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2001-11-25, 11:42 PM
(Summary: After the conversion of Metroplex to Metrotitan, most of the Earth-bound Autobots were forced to retreat to Cybertron. However, their return to Iacon delivered them over a raging battle. A series of explosions have just erupted at the city's edge, leaving the Autobots disoriented as Grand Maximus dropped the Earthen Autobots into the skirmish.)

"Twin Twist... Urg! You okay?" Sandstorm struggled to lift his head as Cryhavoc lost interest.

He did not respond.

"Twin Twist?"

"Ugh..." Twin Twist stirred. "Last time I do that! Hey... I can't feel my legs! Sandstorm, I can't feel my legs!"

"No kiddin'!" Sandstorm forced a smile. "That's 'cause they're over here!"

Twin Twist looked over at his friend... and his estranged bottom half. He began to pull himself across the field as Sandstorm tried to contact his fellow Wreckers.

"Topspin, Whirl, Rack 'N' Ruin! Come in! I don't know how to say this entirely, but... HELP!"


Topspin was busy patching Whirl back together when he received Sandstorm's message. A horrified expression dominated his face as the enormity of the unknown situation dawned on him.

They must be in some real trouble! Topspin thought. Sandstorm never calls for help...

Topspin jumped up. "Stay here and take care of Whirl, Rack 'N' Ruin! I have to help Sandstorm and Twin Twist!"

Rack 'N' Ruin nodded. Topspin transformed and took off across the battlefield.


Grand watched on his cockpit monitors. The Autobots jumped quickly and daringly into Primus-knows-what below. He admired them... But there was no time for that. A Decepticon ship (he did not know which, oddly) was directly below his. No doubt it would try to shoot the Autobots out of the sky as they fell.

Still can't transform, Grand thought. What was I doing all the way here?

The option of a robotic assault out of question, Grand took aim with his cannons on Skystalker.

"Back off, buddy! You aren't welcome at Iacon! FIRE!"

2001-11-26, 12:27 AM
Skystalker narrowly avoided the energy blasts from the ship. Jarring Hatemunger as he avoided them.
"Hey!" Hatemunger growled. "Could you please attempt to keep the jars to a minimum while I do my repairs!"
"Sorry But I told you this was a combat situation, sides it will take alot to bring this ship down, if these boys want to play I can do that!" Skystalkerlaughed and unleashed a hailstorm of missles and laser fire at the Autobot ship and other Autobot targets. Now lets see if this works. Skystalker took aim at a group of random Autobots and tested the atom disengrater built into his ship. The blast fired and wiped out the group instantly.
"Ohhhh I gotta remember that button!" Skystalker chriped as he took off around the sky firing away at Autobots and steering clear of their firepower so Hatemunger could complete some more repair work on himself.
Hatemunger was doing better than he was some time ago, he fixed up his knee joint and repiared the damaged circuits in his arm all he had to do now was add some more armour to what Scrapheap had given him.
"I can't over do this armour plating that was onboard Skystalker, but this should be enough to offer me some degree of protection again." He smiled taking a drink of energon from a can. "Well I need to finish this up so I can help my troops." He thought and began to set to work.
Darklark looked the Autobot ship that had opened fire on Skystalker.
"Hey don't fire at my friend!" He growled and unleashed a volley of firepower at the ship and began to move around the city firing at other Autobots and other targets alike.
Deathsuarus laughed, driving his sword through an Autobot and using is blasters on a group of Autobots he fought along side his Gestalt Liokaiser as Lio attacked enemies in the sky Deathsaurus attacked enemies on the ground.
Stealth saw the wreckers stuggling to their feet and took aim and unleashed a volley of energy blasts from his plasma pistols.
"If I were you guys I would not be so worried about the fallen!" He laughed a recloaked and began an offensive againist the Autobot group.

2001-11-26, 01:12 AM
Stealth was forced to a stop, like he'd hit a brick wall while he ran. Jetfire looked down at a clear patch of concrete--at least, that's how it looked to everyone else.

"Hello there," he began, looking straight at the cloaked Decepticon. "Coward."

Jetfire crouched low and kicked into Stealth's stomach with all his shear force.


Tal'Noktaraus held his freefall for only a moment before transforming to his flight mode. In normal atmospheric conditions, his mode would be sluggish at best. Here on his home turf, however, he was quite adept. Quickwind and Talis took up both his wings as they swooped down at the Decepticon shuttle.

"We've dealt with Skystalker-class ships in the past," Noktaraus said. "You know what to watch for and what to take down first. Give our boys cover while they get into position."

"We're on it," Quickwind responded. "Course vectors plotted. Think we can do it with just three?"

"Take down the ship, no. Disengage some of its heavier weaponry, that's all we need to do anyway. Talis, concentrate on the bomb bay doors, Quickwind, go for the launchers. I'll take the nose." He switched comms. "Control, Grand, get a damper field around the bays while we drop--watch that atom scrambler."

The three streaked down towards the Decepticon shuttle, laserfire making its way back at them. "Break formation," Noktaraus ordered, "and open fire!"


Sidewinder began blasting at the group with his shcokwave pellets. The wall of Decepticons began to disperse with each hit, but like a mad wave it rejoined itself as Decepticons trampled over those that had fallen. Just as Sidewinder feared they might over-run them, a mass of weapons fire began blasting into them. More Cons kept coming, but the lines were being held. Sidewinder continued to fire with his shockwave blasts, pushing the group back and shattering the individuals taking the brunt of his hits.


Dark Prime reopened his platform after converting it back to octane rig to turn it around. Just in time the weapons came online and began blasting the Decepticon troops with such ferociousness it almost created a thick haze of smoke and debris too thick to see through. Prime switched the visuals on his monitor, and the blue-colored screen began showing the view as if the smoke wasn't there. He continued to fire, holding the line back long enough for the Autobots and his troops to regroup.

2001-11-26, 01:27 AM
Ironhide, Mirage and a beat-up Tracks turned their attention to the sky as the Grand Maximus ship hovered above Cybertron. Autobots began pouring from the ship and attacking the Decepticons, and the battle intensified all around them.

Mirage turned to his commander and said, "Ironhide...what in creation IS that thing?"

Ironhide shielded his eyes and said, "Better find out." He opened his direct link to his commander and said, "Prahme, this is Ironhide. What the heck is that up in the sky?"

Tracks watched as Skystalker swooped around the Maximus ship, firing volleys at the ship's underbelly. Tracks said, "Who cares? There's Autobots coming out, and that Decepti-goon is taking some potshots at 'em. Time to even things up!"

Ironhide turned just as Tracks transformed to jet mode and flew off. Ironhide shouted, "Tracks, come bahck!" but his sidekick did not hear him.

Tracks headed straight for the unknown enemy jet and opened fire, hoping to bring him down before he could turn his superior flying skills around.

2001-11-26, 01:41 AM
Stealth went through the air laughing the whole way as he opened fire on the large Autobot with his blasters.
Stealth landed on the ground and did a backflip and transformed into his car mode and took off into the city.
Skystalker saw the Autobot flyers and unleashed his full weapondary.
Sadly Tracks firepower didn't do much againist the armour of Skystalker as missles and laser fire where aimed at the Autobot flyer.
"Hey Darklark, I could use a hand up here." Skystalker told the evil Autobot.
Darklark decided to help out his comrade and opened fire on the group of Autobots leaving the ship, striking some as they exited causing them to fall screaming to their death on the ground below.
"Come on you flyers, lets see what you can do?" Darklark laughed.
Hatemunger smiled as he welded on the armour plating.
"Well the Autobots wish to play." He smiled and recharged his energon levels.
"We shall play again soon!" he laughed.

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God Jinrai
2001-11-26, 01:54 AM
Prime and Jinrai made the drop... Godbomber not more than a few feet behind... Prime drifted toward Iacon's control center... Jinrai and godbomber however, had something ELSE in mind...

"Noktaurus! Godbomber and I are going to pay these basteeches a visit! Cover us till we rip through!"

The two landed with a loud thud on the roof of the shuttle.. magnetizing their boots... Godbomber activated his rocketlauncher... blowing a massive hole in the shuttle's armor not ten feet in front of them...

"Let's take it to em!" Jinrai shouted, and the duo dove inside, guns at the ready

2001-11-26, 01:59 AM
Firing away at the Decepticons in the air as they zeroed in on the desperate, dodging Tracks, Ironhide watched as Optimus Prime and God Jinrai jumped from the mysterious ship and descended toward Cybertron. Ironhide looked at Prime and Jinrai...and memories of his former leader's hideous death at the hands of Optitron and his Renegades filled his optics...it was then that he realized that he, Dark Prime and the others were not where they were meant to be.

Ironhide opened his direct link to Dark Prime again and said desperately, "Prahme...where...where are we?!?"

2001-11-26, 02:23 AM
OOC Umm how the heck are people attacting themselves to Skystalker when he is nowhere near the Autobot shuttle?

2001-11-26, 03:47 AM
(OOC: I take it that no one knows he's not near the Autobot ship, since that was never said. Only thing you posted was that Skytalker started flying all about to avoid fire and give Hatemunger some repair time. Need to make it clear next time that he's flown out of range. On top of that, it becomes a nice attractant when it is responsible for picking off Autobots as they fly out to battle)

(OOC HISTORICAL NOTE: writing a flashback bit, for those confused on the alt-uni thing)


Dark Prime clicked his commlink to Ironhide. "Not home," he responded calmly, "and we'll never see home if we don't hold those Decepticons back from Iacon. That blast did more than just knock us out--it sent us through some kind of rift. The details will be unlocked once we secure Iacon again."

Dark Prime continued to fire into the mob making it's secondary attack. He glanced up, seeing what he knew Ironhide had seen. What looked to be two Primes--one slightly different--landing on the top hull of the Decepticon shuttle now flying about. His memories began to fade back to his last true battle as Optimus Prime at Autobot City against Optitron. The Decepticon had overthrown Megatron only recently by that time, ejecting him into the depths of space prior to his arrival to Earth. They had dueled, and he had nearly won. But Optitron wasn't finished, and the Decepticon unleashed a sneak attack right under Prime's nose. The Decepticon leader used the advantage for everything it was worth, and Prime lay defeated.

The fury of the Autobots was enough to--in the end--force the Decepticons to leave Autobot City. But not without leaving the battle's mark. The city lay in ruins, and Optimus Prime lay on his death bed just long enough to pass the Matrix to the next heir. Then, darkness...

The next bit of his memories were of a blur, as his consciousness fought against an alien program in his net that didn't belong. When he gained advantage during the internal struggle, the past events had become clear. Quintessons--had reprogrammed his systems in some sort of zombie fashion to lead the Autobots to their destruction. But they had not counted on it awakening his old mind. He had told his troops they were to attack the Decepticons lead by Galvatron. A reconstructed Megatron that had somehow overthrown Optitron during the past few years, Prime would learn later. Realizing the trap he was leading his men into, he ordered them to retreat, and started piloting the flagship into the sun himself. Once again, to his death...

Dark Prime looked around, noted that the Autobots scattered about had formed a new defensive line and were attacking the ground troops with a fury he hadn't seen in some time. He held his barrage up against the Decepticons, pouring in everything he had.


Noktaraus flew along the underside of the shuttle, dodging cannonfire and maneuvering to keep with the ship as it flew along. He was nearing the nose of the shuttle when a laser blast struck him. He opened his micro-rocket launchers and targeted the nearby turret as he flew past. Turning on his back while he flew, he fired off a salvo. The armor was barely dented, but the turret itself disintegrated. "That's one," Noktaraus muttered. He turned forward again and made for the ship's nose.


Quickwind dodged with expertise as missiles flew past him. lasers couldn't even get a bead on him as he skimmed the ship's hull. While the ship was fast, it wasn't so maneuverable that Quickwind could stay with it. He began aiming for turrets as he came to them, firing quick bursts and breaking off before he could get hit.


Talis flew below the shuttle, barely keeping with it as it maneuvered about. Blasterfire scored his hull on numerous occasions, sometimes forcing him to bank sharply one way or another. He kept his top turret secured for fear of having it blasted off, then opened his launcher bays. He targeted the aft bomb bay doors of the shuttle and fired. The mass volley of missiles homed in on the doorway, seeming to know them from the rest of the ship...


Sidewinder transformed to his vehicle mode and drove along the side of the oncoming group. His cannon attached to his roof and turned sideways, firing explosive scattershot into them. As the Decepticons advanced, Sidewinders straight line of criving was forced into a curve. Then, Napalm flew overhead.

"Yeee-haw!" the pyromaniac howled. He dropped a salvo of incendiary bombs into the group which exploded on impact. Cybertronian gel ignited and spread everywhere, burning and melting Decepticons in clumps.

"Good timing!" Sidewinder shouted as he drove away, joining the new line of defense.


"No you don't!" Jetfire growled, transforming and keeping his sites on Stealth. To most, it appeared as though Jetfire were flying on his own course into the city. In reality, Jetfire's course was predetermined by the direction Stealth drove. He knew every corner of Iacon, and any unreachable parts via flight had their exits. Problem was, this Decepticon seemed to know them just as well. Jetfire blasted at the ground around the speeding Decepticon, tearing up permacrete as he went.

2001-11-26, 04:20 AM
Hatemunger laughed, "Foolish Autobots." His repairs were complete, even though his armour was not perfect it was good enough for now. He smiled and loaded an energon cube into his arm, the cube went directly to his fusion cannons.
"Skystalker listen to me, the Autobots want to wage an air war lets do it, fly directly underneath their own starship and smash the pests on your roof. Myself I have a surprise for them." Hatemunger laughed loading more energon into his cannons.
Skystalker suddenly broke left surprising the Autobots attacking him. They thought he was going to ram Grand Max then suddenly they saw his plan.
Skystalker flew directly underneath Grand Max far enough to not damage himself via a direct collision but far enough to smash the Autobots on the roof against it at a full speed. Removing the invaders an armoured door slide underneath the damage.
After flying underneath Grand Max, Skystalker climbed high and did a roll. Even though one of his turrets was wiped out it did nothing to the rest of the firepower Skystalker had.
"Computer lock onto any available target." Skystalker side to the ships computer as a targeting HUD came up and locked onto various Autobot targets.
"Also, Lock Atom Disengrater onto Grand Max." Skystalker smiled as the system stated a lock.
"Now fire!" Skystalker pressed a button unleashing the whole array of firepower the ship had along with the fearsome Atom Disengrater directly at Grand Max.
Hatemunger heard the firepower unleash and told Skystalker to open the bay door so he could attack.
The Door opened and Hatemunger flew out.
"Now Autobots lets see how you like this surprize!" Hatemunger laughed as the energon he placed in his cannons began to fuse and charge them up even more.
Hatemunger took a aim ready to unleash a wide angle blast but realized what he needed to do for maximum damage as long as he had Skystalker unleashing his weapons on the Autobots. Hatemunger climbed up higher in the air and then fired, a sick hissing sound eminated from his cannons as they unleashed the energon charged blast, while he fired he turned himself 360 degrees allowing the blast to hit more than just a central area and continued to fire until the blast ran out. Skystalker after firing at Grand Max and Autobot forces climbed above Hatemunger to offer him coverage from sneaky Autobots.
Darklark, moved swiftly when he saw Hatemunger climb.
"This is gonna hurt some Autobrats he thought to himself." he swung out of the way and watched as the blast tore through Iacon.
Stealth laughed as he watched the Autobot flyer vaporise thin air.
"Hmm he can't see me but he guesses where I went because of my general direction." He laughed as he tore out of the city once he saw Hatemunger leave Skystalker. Hatemunger had already told him his plan and Stealth kept was to keep the best Autobot flyer busy just as Hatemunger needed. He remained cloaked and drove to where Deathsuarus and Liokaiser were.
"Wow." Was all Deathsuarus and could say at the moment as he stood ready for Autobot attack. With Liokaiser hovering slightly above him and Stealth drove up next to him.
"Pretty flashy huh!?" Stealth chuckled. "Thats my boss." He laughed happily.
"Yes he is quite amazing." Deathsuarus nodded.

2001-11-26, 04:34 AM
Tracks spun around in midair as Skystalker released Hatemunger and the two continued to fire on Grand Maximus.

Looks like the uncultured creep's distracted for a sec, Tracks thought. Time to get up-close on the situation!

With that, Tracks jetted forward, sneaking up on Skystalker. Just as he was about to pass over the unsuspecting Decepticon, Tracks transformed to robot mode and landed on top of the flying menace. Holding on for dear life, Tracks said, "Let's see how you like the treatment, Decepti-bum!" His body swirling in the wind, Tracks aimed his shoulder-mounted rockets downward and prepared to detonate Skystalker's topside.

2001-11-26, 04:42 AM
Skystalker made a lurch hard to the left, leaving Noktaraus a long way from the ship's nose. The craft turned directly for Grand Max on a ramming course. "Damn, he's going to try and take the battleship with him!" Quickwind called over the comm.

Noktaraus clicked his link. "Prime, Jinrai, off the roof!" He hoped his warning was in time. The Skystalker leveled off and scraped its armor-plated hull across Maximus' bottom. "Guess when you don't have claws to scratch your back with..." Noktaraus flew back in under the nose of the craft, locating the panel he wanted. He pulled out one of his arched blades and ignited it. Latching onto the front of the nose just behind the panel, he duge the long bending sword into the armor. "Quickwind, get under here and keep these turrets..."

He hadn't needed to say anything as Quickwind began firing at random locations along the hull of the ship. Noktaraus was nearly thrown off as the ship turned again, and once again aimed for the Maximus battle cruiser.

His timing couldn't have been better as his blade tore out the panel. He drove the blade even further in until everything in the front nose was sparking wildly. Then he pulled the blade forward, cutting just far enough towards the nose. Finally, the blue flash he was looking for went off, and ionized gas began to flow from the small wound. The hull of the ship would hold--that would need a much tougher approach. But Noktaraus wasn't after a nose trimming.

"First job accomplished," he clicked his comm as he disengaged his blade and dropped off the ship, avoiding fire. "The sonic emitter is destroyed. How are you guys holding out?"

"It lurched on my firing run!" Talis complained. "No hit on the bays, and no significant damage."

"Got another laser turret," Quickwind chimed, "and one short range rocket launcher is out. But there's a hole lot more than that.[/i]"

"Damn!" Noktaraus shouted. "Pull back, they're firing on Maximus, full spread!"


Jetfire's optics tried to focus on the transparent blur in front of him. multiphasic cloak. Not bad, kiddo. He smirked as he followed the blur along--a blur only his refined optics could make out. His internal visual systems went through everything they had been programmed with, trying to relock the target ahead. "Come on, no mech failures today..."

It clicked in a moment later.

The blur turned to a blue object with great detail, a car to be exact. "Gotcha," he smirked. To prove his point, he fired a direct blast to Stealth's rear.


Electro lined up with his mates and the fellow Autobots he was fighting alongside on the new front line. Blitzwing transformed and took up on his side. "They don't seem to mind me," Blitzwing commented. "It seems rather odd."

"I think they know what side yer on," Electro responded. "Who knows if there's another one of you in this dimension." He brought up his small wrist rocket launchers as the Decepticons came closer, what ones made it through the fire Dark Prime was pouring into them.

"Steady now..." one of the Autobots said.


Noktaraus was about to convert to flight mode when he noted the figure leaving the shuttle before it began it's attack. His armor looked to be half-done, plated on in portions to cover up damage. Then, the Decepticon fired his shoulder cannon and swept it in a 360 arch. "Watch it, watch it!" he called out as he dropped low.

2001-11-26, 05:32 AM
OOC Hatemunger has dual forearm mounted Fusion cannons.

Stealth watched as the missle came along side his rear, he managed to cut a corner, the missle detonated and flew him into the air, he transformed into robot mode and fired a volley of blasts at the skyward Autobot. "Good thing I am a tad more agile that this flyer thinks." He took some damage to his rear from the blast, but nothing that would hinder much luckly. He transformed and
pulled up alongside Deathsuarus and other Decepticons.
Stealth aimed to the air knowing that now he would have a better chance with more Decepticons firing at the annoying flying Autobot.
Hatemunger smiled as he hovered cannons smoking.
"That felt good." he laughed and fired some cover fire for Skystalker as Skystalker broke away from the enemy fliers and then flew in downward to meet with his men.
Hatemunger didn't like keeping soilders in one group but this was one of the rare times that given the damage caused by his cannon fire and the current number of Autobots it didn't hurt to get together with his men.
"Welcome back Hatemunger." Deathsaurus smiled.
"Thank you. I have a plan but it will take a few minutes before we can try it" Hatemunger replied as the group of warriors continued their march of death at Iacon. Skystalker flew in above them to offer them cover from the Skies with Darklark hovering nearby Skystalker weapons blazing.

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2001-11-26, 05:42 AM
(OOC: Already got permission to hang on to the Aerialcons for a few more posts.)

Scrapheap, The Aerialcons and Crashticons found a sutable base location a ways away from the fighting. It was a large storage structure that seemed to have been abandoned for some time. They broke in and began setting up shop.

"Ok, let's take this place apart, see what parts and pieces we can get. Anything we can find will make my life easier. Let's get a move on." Scrapheap immediately started giving orders. The Aerialcons just stood there, not following orders from this warrior. Skyblade stepped up to Scrapheap.

"I don't know what you're thinking..."

"This." Scrapheap handed Skyblade an old plate with a scratched out drawing and plans. Skyblade looked over it, taking in what was revealed, then slowly smiling.

"We'll help. Get moving everyone." With Skyblade ordering, the Aerialcons began to open up crates and search for ... anything. But the real discovery was made by Blindside.

"Scraps, I think you should take a look at this." Blindside had pulled open a crate in the back of room and was in awe at what was inside. Scrapheap checked it and a look of curiosity came across his face. Inside the crate were 4 cylinders each holding what looked to be a sleeping humanoid in some odd cyber outfit.

"Let's take one out. See what happens." Scrapheap pushed a series of buttons and the tank hissed and released the figure within. He shook to alertness, and looked up at the Decepticons.

"Finally." He said, then went to open the other capsules. Before he could be stopped, all four were free.

"Now, we need to pick up our others."

"Hold it." Scrapheap said, "Who are you?"

"I am Monzo, leader of this Decepticons war party. We ran into an energon crisis and had to shut down to recharge, we sent a distress beacon, but you are the first to answer it." He tapped a button on his wrist. "Weirdwolf, activate."

A crate at the back of the warehouse broke open as a headless Decepticon stepped out. Monzo transformed into the head and locked on to Weirdwolf.

"Skullcruncher, activate." Another body, another transformation, another Decepticon warrior.

"Quake... WAKE UP!!" The other two were pulling open another crate. A tank rolled out of it and transformed into a Decepticon.

"Alright, sitrep, Wolfy?" Quake asked.

"Our stasis ended is. Situation now we will learn of. More Autobots to destroy we will have. Happening what is?" He turned to Rollover.

"Um.... Battle is on going. Help we need. Uh... Kill them you can?"

"Offend me do not."

"Sorry, I am... I mean.. Sorry."

"Out we move. Quake, point you take. Skullcruncher, me you follow. Go let's!"

Quake laughed. "Tiptop, Heater!" The two transformed into Quake's guns. "Let's see how your aim is after all this time." He twirled them, sighted down the barrels, and transformed into tank mode.

"NUKE THE WORLD!!" Quake cried as he smashed through the door of the warehouse. Weirdwolf looked at Skullcruncher.

"Not subtle he is."

"No," Skullcruncher finally spoke. "Not subtle, but effective, as long as we keep him pointed at our enemies." The two headmasters followed the targetmaster out and towards the battle.

"Now." Scrapheap said. "Let's get working. Firebomb, you're first."

2001-11-26, 06:17 AM
OOC: I thought Stealth was drawing Jetfire away from the fight? Why bring him up higher to get shot at by Cons? (which indicates he's closer to the battlefield again) That was a cool idea, s'all. http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif

Jetfire followed in suit after Stealth, in the same movement dropping off two cluster bombs below at the Decepticon party Stealth had just left. Not waiting to see what damage he had done, he brought his quad turret to bear and opened fire.


"C'mon! Hurry it up!" Scattershot was getting impatient.

"You'll have to wait," the medic said inside Iacon. "Do you realize how many patients I have?"

"Do any of 'em have Gestalt-abilities? We're one man down from our team, repairing him puts us back on the battlefield. Which might save this city!"

"Gestalt or not, one more trooper won't do much right not. He's stable, these guys aren't. Wait!"

Scattershot was going to have none of it, but Nosecone and Strafe got in his way. "Hold up there, buddy!" Nosecone started. He turned to the medic. "Do you have any supplies we can get to ourselves?"

"We can't allow you to go into our equipment unattended."

"Then send a drone with us. We only need enough to patch him up so we can get back out there."

The medic looked at Nosecone, then at the fuming Scattershot. "We might need those for..."

"Look," Nosecone started again, "you've got injured in here because of what's going on out there. We could be out there keeping less Autobots from coming in here. OR..." Nosecone gestured to Scattershot, "we can stop holding him back and he'll take those supplies himself. Probably destroying your containment units and whatever equipment he DOESN'T need. We can be made useful, or..."

"You can sit here and annoy me," the medic finished continuing his repairs on his patient. "Go on, down that hall behind me, third door. Please!"



Like a wall of chaos, the Autobots fired into the approaching group of Decepticons. They fired back, causing Autobots to fall to the ground. The trade-off was thunderous. Napalm made for a second run on the Decepticon lines, when something hit him from above.

"Augh!" he screamed as his left wing was decimated. He spun out of control, crashing behind a building.

Sidewinder looked up at the attacker. "Hey guys, that general guy is back again!"


(OOC: and important general note. TAKE SOME HITS! It's healthy for you! http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif )

2001-11-26, 06:39 AM
Stealth ran around saying all sorts of swears. His tail end was smoking from the cluster bombs.
"Slagging mother of a tin can wasted trash recycling!" Stealth finally put out the flames.
"Hey why are you all laughing at me!?" Stealth sighed.

2001-11-26, 08:03 AM
(ooc: yup, good idea. Keeps people from gettin' twinky, heh.)

Slipstream rocketed through the air, strafing at the oncoming wave of Decepticons. Every now and then, an explosion in the 'Con ranks signalled that the black starfighter had dropped another demosphere into the fray. Each explosion was followed by a small shockwave, sending Decepticon chunks everywhere.

She spotted Napalm go down in a blaze of fire, quickly noting his crash coordinates and opening a comm link to the Autobot med teams. "We got one down at the coordinates I'm sendin', might wanna try and get someone to him."

Meanwhile, Superion had landed in front of the Autobot lines next to Dark Prime's weapons platform. The massive warrior let off round after round from his discharger rifle into the oncoming Decepticon ranks, decimating their front lines. Retaliatory firepower impacted multiple times on various parts of Superion, but his armor held up against it, at least for now.

At Sidewinder's statement, Roadkill also looked up and gave a slight groan. "Things just keep gettin' better, don't they?" He shrugged and turned his attention back to the oncoming Decepticons, just in time to get pegged in the right side of his chestplate by a lucky shot. The blast tore through his armor and shattered the glass of his turck's cab, and he fell back with a grunt.

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2001-11-26, 08:26 AM
Sidewinder helped his team mate as he fell. "How bad, can you get up?" He noted Roadkill was all right, but extremely angry. Then he snorted. "Ugh! Worrying about other team members. You Autobots are rubbin' off on me, it's disgusting!"

Still, he helped his team member to his feet. "C'mon! We got more fighting to do!


Jetfire peeled for the skies, transforming to robot mode and looking below him. "Think I finally knocked the laugh out of that guy. For the moment." He made a quick note of the taller members that were with him. Trouble, and their further inside the city...

He converted again and drove towards the group, weapons blazing.

(OOC: This is after whatever has happened to Maximus during that attack)

Noktaraus flew in robot mode, dodging what shots he could, firing into the shuttle with his repeater rifles as the heavy ship dove towards the attackers below. The projectiles bounced harmlessly off the ship's armor until they traced along an unfortunate turret, blasting it to pieces. A strat shot smashed into Noktaraus' left shoulder, tearing off a good portion of the forward armor. Quickwind flew in from the other side, skimming the shuttle's surface. He located a new turret and blasted it. He dodged the laserfire easy enough.

Talis flew in with his quad turrets armed. Having a harder time maneuvering from the shots, Talis took quite a few hits, along with a small rocket on his starboard side. It rocked him off-course a moment, then he pulled back around and strafed at the ship. "Well, it's like we figured. We can knock out a gun here and there, but we aren't bringing it down."

"That's fine," Noktaraus answered. "A good portion of the forward guns are knocked out. The ship will have to pull up to bear its other weapons, and on that note it'll be flying past."

"except that atom scrambler thing, it's still active!" Quickwind said. "Plus a mess of missile launchers."

Noktaraus turned to watch the ship descend. "It's possible she's used up most of her energy firing at Maximus. Those missiles we still have to worry about. We won't know until..."

Noktaraus looked around. "Jinrai, Prime. Have they reported in since..."

Talis responded first. "Haven't heard, Tal."

"Nothing." Quickwind added.

Noktaraus nodded. "We have other orders to fill out. Keep cover until we've dumped out load, then locate Fort Max. Everyone is out of the boat, primary objective completed. Let's go get our reinforcements!"

The three took off in a different location, looking for their friend.

2001-11-26, 09:04 AM
Roadkill got back to his feet, with Sidewinder's help, and retrieved his dropped rifle, cursing under his breath. "Okay, that hurt somewhat." Ignoring the sparking hole in his chest armor, Roadkill resumed firing upon the Decepticons with increased vigor, Sidewinder alongside him.

2001-11-26, 09:26 AM
"We got worse trouble," Electro motioned above them again. "That shuttle is coming down on us!"

The Skystalker ship was coming in all right. It seemed to be firing all around itself, signs of something else attacking it.

"We don't want to be here," one of the Autobot soldiers said. "This line won't hold if that thing begins to attack."

"Well, it's almost in range," Sidewinder added as the hail of incoming fire increased.

"We'll have to draw back to our second line, inside the city. The cover of Iacon will help for sure." The Autobot seemed to be in charge of one or some of the battalions, as he signalled to the front defensive line. Dark Prime transformed to rig mode as the Autobots made their way inside the city. "Get everyone setup inside, Superion and I will give you cover!"

Sidewinder transformed, as did most of the Autobots. They all screamed down the entryway of Iacon, blasted up something awful. Within no time, they were at the next line of defense--teams of Autobots in different positions behind barracades of various types. Prime held at the entrance to the domed city. Superion just beside him. Dark Prime transformed and brought the platform back online. Just as the ship came within firing range, Prime raised the platform's shield, covering himself, the platform and Superion. Then the two major powers opened fire. (OOC: FP:8 and FP:10)

2001-11-26, 02:31 PM
OOC Skystalker has Spd 7, End 9 and skill 9 just so you guys can see how iam role play this http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif
Skystalker swore, the firepower was too great but luckly he was able to take most of the firepower but he had taken enough damage that he figured he should land for a bit and repair the shuttle.
"Hey Deathsaurus and Hatemunger I am gonna go set down for repairs away from the battle. I know of a place I can go for repairs and reloads so I will return. Good luck and happy Autohunting." Skystalker unleashed another volley of missles and inside the pilot micromaster smiled one more time. "Oh yeah one last gift for you guys!" he unleashed the atom scrambler one last time, the horrible energy beam lashed out, before he took off and headed away from the battle. Liokaiser took to the skies and covered Skystalker as the shuttle left the battle field.
Stealth laughed. "Me stop laughing never, I will laugh straight to the slag pit if I can help it."he chuckled firing away with Hatemunger and Deathsaurus.
Hatemunger got on his com-systems first he called up Scrapheap.
"Scrapheap, I could use the Aerialcons soon if you can help it! The situation here is slowing becoming dire, I have no idea what Cryhavoc is doing and the Autobots are fighting with renewed vigor, Skystalker has set down for some repairs and we are holding our own for now but the Aerialcons and then your own men would be helpful." Then Hatemunger switched to his other frequency and called Galvatron on Earth.
(OOC you will see this again in the Earth thread)
"Lord Galvatron the battle here on Cybertron goes on, but the Decepticons are starting to take losses, the cowardence of the Autobots shows now that there reinforcments have arrived. If possible can you give me an idea of who is coming from Earth with you? We can try to formulate a plan of counterstrike so the city will fall. Thank you leader Hatemunger out." With that Hatemunger switched off his com-system and continued to fight.

2001-11-26, 02:56 PM
Hot Rod was minding his own buisness talking to Doulbedealer when he was surprized at the sudden attack by Bombshell's cerebro shell. "I hate it when this happenes..."

Quick Switch
2001-11-26, 03:26 PM
Quick Switch transformed as soon as the bay doors opened, into his jet fighter mode.

Rocketing out of Grand Maximus, the Hexa Changer entered the fight, zooming upwards to get a sense of perspective.

Combiners, squads and individual Transformers were swarming everywhere.

He recognized a few Bots, many a mystery to him.

Quick Switch dove, and strafed a random cluster of Cons scrambling to invade Iacon.

(OOC: Anyone, feel free to engage Quick Switch, since most everybody seems to have found combatants. Otherwise, he'll just do NPC attacks.)

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2001-11-26, 04:46 PM
Cryhavoc's twinsonic cannons began to get overheated as Autobot after fell under his firepower. The anti-matter cannon on his tail was already unusable because of its massive heat built-up. The large Decepticon began to understand that the Autobots would not give up. Not now. Not in Iacon.

His internal cooling system was already on its limits after dozen of Autobot warriors armed with plasmablasters had attacked him sometime ago. Those Autobots he had been able to destroy, but now... he was beginning to get worried.

There was no other way. He had to transform into robot mode and stop using his built-in weaponry. This left only his claw-held plasmacannon to be used. Cryhavoc cursed aloud as he saw several Decepticons starting to retreat from the battle.

"Cowards! Fight back!" He roared though it was futile.

Cryhavoc cursed again and turned away from the fleeing Decepticons. He would not use the limited plasmacharges of his cannon to shoot down his cowardly allies.

The massive black Decepticon pointed his plasmalauncher towards one of the barricades that the Autobots had built to prevent Decepticons reaching the innerparts of the city. Then he fired, the plasmablast hit the barricade which began to melt into pool of smolten metal before his optics.

Behind the barricade waited some heavy artillery units which opened fire on Cryhavoc instantly after the barricade was destroyed.

"Frag!" Cryhavoc growled while he dodged the shots by jumping behind nearby bunker. This is getting worse all the time...

Cryhavoc activated his communication link with Jhiaxus. "Cryhavoc to Jhiaxus! Cryhavoc to Jhiaxus! Reinforcements needed! Autobot battleship arrived to Iacon! Situation hopeless!"

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2001-11-26, 05:06 PM
Hatemunger saw the gaint robot was in trouble.
"Decepticons Cryhavoc needs assistance. Deathsuarus, Liokaiser, Stealth mantain yoru assualt here." Hatemunger took off to where the massive warrior stood.
"The gnats are mighty big these days huh?" Hatemunger quiped as he opened fire on Autobots with his fusion cannons striking servral unrecognizable ones down.
"Give your guns a chance to cool down." The Decepticon general said looked at Cryhavoc.
"Once cooled, open fire and back off, for now we are better off holding what we have until reinforcements arrive. We can hold what we do have better as a group then scattered about right now." Hatemunger layed down supressing fire on the Autobot defenders.
Skystalker set his ship down for repairs.
"Hmm 4 turrets destroyed a massive whole in the armour from where the Autobots tried to get in and I need a massive reload of missles and energy. He typed in commands on a computer and several drones came out and began to adminster repairs and attach new turrets." Skystalker was a tad annoyed.
"Come on you buckets of bolts work faster!" he growled.

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2001-11-26, 05:12 PM
Quake came over the rise to see the group of Autobots battling with the smaller Decepticons force.

"TARRRRRGETS!!!" Quake opened fire with all cannons blasting loads of firepower into the flying Autobots. Most of the shots missed, but a few flyers were struck down by sheer volumes of fire power. Weirdwolf and Skullcruncher quickly closed the gap to his vantage point.

"Well the battle fares not. Aid them we shall. Let the battle joined be." The two Headmasters charged down the slope into the battle on the outskirts of Iacon, while Quake continued to provide anti-aircraft fire.

"Victory through superior firepower! Oh,Yeah!"
In the warehouse:
"Fearmaker, you're done. Rain, next up."

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God Jinrai
2001-11-26, 05:58 PM
now inside the skystalker, the duo of godbomber and jinrai charged through to the cockpit... Stopping just outside the door, Jinrai blew the door away, and the duo didn't even bother entering the cockpit... instead, a massive barrage of firepower was unleashed into the room, and the duo retreated again... out the hole they'd entered through... and dove for iacon...

Prime landed with a thud near one of the entry ramps.. he spotted a group of transformers he'd not recognised... and headed for them... Opening fire on their oppressors, he could see that one of them was using some sort of mobile weapons platform...


Prime drew a bead on the floating hatemungr... and opened full fire on him

2001-11-26, 07:41 PM
TimeSplitter gathered Megatron.

TimeSplitter transformed and shot off at his top speed.

Then Megatron noticed something. A ship. No. A transformer. Omega Supreme. With other Autobots onboard.



Omega Supreme was beginning to rise up from the atmosphere whenlazer fire struck him. It knocked out his weapons. Then he was hauled in, in a tractor beam. Goldbug, Punch, Rhinox, and Lio Convoy were stunned. Then another Decepticon ship began to show up on the screen but no one could see it.


Megatron watched Warlord Kalloxis come aboard.

"Welcome stranger. Take these to Power Conducor Room 3 quickly. I want them dismantled but not yet. I want to watch them suffer. Muuhahahhah"

Megatron looked at the other screen.

"Ah yes. This could work to my advantage. He pointed to the screen. He logged the Time Period into the computer."

2001-11-26, 08:21 PM
OOC Prime, are we fighting the same battles here, you never got into Skystalker and Skystalker is no longer even on the battlefield also not to sound dumb but I just don't see the battle platform ignoring the atom smasher http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif
Hatemunger drew back to Deathsaurus and Liokiaser.
"Cryhavoc should be able to hold his own now." Hatemunger hoped.
Suddenly two fighter jets screamed across the sky.
"Haha ha Burn baby burn!" Firebomb unleashed a firestorm at the Autobot fliers.
"Pathatic fools there's no excape!" Fearmaker laughed as he opened fire on Autobots as well.
Hatemunger saw the two jets scream in.
"Fearmaker, Firebomb welcome back!" Hatemunger laughed as he continued to fire on Autobot targets on the ground.
"Boss Scrapheap upgraded us so we returned to battle, the rest of the Aerialcons should be back at some point." Fearmaker told his commander.
"Excellent just get some of the flyers away from us." Hatemunger replied.
Deathsuarus looked at Liokaiser. "Go on and assist the two fliers we could use some more air support anyway." with that the gaint breastforce gestalt took to the skies and unleahsed his firepower with Fearmaker and Firebomb.
Deathsuarus recogized one of the Autobot warriors on the battlefield why because in the future he killed him.
"Jinari, I killed you once you fool, in the future, I have no problems killing you again in the past." The Decepticon breastforce commander smiled and suddenly broke away from the Decepticon forces slaughering all those that stood in his path and wiping out any Autobots who tried to stop him.
Skystalker watched as the drones repaired his ship.
"Hmm repairs 50% complete come on, you tin buckets shake a leg!!!!" Skystalker grumbled.

2001-11-26, 09:28 PM
Quake continued his one-bot assault on the city, firing on soldiers, vehicles, the walls, and anything else that looked even remotely Autobot-esque (And probably some things that didn't).

"Come out and play!! Where arrrre you??? Who wanta some Quake? I got enough for everybody!! Come get some!" And many other cliches to accompany the massive ammounts of firepower streaming into Iacon.
Further down the Main wall to Iacon, Weirdwolf and Skullcruncher were preparing a new incursion into the city. Skullcruncher was firing his softening ray into wall to weaken it.

"Reinforcements for the Decepticons come. At the warehouse were they not?" Weirdwolf noted as Fearmaker and Firebomb flew overhead.

"Maybe. Ready to go in?" Skullcruncher stepped back to admire his handywork. Then he kicked out, knocking the weakened wall in and leaving a new entrance.

"Quake should distract them for a while still." Skullcruncher commented as the sound of Quake's voice drifted over "kill the wabbit..."

"Enter we shall. Autobots we find. Autobots we kill. Battle over is not." Weirdwolf stepped through the impromptu opening, followed by Skullcruncher.

"Once more unto the breech, dear friend. Once more."

Meanwhile, back at the warehouse...
"Rain, get back to the battle. I'll do Buzzer, Skyblade get Sonicforce, I want to make sure you know what you're doing..."

2001-11-26, 10:50 PM
(OOC: Anyone else getting the feeling that there are a few too many ambiguous, ultra-powerful, seemingly-self-proclaimed-unhittable Decepticons running about? Perhaps it's just me...)

2001-11-26, 11:24 PM
Hot Rod thinking quick, moved his head quickly and opened his mouth. And in a split second caught the cerebro shell in his teeth. Then he turned his head and spit it back at Bombshell. He went to press the red button but it was too late they were loose. The cerebro shell proved to be a good destraction.

2001-11-26, 11:36 PM
Doubledealer looked at Bombshell, then at Hot Rod. As far as he was concerned, he was an Autobot. He'd better go along with that. He just hoped that Bombshell would later forgive him.
"Sorry, Bombsy", he thought, and began firing at him.
Bombshell wondered why Doubledealer was firing on him, then he noticed Hot Rod
"He must think that he's an Autobot", he thought to himself. "Better play along".
He started firing back at the both of them

2001-11-27, 01:02 AM
Quake finally let up on his assault on the walls of Iacon. The wall was covered with holes, smoking craters that sizzled as they cooled. The ramparts had long since been abandeoned by any Autobots stationed. Quake placed his targetmasters back in their recharger stations to prepare them for a second volley. Grinning to himself, Quake transformed to tank mode and drove up to the wall, then spikes came out of his treads, and he began to drive up the wall itself.

Wonder where the others are...He thought.Don't matter. I'll take this city myself if I have to. Quake crested the wall and looked out over Iacon.

"It's plaaaay time." Drawing both his targetmaster again, Quake began firing down onto the city.
(OOC: Quake is just asking for it here...)

Weirdwolf and Skullcruncher continued their incursion into the city. They kept to side streets and avoided conflict as they moved deeper into the city.

"What's our goal here?"

"The main base we will overtake. A stealthy mission succeed will. When the base we control, the city we control. Low stay, want fights we do not."

Back at the warehouse...
"Ok, Skyblade, you've got it down. Now, you need to do it to me."

Quick Switch
2001-11-27, 01:22 AM
Quick Switch sighted Quake making an assault on one of the walls of Iacon.

"Think again, Decepticon!"

The Hexa Changer transformed to jet-propelled laser pistol mode, and took aim.

The energy built up, then discharged, heading towards the Decepticon, a large mass moving at a fast rate.

Quick Switch transformed to robot mode, landing a few feet away.

"We'll see how tough your treads are."

(OOC: Karrnage, hope this was OK.)

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2001-11-27, 03:23 AM
(OOC: Everything Quickswitch does is from the previous post. But if you read the previous post, you'd already know that.)

Quake looked over as the blast from Quickswitch streaked in, right on target. The wide grin on Quake's face disappeared as he realized what was about to happen.

"Slag....." Was about all Quake got out before the blast slammed into him and threw him back into the wall. Quake left a dent in the wall where he hit, and Tiptop went flying out of his hand and over the ledge. In midair, Tiptop transformed and used his circus skills to grab a ledge jutting out from Quake's earlier fire. He swung onto the ledge, but was now too far away to get back to the battle readily.

Meanwhile, atop the battlement, Quake staggered to his feet. The armor along his side was sorched and sizzling from Quickswitch's shot, and he was barely standing up, wobbling. Quickswitch landed on the wall a few feet from him.

"We'll see how tough your treads are."

"Gahhhh!!" Quake suddenly lunged forward, swinging Heater like a club at the Autobot...

(OOC: Tag Quickswitch)

Quick Switch
2001-11-27, 03:43 AM
Quick Switch landed, and saw the Decepticon Targetmaster slam into the wall, scorched.

He then saw Quake rise, and swing his remaining Nebulan companion.

Quick Switch made a decision.

Transforming to beast mode, he lept off the battlement.

The Hexa Changer arched toward Quake, robotic paws outstretched, fangs beared.

(OOC: Karrnage?)

2001-11-27, 04:18 AM
(OOC: Cripes! Right, this takes place after Skystalker's attack on Grand Max.)

No time.


Grand Maximus shook violently, the blast from the atom disintegrator (OOC: right?) hitting squarely into the bottom of the ship. Grand grew angry.


...No response.

"Diagnostics! Now!"



Grand tried to punch up his bottom view, but the camera had been destroyed in the blast. It made no difference; he could see Skystalker immediately choosing a new target on his front camera.

"Coward! That does it! Autopilot: Hold position above Iacon. All weaponry to defensive status!"

Grand ran for the engine room.


"Hold on, guys! I'm comin-- ACK!"

Topspin flew wildly out of control, slamming into a wall and sliding against the metallic ground. At the outset, he transformed to robot mode and stumbled to his feet.

"Ugh... Who shot me?"

Topspin shook off the dizziness and looked ahead.


He ran to the injured Wreckers, kneeling with them. Sandstorm did not respond.


Topspin grabbed the pieces and began dragging his friends to the haven of a collapsed wall.

2001-11-27, 04:26 AM
(OOC: Again, what Quickswitch does is what Quickswitch said he does, just from my point of view. BTW, I think we were on top of the wall... were)

Quake swung forward at Quickswitch, who dodged, already in beast form. Quickswitch leaped around behind Quake. Quake turned in time to see the hexa-changer coming towards him claws first. Quake wasn't fast enough to dodge, and he took the shot to the face.

Heater flew out of his grasp as Quake tumbled backwards and over the lip of the wall, crashing down in a large dust cloud as he smashed against the ground with a loud crash. He lay face down in the dirt, unmoving.

(OOC: Your move now. Take him prisoner, leave, whatever. No matter what, Quake is out of this fight for a while. I asked for it, you gave it pretty hard, had the element of suprise and Quake was outmatched.)

2001-11-27, 04:42 AM

SSG, just noticed?

To Ravage, the "mobile platform" Jinrai was refering to could possibly be one of the "hover turrets" I'd already put into existance when the battle started on the original thread. Though most likely he is refering to Dark Prime's Platform which is equipped with a shielding system (see Con Specs for "D.Prime's Octane Rig.") Everyone else either made it inside Iacon, or didn't make it to the shielded area in time. Because those under the shield are currently Dark Prime and Superion (Skycat's character) They can't be killed off without our permission. And because that's about the only result you would get from such a weapon as that atom scrambler thing, the 'shields' will have to come into play as a savior of the characters and the platform. Whether the shields can take more is of course, up to me. (in a fair manner of course)

With that said:


"The shields held," Dark Prime muttered. (ooc: WHAT?! How did you think I was gonna post? http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/biggrin.gif ) The tower cannon automatically returned fire at the shuttle, the plasma disc launcher following in suit. He watched as the Skystalker streaked by without much else.

Then, someone's voice caught his attention--his voice. "YOU! WITH THE PLATFORM! TARGET THAT SKYSTALKER, IT'S SET TO GO DOWN! FINISH IT OFF!"

Dark Prime looked to see this deimension's version of himself aiming for Hatemunger and firing. The Autobot hadn't really seen what had lay behind Dark Prime's platform. Dark Prime looked back up as the Skystalker streaked over the city's tallest buildings. "I believe," Dark Prime spoke, a deeper version of Optimus' own voice, "our greater concerns are with the Decepticons ahead. Plus," he pointed to the sky, "that ship looks startlingly similar to a ship that belonged to one, Galvatron. And it's already beginning it's attack run."

(OOC: for story-purposes, it'd be a good idea to have Optimus react--even if only internally--to Dark Prime. *battle Convoy* If the looks threw him, the voice sure didn't.)

Quick Switch
2001-11-27, 05:22 AM
Quick Switch steadied himself as he landed, watching Quake slam down into the dust, immobile.

With a roar of triumph, he transformed back to robot mode.

"That's that."

He then saw the attack on Grand Maximus.

"By the Matrix!" the Hexa Changer stepped back in awe as the huge streak of energy slammed into the ship, which rocked but stayed above the city.

Quick Switch then caught sight of a few downed Autobots, and began to trek towards them.

As he did so, he sent out a short transmission on Autobot frequency.

"To anybody who cares, this is Quick Switch. Iacon has been breached...don't know how many Cons did it, but its happened. We need more troops down here on the ground...I'm going to find more Bots."

He terminated the feed and ran toward the group farther up ahead.

(OOC: Reflector, Quick Switch is heading toward your Wreckers, though it'll take him a bit to get over to them.)

2001-11-27, 05:31 AM
OOC ok, first off Skystalker made a last resort attack on the Autobots on the platform, Pun it's cool the shields held I figured they would http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif But Skystalker is currently out of the battle being repaired, somewhere away from Iacon. Next up my guys are taking hits now too, and try to remember I thought this planet was suppose to be 98.6% Autobots or something so who really has the advantage? But with that said onward.

Three more jet fighters flew in from the South. Rain Sonicforce and Buzzer were all repaired and upgraded and ready for battle.
Sonicforce called to Hatemunger "Boss, Skyblade is the only one left then we'll all be back in action. Then the Crashticons are going to be upgraded and we can unleash our little surprise." Sonciforce smiled.
The three fighters joined up with Fearmaker and Firebomb and started to even out the odds with the Autobot flyers some.
Hatemunger did have to give the Autobots credit they certainly were fighting hard but he felt in the end it was all fuitle anyway in the end they would all be piles of smoking slag anyway.
"Decepticons regroup now that we have a degree of air offenses we can continue on with the battle!" Hatemunger rallied the Decepticon troops.
Darklark was angry all these Autobots around, so many that were at one point his friends but did they save him when he was in trouble no, nobody ever did that. It was funny how the Decepticons were evil and ruthless but yet they at least could fight as a team. The Autobots it was sink or swim, nobody would ever help an Autobot in battle. Darklark could remember the scars he suffered as Skylark when he tried to save Autobot comrades and would be injured in the process, he would do anything for his friends but what did they do for him?
Nothing, and this made him angry.
"You Autobots are cowards!" Darklark took to the skies as well, "You all claim companship and unity, but yet you allow your cities to be wiped out by a rag-tag group of Decepticon warriors, what are you pieces of slag gonna do when the real forces get here?" He laughed and waited ready for a fight, all guns at the ready.
Stealth no longer really cared about the battle, it was not hopless the Autobots were just dumb. Their largest ship was again an easy target, the Decepticons had several cities and they never got hit that hard and it made Stealth laugh. "The only reason this war has gone on so bloody long is the Decepticons never did what we are all doing now." He smiled "Cutting the cancer like we should have enos ago." Stealth cloaked and ran back onto the battlefield looking for Jetfire.

OOC Pun lets have some fun this time http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif I think you want to fight Stealth and hey I want to see what happens when a flyer takes on a grounder.

Deathsuarus laughed. Jinrai was just as much a coward in the future as he was now. Too busy trying to save his men from the biggest threat on the battlefield but never the most dangerous, and this is why Deathsuarus killed him in the future, before Jinrai was made into Victory Leo. For whatever reason Deathsuarus was brought back into this time and his memory loss that had occured, seeing Jinrai made him remember everything, and now he knew he had a chance to help stop the battles in the future that he would have to face by helping the Decepticons to slaughter the Autobots now.
Skystalker stood still watching the drones repair the shuttle.
"Repairs 60% complete." A computer hummed.
All the micromaster pilot could do was sigh.

2001-11-27, 08:47 AM
The battlefield was anew as Decepticons again clashed with the new Autobot fronts. Warriors fought in the immediate area while others had taken up fortified positions from various locations. As Stealth ran towards the mess, a blaster shot tore open a section of fallen building. When the smoke cleared, Jetfire stood visible, his particle cannon in hand.

"Are you going to stay cloaked like that all night?" Jetfire taunted.


Quickwind pulled above one of the other cities, too quiet for his liking. He joined up again on Noktaraus' wing. "Nothing at the Kilben Docks. And Mauri-Tei Sapceport is barren."

"Keep searching. If Fortress Maximus made planetfall like he was supposed to, he'll be around. Though he might not be out in the open.

"Then again, he might be," the comm clicked to life.

"Talis, found something?"

"a very big and battered something," Talis answered. "Follow my signal in."

With that, Noktaraus and Quickwind turned a sharp right, then straightened out over the city as they traveled towards Talis' signal.


Dark Prime's weaponry was barely scathing the underhull of the Decepticon craft above (OOC: Timesplitter) Then, he noticed a small portion on the lower section of the ship. Just forward of it, inside what looked to be the warship's hangar bay. That rocket-shape. I've seen it...

"Optimus Prime," Dark Prime casually turned to the Autobot on his side. "Would you assist me with cover fire while I make an attempt at better elliminating a threat?"

2001-11-27, 01:29 PM
Stealth decloaked and jumped up and attempted a roundhouse kick to Jetfire's face.
"You may be big!" Stealth laughed. "But you know what they say about big robots!"

God Jinrai
2001-11-27, 01:50 PM
Jinrai and Godbomber had joined prime by now... Prime heard dark prime's words... glancing at jinrai and godbomber.... The three directed their weaponry at the ship... but not before jinrai summoned his trailer... it quickly converted to battle platform mode, the weapons comming to life... all targeted timesplitter...


A rain of firepower streaked upward, supplying dark prime with more than his cover fire

2001-11-27, 03:06 PM
*Cybertron orbit*

A small ship orbited the planet, unassuming. But the crew of the ship was anything but assuming, for its crew were the Autobto Spychangers, along with the Decepticon seekers Ramjet and Dirge. Autobots and Decepticons working together against a common enemy. It was a strange thought, indeed.

"All right", said Hot Shot. "Ox, scan the planet, for our quarry."
Ox scanned the planet. "I got them. Locking on coordinates. Wait! I'm detecting another signature. It's Hot Rod! Even stranger, one of the signatures is firing on the other.
"That is wierd", said Hot Shot. "All right. We'll take the ship down. Crosswise..."
Crosswise handed Ramjet and Dirge back their weapons and power chip rectifiers.
"Can you two shake things up a bit", Hot Shot asked.
"Yeah, we can." said Ramjet, reinstalling his weapons.
"Just don't hit Hot Rod, ok?", said Crosswise.
"All right," said Ramjet.
A hatch on the side opened, and Ramjet lept out and flew off.
On the ground, Bombshell continued to take fire from Doubledealer and Hot Rod.
"Better do something soon", he thought. HE transformed and scurried off.

2001-11-27, 06:06 PM
OOC: I will take some damage.

IC: Megatron turned and sat at the chair. He presssed a button with a lever and the ship turned around a bit.

The guns began firing on Cybertron.

"You piece of junk."

Time Splitter was then shot dead as Lio Convoy stoood up behind Megatron.

"Time to take out the next piece of garbage."

Lio Convoy pressed a button beside him.

It volted a charge throughout Megatron's system.

Walord Kallosxis was tied up in energon binders. He couldn't brake free. The other autobots were offline.

"Can anyone hear me! I am on a decepticon ship, TimeSplitter or something. My team are offline with their energon packs hanging just out of them. Giving them little power but then taking it away. It is a horrible way to live. The Sparks on this ship are fading. Especially for my friends. We need help. Megatron is going to get up soon, and i don't think i can take him ooooonnnnnn...."

Megatron had stood up and used the same panel to transmit the volage.

Megatron turned off the message which had also been transmitted to Autobots on Cybertron.

TimeSplitter would be off for some time.

Megatron looked at the hole in his chest and then to his hand.

He touched the hole and felt the circuits sizzle.

"I am tired of doing nothing. TimeSplitter, you shall fire on the Autobots ships untill they are all dead. TimeSplitter... TIMESPLITTER!!!"

2001-11-27, 06:53 PM
Hot Rod put away his gun disappionted, "Awww he got away. Hmmm but I wonder where the rest of his insecticon buddies are?" Hot Rod faced Doubledealer, "I'd better get you to Iacon. Unless you not that damaged. Because if you not we could always help Optimus Prime."

Quick Switch
2001-11-27, 08:22 PM
Dirge reapplied his missle launchers and chip.

"Can you two shake things up a bit", Hot Shot asked.
"Yeah, we can." said Ramjet, reinstalling his weapons.
"Just don't hit Hot Rod, ok?", said Crosswise.
"All right," said Ramjet.
A hatch on the side opened, and Ramjet lept out and flew off.

Dirge grunted, and followed Ramjet out the hatch, and flew adjacent to him.

"Ramjet, it'll be close to impossible finding that Insecticon scum in all this chaos. Do you have a reading on his signature?"

2001-11-27, 08:30 PM
(OOC: Prime2005 this is in regards to your characters)

Dark Prime's jets fired as he flew up into the air from his battle platform. The system went to automatic, giving him cover along with Prime and Jinrai. The Decepticon warship took its hits, but kept firing. Dark Prime maneuvered best he could as he approached the warship.

Then its guns stopped firing. Completely. The ship held its position, and Dark Prime flew up through the hangar bay underneath. The rocket was what Dark Prime thought...Omega Supreme. There were obvious signs of damage to the ship--Supreme had been knocked out of commission. Did he have a crew? He walked along the inside of the hangar to one of the doors leading into the ship, sealed shut. He pressed at the control panel, but it made noises he was familiar with indicating it currently wouldn't except commands. different dimensions, same control-types... Dark Prime pulled out his fury sword and jammed it into the center of the doorway. It sparked as the first third of the sword cut through the armor, then Prime pushed. More sparks as it sank further, the area of the door heating up a bright yellow and red. He pried one way and another when it was deep enough, forcing the parts to melt open, then cut an arch to the right. When he reached the metal frame, he pulled out. Then he kicked at the piece, still glowing at the fringes, until it flew down the other end of the corridor. He ducked through and ran down the way, sword in one hand, blaster cannon in the other. He watched for familiar signs of defensive systems, but either there were none, or there were none active. A series of doors, sealed off, followed down the corridor. He tried one of the rooms, same problem with the panel. This time he fired his blaster cannon into the doorway. It wasn't as armored as the hangar entryway, and it exploded with each hit. He walked through it to find the room was filled with cryo-containment chambers of varying sizes. The crew of Omega Supreme, perhaps? He wasn't here on a rescue mission. If there was a chance later, then he might take the time to come restore them. Currently, it would only slow him down to revive them, and get in his way during his journey.

Finally, he came to a turboshaft. He pried open the doors, then cut out the roof-hatch of the small pod. He flew up the shaft, lighting up the narrow liftspace as he went. The shaft stopped it's upward travels, and ahead of him the tunnel continued. He shut down his jets and ran the long way, passing sealed lift doors to his sides. Until the shaft stopped, and ahead was a single door.

Dark Prime brought his sword up, then sliced into it.

2001-11-27, 08:46 PM
Stealth laughed as he jumped away from Jetfire.
"Your not as strong when you fight on the ground." Steatlh laughed as he pulled out both of his plasma pistols and opened fire on Jetfire. Running and strafing the Autobot.

2001-11-27, 08:51 PM
Cryhavoc leaned against the bunker wall in pain. The heavy artillery fire had been able to hit his already weakened armor badly. Wires were hanging out of his body from several larger cracks in his armor. Only his willpower and repairsystem allowed him to move.

The massive Decepticon forced his body to transform into shuttle mode. "Cryhavoc to Hatemunger. Damage levels critical. I'm pulling away from battle. I suggest retreat to be ordered. Cryhavoc out."

The massive Decepticon rocketed to the skies, unable to reach speed higher than Mach 6. Don't betray me now reactor... I don't want this to get ugly... He thought while trying to get distance between himself and the battlefield.

Cryhavoc decided to try contact Jhiaxus again as his inner repairsystems began to get hold of the most severe damages made to his inner circuits. "Cryhavoc to Jhiaxus! Can you hear me? I repeat. Cryhavoc to Jhiaxus! Can you hear me?!"

2001-11-27, 11:40 PM
"Optimus Prime?" Doubledealer thought, suprised. "Oh, this is too good!
"You go on,", said Doubledealer. "I need to make sure everything is OK here. And maybe find out where that little runt went off too."
"The Autobots locked onto his signature before we left", Ramjet said to Dirge. "We should be able to find him...oh, blast! He went underground!"

Quick Switch
2001-11-27, 11:53 PM
"The Autobots locked onto his signature before we left", Ramjet said to Dirge. "We should be able to find him...oh, blast! He went underground!"

"Then we shall also! We cannot let him escape!" Dirge growled.

2001-11-27, 11:54 PM
Hot Rod transformed into vechical mode and head to where the Moon base sensors last scanned the battle. "Come on! We don't have forever!"

2001-11-28, 12:03 AM
Ramjet transformed and landed on the ground. He searched for a minute, tehn ran over to a manhole cover and pulled it up.
"Follow me", he said to Dirge
Before he lept into the hole, Hot Shot, who had landed the ship some ways back, approached him.
"We're coming with you", he said.
"Fine, fine. Let's jsut go!", Ramjet growled impatiently.
The seven Transfomers lept down the hole.
Doubledealer glanced back at Hot Rod. He had hoped to contact Bombshell while Hot Rod was gone, but now it seemed that he would not get the chance.
"Coming," he said to Hot Rod.
Bombshell scurried throughout the maze of tunnels, searching for a secret place that only the Insecticons knew, and hoped it would still be there, after all these years.
(OOC: Is soneone controlling Kickback and Shrapnel? If not, could I ask that someone do? I would, but I already used my group option)

Quick Switch
2001-11-28, 12:16 AM
Dirge followed Ramjet and the Spychangers down the hole.

Landing, he asked:

"Now what? Do we fan out or stay together?"

2001-11-28, 12:20 AM
"I think we should split up", said Hot Shot. He pointed at Dirge and Ramjet. "You two will follow me and R.E.V. north. W.A.R.S., you take the rest of them and head south.
"Got ya, boss", said W.A.R.S.
Hot Shot looked at Ramjet.
"I trust there are no objections?", he asked.
"Not from me", Ramjet replied. He looked at Dirge. "What about you?"

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Quick Switch
2001-11-28, 12:23 AM
"I think we should split up", said Hot Shot. He pointed at Dirge and Ramjet. "You two will follow me and R.E.V. north. W.A.R.S., you take the rest of them and head south.
"Got ya, boss", said W.A.R.S.
Hot Shot looked at Ramjet.
"I trust there are no objections?", he asked.
"Not from me", Ramjet replied. He looked at Dirge. "What about you?"

Dirge nodded.

"Fine by me. Let's get to it."

2001-11-28, 01:47 AM
Jeftire brought an arm in front of his cranium, crouching low. He could feel the impacts of each hit, feel potions of his red armor being blasted away in chunks. He rolled along the ground, firing off a blast in Stalth's direction. When he got to a kneeling position on one foot, he jet jumped high in the air. Stealth's trail of fire past him, but Jetfire had more room to counterattack. His particle blaster reeled off their rounds, causing a blue glow in the section of city buildings that surrounded them. He landed behind one of the buildings, hearing blasts impacting on the other side of the wall. Jetfire turned over the side, blaster ready, and fired at the running Stealth.

2001-11-28, 02:18 AM
"All right, then", said Hot Shot. "Let's go."
Hot Shot, R.E.V., Ramjet and Dirge, headed off to the north, while W.A.R.S., and the rest of the Spychangers went off to the south.
(OOC: Would anyone object to me taking Shrapnel and Kickback as NPC's? I would REALLY like to use them as part of my little plot thing)

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Quick Switch
2001-11-28, 02:40 AM
Dirge followed behind Ramjet and the Spychangers towards the north.

2001-11-28, 02:48 AM
Hot Shot, R.E.V, Ramjet and Dirge searched teh corridors below ground, but didn't see anything.
"HAve any ideas on where he could be?", R.E.V. asked Dirge.

Ox, Counter-Arrow, W.A.R.S., and Crosswise were searching the corridors for any sighns of activity, unaware that they were being watched.

"Enemies approach...approach", whispered a all-too familiar voice.

(OOC: OK, I need 'em, so I'm going to take them as NPC's. Sorry, but no one has told me that I couldn't. Of course, I haven't really waited long enough for a response...)

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Quick Switch
2001-11-28, 03:10 AM
Hot Shot, R.E.V, Ramjet and Dirge searched teh corridors below ground, but didn't see anything.
"HAve any ideas on where he could be?", R.E.V. asked Dirge.

Dirge thought.

"You've got me, Ramjet. Look, the Insecticons are secretive, right? They hardly revealed their plans to Megatron on Earth. So...we've got to look somewhere where activity hasn't been seen in years down here in the warrens. You know, an out of the way spot. Something that clicked with their insect formatting."

Dirge looked at his fellow Seeker.

"It's better than nothing, right?"

2001-11-28, 03:10 AM
(OOC: Best thing to do, check the "Decepticons Profils" page and see if anyone claims them. If so and they haven't been in the RPG, PM them about if they're keeping their characters. Best way to go)

2001-11-28, 03:14 AM
Originally posted by Pun-3X:
(OOC: Best thing to do, check the "Decepticons Profils" page and see if anyone claims them. If so and they haven't been in the RPG, PM them about if they're keeping their characters. Best way to go)

(OOC: I did right after I posted my post above. No one has them. So I'll use them unless soemone else wants to. And noticing after the fact that Quick Switch did a post...)
"I guess it's better than nothing", Ramjet replied. "I mean, there are plenty of caverns around here where he can hide. And if he's got his pals with him...
"Do you mean Doubledealer?" asked Hot Shot.
"No", repled Ramjet. "I mean Shrapnel and Kickback.
As the other Spychangers walked down the corridor, Ox turned around.
"What is it", aske dCounter-Arrow.
"I don't know", Ox replied. "Thought I heard something."
As Ox and Counter-Arrow turned around to look behind them, two shadows came out from behind a pillar and pounced on Crosswise and W.A.R.S.
Ox and Counter-Arrow turned around,a nd saw the shadows attacking their fellow teammates.
They tried to fire, but got tackled from behind by a third shadow. The four Spychangers went down, out cold.
The shadows emerged into the light, revealing the fact that they were The Insecticons. Bombshell, along with Shrapnel and Kickback.
"Enemies captured, captured", Shrapnel said.
"Let's take them back to our base", said Kickback.
The three Decepticons dragged the Spychangers back to tehir base.
(OOC: Since their NPC's, do I still need to post profiles for Shrapnel and Kickback?)

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2001-11-28, 04:00 AM
(OOC: Nope.)

Twin Twist had revived.

"T-T-Topspin..." he struggled.

Topspin stopped splicing Twin Twist's waist circuitry and scrambled to his face. He hoisted his friend's head in his hands.

"Twin Twist! How ya feeling?"

Twin Twist groggily moved to respond, but stopped and focused on an object over his medic's shoulder. Topspin shrugged it off as a probable hallucination, but his confidence dropped as Twin Twist strained to point at it. Topspin looked over his shoulder, spotting an approaching Transformer. His eyes remained on the form while he fumbled blindly for his TII (twin ion impulse) blaster. His finger wandered across the barrel, and he brought it to point at the intruder.

"Get back! Get the slag back! I've got the Wreckers here, and by Primus we'll tear you to bits!"

Topspin prayed his bluff would work. The second between the threat and his examination of the foe seemed like an eon. The pose remained: sitting on his left foot. The right out to the side and back. His left hand clutching Twin Twist's head. The right, his gun pointed through the dust. One would almost think he'd frozen in the moment, save the shaking in his armed arm.

It ended. The emptiness of thought, the anaesthetized paranoia, the fear that he would not live to save his friends. It ended. Topspin took a hard look at the figure as it approached through the dust. It was familiar. And it wore an Autobot symbol.

"Quick Switch... Is that you?"

Quick Switch
2001-11-28, 04:16 AM
"I guess it's better than nothing", Ramjet replied. "I mean, there are plenty of caverns around here where he can hide. And if he's got his pals with him...

Dirge shrugged.

"Yeah. Guess it just makes sense to scount out as much as we can," the blue Seeker replied, continuing to walk down the corridor with the group.


Quick Switch stopped in his trek through the dust when the sharp command rang out on the battlefield.

"Get back! Get the slag back! I've got the Wreckers here, and by Primus we'll tear you to bits!"

The Hexa Changer stood for a moment, silent. Then:

"Quick Switch... Is that you?"

He answered:

"Yeah, Topspin. It's me."

Quick Switch walked through the dust toward Topspin, and put his his arm on the Bot's shoulders.

"Don't worry, eh?"

He looked at the downed Twin Twist.

"Shock, you're pretty banged up, Twin Twist. Topspin, what're you planning to do? Can Twin Twist be moved? If so, I suggest we get the zark toward a more secure location."

2001-11-28, 05:55 AM
One of Jetfire's blasts his Stealth square in the shoulder.
"Ouch." he growled as he jumped back and continued to return fire at the Autobot flyer. Then he transformed and drove backwards to avoid the fire coming from Jetfire's particle cannon.

2001-11-28, 06:49 AM
Jetfire blasted at the ground around Stealth as he maneuvered in his vehicle mode. Driving backwards seemed to be one of his better skills, as he dodged and kept from tipping or smashing into buildings. He made a turn behind one structure, and Jetfire jet-jumped from his cover into the open. He flew sideways of the structure, taking care not to head directly for it. Slowly the building-side came into view. Typically enough, he was no longer there...

2001-11-28, 08:36 AM
Slipstream rolled out and away from a few shots aimed at her, then set the Aerialcon Buzzer in her sights, determined to take him down. She came in at him from his right, her four lasers firing one after the other, causing Buzzer to swerve away to his left.

Slip gunned her engines and roared after him, blasts from other fliers occasionally forcing her to swerve aside. She always settled back in on Buzzer's tail though, chasing him down.

After making sure Dark Prime no longer needed his cover fire to reach the vessel in the air, Superion turned his attention to the scattered Decepticons that were managing to make it past the outer walls of Iacon. The massive gestalt took to the air, scanning for targets within the city walls. Anything that proved itself to be Decepticon, he fired upon without mercy.

2001-11-28, 02:54 PM
Stealth swung around a nearby buidlign and come up behind Jetfire, guns blazing at the large Autobot.
Buzzer avoided the laser fire but then made an even sharper turn left. So that he was able to swing behind and high on the Autobot flyer he opened fire and kicked in the afterburners.

2001-11-28, 03:39 PM
Hot Rod saw a rather big Decepticon blasting off away from what seemed to be a pretty big battle. Hot Rod guessed it was that Cryhavoc guy. And that meant in the batlle nearby was Hatemunger, and maybe Optimus Prime. "Hot Rod transform!" He immediatly transformed into robot mode. He figure how lame he just sounded, but some Transformers were useing command codes these days. He then hid behind the rubble and started to shoot at the bigger Decepticons, he missed, but it was cover fire so he could closer.

2001-11-28, 04:52 PM
Megatron looked around. He heard noises.

Then he turned towardds the door that leaded toward the command centre. He looked to find that TimeSplitter was still non operational.

He picked up the blaster that was locked up on the wall. He opened up a steel cabinet to reveal more weapons. Some energonic but then he took his energon blade.

He looked at it, then he activated it. It showed a purple colour.

He thought to himself.

"Megatron I am. Second Generation or not. I have his skill and cunning in battle. But soon i shall have more than that."

Then he heard a noise behind the command centre door.

He took the energon blade in his hand and his gun and then walked to open the door.

2001-11-28, 11:42 PM
Ramjet looked at Hot Shot.
"Any Ideas?", he asked.
"Let me get into contact with the other group", He said, trying to reach the other group via comlink. He didn't get a response.
"What's wrong" asked R.E.V.
"I think they got them", Hot Shot replied.
The three Insecticons dragged the unconsious forms of the four Autobots to their secret lair.
"Four down, four to go", said Kickback.
"Yes, this is indeed a very nice day, nice day", said Shrapnel. "It is good to see you again, again", he said to Bombshell.
"Thatnk you", he said, sending off a secret message to Doubledealer.
On the surface, Doubledealer was following Hot Rod, when he got a secret message from Bombshell.
"Hmm",, he thought, then went up to Hot Rod
"I thought we were going to see Optimus", he said to him.

Quick Switch
2001-11-28, 11:52 PM
Ramjet looked at Hot Shot.
"Any Ideas?", he asked.
"Let me get into contact with the other group", He said, trying to reach the other group via comlink. He didn't get a response.
"What's wrong" asked R.E.V.
"I think they got them", Hot Shot replied.

"What's the next move?" Dirge asked. "If half of these Autobots have been taken out, Ramjet, this dosen't look good."

2001-11-28, 11:59 PM
Hot Shot looked at Dirge
"Not to worry", he said. "We have tracking devices that allow us to find one another should one or more of us ever get lost."
R.E.V. produced a small keypad and pressed a few buttons. A map of Cybertron showed up on the viewscreen, with a small dot blinking on a section not far away.
"They're right there", said R.E.V. "And with any luck, so are the bugs."
Come on", said Hot Shot.
The two Autobots ran down the corridor, Ramjet following behind.
(OOC: Quick Switch, will continue with this later tonight. Hope ya can make it.)

2001-11-29, 12:02 AM

Jhiaxus sat at his main terminal watching the events unfold before him. The greater the battle, the easier the time Squawkbox would have getting the key. Suddenyly, Cryhavoc broke through with their mental link.

Jhiaxus: "Cryhavoc?!? What is it? What is wrong?"

2001-11-29, 12:23 AM
Slipstream rolled down and right to avoid Buzzer's laserblasts, a couple scoring along the underside of one wing. She swore to herself, then suddenly cut her engines and kicked in her retros to stop her forward motion. More laserblasts, and Buzzer himself, shot by past her, and once again she settled in on the Aerialcon's tail, restarting her engines and blasting after him, peppering the space around him with laserbolts.

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Quick Switch
2001-11-29, 12:41 AM
Hot Shot looked at Dirge
"Not to worry", he said. "We have tracking devices that allow us to find one another should one or more of us ever get lost."
R.E.V. produced a small keypad and pressed a few buttons. A map of Cybertron showed up on the viewscreen, with a small dot blinking on a section not far away.
"They're right there", said R.E.V. "And with any luck, so are the bugs."
Come on", said Hot Shot.
The two Autobots ran down the corridor, Ramjet following behind.

Dirge nodded, and kept pace with Ramjet.

2001-11-29, 02:34 AM
In their secter cavern, Bombshell, Shrapnel, and Kickback were hunched over the bodies of their four captives. Suddenly, a alarm went off.
"What was that?", asked Shrapnel, startled.
Kickback went off to a nearby computer panel, and accessed a topographical map of the current area.
"I'm detecting four signatures approaching our posititon. Two are Autobots. The other two are...Decepticons?
Bombshell suddenly knew who one of those Decepticons might be.
"We've got to stop them!", he shouted in a panic.
"All right", said Kickback.
The three erected a force-field around their four prisoners, and left.
"We're almost there", R.E.V., said to the others.
"Be careful", said Hot Shot. "We don't know what to expect."
As if on cue, a wall exploded right behind them, and the three Insecticons emerged from it.
"Prepare for termination, termination", said Shrapnel, as all three Insecticons fired on the two suprised Autobots and two suprised Decepticons..
Hot Shot, R.E.V. and Ramjet fired back.
"I have an idea", said Hot Shot. "R.E.V., how about a little cyber-jousting?"
"Sounds like fun", said R.E.V.
Hot Shot and R.E.V. transformed into their vehicle modes.
"Jump on", Hot Shot said to Ramjet and R.E.V. said to Dirge

Quick Switch
2001-11-29, 03:02 AM
Dirge's first thought was-

Kickback and Shrapnel live! and then battle was joined, as Dirge returned fire.

At R.E.V.'s invitation, the blue Seeker leaped on the back of the Autobot.

"This time, Insecticons, you'll be scrapped for good!" Dirge snarled.

2001-11-29, 03:15 AM
Hot SHot and R.E.V sped towards The Insecticons, Ramjet and Dirge on them and firing back at the Insecticons. Bombshell and Kickback got knocked down, but Shrapnel ran towards them and clothslined Ramjet off of Hot Shot. He turned around and charged at Dirge.
"Fall, fall!", he shrieked.

Quick Switch
2001-11-29, 03:33 AM
Dirge made a decision as Shrapnel charged.

Enough of this. I am a Seeker. A Warrior. I will engage the enemy MYSELF.

"Shrapnel, I'll rip out your optics!" Dirge roared, leaping off R. E. V.

Sailing toward the Insecticon, the Seeker extended his hands, preparing to choke Shrapnel as he attempted to grapple with him.

2001-11-29, 03:41 AM
Shrapnel went down hard due to the impact of Dirge.
"Bombshell, Kickback, help me, help me", he said, his voice box straining.

The two prone Insecticons got up off the ground and began to fire at Dirge.

R.E.V. ran up to Dirge as Hot Shot went back to pick up Ramjet. "We need to retreat", R.E.V. said to Dirge.
Back in their hidden lair, Counter-Arrow awoke first. He surveyed the room, saw that there was a force field in place around them.

"Looks like I got to make my own escape", he thought to himself.

He pointed his laser at the ground, and shot a hole into it, just as his fellow Spychangers came to.

"Come on. We got to get out of here", he said.

The four lept into the hole, ran a few meters, then blew a hole in the roof. The emerged to see Hot Shot picking up a Decepticon seeker and R.E.V. talking to another one.

"Hot Shot, what's going on?", Crosswise asked.

"No time to explain. Let's go!", he said.

Everyone, except R.E.V. and Dirge ran down the corridor.

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Quick Switch
2001-11-29, 03:46 AM
Dirge grappled with Shrapnel, as he signaled to Bombshell and Kickback his need for assistance.

"We need to retreat", R.E.V. said to Dirge.

"Very well," Dirge gasped.

Leaning down, he hissed to Shrapnel:

"Death comes to those who cross me, traitor!"

The Seeker rose, and dashed away with R. E. V. down the corridor with the other Spychangers and Ramjet.

2001-11-29, 03:52 AM
Over the Autobot Frequency a sudden message blares:

"Attention Autobots. This is the Keeper of the Dusk Apples. Do you read me?"

OOC - see Orbital Thread for details!

2001-11-29, 03:53 AM
"Blast you, spawn of Unicron, Unicron", Shrapnel shouted to Dirge as they escaped.

"Shrapnel", said Kickback. "The others escaped.

"Blast, blast", cursed Shrapnel.

"We need to go after them", said Bombshell.

"No, said Shrapnel. "We need to recover, recover."

The three walked back into their base.
The Spychangers, along with the two seekers, ran down the corridor as fast as they could. AS soon as they were sure they weren't being followed, Hot Shot turned to everyone.

"Now what do we do?", he asked.

Quick Switch
2001-11-29, 03:57 AM
As the group slowed in the corridor, Dirge considered Hot Shot's question.

"Well, I see two options. Continue the battle, which seems unwise, or retreat and ask for reinforcements."

He shook his head.

"There's a war over our heads," the Seeker mused, "and one below us, now. We may have to destroy the Insecticons ourselves. How can any of the others break off their battles to assist us?"

2001-11-29, 03:58 AM
Hot Shot looked at Dirge, then at everyone else.

"He's right", he said. "we're on our own down here."

(OOC: Quick Switch, I'm off for the night)

2001-11-29, 04:23 AM
Topspin scowled at Quick Switch.

"Get him to a safe location, he says! No kidding! What, you think I'm going to just leave him here in the open and wait for us both to die?!"

Topspin sighed, and dropped his head.

"Sorry, bud. It's just... You can imagine how grumpy you'd be if you'd seen this happen to two of your best friends. Whirl didn't fare much better. Luckily, Rack 'N' Ruin probably got him somewhere to be repaired. But now that you're here, we can move them."

Topspin motioned to Sandstorm and Twin Twist with his head, gathering his fellow Jumpstarter in his arms before rising to his feet.

"Come on, grab Sandy and let's get out of here."


The engine room.

It has to be here somewhere...

Grand examined the room slowly; his eyes settled on the center. A wide column connected ceiling and floor, save a small gap perfectly between. The former home of the transformation cog. He walked slowly across the room, his eyes covering the floor.

It has to be here somewhere...

Grand stopped. The floor. That's all he'd been looking at. What about...

"The ceiling! Now how did that happen?"

Yep. The transformation cog... On the ceiling.

"Maybe something when the anti-grav generators got screwed up... No time, gotta work."

Grand jumped, snagged the cog, and got to work installing it.

2001-11-29, 07:31 AM
(OOC: Brilliant with the ceiling bit http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/biggrin.gif )

Jetfire took the mass of shots on his back, on on his left shoulder. He quickly sidestepped to avoid another onslaught, then turned and ran to his right. Turning his body again towards Stealth as he ran, he counterattacked with the Decepticon. The other was also in a sprint for cover as he shot back. Jetfire finally made it to another building as laser fire spattered against the other side.

The smell of his burnt and charred armor started to build up as he kneeled at the ready. He placed his foot just past the building, then pulled it back to draw more laserfire from his opponent. When the last blast was followed by a longer pause, he turned and fired.


As Dark Prime walked through the sliced portion of the door, he looked forward to see yet another corridor. It went half way before a series of steps brought it to another level. This portion wasn't as long, and other doors sided it, but again one door was at the end. Prime walked halfway down the corridor when it opened. He held his sword at the ready, the eerie red of the blade lighting his face. His optics lit a deeper red, adding a different glow. The figure in the doorway straightened, holding his weapons at the ready as well.

Then, Prime growled low. "Megatron."

A different version, obviously. He seemed to have the structure of a large tank. But the face was unmistakeable. The other also held an energy blade, along with a blaster cannon.

"It seems that fate," Prime began, "has given me another chance at you, Megatron. This most definitely won't be your day."

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2001-11-29, 09:35 AM
Cryhavoc received Jhiaxus' reply and and replied.

"What is wrong? Everything! A giant unidentified Autobot battleship came to Iacon a moment ago! The Autobots did already outnumber us before that but that fool Hatemunger doesn't give orders to fall back, he is going to get them all killed! I had to retreat... my system damages were too severe... Could you prepare yourself for some repairworks Commander?

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2001-11-29, 04:52 PM
The Autobot frequency crackles again.

"Attention Autobots. This is the Keeper of the Dusk Apples, and Autobot Lockpick. I have returned. PLEASE respond!"

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2001-11-29, 05:39 PM
Megatron looked at Dark Prime.

"I see you look the same old enemy, but yet, not my old enemy, somewhat distant. Prime may have defeated Megatron who then turned into Galvatron at the time of Unicron, but i, I am a different breed not too far unlike yourself. Face it, good vs evil. A continious battle for glory. It is like brothers fighting over a toy or a piece of metal. Nothing, no great war has ever had the touch of Unicron, the same way of battle you get from destroying someone, its not the same anymore. I feel uneasy here."

Megatron jumped backward into a roll but then landed on his mettalic feet. He arose to his full height. The "light show" glimmering along the rims of his mettalic face structure. Where it met a single point where a spark emerged. A brilliant flas of light.

"But when it comes to old foes. I could not be easier."

Megatron through down his gun. He could not take away the shoulder canon without injuring his circuits. The energon remained in his hand. Sparks jumping off of it.

Its purple shine glowed in Prime's face.

He slashed at Prime but missed.


2001-11-29, 08:43 PM
"Well I thought Prime was here, where is he?" Hot Rod asked sheepishly. Then he looked over at Doubledealer oddly. "Dusk apples? What in the world?" Hot Rod tapped his comm-link to respond, "OK Dusk Apples this is the Autobot Hot Rod, what's going on, who are you, and how did you get access on the unversal Autobot frequency?"

2001-11-29, 09:13 PM
*OOc - thank you!!*

IC -

The radio crackles again, and a releived femme voice says "Primus, how good it is to hear another cybertronian's voice! I am called Lockpick, Autobot warrior MIA for the past few million years. You... probably don't remember me. " It pauses

"I've quite the tale to tell. Can you give me coordinates for a landing place? This ship has none of the standard preprogrammed spaceports on Cybertron I'm afraid."

Quick Switch
2001-11-29, 09:24 PM
Quick Switch said nothing, just letting Top Spin vent.

When the Jumpstarter finished, the Hexa Changer only smiled.

"Hey, no problem," scooping down to pick up Sandstorm, and cradling him in his arms.

"What's the plan, Spin? You know a good safe spot to move these two where they can be repaired?"

2001-11-29, 10:14 PM
Doubledealer looked back at Hot Rod while he responded to this "Dusk Apples" character.

"This is getting wierder and wierder by the cycle", he said to himself.
After a full day of regeneration, the Insecticons went back to their scheming and plotting.

"What do we do now", Kickback asked Bombshell.

"I have an ally on the surface who is willing to help us", Bombshell replied, "And someone I had captured on Earth, but left behind."

He went over to a computer panel and started hitting buttons. "I just hope that the signal can reach that far".
Hot Shot lokked at his companions.

"Seeing as how we are alone down here", he said. "It looks like it's going to be the eight of us against the three of them. We can't call for help, and neither can they".
He looked around at everyone. "Anyone have any ideas?"

Quick Switch
2001-11-29, 10:30 PM
Dirge looked at Ramjet, then back to Hot Shot.

"I don't see any other way than to destroy them here and now. As you say, they can't call for help. Neither can we. So be it."

He turned.

"This little plot of Bombshell's has gotten into another area of danger, if Kickback and Shrapnel live again. I say, attack now, and rid Cybertron of the Insecticons forever!"

2001-11-29, 10:37 PM
Crosswise looked at Dirge.

"But we've al forgotten one thing", he said. "The Insecticons are capable of creating clones of themselves. So, they have a seemingly endless supply of soldiers to rely on."

Ramjet looked at Dirge.

"He's right", he said. "But I think we may need to risk it."

"Hold on", said Hot Shot. "We need to think this through."

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Quick Switch
2001-11-29, 10:59 PM
Dirge nodded at Ramjet.

"Of course."

Dirge looked towards Hot Spot.

"What is there to think about? If we attack, we can almost certainly destroy them. Unless there's scrap metal lying around, Kickback and Shrapnel can't produce the clones."

Dirge grunted.

"This is not the time to become meek."

2001-11-29, 11:00 PM
(OOC: Quick Switch, I need to sign off now. Will be back tonight to continue this. thanx)

2001-11-29, 11:45 PM
Jhiaxus slumped down in his chair...this did not bode well for his plans, not well at all.

Jhiaxus: "Cryhavoc return to base...these Decepticons are not the lot we need to achieve our objectives."

Jhiaxus then activated the commlink and opened a patch to the Decepticons and Hatemonger

All decepticons...fall back! The Autobots are too heavily concentrated! You must pull back, recharge, and regroup...do so now or deal with me, that is all!

Jhiaxus then turned and prepared the repair chamber for Cryhavocs return.

2001-11-30, 02:32 AM
Stealth had some damage caused by the firepower Jetfire had fired at him.
"You know you are pretty bad mech when you can see." Stealth took careful aim at the robot, "But let's see how you fair blindfighting!" He fired several shoots right at the Autobots optics and then transformerd and drove away.
Hatemunger heard Cryhavoc's cries.
"Grr we have came to far to just retreat like Megatron did." Hatemunger growled but for the sake of his soilders he may retreat maybe correct.
"Decepticons fall back, regroup recharge and relaod, hopefully the Aerialcons will be together soon and then the Crashticons and we can launch another offensive."
Buzzer did have to say the one thing this fembot had was spunk.
"Your good but not great!" Buzzer unleashed some more firepower at the Autobot flyer and then took off in an oppisite direction or regroup with the other Aerialcons and meet with the Decepticons as they regrouped.
Skystalker sat still waiting.
"Repairs 85% complete." The computer chimed.

"Come on you junk piles move it!" The micromaster pilot yelled as the drones continued to fix the massive battleship.

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2001-11-30, 02:38 AM
Hot Shot ran up to Dirge. "Now wait just a minute..." he began, just as Ramjet stepped in front of him and grabbed him by the throat.

"Hey!', said W.A.R.S., running up to him.

Ramjet pointed his arm laser at W.A.R.S. "Hold it right there. All of you."

The Spychangers halted where they were.

"Listen to me", said Ramjet. "We're going, whether you like it or not."

He tossed Hot Shot's body to the floor, then turned to Dirge. "Let's go", he said.

He started walking down the corridor the way they had come.

Quick Switch
2001-11-30, 02:53 AM
Dirge smirked as Ramjet dealt with Hot Shot, then left him and began walking down the corridor.

"Now you're talking," he replied, and followed the white jet.

2001-11-30, 03:00 AM
Topspin nodded.

"Yeah, Debris ain't too far from here. We can lay low there till the fight's o...ver..."

Topspin watched curiously as the Decepticons began their retreat.

"Hm. Well, we need to fetch Whirl and Rack 'N' Ruin anyway. They oughta be waiting for us there. Come on, let's roll."

Topspin carefully transformed to jetcraft mode, making sure Twin Twist's pieces landed on him. His friend secured, he sped off.



Grand stepped back to admire his work. He still thought it beautiful. The crystalline cog floating gently in its place, rotating in a path so undisturbed as to make one forget the raging war outside.

Speaking of which... Grand ran back to the bridge. He crossed his wrists over his head, preparing for the transformation.


The screen. The Decepticons. They're fleeing. No need to transform.

"Aw, shucks. Suppose I should set down for repairs..."

Grand looked down at the city, returning to his seat. He pulled the microphone near his faceplate, activating the communications system.

"Hey, Iacon. Got any room for one Maximus class starcruiser?"


"Affirmative, Maximus. Let's see... Pad 19-81. That's your size. It's on the west side of the city."

Grand nodded. "Roger, Iacon. Grand Maximus out."

Grand set course for the designated landing area.

2001-11-30, 03:01 AM
Hot Shot got up, and went after the seekers, when Ox came up and stopped him.

"Wait, Hot Shot", he said. "There's nothing we can do."

"But there has to be!", Hot Shot shouted.

"I have an idea", sai Counter-Arrow.

"What?", asked R.E.V.

Counter-Arrow tells the other Spychangers his plan.
Bombshell, Shrapnel and Kickback had left their base and were looking around when they spotted Dirge and Ramjet.

"There they are, are", said Shrapnel.

"Let's get 'em!", said Bombshell.

The three Insecticons pounced on the two seekers...

And went right through them.

The Insecticons hit the ground hard, but quickly recovered.

"They were holograms, holograms!", shoted Shrapnel.

"That's right", said the voice of Counter-Arrow.

The Insecticons turned around to see the Spychangers, who shot energon nets at them.

The Insecticons were bound up with no chance of escape.

Just then, the real Dirge and Ramjet rounded the corner.

"Hey!", shouted Ramjet. "Just what do you think you're doing?!"

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Quick Switch
2001-11-30, 03:10 AM
Quick Switch transformed to fighter jet mode, positioning Sandstorm in his cockpit.

"Right," he replied, and rocketed after Top Spin.


Dirge expressed the same surprise as Ramjet, seeing all the Insecticons bound.

"What the frag?"

2001-11-30, 03:20 AM
R.E.V. saw the two seekers.

"Looks like we're doing your job", he said mockingly.

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2001-11-30, 03:30 AM
Deep inside Iacon...

All decepticons...fall back! The Autobots are too heavily concentrated! You must pull back, recharge, and regroup...do so now or deal with me, that is all!

Skullcruncher and Weirdwolf looked at each other for moment.

"Should we head back?" Skullcruncher asked.

"Hmmm... Galvatron it is not. But point he does have. Succeed a group may have where individuals do fail. Return we shall and with the rest of the Decepticons meet. Along come." Weirdwolf began slinking back along the streets returning to the entrance they made.

"And maybe we'll find Quake along the way." Skullcruncher commented as he followed.

Tiptop climbed down from the wall to the unmoving form of Quake. He started pulling the Decepticon away from the fighting.

"Urg. Come on. You..." The smaller Targetmaster had some trouble moving his larger companion.

"Oh....." Heater crawled out of where ever he had been flung after the Quickswitch induced fall. "My head hurts."

"Give me a hand, we need to get out of here." Tiptop called over to his partner.

"Right..." Heater began helping to drag Quake away, very slowly.
Back at the Warehouse.
"Thank you, Skyblade. You can head back to the battle. Rollover, get over here. Let's get started on you."

2001-11-30, 03:31 AM
(OOC: The Sweeps I'm using here on Cybertron are NPCs and will be refered to as Sweep 1, Sweep 2 and so on. Just warning people.)

The Sweeps were walking down an alley on Cybertron when they picked up Jhiaxus' transmission. Sweep 1 ordered to group to stop.

"Whoever sent that transmission must be in charge around here now. We should find out were He is and learn what we can" Sweep 1 said while looking around to make sure they weren't being followed.

Just then, a metal plate came loose from a building and plummeted to the ground crushing Sweep 8. Sweep 7 looked at the wreckage sticking out from under the plate.

"How long we gonna wait for his replacmeent?"

Just then, a Sweep fell from the sky and landed in the middle of the group.

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2001-11-30, 03:46 AM
Skyblade returned to Iacon to see the Decepticons ammassing into a rather large group. He landed to see warriors fixing wounds, some where relaoding weapons others were recharging themselves.
He found Hatemunger getting his damaged armour fixed.
"Sir whats going on?" Skyblade asked his commander.
"We momentarally retreated, we are going to repair and reload and then strike back at the Autobots." Hatemunger answered as a Decepticon medic was fixing his armour back to it's orginal condition.
"Ahh I see, where are my men?" Skyblade asked.
"Here boss, slag it I wanted to melt some more Autobots!" Firebomb was upset.
"Junk Autobots, they would be so much stronger if they could fly." sonicforce growled.
"Its ok we can bust them up later." Rain said bringing a massive load of steel over for the medical drones.
"The Autobot flyers are too slow!" Fearmaker laughed.
"Gonna kill, kill, kill." Buzzer was sitting in a corner mumbling how he wanted to wipe out some Autobots.
"Well it's good to see everything is going fairly well." Skyblade smiled.
Stealth had a major problem.
"Great they just retreated and I am stuck here!" He sighed continuing his fight with Jetfire

2001-11-30, 07:11 AM
(OOC: this is kinda wordy, but it's only important for Rav and me. Though it may make for some good reading)

Jetfire ducked quickly as Stealth's shots blasted overhead, predicting their most likely destination. The kid talks a little too much, I think... He returned fire at the Decepticon, keeping him pinned while he turned around a building.

""Great," he heard Stealth mutter, "they just retreated and I am stuck here!"

The building wall around the corner spattered with laserfire as Stealth fired in frustration.

Jetfire ignited his thrusters and flew to the top of the building, jumping onto the roof and walking to the other wall. He peered over and opened fire again.

Stealth wasn't there.

He wasn't on visual cloaked or uncloaked. Simply, he'd moved.

"Damn," Jetfire cursed quietly. He jumped off the roof back into the same area they had been fighting. Igniting his thrusters last-minute, he soft-landed center of the battle area. That's when he heard the noise behind him. He ducked down and turned--to find stealth aiming right for him. The ducking motion proved a major mistake, and Stealth opened fire--the first hit taking him right in the face.

His scream was muffled in the sound of the blaster impact. More followed, smashing into his chest and shoulders. Without trying to look, he ignited his thrusters and flew across the way.

His systems initiated a damage report immediately. His optic visor was out, and systems were switching to the sensor array at the top-forward and back of his cranium. They remained undamaged, creating a visual of the area based on pulse-sensor technology.

He landed some ways away and scanned the area. Stealth was gone, again. He brought his rifle to the ready, silently cursing himself for getting hit in the face afterall.

When a stray blast appeared in front of him and smashed into him from the center of the city-yard, he knew he was in trouble. His advanced visual system was hooked into his optics, not his pulse-sensor equipment. While an anti-visual field would not affect the sensor's ability to detect objects, Stealth was obviously equipped with something that would.

Jetfire was forced into cover once again as he fire blindly in Stealth's direction...

2001-11-30, 08:33 AM
"Hey, where y'think yer goin'?!" Slipstream dove under Buzzer's shots and started to go after him again when she was pulled up by Roadkill's voice coming over her commlink.

"Break off, Slip, the 'Cons are retreating."

"Yer kiddin'..." Slipstream glanced around and saw what few 'Cons were left retreating into the distance. "We should go after 'em an' take 'em out 'fore they can regroup and come back..."

"Not our call, y'know that."

"Feh..." Slipstream sighed to herself and circled down to land next to Roadkill, who was still watching the 'Cons pull back. "Whaddya reckon made 'em run off like that?"

"Who knows. Prob'ly wised up to the fact that they were gettin' their skids kicked in." Roadkill gave Slip a wry grin as the black starfighter transformed to her bot mode.

"Finally. Hey, where's Superion?"

"Rampaging some. There's scattered cons in the city, he's flushing 'em out."

"Aah. Give him an energon goodie when he gets back."

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2001-11-30, 08:53 AM
Jetfire dove for a section of building permacrete propped up from debris. He was finding cover useless, as Stealth could simply sneak up on his position again. But he couldn't let this guy loose in Iacon, especially with his cloaking systems. On impulse he moved again, taking a barrage of fire against his back. He sidestepped, leaped in the air and twisted behind him. He aimed his blaster at no where in particular, then landed to the ground and skid along his back for a bit. In quick reflex, he flipped to his feet and ran a new direction. He made cover just as new blasts chased him.

"This is ridiculous." Just as he'd said it, the whine of heavy thrusters could be heard in the distance. They approached quickly.

"Superion hear battle, thought all Decepticons retreat!" the gestalt boomed as he landed in the center of the area.


Dark Prime swiveled his upper body as Megatron made his attacking swipe. The leader screamed at him, "DIE, DIE!" then struck at him again.

Prime crossed his sword with Megatron's, sparks flying in all directions. Holding the other's blade in check, he put away his blaster cannon. Then, regripping his sword with two hands, he pressed the attack.

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2001-11-30, 03:23 PM
Megatron held his blade in check. He looked at Dark Prime.

"You do not know of my plans. Different from the other leaders of any faction. I have more goals than you can imagine. Together we are more formidable."

Megatron struck the enrgon blade forward. He tried to knock it out of Dark Prime's hand.

"Join me. Together, we can rule the Autobots and the Decepticons .The two factions. We have more power than they can possibly imagine."

Then Megatron looked closer into into Dark Prime's eyes. They were dark.

The glow of Megatron's eyes glowed. They are a dark red.

"The rebirth of Unicron is at hand. The Rebirth is before us now. It will be their undoing."

2001-11-30, 04:10 PM
"Lockpick...let's see, nope I don't remember you. And I say you have a story to tell, especally this Dusk Apples buisness." Hot pressed a few buttons on his comm-system, "I'm sending you our corrdinants automatically You'll meet me and another Autobot here. This is about the only place on Cybertron that isn't in the middle ofa battle." Hot Rod signed off and started to speak to Doubledealer, "Well, she sound nice."

God Jinrai
2001-11-30, 04:17 PM
Prime arrived in iacon command just before hatemunger and his troops withdrew... He glanced around, seeing no decepticons inside... he approached a com panel, opening a frequency...

"All autobots, with the exception of fliers, return to Iacon central command. Tal noktaraus, give me a status report on the search for fortress maximus when you can. Grand, collect a team of maintanence and repair crew, and get your battlefortress back in shape. We'll need it. Hatemunger wouldn't have turned tail and run like that if he weren't planning to strike again... soon..."

2001-11-30, 07:39 PM
Dark Prime parried another strike, then swung into Megatron. Strike after strike, followed by parries, dodges, sparks flying with each connection.

He did not answer Megatron's proposal. It was always the interesting thing with most Decepticons--they knew power when they saw it. And they knew when that power was tainted with darkness. It was what gave him control of the Decepticons for the time before Galvatron returned. He could have lead an interesting success, but it was not the kind of success the Decepticons wished for. To a decepticon holding conquered territory meant sitting around bored. And that was all Dark Prime would have seen as necessary.

He'd left them, known they could never be capable of keeping a peace when it was needed once territory was theres.

But they always seemed to see in him what they wanted for themselves, even if they already had it. Power, and a means to do with it as they pleased. The problem with Decepticons was that there was never enough power. There was no such thing as too much.

Those Decepticons that felt differently were few, but many followed Prime after his leave. Many were still with him. Or had been before the anti-matter blast threw a partial of his troops into this dimension.

Prime blocked another strike by Megatron, then pressed back, forcing Megatron to back up...


"Copy that, Optimus," Noktaraus signalled back. "We've found him, outside Crystal City on vector four-one. He's pretty beat up, we'll need a group to bring him in."

The fliers transformed and landed at one of Fort Max's entry bays. "Let's see how much damage this guy's taken..."

2001-11-30, 08:37 PM
Squawkbox knelt down on the floor of Jhiaxus' lab... searching carefully...

He eventually found what he was looking for. With immediate access to the vast arrays of information in Beastbox's datatrax, along with firsthand knowledge of the old A-route tunnels, he knew exactly where his goal lay.

He found the release panel, and dropped through the trapdoor, into the long-abandoned tunnels below...

2001-11-30, 10:36 PM
Strange. He had been closed to statispod for thousands of Vorns. Yet now, in the brink of death he felt more alive than ever before. Cryhavoc approached Jhiaxus' hidden base fast, one of his engines was burning brightly as it has exploded only a moment ago.

This is it... not the death I would have wanted but... one can't be too picky... Cryhavoc thought as he began to manouver himself towards the hidden gates of the Decepticon base.

The large Decepticon shuttle crashlanded through the doors. He could not do anything to prevent the collision. Explosion followed explosion, as Cryhavoc crashed in. After a while the massive Decepticon was buried under a collapsed wall of the Deceptibase.

Strange. He was still conscious. I'm still alive...?

2001-11-30, 11:30 PM
Doubledealer looked at Hot Rod.

"Yes, she did", he said. "But just remember. Not everything is what it appears to be."

He then looked around impatiently. "So, are we gonna see Optimus now, or what?"
Rajet didn't take R.E.V.'s comment too well.

"I'm sick to deat wht these wastes of metal!. Come on Dirge!"

He charged at the Spychangers, firing all weapons.

2001-12-01, 12:05 AM
"Didn't you hear that message from Prime Doubledealer?" Hot Rod tried to find the frequency of Lockpick while he spoke to Doubledealer. "Prime is at Iacon, and he want all Autobots over there. Look you could go ahead I got to meet Lockpick here, check her out before I lead her to Iacon." Hot Rod meant "check out" in every possible way. A dumb smile spread arcoss his face, but he quickly snapped out of it.

2001-12-01, 12:10 AM
Doubledealer glanced at Hot Rod wonderingly, then left on Iacon.

On the way, he sent a mesage to Bombshell.

"Heading for Iacon. Hope to see Optimus. Will report later."

2001-12-01, 12:46 AM
A message returns.

"Very well sir. You sure you don't want my help at Iacon though? Would like to see it again... ahem, but orders are orders. Consider me there."

Any sensors will show an unidentified Spacecraft making for Hot Rod's position (Where /IS/ hot rod?)

Quick Switch
2001-12-01, 02:35 AM
Rajet didn't take R.E.V.'s comment too well.

"I'm sick to deat wht these wastes of metal!. Come on Dirge!"

He charged at the Spychangers, firing all weapons.

Dirge smirked, shruged, and received his missle launchers from subspace.

"I wondered when you'd come around, 'Jet."

With that, he launched a salvo against Hot Shot, and charged forward.

2001-12-01, 02:45 AM
The Spychangers ducked behind a piece of metal, shooting back at the two seekers, while Ramjet and Dirge continued to fire at them.

And no one noticed the fact that Kickback was cutting away at the energon net...

2001-12-01, 04:59 PM
(OOC: Ok Hot Rod is, well here. A remote place in Cybertron maybe 20 minutes away from Iacon, in Autobot territory, althought at this moment the Decepticons don't control much of Cybertron.)

IC: Hot Rod didn't want Lockpick to enter Iacon without making sure this was some trap of some sort, he wanted to be sure she was an Autobot, he relyed to her message, "We'd better meet first, I might help if you had me to show you to Iacon."

2001-12-01, 05:51 PM
"Funny isn't it. You Autobots never talk much. Cowards. Especially you, Funny so to speak. Prime was never much the "Great Leader Of the Autobots" was he. Rodimus took over but when Prime got back in Rodimus shifted down."

He took the blow from Prime feeling his side hurt. It nearly knocked the blade from his hand if it wasn't for his tight grip.

"But then what really did happen in YOUR alternate reality. Heh. You are not Prime. You are a cheap copy. Just as i thought."

He withdrew the blade and sat it down.

"Leave imation. You lack even Prime's courage."

Lio Convoy looked up.


Megatron looked down at him.

"Such Autbotic glory."

Megatron blasted Lio Convoy. A burst erupting from the cannon boaring a hole in the chest of Lio Convoy.

Their was a slight shudder in Lio Convoy. Then a small hum. His face dulled. His eyes narrowed. His face fell fromit's hinges, rolling downwards towards the back end of the cockpit beside DarkPrime's foot.

The body fell. It erupted into tiny pieces of smoke and dust. Lio Convoy had died. For just uttering the words of the great Autobot Leader, Optimus Prime.

Megatron turned around. His red eyes glowed withen the darkness of the room.

He looked up towards Dark Prime with a look on his face as if to say "well".

2001-12-01, 06:42 PM
Jazz and Sunstreaker were in an area of minor battle "Why are we no where near the action?" Jazz said looking around the corner for laser fire. "I don't know but that fall etteched my paint" Susntreaker replyed. They had been deactivated by the fall not landing in the mos tsuitable place only now coming online. "Well he gotta help them at Iacon so lets go" Jazz retorted transforming Sunstreaker following suit as the drove off to the noise of explosions.

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2001-12-01, 07:26 PM
Underground, the battle between the Spychangers and Seekers was not going well. The two seekers had the Spychangers pinned down.

And Kickback had been gnawing on the energon net for quite some time, finally breaking through it.

"Let's get oout of here!", he yelled to his comrades.

The three Insecticon raced down the corridor as fast as they could.

"Blast!", said Counter-Arrow. "They got away."

"Yeah", said Ramjet. "And it's all your fault."

"Our fault?!", shouted W.A.R.S. "We had them right where we wanted them until you showed up!"
Above ground...

Doubledealer approached Iacon.

"Doubledealer to any Autobts at Iacon", he said. "Request permission to enter."

Quick Switch
2001-12-01, 08:02 PM
Dirge listened as accusations flew.

"The point is, you are a fool," Dirge replied to W. A. R. S. .

"You should have announced your intentions of capturing the Insecticons, instead of leading us by the nose," the blue Seeker turned to his white comrade.

"I say forget the Autobots; we can scrap them later. Let's get after the Insecticons before they escape. We've wasted enough time."

2001-12-01, 08:08 PM
Ramjet turned back to Dirge.

"For once, my friend, you are correct", he said. "When we meet again, Aotobots, it will be in battle, and we will not be so easy on you."

He then walked down the corridor again and out of sight.

2001-12-01, 08:21 PM
Jhiaxus hovered over Cryhavoc

I'm still alive...?

Without so much as making a sound, Jhiaxus spoke to his warrior friend.

Of course you are? look at who designed you! now rise up and carry yourself over to the regeneration chamber...

Jhiaxus stood by, ready to assist his friend if needed, but he knew it would not. He knew Cryhavoc even better than Cryhavoc did himself...he would surive.

2001-12-01, 08:40 PM
The reply comes "Understood. I'll be there... ETA, five minutes and twenty second. Lockpick out."

Over Cybertron, the Dusk-red alien vessel dropped from orbit, dissapearing into a fireball as it hits the atmosphere. A few miles from Hot Rod the flames die out, letting him view the scarlet-gold hull, almost completely seamless as it drifts in on hissing antigravs.

2001-12-01, 08:45 PM
Grand listened to Prime's transmission as he set his battleship down on the designated pad. He smiled lightly.

Under the command of the great Convoy. What an odd situation this whole mess has become...

Touch down. Grand shut his ship's systems down before exiting through the main hatch and examining his vessel. He was shocked at the amount of abuse, misshapenness, and scorch-wear on the hull. And then, thinking back on the events since his arrival in the present, he was not.

"Hey Iacon, could you give me a hand repairing my ship?"

A few moments passed before a handful of automated repair drones were deployed through the exit door of the landing pad. Grand watched the domed ceiling seal him in the city, then joined the drones in working on his ship.


Topspin and Quick Switch had reached the halfway point to Debris. He didn't feel entirely right about bringing a non-Wrecker to their sacred headquarters, but the need to immediately repair Sandstorm and Twin Twist outweighed any reservations. He decided to make conversation in order to pass the time and lighten the mood.

"So Switch, whatcha doin' back on Cybertron so soon? Last I checked, you were stationed at Autobot City on Earth."

2001-12-01, 09:03 PM
Slowly and painfully Cryhavoc started his transformation sequence to robot form. It felt like eternity for Cryhavoc. His armor had never been in this bad shape before, still he found out that his inner hydralics were working almost like he had not taken damage at all.

Still it took several minutes for him to transform. Hesitantly he got up and leaned against the wall behind him.

"Heh... I sure took some beating... never though that my inner repair systems were this efficient..." Cryhavoc mumbled.

Then the massive Decepticon began to limb towards the regeneration chamber, parts of his cracked outer armor falling with almost every step he took.

2001-12-01, 09:39 PM
Jazz and sunstreaker came across a couple decepticons now two piles of slag. "THEY KNICKED MY PAINT" Sunstreaker yelled. Jazz punched susntreakers shoulder "quiet man dun wanna attract more decepticreeps" Jazz said Sunstreaker now grumbling about it quietly as they walked through Iacon.

2001-12-01, 10:15 PM
Hot Rod stared at the ship for a while. Dusk Apples... he couldn't get that phrase out of his head. He knew an Apple was an Earth fruit, but he never heard of a dusk apple. And the girls name Lockpick sounds like some sort of thief or spy. He waited Lockpick to cme out so he ask her all of his burning questions, and see if she's cute...

(OOC: What can I say he's the All American boy...)

2001-12-01, 10:26 PM
Dark Prime watched the faceplate clatter at his feet. Then, he looked back up at Megatron, a look on his face indicating he was waiting for a response.

He gave him one.

"Not only have I retained my courage," Dark Prime started, choosing not to speak of his old self in the third-person, "but I have even less restrictions than before!"

He kicked the faceplate into Megatron, then threw his blade forward.

2001-12-02, 01:03 AM
(OOC - HEE!)

The ship comes into Hot Rod's view, and it might be obvious WHY it was called Dusk Apples...

A deep scarlet red, the colour of a ripe apple, the sleek ship seemed to gleam gold where the light struck it, as though kissed by late-afternoon evening sun rays of gold.

It lands on retractable landing gear, the size of a small shuttle but the abilities of an interstellar ship. There's a hiss and clicking sounds before a ramp descends from one side.

Inside, Lockpick hesitate... she brushed a hand over her burnished red-gold armour and takes a breath... rubbing a finger against the worn, nearly invisible Autobrand on her chestplate. working herself up, the girl steps into view on the ramp...

While not much taller than Kup, and sharing a smiliar body-style of a hovercar like Blurr, Lockpick's body is not quite as delicate as say, Elita or Arcee. Nor is her body as well upkept. Worn, red armour shows countless overlapping scars. A pair of small 'wings' extend from her back behind either forearm, and she moves with a dancer's grace, joints curiously designed to leave unusually large gaps between the armour plates.

Her faceplate is high-cheeked and might once have been pretty, if not for the scars and a crushed jaw, slight malhealed. A very noticeable heat-scar runs from over her left optic, down across the bridge of her nose and over her left cheek, diagonally slicing her faceplate in half. Blue optics, diamond shaped and always shifty, lock onto Hot Rod's form. The jaw tightens and she mvoes down the ramp, lifting her hands up slightly to show her lack of weapons.

"Greetings, I am Autobot Lockpick. And I have returned."

2001-12-02, 01:26 AM
(OOC: A note to everyone actually, but to make reading easier, put everything in past-tense. "she walked, he fired." When people try and put things in present tense, they revert to P-T a lot and it gets jumbled. Plus past-tense has been unnoficially established in this RPG simply from the posters posting that way by habit.) http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif

2001-12-02, 01:58 AM
Inside Iacon, Ironhide and Mirage set the unconscious Tracks down onto a med table. Ironhide turned to his sidekick and said, "We gotta fahnd someone to fix up Trahcks. Come ohn."

Ironhide led Mirage from the room, and as soon as they turned the first corner, they ran into none other than their colleagues Jazz and Sunstreaker. Ironhide and Mirage could not believe it. In their reality, both Jazz and Sunstreaker were DEAD, fallen at the hands of the Renegades. And, judging from the shocked looks of Sunstreaker and Jazz, this reality had probably brought some similar awful fate to Ironhide and Mirage...

Quick Switch
2001-12-02, 04:13 AM
Dirge followed Ramjet down the corridor.

"All right, what now?"


Quick Switch flew along with Top Spin, heading for Debris.

"Funny thing, now that you ask. Originally, I was with Wheeljack and Hound on a recon mission, when Prime called the retreat Earth. Anyhow, a big space station came out of nowhere, I boarded it, and here I am."

The Hexa Changer pondered.

"I'd never seen it before. It's called...Grand Maximus, I think. Ever heard of it?"

2001-12-02, 04:43 AM
"Grand Maximus?" Topspin responded. "Naw, doesn't sound familiar. I know Fortress Maximus, but not Grand."

He paused, keeping scanners on the terrain ahead. "This is it."

Topspin transformed, making sure that he would catch Twin Twist's pieces as he did. A few gentle steps were taken forward, making certain he was within inches of the secret entrance to Debris. He opened his mouth to say the password...


Topspin looked around frantically. "That wasn't me..."

He felt a tap on his left shoulder. Instinctively, Topspin grabbed Twin Twist's left leg by the ankle and began to swing it at the newcomer, but was stopped mid-motion. He stared into Whirl's eye. His right claw gripped the leg, and a metal plate patched up the holes in his chest and back.

"Whirl! You look great!"

Whirl nodded, then looked into Topspin's arms. "Can't say the same about Double T..."

He looked over Topspin's shoulder, at Quick Switch's load. "Or Double S. What's he doin' here?"

Topspin glanced over at Quick Switch, then back to Whirl. "He was the only way I could get Twin Twist and Sandstorm back here before they leaked to death. I didn't like it much either, but..."

Whirl shook his head. "No worries."

He took a few steps toward Quick Switch, allowing Topspin to enter the base. Whirl put his arm on Quick Switch's shoulder.

"Maybe we can make a Wrecker outta him by the time he leaves. Quick Switch... Welcome to Debris!"

(OOC: Note to Quick Switch and everyone. The Wreckers are NPCs, so feel free to use them if you have any need to.)

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2001-12-02, 09:15 AM
Slipstream suddenly noticed the gaping hole in Roadkill's chestplate and raised a browridge curiously. "Body piercing now, 'killer? Shame."

Roadkill shrugged, hiding a wince at the discomfort the movement caused. "Forgot t'dodge."

Just then, Sidewinder came up behind Roadkill in his car mode, screeching to a stop nearby.

"Ah, Sidewinder. Y'know if anyone's gone t'find Napalm?" Slipstream asked as Sidewinder switched to bot mode.

"Yeah, Electro's gone to check on where he crashed. Hopefully he's still in one piece." The three started into Iacon City, absently avoiding the debris and small craters caused by the fighting.

2001-12-02, 02:48 PM
Hot Rod was still busy thinking about the logic of the Dusk Apples when Lockpick exited her ship. He then spent a moment staring at her battered form. His eyes widened as he realized how much that girl must have been though, after the short delay Hot Rod let something come out of his mouth, "What, what happened to you..."

2001-12-02, 03:20 PM
The red femme - the same colour as the ship she piloted - stared back at Hot Rod with the most happiest smile imaginable on her torn faceplate

"I never thought I would see another Cybertronian again, you know that?"
one hand lifts up to brush his own Autobrand gently and her hands move to plae on his shoulders to squeeze, as though to make sure Hot Rod wasn't some illusion of her mind, then she pulls her hands back as though burned, clencing them into fists. Taking a breath, his question finally reaches her.

"It... its a long, very ugly story." she says, then takes a breath "I was around before the war started... smalltime petty theif, pitpocketer, stuff like that. Got caught for some, didn't for others. I joined the bots when the war started out... then, a while later I took off with an entire shuttleload of energon from one of their outposts, intending to deliver it to Iacon."

Her face flinches at the memory, and she looks down again "I... I went missing for a while then... saw some stuff that would horrify even the decepticons... " she straightens and turns back to Hot Rod "But I'm back now, and ready to rejoin our ranks."

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God Jinrai
2001-12-02, 04:22 PM
OOC: Sorry for lack of posts lately... personal demon to deal with ..


Prime recieved Noktaraus' transmission...

"Roger that, Noktaraus. Prime Out."

Optimus opened a com link... " Alright folks. We've located fortress... but the problem now becomes... how we get him back here for repairs. Grand Maximus, if you're reading this, I think you may have some sort of ideas... considering you command a maximus battleship yourself... when you have a moment, report to iacon command. Optimus out."

Prime turned to jinrai who stood behind him in the command center...

"Well. Now that we've located fortress, we can get him repaired and brought back to full strength... thenw e won't have QUITE so much to be afraid of..if anything at all... when it comes to metrotitan or trypticon..."

Jinrai's optics dimmed slightly

"Optimus... From where I come from... my timeline... there...exists a demon of sorts... that only grand maximus was able to deal with... I'm sure that demon exists in this dimension as well... perhaps not as he does in mine...but... nonetheless..."

Prime stood in silence... who..could he possibly be refering to?

2001-12-02, 04:35 PM
"Roger that, Optimus," Grand responded. "I'll be right there."

He fired a few more quick spurts from his welding laser, finishing the panel he worked on. With that out of the way, he set his tool down, deactivated the light shielding on his eyeplate, and began walking for central command.

"Keep it up while I'm gone," Grand ordered the drones. "I'll be back soon."

2001-12-02, 09:46 PM
Ramjet loked at Dirge.

"We need to find someone who can help us", he said. He pointed at a hatch that led to the surface of the planet.

"Got any ideas", he asked his fellow seeker.
The Insecticons raced through the darkness of the corridors underneath Cybertron, not particulary caring where they ended up.

"Look", said Kickback.

He pointed to an point of light down the corridor. The three Insecticons rushed through it.

"Where...where are we", asked Bombshell.

"I...I don't know" said Kickback.

(OOC: Don't really care where they end up, but could some Decepticon group notice them?)
The Spychangers had left the underground tunnels behind, now heading towards Iacon.

"Is there any Autobots out here", Hot Shot asked into his commlink.
Cybertron orbit...

A small scout craft hovered in orbit. It pilot, Apeface, waited for something. Suddenly, he saw them on his scanners.

"There they are", he said to himself, steering towards the three blips on his scanner.

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2001-12-02, 11:44 PM
"Well, I see that i doubted!"

Megatron picked up his blade and caught Prime's in Mid-Air.


He threw it back.

"I mis-judged you. But as you retain your courage, i say one thing, after watching you and HateMunger fight. I noticed one weakness."

Megatron fired a burst of energon from his mouted shoulder cannon. It was aimed for Dark Prime's side, where he was injured.

Megatron looked down at the faceplate and crushed it with his foot.

"Fall, you piece of scrap. You aren't even worth the metal you are made of. You above all else are a fool. You doubted me! ME! Above all else above my insanity, I remember what i did to Autobots not unlike you."

Megatron touched a button behind him. A screen showed on the viewscreen.

It showed an autobot, being stretched. It's power core hanging half out, it's spark also hanging half out. The body crumbling to pieces. And beside the Autobot, was Megatron. The green tank transformers watched in his robot mode. Laughing, enjoying the sick and twisted way, he took pleasure in killing an Autobot.

Megatron pressed anothe button which enlarged the Autobot's face. Showing the agony on the face. The pain and suffering that went with it.

Megatron turned to Dark Prime. He shot another blast at him.

"Remember me. Remember, how i prey on you. The strong. The gulliable, yet weak. I am Megatron, like others before me."

2001-12-03, 12:58 AM
Ironhide was too shocked for words. As he and Mirage stared at Jazz and Sunstreaker, and the bewildered sports cars stared right back, Ironhide began taking steps backward in fear.

Mirage followed, saying, "It....it can't be! They must be Decepticon imposters! Run!"

Ironhide and Mirage hightailed it, transforming to van and race car modes (respectively) and darting through the narrow halls of Iacon. They darted back into the medical area where Tracks laid, still unconscious.

Ironhide said, "Load him in. We gotta get 'im outta here!" Mirage transformed and picked up Tracks, loading him into Ironhide's cargo area.

Mirage transformed, and Ironhide said, "Autobots, roll out!" The two left the medical bay and headed for the Iacon elevator, right near the entrance.

2001-12-03, 06:01 AM
Dark Prime reeled back from the impact to his side. If his armor there were still whole, it would have absorbed the hit. Granted, there wouldn't have been much armor or chasis left. As it were, too much of the blast seeped into his inner-workings. Sparking badly, he stepped backwards, again as he couldn't regain his balance. The third step nearly kept him up, but his back slammed into the bulkhead behind him before it could be allowed to.

He gripped his sword tightly in his grasp, thrown back to him by Megatron. He looked up as Megatron played the image on the large monitor. Then the Decepticon turned towards Prime again, aiming his cannon at him.

"Remember me. Remember, how i prey on you. The strong. The gullible, yet weak. I am Megatron, like others before me..."

Megatron fired, the blast aiming for Prime's cranium.

It never made it.

Prime brought his sword up, taking the blast at the part of the energy blade just above the hilt. A flash of light as the shot was sent back into Megatron's stomach, just below the front-tank portion that made up his chest. A small explosion was followed by smoke.

Ignoring the pain in his side, Dark Prime lunged for Megatron with his sword, the other firing in his direction. Each shot was deflected away, smashing with explosive power into parts of the bridge. Each deflection pushed at Prime, testing his energy. He deflected on last shot, a near point-blank blast that deflected past Megatron's head and into the large monitor behind him. Then Prime ducked slightly, turned backwards, then came fully around in an upward arch. With enough force, he cleaved the shoulder cannon at midpoint, then pinned Megatron's blade down with his own. The sword pressed into Megatron's, forcing the Decepticon's hand and cuff against a nearby guard rail.

When Prime was sure he could complete the move without further injury to himself, he did so--slicing his blade for Megatron's right arm, meant to cleave through and cut into the leader's side...

2001-12-03, 07:17 AM
Roadkill, Sidewinder and Slipstream waited for the elevator near Iacon's entrance, hoping to find the city's med bays so they could get patched up. After a short wait, the elevator doors opened and Mirage drove out, nearly running into Roadkill. He was closely followed by Ironhide, with Track's unconscious form in tow.

"Whoa!" Roadkill jumped out of the way as Ironhide and Mirage skidded to a stop nearby, causing Slipstream and Sidewinder to sidestep out of the way as well. "Gear down guys! Last time I checked, Iacon wasn't a raceway... where y'off to in such a rush anyway?"

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Quick Switch
2001-12-03, 12:34 PM
Quick Switch cradled Sandstorm gently as he followed Top Spin to the outskirts of Debris.

The welcome between Whirl and Top Spin was heartening.

As he was clasped on the shoulder by Whirl, Quick Switch smiled.

"Thanks," he replied in greeting. "Glad to be here."


In the bowels of Cybertron, Dirge and Ramjet conversed.

The blue Seeker shook his head.

"Ramjet, I just intercepted a retreat signal from Command. Frag it, our forces are retreating!"

Dirge turned and pounded his fist into a nearby wall.

He turned, and looked at the white jet.

"You can try sending out a coded signal, but do you really think Command is going to dispatch more troops now that the Autobots have somehow managed to win?"

2001-12-03, 03:12 PM
Ramjet looked at Dirge.

"We've got to do something", he said to the blue seeker. "I mean, I don't want to be wandering these tunnels for the rest of my existence."

Opening his comlink, Ramjet said,"Hey, is there any Decepticons still alive up there?"
As the Insecticons looked around the strange place, they saw a ship in the sky.

"Oh, no", said Kickback. "It's the Autobots!"

"Calm down", said Bombshell. "If that's who I think it is..."

The ship streaked down to their position, and a hatch opened up. Apeface appeared in the doorway.

"Someone call for assistance?", he asked.

The three Insecticons transformed and boarded the ship.

"Let's get out of here, out of here", said Shrapnel in a fuss.

Apeface sat at the controls, pushed the throttle foward, and headed off.
Emerging from the underground tunnels, The Spychangers headed towards Iacon, still broadcating their signal towards any Autobots who might hear them.
Meanwhile, at Iacon, Doubledealer waited to be allowed inside the Autobot capital city.

Quick Switch
2001-12-03, 03:19 PM
Dirge nodded at Ramjet.

"Yes, you're right."

He watched as the white Seeker punched in on his comm link and sent the signal.

"You know, we can always blast our way out. And, of course, we can follow the engergy signatures of the Insecticons and see where they went."

2001-12-03, 03:25 PM
Ramjet looked at his fellow seeker with suprise.

"Are you crazy?!", he said. "While I'm all for chasing after those blasted bugs, do you really think that the two of us are in any condition to fight them? And besides, who knows that those Autobots have done to ruin everything. We have to make a tatical retreat. It's the only option available to us."

He then hit his commlink again. "Hey, is there anyone up there?!"

2001-12-03, 04:01 PM
Hot Rod listen attentivley to the whole story, but she did go into those horrors, but he rather not know, for now. He then procedded to formally introduce himself, "Well as I said becfore my name is Hot Rod. I used to be the Autobot leader Rodimus Prime for a time, but now we our commanded by Optimus Prime." Hot Rod still confuzed at one thing, "What exactly are these Dusk Apples?"

2001-12-03, 05:30 PM
Mirage skidded to a halt, then transformed and flipped as his momentum carried him over the heads of Slipstream and the others. Ironhide remained in van mode.

Mirage said, "We were tryin' to find some medical attention for Tracks. Who else is inside Iacon?"

Just then, the Spychangers' broadcast came over the Autobot frequency. Though he did not recognize the voices, Ironhide responded, "This is Ironhahd. Identifah yarselves and gimme yahr pasition."

2001-12-03, 05:57 PM
Megatron saw his blast deflected and as it hit into the wall. The hole it created only made the bridge shake. It began to rock in space.


Megatron began firing bursts of energy at Prime but they were deflected around the room. Crashing everything in sight. The door buckled then a formed a hole in the middle of it. Then the viewscreen went with a bang. The Bot's face repeating then the screen blew up.

Then one of the blasts hit the Control Panel for the helm. Another blast was deflected into the engine room through the large hole.

Nothing happened but their wasn't even a bang. It was as if it was lodged into it. Then a pulse was heard. It was loud. It was heard throughout the ship untill it stopped.

Then Megatron felt himself fall backward with blade in his hand. He tried to fight off the other blade but it only knocked his own blade out of his hand.

Then he saw the glistening of energon into his eyes. It then slid past him as the ship shook and caused Prime to make a cut into Megatron's arm. But then TimeSplitter shook one more and began to fall rapidly. Dark Prime's blade fell into Megatron's side. It nearly cut it in half. His circuits sizzled. He felt the pain as he touched it. He tried to stand but fell to one knee still clenching his side.

"Ironic it is, that i must bow to you Prime. But, if you can't take your enimies themselves, then you just have to go down with them."

Megatron pressed a button on his side. His sliced side. He pressed it feeling the pain but yet trying to block it.

"Always have a back up plan."

Megatron kept pressing it but nothing happened.


But then it did. There was a slight change in TimeSplitters movment it stopped and turned around but then fell again.

"Taking everything into account Prime. One of your Autobot's weapons factorys will be destroyed in approximatly 8 minutes. So. Who do you save, yourself or the Autobots. There isn't time to do both."

Megatron then pressed the button the sizzled control panel. It closed the door with the hole in it. Making a second door. It was tougher more powerful.. It would take more than a few blasts to cut through it.

"Like it or not, you and i will meet again. When the rebirth comes. You will see yourself. Unicron will change your ways."

There was a devilish grin on Megatron's face as he slowly stood up and sat on the chair. It was hardly a chair anymore, more of a stool with a headbard.

Megatron turned around once more with a blaster in his hand. But he didn't point it at Prime. He pointed it at Prime's foot. Where a gas valve lay.

"Don't move a mussel. Oh and 7 minutes and counting."

God Jinrai
2001-12-03, 06:03 PM
Prime sat in his old command chair in Iacon central command... it had been ages since he'd sat here. The centuries lying dormant in mount saint hillary... the time spent battling the decepticons on earth... it was good.. for once... to be home... but prime knew that this calm wouldn't last. tapping a few buttons on the console of his chair, a hologram display came up. Prime spoke....

"Hoist, Hauler, Huffer, and all other available technicians and architects currently not involved with repairing grand maximus.. report to iacon central"

Prime ended the comlink and thought to himself... "they're comming... they have to be. Galvatron had no interest in taking earth previously... he must be using it as a power base to try and retake cybertron... Once we finish repairs on grand, and get fortress back here... we'll have to get him fixed up asap... and in addition.. Metroplex will need a new body... perhaps if need be we can equip him with something smaller until we can have a new giant sized body for him..."

It was then that something hit prime... like a eureka event as humans called it... Two maximus existed... and something told him that at some point in time a third would come to be... perhaps... but that can wait for another time...

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2001-12-03, 08:35 PM
"Don't move a muscle. Oh, and 7 minutes and counting."

Prime held his position, now aware of the gas valve at his feet. His jump jets were operational, but even with a jumping start the possible explosion could be quite devastating. He ran the calculations through his neural net: transformation time, Megatron's reflex action at best, immediate explosive reaction. It was too close, but he catalogued the plan away.

Currently, there was another issue. Timesplitter was on a ramming course for a major stockyard. The Autobots occupying the location would be on their own--he'd have no way to communicate with them. If the control panel was smashed as badly as he presumed, it wouldn't be easy to readjust Timesplitter's course.

He disengaged his fury sword, dropping the hilt to the floor, then holding his arms out where Megatron could see them. "Megatron," he began, the hydraulic piston in his right arm sliding ever slowly into place as he talked, "if you wish to take me with you, at least allow me to spare the lives of the Autobots below."

It was an interesting feeling to be speaking such concerns, concerns he'd given up only to logistics and tactics not long ago. But Megatron saw it as typical, for he smiled a sardonic smile, holding his blaster in place.

"Megatron," he pleaded again, "they do not have to die out of your hatred to me. They should not be punished in such a manner." He gestured with his right hand to Megatron, which grabbed the Decepticon's attention. "You've wanted me long dead, I presume. Then here I am. Spare the population down below."

Megatron girpped his blaster tighter, though he wasn't sure why. Dark Prime was unarmed, with the exception of his shoulder-mounted rockets. But their travel time--while quick--would not be quick enough to prevent Megatron from retaliating. His arms were spread away from his body, making subspace artillery impossible to get to in time.

Megatron's side sparked and sizzled. Prime's own wound was sympathetic, seeming to feel pain in synchronise.

"I am not a copy, a clone," Dark Prime started. "I am the original Optimus Prime. But from my time, things have changed. Including you Megatron--" he gestured again to Megatron, pointing. His arm settled back down, "--more insane than I could ever possibly imagine you. More rutheless, deadly. Unpredictable. You nearly had everything you'd ever wanted. Control of Cybertron, a foothold to conquer the galaxy. A part of me almost wished to be part of it. But it was too chaotic, no control. And a hoard of chaotic Decepticons to follow in your wake. There just weren't enough Autobots to hold them all--"

There was a loud blast, but no lightsource. Even Megatron wasn't sure what just pressed into his chest and pushed him back. His blaster went off, firing off it's mark, and Prime transformed to his rig mode. His better-armored mode rolled towards Megatron, the command chair he'd been in having been bent back. Prime simply barreled through it, smashing into Megatron and forcing him through a section of guardrail. Megatron's blaster was crushed under Dark Prime's weight, and the rig transformed difficultly back into robot mode. He held his left side, the pain worsened.

He made his way to one of the undamaged consoles, got a reading on the situation. Impact in four minutes. He worked the controls to reroute the ship's course, but it would have none of it. Prime's splicing abilities were not proficient enough to change the situation. Roadkill would be at home with this dilemma, but his communications and signal splicer was down below. Prime had no options.

At least not within the ship.

Dark Prime turned to the doorway he'd walked through, pulled his blaster cannon from subspace. He charged it to full, then fired. Each shot smashed into the door, exploding and fading out. The damage was not very extensive. Prime put away his blaster, picked up the hilt of his sword on the ground. He reignited the blade, then dove it into the side of the door. Pain shot through his side as he put everything into it. The blade slowly began to sink into the section of the door. He pulled down, cutting portion by portion in what felt like slow motion.

Three minutes...

2001-12-03, 11:30 PM
Jazz and Sunstreaker were confused. "What is up with ironhide and mirage" Jazz said transforming and going after them.
"Whats up with ironhide he's dead and why did they looked so spooked about seeing us" Sunstreaker said doing the same. "We gotta find em and find out whats wrong and whats up" Jazz retorted. "I agree maybe they have same wax and paint it got chipped from that fall" Sunstreaker nodded. "Ironhide this is Jazz talk to me whats goin' on why you so spooked about seein me an' Sunstreaker" Jazz said through a comm-line

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2001-12-03, 11:42 PM
Hot Shot recieved Ironhide's signal

"This is Hot Shot, leader of the Spychangers, on approach to Iacon. Request permission to enter."
Doubledealer had decided that enough was enough. He was disguised as an Autobot, and as far as anyone else knew, he was.

He walked into Iacon.
The Insecticons and Apeface were heading off with no direction planned.

"Where are we going", Kickback asked Apeface.

"You'll see", said Apeface.

2001-12-04, 12:31 AM
Lockpick chuckled slightly "Its part of an old story I heard once from... some companions." she explains, shifting her weight "I'd be glad to tell it to you on our way to Iacon... I heard there was a ruckus there." she explains, folding her arms, then unfolding them nervously. Then she smiles again "Oh, and its a pleasure to meet you. Sorry for my manners. I've been... neglecting them of recent."

2001-12-04, 12:35 AM
(OOC: BLASTER_86 Ironhide is DEAD in the current timeline, SSG's ironhide is from a different dimension, so you're characters need to react that way. edit your post when ye get the chance.)

Prime was satisfied his cut was far enough down the door and disengaged his blade. His right hydraulic piston had reset, and he extended it along with the one on his left arm. After drawing back for both punches, he thrust his fists forward. On impact with the door, both pistons went off.

The thundering boom throughout the room shattered nearby monitors. With his difficulty to stand, Prime was almost forced off his own feet. The door bent forward, a massive dent in its structure. A large gash on the side he'd cut through was now open wide, but not quite wide enough. He punched at the armored door, kicked into it with his right foot. He forced it open enough to force himself through, straining against the pain in his side.

Two minutes.

He had the time to run down the corridor, down the steps, and farther down to the turboshaft. He dropped straight down, igniting his jets when the car below was visible. He soft-landed inside the lift, walking out it's doorway, and down the way he'd come. He passed the door of captives, understanding he didn't have the time to save them. The weapons site is a key to holding this Cybertron, as well its explosive capacity if hit is too devestating to the area and its occupants. I'm sorry I could't save you afterall...

He limp-ran through the hangar, past Omega Supreme still docked inside, then leaped out into the air. His jets ignited, flying him to the side of the ship as it dropped past him.

One minute.

He pulled his blaster cannon from subspace, aimed it at the portside engine nacelle, and fired. Each blast hammered into the engine section, just as lifeless as the starboard side.

Whether it was active or not made no difference, as its internals were still quite intact. He continued to fire until the armor punctured, fired into the gashes his weapon was making. Fired as the small explosions and firetrails began.

Then the nacelle shuddered. Sections of armor plating began to split, fire and black smoke trailing off in a huge plume behind the engine.

Dark Prime let himself drift from the ship. Finally the nacelle exploded, and the ship lurched. Smoke- and fire-tailed Debris spun in all directions from the engine core as the ship rolled to starboard, making a slight heading change.

Almost too slight. It didn't appear to be enough to avoid its target. At best, it simply wouldn't hit it head on--avoiding a major explosion in the area. But it would still devastate the weapons site.

Prime allowed himself to relax as he noted the battle below had come to a halt. He let his jets drift him to where some of his troops were, then landed.

He didn't stay up on both feet, going down to one knee from his injuries.

Blitzwing and Electro were the first to tend to him, rushing him inside Iacon. The leader kept on his feet once he had gotten to them, a prideful attempt to not be carried inside he knew better than show. At the same time, he knew better than to not show it, leader's can be injured, but they still need to lead. "Status on our troops," Prime requested.

"We're still rather scattered, but most everyone in our troop is all right. Electro brought Napalm in, he took some hits. Bulk and Wench are missing. I'll give you the full report when we get you tended to."

The three of them made their way into Iacon.

2001-12-04, 12:48 AM
Ironhide heard Hot Shot's request for permission to enter Iacon and frowned in confusion. He turned to Slipstream and said, "Spychangers? You know any Autobots by that name?"

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2001-12-04, 02:18 AM
The small craft carrying Apeface and the Insecticons had flown clear across Cybertron. They were now approaching their destination.

"We're here", he said th his comrades.

"I don't believe it", exclaimed Bombshell.

Below them stood a city, a magnificently beautiful city, with lots of tall buildings and other structures. Not far away stood the largest building of them all, dwarfing the other buildings.

"Well, believe it bugboy", said Apeface, pointing out the viewport.

"Welcome to Polyhex".
Underground, Ramjet was getting a lttle angry. He had been trying to contact any Decepticon he could, but no one had answered.

He tossed his commlink on the ground in frustration, and turned to Dirge.

"I don't know about you, but I'm sick to death with this!", he yelled.

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Quick Switch
2001-12-04, 02:32 AM
Dirge watched as Ramjet destroyed the commm link.

"Agreed," he replied. "I say we escape, and go on our own."

Dirge rapped his chest with his fist.

"We are Seekers, Ramjet. Brothers! We need no other Decepticons! Let us be the scourge of the Autobots! Let us teach them the true nature of terror!"

Dirge turned.

"What do you say, Ramjet?"

2001-12-04, 02:37 AM
Slipstream shrugged casually, leaning against a wall with her arms loosely folded. "Spychangers? Never heard of 'em, Ironhide. Don't see what harm could come of lettin' 'em in though."

2001-12-04, 02:57 AM
"I agree", Ramjet said to Dirge, blasting a hole in the celing and flying through it.

"From this day foward, I renounce my alliegance to the Decepticons!", he said, ripping the Decepticon insignia from his wings.

He looked down a tDirge

Doubledealer wandered through Cybertron, looking for any Autobots
The Spychangers were approaching Iacon.

"Hey, so are we allowed in?", Crosswise asked.

Quick Switch
2001-12-04, 03:11 AM
Dirge flew up and out of the hole created by Ramjet, also removing his insignia.

"Yes, Ramjet! No longer do we follow the creed of 'peace through tyranny'. We follow our own path, now!"

2001-12-04, 03:13 AM
"Yes", said Ramjet, patting his fellow seeker on the shoulder.

"Now, where shall we set up our fortress of operations?", he asked.

Quick Switch
2001-12-04, 03:34 AM
Dirge pondered.

"Good question. I've got it, the ruins of Crystal City! Yes! Think Ramjet! No Autobot OR Decepticon will think to look for us there...we can raid Energon from the surrounding cities...and strike any Autobot settlements or patrols when WE decide...and we can raid Shockwave's old command post for weapons and supplies to get set up in the Ruins!"

Dirge turned to his fellow Seeker, smiling.


2001-12-04, 03:37 AM
"Very well", said Ramjet. "Let's go!"

He transformed to his jet mode and flew off towards the ruins of Crystal City.
"Find us a place to land, to land", said Shrapnel.

"OK", said Apeface, taking the ship down towards Darkmount.

2001-12-04, 03:38 AM
"You're cleared to enter," Ironhide responded to Hot Shot over the radio. He unloaded the still-unconscious Tracks and transformed to robot mode.

Turning to Slipstream and the others, he said, "Any of yah think yah can fix Trahcks? He gaht nailed pretty bahd out there."

Quick Switch
2001-12-04, 03:40 AM
Dirge transformed and followed Ramjet toward the Ruins of Crystal City.

2001-12-04, 03:43 AM
The six Spychangers entered the Autobot Capital city, and transformed.

"Cool place", said W.A.R.S.

"I guess we wait for someone to come meet us", said Hot Shot.

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2001-12-04, 04:19 AM
Whirl walked with Quick Switch, his arm still on the newcomer's shoulder. His single eye did not contact those of Quick Switch - they were busy with the walls and ceiling of the entrance hall of Debris. His left arm pointed toward certain things, though most did not correspond to his speaking subject.

"We're equipped for just about anything here. Miniature Iacon. Repair facilities, combat practice, defensive weaponry... Name it, Debris has it. You'll be free to roam and check things out..."

Whirl leaned over to Quick Switch, making eye contact and lowering his voice.

"...I trust you, after all..."

And quickly, he snapped back to his initial stance.

"...As soon as we get Sandstorm on his way to recovery. Right this way."

Whirl led Quick Switch through a wide, open door in the right wall. The other Wreckers were scattered about the room, somewhat full of medical equipment and half a dozen repair tables. One was already occupied by Twin Twist, whose wounds were being repaired by the numerous arms and tools on the ceiling. Whirl pointed to a bed next to Twin Twist's.

"You can set him there, and we'll take care of the rest. You do know the rest of the Wreckers, don't you?"


Grand entered Iacon's central command room, a cavernous structure decorated with numerous Autobots scuttling about their tasks. In the center of the room, Optimus Prime sat somewhat elevated in his command chair. Grand struggled through the business, making his way to his new leader.

"You wanted to see me, Prime?"

2001-12-04, 05:59 AM
They'd found the makeshift med center quickly enough, and after some drawn weapons because of Blitzwing, repairs were underway with Dark Prime's injuries.

"Seal it as best you can for the while," Dark Prime was instructing the medic. "I'll be needing to move around again soon."

"I think it best if you sit it out for the bit," the medic responded. "This rupture is worse than armor damage. You took some major damage internally too. Didn't help that you went all running around afterwards, either. You know, you boys need to learn to sit these things out when you get hit. You've got more than enough back-up. You know thirty percent of my worst patients are that way because they refused to leave the battlefield? Then they get others wounded dragging their busted forms to safety! You should learn your limits and stick by them..."

"Hey!" Electro fumed, "Ye might not realize who yer talking to there! He's changed some, but that there is Optimus Prime where I come from! If we hadn't shown up, yer peace-worn ragtag troops would have been busted into long ago, so I suggest you show--"

"Enough!" Prime cut Electro off. "The battle is over, there's no need to take up another one inside."

"Look," the medic interrupted, "I don't care if you're Primus himself, with wounds like these you sit it out a while. Whatever you've got to do can wait a few solar cycles."

Prime looked at the medic. "The Decepticon forces won't wait that long to retaliate."

"And you won't make a difference, that I can see, so stop moving around so much so I can seal this straight, or I'll have to open it back up again."

Prime nodded once. "Perhaps not. But my duty is to my troops, and I'll need to get them organized. If it bothers you so much that I may join this battle again, then get my to your best operational status."

The medic sighed, continuing his work. "I swear you slaggin' warbots are gonna get yourselves blown to so many parts. THEN what's ol' Hydrospanner gonna be able to do for you, huh?" He looked up a minute. "Optimus Prime, eh?"

"At one time. There have been some changes in my life along the way."

Hydrospanner kept his gaze on Prime for a moment longer. "Well," he began, alternating looks from Prime's optics to his wound, "ye don't much resemble the guy..."


Scattershot fused the metal patch over Lightspeed's back, finishing the repairs. "And we STILL didn't get back out ther in time!"

"Sucks, I know," Afterburner growled.

"Well, at least there aren't anymore wounded from the battle," Lightspeed added, straightening out. "And we're ready to go in case they decide to come back."

"An' they will," Nosecone said. "Count on it."

"Well, for now we can see if we're needed elsewhere," Scattershot sighed. "Come on, Technobots."

(OOC: Borrowing Skycat's characters for the moment)

Sidewinder looked at Tracks. "Well, they told us they've got a makeshift medical center in Central Court. We can take him down there, but they've got a lot of casualties. No telling when they'll get to him."

"Feh," Roadkill snorted, kneeling next to Tracks. "This sorta thing is pro'bly easy enough. Lemme see..."

He opened one of Track's panels by the damaged end, searching, removed an internal panel revealing optiplast and wiring. "There it is! Stupid primary electrical supply, all on one lousy wire." Roadkill easily made the connection of the spliced wire, and Tracks' optics lit back up. "I ain't a specialist in damage an' repair, so I can't say for the rest of 'im. But that'll get 'im up an' walking."

Sidewinder shook his head. "Now how did you know about that?"

Roadkill shrugged. "Y'know how I am with sounds and such? He's always had this annoying hum to his internals when he walks by. It's 'cause he's got such outdated wirin'. Well, just now I couldn't hear it, so I figured, hey."

Slipstream, arms still loosely folded, gave a short laugh.

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2001-12-04, 01:23 PM
Tracks sat up holding his head and saying, "Oh...oh, my head!"

Ironhide said, "How yah feelin, good buddy?"

Tracks looked himself over and said, "Okay for now. My wings are sliced and my legs are a little banged up, but good."

Mirage and Ironhide helped Tracks to his feet, and Mirage said, "My radar's picking up Dark Prime inside Iacon somewhere. We'd better transform and report to him ASAP. Tracks, can you still transform and roll?"

Tracks bent and touched his toes, saying, "Of course! They built me well enough to survive worse battles than that." Tracks transformed to corvette mode, and as Ironhide and Mirage transformed, Ironhide said to the rest of the Autobots, "Coming?"

God Jinrai
2001-12-04, 01:50 PM
"Ah, Grand. Thank you for getting here so quickly. I've called you here since I'm not quite sure just how the slag we're going to get fortress maximus back here. even with a dozen ships and tractor beams, he'd just be too heavy to lift... and dragging him isn't really an option considering the damage that would be inflicted. You're the most experienced of us when it comes to maximus class battleships... how do we get him back here without dealing him further damage?"

Prime went silent, waiting for Grand's answer

2001-12-04, 03:05 PM
The Spychangers were waiting for someone to come meet them, when they noticed Doubledealer.

"Hey, friend", said Ox.

Doubledealer turned around to see the Spychangers addressing him

"Ah! More friends to make", he thought to himself.
At Polyhex, Apeface and the Insecticons explored the ruins of Darkmount.

"This place is huge", said Kickback.

"Yes", said Bombshell. "This will make the perfect base."
Ramjet and Dirge were approaching the ruins of Crystal City. Ramjet looked in surprise. Crystal City had been one of the most beautiful citys on Cybertron until the Constructicons tricked it's guardian, Omega Supreme into leaving it so that they could destroy it.

Ramjet transformed and landed.

"This place will be a great place for a base", he said to Dirge. "It looks like no one has been here for years".

2001-12-04, 06:20 PM

TimeSplitter began a rapd asent as the ship pushed on. WarLord Kallosxis was activated by this time.

"My Master. Please forgive me"

Warlord Kallosxis jumped out as the ship flew down then it crashed, causing a massive explosion but then Kallosxis came rushing in he fired a few bolts at TimeSplitter as he then moved him out of the way, but the explosion destroyed, him and an autobot, Rhinox. As TimeSplitter crashed into the barron rock, Megatron smiled. He felt happy for some sick reason. He had reknewed himself from the Rift. He still had it in him, to fight.

He sent a message barely able to move though he said," Decepticons, I need your assistance, he transmitted te coordinates of the autobot factory, then his eyes faded, he was offline, as was TimeSplitter. The Autobots inside, werre not functional, they were tropy's to Megatron, but their sparks were kept inside a secret cavern, they could be restored if they needed to be.

But the message Megatron sent as it was still sending, it became available to the Autobots as well. It was possible the autobots could take the advantage.


(Is this okay, if not just delete this part)

Build King looked around. He was inside Iacon but his memory circuits had been fragmented after the explosions he had encountered.

He looked around and saw some Autobots.

"Where am i?", he asked in confusion.

He sat on a bedlike device with lights shining in on him.

2001-12-04, 08:02 PM
She looks Okay to me.. Hot Rod decided that she wasn't a threat. But he did wish he had the Matrix maybe some how one of the leaders of the past would know this story. "Ok follow me to Iacon, and it nice to meet you as well." He then transformed into vechical mode and waited for her to transform too.

2001-12-04, 08:13 PM
The femme hesitated, then glances back at her ship. Then she turns and smiles "I hate to leave the Keeper behind... how about we fly to Iacon?" Then she hesitates, remembering what he'd said "Or I could follow you in her. Haven't quite figured out the autopilot yet."

Quick Switch
2001-12-04, 09:15 PM
As Quick Switch strolled with Whirl, he too appraised the base.

"I'm impressed," the Hexa Changer commented.

As Quick Switch set Sandstorm down in the place indicated by Whirl, he replied softly,

"Thanks for trusting me."

Moving back, and appraising the rest of the group, he shook his head.

"Er, actually, no, I don't know everyone. Care to do the honors?"


Dirge followed Ramjet down into the ruins.

"Yes, of course. It's quite a find..."
the blue Seeker gazed about in thought.

"What first? Did you want to scour the Ruins for anything, or head over to Shockwave's old base for weapons and Energon?"

2001-12-04, 10:21 PM
Hot Rod loved to drive around in his vechical mode a lot, but this time he let that get in the way of common sence. He would not only have left Lockpick's ship behind but the shuttle he borrowed from Moonbase 3 as well. He transformed back into robot mode. "Uh sorry." He said sheepishly. "Look you can just follow me in your ship while I'm in my ship, I sort of forgot about it."

2001-12-04, 10:23 PM
Lockpick nods, smiling a bit "Sounds good to me. Shall we then?" she says, turning to head back up the ramp... thousands of long, thin and perfectly straight scars now visible on her back as the door seals behind her, closing up nearly seamlessly with the rest of the KEeper's hull.

2001-12-04, 11:32 PM
"I'lls earch the ruins", Ramjet said to Dirge. "You go to Shockwave's old base and gather all teh energon and weapons you can carry."
Apeface and the Insecticons searched Polyhex.

"Are you sure there's nothing here", asked Bombshell

"Yes", said the Headmaster Horrorcon. "I'm quite sure."

2001-12-04, 11:42 PM
Jazz and Sunstreaker were confused. "What is up with ironhide and mirage" Jazz said transforming and going after them.
"Whats up with ironhide he's dead and why did they looked so spooked about seeing us" Sunstreaker said doing the same. "We gotta find em and find out whats wrong and whats up" Jazz retorted. "I agree maybe they have same wax and paint it got chipped from that fall" Sunstreaker nodded. "Ironhide this is Jazz talk to me whats goin' on why you so spooked about seein me an' Sunstreaker" Jazz said through a comm-line


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2001-12-05, 12:20 AM
Hot Rod nodded as he too entered his ship. He had a pretty big day. All he had to do was escort the lady to Iacon, maybe see if Prime had any plans and then he could.... Wait, I left Dan on Moonbase 3 all by himself! Hot Rod knew Daniel could handle himself, at least for a little while. He activated his engines and took of.

A mere few minutes later he entered Iacon air space. The Comm officer had no trouble and it wasn't hard for Hot Rod to be allowed entry. He led the way into the main shuttle hanger.

2001-12-05, 12:48 AM
The Keeper of the Dusk Apples follows Hot Rod's shuttle, the sleek golden-red bird of space moving smoothly behind, allowed in but the autoguns tracked its every movement. Turning gracefully it landed with a hiss beside Hot Rod's shuttle.

Lockpick once more exited the ship, pausing slightly as she sees other Autobots... optics wide. A few stop, and there's a slight pause as she's seen. The femme steps back ot of sight again, taking a deep breath... You served your time already... just calm down girl Stepping out again she smiles slightly, moving down the ramp towards Hot Rod's shuttle.

Quick Switch
2001-12-05, 12:59 AM
Dirge nodded, transformed, and left the Ruins.

A short while later, he came upon the tower that had served as Shockwave's base of operations.

Dirge entered the tower. Walking around the desolate building, he stopped in awe.

Moving toward Shockwave's podium, the Seeker simply stopped and turned.

"Wow." Dirge absently pushed a button against a wall, walking around the area the Decepticon Operations Commander oversaw.

"Decepticons! Cybertron is under attack! Scramble!"

Dirge jerked away from the wall, as Shockwave's words spoken more than ten years ago echoed around the chamber.

"Must 've hit an audio playback device," he stammered.

Dirge moved down the hallway, away from the podium.

The blue Seeker moved towards the exit, and was about to fly off when a voice caught his attention.

"Leaving without me, Dirge?"

He turned.


The red Seeker staggered toward him.

"Glad you're here, uh," Thrust collapsed at Dirge's feet.

"What happened to you?" Dirge asked, crouching down at his comrade's side.

"Uh...was on defensive patrol here...then the Bots attacked...some huge space station! Got blasted pretty bad, crawled in here. Glad you found me..." Thrust's optics faded, then went blank.

"I'm getting you back to Crystal City!"

Dirge cradled Thrust in his arms, ran out of the Command Center and flew manually back to Crystal City.

(OOC: Moderators, I'm using Thrust as an NPC, like Bombshell with the Insecticons.)

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2001-12-05, 02:43 AM
Ramjet, piling through batches of broken metal, searched the Ruins for anything he could find that would be useful.

He looked up as he heard the sound of engines, and saw Dirge returning with a familiar passenger.

"Thrust!", said Ramjet in surprise. "I didn't expect to see you here. How long has it been? Five, ten years?"

Quick Switch
2001-12-05, 02:53 AM
Dirge landed in the Ruins, and layed Thrust on a stable slab of steel.

"Ramjet, he's pretty beat up," the blue Seeker stated.

After tinkering with Thrust's internal wirings, the red Seeker blinked back to sentience.

"Ramjet? Is that you? Well, by Scourge's beard!" Thrust rose unsteadily, leaning against Dirge.

"Thrust, there's been a change of plans," Dirge remarked, smiling.

"What?" Thrust replied.

"Ramjet and I have gone on our own path. We've renounced the Decepticons!"

Thrust grinned.

"About time we've done somethin' on our own!"
He removed his sigil, and stood with Ramjet and Dirge.

"To our own desitny, brothers!"

2001-12-05, 03:09 AM
"To our destiny!", said Ramjet, turning to Dirge.

"Did you get the supplies?", he asked.
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Quick Switch
2001-12-05, 03:17 AM
Dirge turned to Ramjet.

"Well, hey, I started to look around but..."

Thrust interrupted.

"It's a waste of time, Ramjet. There's nothing there...civilians have cleaned it out."

Dirge shrugged.

"How bout your search here? Anything?"

2001-12-05, 03:24 AM
Ramjet walked around for a few minutes, tossing piles of scrap metal around as he walked.

"Not much, just some pieces of junk and..."

He kicked a stray piece of metal away, revealing a small metal hatch. He walked over to it.

"I wonder where this leads", he said, pulling it open.
The Insecticons and Apeface had finished searching Darkmount.

"There's no one else here", said Bombshell.

"Like I told you", said Apeface.

"Well, then, this building shall become our new headquarters, headquarters", said Shrapnel.

The three Insecticons and Horrocon laughed loudly.
"What are you doing here", Counter-Arrow said to Doubledealer.

"I'm waiting for someone", said Doubledeaelr.

"Same thing for us", said Hot Shot.


Quick Switch
2001-12-05, 03:31 AM
Dirge leaned down, peering into the hatchway.

"What ya think, Thrust?"

"I say, let's do it! If we need supplies, we've got to start somewhere. Heh, maybe it's Omega Supreme's special place," the red Seeker laughed.

Dirge smirked.

"Yeah, maybe. Let's go, eh Ramjet?"

Thrust and Dirge entered the hatchway.

2001-12-05, 03:37 AM
Ramjet jumped into the hallway, revealing a large chamber full of computer equipment, a weapons storage locker, and several energon converters.

"This must have been a secret base for the citizens of Crystal City", Ramjet said in wonder. "Just in case Omega Supreme failed in his mission."

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Quick Switch
2001-12-05, 03:43 AM
Dirge and Thrust admired the hideaway.

"I wonder if Scrapper did this," Thrust whispered.

"Nah, I'd say Hook," Dirge replied, opening up the locker. He turned to Ramjet.

"We've hit paydirt, 'Jet. Wonder how far the computer network extends on Cybertron?"

Thrust went about fingering the converters.

"Yeah, we need to find a fuel source," scratching his head.

2001-12-05, 05:00 AM
continued in the next chapter...