View Full Version : [Original RPG] Orbit around Cybertron

2001-11-29, 02:52 AM
She had not seen home for five million years.

She hadn't seen another one of his kind in two million years.

And until recently, she hadn't had her freedom for nine million years.

But now, she had all three once more. Sitting at the helm of the small, fast alien ship Keeper Of the Dusk Apples the transformer watched as Cybertron's ravaged globe spun into view ahead of her. Her sapphire blue optics ate up the scenery eagerly, glittering with intense brightness.

Tapping a command, the ship pulls into orbit and starts transmitting on an Autobot frequency.

"Attention Autobots. This is the Keeper of the Dusk Apples. Do you read me?"

She was home.

2001-11-29, 04:46 PM
Dark red fingers tapped impatiently on the seat armrest as she waits for a reply from below, anxiety building. She remembered the fighting... what if all the Autobots had been killed?

She touched the control for the Comm again.

"Attention Autobots. This is the Keeper of the Dusk Apples, and Autobot Lockpick. I have returned. PLEASE respond!"

She would give them a few more minutes, then take her ship for landing in Iacon permission or no permission. She'd waited too long for this day.

2001-11-29, 09:14 PM
Lockpit sat up eagerly, blue optics flaring brightly as she practically slams her fist on the comm unit, talking wth great joy and releif.

"Primus, how good it is to hear another cybertronian's voice! I am called Lockpick, Autobot warrior MIA for the past few million years. You... probably don't remember me. " It pauses

"I've quite the tale to tell. Can you give me coordinates for a landing place? This ship has none of the standard preprogrammed spaceports on Cybertron I'm afraid."

She stops transmitting, holding her breath as she waits for the reply...

2001-11-30, 04:33 AM
A shuttle comes over the rise of Cybertron orbit. On its nose and sides, the Autobot symbol is displayed. It sends a direct transmission over to the Keeper of Dusk Apples.

"Keeper of Dusk Apples, this is Autobot space recon unit Starbolt. I couldn't help but overhear your problems. Something big's going on, I picked up a distress signal from Iacon and came to investigate. I don't know what's down there, but I'll offer an armed escort down if you need it."

2001-11-30, 04:45 AM
Lockpit sat forwards in her chair as the shuttle appears, eyeing the huge red face as she once more klicked on the comm.

"Keeper of the Dusk Apples to Autobot Starbolt, I'd be glad to go with you to Iacon. But..." she grins, and flips a few more switches as the Keeper's weaponry started to power up.

"I need no armed escort. Let's help out our allies!"