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2001-11-16, 06:24 AM
(OOC: Here is the big stuff...The Autobots have lost Metroplex, while they saved his personality, his body now belongs to Metrotitan. Bludgeon is on Earth with the tapes, save for Squawkbox who is on Cybertron with Jhiaxus. The Autobot forces are split, with some leaving with Prime, while others, such as the Wreckers and Dinobots still in the thick of things. Jinrai failed in his attempt to save Whitespeed who had fought toe to toe with Galvatron...who himself was injured. A more detailed summ will be coming, I promise, but this should get us started.)

Its funny what a fragile thing life is...for Transformers, the concept of death is a foreign one as they are well neigh immortal. Yet, everywhere that was once pristine and full of life, now only death and destruction remain. The pinnicle of Autobot science lies in ashes, its main component Metroplex, converted to a new entity: Metrotitan.

Even Galvatron is aware of the fragile nature of life...in fact his life hangs in the balance after taking a brutal assault by the Autobot Whitespeed...who also hovers on the brink of death. Of all who have faced whitespeed and his offensive assault, Galvatron is the first to survive...but for how long?

Galvatron: "Gigatron...Skywarp... I require a bit of assistance..."

With that said, Galvatron slumped backwards smiriking at Whitespeed...
Somewhere in space...

A transport ship of Cybertronians serving the Liege Maximo has been deployed in search of Jhiaxus...yet they have found no trace of him...in fact they found nothing unusual until...

pilot: "Captain...some sort of disturbance has caused me to lose control of the ship!"

captain: "That isn't possible...where are we?"

pilot: "i am unsure...we are unable to get any readings!"

captain: "then give me a visual you clod!"

it is at that moment, that the crew see the wave of the time rift, just as it washes over them...and a moment later the most powerful ship in the Cybertronian Armada blinks out of existance...

2001-11-16, 06:46 AM
Metrotitan transformed into his city mode and offered his repair bays to Gigatron, Skywarp and anyone else to help repair Galvatron.

2001-11-16, 07:39 AM
Noktaraus shut down the viewer monitor that had zoomed in on Jinrai. The camera shot followed him down until he had reached Whitespeed's position. Too late. The camera zoomed out enough to see Galvatron finish Whitespeed off before Jinrai could get there.

A doomed attempt. Not that they could know. Not that it couldn't have possibly been avoided some other way. But the events played out, Whitespeed was defeated, probably dead or would be.

How many more Autobots would die, because everyone else was leaving? How many stranded on Earth to fend for themselves while trying to fend for the planet?

The biggere question hit Noktaraus hard: why had he chosen to be on this ship when he knew it was most likely the wrong choice?

Because out there, I'd be dead. Even if it was for the right reasons, I would be dead, and I wouldn't be around to set the wrongs right. I wouldn't make a difference.

Logistics. Noktaraus wouldn't have made a difference. But in this group, the direction they were heading, would he make any more or less of a difference here?

Noktaraus turned from the monitor in the small room and walked down one of the many halls of Grand Maximus.

2001-11-16, 08:58 AM
***Shatterbolt, Ignition ~ Carried over from "End of Days, Chapter 1"***

<..."Understood, shatterbolt... you and ignition... return to grand maximus immedieately. we're departing as soon as we can get through this defense grid... and jinrai gets back here with whitespeed.... I only pray they're both still alive...">

"Gotcha Prime. Good luck... We'll see you there."

Shatterbolt said with a sigh. She glanced over at Ignition and gave a weary grin.

"Well, let's go, Iggy... Primus, but we're filthy... who knew battle could be so messy?"


They reached their destination silently... which was odd. Very odd. Shatterbolt cast a curious glance at her younger comerade as they landed and entered the complex.

"Iggy... you okay...?"

Ignition merely cast her a half-glance, then stepped inside the complex.

In all the years they had known each other, Shatterbolt had never known Ignition to be quiet for more than a few Earth minutes. Her sudden silence was worrisome.

"...Perhaps this mission was a bit too much for her... but there's nothing I can do about that, we're fighting for survival now..."

Shatterbolt followed Ignition quietly for a few moments as she tried to think of something to say. Anything to say.

"Even if it's a comment on the weather, for Primus's sake...."

"Hey, Iggy... nice flying tonight, huh?"

As Ignition looked up, Shatterbolt smiled and tried not to look embarrassed at the obviously reaching attempt at conversation she had just made. Ignition stared at her bleakly for a second before her expression turned to one of irritation.

"Whatever... I've... gotta go. Bye."

At that, she turned, quickly transformed to flight mode, and raced away.

Shatterbolt watched her go with a small, wearied sigh. She followed the same path Ignition had taken, but at a much slower pace.

"I know how you feel, kid... I feel like running away, too... "

Quick Switch
2001-11-16, 01:27 PM
Astrotrain broke off his assualt from Springer, transformed to robot mode and ran to Galvatron.

Kneeling down, the Triple Changer glanced at his leader.

"Lord Galvatron...I can return you to Metrotitan, if you wish," at the same time summoning his ionic diplacer rifle from subspace, glancing about to see if any errant Autobots managed to still be around and kicking, glancing warily at Whitespeed.

God Jinrai
2001-11-16, 02:29 PM
Jinrai was stunned... he was too late...


Leaping over the downed galvatron, he abruptly scooped up whitespeed, and again took to the skies... burning his jets at maximum output... he arrived at grand maximus just as the ship was preparing to pass through the defense grid...

"Grand... get a hatch open. I'm back... but... whitespeed...didn't make it... I managed to retrieve his body. that's about all I COULD get... galvatron... "

jinrai went silent.... the image played back in his mind... galvatron slipping past his punch. and then blowing whitespeed to pieces... it was burnt into his memory...

2001-11-16, 07:17 PM
Bludgeon was knocked back slightly by the sudden force of Blaster's sonic waves. He took a step backwards, and grinned, a cold, insanely evil grin.

He picked up the head of Sideswipe, and ran.


Frenzy hovered in mid-air, watching the chaos below him. He glanced at the small cassette in his hand... "I know ya can hear me, Rav... I'm gonna try something you'll hate me for... but ya ain't got a choice in the matter. Transform in seven and a half seconds..."

And on that, he made a dive downwards, toward the heart of the battle.

Buzzsaw circled the behemoth again, happy that he was undetectable to Metroplex's scanners.

Strange how he seems impassive toward Decepticons, and aggressive toward the Autobots... The condor mused. Anyway, back to business...

He had been drawn to the giant, not because it was the largest being on the battlefield, but because he had felt a tug towards it. Now, as he circled lower, that tug became stronger...

2001-11-16, 11:40 PM
Galvatron pulled himself up still smiling as Astrotrain arrived.

Galvatron: "Ah...its good to have allies you can depend upon. Get me back...we haven't much time."

on comm: "Gigatron rally your squad...the Earth is now yours...make me proud! I leave within the hour, as soon as Skywarp is ready! Meet me in my quarters for final briefings!"

Again as Galvatron was helped by Astrotrain, he smirked towards the departing Autobots...it was all too perfect.

2001-11-16, 11:41 PM
Broadside had flown close enough to Metroplex/titan to realise something was wrong, mainly, that it was crushing autobots, he might well have become a target had it not been for the sudden transformation to Citymode, undertaken by the giant transformer. Now what? where should I go? Where can I go? Decepticon scrap seems to be taking control, slag now what?


Outback walked along the corridors of Grand Maximus, he didn’t like abandoning Earth like this. The people of earth couldn’t fight the decepticons, they were at an even greater disadvantage than he was. His conscious was troubled by these thoughts, but, dying wouldn’t solve the matter.

“Heh, and is there anything you can do to help it?” he asked himself aloud, not sure what the answer was, or if he liked that train of thought. He didn’t like being alone, he, he had to find some other autobots to be around, then he wouldn’t think about such poor qualities as he possesed.

2001-11-16, 11:43 PM
Darkwing and Dreadwind huddled around the homing beacon, hoping that someone would come to their rescue.

2001-11-17, 05:04 AM
Wheeljack made his way to an intercom and clicked for the room Optimus Prime was in.

"Hey, Prime? It's Wheeljack. We, eh, don't have enough bodies to handle medical and repair throughout the ship, so we're gonna localize in the main med-bay on deck 17-E. The other bays'll be open for use, but we thought it'd be best to let everyone know where we are. I'll be helpin' the staff we got down here. I know I'm an inventor more than a medic, but I know somethin' about repair work. If you could put that announcement out for us--we think the crew can use hearin' some direction from the commander. Even for somethin' like this."

Wheeljack paused a moment, then continued. "Oh, and once we get the major injuries taken care of, we'll have to do a pattern scan on those of us who have been in combat. Yourself included. We'll let ye know when we start that up."

2001-11-17, 05:26 AM
A radio transmission came into Gigatron's head as the storage room shifted back to its original position.

"I'm on my way," he replied.

The doors thundered open in quick sequence. As Gigatron raced for the lift from which he had entered, another broadcast came to him. Galvatron again. Gigatron stopped, listened, spun around, and made off for Galvatron's quarters. As he ran, he prepared the universal imperial frequency.

"Decepticons, this is Gigatron. The following are to assemble in the briefing room in one hour. Constructicons, Overlord, Soundwave, Reflector, Ramjet, Cyclonus, Apeface, Chaoticons. Damage repair shall wait until after the mission statement. Gigatron out."


Waiting. Reflector stood in the usual circle, taking in the surrounding battle's final blows. Spectro wore an annoyed smirk, watching over his left shoulder as Metrotitan slaughtered a few remaining valiants. Spyglass stared straight up, rocking slightly. Viewfinder stared at the ground, his arms folded over his chest and his right foot tapping methodically.

Spectro pointed. "Hey, guys. Check it out."

They unreluctantly abandoned whatever thought may have been running through their heads, though it was unnecessary to look. They could hear the gargantuan Metrotitan's transformation and feel its vibrations. The robot settled slowly back into its city mode.


Viewfinder took one step toward the city, and stopped. The transmission ended; he glanced at his brothers. Nothing was exchanged. They headed for the destination.


Grand heard God Jinrai's words. Casually, he entered a slow walk down the corridor of his ship. His eyes were not on Optimus Prime, rather a control panel on the left side of the hall. His gaze nonchalantly left the plaque of buttons as he automatically padded in a sequence, allowing the bottom hatch to open. He beckoned again, mid-stride and halfway to his target.

"Optimus Prime. If I may have a word with you..."


Roadbuster watched with horror as Galvatron fired his last blast into Whitespeed's back. His eyes dimmed.

"No... Damn you, Galvatron! Damn y--"

He was not ready. Roadbuster had been so intently focused on Whitespeed that he had not noticed Dirge's advance. By the time he felt those cold, metallic hands wrap around his and intertwine in his fingers, he had already lost the advantage. The two combatants stumbled to the ground, Roadbuster on his back.

"Springer!" he shouted. "I think it's about time we call retreat! The two of us versus the whole Decepticon army... I'm no coward, but I don't like those odds!"

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2001-11-17, 05:31 AM
Blaster sighed with sadness as bludgeon ran away he stepped over the rock and walked to the body of his fallen comrade sideswipe. Picking up the body and starting to walk back to the forest "I'll get your head back don't worry" blaster said as he started to climb the hill to the forest. Once Blaster got there he set the body down and transformed into radio mode "Optimus Prime This is Blaster where are you guys landing"

2001-11-17, 11:01 AM
Soundwave was nearly thrown off his feet by the transformation. At last....

With the armoured plating now realigned, he was able to receive Gigatron's transmission. One hour? Plenty of time to get back to my toy... or to kill whichever Constructicon over-ruled my veto on activating Metrotitan...

But then he noticed something else... and smiled...


Frenzy flew down at a sharp angle, propelled by the thrusters on his back-mounted cannons. He counted down the seconds, then swooped in low above Springer... and flung his cargo down to the ground behind the Autobot.

Ravage counted... 3... 2... 1

He transformed. And landed silently behind a large green Autobot. He recognised him immediately, by sight and stench. He bared his teeth... and waited...

Buzzsaw was almost knocked out of the sky as the giant Autobot reconfigured itself in front of him... He had been homing in on something... in a leg module...

Now the legs were gone, but to a machine following a signal, it hardly posed a problem.

He located the area he sought... and flew at it... They didn't call me Buzzsaw for nothing... He turned sharply as he reached the wall, and used his wing to tear an opening in the metal...

2001-11-17, 01:19 PM
Adeara watched as Galvatron blew the attacking Autobot apart. Then she watched as the giant robot transformed, and she recognized him as what once had been Autobot City. A thin laugh escaped her, and she ran for the city.....

2001-11-17, 01:38 PM
The pain was incredible. As he rode in the arms of Jinrai through the halls of Grand Maximus, Whitespeed barely had enough energy to lift his head to assess his wounds. In the end, he wished he had not even looked. His chest plate had been blown completely off, and he had huge holes in both his sides and on his left shoulder. As he felt the mechanisms in his chest begin to fail, he hoped that he had brought Galvatron down with him. As Jinrai entered Optimus Prime's chambers, Whitespeed looked up at his rescuer....who was not quite Optimus Prime.

Whitespeed: "Pu...puh....Pr..Prime?"

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Quick Switch
2001-11-17, 02:01 PM
Galvatron pulled himself up still smiling as Astrotrain arrived.

Galvatron: "Ah...its good to have allies you can depend upon. Get me back...we haven't much time."

"As you command, Galvatron," Astrotrain replied. The Triple Changer returned his displacer rifle to subspace, then lifted the Decepticon Commander in his arms and began to run.

With his exceptional speed, Astrotrain was soon within the confines of Metrotitan.

"Decepticons! Lord Galvatron returns!" Astrotrain shouted as he hurried Galvatron to his quarters.

Carefully, he placed his leader on his recharging bed.

"Lord Galvatron, I will remain with you, if it pleases you." Astrotrain stood back from his leader, concern on his face, trying to appraise the damage.


Dirge grappled with Roadbuster, as the two fell to the ground.

"Yes, go ahead and call a retreat, Autoscrap! You can't hope to win!"

Dirge applied more pressure, face contorting with glee and wrath equally.


God Jinrai
2001-11-17, 05:18 PM
Prime's gaze turned to grand, but shifted as jinrai arrived with whitespeed...

"Jinrai! Get him to med bay, Deck 17!"

Jinrai Transformed, godbomer separating, and loading whitespeed into his trailer, staying in the trailer with him... Jinrai sped off for the lift tube, replying to whitespeed as he transformed....

"No, whitespeed... but a friend none the less..."

Prime returned his attention to grand...

"Yes, grand? I appologize, but if you may be brief... as you can see... we have a bit of a situation with whitespeed..."

2001-11-17, 06:17 PM
Broadside flew down after Frenzy having located him moving to attack a fellow autobot, he knew Springer could handle himself without any help, he just felt the gesture needed to be made, he didn’t see Frenzy throw the black cassette down, it was a small thing, and he was intent on his target. Your mine little decepti-scrap. he thought coldly, the action of battle distracting him from his usual fear of flying.

2001-11-17, 06:29 PM
Gigatron made incredible progress through the mammoth city. He had carefully studied the designs in his time, fascinated by the complex twisting of the halls. In a flash, he had reached the former resting place of the Autobots' glorious leader.

"Galvatron!" He was shocked at his commander's appearance. "Are you all right?"


Grand nodded to Prime.

"I apologize for interrupting, but we have another problem. To put it in short... We need to get past the Decepticons' defense grid if we are to escape the planet. I've been informed you know a way."

2001-11-17, 06:39 PM
Whitespeed looked up at his savior and said, "You're...you're not? Where...is...Prime...."

God Jinrai
2001-11-17, 06:57 PM
..."he'll meet us in medbay... we're nearly there... "

Jinrai pulled into the bay... the door of his trailer opened, allowing godbomber to carry out whitespeed... Jinrai reverted to robot mode as godbomber carried whitespeed over to one of the empty med tables...

"Indeed, I do, grand... " Prime pressed a small button on his forearm, and a compartment slid up... a diskette popped out of the slot...
"Transmit the codes on this disk, and we should be clear of the grid... if you'll excuse me grand... I'm needed in medbay " Prime turned, and took off down the hall and took the lift to deck 17... leaving the lift, he approached the table jinrai and godbomber wer around...

"Whitespeed... I wish you hadn't been so rash... that battle... was one you... knew you couldn't win... " Prime's optics dimmed slightly... "And yet... you fought... as true autobots do... yet I ran... like a coward... I'm... a fool..."

Prime bowed his head in silence, clutching between his hands the hand of the fastest autobot alive....

2001-11-17, 06:59 PM
Bombshell and Doubledealer were talking to one another when Bombshell noticed Ramjet rubbing his head.
"No, don't do that!", yelled Bombshell, but it was too late. Ramjet reached in his head and pulled out a small device.
"You thought you could control me", Ramjet said. "Well, you were wrong." He fired at the two traitorus Decepticons.

2001-11-17, 07:27 PM
"Galvatron!" He was shocked at his commander's appearance. "Are you all right?"

Galvatron: "koff...In all honesty Gigatron, I have never felt better. A challenge as that Autobot posed, was just what I needed. He was a true warrior...pity he was not a Decepticon...Astrotrain you did well...you can remain here if you have fully prepared for the next phase of the attack. I have decided to have you remain with Gigatron's squad on Earth, they will have need of your skills."

Galvatron then turned to Gigatron: "So, what is our status my friend? Are all present and accounted for?"
Pointblank and Prowl entered the med level aboard Grand.

Pointblank: "Prime, I know this isn't the time, but with Springer, Grimlock and several others still down on the surface, I would like to take a shuttle and retrieve them if I could...I would say its safe to say we have suffered enough today."

Prowl said nothing...in fact it wasn't his place. Pointblank was one of the highest ranking Autobot field commanders, and his exploits with his fellow Targetmasters were legendary. All he thought of was his friend...and how Megatron had blasted Ironhide one in a similar manner so long ago.

Pointblank: "Whitespeed...old friend...we have had some pretty great adventures together, you just get well...I am going to get our buddies home! You rest and get well, I expect to see you up and about when I return."

About that time Ratchet and First Aid entered the room.

Ratchet: "By the matrix!"

First Aid: "We better get to work!"

The two medics rushed into action, hoping to save the valiant autobot warriors life.

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God Jinrai
2001-11-17, 08:08 PM
...Prime turned to pointblank...

"Pointblank... I understand your situation... request... denied. Springer, Warpath, Roadbuster and the others are more than able to take care of themselves... after all... I didn't recommision them.. as wreckers... for nothing..."

were prime without his faceplate, he would have had a huge grin on his face...

"I chose to announce them as traitors... because galvatron and the other decepticons would think them abandoned... they could be no further from the truth... Once they've returned to mt. st. helen, I'm willing to bet that they'll have the sub-station base left behind up and running in no time... "

2001-11-17, 08:21 PM
Pointblank stood stunned....

Pointblank: "Wreckers? In that case Prime...I think it is time I took my place with them...make sure Galvatron sees this as well..he'd really think we are losing numbers to defection then!"

God Jinrai
2001-11-17, 08:27 PM
"..I would, pointblank... but you must understand this. seeing a shuttle leave grand maximus with just you aboard would leave you wide open to the defense net. you'd be wiped out before you could reenter the atmosphere. by now they've likely changed the codes... we're lucky to be getting out of here alive as it stands. I need you here. for when we retake cybertron... I'll need as many strong commanders with me as I can get."

Jinrai stood silent... and stunned.... this whole time... Prime had been playing the cons... and his own autobots for fools... and it had worked the entire time! Jinrai turned, and headed for the command center... and grand... it was time to catch up on old times.

2001-11-17, 08:49 PM
"Hey, check it out."

Viewfinder stopped and turned his head, taking a sideways look at his brothers. Spectro caught up, curious.

"What is it, Spyglass?"

The blue spy backtracked a few steps, removing some debris from the alley. "It's Apeface."

Viewfinder's interest grabbed, he rotated his body and joined the others. Indeed it was Apeface... damaged.

"Let's get him repaired."

Reflector kneeled, hoisted Apeface, and carried him off.


Gigatron looked down some.

"Unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure. Metrotitan had me trapped in a storage room for some time. However, I'm sure the Autobots' puny counter-offensive did minimal damage. Your orders?"


Grand watched Prime leave. He was still amazed by his new commander. So very similar to Jinrai... Grand turned on his heels, returning to the bridge. As the door slid open, the ship shook again. He threw Prime's disk into the console and punched up a comm channel.

"What are you doing?! We're Decepticons! Check out the codes if you don't believe me! We murdered the captain of this ship, then stole away to take Cybertron by surprise... Idiots!"

Not bad Grand, not bad...

He pressed a button by the disk port, transmitting the codes. Almost instantaneously, the volley ceased. Grand watched on the main monitor, the satellites' weapons retract and a small, octagonal hole open in the network. The ship quickly passed through, and the hole closed behind it again. Grand sighed...


"Oh, what now!"

Grand looked around frantically. What could be...

Oh, right. I'd forgotten I told it to alert me.

He calmly pressed a button, deactivating the klaxons. His eyes shut; he instinctively set course for Cybertron. Then he was suddenly active again, as he found himself on his way back to medbay.

2001-11-17, 09:15 PM
Wheeljack watched over some of the equipment as the other medics worked on those injured, including Whitespeed. He'd heard what Prime had said about the Wreckers. They were being recomissioned? It certainly changed everything. The Wreckers had earned a reputation during the Great War--saying this recent attack by the Decepticons wasn't going to add a new chapter to it. Though by the sounds of it, it would. And the Wreckers were going to be a part of it once again.

Maybe Noktaraus was being worried over nothing. He hadn't served under Prime as Wheeljack and so many others had, be it now or four million years ago. There was always some reasoning with Prime. Even if there were times where he regretted a decision, there was another drive to it.

Wheeljack only hoped that this was another one of so many where the ends justified the means.

Quick Switch
2001-11-17, 09:50 PM

Astrotrain nodded as Galvatron gave him his orders.

"As you command. I am always ready to serve."

The Triple Changer stepped back from his leader, and stood next to Gigatron, his de facto commander, at least for the interim. He crossed his arms and listened as the two conversed.

This briefing will prove interesting...and so will Galvatron and Gigatron's plan for the destruction of the Autobots...

***Grand Maximus***

Quick Switch saw, heard, and thought about all the attention being heaped on Whitespeed. He was torn.

On the one hand, the young Bot had courage. But did he really expect any other outcome from attacking Galvatron directly? So Quick Switch said little.

The Hexa Changer turned and headed to the Medical Bay, and stopped next to Wheeljack.

"I'm glad you're alive, Wheeljack. At any rate, I heard all Bots that were Earthside needed a scan. So, I'm here for it...and if you need any more help, that's what I'm here for to. Hey, at least I'm an extra pair of hands."

Quick Switch smiled slightly.

It will be good to see Cybertron again...won't it? Surely our controlling Cybertron is worth all of this death, destruction, mayhem?

Quick Switch's smile faltered.

"You looking forward to returning to Cybertron, Wheeljack?"

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2001-11-17, 09:56 PM
"It's been a while, I'll say that."

The question did hit him. WAS he glad to be returning home? He raised his replacement arm with the scanner in hand to Quick Switch's cranium and began scanning.

2001-11-17, 10:09 PM
"Whitespeed... I wish you hadn't been so rash... that battle... was one you... knew you couldn't win... " Prime's optics dimmed slightly... "And yet... you fought... as true autobots do... yet I ran... like a coward... I'm... a fool..."

Whitespeed heard Prime's words....but they seemed so, so far away. He could feel his internals failing one by one....he was dying.

Mustering his last bit of energy, Whitespeed angled his head towards his leader and said, "Pr...Prime.....I'm sorry. I failed....you. I tried.....I tried to stop him....I almost....beat him...I couldn't let him have.....the Earth.....not without a fight....the fight....of his life.....I wish.....I could have been...like you..."

As Whitespeed muttered those last words, his life force faded away, and his optics went dark as he died in Optimus Prime's arms.

2001-11-17, 10:26 PM
Bludgeon skidded to a stop after a few hundred yards, and darted over the rock formation into the main clearing of the city.

He gaped in awe as the giant Transformer reconfigured itself into its city mode. Incredible[/i[]. He glanced down at the Autobot head clasped in his gauntlet. "But you've seen it before, haven't you?" he said, mockingly. He lifted the head upto eye level, and rocked it in a nodding gesture.

Grinning, he looked around, and observed the actions around him. "It would appear, my disembodied friend, that the Decepticons are in control of the Metroplex. In which case, I should be welcomed." He glanced into Sideswipe's eyes. "What was that? 'No' you say? I don't look like a Decepticon? Well, you do have a point... I'll have to make my own way in then... hahaha"

He ran toward an external wall, and triggered a mental control. His Pretender shell split open, stopping in its tracks... but Bludgeon's momentum carried him forward. He quickly initiated another mental command, and his entire physical structure reconfigured.

Bludgeon's tank mode rolled up to within range of the city, and fired.


Frenzy veered up into the sky after dropping Ravage, trying to regain an airbourne vantage point


Soundwave was almost blinded as the light flooded in.

He carefully approached the rip in the wall, scanning for minds outside... [i]Oh... my... beauty... you've returned to me...

He pulled out his concussion blaster, and blasted an extra hole in the wall. He smiled behind his face plate as Buzzsaw swept in and perched on his outstretched arm.

Soundwave opened a comm.link *Scrapper, when you have a moment, there is a safety breach at my location. A wall needs resealing*

2001-11-17, 10:46 PM
Scrapper opened the doors of Metrotitan's control center and began to walk towards the briefing room. How did Metroplex's mind take the control of his body? It seems that I have much work to do with the his system security... that cannot be allowed to happen again... And Soundwave can go to the pits for all I care if he begans to complain about bringing Metrotitan online without his orders... He thought while walking towards his destination.

Soon Scrapper reached the briefing room and stepped in. The other five Constructicons were there already, waiting for the meeting to begin. Scrapper walked over to this comrades and sat down to an empty seat.

Then he got message from Soundwave. *I will take care of it when I have time Soundwave.* He replied.

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2001-11-17, 11:32 PM
Outback continued to trek alone along the halls of Grand Maximus, his thoughts continue alone the lines of how useless he was, and how bad he felt about that, when a voice interrupted his musings, “Y’ dun look happy,” Sleight observed in his colloquial accent. Outback withheld a sigh, he liked company, he just didn’t like Slight’s company all that much.

Slight seemed unperturbed by the less than enthusiastic reaction, “Canna y’tell me what it is we’re meant to be doin’?” Outback nodded slowly, as he came along side the silver undetectable little creep.

“If you were on the Earth you need to go to med bay, that’s where I’m heading.”

“Great, lemme just follow y’ then.” Outbakc walked on and said nothing, they were both heading towards Med bay, where Outback hopped secretly Sleight would get distracted and not tag along with him, for the return journey to Cybertron.


Broadside, transformed and landed on the battlefield, he started looking for other autobots, it seemed like the main bulk of there forces had retreated already, well, except for Metroplex. Well… if he’s against us, we’re not likely to win or anything… more likely we’ll take heavy casualties and gain not a lot.

2001-11-17, 11:41 PM
Ravage paused, silent, motionless.

He watched as a large Autobot, Broadside seems the correct nomenclature landed alongside.

He waited.


Bludgeon shifted back to robot mode as quickly as he had transformed initially. He was safely enclosed within his shell again before the alarms even sounded.

He smiled as the klaxxons rang out through the city. "Aaah, the sounds of panic and destruction... they're playing my song, Autobot." He tucked Sideswipe's head under his arm, and stepped through the blast hole.

2001-11-18, 04:58 AM
Cyclonus had been flying over the city when he recieved Gigatron's transmision. He dialed in Gigatron's frequency and opened a channel.

"Incase you haven't noticed, Overlord got launched into the distance and the Chaoticons have dropped off the face of the planet. I'm going to try to find them."

Cyclonus closed the transmission and took off towards the Chaoticons last known location.... the mountains and caves surrounding Metrotitan


It had been a few hours since their latest confrontation with the Orderforce and the Chaoticons were almost finished with their repairs.

While Gunrunner stood guard, he started to plan their next move against the Orderforce and the Autobots. How can we eliminate the Orderforce once and for all? Perhaps that device we stole from Vlakdov 7 can be of some use. The readout in the lab did say the device had the ability to cause a cataclysmic reaction when... his thoughts trailed off as he saw a purple jet approaching his position. He entered the mouth of the cave and yelled in to the rest of the Chaoticons.

"Cyclonus is on his way here. We better get ready to leave."

2001-11-18, 06:14 AM
From a transmission on Cybertron to Earth.
"Mighty Galvatron I hope the battle on Earth goes well. This is Hatemunger, we have summoned the assistance of many Decepticons here on Cybertron but we could use some reinforcements soon. Please respond Hatemunger out."

God Jinrai
2001-11-18, 04:14 PM
Prime faltered slightly ... he returned to whitespeed... just as he faded... he heard his last words... "No...whitespeed... I.." prime couldn't finish his sentence... whitespeed's spark expired... floating from his body... prime's chest opened, the matrix glowing brightly... and whitespeed merged with it... joining the other fallen autobots of past and present.

..."Ratchet...When we return to cybertron... set a place for him in the mausoleum... alongside ironhide and the others... who died in the defense of freedom..."

Prime slowly turned... seeing quickswitch with wheeljack... prime steped into line so to speak, commming up behind the sixchanger, and waited...

2001-11-18, 04:20 PM
The sirens rang out throughout the city as Bludgeon strolled down the corridors, rolling Sideswipe's head back and forth in his hands.

"What was that, Autobot? You think that the alarms will send the occupants running to see who's entered? Well, I think you may be right... but I gather that this is Decepticon property now, so I don't care."

The Pretender thrust a gauntleted hand into a wall, and ripped out a few feet of cable-ing. He then sat down, cross-legged, on the floor, and began attaching it to the Autobot skull.

2001-11-18, 06:32 PM
"Optimus Prime Do you read me this is Blaster where are you guys landing or landed" The casette rested there a headless body of sideswipe beside him.
Jazz sat in a normal room looking around "man this is so weak and bland". Sunstreaker was waxing himself to pass the time trying to get the knicks laser scars off his chest "This sucks I'm gonna need a fresh coat of paint" he retorts angerly. Jazz
looks up "we left our buddy behind and our home got taken away and there ain't nothin we can do about it" he saidto himself Sunstraker to worried about hi paintjob to care right now

2001-11-18, 07:03 PM
Adeara entered the main complex, and looked around. Hmm....Where to? Turning down a hall, Adeara heard voices. They were too fit to hear actual words, but she recognized one of them-Galvatron. Following the voice, the shapeshifter walked towards the room where a number of Decepticons had gathered, and entered.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-11-18, 11:20 PM
Springer had frozen as he watched Metrotitan transform back to city mode

That never ceases to...

Springer was thrown sideways as Astrotrain collided into him. The Wrecker didn't have time to react as he was assaulted by the decepticon triple-changer and left for scrap.
He picked himself up with just enough time to see Astrotrain help Galvatron up and aid him to safety within Metrotitan.

Springer glanced sideways as Broadside landed.

"Hey, glad to see a friendly face, you're with us, Roadbuster fall back"

Springer turned and noticed the small black cassette watching Broadside.

"This one's for the game..." Springer ran at Ravage and kicked him to one side as he transformed and sped away from the city.


Skywarp had made his way back to Metrotitan shortly after he'd transformed back to his city mode.

** Skywarp to Galvatron, request medical assistence, immediately **

Skywarp collapsed forward, the extent of the damage caused to him by Talis had proved too much.

Grimlock and the Dinobots had assembled at Mount St. Hilary, Grimlock pressed a few buttons on a hidden panel and an elevator rose from the ground near them.

"Dinobots, underground, we wait for Wreckers and activate defence systems"

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2001-11-18, 11:32 PM
*Galvatron's (formerly Primes) quarters in Metrotitan*

Galvatron looked at Gigatron. "I see...prepare your forces...suck this planet dry! Crush any autobot...any resistance whatsoever. Deploy some patrol teams to find any wounded Decepticons. Astrotrain find Skywarp and get him repaired immediately, we cannot be delayed much longer."

Galvatron the turned away from Gigatron and towards the setting sun. "Its almost upon us my friend...the sun is setting on the Autobot's era of prosperity...and soon shall rise on a New Decepticon Order...I trust this will change much of the world you came from won't it...send word to cybertron...we shall sooon arrive!"
Pointblank heard Prime's words, and while he disagreed he obeyed grudgingly. Peacemaker lept into his waiting hand.

Pointblank: "Allright Prime...we'll play this your way...but the next shot I get at Galvatron will be his last moments in existance."

Prowl just stared blankly at Prime and Whitespeed's body. A host of memories washed over him. The boarding, Brawn falling, him firing, the Constructicon's shot...the pain...and the fall...then peace, blissful peace...then a rebirth. he too felt Pointblank's anger...and revenge would soon be at hand.

2001-11-18, 11:45 PM
Gigatron nodded, though Galvatron could no longer see him. His eyes drifted to Astrotrain. Not very fitting, a soldier listening in on a command meeting. Nonetheless, he shrugged it off, spun around, and marched out of the office.

"Good, Cyclonus," he commented into his comm unit. "I want you to find any wounded Decepticons who may still be on the field. See that they are repaired. I shall have someone fill you in on the details of my briefing if you are unable to attend. Gigatron out."

Vreep! Vreep!

Gigatron looked over his shoulder at the red light rapidly flashing above the door. It did no good really, but his eyes needed to be somewhere. He analyzed. That specific tone meant...

Security problem.

"Metrotitan!" Gigatron shouted, looking at the ceiling. "Send Metrobomb to fetch the intruder, and bring him to me. Alive, if possible."



"Spectro!" Viewfinder shouted. His brother was lying on his face, the back end of their cargo dragging on the ground. Spectro jumped himself to his feet.

"Hey, you two get to split that half of his weight! I'm stuck carrying this end by myself!"

Spyglass snarled. "Quit griping and get a move on!"

Spectro hurried back to Apeface's legs, and continued to the trek to Metrotitan's repair bay.


Grand wandered the halls of his ship alone. He'd originally been intent on overseeing the operations transpiring in the medbay, but he'd quickly lost focus and began stumbling aimlessly. Thoughts raced through his mind, confusing him. Convoy... Could any of this actually be real? He believed that what he was seeing, but a Transformer knew not to always trust his eyes.

Grand looked up.

"Jinrai..." He stopped. They shared a long, silent look. Jinrai was asking himself all the same questions; Grand just knew he was. Suddenly, his thoughts floated back to the image of Jinrai entering the ship, holding the fallen Autobot hero. "How is he?"


Roadbuster looked to his right as Dirge pressed against him harder. He knew the battle was just about lost...

"Broadside! Oh man, it's good to see you!"

Roadbuster's linked optics returned to his attacker as Dirge spoke. He despised that contorted, maniacal face. The face of a long condemned mechanism, save one flaw in an ancient perfect plan.

Dirge: "Quake...with...fear!"

Roadbuster's eyes narrowed. The arrogance! He used the bit of rage the taunt had instilled in him to push Dirge up, allowing Roadbuster to plant a foot in his chest and boot him away.

"Fear nothing, dirtbag!" He hauled himself to his feet and scrambled for his laser rifle. "I just know what's best for me!"

His body collapsed into its vehicular mode, and he raced off after Springer. To the volcano...

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God Jinrai
2001-11-19, 02:46 AM
"...he's gone, Grand... we couldn't save him... galvatron... couldn't be stopped. " Jinrai bowed his head... he shook somewhat...
"Just... as...sixknight was ... " Jinrai slumped to the ground... transforming... reverting to rig mode... and disengaged from his transector... "Grand... it's... all... happening again... as if it were unavoidable... the same things.... but different people... I have to do something... but...what..."

2001-11-19, 04:29 AM
Metrobomb began to scour the interior of Metrotitan heading toward the intruder.

2001-11-19, 09:05 AM
"It always repeats itself," Noktaraus' slow, calm voice came from down the corridor, walking towards Grand and Jinrai. "So long as we are at war, you see it again and again."

He kneeled down and looked at Jinrai. "Seeing it a million times, you never truly get used to it. Especially with close friends. I lost two of my wingmates when we were making our way to Cybertron to fight those scraplets. You met them. Amraam, the all-red Autobot with the Northern Gampel City accent.* We'd been flying together for quite some time.

"The other was Skimspeed. I didn't know him all that well, except that he was a good flyer. And even being as good as he was, it didn't stop him from getting shot up in the middle of space."

Noktaraus stood up. "Another I almost lost was Exo, whom we left in the medical facilities on Cybertron. But be it Amraam, or Whitespeed, we get so many losses. So many times you carry them to a medic or repair facility to either have them die in your arms, or die on the medicot. It may sound cruel to you, but it's usually best if they go up in one shot. No suffering, no grasping for life that's slipping from your fingers.

"And so many times, you wish you could have prevented it. Or you look for ways to prevent it in the future.

"But there's something you need to note. It will happen again. It may even happen to you. But before then, you will watch others you know die in front of you. It will test your sanity, through and through. Whether you fail or pass may not even be up to you. Some of the strongest willed find themselves broken, while others of lesser courage are the first to stand up and take on the fight their brothers-in-arms died for."

Noktaraus let those words hang in the air.

"We'll take up that fight again. All of us. When the time is right..."

Quick Switch
2001-11-19, 12:29 PM
Roadbuster's eyes narrowed. The arrogance! He used the bit of rage the taunt had instilled in him to push Dirge up, allowing Roadbuster to plant a foot in his chest and boot him away.

"Fear nothing, dirtbag!" He hauled himself to his feet and scrambled for his laser rifle. "I just know what's best for me!"

As Dirge sailed back into Metrotitan from the force of Roadbuster's blow, a scream of rage burst from him. The Seeker slammed into a bulkhead, crashing down to the ground.

Rising shakily, Dirge narrowed his optics at the departing Autobot.

"Death comes to all who cross me, Autoscrap. I won't forget you..."


Galvatron: "Astrotrain find Skywarp and get him repaired immediately, we cannot be delayed much longer."

"As you command, Galvatron," Astrotrain replied, dashing out of the room.

Minutes later, Astrotrain found Skywarp slumped right before the limits of Metrotitan.

"I've got you, Skywarp. Taking you back to repair bay...I'll do what I can."

As he had done so with Galvatron, Astrotrain carefully lifted the Seeker into his arms and began to run to the repair bay. That's when Astrotrain sighted Dirge, a few feet away staring into the distance.

"Dirge! Get back here and help me with Skywarp! Galvatron commands!"

Dirge turned, and ran to Astrotrain and Skywarp.

"'Warp...you're alive," the Seeker cried, optics narrowing in concern. "Let's go Astrotrain." Dirge followed Astrotrain into one of Metrotitan's repair facilities.

Laying Skywarp onto a table, the two Decepticons gathered an assortment of tools necessary for the job.

The Seeker and Triple Changer began to work.

2001-11-19, 03:53 PM
"No No No I'm not asking for you to drop nukes on this." Magnus sat an the grond of a rather large military warehouse. A general stoos beside him showing Maguns all the tools of war they had. "Ok we know bullets don't work, missles could help, but you human piloted jets stand no chance against Decepticon seekers."

The general was getting upset, "Then why did you come here?!?"

"All I know, is that the Decepticons have Autobot City, and may soon have Earth." Magnus thought aloud reveiwing the facts.

"I say nuke them now while there all in one place!" The General responded.

"Uhhh No."

2001-11-19, 09:00 PM
*joint post for my slacker never home roommate*


The Predacons swept through the area and returned to a waiting Sixshot.

Razorclaw: "Area secured...no trace of Autobots in the immediate area."

Sixshot: "Excellent! Gigatron this is Sixshot, initial reports indicate no immediate Autobot threat...area secure!"

its all mine...every bit of it! destiny has finally show its true hand to me!

Galvatron peered out the windows at the night sky. In a few hours, he would be on Cybertron...and his iron fist would shatter the remaining Autobot forces, Prime would fall as Whitespeed had and Galvatron would build a throne from the heads of slain autobots, and a palace from their miserable bodies. The time was near...
Pointblank walked into the meeting between Grand and Jinrai. he said very little but walked around in a daze...finally speaking:

pointblank: "Am i interupting?"

2001-11-19, 09:16 PM
Goldbug looked at Super Fire Convoy(my new edition)Omega watched around while Rhinox and Prowl looked at their pred and cons uniforms. Then all of a sudden Goldbug was thrown into a blackness with Super Fire Convoy.


Then the view cleared and they saw the matrix and thousands upon thousands of sparks.

A few seconds later and they were thrown out again.

SFC looked at Goldbug.

"What just happened."

Goldbug transformed.

"Ok transformers, we are rolling out. I don't know where we are going but it will be somewhere."

As the bots boarded Omega Goldbug stopped while the others were inside.

He sent a message to Prime.

"Optimus, what is happening. Me and SFC saw a vision but what is happening. We seemed to have blacked out."

He boarded Omega.


Megatron watched the skylines and the computer beeped.


"Show me"

Megatron watched the screen as Timesplitter began his asent to land.

"Ah yes. This will do."

He logged the parimetres into his mind.

2001-11-19, 09:58 PM
Adeara looked at the gathered Decepticons, rather glad no one had seen her, even in her Decepticon form. Listening to the orders, conversations and Galvatron's pleased announcement that he had won. Once that was done, the shapeshifter spoke. "My Lord Galvatron, what would you have me do?"

2001-11-19, 11:27 PM
What is this? Waste your fuel flying about day? With this thought Broadside turned leaping slightly into the air, his mechanics transformed to that of jet mode, engines fired as he followed Springer and Roadbuster. Then again, that’s better than Autobot death day…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Outback and Sleight entered the med bay, they joined the line for routine scans, Outback looked around hopefully for some distraction, he didn’t like the thief’s rye humour, deathly strange when so much carnage had already been accomplished. The two instead had walked in silence, and now stood in silence, the air of tension between them evident.

2001-11-20, 12:00 AM
As Ramjet opened fire on them, Doubledealer and Bombshell fired back, not being too picky about what they hit.
"I thought you said you had control of him", Doubledealer hissed at Bombshell.
"I did, but it appears that he regain his senses", Bombshell retorted.
Just then, a stray bolt nicked the control panel. Bombshell ran over to it.
"Oh, no", he said. "Engines are out. Weapons are out. Power is out."
"Forget that. What's in?", asked Doubledealer with a hint of sarcasam.
"See ya, scraplets!", said Ramejet, blowing out a panel on the far wall and leaping out it.
Seconds later, the ship crashed into the planet's surface.

God Jinrai
2001-11-20, 12:03 AM
Jinrai turned to pointblank... "Not at all, pointblank... not at all. just trying to cdatch up on some matters from...my time..."

Jinrai returned his attention to grand..."so. what was the last known status of devil zarak when I was pulled through that portal...

2001-11-20, 12:31 AM
Blaster sighed "man oh well next channel" he said "Jinrai Come in this is Blaster where are you guys landing or have landed"

2001-11-20, 04:35 AM

They threw the body up on the table. It felt good to have that burden off them...not to say they weren't used to labor, of course.

"How much time until the briefing?" Spyglass questioned.

"Fifteen minutes," Spectro replied.

As though the question had never been asked, Reflector quickly got to work hooking a series of tubes and wires to Apeface's body. Moments later, they stepped back to admire their work. Viewfinder activated the repair droids, and Reflector headed for the briefing room.


Gigatron pressed a button on his right forearm.

"Excellent, Sixshot. See to the preparation of Galvatron's shuttle, and gather his troops. To Cybertron, and victory!"

He grinned menacingly as he entered the briefing room, setting to the preparation of his speech.

Over the present. And the future.


The words floated ominously in Grand's head.

"It may even happen to you. But before then, you will watch others you know die in front of you."

He'd known it was true for eons; Grand had never been a stranger to war, much less one to run from the reality of it. But the phrasing of the same ancient message this time sent his thoughts back (or is that forward?) to some dear friends...

He pictured Go-Shooter's soccer field aflame.

He pictured Cab's treehouse demolished.

He pictured Minerva's horrified face... watching a twenty-story hospital collapse.

Grand's head flew down, his eyes shut tight to the point of twitching. He did not want to think of these things...


...But it was all unfortunately true, and endless. He shook his head. Desensitization. That was the way he'd retained his sanity for so long, and that would be the way he would keep it. He looked back up at Jinrai as he spoke.

"You know as well as I...Probably still off commanding the Destrons from his little hole. Not much we can do of it right now..."

2001-11-20, 07:27 PM
Magnus was looked over more weapons with the general when they were interrupted by soldier, "Sir, it's seems that an Autobot City similar to Fortress Maximus just left Earth!"

"That would be Grand Maximus, that means Optimus wants to regroup." Magnus didn't know that for sure, but it's what he had to tell the humans. "He won't leave Earth to the Decepticons I know that. I believe it would be my job to gather up any Autobots left on Earth." Magnus actived his communication system, "This is Ultra Magnus an Autobot frequency 53.5, any Autobots respond."

2001-11-20, 08:29 PM
Bludgeon grinned contentedly as he finished his work. The wires were linked perfectly. He stood up, and admired his reflection in his blade, watching as Sideswipe's head hung from around his neck... "Beautiful. Let's go make some new friends, buddy..."

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2001-11-20, 11:58 PM
A panel on the side of the wrecked ship opened, and Bombshell and Doubledealer exited. They inched foward a few steps, then collasped to the ground. The didn't noticed the shadows of six figures approaching them. They were the Autobot Spychangers.
"Well, well", said their leader, Hot Shot. "What do we have here?"
"Looks like a couple of 'cons", said Ox.
"Let's take them away", said R.E.V.
The six Autobots began to drag away the two damaged Decepticons.
After a long period of time, Apeface came to.
"Lord Galvatron," he said into his commlink. "Where are you?"
At the same time, Ramjet approached Metrotitan and hailed it.
"Ramjet to anyone, can you hear me?"
Darkwing and Dreadwind, finally deciding that they weren't goning to be rescued, finally headed back. They were suprised to see the large form of Metrotitan. They also radioed the Decepticon City for instructions.

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2001-11-21, 12:22 AM
Blaster's signal to Jinrai stopped as Magnus came through. "MAGNUS" Blaster yelled "This is Blaster Blastin' at ya where are ya at buddy" he finished.

2001-11-21, 04:20 AM
Roadbuster quickly collapsed into silence. He hated being idle. Nothing to do, no one to kill...

This stinks! Now they're sure to hunt us down! And what can we do? Nothing! We're stranded on this blasted junk pile!

Just then, a radio transmission entered his antenna. He listened intently... and gasped at the result.

"Springer! I've got Ultra Magnus on the line!"

2001-11-21, 04:32 AM
Metrotitan hailed the Decepticon flyers.
"Welcome back warriors you may land anywhere you can find clearence. Give me more instructios if you need any type of assistance."

2001-11-21, 04:59 PM
Ultra Magnus, "Great Blaster, Roadbuster; we need to regroup, and slow the Decepticons down until Optimus Prime returns. The human military are intent on striking on thier own though, maybe even useing Nuclear weapons. Do any of you need to be picked up? We'll see if we can set up camp at what's left over of the Ark, our old base."

2001-11-21, 09:03 PM
Goldbug looked at Lio Convoy( I said SFC, but he was taken).

" I am getting nothing from Prime. Maybe Blaster can help."

He walked over to the control panel.

"Blaster can you hear me, we are stuck out here and don't know what to do. Can you help me. Do you read...."


"Well, whats next," said Punch.

"We wait.Defence systems online."


Megatron turned inside Timesplitter.

"We are going after a ship of my time. Large, an old ship called Twilight. We will get it from the past. But first i need the resources and i need that in autobots to construct the device. We will help the decepticons on Cybertron to get rid of the autobots by gathering them onto the holding cell on you. It is all i need."

Timesplitter made a course for Cybertron.

2001-11-21, 11:42 PM
The six Autobots towed their unconscious captives to their nearby ship. Ox and W.A.R.S. shoved Doubledealer and Bombshell into the ship and secured them with energon chains.
"Is there any Autobot activity nearby?", Hot Shot asked Crosswise.
"I don't know. Let me check", came the reply, as Crosswise went to the controls and activated the ship's sensors.
Ox and W.A.R.S came out from the cargo room.
"the two 'cons are secured", Ox said.
"Very well," said Hot Shot.
"I haven't detected any Autobot activity, but there's a lot of activity happening around Metrotitain", said Crosswise.
"Very well", said Hot Shot. "Counter-Arrow, R.E.V, Crosswise, and Ox, remain behind and moniter the situation at Metrotitain. Me and W.A.R.S will go to Cybertron and deal with the 'cons".
Ox, R.E.V, Counter-Arrow, and Crosswise left the ship and headed toward Metrotitain, as the ship carrying Hot Shot and W.A.R.S left.
Ramjet, Darkwing, and Dreadwind all landed on Metrotitain's landing strip.
"Metrotitain, where is Galvatron", asked Dreadwind.

2001-11-22, 01:43 AM
"Yes I require pick up thats one long walk back to the ark" Blaster says standing up "I also have sideswipe's body with me". Blasterpfressed a buttone on his chest as it opend ad for casettes jumped out. "I also have some reinforcments" Blaster says as Eject Rewind Ramhorn and Steeljaw. "We are just outside the old location of metroplex Magnus"

2001-11-22, 04:38 AM
Cyclonus landed and transformed and entered the cave. He found the Chaoticons in a group discussing an object that Gunrunner was holding. He interuptedtheir discussion and explaind the sitation with Metrotitan and informed them of their summoning.

"That purple freak Gigatron has ordered you back to Metrotitan for a meeting. But we have to make a little side trip on the way."


Cyclonus and the Chaoticons arrived at a large crater a few miles away from Merotitan. Cyclonus walked down into the bottom of the crater and examined Overlord's mangled body. He turned away fro the sight and opened a channel to Gigatron.

"I found the Chaoticons and Overlord. Unfortunatly, Overlord isn't in the best condition. His transtector is rather damage and Giga and Mega are dead. The Choaticon's are gonna haul the carcass back to Metrotitan."

He closed the channel abruptly and climbed out of the crater.

"We're taking the transtector back to Metrotitan. We may still have use for it. Now get down there, pick it and lets get back to Metrotitan."

The Chaoticons transformed into Anarchy, dropped down into the crater, picked up the Overlord transtector. Anarchy jumped upto the top of the crater and then took off for Metrotitan. Cyclonus followed.

2001-11-22, 04:43 AM
"Galvatron his here, you may hail him if you wish." Metrotitan boomed.

2001-11-22, 07:06 PM
"Attirmative, Blaster, I'm on the way." Magnus transformed into vechical mode and started to head for the location Blaster specified. "How about you Roadbuster, you need a lift?"

2001-11-22, 07:32 PM
Reflector continued to traverse the winding halls of Metrotitan. Spyglass and Viewfinder made light conversation as they travelled. Spectro was busy scorning the Autobot decorations.

"So, how many Autobots did you kill?"
"What, the first time or the second?"
"Well, I only got a few the first time. But the se--"

"This had better be quick," Spectro interrupted. His brothers stopped talking, placing their eyes on him.

"Why?" Spyglass wondered. "Ya busy?"

"No," Spectro responded, his gaze still on the walls. "I just don't feel like listening to this goon tell us what we already know. Who does he think he is?"

Viewfinder narrowed his optics. "Gigatron is Galvatron's right-hand man. You didn't see him in the battle, but I did. He's ferocious, and I doubt he'd reconsider ripping you apart for that kind of insubordination. Now..."

"Hey, look." Spyglass pointed down the hall with his chin, toward Cyclonus and the Chaoticons entering the briefing room.

"Well," Viewfinder commented after a quick analysis of Spyglass' spotting. "Look who decided to show up."

That ended their conversation, as they entered the briefing room together and found three seats at the middle of the room. They waited for the others to arrive. As did Gigatron.


"Negative, Magnus," Roadbuster returned. "Springer, Broadside, and I are on our way to Mount Saint Hilary now. We ought to be there in an hour or so. See you there, eh?"

2001-11-22, 08:07 PM
Soundwave strolled through the corridors of "Autobot" City, contentedly listening to the whir of Buzzsaw's datatrax interfacing with him.
He had already absorbed enough information to know that Thunderwing's Cybertronian Decepticons were poised to launch an offensive designed to retaking the planet... he also knew of the time disruptions that had brought the, now Pretender, Bludgeon to the future... Explains his unexplained disappearance...

He was also aware of the giant lifeless Transformer over the horizon... Details match what I have seen... it's definitely the Overlord... yet another clean-up job to effect.


Thundercracker hauled himself to his feet, feeling the rush of energon through his circuits. He glanced over the repairs Scorponok had made to his body Not bad for a guy without fingers...

"So?" he said, glancing into his comrade's optics. "What now?"


Ravage leapt through the air as Springer kicked him. He landed, snarling, but the Autobot was long gone. He glanced up at Frenzy, hovering in the air above...

"So? What now?" came the voice over the comm.link.

"Simple, my good Frenzy. We find some energon to revitalise Rumble and Laserbeak, and reintroduce ourselves to whomever is in charge." Where did that Pretender go?

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-11-22, 09:03 PM
"Springer! I've got Ultra Magnus on the line!"

Roadbuster's message shot over the comm.

"Tell the goof we're on our way to Mount St. Hilary, Dinobots are there now hopefully"


Skywarp had not known what happened to him, last he knew he was making his way into Metrotitan, then darkness, a chilling, terrible darkness had enveloped him.

"re....request....assistance..." Skywarp's last words blurted out of his mouth, as the silhouette of Astrotrain filled his optics.

"I guess I owe you a thanks..."

Skywarp vanished from the medical bay and straight infront of Galvatron.

"Lord, I am once again at your disposal, systems 97% operational."

2001-11-22, 10:22 PM
Dreadwind looked at his companions.
"Very well. We will go speak to him."
As the two Powermaster jets and Headmaster jet left with their partners, Ramjet let out a call on a standard seeker frequencey.
"Fellow seekers, this is Ramjet. I have discovered a plot to overthrow the Decepticons. Please meet me at Metrotitain for more info."

Ox, Counter-Arrow, R.E.V and Crosswise closed in on Metrotitain, making sure not to get too close.
"Looks like a full military build up", said Ox.
"I think we'll need some help", said R.E.V.
"All right", said Crosswise, sending out a call to any Autobots on Earth to meeet them at their coordinates.

2001-11-23, 12:00 AM
Blaster started to recieve a second signal "Whoa man hello" he shook his head "I'm getting two autobot signals here" Blaster muttered "Magnus and someone else..." he thought for a second then began to talk to Ultra Magnus again. "Magnus I'm getting another autobot signal"

2001-11-23, 04:07 AM
The Dinobots had immediately and obediently followed Grimlock's order of descending into the Autobots' hidden base within Mount Saint Hilary, as was characteristic of the group.

"How long you think till the Wreckers show up?" Sludge questioned in his usual slow manner.

"Beats me," Swoop answered. "Better be soon, I don't wanna sit around under this stinkin' mountain for a decade, wait'n' for the Decepticons to root us out. An' if -- Hey!"

As the elevator reached its destination, the Dinobots spotted a group of Transformers already within the base. One lying on a medtable with a caretaker, one sitting next to a wall, and one with his back turned. Slag raised his electro blaster.

"Decepticons! It's an ambush!"

The four mysterious robots all turned to the newcomers.

"Ah, Dinobots!" The one facing the opposite direction had about-faced. "Finally; we could use a hand. I've just about got theEEEOW!"

He found his hand clamped to the wall, courtesy of Snarl's sword. The other two in good health immediately abandoned their preoccupations and removed it for him.

"What are you doing?!" he screamed, clutching at the slit in his hand. "I'm an Autobot! We're all Autobots!"

Swoop smirked. "Shya, and my name's Straxus!"

"He's not lying!" the former attendant cried, pointing at the Autobot insignia on his massive left arm. "See? Autobots!"

The Dinobots looked at each other, then at the floor sheepishly.

"We're sorry," Sludge sing-songed.

The prey shook the pain out of his hand. "Nah, don't worry about it. I'd have done the same."

He crossed the room as he spoke, extending his functional hand to Grimlock. "My name's Bushido. These are my troops. Shoulderblades..."

The one who had been sitting in the corner, still silent, glanced quickly at the Dinobots.


The one with the massive gunarm nodded.

"And Warfare."

The one on the table smiled and waved.

"Geez," Slag commented. "He hurt bad?"

Bushido glanced over his shoulder at Warfare, then turned back to Slag. "Not anymore. He was injured in the fight with the Decepticons, but he's just about ready to get on his feet again."

He looked over the group of Dinobots, signalling a change in subject. "As I was saying, we've just about got the external defenses ready. Is anybody else coming?"

"Should be, if they didn't get slagged," Sludge responded. "Bunch of roughnecks, call themselves the Wreckers. They oughta be here soon."


We oughta be there soon, Roadbuster thought.

His sensors continued to scan the surrounding terrain, keeping a watch for the inevitable Decepticon patrols that would be hunting them down. Broadside flew above, while Springer drove a few feet ahead. As Roadbuster had the worst vantage point of the group, it was an unnecessary statement. But he said it anyway...

"Mount Saint Hilary, ho!"

2001-11-23, 05:48 PM
Ultra Magnus drove over to where Blaster said he'd be and transformed behind him, "Another signal, from who? Roadbuster should already be at MT. ST. Hillary. And we got to be on our way soon. Patch it through."

2001-11-23, 08:09 PM
Broadside said nothing as he flew above the other Wreckers, he was thinking about the stupidity of remaining on earth. For what? An army of ungratefully humans, only had the time of day if they wanted something… was it really worth the effort?

Then again, was he prepared to leave? Moreover, ever let the Deceptcions think he was afraid of them? Nope. That would explain why he was still here then.

“Great,” He remarked sombrely at Roadbuster’s remark.

2001-11-23, 10:23 PM
Blaster shrugged "they never said their name" spoke walking opver to the headless body of sideswipe picking it up. The four cassettes climbed onto magnus Blaster following. "We gotta meet up with the wreckers soon other wise, boom we are toast." He said climbing up "All set Magnus"

2001-11-23, 11:38 PM
Adeara stood patiently, awaiting any orders.

2001-11-23, 11:41 PM
"Blast!", said Crosswise. "Why don't they respond.
"We don't have much time", said Counter-Arrow. "I don't believe that the Autobots would just abandon Metroplex. They'll bound to be here soon."
"All right, then", said Crosswise, keeping the signal going on a continous loop. "I guess we wait...for now."
Darkwing, Dreadwind, and Apeface walked the corridors of Metrotitain, searching for Galvatron. Walking up to a computer panel, Darkwing asked, "Computer, give present location of Galvatron."
Meanwhile, on Metrotitain's landing strip, Ramjet waithed to see if his fellow seekers would respond to his message.
Earth Orbit....
A small ship arrived and headed for the surface. At the controls, Hot Shot and W.A.R.S were worried. They landed their ship where they had left the other Spychangers.
"Where did they go", Hot Shot asked W.A.R.S.
"I'm picking up four Autobot signatures near Metrotitain.", W.A.R.S. replied.
"Let's go", said Hot Shot.
The two left their ship and went off to join their comrades.

2001-11-24, 04:27 AM
The computer popped up a prompt and showed the Decepticons where Galvatron was in the city.

2001-11-24, 05:23 AM
Gigatron sighed. He looked over the tiny ensemble of Decepticons: Reflector, Cyclonus, and the Chaoticons.

I've simply no time for all this waiting. There is much work to be done, too much for this lot alone.

"Reflector..." Gigatron started.

Viewfinder eagerly jumped from his seat. "Yes, Lord Gigatron."

Gigatron stared coldly and silently at him for a few seconds, as did his brothers. He continued. "Send a message for me. Tell Soundwave, the Constructicons, Apeface--"

"He was damaged in the battle, Lord Gigatron." Viewfinder interrupted.

"...Very well. Tell Soundwave, the Constructicons, and Astrotrain to report to the briefing room at once. Delay will be seriously punished."

Viewfinder nodded, and ran to the wall next to the stage on which Gigatron stood. He threw open the front panel of a box embedded in the wall, revealing a microphone and a series of buttons.

"Attention: The following Decepticons are to report to the briefing room at once! Soundwave, Constructicons, and Astrotrain! I repeat, Soundwave, Constructicons, and Astrotrain! Report to the briefing room at once!"


Roadbuster transformed, leaving a few feet between himself and the mountain. He stopped to admire it.



Roadbuster let out a small shout and jumped to the ground as an explosion popped up in front of him. He kept his face to the ground until he heard something strange come from the mountainside.


He looked for answers from Springer and Broadside. None came.

"Um...I guess it's safe. Come on, let's go set up camp."

Roadbuster crawled to his feet and began for the hidden elevator buried in the side of the volcano.


"Hehehe... Whoops!"

Snarl walked up behind Swoop, who was chuckling over a monitor and control panel in the wall.

"Whad'ja do?" he asked.

Swoop looked over his shoulder. "I almost shot one of 'em."

"How close?"

Swoop stopped to think. "Couldn't've been more than twenty feet."

They stared at each other silently... then laughed together.

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Quick Switch
2001-11-24, 03:22 PM
Skywarp: "I guess I owe you a thanks..."

As Skywarp vanished, Astrotrain and Dirge exchanged glances.

"Full of thanks, isn't he?" Astrotrain commented. "Nontheless, Galvatron's orders were obeyed...it is enough."

Dirge cocked his head slightly as he received a transmission...

"Fellow seekers, this is Ramjet. I have discovered a plot to overthrow the Decepticons. Please meet me at Metrotitain for more info."

Dirge activated his Seeker-comm. "Ramjet, this is Dirge. On my way...glad you're alive."

"Something important?" Astrotrain queried.

Dirge ran out the medical bay, then turned to the Triple Changer. "Yes. Tell you later, Astrotrain."

Astrotrain smiled slightly. Well, on to the briefing roo-

"Attention: The following Decepticons are to report to the briefing room at once! Soundwave, Constructicons, and Astrotrain! I repeat, Soundwave, Constructicons, and Astrotrain! Report to the briefing room at once!"

Astrotrain twitched slightly. This should be interesting.

The Triple Changer ran out of the medical bay, toward the briefing room.


Dirge ran out to the landing strip.

"Ramjet, what's this about a plot?" The blue Seeker replied, crossing his arms standing next to his fellow jet.


"My apologies, Gigatron," Astrotrain began, taking his seat in the briefing room next to Reflector. "I was finishing repairs on Skywarp, which Lord Galvatron commanded..."

Astrotrain nodded at Reflector, then turned his attention back to Gigatron, and waited for the others to arrive.

2001-11-24, 06:01 PM
Gigatron shook his head, dismissing the apology.

"It's of no concern, Astrotrain. Time is... on our side, I should think. The few Autobots who chose to remain on this world shall be massacred brutally for their so-called righteousness. At our hands... At yours, Astrotrain. Tell--"

Gigatron stopped. Through the lights, he spotted roughly half a dozen green robots sitting in the back of the room.

"Constructicons! You've finally arrived!"

The Constructicons looked at each other, confused.

"What's he talking about?" Bonecrusher whispered.

"Beats me," Hook replied. "We've been here for forty-five minutes... Haven't we?"

"Maybe Gigatron's losing his mind," Scavenger chuckled.

Quick Switch
2001-11-24, 06:22 PM
Gigatron: "It's of no concern, Astrotrain. Time is... on our side, I should think. The few Autobots who chose to remain on this world shall be massacred brutally for their so-called righteousness. At our hands... At yours, Astrotrain. Tell--"

Astrotrain nodded. "Yes, Gigatron. I agree."

The Triple Changer turned as Gigatron noticed the Constructicons.

"It's good to see our favorite combiner group is here," Astrotrain nodded to Scrapper.

"Excellent work on converting Metroplex, Hook...up to your usual standards," he chuckled.

"Now the question remains...where is Soundwave?" Astrotrain glanced at Reflector, crossed his arms, settling back in his chair.

2001-11-24, 06:44 PM

The three Decepticons looked at the moniter at Galvatron's location.

"Let's get going", said Darkwing.

The three jets walked off towards Galvatron's location.
Ramjet looked at Dirge,his fellow seeker.
"That miserable excuse for a Decepticon Bombshell tried to mind control me. He and that miserable spy Doubledealer tyhought that they could use me , but I managed to thwart them. A Decepticon that could control others and a master spy seem like an unstoppable combination. We need to find them and destroy them before they can act out their plans"
A few miles away from Metrotitain...

Hot Shot and W.A.R.S. had rejoined the rest of the group.
"What's the situation"< Hot Shot asked Crosswise.
"We've sent out a message to any Autobots on Earth," Crosswise responded "but no one answered."
"I wouldn't worry", said Ox. "The Autobots wouldn't just abandon Metroplex like this. They'll come soon."
"I hope so", said Hot Shot. "For now, it looks like we wait."

Quick Switch
2001-11-24, 06:55 PM
Ramjet looked at Dirge,his fellow seeker.
"That miserable excuse for a Decepticon Bombshell tried to mind control me. He and that miserable spy Doubledealer tyhought that they could use me , but I managed to thwart them. A Decepticon that could control others and a master spy seem like an unstoppable combination. We need to find them and destroy them before they can act out their plans"

Dirge glowered in rage.

"That Insecticon scum," Dirge growled, "Ramjet, we must stop him...if we do this, our positions are secure in the Decepticon ranks. I will help you, gladly."

2001-11-24, 07:09 PM
Ramjet looked at his fellow seeker.
"Thank you. The ship they were piloting crashed about a hundred miles away from here. Should we wait for our fellow seekers, or should we leave now?"

2001-11-24, 08:20 PM
Thundercracker's arm suddenly jolted, as a buzz of energy shot through it.


He glanced down. He commlink was flickering... musta been damaged in the avalanche... incoming signal short-circuited it... useless piece of slag...

He reached down, and ripped off the communicator, throwing it to the floor. He glanced at Scorponok "I guess I need another one of those now..."


Soundwave strolled into the briefing room, and saluted the assembled Decepticons.

Quick Switch
2001-11-24, 09:04 PM
Ramjet looked at his fellow seeker.
"Thank you. The ship they were piloting crashed about a hundred miles away from here. Should we wait for our fellow seekers, or should we leave now?"

Dirge pondered.

"Skywarp is going to report to Galvatron...so Thundercracker may not be far behind, so they will not assist us. I say we pursue them at once!"

2001-11-24, 09:32 PM
Sounds of rubber being burned against the metal floors of Metrotitan's corridors began to echo inside the gigantic Decepticon. The voices began to get louder, and soon high-pitched sounds of race car engine reached the briefing room.

Only few moments later the low roaring of strong diesel engine reached the the Decepticons who were gathered into the briefing room.

Then the doors flew open as massive black and grey truck came crashing in through the doors, followed by four sportcars.

The truck and the four sportscars transformed into their robot modes, all of them staring at Gigatron angrily.

"Why the Stunticons weren't asked to join this meeting Gigatron!" Motormaster roared, clenching his fist around the handle of his sword.

"Yeah! We want to know what is going on here too!" Wildrider yelled.

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2001-11-24, 11:23 PM
Ultra Magnus made it to Mt. St. Hillary carring Blaster and a few injured Autobots on his trailer. "Ok Autobots this is it." Ultra Magnus transformed into robot mode. "Now we have a base, now we need a plan."

2001-11-24, 11:31 PM
Adeara: "My Lord Galvatron, what would you have me do?"

Galvatron turned to the shape shifter: "You are fully healed then...good. You will have your choice of whether you would prefer to remain with Gigatron's strike force, or go to Cybertron for our assault there."

Galvatron turned to Skywarp: "See that you are fully charged...we are going to need everything to go perfectly if we are to make it to Cybertron...make your final preperations and head to the shuttle."

Galvatron then turned to Gigatron: "I am making my way to the shuttle, Metrotitan shall remain with you...however, once we make the initial take off, launch Trypticon to Cybertron...we shall need his assistance."

Galvatron turned and prepared to depart: "Well Adeara, are you staying or going?"

2001-11-25, 01:49 AM
Adeara nodded as she as acknowledged. Given the options of staying here or returning to Cybertron, Adeara made her choice quickly. "I'll go to Cybertron. You may need me."

2001-11-25, 04:54 AM
Gigatron rolled his optics, sighing at the Stunticons.

"I hadn't realized you were on Earth... No matter. You may have a seat or five. And please, Motormaster, try to calm down."

He turned to Galvatron, listening unnecessarily to the words as the final Decepticons entered the briefing room.

"Of course, Galvatron. Do take care. I'll expect some good news upon your return."

Gigatron returned his attention to the room of Decepticons in front of him. Each was staring at him attentively, save the boisterous Stunticons. He raised his head, signalling the beginning of the briefing.

"Decepticons, you have made me proud. When planning the revitalization of the Empire, I had worried that years of defeat and exile would have made you ineffectual warriors. You've proven me wrong on every opportunity. Your power, skill, and cunning never diminished. All that was required to take Autobot City was leadership, guidance. Galvatron. However, you know he will be departing for phase two of our revival shortly. Guidance will still be yours, regardless. I will spearhead the following assaults on the Autobots. For the first time in the history of our race, Earth is nearly in our hands. While your leader and associates bring the Autobots to their knees on Cybertron, we shall crush them on Earth! All the fruits of this rich, lush planet will be ours! And soon, mastery of the universe will follow!"

Gigatron paused. The volume of his voice dropped.

"But no reward comes without sacrifice. Each of you will have to work to your utmost to reach our magnificent destiny, and menial work is necessary to prepare for glorious combat. First, the Constructicons. You six will effect the final repairs of Metrotitan. Reflector and Soundwave. While we are set to work here, you four shall locate the remaining Autobots on the planet. Chaoticons, you shall gather any wounded Decepticons from the battlefield and bring them to Metrotitan's repair bay. Any wounded Autobots found..."

Gigatron grinned.

"...go through me. The rest of you. Astrotrain, Cyclonus, and the Stunticons. You shall assist Metrotitan's drones in repairing those injured. Astrotrain, you are in supervision of this operation. When Apeface and Thundercracker are online, notify me. When your team is finished, notify me. Once all of these preparation tasks are completed, we will commence our assault on the Autobots. Your orders are issued, go to them. To the future, Decepticons! To conquest! To power!"

Gigatron did not stay long enough to hear the inevitable cheering. Rather, he immediately left the stage and began for his quarters.

At the instant of the speech's end, Reflector jumped from their chairs and approached Soundwave.

"Best if we split the load, I think. How d'you want to?"

The Constructicons looked at each other.

"Work, work, work. Honestly, that's all I ever do!" Long Haul whined.

Scrapper ignored him. "Right, down to it then. Hook, get over to medbay forty-one stroke one F. I hear there's some structural damage over there. Long Haul and Bonecrusher, I want you to clear up the mess outside. Mixmaster, get to work resealing the outer walls. Scavenger and I will take care of the mess on the inside of the city."

The Constructicons nodded as one, and split up for their duties.

2001-11-25, 06:56 AM
Blaster stood beside Ultra Magnus the cassettes beside him. Blaster kneeled down and resting sideswipes body down. He stood back up and shook his head then looking at Magnus. "I have no idea right now" Blaster says shaking his head.

2001-11-25, 08:10 AM
Right after Gigatron went down the corridor, Cyclonus got out of his chair and followed him.

First, that purple goon usurps my position as Galvatron's Second in Command. Then he relegates me to medical duty. Then comes the biggest insult of them all, he puts Astrotrain in charge of the medical operation. Astrotrain! That inept fool isn't fit to lead a high school marching band. Well no more. I'll take my position back or die trying.

"Gigatron! There's a few things we need to work out." Cyclonus yelled as he neared Gigatron. "Now we can work them out the easy way, or the hard way. You decide" Cyclonus said as he drew his blaster.

2001-11-25, 03:13 PM
Metrotitans repair bays flashed to life.
"Repair systems online, medical drones now active." came over a loudspeaker. The room hummed with electricity and was ready to repair the fallen Decepticons.

2001-11-25, 04:05 PM
Gigatron turned slowly around at the mention of his name. He stopped to examine the situation, a miniscule grin on his face. His eyes were on Cyclonus' mouth as he spoke. They drifted down to his weapon in hand, then back up to his eyes. Gigatron smiled.

And he laughed.

"This is rich, Cyclonus! Don't tell me, let me guess. The 'easy' way would be my handing over the reigns of our operations on Earth, as well as any sort of power that may be reminiscent of that you once possessed, to you. The 'hard' way would be pistols at ten paces. Am I right? Who am I kidding, you're Cyclonus! Of course I'm right! Well, to put it in a term you can understand..."

Gigatron batted down the hand holding Cyclonus' gun.

"Neither. I will not relegate my rank to you, and I refuse to engage in combat. It is an utter waste of fuel, Cyclonus, both mine and yours. Of course, you'd have more pressing losses than your dear energon... But the point is elsewhere. Every Decepticon must be operating at top performance in the next several weeks, including insubordinates like yourself. Now get to your duties."

Gigatron turned and resumed the journey to his quarters. Without turning, he spoke again.

"By the way, Cyclonus. Before you consider shooting me in the back as I walk away, think about the inherent damage to Metrotitan. I'm sure he wouldn't appreciate it."

Quick Switch
2001-11-25, 04:17 PM
Astrotrain rose and nodded.

"As you command, Gigatron."

He turned.

"Stunticons! To the repair bay."

The Triple Changer left the conference room and entered the repair facility.

Noting the repair drones were already active, Astrotrain went to a cluster of drones and issued a command.

"Metrotitan, dispatch this group to find Apeface and Thundercracker and bring them to the repair bay. If they are already present, begin repairs on them immediately!"

Astrotrain went to a console and began typing into it, bringing up a status report on what Decepticons needed repairing, and waited for the Stunticons to arrive.

2001-11-25, 04:35 PM
The compputer spoke.
"Subject Thundercracker found, subject Apeface unknown location."
The drones went about to repair Thundercracker.

2001-11-25, 05:00 PM
Darkwing, Dreadwind, and Apeface walked up to a large, metal door.
"This must be where Galvatron is", Dreadwind said, knocking on the door. "My lord, are you in here?"
Ramjet looked at Dirge.
"Very well. Follow me", he said.
He transformed ane flew off.

The Spychangers were discussing what they were going to do when they saw two jets fly away from Metrotitain.
"Who was that", Counter-Arrow asked.
"Looks like Ramjet and Dirge", R.E.V. replied.
"All right", said Hot Shot. R.E.V., Crosswise, come with me. We'll follow them. The rest of you, stand guard here.
The three transformed and followed the two seekers.

Quick Switch
2001-11-25, 05:14 PM
Ramjet looked at Dirge.
"Very well. Follow me", he said.
He transformed ane flew off.

Dirge transformed and followed Ramjet.


Astrotrain turned and spoke towards the computer.

"Excellent work, Metrotitan."

The Triple Changer nodded as he heard the computer's findings, then keyed in a message to Gigatron.

"Gigatron, Metrotitan reports Thundercracker already functional. The search for Apeface, however, turned up negative...which leads me to believe he is functional as well. I will remain here with the Stunticons to help with Decepticons who need medical attention, unless you have further orders for me."

Astrotrain kept the channel open.

2001-11-25, 05:30 PM
Gigatron pondered.

"Good, Astrotrain. Send Breakdown to find them. Tell him to send them to my quarters for instructions once they are located. Gigatron out."


2001-11-25, 05:36 PM
Ramjet and Dirge approached the smoldering remains of the small escape craft that Doubledealer and Bombshell had piloted.
"Dirge, stand guard here", he said to his fellow seeker. "I'm going in to investigate."
Ramjet transformed and entered the wreckage of the ship.
Inside, the ship was a mass of debris. Fires were scattered here and there. The place was a disater area. Reamjet went up to one of the few functional computer panels.
"Maybe that stupid bug left a message behind", he said to himself.
As he worked the computer panel, the screen flickered to life, showing the face of Bombshell, with total chaos happening in the background. The message flickered often, due to static.
"Ramjet...fired on...Ship...yond repair. Crashing...surface. Detected Autobot...natures.
The screen changed to a sensor readout, showing the forms of six Autobots.
"Capture...Decepticons...Metroplex...most likely to...taken to Cybertron.
"Cybertron!", he said to himself. They're on Cybertron! But how do we get there?
Hot Shot, R.E.V., and Crosswise approached the wreckage of the ship that they had dragged Bombshell and Doubledealer from. They also noticed the form of Dirgestanding guard. They both transformed and pointed their guns at Dirge
"Halt, Decepticon!", said Hot Shot

Quick Switch
2001-11-25, 06:14 PM
Gigatron: "Good, Astrotrain. Send Breakdown to find them. Tell him to send them to my quarters for instructions once they are located. Gigatron out."

Astrotrain nodded in affirmation.

"Breakdown, this is Astrotrain. Locate Apeface and Thundercracker as soon as possible. Send them on to Gigatron's quarters for instructions."


Dirge landed with Ramjet and nodded as the white Seeker went into the downed craft.

"Sure." Dirge started to examine the area around him.

"Halt, Decepticon!", said Hot Shot.

Dirge turned and saw the group of Autobots training their weapons on him.

"I halt for no one, Autoscraps!" Dirge snarled, grasping his concussion missle launchers from subspace.

He paged Ramjet on Seeker-comm.

"Ramjet, there are Autobots here. Get out of that ship and help me!"

Dirge warily kept his launchers aimed on the Bots.

2001-11-25, 06:34 PM
Ramjet heard his fellow seeker's call for help, and ran out of the ship. He saw Dirge pointing his laser cannons at the Autobots.
"Hold it, Dirge", he said. "Don't shoot them. They may know where our quarry went."

Quick Switch
2001-11-25, 07:17 PM
Dirge saw Ramjet come up beside him, and heard his reply.

Dirge slowly replaced his launchers into subspace.

"You're right Ramjet. They may be of some use."

The blue Seeker turned to the Bots.

"I'm only going to say this once: where are Bombshell and Doubledealer?"

2001-11-25, 07:21 PM
Hot Shot looked at two seekers.

"Why would we want to tell you that", he asked.

"Because if you don't, all the Transformers in the universe are doomed. They are planning to take control of the Decepticons."

"And why does that concern us?", asked Hot Shot, obviously not buying their story.

"Because if tthey succeed" Ramjet replied "Just think about who their next target will be?"

Hot Shot thought for a moment. "Very well. We took them to Cybertron, but I don't see how you will get there."

2001-11-25, 10:21 PM
The Stunticons entered the med bay. Motormaster stared agrily at Astrotrain.

"What the frag was Gigatron thinking?! I ain't no medic! I'm a warrior!" He roared.

"These dimwits with me aren't any better to do this kind of work." He grumbled.

"Hey who you are calling dimwit!" Drag Strip snapped at Motormaster.

Motormaster gave a cold glare at Drag Strip without saying anything then he turned away, clenching his fists. Instantly the yellow Stunticons backed off. "Eh... nothing Motormaster... Just ignore me."

Dead End looked at Astrotrain. "So is there anything we should be doing?"


Breakdown walked through the corridors of Metrotitan. He was rather nervous as usual, trying to keep his mind at his mission. What's the problem with them... can't use comm-link to find some warriors... send Breakdown to find them. Like I wouldn't have any better things to do. He thought while walking around the base.

If I don't see those too soon... Astrotrain can come to find them himself.

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StoneCold Skywarp
2001-11-25, 10:26 PM
Galvatron: "See that you are fully charged...we are going to need everything to go perfectly if we are to make it to Cybertron...make your final preperations and head to the shuttle."

"Yes Galvatron..."

Skywarp walked away, a grin on his face. He checked his diagnostics as he made his way to the shuttle bays...
*Systems at 98%*


Springer watched as the panel on Mount St Hilary slid aside and the elevator rose to surface level.

"All aboard" Springer jauntly remarked.

The mountain side shifted shut in front of them as they decended below the earth.

"Good thing this volcano's not active anymore or we'd be feeling the heat now..."

Springer's remark went un-noticed by both Roadbuster and Broadside.

The elevator reached it's destination, where the dinobots had been working on the defence systems.

"Hey, Grimlock, how's my favourite extinct reptile"

Grimlock snarled and turned to face Springer.

"Stupid triple changer, Grimlock make *YOU* extinct"

Both Grimlock and Springer drew their swords when Roadbuster stepped in.

"This isn't helping anything, put away your weapons and youe egos"

Grimlock went back to shifting one of the external weapons.

Springer stared at Grimlock as he walked away.

not like him to be so restrained...

"You're right Roadbuster, let's get these defences online."

2001-11-26, 12:14 AM
Broadside stepped out the elevator as Grimlock walked away, watching the dinobot, idly wondering why he was acting so… self controlled. He shrugged and looked to Springer,

“Defences? Does this place still have more than axially power I wonder…” with that he stepped forwards, optics gazing over the place that had once served the autobot cause so long ago.

“Well if we’re going to camp here we might as well get to it I guess…”

2001-11-26, 07:40 AM
Galvatron began to make his way to the shuttle.

hmmm...with Thundercracker fully repaired, we may need him on Cybertron.

Galvatron: "Thundercracker if you would, please join my team at the shuttle. We will launch within the hour."

Galvatron finished collecting some things and turned to Adeara: "You should make your way as well...get what you need and finish the oversite of our departure...Skywarp may need some assistance with his advanced powers."

Galvatron then turned to Darkwing, Dreadwind, and Apeface. "And what is it that you three need?"

2001-11-26, 02:33 PM
Hatemunger Called Galvatron on Earth.
"Lord Galvatron the battle here on Cybertron goes on, but the Decepticons are starting to take losses, the cowardence of the Autobots shows now that there reinforcments have arrived. If possible can you give me an idea of who is coming from Earth with you? We can try to formulate a plan of counterstrike so the city will fall. Thank you leader Hatemunger out." With that Hatemunger switched off his com-system and continued to fight.

2001-11-26, 02:46 PM
Darkwing and Dreadwind got to their knees.
"We have failed you, my lord", said Darkwing "We were unable to find and destroy the Autobot shuttle. We are prepare for punishment"

2001-11-26, 03:06 PM
Ultra Magnus sorted through a pile of junk looking for anything useful. He was then interrupted by a hail from a human military group, probably the general with a report. The general called Ultra Magnus and encouraged him to use Napalms, Magnus hung up.

Quick Switch
2001-11-26, 03:39 PM
Dirge nodded.

"Ramjet's right. If Bombshell gets enough Transformers under his control, he will be an almost unstoppable threat."

The blue Seeker turned to the Spychangers.

"I suggest you all think of a way to get to Cybertron...my only opinion is to repair the downed ship. Ramjet, do you think it can be done with the Autobots help?"


Astrotrain turned from his console as the remaining Stunticons entered the med bay.

"You may not be a medic, Motormaster, but then again, neither am I. We do what we're told."

Dead End: "So is there anything we should be doing?"

The Triple Changer turned toward the Stunticon.

"As I understand it, Dead End, you Stunticons are to assist Metrotitan's repair drones in getting any remaining injured Decepticons functional as quickly as possible. I will supervise you."

Astrotrain looked toward Motormaster.

"After the remaining injured come in, or lack thereof, we report back to Gigatron for our assignments...so I wouldn't worry. There's plenty of time for the King of the Road to conquer Earth's highways."

He chuckled, and settled into a chair by the console, looking at the Stunticons.

2001-11-26, 03:51 PM
"I thinks so", Ramjet said to Dirge. He looked at Hot Shot. "Will you help us?"
Hot Shot looked around. "Very well", he said

2001-11-26, 04:57 PM
Motormaster glared at Astrotrain menacingly. "Stow it Astrotrain! Get up and start moving! I'm not going to just watch you sitting there doing nothing! No matter who gives the orders!"

Dead End walked over to one of the repair drones and began to help the drone, muttering something about how pointless the repair work is and they all will die someday.

Wildrider grinned wickedly as he watched Motormaster getting more and more enraged. "Oooo... There is going to be a fight soon..."

He turned towards the repair drone he was helping. "Uh... What did you want again?"

The drone pointed a somekind of a tool at the table another side of the room. "Blast it!" Wildrider muttered and began to limb towards the table.

Quick Switch
2001-11-26, 09:52 PM
Dirge nodded as Hot Shot offered his assistance.

"We are allied against a common foe," he commented, moving towards the ship.

"Let's get to the repairs!"


Astrotrain frowned as Motormaster vented.

"Motormaster, the drones are doing what work they can, as are your Stunticons. I will search the databases for damaged Decepticons...but as you have noticed, no new comrades have entered the bay."

He rose.

"In the meantime, I suggest you RELAX. I was joking with you...but seriously, with Prime gone, you ARE the King of the Road on this planet."

Astrotrain shrugged.

"I thought you'd be pleased about that fact."

He went back to searching the database.

"Metrotitan, run a preliminary scan on any other Decepticons which need assistance, or pickup for repairs."

Astrotrain resumed his typing.

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2001-11-26, 11:28 PM
Blaster and the four cassettes sat there Rewind going through his data banks to find a weakness in metro-titan. Since he was metroplex he may be able to find a weakness in him. "Anythin' rewind?" Blaster asked the smaller bot. "not yet Blaster I need a loittle bit longer I'm going through the schematics" Rewind replied. They both went silent again Rewind still checking.

2001-11-26, 11:31 PM
"All right then", said Hot Shot, moving inside the ship, and takling a look around.
"I'm afraid that we won't be able to repair this ship, but we have a ship parked a few miles from here. Perhaps we can use that."
Ramjet looked at Dirge. "You okay with that?"

2001-11-26, 11:34 PM
Scorponok finsihed his work and proceeded to turn to Thundercracker.

Scorponok: "It would seem that Galvatron is ready to depart my friend...best you make your way to the shuttle. He has added you to his team...I will come with as I do not feel comfortable remaining on this mud ball any longer...shall we then?"
Sixshot was at the helm of Galvatron's shuttle going through the final checklist before take off. Metrotitan say in city mode...around him the wrecks of autobot city still smoldered. They had won...and soon Cybertron would be the same. The Predacons boarded and took their seats.

Sixshot: "Commencing initial launch preperation..."

Quick Switch
2001-11-26, 11:37 PM
Dirge nodded to Ramjet.

"Yes. Let's move."

2001-11-26, 11:42 PM
Adeara nodded. "What exactly do you want me to do by helping Skywarp?"

2001-11-26, 11:46 PM
"All right then", said Hot Shot, transforming to his Porsche mode, along with the others and driving off.
"Come on", said Ramjet to Dirge, transforming and flying off after them.

Quick Switch
2001-11-26, 11:52 PM
Dirge transformed to jet mode and followed Ramjet and the Autobots toward their ship.

2001-11-26, 11:57 PM
The Spychangers, Ramjet and Dirge approached their ship. The Spychangers transformed to their robot modes.
"Before we allow you to come in", said Hot Shot, "I'm going to ask you to hand over your weapons and power-chip rectifiers.
Ramjet dismounted his lasers, opened his chest panel, took out his power chip rectifier, and handed them to Crosswise.
"All right", Hot Shot said, pointing at Dirge. "Now, you."

Quick Switch
2001-11-27, 12:23 AM
Dirge grumbled as Hot Shot made his request and watched Ramjet hand over what he requested.

The blue Seeker handed over his missle launchers and removed the chip.

"I assume this is temporary," he growled.

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2001-11-27, 02:32 AM
"Of course", said Hot Shot. "It's not that we don't trust you. It's just that, considering the circumstances, it would be wise to play it safe."
As the other Spychangers had entered the ship, Ramjet turned and looked at Dirge
"Look, I know you don't like this," he said. "But it has to be done. If stopping that traitorus bug and double-crossing spy means we got to give up a few things, I say we go for it."
"Coming?", Hot Shot asked.
Ramjet walked into the ship.

Quick Switch
2001-11-27, 02:46 AM
"Of course", said Hot Shot. "It's not that we don't trust you. It's just that, considering the circumstances, it would be wise to play it safe."
As the other Spychangers had entered the ship, Ramjet turned and looked at Dirge
"Look, I know you don't like this," he said. "But it has to be done. If stopping that traitorus bug and double-crossing spy means we got to give up a few things, I say we go for it."
"Coming?", Hot Shot asked.
Ramjet walked into the ship.

Dirge followed behind Ramjet.

"Agreed," he answered. "A few sacrafices...are worth the effort."

As he entered the ship, Dirge wondered-

Can it be possible? Autobot and Decepticon working together for a greater good? Strange times, indeed.

2001-11-27, 02:59 PM
Hot Shot and Ox took the controls. The rest of them sat behind them.
"Let's go", said Hot Shot.
The ship streaked towards the atmosphere, reached planet orbit, and was on its way to Cybertron.

2001-11-27, 07:02 PM
Magnus found Blaster after spending a short time looking, "Blaster Galvatron is about to leave, the humans picked up the info on one of thier military sattelites. They also argeed to let us use the satellete to spy on the Decepticons."

2001-11-27, 08:52 PM
Leave? Thundercracker was uncertain... Earth was beautiful, and he'd hoped that staying would give him a chance to explore it further... but Cybertron was his home, after all...

He kicked out at a repair droid that was hovering around his leg, knocking it over. Pesky tech... if this is what I'm gonna have to put up with to stay...

He glanced toward Scorponok "Eh, let's go then."

2001-11-27, 09:18 PM
Breakdown saw Thundercracker leaving after Scorponok. It seems they found him before me. One 'con less to find... he thought and left after Apeface.


Motormaster gave Astrotrain an angry look. "One's position is earned not given. As long as Prime lives, I will feel my self unproven." He growled to the triplechanger and placed his sword to its sub-space pocket.

Then the massive Stunticon leader grabbed large piece of repair materials and began to carry it towards several wounded Decepticons and the drones that were working with the wounded Decepticons.

Quick Switch
2001-11-27, 09:45 PM
Astrotrain turned slightly as Motormaster went about his business assisting the drones.

The Triple Changer paused thinking of a way to lighten the mood, typing as he spoke.

"Motormaster...got a question for you. Between you and me, could Menasor defeat Devestator?"

He looked back over at the Stunticon leader.

2001-11-28, 12:13 AM
Blaster nodded "and you want me to try and hook up with those sattiltes?" Blaster replyed.

2001-11-28, 03:42 PM
"Yes hook it up to whatever computer system you find, and monitor it. One of you cassttes could probably do that..." Magnus ordered.

2001-11-28, 07:55 PM
Motormaster glanced at Astrotrain and bursted into laughter.

"Devastator is nothing compared to Menasor."

The massive Stunticon placed the materials he was carrying to one of the repair tables.

"Do you know what the high command is actually going to do?"


Breakdown cruised randomly inside Metrotitan, finally finding Apeface standing outside of Galvatron's office.

"Hey Apeface! Commander Gigatron wants to see you ASAP!"

Quick Switch
2001-11-28, 10:33 PM
Astrotrain smiled as well as Motormaster replied to his query.

"Yeah, thought so. Dirge and I had a little Energon bet going about the combiner teams. He's going to owe me a few cubes when he gets back from what he's doing."

Motormaster: "Do you know what the high command is actually going to do?"

The Triple Changer turned to face Motormaster, and shrugged slightly.

"You've got me there. All I can guess is that Gigatron'll send out a few scouts to smoke the Autobots out of hiding, then send most of us in for a series of attacks."

Astrotrain chuckled.

"But, I'm sure we'll have time to play 'God' with some humans as well. I've found it to be a pretty enjoyable experience. There's still the matter of getting Earth's resources, so that will be pretty important also."

2001-11-28, 11:16 PM
Still at the helm of the Quintesson warship, Blackout saw that he and his fellow Renegades were within 5000 miles of Cybertron and began their deceleration. He turned to his leader, the incredible Optitron, and said, "We are approaching Cybertron, Lord Optitron."

Surrounded by a dim green glow thanks to the Quintessons' Hypergon, Optitron crossed his arms and said, "Good. Prepare for assimilation."

Just then, a broadcast from an unidentified Decepticon came through the radio channel. The Renegades all perked up and fell silent as they heard the errant transmission.

"Lord Galvatron the battle here on Cybertron goes on, but the Decepticons are starting to take losses, the cowardence of the Autobots shows now that there reinforcments have arrived. If possible can you give me an idea of who is coming from Earth with you?"

Optitron said, "So...Galvatron is on Earth, headed for Cybertron. We must have a greeting in place for our esteemed leader. Blackout, return to full speed and set course for Earth..."

2001-11-28, 11:45 PM
Apeface turend and looked towards Breakdown
"All right then", he said. "Take me to him."

2001-11-29, 12:06 AM
Blaster nodded in response to Magnus "Rewind transform" Blaster said his chest opening the cassette transforming and hopping in. Blaster's chest then closed and he transformed catching a sattillite link and immdeatly hunting for his console iinside of metroplex or metro-titan as he was now called. "Heh" he said to himself locking on and begging to try and hook it up to see through metrotitans eyes "This may take a while Magnus but when I'm done we will etleast be able to see what Metroplex sees"

2001-11-29, 09:43 AM
IC: Breakdown gave Apeface an annoyed glare. "You know Apeface..."

"I think you can find him yourself... I'm not your butler." Breakdown smirked, crossing his arms.

"See ya A-facey!" He shouted and transformed into his car mode. Then he accelerated and soon disappered behind nearby corner.


Motormaster glanced at the repair drones who were working on a heavily wounded seeker that the Stunticon leader didn't recognize.

"The high-ups better do something soon... we have suffered much lately... we spend too many years rusting on that miserable excuse of a planet Charr... Galvatron seems to be more stable than before but... this is our first victory in many years... why it feels so hollow..."

2001-11-29, 02:13 PM
Blackout scanned the monitors and proclaimed, "We are now within 1000 miles of Earth, Lord Optitron. What are your orders?"

Optitron replied, "Decrease speed and land at Autobot City."

Hearing his super-powered leader's words, Starscream stepped up and said, "Let's just linger and space and blast 'em out of the sky when they take off!"

Without even turning to the Renegades' #2 man, Optitron replied, "This is what differentiates warriors from cowards, Starscream. I am a warrior first - the ultimate warrior, in fact. I shall permit Galvatron the chance to surrender leadership of the Decepticons to me without force. Only if he does not shall we then take aggressive action."

A few moments later, Blackout exclaimed, "Now entering Earth's atmosphere...prepare for setdown."

Hope I can land this thing and not set off Optitron any more, Blackout thought to himself. This has gotta be the weirdest ship I've ever set my optics on!

Fortunately for Blackout, the landing process wasn't as complex as he might have expected. The ship set down gently, and a few moments later the side door opened and revealed the Renegades: Optitron, Starscream, Blackout, Blazestarter, Driveby, and Magnacrunch. They stepped off the ship slowly and spotted random Decepticons boarding a shuttle that seemed about ready for takeoff.

Optitron turned to his troops and said, "You know what must be done. Now do it! Forward, Decepticons." Optitron led the Renegades over to the ship and boarded it. They saw the Predacons waiting patiently for launch, and Sixshot at the helm.

Optitron called out, "Sixshot, the Renegades have returned. Let us summon Galvatron and get this launch underway."

Quick Switch
2001-11-29, 09:07 PM
Astrotrain nodded at Motormaster's words.

"Look, you don't think I have reservations?"

The Triple Changer shook his head.

"Motormaster, you have no idea. No other Decepticon does. The reason we have Galvatron in the first place is because of me. Because I needed to 'jetison some weight' after we failed in our assault here the FIRST time!"

Astrotrain laughed bitterly.

"Starscream would like to think I had that all planned out. You know me, 'in confusion there is opportunity'. But I'm telling you, I couldn't have held it together much longer..."

He paused.

"I'm not sorry about the Insecticons. They were scum sucking dolts. I was about Thundercracker and Skywarp, but guess what? They're back now, so talk's cheap. Yeah, I was concerned for Megatron. Why didn't I say anything? Because once Soundwave voted for him to be thrown off, I knew it was over."

Astrotrain laughed again, and pointed at Motormaster.

"Have you ever heard Soundwave try to rationalize that? 'I had to vote Megatron off for my tapes safety.' Total slag. He did it to gain points with Starscream. Wasn't it funny that I got to crown him, though? I thought so..."

The Triple Changer sat, looking at the floor.

"Octane is dead because Galvatron didn't want to be talked to at the moment a few cycles ago. Blitzwing is shock knows where. As a Triple Changer, I'm concerned. But I still do my job. Because I'm a Decepticon."

Astrotrain thought.

"So, yeah, it's a little 'hollow'."

2001-11-29, 10:04 PM
Apeface watched Breakdown drive off.

"Hmm. He doesn't need to be so rude about it", he thought, as he went off to find Gigatron.

Galvatron looked at the two Powermaster jets.

"I think we had better get out of here before he frags us", said Dreadwind.
The two jets started walking out of the room.

2001-11-29, 11:38 PM
Galvatron looked at the powermasters and sighed.

Galvatron: "Have you already forgotten your orders? Intercomm Gigatron and see whether or not his team needs you with him, otherwise get to the shuttle and prepare for take off."

Galvatron radioed Adear: "Skywarp will need several attendents to keep him stablized once we begin teleportation...assemble a team for him consisting of you, Scorponok, and a couple others...."

Galvatron paused and looked at the powermasters.

Galvatron: "I believe I have two volunteers right here...the powermasters will also join you."

Galvatron grabbed the pair by the back of their necks: "Inform Apeface that he is to meet you on the shuttle, you two will fall into Adeara's group and will monitor Skywarp...he must keep it together."
(Posting for Scorponok)

Sixshot glared at Optitron: "What you guys didn't receive enough of a beat down from us already? Starscream...you really are as idiotic as you look."

The Predacons snarled at the uninvited guests, Sixshot motioned for them to stand down.

Sixshot: "What are you doing here anyway? Don't you guys have some rocks to conquer or something?"

About this time Galvatron finally arrived t the launch site.

Galvatron: "ahhh...I see our victory has brought the cyber-slugs out of hiding. What do you fools want?"

2001-11-30, 12:58 AM
Starscream stepped in front of Optitron and said to Sixshot, "Why you pathetic construct! I'll..."

Optitron placed a hand on Starscream's shoulder and, with no effort whatsoever, threw him aside. A battle between Sixshot & the Predacons and the Starscream-led Renegades would have been quite the match, but the presence of Optitron more than tipped the scales toward the Renegades.

Optitron glared at Sixshot and said, "Be silent, inferior one. A Transformer as weak as yourself could never deliver a 'beat down,' as you primitively call it, to a superior being like myself. You know this, so silence yourself."

Just then, Galvatron entered the shuttle.

Galvatron: "ahhh...I see our victory has brought the cyber-slugs out of hiding. What do you fools want?"

Optitron turned to Galvatron and said, "Galvatron...we have returned. The space bridge hurled us into the recesses of deep space, but we were fortunate enough to happen upon an...er...abandoned craft and return here to aid you in this mission. Our differences may never be fully settled, but my Renegades and I would like to shelve those differences and aid you in eradicating the Autobots from Cybertron. The question of rulership of the many facets of the Decepticon empire shall be resolved later. Do you accept our support?"

2001-11-30, 02:48 AM
"Yes, Lord Galvatron", said Darkwing, he and Dreadwind leaving the room
As Apeface walked to Gigatron's location, a sudden surge occured in his head.

"Hey", said Spasma. "What is this?"

"Apeface..." , came the echoing voice of Bombshell. "Your presence is required on Cybertron..."

"Yes, master Insecticon", said Apeface, turning and heading the other way.

"Hey!", yelled Spasma. "You're going the wrong way!"

2001-11-30, 03:27 AM
Gigatron sauntered slowly through the halls of the residential sector. A slight smile danced on his face. Yes, Gigatron was happy. Earth was so nearly his... In a few moments, he found himself plopped casually in his chair, behind his desk, in his office. Ah, pleasure.


Gigatron slowly leaned forward. Ring. He pressed a button next to a monitor on his desk, displaying an image of the Constructicons' leader.

"Ah, Scrapper. How goes Metrotitan's reconstruction?"

"Complete, Lord Gigatron. Everything is ready." Scrapper replied.

Gigatron looked around the walls of his office, Scrapper stil on the line. He waited a moment before speaking.

"Good work, Scrapper," he responded distractedly. "Bring your team inside. Send one of them to the repair sector to inform Astrotrain's crew to relax. That is, if they are done with their work. The rest of you may have downtime. That is all."

"Thank you, Lord Gigatron. Scrapper out."

Gigatron pressed the button again, removing Scrapper's visage. He leaned back in his chair, placing his hands behind his head and his feet on the desk.

"Aaah... By the way, Metrotitan. Has Metrobomb located that intruder yet?"


"Reflector's log. Session 1163. We have been monitoring Mount Saint Hilary for six hours thus, and still no sign of movement. There are fresh tracks in the earth nearby, both foot and tire. The mountainside shows some signs of recent use, but the nature cannot be determined yet. Preliminary hypothesis: The Autobots are within. Observation continues until conclusive proof is attained. Tape ends."

Relector ended the session, returning to his duty of silently watching the volcano.

2001-11-30, 04:27 AM
(I will be assuming control over Scorponok's characters until he gets back, he's away on busines...and I he left his couch unguarded!)

Sixshot glared at Optitron.

Sixshot: "You talk an awful lot...I can see why you let a sawed off weasel like Starscream ride your afterburners."

Galvatron: "Enough Sixshot...we haven't the time for this. You are a traitor Optitron...and Starscream...you are as worthless to me and my cause now as you ever were during my days as Megatron. Yet, I believe in one thing...keeping my friends close, and my enemies closer. I anticipate you will betray me at some point and I would rather have my Decepticons near by to deal with your lot...therefore you may accompany us to Cybertron...we will need your forces."

Galvatron leaned in and his optics began to flare: "But...if you even consider betraying me, I shall make you wish that I killed you as quickly as I did Starscream ten years ago!"

Galvatron issued the signal to board the shuttle.

Galvatron: "It is time Decepticons...board the shuttle and prepare to take off!"

2001-11-30, 04:38 AM
Metrobomb was still running around the massive Decepticon.
"Gigatron, I have yet to find the intruder, can your rebroadcast me the coordinates?" The robot asked.

2001-11-30, 06:25 PM
Bludgeon strolled along the corridors, walking in time with the wail of the sirens.

He glanced down at the Autobot skull hanging around his neck. "I love that sound, don't you? No? Awh... then it's a good thing for you that you can't hear it.... I wonder where the landlords are...."


Frenzy stood on a rock, several hundred yards from Autobot City, staring at Ravage. "He kicked you?!"

Ravage glowered up at his associate. "Shut up. Go and find Soundwave. NOW!"


Thundercracker stood away from the launchsite, watching. Starscream's looking awfully edgy... good... wonder what he did to annoy the boss...

He strolled into the area surrounding the shuttle...

2001-11-30, 10:52 PM
Motormaster looked at Astrotrain. "You could have changed it all Astrotrain. And I mean it."

The large Stunticon folded his arms and stared at the triplechanger. "You could have said that you want Starscream to be thrown out."

Motormaster gave a wicked grin. "Others would have done it I tell you. You were their only way to get back to Cybertron. Causing harm to you would have meant their deaths too."

"See my point? You could have saved Megatron. And T-cracker and Skywarp too. And don't babble about the fact that they are back now. You didn't know that they would be resurrected. You had no idea." Motormaster smiled smugly.

"You are still a good 'con in my books as is Blitzwing... but Octane... if Galvatron had not killed him, I would have done it soon enough." Motormaster said.

The doors of the repairbay opened and Breakdown came inside. "Mission accomplished." The nervous Stunticon said, looking around the room to make sure that no one was staring at him.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-11-30, 11:20 PM
Skywarp froze, he had reached the shuttle and began his preperations for the journey to Cybertron.

Scorponok approached the black seeker.

"What're you doing..."

"I need to find the exact center of this shuttle craft, it'll....help."

Skywarp continued quietly.

"Diagnostics check....*Systems at 100%*...perfect."


Springer watched the monitors.

"Magnus, what's going on up there, that dumb camera reckon he's gonna watch us forever?"

Springer waited on a reply.

"We can't sit around here forever, we got the power back up, but who knows for how long, we need a plan, and soon."

Grimlock crashed through the door into the main room of the underground complex.

"Grimlock not need plan, me say we smash silly decepticon spy outside, go to Autobot City and take it back"

"Yes, fight good, smash decepticons" Slag interjected.

Grimlock proceeded to get in Ultra Magnus' face.

"When you going to do something about this mess you got us into. Soon, or Dinobots leave."

2001-11-30, 11:44 PM
Exiting Galvatron's quarters, Darkwing signaled Adeara.

"Galvatron has given us orders to assist you", he said. "Please give us your current location."

Apeface walked to the shuttle bay of Metrotitain. Spasma, unable to gain control of his Headmaster partner thoguht of what he could do.

"I've got to disengage", he said.

He tried to disengage from his Decepticon partner, but was unable to.

"Looks like I'm going for a ride", he said to himself, as Apeface walked into the cockpit of a small scout ship, and began the pre-liftoff sequence.

2001-12-01, 01:55 AM
Adeara was headed for the shuttle when she was contacted.

"Galvatron has given us orders to assist you. Please give us your current location."

Adeara opened a comlink to him, not quite sure who it was. "I'm headed for the shuttle. I'm about 600 yards from it. By the by, who is 'us'?"

2001-12-01, 02:11 AM
Adeara's voice came back over Darkwing's commlink.

"I'm headed for the shuttle. I'm about 600 yards from it. By the by, who is 'us'?"

Darkwing laughed.

"'Us' is the Powermaster Jets, Darkwing and Dreadwind. Galvatron has ordered us to assist you in any way that we can, and to watch over Skywarp."

Dreadwind spoke up.

"Adeara, have you seen Apeface?"
Apeface was nearby, but doing something that was unbecoming of him.

"Pre-flight coundown completed", said the ship's onboard computer, as the ship itself lifted off and headed for the sky.

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Quick Switch
2001-12-01, 02:30 AM
Astrotrain rose as Breakdown entered, and turned to Motormaster.

"Yeah, I know. I'm not perfect...but then again, I'm a Triple Changer. Comes with the territory. Just had to vent for a cycle. That's all."

Astrotrain went to his former console and opened a channel to Gigatron.

"Gigatron, Astrotrain reporting. Breakdown has returned: mission complete and a success. All Decepticons present have been repaired. What are your orders?"

As he finished, a hint of pride entered Astrotrain's voice.

I could get used to this. Doing a job, and getting recognition for it. Gigatron's certainly different from some leaders...

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2001-12-01, 02:58 AM
The Decepticons felt the shuttle lift off slowly, and Magnacrunch watched as Skywarp stood in the center of the shuttle, making the final preparations for the jump he would be making (with the shuttle in tow) to Cybertron.

Leaning across the aisle towards Blazestarter, Magnacrunch said, "Duh, you think this is gonna work, Blazestarter? I don't know, somethin' about this teleport thing sounds dangerous."

Polishing the silver flamethrowers attached to his black and white arms, Blazestarter replied, "Relax, Big Mag! We'll be there in no time, and then we'll finish off whatever Bot stragglers made it out there. Just occupy your processor until then. Hey, drag Driveby over here and give him a little scare."

Magnacrunch said, "Duh, okay, Blaze." Magnacrunch obliged his friend, stepping into the aisle and transforming into his unique magnetic car-cruncher alt mode. He activated the magnetism and directed it at Driveby, pulling him from his seat.

Driveby went flying through the shuttle towards Magnacrunch, screaming, "Dahhhhmmmmmittt!!!! It ain't funny, fools!!!" Just as Driveby was about to land in Magnacrunch's cruncher, Optitron stepped between the two. Driveby crashed into Optitron and fell to the ground, his leader standing unaffected. Magnacrunch transformed and stood before his leader.

Fearing Optitron's wrath, Magnacrunch said, "Duh, sorry boss, I...uh..."

Optitron reached down and picked up Magnacrunch and Driveby by the scruff of the neck, one in each hand. He said evilly, "Stop playing around, you two! Have you forgotten already the ramifications of this trip? SIT DOWN!!!!"

As the two Renegades returned to their seats and Optitron walked away, Blazestarter covered his face and chuckled...

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2001-12-01, 05:04 PM
Ultra Magnus staggered back a bit, "Hmmm maybe just going out and smashind Decepticon is our best plan so far, Grimlock" Magnus regained his composure, "But we first wait until Galvatron is gone. Blaster report.

2001-12-01, 06:46 PM
"I almost got it Magnus plus alot of files that we may need, woow hello" Blaster went silent "Heh I got the hook up and something else now I'll need time but I found the weapon systems on metrotitan I think I can dactivate them, I think etleast I have never done this" He retorted.

2001-12-01, 08:30 PM
Galvatron turned to Sixshot as he prepared to board.

Galvatron: "You know what to do?"

Sixshot: "Of course...its why I am the best!"

Galvatron smiled...

Galvatron: "Then Proceed with the launch!"

Elsewhere in the shuttle, Scorponok was busy constructing the final links that would assist Skywarp with the process.

Scorponok: "Not that I doubt you good Skywarp, but are you quite certain you can handle what you are about to do?"

2001-12-01, 09:13 PM
Darkwing and Dreadwind raced towards the shuttle that was going to Cybertron, getting on board the shutle just in time.

"We're here", Dreadwind said to no one in particular.

2001-12-01, 09:14 PM
Gigatron continued to lounge in his office. He examined each facet of these new quarters. Much like Galvatron's, but a tiny bit smaller and less extravagant. Gigatron was debating over moving his room to that of his leader when Astrotrain's voice floated into his head.

If Galvatron intends to stay on Cybertron, he won't... I must be going mad. Hearing things...

Then, Gigatron spotted the corresponding face on his video screen, its mouth moving to the words. He leaned forward.

"Very good, Astrotrain. Inform your team that they may have some time off. All of the facilities of Metrotitan are theirs: target practice, repairs, relaxation, and so on. Tell them to be ready for combat. We will commence our first strike on the Autobots as soon as Reflector locates them. Also, be so kind as to relay the message to Gunrunner and his men if you happen to see them. Gigatron out."


"Woah, woah, woah," Bushido interjected, approaching Grimlock and Ultra Magnus. "Let's not do anything rash. I want to get back at the Decepticons too, but we have to formulate a battle plan first."

"Can it, dork!" Slag shouted. "Dinobots want action, and we want it now!"

"We all do!" Cybershot retorted, following Bushido with Shoulderblades. "But the Decepticons outnumber and outgun us. We can't go into battle half-cocked. Right, guys?"

"Wrong!" Warfare contended. "I don't care who our leader is, I'm with the Dinobots on this one! We have to retake Autobot City!"

The Dinobots raised their swords and cheered.

"Springer's my leader," Roadbuster muttered from the background. "Whatever he decides..."


"Oh, man! Look at this!"

He kneeled among the ashes, running his hands through them. It was a futile gesture. The damage was long done.

"This can't have happened! I mean... It just can't!"

But it had. He stared into the pile, spotting a tiny chunk of a face that had not been obliterated. He did not enjoy seeing it.

"No... NO! I have to get revenge for this! On the one who caused it! On the one who did it to him!"

He watched Galvatron enter the shuttle.

"Where do you think you're going?!"

He got to his feet, taking one final quick glance at the remains in which he stood. Disgusting.

"Okay, time to test out these new powers. I figure if they worked for him, they'll work for me..."

He concentrated. His hands... He couldn't see them!

"Now let's try the teleportation..."

He concentrated. His surroundings... They morphed into others. He was within the shuttle! He wanted to celebrate... But he knew to stay quiet. Unseen, unheard, and unfelt, he would be able to observe everything without anyone ever the wiser.

2001-12-01, 10:26 PM
Ultra Magnus stepped away form the Dinobots and everyone and everyone else that wanted his opinaion, "You know what? I can't deal with that now." he muttered as he approached Blaster, "Great Blaster Is we could get the weapons off-line? Wait, didn't Prime inject some sort of virus into the city before he retreated?" Magnus turned his head for a moment to give instructions, "Rewind has Galvatron left yet?" "Springer, get a combat group together and form an attack plan. Dinobots, go uhh, practice on some rocks or something."

2001-12-01, 10:39 PM
Galvatron looked around at the shuttle crew.

Galvatron: "To glory my Decepticons...to our future!"

(continued in End of Days: New Dawn Rising)