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2001-10-24, 09:55 PM
Setting the aged and ultimately damaged Space Bridge for Cybertron had not guaranteed Starscream, Optitron and his men that their journey would be successful. It was, in fact, not.

A flash of light, and the six renegade Decepticons were floating in space, lost in the void. They could see no planets in any direction, no stars of note to guide them.

Blackout turned to his confused leader and said, "Where....where are we, boss?"

Optitron replied, "Quiet, fool. The space bridge obviously malfunctioned, leaving us somewhere in the void."

Starscream shouted, "Well, somebody point us in the right direction! I don't want to die in the middle of nowhere!"

Driveby replied, "Yo, quit it, y'all, ain't nobody gon' die out here! Y'all is fools!"

Blazestarter said, "And how are you so sure of that?"

Driveby turned to his partner on the roads and said irritably, "Man, I ain't SURE. How can I be sure? All I know is you ain't doin' a damn thing to get us outta here!"

Even though Driveby was his best friend, Blazestarter replied heatedly, "Well, you're not doing anything either! Just float there and shut off your vocalizer!"

Floating away from the rest of the group, the usually-silent Magnacrunch was the first to see the oddly-shaped shuttle approaching them. As its shadow slowly engulfed them as it came between the Cons and a nearby sun, Magnacrunch called out, "Duh, boss....somebody's here....."

Optitron turned and stared upward, thinking to himself....Quintessons....

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2001-10-25, 02:33 PM
Another flash of light, a bright purple light, and the Decepticons were being pulled aboard the Quintesson ship. As Optitron and the others tried to get their bearings, there floated before them three Quintessons, each with a gun trained on the Decepticons.

A Quintesson said, "Pay no mind to our weapons. They are merely a precaution against the frequently poor judgment you Decepticons have displayed in the past."

The second Quint said, "We mean you no harm. We come to you with...a proposition."

Optitron said, "Go on."

The second Quint continued, "We have been carefully observing the events of this most recent outbreak of Cybertronian war, both on Cybertron and Earth. It seems as though you and I have a few common enemies: the Transformers...."

2001-11-05, 09:48 PM
Turning to a three-dimensional projector, the Quintesson continued, "Two Transformers in particular have caused enough, shall we say, inconveniences in the past to stand at the fore of those who must be obliterated."

3D photographs of the two mightiest Transformers of them all appeared before the Decepticons.

Optitron said evilly, "Galvatron...and Optimus Prime. You tell me nothing new, Quintesson. It is already my goal to wipe these two weaklings from the face of the cosmos. It grieves me that you may also profit from their inevitable demise."

The Quintesson said, "We have observed you and your five colleagues in battle. Your might is great, but there is something that Galvatron and Prime have in common that you do not."

"Do not speak of leadership, Quintesson," Optitron said angrily. "These five soldiers are the only army I need to conquer the universe. I would give my laser core for any one of them in battle, and they would do the same."

The Quintesson replied, "But I speak not of leadership, Optitron, but of the object that deems each of them worthy: the Autobot and Decepticons Matrices. Through the circuits of both Prime and Galvatron flows the wisdom and power contained within the Matrix. Only with the power of good and evil, combined as one, can they be defeated. You, Optitron, you are the one capable of harnessing that combined power. Your name is no accident...."

2001-11-08, 05:35 PM
Optitron said, "Your words make sense, but you have overlooked one important detail." Optitron reached out and punched the Quintesson, then shouted, "We don't have the Matrix!!!"

Another Quintesson slid forward and said, "You do not yet, but with our help you soon will."

Optitron grabbed the Quint by the tentacles, turned him upside-down and said, "You have 15 astroseconds to explain yourself."

Fast as he could, the Quintesson said, "We....we have created a new, infinitely more powerful type of energon that, coupled with your ability to ciphon energy from other mechanisms, will enable you to defeat Galvatron and Prime and take the Matrices!"

Holding one of his two massive guns right into the eyes of one of the Quint's faces, Optitron let the proposal run through his cerebral circuits. Finally, Optitron dropped the Quintesson and said, "Very well, Quintesson. Give me the energon."

Getting up onto his tentacles, the Quintesson thought to himself, A good thing he does not understand how unstable this new energon may be. Once he has served his purpose and the Transformers have fallen, so too shall he...

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2001-11-09, 09:53 PM
The Quintesson turned to one of the Sharkticon guards nearby and said, "Guard, take Optitron to the energizing chamber. He shall receive the transfusion there." The Sharkticon led Optitron away, but Starscream stepped forward after Optitron was gone.

"Why him?!?" Starscream shouted. "As Decepticon Air Commander, I demand the same energy you're giving to Optitron!!!"

"We have witnessed your past attempts to overthrow the one who became Galvatron," the Quint responded. "You have certainly demonstrated yourself....less than worthy in your prior attempts to lead."

The Quintesson turned to the control panel. "Enough words. Let us set course for....Earth."

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2001-11-14, 07:43 PM
Inside the rectangular glass chamber, a Quintesson scientist attached dozens of wires hanging from the ceiling to the tips of Optitron's body: his boots, fingers, shoulders, chin, the spires on his crowned head. Through the glass, Optitron could see several other Quints hovering amongst a set of complex control panels, adjusting this and that and generally keeping themselves busy.

The Quintesson inside the cell said, "Remain perfectly still, Decepticon. The transfusion will be over shortly." With that, the Quintesson left the chamber and closed and locked the door behind him.

For a moment, the chamber was completely silent. Optitron stared straight forward per the Quint's orders. Out of the corner of his optic, Optitron saw a Quintesson flip a large switch, and suddenly his body was wracked with pain, intense pain that made standing still an incredible challenge. Optitron grimaced but continued to stand straight as the Hypergon, as one Quintesson had called it, pulsated through his body, turning the wires green with energy a million times more powerful than simple Energon.

Finally, the pain stopped, and the Hypergon flow stopped with it. Optitron's head fell forward and he slumped to the floor, limp. The Quintessons unlocked the door and were prepared to remove the wires from Optitron's body, but before they could touch him, Optitron screamed and stood before them, literally pulsating with energy.

"Nnnnnrrrrrrrggggghhhhh.....Quintessons, Autobots, Decepticons, behold your destroyer......I AM OPTITRON!!!!!!"

2001-11-16, 12:56 PM
Optitron reached forward and grabbed a Quintesson, electrocuting him and killing him instantly. Blinded not by fury but by a burning desire to eliminate the ever-plotting Quints now that their usefulness was at an end, Optitron whipped out his gigantic twin concussion blasters and began firing away at the Quintesson scientists and their equipment, blowing just about everyone and everything to bits.

A few Quintessons, including the one who had originally negotiated with Optitron, rushed to a tiny corridor at the end of the room, the leader screaming, "The escape pods! To the escape pods!"

Watching them leave, Optitron fired off several more rounds before transforming to tank mode, barreling through the Quintesson lab, and firing a barrage in their direction. Fortunately for them, the bulletproof door closed behind them, and the three Quintessons escaped the ship in a miniature emergency shuttle.

As he transformed back to robot mode, Optitron's eyes glowed green as the power of the Hypergon flowed through him. Just then, Starscream and the others barged into the room and were shocked to find the entire place in ruin.

Starscream walked to Optitron and said, "Well, well....you look just about ready to turn your incredible fury on Galvatron! Our plan will be completed, finally!"

And he thought to himself, And once you've wiped Galvatron and Prime off the face of the universe, it will be your power that will serve ME!

2001-11-17, 03:52 PM
After sweeping the Quintesson ship for stray Quints and subjecting the Sharkticons on board to their will, the Renegades were in the ship's main room with Blackout at the controls.

Blackout: "I will say one thing for the Quintessons - this ship's technology is unmatched by any standard-issue craft I've piloted. We're well on our way to Cybertron."

Blazestarter strolled over to a door, raised his arm-mounted flamethrowers, and burned the door to the ground. He reached in and pulled out two gigantic guns.

Blazestarter: "You ain't kiddin' about their tech!"

On the other side of the room, Driveby fiddled with some control panels until a radar display popped up on the main screen for all six Renegades to see.

Optitron: "A radar screen? What's the meaning of this, Driveby?"

Walking to the center of the room, Driveby pointed at the right side of the screen, where the radar seemed to cut off short of the end of the screen.

Driveby: "Man, I ain't no scientist, but dat shite look like somethin' ain't right, man!"

As the Renegades' resident scientist, Starscream squinted at the screen.

Starscream: "Something is very wrong. Blackout, what is the range of this radar?"

Blackout punched some keys.

Blackout: "Amazing! That thing extends for fifteen million light years!"

Starscream: "At least...it's supposed to."

Optitron: "What are you babbling about, Starscream?"

Starscream: "Look at the right of the screen, oh mighty leader. Far behind us...there's no...space."

Magnacrunch: "Whaddya mean, Screamer?"

Starscream: "I don't know. I just know...there's no...THERE there..."

2001-11-17, 10:44 PM
"Of course there's nothing there, you idiot!" Optitron responded to Starscream's cryptic musings. "It's the far reaches of space, how much could really be out there?"

"That's not what he means," Blackout replied. "Look at the monitor. There's an entire section off to the right there that's not picking up...anything. Not a lack of planets or stars, but a lack of...space."

"What are you saying?" Optitron replied. "Are you saying that we're near the border of space?"

"No," Starscream said. "The border of space is near us...and it's getting closer..."

"Only a black hole could destroy space itself," Optitron said. "Full speed, Blackout. We must reach Cybertron before whatever is back there starts to catch up to us...."