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Quick Switch
2001-12-06, 09:57 PM
(OOC: to avoid cluttering up the Earth thread, this will be the continued correspondance between Astrotrain, Shawn Berger and Abdul Fakkadi.)

In a large office buidling in Central City, USA, Shawn Berger sat his executive suite. The portly businessman had changed little over the thirty years since his run in with the Transformers, circa 1985, save his blue thatched hair turned a whitish hue. And putting on a few more pounds.

Berger had rebuilt his company from the ground up after the previous disaster with the giant robots. Now, under the holdings of Central City Corporation, Inc., Shawn Berger controlled the City. As well as other pivotal areas of the US economy, including manufacturing, computer technology and defense contracting, his factories and plants ringed the country- and he had goals of expanding internationally...until the present war between the Transformers...

"Mr. Berger, a Mr. Astrotrain on vid-comm."

Berger frowned.

"Astrotrain? Why does that name sound familiar..." realization dawned on the businessman. "Put me through!"

Berger turned his executive chair behind him, where a large video communications screen dominated a "power wall" section filled with portraits of his dealings with business and political leaders. Astrotrain came on screen.

"What's all this about, Decepticon? You know I can't be talking to you! If the Autobots found out..."

"Mr. Berger, the Autobots have been defeated by our forces. They pose no threat to us on your planet. So they won't be finding out much of anything."

"State your business," Berger settled into his chair as Astrotrain chuckled.

"I'm offering you a deal- allow your factories, computer plants and munitions and defense contracting firms to build what we need- a new Decepticon War Machine. In return, you have a virtual world monopoly on our business...and you keep your life."

"And you'll run my competitors out of business? Earth has a global economy now, you know," Berger chuckled.

"You won't have any competitors. I came to you because you proved helpful in the past for Megatron. Don't disapoint me, or my leader."

"Done. I'll begin conversion to your specifications for mass production...integration of my various holdings, you get the idea. I'm assuming I'll be paid for all this it won't be cheap."

"You will receive instructions from me, and monetary payment when you produce what we ask for, and not before. You will hear from me again."

Astrotrain terminated the feed.

Berger turned, and pushed an intercom button.

"Get ahold of the the Division Heads. Tell them there's been a change of plans in our company mission. Tell them to get ready for a massive conversion and integration of all plants and factories."

Berger frowned, then smiled.

"This puts a whole new spin on profit motive."

Quick Switch
2001-12-06, 10:28 PM
Abdul Fakkadi, Supreme Military Commander, President for Life, King of Kings of the Socialist Democratic Federated Republic of Carbombya, slept in his bedroom in his Presidential Palace in Carbombya City.

The dictator had aged since his involvement with the Transformers a decate ago, black hair turning gray-white, becoming a little frailer.

Two servants entered, causing him to awake with a start.

"Who dares?" Fakkadi bellowed, as the two servants cowered.

"Excellency, it is one of the giant robots!"

"He demands you speak with him immediately!"
the two peons quavered.

Fakkadi rose out of bed, and quickly dressed in his best military uniform.

"Very well." Striding out, he went in his personal War Room, littered with charts, graphs, and sophisticated computer equipment manned by staff officers. A General left a console and saluted.

"Excellency, the robot is on the main conference channel."

Fakkadi barely acknowledged the information, and stood at the main screen. Astrotrain's visage stared back.

"Abdul Fakkadi does not appreciate being disturbed by the likes of you, Decepticon!"

"President Fakkadi, I meant no disrespect. I contacted you for a very special reason. I hope you will humor me."

"I refuse to assist you! If the Earth Defense Command-"

"The EDC is of no concern. We rule the Earth now, and the Autobots are not here to provide military support. You have nothing to fear."

Fakkadi scowled.
"What is your proposal?"

"You and your nation have graciously given aid to Decepticons in the past. We require your assistance...and your oil reserves to continue our war against the Autobots for the manufacturing of Super Energon."

"It would take all the gold of the United States-"

"You shall have that and more. World monuments, your enemies heads on your city walls, it is yours for the asking."

"You Decepticons betrayed me, and invaded my country!"

"Not this time. I promise you nothing, but if we find sufficient reserves for what we require, you shall keep your nation as your own."

Fakkadi pondered, then smiled.

"Very well. Abdul Fakkadi has decided to assist his Decepticon friends against the infidel Autobots."

"I will send you instructions and will notify you when we send in crews to begin the harvesting of the oil."
Astrotrain faded from the screen.

The General came up beside his leader.
"Excellency, the Ministers wish to know when you will be holding the elections as you promised last week! And a new bunch of fanatics have appeared in several sectors..."

Fakkadi turned to the officer.

"Tell the Ministers the elections are cancelled, and their positions are disolved."

He began to walk away, then turned.

"And eliminate all of the resistance fighters. Fail, and your head is mine."

Fakkadi left the conference room.

The General saluted his leader's back, then walked to a phone and, with shaking hands, made the appropriate calls.

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Quick Switch
2001-12-08, 04:07 PM
Berger was sitting in his office when his secretary page him once more.

"Sir, a train's rapidly entering the city's perimeter. Should I dispatch some tank crews to deal with it?"

"No. I think I know who this is." Berger rose from his chair, and took a private elevator down from his office, soon exiting the building.

Walking out, he was greeted by several of his tank crew commanders.

"Let Astrotrain through the security perimeter."

The Tank Crew commanders nodded, and soon the Triple Changer arrived in Central City.
Transforming, Astrotrain loomed over the inhabitants.

"Greetings, Astrotrain. Welcome to Central City!" Berger spoke to his guest.

"Charmed. Get some remote control oil tankers- with air transportation- en route to the nation of Carbombya. With remote controls. Now."

Berger sputtered for a moment, then rapidly removed a cell phone and spoke into it for a few moments.

"All right...as you can see, the tankers-with air transport- are en route."

Astrotrain turned. Leaving from the West and moving Eastward for Carbombya, a massive fleet of oil tankers, transported by massive transport helicopters supported with large networks of suspension cables.

A scientist ran out of the large office building.

"Mein Herr, the control is set to be programmed after the fleet arrives nach Carbombya. Naturlich, the control system is simple to operate."

Astrotrain bent, and took the absurdly small unit into his hand.
"And I can operate this?"

"Klar! Ja, it is hyper sensitive."

Astrotrain shook his head, warping the control into subspace. He looked at Berger.

"Good work." The Triple Changer than, with a running start once more, transformed to shuttle mode and set off for Carbombya after the airborne tankers.

Berger scratched his head.


Quick Switch
2001-12-08, 11:25 PM
Astrotrain flew after the airborne flotilla, and radioded Fakkadi.

"This is Astrotrain. A large convoy of tankers is heading your way...airborne. They'll set down in one of your hangar areas. Once they set down, have your oil loading crews begin fueling. Immediately."

Carbobmya Control radioed back an affirmative.

Few short minutes later, in one of Carmbobya City's largest hangar, the massive armada of sorts set down. Crews are busy attaching fuel pumps to the rows of ships.

Astrotrain descended, and transformed, landing on the outskirts of the hangar.

Fakkadi's Chief of Staff drove out in a Jeep, and saluted Astrotrain.

"His Excellency conveys his happiness to comply with our allies, the Decepticons."

Astrotrain nodded.

"That is appreciated."

No more conversation was exchanged between the two, and after the pumping crews signalled that the process had been completed, Astrotrain retrieved the controller from subspace, calibrated the fleet to return to Metrotitan, and returned it back in its place.

The helicopters lifted off, suspending the ships easily. The flotilla set off Westward, toward Metrotitan.

Astrotrain transformed back to shuttle mode and took off without another word.