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2002-09-05, 08:45 PM
(Summary: After challenging new Decepticon leader Teratron to a duel for leadership, Hatemonger is being escorted to the grand arena in Polyhex, where many of the Decepticons anxiously await the battle...)

(OOC: Yes, this skips certain action. Just pretend it happened, 'kay?)

Beneath his facemask, Teratron grinned proudly. His hands were on his hips, his feet separated wide as his shoulders. He stood in the middle of the arena floor, his gaze panning the stands above. Each of the countless seats was claimed by a Decepticon or two, but in most cases, the spectator was on his feet before it. Thousands of voices cheered their delight; thousands of arms flailed in anticipation. Teratron suspected that their excitement was not for him, though he was the only competitor on the floor. They just wanted to see some oil. Of course, there was always a chance that one of the older mechs may recognize him from his ancient days as a gladiator... From the well-concealed VID box, the announcer's voice blared through the many speakers of the stadium.

"Femmmmmes and gen--tlemechs! Welcome to the grand reopening of Gargantron, the grrreatest entertainment forum... on Cy--bertron! This cycle's match, the first in many vorns, will begin in just less than two breems! Until then, keep yourself cool with a fresh, rich cube of Siphon's Hard Energon. Siphon's: because you're the best!"

"Commander, this is Soundwave."

Teratron crooked his jaw just a touch to one side, activating his radio, and spoke evenly but firmly into his faceplate.



Soundwave tapped a button on his console. He leaned toward the center of the cab and peered into the back, where Hatemonger awaited.

"One more moment."

He tapped the button again, nodded to the rather timid driver, and thrust himself out of the transport's cockpit. The door whisked back into place behind him, and he leaned against it while he responded to Teratron. The garage was dimly-lit, most of its aura coming from the tunnel leading to the arena, but from here little could actually be seen.

"We've arrived at Gargantron. I'll be unloading the opposition momentarily. He's been refueled, as you designated, and I checked his systems on the way here. Everything as you ordered."

"Very good, Soundwave." Teratron returned. "Escort him into the arena, then take your position. And hurry about it!"

Soundwave clicked twice, and the radio fell dead. He took a moment to appreciate the sounds all around: the gently humming engine of the transport, the vague woosh of the ventilation tubes above, and most prominently, the crushing thunder of the crowd awaiting their combat. Yes, they wouldn't get it until Soundwave gave it to them, would they? With a nonchalant, blind grasp, he reached the handle of the transport's hatchback door and threw it up and open.

"It's time."

2002-09-05, 09:55 PM
Hatemonger was already standing when the doors flew open and the din of the crowd hit his audio sensors.

"Like a battlefield, only with the screams of a crowd rather than screams of the dying." he said as he stepped out into the arena.

"Thank you Soundwave that will be all. I understand why Megatron always trusted you." He said starting to step towards the arena.

His massive black frame shined in the light, almost an evil gladitor of sorts. The crowd booed him, some threw their snacks and drink containers at his armour Hatemonger merely smiled.

On the other end of the arena stood his foe. Teratron, Gigatron whatever his name was Hatemonger and his had their differences since they met on Charr. Though when they needed to they were able to set their differances aside like true warriors.

Now like true warriors they would settle their differnces one last time. Hatemonger knew their was a small possiblity that both of them would not leave the arena alive.

But he quickly dismissed that thought from his mind. He knew even if he had to lose in battle it would be when his foe tore his spark from him. Now he had only one thought on his mind. He shut out the jeers of the crowd. The cheers of the Aerialcons, Crashticons, Legion Salvo and Cryotek. Only one thing stood on his logic circuits. The battle with Teratron before him.

He strode to his starting position in the arena then gave Teratron a nod of respect, as he had many strong warriors on the battlefield.

Then he got into his stance ready, his weight evenly set, his mind clear of all but himself and Teratron. He then brought his arms up, his left hand closer to his head fist closed. The other arm was closed but relaxed ready to grapple or strike or whatever else was needed, as were his legs. The fusioncannons on his arms reflected the light in the arena.

He said only one thing.

"Or destiny as warriors has brought us here Teratron. Let us settle it as our generations have before us." a deadly grin came across Hatemonger's face.

"Let's duel!"


2002-09-06, 04:18 AM
Adeara stood off to one side of the ring, near the entrance she and Teratron had used, leaning against the wall, arms crossed over her chest. No one could see the look on her face, for it was in shadow. But if they could, they would see a look of anticipation and wonder. She had heard of the leadership duels the Decepticons had held in the past when leadership was contested when she was a child and her people still had contact with the Transformers. She never thought she'd see one. Then again, none of her people had ever given total loyalty to one side or another. They always followed and orders the Maker gave.

As her eyes caught sight of Hatemonger, resentment and anger flashed over her features for a split second. The gall of this....cretin..to think he would make a better leader than Teratron. Adeara knew leaders like Teratron. They could inspire two things in a person-fanatical loyalty, or fanatical hatred. Obviously, he had inspired the latter in Hatemonger. Not that that suprised her. Hatemonger wanted nothing more than power, and if he won, he would be the downfall of the Decepticons. Adeara felt that, if Hatemonger won, he'd have to be killed before he ruined what Teratron was starting. And if he had to die, she'd make sure it would be by her hand. You see, Adeara is one who had been inspired to fanatical loyalty by Teratron's trust in her.

Lord Zarak
2002-09-06, 10:03 AM
Shockwave sat down just as Hatemonger walked into the arena. Of the two outcomes he saw possible, one was favourable, the other.....just acceptable.

Hatmonger winning was the favourable alternative. They had forged an alliance of sorts during and after the fight with the CHoas Bringer, Unicron. Because of this, he was put in jail by Astrotrain. He would pay, though not immediately. That would be too obvious.....illogical.
Standing alongside Hatmonger would have its advantages, the greatest being the chance to have leadership of the Decepticons for himself.
Teratron winning would be acceptable, nothing more, nothing less. He sat back, watching the fight impassively.

2002-09-06, 01:40 PM
"What will you do, should Hatemonger win?"

The direct question, took Scourge by surprise. The tracker had always assumed that Fracas knew everything about him, his thoughts, feelings, intentions and desires. Perhaps then, that was not true.

Or perhaps Fracas was just testing him, getting him to think about it. The former was more desirable, the latter more likely.

Hatemonger would be a predictable leader. He is a warrior, nothing more.

"Your analysis is true. Teratron on the other hand, is a seer, a wiseman. You aren't aware, but he has spent much time communing with the Matrix. His leadership could be revolutionary, or, it could be as Megatron's was. Or Galvatron, or any of the other former leaders. It all depends on which shades of the Matrix influence him the most. Or, he could posess sufficient strength of will to shape the Matrix to his own will, use it as a tool. Only time will tell."

I shall continue to assist Astrotrain in running this city. Metrotitan is the benchmark of Decepticon power. It would be tragic for the cause should it fall, either to attack, or internal strife.

"A sound plan. One I'd advise you stick to."

Scourge glanced up and out of his reverie as the two combatants appeared on the monitors.

"It begins."

Quick Switch
2002-09-06, 02:08 PM
Astrotrain's gaze was rapt on the screen, as the duel began.

"May Primus protect you, my Lord," he said quietly.

2002-09-06, 06:04 PM
Hatemonger stood in his stance.

Odd that neither of us has tried to make a move yet.

Hatemonger thought to himself then realised they were both looking at each other trying to find a fatal flaw in eithers stance or frame.

He then lost all emotion in his face, allowing the fight to be the only thing on his mind period. Teratron has weaker armour than me that should be my first plan of attack Hatemonger thought and waited ready to attack or defend.

In the crowd Skyblade was thinking of the plan he made with Scrapheap.

"Come on Skyblade!? If Hatemonger loses the battle we are all screwed." the Crashticon leader told Skyblade.

"Yes, but I am not willing to disobey my leader to try and take the annoying Deca-Changers life." Skyblade growled.

"Look Skyblade, I care about Hatemonger alot as well, but if he loses I am not about to stay and obey that braggard of a new leader. Thats why is the wheel rolls downhill I say we merge into Dominator and squash the bug Teratron. Besides who will stop us, Teratron will be far to weak to be a threat. Then we can hold our own against everyone else until we get out of there. Think we can change everything!" Scrapheap told Skyblade.

"I suppose and it's better than the possible death of Hatemonger." He sighed. "My men and myself are in." He said and shook the Crashticons hand.

Boss don't make us have to come down there. Skyblade thought gazing at the stand off.

Cryotek felt uneasy and I was not Hatemonger fighting that bothered him.

Something seems wrong about the Crashticons and Aerialcons, almost like they both planned something. Maybe I am being paranoid.... Cyrotek thought and yelled

"Come on Hatemonger tear him like tinfoil!" He then got a chant going in his section of....


2002-09-06, 10:40 PM
It didn't take long for Teratron to spot Hatemonger's entrance. The hail of jeers from the audience was enough to direct his optics down toward the challenger's tunnel. Soundwave followed Hatemonger out, but remained toward the wall.

"And here we are!" the announcer proclaimed. "Welcome to tonight's match! In the defender's corner, sporting dual-purpose plasma blasters and combinable energy sabers: your returning Megaweight champi'n, Gigatron! He's made a lot of enhancements since he last graced the ring over six thousand vorns ago, but he has more than a title on the line this cycle. Today he's defending his leadership of the Decepticons!"

The crowd's raucous cheer was continuous as it had been. Teratron nodded confidently. Near the wall of the circular pit, Soundwave lurched down and grabbed Adeara's arm, leading her back toward the elevator tucked away in a wall cranny.

"It's time that we cleared the arena," he stated flatly, but loudly enough to be heard. "You and I have a more important assignment."

Teratron witnessed the last-minute combat preparations over Hatemonger's shoulder, but did not even bother to give them his attention.

"And in the challenger's corner, sporting twin fusion cannons: upstart Decepticon field commander, Hatemonger! This is his debut combat in the State Games, but he's confident that he's got what it takes to beat the former champ!"

Again the roar was even, neither dropping nor falling. In his side of the ring's center, Teratron saw Hatemonger rise into a prepared stance. He grinned, checked that his faceplate was still in place, and eyed up the enemy. Hands raised, apparently ready for a grapple. Pity, that. Teratron figured he could overpower Hatemonger with little effort, and he wanted to rub that in. He glanced over quickly to make sure that Soundwave was clear of the ring (and indeed he was), then tipped his head to Hatemonger before rushing him and reaching to crush his hands.

"And they're off!"

2002-09-06, 10:51 PM
Scourge frowned.
"Listen to them. They treat it like a game," despite his facemask, his anger and disgust was apparent in his voice.
"The fools. They have no idea."

He turned brusquely away from the monitor, and went and stood by the window, gazing out over the city, towards the arena in the distance.

2002-09-06, 11:02 PM
Hatemonger smiled as Teratron charged him.

He suddenly reached out with his left arm and caught ahold of Teratrons arm arm, he then brought his right arm up and grabbed Teratron shoulder, he then twisted all of his weight to his left and side and attempted to use the Deca-changers own weight and speed to his advantage, but not before bringing his right knee into Teratron's midsection.

He then tried to throw Teratron away from him thinking even while he kneed him there should have been enough velocity in Teratrons rush to allow him to throw the warrior.

Hatemonger thought it was odd that Teratron would just rush him like he did, but no matter, he needed to react and did.

Lord Zarak
2002-09-07, 11:15 AM
Disorder entered Astrotrains office as Scourge walked to the window. He sat down, and asked
"Have I missed much?"

2002-09-07, 08:38 PM
Teratron smiled at Hatemonger's quick reflexes. It had been a mighty long time since he'd been in a sanctioned combat; the patience had worn down a touch. The flying knee had hit right on target, but its impact did very little damage. It served more as a taunt than an attack.

All of this thought went on just as Teratron's optics fell on the ground below. He made no attempt to stop Hatemonger's motion - a warrior of grace accepted momentum and took advantage of it. And so Teratron did. He noted his surroundings: being suplexed by the enemy. The angling was right that, should he be released in time, he would land on his feet. And Hatemonger had left one hand free.

Finally, Teratron struck as he came inverted. While straightening his legs directly up into the air, he brought the claw down over his free hand, and slashed it toward Hatemonger's exposed back plating.

2002-09-08, 12:23 AM
The strike was true, Teratron's claws slashed into Hatemogner's armour sparks and fluid flew from where the the claws wretched into his back.

Hatemonger grimiced but did not let out a shout of pain instead he knew Teratron have a difficult time trying to defend againist what Hatemonger was going to do, must to most transformers dismay Hatemoner was quite a bit faster than he looked as he extented his leg leg and went for a roundhouse kick to Teratrons face plate.

"First blood to you warrior." Hatemonger said as he swung his foot and weight at Teratrons head.

Quick Switch
2002-09-08, 03:02 AM
Astrotrain frowned.

"True. But sport is the only way the average Cybertronian would even manage to care about such a monumental event."

The Triple Changer lapsed into silence as Gigatron battled with Hatemunger.

"Of course, Megatron would have had no need for a duel, you know. He would have settled matters...in another fashion..." Astrotrain stopped as Disorder entered, and sat.

"No, young Warrior. The battle has just begun. Ignore the idiotic spectable of the arena, and focus on the combatants themselves. Note how fluid and elegant Lord Teratron's strikes are...and compare that too how brutish Hatemunger's attacks seem. There is a method behind each style."

He shrugged.

"Take of that what you will, Disorder. Elegance and brute force serve a warrior well. I suggest a balance."

2002-09-09, 01:25 AM
Adeara choked down a sqweek of startlement as Soundwave grabbed her and pulled her back. "Great Maker! Warn a body next time, Soundwave! You nearly scared me out of my skin!" When she had calmed down, which was very quick, she realized Soundwave had said they have an assignment. "What are we to do, Soundwave?"

2002-09-11, 09:43 PM
"Megatron gave his opponents too many chances," Scourge spoke up from his corner.
"Once you're aware that you have an enemy, said enemy should be eliminated."

Despite his distaste for the proceedings, Scourge's eyes returned to the monitor, where he observed the combat, taking in the relative strengths and weaknesses of both combatants. He was one unwilling to swear loyalty unless his leader proved himself. The result of this fight would have little bearing on that. It was the fallout from it, that would decide where his loyalties lay - if any.

Quick Switch
2002-09-11, 11:04 PM
Astrotrain flashed a wistful smile.

"I would refute that, but yet I saw the successful coup attempt with Starscream, and how that traitor managed to succeed at long last against Megatron..."

Lord Zarak
2002-09-11, 11:09 PM
"Who is, or was Megatron Astrotrain? Was he a previous leader?" asked Disorder, wanting to learn about his heritage.

Quick Switch
2002-09-11, 11:48 PM
Astrotrain turned away from the viewscreen since the action seemed to have stalled.

"Excellent question, Disorder! Metrotitan, display on your viewtrix projector screen a schematic of Megatron."

Metrotitan complied, and a 3D image was produced. Astrotrain rose from his desk and pointed to the figure, who was lifesize.

"This, Disorder, is Megatron, former Leader of the Decepticons!"

The tall, brooding gray figure, prominent fusion cannon at the ready stood silently.

Lord Zarak
2002-09-12, 12:10 PM
Disorder walked around the life-size projection, which Metrotitan had produced.

"He looks like an imposing leader. A fearless warrior. What was so special about him that made him great?" asked Disorder, with no trace of irony or disrespect in his voice.

Quick Switch
2002-09-12, 01:13 PM
Astrotrain paused, reflective. It was a legitimate question.

"Megatron conquered Cybertron, and forced the Autobots to flee to (now non-existant) two of Cybertron's moons in the year 2005. After leading a devestating raid against Autobot City- this very facility, now under my command- Megatron killed the greatest Autobot leader ever: Optimus Prime."

Lord Zarak
2002-09-12, 03:21 PM
"If the 'greatest' leader of the Autobots is no dead, who now leads the Autobots? And if they no longer have a leader, why don't we destroy them?"

2002-09-12, 04:10 PM
"It would seem," Scourge spoke up,
"That Optimus Prime is harder to destroy than either Megatron, or Galvatron after him would have ever thought. Megatron's actions speak for themselves. He conquered Cybertron - but he was too trusting, which eventually proved to be his downfall."

Quick Switch
2002-09-12, 04:22 PM
Astrotrain scowled...

"Even though Scourge did not serve under Megatron, he is correct. Now know the face of his betrayer, Disorder. Metrotitan, display a schematic of Starscream."

Metrotitan complied, and displayed a rendition of Starscream.

"This was the former Air Commander of the Decepticons, Megatron's second in command. Starscream betrayed Megatron after the great battle for Autobot City, and caused his death. He is a traitor to the Decepticon Empire. Be wary of those who speak his name with praise."

He reflected.

"Optimus Prime was resurrected, but do not fear. Lord Teratron has set plans in motion that will, in time, lead to the Autobots ultimate defeat. We must only wait for his word."

2002-09-13, 02:34 AM
Hatemonger smiled.

Why is Teratron holding back Hatemonger threw a strong right punch at Teratrons head after completeing the spin kick.

Could it be he wants me to wear myself down? Hatemonger though smiling slightly.

Fool he will not decieve me that easily he thought.

As he thought that Hatemonger went into a flurry of punchs, kicks and attacks hoping to at the very least get Teratron to react.

"Yeah! Thats the way to do it!" Scrapheap yelled.

"Yeah hit him again hit him again harder harder!" Hit screamed getting a fair chunk of the crowd around him to start chanting that.

"The body, Hatemonger, the body, don't let his carburter get fuel!" Firebomb screamed.


Cyrotek smiled and thought.
Be wary Hatemonger he may be trying to bait you, be strong you can win this battle out. Though the matrix flows through him he is by no means it's master yet..

Legion and Salvo stood going with the roar of the crowd.

2002-09-13, 04:41 PM
"Starscream was worse," Scourge affirmed.
"Brash, egotistical, whimsical... Not good qualities in a leader. His reign would have collapsed in on itself anyway. As it was, Galvatron just accelerated the process."

He glanced at the monitor once again, as the roar from the crowd increased.

"Watch their strategies. Learn them. You have neither of their complete trust yet."

I'm fully aware of that. Fighting with either would be counterproductive at this time.


2002-09-13, 06:52 PM
In the sky above the arena, a fiery bird known as Blaze flew.
("scouting duty, as if Frost couldn't have thought up something better for me. Man I'm bored") she though as she neared the arena. ("What's this? An arena of some sort, there seems to be a fight going on. Loads of inhabitants too, just what I needed") she decends towards the arena. She stops above one of the large fires on the outer ring, transforms, and glides into the fiery seat. ("Perfect, a fight to watch and a warm seat to watch it from") She turned her attention to the battle below.

Quick Switch
2002-09-13, 09:28 PM
Astrotrain nodded, then turned back to the screen as Hatemunger surged forward.


2002-09-15, 04:28 AM
Teratron released a miniscule grunt as he leaned back to avoid the highly unexpected response kick. His optics followed the foot as it flashed close to his face - he'd been trained to let them work on their own while the body fights.

As Hatemonger's leg swept back around through the circular path, Teratron fell into a bridge of sorts, but the awkward position would only be known to exist by a still frame. He threw his weight onto his hands and sprung himself backward, shooting one blind leg up for Hatemonger’s chin. As the maneuver brought him again facing the correct direction, he sent a rush of energy to his wrists…

2002-09-15, 02:32 PM
Hatemonger was rushing at Teratron, remembering a set of attacks from one of the fighting arts he knew when he saw Teratron's begin to glow.

Oh slag, if this is like Earthling animated TV This will possibly hurt. Hatemonger thought.

Hatemonger realised he needed to react and charged forward grabbing Teratron by the forearms and trying to move his wrists away from himself.

2002-09-16, 01:44 PM
"Put some effort to the fight and get over with it! We have Autobots to destroy!" Overlord, who was growing more and more annoyed as the battle continued - roared to both combanants.

2002-09-17, 09:19 PM
(OOC: Whenever you're ready, Rav...)

Teratron's aim was ruined by Hatemonger's grap; instead of a traitor's face, his blasts impacted the ground. He snarled to Hatemonger as he struggled to free himself from the grapple.

"I know this is your first time in a true sport combat, but even you must know that I will be the one loved when this is over! Your manner is crude, slow, that of the soldier. Efficient, but that is not what the crowd wants to see. They demand style, charisma, and most importantly--"

Teratron dove to the ground, curling his back as to roll, and dragging Hatemonger's clutching arms down with him. His right leg straightened out and bent again, aiming for the back of Hatemonger's head.



The door to the VID booth whisked open, and Soundwave marched in. It was a cool, quiet room - save the whirring of ventilation machines and the occasional jubilance of the fight announcer.

"Our mission," Soundwave declared as he leaned against the wall near the door, "is to keep an eye on the unreliable element of the army. With this sort of massive gathering, I suspect that there will be someone attempting to destroy Teratron. I will monitor the spectators. If I detect a malcontent, you will be dispatched to neutralize him."

Soundwave tilted his head to Adeara with a bit of an optical glint. The choice of wording was rather intentional.

"Do you understand?"

Quick Switch
2002-09-17, 09:49 PM
Astrotrain nodded at the screen.

"Lord Teratron's words are accurate," the Triple Changer seated himself in his command chair. "Hatemunger has damned himself in this contest."

2002-09-17, 10:01 PM
Scourge walked over to a position behind Astrotrain's chair, in front of the monitor.

"I wouldn't be so sure. While Hatemonger may be a miliataristic fool, it took some courage to make this challenge - to go against the will of the Matrix, as it were. Maybe, just maybe Terratron will let him live, even play a part in the command element once more."

He looked down at the back of Astrotrain's head.

"Remember, brute force worked for Megatron for over nine million years, and while I admit that I would not relish another reign such as his, there is a place for it in an army of conquest."

Quick Switch
2002-09-17, 11:17 PM
Astrotrain steepled his fingers.

"Perhaps," the Triple Changer replied. "But he still defied our destiny, and the will of our forefathers. In my mind, that is still tantamount to treason...Hatemunger chose to go against cosmic forces that we have no real comprehension of."

Astrotrain swiveled around to look up as Scourge looked down at him.

"Even if Lord Teratron grants him a place in the command structure, how long will Hatemunger abide it? I believe he will become this new regime's Starscream, if steps are not taken. And who needs another of his ilk?"

2002-09-18, 01:07 AM
Hatemonger fell the too the ground hard, pain in his leg down, but not out though.

"Bah, style has its place in the inferno!" Hatemonger growled, getting ready to get back up when...

"This is not good!" Skyblade sighed looking at Scrapheap.

"Yeah, we gotta save the boss and slag this guy!" Scrapheap yelled as the Crashticons stood up.

Hit smashed a Decepticon that was ready to try and stop them from interfering.

"Let's do it guys!" Scrapheap yelled. Little did Skyblade or the other Aerialcons know that Scrapheap during the redesign process for Dominator made himself the lead unit no longer Skyblade.

With that the thirteen warriors merged into the massive gestalt known as Dominator.

"What are you doing?" Cryotek yelled standing up only to be cuffed across the room by Dominators massive hand.

"Ouch," Cryotek moaned getting lying on the floor.

Legion and Salvo ran in as well firing their weapons at the gestalt.

"Let me be! I know what I am doing!" Dominator snarled firing at the sixchanger and heavy weapon expert sending them and a fair amount of the Decepticons in the area flying.

Railgun and Double shot saw the chaos and realized there was no way they could get to the ring to do something anything really. So the just let the giant go to the fighting stage.

With that he jumped onto the arena floor.

Hatemonger heard the din of Dominator and realized they were acting without his orders.

Those floors! Hatemonger snarled in his mind.

Lucky for Hatemonger Teratron turned to see what was going on breaking his concentration on Hatemonger. With that Hatemonger snapped his left free from Teratron and flipped up energy charging from his fusion cannons.

"You idiots! What are you doing?" Hatemonger screamed across the arena.

"I never asked you to assist me in this battle, I would have rather lost and died with honor, than to have won with dishonor!" Hatemonger screamed, energy flowing off him, an attack he was saving for Teratron he would now need to waste on his own men for their own disobeying of Hatemonger.

Dominator was ignoring Hatemonger instead firing his massive amount of firepower at other Decepticons, crushing some that tried to stop him slagging other and most importantly trying to destroy Teratron.

Hatemonger watched how Dominator fought.
In order to save my own honor, I have to destroy my own men; this is not what I had in mind during this duel. But I would rather lose my spark and know I kept my values than to have gave my values to save my spark. Hatemonger thought.

With that Hatemonger ran toward the gestalt, something Dominator never expected.

"I don't under stand why you have gone insane on me my comrades, but this is unacceptable!" Hatemonger yelled charging as he ran forward he grabbed Teratron and tossed him out of the way of the raging gestalt. Blasts from Dominator hit Hatemonger, he could feel the pain but would not stop, he charged forward and jumped engaging his boosters he flew up near the chest and head of Dominator.

"Dominator, I don't understand why you did, this but for this attempt at assignation and disobeying my orders, you die." Hatemonger said oddly somberly as he fired, a massive blast of pure energy extended from the two fusion cannons as a shrill screeching sound filled the arena, the blast of energy extended, many Decepticons standing behind where Dominator was attacking ran to avoid the huge blast.

Then there was silence....

The massive form that was Dominator fell to the ground, the head and chest horribly slagged the damage shut down all the other Aerialcons and Crashticons keeping them from disengaging and attacking. Somewhere during this some thought they heard Hatemonger utter the words "I am sorry." to his former comrades.

With that Hatemonger landed on the ground and fell to one knee.

Hatemonger gazed across the battle arena, he stood on one knee exhausted, he massive attack fell Dominator, not exactly the target Hatemonger had wished for.

He held his hand on a massive wound from Dominator's megacannnons and panted. He looked up at Teratron oil streaking down his face.

"Well finish me off." Hatemonger said spitting some oil on the ground beside him.

"I never wanted to lose like this but at least I will die with my honor." He said and waited for the sword slash to extinguish his spark.

Quick Switch
2002-09-18, 02:16 AM
Astrotrain swiveled around as the action in the Arena picked up. The City Commander watched the ensuing scene...

"Great Maximus, Scourge," Astrotrain remarked nearly ecstatic, "Hatemunger's just wiped out most of his own faction! Now he won't even have the power- or number of troops- to be able to mount a coup if Lord Teratron allows him to live."

The Triple Changer steepled his fingers.

"This was a scenario I had not foreseen, but which is quite opportune."

2002-09-18, 08:36 AM
Blaze had seen Dominator's rise and fall from her fiery seat. Hmm, so there are others on this world that can merge. Maybe this is indeed our homeworld.

2002-09-18, 11:57 AM
"Quite," Scourge replied.
"But I suspect that should he be allowed to live, his quest for glory will perhaps take other directions than the leadership of the Decepticons."

The Decepticon Tracker was unemotional, staring at the screen. He, like Astrotrain had expected Hatemonger to take advantage of Dominator's interference, but he hadn't. Now, his eyes were rivetted to the monitor. What would happen next?

Quick Switch
2002-09-18, 01:21 PM
Astrotrain nodded, silent, his gaze also riveted on the screen.

2002-09-18, 02:20 PM
Hatemonger stood, thought flowing through his mind like a hurricane.

Well, as I thought, if this is how I die at least it was with my honor intact. I could have attacked with Dominator's interference but why? That does not prove I have any power nor would that prove myself worthy of any respect from the rest of the Decepticons.

Hatemonger stood up, though he looked exhausted and haggered he was ready to face his fate. Sparks flew from his wounds along with fluid.

2002-09-18, 04:59 PM
"In other words, I kill them." Adeara had followed Soundwave to the VID room, and listened to the orders. "That shouldn't be a problem...." As they began to watch the spectators from that room, a group of Hatemonger's force merged into one. "Great Maker!" Before she could do anything, the giant had made its way onto the arena floor, and was after Teratron. Adeara turned to hurry to Teratron's defense when Hatemonger turned on the giant. Adeara's face registered shock.

Turning to Soundwave, she said, "Now what?"

2002-09-18, 08:29 PM
Soundwave didn't move. He just stood where he had been. Bit of a wonder how that slipped past him...

"It seems that there isn't much for us to do. The participants seem to have taken care of this of their own..."

He turned his head to Adeara and nodded past her. Didn't feel like unfolding his arms.

"Go down to the arena floor and guard Teratron. I'm still skeptical of what the results may be."


Teratron simply... watched. Mutiny, distrust, hate to command. He certainly knew what that was like. He looked down to the fallen and recuperating Hatemonger. No mercy showed on his face. With slow method and caution, he slid the cannon from his left wrist, brought the hilt to his hand, and activated the energy feed. He brought the shimmering blade before his face, staring down at his passive foe...


...And threw the blade into the thick metal of the arena floor. The crowd cheered raucously, still focused on the destruction they had witnessed courtesy of Hatemonger and Dominator. Teratron tore the slightly battered battlemask from his face and tossed it to the ground alongside his sword. As far as he could remember, this was the first time he'd shown mercy in sanctioned combat. (But then, it was the first time he'd been attacked by a baker's dozen of his own men all at once.) He kneeled next to Hatemonger, speaking just loudly enough to be heard over the crowd.

"Victory is not earned through cowardice, as we both seem to agree. Draws are certainly not common in the State Games, but this show of honor has earned mine as well. I shall not destroy a Decepticon who deserves his life."

Teratron pushed himself (a bit more painfully than he let on) back to his feet, looking down to Hatemonger with a flatness that would come across as contempt. His manner and tone were not so much condescending, however, as simply commanding.

"See to those wounds. If you're still here when the bouncers secure the floor, they'll take you to the local medical facility."

Teratron turned on his heel and stalked off, proud and smiling undetectably.

Most importantly, however, the fans got their death. Hopefully this will do something for our little rift problem...

Upon reaching the champion's tunnel, Teratron turned once more to the stadium. He raised a hand, and the crowd's cheer only increased. And then, he was gone.

"Amazing!" the announcer shrieked. "After the interference by a team of Hatemonger's insurgent troops, Teratron has called a draw! The rules of combat state that, following interference, the gladiators get repaired and begin again in three cycles, but I'm not goin' against the Decepticon leader's decision!"

Relying on the crowd to cover the silence, the announcer dropped into a low mumble. He neglected to turn the microphone off, however, and a trained audial could detect him questioning the specifics of a draw scenario. Moments later, he returned at full vocal energy.

"Following this event, Teratron shall remain our long-time Megaweight champion! There will be an announcement on the DWF frequency when the committee comes to a decision about the fate of the Ultraweight title, last held by former Decepticon leader Megatron. Until then, this is Fastjack, signing off!"

2002-09-18, 09:40 PM
Hatemonger stood started to take his first step painfully, pain grabbed his body but being a soilder, Hatemonger allowed it.

"I do not need their assistance, they can work to send Dominator to a chamber where he will be untouched, maybe someday we can purge his memories and find a use for them, otherwise for their cowardance, to the inferno with them." Hatemonger said holding back a choked cry.

He stood up on his own and walked to the medical area on his own.

Cyrotek was at a total loss, sure being smacked by Dominator didn't help alot either but none the less.

"What the inferno?" He said to himself.

"Why did those fools do that?" He said looking at Legion and Salvo.

"The idoits doubted, Hatemonger as a fighter, fools I say." Legion spat.

"I agree, he was not doing that badly, they didn't need to merge and interfer." Salvo said standing.

Railgun and Doubleshot were at a loss as well.
"So now what?" Doubleshot asked.

"Idontknow, we wait." Railgun said.

2002-09-18, 10:33 PM
Scourge nodded.
"Teratron has a use for him, no doubt."

"Quite, and soon, he'll need all the soldiers he can get."

What are you talking about? Scourge demanded.

"What spawned us, spawned a third."

A third what?

"A third power. There is one of Good, one of Evil. Two of order, and one of... Chaos."

And this one of Chaos... Born of Unicron?

"You catch on well. It is the power that was offered you... Only greater, as befits the balance. One equals Two."

Do you speak of people, or objects?

"That, I must withold for now. Javelin will be back. Listen to what he says. From that, you may make the decision on what to do next."

Scourge clenched his fist as he snapped out of the mind conversation. It seemed that his mortal enemy might rise once more.

Shaking his head ever so slightly, he glanced back down at the monitor.

"I assume that we'll be recieving new orders from Terratron soon. For now, what do you wish of me, Commander?"

Lord Zarak
2002-09-18, 10:40 PM
Disorder had a slightly puzzled look on his face.
"What happens now Astrotrain? Is Hatemonger disqualified?"

Quick Switch
2002-09-19, 12:13 AM
Astrotrain rose.

"Off screen," he intoned. Metrotitan terminated the feed.

"Mark my words, Scourge- Hatemunger shall become our Lord's Starscream."

The City Commander turned to Disorder.

"No; a draw was called. The contest is over."

Astrotrain flicked his gaze back to Scourge.

"I am off to greet Lord Teratron myself. Go to your office and scramble any remaining troops. Alert them that their Lord returns, and put them on a state of readiness, in case Lord Teratron wishes to implement his plans against the Autobots."

Astrotrain moved out from behind his desk, before putting up a hand as a revelation came to him.

"If the Targetmasters are still present, tell them to monitor Hatemunger's remaining troops. I still don't trust them...and make note to find Shockwave as well, for good measure. Now would be an opportune time for him to strike, if he desires the mantle of Leadership."

Astrotrain began to walk out of his office.

"Disorder, go with Scourge to see how an able lieutenant does his work."

Astrotrain nodded, then clanked down the hallway.


Metrotitan medbay...

"Oh, oh, oh! It hurts, hurts, hurts!" Mixmaster's manic voice shrilled with pain.

"Stop complaining!" Hook snapped, as he went about repairing Mixmaster's hand. Bonecrusher and Long Haul snickered.

"Finally got burned by your acid, did ya?" Long Haul laughed.

"Shut up, up, up!" Mixmaster growled.

"Aw, don't be sore at Long Haul," Bonecrusher jibbed, "I mean, you only got beat by Swindle in a quick draw contest!"

Mixmaster snarled, but remained silent.

Scrapper held up a hand as Bonecrusher and Long Haul guffawed.

"Enough of this. Indeed, the confrontation did not go as we would have liked, but we are alive."

The laughter stopped. Scavenger, back to the medbay door, remained pensive (as usual).

"Gee, I don't know guys. I mean, what if Astrotrain shows up? I bet he'll be pretty ticked," the Constructicon broke off as the other team members shrank back in fear as a familiar shadow streamed in through the now opened doors.

"Indeed," Astrotrain's echoing vocoder quirk boomed across the medbay. Scavenger jumped, turned, and cringed anew.

"Astrotrain." Scrapper came to attention. Astrotrain clanked into the medbay, face to face with the Constructicon leader.

"Your orders were clear, yet your performance was substandard. I expected better of you. Would you have failed Megatron in this way, Scrapper?" Astrotrain glowered. Scrapper shook his head.

"I...regret my failure, Astrotrain. You both know we served Megatron well." Scrapper seemed mollified.

"Don't make this type of mistake a habit," Astrotrain hissed. "Listen well- Lord Teratron is returning from the arena after facing that usurper Hatemunger. He needs repairs. When he arrives here, you will be summoned. You will do your best work..."

"....Of course, Mighty Astrotrain! The Constructicons are unrivaled! We will repair Lord Teratron with honor!" Scrapper nodded.

Astrotrain stepped back.

"Very well then." The Triple Changer waged a finger at Scrapper. "I'll need you all in the coming cycles. Don't fail me."

With a quick about face, Astrotrain was gone.

Scrapper collapsed into a chair, shaking. The other Constructicons remained silent.


Astrotrain soon arrived at Metrotitan's main hangar.

If Teratron chose to return to the Decepticon City, Astrotrain wished to greet him after his brutal fight.

Astrotrain placed his hands behind his back and waited.

2002-09-19, 12:26 AM
Scourge nodded, whirled, and headed for the door. He had no desire to be a lackey, but until Javelin, or the powers of Chaos made their move, he would bide his time.
"Come Disorder."

As he walked down the corridor alongside the younger bot, he spoke quietly, but assertively.

"Efficiency is key. Astrotrain doesn't need to be bothered by details. All he needs to know, is that what he ordered is being done. Nor would I tell him. Your methods are your own. I'd be no use if just anyone could do this task."

He entered his office, leaving the door open as an indication for Disorder to follow. Without sitting down, he pressed a button on his desk.

"Scourge to all Metrotitan Decepticons. Teratron will be returning soon. You heard his earlier speech in the auditorium. Make sure that you are all prepared to carry out his orders."

Only then did he sit, and contact Spinister. The Targetmaster Leader's face flashed up on the monitor.

"Scourge. We were unable to act quick enough to stop Domintor..." Spinister began, but Scourge held up a hand.
"Not a concern. Dominator is neutralised now. However, keep an eye on Hatemonger's other troops. Also, find Shockwave. Keep Astrotrain informed of his status as well."

As he said this, Scourge glanced up at Disorder - knowing that he was a creation of Shockwave's. He said nothing, however.

Lord Zarak
2002-09-19, 12:38 AM
Disorder saw the look on Scourges face.
"Do you fear me Scourge?" he asked. "Does the fact that Shockwave asked for me to be created trouble you?" Derision was all too aparant on his face, and in his body language.

2002-09-19, 12:42 AM
Scourge would have laughed, had he been of that nature.
"Don't flatter yourself," he stated coldly, emotionlessly.
"I have nothing to fear from you, or Shockwave."

He stood, and moved around the desk, to glare at the younger Decepticon.

"But know this. If you, or that fool plan treachery, I will have your heads."

Lord Zarak
2002-09-19, 12:53 AM
Disorder, unfazed, glared at Scourge.
"Is that so. What do you fear Scourge? No-one mentioned treason....so maybe it is you who is planning treason, and fear being found out? Maybe you fear that I may rise through the ranks, and be your superior. You would love that wouldnt you Scourge, being given orders by Shockwaves creation."

2002-09-19, 12:58 AM
"If you believe that, then perhaps you don't know your creator as well as you think."

Scourge turned, and walked back to his desk.

"Shockwave has always saught leadership, ever since his logic circuits dictated that he should rule. That is why I am distrustful of him."

Scourge whirled around.

"The question is, should I distrust you, by association?"

Lord Zarak
2002-09-19, 01:08 AM
"Do you feel the need to distrust me.....by association?" replied Disorder.
"He is the one who wanted me built, who probably wanted me to follow him blindingly. If you want to distrust me because of that, fine."
In a show of defiance, Disorder walked up to Scourge's desk, sat down and put his feet up.

"Astrotrain has taken me under his wing, as it were. Don't you think he would be disapointed if his student was put into prison, or even destroyed by an over-enthusiastic subordinate with ill judgement? I do. I will state for the record I have no designs to overthrow, or in any way hinder Lord Teration. Satisfied?"

2002-09-19, 01:26 AM
Scourge smiled, then moved behind Disorder, but did nothing.
"Good. Consider that your first test passed. Now, we shall wait for word from Terratron on our next move. We've put the troops in motion. Now all there is to do is wait."

Lord Zarak
2002-09-20, 10:26 AM
Disorder asked Scourge
"Do you have any more tests form me?"

2002-09-20, 10:45 AM
"No. That was merely a figure of speech," the Tracker replied quietly. He really would have to speak to Astrotrain about being given leadership roles.

2002-09-20, 02:17 PM
Hatemonger had sat in the med bay while the robots repaired his damaged armour and systems. Luckly, for Hatemonger nothing majorly important was damaged but he was suffering from a massive lack of energon due to the massive blast he used on Dominator but now he had something else on hand.

I need to talk to Teratron, he earned my respect as a warrior and as a leader as well. He could have slaughtered me in the arena, but didn't. I just hope now he will give my men and myself the respect we deserve.

He got onto his com-link and only to Teratrons sensors.

"Lord Teratron if you will have me as an audiance we need to talk." Hatemonger said with no ill will in his voice to their new leader for the first time.

2002-09-20, 03:56 PM
Adeara hurried down to the arena floor before Teratron finished the match. Once there, she watched in awed silence as he spared the life of Hatemonger. A knowing smile graced her lips for an instant, then was replaced by her normal, passive expression. As Teratron strolled past her down the tunnel, she took up a guarding position a number of paces behind him. Anyone who dared to attack him would find themselves facing a very nasty sword wrapped in fire.

As she listened for approaching footsteps, which there weren't any, Adeara remained silent. She knew better then to speak on guard duty. It could get one killed-either by an attacker, or the one being guarded. She also dared not telepathically scan for would-be assailants. That went against the strict moral code she was under as a telepath. And there was that Karandras... He'd blocked her gift before. She wouldn't let it happen again.

2002-09-20, 09:12 PM
Teratron pulled his wrist up to his face, activating his secondary communication panel, and spoke flatly into the concealed microphone while he walked.

"Certainly. I have some business to see to in medbay as well."

He chuckled briefly, then clicked the radio off. His optics wandered the clean, cool hallway. Through the metal plates of the ceiling, Teratron could hear the crowd tromping down to find the exits of a thrilling day. He smiled. In time, those feet would thunder across thousands of battlefields in subordination to Teratron's creed.

At the end of the hall, a flatbed transport waited for him. Teratron climbed on the back and beckoned Adeara to join him.

"Where to, sir?" the vehicle asked firmly.

"Repair quadrant," Teratron declared.

The car whirred off into the grid of interlocking halls and quickly whisked Adeara and Teratron into the heart of the underground. The medbay was entirely empty, save the lone Hatemonger.

"Greetings," Teratron said while plopping down on a close table and allowing the droids to get to work. "Proceed."

Quick Switch
2002-09-20, 09:21 PM
Astrotrain shifted from one foot to another, deep in thought, peering out at Cybertron's black skyline.

I wonder...another old contact wouldn't hurt about now...perhaps even more useful to the Empire's cause...

Astrotrain nodded.

"I'll discuss the idea with Lord Teratron and see if he agrees to it," the Triple Changer muttered absently.

2002-09-20, 11:29 PM
"Welcome, first of all I now serve you Teratron. You did not have to spare me in the arena like you did. My own men broke rank and attacked had you wished to exterinate me like I had to them, I would not have held ill-will in my spark for it." Hatemonger said standing up.

"Secondly. can you please have Dominator placed in stasis. I don't know but if we can somehow repair their mental sectors and the time arises for a super warrior again, they maybe of use. Otherwise I do not want to see them online again." Hatemonger said some sadness in his voice mixed with the seriousness of what happened.

"Finally I wish to serve you but being held under your thumb waiting to act when I know myself and my remaining men could be doing something. With your permission, I wish to serve you as a strike force commander. We can act now and do what you wish, I would like to allow anyone who is willing to assist and that you deem worthy to help. Cryotek, is welcome to help me and with your permission I wish to enlist three warriors I served with before, if I may. The Iron Wovles: Deadshot the sniper, Mowdown the rolling onslaught and Sixblade who needs no words to describe him in battle. I know they will be most useful and more trustworthy than my former comrades the Aerialcons and Crashticons." Hatemonger paused for a moment.

"Legion and Salvo are to remain here unless Hellfire wishes to joing them *OOC NOTE They are now either NPC's or Dr.Evils so he get's Blitzkreig if he wants him*." Hatemonger stopped on last time then spoke.

"You are an intersting spark Teratron, you remind me of Megatron of old, before crashing on Earth scrambled his mind. Do not let Optimus Prime dup you and I think you may take the Decepticons far. I wish to serve you if you will allow it." Hatemonger extended his hand and waited.


Cyrotek sat in the arena looking at the devastation.

"Amazing utterly amazing, Hatemonger did that without his minicon partners." he said to himself.

"I only hope he earned the respect of Teratron or we are all in trouble." He said and walked away from the arena.

2002-09-21, 08:48 AM
Hmm, these warriors fight with honor. Rather then use the comotion caused by that titan to deal a finishing blow, he's called a draw. He values honor above all else it seems Blaze thought. She saw that, with the match over, everyone was leaving. Seems that was the final battle this day. Oh well, back to scouting I suppose. She tranformed to her bird form and flew out of the fire into the Cybertronian sky. If she had been noticed she did not know.

2002-09-22, 11:51 PM
Adeara followed Teratron onto the transport, still silent. While they traveled to the repair center, she did a quick internal check-up. She was well-rested, had plenty of energy, and her father's mind was dormant. She could expell that personality, but she preferred having him there.

When they arrived, Adeara followed behind Teratron again. While Hatemonger spoke, she kept a close watch on him. Hmmm... He's rather calm for being beaten. After his speech, she realized something. Great Maker... He's realized Teratron is a leader not to cross! Amazing!!! Adeara, however, kept that shock from her features. Showing emotion on guard duty was as deadly as speaking.

2002-09-25, 06:39 PM
So... this is how it ends... They should have fought to the bitter end. Hah! I wouldn't have minded seeing both of them dead. Personal honor... why it so important to them. Bah... why should I care? Overlord thought and turned his back towards the arena and began heading away from the arena.

This time the Decepticons that managed to stand on the Godmaster's way quickly made way for the behemoth, knowing that Overlord wouldn't even try to avoid colliding with them.

And that puny flesh creature... she got power that's for sure. But she it too proud... too arrogant... too sure of herself. She will get what's coming for her sooner or later. Blasted footlicker of Teratron... She should have executed her like a traitor she is. And Shockwave... the damned one-eyed freak still believes he is the most logical choice for a leader... hah. Even Rumble could inspire troops better than him. And then there is Astrotrain. The scared lapdog of Teratron's. How someone as weak as him was able to rise so high within the ranks? I suppose he was in the right place in the right time... Hah! I am surrounded by fools and I am the greatest fool of them all by staying with them... it is interesting to see what comes of this... Overlord thought with a wicked grin on his visage as he walked through the corridors of Metrotitan aimlessly...

2002-09-27, 02:57 AM
(OOC: Sorry fer the delay... Things will be a bit slowed down for the next few weeks, as my band has another show - a real one this time - scheduled for 26 October. We need to fill an hour set, and we currently have six songs... Lotsa practice to do. Anyway, I'll try to keep up as much as I can, but don't be surprised if I'm absent some.)

Teratron looked down at one of the drones who scurried over to his aid. A quick snap of those powerful black fingers; the droid buzzed obediently. The medtable folded up into a chair, and a footstool emerged from the floor before him. The droid's optics fluttered busily as it tapped into the control systems. With a swish, the lights dimmed to a pleasant gold, the doors sealed, and a mist of energon rained from the ceiling. The entire room glowed sweetly. Teratron opened a small hatch on the edge of his table and removed from it two energon vaporators: small, slender, cylindrical devices that soothingly re-energize the systems. Teratron took the vaporators between his fingers, held them before his face, and tossed one over to Hatemonger. He smiled, stuck the end of his own in the corner of his mouth, and pressed a button that would pop the other end in a tiny, continuous heat expulsion. (For those without any imagination, think robot version of a cigar.)

"Permission granted," Teratron finally puffed crookedly. "You may serve me. I can see that your honor has been satisfied as mine."

He removed the vaporator from his mouth between two fingers and gesticulated with it as he continued.

"Dominator, I'm sure, will already have been taken care of. I'll make sure he's put away in the detention quadrant. Standard manner of dealing with traitors, of course."

As his head wandered about the layout of the facility, Teratron plopped the vaporator back into his mouth.

"You can have your strike force. Unfortunately, the current... scenario, with the Autobots, will keep you bridled for the time. Only for the time. I'll let you know when your first assignment is."

Having exhausted his list of things to say, Teratron shrugged and decided to enjoy that post-combat splendor he'd missed for so many vorns. He tilted his head back, allowing the falling energon to soak into his neck. A miniscule "ah" could be heard eminating...

2002-09-27, 03:24 AM
Hatemonger smiled.

"The last time I had one of these was back when I served with Megatron." He chuckled and lit the vaporator.

It was an intersting taste somewhat sweet somewhat bland but very good none the less.

"I see you have good taste in where you get your vaporator." Hatemonger said as he sat down for a moment and relaxed.

"I am going to go look for my new recruits soon, oddly enough they are not that new. They served me long ago before one of our missions went horribly wrong." Hatemonger said to Teratron, not sure if he cared but he was happy he was going to be able to fight once more.

*OOC I will continue Hatemongers discussion at somepoint as well, I have a wedding and a bunch of other stuff to attend to this weekend :) *

2002-09-27, 03:54 AM
Adeara remained standing, still acting as guard. Nor would she relax till ordered. She paid careful attention to the conversation, in case Hatemonger did or said anything threatening. Much to her surprise, Hatemonger seemed to be very relaxed for having nearly been killed. But then, Teratron had spared him. Hatemonger was a good warrior, though his honor seemed misplaced till he was forced to eliminate a group of his own. Perhaps Hatemonger follows a different code of honor. That would explain a lot. I will show him respect, but just that for now. And I must try to keep that overgrown jet away from me. I know he has his own plans for me, and I can not let him go through with them.

2002-10-05, 05:44 PM
Teratron just bathed in the warm energon. Yeah, that felt nice... After some time of loafing, he managed to notice that Adeara was still with him. Standing vigilant, awaiting orders. It reminded him that the Decepticons still waited on his command while he was here relaxing. With some effort (only mentally, of course, as his wounds were long healed), Teratron forced himself from his seat and stood before Hatemonger.

"I have some things I need to get around to. When your wounds are repaired and you've assembled your team, contact me. I'd like to meet them..."

A nod, and Teratron marched off with Adeara in tow.

"That would conclude your detail, I think," he decided. "You may feel free to return to Metrotitan, if you'd like. I have some things I still need to take care of around this city before I join you. That is all."

Teratron stepped through the gate at the tunnel's end and into Polyhex proper. He took a long look around, transformed to car mode, and raced down the street meeting with the arena.

2002-10-05, 06:06 PM
Hatemonger stood up.

"Soon enough my friends we will serve together once more." Hatemonger walked outside of the room and saw Doubleshot and Railgun standing there. They merged with Hatemonger and he flew across Cybertron too where his allies lay, the time of their awakening was near.

Quick Switch
2002-10-05, 08:38 PM
Astrotrain stood on the hangar rampart, silent.

Metrotitan's voice broke the silence:

"The Metrodrones have repaired the damage incurred by the Autobots and Bruticus."

"Very good. Lord Teratron's arrival is imminent. Order your best squad of Metrodrones to clean his quarters and recharge chamber."

"It will be done," Metrotitan repplied.

Astrotrain simply nodded...

2002-10-05, 11:41 PM
Adeara nodded at her dismissal, and waited till Teratron was out of sight before shifting quickly to a large bird-form and taking off for Metrotitan. Not that she needed rest, but to establish quarters for herself, and learn the layout of the giant city once again. Only when she had finished that would she rest. Landing and returning to her normal form, she proceeded to do just that.

Quick Switch
2002-10-06, 01:17 AM
"Commander," Metrotitan broke the silence again.

"Yes?" Astrotrain shook himself from his thoughts.

"The Shapeshifter has arrived. I have it on a vidscreen." Metrotitan activated a viewer, which crackled online as it showed Adeara Stormweaver going about setting up her quarters.

Astrotrain walked to the viewscreen, and frowned as he saw the Shapeshifter.

"Yes...excellent. Log all of her movements and activities. Post...discrete...Metrodrones as escorts when she is not with Lord Teratron. I do not trust her." Astrotrain narrowed his optics and turned off the screen.

Returning to his normal place, Astrotrain placed his hands behind his back and waited for Lord Teratron's arrival.

2002-10-06, 03:33 PM
Hatemonger walked into the crypt. He looked around and saw many pods, with great Decepticon soilders and leaders that fell in action.

He walked with a silent respect through the crypt until he reached a door with a keyboard on it, he punched in the numeric password and the door slid open and he stepped in.

Inside the room we hundreds of computers, each hooked up to one of three stasis pods, inside of each pod could be seen a warrior, one of the Iron Wolves. Hatemonger walked over to each one and input codes onto all three of the screens controling each stasis pod.

As he inputted the codes the three pods began to hum as CR liquid was sucked out of them and an energon feed was given to the three robots inside them, their eyes glowed once more.

The first door to open was Deadshot's, he looked down at himself and thought "What the?" as the door to his stasis pod opened completely and he stepped out.

The next was Mowdown, he didn't care the only thing he noticed was he had alot more guns that was all needed. "YEAH! I can blow stuff up!" He said jumping with a bit too much vigor as he almost stumbled over Hatemonger grabbed ahold of him.

"Easy Mowdown, you have slept for a long time my friend." He walked over and grabbed Deadshot and sat him down as well.

"How do you two feel?" He asked.

"Like a new robot, but why?" Deadshot asked.

"I don't care I got more guns!" Mowdown cheered yet again.

Hatemonger looked at Deadshot and Mowdown and told them what happened, there viliant fight againist the Autobots, their rush into stasis and there sleep and upgrades over the last couple of eons, in fact they could be classified as brand new in terms of their bodies.

Sixblades chamber opened and jumped out doing a back hand spring and landing on one foot.

"I am sorry I didn't step out sooner." he said "these new bodies are incredable." He stood ready.

Sixblade extended his hand.

"Thank you my friend, for giving us a second chance on life. So how are the rest of your warriors doing?" He asked.

Hatemonger sighed, "Stealth died fighting Unicron, the Aerialcons were killed for treson and their bodies now lay in stasis." He sighed.

"Oh, I am sorry." was all Sixblade could say in response.

"That is the past though my friends, we most return to base and see the new leader of the Decepticons Teratron, he wants to meet you all personally, and he has a mission for us, we will fight together once more, with new allies, a powerful Decepticon named Cryotek and others may help us in our mission." He told the three warriors.

"Good good, Iron Wolves arm yourselves we travel with Hatemonger back to the Decepticons and to glory!" Sixblade yelled as Deadshot and Mowdown threw up their hands.

2002-10-06, 09:24 PM
As Adeara set up her quarters, she noticed a Metrodrone trying to be obscure in its observance of her. Shaking her head and chuckling in amusement, she continued moving things in the rooms to her liking. Once that was finished, she turned to the drone and spoke plainly. "Well, it seems people here still don't trust me. That's fine. Just don't hinder my duties. I plan on guarding Lord Teratron with my life. The only being on this world I wish dead is that fleshling Karandras." With that said, Adeara began to wander the halls of Metrotitan, with the drone still following her.

I hope Lord Teratron gets it through Astrotrain's skull that I'm not out to destroy the Decepticons. I just made some bad choices. I've learned from my mistakes. Teratron realized that and let me live. I owe him my existance at this moment. And I will pay him that debt.

2002-10-06, 10:03 PM
Hatemonger and the Iron Wolves arrived back at Metrotitan.

"Incredable, I have never seen such a massive Decepticon." Deadshot said looking at the massive city and Trypticon standing by Metrotitan.

"Yes, our technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over time." Hatemonger said walking an with the three Decepticons in tow.

Hatemonger walked and found Cryotek.

"So who are these warriors?" Cryotek asked.

"These are the Iron Wolves, Deadshot, Sixblade and Mowdown." Hatemonger said continuing down the hall with the five cons talking.

"So what are we doing?" Cryotek asked.

"He wished to meet with us." Hatemonger said walking too Teratron's office he hit the door and the cons entered and they waited for Teratron to speak.

2002-10-07, 07:44 PM
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