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2001-12-05, 05:15 AM
Jhiaxus stalked about his base glaring at the assorted rif raff before his optics.

None are fit...none save for Cryhavoc, Squawktalk and Beastbox...none have demonstrated the ability to succeed at anything i intend to accomplish.

Jhiaxus checked on Cryhavoc's progress, realizing he was complete he began to revive the large warrior...it was time to seek other assistance
Pointblank sat growing more angered by the minute. he could not stand the thought of leaving anyone back on Earth...he knew he had to do something. Calling Peacemaker to his hand, Pointblank approached Prowl and Trailbreaker.

Pointblank: "I have had enough...now I am going to Earth in a shuttle and getting our boys out of there or helping them fight...you guys can come if you want as I am going to need some help!"

Prowl: "Allright...allright...I'm in!"

Trailbreaker: "Might I suggest we use one of the old Decepticon shuttles to by pass the defense grid on our arrival at Earth?"

Pointblank: "I take you are in then?"

Trailbreaker: "Sure...why not?"

Pointblank: "Allright...lets go!"

2001-12-05, 05:38 AM
Hatemunger stood around the Decepticon camp outside of Iacon and looked at the troops there.
His men the Aerialcons[b] were now all present and accounted for, [b]Darklark the former Autobot was reloading his weapons, the Crashticons were being upgraded for a surprise for the Autobots, and the 3 new warriors Deathsuarus, Liokaiser and Skystalker were known as Skystalker took his space craft in for repairs. The only one he worried about was Stealth as he was trapped in the city.

Commander Shockwaeve
2001-12-05, 06:20 AM
(OOC: This takes place during the battle with Jhiaxus after Maximus arrives)

He didn't know what it was. All he knew was that it was coming. Fast. And that it was not friendly...

He rushed to his intercom post as he saw a giant hand raise... as he stepped up, the hand began to fall, and the first tremor shook Cybertron.

"Decepticons - we're under attack! Scramble!"

The words resounded across the planet - then were cut off. He saw the hand reaching for him. As the walls of his tower buckled and compressed around him, he knew that his only hope was down. Transforming quickly, he blasted a chasm deep into the planet and let himself fall into the darkness as the crumbled remains of the tower collapsed down after him.

And now, once again, tremors shake Cybertron to its very core. To the planet to which it has been no stranger, war comes again! But this is not a war between Autobots and Decepticons as they were... timestreams and dimensions shift and collide, spilling over into one another: Autobots battle nameless Decepticons alongside other Autobots, foreign to them although they share a homeland! This is present-day Cybertron...

And into it comes tumbling a being of the past!

A particularly powerful explosion rattles Cybertron's surface. A piece of metal debris, perhaps the remnant of some Cybertronian structure, teeters on the edge of a long-forgotten crevasse. Though it is far from the battle, the explosion sends it over the edge. The harsh metal, caroming through broken hallways and abandoned tunnels, breaks the hitherto unending silence with distinct brutality. Minutes after it began, its journey comes to a crashing end!

This trivial occurrence, the battle occupying the attentions of many, has gone unnoticed by all. By all, that is, but one. As the heavy metal crashes into his chassey, the shock jolts a loose connection, jumpstarts a deactivated fusion reactor: a yellow, mechanical, light flares in the darkness and slowly begins to rise, the metal catalyst thrown aside. In a time and place that is, and yet is not, his own...

Shockwave, Leader of the Decepticons, awakes!

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2001-12-05, 06:44 AM
OOC: G91, no NAME for this chapter? Awww! Well then I hereby name it END OF DAYS: CHAPTER 3, Recovery (Cybertron)

....What?! It's something at least.


Prime walked through the aisles of wounded, followed by a partial of his troop. He tapped his commlink.

"Dark Prime to all party members. Meet me at Iacon's central tower. We have business there."

Prime and those with him transformed and made their way to the main building.


*OOC: joint post with Skycat.*

Jetfire flew next to Superion into the city of Iacon, changing his heading for Iacon's main security network. Once there, he made a quick landing. With all the commotion from the attack, the networks were running around in an interesting controlled chaos.

Superion landed next to him, separating into his five components. Silverbolt walked to one of the Autobots directing everything. "Hello, I know you have a lot to do, but we have a prisoner we need secured."

Red Alert looked over from the 'Bot he was directing. "My word, they don't seem to be stopping this flow of criminals. Where is he?"

Jetfire spoke up. "I have him contained within a security field inside my containment bay. He is using a variety of signal and visual cloaking systems, so be advised while taking him in."

Red Alert shook his head, flustered. "I don't know why I took this job. I assumed that after the war things would run smoothly. How terribly wrong I was. Oh, this whole thing is dreadful!"

"Hey, buddy," Slingshot started, "I know it's been tough, but gimme a break! What did you expect from the Cons anyway? This was bound to happen eventually."

"Yes, yes I suppose. Stay there, I will bring in a security crew to lock him down safely." Red Alert turned back to the main building. He shook his head slowly again as he left, "Dear, oh dear..."

(OOC: Red Alert I'm bringing in as an NPC--I don't recall anyone taking him)

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2001-12-05, 07:13 AM
Roadkill nodded at Ironhide's question, then switched to truck mode. "Sure. Let's just hope we can find him soo--" He broke off as all their commlinks clicked active.

"Dark Prime to all party members. Meet me at Iacon's central tower. We have business there."

"Well, that certainly makes things easier, don't it?" Slip commented dryly, before jumping into the air and switching to her starfighter mode. "I'll see you ground pounders there, heh." With that she roared off, heading for the central tower.

"Hellstars, I hate it when she does that..." Roadkill muttered, then gave a sigh. "Anyway, let's get goin' shall we?" He revved his engine and started off, Sidewinder transforming and following after.

2001-12-05, 09:24 AM
Cryhavoc awakened inside the regeneration chamber after Jhiaxus had sent the signal which started the reviving process.

The massive black Decepticon ran several scans to test his structucal and electronic stability before moving. Power fills me... I feel stonger than ever before... Cryhavoc's heavily reinforced xentronium plating had been fully repaired, no single scracth was left to remind him of the massacre of Iacon.

Cryhavoc sent a signal to open the chamber doors and stepped out.

The room behind the chamber was filled with computers and devices that Cryhavoc wasn't able to indentify. However, Cryhavoc's attention was centered on large... silver, green and gold Decepticon sitting on equally massive chair in front of one of the videoscreens in the room.

"Lord Jhiaxus." Cryhavoc said, to greet his commander.

2001-12-05, 03:53 PM
Under the Crystal City Ruins...

Ramjet tried to activate the computer. The screen came on with a flash of light.

"Hey, guys", he said to Thrust and Dirge. "Come thake a look at this".

Quick Switch
2001-12-05, 04:43 PM
Thrust and Dirge both made their way to Ramjet and the computer screen.

"Huh," Dirge muttered. "Wonder what it's gonna show..."

2001-12-05, 04:51 PM
Hot Rod Made his way out of his shuttle looked it over real quick, he then got a bad feeling in his processor about how he let Bombshell go. But he would let his current situation take his time. He approached Lockpick. "Well here we are, you might want to get some energon or get those...marks looked at. Maybe we can even replace your plating..."

2001-12-05, 05:01 PM
The femme nods "I'll... I'll do that." she says, once more feeling self-concious as a hand reaches up to touch the scar on her face. "Is Commander Optimus Prime in the base? I have a message to... deliver." she points out, looking around again at the others... then she sighs "its great to be home again."

2001-12-05, 05:21 PM
"Optimus...yes he should be around here somewhere, but in times like this it may be hard to get ahold of him." Hot Rod thought for a moment, "But I suppose it's pretty important, I'll get you in, I used to be a Prime myself." Hot Rod walked over the the comm-panel on the wall. "Connect me with Optimus Prime, say that Hot Rod has someone here to see him."

2001-12-05, 07:07 PM
The femme nods. "Thanks. It'll mean a lot to me." she says, following him...oO(Will optimus remember me? Its been so long...)

2001-12-05, 07:12 PM
"I'm no party member but i must find out what is happening and where i am."

Build King ran out to where he was to go.

"Reporting For Duty Sir."

WinAMP looked around at the wreck he saw. The weapons factory was destroyed.

Then he saw Megatron lying down.

"Autobots, I have encountered Megatron, should i take him to Iacon."

WinAMP looked. He was a newly commisioned Autobot. He didn't know too much though. He liked them but hated the Cons, although he liked playing EVIL Cassestes.

A few small cassesttes jumped out of his chest.


The cassestes lay on the ground. Someone had played a trick on him, but the matter of Megatron was real.


IC: Megatron lay motionless, as know one had recieved his call.

TimeSplitter how ever, while at the base Warlord Kalloxsis had fused him with energon.

His systemes were reparing.

TimeSplitter Transformed slowly into robot gestault mode.

He looked around at the battlefield. Megatron lay motionless in the centre of his chest, waiting for something to happen.

Although nothing would happen.

TimeSplitter, took the Decepticon leader from his chest and fused him with some raw energon on the ground. He created a prefab shelter as his strengh was rebuilding.

"My master. Now. I shall repay the Autobots for what they have done."

TimeSplitter turned around to a building in the distance.

"Iacon," he muttered to himself.

He scanned the building but couldn't penetrate it fully. He increased his scaning range by using the energon to boost efficeny.

He could only see a large number of Autobots inside the building.


TimeSplitter began running, his booster rockets working.

He had rockets out of his arms, firing, ten fired at Iacon. They probably would not penetrate it but hopefully they would. He had to repay the. He had to take some cold hard slag back with him.

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2001-12-05, 07:22 PM
(OOC: Long before this new attack...)

Dark Prime waited as his group showed up. Then he went to the lead in the building.

"My name is Dark Prime, these are my warriors. We slipped into this dimension from our own during a conflict on our Cybertron. We assisted your Autobots in defending the city, with the hopes that you would cooperate in allowing us to find our dimensional rift, and our way home. Our fight is not meant to be with you. The one we left behind has become crucial, and we wish that you assist us the best way we can in returning."

2001-12-05, 11:42 PM
The screen flickered to life, showing Crystal City thousands of years ago, under attack by the Constructicons.

"This plae is millions of years old, yet appears to have never been used", said Ramjet, looking around.
At Iacon...

Doubledealer and the Spychangers started wandering around Cybertron.

"This place is magnificent!", said Counter-Arrow in awe.

"Yes. it is, isn't it?", responded Doubledealer.
At Polyhex...

Apeface and The Insecticons hunkered near a computer terminal, trying to raise some Decepticons. They figured since none of them apparently knew of their treachery, they could ally themselves with someone without fear, and use Polyhex as their capital.

2001-12-05, 11:48 PM
(OOC: Read my mind, G91...)


Whirl nodded.

"Of course. I reckon you already know Topspin, or you wouldn't have helped him out. And Sandstorm... You did carry him in. The blue and white fella on the table is Twin Twist. Means well, but he's a bit... er, zealous. The two green guys tending to him are Rack 'N' Ruin. Not your ordinary Autobots, but I wouldn't advise messing with them. And I'm your host, Whirl."

He paused.

"The other Wreckers are on assignment on Earth. Now, the facilities of Debris are yours, if you'd like to use them. You're free to leave if you have anything else to do. Any questions?"



Grand nodded.

"I can bring him in, Optimus. My ship's damages won't be fully repaired for some time, but it is operational enough to transform and get him into the city. If you'll give me his coordinates, I'll go out and pick him up at once."

2001-12-05, 11:48 PM
"Lord Jhiaxus."

The words broke Jhiaxus from an almost sleep like state.

Strange...I wonder...

jhiaxus turned to see his giant commrade fully repaired. He smiled at him and rose to his feet.

Jhiaxus: "I see you are revived...this is good. It appears are allies were not quite what we needed to fulfill our objectives...pity in the end not even they may survive the culling!"

jhiaxus began to walk towards the monitor.

Jhiaxus: "Its all coming together my old friend. Soon our time will be at hand...and we shall weed out those who are unworthy of assisting us in the spawning of a new history. When the time comes...it will be Jhiaxus and not the Liege or the pathetic tron units that plot the course of Decepticon History...and what a history I shall create!"

Jhiaxus returned to his seat and awaited Cryhavoc's response.

Pointblank, Prowl, and Trailbreaker approached the docking bay where the old Decepticon shuttles were held. Grapple was working at refitting one when the trio arrived.

Grapple: "I say chaps...its so rare I get a visit down here...have you come to marvel at my work?"

Pointblank: "Not quite old friend...Trailbreaker"

Without saying a word, Trailbreaker projected a force field that pushed Grapple from the room, Prowl bolted the door as Grapple exited and the three jumped in the shuttle.

Pointblank: "Lock course for Earth...initiate launch sequance...go!"

The shuttle began to lift of, rising slowly, then blasting its way throught the ceiling and headed on its way to Earth.

Grapple: "Prime is not going to like this..."

Quick Switch
2001-12-06, 12:21 AM
Dirge and Thrust examined the footage.

"Well, that's something I didn't expect to see." Dirge turned.

"I hear you," Thurst nodded.

"Now, what can we do with this hideaway?" Dirge looked back at Ramjet.


Quick Switch nodded in turn to each Wrecker as he was introduced.

"Good to meet ya."

He scratched his head.

"Well, that's just it. I mean, Prime gave us orders to attack...which I've done. What I do know is a bunch of Cons managed to punch through into Iacon, and I can't take 'em on myself. I don't really know where another group of Cons is based."

He crossed his arms.

"I appreciate your offer, Whirl. I'll stay here for a while, and help you all out. Until another message from Prime or another high up comes in. That is, if you need my help."

2001-12-06, 12:30 AM
(OOC: Quick Switch, Check your PM)

God Jinrai
2001-12-06, 02:10 AM
"excellent, grand. do so at once. we'll need both of you for what I fear may be comming..."

Jinrai was wandering the halls rather blindly so to speak... he'd never really been to iacon... and was practically lost when he came upon a group of transformers... of the group one he recognized... and abruptly drew his laser rifle, and opened fire on him...


2001-12-06, 02:57 AM

Grand nodded with his entire upper body, virtually bowing to his commander.

"Right away, Optimus Prime."

He about-faced on his heels and marched out of Central Command, returning to his battleship.



If Whirl'd had a mouth, it would have smiled. Instead, his eye glowed a jovial, friendly hue.

"Of course we'll have you! Truth is, Sandstorm's and Twin Twist's injuries put us down a few numbers, and I'm still not in flawless condition either."

He glanced down at the plate on his chest, then looked back up. Rack 'N' Ruin was standing at his side. Rack eyed Quick Switch up silently.

"New recruit?" Ruin asked.

Whirl turned to him. "Didn't Toppers tell you? This fella helped him save Sandstorm and Twin Twist."

"Did he now!" Rack exclaimed. "Well, this boy's a reg'lar hero! 'S he gonna join the team?"

Whirl looked back at Quick Switch. "That's up to him. 'Course, I suppose we should ask Springer first..."

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2001-12-06, 03:55 AM
{b]Stealth[/b] sit in the cell.
"Great I get caught by the Autobots." He signed. He looked at a guard. "Hey dont I get a phone call or something!?" He yelled.
I'll get out of here soon you pathtic bots.

Quick Switch
2001-12-06, 04:26 AM
Quick Switch thought, but only for a moment.

He looked at Whirl, and nodded.

"I'll join you. I'll offer what I can to your group, for the greater glory of the Autobots and ending this War."

2001-12-06, 05:23 AM
Red Alert turned to Stealth's cell. "....a phone call? Do you think this is some luxury accomidation suite? Really!"

Stealth simply gestured at Red Alert in a rude manner, to which Red Alert scoffed and turned away abruptly.

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2001-12-06, 05:28 AM
OOC Nice Pun http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif

Stealth looked at Red Alert.
"Hey I remember you, your the one that helped Starscream out." Stealh laughed.

2001-12-06, 05:51 AM

Grapple crept into Prime's briefing room.

Grapple: "Uh...Optimus...Sir...it seems we have a slight problem...um...Pointblank, Prowl, and Trailbreaker seem to have...um...well...they...kind of went to Earth sir..."

2001-12-06, 05:52 AM
(OOC: sorry, I'd hit the enter key to space out the pst, and it posted--then Rav responded to the bit that went through, so I'm going to separate this up.)

Behind him, Red Alert heard the prisoner make some remark about his past. It only flustered him more. Of course, Decepticons all over knew it to be true, but it wasn't something he was proud of. Even if he was out of his mind at the time.

He walked to a nearby console to check the status of the security network. An A.I. interactive system turned on. "Request information on new arrivals, authorization: CR32-dash-PDO2."

The computer twittered and beeped as it processed the request, the monitor showing all relevant information a moment later. Red Alert sighed. "I must say, I really don't understand why I put up with such rubbish. When I joined security, I studied on how to keep intruders OUT, not criminals in! What a horrid element to have to deal with from day to day."

The computer console's artificial intelligence response keyed back a great disinterest for Red Alert's bantherings.

"Well, excuse me if you don't have to deal with what I do every day. Maybe if you did, you'd sympathize with my predicament."

The computer beeped once, scrolling across it's screen -I deal with you every day, could it be much worse?-

"How rude!" Red Alert straightened up. "Why, I should have you disassembled and checked for netbugs! You're very lucky our volume has increased so, or I'd be perfectly happy to shut you down!"

The computer responded that he couldn't, and to take out his frustrations on someone better equipped than some poor drone computer.

"Poor?" Red Alert wagged one finger at the monitor. "Now, don't bother trying to get me to sympathize with you. You couldn't even do so for me, and my concerns are of greater importance than yours, I'll have you note."

Red Alert walked away from the console, which gave a very audiable electronic raspberry.

"Oh, Switch off!" Red Alert scowled as he stormed away. The console beeped once, then the monitor went black.


Dark Prime nodded to one of the Iacon technicians. Then, he turned to his troops.

The city is ill equipped to handle our dilemma. But there might be another source. I am told that Grand Maximus, one of two Maximus-class battleships on Cybertron, is also from another dimension. They may have the technology we need on board to determine where we're from and send us back there. Everyone in my party will follow me there.

The group made their way down the hall of the building, and out towards Grand Maximus.

(OOC: Reflector, before Grand takes off, let my, SSG's and Skycat's characters get on board)

2001-12-06, 06:04 AM
Lockpick stands there, eternally patient, although she looks towards the wall with her head lowered slightly when she feels the stares of others passing by.

Across the hangar, the door to the Keeper of the Dusk Apples remains open (OOc - if anyone wants to explore it http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/wink.gif)

2001-12-06, 12:37 PM
Slipstream rolled her optics wryly, watching the group trail out after Dark Prime, then lengthened her stride somewhat to catch up with the black rig.

"Hey, y'really think this Grand Max dude'll have the tech t'get us back, Darkie?" she asked casually, the tall femme easily keeping pace with Dark Prime.

God Jinrai
2001-12-06, 04:41 PM
Prime sighed as he heard grapple's words... "Just wonderful. I instruct him to WAIT, and what does he do? He STEALS a shuttle, takes two of my finest with him, and risks getting slagged by those troops outside iacon! No matter.. maybe he'll be bother to relay info to us on the earth situation once he gets there..."

2001-12-06, 05:11 PM
Ironhide and his sidekicks Tracks and Mirage heard the words of their leader Dark Prime, then transformed to their vehicular modes and followed Prime onto the Grand Maximus ship.

2001-12-06, 08:57 PM
"Indeed my friend." Cryhavoc said, his opticband flashing.

"And how you are going to reach this goal? How mane Decepticons you have under your command now? I don't know of this Galvatron you mentioned earlier but The Liege is almost immortal..."

The massive Decepticon leaned against the wall near the computers and turned to look at the videoscreen in front of Jhiaxus.

"Do we have anything that can crush that Autobot battleship?" He asked.

2001-12-06, 09:09 PM
Hot Rod knew better then just to burst into Prime's office unannounced. He may be busy with something important. He activated to Comm-link outside the office that connected to Prime's desk. "Optimus Prime this is Hot Rod, there's a girl outside. She says her name is Lockpick and she's been away from Cybertron for quite some time. She says there's a important message she must relay to you." Hot Rod let loose of the button to let Prime respond.

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2001-12-06, 10:12 PM
"Beautiful!" Whirl exclaimed, joyously slamming Quick Switch on the back. After a moment's pause, he grabbed Quick Switch's shoulders and looked him over.

"Need any repairs? Fuel? Fun? We can hook you up with any of those," Whirl explained.

"He specializes in the last," Rack added quietly, leaning next to Quick Switch. Whirl chuckled.


Grand returned to the hangar containing his battleship, examining it as he traversed the enormous room. The major external damage had already been repaired and patched up. Perfect operating level for his current assignment. When he deemed the workers could hear him, he raised his voice to them.

"Thanks for the help, Autobots! Optimus Prime's put my ship and me on a mission, so that's all for now. You've done a great job."

Huffer responded as he passed Grand. "All in a day's work... human?!"

Grand kept walking. "Pretender."

Huffer scoffed. "They don't build 'em like they used to..."

Grand was analyzing the repairs at closer range, when he heard a number of engines approach from behind him. He spun around. Ironhide, Mirage, Tracks, and a number of Autobots he did not recognize.

"Can I help you?"

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2001-12-06, 11:12 PM
Doubledealer dodged Jinrai's laser blasts.

Hot Shot went up to Jinrai.

"What are you doing?!", he shouted. "Can't you tell that he's an Autobot?!"

(OCC: About time these guys got noticed. http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/biggrin.gif)

Apeface and the Insecticons hunkered down near the computer terminal.

"Any response?", Bombshell asked.

"Not yet", replied Apeface.

"Kepp trying, trying", said Shrapnel.
(OOC: They're trying to contact Decepticons)
Crystal City ruins...

Ramjet turned to Dirge and Thrust.

"I suggest that we use this place as our secret base", he said. "This place has everything we could need in our mission to crush all Autobots."

Quick Switch
2001-12-06, 11:20 PM
Quick Switch laughed along with Whirl.

"I'm all right with fuel and repairs, and I polished off a Con Targetmaster a while back for kicks."

He looked at the prone Sandstorm and Twin Twist.

"Should we start trying to repair those guys?"


Dirge grunted.

"Yeah, sure. Now what?"

"Are we going to search this place for more stuff, or start raiding?" Thrust asked.

2001-12-06, 11:35 PM
*Jhiaxus HQ*

Jhiaxus smiled at his friends question.

"Oh i have a weapon...and its quite a weapon indeed! In fact with it I will unravel the very fabric of all this world has ever known!"

Jhiaxus walked over to the monitor and began to show Cryhavoc his findings....

Jhiaxus: "As you can see my friend...soon we shall have all the power we need!"

2001-12-07, 01:14 AM
Lockpick listens to Hot Rod and chuckles slightly "Did I come at a bad time?" she jokes "I can come back later if you want."

2001-12-07, 01:37 AM
Hot Rod shruged his shoulders "I don't know. Prime's got the responsiblities of Cybertron. I should know. But Ultra Magnus isn't here to help share the burden. He usally takes care of Earth. Prime needs more help." Hot Rod thought for a moment, "...Hmmm wait I think I know someone that might be perfectly qualified..." He then looks at lockpick, "Sorry, just thinking out loud... I'm sure Prime will see you soon. You COULD just walk in, if it were life and death, I mean."

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2001-12-07, 01:40 AM
The the femem looks at Hot Rod, then chuckles, shaking her head "I was joking, Hot Rod. No, its not Life or Death... just urgent. If someone else is able to take care of it..." she pauses, rather wishing to speak to Optimus about this than anyone else "Then that's okay too."

God Jinrai
2001-12-07, 04:05 AM
Prime recieved hotrod's message...

"alright, hotrod. send her in."

"lockpick" he muttered..."She was once part of our forces... but as it stands, and as far back as I can remember... she was a master thief... and disappeared after attempting to steal energon from the decepticons... and now.. she's back here on cybertron?"

Jinrai didn't relent... targeting doubledealer's powermaster, he fired...

"No, You're the one mistaken! That...THING is a destron doublespy! just as punch was a cybertron doublespy... the destrons have one as well!"

2001-12-07, 04:21 AM
Lockpick heard Optimus' voice emit from Hot Rod's comm, and she brightens... and also self-conciously brushes a hand over her scarred armour. here goes...

She enters the room where Optimus was, blue optics wide wit nervousness, but also intense joy.

2001-12-07, 05:26 AM
Jazz shook his head transforming back into robot mode Sunstreaker blowing past them "No good sunstreaker we'll just find some decepticons and pound em" Jazz said. Sunstreaker stopped doing a 180 and transforming facing Jazz "Alrgiht lets go" they both began to sneak around Iacon again careful of any other dead Autobots who could pop up,. whjat was odd is they thought they were decepticons.

(Flec: Sig removal.)

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2001-12-07, 09:05 AM
Without turning his head, Dark Prime responded to Slipstream. "If he's able to travel interdimensionally, it should be possible. We'll soon find out."

The group transformed and made their way through to the Maximus ship. It wasn't too long before they'd passed through the main bay, and found themselves in front of Grand. The entire squad transformed. Mirage, Tracks and Ironhide formed on Dark Prime's left. Left of them were Electro and Blitzwing. To Prime's right were the recently repaired Napalm, Slipstream, Roadkill and Sidewinder, and the Aerialbots lining up the back completed the group.

"May I help you?" Grand, or so they assumed by the description of his appearance, asked.

"We would request your assistance to our problem. We are from another dimension, like yourself, transported here by rare circumstances. There is a war going on, as is here. And we must return to our dimension soon--we had gained an upper hand prior to our arrival on this world. Will you assist us?"

2001-12-07, 01:15 PM
WinAMP looked around not getting a reply.

"I have Megatron here, please responsd, re..."

TimeSpltter landed.

He had done some work with the autobots on board that were not dead.

TimeSplitter landed crushinh WinAMP. Then the ramp opened up and out came Omega Supreme, GoldBug, Punch. Rhinox and Lio Convoy had died due to the Megatron DarkPrime confrontation.

Megatron stood up. He looked around. He was not fully repaired but he was repaired enough.

He boarded TimeSplitter. Then uttered some words as the Decepticon symbols, became Autobots upon the newly formed Autobot team outside.

Megatron looked around. His Decepticon symbol shined.

"To Earth."

TimeSplitter blasted Off.

OmegaSupreme openedd up it's ramp, as GoldBug and Punch boarded. The undercover Decepticon group moved toward Iacon.

Then they banged at the door.

"Let us IN "
said GoldBug.


Build King looked at DarkPrime. He thought to himself.

"We all want to go home, but it isn't possible."

It was not a

2001-12-07, 11:44 PM
Ramjet looked at Dirge and Thrust.

"We need to guard this place, but we also need to begin to raid surrounding encampment", he said.

"Dirge, take Thrust and go out and raid. I'll stay behind and look around."
Doubledealer went down, damaged by Jinrai's shot.

Hot Shot looked at Jinrai, confused.

"But he's an Autobot, can't you tell?"
The Insecticons and Apeface still hovered at teh communications terminal.

"Are you sure this thing is working?", Kickback asked.

"I'm sure", said Apeface.

God Jinrai
2001-12-08, 03:18 AM
Prime turned from his consoles, gazing at the battered autobot female...

"Long time, lockpick. Long time indeed. The last I recall, you pulled a stunt that nearly got you killed... granted, I admit, it left the decepticons without the energon required to power their weaponry for a good while... I would have prefered you hadn't... and now you're here again... where...have you been.... and what brings you home...?"

2001-12-08, 04:33 AM
The theif stiffens to attention, although nothing can bring that grateful smile from her torn face. She chuckles slightly

"Glad to know you remembered... VERY glad. As for where I've been..." she hesitates, obviously steeling herself. "Its... a long story, but I'll try to keep it short."

"AS you obviously remember, I had been stealing energon from the cons and delivering it into the hands of needy Autobots and Neutrals since the war started. It was on my last mission that I dissapeared." she states, repeating information he'd already said. Taking a bit of a swallows, she continues. "I... I was wailaid on the way back to Cybertron. By some... I don't know what they're called... I know them only as Masters." Her voice drops, thick with hate and disgust as those blue optics flicker with red for a moment.

"They... well, you can see the evidence of what they did. But there's more. They were a race of slavers. Catching innocent spacefarers and breaking them any way necessary to turn them into servants."

She pauses for breath, and to gather herself for the rest of the story.

2001-12-08, 05:24 AM
Somewhat helplessly, Grand looked over the group of Autobots. He could tell from their faces that they were tired of war. They knew that the struggle was nearly over, and all they required to rest was his help.

Grand shrugged.

"Sorry, I'm afraid I can't be of service. You see, my ship does not have inter-dimensional capabilities. I came to be here by accidentally passing through what's called a Masterforce vortex. I'm not sure if you're familiar... Anyway, my existance in this time is purely a mistake, accomplished entirely by outside forces. Terribly sorry."


Whirl glanced at the tables on the other side of the room.

"Nah, they'll be fine without us. Debris is designed with the capacity to repair every Wrecker simultaneously if necessary, and without a medic. The tables themselves will be enough to put Sandstorm and Twin Twist back together."

He pointed at his two injured compatriots, being returned to one piece each by the operations of a number of repair arms, welding torches, and fuel lines hanging from the ceiling above them.

"Next thing you know, they'll be popping up right next to you in battle. So, looks like we've got us some downtime."

Topspin had stepped up behind Quick Switch by this point. "Think the 'Cons are stupid enough to attack again?"

Whirl shook his head. "Nah, not likely."

Rack 'N' Ruin shrugged, looking at Topspin and Whirl. "MacCadam's, then?"

Topspin chuckled. "I think Whirl's had enough of the good energon for a while!"

And the Wreckers burst into laughter.

2001-12-08, 07:49 AM
(OOC: joint post)

Heh, I bet y'are," Slipstream muttered dryly under her breath after Grand's statement, then glanced at Dark Prime. "Well, that was informative... any other ideas, Darkie? Try an' find som--"

"One other request I would like to make," Dark Prime began again in that oddly reminiscent friendly manner, cutting Slipstream off, "would be the sensor logs of the ship when you hit the vortex. I have an expert who may be able to analyze the information. The possible information gathered could even lead to your own return home, if you so wished."

"Simple matter of listenin' t'everything properly," Roadkill added.

"And it's for a good cause," Skydive said. "We're heading home to retake Cybertron!"

God Jinrai
2001-12-08, 03:31 PM
Prime bowed his head, then raised it... ""Masters...? They...couldn't be... no. Jinrai and all the nebulan masters we have here... no they can't be. it's that plain and simple..." he muttered..."Pardon me, lockpick...continue."

Quick Switch
2001-12-08, 03:40 PM
Dirge and Thrust nodded.

"Sure," Dirge nodded.

"Let's head over to Iacon. That's the largest city about these parts. Let's get raiding!"

Roaring with laughter, Thrust transformed and flew off.

Dirge turned to Ramjet.

"Find something useful in this place, eh?" Then he too transformed and followed Thrust into the Cybertronian night.

The two Seekers zoomed to Iacon.


Quick Switch scratched his head as the Wreckers laughed.

"Er, sure guys. So...what's the plan?"


Dirge and Thrust arrived over the outskirts of Iacon.

"Ripe for the pickings, eh Dirge?"

"Right you are, Thrust."

With that said, the two Seekers began to strafe the outskirts of Iacon.

2001-12-08, 05:00 PM
Hot Rod stood leaning on the wall near Prime's ofiice wondering what to do. He decided to stop waiting here and do something. He decided to check out his shuttle and get some bored Autobot to drive it back to Moon Base and watch over Daniel. But when he got in he saw Lockpick's red ship, It was still open. Well Hot Rod could be responible to see if it didn't have any Bombs or Decepticons in it. He did trust the girl but who knows? he peeked his head in, unsure of what he would find...

2001-12-08, 05:14 PM
The femme paused, puzzled by Optimus' mutterings, but she did continued, voice kept carefully even, although it wavers every now and then.

"But I didn't give up even though they broke me. I worked against them... preventing other slaves from being captured. It was during this time that I last saw a Cybertronian... one of the Masters were trying to trick him onto the ship... the ship that I fly now. But with a little bit of double-play, I managed to get him free. THe Master was none the wiser.

Over time, with help of others doing the same work as me, we ruined their slave business, until I guess you can say, there were only a few competitors left."

Her fist clenches and she lifts it, optics now bright "That was when we fought back. We fought, and we won our freedom."

The Keeper of the Dusk Apples sat quietly, a gentle humm of generators its only sound. has a simple carpeted hallway past the airlock, one heading to the front of the ship and the open bridge door, the other to a massive sealed blast door at the rear of the ship. There's one or two other doors on the way, many of them sealed off and welded shut.

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2001-12-08, 06:00 PM
Hot Rod knew this had to be some type of special ship. Most normal ships don't have carpets he thought trying to use his scanners to find out what's behind the closed doors. "No use..." he muttered. "...with our luck it probably holds some deadly virus or hate plauge." He tried knocking on the door, but no answer. "Oh well worth a try."

2001-12-08, 06:42 PM

Beastbox and Squawktalk seperated and began to make their way through the winding tunnels below Iacon. With their stealth, the pair navigated towards the heart of Iacon and the Key to the plasma energy chamber.

squawktalk: "bwack! 9 out of ten dentists agree that the key can help prevent tooth decay."

as always beastbox simply shook his head and began to break through the floor units. the two poked through and sawy one lone guard before the key.

Beastbox lept first knocking Windcharger back the Squaktalk flew to the key's holding box, grabbing the box he flutter back into the whole babbling on about holding the key to Jhiaxus' heart. Beastbox gave windcharger a stern kick and followed, collapsing the tunnel behind him to prevent being followed.

The pair soon arrived at Jhiaxus hidden base of operations, delivering the key. Jhiaxus smiled widely as he crushed the box and held the key in his massive hand.

Jhiaxus: "And now my friends...all the power in the universe lies in my hands"

2001-12-08, 07:24 PM
The doors are solidly sealed. Scans reveal at least no life within. This seems more like a house than a ship... carpets, walls painted a calming beige over the metal and warm lights.

2001-12-08, 07:28 PM
(OOC: Oh, boy. This will get confusing)
Under Crystal City Ruins...

As Ramjet searched the underground fortress, he picked up a signal from the communications panel. He went up to it and activated it.

The screen filled with the image of the Insecticons

"Blasted Bugs!", said Ramjet, reaching for the control switch.

"Wait", said Apeface, whom Ramjet had also noticed.

"What do you want?", asked Ramjet, seething.

"I want to make a deal", said Bombshell.

"I don't make deals with traitors", Ramjet exclaimed.

"Ah, but you're a traitor too", said Kickback.

"He is correct, correct", said Shrapnel. "I see no Decepticon insignia on you, on you".

Ramjet thought for a moment, realizing tha the bugs were right. He had become just like them.

"Very well", said Ramjet. "What do you propose?"

(OOC: will finish this off tomorrow)

Counter-Arrow, Ox, W.A.R.S., and R.E.V were helping Doubledealer to his feet,a nd Hot Shot and Crosswise were talking to Jinrai, when an alarm sounded.

Hot Shot went up to a control panel. "we got two Decepticon seeker attacking Iacon's outskirts.

2001-12-08, 07:52 PM
Elsewhere in Iacon:

Windcharger came about and made his way to Optimus Prime.

Windcharger: "Sir...I know you don't need more bad news, but Prime...the key to the plasma energy chamber has been taken!"

2001-12-08, 08:15 PM
Jetfire walked towards the main room, just as Windcharger made his way past. The smaller bot rushed inside, headed for Prime. Jetfire caught every word.

"Stolen?" he reworded, stepping up to Prime and Windcharger.

2001-12-08, 08:17 PM
Lockpick, who had been talking to Optimus, jerked her head up as they're interrupted. She steps back slightly into a shadowed area, keeping her head down and almost melting into the background..oO(Stolen? A Key?)

2001-12-08, 08:47 PM
Jazz and Sunstreaker kept stalking around they had another altercation with some decepticons where sunstreaker was hit and now was complaing about the charred blotch on his armour. "I just got waxed up on grand and this already" Sunstreaker said. "Shhh" hissed out Jazz "Be quiet sunstreaker we barley got out of that last altercation undetected" he finshed. Sunstreaker nodded and grumbled quietly "we gotta find prime" Jazz said starting to look around.

2001-12-08, 10:27 PM
Cryhavoc wasn't the most intelligent Decepticon on Cybertron but slowly he began to realize what Jhiaxus was going to do.

"Are you sure about this? The risks must be more than we can propably handle... though I must admit that this would make you the most powerful Decepticon in existance."

Cryhavoc's opticband began to glow brightly. "How we can... what if this leds to the destruction of the whole Universe?"

2001-12-08, 10:49 PM
Jhiaxus turned his head towards Cryhavoc.

Jhiaxus: "My friend...its the ending of the universe we hope to cause. Only in death can the universe be reborn. I am fully aware of the possible implications of what we are about to do...but rest assured, from what I have learned, I can promise you that you and the others will be safe by my side...so long as you remember where your loyalties lie!
Iacon: Prime's quarters:

Windcharger slumped down, still damaged from the assault.


Windcharger hung his head to hide his shame: "Yes...stolen...and its all my fault."

2001-12-09, 12:00 AM
"Your..." Jetfire started. "How could it be your fault? What happened?"

Jetfire remembered where he was, looked to Prime for his response.

God Jinrai
2001-12-09, 03:17 AM
Prime turned quickly from lockpick... "Windcharger... It was your duty to guard the chamber until you were relieved... slag it... regardles, the key must be recovered! the last time it was stolen...." Prime's memory shifted to the nightmare that occured not so long ago... it nearly cost an entire solar system, but cybertron was restored to a temporary golden age... yet again the planet was burnt out and cold... Prime grew angry... the key could not be allowed to be used to activate the plasma energy chamber...

"Windcharger, put all autobase on alert, I'm going to the chamber... maybe I can find a trace of who took it... granted...I've already a very bad feeling of who posesses the key now..."

Prime spun, grabbing lockpick, heading for the chamber...

"I trust you... you were with me this entire time... you couldn't have taken the key... but I need your opinions as a former master thief to analyze this situation..."

the duo arrived at the key chamber... the doors slid open, and there lay the empty slot where the key once was... glancing around, prime didn't spot anything immedieate... but then he caught sight of shifted floor paneling...

"Jhiaxus... only two casettes were left on cybertron... and if I'm right... I know exactly which two..."

Prime turned to lockpick... "Take a look... I'm going to get in touch with a...cohort of mine, and we'll prepare for a search of cybertron for the key..."

Prime activated his com... "Jinrai. Prime here. the key's gone... Assemble all our available bots... we've got to find it... I want you to get ahold of grand once he's returned with fortress... and head for the plasma energy chamber... it must NOT be opened!"

Jinrai recieved the transmission, and radioed grand...

"Grand ... jinrai here. we've a situation... once you return with fortress... we're off to the plasma energy chamber... the key has been stolen... and if the chamber is opened... the effects.... would likely be fatal to all cybertronians...."

2001-12-09, 03:27 AM
The master theif gives a small chirp of surprise as she's hauled along, and she runs quickly to keep up with the larger Optimus, blue optics widening, then narrowing in determination.oO(And to think they used to suspect me for my skills. now they use me)

Once in the room, she glances around, looking to where the key rested as she goes through how SHE would steal it... noting the panel and other small clues left behind. The red femme walks through the chamber, muttering and turning occasionally as she retraces steps...O(If he knows who took it, why does he want me to look around? Better security?) Either way, she was determined to proove herself and continues searching.

OOC - PM me with anything I might find.

2001-12-09, 08:47 PM
Cryhavoc stood silently for a moment, pondering Jhiaxus' word in his mind but he wan't able to find any logic from Jhiaxus plans. He was now more than confused.

"End of the universe? What we would possible gain from that Jhiaxus? Doesn't that stand against our goals to rule the universe? Why would you want to rule emptyness?" He asked.

2001-12-09, 10:08 PM
Arriving at Iacon, Warpath, Gears, Perceptor, and Wreck-Gar noticed the Spychangers helping a damaged Doubledealer to his feet. They rused over to help them.

"Blam! He looks really damaged", Warpath said.

""I'll be ok", said Doubledealer.

"Someone's gotta take care of those seekers", said Hot Shot. "Spychangers, come on!"

The six Spychangers went off to where teh Decepticon seekers were attacking.

Perceptor examined the body of Doubledealer.

"You'll be fine", said Perceptor. "Who did this to you?"

"Someone...who looked like....Prime" he managed to say.

"Prime", said Gears. "That doesn't sound like him."

"I think we'd better go see him", said Perceptor.

Perceptor, Gears, Doubledealer and Wreck-Gar went off to find Prime.

Warpath, thinking that the Spychangers would need help, went off after them.

"Wait for me, Blammo!", he said.
Ramjet had been talking to the Insecticons and Apeface.

"Then it's agreed", said Ramjet. "We will work together to achieve our own goals. Meet me at the Crystal City Ruins."

"Acknowledged", said Apeface.

A few minutes later, the three Insecticons and Headmaster Horrorcon left Polyhex and headed for the Crystal City Ruins.

Quick Switch
2001-12-09, 11:48 PM
Dirge and Thrust broke off their assault, destroying several buildings.

"Nice work Thrust."

"Right on, Dirge."

The two Seekers returned to the Ruins.

Walking a ways, the two entered the secret hatchway.

Dirge and Thrust came up alongside Ramjet.

"Any developments?" Thrust asked.

"The raid was fun... but not much more." Dirge nodded.

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2001-12-10, 09:07 PM
Jhiaxus base:

End of the universe? What we would possible gain from that Jhiaxus? Doesn't that stand against our goals to rule the universe? Why would you want to rule emptyness?"

Jhiaxus smirked: "you misunderstand...not the end of the universe, but a new beginning. Think of time as a thread...constantly in flow, strong so long as all the strands remain together in unison. Yet, if the strands unravel...then it becomes weak, flawed, and can be broken."

Jhiaxus pulled up the files on the time rift.

Jhiaxus: "We now stand at the point where time has been unravelled. The strands are flawed, weak...and broken...time is now crossing over from order to chaos. Therefore, if we were to feed this rift with the energy it would need to grow, we could access any point in time...therefore as the rift sorted itself out and consumed what it needed to consume, we could be at the point where we could move from within the rift to any point...thus rewriting history to suit our needs!"

2001-12-10, 10:22 PM
Grand shrugged.

"Sure. I don't see what harm that can do."

He entered his ship, and returned momentarily holding a small disk.

"That should be everything you need. I don't know if I'd want to take up your offer just yet. Have to talk to my--"

Grand stopped.

"Chief!" he shouted, listening to Jinrai's message.

The key! Oh, no...

"I'll be right there!" he replied, subsequently turning back to Dark Prime and company.

"I must hurry. Let me know what you can discover from that information when I return."

Grand ran inside the Maximus battleship, preparing to blast off.

2001-12-11, 04:39 AM
"Thank you for your time, we won't be of any more trouble," Prime nodded once to Grand. "And we will contact you with any relevant information we may find."

The group hustled through the Maximus-class battleship, expertly keeping out of everyone's way as they prepared the ship for launch.

"Everyone, we have the supplies and equipment in Iacon, most likely. With this information, we should be able to put it all to good use." He turned to Roadkill. "If you're certain you can decipher it."

2001-12-11, 05:19 AM
Lockpick finishes her circumnavigation of the Key Room and then drops to her stomach, facing the wall, completely still for a few minutes with only her blue optics flickering. Then the red femme stands again and does a quarter-turn of the room, dropping and this time starting towards the middle. Finally she stands.

"I'm guessing they got in from the floor, there were two of them about the sizes of cassettes - you were right about that -. And well... " she shrugs "They took the key from its resting place and went back the way they came. Not really that hard. Oh, and you might wanna double-up on the bolts in the floor panels, and perhaps weld them down or put dividers between them to prevent this happening again." she says expertly, then looks apprehensive.

2001-12-11, 09:28 AM
Roadkill gave Dark Prime a disbelieving, almost hurt look. "Well, of course I can decipher it!" He broke off and glared at Slipstream, who had started laughing quietly to herself. "What?!"

"Nothin', 'killer. Just you an' yer ego, is all. Hehehe..."

God Jinrai
2001-12-11, 02:46 PM
Prime returned his attention to lockpick... "Listen. I can tell by the look on your face you weren't thrilled about being dragged along down here. but isn't it slagging enough that I trust you as things stand? Or are you going to forever hold that grudge for what happened long ago...?"

2001-12-11, 04:15 PM
The femme looks at Optimus, shocked and surprised. Her opticbrows riase slightly and a frown creases her face.

"It... Its not that... until you brought it up, I forgot about that incident. And like any autobot, I do as my leader commands." she looks around, then shrugs "I just... well, I'm trying to stay clean from being on the wrong side of the law, and using my skills to solve crimes kinda caught me by surprise" she chuckles weakly. "So uh, what's the plan then?"

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2001-12-11, 04:39 PM
Cryhavoc looked at Jhiaxus thoughfully, trying to recall what had happened at those times when he had fought alongside Jhiaxus in the city wars.

"So... I take it that we could go back in time..." Cryhavoc's opticband began to glow brightly as his thoughts began to get clearer.

"And for example... destroy Prima Nova and that warrior who turned into Sentinel Prime, before they ruined Starhammer's plans to conquer Iacon at the beginning of the city wars?" The massive warrior asked from the Liege Centurio of the Cybertronian Empire.

"But... what about the Liege Maximo? What you are going to do about him?" He added.

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2001-12-11, 05:15 PM
(OOC: This post is copied from the conclusion of the "New Dawn Rising" thread. --S-Ghost)

Optitron understood that rallying the Decepticons behind him following Galvatron's destruction would be difficult; still, he was in no mood to tolerate any doubting tones from the likes of the Predacons.

He turned to the Predacons' seating area and said, "Remove the sarcasm from your voicebox, or I'll remove your voicebox from your head, Razorclaw." Returning his attention to the Cybertronian landscape, Optitron watched as the New Dawn slowed and hovered high above the Cybertronian city Iacon.

As Blackout activated the auto-pilot and the Renegades lined up near the airlock, Optitron turned and wrapped his massive hand around Starscream's throat and said, "That goes for you as well, Starscream."

"Ack...erg...very well, mighty Optitron, but shouldn't...ack...shouldn't we contact the Decepticons on Cybertron? We need...urk...reinforcements!"

Optitron tossed Starscream to the ground and said, "We need no reinforcements. We are the elite of the Decepticons' forces. No Autobots below shall stand against us and live." He turned to the Decepticons and said, "Now, Decepticons! You are the greatest our kind has to offer! Scorponok, Sixshot, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Predacons, Dreadwind, Darkwing, Adeara! To the Autobot City...destroy anyone and anything in your way, and destroy Optimus Prime!"

Optitron blasted the air lock open and hurled himself from the shuttle, the five Renegades close behind him. As he plummeted toward the titanium roof of Iacon, the white-and-black Decepticon terror drew his twin concussion blasters and blasted a huge hole in the roof, screaming, "Autobots, DIE!!!!"

2001-12-11, 09:44 PM
Jhiaxus smiled at the mention of his former master's name.

Jhiaxus: "The Liege...well he will not be a problem. He had not undergone his metamorphasis at that point, therefore he is subject to attack...I however have undergone my metamorphasis...and not the Liege nor any of his beloved Trons will be able to sustain themselves in an attack from you and I...and should we find a way to revive...Gigatron...he will be the final piece that will shatter the reality all those fools on the field now accept. History will be ours to mold and shape...the changing of a few critical events and we can return to this time as the rulers of it all!"

Jhiaxus' long range sensors began to sound out an alarm. He spun around to see the Decepticon shuttle arriving.

Jhiaxus: "What...the Decepticons arrive, but I do not detect Galvatron...this could be even easier than I first thought."

The large Decepticon smirked again as he saw the coming of the New Dawn.

(see you kiddies in Chapter 4!)

2001-12-11, 09:44 PM
Alarms blasted through out Iacon. Hot Rod was still iside Lockpick's ship trying to make sence of it all. "What the...?! That sounded close." He said as an explosion was heard near by. "I got to secure this ship..." Hot Rod knew he couldn't allow the Decepicons near this ship. Lockpick would be mad if it did. So what better way then to get it out of there. Hot Rod sat at what he thought was the controls and pressed buttons.