his laser-core... and screamed... then it went black... "SPRINGE-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH...."

Bludgeon stepped back. And picked up Sideswipe's head. He smiled.

2001-11-14, 10:49 PM
Watched from a distance as sideswipe dies. His face went from normal to horrer to p***ed off he pulled out his Electro-Scrambler "DECEPTI-CREEP EAT HEAT" heran out of the forest and slid down the hill firing off two Laser bursts at Bludgeon

2001-11-14, 11:35 PM
Darkwing and Deadwind had been flying around for what seemed like weeks, trying to lose Shatterbolt and Ignition. They had finally managed to lose them, but were now completly lost.
"Um, Darkwing", asked Dreadwind.
"What", responded Darkwing.
"Where are we?", asked Dreadwind.
In the ship sppeding away from Autobot City, Doubledealer and Bombshell continued to discuss their plans, while Ramjet sat in a corner, wondering what was going on. He head felt wierd, but he couldn't figure out what was wrong.
Apeface lay on the ground, motionless.

2001-11-15, 12:15 AM
Grand nodded, mid-stride, and returned the signal to the unknown Autobot, Quickwind.

"Thanks, friend."

As he closed the channel, he skidded around a corner.

"Optimus Pri--!"

There he was. Grand stopped, at the opposite end of the corridor in which he, Prime, and a number of other Autobots were talking.


Roadbuster continued to think.

"Maybe if I..."

And suddenly, he was on his face. He struggled his head around, somewhat hurt and greatly annoyed. The situation: An explosion had occured a few feet behind and to his left. His laser rifle was a good fifty feet out of his hands. And there was a Decepticon passing very low overhead.


Roadbuster's eyes lit up. As the Conehead prepared to take another pass, Roadbuster rolled over and fired his shoulder cannon.

"Eat metal, creep!"

Quick Switch
2001-11-15, 12:55 AM
Dirge was elated as he saw the concussion missles rip into the ground by Roadbuster. Veering in for another pass, he was pleased to see the Bot sprawled on his face, laser rifle far away.

"How does it feel, Autoscrap, to be afraid?" the Seeker boomed out as he roared in for another salvo.

He heard Roadbuster's taunt first.

Then the missle hit him. Or rather, the missle-dispensed shrapnel did.

Dirge rapidly lost altitude, with no massive injuries or holes, but severly shaken up- his systems were going haywire.

"Oh shock! Astrotrain, I can't keep this up! That Bot is going to frag me!" the blue jet shot to Astrotrain via local com.

"You WILL keep it up, Dirge! Galvatron's life, and our future depends on this! Destroy him, Seeker! Or I'll vaporize you myself!" Astrotrain terminated the feed.

Dirge transformed to robot mode, and set down a few feet from Roadbuster.

"All right, Autobot...prepare to meet your maker!" Dirge than threw himself at Roadbuster, attempting to grapple with him.

2001-11-15, 01:26 AM
A uniform grey aircraft carrier seemed to drift on the seas, no personnel on board, no one to operate the ships systems. Then again, Broadside was more than capable of doing that, that was one of the reasons why he had been posted to the US Navy, to help with various missions within the Mediteraian. Broadside had grudgingly accepted orders, bitterly complained, and generally helped as he always did.

Now however the operations were over, he was retuning to the main autobot HQ, his servies available if there was a need, of course, there would be a need, there was always something to stop him from relaxing and not constantly remaining vigilant. I expect the decepticons are trying something, no, I know they are, I expect it’s more devious than usual.

2001-11-15, 06:38 PM
Shatterbolt cursed silently as she and Ignition turned around and started heading back.

"...Zigged when we shoulda zagged."

Muttered Ignition while Shatterbolt did her best not to appear annoyed.

"Whatever. Point is they're gone. Let's get back already."

Shatterbolt opened a comm to Optimus enroute:

"Optimus, it's Shatterbolt. Dreadwing and Darkwind are gone... they lost us. We're returning to your coordinates. Any orders?"

2001-11-15, 07:01 PM
Bludgeon glanced left as he heard the Autobot's battle cry

The blasts hit him square in the chest. He smiled. "That tickled, Autobot." He hadn't realised quite how useful a Pretender shell would be... "Electro-disruption isn't really effective against synth-organics."

He dropped Sideswipe's head, and quickly pulled out his electo-cannon from a storage compartment, firing off a blast at Blaster before the dead Autobot's head hit the ground. "Sadly, you don't share my advantage"

2001-11-15, 10:05 PM
Broadside concluded that travelling in this mode was slow, prolonged his exposure to seawater, and wouldn’t take him to when he wanted to go, the aircraft carrier, contorted it’s size contracting, at the same time the mechanics changed, until a fighter jet engine fired up. Broadside flew on towards the autobot HQ. Actually… this my be worse… I hate heights!

2001-11-15, 10:40 PM
Metrotitan looked at the Autobots attacking his master and creator Galvatron.
"Autobots leave my master or die!" his voice boomed.

2001-11-15, 10:59 PM
Darkwing looked around, but couldn't figure out where they were.

"I have an Idea", said Dreadwind, taking out a small homing beacon.

"What's that going to do?", asked Darkwing.

Dradwind placed the homing device on the ground and activated it.

"We're gonna get rescued soon", said Dreadwind.

"Since when do you have good ideas?", asked Darkwing.
Ramjet rubbed his head. He had been feeling strange for quite some time. He decided to preform a self-scan of his systems to figure out the problem. His scan ran up and down his body, and detected a unknown substance in his cranium. Zooming in, he discovered that it was a cerebro shell.
"So, Bombsy thinks he can get the best of me, does he?" thought Ramjet. "well, I'll make things miserable for him soon.

2001-11-16, 01:19 AM
Galvatron had his cannon focused on Whitespeed when the Autobot called out to Oprimus Prime. Surprised, Galvatron spun his head around to see where his ardent foe was.

Galvatron: "What? Prime...you coward...haven't you learned? Wait...he's not..."

2001-11-16, 01:38 AM
Blaster dived behind a rock fast the shots barley missing "This is great I forgot the pretender shell I gotta lut him outta that some how" he sighed knowing he picked yet another impossible fight. "I need a distraction so I can pull some sort of action". He smiled getting a sudden Idea "I hope this works" he stood up trying what he had ound soundwave logn before and started to emit sound waves at him hoping to knock him back

God Jinrai
2001-11-16, 02:19 AM

Jinrai landed before galvatron, crouched down... quickly cocking his fist down and inside, he released the punch... a massive cross targeted on galvatron's torso... just enough to send the destron flying... IF it connected...

Prime recieved shatterbolt's call... "Understood, shatterbolt... you and ignition... return to grand maximus immedieately. we're departing as soon as we can get through this defense grid... and jinrai gets back here with whitespeed.... I only pray they're both still alive..."

2001-11-16, 03:50 AM
Metrotitan looked down at the Autobot that had attacked Galvatron.
"You Autobot stop now!" Metrotitan locked on of his main cannons and fired it at the Optimus Prime look alike.

2001-11-16, 04:07 AM

Though he could no longer even see clearly, his optics picked up enough of the action to leave him poised to strike.

Whitespeed could barely believe that his ruse had worked. As Galvatron turned to face where he expected there to be Optimus Prime, Whitespeed lunged forward, picked up one of his laser rifles with his good arm and fired off a powerful burst at Galvatron's exposed side.

Whitespeed: "The oldest tricks, Galvatron....."

2001-11-16, 05:59 AM
The oldest ruse of all warfare...and the most sinister leader in Decepticon history bought into it. The shot tore into Galvatron's exposed side, searing deep into the metal. It was rare that any opponent had ever been able to inflict this level of damage upon Galvatron...yet Whitespeed had and Jinrai was about too...

is it possible that i have been not only dupped by this filthy autobot, but also wounded so seriously? Enough of this...this little autobot's luck is about to expire, along with his life! No more doddling, the time for fun has long since passed...I have not taken this one seriously and now it is time i do.

Steadying himself, Galvatron fell to the ground allowing Jinrai to pass harmlessly over him. Then he began to rise, overcoming the agony of his wounds. Clenching his mouth tightly, he slowly turned to see the look of shock on Whitespeed's face...a look that would be his last. Three shots fired from Galvatron's cannon, the first striking, Whitespeed straight on in the chest, the second puncturing his abdomen, and the third just of to the side of the first, shattering his chest plate. Whitespeed slumped to his knees and caught himself, refusing to go down.

Galvatron: "...you...were...saying?"

With his cannon pointed at Whitespeed's back, Galvatron fired one last time.

(OOC: This marks the end of the first part of the story, we shall sort it all out and start the next now...continue your battles there or use it as a fresh start.)

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