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2001-11-20, 05:05 AM
(OOC: This thread shall be used for posts made on the return journey to Cybertron. Summary due up tomorrow.)

Grand looked up. A realization befell him.

I'm still in human mode.

He smiled at Noktaraus.

"You speak many wise words. Perhaps you and I should sit down and chat sometime. By the way, I don't believe we've been properly introduced..."

Grand crossed his wrists above his head, bringing them down to a point level with his faceplate.


A grid of geometric shapes surrounded him, and an instant later, he was in robot mode and at equal height with Noktaraus. He extended his hand.

"My name is Grand."

2001-11-20, 07:18 AM
Noktaraus took his hand, showing no real sign of surprise. Internally, however, it had surprised him quite a bit. But with so many interesting revelations the past few days, it was something easily stifled.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. And I'm glad to have you on our side. It's something I've noted about humans--our lives span by your callender for millions of years, yet your own are under a century. And only in the latter part of the first third of your lives are you at your best potential. Yet in such a short time, we aren't that much different.

"But one thing I have found, is that while your intelligence as human beings is commendable, your experience with life is in an infant stage, not quite as capable of taking in the more tragic and horrific events that can occur at any moment. Your greater wars in history tell their tales. Being at war for a matter of a year will change a man, yet we have had to endure for centuries, millenia. We change as well, but the extended time makes that change...different."

Noktaraus looked from Grand down to Jinrai. "Sometimes we may seem cold in our responses, but it's simply a matter of how we interpret death. We still feel it, in a manner equivelant to your emotions. But be prepared for that when we battle again. Many will show their frustrations and their sadness, while some may not. It's all normal, and while appearing different, internally it's the same."

God Jinrai
2001-11-20, 05:40 PM
Jinrai glanced up at Noktaraus.. still in his godmaster armor...

"perhaps..so... but consider the fact that you know when you die... you' all will be one with the matrix... for us... we lose eachother... uncertan we'll be brought bac together in some afterlife that may not exist... You... are fortunate to have a safety net like the matrix...so to speak..."

Bowing his head, jinrai thought back to the early days... soon after he'd aquired his transector, his best friend was destroyed... buster and hydra had murdered him because his rig looked similar to his own... an innocent life.. lost...because someone was left to do their own devices... because jinrai was unsure what to do with his transector... because he was idle instead of taking the right path... that of action... Suddenly, he crossed his arms, remerging with the transector, returning to the height of optimus prime... and for the most part... the general appearance as well... He stood....head bowed...in silence again...

Prime waited silently for wheeljack to finish with the scans of quickswitch ot finish... he was rather curious about why the scans... granted he could understand a general diagnostics check... but internal systems could usually deal with that without outside assistance... he stood...and waited.

2001-11-23, 12:00 AM
"Done, Prime," Wheeljack informed his leader. "Scans are completed. Sorry to trouble you." He took the datapad and downloaded the information into the main comuter, then went to the next person in line.


Noktaraus nodded to Jinrai. "There was a time when I doubted the Matrix. How could everyone come from this one place, and join again with it when our time is over?"

A quiet beeping noise eminated from the nearest interface station. Noktaraus looked from it to Grand. "It appears we're nearing Cybertron. We should contact them soon once we get in range."


2001-11-23, 01:54 AM
Grand smiled. In robot mode, his mouth was visible enough for the emotion to be conveyed. His thoughts drifted back hundreds of years, to the one he had known best. Not quite as experienced in the ways of war, presumably, but certainly close.

"There's plenty of time yet. Tell me, Noktaraus... Do you know a warrior by the name of Fortress? He should be on Cybertron, and I'd like to meet him if I could."

God Jinrai
2001-11-23, 02:58 AM
Jinrai turned to grand...

"Fortress... Grand, I'm afraid he's not the fortress you were familiar with... this realm's fortress... is a bot named cerebros... who is headmastered by a human..that died in our time... spike wittwicky... but... fortress MAXIMUS... lives on."

2001-11-23, 07:12 AM
"Well," Noktaraus interjected, "Spike's memories in the form of datatracks along with Cerebros' core were transfered to a new net system. Spike has since passed, but as you humans say, his spirit lives on."

Noktaraus paused a moment. "But Maximus was on his way to Cybertron. He had taken some damage as a result of infiltration by Decepticons, at least that's what has been told to me. If what Prime says is true, and there's a fight going on, he's probably there."

2001-11-23, 02:08 PM
Grand listened and nodded solemnly. He was upset, but there was nothing he could do. He hadn't seen his brother in many years anyway; he was accustomed to the displacement. Three gentle, rapid beeps eminated from the ceiling. They had almost reached Cybertron.

"One hour to arrival... Excuse me while I contact the planet."

Grand returned to the bridge, punching up an Cybertronian Autobot communication frequency as he did. He hunched over to speak into the microphone.

"Come in, Iacon. This is Autobot star cruiser Grand Maximus. I have Optimus Prime aboard, and we wish clearance to land. Transmitting clearance codes now. I repeat..."

2001-11-23, 07:02 PM
"This is Iacon control, did you say Optimus Prime? Transmit his confirmation codes immediately. And if that is him on board, Iacon is under siege. There won't be any landing bays anywhere near Iacon in operation. Either you'll have to land elsewhere or deploy from the air. Awaiting those codes, and please hurry!"

2001-11-23, 08:20 PM
ďSí I recon the conís gonna line up them humans and, total em all.Ē Sleight remarked, it wasnít so much the words, which Outback knew could be true, it was the infuriating light hearted tone. He resisted the urge to punch Sleightís jaw and hopped Wheeljack would get on to scanning him before his patience wore thin. Then hopefully the thief bot would stay and bug someone in med bay. And the best of Iaconís luck to them.

2001-11-23, 10:14 PM
Jazz and sunstreaker walked around the halls now not really anything else to do. "wonder how much longer" Sunstreaker said. Jazz shrugged "I dunno" Jazz replied. "I wonder how my brother and Blaster are doimng" Sunstreaker spoke again. "They are porbably fine we will here from them and the rest of the guys we left behind soon enough I" Jazz spoke again as the continued to walk.

2001-11-24, 04:43 AM
Grand pressed a series of buttons on the control panel, still hunched to reach the microphone.


His eyes wandered across the disk port, still containing the false Decepticon authorization codes.

"Oh, sorry! Wrong one!"

He ejected the disk, tossed it over his shoulder, and replaced it with one bearing a proud Autobot symbol.

"Transmitting now."

While the codes were broadcasting, he activated the public announcement system in the repair quadrant.

"Optimus Prime, if you'd be so kind as to meet me at the bridge. We have a... situation."

2001-11-24, 04:59 AM
"Stand by," a sharp response came back over the comm. "that first set of codes, I don't recognize them. What's going on?"

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God Jinrai
2001-11-24, 05:13 AM
Prime heard the call, and headed for the command deck...

"What's the situation?"

Jinrai turned to prime...

"Quite simple, optimus. Iacon... is under siege. We've been told there are no available landing bays... anywhere. and that air deployment may be our only real option of counterstrike... What say we give these con's the surprise of their lives?"

Prime's optics burned brightly...
"Indeed, jinrai... "

turning to a comm panel, he opened a frequency to all bots aboard..."All autobots... prepare for an immedieate drop zone insertion... Iacon's under siege, and landing at the moment isn't a feasible option. Grand will get us over Iacon's central control, and from there, we'll drop, and commence the counterstrike immedieately"

2001-11-24, 05:19 AM
Noktaraus clicked his comm. "Boys, line up! Bay three."

"On my way," Talis responded.

"Right there!" Quickwind followed up.

Noktaraus made his way to bay three, thinking of what Prime had said about Cybertron being under attack.

He was right...


"There ye go, Outback," Wheeljack finished scanning. "You an' Sleight better get ready for the fight. Who knows how many Cons are out there."

Quick Switch
2001-11-24, 03:02 PM
Quick Switch heard Prime's command, and news of the drop zone insertion.

"Right away, Prime," the Hexa Changer interjected, after Wheeljack finished with his scans.

Running toward some of the hangar bays, he happened upon Noktaraus and his flyers.

Nodding to them, Quick Switch prepared for battle.

2001-11-24, 05:25 PM
"It's a long story," Grand responded, returning to Pretender mode. "I'm sure Optimus Prime will explain later. We are now moving into position to drop our Autobots onto the battlefield. Grand Maximus out."

Grand returned to his chair, preparing once again for his piloting duties. The ship was already descending on Iacon; the city rapidly came into focus. Grand made note of the greatest concentration of movement, and aimed for it. He activated the ship's universal PA.

"All Autobots fit for combat, report to the hold at once. All Autobots fit for combat, report to the hold at once."

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2001-11-24, 06:55 PM
Jazz and Sunstreaker stopped turned around and almost ran to the hold knocking some people over as they went.

God Jinrai
2001-11-25, 01:49 AM
Prime glanced at jinrai... jinrai caught his meaning without a word... the two both transformed, and rolled for the holding bay... Silently the two massive semi rigs rolled into the bay... transforming again. Jinrai called godbomber out... and briefed him on the situation... hoping that an extra bot would help out at least some...

Prime stood a short distance from them and addressed the other autobots present.

"My friends... in a few moments, we'll be dropping in on some unsuspecting decepticons... today marks the first in a series of movements in which we will retake cybertron..." he paused for a moment then continued... "Fortress maximus is out there somewhere... damaged heavily. Anyone finding him... report to Grand his location... Grand will land the ship, and supply defensive fire for him until we can drive out the invading 'cons. Tal' Noktaraus. you, talis and quickwind are our obvious air cover.. however, I want you to, once we get the cons moving, break off and recon for fortress if he's not yet been located. The rest of you...transform. It's time to retake our home."

Jinrai approached optimus with godbomber...

Silently godbomber nodded to optimus. Prime realized that the poor transformer was barely a drone.. yet he sensed great power from him... It was then that the side hatch opened... It was time.

2001-11-25, 03:28 AM
Noktaraus looked below, his group ready to jump, when a series of explosions on the outer walls of Iacon erupted, tearing apart buildings and incinerating the tiny specs that were obviously warriors. Like a wave, a whole group of Cybertrons had moved away from the destruction, most likely as if they knew it was coming.

Worse, a Skystalker-class shuttle was just below them. "Looks like they've pulled out all their stops," Noktaraus added. "It's time we did as well." On the count, the entire group of Autobots deployed.

2001-11-25, 05:42 AM
It's time...

Grand activated the comm system one more time, pulling a lever overhead. The bottom hatch of the hold swung open.

"Bombs away, Autobots!"

(OOC: Continued in End Of Days: Home Sweet Home.)