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2001-12-01, 10:50 PM
(This post is for the Decepticon Shuttle)

The shuttle touched off and began to rise into the horizon. The Earthen sun seemed to rise over the moutains as the shuttle gained altitude. Galvatron noticed this and turned to Optitron.

Galvatron: "Ironic isn't it...as the sun rises on the terran planet to mark a new day for them, so too does it mark a new day for Decepticons everywhere...a new day of glory!"

The shuttle began to accelerate towards the atmosphere, breaking through with ease and past the Decepticon Defense Grid.

Galvatron: "Continue acceleration to the Plutonian Warpgate, Sixshot...then commence holding patter...this will be Skywarp's time to shine. The teleportation should take us about an hour our time...a matter of seconds to the rest of the universe...the autobots will never even know what hit them!"

Galvatron smiled as the shuttle made its way through the solar sytem...on a course for destiny.

2001-12-01, 11:05 PM
Thundercracker leaned against the wall of the shuttle, staring through a viewport.

He allowed himself a somber smile. Earth... sunrise... it's beautiful, but... it's not Cybertron...

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-12-02, 12:28 AM
Skywarp didn't break his concentration, he dare not for if he did he risked failiure of his mission.

"Scorponok....I....I AM SURE I CAN DO THIS, WHO ARE YOU to question ME"

Skywarp settled and composed himself once more, waiting for his time, his composure, his calling.

2001-12-02, 01:11 AM
Aboard the Decepticon shuttle, silence reigned as the great vessel lifted from the filthy Earthen soil and ascended into space. Once gravity had been restored and the Decepticons present were able to move from their seats, Blackout headed for the rear of the shuttle and leaned over one of the anti-spacecraft control panels. He punched a few keys and brought up the Transport ID screen.

"New Dawn", he muttered. "Sounds like a Megatron expression to me. Fool." He punched a few more keys, looking around the ship as he did so. Galvatron, Sixshot, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Darkwing, Dreadwind, the Predacons, Adeara, and Blackout's fellow Renegades were present for this fateful journey to complete Decepticon supremacy. He quickly noticed that, in his thoughts, he had automatically lumped Starscream in with the Renegades without thinking twice. Their alliance had been a marriage of convenience at first, but the circumstances seemed to have tied him to the group indefinitely.

I wonder whether we should be trusting him so much, Blackout thought, frowning behind his face plate. Nobody who's trusted him before has been happy about it...


Galvatron: "Ironic isn't it...as the sun rises on the terran planet to mark a new day for them, so too does it mark a new day for Decepticons everywhere...a new day of glory!"

Optitron turned to his omnipotent leader and said, "Very true, Galvatron. Our mission of conquest is half completed; only the conquest of our homeworld remains. We shall arrive at the warp gate in a few moments."

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2001-12-02, 06:16 PM
Adeara stood against a wall in the shuttle, not used to the size of it. She was used to shuttles made for persons of her true size. It was disconcerting, but not too bad. Te wall she was leaning against was near Skywarp, so she watch, and wondering what she was supposed to do. She could never help stablize a person who was doing something so big as transport a shuttle from here to Cybertron...

2001-12-02, 10:13 PM
Darkwing and Dreadwind walked up to Adeara.

"Is there anything we can do to assist you?" Darkwing asked.

2001-12-02, 10:50 PM
Standing beside Galvatron at the helm of the ship, Optitron pointed at the windshield and said, "There, up ahead, the warp gate. We'll pass through its vortex in less than sixty astroseconds. Perhaps it's time Skywarp perhaps for this rather...hectic trip..."

2001-12-02, 11:17 PM
(OOC: Part of this was written by Warp sometime ago and I am posting it to move the story along. We will be in teleportation for sometime so we will continue to post while in the teleportation...no one is to end the teleportation sequence other than myself...we have a little twist planned for the end.)

Galvatron saw the warp gate and Sixshot guided the large shuttle through it. The EDC had been waiting and begun to fire upon the shuttle...a scrambling system had ensured they would not be able to contact the Autobots or Earth for days...but the defensive weapons systems of their ship would have to hold off the assault and give Skywarp the time he needed. If need be, Galvatron himself planned to fly to the Earth ships and tear them apart piece by piece with his own bare hands. He sent word to Gigatron to make preperations to lanuch Trypticon in 4 Earthen hours....enough time to get them landed and re-energized without detection. Galvatron turned to Adeara and her team.

Galvatron: "It will take approximately one hour for us to pull through this...nothing is to happen to Skywarp, he must be protected at all costs from anything..." galvatron paused and glared at Starscream...

"...and everything. Commence teleportation sequence, whenever you are ready Skywarp."

(this part written by Skywarp)

This was his big test, one that would either ruin his Decepticon standings or make him a hero for generations to come. He got that nervous feeling again, the one he felt back in Autobot City when he tried to teleport himself, Thundercracker and Galvatron all at once, causing Thundercracker to go offline and a great discomfort to both himself and Galvatron.

He had barely managed to teleport three, but the task of teleporting an entire shuttle was over-whelming, so many things to take into account, so many possibilities of failiure. The energon storage facilities could explode, the mass shift could cause any one of a number of outcomes, Skywarp knew the risks involved, but he also knew what had to be done, to aid the Decepticon's triumph over the Autobots further.

They had already taken Autobot City, Metrotitan was operational and Gigatron's squad was no doubt tearing Earth apart, this task was his, to Cybertron.

Skywarp steadied himself, he needed all his concentration to focus on the task ahead, the fact they were under heavy fire didn't help matters much, but concentrate he had to, one wrong move, one lost thought, one tiny slip and it could all go wrong - badly.

The ship began to vanish around the Decepticons on board.

"It's working" cried Galvatron, "Excellent Skywarp, keep going"

Skywarp heard Galvatron's comments but didn't take them in, he was too focused on the mission in hand, making an entire shuttle and Decepticon fleet teleport beyond the reaches of the humans and on it's way to Cybertron.

The shuttle continued to dissolve into nothing around them. Skywarp was directly in the center, watching the shuttle disappear was a sight to behold for the crew, watching themselves fade slowly as the blanket of space appeared around them. None of them feared it, they had all seen Skywarp perform this countless times, but to experience it first hand was truly stunning.

As more of the spacecraft was consumed by the teleportation sequence, Galvatron himself began to disappear now.

Here we go again Galvatron thought to himself remembering the last experience.

almost got it Skywarp thought, his concentration hadn't broken at all, he was surprised that the challenge had proved a lot simpler than he had first imagined.

With that final thought Skywarp himself was consumed by the usual feeling he got whenever he teleported.

The ship vanished...

2001-12-02, 11:22 PM
As the Powermaster jets waited for a response from Adeara, Dreadwind suddenly flinched.

"What is it", asked Darkwing.

"I don't know, but I got a bad feeling", Dreadwind replied.

(OOC: Galvatron, Sky, don't know what you're actually planning, but I thought I'd give a bit of suspense.)

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2001-12-03, 12:51 AM
For an instant, there was nothing. Every Decepticon on board the New Dawn felt his body disappear and become one with the nothingness of space, and the ship was enveloped with the whitest of white, bright lights.

But only for an instant.

Before Starscream even had time to scream, things were back to normal inside the shuttle. The stars whizzing by outside were nothing but a blur as the shuttle made its way invisibly through the cosmos. It was then that Starscream turned to his right and glanced into the optics of Optitron, who stood beside the bedazzled Galvatron. Slowly, Starscream and the other Renegades rose from their seats and headed for the front of the ship, where Optitron was stepping to the center of the brig not far behind Galvatron.

Before Sixshot, the jets, the Predacons, or anyone else knew what was happening, the Renegades had encircled the two Decepticon titans. Optitron faced Galvatron with his twin concussion blasters at his sides.

His body still glowing with the power of the Quintessons' Hypergon, Optitron stared into the optics of his leader and growled, "Galvatron, it is time. One shall complete the Decepticons' rise to glory. One shall meet his death...painfully..."

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2001-12-03, 06:55 AM
His optics flared as he turned to find that he was surrounded.

Galvatron: "Making the move so soon? I would have thought you would have at least been intelligent enough to wait for the final defeat of the Autobots before trying to usurp leadership...how very...Starscream of you Optitron."

Galvatron realized something was different with Optitron, he just couldn't place what it was. He also realized the severity of his postion...his warriors would not be able to help him...Optitron's however could. Likewise, part of his force had to protect Skywarp...another advantage for Optitron. This was grim indeed, but Galvatron had been down this road before and had always conquered. It was his nature.

Galvatron: "What do you hope to gain? If by some miracle of Primus you defeat my and assume the mantle of leadership, how long do you think it would be before Gigatron came to reclaim it? Or Starscream stabbed you in the back? Power is given to those who are destined to have it...and you...since the time of your creation you have always chosen to be second to me! So strike if you wish...for it will be your final mistake!"

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2001-12-03, 05:23 PM
Optitron heard the words of his leader and said, "So, you expected my Renegades and I to challenge your leadership? If so, you are even more of a fool than you appear to be; only a fool would allow the bringer of his destruction to remain in the command element."

Blackout glanced over at Starscream and sensed the irony, but said nothing.

Optitron continued, "Your powers do not approach my own even under normal circumstances. Now, with the power of Hypergon pulsating through my circuits, this entire batallion of Decepticons combined is no match for my fury! As for this Gigatron, even through our minimal contact, I can assure you that he is even less of a match for me than you are."

Optitron raised the rifle in his right hand casually and said, "You know in your laser core that Decepticons, by their very nature, will follow the most powerful warrior in their ranks. By that standard, leadership should have been mine from day one. Today, that oversight is corrected...."

And Optitron fired a tremendous blast from his rifle...


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2001-12-03, 08:46 PM
Adeara was about to respond to Dreadwind ad Darkwing(DUCK!) when she noticed the shuttle begining to fade. As she watched in awe, and horror, the shuttle faded, then she felt herself fading. A strangled cry came from her, as she had never, in her millenia-long life, felt anything like that. It felt as if she were being shifted into countless forms at one time. Once the fading was over with, and she came back, she found herself in her normal form. Shock registered on her face. "By the Creator! That was the strangest thing I've ever had happen to me!" Then, as she tried to shift back to her Decepticon form, she found that she couldn't. Trying a second time, she still couldn't shift. "What the frag????" Trying a third time, she was only able to turn into her firebird form. Shifting back to normal, Adeara frowned. "This is not good!" Just then, she heard the blast. "What in the name of the Creator was that?!? Dreadwind, Darkwing, stay here and keep an eye on Skywarp. I'm going to find out what happened." Luckily, in her normal form, she could sneak like a shadow, and sneak she did. Sneaking towards the bridge, Adeara held herself ready to fight, even if the size difference was huge 'tween her and the Decepticons around her. Her firebird form could fix that. Reaching the area that Galvatron was in, she saw a group surrounding him. The leader of the group held a gun, which had been fired recently. Sh*t! Adeara focused the fire that was a part of her from fusing with the Firebird, and sent it towards the leader's gun, hoping to make it too hot to hold......

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2001-12-03, 09:20 PM
Stationed by their leader to stop any interference by the surrounding Decepticons, the Renegades were prepared for the actions of Adeara.

Noticing Adeara concentrating on Optitron, he shouted, "Oh no, you don't! Magnacrunch, throw out some magnetic interference!"

Magnacrunch heard the call from his fellow Renegade, turned towards his position and unleashed a repulsion field between Optitron and Adeara. Whatever powers Adeara had unleashed were magnetically repelled by the wall of energy, and Optitron's blast headed straight for Galvatron's fuel pump...

(OOC to Angel: Not that it matters. The battle shall go on.)

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2001-12-03, 11:37 PM
Watching Adeara leave, Dreadwind and Darkwing went over to Skywarp

"You think he's ok", Dreadwind asked.

"Beats me", Darkwing responded.

2001-12-04, 09:26 PM
Thundercracker shivered as they passed through the warpgate.

He turned back to face the interior of the craft, is mind elsewhere, he didn't see the actions of the Renegades until it was too late

2001-12-04, 09:54 PM
(Um, S-Ghost, do me a favor, and reread my post. What Adeara was trying to do was make Optitron drop the gun, not change the blast. She was trying to make the gun too hot to hold. Please, edit your post to reflect that.)

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2001-12-05, 12:34 AM
(Not much time...quick post to not hold casper up...more later!)

Galvatron winced as the blast hit him straight on, though he managed to take most of it in the upper chest and shoulder to minimze the damage.

Galvatron: "I hope you have more than that flatscan...you are about to reap a world of pain the likes of which you could not even begin to imagine!"

Galvatron swung his cannon arm into position and fired.

2001-12-05, 04:37 AM
Starscream looked on as Optitron's rifle blast collided with Galvatron's shoulder with a good deal of force. As Galvatron struggled for a moment from the force of the blast, Starscream thought, Yes, Optitron, destroy him! Once Galvatron is destroyed, our control of the Decepticons is assured...and you will have already taken the first step to guaranteeing your own demise!

As Galvatron raised his fission cannon, Starscream shouted to his leader, "Destroy hi, Optitron, destroy him I say!!!" Just then, Galvatron fired his cannon. Optitron turned at a lucky angle and the blast ricocheted off his armor and straight at Starscream, catching him in the wing and knocking him off his feet. Appropriately, the jet screamed in pain as he rolled about on the metal ground, hurt but undamaged.


Optitron turned and watched Starscream fall. He thought, Serves that incompetent whiner right. Still, that blast came much too close to hitting the shuttle wall. If the shuttle's integrity is breached, or if Skywarp is disturbed, we could be lost in the void. The risk is too great to continue shooting; it's time I finish off my inferior counterpart with my bare hands!

Optitron shifted his rifles into subspace and said, "If you value your life and the lives of your Decepticons, you will deactivate your weapon at once, Galvatron. The consequences of an errant blast in this volatile environment could prove catostrophic. It's time we crown the true Decepticon leader robot to robot, hand to hand."

2001-12-05, 04:58 AM
Galvatron realized that Optitron was correct in his assessment of the situation. An errant blast would doom them all...and he was not willing to risk it. Yet he also realized the fatal error he had made. He had not taken the time to fully be repaired following his brutal battle with Whitespeed just a short time ago. This was not the time to go into a battle with such an opponent and sporting wounds...but there was no choice, if he gave up he would never be able to hold the decepticons respect again. It was time...time to once again engage death and wrestle it back...time to meet the enemy head on...in spite of the circumstances, to conquer...to prevail...to ATTACK!

Galvatron: "Now you shall DIE! TRAITOR!!!"

Reacting on pure instinct he charged, hands clasping, extended, seeking to rip, to rend, to mangle, to tear Optitron apart piece by piece...it was time...one would stand, one would fall.

2001-12-05, 05:16 AM
Optitron took a miniscule step back as Galvatron rushed forward with all the primal fury of the most violent Decepticon ever created. Under normal circumstances, Optitron would have felt the inevitable twinge of fear, that moment of realization that your next moment might be your last. But with the power of the Hypergon coursing through his circuits, and armed with the visible evidence that Galvatron was not at 100% operating capacity, Optitron felt no such fear, no such apprehension. He felt only joy that Galvatron was so eager to usher along his own demise.

As Galvatron rushed forward, Optitron glanced upward and spotted the exposed piping of the ceiling. In a flash, Optitron sprung from the floor, grabbing hold of the pipes and swinging his legs forward in hopes of a little Galvatron chin music...

2001-12-05, 07:54 PM
Adeara cried out in frustration as the heat was deflected. Glaring at Magnacrunch, she let her temper take over. That always ensured that she would shift. Her anger shifted her into a rather large firebird, one that could melt any type of metal once enraged. And she was MAD. Before she could do anything, however, Galvatron and Optitron began to fight......

2001-12-05, 11:37 PM
Hearing sounds of battle, Darkwing and Dreadwind raced back to the shuttle cockpit and saw Galvatron and Optitron fighting.

Dreadwind looked ar Adeara.

"What's going on?!", he shouted to her.

2001-12-06, 12:07 AM
(OOC: SGhost gave me permission.)

He watched Starscream tumble to the floor, shrieking with a pain presumably less severe than one would think.

Pathetic, Screamer...

He walked up behind Starscream, still invisible, and placed his hand on the Seeker's head. Immediately, the shouting stopped. Starscream stumbled to his feet, a bit confused.

You have to go to the back of the ship.

"I have to go to the back of the ship," Starscream stated, turning and beginning to walk away.

Driveby noticed Starscream, and grabbed his shoulder. "Yo, brotha. Where ya'll goin'? Ops told us to keep G's bo-ys off his back."

He considered.

You have to see to some repairs. That would do.

"I have to see to some repairs," Starscream told Driveby as he pulled away from the fellow Renegade's hand. Driveby watched him leave the main chamber of the shuttle, then turned back to the fight and continued cheering for his leader.

He kept his hand next to Starscream's head, leading him to a small, secluded room near the back of the shuttle. The roar of the engine was quite audible from there, drowning out the noise of the supposed coup taking place. Starscream stood in the center of the room, facing the door.

He took his hand away from Starscream's head, which began screaming again. His panicked eyes ran around the room.

"Where am I? What happened? Who won the fight?"

"Ssssh..." he whispered.

Starscream froze. "W-Who's that?"

It was time. He smiled, disengaging his invisibility and placing his hand on the former Air Commander's shoulder. Starscream spun around... and gaped.

"It's your old buddy... Octane!"

(OOC: Please, no one disturb us.)

2001-12-06, 12:12 AM
Galvatron reeled back from the shot.

too slow...too much damage done...that pesky autobot...if I could bring him back just to kill him again...

Galvatron took several more hits and found his concentration beginning to flounder...he knew he had to get himself working again...get himself into this fight. Thinking quickly he pulled himself to a corner as if to cower away from Optitron.

2001-12-06, 03:38 AM
Starscream stared flabbergasted at the intangible remains of his old friend. He stammered, "Oc...Oc...Octane...You don't plan to...I mean, you're not going to...you can't! You can't!!!!


Optitron could barely believe that a single stiff shot to the face could transform Galvatron from a raving madman into a sniveling excuse for a Decepticon...a coward. It seemed too good to be true. Optitron approached the cowering Decepticon leader with only minimal caution; it seemed that the battle was over before it had even begun.

"Some Decepticon leader," Optitron said evilly. "Even the puny Autobot that nearly killed you put up more of a fight the last time we met. Of course, he barely left our battle alive. You shall not be so lucky."

Fearful that a shot might go astray even from close range, Optitron began to charge up his power-draining circuits to kill Galvatron in the most agonizing fashion, the way he had killed many an Autobot: by ciphoning the energy directly from each of his adversary's main systems until their very spark expired.

As Optitron lifted his arms, summoning the awesome power of the Hypergon, he said, "And now, I declare you the FORMER leader of the Decepticons. Any parting words?"

2001-12-06, 05:59 AM
Galvatron could hardly contain himself...he had actually bought it.

Galvatron: "...parting words...yes...Give my regards to oblivion!"

Suddenly Galvatron turned, pulling three energon daggars from his chest compartment and flinging them straight towards Optitron.

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2001-12-06, 12:03 PM
Galvatron's momentary ruse had worked, and Optitron was too slow to block the energon daggers when hurled at him from such a close range. The first ran through his right shoulder; the second barely missed him, sailing just by his head. The third dagger pierced straight into the center of his chest - a direct hit. The blow was obviously a well-placed one, as Optitron's arms dropped and he fell to a knee, clutching his chest in pain. He looked up and realized that, in an instant, he had lost the upper hand. The only way to get it back, he knew for a fact, would be one killer blow to finish the battle for good.

Optitron lunged forward from his knees and grabbed Galvatron around the waist, hoping to lift him and drive him into the ground headfirst.

"Grraaahhh!! Insolent fool!" he growled. "Can you not see death when it stares you straight in the face?"

(OOC: I'll let you decide if gets a hold of Galvy, 91.)

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2001-12-06, 09:59 PM
The firebird turned its head to Dreadwind. The fiery beak opened, and a peculiar voice was heard. "Optitron attacked Galvatron....." The fiery head turned back to Magnacrunch. Speaking slowly, she said, "Do you care to die slowly, or painfully?"
(Note-I don't plan on killing him, just hurting him enough so that he learns not to mess with her again.)

2001-12-06, 11:10 PM
"Shut it, Starscream!" Octane burst out. He glared at the frantic Decepticon, but quickly calmed down.

"It makes no differenece," he explained quietly. "The engines are too loud back here. They'll never hear you."

Starscream's pitch dropped. "W-What do you want from me?"

Octane began to pace the room.

"Remember the first time we met after you died, in the crypt under Cybertron? I helped you capture Cyclonus, so that you could get your revenge on Galvatron. I'm calling up the favor."

Starscream's rage at Octane's insolent demand overrode his terror. He frowned and flailed his arms angrily.

"Calling up the favor! I think you got your end of the deal when I helped get the Sweeps off your back, and kept Galvatron from killing you! And now you want mo--"

Octane waved his hand past Starscream's face. Silence overcame the Seeker.

"I don't want more, Screamer - I deserve it! And I'll have it! If you won't help me possess another Decepticon, fine. But I will have a body. And judging by the proximity of the others..."

Starscream stepped back, the fear sinking in again. He did not bother acknowledging Octane's request; his mind was entirely focused on the threat. He backed against the wall, waving one hand between himself and the Triple Changer, the other feeling the metal slab behind him.

"N-No! NO!!! You can't have me, do you hear?! Stay away!"

Octane shook his head in the moment before he became invisible. A strip of sparkles danced around Starscream's head, but the blind panic kept him spinning too quickly to see them. Then, his vision began fading. One blur melted into another as his audio crackled continuously louder. The darkness enveloped him; the silence consumed him. He cowered in the void in which control of his body had once reigned.

"Ha! Ahaha! Thanks, Screamo!" he shouted. "For once, I'm glad you're such a wuss! Now, let's try..."

Octane's voice morphed into Starscream's as he added, "...this!"

Starscream smiled.

And laughed.

"Wait till the boss gets a load of this!" he shrieked, throwing the door open.

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2001-12-06, 11:15 PM
Magnacrunch heard Adeara's threat and said, "Duh, you threatenin' me? Huh, huh, oh that's rich!"

He turned to Blazestarter and said, "Duy, uh, hey Blaze, how do ya get rid of a fire?"

Blazestarter turned to his fellow Renegade and said, "What are you mumbling about? Aren't you watching this? Optitron's in trouble!"

Magnacrunch responded, "But, but, but this chick Con made of fire is givin' me trouble!"

Blazestarter replied, "So put out her fire, dummy!"

Magnacrunch replied, "Oh...yeah." With that, he unleashed a blast of water from his left hand at Adeara.

2001-12-06, 11:39 PM
Darkwing was angry. How could Adeara and Magnacrunch think about fighting at a time like this?! And Galvatron and Optitron fighting like a pair of spoiled rich children?!

Darkwing got into the way of the water shot at Adeara by Magnacrunch

"Don't you think you two can do something more constructive with your time?", he asked Adeara and Magnacrunch, pointing at Optitron and Galvatron.

"Like stopping them?"

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2001-12-07, 02:03 AM
Blackout heard Darkwing's insistence that the battle should be stopped. He turned to face the Decepticons and said, "You'll do nothing of the sort! If you try to interfere in any way, the Renegades will destroy you! Now, stay out of the way and witness the destruction of your false leader!"

2001-12-07, 06:53 AM
Galvatron was swept in the attack and came crashing down to the ground. Optitron was beginning to fight with anger...which means that he was hurt and that Galvatron had gotten to him.

The impact, while it hurt, was not severe as Optitron had intended it to be. At the point of impact, Galvatron had managed to roll with the shot and land mostly on his back. Painfully, Galvatron pulles away and rose to his feet once again.

Galvatron: "...you must be quite good friends with Starscream...you developed his ability to talk more than his actions can support!"

Galvatron dropped to the ground and went to sweep out Optitron's legs from under him...if successful he planned to quickly roll through and commence a more physical assault.

2001-12-07, 02:20 PM
Optitron had predicted internally that his previous move would have disabled Galvatron, but since he had executed it imperfectly and failed to drive Galvatron down onto his head, the battle continued. When Galvatron swung his legs around and connected solidly with the backs of Optitron's knees, his legs buckled and he toppled to the floor.

My, he thought as he fell, Galvatron is more powerful than I remember, but no matter. His creator's intentions cannot approach the purity of mine; that shall be his downfall!

2001-12-07, 11:22 PM
Seeing the water coming towards her, Adeara tried to get out of the way, but she was moments too late. Water hit her, and she shrieked. Instantly, she returned to her normal form, then her anger forced her to shift to her Decepticon form. Drawing her sword, she said, "That was a mistake..." Though she heard Darkwing's words, she had to make Magnacrunch pay for interfering. Swinging the laser-blade toward Magnacrunch's gun hand, a strange light sparkled in her 'optics'.

2001-12-07, 11:29 PM
Darkwing turned towards Blackout.

"Why don't you come over and start something, tin-head", he said. "Put your credits where your mouth is."

Meanwhile, Dreadwind turned to Adeara.

"Come on, Adeara. You know better than this."

2001-12-08, 01:04 AM
Blackout heard Darkwing's threat and thought, These Decepticons are even more hostile than we expected. Really, we shouldn't be surprised. Their precious leader is dying, bit by bit, right before their eyes. I guess it's too bad they're gonna have to submit to our leadership once it's over. Still, they're getting much too involved, and since Optitron won't let us interfere, we've gotta hold 'em off on our own.

Blackout turned to Blazestarter and said, "Hey Blaze! Give these Cons somethin' to think about!"

Blazestarter smiled and said, "You got it, Blackout! Hey Decepticons! Hope this doesn't...burn you up!!!" With that, Blazestarter raised his arm-mounted flamethrowers and threw up a huge wall of fire, cutting off the front of the shuttle from the rest of the Decepticon crew. As Adeara disappeared behind Blazestarter's curtain of flames, Magnacrunch smiled a stupid, mocking smile, as Galvatron's last hope of salvation disappeared...

2001-12-08, 04:46 AM
(OOC: This is going to be confusing... Ah well.)

Starscream continued travelling the halls of the shuttle. His slow walk was evolving into a jog. The blaring of the engine was being replaced by that of the battle as they came closer to their destination.

Man, I'm gonna love this! Octane thought. Those weeks dead were an eternity... I don't even care who replaces Galvatron, just so long as he needs replacing! Hm... I think I'll convince him I'm Starscream until the last second. Supreme irony!

And suddenly, Starscream was in the main chamber of the shuttle. He examined the situation. Both combatants were badly injured. A smirk consumed his face.

This is too perfect!

Starscream raised both of his cannons on Galvatron, the light of the ceiling luminators sparkling in his eyes.

"Stand back, Optitron!" Starscream shouted. "You are in no shape to destroy Galvatron. Let Starscream do it for you!"

2001-12-08, 06:31 PM
Galvatron rose to his feet. His intention had been to make a frontal attack with quick brutal tactics...but this...this was unexpected.

Galvatron: "Growing a spine finally Starscream? Obviously not a brain...fire at me...go ahead you moron, take a chance that you will miss and puncture the shuttle wall...kill us all. Its good to know you can count of somethings...such you always being a weak minded buffoon!"

Galvatron turned now to face Starscream. He had a real dilema, which threat to face first...

2001-12-08, 06:44 PM
Starscream's ego posturing distracted the damaged Galvatron just enough to give Optitron the opportunity he needed. He pulled the energon dagger from his shoulder, snuck up behind Galvatron and stabbed him solidly between the shoulder blades.

Wrapping the injured Decepticon leader into a full-nelson, Optitron held Galvatron in place and said to Starscream, "Now, Starscream! Finish him!"

Starscream stepped forward, and for a moment Octane and Starscream worked as one, their goals the same. He pressed his rifle against the center of Galvatron's forehead and screamed, "NOW, GALVATRON, REVENGE!!!

An incredible burst, and....

2001-12-08, 06:48 PM
In an instant the shuttle began to materialize...Skywarp completed his tasks. Galvatron glared at Starscream, holding the gun...so full of pride. But when he looked into Starscream's optics it wasn't Starscream he saw...but...no...it could not be.

The shuttle was now coming out of the warp...and bearing down on cybertron. Starscream/octane pulled the trigger, the shot was fired when...


the ribbon simply passed through the materializing ship...yet the ship remained intact, save for one simple fact...Galvatron was gone.

2001-12-08, 07:19 PM
Darkiwing stood back from the pillar of fire that Blazestarter had shot out.

"Gotta risk it", he thought.

He dove through the firewall.

He emerged, charred, but still functional. He took a look around at his surroundings. Everything was normal, except that...

"Galvatron's gone!", he shouted. He ran up to Starscream.

"Tell me where Galvatron is, or I'll rip out your laser core!", he yelled.

2001-12-08, 10:52 PM
Adeara was thrown back as the wall of fire burst into being. Hitting the wall with a minor thud, the shapeshifter jumped ot her feet, sheathed the sword, and jumped through the fire. Landing near Darkwing, she saw that Galvatron was gone. This did not bode well for those who followed Optitron.....

2001-12-08, 11:26 PM
Razorclaw had been listening the sounds of the battle without reacting to it at all. He had also made sure that his fellow Predacons would not rush to help Galvatron through the firewall. The chances to cause the shuttle explode was too great even though the Predacons could propably make short work of any possible opponent on board the shuttle without firing a single shot. Still he had decided to wait what would happen.

Then he heard a blast fired and saw Darkwing jumping through the firewall. Galvatron gone? But how...? Atleast it seems we are still in one piece. Skywarp made excellent job. He thought.

Other Predacons sat restlessly on their seats, clenching their weapons in their hands, staring at firewall which prevent them to see what was happening behind it.

"I'll rip Optitron and Screamer into pieces if they show their faces this side of the shuttle." Rampage growled angrily.

"Bah. I'll crush them before you even manage to get up from that seat." Tantrum smirked to Rampage.

"Silent. You won't do anything yet." Razorclaw said and continued listening.

2001-12-09, 12:01 AM
Optitron stepped forward, pulling the energon dagger from his chest as he walked. He pulled one of his concussion blasters from subspace and aimed it right into Darkwing's face.

Optitron said, "You'll do nothing of the sort, Darkwing. Stand down, or I WILL end you."

Without lowering his weapon or looking away, Optitron continued, "Magnacrunch, lower the firewall." Magnacrunch raised his hands and shot a steady stream of water, disintegrating Blazestarter's wall of fire. Darkwing and the Renegades were revealed to the rest of the Decepticons in the ship, and their jaws dropped as one when Galvatron could not be seen with them.

Optitron repeated, "Stand down, Darkwing."

2001-12-09, 08:39 PM
Razorclaw glared angrily at the Renegades, though his expression was hidden behind his faceplate and visor. The commander of Predacons did't like the Renegades though he hadn't respected Galvatron very much either. There had been many times when he would have wanted to rip Galvatron's optics out but he had been able to resist his bloodlust.

Now it was different. After Galvatron had returned, the insane Decepticon leader had acted much more rationally than before, thus earning some respect in Razorclaw's books too. Now Galvatron was gone, replaced by the Renegades... lead by enigmatic Optitron and the whiny scumbag Starscream on his side.

Starscream... how badly he wanted to rip the arrogant seeker into shreds. But this wasn't the right place or time for it. Razorclaw relaxed on his seat, continuing observing the happenings inside the shuttle and forcing the other Predacons to do the same.

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2001-12-09, 09:52 PM
Dreadwind came up beside Darkwing, as Darkwing glared at Optitron.

"I take no orders from you, you miserable scrap pile", he said defiantly. "And I never will!"

He then turned towards the other Decepticons who were loyal to Galvatron.

"If you follow him, you'll only head to destruction. I say that we give these fools what they for coming."

He and Dreadwind pointed their guns at Optitron and Starscream. He then addressed the other Renegades.

"Any of you move", said Dreadwind, "And they get it."

2001-12-09, 10:37 PM
Adeara listened, her anger only growing. Once everyone finished talking, she spoke. "First off, Optitron, how many here do you think will follow your command? You have that motley crew," she motioned to the Renegades, "while we have trustworthy fighters. If a fight broke out, who do you think would win?" The shapeshifter carefully channeled her energy as she spoke, prepared to send a huge blast of fire at the first person on Optitron's side to make a move.....

2001-12-10, 12:08 AM
The tension inside the New Dawn was incredible. All the Renegades had their weapons drawn, prepared for even the slightest offensive maneuver against them. Robot for robot, the Renegades were probably more powerful than their Decepticon counterparts, but the law of averages gave the advantage in an all-out conflict to the troops of the disintegrated Galvatron.

Optitron could feel that now was the moment of truth for his relationship with the Decepticons. He desperately wanted to lead them to victory in the conquest of Cybertron, and he had genuinely felt that he was more qualified than Galvatron to do just that. Galvatron's victory over the Autobots on Earth had undermined that theory to an extent, but if Optitron had felt that Galvatron had redeemed himself at Autobot City, he showed no signs of it. He looked into the optics of Dreadwind, Darkwing, and Adeara, and could see that if he could not gain their confidence now, he would never be able to.

He said calmly, "Decepticons, I have no desire for a battle, not on this shuttle, not anywhere. We may be young, and our origins of creation may be very different from yours, but we all are Decepticons, first and foremost." He gestured at the sight outside the windshield: Cybertron. He continued, "Our final conquest of the Autobots is here. If we are unable to work together, our defeat is assured. You must trust me. Galvatron's intentions as Decepticon leader were selfish and skewed; he was in search only of self-redemption, not of victory for the Decepticon empire. Throughout our history, the name Galvatron has brought nothing but defeat and shame to the Decepticon name. Do you not remember the time you spent under his great 'leadership' on that wonderful planet Charr? Though I was not with you, I have heard of those times; they were far from the glory days of our kind. Our victory at Autobot City is a testament to your mettle as warriors, not his as a leader. I have proven today that I am superior to Galvatron in every way, and that it is I, not he, who was predestined to lead the Decepticons to their final victory on Cybertron. Only with cooperation can we complete that victory. It is time that we end our bickering and do what Decepticons are meant to do: destroy the Autobots."

2001-12-10, 04:39 PM
Razorclaw listened at Optitron's speech attentively. Hmm... there is some reason behind his words... Galvatron was the reason of our downfall before. It is more likely that the timetraveller Gigatron were the brains behind our success in the attack against the Autobot city...

Razorclaw opened his mental link to other Predacons. "Be ready for everything but don't engage combat without my order."

Rampage's response came instantly. "I want to fight Razorclaw!"

Razorclaw gave Rampage and Tantrum a cold glare, clearly indicating what would happen if they were going to do anything without his orders. "I'm gonna put this Optitron under a test... let's see how he reacts."

A sphere like form emerged to Razorclaw's hand from sub-space without anyone except Divebomb noticing. Next thing that happened was a BOINK sound that the device left as it hit Starscream's forehead and fell to the shuttle floor before Optitron's feet.

"A thermogrenade Optitron." Razorclaw said calmly.

"You have 60 seconds to disarm it. Megatron was able to do it I recall, you should be too if you want anyone here to follow you." Razorclaw continued.

The Predacon commander smiled wickedly under his faceplate and relaxed on his seat. "Time is running. 50 seconds."

2001-12-10, 06:51 PM
Optitron smiled an evil smile as the instrument of the Predacon leader's challenge bounced off of Starscream's cranium. Optitron kicked Starscream aside and picked up the thermogrenade, rolling it about in his hand carelessly. However long it took that scum Megatron to disable such a bomb, Optitron thought, I will take half.

As time ticked away, Optitron said, "Fair enough, Razorclaw. If this is the manner in which I must take command, so be it. Of course, you should have remembered that I can ciphon energy from any mechanism, including this one, before handing me such a challenge." Optitron stood still for a moment, and the timer on the grenade continued to tick. Optitron shook the grenade in hand, then more and more rigorously.

He said distressed, "It's...it's not working!" He looked down and pried open the tiny hole left by the energon dagger Galvatron had plunged into his chest. As he peeled away a bit more of his exoskeleton, Optitron could see, square in the center of his chest, his power chip rectifier.

It was shattered.

"No!" Optitron said, the desperation of the moment beginning to reach him. "My powers...gone! Starscream, you're the scientist! Disable this grenade!"

Getting to his feet, Starscream crossed his arms and said, "Uh uh, Optitron. The rules state that you must disable the grenade, without outside assistance!"

Optitron growled at Starscream and turned back to the grenade, his hand shaking slightly. He used his laser optics to burn away the outer shell of the grenade. The countdown continued...

2001-12-10, 07:58 PM
Adeara wasn't convinced by the speech. She hadn't been on Charr, and therefore had no idea of what Optitron spoke of. All she knew was that she trusted Galvatron, almost as much as she trusted her own sword, and she wasn't going to follow Optitron. She'd rather die. Then, one of the others tossed a round device at Starscream, which bounced off and landed on the ground at Optitron's feet. Her 'optics' flicked towards the one who tossed the device. (With permission from Cryhavoc) She then opened a telepathic link to him. ~What the frag are you doing?? If he doesn't disarm that, we're all toast!~

2001-12-10, 09:42 PM
...the countdown continued and accelerated...

Razorclaw watched amusedly the look on Optitron's face, as the Renegade leader tried to disarm the grenade desperately. Then he felt Adeara forcing her way to his mind. "Don't worry fleshling... that grenade only makes little smoke effect. I removed the explosives from the bomb earlier."

"10 seconds left..." Razorclaw said calmly and continued to stare at Optitron.

Some of the other Predacons however had to turn away from Optitron in their attempt not to burst into laugher.

2001-12-10, 10:42 PM
A thousand thoughts raced through Optitron's mind as he frantically rummaged through the interiors of the grenade, searching for the safety wire that would save all their lives.

I can't believe that Predacon would do this. He's placed the lives of every Decepticon on this shuttle in my hands, and now he stares, almost hoping I fail. Guess this grenade is the Decepticons in a Cybertronic nutshell.

Just then, Optitron found the wire. He snipped it carefully and dropped it on the metal ground with the counter reading :02.

He said, "I am!" Once again, Optitron gestured towards Cybertron. "We are now within striking distance of Iacon. Will you follow me, Decepticons, or will I be forced to sacrifice you to the hand of Optimus Prime?"

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2001-12-11, 02:31 PM
Once she heard Razorclaw's response, Adeara had to fight from bursting into laughter. Forcing herself to calmness, she watched as Optitron defused the 'dud'. The shapeshifter had no plans of swearing allegience to Optitron, not without knowing if Galvatron was dead or just floating around somewhere. She frowned, as she felt her shifting abilities, once hampered from the warping, fix themselves. (bear with me here, as I can't remember what form Adeara's in.) She shifted to her normal form, looking like an ant compared to the Decepticons around her, then back to her Decepticon form. I hate being so dependent upon a form to fit in....

2001-12-11, 02:39 PM

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2001-12-11, 04:21 PM
Razorclaw got up from his seat and turned to face the Renegade leader. For a moment Razorclaw stared silently at Optitron from optic to optic.

Then he broke the silence. "Well done Optitron... you passed our little test." He said and took the grenade from Optitron's hands. Then Razorclaw closed his hand around the grenade, grinding it to metal dust.

"The Predacons will follow you Optitron." Razorclaw said then and sat down on his seat. "Atleast for now..." He added through comm-link to his fellow Predacons.

The Predacon commander relaxed on his seat again and turned his head towards Optitron and Starscream. "So... what we're going to do now oh mighty one?" He smirked.

2001-12-11, 05:09 PM
Optitron understood that rallying the Decepticons behind him following Galvatron's destruction would be difficult; still, he was in no mood to tolerate any doubting tones from the likes of the Predacons.

He turned to the Predacons' seating area and said, "Remove the sarcasm from your voicebox, or I'll remove your voicebox from your head, Razorclaw." Returning his attention to the Cybertronian landscape, Optitron watched as the New Dawn slowed and hovered high above the Cybertronian city Iacon.

As Blackout activated the auto-pilot and the Renegades lined up near the airlock, Optitron turned and wrapped his massive hand around Starscream's throat and said, "That goes for you as well, Starscream."

"Ack...erg...very well, mighty Optitron, but shouldn't...ack...shouldn't we contact the Decepticons on Cybertron? We need...urk...reinforcements!"

Optitron tossed Starscream to the ground and said, "We need no reinforcements. We are the elite of the Decepticons' forces. No Autobots below shall stand against us and live." He turned to the Decepticons and said, "Now, Decepticons! You are the greatest our kind has to offer! Scorponok, Sixshot, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Predacons, Dreadwind, Darkwing, Adeara! To the Autobot City...destroy anyone and anything in your way, and destroy Optimus Prime!"

Optitron blasted the air lock open and hurled himself from the shuttle, the five Renegades close behind him. As he plummeted toward the titanium roof of Iacon, the white-and-black Decepticon terror drew his twin concussion blasters and blasted a huge hole in the roof, screaming, "Autobots, DIE!!!!"

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