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God Jinrai
2002-09-01, 05:33 PM
Prime lie dormant in the chamber... the two sixchanger guarded the doors... but deep within the matrix, more knowledge was made know to him... of the cause for the impending disaster, and worse... a possible disaster within the autobot ranks because of the artifact that would need to be sought out and destroyed... if it COULD be destroyed...

2002-09-01, 10:46 PM
Hot Rod led the Autobot Convoy that was ordered to Vector Sigma. He couldn't help feeling that this wouldn't even be a concern if Javelin had succeeded in takeing the Matrix. Through him Javelin could have done terrible things in his quest to destroy Primus. Javelin was still out there and would have to be dealt with, but if Prime ordered them to vector Sgma it must be important. Hot Rod decided to slow down a bit in order to give other Autobots--including Lockpick a chance to keep up. "We're almost there... I just hope the Autobots sent to stop that Karandas are doing all right..."

2002-09-01, 11:32 PM
Lockpick kept up easily. The good points of being a hovercraft is you werent' slowed down as much by wheel friction. she pulls up beside hot Rod silently, her mind a wheel of confused thoughts. Finally, she asked "There must have been some bad slag before I got back. What's been happening?"

2002-09-02, 02:44 AM
"Prime got a message from the Matrix... he's saying something about some new threat. He ordered us to Vector Sigma... I guess we'll find out more when we get there." Hot Rod sped up a little more realized Lockpick was getting good at this, he continued, "I may have been able to detect it myself, but my mind was used up." Hot Rod was so easily reminded of what just happened, "Lockpick... I wanted you along because... we need to talk. Javelin took advantage of my knowledge of you and our freindship. I don't know what to say... but I've caused you nothing but pain so far..."

2002-09-02, 03:12 AM
Redstreak drove alongside the former leader of the Autobots and the bot who was apparently a flame of his. He didn't say anything; they were talking and it was best to just let them do so, but he wondered actively about the fight against Karandras. There were sure to be a lot of casualties, and the Autobots desperately needed another medical officer to deal with them...

2002-09-02, 03:20 AM
Lockpick is silent a long moment, before she states "Hot Rod. you didn't mean for that to happen. It was completely out of your control. What happened happened. Nothing can undo it." she cruises along beside him "I... need friends right now Hot Rod, and I like having you as a friend, even in the face of what happened."

2002-09-02, 06:55 AM
Up above, the Cosmobots flew in formation, keeping up eaily with the ground based Transformers below.
"What do you expect to find down there, boss?"
"I really don't know, Thorr. From what Prime said, I guess he's hoping that Hot Rod will get some answers from Vector Sigma about what's going on at the moment."
"I suppose if anyone, or I should say anything knows what's going on, it'll be Vector Sigma," Apollo commented.
"Right. This is important, I don't know why, but Prime's in limbo, and he seemed to think that this mission was critical. We can't fail."
"Don't worry, we won't," Mercury said optimistically.
"I sure hope you're right," Thorr muttered as the team continued their flight.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-02, 09:52 AM
Springer lay back on the table, he knew he was amongst friends...though he didn't know who he, or they, were.

"Just make it quick....Wheeljack...."

2002-09-02, 06:14 PM
Hot Rod was almost delighted by what Lockpick said, but he's never going to feel quite right about what happened, "Thanks Lockpick, and I promise that will never happen again." Hit Rod stopped on dime, screeching his tires though, "Whoa, we're here bots. That didn't take long." Hot Rod transformed into robot mode enetring the hall where Vector Sigma rested.

2002-09-02, 06:30 PM
As one, the Cosmobots landed just behind Hot Rod. Suddenly, a strange sense of weariness swept across them all, and Thorr reached for his weapon. Vanguard however, stayed his hand.
"I know, I felt it to, but we're safe here," he whispered quietly.
The other Cosmobots glanced around. Vanguard's gaze was drawn to Vector Sigma's door, the runes and paterns adorning it glistening in the light. He stepped forward slowly, to Hot Rod's shoulder.
"What now?" he muttered quietly.

2002-09-02, 10:18 PM
Redstreak transformed and stood outside the chamber a moment. The sheer power of Vector Sigma emanated from within, and it tingled every fiber of his circuitry. This was almost like a holy place...

He stepped in after Hot Rod and walked the dimly lit corridor with little fanfare. This was the kind of place where things were known to just jump right out at you...including defense mechanisms.

"Yo, Rod..." he says, "Think we best watch our step; they didn't exactly leave Vector Sigma unguarded, you know..."

2002-09-02, 10:27 PM
"You're right," Apollo confirmed after pausing for a moment.
"I'm detecting fluctuating energy readings, and they're not coming from Vector Sigma either. I'd guess that whatever internal defences were installed are slowly coming online. Tread carefully now, I bet there are passive scanners around here that I'm unable to detect."

At Apollo's speach, Thorr withdrew his blaster cannon from subspace in one fluid movement. After glancing at the tactical expert, Vanguard drew his own weapon, followed by the rest of the team.

"I suppose we can expect some fairly formidable defences," Vanguard said, to no one in particular.

2002-09-03, 03:32 AM
Hot Rod stoped for a moment and smiled, "Traps and stuff?" Hot Rod looked under his feet making sure he wasn't stepping on anything. "Well, I dought any traps are programed to attack AUTOBOTS. Of course, as Magnus would say 'you can't be too careful.'" He did his best to mock Ultra Magnus's voice, it wasn't very good. But never the less he looked over at Lockpick, then back at the group, "Me and Lockpick will go ahead. She is the best at looking for traps and security devices and avoiding them."

2002-09-03, 04:13 AM
Redstreak smirks. Hot Rod is apparently not aware of his talents.

"Rod, I don't think that's happening," he says. "I'm going with you...even the best trap detector in the game won't save you if you trip one, no offense Lockpick...I'm another story altogether."

2002-09-03, 05:11 AM
Wheeljack nodded to Springer kneeling over opening his head scanning through chip after chip.

"Ahh here we are blocked chip wonder how I missed this" he pulled it out transforming his hand into a type of laser creating a new path way for the blocked chip retruning his hand to it's normal form and inserting the chip back into Springer's head.

Ratchet looked are Perceptor "Are you done yet? I have other things I need to do right now"

2002-09-03, 07:10 AM
Vanguard nodded.
"We'll bring up the rear then," he told Redstreak, then turned to his team.

"Apollo, keep your sensors open, you might be able to detect something we can't. Thorr, you protect him. He may be vital to our safety. The rest of you, stay alert."

Hot Rod was right, Vanguard had thought to himself. It was highly unlikely that any traps here would attack Autobots, but he was still nervous. Having spent so many millions of years exploring deep space, he and his team were unused to the dark, claustrophobic tunnels beneath Cybertron's surface. Everywhere he looked, there were shadows that could hide an enemy, and roofs just waiting to cave in - even in an area as seemingly safe as this.

With a sigh, he led his team forward

2002-09-03, 03:15 PM
Perceptor closed the panel, "It takes a while to fix a unit as massive as Omega." He clapped his hands together, "But I believe I think I've finished. On my side." But he couldn't quite figure out why Ratchet was in such a hurry though.

Hot Rod shrugged and moved on, "Well I think the least of our worries should be trap. We should consentrait on the reason Optimus Prime sent us here."

2002-09-03, 03:23 PM
Lockpick nods in agreement with Redstreak, looking a bit embarassed "Its been a while since I actually did spywork, but I'lld o my best." she claims, moving with the others. Her wide optics peer all about her, taking everything in.

2002-09-03, 06:39 PM
"Boss, this place makes me nervous," Mercury muttered.
"Tunnels, I know," Apollo said.
"It's been too long..." Vanguard replied.

Millions of years before, even longer than their departure from Cybertron, the Cosmobots had been a loose team of tunnel runners - Autobot hunters, who's job was to scour the tunnels surrounding Iacon for Decepticon infiltrators. Many a time, an attack would start that way, so Optimus Prime had decided to create several such teams. The former hunters were actually fairly decent at the job, but they all felt that they were better suited to other tasks. When Prime needed a space exploration team, the Cosmobots had banded together, and petitioned him to allow them to undergo reconfiguration.

Against his better judgement, the Cosmobots were born. After an ignominious start, only improved by their considerable enthusiasm for their new role, they steadily improved their skills, spending long hours poring through data files and exploring the area surrounding Cybertron. Only Thorr remained true to his roots, being designated tactical support for the team. To this day, it sometimes chafes that he is not as intelligent as the other Cosmobots, but despite this, they all know his vital contribution to the team. After the start of the great war, the inexperienced Cosmobots left Cybertron, to explore other solar systems. Against all odds, they recently returned, now a skilled and close-knit team of space explorers.

However, these newfound talents were not best suited to tunnel exploring, and this accounted for the team's nervousness now.

Only Thorr was unfazed, glancing around alertly for signs of hostiles, cannon held easily and loosely in his hands.

Lord Zarak
2002-09-04, 04:06 PM
Swoop awoke with a start. He looked around. All he saw was what remained of his friend, Sky Lynx. He couldnt see Hausa or Fulani. He got up, transformed and radiod in.

"Prime, this is Swoop. Come in Prime. Magnus? ANYBODY?!"
Its no use. I'm alone, Grimlock may be dead. Sky Lynx needs to be repaired, but I can't do anything for him.

Swoop sat down for a few vorns.

He got back up, and walked towards where he hoped the Autobots would be.

Quick Switch
2002-09-04, 05:11 PM
Quick Switch answered Swoop's signal.

"Swoop, this is Quick Switch. Prime is communing with the Matrix. Report to his command center, and help stand guard outside. Sixswitch and I are guarding him in the chamber."

Lord Zarak
2002-09-05, 12:08 PM
"OK Quick Switch, I'll be there as fast as I can. What about Sky Lynx, is there anything that you can do for him?" Swoop asked.

2002-09-05, 07:06 PM
Hot Rod made it to Vector Sigma without incedent, he knew that Autobots weren't in danger. Alpha Trion who still was merged with the super computer wouldn't let anything happen. He looked back at the others, "Well we're here." He was almost clueless at what to do in this situation. Was he supposed to speak with Vector Sigma? Touch it? Wait?

Quick Switch
2002-09-05, 09:33 PM
Quick Switch thought, then spoke through his comm link to Swoop standing outside.

"Not at the moment, Swoop. I'll make sure Prime knows about him when he awakens from communing with the Matrix. He's a huge strategic asset for us...he doesn't need to lie around like scrap."

Even though Sky Lynx had a monumental ego, his ability and skill was great. Quick Switch left the feed open, in case Swoop had anything further to say.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-05, 09:54 PM
Springer's optics kicked back into life, his arm shot forward and grabbed Wheeljack by the throat...


Springer was back, though things weren't clear in his memory banks, recent events...his rampage through Iacon, was clouded though he remembered it, prior to that...things were hazy....

"So, what's been happening?"

2002-09-06, 02:34 AM
Redstreak stood near to Hot Rod as they looked at the golden orb from which all TF consciousnesses sprang. The majesty and power of it did not escape him. He almost got down on one knee to show the proper respect, but something in him told him that was unnecessary.

"I imagine..." he says to an obviously confused Hot Rod, "that when it's ready, it will address us."

2002-09-06, 03:16 AM
Wheeljack was startled by Springer's movement but calmed quickly.

"Alot though I really can't tell you much. You were out cold and I have been in here most of the time trying to fix you and keep you pinned down encase you tried to kill anyone"

Wheeljack stepped back "All I know is Prime was attacked"

Ratchet nodded to Perceptor "Well then lets hope Omega gets up quick we need lines of defence like him" Ratchet sait patting Omega Supreme.

2002-09-06, 01:25 PM
Vanguard looked up at the huge glowing orb above his head. Vague memories of his creation, and his first moments of life, millions of years ago flickered through his brain. Glancing around, he could tell that the other members of his team felt the same way.

A feeling of awe crept over him, his fears washed away by the soothing light of the supercomputer. He knew then, that Vector Sigma would know what to do.

God Jinrai
2002-09-06, 01:45 PM
"GREETINGS, AUTOBOTS!" the supercomputer boomed

"I am indeed pleased that Optimus Prime has sent you... The information you are about to hear may save us all... or be our destruction..."

There was an uneasy silence for several moments as vector sigma prepared to make the worst known...

"Let us travel back to the battle with unicron..."

The room suddenly went dark, the walls seemed to disappear... and overhead loomed unicron...

"Once more, you, the creations of primus... the defenders of cybertron...were able to repel unicron's attack. However, with his body destroyed, and no memory units available to transfer his consciousness into, Unicron was forced to create an object that,if not destroyed, will lead all life into total extinction."

The explosion of unicron commenced... and the small glimmer of light could be seen escaping from the behemoth's form... the image froze and began to zoom in...

"This, my friends... this... is the essence of unicron... with no form to posess, unicron was forced to imbue all of his essence... chaos, anger,hatred, rage,desolation,destruction... all imbued into this object you now see..."

The image was zoomed all the way up.... and streaking away in a beam of light was a third matrix... its core burned red with unicron's chaotic energies... unlike the blue of the autobot matrix or the purple glow of the decepticon matrix..

"This... is the chaos matrix. Its powers are still unknown to me and to even your creator... however, it's believed that if it finds a suitable carrier for the essence of unicron, it will slowly overflow that being with the essence of unicron... and once more the chaos bringer will be reborn. This must not be allowed to occur! Optimus Prime now communes with the autobot matrix in hopes of finding some means of battling this abomination... much less the horrid effects it may unleash to attain its goals...

Autobots... it is not over yet. war has not yet left your lives... and unless this unholy artifact is recovered and destroyed... you may not have much of a lifetime left to experience."

The supercomputer went silent... its speech was done... slowly it lowered itself back down to its resting place atop a pedastal in the center of its chambers...

Lord Zarak
2002-09-06, 02:14 PM
Swoop arrived at the command post of Optimus Prime.
"Quick Switch, I have arrived outside of Primes command post"

Quick Switch
2002-09-06, 04:07 PM
Quick Switch turned off his comm link, and spoke normally.

"Swoop, stay there until Prime has finished communing with the Matrix."

2002-09-06, 04:25 PM
Hot Rod didn't quite know what to do now, he looked back at everyone else. "So Unicron is not easily destroyed. That also explains why he survived when I destroyed him." Then something hit him, "Hold on, that's what Javelin was really talking about... Scourge... he could be a condidate to hold the Choas Matrix. But other then taht and sending off a few Autobots to find that thing, I can't see what else we can do for now."

2002-09-06, 05:15 PM
As Vanguard watched the display, he felt his hackles rise as he gazed upon the sight of the Chaos Matrix. He had no idea how Vector Sigma had gotten the image, but despite his scientist's desire to see evidence before his eyes, he knew that this thing was real.

He shook his head as Hot Rod spoke.

"We should get back to Iacon as quickly as we can," Vanguard suggested.
"Prime might be awake by now, and he'll want to hear about this... If he doesn't know already."

2002-09-07, 05:38 PM
"A suitable carrier," Redstreak analyzes. "It could literally be anyone. Any of us standing here, anyone on the planet...hell, anyone on a remote outpost in the middle of nowhere. We need to find it, somehow. But how is the question."

2002-09-07, 06:48 PM
"We need to act fast, to find and destroy that Choas Matrix. There's enough of us here to do it all. I need to check on Scourge anyway. Javelin gave him an offer, and I need to know if he will follow up on it. Anyway Javelin will be after him." Hot Rod was sure of himself, somewhat like he was Rodimus Prime again, he felt now that it was his responsiblity again to destroy this thing. "Vanguard, get to Optimus Prime ASAP, call me when he get's back. Redstreak, organize a search team for the Choas Matrix. If Prime doesn't get back on-line before your finished gathering the team, begin the search; otherwise, wait for his orders...Let's move!" Hot Rod started on his way out to find Scourge, his quick and decisive action was his trademark.

2002-09-07, 08:57 PM
Lockpick stood there, confused, before starting after Hot Rod "WAit up! You might need some backup of the dishonest kind..."

2002-09-08, 04:39 PM
Vanguard nodded.
"Aye, will do Hot Rod," he affirmed, as the Cosmobots turned sharply and left the chamber, for the surface.

2002-09-08, 05:34 PM
"A search team, eh?" Redstreak says. "Think I know a few guys that might be looking for some action." He patches in a call to Blaster. "Blaster, this is Redstreak, do you read, over?"


Torque looks at Springer. "Maybe we should go back to the last thing you do remember and take it from there...I hear there's been a lot going on myself, but I don't think either of us can provide you with the kind of info you need right now."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-08, 09:14 PM
Springer looked at Torque...

"It seems to have been such a long time...ROADBUSTER...Where is he...what happened to him..."

Springer looked at Wheeljack...

"What about Pointblank...Prowl, where are they?" Springer stopped, a harrowing look came over his face...

"I need a crew"

2002-09-09, 12:25 AM
Wheeljack looked at Springer "Pointblank went with Prime to see the Decepticons we were supposed to have you repaired in time fore said meeting but...." The Scientist replied.

2002-09-09, 01:15 AM
-wafting over the Autobot airwaves.....-

Nightbeat: "I repeat, this is Nightbeat to Optimus Prime or any Autobot out there. Do you read me?"

2002-09-09, 01:59 AM
Hot Rod stoped in his tracks, he almost wanted to tell Lockpick not to follow him, thinking that there might be some action. But if anyone deserved to destroy Javelin it would be her. He looked back, "You're just great Lockpick." he smiled, "Now all we need is Kup..." He was about to head out when he recieved a general transmission, being that it seemed like it was his day he responded.

"Nightbeat, this is Hot Rod, I read you. Optimus Prime... Ultra Magnus and most high ranking Autobots are busy right now... What's up?"

Talking about busy Autobots...

Perceptor closed up his tool box and deconnected the energon tube, "Well Omega should be fully operational.... I suppose he'll get up when he WANTS too."

2002-09-09, 02:09 AM
Lockpick straightens with the complements, and nods "You bet I will. Let's do this."

2002-09-09, 02:45 AM
Nightbeat: "We got trouble, Hot Rod. Serious trouble. I need to talk to Prime. I don't care how smegging busy he is, he needs to hear this."

2002-09-09, 09:11 PM
"Sounds bad Nightbeat, but it seems Prime is still out." Hot Rod responded, "I relay this to Quickswitch... But we have plenty of troubles already, with something called a Choas Matrix." He did as he said and reached Autobot HQ and Quickswitch himself. "Hey Switch, Nightbeat needs Prime, is he active? But I'll leave him to you anyway, Hot Rod out." He looked at Lockpick and shrugged, "Now we can do it... but I rather walk... it's not far."

Quick Switch
2002-09-09, 09:53 PM
Quick Switch could barely hold back the gall as Hot Rod communicated with him.

"Roger," he responded in a terse fashion. He patched into Nightbeat's frequency.

"What's going on, Detective? Prime's communing with the Matrix, but let me know your situation."

2002-09-10, 12:57 AM
Nightbeat: "Chaos Matrix? And here I thought we had troubles......." -sighs- "We discovered one of the reasons why Decepticons aren't known for giving tours of their bases. We overheard their plans for the alliance, and got thrown into Metrotitan's brig for our trouble."

Quick Switch
2002-09-10, 02:01 AM
Quick Switch's face broke into a scowl.

"I knew it Sixswitch," the six changer spoke to his ally sidelong, "the Decepticons have been plotting all this time."

Quick Switch turned back to Nightbeat.

"Confirm and copy. I'll alert Optimus immediately as soon as he comes back online."

2002-09-10, 04:04 AM
Nightbeat: "I copy. Sending datafile now. It's my A/V recording of what happened." -sends zipsqueal of the events witnessed in Metrotitan's auditorium- "Make sure Prime sees this. We nearly got killed getting it......." -chuckles- "And made a few new friends in the process."

Roadbuster: -broadcast over the airwaves- "Iacon, do you read?"

2002-09-10, 12:21 PM
"Great, now we know that the alliance won't hold. We'll have to put our forces on full alert... Or something."

He paced around, while glancing over at Prime as he sat, propped up in a chair.

"What a bad time to go sight-seeing in the Matrix," he said, sardonically."


"Chaos Matrix?" Thorr wondered aloud as he flew towards Iacon alongside the rest of the Cosmobots.
"Yes, as Vector Sigma said, it's the essence of Unicron."
Thorr looked at Apollo.
"You mean his spark?"
"In a way, yes."
"And if that spark finds a new body..."
"Then Primus help us all," Vanguard finished.
"Exactly, which is why we need to hurry back to Iacon."

Eventually, the five Cosmobots landed at the Autobot capital, and made their way inside, arriving finally at the sealed door to Prime's communion chamber.

"Locked," Sun Runner said as he pressed the keypad.
"Figures," Vanguard replied, before pressing an intercom button on the wall.
"Vanguard to Quick Switch. Is Prime awake yet? We have some important information, straight from Vector Sigma."


As the energon intake flooded through the umbilicals attached to the huge Guardian robot, his optics flickered open, then glowed a bright, electric blue. His claw arm instinctively flexed as he slowly came online, and electric sparks flickered between the four deadly blades. He sat up slowly.

"Omega Supreme online. Assistance, appreciated."
He looked down at Ratchet and Perceptor.
"Am I fully operational?"

God Jinrai
2002-09-10, 12:31 PM
Prime's dormant body suddenly reactivated, but began to shake violently, eventually falling from the seat where he was perched... now on the ground, prime seemed to convulse for a time.. then suddenly stopped... the blue optics gradually came back and prime slowly rose from the ground...

"Sixchangers... status report."

Quick Switch
2002-09-10, 01:19 PM
Quick Switch replied:

"Copy that, Nightbeat, Roadbuster. I'm uploading your file into the main databanks."

The Six Changer uploaded the transmission from his internal unit into the main Autobot databanks.

"Go ahead, Vanguard! Quick Switch here. Prime should be coming out of the communing soon."

Quick Switch smirked at Sixswitch's comment, then came to attention when Prime rose.

"Optimus! Urgent transmission from Nighbeat! The Decepticons have violated the alliance!" The Six Changer moved to the console, and showed which button Prime needed to push to play the file. He then turned to Prime, face stern.

"And something from the Cosmobots, Optimus. Evidently they've got news right from Vector Sigma that you need to hear ASAP."

2002-09-10, 01:36 PM
Vanguard nodded, and glanced at Apollo.
The communications expert transformed into satelite mode, and began playing back the words of the Supercomputer, as told to the Cosmobots, Redstreak, Hot Rod and Lockpick.

Once the playback had finished, Vanguard turned back to the intercom.
"There is also video footage, which we'll upload to the main computer now."

Once again, he nodded to Apollo, and running lights flickered to life along the circular rim of the satelite as the nessesary data was uploaded.

"That's all we have, Quick Switch," Vanguard finished, as he awaited further orders.

Quick Switch
2002-09-10, 03:57 PM
"Acknowledged," Quick Switch replied, leaving the feed open if Prime wanted to contribute anything.

God Jinrai
2002-09-10, 04:26 PM
Prime watched as the images from the decepticon meeting flashed across the screen...

"If only Galvatron were still alive... he at least could have been reasoned with..." Prime muttered...

"As for the news from the cosmobots... I likely already know... it's the reason I was summoned into the matrix... I sent them to vector sigma to confirm the accursed artifact's existance... It seems unicron has once again survived. he MUST BE STOPPED."

Quick Switch
2002-09-10, 04:30 PM
Quick Switch turned fully to Prime's gaze.

"What is your plan, Optimus? Shall I scramble the other Autobots?"

2002-09-10, 05:30 PM
"Yeah, but how?" Sixswitch turned to face his leader.
"I mean, with the Decepticons just waiting to shaft us with this alliance, and us not having a clue where this new Matrix even is, what the slag can we do?"

The sixchanger clenched his fist in anger.

"I mean, if we had any idea where to start looking, that'd be a help."

God Jinrai
2002-09-10, 07:42 PM
"... you may not, Sixswitch... But I've got a pretty good idea of where it'll end up... All that's left to do now is wait... and when he finds it, We've got to get to him before anyone else does... He's the only one with a body strong enough to house unicron without his physical form being torn apart... and that's a bug problem... because he's also got enough firepower to wipe out iacon in under ten minutes.. by himself!"

Quick Switch
2002-09-10, 08:49 PM
Quick Switch shook his head slowly.

"Optimus, you know I would never disagree with your judgments lightly, but I feel that I must in this instance."

The Six Changer pointed at the screen.

"If that Chaos Matrix is so powerful, we can't afford to be reactive in searching for it. We must be proactive! The Decepticons are searching for it...who knows how many others?"

Quick Switch held his arms out in a semi-pleading manner.

"If you know who this supposed vessel for the Matrix is, tell me so that I can stop that being from possessing it! I'll knock offline as many beings as necessary so that Unicron will not be reborn!"

The Six Changer, almost desperate, waved in the direction of Vector Sigma.

"Optimus, if Vector Sigma was able to display the Chaos Matrix when it left Unicron, surely it's possible to triangulate the Matrix's present position! Perhaps we can contain it- or even destroy it forever!"

This is irrational, Switch. What are you hoping to achieve? Do you really think that all by your lonesome you could wipe out the vessel holder?...Yeah, it's irrational, but I've got to try! If Optimus overrules me, then so be it. He knows best. But Optimus has always been open to debate before...

2002-09-10, 09:11 PM
"Quick Switch is right Optimus. If this thing is as dangerous as you say it is, then we can't wait for the Decepticons, or their chosen one to get their hands on it. We know that the Decepticons plan treachery. If we wait for them to get hold of this Matrix, then who knows what devastation will occur?"

God Jinrai
2002-09-10, 10:20 PM
"both of you... Inform hotrod and the others to return to Iacon... and prepare a recovery unit. I know precisely when the matrix will be acquired.. and by whom. We just need to be there wehn he atains it... he MAY be able to properly channel its energies to the point of litterally overcomming unicron... but... his hatred for transformers that stems from his origin may yet boil deep within him... if that's so... it will try to feed upon it... and if it does... we may have a rather grave problem on our hands... Get to it. and inform Nightbeat and his comapny that we'll be arriving at the following time..."

Quick Switch
2002-09-10, 10:38 PM
Quick Switch saluted, and moved to the console, and activated a select comm freqeuncy.

"Hot Rod and other members of his team, return to Iacon at once. Optimus Prime commands!"

Pressing another button to activate a new feed and closing another one, Quick Switch communicated with Nightbeat.

"Optimus Prime sends word that he and members of his elite guard will be arriving shortly."

Quick Switch left the console and opened the blast doors.

He poked his head out and called to Swoop.

"Swoop, stand ready! Prime needs us now, so stick close to Sixswitch and I!"

2002-09-10, 10:47 PM
Sixswitch cracked his knuckles, or would have, had he been strong enough to crack metal.
"We're the elite guard?" he asked with a grin.
"About time we see some action."
He turned to Prime.
"Where are we going, boss?" he asked.


Vanguard stepped back as the doors opened, then nodded to Swoop in greeting as he stepped forwards.
"Cosmobots reporting Optimus," he announced coolly.

Lord Zarak
2002-09-10, 11:19 PM
"Ok Quick Switch, I Swoop am ready" replied the Dinobot

Quick Switch
2002-09-10, 11:24 PM
Quick Switch clapped Swoop on the back, laughing slightly and drew him inside the command center with the Comsobots.

"Good to have ya here, Swoop! We'll need your good spirit. You too, guys." Quick Switch nodded at the Cosmobots.

He shook his head, grinning at Sixswitch.

"Yeah, I know. I was getting into Cyclonus mode, eh? It won't happen again, that's for sure..." he turned serious and waited for Prime's plan...

2002-09-10, 11:25 PM
Redstreak cuts off his other transmission in time to hear the command, then strode up to Hot Rod, a smile on his face. "Hey, since we gotta go back to Iacon," he says, "Race ya!"

2002-09-11, 08:16 PM
"Well, Lockpick We never seem to get a break." Both Hot Rod and Lockpick smiled, "We'll get Javelin soon enough. That Choas Matrix should draw him out like a rat to cheese!" Then it was time... "You think you can beat me!" Hot Rod transformed and started off.

2002-09-12, 01:40 AM
Redstreak takes off alongside Hot Rod. "You bet I can!" He calls and starts to pull ahead.

2002-09-12, 04:59 PM
Ultra Magnus arrived at the Autobot base most likely still followed by Jazz and Blaster. He was granted access in and began on his way to see if Prime was on-line yet or not. Through the general reports and talking he heard through the corridor confirmed that he had and he was calling a meeting. He made his way to where he last saw Prime.
(ooc: I'll speak for Redstreak just to hurry things a bit.)
Hot Rod and Redstreak raced to the base, Hot Rod just a little behind. But the reason why is that, he was holding back. He didn't want to leave Lockpick too far back, but she was following quite well. But as the base came into view Hot Rod sped up, now trying to overtake Redstreak.

2002-09-15, 07:20 PM
Lockpick falls a bit behind... then accelerates... and starts to pass both, her hovers going full blast as she races by. Having no friction from lack of wheels is a Good Thing.

2002-09-15, 10:58 PM
Redstreak resists using his accelerators because he knows that would be cheating, staying alongside Hot Rod on his engines alone. He picks up some speed and starts to pull away, wondering if he really could out-race the Autobot hotshot.

2002-09-16, 06:44 PM
Ultra Magnus waited patently for the others to arrive, he knew Optimus prime would have some important instructions and some Autobots were outside raceing. Ultra magnus shook his head, "Prime, maybe we should start..."

Hot Rod was being too merciful... but he was a bit distracted, the Choas Matrix, Javelin being still out there, the prospects of Scourge... But still The base wasn't far and looked like Lockpick would win, so he was about to give up when he saw... a shortcut!, "Ha HA HA! see you all later at the finish line!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-16, 10:35 PM
Springer opened a comm channel...

** To all wreckers still functioning, this is Springer. I've had some uhm, interesting times. Now I'm back in the land of the fully-functional I figure it's time we got together and find us something to do....Springer out**

Still in Wheeljack's lab Springer picked up his sword and sheathed it, he also picked up his blaster and attached it to it's holster.

"Thanks fer the fix Wheeljack, I gots ta go see the big cheese, see what the stink is..."

With that Springer transformed and tore through the corridors of Iacon City...