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2001-10-22, 10:09 PM
Back on Cybertron, Jhiaxus led Squawkbox back to his old base of operations.

Jhiaxus: "He must be here somewhere..."

Jhiaxus tossed through the debris of his former home. It was obvious that it had been destroyed...he only hoped the prototype was still in stasis. With the touch of several key codes, a large wall opened and he looked up at the stasis pod.


Jhiaxus: "Ah...you still function i see..now it is time to complete what i started so long ago! This is Cryhavoc Cryhavoc is a successful prototype of warrior with no need for energon. In fact his brute strenght for his size has no equal. He was to be my finest warrior in the city wars before I was driven from Cybertron and forced to leave him safely hidden in stasis...now then Squawkbox...prepare to witness the birth of a legend!"

With those word, Jhiaxus keyed in the re-activation sequence and pure energy flowed into the large dormant body...within the pod a slight twitch occurred...it had begun!

2001-10-23, 01:34 PM
Hatemunger, Darklark, Stealth, Sky Render and the Crashticons looked at the damaged Fort Max and the group of Autobots now assembling to try and fight them.
"It is funny how these foolish robots are more willing to die for some far off planet, than they are to defend there own homes." Hatemunger laughed flying in and slicing one Autobot in half with is blade.
Skyrender laughed his massive form shaking the ground as he laughed.
"The Autobots are afraid, I can sense it, they know there time is up." Skyrender spoke.
Hatemunger agreed. "The only problem is the continous infighting in our own ranks, why those egostical fools Optitron and Starscream can't work together to destory the Autobots baffles me. We don't have anythign to rule yet... But when we do then the fighting for who gets to rule the Decepitcons can begin, but frankly I do not wish to rule, I would rather lead, lead us to victory and glory!" With that Hatemungers troops fought back with a renewed vigor.

2001-10-23, 05:28 PM
Squawkbox stood in awe... the creature was incredible... he disengaged to his component parts. Squawktalk fluttered up and assumed a perching position on Jhiaxus' shoulder, whilst Beastbox just stood, staring.

"Crushes Autobots like no other... Cryhavoc and let slip the bots of war... Squawk"

2001-10-23, 05:52 PM
Fortress Maximus had seen better days. All of his energy weapons were offline, and he just took another hit in the face. But his size did give him the advantage of being able to take these kind of shots. Maximus looked around him and didn't reconze most of the Autobots that were fighting with him. The Decepticons continued thier attack seeming more driven then ever. "Anyone have a big gun for me to use?" Maximus asked.

2001-10-23, 07:02 PM
Skyrender turned to Fort Max
"The Autobot is already damaged almost beyond repair time to finish the job."
"Hatemuger, Darklark assist me to finish the gaint Autobot." Skyrender yelled.
Skyrender focuses his megacannons and heatbuster as Hatemunger flew up and used his dual fusion cannons and Darklark let loose another massive barrage of firepower directly at Fort Max.

2001-10-23, 07:41 PM
Fortress Maximus staggered back under all that fire power. "Maybe this wasn't a good idea." He muttered. "Those Decepticons want me to fall, uh?" In desperaton he jumped into the air and transformed into Fortress mode. The city came barreling toward the ground, some sections burning.

2001-10-23, 08:26 PM
Hatemunger and company all spread and continued to open fire.
"Foolish robot you transform into a larger target!." Hatemunger growled.
Skyrender thought of something. "I think he may be turning into a base for the Autobots in the area, but now that his offense capality is now zero lets slaughter the Autobots that remain." With that the Decepticons left Fort Max and begin to wipe out the Autofools that were still in the Area, not before unleashing a gift to Fort Max one last time. All the Decepticons unleashed one more hailstorm of energy and firepower at the massive city structure one last time before setting out to wipe out the Autobots in the area.

2001-10-23, 08:58 PM
While Jhiaxus waited for Cryhavoc to come online, he approached another large body...about the same size as his own.

Jhiaxus: "Now then...my split friends...this one you see before you had actually functioned once long ago. He served both as a gladiator for my home city and as a warrior against Megatron's uprising. Before I was forced to leave, he was badly damaged and I brought him here to the stasis pod. However, his personality components were nearly wiped out."

Jhiaxus removed a glowing box from his own chest component.

Jhiaxus: "As you can probably tell for his bio-energon signature...he is a Tron unit. A unit which once could only be fashioned by the Liege Maximo himself...however it is a power that I myself managed to pursuade him to grant me. This particular model was a joint effort of The Liege and myself...he was the pinnacle of our efforts and an attempt to improve upon the design of the Decepticon you know as Sixshot. he was to be our answer to the greatest Prime ever to step onto the battlefield. Of course, Megatron did not like the fact that we were engineering his replacement. See in the ancient times, the Liege designed the Trons to lead those that followed him during the early uprisings of the Decepticon City-States. Megatron at one point was the one that most believed to be the ultimate...I believed otherwise. My city was one of the few Decepticon cities that remained truly loyal to the Liege Maximo...as Megatron forgot who his creator was. That is why this one was designed...at first he fought as all Decepticons did...in the games...to hone his skills. Then he became a warrior...like a brother to me...though I always felt as though he did not return the sentiment. Then he fell...victim of Megatron's assassins. I stored his body here..kept the personality component and was driven away. Now I have the resources to fix the body...yet for some reason I cannot get the personality online...its almost as if he is someplace else."

2001-10-23, 09:24 PM
Warlord Kalloxis arrives and transforms into his robot mode.

The Decepticon sees some people talking. He walks over to try and join the conversation.

He looks at Beastbox and Jhaixus.

"I am Warlord Kalloxis, who are oyu all. You look like strange beings.

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2001-10-23, 09:27 PM
Hatemunger smiled as he held the dying form of one of the last Autobots who was not either slagged or smart enough to run away from the battle. Hatemunger drew one of this energy sabers and slashed the head off the dying Autobot.
Hatemunger then turned to Fort Max in city mode.
"Now my warriors attack the duck wipe him out." And the warriors used their combined firepower again.

"Hee this is gonna be a bit boom!" Stealth laughed as he held the remote for the bombs that he drove around Fort Max's perimeter and set on him. "Now let's what and learn!" as Stealth pressed the button and a series of explosions rang out around the damaged armour of Fort Max.

2001-10-23, 09:27 PM
Squawktalk left Jhiaxus' shoulder, and flew around the stasis pod. He landed on the edge, peering in. The words he needed were in his vocab unit... somewhere... "Illogical cap'n... I'm a parrot, not a doctor... Question: what is better than a Mega-tron? Our survey says: a Giga-tron! I'm sorry, your reply MUST be in the form of a question... squawk" The parrot fell off the stasis pod as he was hit by a flying wrench.

Beastbox smirked, and hopped off the tool bench.

2001-10-23, 10:17 PM
Jhiaxus spun around at the sound of the stranger's voice.

Jhiaxus: "Who am I? I am high lord jhiaxus of the Cybertronian Empire...this is my former residence...the question is...who are you? And I better like the answer...for I do not like treaspassers, especially when I am discussing important matters with old friends!"

2001-10-23, 10:37 PM
Cryhavoc felt something that he hadn't felt for thousands of vorns. He felt alive. The energy that flowed through the statispod reached his body, activating the neutronreactor deep inside him. The reactor began to powerup slowly, letting energon fill the circuits within his massive body once again.

Cryhavoc's opticband began to glow in eerie bloodred light as his conciousness began to return. He began to outline familiar shape behind the statispod. Jhiaxus... Cryhavoc moved slightly, causing the pod tremble a little. Then his massive claws came throught the walls of the statispod, crushing it completely. Free...

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2001-10-24, 12:16 AM
"I do see. Private property. I was told to come here though. A voice spoke to me. Like notihng i had heard before."

Kalloxis looked up and then back down.

"I will leave you then."

He turns to go and sarts walking.

2001-10-24, 06:18 AM
Jhiaxus took a step forward towards the stranger: "Wait...there is something familiar about you...you say you were called here? explain yourself!"

Just then jhiaxus noticed that Cryhavoc was stirring.

Jhiaxus: "Well stranger...perhaps you picked an excellent time to barge in...for you are about to witness the rebirth of one of my greatest warriors! Based upon the same design as the Decepticon warrior Scorponok...though without the treasonous streak and overwhelming ambition, Cryhavoc was the first and only Transformer that I was able to design with the Liege Maximo's resources that does not require re-energization. All of his bretheren could not function...most simply collapsed...while others chose to initiate their destruct protocols. But Cryhavoc survived...and now he has awoken!"

Jhiaxus beamed like a proud father as he turned to Kalloxis with Squawktalk still perched upon his shoulder.

Jhiaxus noticed that Kalloxis seemed a bit unnerved by the ongoings.

jhiaxus: "Now then...I believe you had something to say to me, did you not?"

2001-10-24, 06:37 AM
An almost perfect bolt struck the ferracrete wall Exo was taking cover behind. The heat scorched his cranium, though not by much. He quickly turned the corner and pulled off one blast. It flew over the shoulder of one of the Decepticons, who was busy attacking an Autobot on the other side of the alley. The hit took the Autobot full in the faceplate, causing a smaller explosion of internal neuranet systems to break the head casing apart. The chasis and what was left of the head fell forward.

Exo's miss was answered by a hail of gunfire from other Decepticons. "One problem about peacetime," Exo muttered, "is how laxed we get." He pulled out a stowed concussion grenade and popped it backhandedly around the wall while his back still placed against it. When the blast went off and the shockwave past his wall, he turned and fired again. This time, three shots smashed into a Decepticon's chest plating--the last shot searing through. He slumped to one knee, cradling the worst wound. A fourth and fifth shot splattered at the feet of Hatemunger. Exo lined up to take his sixth...

2001-10-24, 01:08 PM
Hatemunger smiled. "Finally a warrior, sadly your errorts are wasted." The damage Hatemunger took was laughable as his armour shielded him from most of the attack. Hatemunger charged his fusion cannons and unleashed a full blast in the area where Exo stood. After firing the blast, Hatemunger took off to work with his other troops in the area.
"Sadly, one warrior that fought for the wrong side. To die so valently does deserve my respect." Hatemunger thought as he traveled to assist the Decepticons attacking what was left of Fort Max.

2001-10-24, 05:13 PM
The smoke cleared and a final piece of debris fell to the ground. Exo pulled himself from the rubble with his right hand, his left pinned under a piece of building structure. Slowly, the debris parted as he slid out from under it. Getting on his feet wasn't as easy. With a gaping hole in the side of the building, Exo was a bit more vulnerable to attack. The Decepticons took at it and began firing when they saw his movement. He rolled to the side the best he could with his injuries. Luckily, his blaster was thrown clear of the debris and hadn't been crushed. Unfortunately, it was out in the open. He cursed silently, then pulled out another flash grenade...

2001-10-24, 07:48 PM
Cryhavoc stepped out from the statispod. He examined his surroundings closely, trying to remember what had happened. He was still covered by cables and energon fluids. Cryhavoc's gaze locked on Jhiaxus.

"C-commander Jhiaxus? How long? How long..."

He managed to say before his voice turned to a whisper. His inner neutronreactor was all the time feeding him but it would take time to reach full powerlevels. The large black Decepticon leaned against what was left of the statispod, trying to get full control of his functions that had been offline too long.

2001-10-24, 08:47 PM
He looks at the "creature."

He turns to Jhiaixus.

"I see. This DEcepticon. Hmm. Something familliar to the design yes. I cannot explain it. I was summoned here by some sort of entity. I cannot explain. It was if my circuits became fused with another. Then i was here."

His face turns a funny way and then straightens iot.

2001-10-25, 03:02 AM
Hatemunger laughed as the group of Decepticons moved on, Fort Max was very damaged and hence really no threat right now, the unknown Autobot that has some brass was buried under a building and the rest of the foolish robots there were now twitching wrecks on the combat field.
Hatemunger decided to radio Gavlatron to see if he wanted anything done on Cybertron in particular.
"Commander Galvatron this is Hatemunger on Cybertron, my troops and myself are attacking any Autobot installations we see. If possible reinforcements would be requested so I can have time to allow some of my troops to go in for "changes"." Hatemunger continued to speak.
"Is there any partiuclar objective you want reached commander? Hatemunger out." And Hatemunger and his troops left the area in search of more Autobots to scrap.

2001-10-25, 07:43 AM
Galvatron received the transmission on Earth and responded: "I would not worry...soon you shall have all the help you need...just make sure we have a door in and make certain no one know what you are up to!"
Jhiaxus smiled at Cryhavoc.

Jhiaxus: "You have awakened old friend...rest for now...once you have your powers fully restored, I shall tell you all that has happened."

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2001-10-25, 11:40 AM
Hatemunger smiled.
"Yes Commander. Hatemunger out." With that Hatemunger looked at the Aericons, Crashticons, Stealth and Darklark.
"My warriors the might Galvatron has given us commands to allow him and out Decepticon brothers access to Cybertron. Return to base now and relaod and take any repairs you need for soon we strike." Hatemunger looked at the Crashticons.
"You have been excellent soilders, you may follow us if you would like and reload and refuel." Hatemunger offered to scrapheap.
Soon after Hatemunger and company returned to their underground base with the Crashticons following.

2001-10-26, 01:33 PM
Hatemunger got onto the com system at his underground headquaters and made a speech.
"This is the Decepticon field commander Hatemunger to any Decepticon forces who happen to be on Cybertron. We have been commanded to attack any Autobots on this planet we are seeking all those who tire of Autobot oppression to fight with us! So starting now go out and destory the weak Autobots!" Hatemunger signed off the com link hoping some Decepticons would join in for the comming battle and recharged his energon and weapon systems and got ready for battle.

2001-10-26, 05:03 PM
Exo watched as the group departed, leaving a mostly-damaged Fort Max in station mode behind. "They're up to something..."

"We'll take shelter inside Fortress Maximus," one of the elders said. "We never allowed Decepticons on board, so we'll have an advantage to layout knowledge. Anywhere else on Cybertron is probably either been studied by or will be studied by the Decepticons."

A group of about two dozen Autobots made their way to Fortress Maximus. Not long after, the Decepticon announcement was made over the entire planet...

2001-10-26, 05:50 PM
Squawktalk tilted his head, and dug his claws into Jhiaxus' armour. "Squawk... like Scorponok but without the looks... squawk... dat's da mose ridiculas thing ah ever saw... no offence Mr Havoc, not not Mr Havoc - whadda we say, we say Mr Havoc SIR! Sa'arnt Major.. I said SHADDUP!!!"

Beastbox shook his head, and meandered across to a control deck, transformed and slotted into a drive, soaking up information on the entire complex...

2001-10-27, 08:40 AM
Two Decepticon troopers ran down an alleyway, their blasters in hand. "Finally," Deathblow said, "Decepticons are fighting this peace treaty. I'll join up for that."

"You said it! Anytime we can stick it to the Autobots, it's a good t--"

The Decepticon's left shoulder blew apart in a shower of parts and fire. A second blast exploded against his back, forcing him to the ground. Deathblow turned and fired at the three Autobots at the other side of the alley behind them. It caused them to scatter a moment, then they returned fire. The Decepticon had no cover in this part of the alley and took three shots before slumping sideways against a wall.

"Downed 'em both!" one of them said. Then, footsteps approaching his position. "This one's still up. What do we do?"

"Lock 'im down," Someone else said. "We'll deal with him later. All Cybertron's about to break into war all over again, and we can't..."

Deathblow took the moment to reach for his dropped gun and fire. He hit the speaking Autobot--probably leading the trio--right in the mouthpiece. The vocal emitter overloaded and spewed out warbled and canned noises along with smoke and sparks. The Autobot fell over.

It was the last thing Deathblow saw as the other two Autobots blasted him to pieces.


Treads was cornered. The three Decepticons chasing him down realized this and held their fire until they got close enough. With their guns aimed right for him, they figured a peaceminded Autobot wouldn't dare try and fire back.

They were proven wrong, as Treads rolled to his left and fired into the group. Three of his shots went wild, but a fourth struck one of the group members in the left knee-plating. He fell over while his two companions blasted the Autobot's legs. One of them walked over to Treads--slumped down on his front--and kicked him over.

"Stupid Autobots," he growled. "What's the point of never giving up if you can't even accomplish anything when trying?"

Then, he blasted Treads all to hell--making careful notice not to strike him in the head. The Decepticon wanted to see Treads' pain and anguish on his faceplate while he slipped offline into oblivion.


Precision looked through the scope of his rifle as a Decepticon ran from one of the many buildings. Twelve decks up and well hidden, the Autobot sniper had quite an advantage over his target. He looked confused--definitely unarmed--as he seemed to be trying to select a course of action. It set up for a perfect shot...

No. Unarmed, non-hostile. We start shooting Decepticons indescriminately we're going to make things a whole lot worse...

He moved his scope across the visible cityscape. He found an armed Decepticon just asking for trouble to come his way. The target's blaster became an extension of his index finger as he pointed and shouted--nothing Precision could lip-read accurately---at Cybertronians of no particular type. He punched one of them right in the chest, knocking him down. Then, the Decepticon made a clear motion at another bot that he was going to begin opening fire--placing his left palm under the blaster's handle to better aim. A moment later, his head snapped back as Precision's shot hit its mark. The Decepticon fell back and stopped moving.

The sound of blasterfire got his attention over to his right, and Precision scrolled the scope over until he found another Decepticon firing around the side of a building. When he turned back to his cover to avoid return fire, Precision took his shot. The score hit the Decepticon in his right shoulder at a direct profile. The damage was far more extensive than a shoulder wound, as the Decepticon held his empty hand over the right part of his chest--where the projectile probably lodged itself. Precision finished him off with a shot to the head.

It was becoming clearer and clearer that the very few Decepticons looking to make a mess of things--as Precision had found things to be when he first got in position--were rapidly growing in number...

2001-10-27, 09:39 PM
Jhiaxus also received the Decepticon message from Hatemonger on a closed channel.

Jhiaxus: "Hmmm...this could prove interesting! Cryhavoc are you up for a little battle?"

Jhiaxus turned and led the bunch towards Hatemonger's position.

2001-10-27, 10:30 PM
Cryhavoc rose slowly from his resting place. The twinsonic cannons mounted to his shoulders targeted nearby piece of wall. Then he gave mental command to his cannons to fire. The sonic energy beams his the wall and shattered it. His energy levels were not full yet but he was nearing it.

"Of course Jhiaxus." Cryhavoc said to the ancient warlord. "I'm ready."

2001-10-28, 05:11 AM
Hatemunger looked to see the forms of several robots coming towards him, after viewing their symbols he knew they were Decepticons.
"Excellent he said, Aerialcons, Crashticons, Darklark, Stealth come with me, we must meet our allies."

Hatemunger and company reached the surface and he saw the Decepticons walking towards them.
"Welcome my Decepticon brothers. I am Hatemunger fied general and support of the Decepticon cause, this is Darklark an ex-Autobot that now knows the truth about his ex-kind. The Crashticons a ground assult group who has no fear and can merge into Karnage. The Aerialcons, troops I helped to command and are compused of the must advanced Gestalt technology ever from Skyrender and the thief, spy, ninja sabhtor Stealth. We are pleased to meet you as the time of being ruled by the Autobot scum is near its end." Hatemunger said smiling.

Hatemunger thought to himself inwardly. "Mighty Megatron I hope finally your death will not be in vain. The time of the Autobots final devastation is at hand! Now if only we can keep the Decepticons from spliting because of a few egotistical fools we will succeed."

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2001-10-30, 10:17 AM
Jhiaxus overlooked Hatemonger's troops as he approached the Decepticon.

Jhiaxus: "Tell me soldier...do you know who I am?"

2001-10-30, 11:49 AM
Hatemunger looked at the new Decepticon and said
"I do not know who you are but you look like a powerful warrior, for you to fight along side us would be great. But please tell me who you are." Hatemunger extended a hand out to the unknown warrior.

2001-10-30, 08:04 PM
Cryhavoc, still confused after waking up from the statispod stared at Hatemunger suspiciously. After deciding that there was no reason not to make any response to this unfamiliar Decepticon. The large Decepticon extended his his claw to meet Hatemunger's hand.

"I'm Cryhavoc. Warrior under command of general Jhiaxus. Ready to serve the Decepticon cause."

2001-10-30, 08:53 PM
Excellent Hatemunger smiled.
"I serve to wipe out the Autobots, I hope to see the Decepticons rise to their full glory once again! But for now we are fighting to help Decepticons on Earth for when they strike here on Cybertron. The Earthen Decepticon leader Galvatron has found the Decepticon creation Matrix and is using it on Earth in hopes of wiping out the Autobots." Hatemunger looked at the two Decepticons "My troops and myself hope to allow us to rule again, but myself I dont wish to rule over us, I am a general not a president." Hatemunger sighed.
"Anyway right now we are going to go and wipe out Autobots!"

2001-10-30, 08:58 PM
Beastbox finished soaking up all the information available, and ejected himself from the computer. Very interesting indeed... could be put to a lot of use.

He meandered across to Jhiaxus in time to hear Hatemunger's question. He smiled in approval, and slammed his fists on the ground *BLAM* to signify as such.

2001-10-30, 10:11 PM
Jhiaxus smirked at Hatemonger's response and thought: not a president, eh? this could be quite useful to me...

Jhiaxus also extended his hand towards Hatemonger: "And as my warrior stated, I am High Commander Jhiaxus...you may know of my exploits during the Battle of Koz City. So tell me..when are these fellow warrior brothers set to arrive?"

2001-10-30, 10:45 PM
"Galvatron and his troops are set to arrive from Earth soon after they finish their mission there. After he gets here with his troops I hope to allow my men to complete a project in which we shall create a super gestalt." Hatemunger looked around.
"But for now all Galvatron wants is for us to keep the Autobots busy and nothing keeps fools busy like a slaughter."

2001-10-31, 10:13 PM
Beastbox threw a screw at Squawktalk, grabbing the parrot's attention. He nodded once, and the two merged to form Squawkbox.

"Slaughter? The Autobots control 98.3% of Cybertron. The moment Iacon hear about this fracas, we'll be the ones getting slaughtered."

2001-11-01, 04:49 AM
Hatemunger glared at Squaktalk.
"Slaugter is in the eye of the beholder. Aericons Crashticons merge into Skyrender and Karnage!" With that the two teams merged into their collective gestalt forms.
Hatemunger looked at Squaktalk
"Now what is this about slaughter. Sides with the other warriors on Cybertron like the Stunticons, Combaticons, firecons, triggercons, Terracons, Seacons, Cryhavoc and Jixous and the other troops here (since I didt see these guys on earth I am guesssing they are on Cybertron?) and a weaked near defeated Fort Max, I don't think we will be the ones being slaugheted anytime soon."

Scorpnok- Kindness is no virtue and cruelity is no vice.

2001-11-01, 06:42 PM
Squawktalk looked up at the two combiners, before looking at the ground, shaking his head and smiling. egos the size of Unicron... I'm kinda glad they're on our side...

2001-11-01, 06:59 PM
The Crashticons disengaged and returned to their seperate forms. Immediatly, Scrapheap turned on Runaway.

"What is your major malfunction? We need to work together here." Scrapheap got right up in the smaller 'con's face. Seems like not all was right when they merged into Karrnage.

"If yer all gonna stand 'round jabberin' like foo's, fine. I'm takin' the fight to them 'bots out there. Like Birdy said, they is more than us. We gotta take them out. Y'all can stay here, but I'm gonna even up the odds a bit." Runaway pushed past the other Decepticons and headed to leave. Hit jumped up to follow.

"Right, if you get to blow 'em up, I do too." The even smaller Decepticons stood by Runaway and faced the rest of the group. "He's right. We only stand a chance if we take the fight to them before they're ready. Who's coming with us?"

Blindside stepped up. "I'll go. If only to keep an eye on you two. Any extra firepower would be appreicated though."

2001-11-02, 01:31 PM
Hatemunger looked at the Decepticons that had gathered.
"The small one has a point." He said.
"We should strike back now while the Autofools would not expect it. Hit them with a blitzkreig and that should help to even the odds a bit." Hatemunger looked at the group assembled.
"Are we ready to wipe out the Autobots?"

2001-11-02, 05:31 PM
Exo watched as some of the other Autobots tried to get Fort Max's communications online. "Even the short-range transmitters are shot," one of them said.

"We need to get word to the High Council at Iacon," another one noted.

Exo stood up. "We might just have to get there on foot."

A couple of the other ones present agreed. "All right. We'll send a small group. You and three others. Meanwhile, we'll keep trying to get Fort Max to transmit."

Exo nodded. Three Autobots went with him outside of Fortress Maximus and made their way to Iacon.

2001-11-06, 08:58 AM
Jhiaxus tapped his fingers against one side of his face and listened as the other's talked of engagement.

They talk of war already...where is that buffon Galvatron? He should have delivered my army to me by now...

jhiaxus: "Are you actually considering a full attack on the Autobot forces without galvatron's presence or authorization? Such a move would be unwise and perhaps suicidal. However, if galvatron is on his way here, then smaller hits would be best suited to knocking the Autobots off their guard a bit...sort of keeping them off balance and giving our lord an easy route in and straight to Iacon."

2001-11-06, 03:12 PM
Hatemunger nodded.
"We are to strike so that Galvatron can arrive on Cybertron soon." He looked at the group gathered.
"Also, we have been striking hard and fast on Autobot forces wiping them out with blitzkreig tactics. We have the firepower to continue this for some time until Lord Galvatron arrives and with your added support we should have more then enough power to hit hard and fast and continue to spread fear into the Autobots."
"Though we need to start whatever we wish to do soon as Lord Galvatron and his troops will be on their way soon."

2001-11-08, 09:06 PM
Cryhavoc had listened carefully the discussion between Jhiaxus and Hatemunger. But now he was even more confused than before. He had no idea how long he had been in statislock and he had never heard the name Galvatron before.

"Jhiaxus... You promised to tell me what happened..." The large Decepticon said, staring at the transformer that he had served in the city wars.

2001-11-09, 09:58 AM
Jhiaxus turned back towards Cryhavoc.

Jhiaxus: "I shall attempt to...it seems that our old friend Megatron made several attempts to conquer Cybertron following your entry into protective stasis and my exile. At one point, it seems he succeeded to a certain degree and took control of Cybertron. However, he was not able to stop the Autobots from taking control of the moons. Eventually, Megatron was lost and Galvatron assumed the throne. He also had variants in successes, until he was trapped on Earth. It seems however, that Galvatron has returned from his exile and has lead quite the successful campaign. He is now on his way here to continue this attack..."

2001-11-09, 02:09 PM
Hatemunger looked at Jhiaxus. "So what would you like to do? I feel we should start to hit hard and fast on the pathetic Autobots."

2001-11-09, 10:58 PM
Jhiaxus looked at Hatemonger.

Jhiaxus: "I agree...take Cryhavoc and commit some initial strikes near the proposed landing zone, while a second group shoud hit another target...like the plasma energy chamber!"

Jhiaxus smiled...it was all coming together far too easily.

2001-11-10, 07:58 AM
Hatemunger looked at the massive Decepticons Cryhavoc. "Yes he will be an excellent addition to my current forces." He looked at the groups around him and barked orders.
"Aerialcons merge into Skyrender, Crashticons do as you wish and help us to attack the Autobots energy chamber. Stealth, Darklark, Skyrender you shall assist Cryhavoc on the front as shall I, Crashticons your combat skill is unquestioned do as you wish in battle."
Hatemunger drew his two energy sabers, "Now Decepticons lets go and wipe out the Autobots!"

2001-11-10, 09:44 PM
Cryhavoc glanced quickly at Jhiaxus then he turned to look at Hatemunger.

"Lead the way and I shall follow." The large Decepticon said.

2001-11-10, 10:07 PM
jhiaxus looked up at his massive creation and contacted him through their shared neural link.

jhiaxus: do as he says for now my friend...soon we shall be in control of the entire decepticon nation and our vengance shall be felt by all our enemies! I go to begin plans, keep the link open to me and keep my apraised on the situation.

2001-11-11, 07:41 AM
Hatemunger looked at Cryhavoc and the other troops and took to the sky.
"Come Decepticons let us destory the Autobots at there final resting space of Iacon!" and the Crashticons, Aericons, Stealth, Darklark, Cryhavoc and the others all left to wipe out the Autobots.

2001-11-11, 08:35 PM
Cryhavoc flew several hundred meters behind Hatemunger in his spacecraft mode. Jhiaxus doesn't trust this one. Well... if he becomes a nuisance... I'll take care of him.

Then the large Decepticon opened comm-link to Hatemunger. #Cryhavoc here. Where is that landing zone we were supposed to destroy?#

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2001-11-11, 09:33 PM
"The Autobots are going to Iacon, we attack them there." Hatemunger said flying behind his troops.

2001-11-13, 07:15 AM
Jhiaxus went back to his lab and began to tinker with some observations he made earlier.

Jhiaxus: "Hmm...this is odd...Beastbox...those recordings you made earlier of my data...did you notice these chronal readings? Playback any findings you have starting at mark .217."

Jhiaxus watched as the fluxes grew more and more rampant. Then he saw as one planet simply crystalized and was no more, then another, and another.

Jhiaxus: "What...the"

Jhiaxus then looked at the dormant body of his Gigatron.

Jhiaxus: "Wait a minute..."

Turning to some of his long range sensors he began to watch the early footage that the Autobots had received about the battle on Autobot City...and there in the thick of it all was Gigatron.

Jhiaxus: "mwa-hahahahahahahaha! Of course! If only I had known earlier...my friend you have done much...and given me quite an idea."

At that moment Jhiaxus turned away from Squawktalk and Beastbox and began to make more calculations...he tunred just enough so the pair could see a detailed diagram of the plasma energy chamber on the screen.

2001-11-13, 08:30 PM
There it was, the pearl of Cybertron... Iacon, once the capital of the Autobots and the largest city on Cybertron before the Great War. It was changed much during the hundreds of vorns that Cryhavoc had slept in statispod but he could still recognize it.

The black Decepticon shuttle accelerated, bypassing the Decepticons flying with him. Then he dived downwards, opening fire against the radar towers of the landing area which had been ordered to destroy.

Too long he had been denied from the battles. Far too long. The six twinsonic cannons of Cryhavoc releashed their fury upon the several Autobots who were preparing the are for something big to land.

2001-11-15, 01:10 AM
Warning sirens alerted many of the autobots in that section of Iacon as to the attack now being directed against them, he turned his head slightly, optics sweeping over the area, not that Gladius was close enough to catch sight of the attackers, but then he didnít need to.

His legs had started running as soon as the alarm had sounded, but that was a cumbersome way to travel, he over jumped on one of his steps, tilting forwards, were he human he would have fallen, but humans did not have the gift of transformation.

His torso revolved at the hips, limbs folded in to streamline his structure, the process was over almost as swiftly as it began, leaving in place of an old autobot warrior a gleaming cybertronian car, light reflected off the polished, pale blue, and dark green finish. The vehicle sped on towards its target. Mentally he prepared himself for the up coming battle.

2001-11-15, 06:26 PM
And everyone went on alert.

After the first strafe run on their radar towers, the hover-turrets shot up from their hidden locations. Dozens upon dozens of manned gunnery as well as automated batteries set themselves up. The cannons charged quickly as each Autobot manning their hover-turret switched off their safety mechanisms. The frontline of Decepticons came quickly into view.

"It was a good thing we pulled those hover-turrets out of storage," one of the elders commented, watching the battle begin. "Iacon is the most heavily defended city on Cybertron for the obvious reasons. But automated guns can only do so much. Each of those hover turrets is worth ten times our individual gun batteries."

"It also helped," another started "that most of the populace within the city at the moment were Autobot, and most of the Decepticons that were here weren'tabout to take up the fight."

"Let's see if all those turrets still function after all this time," one of the commanders added. "Send the order; fire at will."


Exo held ready at his hover turret, when the free-fire order was given. Blaster fire lanced out in a thunderous eruption towards the Decepticon onslaught. Exo took aim at one of the front-liners, setting his cannon to dual-blast. Then, he opened fire. Watching through the scope, Exo saw the blast pound into the enemy target, incinerating most of his upper chassis with one blow. Removing his optic for a moment, Exo watched as everyone else fired upon the offenders. Explosions all around their side of the advance could be seen, lighting up the sky and sending debris of building, permacrete and Decepticon scrap into the air. "Should have known better than to attack us at home."

At that moment, the Decepticon fire power started to make reach. Mostly the long-range bombardments, but stray blaster shots as well. "Here we go, it's gonna get hot!" Exo took on new targets and opened fire.



2001-11-15, 08:16 PM
Hatemunger and his troops attacked hard and fast.
The Aerialcons merged into Skyrender and begin to wipe out Autobots around them.
Stealth cloaked and struck Autobots down one by one.
Darklark had fun walking to to one autobot warrior grabbing him and holding his guns underneth the Autobots throats saying
"Guns don't kill people, my guns kill people!" Right before he slagged the Autobot.
Hatemunger himself was enjoying the slaughter of the Autobots as they fought back in desperation from the sudden attacks.

2001-11-15, 08:25 PM
The large black Decepticon spaceshuttle took more altitude and made another dive, this time concentrating on the hoverguns. His twinsonic cannons releashed wave after wave of devastating beams of sonic energy.

#What are you waiting for Hatemunger?!# Cryhavoc roared through comm-link.

#We can't continue this forever! Better make as much damage as possible when we can!#

Cryhavoc rammed himself through the walls of one of the flight control buildings and transformed into robot mode.

"Autobots! Your end is near!" He roared, grabbing one of the Autobots with his massive claws. With a quick move, Cryhavoc teared the Autobot in two pieces.

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2001-11-15, 08:28 PM
Squawkbox watched Jhiaxus, before floating upwards and perching himself on the Decepticon's shoulder for a better view.

Beastbox smiled contently. He had amassed enough data entries to know exactly what was going on... but it seemed that Jhiaxus was able to workd it out on his own. Makes change, he thought, This leader able to think himself. Not like Thunderwing...

He decided to aid Jhiaxus' thought processes anyway. He pounded on the floor in an attempt to gain his commander's attention, then transformed into his cassette form, and leapt into a port adjacent to the busy Decepticon.

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2001-11-15, 10:18 PM
Gladius transformed, energy sabre coming to hand. His optics narrowed as they caught sight of the decepticons, without hesitation, the ancient autobot ran towards them, ďFor the triumph of Cybertron!Ē he cried, as his blade severed a decepticon from its head. Thought process gave way to honed instinct, and countless practice came into use as Gladius made his mark on the fray.

2001-11-15, 10:38 PM
Hatemunger though to himself.
"I like how this warrior fights. Decepticons attack!!!!" Hatemunger charged his dual fusion cannons and wiped out a small group of Autobots.
Skyrender fired his megacannons in rapid succession on the battlefield.
Stealth still cloaked begin to fire his plasma pistols at a group of Autobots.
Darklark unleashed all of his weapondary at any Autobot attacker around him, he charged an errie yellow and unleashed a massive blast of pure energy into an Autobot infantry unit.
"Decepticons wipe out the Autobots make them flee here like they did on Earth."

2001-11-16, 12:02 AM
Turrets continued to fire into the fray. Explosions blew all around from both sides. Exo concentrated his fire on the parts of the front lines that were keeping together. Decepticon after Decepticon fell from his blasts, and dozens more followed from the other hover turret operators.

On the same note, Autobots were falling quickly--but not as quickly. The cover of Iacon was their greatest advantage, where the Decepticons still had to push for ground. Many Decepticons had already begun breaching the perimeter, but they were being held or pinned down.

Most of them.

"Decepticons wipe out the Autobots, make them flee here like they did on Earth."

Exo didn't know which one shouted it, but it got a reaction from him. "They've taken Earth?! I know Noktaraus and the gang were headed there because of some trouble. I haven't had time to find out..."

Exo turned his turret into the group where he heard the shout come from. "Try and take this city and DIE, Decepticon!"

He switched to single fire mode and poured on the firepower.


2001-11-16, 01:22 AM
Jhiaxus smiled as Beastbox lept into action.

Jhiaxus: "Ah...what have you to show me, my ambitious friend?"

2001-11-16, 03:44 AM
Hatemunger smiled at the battle call of the some Autobot and took aim at the Autobot with his fusion cannons at full power.
"Autobot we will take this city, whether or not it is over your corpses is your choice." Hatemunger unleashed a full blast at the Autobot and then too to the air firing his cannons.

2001-11-16, 07:26 PM
Beastbox knew that the images would need no explanation, no commentary, no subtitles. Jhiaxus was far more intelligent than any other Decepticon the cassette had ever encountered, and as such, doubtless already suspected what he was about to see...

Beastbox displayed a series of graphs and schematics. Information culled from the vast array of databases in the lab. Information collected by sensors that had been running perpetually for six million years... collated and rehashed in miliseconds.

He flashed up a display of atmospheric interference from 3 million years ago. And then one from current data. The similarities were obvious.

He then brought up a complex grid. Recognisable to anyone well-enough versed, as the accepted representation of the universe, existing in six dimensions. Normally the image would be flat, indicating harmony - equilibrium in existance. The way it should be. In theory, the only way it could be.

The graphic was skewed greatly from all directions, towards the point generally recognised as "now"

2001-11-16, 07:44 PM
Exo's hover turret dodged right as the massive blast seared by him. The Decepticon who attacked him took to the air, firing rapidly. The hover turret reacted and began dodging.

"YOu need so many shots to hit me," Exo growled, "all I need is one."

He switched the turret back to dual-fire, and blasted at the Decepticon when he was only twenty meters away...

2001-11-17, 12:45 AM
Cryhavoc rip his way through the inner walls of the flight control tower. Headless, crushed bodies of Autobots were all he left behind on his way towards the heart of the building.

This is a waste... He though as he slammed his massive claws against the doors before him. The doors gave up and collapsed on the floor.

The massive black Decepticon stepped into the flightcontrol center, grabbing one the three Autobots with his right claw and slamming him againt the wall. "Autobot... tell me how to turn of your automatic defense systems and I grant you mercy." He snarled, tighening his grip.

2001-11-17, 12:54 AM
The Autobot pinned against the wall nodded--as best he could--at one of the others he had made eye-contact with. That Autobot turned and pulled a lever before Cryhavoc could do anything. The entire panel shorted out and the room went dark.

"You can't now," the controller said. "everything is working independently. We anticipated you Decepticons would be coming, so we set up an emergency cut-off system to the batteries. They've already been preprogrammed with their objectives. And it's all programmed to fight you."

He knew he wouldn't survive this decision, but his life, as well as the other two in the tower, was not as important as it was holding Iacon...


2001-11-17, 02:26 AM
Gladius was in a deadly dance as decpticons tried to run past him, many assumed that since he used only energy sabre he was a mild inconvenience and could be ignored, those were the ones that handít come into range of his weapons. The ones that had lay hacked and slashed on the ground at his feet.

He said no words, registered no thoughts, every move he made was reaction, he reacted to rank and file troops bearing the wrong insignia coming to close to his location, and he reacted with a calculated, cold certainty.

2001-11-17, 03:58 AM
Hatemunger smiled as he dived to avoid the blast before Cryhavoc wiped out the tower.
"Some of these Autobots are almost worthy of living, almost." Hatemunger fired a blast at an Autobot below him slagging him.
"Aericons, Stealth Darklark, come here we need to concentrate our firepower on the Autobots."

2001-11-17, 05:14 AM
"Damn, he's fast," Exo muttered as he followed Hatemunger in his sites. He watched him bark orders to certain individuals in the Decepticon group. "Seems to be a leader type too. Fits the profile."

Arrogantly, Exo had picked out his new target. Again, he opened fire on Hatemunger.

2001-11-17, 08:56 AM
If anyone, Bot or Con, had been paying attention to something other than the battle at hand--or simply had acute hearing--they might have noticed the sound of a fast-approaching engine roaring towards the central conflict area. As it was, the object came and went too quickly for the main sound wave to hit in time anyway. A matte black starfighter with swept back wings zoomed over the central area of conflict, too fast for anyone to catch more than a glimpse against the backdrop of space. In its wake, several small spheres fell out of the sky, dropping towards several groups of Decepticons.

No glints on any of the spheres caught anyone's attention, since they were in the same matte black. Just as with the jet, very few noticed. As well as being difficult to see, the spheres were hardly special among the flying firepower being traded on the outside walls of Iacon.

Until, the spheres exploded.

Dozens and dozens of Decepticons along that central path were affected by each sphere as they exploded down a single line. The last one--dropped about center of the group, bounced once before it shattered.

From the sphere, a brilliant flash exploded across the battlefield.

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2001-11-17, 10:44 AM
He had recieved the message through an Autobot-specific signal to his own comm, so it got his attention immediately. The voice itself took him aback even more. Optimus? Here?

Exo looked up at the nearest of Autobots on their hover turrets. They had all seemed to hear it too as they were looking quite confused. It had sounded like Optimus Prime, the command: "shut down your optics immediately. Reactivate in five nanoclicks. Do so now."

A lot could happen in that time, and Exo was reluctant. Especially with it being Prime's voice--wasn't he on Earth?

Then, a small sphere of space itself left the darkness of the sky and crossed the horizon of Cybertron from his viewpoint. It dropped into the crowd, then bounced back up.

"Follow those orders! They're for real!" Exo shouted, shutting down his optics. He had no place at all to be calling orders, but he had to get everyone's attention. Granted, the Decepticons in the erea probably heard him shout, but who amongst them would know what he was refering to?

A half-moment later, his external video scanners detected a great increase in lightsource, way above what his optic tolerance was. Other readouts hooked into his positronic net gave him bearing information as well as ground-zero distance. The flash bomb--Exo assumed that's what it was--had gone off in the center of the crowd. It would blind those halfway and back, and the light itself would probably blind many ahead of it either by proximity or its source bouncing off the glimmering structures of Iacon's bordering structures. When the light source began to die down accoring to his readings, Exo reactivated his optics.

There was a great state of confusion! A lot of firepower was still being blasted around, but a good portion of its direction was completely misguided. It had done quite the job, even if it didn't affect everyone. Exo didn't wait to see if his Autobot defenders had taken a chance and shut their optics down or not. He turned his turret into the dazed group and pummeled them with heavy fire, knocking Decepticons over one by one.

2001-11-17, 02:39 PM
Gladius heard Primes command, as he had always done, he obeyed Optimus decision without thought, his optical sensors powered down, the light dimming till dull lifeless black replaced the usual glow.

His blade continued to swing out in wide sweeping arcs, aimed as best he could on aural detection alone. The screams of surprised deceptcions that he managed to strike emitted were muffled in the raging battle. However, without site he was prone, unable to avoid a stray shot he did not see, it struck his left shoulder.

A sharp intake of breath as a swift stinging pain erupted at the joint, then his opticís flashed as reactivation was complete, Gladius didnít have time to check the wound, he didnít know what had happened but many of the decepticons seemed panicked now. This fact did not stop him driving his blade through them.

2001-11-17, 08:01 PM
Jhiaxus smiled widely.

Jhaixus: "This will work well for us...that is should you decide to remain with me my friends...and be a part of history in the unmaking!"

2001-11-17, 08:46 PM
The sound of a deisel engine--or the mimickation therof--was practically muffled by the sound of battle, until a second before it made contact with the fighting frenzy. To Cybertronians on ground level, all they could see--those that could see at the moment--was a sudden throw of Cybertronian bodies into the air. The throws of Decepticons continued along a path like a single narrow wave, unstoppable. Decepticons and Decepticon limbs and debris went flying everywhere in a very twisted version of a domino affect.

Exo had been high up enough to see. An Earthen octane rig was plowing its way through the group, and it hadn't met a single Decepticon that could stop it in its tracks. The black and silver vehicle straightened out, still knocking over--and up into the air--countless Decepticons.

Suddenly, a large burst of Decepticons were forced in all directions, some being so close their limbs blew off. The explosion resulted in throwing the cab portion of the rig into the air, where it transformed and began to flip forward. Random Decepticons still able to see began firing at him in the air. Looking straight down, the new character with his blaster in the open began pummeling individual Decepticons. When his body was in complete reversal, he rolled his body one-hundred, eighty degrees. As his body continued its slow tumble, the character continued to fire.

Before he landed, he put away his cannon and pulled out his fury sword. He never hit the ground--a lone Decepticon crunched under his feet as he touched down. The character was towering, quite noticeable in the group he'd landed into. The sword he posessed glowed an auradescent energon-pink, the blade longer than even his own arm from fingertip to shoulder. Its width near the blade's base was as well thicker than that of the arms carrying it, and it slowly narrowed down to a point at the top. But none of that prevented him from being able to swing the sword into the nearest target with ease. The Decepticon was neatly cleaved in half, and the one next to him lost his left arm as he continued his arc a bit longer.

"Optimus! It can't..." he heard from behind him, to which he turned around and lopped the talking Con's head off. "B--b..b....ee...b...*%@--" the head mumbled in a canned sound as it bounced around and sparked from underneath.

"N-no...impossible! He looks je-" the Black character drove his sword straight into this one's gut, forcing him off the ground. The blade twisted until it was vertical, and the Decepticon slid downward on it as if the blade were melting him like butter. When it passed up the center of his cranium, the Cybertron dropped to the ground in a mass heap of sparks and smoke.

Then the fury began. The initial shock seemed to be over as the Decepticons brought on the offensive. The dark Cybertronian could tell that some of them had their optics shut down, but it didn't matter whether they could see or not. He began to cleave through two Decepticons at a time with one sweep, blocking blaster shots with the blade, decapitating targets, swinging at one here, kicking into the one behind him, dismembering legs on another, stepping on his cranium to get to the firing Decepticons behind him, hearing the head crunch as he cut through two more at a time, cutting upwards at another target at such an angle it knocked his upper body high into the air.

They never seemed to stop coming. But then again, he never seemed to stop his onslaught.


Sidewinder jet-jumped into the air in his Countach vehicle mode, transforming and continuing the flight for a moment longer. He looked down at the fight and pulled out his irradiation cannon. He switched to his shockwave pellets and aimed for the spot he was going to land. The cannon fired, sending twin blue shockblasts forward, trailing energy behind them. The shots hit the ground, and a bright blue blastwave forced everyone into the air or into other members of the group. It made just enough clearing, and Sidewinder landed. He dropped one of the demospheres Slipstream had given him, and jet jumped away again. Laser blasters flew up at him, one pegging him in the right leg. His thruster there maintained, so he pushed on. A second shot tore into the armor on his left arm, causing him to growl.

Then the sphere went off, incinerating those Decepticons nearby. "Man, I wish Slip'd given me one with a shorter timer!"

2001-11-17, 11:48 PM
"Damn you Autobot!" Cryhavoc roared hitting his claw which was still holding the Autobot through the wall. The claw went easily through the wall but the Autobot which he was holding didn't.

"You could have saved your life. I gave you a chance."

Cryhavoc opened his claw and let the crushed Autobot drop in the ground. He didn't bother to turn around to face the two other Autobots in the room. The twinsonic cannons mounted to his feet targeted the Autobots behind him and opened fire.

Then Cryhavoc jumped through the wall to the battlefield below. The ground under his feet shattered as the massive Decepticon landed.

"What the-?!" He managed to say as he saw dozens of dead Decepticons on the field before him. Then his optics focused on the black warrior that was surrounded by dozens of bodies.

Cryhavoc extended his right arm towards the warrior. Then a large plasmalauncher materialized into his claw from subspace. He pulled the mental trigger and fired.

2001-11-18, 02:46 AM
A heavy blast smashed into the back of the black warrior's construct, sending him forward into a group of Decepticons. He maintained his footing when he landed, skidding into the crowd. His sword was forced down the center of one's stomach, causing sparks to fly everywhere. The blast struck his vehicle-mode casing on his back, which was much more impervious than anything else. Still, he could tell there had been some blast damage. Quickly, he pushed at the group of Cybertronians he had fallen into, sliced at them with his huge blade as he turned his body around.

There was a lone figure of great size across the way from him--the one most likely to have struck him. His cranium, one that had been recognized with shock by most of the other Decepticons, glared with blazing red optics at the new target. With a voice just as similar, he spoke.

"While my back is turned, no doubt," the character said. It was Prime's voice. "True to your Decepticon heritage."

Other Decepticons attempted to use the opportunity of distraction to fire on him while his back was turned to them. Their laserfire bounced harmlessly off his back, with the occasional stronger burst forcing the Prime lookalike to jolt ever so slightly from impact.

He ignored them. Many other Decepticons ignored him, seeing the obvious setup between him and the other Decepticon ahead.

"You should try that again. Now that you have my attention."

2001-11-18, 06:09 AM
Hatemunger and his troops ignored the foolish Autobot that continued to fire at him after unleashing a massive blast of energy at the tower that was firing on them.
"By the pits of slag!" Hatemunger looked to see the black and silver rig.
"Robot identify yourself!" Hatemunger called.
"I do not know your alligence but you are slaughtering Autobots as well. If you are a Decepticon or againist the Autobots we are willing to help you as well."
Skyrender was enjoying this battle. Finally Autobots were firing at him with everything
could and were not even slowing down the advanced Decepticon gestalt.
Skyrender decided to help even the odds slighty as the generators on his mega cannons begin to spin and steam began to flow from them.
"Autobots die!" Skyrender screamed as two massive beams of pure energy fired from the massive cannons tearing through Autobots and melting down Autobot building and city structures.
Darklark was also laughing in the battle how could he have been a shock trooper and heavy gunner for the Autobots? They were weak he thought tearing an Autobot limb from limb while laughing off energy attacks at his back and side.
Stealth was doing what he did best he was invisable and was having a field day gutting Autobots that didn't know they were going to die until it was too late.
And the battle continues....

2001-11-18, 06:21 AM
The black and silver character looked from the tall one in front of him over to the one who had just spoken.

"I am Prime. And I do not believe you belong here. The Autobots here are being slaughtered, but look around you! Your own forces are beginning to fall as well, save for the few of you worthy of combat."

There were still quite the amount of Decepticons on the battlefield, though. Still, if they were falling like those around him, this wouldn't take long to root out the true Decepticon warriors. "It's typical of you Decepticon warlords to rally your troops just so they can die at the hands of the elite fighters. You never learn, in any universe."

2001-11-18, 06:30 AM
Hatemunger narrowed his eyes that the new Decepticon.
"You speak with wisdom warrior. I only told these warriors to fight with us, its a tragic they had to die here. But if you are willing to fight with us we are willing to help you as well. I am Hatemunger, and some of these warriors are best I have ever seen, others are here just to fight for the Decepticon cause, I sadly cannot say who is skilled and who is not, but if they fall for us then they died for our cause."

2001-11-18, 06:35 AM
Prime walked over to Hatemunger. "While I know this already, I will ask anyway. What is your cause?"

2001-11-18, 06:51 AM
Hatemunger looked at Prime.
"To finally destroy the Autobots, I have fought for eons, all I wish for my men, the Decepticons as a whole and myself is for this battle to finally end with victory for the Decepticon forces."

2001-11-18, 06:58 AM
"For what reason?" Prime questioned. "So that you may rule in their stead? To conquer Cybertron in the name or the Decepticons?"

2001-11-18, 07:07 AM
"I do not wish to lead." Hatemunger stood firm "I am a general, but I am not a leader, my only other wish is whoever leads us in the end is capable and intellgent."

2001-11-18, 07:22 AM
"Ah," Prime practically let the word sigh from his vocal emitter. "Capable and Intelligent.

"So long as they are not Autobots, of course."

Prime's optics seemed to glow a brighter red. "Allow me to let you in on something. Decepticons are great generals, great conquerers." He leaned in close. "But they are bad tyrants. Their grips are often too tight, spawning uprisings and revolutions from the crevices between their fingers. The strongest of Decepticon leaders and their forces can easily hold these uprisings at bay. But, usually, it costs them their territory. Even as they hold it in their grasp, it becomes tattered and destroyed over time. Eventually, Decepticons hold in their hands a conquered world that is not worth occupying."

Prime straightened out. "I have seen it countless times. As the Autobots are weaker in combat and prefer talk and negotiations--while they hold the peace, it is just that. However their walls are thin and brittle.

"Decepticons rule with an iron fist, and when in the right position can keep control of whatever they occupy. But those in occupation are oppressed. To such a point, even other Decepticons wish to push those in control off their throwns. Whether they succeed or not is moot. They continue to try. They will always exist."

Prime held his fury sword at the ready. "And everything the Decepticons hold becomes dust. Be it by their own hands or those in revolution. Your kind are not fit to rule. You are too single-minded, too agressive and impatient. You will fight with yourselves given enough time, just to calm your nerves."

Prime straightened even more, showing his full height.

"And we are here to stop you."

2001-11-18, 07:27 AM
A blue monster truck appeared from the same direction that Sidewinder and the black Prime had, engines throbbing deeply as he pushed them to their top speed. A pile of debris nearby was put to use as a makeshift ramp, sending the monster truck soaring into the air. He crashed down in the middle of a group of Decepticons, crushing a few under his massive tyres and knocking the rest flying.

"About time you joined the party, 'killer!" Sidewinder shouted at the monster truck, fending off an attacking 'Con with his irradiation cannon. Roadkill rolled out of the tangle of crushed parts and transformed, giving Sidewinder a slight shrug before bringing his flamers to bear.

"So I ain't a speed freak like you or Slip up there, big deal. Got here, didn't I?" A blast hit Roadkill in the back, but his thick armor let him shrug it off with nothing more than a slight wince. He spun around to take out the offender, just in time to see it riddled with laserfire from the black starfighter flashing by overhead.

2001-11-18, 07:38 AM
Sidewinder watched Slipstream do another flyby and went back into action, firing off his cannon at nearby Decepticons. The shockblast was set down, but it still did its damage. As well as being dead-center with his targets, the blast was throwing them back into everyone else.

"Hoohoo! I can't even imagine how mangled and blasted yer circuits feel right now." He bashed another Decepticon in the side of the head with the stock of his cannon, then turned it around. "Remind me to let you boys describe it to me sometime." Then he pulled the trigger.


Blitzwing flew into position on the side of the Decepticon mob. Quickly he transformed to tank mode, sliding across the ground and turning his tank body one way while his turret turned the other...right into the group.

"I never thought I'd get used to blowing up my own kind," Blitzwing said to himself as he came to a skidded stop. "And I still haven't. Even if this isn't my own dimension, it's always the same feeling." He took aim at one of the Decepticons moving into Iacon. "And it has yet to stop me." With that, he blasted his target in the chest.



2001-11-18, 02:06 PM
Hatemunger shrugged and stood to his full height as well.
"Whatever you wish warrior, but given the mount of Autobot and Decepticon parts you are standing on, just what do you wish for?" With that Hatemunger and his troops ignored the Black Robot.
"Whatever you wish for I think you need to look inside yourself first." Hatemunger then made a comminication to his men.
"Do not engage that robot, in time if I need to I will engage him myself and will see that he dealt with accordingly. But I have a feeling he is more on our side than others."

2001-11-18, 07:22 PM
Prime nodded, "I am aware of what I wish for. And you are attempting to prevent it from being posible," he muttered. "Not attacking me now will be a mistake you regret. But I'll let you see that for yourself another time."

He pressed the commsystem on his chest. "Let the rest of the troops commence their attack. Give the Autobots the edge they need."


Scattershot held his position on the inside of the city. He fired into the group of Decepticons making their way inside the perimeter. "All right, boys, it's time to put on our show. They've got a Gestalt in action out there, and we need to keep him busy."

"We'll form Computron, pattern Gamma-1. Best for Combat," Lightspeed yelled. The Technobots had long since refined their Gestalt's abilities in fighthing, arranging their components and assigning each cerebral portion to particular tasks and those tasks alone, depending on the mission requirements. It allowed the Gestalt to handle things much much faster than it could before. For this attack, Lightspeed's link would work tactical, left arm. Afterburner the right arm as gunner, Nosecone as left leg working defensive, and Strafe as right leg, handling maneuvers.

The Technobots formed up, and Computron was alive again. Alive and refined beyond their original standards. Computron immediately accessed the situation. After a few moments, an attack plan was formed. He would need to keep the Gestalt busy while the others handled the Decepticon mob.

"You there!" he shouted as he walked for his target.

2001-11-18, 09:04 PM
Cryhavoc looked at the smoke rising from the barrel of his plasmacannon. Then at the warrior. The plasma blast must have only scratched his armor... Average transformer would be lying in the ground in a pool of melted metal... Cryhavoc thought and reloaded the cannon, ignoring the taunts of the warrior.

Then he saw Hatemunger adressing the warrior. Cryhavoc listened, keeping the link open to Jhiaxus all the time, making sure that his creator would hear the conversation between the Prime-look-alike and Hatemunger.

After Hatemunger left, Cryhavoc transformed into his scorpion mode. The four twinsonic cannons that were usable in this mode began to fire at the Autobots around him, while his most powerful weapon, the tail-mounted antimatter projector targeted the black warrior.

"Whoever you are... you're going to be vaporized... Hatemunger can say whatever he wishes..." Cryhavoc muttered as the cannon's energylevels approached the firing point.

2001-11-18, 09:24 PM
On the fringes of the conflict, Dark Prime's top advisor leaned around the corner with his two lieutenants, timing their strike to catch the Decepticons by surprise. The advisor, the Autobot known as Ironhide, turned to his sidekicks Mirage and Tracks and said, "Prahme's done talkin', so let's start shootin'! Autobots, attack!"

Ironhide darted out into the open, guns blazing. Tracks and Mirage followed close behind, and Tracks mused, "This riffraff is entire too unruly to frequent." With that, Tracks transformed and took to the air, firing on the Decepticons below.

Mirage saw his friend take off and said, "You take care of the air, Tracks, and I'll take care of the rest!" With that, Mirage transformed to car mode and became invisible, heading straight for the Decepticon forces.

2001-11-19, 04:24 AM
Skyrender saw Computron and laughed.
"Foolish gestalt you will be destoryed!" With that Skyrender used his speed to fly down tackling Computron jumping back up into the air and firing his mega cannons at the gestalt.
Darklark saw Ironhide, Mirage and Tracks and laughed. "You were my allies but you didn't try to save me when the Decepticons turned me into this freak!" He begin to glow again and unleashed a terrible blast of pure energy at them.
Hatemunger saw Cryhavoc begin to attack the Dark Prime.
"Cryhavoc do as you wish then, you are a soilder and I will trust your judgement. Decepticons spread out and attack!"

2001-11-19, 07:33 AM
Prime held his ground, looking in Cryhavoc's direction. He listened to Hatemunger's instructions to the scorpion, and took note. not a good general either. Your troops defy your orders, so you let them have their way. That will be your undoing when you need them to follow you to the letter.

He could see the tail section beginning to glow on the scorpion in front of him. If I'm not to be your undoing first...


Computron rolled out of the way, taking a few of the hits but not many. He stood and jet-jumped into the air after Skyrender.


Computron pulled out his acid-pellet repeater rifle and began spraying Skyrender with firepower. five-hundred rounds a minute came out of the weapon, littering the sky the Decepticon Gestalt was occupying.


Exo kept firing at other Decepticons, but they were holding against his turret better than they should have been. Better than they had been a while ago. Then a warning beep went off. A small image of the turret's outline came up on the micro-monitor, with the right cannon blinking in red. He clicked his comm to the control tower. "What's going on with the turret?"

Then it dawned on him. That taller fellow just busted in and out. There probably wasn't anyone in there.

"You've taken a hit to that side of the gun," a voice came in response. Not from the tower, but someone was still monitoring them. "It's losing efficiency. Switch to single fire, then shut down that one cannon. You'll have only the other one to work with, but it'll fire at near-full power."

Exo did as instructed. The beep went away, and the monitor changed. "It reads 98.7%," he called back.

"Close enough, keep firing."

He was right. The next Decepticon Exo attacked took the hit in his right shoulder. The entire limb was blown off, and the 'Con flew back.

Exo turned to the one the scorpion refered to as Hatemunger and went for a target lock. "All right, take two!"

He pulled the trigger.

2001-11-19, 09:05 AM
Roadkill caught sight of Ironhide and his lieutenants entering the fray and grinned, ducking a 'Con's shot and retaliating with his flamers. "Ah good, the cavalry's arrived!"

Meanwhile, Slipstream swung around after another strafing run, heading back towards the main battle area. She spotted Computron firing a wide spray of pellets at Skyrender and made a mental note to keep clear of that area. It wouldn't be too pleasant to get hit by friendly fire. The black starfighter dropped below Computron and made another run at the Decepticons, providing cover fire for Ironhide and his team.

2001-11-19, 12:29 PM
Hatemunger was blown backward by the attack. He stood up none to happy after pulling himself up from some rubble.
Skyrender laughed at Computrons valley of acid rounds, he unleashed his heatbuster cannon melting most of them down before they could even connect those that did did't bother him.

2001-11-19, 04:03 PM
Hot Rod looked at the screens quite bored at all that was going on in Moon base 4. Daniel in his Exosuit handed Hot Rod a cup of heated liquid energon. Hot Rod took the cup and took a sip, "Daniel, I wish I were down there, I should be battling this Hatemunger and Cryhavoc, not watching!"

Daniel tryed to drink a can of soda but it just splashed over his exo-suit helemet, he threw away the can hopeing Hot Rod didn't see how stupid that was. "You know we have to look over this Moon Base."

"Bah." Hot Rod switched to another screen trying to look for Fortress Maximus.

2001-11-19, 07:03 PM
"Hah!" Exo yelled in triumph! "Let's try another...round..."

Off in the distance, Ironhide and his troop came running into the fray. "Impossible! He died before the first battle at Autobot City..."

Then it clicked. He had to be with this Prime lookalike. But seeing Ironhide in action again was erie.

Laserblasts snapped Exo ack to reality, he looked down and noticed Hatemunger was firing at him. "Oops..."



Computron flew sideways and continued firing.

2001-11-19, 07:58 PM
I don't know what your true intentions are... but you attacked my Decepticon brothers... Cryhavoc though.

Then he releashed a massive anti-matter blast from his tail towards the black warrior.

"Die." Cryhavoc snarled as the beam approached its target.

2001-11-19, 11:09 PM
Gladius continued to slaughter those that came within his blades length, his shoulder burned with a sharp pain from a stray shot, but he could not afford to have it slow his pace. Being aware of any events not directly within oneís sphere of effect was rare in the height of battle, and Gladius, if he gave a thought to it, knew not where his allies were.

But thoughts were an unneeded distraction, and these too were avoidable, instinct would preserve him, or not.

2001-11-20, 03:13 AM
Hatemunger just laughed at the autobot.
Stealth managed to get behind the autobot gunner while clocked and drove his two energy knives through the Autobot and his chair. "Next time Autobot try to make sure the person your fighting at don't have backup!" after stabbing the Autobot Stealth transformered still cloaked and drove back into the fray.
Skyrender laughed. "For such an intellengent Autobot your really a fool." and unleashed a full blast from his dual megacannons.

2001-11-20, 06:04 AM
Exo couldn't maintain his balance and fell to the ground below. What damage had been done to him was made worse upon his landing. He watched in a haze as bits of him dropped in front of his vision. That was it for him--he was out for the rest of this fight...


Dark Prime jet-jumped with a timed accuracy as Cryhavoc unleashed his firepower. Sure enough, it melted through the Decepticons that had been directly behind him. "Powerful, but not smart." He replaced his sword and pulled out his cannon as he landed. The charger's sound pitched higher as it reached its capacity.

"My turn."


Skyrender's timing was good. Computron could tell right away that it was going to take all tactical information and concentration to keep from getting hit. The shot to his left arm told him he couldn't take much more.

He continued to fire his acid-pellets, the ammo alternating between standard and freezer-shelled. Then, as Skyrender lined up for a new attack, Computron launched two seeker rockets from his back.

2001-11-20, 06:29 AM
Darklark's incredible blast of energy picked off Tracks just as he was taking off, sending him into a tailspin toward the unforgiving metal Cybertronic ground. Ironhide raised his gun and fired, saying to Darklark, "What are you babblin' about, Decepticon? I don't know you!"

2001-11-20, 07:17 AM
Skyrender saw the missles and Skyblade reacted just as fast, the six members of Skyrender dissengaged to avoid the missles. Soon after they reformed behind Computron as Skyrender stood behind the Gestalt guns ready for Computrons next move.
Darklark looked at Tracks. "You Tracks you vain fool, if you spent as much time in battle as you do looking at your curves you would be a far better warrior." Darklark had all of this guns and cannons at the ready and unleashed a barrage of firepower on the Autobots. Then Darklark looked at Ironhide.
"Maybe if you remembered me by my old name of Skylark and the number of battles we fought on this soil you would remember me better!" Darklark fully unleashed his firepower "But this will help to jog your memory!"
Hatemunger looked at his armour "I just had this waxed...." he thought to himself, some of the armour was warped and partly melted but his repair systems had already begin to repair any damage done to him. "System report states armour is still functional at 95%, all other systems are still online." Excellent he thought to himself. Hatemunger then decided to wait a few moments and tried to get a massage to the Crashticons. "Crashticons come in, this is Hatemunger we are in battle and could use your assistance come in!"
Stealth was having a field day for him, being able to drive around was something he missed after floating in space with Hatemunger and his company. Stealth felt odd killing those that were once his own kind. But given how enos ago he was an Autobot trader and was attacked by pirates, the Autobots did nothing and left him for dead too afaid to fight back, being before the great war was in full swing some Decepticons saw the pirates attacking Stealth and helped him for this he was grateful and joined the Decepticon cause.
"It must be sad to die so far at your own home." He thought to himself.

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2001-11-20, 07:46 AM
The Crashticons arrived on the battlefield, driving up the back side of a ridge still controlled by the Autobots. They transformed and looked out over the battle with the other 'bots holding the position.

"How goes the battle?" Scrapheap questioned the nearest bot.

"Not as well as could be hoped. We're glad you're here."

"Hmm.... really? You shouldn't be." Scrapheap ripped off the false Autobot symbol and tossed it back at the bot. About the time it hit the Autobot, Rollover had already grabbed him from behind and driven his rifle up into the bot's back. Three energy bursts punched up through the transformer and burst out his chestplate. As his eyes began to dim, Rollover threw him at another two bots nearby. The rest of the Crashticons acted swiftly. Despite being outnumbered, they had the advantage of suprise and wiped out the Autobot cluster.

"Hatemunger wants us on the battlefield." Scrapheap commented as a side note.

"Yah, want want want." Runaway was far more interested in looting the Autobots.

"We're moving in. Don't be stupid, stay in radio contact. And most importantly, do try to have fun." Scrapheap transformed and headed into the battle. The rest of the Crashticons removed thier Autobot disguses and followed.

2001-11-20, 08:13 AM
Roadkill saw Exo go down, leaving the gun turret unoccupied. Immediately he switched to his truck mode and made a beeline for the turret. He steered around Autobots, but just went straight over, or through, any 'Cons in the way, knocking them flying or crushing them underwheel. Several blasts impacted with his armor, causing Roadkill to growl slightly, but none caused any significant damage.

He reached the turret in moments and flipped back into bot mode, landing next to Exo. "Don't worry kiddo, we'll soon have these 'Cons on the run, then we can get ya fixed up." Exo barely registered this, and Roadkill didn't have time to say anything more. He quickly scrambled into the turret's gunner seat, grabbed the controls, and swung the turret to point in Hatemunger's direction. The lapse in firing had given the turret time to recharge, and its monitor now read 99.8%.

"Target lock achieved," the turret's computer intoned at Roadkill, showing an outline of Hatemunger centered in the targeting screen's crosshairs. With that, Roadkill opened fire on Hatemunger, blast after blast flying from the turret's cannon and heading straight towards the Decepticon.

Above the battlefield, Slipstream was flying cover and providing Dark Prime with updates on enemy positions.

"Good news an' bad news, oh dark one. The 'Cons seem t'be fallin' back on the western side, but there's a new group of 'em just arrived about point three of a klick away on your right, on top of that ridge. Have fun."

She swung around to see how Computron was dealing with the 'Con gestalt, only to see Skyrender about to fire on Computron's back. Without hesitation, the black starfighter poured on the speed and rocketed towards the two gestalts, her fours lasers rapidfiring in Skyrender's direction. None of the shots actually hit, but they caused enough of a distraction to give Computron time to turn around and bring his weapons to bear.

2001-11-20, 08:16 AM
-Analysis complete. Weakness in target located-

Computron turned around and faced Skyrender. "You're a fast thinker, I admire that." Small lasers flew towards Skyrender from an incoming Autobot. Computron moved up almost to pointblank range. The Decepticon Gestalt's blaster was nearly touching his chest plate. "But you're young it seems. And while you have admirable intelligence..."

Computron disengaged his five components, each transforming to robot mode. Scattershot, in center, flew upwards--just as the two rockets Computron had fired earlier flew past from behind him directly down the center of the Decepticon Gestalt. The Im-Rec systems had never lost Skyrender's signal.

"You're experience could use a few million points!" Scattershot finished Computron's sentence.


Dark Prime let the rockets on his shoulders launch forward at Cryhavoc, then let his blaster cannon fire at the giant's feet. He heard Slipstream's transmission, and internally sent the data to Ironhide. The old Autobot would know exactly what to do with the information.

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2001-11-20, 03:05 PM
Hatemunger smiled as the blast came towards him, he grabbed a massive piece of rubble and held it in front of him, the blasts destoryed the rubble knocking him back, but Hatemunger got up laughing.
"Autobots this game ends now!" Hatemunger transformed into his Cannon mode and began to charge. Suddenly without warning he unleashed a massive blast of energy in trajetroy to the Autobots firing on him and Cryhavoc. While firing he sent out a message to his comrades. "Move now or simply die, we need to create some Autobot losses now! Skyrender disenage Computron retrive Stealth and Darklark and regroup after my attack."
Skyrender smiled at the five robots of Computron. "A few million bits maybe." The six aerialcons disenged just in time to avoid the two rocks. Skyblade picked up Stealth and Fearmaker grabbed Darklark, who was kicking and screaming to get back into the fight.
The Decepticons moved away from the city to an Decepticon repair area.
Hatemunger was repairing his armour as his other troops reloaded their weapons and repaired any damage they had.
"The Autobots fight hard but it will not matter. Once Galvatron arrives we shall win. But for now we need a new plan. He smiled and told his men of the next attack." Before leaving Hatemunger communicated to the Decepticons in the area his new plan. They left and put it in action.
The Aericons merged into Skyrender and Darklark and Hatemunger all unleashed a full powered energy blast from outside the city limits allowing the blast to hit both friend and foe who was not smart enough to get away from the attack alike alike.
Next The 4 Warriors broke off and began to flank the city. Hatemunger made a direct attack, learning from his past mistake of staying in one spot on the battle field he made sure to move and attack taking his shoots carefully taking out any Autobots he could see.
Darklark and Skyrender both attacked from the left and right sides of the city. Both using there tremondous firepower to flank the Autobots.
Stealth knew his mission was to simply stay unseen, so he cloaked and came in from the back of the city.

2001-11-20, 06:59 PM
Dark Prime continued firing at Crayhavoc, keeping his missiles going and his cannon firing at his feet.

2001-11-20, 07:18 PM
Again on Moonbase 4 Daniel was trying to get into a shuttle so he could join the battle on Cybertron. Hot Rod ran up to him and draged him out of the shuttle.

"Dan-o! What do you think you where going to do?" Hot Rod asked quite upset.

"Well Hot Rod it only takes one person to watch those screens, so I figure I battle down on Cybertron, look I think I got my lasers down." Daniel pushed a button on his exo-suit to activate the lasers but the wind shield wipers came on-line.

"Look if you feel that way maybe I'll go and you...stay." Hot Rod said climbing into the shuttle.

"Yea sure Hot Rod, uh how do you turn these things off?" Daniel asked.

Hot Rod just laughed and closed the door to the shuttle.

2001-11-20, 07:41 PM
Cryhavoc quickly took step to his side, preventing the beam only to scratch one of his scorpion legs. At the same time he lifted his massive claws to take the impact from Dark Prime's rockets. No visible damage was done to the strong black alloy.

The huge scorpion laughed and opened fire at Dark Prime with four of his twinsonic cannons. "That is all you got?" He roared to the black warrior.

2001-11-20, 09:25 PM
It is the year 2009.
In a reality not too dissimilar to our own, made different by one minor event...

He rose out of the water, feeling his power rush through his circuitry. He glanced across the horizon... and smiled

"Ahh... Yes! New York! I'd almost forgotten how beautiful it is! It is my masterpiece, my greatest work. The final crescendo if my symphony!"

His name is Galvatron. He rules the Decepticons. And the Earth.

"My symphony of TERROR!"

Birdbrain watched as his master lead the troops from the waters... and paused. He was uncertain... Even in these dark days, the sky should not be that colour... He rushed forward. "Lord Galvatron! The sky!"

"What?! How dare you touch your master?! Ah yes, the sky.... masterful is it not? Destroying their moon was an excellent idea of Unicron's... the dust may never dissipate!" He laughed, a cold, humourless laugh.

"B..but... it's RED!!"

Galvatron sneered. "Red is the colour of Earthen blood. It is fitting that Rodimus Prime should die with that hanging over him."

Birdbrain struggled... unable to express himself with his limited brain... "No! Not meant to be red! Something wrong!" He glanced up, and saw that the redness was pulsating... Colour? Getting bigger?!! How... not possible...

"THE ONLY THING THAT IS WRONG IS YOUR EXISTANCE!!!" Galvatron screamed. He raised his particle accelerator cannon, and fired.

Birdbrain braced himself. And watched as the entire world turned in on itself. The beam of light turned into a beam of darkness; the air crystallised; and the water stopped in mide wave.

He managed to emit a low "hwa?!" before his mind shut down, and the landscape crumbled to dust with him.

2001-11-21, 07:11 AM
The group watched Skyrender fly down into the battle, having barely dodged the missiles.

"Scrappin' Decepticon piece of..." Afterburn held his temper, but just barely. "We had 'im."

"Yeah, but we proved our theory," Scattershot added. "His reaction time to those rockets was much slower--he barely got out of that one in time. He didn't see it coming, so he couldn't prepare until it was right there. That's his flaw--he's a smartie all right, and quick. But, his experience needs work. Anything he can't predict, he can't prevent. And since he doesn't have the seasoning of a veteran warrior, he can only judge what he immediately sees, hears, or senses."

"We'll have to use that to our advantage," Nosecone said. "Somehow."

Scattershot looked to his left. "Lightspeed, how's your damage?"

Lightspeed had taken a good hit from Skyrender in gestalt mode, partial licks of energon shock ran across his body. "I'll be all right. I can still form up and function pretty good."

"Then let's!" Afterburn shouted. "We got a score to settle!"

The group reformed Computron and flew in after Skyrender.


(discussed with Cryhavoc on this part)

Dark Prime reeled back a bit as one of the shots slammed into his right leg. Another blasted at his left shoulder launcher, rendering the top launcher useless.

But the damage had been done.

Cryhavoc restepped to his side to keep center with the direction Prime was falling, and stepped into the premacrete Prime had weakened with his blast. The shots deflected off Cryhavoc's armor and into the same spot with an uncanny accuracy, and Cryhavoc stumbled as it caved in. The giant's weight was too focused on the landing step, and gravity took over. Prime got to one knee to keep from falling over completely as Cryhavoc fell on his side.

2001-11-21, 07:38 AM
Still invisible, Mirage peered around a corner and watched as the mysterious Decepticon Stealth became invisible as well. Immediately, Mirage transformed to robot mode and fired his shoulder-mounted cannon at his fellow disappearing act...

Meanwhile, Ironhide received Dark Prime's transmission and said to himself, "I get yahr message, Prahme." He transformed and rolled away from the battle, repositioning himself for a killer strike on the Cons.

2001-11-21, 08:04 AM
Roadkill continued to fire the turret in Hatemunger's direction, having managed to doge the powerful blast the 'Con had sent at him earlier. Roadkill was determined to take down Hatemunger, one way or another. There were only so many ways the 'con could avoid the turret's fire, after all. Occasionally he'd take a moment to shoot any other 'Cons that presented themselves in his sights, but he always went back to firing at Hatemunger.

Slipstream dove down out of the air, making a quick strafing run on the incoming Crashticons. Bolts of powerful blue laserfire rained towards them, blasting debris up from the ground in a shower of shrapnel. The black starfighter went past too fast to see if she'd actually hit any of them, and quickly swung around for another run.

2001-11-21, 02:14 PM
Hatemunger was avoiding turret fire from the Autobot, the Autobot did't pay attention to his surrunding as Darklark stood below the turret and unleashed an energy blast on the base of the turret. Then Darklark kicked the turret with his full force the creaking and snapping of the metal filled the air. Then Darklark took to the sky again and moved to an oppisite direction.
Skyrender had thought over his battle with Computron. Skyblade relayed his commands to the rest of his men. "Computron is smart, I must had him that but his actions are slow and flawed, he is also far slower than we are being older gestalt technology. Also, his missles cannot target us all." Skyblade had a brillent plan of attack. "Aerialcons disenage!" Skyblade commanded.
"What!" Firebomb argued.
"You heard me disenage." Then Skyblade gave his men his plan.
Suddenly all six Aerialcons left the battle with Computron screaming throught the night sky were: Skyblade, Buzzer, Firebomb, fearmaker, Sonicforce and Rain. All six of them opened fire on the ground based bots.
"Skyblade thought to himself this is our mistake we relied too much on our gestalt mode here, we have more strength in gestalt mode, but we can create more havoc from the skies!" With that the six fighter jets flew in a delta formation and begin a massive bombing and strafing run on the Autobots starting with the much slower Computron they dropped a massive payload of bombs and missle and firepower at the Gestalt. Next they carried over to target the city. Fearmaker being the fastest of the group issued air cover from attacking Autobot flyers.
Firebomb and Rain being the demolishion experts of the group began to use their combined firepower to attack Autobots on the groups.
Sonicforce was having fun mocking the ground based Autobots. "You are all weak you pathtic landlocked worms!" He snarled firing missles and laser fire into a group of Autobots.
Skyblade and Buzzer teamed up and formed a crossfire on the Autobot flyer who was harrassing the Crashticons.
"Hey only I can bug those Cons like that!" Buzzer laughed as he opened fire.
Skyblade used the megacannons Skyrender used on the Autobot flyer.

2001-11-21, 06:59 PM
Computron took the barrage from the flyers above, nearly stumbling into the group around him. Their formation was tight, and the heavier hover turrets Computron could see were already beginning to shoot at them. None of it mattered, as Computron had acquired his next target...


Blitzwing was being ignored on the outside of the group, when he notices laserfire streaking up at one of the hover turrets. Roadkill had somehow gotten up into it and was taking hits. The shots, however, were appearing out of mid-air.

"I've seen that trick before," he growled, centering his turret on the bit of air the blasts were coming from. He fired as soon as he had a lock.

2001-11-21, 09:07 PM
Timesplitter lands on Cybertron and turns to the nearest Decepticon group as Megatron exits(Just one group talk to me).

TimeSplitter then transformed into his giant Gestault mode.

"Hey. You boys need assistance."

Megatron took the cannon on his shoulder and targeted an Autobot. He fired a blast and struck the bot down.

His face rose.

"Just as it was before."

A grin crossed his face.

"Megatron's back. And on a rampage!"

2001-11-22, 12:05 AM
Hatemunger looked down and Megatron and Timesplitter.
"Decepticon brother we meet again!" He hailed the warriors.
"The Autobots are fighting bravly but they will not last!" He continued to move and avoid Autobot firepower while fighting back watching as the two new warriors did much of the same.
Stealth saw the energy blast coming towards him.
"Slag!" He jumped out of the way just in time to miss the blast (He does have a ten skill and 8 speed) but the heat of the blast did melt some of his armour. "Ha this is gonna be fun he laughed." As he but away his guns and drew his energy blades staying cloaked.

2001-11-22, 12:19 AM
A ship landed on the planet. Out came four figures. It was Hot Shot and W.A.R.S, dragging an unconscious Bombshell and Doubledealer.

"Hot Shot to any Autobot, respond, please?", Hot Shot said into his communicator.

2001-11-22, 01:16 AM
Blitzwing transformed to robot mode and switched his visual to thermal scan.

"No use, can't see him. He must have heat shielding." He switched his visuals again, this time to a particle-tracker motion system. He could see the outlines of the stealthed Decepticon, but all the movement behind him made it difficult to accurately see a definite shape. He pulled out his energon sword and prepared to duel...the best that he could.


Dark Prime got onto his bad leg, found that while there had been damage, he could still stand on it. He risked jet jumping into the air and away, pressing his commlink. "Slipstream, we've got bombers around. Take your target and attack."


Sidewinder gave a solid punch to one Decepticon, knocking him back. He jumped onto the Decepticon's shoulders as he fell backwards into the crowd--partially propped up by the Decepticon mob--then jumped into the air before firing his irad cannon's shockwave blast right into his target. It tore him to pieces, but sent Sidewinder high into the air to land into a different part of the group.


Turning up from his back, Exo looked up at the group of hover turrets in the area. One other had taken a hit, but the rest were holding the group back. Then, Exo's optics flickered out. He felt his right arm slump to the ground just before his audio receptors went into shut-down. His internal readouts winked out one at a time, the last one blinking "error."

It, too, ceased to show.

2001-11-22, 09:49 AM

Slipstream rolled to one side and pulled up from her strafing run on the Crashticons, firepower from Skyblade and Buzzer passing harmlessly by on either side of her. She quickly killed her speed and looped over, the two Aerialcons flying right past before they could react. Slipstream straightened out of her loop and accelerated again, now on Skyblade and Buzzer's tail, and unleashed a hail of laserfire towards them.

"Slipstream, we've got bombers around. Take your target and attack." Dark Prime's comm broke into Slip's thoughts, and she quickly responded.

"Way ahead of ya there, oh leadery one," Slip sent back to Dark Prime, then quickly flipped her comm over to another channel. "Yo, boys, now would prolly be a good time for y'all to drop in on the party."

"Acknowledged." Silverbolt turned to the rest of the Aerialbots, but before he could say anything, AirRaid spoke up.

"All right, about time we got to fry some 'Con tail!" He quickly transformed and blasted off in the direction of the battle, soon followed by the rest of the Aerialbots. Silverbolt sighed under his breath at his teammate's eager recklessness, then concentrated on the matter at hand. Namely, taking down the Aerialcons.

"All right team, go after them, and go after them hard. The sooner we take these 'Cons down, the better," Silverbolt commed his fellow gestalt memebers, and the five of them split up to go after the airborne 'Cons.

Meanwhile, Roadkill was having problems of his own. Darklark's attack on his turret had knocked out all of its hover supports, and it crashed to the ground. Roadkill swore and swivelled the cannon around to point at the retreating Darklark, then pulled the trigger. Several bolts of laser energy flew out towards Darklark, before the turret finally died completely.

"Slaggin' hunk o' junk," Roadkill muttered, abandoning the turret and switching to truck mode. Glancing around the battlefield, he spotted Dark Prime and roared towards him, what little enemy fire that was directed at him bouncing off his thick armor.

"Need a hand, DP?"

2001-11-22, 10:02 AM
Dark Prime landed on the ground from his jet-jump. His damaged leg easily handled the landing, just as his internal readouts predicted. The torn armor didn't look pretty, but the systems were still operational.

Prime turned to Roadkill, coming his way. "Take Sidewinder with you and start herding them down that path," he pointed past him to the right. "You two have your techniques. I'll bring in some of our air patrollers to give you some support."

2001-11-22, 10:16 AM
"Consider it done, big black," Roadkill replied, swerving off in the direction Dark Prime had pointed with a screech of tyres.

2001-11-22, 10:31 AM
Prime called in to a few of his nearby troops. "Sidewinder, Blitzwing, Bulk, meet up with Roadkill and begin moving the Decepticons back." Prime noted the Aerialbots in the air. "Napalm, Electro, Slingshot, give them air support."

Double-clicks answered over Dark Prime's comm from all mentioned, indicating an affirmative. "Ironhide, get the second ground troop ready."


Blitzwing blocked a blur of motion coming at his head--for the third time--and attempted to to counterstrike. What movement he could see indicated the target had moved out of the way already. Then, Prime's hail came over his comm. He parried one last attack from the cloaked individual, then leapt into the air and transformed to flight mode. He double-clicked over his comm and made for Roadkill's position. As he reached the monster truck, he transformed to tank-mode and landed squarly on the backs of some unfortunate Decepticons. He rolled over them with ease and began firing into the group ahead of him. Roadkill's inability to use firepower in his vehicle mode didn't stop him from doing damage--the truck plowed through or over everything in his path..

Sidewinder joined the group, tearing through Decepticons and ripping them up with his tires--those that got under him. Bulk joined in, transformed to his half-track and started firing into the Decepticon mob.

Then the air support flew over, unleashing their firepower ahead of them.

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2001-11-22, 06:36 PM

"No Wait Master" said Timesplitter trying to grab hold of Megatron with his giant hand.

But Megatron blasted a hole into TimeSplitter's hand.

He turned to Hatemuger.

"On a battle field, there are no brothers. In a battlefield everyone is an enemy. Bot or Con, get in my way and i will blast you all the way to Unicron for all i care."

Megatron ran towards all of the autobots. His cannon on his shoulder and another gun in his left hand. With an energon sword in the other.

He ran blasting everything in sight untill his other gun run out . But he simply turned it around and tore of the coating. He made it an explosive. He fused it with the energon...... He threw it. Landing near a pile of autobots.

Then he transformed into his tank mode. He wasn't fast but powerful.

Timeplitter looked at his hand. He covered it up.

"If he doesn't watch he's going to get himself killed."

Timesplitter transformed into his ship mode.

It hovered above the skyline dropping bombs keeping up with Megatron.

2001-11-22, 06:49 PM
Cryhavoc's massive claws dug into the hard metal ground as he pulled himself out of the hole he had fallen into.

The massive black Decepticon transformed into his robot mode. Cryhavoc stood taller than majority of the transformers on the battlefield, his optics trying to spot Dark Prime with no avail.

He chose the second best solution and started firing randomly at everything that wore Autobot insignia. He still remained quite silent. Not shouting taunts or warcries, just doing what was required of him. Killing.

2001-11-22, 07:12 PM
"Hot Shot this is the Autobot Hot Rod, and I'm right behind you." Hot Rod found the two smaller bots while heading toward the planet, he followed then, and he was realived to find out they were Autobots.

2001-11-22, 07:13 PM
Hatemunger smiled at the Decepticons logic. "Yes there are no true friends on the battlefield only allies." He smiled as he hailed his men.
"Aerialcons come in, the Autobot flyers think they have power but have yet to see anything yet. Come in towards me." He looked to the Decepticons in the area.
"Cryhavoc the Autobots are regrouping, we need to strike at them now before they can regain their bearing, you shall lead the ground offensesive with Darklark and Stealth to assist you and any other group based warriors, Timesplitter you and your master can do as they wish for the ground assult."
Darklark who dodged the wanton energy blasts with ease snarled back to Hatemunger.
"I kill alone you old fool!" Darklark sounded upset.
"Darklark need I remind you of who created you." Hatemunger growled.
Darklark sighed.
"Yes my leige."
Darklark communitcated to the Crashticons.
"Crashticons you shall also be a part of the ground offensive but since I do not know where you are you may do as needed." Hatemunger looked at the situation.
"Hmm 2 possible Autobot gestalts the dark warrior who I don't think is what he says and a large group of Autobots and a Decepticon tratior. This should be fun."
Hatemunger and the Aerialcons took to the skies and began to attack the flying Autobots, the Aerialcons and unleashing a hellstorm of missles and firepower well out of sight of the flying Autobots. Hatemunger charged his cannons and got a lock on a group of flyers and unleashed a massive energy blast.
Darklark opened all of his firepower while running with Cryhavoc to attack the ground based Autobots. Stealth on the other hand clocked but in a different frequency.
"That traitior could see me but not this time." Stealth laughed and also checked to see if he had any time bombs left.
"Hehe these should be fun!" he laughed.
Hatemugner smiled at the assemblage of warriors and let out the well known cry of
"Decepticons attack!"

2001-11-22, 08:44 PM
Just as the newly-formed front line of Decepticons began to push forward, Jetfire flew in and unleashed a mass of photon missiles before him. The fires and explosive blasts began incinerating everything, the ground shook with each hit.

He flew in low, his massive bulk causing a huge wake. As he neared the smoke rising into the air, he pulled up. The wake blasted into the crowd still operating, forcing them back. His quad particle turret rotated back and began blasting targets with ease.

2001-11-22, 10:03 PM
Hot Shot turned around to see Hot Rod

"Good," he said to him. He nodded at W.A.R.S, who was dragging a anti-grav sled containing the unconsious bodies of Doubledealer and Bombshell.
"Know anywhwhere where we can put these guys", he asked.

2001-11-22, 10:41 PM
Dark Prime moved over to where Ironhide was positioned. "We're making a difference," Dark Prime said. "The ranks are beginning to thin out, and they've only destroyed the outer walls of the city. But I fear we aren't finished here yet."

Dark Prime turned towards where Roadkill and his group were. "You see the Decepticons breaking off? They would have no where to go. Their two best options would be to surrender, or to die fighting. But they are beginning to run. And I don't believe they are running away. But...towards something else."

Prime turned back to Ironhide. "Prepare the second ground patrol as ordered, but stand by for my signal."


Deep within the city of Iacon, monitors flared around a war room, showing all parts of the battle outside.

"New reports coming in," one of the officers read from his station, "we're outnumbering them three-to-one at best estimate. Half the group is beginning a massive assault on the frontlines. They're pushing forward with relative success. The other half is turning back, no indication as to why."

The senior officer nodded. "They've realized they can't win. Even if that latter half kept with it, they would only succeed in pushing forward a few more city blocks. The bulk of our forces are still positioned inside. They'll never suvive our internal defenses."

"Sir," the Lieutenant standing next to him whispered, "doesn't it look suspicious that half the force is pulling back because of this mere handful of newcomers? We count seven in the assaulting group, that's all."

"True," the Commanding officer acknowledged. "However, notice the arms of Autobots following in their wake. It's literally creating a dividing line. We're splitting their forces in half."

"It almost seems as if they're letting us split them in half. There's something more here."

The Commanding officer paused in thought, then nodded his head. "I'll note the possibility. In the mean time, keep our internal warriors at the ready, and send out a message to all of Cybertron. Let the Autobots know their Capital city is being attacked. I believe, that's what started this Decepticon uprising in the first place. Two can play at this little charade."

2001-11-22, 10:42 PM
The Aerialcons decide to attack Jetfire.
Skyblade slowed down allowing Jetfire to overshoot him, then kicked in the afterburners to get behind him, after locking onto him fired his missles and several blasts from the megacannons. The rest of the Aerialcons came in a sweeping formation and fired there missles and weapons at Jetfire then all 6 fighters kicked in their thrusters and tore off in serperate directions so that Jetfire would have a more difficult time trying to strike back. Some of them went low others went high and dropped bombs from a high altitude.

Elsewhere on Cybertron

Deathsuarus looked at the video screen.
"Hmm the Decepticons are trying to retake Cybertron. This could be intersting." He smiled.
"Liozak come here!" He called.
"Yeah boss." Liozak answered.
"Get the rest of your team ready we are going to go and join in this battle, after losing to the accursed Victory Saber we must save face for that Autobots dumb luck." Deathsuarus growled.
"Yes sir!" Liozak ran off to get his men.
"Skystalker." Deathsuarus called on his com-link.
"Yes..." The micromaster called who could be found rearming the shuttle he piloted.
"Can you be ready for battle in 10 clicks." Deathsuarus commanded not asked.
"No problem there sir whats going on?" Skystalker asked.
"The Decepticons on this planet are striking back finally." Deathsuarus replied.
"Really bout time now maybe I can retake my land, damn Autotrash." Skystalker growled.
"Excellent have your shuttle ready and fully armed we are going to go and slaughter some Autobots. Liokaiser and myself will ride with you and there you can offer air support for the Decepticons already in the area." Deathsuarus answered.
"Excellent I can do that!" Skystalker repiled.
Deathsuarus simply smiled.
"Autobots finally your time has run out." He laughed.

2001-11-22, 11:33 PM
Jetfire took the initial hits and rocked violently in the air. Six new targets took on his vector, unleashing firepower of varying degrees. What didn't hit him slammed into the ground below. The fighters broke in different directions, but Jetfire had already chosen Fearmaker as his target. As he began his pursuit, four of the five Aerialbots flew in after the other Aerialcons.

Jetfire watched. Aerialbots! They were destroyed as Superion just before the end of the great war!* It made no difference, they were a welcome site. A matte black ship was flying along with them, taking up a different target. Jetfire continued pursuit of Fearmaker. The ship was fast, but not quite fast enough. Jetfire opened up with his missiles, following the assault with his quad blasts.

2001-11-22, 11:57 PM
Fearmaker smiled at the welcome aerial combat and decided to play a coup de grace with Skyfire, he saw Darklark on the ground and already had a plan.
"You should have stayed dead Jetfire!" Darklark growled as Fearmaker flow low to the ground and Darklark fired and energy blast at Jetfire. "I don't see how come your still alive but frankly I don't care either!" Darklark drew on of the energon sabers he now carries and was ready for Jetfire's strike.
Skyblade watched the Aerialbots as they came in, "Oh the old flyers return from the dead, frankly I am not impressed." he dove down and the other Aerialcons flew with him. Fearmaker also returned after flying long about the city.
Skyblade was ready for a fight this time.
"Aericonals you know the drill already!" He smiled as the six robots merged into the Gaint Skyrender.
Hatemunger seeing the Aerialbots striking at his men transformed into his cannon mode and fired a massive blast in the Aerialbots general direction as Skyrender traveled upward and fired his megacannons capturing the flyers in a massive crossfire. Darklark seeing the strike from the ground unleashed another energy blast from where he was standing at the Autobots.

2001-11-23, 12:14 AM
Jetfire banked hard over and took Darklark's hits underneath. He pulled away from the ground, still keeping Fearmaker close. Then the six merged into their Gestalt mode, again.

From behind him, Hatemunger opened fire to create a cross-fire situation, but it didn't last. Too many Autobots on the ground began to fire at the cannon, keeping cover behind the fronts of Iacon's buildings. The weapons blasts kept the cannon from firing accurately.

Jetfire changed vectors for the target that caught his attention, Darklark. He flew in and landed in front of him in robot mode. "You seemed to be ready for some action," Jetfire taunted. "Let's see how ready!"


Dark Prime moved from Ironhide's side and drew his blaster. As soon as hatemunger's cannon fired into the Aerialbots and Slipstream, Autobots from their cover took after the Decepticon. Prime aimed for the ground around the cannon and opened fire.


It was almost too easy.

Computron flew in directly behind Skyrender, holding him from under the arms. "You should learn to pay better attention to your surroundings!" he growled.

2001-11-23, 12:37 AM
Skyrender smiled at Computron and let him hold him.
Hatemunger transformed and drew both of his energy swords and and flew by slashing Computron's back while avoiding some Autobot firepower. Skyrender took the time to disenage and tear out of the area.
"You Gestalt should also learn to pay more attention!" Hatemunger growled angerly tearing out his swords and firing his fusion cannons in the direction of the gaint robot and regrouping with the Aerialcons.
Darklark laughed and was beganing to go into one of his "fits" the ground around him was starting to melt as his energy levels jumped up again.
"I am so sick of you Autobots! None of you helped me when I was in need before these Decepticons turned me into this!!!!!" With that Darklark unleashed a massive column of energy where he stood wiping out anything unlunky enough to be nearby.
Hatemunger and his men saw the beam and reacted.
"By the matrix!" Hatemunger and the Aerialcons flew away from the blast.
Stealth was cloaked and saw the column of energy slagging an unfortante group of Decepticons that were near him.
"Holy slag, what did we create!?" He asked himself nearowly avoiding the blast and looking at where he armour had started to warp.
Darklark stood in the hole he created he was now ready to fight and he didn't care who he killed.
"Welcome transformers!" He yelled energy flowing all around him. "Welcome to your DEATH!!" he began to run knowing Jetfire was on the ground and jumped up having flight capablities given to him by Hatemunger when he was made into a Decepticon. He drew he one gun and used his plasma cannons, energy rifle and energy shotgun on his forearm while firing another blast of energy from his right hand.

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2001-11-23, 04:39 AM
The Crashticons tore into the battlefield, using their momentum to take them into the Autobot ranks. Immediatly, the Decepticon shock troops began doing what they do best, and having a fun time doing it. Working as a team(oddly enough considering their individual personalities), they tore into the Autobots arounds them, killing some, wounding others, and generally taking on everthing that moved as they ripped into the Autobots' flank.

"Reminds me a scaveenger huntin' in the ole days!" Runaway commented as he bashed a wounded 'Bot in the head with the butt of his gun.

"I believe the term is turkey shoot." Blindside said, covering his fellow 'con's back.

"Let's go, before they organize a decent counter offensive. Where's Hatemunger?" Scrapheap took charge even as he took the head off of a blinded Autobot with his chain-hook.

"Come on," Hit called, already moving off, "Skyrender's this way, fighting Jetfire. The others can't be too far off." A trio of Autobots moved in on the diminutive Decpticon, but were picked off by fire from Pileup and Rollover.

"Move. We'll link up with them and form a joint offensive." Scrapheap opened fire with his gatling cannon to start carving a path through the battlefield.

2001-11-23, 04:46 AM
The Wreckers sat at their usual table, in the underground portion of the Golden Blaster. The music was almost enough to drown out their ranting conversation, but they carried on anyway. Lights were flashing in a seemingly random fashion, and a number of young Transformers trying to be hip were seen dancing in the middle of the room. This structure had once been a quiet bar, but the spreading popularity of Earthen trends had morphed it into a night club of sorts.

Twin Twist was relaying an anecdote. "So I says to him, 'I don't care who you work for, y'ain't getting through!' Straight up, just like that."

"You're kidding!" Whirl replied. "Then what?"


Whirl looked down at the table. "Um...He left. I mean, everybody's scared of you once they're on your bad side, ya know?"

"Nah, that's not what he did," Sandstorm interjected. "Twin Twist wouldn't have let him leave if he'd tried. Would you, Twisty?"

"Sure wouldn't! But he didn't even have time. I says, 'Now get outta here.' Then I clock him in the face!"

The table exploded with laughter. Topspin and Rack 'N' Ruin returned to the corner, each carrying a tray loaded with energon containers. Topspin moved to set his down, but stopped before he could. He hovered in the awkward position for a few moments, catching the attention of his fellow Wreckers.

"Whassamatter?" Sandstorm asked sarcastically, snatching a container from the tray. "Joints need oiling?"

Topspin ignored him. "Tune to frequency 143.63."

"Attention Autobots! This is Iacon Central Command. The capital city-state is under Decepticon attack. All Autobots off duty are to report at once to assist in the defensive effort. I repeat, Decepticon attack..."

No Autobots could be called more off-duty than the Wreckers.

"Aw, shucks!" Whirl whined, hiding the fresh energon in his cockpit. "Just when we were about to have some fun!"

They left the table, their bills unpayed, and made tracks for the surface. To Iacon...

2001-11-23, 06:41 AM
Computron let Skyrender go, trying to keep altitude. His left arm was sparking badly, causing licks of energy to travel around the left side of his body.


"Break off, break off!" Scattershot's voice melded with Computron's as the team disengaged from their gestalt mode. Strafe flew in just under Lightspeed and caught him as he fell.

"How is he?" Scattershot questioned?"

"Fine..." Lightspeed managed on his own. "Systems overload, couldn't process data fast enough for Computron. Didn't*-#judge Hatemun*-ger's at-t-a'.-'-ack in ti-...time."

"That's enough out of you," Scattershot ordered. "You and Computron are out of commission."

Scattershot looked into the frenzy below. "We outnumber 'em, but they're outgunning us."

"Yeah," Nosecone nodded, "one of Computron's last thoughts before we disengaged. Lightspeeds data processing made him realize that at least."

"You picked up on that broadcast though, right?" Strafe said to the group.

They all nodded. Computron's transmitter and radio equipment was high-tech enough to pick out the transmission. An all-out call to Autobots that the Capital was under attack.

"If we can hold down the big guns," Afterburner chimed in, "the rest should be easy enough."

"Let's see what we can do. Strafe, get Lightspeed somewhere safe, then join us in the fray."

2001-11-23, 09:18 AM
In the air was pandemonium, pure and simple. Bots were going after Cons, who themselves were going after more Bots, and so on and so forth. Slipstream was in the thick of it all, weaving in and out of the raging firepower with the ease of years of experience.

Silverbolt noticed Computron break down into his component bots, and sent out a quick comm to the rest of his team. "Time to form up, Aerialbots."

Double-clicks on the comm from the others confirmed the orders, and in moments Skydive, Fireflight and Air Raid had gathered around Silverbolt. It took a moment or two more for Slingshot to arrive from where he'd been helping out the groundbased troops, but as soon as he'd arrived, the five merged into Superion.

The massive gestalt warrior immediately locked on to Skyrender as his target and went after him, discharger rifle blazing.

Back on the ground, Roadkill was having the time of his life running over 'Cons. It was like a destruction derby, except without the popcorn. His attention was suddenly grabbed by Darklark's massive powerblast going past nearby, and he swore to himself.

"This is in no way good..." Roadkill switched to bot mode and drew out his pulse rifle, tracking Darklark as the 'Con jumped into the air. "Gotta try and take him down 'fore he does even more damage..." With that in mind, Roadkill took aim and fired. The first shot was followed by several more, each one right on target as they flew across the battlefield towards the rampaging Darklark.

2001-11-23, 04:32 PM
Skyblade, saw the Aerialbots from Superion and was looking through his data files.
"Hmm this one seems alittle different than the anicent Autobot warrior, but my guess is he is still the same unintellgent fool. Hatemunger come in we need to take this gestalt out fast and I think with your help I have an idea." Skyblade communicated through Skyrender.
Hatemunger flew in and was near his shoulder.
"What is your plan?" Hatemunger asked. "This had better be good for you to be commanding me!"
The aericons disenaged.
"Yes this should be I needed more cons than we would be as one gaint robot. Simply put I remember Superion could never handle an assult that varied on different fronts, thats what I hope we can do so lets all split up and attack, and watch your backs the Autobots seem to be taking kindly to striking from behind today."
With that the six Aerialcons and Hatemunger broke off and attacked Superion from all sides, and using their combined speed and firepower to confuse the gaint warrior.

Darklark took the hits dead on and flew from the sky a like a blazing star. He landed through a building and stood up, his armour had absorbed most of the blast, and the building actutally helped to cushion his fall.
"Well now." Skylark growled drawing his guns. "Looks like old Jetfire will have to wait!" He charged out of the building guns blazing at the warrior that had struck him.
Stealth was laughing, the Autobots where too busy attacking the heavy hitters to even try to find his clocked form and this was all he needed. Stealth ran around to where various groups of bots and cons were fighting and was setting up explosive charges. He issued a warning to the busy Hatemunger.
"Hatemunger I have set charges throughout Iacon! These are not to destory the city but to wipe out Autobots that are fighting us. Can you tell them that when I issue the command to retreat that it is not to wimp out on the Autocreeps but so I can detonate the blasts without wiping out our own!" Stealth told Hatemunger.
"Stealth I am alittle busy right now, but I will see to it that when you are ready to set them off the warriors will leave."
With that Hatemunger went to a Decepticon frequency.
"All Decepticon warriors within the Iacon battle, this is Hatemunger, as means of wiping out Autobots in this area, a warrior is setting explosive charges where heavy fighting is going on. On my command to retreat, leave this area, we will return but we are only retreating to avoid the explosive charges! Please respond that you understand this plan." Hatemunger commanded.
Darklark recieved the transmission and responded.
"If I am not gutting some weak Autobot, I'll leave!" He yelled chasing the Autobot that shot him down.
Stealth knew what he had to do and hoped the other warriors that were fighting there would do the same.

Elsewhere on Cybertron.
Deathsuarus heard the command and issued his response to Hatemunger.
"Hatemunger this is Decepticon commander Deathsuarus, my troops and myself have heard you plan and will obey, but we will be arriving hopefully when you detonate the charges in order to help back you and the other warriors currently engaged up. Deathsaurus out." He looked at Skystalker and Liokiaser.
"Are we ready to leave?" He asked.
"Yes boss." They both said almost in stereo.
"Excellent board Skystalker and take off. I shall follow alongside you."
Deathsuarus issued one last call over his com-link.
"Commander Shockwave do you read? This is Deathsuarus, there is a massive Decepticon-Autobot battle at Iacon, your assistance is requested. My com-link is open please respond." And with that the shuttle holding Liokiaser and Deathsuarus left their base.

2001-11-23, 05:55 PM
"Decepticons..." Hot Rod said as he looked over the two prisoners. Then he addressed Hot Shot "If Fortress Maximus were on-line I say drop them in there. But if there in statsus lock and won't be waking up for a while I can send them to Moon base four on my ship by remote. Once there I'll get Daniel to throw them in the brig."

2001-11-23, 06:50 PM
Dark Prime flew up into the air, watching Superion being attacked by multiple fronts. Prime flew in right in front of Hatemunger as the Decepticon tried to fly in on another approach at the Gestalt. He smirked as the Hydraulic piston in his right arm activated, and he lined up for hatemunger's chest. With a swift move, he threw a punch at the Decepticon.


Jetfire continued his strafing run on the half of the Decepticons retreating. He turned to continue his attack when he noted Superion being ambushed. The Gestalt seemed to be holding his own quite well, but he wasn't able to keep up with the attacks.

"Seems to me like you need some lesson in mannners," Jetfire said as he roared into the fight.

2001-11-23, 07:01 PM
"Oufff!" Hatemunger took the hit to the chest and flew backwards, the attack didn't do a ton of damage to his armour but was enough to shoot him backwards quite abit.
"Impressive traitor, I remember you now" Hatemunger smiled as he drew his energy sabers and got ready for a fight.
The Aerialcons saw Jetfire and scattered not afraid of the robot, but more in order to confuse the enemy.
Hatemunger then made a communication to the Aerialcons. "Merge and get Superion and Jetfire away from here, I want Dark Prime alone." Hatemunger called.
The Aericons flew and around and suddenly merged, they smashed Superion sending him to the ground and grabbed Jetfire and tossed him out of the way then moved away themselves for the battle between DarkPrime and Hatemunger.

2001-11-23, 07:32 PM
Prime smirked, the hydraulic piston on his arm still out. He wanted to test this one's endurance before using that particular weapon. He discovered it would be suitable for next time. Quickly, Prime drew his sword.

2001-11-23, 08:21 PM
Hatemunger went at Prime their swords striking as sparks fell to the ground. This time there was no talking only business.

2001-11-23, 08:27 PM
Gladius heard the message, and began to cut his way through waves of decpticons, to reach the three talking autobots, his left arm now hung limply, unable to block any more blows, the should sporting a blast wound.

He nodded to Hot Rods suggestion, ďIíll go with them, lest youíre human friend finds himself outnumbered. Besides,Ē he added a bit ruefully with a grimace, ďWith this wound I wonít last many more rounds. Better my blade were used for a good cause no?Ē

2001-11-23, 09:05 PM
Mirage watched as Tracks crashed into the side of a building and some debris from the top of the building crashed down on top of him. Mirage dug out his friend and helped him to his feet.

Tracks limped out of the wreckage and said, "My titanium shin guards are shattered!"

Mirage said, "Forget about your shin guards! Let's find Ironhide!"


Ironhide watched as Prime rushed off and attacked Hatemunger, their energy swords colliding in an impressive spray of sparks. Ironhide raised his gun to fire, but the speed at which the two grappled about made it impossible to crank off a good shot.
Just then, Mirage and a beat-up Tracks rolled up and transformed to robot mode.

Mirage said, "Well, Ironhide? What's the plan?"

Ironhide turned to his two closest sidekicks and said, "Mirage, we gotta help Prahme. See if you can get close to that big Deceptigoon and get a shot in..."

2001-11-23, 09:13 PM
Megatron drove into the city. He sent a message to Time Splitter.

"Destroy their defences.Kill Kill Kill!!!"


TimeSplitter began his assent dropping some energonic charges, trying to blow up weapons.

"Now my time has come. For once i will destroy the Autobots' post. My plan has changed. I only now have the control to do so. Through battle i come drifting but there is nothing like the smell of gunfire"

He saw Hatemunger and transformed. His face glittering in the darkness of smoke. It was of the things that could be seen clearly.

He looked and saw someone else. He looked like Prime.


His voice shot through the land. It was if his voice circuits were beginning to change to the original Megatron's.

He turned round seeing more Autobots.

"This is a battle i will have great enjoyance viewing."

Then a vision went into his mind of falling due to Primes fall at Autobot City. Almost de-activating him. He took it out of his head.

He saw a dead autobot on the ground. He made a seat out of it but removed its power coils. He inserted it into a "safe deposit box" inside his chest.

He sat down wathcing the battle. His cannon fully online, he blasted some shots into the air.

2001-11-23, 10:20 PM
Stealth saw the Autobots trying to get a shot on his boss.
He decloaked for a second and yelled.
"Sorry boys I can't allow you to attack my boss like that." He yelled firing a full barrage with his plasma pistols and then recloaking transforming driving to another spot and firing again.
Hatemunger was enjoying this battle and the roar of the Decepticon who was cheering for him made him realise this was a fight for his men, his soilders "For all those that died before me Autobot and the men that you killed today, your time ends now." He growled drawing back he fired with one cannon and a saber in the other ready for Primes counter attack.

Darklark was ready for a fight he no longer cared who he found an occisional dying Decepticon and drove one of the energon swords he had through the dying.
"Come out!!!!" He growled. "Someone must have the courage to face death!"
Deathsuarus and Skystalker were nearing Iacon.
"We should be there in a matter of minutes." Deathsuarus called to Skystalker.
"When we get there attack the Autobots on the Ground. Do not intrupt the battle in the sky between two of their leaders, they must have their own duel, we will only get involved if our kind may lose." And they continued towards Iacon.

2001-11-23, 11:34 PM
"All right then", Hot Shot said to Hot Rod. "We need to get back to Earth as quickly as possible."
W.A.R.S. tossed the control box for the anti-grav sled to Hot Rod
"They're in stasis lock right now", he said. "But if they wake up, just hit the red button, and you'll be alright."
The two Autobots went back into their ship and rocketed away from the planet.

2001-11-23, 11:53 PM
Cryhavoc rushed forwards in his scorpion mode, fighting his way through the Autobots who outnumbered him clearly. Energonfluids of the Autobots he had crushed covered his battered armor.

Several Autobots were hanging on him, trying to slow him down but one by one Cryhavoc crushed them between his massive claws.

Death. Crushed parts of Autobots lied everywhere. And more was to come. The anti-matter beam from Cryhavoc's tail sliced through several Autobots who were attacking him. "Know your place Autobots... you stand against wrong Decepticon now..." he hissed and continued slaughtering his enemies.

2001-11-24, 04:59 AM
"Wreck!" Sandstorm cried.
"And!" Topspin shouted.
"RULE!" Whirl cheered.

The Wreckers had arrived.

And just as quickly, they separated. Topspin (carrying Rack 'N' Ruin on his back) and Whirl headed for the position of three familiar Autobot officers.

"Ooh, I want that one!" Sandstorm transformed to dune buggy mode, landing next to Twin Twist and heading in the direction of Cryhavoc.

"Yeah, he looks like a challenge! Let's kill 'im!" Twin Twist responded. They transformed to their robot modes as they reached the gargantuan scorpion, opening fire.

"Bug off, buggo! This is our town!"


Topspin and Whirl descended on the three Autobots, transforming to robot mode as they did. The three Wreckers hit the ground just behind...

"Ironhide! What's shaking, man?" Whirl jovially chattered.

2001-11-24, 05:08 AM
Dark Prime glared at Hatemunger, his optics glowing red. "I had nothing to do with those past-dead. But if you wish to strike me down for the ones I've taken today, go ahead and try." He flew in close and sliced down at Hatemunger

Again, their swords clashed, Prime keeping note of Hatemunger's cannon in hand. The strength of the two warriors was being put to test as sparks flew from their energy blades. Prime withdrew, letting Hatemunger's strength force his own blade forward of himself, then Prime took a swing sideways at his opponent.

2001-11-24, 05:13 AM
Hatemunger and Dark Prime fought high above Iacon.
"You are an excellent warrior, it's a pity you choose the wrong side, if you wished to reconsider, you can serve along side me and my men." Hatemunger said to the black warrior.
Stealth finished setting up the last bomb.
"There all done!" He laughed and transformed into his car mode and drove towards the outskirts of iacon still hidden from view.

The Aerialcons where enjoying the battle in the sky.
"Just like old times, eh Firebomb?" Rain laughed firing missles at Autobot targets.
"Yeah fire burn burn burn, burn baby burn flames gettin higher!" Firebomb cheered.
"I wish I knew why you two are so stupid." Fearmaker growled flying around.
"What just becuase you don't like blowing up stuff as much as we do, doesn't me you have to be a tin-horn!" Firebomb cheered.
"Nevermind you two lets just stick to the plan." Fearmaker replied.
Skyblade, Buzzer and Sonicforce flew by and rejoined a formation.
Skyblade spoke to his men.
"Good work we are doing well we just need to continue this assult."

2001-11-24, 05:37 AM
The Crashticons moved further into the battleground, ripping a path towards Hatemunger and his troops. They had fallen into an improvisational battle strategy. Scrapheap, Runaway and Rollover took point, cutting the path with their firepower. Blindside covered one flank and Hit and Run took the other. Pileup followed behind, finishing off any wounded and keeping the Autobots from fully surrounding the team. They kept moving towards the aerial battle, but never seemed to get close enough to get involved. Hit lined up Dark Prime in his sights as he clashed with Hatemunger.

"I can take him out from here..."

"Stay out of it," Run chided. "That's not our fight. There are many more to be taken today. Let's see if we can get a little more attention."

"Good idea..." Scrapheap had overheard the conversation. "Let's get some attention. Crashticons! Merge to form... Karrnage!"

In the area cleared out by their attacks, the Crashticons transformed and merged into the gestalt superwarrior Karrnage. As he roared, nearby Autobots began concentrating their fire on the giant. Karrnage stomped with one foot, smashing one Autobot warrior, and whipped his chain across, sending several more flying.

"KARRNAGE SMASH!!!" The behemoth announced as his cannon whined out firey death unto the Autobots before him. His shoulder blasters scorched the Autobots as his exploding vulcan bullets tore through Autobot armor and circutry alike...

2001-11-24, 06:27 AM
Electro hovered in the air with Napalm, looking over at the new Gestalt. "Man, these things keep popping up everywhere!"

"Heh, just makes it easier to hit, that's all!" Napalm chuckled. In his flight mode, he flew in over Karnage's position. "Earth humans have it all wrong!" he began his taunt, "Hell's fire comes from the SKIES!"

With that, he dropped an incendiary bomb directly onto the Gestalt.


Dark Prime's attacks kept up, but his optics stayed on Hatemunger. Even so, his parries were near-perfect. "Sorry," he said, the left side of his faceplate raising up in the imitation of a lopsided smirk, "but I doubt you'd appreciate it once I took over your regime." He swung his sword from under Hatemunger's last attack.


Jetfire pulled away from the ground forces, away from Karnage, and back towards the Aerialcons now in formation. He tagged Fearmaker with his target laser and unleashed a guided missile. The laser outlined it's target, then switched off. The warhead came to life with its information and flew in towards the Aerialcon.

2001-11-24, 11:03 AM
Superion decided that the best way to take care of the little fliers buzzing around was one at a time. He focused solely on Buzzer, flying after the Aerialcon and unleashing all his firepower upon the smaller flier.

Roadkill grinned slightly as he saw Darklark charging around, seemingly at random. "Lessee if I can't calm this dude down somewhat..." Once again he took aim with his pulse rifle and fired, quickly catching the 'Con's attention. "I'm tired of herdin' Decepticattle, let's see ya try and take me on, tinhead!"

Slipstream was close on Skyblade's tail, following him through each and every evasive maneouver he pulled to try and shake her off. Bolts of coherent blue energy streaked past Skyblade, each one coming closer and closer to hitting him. Jetfire streaked past on one side, chasing down Fearmaker.

2001-11-24, 02:38 PM
Hatemunger laughed at Dark Prime as he blocked an overhead slash and punched Dark Prime in the stomach. "You rule my men?" He questioned, "Maybe who knows, but I think you would be better served working for us than them." He continued to go toe-to-toe with the warrior.

Darklark laughed and walked towards Roadkill, his energy rifle hit him dead on but did nothing to Darklark, his armour and energy arua absorb most of the blasts frequency causing him little damage if any.
"Well at least there is one Autobot with some degree of bravery!" Darklark growled and drew his weapondary.
"Now I just want your final act of bravery written on your epitpath!" Darklark hissed as he opened fire with all of his weapons.
Fearmaker growled the missle was right on his tail.
"Only one way to avoid this and it's gonna hurt! But better than taking the hit directly." He suddenly transformed into his robot mode and fired at the missle causing it to explode. The blast knocked him through a few building.
"Ouch" Fearmaker growled as he stood up from the rubble he created. Luckly he was alive, but in quite a bit of pain, several of the other Aerialcons flew in to check on their comrade.
"You ok?" Soniceforce asked.
"I will be." Fearmaker sighed.
"Where is Skyblade?" Fearmaker asked.
"Some Autobot is currently fighting him." Rain said back.
Buzzer decided not to try and tackle Superion on his own tore off away from him and found the rest of his team sans Skyblade.
"Hmm maybe we should get to Skyblade and merge cuz right now this is nuts!" Buzzer exclamed.
"Well if Fearmaker is still able to merge inot Skyrender we could do that." Sonicforce spoke out.
"Yeah I can transform, just shaken up quite well." Fearmaker said "so lets go then!" He transformed into his jet mode as did the rest of the Aerialcons and the took off to find Skyblade.
Skyblade liked this Skycat fellow.
"You fly well we need to try this again sometime but sadly it ends now." Skyblade suddenly tore upward into a loop and fell behind Skycat and opened fire with his mega-cannons. "Now lets see how you like to be chased Autobot."

2001-11-24, 06:20 PM
The massive black scorpion swinged his claws, sending the rest of Autobots who were trying to hold him down flying through the air. Quickly he turned to face the two Wreckers that had attacked him.

"What makes you think that you will fare any better against me than these..." Cryhavoc paused for a moment. "... this scrap iron?"

Cryhavoc anchored his eight legs firmly to the ground and extended his massive claws towards the two Autobot daredevils in attempt to grab them both into his crushing grip.

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2001-11-24, 10:26 PM
Prime recovered from the punch fast enough to parry an incoming thrust. He forced the blade to his right and used the other's momentum to get him close enough to Hatemunger's right hand. The Decepticon pushed back before Prime could slice off his arm, but the warrior managed to make contact with Hatemunger's cannon, dislodging it from his grip.

The fight continued, sparks of energy flying in all directions with each hit. The two massive bodies collided, their swords a mere foot from their faces (OOC: Big giant robot, think "mere inches") The light from their contact reflected off their hulls, creating an eerie look in both of them. Prime held his optics on Hatemunger, his faceplate preventing much of an expression to show. Hatemunger held his grin, made to look maniacal with each flash of energy that lit his faceplate.

Dark Prime rounded his sword down, taking Hatemunger's with it. The move was meant to dislodge the weapon, but Hatemunger pulled back early. With Prime's sword in the down position, Hatemunger struck at Prime's side. The blade sank into the left side of Prime's stomach, cutting through to the first part of the grill. It wasn't a deep strike, but the damage was apparent as Prime backed off. Sparks flew from the wound, and Dark Prime cupped it with one hand while readying his fury sword against any new attacks...


As the five Aerialcons prepared to rejoin formation, Jetfire made a strafe run while they were still collected near the building Fearmaker smashed into. As they departed, his quad turret pummeled on the firepower. Random particle blasts flew at the group, creating a thick blue rain of energy streaks screaming into them.

2001-11-24, 10:59 PM
Hatemunger smiled as Dark Prime drew back.
"You are a strong warrior, I will give you your last chance to reconsider!" Hatemunger smiled. Aiming one of his fusion cannons at the warrior, a glow began to come out of the cannon as he began to charge it. He held a blade steady in his other arm just in case Dark Prime tried something.
The Aerialcons narrowly avoided the strafing run from Jetfire. Some where hit but nothing serious.
"Ok that guy is starting to tick me off!" Firebomb snapped.
"Relax Firebomb we will get him soon enough!" Fearmaker said kicking in the afterburner lets get to Skyblade and merge agian!
Skyblade saw his teammates flying in from the north.
"Its about time you all got here!" Skyblade smiled while flying up to meet up with his comrades.
"My I note that we should join now while we have time." Sonicforce moaned.
"Yes, point taken." Skyblade said as him and his men transformed into their robot modes.
"Aerialcons merge into Skyrender!" The six robots once again merged into the superrobot known as Skyrender.
"This time I have a plan." The gaint roared and took off to where some ground fighting was occuring. He traveled to where the Crashticon gestalt Karnage was involed in heavy fighting and was being attacked by some Autobot flyers. Skyrender flew in firing his mega-cannons and heat buster in order to scatter the flyers and then flew in to help Karnage from above.
"Hello warrior, how goes the destruction today?" Skyrender chirped firing his weapons on ground and flyers alike.

2001-11-24, 11:19 PM
Napalm's bomb smashed into Karrnage, exploding and sending him staggering a few steps backward. He fired a volley at the Autobot, but was too slow to hit the target. Karrnage howled in rage as Napalm stayed out of range and away from his shots. Karrnage saw Skyrender flying in.

"Hello warrior, how goes the destruction today?" Skyrender chirped firing his weapons on ground and flyers alike. (OOC: Direct quote from Ravage's last post)

"You smash air," Karrnage stated, pointing at the gestalt, "Karrnage smash ground. We smash all!." Karrnage turned his fire on the Autobots now recoiling in fear from the sight of two Decepticons Gestalt super warriors working side by side on the battlefield.

"Bug drop fire from air. You swat bug. Me no reach." Karrnage said while pointing out Napalm amongst the flyers.

2001-11-24, 11:26 PM
"Yes I will smash the bug." Skyrender smiled. Unleashing his weapondary in the air at the flyers, him and Karnage made a combined ground air assualt on the Autobots troops. Karnage's chain guns and Skyrenders cannons and buster rifles filled the area.

2001-11-24, 11:54 PM
"Gah!" Napalm struggled to keep in the air as blasterfire flew everywhere. He didn't see where the blast that hit him came from, the entire field tumbling in all directions. He converted to robot mode and stablized himself. His rifles came out in front and he aimed for Skyrender. "Stupid Gestalts. Git lost!" He opened fire.


Jetfire flew in after the Aerialcons as they formed Skyrender. He transformed to robot mode and used his jets to side-step as a hail of fire came at him. He charged his particle cannon and aimed for the giant's cranium, then pulled the trigger.


Sidwinder watched the Gestalt on the ground get hit by Naplam's bomb. He clicked his comm unit. "Slipstream, we can use some of those demosphere's over this way!"


Dark Prime brought his fury Sword up to the ready. When Hatemunger fired, he placed the blade in it's path. The majority of the blast smashed into the blade, forcing it from his grip. The sword spiraled to the ground below. Prime dodged another blast, then armed his shoulder rockets. The three that were still functioning let loose a volley of rockets at Hatemunger, but as Hatemunger began to dodge low, the rockets exploded on their own. The blasts did nothing, but the fire and smoke was Prime's desired effect. His right arm's piston was still in place as he flew down through the debris. The smoke and fire cleared, revealing Hatemunger in his path. Before the general could bring his sword to bear, Prime threw a swift punch into his chest.

A microsecond later, the piston fired.

A massive boom thundered above the crowd, almost drowning out the ambiance. A shockblast of energy could be seen flying in all directions for a half-second after Prime made contact. In that same instant, Hatemunger flew at high speed into the buildings behind him. The crash was almost as thunderous, kicking up debris and smoke clouds to ominous heights.

Dark Prime watched as the final pieces of foundation crashed to the ground. Then, no other movement. "I already gave you my answer. It seems I needed to enforce it."

He flew down to the floor, picking up the hilt of his fury sword. The blade reignited on contact with his hand, and he flew into the battle once again.

2001-11-24, 11:56 PM
Jhiaxus watched from his base as the battle unfolded. He had analyzed the information Beast Box had played for him and had come to one conclusion. It was time to re-write history...only this time he would be its writer.

Jhiaxus: "My friends...Squawk-talk, beast-box, i have need of your services."

Jhiaxus walked over to Beast-Box and placed him back into his data base.

Jhiaxus: "I am downloading the entire schematics for Iacon...including the location of this! I need you to retrieve the key to the plasma energy chamber for me...can you do that?"

Jhiaxus smiled widely as Beast-Box lept from the database.

2001-11-25, 12:05 AM
Beastbox transformed into his simian form in midair, and landed with a thud.

He smiled, a sick, twisted smile, and nodded.

"Plasma? Plasma? His story is to rewrite history... Iacon't believe it... squawk!" chimed the parrot, before transforming, and merging with his partner.

Squawkbox stood and smiled, his dual neuranets meshing perfectly. An ideal symbiosis, sharing the pair's accumulated knowledge. He grew content as the knowledge of Iacon's structure became commn between his components.

He stood as tall as he could, gave a firm salute, and turned to leave.

2001-11-25, 12:31 AM
Dark Prime watched the two Gestalts attack the Autobot groups trying to reform. It was time to bring in some heavier firepower. Transforming to his rig mode, he began barreling through the smaller Decepticon crowds. He made his way to where he'd left his octane platform, then converted to robot mode. His left side sparked, but he chose to ignore it. Following his transformation, the octane rig unfolded. Sections hissed open as whole portions swung out. The crowd had dispersed quite a bit, and the battle station had plenty of room to deploy. Prime took his position at the main station, raised the energy shield, and turned the tower cannon at Karnage. The plasma disc blaster aimed as well, and both opened fire. A series of Im-Rec missiles launched from the other side of the platform. Once they were unleashed, Prime switched the tower cannon to manual and began sweeping for targets in his general area.

2001-11-25, 01:41 AM
Hatemunger smiled as he looked up at the nighttime sky.
"That was impressive." He stood up looked at the damage done to his chest. The armour was smashed and in need of repair but otherwise there was not alot of damage.
"I can begin the next part of the plan then go for repairs during the choas." He smiled and activated his com-link.
"Stealth, come in!" Hatemunger yelled.
"This is Stealth whats up boss?" The theif asked watching an Autobot fall to the ground clutching his slit throat.
"Are the bombs in place?" Hatemunger asked.
"Yes sir, they are ready to go."
"Ok I am telling the Decepticons to get outside the city now. Get out yourself and await my command to detonate!" Hatemunger growled.
"Yes sir! Stealth out." Stealth transformed and began to drive out of Iacon.
Hatemunger flew into th air, most of the Autobots that saw this were in shock, how could this warrior be alive?
"Decepticons, get out of Iacon now! This is an order! Crashticons and Aerialcons grab Cryhavoc and get him out of here!" Hatemunger flew low and grabbed ahold of a few fighting Decepticons, much to the confusion of the Autobots fighting them.
Jetfire's particle blast was true, Skyrender moved and was able to avoid some of the blast, the rest hit him squarly on the shoulder, injuring Firebomb. The Aericons disenaged into their aircraft forms, smoke bellowing out of Firebomb.
"Owowwwwwowowowowowowowow! Autobot piece of tin!" Firebomb was quite upset.
Skyblade realised this was a problem.
"Boss we have a problem we are not gonna be getting Cryhavoc out of here!" Skyblade said.
"We just got hit pretty hard but are all still functional, we are telling the Crashticons to go meet up with you and I am gonna cover my own men and get out of here, I will tell Cryhavoc to get out of this place!" Skyblade transformed.
"Ok guys get out!" He opened fire with the megacannons taking aim at Jetfire and any other flyers using his firepower and skill to there max.
"Crashticons get out of Iacon now, regroup with the other forces outside the city get any other Decepticons out of here as well!" Skyblade commanded to the gaint warrior, once he saw his own men and Karnage begin to get away he transformed into his jet mode and tore through the skies to Cryhavoc.
"Cryhavoc, get out of Iacon now! Regroup with the Decepticons outside the city, if you do not leave now it is your own peril!" Skyblade looked at the massive robot as he continued to cut a swath through the Autobot warriors in the area.
"Ok now to meet up with everyone." Skyblade thought and took off towards where the Decepticons were going to meet.
"Arrrgggg why now!!!??" Darklark yelled upset as he fired one last barrage at the Autobot that struck him. Skylark then transformed into his car mode and also left Iacon.
Hatemunger waited as Decepticon troops begin to arrive where he had stated.
The Aeriacons sans Skyblade came in first. Hatemunger saw Firebomb and showed concern.
"Firebomb are you ok?" Hatemunger asked.
"Nothing I can't handle." Firebomb replied.
Hatemunger looked at his soilder. "Transform I can repair much of the damage so that you can form Skyrender again." Hatemunger walked over to his friend and began to tinker with the damage done to Firebomb.
"What about you boss?" Fearmaker saw the damage done to Hatemunger.
"I will be ok, once Firebomb is fixed, I will make a run to base to repair the armour damage and see if I can grab any supplies for us." He began to weld some circuits.


Karnage lumbered in next and stood infront of the warriors his massive chain gun at ready.
"Karnage defend!" Karnage stood ready to attack any Autobots foolish enough to exit the city.
Other Decepticons poured out of the city and to the meeting place.
Skyblade saw Megatron and Timesplitter in battle.
"Comrades get out of Iacon and meet with the Decepticon forces outside the city! You will learn more there!" With that Skyblade fully headed off towards the meeting area.
Darklark and Stealth began to drive alongside one another and Karnage thought they were Autobots.
"Karnage destory funny Autobot cars!" he laughed opening fire.
"He you dumb lug we are on your side!" Darklark growled avoiding a hail of firepower.
"Sorry" Karnage stood back at the ready.
Skyblade was nearing the area the Decepticons were suppose to meet when he saw a space shuttle and a massive robotic dragon flying along side it.
"Who are you?" Skyblade asked, but seeing the Decepticon symbols displayed knew they were allies.
"I am Deathsuarus, the shuttle is a Skystalker and inside the shuttle are a gestalt team that serves me known as Liokaiser, we are here to help with the seige of Iacon." Deathsuarus growled.
"Follow me." Skyblade said and the shuttle and dragon followed behind him.
More Decepticon troops were gathering outside the city when Skyblade flew in with Skystalker and Deathsaurus close behind.
"Skyblade, who are those men with you?" Hatemunger asked continuing his work on Firebomb.
"Friends." Skyblade answered.
The dragon transformed into a awe inspring sight.
"I am Deathsuarus, Decepticon warlord and commander. I offer you my assistance. These are my men. Skystalker the micromaster and his shuttle, and (the doors of the shuttle opened and 6 warriors walked out."
"Those men form the gestalt Liokaiser." Deathsuarus pointed at them and commanded them.
"Merge and set up a defence with the other gestalt." Deathsuarus commanded.
The six warriors merged into Liokaiser and stood alongside Karnage, weapons as ready and eying any enemies that may come out.
Hatemunger looked at the group of warriors assembled and looked at Stealth.
"We have waited as long as we can." Hatemunger sighed.
"Stealth detonate the bombs!" Hatemunger yelled.
Stealth pressed the red button on his remote and at once nothing but explosions could be heard or felt as the bombs similar to those that nearly wiped out the mighty Fortress Maximus began to explode, only this time Stealth used more bombs and placed them in a way to maximize shock and destruction in order to wipe out and confuse the Autobots forces.
"So it begins again." Darklark said looking at the explosions that lit up the sky.

2001-11-25, 03:26 AM
Dark Prime watched as the entire group of Decepticons began breaking away from Iacon, not just the rear half as before. "Peculiar."

Something was wrong. In that instant, Prime's monitor informed him of a being in flight behind him by about 600 meters. Hatemunger. Prime knew the bot would probably get up, but not this fast. The guncam had him in focus up close Hatemunger had taken the hit in his chest, and the armor had caved in further than was natural. His right arm showed signs or armor damage, as did his right leg--most likely from the crash with the building. A slight crack in his leg's armor showed a random crackle of energy sparking outward, but still the general flew. And he was smiling. Either the damage was merely superficial, or this one had a high tolerance for pain.

And somehow, Prime knew he had something to do with the current retreat. Something is very wrong...


Jetfire watched the Gestalt break into his component parts, watched as instead of counterattacking they began to aid in the retreat effort. "What's making you all run so suddenly?"

Jetfire looked around below him. The Decepticons were breaking off completely. Seemingly no rhyme nor reason to it. This fight was far from over, where were they going?

And in his sweeping visual, an unnatural glimmer caught his optics. He knew what he was looking for and switched his vision accordingly. There, displayed by his visual systems in all-blue but in perfect detail, was a Cybertron in cloak. "What are you doing here? Have you been here the entire time?" It was then Jetfire noticed the switch-stick in the cloaked figure's hand. A horrible realization struck the Autobot--this was no retreat!

"Autobots!" He screamed into his commlink, "clear the perimeter around Iacon! Get inside, the place is going to-"


Havoc erupted on all fronts.

The front entrance to the city of Iacon exploded everywhere one looked. Circles of destruction surrounded Autobot and left-behind Decepticon alike. Bodies were either incinerated or thrown high in the air from blastwaves. Buildings collapsed, smashing into the ground with a similar thunderous sound as the explosions themselves. None of the Autobots in the immediate area had a chance.

Others in the surrounding zones or fighting further out were tossed about, or spared major damage. The charges were accurately placed. It left a large hole in their defenses. Behind the front lines was the second line of defense, with three-fourths as many Autobots that had been fighting earlier. But the smoke and debris from the explosions and collapsures blinded them to the outside world, unable to see what was coming for them.

The better news was that any Decepticon barreling through the aftermath couldn't see in either. But the damage had been done. And the battle which was showing a sway to the Autobots at one point had just taken a new turn.


Sidewinder stood up after the blastwave smashed into him. Roadkill had taken the hit with no problems. It suddenly got eerily quiet. Looking around, there were scattered Autobots about, and debris littering the ground around them.

"All hell just broke loose," Sidewinder muttered. Then the noise came. screaming and hollering, a murmer at first. Then louder as the wall of Decepticons came closer. They were renewing their attack, and it was at that point Sidewinder and the others noticed the Decepticon shuttle above. A skystalker-class. More reinforcements...


"Look!" One of the other Autobots called out. "Above the Decepticon shuttle! What is that?!"

Jetfire looked where the fellow was pointing. His optics zoomed in on the higher ship. It looked like a Maximus-Class battlecruiser. Better, it carried an Autobot insignia on it. And better yet, he could easily identify one of the many soldiers peering out of the ship's bays.

"He's here!" Jetfire called out. "Optimus Prime!"

2001-11-25, 04:37 AM
Karrnage, despite smoking and sizzling from the battle, stood at the ready, prepared to renew the assualt on the Autobots. The giant stood firm, cannon at the ready and a determined look on his face.

Then he staggered and fell.

The gestalt disengaged in midfall, each of the Crashticons falling individually. Some took the fall harder than others. Still on battle alert, most of them quickly got their bearings.

"What en tarnation's goin' on? Tell me what jest happened." Runaway looked for answers. Scrapheap was checking out Hit, who still hadn't gotten up.

"Hit got it pretty bad. Probably the big blast from the guy Hatemunger was fighting. We need to get him in for repairs, his system's locked up. Until we can get him going again, Karrnage is out of the fight."

"Great," Pileup commented, "We're deep in combat and we have wounded, who manages to take away the best chance we have when he goes down. Now we all get to die together. Whoop-dee-do."

"Daaa. It's nat so bad." Runaway quipped.

"It's not the dying that I don't like. It's doing it in such poor company."

Runaway took offense to this comment and pulled his shotgun laser out, only to be met with Pileup's blaster pistols.

"Go ahead. You've been gunning for me since day one. I'm not worried. At this range these'll take a nice chunk out of your head. Try it.... Boy."

"Woah, hold up." Blindside interjected himself between the two. "Let's not do anything rash. There are better ways to use your anger on the battlefield. We can all kill each other later. Let's just settle down."

Meanwhile, Scrapheap had headed over to where Hatemunger was meeting the new arrivals.

"Sir. We have a uh... problem. During the fighting, Hit took some nasty shots and his command circuts are locked up. I can fix it, but it'll take time and this is not the place. Until he's repaired, we can't form Karrnage."

2001-11-25, 05:03 AM
"Sir. We have a uh... problem. During the fighting, Hit took some nasty shots and his command circuts are locked up. I can fix it, but it'll take time and this is not the place. Until he's repaired, we can't form Karrnage."

Hatemunger glared at Scrapheap. "Then fix him." Scrapheap snapped to attention.

"Yes, Sir. Would you also like some repairs. You don't look very, I mean, it looks like you got beat or... uh.. you were losi... Slag."

"Grrrmmmm... How much can you fix, and quickly?" Hatemunger looked like he was losing patience, and quickly.

"I can patch up the armor plating with a light reinforcer. And I can do that up right now. It won't be as pretty or good as a full repair, but it'll be better than the condition you're in now."

"Do you need anything?"

"I have my tools here." Scrapheap pulled out a case with his utensiles. "Shall we get started?"

"Be quick about it." Scrapheap went right to work, finishing what he could as fast as he dared.

"Alright sir. Your leg seems to have some minor damage to the knee actuator, can't fix that here, so try not to jump around and kick alot. Arm's ok, but that'll still be a stress point. Your chest damage however... well, the armor drove into the circutry and warped it. You need to get that fixed as soon as you can. It'll hold for now, but don't count it staying problem free. And try to avoid point blank blasts, plasma bombs and other forms of massive structural stress."

"What about the idea I told you about earlier?"

"Idea?... Oh, with the Aerialcons. Well, I have some plans, and I think I can do it, but I'll have to work on each individually. It shouldn't be too horribly difficult, since we do have similar transformations, which have been incorperated into the design. After all, both teams are set in the..."

"Then do so. Let's see if we can gain the advantage. We'll give you cover fire. Get to your work."

"Sir." Scrapheap saluted and headed back to the Crashticons. "Let's get Hit to cover, boys. I have some work to do. Skyblade! Bring the Aerialcons, we need your group as well."

"Go with them." Hatemunger called. "The battle is not over, there will be some left when you return."

2001-11-25, 05:12 AM
Hatemunger looked at the newly assembled group of Decepticons.
"Go now!" Hatemunger told them as he unleashed his firepower with more firepower coming form Darklark, Stealth, Deathsaurus and Liokaiser.
Hatemunger watched as his men and the Crashticons took off to the diastance.
Then he radioed Earth.
"Lord Galvatron this is Hatemunger from Cybertron we have a prolbem. The Autobots from Earth have arrived. Also, I am in need of some repairs myself. Your assitance would be appreated." Hatemunger used his com-link to talk to Galvatron.
"Well everyone lets go." Hatemunge yelled to his troops while they still had some advantage due to the bombs exploding.
The Decepticons began there assault again ready.
Skystalker allowed Hatemunger to get inside him.
"For now you can attack from inside me for a bit and allow your systems to do some more internal repair work for you." Skystalker said as Hatemunger sat down inside.
"I'd rather not be waiting in here!" He growled.
"Well Deathsuarus said to get you in here, sides if you want to speed things up a bit your better off not in combat for a bit." Skystalker said.
"Perhaps I will." Hatemunger replied back, wait your shuttle has no repair units onboard?" he questioned.
"Oh yeah we do if you think you can do a good chunk of your repairwork yourself."
"Yes I can, a good warrior knows how to fix himself in battle." Hatemunger looked at the damage.
"Hmm I cannot repair all the damage done to my armour but I should be able to reinforce what Scrapheap put on me, eh knee I can fix on my own and the stress to my arm should be repairable he though, I just need some time." Hatemunger asked Skystalker a question.
"I know we are in battle but do you think you can keep the amount of movement in here down?" He asked.
"I can't to it that way but i can give you more gravity where you are sitting so you can be more steady in your work." Skystalker replied.
"Ok leave me be." Hatemunger set out his repairs.
"Great." Stealth sounded depressed.
"No Aerialcons, no Crashticons and the boss is busy fixing himself on that Starship. This blows slag!" Stealth growled.
"I'll make you bots pay for this and what way to do it than by stealth" he laughed and cloaked again.
Darklark was ready for fight and seeing the Autobot shuttle decided to fire on it.
"Your the bots from Earth!" He snarled "You all waited there on Earth for your stupid plan and from what I have heard, Metroplex still fell!" He laughed. "Now you lost me too, and almost lost your precious Iacon!" he unleashed his firepower right at the ship. "But most of all you let them do this to me!" he snapped.
Deathsaurus was impressed.
"Hatemunger has alot of skill." he thought.
"I should have made him return to his base and come back when he was totally repaired but he is content on doing what he can inside Skystalker. He is a true warrior." Deathsuaurus bit off the head of an Autobot.
"These Autobots are weak, nothing like the breastforce members, sadly why so many of them had to die is byond me." He thought as he cut a swath through confused Autobots.
Liokaiser knew what he had to do, without the Aerialcons, Crashticons or Hatemunger he was one of the few heavy hitters that remained. He knew how strong himself and Deathsuarus were, and saw how powerful Hatemunger and his men were, but alot of the warriors now were just soilders. Too bad they may have to die he thought. He locked his energy rifle on the ascending Autobot ship and fired a blast of energy at it to help Darklark who was screaming something at the ship.

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2001-11-25, 05:35 AM
"URK!" Sandstorm cried, Cryhavoc's left claw around his waist. He looked over a few feet at his fellow Wrecker, who had become victim of the same fate. Struggling to raise his erosion gun, he called to his friend.

"N-Now, Twin Twist! Hit 'im where it hurts!"

Simultaneously, Sandstorm and Twin Twist opened fire on Cryhavoc's head region.


"What was that?"

Topspin looked over his shoulder. His audio sensors did not betray him -- an explosion. More accurately, a series of explosions. Before he could assess and react, he had been thrown into the wall behind which he was crouching. His head against the ground, he was forced to watch the unfolding carnage.

"Topspin, are you okaAGH!" Whirl fell to the ground, spinning around as he did so. Topspin could clearly see the beam protruding from his chest.

Oh no, the energon!

Yeah, the energon. BAM! Whirl did not move, but he now had a gaping hole in his torso, shattered canopy glass decorating its fringes. Topspin scrambled to his feet.

"Hang on, Whirl ol' buddy! You'll be okay!"

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2001-11-25, 06:42 AM
Roadkill looked up at the two approaching shuttles, then back down at the wave of Decepticons rapidly growing closer. He turned to Sidewinder, one browridge raised. "Well. This is gonna get interesting fairly quickly, methinks..."

2001-11-25, 05:08 PM
Doubledealer woke up first. He noticed that he was on an anti-grav sled. He also noticed the form of Hot Rod standing nearby. Before he could notice him, Doubledeaelr quickly sitched to his Autobot mode and went up to Hot Rod.
"Boy, am I glad to see you", he said.

2001-11-25, 10:07 PM
Press red button Hot Rod thought for a moment, then he realized it, "That means I have to make the trip with them!" Hot Rod wanted to help in the battle but it was too late to tell the small Autobots. He dropped his shoulder at the disappiontmet and was about to put the sled in the shuttle when Doubledealer spoke. Hot Rod still found this switching modes stuff odd but he knew he was an Autobot, now at least. He stopped thinking so he could respond.

"Doubledealer...what are you doing in this mess?" Hot Rod asked.

2001-11-25, 10:19 PM
"This junk heap captured me and planned to use me in his plans", Doubledealer said to Hot Rod. "But I tricked him. He will be of no threat to us now."
While Hot Rod was distracted from Doubledealer's conversation, Bombshell got up and fired a cerebro shell at him.

2001-11-25, 10:41 PM
Cryhavoc reacted to the attack by moving his right claw to protect his head. At the same time he closed his claws, snapping the Autobots in two pieces.

He then moved his claws out of his way to get clear sight to the two Autobots. On the ground before him laid the crushed bodies of Autobots Sandstorm and Twin Twist.

"You function still? Hah... you are tough ones Autobots. I think I just let you leak into death."

Cryhavoc turned and opened fire on several other Autobots.

2001-11-25, 11:07 PM
(OOC: Continued in End Of Days: Home Sweet Home.)