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2002-09-01, 05:59 PM
(Summary: After overhearing Teratron's plans to secretly break the Autobot-Decepticon alliance, a group of Autobots was captured and held within the city's detention center. However, just as the Autobots were about to be removed from the spotlight, Swindle attacked his fellow Decepticons, and the Combaticons together made an attempt to escape the city. Now, the rogues continue to flee, as Teratron has just been informed...)

Teratron did not stir as Astrotrain's call filtered through his desk comm unit. The room's aura was perfect for meditation: dark, quiet, and thick with thought. But this was not just mere deliberation; he did not answer the call because his spirit was within the Matrix. Around him were clouds and grids and colors, and more importantly, the faces of ancient Decepticon leaders. Galvatron's face peered down on the fresh leader, grinning with hints of both pride and contempt.

"Hard times have fallen upon you, Teratron," Galvatron proclaimed. "Your soldiers consider you an outsider, and do not respect your authority. Our attempt to make you accepted - this new, contemporary shell - has so far failed."

Teratron glanced down at the mental projection of his shimmering golden body, then back up at Galvatron's face.

What then would be the correct course of action? Must I destroy the usurper?

Galvatron smiled broadly, obviously approving of Teratron's ambition.

"That is something you must decide when the time comes. You have a more immediate task of gaining your warriors' trust. A team of Decepticons is assisting the captured Autobots in escaping the city. Your Decepticons are currently attempting - and failing - to keep the rebels contained. You must show them how we deal with traitors, but keep casualties to a minimum."

Teratron nodded respectfully to his former friend's visage, then looked around the circle of fallen conquerors.

Is there anything else I should know before I return to my duty as commander?

From the background, Megatron glared violently upon the new leader.

"Be warned, newcomer," he decreed. "Though you are master of the Matrix, you may find you do not know as much as you would like!"

Before Teratron could question the cryptic remark, the world of the Matrix was sucked away from him and replaced with the dark quiet of his chambers. He looked about groggily, careful to note the messages that had been left by Astrotrain and Hatemonger. He nodded to himself and tapped a series of buttons on his desk. The lights faded back into operation, and the public announcement broadcast channel was opened.

"Decepticons, withdraw. Allow Metrotitan and Trypticon to destroy the traitors. If they happen to escape, we shall deal with them more personally. Teratron out."

With another moment of regaining his senses, Teratron left his chair, threw open his proud double doors, and marched down the hall. Much work to be done...

2002-09-01, 06:03 PM
"OK, everybody, you have your orders, withdraw," Spinister spun around to face the room, retreating back inside Metrotitan.
"Targetmasters, stand down, return to your duties. I shall report to Astrotrain."


"Commander, on Terratron's orders, we have stood down, Metrotitan and Trypticon are dealing with the Autobots and Bruticus," Spinister reported to Astrotrain.

2002-09-01, 09:42 PM
Hatemonger shook his head.

"So we are going to just wipe out our own allies. Gee I didn't know we were Saddam Hussein." Hatemonger spat pushing the smaller targetmaster out of the way.

The Aerialcons helped semi wounded Crashticons back into Metrotitan with Legion and Salvo assisting as well.

Cryotek looked at Hatemonger.

"So do you think you will be fighting Teratron soon?" He asked Hatemonger.

"Who knows, the way times are I will be pushed under the carpet again." Hatemonger spat.

2002-09-01, 09:55 PM
Spinister stepped curtly aside, as Hatemonger went to push him, but merely glared at the bigger Decepticon warrior. Without a word, he turned, and left the chamber, heading for his own office.

Soon, he was joined by the other Targetmasters. He slumped in his seat, and frowned.
"Not the best way to start a new job," he was heard to mutter quietly.
The other Targetmasters wisely said nothing.

2002-09-02, 01:59 AM
Adeara refrained from responding to Astrotrain. I'd rather be in the brig then play assassin! she thought. Then he got the call about gunfire in the brig, and while they were occupied for a moment, she slipped out the door, and walked down the hall till she was far enough away that she couldn't hear Astrotrain and Scourge. Once there, she took out a com-link and contacted Teratron.

"My Lord, I have a rather....annoying problem. Your commander Astrotrain seems to think I am a spy and assassin. You should know what I am good for, and where I would be most useful. Right now, he has demanded I either go to earth to bring him the heads of the Insecticons, or return to the brig. Of the two, I prefer the brig, unless you have your own objectives for me, my Lord." Once finished, Adeara leaned against a wall, and waited.


2002-09-02, 04:27 AM
- A small, battered group of Autobots is roaring away from Metrotitan and Trypticon. Covered in soot and debris, they look like they just came through a bombardment. Which, oddly enough, they have.-

Nightbeat: "Brainstorm, any signs of pursuit?"

Brainstorm: -checking radar- "Not yet. I think Bruticus is drawing more attention than we are."

Nightbeat: "Pity he didn't come with us. We could have used him." -looks around- "We're sitting ducks out here. Minerva, see if you can contact Sky Garry and get us a lift back to Iacon. "I'm going to try to call Jinrai. He might not be a space shuttle, but he's got more firepower than we do at the moment."

Siren: "He's got more firepower than we do at any moment."

Nightbeat: "Good point." -activates commlink- "Jinrai, this is Nightbeat. Do you read?"

Minerva: "Sky Garry? Shotbomber? This is Minerva. Come in, please."

God Jinrai
2002-09-02, 05:06 PM
"What's that?"

Alpha glared out toward metrotitan, spying a group of autobot escaping from the behmoth... and a gestalt trying to cover their retreat...

"Well now. I can't just stand by and let them get recaptured, now can I?"

Opening him comlink on all encrypted autobot frequencies, he spoke...

"Autobots escaping the Decepticon city, alter your course to mark 210. I'm supplying cover fire... and hopefully, I'll get that gestalt away from the city as well."

Clicking off his comm, he retargeted his nova cannon... again, going for precision over rapid fire, the targeting display zoomed in on the city...

"Now... to distract that other giant so that the other can get away..."

The computer locked, and altered the firing setting to a spread shot... Menasor was locked in, and the target was the combiner's joints...

At the top of his vocalizer he shouted to Bruticus...


The trigger snapped back abruptly and four thin beams of solar plasma errupted form the cannon's barrel... if even they didn't connect, they'd buy the gestalt the time it needed to break away

2002-09-02, 06:02 PM
(OOC Adeara, Scourge and Astrotrain are still in his office, I believe. You might want to edit your post a little).

Scourge stood up straight, and turned to Astrotrain.
"Terratron knows what he's doing," he affirmed.
"I assume, that as the time of the duel draws close, you would have me stay near you?" he asked the Triple Changer.

2002-09-02, 09:08 PM
Hatemonger left everyone to continue to train.

"I suppse that was foolish of me to assist with the escaping Autobots." he thought. "But as a general I still have the military energon flowing through me." he laughed and did his final preperations for the duel with teratron.

Scrapheap was busy fixing up the Crashticons.

"Next time can you guys try to not get hit." He smiled as he was finishing up most of the repair work he had to do.

"Sure next time when that dolt Trypiticon fires at us, we'll move." Hit whined.


The Aerialcons, Legion, Salvo and Cryotek all went to the arena that the duel was suppose to take place. All were silent for now waiting for the battle to begin.

2002-09-02, 10:28 PM
Nightbeat: "You heard the man! Alter heading to 210 and burn rubber!"

Minerva: "What about Traveler?"

Nightbeat: "I know. We'll go back for him. But right now, both Siren and I are a libility. We'll slow you guys down. We get dropped off in a secure location, then Traveler can be rescued by you guys." -activates commlink- "Brainstorm, do a broad flyby of Metrotitan. See if you can see Traveler. If it looks safe, pick him up. If not, tell him we'll be back for him and get away as fast as you can."

Brainstorm: "Aye, Captain." -peels off back towards Metrotitan, keeping low-

Siren: "Who do you think is saving us?"

Nightbeat: "Beats me."

Roadbuster: "As long as he's got a well equipped armory, I don't care who he is."

Quick Switch
2002-09-03, 01:08 AM
(OOC: Bah. Sorry, just got in from vacation.)

Bruticus burst from Metrotitan, and fled after the Headmasters.

"Autobots...wait!" he boomed.

He clutched Traveler in one open hand.


Astrotrain received Teratron's transmission.

"Yes, my Lord."

He also received Spinster's report in person.

"Very well, Spinster. Dismissed. See to your troops."

The Triple Changer turned to Scourge.

"Yes, I would appreciate it if you would remain with me."

2002-09-03, 01:20 AM
Hatemonger suddenly had to call Scrapheap with a message.

"Scrapheap I have an idea." Hatemonger smiled and told Scrapheap his plan.

"Oh I like that I will get right on it!" Scrapheap smiled.

"Crashticons Aerialcons follow me! To the Med Lab!" Scrapheap laughed running with the two gestalt teams to the med lab.

2002-09-03, 01:29 AM
(OOC: This is a viable situation, considering the locations.)

Teratron kept his pace as the distance closed. He stopped upon reaching her, facing the opposite direction, and crossed his hulking arms over his chest.

"Of couse I have," he told Adeara with an unseen smile. "I am now on my way to destroy the would-be usurper to my command. I invite you to accompany me and witness my conquest."

He delivered Adeara a wry, invisible grin before continuing on without her response. If she wished to come - and he imagined she would - there would be no need to waste time with words.

"Soundwave," he began into his faceplate's comm.unit. "The time for my combat has come. I am now on my way to the great gladiatorial arena in Polyhex. Arrange a transport to have Hatemonger delivered there shortly. Express that all Decepticons are welcome to view my victory. You will be there as well, Soundwave. Astrotrain, however, is to remain here."

"As you command," Soundwave replied.


In the repair bay, Soundwave sighed to himself. He looked over the seemingly endless tables before him - all covered in the wreckage of scattered body parts. An eternal task... and only one doctor to do it. Hook was out with the other Constructicons on his repair detail, and Bombshell... Who could know? A squad of Metrodrones operated efficiently, but ultimately with little result. So hard to find good training these days. But more annoying was that nagging feeling of emptiness inside, like he'd lost a part of himself.


For once, Big Blue was caught by surprise. He'd heard the entering footsteps, but his preoccupation had left him unprepared. After a moment of absorption, he lumbered slowly around to the door, and gasped.

"Laserbeak!" he cried.

Indeed, the cassette condor was standing there staring back. In front of him was an enclosed hover push-cart. Laserbeak again took the handle in his mouth and began waddling awkwardly forward. Soundwave simply watched in disbelief. Finally, as Laserbeak deemed the cart close enough for Soundwave to examine, he jumped to an occupied table and perched on its edge. Soundwave stared blankly, only able to think of one thing to say...

"Where have you been?"

Laserbeak looked about with a touch of embarrassment, then shook his head and stared back at his unnerving master.

"We were off fighting some big guy during the Unicron battle and... Well, we were doing all right until a bunch of our gestalts showed up. They didn't even see us, way down on the ground, and I don't think they would've cared much if they did. They let loose on that monster with everything they had. He and I..." (he nodded to the cart) "...were lucky enough to be out of range of the fight when it started to get bad, but the rest didn't make it."

Soundwave's desire to mourn the loss of so many of his creations was matched by his new curiosity over the contents of the hover cart. He glanced to Laserbeak again, still trying to look strong, before pressing a button on the cart's side and folding away its shell.

"Oh my..."


Across the planet, in the barren region known as the Deadlands, a lone figure stands and screams his hatred to the cosmos.


"He's been like that for days."

Lying quietly on the push-cart was Spectro, his body stiff and straight. His open mouth gaped in horror at the admittedly benign ceiling, and his wide but blank optics were unmoving. Now and then his entire frame would twitch, and a tiny squeak would omit from his mouth.

"I see," Soundwave commented. "Little apparent physical damage. This must be psychological... Where are the others?"

Laserbeak looked down at Spectro pitifully.

"Don't know. One of those gestalts blew up something real close to where I last saw them, and they both got covered in rubble. It's hard to say, but I think they're dead."

Soundwave nodded. He'd expected something of the sort.

"Reflector's a unique sort," he explained. "They were a prototype in gestalt technology. It's a wonder they survived this long. Unlike current gestalts, these three are inseparable. When one dies, backup files of his personality are activated in the other two to keep him alive. If two die, I imagine it would be enough to force the third into shutdown. For one mind to power three consciousnesses is unthinkable to us."

Soundwave hoisted the small spy from his bed and placed him on a larger one. He waved a Metrodrone over, who got right to work on the Reflectorbot.

"You aren't going to fix him?" Laserbeak asked. "I dunno a lot about repair, but he really needs somebody with experience."

Soundwave shrugged, turned around, and walked for the door.

"You supervise the process, then. I'm needed elsewhere."

Laserbeak stared after Soundwave in desperation...

2002-09-03, 01:41 AM
Hatemonger got onto his com-link to Scrapheap and Skyblade.

"Friends the time is at hand, Scrapheap the way you work you can complete the modifcations soon enough. If I die, and the Decepticons come after you leave. Do as you wish but survive. My life can be wasted for a reason yours cannont. Otherwise get ready to call me your new Decepticon commander!" Hatemonger smiled.

"Yes sir!" Scrapheap called already working on Fearmaker, and Buzzer as Blindside, Runaway, Hit, Run, RollOver and Pileup sat there.

"Good luck!" Skyblade said working on Rain, Firebomb and Sonicforce.

Cryotek took his seat near Legion and Salvo.
"I wish I had some popcorn." He laughed.

"Hatemonger will snap Teratron's neck like tin." Legion smiled arms crossed.

Hatemonger stood up ready.

"Soundwave I am in area B1 in Metrotitan. I await your arrival." Hatemonger stood and smiled.

2002-09-03, 02:06 AM
Nightbeat: -sees Bruticus and Traveler- "Hold up, guys! We got friends coming!"

Minerva: -looks back- "Hurry up, guys!"

Siren: "Hope they get here quick."

Brainstorm: -swings back to rejoin the group- "And I hope the guys coming up behnd them don't."

2002-09-03, 04:39 AM
As Teratron spoke, Adeara inwardly sighed with relief. At least he knew her value. Following behind him as he walked, Adeara gave an unseen smile, one that was for her own victory. I have faced Unicron and was not destroyed. I have faced the destruction of my people and home, and am still sane. And now, the leader of the Decepticons acknowledges my value. This is a good day. She followed Teratron as he traveled to Polyhex, knowing without a doubt, he'd defeat Hatemonger.

Lord Zarak
2002-09-03, 10:52 AM
Whilst not being sure of who he was, Disorder was sure of one thing: he did not like Shockwave. His only problem, was keeping his dislike for him under wraps for the time being.

"Shockwave, I feel a little unsteady on my feet. May I go back to the medical area to get myself checked out?"

"Of course. Would you like me to show you the way back?"

"Er, no ta, I think I can manage it." With no further word, Disorder walked away from Shockave, with a limp.

As soon as he was around the corner, he walked normally, and radioed Astrotrain.

"Astrotrain this is Disorder, I'd like to see you now, if I can."

Quick Switch
2002-09-03, 12:47 PM
Astrotrain sank back down in his seat, wan expression on his face.

"Well, Scourge, it appears I am to remain...and not watch the contest....I hope this is a sign that our Lord trusts me to remain and control Metrotitan."

He sighed.

"Lord Teratron is just...under Megatron...I would have been removed from my position...and Galvatron would have murdered me outright. Who would have known? That Swindle...would have defected as he did. All of the Combaticons, really. I trusted Onslaught too much. But, I will not make the same mistake again."

The Triple Changer punched a few button on his console, and a flatscreen television appeared.

"Ah well...Metrotitan...patch in a remote frequency to the Polyhex Arena."

"Yes, Master," Metrotitan replied.

Astrotrain received Disorder's transmission as the vid-screen came online. Throngs of Cybertronians were allready filling into the massive structure.

"Report, Disorder!"

2002-09-03, 03:23 PM
Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Roadbuster: -slow down, waiting for Brainstorm, Bruticus, and Traveler to catch up-

Minerva: -looks out of window- "I'd forgotten how big Bruticus is."

Nightbeat: -on Hosehead's roof, shrugs- "You wouldn't expect a gestalt to be our height, would you?"

Quick Switch
2002-09-03, 04:18 PM
Bruticus stopped jogging and came to a stop near the Headmasters. The massive Super Warrior peered downwards at the Autobots.

"Escape worked," he said. "What now?"

"We must find the main Autobot detachment," Traveler replied. "Perhaps the Headmasters have already made contact."


Dirge entered into Thunderwing's compound.

"He's injured," the blue Seeker said to those assembled, and put Sixshot on a table. "I guess whatever it was got the best of him...which isn't good for the rest of us."

Dirge shrugged, and placed Sixshot inside a repair tube.

"Maybe this little experience will make you appreciate death a little more, Sixshot," the Seeker said quietly.

2002-09-03, 04:53 PM
"Raaarhg! This is useless Wipe-Out!" Trypticon whose primary sensor array had been blinded earlier - growled angrily as his weapon fire kept missing the escaping Autobots.

"Got an idea boss! Transform to robot or dino mode! You'll have your optics then!" The small Decepticon shouted.

"Why did I not thought of that..." Trypticon muttered and opened comm-link to Astrotrain. >"Trypticon to Astrotrain, requesting permission to activate my transformation cog in order to pursue and destroy the escapers."

2002-09-03, 05:02 PM
"Then," Scourge replied to Astrotrain's musings.
"It appears that I also should stay here. We shall see how the contest turns out."

He glanced up at the sound of Trypticon's communication, then turned to glance at the city commander.

Quick Switch
2002-09-03, 05:03 PM
Astrotrain pressed the comm button at his desk as Trypticon's transmission blared.

"Permission granted, Trypticon! Destroy only Bruticus and the Headmasters."

Astrotrain leaned back in his chair, and turned to the video screen.

"Agreed, Scourge. Whoever wins this battle shall shape the fortunes of our race for some time to come."

God Jinrai
2002-09-03, 05:14 PM
Alpha Convoy stared at the incomming group, with bruticus arriving soon after...

"Well now. time to get out of here!"

Transforming into vehcile mode, the trailers attached, the box trailer door flipping down, allowing access to the car carrier trailer.

"Everyone! Roll in! Bruticus, disengage! Set your components to supliment my firepower while we make a break for it!"

Quick Switch
2002-09-03, 05:22 PM
Bruticus nodded.

"Bruticus understand."

The Super Warrior disengaged, and the Combaticons shifted to vehicle modes.

"We'll be taking these," Onslaught said, and removed their weapons from the Headmasters control via their subspace link.

Blast Off took to the air, Vortex right behind.

"This will be interesting," the space warrior mused.

"Sure...but at least it'll be fast!" the interrogator replied.

Brawl and Swindle drove opposite of Onslaught.

"I'm still not used to this..." the warrior growled.

"Oh come on...it'll be better, I promise!" the munitions dealer prodded.

The Combaticons drove after Alpha.

2002-09-03, 05:46 PM
>"Activating transformation procedure into robot mode." Trypticon radioed Astrotrain and began transforming...

The energon flow that moved across Trypticon's circuits as millions of parts swifted and moved to create different configuration patterns - would have been easily enough to keep a standard sized Decepticon camp fully equipped for weeks. Had Trypticon cared, he might have thought if Astrotrain made the right decision by allowing him to use such massive amounts of energy to pursue the Autobots and Bruticus.

The whole procedure took less a minute before the more than half mile tall monster stood next to Metrotitan, its optics scanning the open wasteland before him.

Wipe-Out had somehow managed to get on Trypticon's shoulder when the giant had transformed and began to point at dust cloud rising in the horizon somewhat to the west from the direction Trypticon was staring at. "There boss! I see them! Stomp them!"

A sinister grin rose on Trypticon's face as the giant turned to face the escaping Autobots and the Combaticons. Then the ground began shaking... Trypticon had began pursuing the traitors...

2002-09-03, 09:26 PM
Nightbeat: -relaxing inside of Alpha Convoy's trailer- "I think we're safe now."

Roadbuster: "And we're with the Combaticons."

Minerva: -gets out of her transector- "It's obvious that they're not going to hurt us."

Siren: "We hope."

Nightbeat: "Calm down, people. If they wanted to whack us, they would have done it already."

Siren: "They almost did."

Minerva: "Swindle wouldn't have. And, as you can see, neither did the rest of them."

Nightbeat: -loooks around- "I guess we have you to thank, um.... What's your name?"

2002-09-03, 09:28 PM
Scrapheap talked cheerfully as him and Skyblade worked on the upgrades for the Aerialcons and Crashticons.

"Together we will be able to do whatever is nesssary for our victory!" Skyblade said welding on Rain.

"Exactly." Scrapheap smiled fixing Blindside.

Hatemonger waited for Soundwaves response. Stern and ready he was waiting for his moment to fight Teratron. A moment coming soon.

2002-09-03, 10:28 PM
Spinsiter looked around the room. He wasn't one for speeches, but perhaps this time, with the huge responsibility of the task facing them, it was time to make an exception.

"OK everyone listen."
The chatter in the room quickly quietened down to a whisper, then silence as Spinister glared at his men.
"Now, the task we have been set is a large one. This battle will decide the future of the Decepticon empire. You may have your preferences in leaders - I know I do, but what's important here is that I serve Astrotrain, and I expect you to serve me, and obey my orders. Clear?"

He looked around the room, to be met with the steely gazes and nods of affirmation of the other four Targetmasters. There would be no disenters today.

"Good. Now, our duty is to protect both combatants, and ensure that no outside force interferes with the battle. We have been authorised to use deadly force to prevent this, and I expect it used if need be."

He let the seriousness of the last statement sink in for a moment.

"Although some of you have only returned from deep space recently, I expect your loyalty to the Decepticons to be reflected in your performance today. That is all. Nebulans, Transform."

The sound of servos and cogs whiring and clicking echoed around the room as five Nebulans transformed into five guns, and landed in the hands of the five Targetmasters.

"Let's move."

Without another word, the five trooped from the room, and towards the Auditorium in Polyhex.

(OOC: And with that, the Targetmasters are dropped from my repetoir).

2002-09-04, 02:03 AM
*Occ Legion and Salvo are watching the battle after that they exist somewhere over the rainbow*

"Can this battle start soon?" Legion grumbled.
"I want to break something." He continued.

"In time." Cryotek said in between the snapping of energon popcorn.

"Where did you get that?!" Salvo said charging for the tasty energon treat.

"Umm the Kitchen..." Cryotek flew above the large Decepticons grasp.

"Yeah." Cryotek said as he looked at a metrodrone.

"You go get us a big tub of energon popcorn." Cyrotek told the drone as it buzzed off returning a few moments later with a massive tub of energon treats.

"There you two happy now." Cryotek asked.

"*Munch* Snap.

"Yes this good!" Salvo cheered.

"Not busting heads but it works." Legion said back.

Cryotek turned back to the arena and waited.

Lord Zarak
2002-09-04, 10:11 AM
"Astrotrain, its simple" began Disorder. "I really don't like Shockwave. I just cant stand him, and I wanna get away from him. Can you help me?"

Quick Switch
2002-09-04, 01:56 PM
Astrotrain nodded.

"You have made a wise decision." Astrotrain beckoned with a hand at the chair next to Scourge.

"Sit, and watch the Leadership Duel with Scourge and I...and you will know more than ever how our race operates. It shall be a good education. Of course, you forswear Shockwave, and pledge your loyalty to Lord Teratron?"

Lord Zarak
2002-09-04, 02:21 PM
"I pledge my loyalty to the leader of the Decepticons, yes" answered Disorder. "If that is Lord Teratron, then so be it. And I would be glad and honoured to sit by the second-in-command. I would be very pleased to become a student of our ways, under your scholaship. Shall I proceed to your quarters, Astrotrain?"

Quick Switch
2002-09-04, 05:08 PM
Astrotrain nodded again.

"Of course, Disorder. Proceed."

2002-09-04, 06:07 PM
Overlord walked down to the arena where the battle of leadership was going to take place, sending everyone unfortunate to be on his way flying against the corridor walls.

All that happened not because he wanted to do it even though he could but because he had fallen deep into his thoughts thus ignoring the others almost completely.

The leadership duel... how a petty, almost meaningless thing could distract him this much? There was something behing it... there had to be. Perhaps this would be a turning point in the history of the Decepticons... perhaps another of the participants was destined to lead them to victory... while the another would be their demise...


Trypticon was easily gaining on the Autobots in his robot mode. The ability to step more than hundred meters with a single step made the otherwise ankward giant rather fast compared to the Autobots.

"Surrender or be annihilated!" Trypticon growled, dozens of cannons in his structure taking aim at the Autobots and Combaticons...

Quick Switch
2002-09-04, 08:51 PM
Onslaught attempted to swivel his photon missle battery into position. He and the other Combaticons attempted to speed up.

"Autobot, I would like to know your strategy," the Combaticon leader asked testily to Alpha. "We won't even damage Trypticon with our weapons even at point blank range."

2002-09-04, 09:17 PM
Scourge nodded at the retreating back of Disorder, but waited till the doors closed before speaking.
"A wise move. He will be a useful ally, if Shockwave thinks he's still loyal to him. However, beward of treachery, as always."

"Soon, the duel for leadership will start. This however, will not be the turning point in the history of the Decepticons that others expect it to be."

Then what will?

"I cannot say. Not yet. But be vigilant, Scourge. Soon, you will get your chance to achieve your goals - if you tread carefully."

Once again, Fracas's voice retreated from the tracker's mind, leaving him to glance about the room.

Quick Switch
2002-09-04, 09:27 PM
Astrotrain nodded.

"I believe so. A stroke of luck that I can educate Disorder so soon after his creation. Thank Primus Starscream is dead...that fool would have corrupted him beyond measure."

The Triple Changer paused.

"I am aware of the potential for treachery...but hopefully you and I will be able to spot such inklings before they come to fruition."

Suddenly Astrotrain sat up and leaned forward.

"I've always wanted to ask you this, Scourge. How did it feel to possess the Autobot Matrix of Leadership? The power? The feeling you were perverting the very symbol of the Autobots to your will?" The Triple Changer shook his head.

"Ah, if Rodiums Prime were only still leading the Autobots today, victory would have been ours."

2002-09-04, 09:38 PM
"The discovery of the power within me to bear the Matrix was..."

The Tracker wasn't sure if he wanted to go on.

"Continue. You can trust this Decepticon.""

"It was an awakening experience, I realised that I could be something greater than I was. I had aspirations of leadership, I'll admit that. When I discovered that there existed a Decepticon Matrix, I desired it, hungered for it - for a while. It was not to be, however. After the recent battle with Unicron, I have had an epiphany. No longer do I desire leadership, nor the Matrix. I am myself, and if I am not strong enough without the artifact, then I'll never be strong enough with it."

He paused, unsure if the insight he had experienced should be shared with anyone else.

"The Matrix is unlike anything ever experienced before. The Decepticons you hear speak of binary bonding - imagine that, but with the minds of all the leaders over the millenia. The corruption of the Autobot Matrix was not possible. The minds within were too strong. In hindsight, I am glad. I resisted binary bondage because of the fear that my essence would become lost. That would have surely happened had I continued bearing the Matrix... Any Matrix.

Quick Switch
2002-09-04, 11:39 PM
Astrotrain crossed his arms and listened intently as Scourge replied.

"Desire for power is natural for us, Scourge. I once aspired to lead the Decepticons with my brother Triple Changer...I learned the error of my ways from Megatron."

Astrotrain reflected on the Matrix's power.

"Truthfully, it is almost impossible for me to comprehend. I have never gone through the binary binding process, let alone have the collective minds of our past leaders as a part of me, even for a short while."

Astrotrain shook his head.

"I will never wield the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, for the forces at work are those I do not fully understand. I am not so arrogant as to believe I could ascend godhood- my foray with the residents of Titan aside. Nor even our own Decepticon Matrix. I have seen the process at work in Galvatron...how it corrupted him, and has changed Gigatron, the leader I thought I knew rather well. He is different now, as Teratron."

Astrotrain glanced back up at the screen.

"Your strength of character is admirable. I salute you for it."

Astrotrain looked back at Scourge, silent for a time.

A Metrodrone entered carrying the head of Bludgeon mounted on a plaque. Astrotrain took the head-plaque and showed it to Scourge, holding it up across his desk.

"A present to Lord Teratron after he returns from the duel. I believe he will like it. Perhaps after he defeats that rabble rouser Hatemunger, I can present his head to our Lord as well."

2002-09-05, 01:15 AM
Roadbuster: -looking up at the advancing form of Trypticon- "Aim for his optics! Blind him!"

Chromedome: -looking around Alpha Convoy's trailer- "Do you have any weapons?"

God Jinrai
2002-09-05, 01:59 AM
Alpha chuckled audibly...

Do I have weapons... heheheh... roadbuster.. If that's your name.. get back in the box trailer section. I'm opening it into battle platform mode... there's enough firepower in that thing alone to deal with our oversized friend... My suggestion's the swivel mounted nitrogen cannon... that'll ensure he doesn't get his optics back online before we get outta here!"

Alpha Convoy initiated the box trailer's transformation, allowing it to still move freely as it was still attached... weaponry sliding up and locking into position...

"Combaticons! If you'd care to join him, get on board immedieately! The extra cover fire would be apprecieated!"

Lord Zarak
2002-09-05, 12:55 PM
Disorder caught up with Shockwave and announced:
"I have been invited to sit by the side of Astrotrain during this...leadership duel I have only just found out about."

"It is a good oportunity to observe the workings of the Decepticons. I give you permission to go there. Be observant. See the connections that bind certain Decepticons, and how they can breed discontent. Be wary."

Disorder fumed inwardly. You don't own me, Shockwave. Just because you dreamt me up doesn't mean that I am your pet, your project

"Thank you Shockwave. I am honoured by your advice."

He turned curtly, and walked away.

Shockwave moved towards the arena. He came by some Decepticons who looked like they had been thrown aginst a wall. He carried on walking, and saw the hulking form of Overlord.

"Overlord, you seem troubled. What is the matter?"


Disorder proceeded to Astrotrains quarters.

2002-09-05, 05:20 PM
As the Alpha Convoy transformed Trypticon noticed the possible threat against him being created and two massive cannons each bigger than Bruticus at Alpha Convoy's trailer...

"Die Autobots!" The Decepticon giant roared and unleashed his firepower upon the Autobots...


Overlord glared at the considerably smaller one-eyed Decepticon. "Shockwave is it?"

The Godmaster kneeled down, placing his fore finger in front of the cyclops' face. "I don't trust you Shockwave. So... an answer to your question..."

"Not your business!" Overlord roared, straightened up and headed to the arena...

2002-09-05, 08:18 PM
(OOC: Okay, I'm starting a new thread to deal with the leadership duel. All replies dealing with it can go there. Anything else Metrotitan-related stays here. Sound cool?)

God Jinrai
2002-09-05, 09:03 PM
Swerving left and right to at least try to avoid the blasts from trypticon, alpha was beginning to become worried...

"Somebody, make use of that cannon and freeze up and shatter his optics before we're all turned into so much molten slag!"

This was hardly the way he pictured his last stand... and as such, he knew it could never be his final stand anyway...

Quick Switch
2002-09-05, 09:26 PM
The Combaticons entered Alpha.

"I will man your cannon," Onslaught cried, and did so. Taking aim, the Combaticon leader fired two precise shots at each of Trypticon's optics.

Swindle laughed.

"Well, Minerva, I never thought we'd make it. It feels good to be semi-free."


Astrotrain saw Disorder proceeding, and called out to him.

"Enter, Disorder. The duel is about to proceed."

Astrotrain flicked his gaze back to the vid screen which showed Teratron his all his glory, waiting.

God Jinrai
2002-09-05, 09:53 PM
"now to seal the deal!"

with those words, the twin rockets launchers on the car carrier segment pivoted backward, aiming upward at the behemoth...

"Target locked... FIRE!"

With those words, a set of twin rockets burst from their launchers, heading for trypticon's now frozen optics...

"He'll never know what hit 'im!" Alpha laughed as he nailed his throttle, beginning to close the battle platform back into trailer form...

"All of you... listen. I'm taking you back to my mentor's lab... he may be able to get you all repaired and perhaps aid you combaticons in your stuation...I've a feeling that the autobots may be more than willing to grant you amnesty for what's occured in the past... especially when you consider recent events... but I'm rambling. Oh... and Nightbeat... To answer your question.. the name's Convoy... Alpha Convoy"

Flooring his throttle, AC burst off with his comrades on board headed for alpha trion's hidden lab...

Quick Switch
2002-09-05, 10:03 PM
"I thank you, Alpha Convoy for your words, and am eager to meet your creator, for he has done well." Onslaught left the cannon and sat with his fellow Combaticons.

2002-09-06, 04:42 AM
Minerva: -smiles at Swindle- "And we're safe now." -thinks a moment- "Well, safer, anyway."

Nightbeat: "I hope so. I'm getting too old for all this excitement."

Roadbuster: -looks over at Nightbeat- "We need to contact Iacon."

Quick Switch
2002-09-06, 05:36 AM
Swindle smiled at Minerva's rejoinder.

Blast Off flicked a concerned glance over at Onslaught, who nodded slightly.

Swindle's actions toward this Headmaster are...intriguing...I always believed our race to have advanced farther beyond such conceptions as "love". Swindle has, once again, proven me wrong. But who am I to judge? What right do I, a military strategist know- really- of intra-personal relationships?

Brawl and Vortex also saw 'the look' but weren't too subtle about commenting on it. They sat a few feet away from the Autobots, and assumed (correctly or not) their comments would be out of earshot.

"Uh...ya think Swindle likes that Autobot?" the tank leaned back against the side of Alpha's trailer.

" 'Course he does, Brawl," Vortex nodded energetically. "It's just like what some of the Autobots have gone through. From what I understand, Powerglide and Seaspray got hit with the 'love bug' and it didn't do them any good. With organics! Can you even imagine?"

"No, but evidently you can," Blast Off sniffed. "Leave Swindle to his thoughts. I'd rather not know the both of yours."

Brawl shook his head.

"Shove it up your tail pipe, Blast Off! Since when do you care about anybody but yourself?"

Vortex nodded, and added a profound "Yeah!" to the discussion.

Blast Off harrumphed and crossed his arms.

"I merely was insinuating that both of you are being highly insensitive. Minerva obviously means something to Swindle. I believe his connection to her caused this defection."

"I concur," Onslaught joined the discussion, as Alpha bounced along. "And I've also deduced that the exact moment ocurred when Minerva spared his life- probably a trick- to win sympathy. I've read that human females use this sort of ploy on their male counterparts all the time."

"Killing them?" Vortex asked.

"No, you twit! Employing their emotions and feminine wiles to evoke sympathy in the males, or triggering the use of the human code of conduct known as 'chivalry'. It certainly worked with Swindle." Blast Off jerked his head toward the jeep.

Onslaught held up a hand.

"The discussion is terminated. It matters not what Minerva did; it is done, and our fates have been decided."

Brawl shifted so he faced the Autobots.

"Roadbuster, for the record..I would have won the fight if Swindle hadn't...you know...defected."

Swindle had been unaware of the previous discussion, totally lost in thought about the prospect of mingling with the Autobots.

Finally! I get to meet Optimus Prime, and he won't even shoot at me! Oh boy, the weapons contracts! The Autobots need some upgrades...though this Alpha fella's certainly packing some firepower...and Minerva. Sure she's human...but does that mean I can't like her? I dunno...I'll have to talk to her 'bout that...

2002-09-06, 09:05 PM
Trypticon stopped advancing after the blasts from the Combaticons hit his optics, temporarly blinding the giant and lifted his massive arm to protect his optics, thus causing the firepower unleashed by Alpha Convoy to hit his arm rather harmlessly. Yet it gave the Autobots enough time as Trypticon was now completely blind. His primary sensor array was still offline and now he had lost his sight as well.

The Decepticon giant let out a roar full of frustration and dissappointment and fell silent for few minutes before lowering his arm away from his optics. At this point the Autobots were gone and his sensor array was still trying to repair the damages it had received earlier thus making him unable to track down the Autobots and the traitorous Combaticons.

Not knowing anything else to do the giant turned around and headed back towards Metrotitan, sending a transmission to Astrotrain... >"Trypticon to Astrotrain. I lost the escapeers."

2002-09-07, 01:28 AM
Nightbeat: -chuckling quiety to himself at the Combaticons discussion, thinks to self- 'Good thing Minerva doesn't have my audio sensors. The last thing they need is a tounge lashing from my little sister.' -looks over at Roadbuster- "Yer probably right. I just hope we're out of Metrotitan's jamming range." -activates commlink, punching buttons on the arm panel, tyring to get a picture and a clear signal to Iacon- "This is Nightbeat to Optimus Prime, or anybody with a pulse at Iacon. Do you read me?"

Roadbuster: -looks over at Brawl- "I somehow doubt that."

Siren: "Can we quit it with the Ultimate Fighting Championship matches for the moment? We're still not out of danger yet."

Brainstorm: -checking Traveler for injuries- "Not quite the escape you were expecting from Metrotitan, was it."

Minerva -starts checking Swindle over- "Are you okay? You passed out back there. Was it the security system Megatron put in your head?" -looks at the rest of the Combaticons- "If it was, you all might have something similiar."

Quick Switch
2002-09-07, 01:41 PM
Astrotrain acknowledged the signal.

"Very well, Trypticon. Return to Metrotitan's position."


Traveler stirred at Brainstorm's query.

"No," he answered, "though the experience was no less interesting."

Brawl laughed and said nothing at Roadbuster's comment.

Swindle shook himself out of his thoughts as Minerva examined him. A slight coolant sweat began to develop when she mentioned Megatron.

"Yes...yes, it was the security program...Minerva...it was horrible."

He smiled weakly.

"I don't think I've beaten him completely. The security program might return...but as to the others? Nah, they were always to trusting of the command structure. I doubt they have it. I always asked too many questions. When Thundercracker and I used to get going with our questions, boy did Soundwave pitch a fit..."

2002-09-08, 09:17 PM
(OOC: Should I post Nightbeat's comm signal in the Autobot thread?)

Minerva: -smiles- "Don't worry, Swindle. We're gonna do everything we can to get that security program out of your head."

Brainstorm: "We've had wilder exits." -looks over at Swindle- "Do you know where the device is?"

Nightbeat: -punching more keys on his comm unit- "I repeat, this is Nightbeat to Autobot Headquarters. Do you read me?"

Quick Switch
2002-09-08, 11:51 PM
(OOC: Your call, Hein. Grand Maximus should pick it up...Blaster also, I presume...)

Swindle smiled.

"Thanks." He looked up as Brainstorm questioned him.

"Honestly, I don't really know...though if I head to guess," Swindle clutched his head, "it's in here somewhere."

2002-09-09, 02:50 AM
Nightbeat: -looks up from arm panel- "I got somebody." -goes back to commlink- "We got trouble, Hot Rod. Serious trouble. I need to talk to Prime. I don't care how smegging busy he is, he needs to hear this."

Minerva: "Hmmm......." -pulls medscanner out, starts scanning Swindle's head- "No sign of it so far...."

Brainstorm: "I think he is somewhat affected. His cranial casing's releasing coolant."

Minerva: "I know. If you were human, Swindle, I'd say you're sweating."

Quick Switch
2002-09-09, 12:31 PM
Swindle laughed weakly.

"Yeah...funny, huh?"

Although inside, the former Decepticon was deathly afraid. The security program had never been beaten before...

2002-09-10, 01:08 AM
Nightbeat: -over commlink- "Chaos Matrix? And here I thought we had troubles......." -sighs- "We discovered one of the reasons why Decepticons aren't known for giving tours of their bases. We overheard their plans for the alliance, and got thrown into Metrotitan's brig for our trouble."

Chromedome: "Chaos Matrix? What's a Chaos Matrix?"

Hosehead: "Not sure."

Minerva: -still scanning Swindle's head- "I wonder....... If it's an actual circuit component in your head, it would be easy to remove. Which would defeat the purpose of having it in there. The first time you get away from everybody else, you go to a medic and have it removed. If it's mental programming.... it'll be harder." -looks up- "Where are we going?"

God Jinrai
2002-09-10, 01:31 AM
OOC: Alpha convoy and his passangers will continue their action in the "back to the lab" thread... and as I assume everyone is now in one of the three other threads, Break out is closed. if there's a problem, flkec or galvy, im me.