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2001-12-01, 11:19 PM
(OOC: Galvatron has lifted off, taking his team and the Renegades to Cybertron, leaving Gigatron and his forces to rampage on Earth and establish a constant flow of resources. All that stand in there way are the Wreckers and the Dinobots, seemingly abandoned by Optimus Prime, however left for the very purpose of stopping the Decepticons. Post your Earth stuff here!)

Somewhere, in another time...in another place...a war is raging on. It may be the final days of an ageless conflict. Most of the once green and lush Earth has been left in metallic ruin as Decepticon warlords sought to make it into a planetary weapon. The Liege Maximo had planned well, deploying his best: Jhiaxus with his fleet, Gigatron with the air corps, and Galvatron with the ground forces. With Cybertron long since devoured by Unicron...who subsequantly fell to Optimus Prime and the matrix...the door for conquest had been left open. After all, new homeworlds had to be found.

Earth, like so many other worlds possessing carbon based lifeforms had been perfect. Rich and lush with energy and raw materials, it made the perfect for the development of a new warworld.

Galvatron the highest ranking of the liege maximo's forces had already killed Ironhide, Ultra Magnus, Hot Rod, and Grimlock in this battle alone. Jhiaxus made short work of Megatron, who had long ago betrayed the Decepticons to side with Optimus Prime. Gigatron was content to continue to blitz the Autobots and Earth forces from the sky. While the Liege say back watching it all. He was untouchable...Metroplex, Fort Maxx...the mightiest and largest of the Autobots had been culled first. Now, only a small pocket of Autobots remained and the Earth was his. Gigatron's forces would have the humans crushed by night fall...Galvatron would finish the Autobots, and Jhiaxus had already begun to deploy the last units of terraformers.

Prime stood opposing him...he had lost too many. Magnus, Hot Rod, Ironhide, Kup, Aleta...how many more would there be? At that moment, Galvatron tore Windachargers head from his body and tossed it to Starscream. Starscream then lauched the head like a cannonball from his laucher through Bumblebee's chest...killing him instantly. On the otherside, Galvatron had already moved on and was just finishing Brawn, he tossed the limbless body at Prime's feet.

Brawn: "...Prime..."

He died in Prime's arms...this would be the last. Looking at the heavens, Prime screamed to his warriors and they responded. Gigatron was the first to go, blasted out of the Air by Prime, then swormed and torn apart by the remaining Dinobots. Starscream would not be as fortunate as Optimus simply punched through his chest, leaving him to bleed his energon to death. One by one the Decepticons began to fall...millions of years of repression being unleashed upon them in unbridaled fury...with in a few hours all that remained were Galvatron, Jhiaxus, and the Liege Maximo...though the Autobots were just seconds away...their deaths were assured, Optitron's forces would never arrive in time...the battle was lost...then they saw it in the sky...


and the rift continued on...

Quick Switch
2001-12-02, 04:00 AM
Astrotrain listened as Gigatron gave his orders.

"As you command," the Triple Changer replied, smiling. He terminated the feed.

Turning away from the console, Astrotrain boomed out to the Stunticons-

"We're now on off time, Motormaster. Metrotitan's resources are ours as we see fit- training, relaxation, what have you. However, Gigatron commands that all of you be combat ready when he requires deployment."

Astrotrain turned, and began walking out of the repair bay.

"Motormaster, if Gigatron communicates again, tell him I shall return shortly...I have to take care of some personal business."

With that said, he walked out.


Astrotrain moved out along the outskirts of Metrotitan. He searched among the dust, grime, shards and hulks of metal and gobs of fuel spent in combat.

He found the spot he was looking for.

The spot where, a few short cycles ago, Galvatron had reduced his fellow Triple Changer Octane to ashes.

Astrotrain knelt.

"Octane," he shook his head wistfully, "you didn't deserve to go out that way. Galvatron always had it in for you, and I figured it was more than when you borrowed Trypticon in that scheme of yours with that human."

He laughed.

"Yeah, that was classic you. Shock, that was something. Blitzwing and I talked about that for a long time. Better than what we came up with in our takeover. Course, you weren't on Earth for that...anyway."

Astrotrain found a slab of metal, and placed it vertically in the dirt above Octane's ashes. Tunneling out an area by hand, he gently scooped Octane's remains into the hole.

Near the site of Octane's remains, Astrotrain found the Triple Changer's fuel charged flamethrower and deflecto-shield.

"I'll use these now," Astrotrain stated as the two items vanished into his subspace compartment, joining his ionic discharger rifle.

Kneeling again, Astrotrain covered his fellow Triple Changer's ashes with the dust and dirt he had tunnelled out the space with. Smoothing it, he turned to the slab above the grave.

Scratching, by hand, Astrotrain wrote:

" He who has fuel, has power. "

Martyr to the Decepticon Cause in the Second Battle of Autobot City.

Astrotrain moved back, until he was facing the grave. Kneeling once more, he did what any robot would have done who had lost a brother.

He wept.

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2001-12-02, 04:55 PM
Gigatron watched the large monitor opposite his desk. The launch was successful, of course. But something far more important had been set into motion. Earth was...

So nearly mine.

Gigatron smiled pleasantly. He almost wanted to laugh maniacally, but dared not. That was a popular motion of former Decepticon leaders, those who had led to the Empire's demise. De-Megatronation, Gigatron jokingly called it. The reversal of everything the former leaders (represented best by Megatron) had done, from military tactics to a certain stance when speaking.

"Lord Gigatron, come in. This is Reflector."

Gigatron looked down at the viewscreen on his desk. It broadcast only a Decepticon symbol, the background flashing red and black.

So many interruptions... "Report, Reflector."

"I have been observing Mount Saint Hilary for six hours now. The Autobots have not yet shown themselves, but there are indications of their presence. Broadcasting images now."

Gigatron watched the Decepticon logo disappear, being replaced by multiple angles on the mountain. He observed carefully everything his spy had noted.

"They are there, Reflector, but I want to be sure. Continue your observation. Do not report again until you have conclusive proof for me. Gigatron out."

2001-12-02, 07:45 PM
Motormaster glanced after Astrotrain as the triplechanger left the medbay. "Yeah... whatever..."

He then turned towards his Stunticons. "You heard what he said. Time to get moving!"

Wildrider lifted his scattershot gun and blasted at the roof of the room with low power.

"Enerbooze and target practice for me!" He yealled, transformed into car mode and sped away from the medbay with Drag Strip and Breakdown.

Dead End left too but he didn't follow the others. The fatalistic Stunticon began to cruise cautiously towards a certain room inside Metrotitan that the Stunticons had claimed for themselves.

Motormaster followed Dead End for several corridors but turned then towards the training area.

Quick Switch
2001-12-03, 01:00 PM
Astrotrain rose from Octane's grave, and returned to Metrotitan.

The ceremony over, the Triple Changer felt a lighter frame of mind was in order.

Heading toward the residential area, he saw Dead End zooming toward the Stunticons living area.

Time for a home myself, 'Train old buddy. Only questions is, where?

Astrotrain went inside several vacant rooms, deciding on decor, size and space.

He located Gigatron's room, in an impressive corridor, door closed, of course.

A short distance away, he found another that was to his liking. A plaque read:


Astrotrain smiled.

I've found my quarters.

Entering, he took a look around the spacious, but functionary office.

The Triple Changer set about going through Magnus' personal items, then sat down at a console and read through his private journal.

A little while later, he rose, and reprogrammed the mechanical plaque simply to:


"Yeah, looks good, eh?"

As an afterthrought, he walked over to Gigatron's mechanical plaque and reprogrammed it to:


Admiring his work, Astrotrain returned to his quarters lest he disturb Gigatron.

2001-12-03, 07:42 PM
"DIE!" Motormaster roared, slicing his opponent in two with a single massive strike with his sword.

He drew the sword away from the splitted body of the droid that he had used as training opponent.

"Bah. These droids are nothing... even Hound would make better opponent." Motormaster muttered and crushed the droid's head under his feet.

"Computer! Give me another opponent! And better than this one!" The large Stunticon roared.


Dead End arrived to the Stunticon quarters and transformed into robot mode.

"Slagging morons... how long it takes before they develop unbreakable armor... though what would it help? We all die anyways..." He muttered while taking a place at one of the recharging beds in the room.

2001-12-03, 11:36 PM
(OOC: I'm just going to continue off from where I was on the last earth topic and hope it works)

Blaster back in robot mode failed at deactiviating metro-titan's weapons. Now the four casettes around him as they move through the area scanning for decepticons their weapons out. "Keep guard if ya see a decepti-creep blast em'" Blaster retorted the four caseetes nodded. "Steeljaw scan ahead for" Blaster spok quietly the casette nodded moving ahead.
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2001-12-04, 08:06 PM
Ultra Magnus watched on from a secure position, I know Prime planted some sort of computer virus in Metroplex's power system...." He mumbled. "This is useless, at least Galvatron is gone. That will make things easier." Ultra Magnus checked the other Autobots positions, still uneasy of the fact that he still did not have a plan.

2001-12-06, 12:16 AM
The shuttle after some flight time hit the warpgate and made its way to Earth...with its energon signature confirmed, the trio of Prowl, Pointblank, and Trailbreaker slipped past the Defense Grid with ease and located the bio-energon signatures of the Wreckers on Dinobots. They landed the craft some miles away and rolled onto their position, sensing a great deal of tension in the situation.

Pointblank: "You guys seemed like you could use a hand..."

Quick Switch
2001-12-06, 01:39 AM
Astrotrain sat in his quarters, thinking.

I've got an idea.

The Triple Changer exited his quarters and entering Gigatron's after a pause.

Astrotrain stood in front of his commander.

"Gigatron, I don't mean to interrupt but, I've just had an idea. I don't trust the humans. If a revolt broke out, it might be difficult to put down, especially if it allowed the Autobots to return and retake Metrotitan, or Earth proper."

Astrotrain turned, and began typing into a wall computer console. Two images flashed on the screen.

"Gigatron, these humans are Shawn Berger and Abdul Fakkadi, two important fleshlings."

The Triple Changer stepped back, letting Gigatron get a look.

"Berger is an important businessman in 'Central City', who helped us in the past. Other humans hate him. Fakkadi has hidden Dirge, Ramjet, Octane and Trypticon from the Autobots in the past, and his country, 'Carbombya', has large oil reserves."

He turned and faced Gigatron.

"Both will be useful pawns to help us in the subjugation of the humans of Earth, so we can focus all resources on helping Lord Galvatron's attack on Cybertron."

2001-12-06, 03:40 AM
Gigatron leaned over his desk, pressing a button on it. A list of names came up. Gigatron scrolled through it with a finger, then selected one.

"Cyclonus, this is Gigatron. Would you be so kind as to come to my office? I have need of your knowledge."

He pressed the button again. Simultaneously, Astrotrain entered his quarters.

Gigatron sat back in his chair, his arms crossed over his chest. He listened carefully to Astrotrain's suggestion, and pondered.

"Hm... An excellent idea, Astrotrain. Of course, I certainly do not fear the humans. But these two can provide us what we need: a lasting fuel line, and materials with which to build a new generation of Decepticons. And we will have but to lift a finger to get them! Contact them at once. Appeal to their greed; make them know that there is nothing we cannot offer them."

Gigatron paused.

"This operation is now your responsibility, Astrotrain. If something goes wrong, you will be the one to sever ties with Berger and Fakkadi... lethally. Report to me when you have word from both of them."




A beautiful shot - Trailbreaker, Prowl, and Pointblank entering the hidden passage in Mount Saint Hilary. They still had no proof that the Autobots had been there before, but they did now. Reflector transformed to robot modes and took off for Metrotitan.

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Quick Switch
2001-12-06, 09:30 PM
Astrotrain listened attentively as Gigatron detailed his instructions.

"As you command, Gigatron." The Triple Changer nodded and left the office.

Astrotrain entered his quarters, set at his mobile video communicator and punched in an area code for Central City, USA.

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-12-06, 09:30 PM
Pointblank: "You guys seemed like you could use a hand..."

Springer turned round to see his old friend.

"Pointblank! Prowl...Trailbreaker?!"

Springer was a little bemused by Trailbreaker's appearence on Earth, particulaly with the odds stacked against them as they were.

"Broadside, perimiter check, if those Decepticons are anything like they used to be, they'll be searching for us now."

"Pointblank, Magnus has gone off on one, looks like we're on our own - no worries huh!"

Grimlock lumbered back into the room flanked by Snarl and Sludge.

"Me Grimlock tired of sitting here, forget plan, me say we go out their, take back Metroplex and kick Decepticon's butt all the way to scrap heap"

Snarl began to mutter about winning wars, nothing coherent. Snarl just stood looking comatosed, not really paying attention to anything...

Springer paused for a second...

"Y'know grimmers, that might not be a bad idea..."

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Quick Switch
2001-12-06, 10:38 PM
Astrotrain settled back in his chair, and chuckled.

"All too easy."

Leaning forward, he activated the comm unit once more, and contacted Gigatron.

"Gigatron, Astrotrain reporting. Both Berger and Fakkadi have consented. I await your orders."

2001-12-07, 05:18 PM
There was a bubble around the ship, then it came into view.The Large Decepticon War Ship landed and out walked Megatron from the ramp.

TimeSplitter transformed.

"Ahhhh. Now where can i find someone on this barren rock to talk to."

He scanned for beings and found many Decepticons.

He tried to locate one being but couldn'e. He was still quite scrabled while trying to.

"Ahh it's no use. The Decepticons will never be able to here me through this interference but...."

He reajusted the comlink.

"Decepticons, Megatron has arrived."

He looked around as did TimeSplitter at a planet which he once controled o him, in his time, in his reality. Now he wold plan to take his empire back and regain, the building that were tall and made of steel. With the emblem, his emblem of the Decepticons on it in bright purple.

Yes, there yould come a time when he and Galvatron would face. One day.... but untill that time, he would do what he could to destroy Galvatron's plans. That was why he was not trusted. He would fight to the death. There was more hatred in him than there was Galvatron. Galvatron knew this.

Megatron,before Unicron changed him. Unicron was dead, and his rebirth was nothing a myth, but Megatron believed it. And when Unicron comes, he will die and die and die.

Megatron came out of his lttle thought.

TimeSplitter held out a small panel.

It showed the New spys. Omega Supreme, Goldbu and Punch.

"Ahh yes. Excellent."

2001-12-08, 05:07 AM
Gigatron grinned.

"That was quick, Astrotrain. Well done. Have Berger prepare a fleet of oil tankers fitted with remote-control devices for you. Send them to Carbombya to pick up the oil we need, and return it here. If either demands payment... find some way to keep them pacified for now. That is all."

Gigatron sat back after closing the channel, gazing at the ceiling.

This certainly isn't Astrotrain's specialty, but he'll get the job done. Now where is Swindle when I need him...

Three raps came at the door. Gigatron scowled and prepared to shout, but the intruders did not bother to wait for clearance. In walked...

"Reflector. What's the word at Mount Saint Hilary?"

Silently, Spectro handed Gigatron a sheet: a photograph of Prowl, Pointblank, and Trailbreaker entering the mountain via a secret passage. Gigatron's face exploded with rapturous sinister.

"Excellent, Reflector." He chuckled. "Excellent! Be prepared for battle. We attack the Autobots at once!"

Reflector nodded as one, turned, and left.

"Do you see this, Metrotitan?" Gigatron shouted, holding the picture far from his face. "Autobots! Tell me, when will you be ready to move out?"

Quick Switch
2001-12-08, 03:47 PM
Astrotrain smiled broadly as Gigatron gave his assesement and instructions.

"Right away," he replied to the blank screen.

Astrotrain rose and left his quarters, walking out of the residential sector.

Walking briskly, the Triple Changer soon left the confines of Metrotitan, and stood, gazing at the sky.

"I'll see to this myself."

Getting a running start, Astrotrain rapidly transformed to train mode and sped onward to Central City.

2001-12-08, 07:55 PM
Pointblank smiled at Springer in the sanctuary of Mt. St. Hilary.

Pointblank: "I gather a little plan is forming in that head of yours Springer...might I suggesst that we move forward with an attack then?"

Quick Switch
2001-12-08, 11:33 PM
In a matter of hours, the airborne fleet was on its back to Metrotitan.

Astrotrain, in shuttle mode, flew behind it, admiring the splendor of his achivement.

With this oil we can produce all the Super Energon we need.

Transforming, and landing at Metrotitan's entrance, Astrotrain once again retrived the control, and commanded the helicopters to set down, in rows, next to their fuel-filled tanker loads. Holding the controller in his hand, Astrotrain gazed at the sight.

After a pause, he contacted Gigatron on intenal frequency.

"Gigatron...Astrotrain reporting. Mission accomplished. Do you wish to begin conversion of the fuel to Super Energon now? If so, I will require assistance, preferrably those who can generate Energon frames. I await your orders."

2001-12-08, 11:41 PM
Metrotitan saw the picture.
"Metrotitan destory all Autobots!" The robot bellowed.

2001-12-09, 10:04 PM
Blaster sat there three of the casettes around him aawaiting Steeljaws return. "Where is that cat, hopefully not caught and trapped like a rat" Blaster said and rewind looked up at him. "I don't think so" the small bot said. "Shhh" eject called out "something in the bushes" He finished. All three looked over as steeljaw came out. "What took ya we thought decepticons had captured you" Blaster said his chest opening and Steeljaw transforming and hopping in giving a status report on the area. Blaster opened his chest when it was done and Steeljaw hopped back out. "Okay" Blaster transformed into radio mode "Hey Ultra Magnus this Blaster were about ten miles away and returning soon the area is clear of decepti-creeps. You guys got a plan yet?"

2001-12-10, 10:10 PM
Gigatron pondered.

If I give Astrotrain the time to create the fuel we need, the Autobots are sure to attempt another counter-attack. We'll be on the defensive. If I attack now, we will have the advantage of surprise...

Patience, Gigatron. Patience. It is that kind of foolishness that once led to our downfall.

Gigatron finally responded.

"You shall have it, Astrotrain. I'm sending Soundwave and Reflector down to help you now. Get the tankers somewhere safe, inside the city if possible. And be quick about the conversion. We have a war to win."

Gigatron pressed a series of buttons on his communicator, changing the image of Astrotrain to that of his communications officer.



"Soundwave, Astrotrain has need of your services. Find him and help him in converting his oil into super energon. And send Ravage to my office. I have a special project for him."

Soundwave nodded, closing the channel.

Preparing energon cubes. My talents go to waste on this assignment...

He looked over his recently reconsiled troops. Two still lay on repair tables, while the other three monitored.

"Buzzsaw, stay here and watch over Rumble and Laserbeak. Inform me when their repairs are complete."

Buzzsaw nodded; Soundwave and Frenzy headed in one direction, Ravage in another.


Gigatron again fiddled with the controls of the panel on his desk.

"Reflector, Astrotrain shall soon have a load of energon to be moved. Help him out, if you would."

Numerous profanities were heard in the back of the response, followed by a forced, "As you command, Gigatron."

One more message.

"Trypticon, are you ready to blast off?"

Two clicks returned through the channel, signalling an affirmative from the reptillian city-former.

"Then go. Galvatron should be at Cybertron by now."

Smoke poured toward the ground miles from the city, as Trypticon took off for his destination. As the shockwaves reached Gigatron's office, Ravage entered.

"You wanted to see me?"

Gigatron grinned. "Yes. I will need your abilities as master of stealth. Now pay attention..."

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Quick Switch
2001-12-10, 10:38 PM
Astrotrain listened as Gigatron detailed his requests.

"As you command." The Triple Changer activated his remote control, and soon the helicopters were winging the tankers within the open center of Metrotitan. He paused slightly as Trypticon took to the air, then returned to his duty.

Setting them down, Astrotrain dashed inside Metrotitan proper, and activated the unhinging of helicopter to tanker. The cables retracted into the air vehicles. Astrotrain keyed in a master command for the tankers to open their fuel hatches.

The Triple Changer sighted a cluster of Metro Drones.

"Attach fuel pumps to those tankers. Now!"

The drones rushed to obey, and in a manner of minutes all the tankers had fuel pumps attached.

"Those should fit Soundwave..." he mused.

He motioned to the drones.

"Assist Reflector with the loading once Soundwave begins converting the fuel to Super Energon."

The drones gave, at best, a half-sentient series of nods.

2001-12-11, 09:49 PM
Ultra Magnus was caught in a hard place, he knew the Autobots may not survive long if they didn't get the Ark base back to normal. Magnus needed time. "Blaster we're not going for the entire city now. I just want Metroplex's lif-spark. If we can just get that the Deceptcons will be forced to go to Vector Sigma or Optimus Prime's Creation Matrix to give thier, Metrotitan, life. And both are located on Cybertron, that would give us back Earth!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2001-12-11, 11:05 PM
Pointblank: "I gather a little plan is forming in that head of yours Springer...might I suggesst that we move forward with an attack then?"

"You could suggest it, but I kinda like the way I look as I am...Trailbreaker contact Blaster for me, we might have need for him, Pointblank, come with me, we have much to discuss."

Springer began to walk away and stopped.

Roadbuster take Prowl and try to find a permanent source of power for this place, also monitor security systems, no doubt the decepti-goons are monitoring us, or know where we are....we can't be too careful"

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2001-12-11, 11:16 PM
Trailbreaker made his way to the comm link:

Trailbreaker: "Blaster...contact Springer immediately, he has need of your assistance...do you read me?"

Elsewhere, Pointblank followed Springer, Peacemaker close at hand.

Pointblank: "So what is it you are thinking of old friend?"

2001-12-11, 11:29 PM
Roadbuster nodded.

"Sure thing, boss."

He motioned to Prowl to follow him, and transformed.


Soundwave arrived at the grassy center of Metrotitan. Reflector, Astrotrain, some tankers, and a slew of drones were waiting for him. He sighed.

This is so degrading. We must find someone else who can do this...

Soundwave stepped up to Reflector and began pumping out empty energon cubes. The three smaller robots grudgingly caught them and held them under the nozzles of the tankers' hoses, slowly filling them. As each one finished, they handed it to a drone to be scuttled into the sanctuary of the city. Then Soundwave provided them another cube to be filled, and the process continued.

Minutes later...

"That should be plenty, Soundwave," Spectro noted. "These tanks are just about empty."

"I don't understand what's so super about this super energon, anyway," Spyglass commented, handing a cube to a drone.

"It's the oil, I hear. This stuff's potent enough to blow Kalis off the map," Viewfinder answered as he allowed the final drops of his truck to be emptied into a cube.

Soundwave glared at them contemptuously, ignoring their conversation. "That's all, then?"

Viewfinder nodded, a bit more pleasantly with the work off his shoulders. Soundwave turned to leave, but stumbled. He looked down at the obstacle.


His cassette comrade stared up at him. "Are there any spare energon cubes lying around? I need them for..."

"I know," Soundwave interjected, making clear that he had monitored Ravage's conversation with Gigatron. His optics dove into Ravage's for a moment, then scanned over his head.

"We should get within the city first. Never know when we may be monitored. Astrotrain..."

Soundwave motioned to the empty tankers lying about.

"Clean up this mess, if you would. Come, Ravage."

2001-12-12, 12:06 AM
"I read ya trailbreaker and I'm openin up the comm line" Blaster transformed into tape deck mode and contacted springer

"Hey Springer This is Blaster bastin at ya trailbreaker said you put a call in for me"

Quick Switch
2001-12-12, 12:06 AM
Astrotrain watched silently as Soundwave and Reflector went about their duties, arms crossed.

Pleased at the speed in which the operaton proceeded, he walked over to Soundwave.

"Well, that didn't take to long. With all of this energon-"


Soundwave motioned to the empty tankers lying about.

"Clean up this mess, if you would. Come, Ravage."

The Triple Changer shut up quickly. Frowning somewhat, he nodded.

"Of course, Soundwave."

He watched the Communications officer move away with Ravage in step.

Astrotrain looked over at Reflector.

"Well, I can have the drones start cleaning up the hoses and such. Your help would be appreciated, but if you have other duties, get to 'em." He scratched his head.

"There's just so much spare metal here. Imagine how many drones we could build with these..."

In any event, Astrotrain signaled the drones to begin the removal of the hoses.

2001-12-12, 10:53 PM
Ultra Magnus thought he had the perfect plan when he realized something. Wait, I don't think Metroplex even has a spark. Magnus dropped his shoulders in disappointment, "Uh scrap that idea, Matroplex only has personality chips, and Prime took those."

2001-12-12, 11:14 PM
Springer took the comm from Trailbreaker.

Springer: "Blaster...we need you to dispatch a spy for us...we need to know what exactly Gigatron is up to...we know it has something to do with energon collection...it has to be...but we need details. Can you provide us with that?"

2001-12-13, 12:43 AM
Blaster transformed back into robot mode "I can getcha better then one Spriger mah friend I can getcha four" He as soundwave does presses a button on his chest
(ooc-this implying they got back in I was jes to lazy to mention it. BIC)
"Eject Rewind Ramhorn Steelclaw Time to come out and spy on the decepti-creeps" The four cassettes pop out and transform. "Springer Where is our buddy gigatron right now?"

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2001-12-13, 11:46 PM
Springer leaned into the comm.

Springer: "We think he's at Metrotitan, but we suspect that their energon processing plants may be elsewhere...we need to know locations as well as what Gigatron is up too...Springer out!"

Springer turned to Pointblank and Grimlock who had now joined the pair.

Springer: "Now all we can do is wait for Blaster's boys to find something and hope that Gigatron doesn't move on us first!"

2001-12-14, 12:52 AM
"Alright Eject, Ramhorn You guys check out Metrotitian. Rewind, Steelclaw It's up to you guys to find out the where abouts of that place, Got it?"Blaster said. Rewind nodded and turned as they both began to move and search. "Eject, if you can get into my office I want that little project I was working on, Okay" Blaster said.
"I'll try Blaster" Eject and Ramhorn and turned heading off in the direction of metro-titan

2001-12-14, 04:12 AM
Reflector shrugged together.

"Sure, we'll help clean up."

They set to work disassembling the trucks and hauling the pieces into the city. Viewfinder spoke with Astrotrain as the work progressed.

"That ain't a bad idea, Train. Or at least, we could use this stuff for spare parts in case somebody gets injured in battle... not likely with the minimal Autobot threat, but better safe, eh? I'm sure Gigatron won't mind if we put it into storage in Metrotitan."


Soundwave closed the nozzle, removed the tube, and set it aside. Still on one knee, he gave Ravage a slap on the side.

"Woah, woah!" Ravage panicked. "Careful, boss! You know what could happen!"

Soundwave nodded. "You're paranoid, Ravage. You're safe so long as you want to be."

Ravage glanced at his aft. "I'd still feel better if..."

"Save it," Soundwave interrupted. "Your job is not done yet. Now get going."

Ravage paused to nod and ran off. Soundwave stood.

"I suppose I should check on the rest of my friends."

He began wandering toward medbay.


Gigatron stood in his office, hands behind his back, examining a holograph on the wall of Jazz with some human... he couldn't be bothered to recall which, but they seemed to be attending a ceremony of sorts. Probably some important dignitary.

Knock knock.

"Leave me."

Wush. Whirr.

Gigatron scowled, his back still to the intruder. His hand began reaching over his shoulder for his sword, but he stopped when the newcomer spoke.

"Lord Gigatron?" It was a Metrodrone.

Gigatron turned around, looking down at the small white robot.

"Astrotrain sends a sample of super energon for you. The rest has been distributed to the remainder of the Decepticons and Metrotitan, according to your instructions." It sounded more like a recording than a report.

Gigatron took the drab green cylinder from the drone's hand. He pressed a button on the side; a hatch on the end closer to his face opened, revealing energon glowing brighter than he'd ever seen. Shielding his optics, he placed the gelatinous single-serving energy in his mouth. He remained still, examining it.

"Satisfactory," he finally told the drone. "How much of the transportation is done?"

The drone paused, as though it was processing the question. "The operation should be complete by now."

Gigatron nodded. "Continue your work."

The drone rolled out of the office, leaving the door open. Gigatron grumbled. He covered the floor almost instantaneously, nearly sliding out into the hall. He smiled, accidentally slamming the door.

More potent than I'd expected... Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

"Metrotitan!" Gigatron shouted, plopping into his chair. "I trust you can feel the super energon coursing through you by now. Transform to battle station mode, and get your engine started. Be prepared to roll out on my command."

Quick Switch
2001-12-14, 05:21 AM
Astrotrain walked along with Viewfinder beside him. He nodded.

"Sure. Shock, I could build another Astro Force with all of this scrap."

The group moved their way into Metrotitan's central storage area.

Astrotrain crossed his arms and gazed at the piles they, and a retinue of Metro Drones, had brought there. He looked toward Reflector.

"What do you think of Gigatron? I like him, myself...he's given me a chance to actually do something than simply be a "military transport". Slag, Galvatron wouldn't have, even after I saved him from some no name Bot fresh from Vector Sigma. And we both know how Megatron treated us."

He laughed.

"Well...guess we should be ready for something soon. I'm assuming you found where the Autobots are holed up?"

2001-12-14, 10:12 PM
Eject could now see the city about half way there he thought to himself. He turned to his companion Ramhorn

"I have an idea so we can move faster" Eject said

Ramhorn looked at him and nodded as the human formed bot hoped on the Rhinos back. Ramhorn immdeatly started in a fast run Eject holding on for life. This should speed us up he thought to himself.

2001-12-15, 05:26 AM
Metrotitan heard Gigatron's command. With that the city began to twist and transformer until it turned into it's mobile battle unit. Cannons and weapons all stood glimming in the air.
"Metrotitan ready to destroy!" The city boomed.

2001-12-15, 04:37 PM
Viewfinder nodded.

"Mount Saint Hilary. Not surprising, really. We've got their city, and they're not likely to--"

Viewfinder was interrupted by a sudden tremor under his feet. He looked about him, watching the city transform to battle station mode.

"Looks like it's just about time. Good."

Viewfinder chuckled.


Gigatron smiled, as a father to an ambitious son. It was almost a friendly gesture, but the hidden sinister countered that notion.

"Now now, Metrotitan. I know subtlety is not your field, but it is imperative that you learn it."

He stood from his desk with a disk, walked to the wall, and inserted it in a panel. A button, and the information was uploaded.

"These are your mission instructions. I'm sure you'll find them not entirely to your liking, but this is what we must do. Now Metrotitan, roll out..."

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2001-12-15, 04:52 PM
It wasn't long before Eject and Ramhorn came across the moving battle station. Eject shook his head knowing this isn't good.

"How do we get in now, he's moving" Eject muttered when Ramhorn started to move, fast.

"Ramhorn whats your plan first" Eject said again but the rhino kept moving.

He got about ten feet away from the city when his front legs went up and and his hindlegs off propelling both him and Eject into the air.When he landed the sound of metal on metal could be heard as the landed on top of one of the lower parts of metro-titan.

"Nice work Ramhorn now how do we get in?" Eject retorted. The rhino turned facing the wall then ran at it goreing the wall open.

Eject nodded, the hole not very big yet but Ramhorn kept goreing it it untill it was large enough.

"This is taking to long" Eject muttered pulling out a blaster from subspace aiming it at the hole as well and firing between ramhorns ramming it.

After about two or three more minutes the two casette bots were inside metroplex scanning around.

Quick Switch
2001-12-15, 11:09 PM
Astrotrain watched along with Reflector as Metrotitan completed his transformation.

He said nothing for a moment, simply taking in the sight.

"Yes," he said absently.

He stood quitely for a bit.

"This is it Reflector. The beginning of the end." He smiled slightly.

"All these years, I never actually thought we'd do it. You know, actually standing a chance of winning. But without Prime, or any combiners, victory is assured, right?"

Why am I expressing doubts now? The Autobots have pulled victory out of defeat so many times my head's spun. Shock, I'm just overanalyzing. Just relax. Gigatron's in command. He's got it under control.

2001-12-16, 04:09 AM
Metrotitan began to roll toward the destenation that Gigatron had input into him.

2001-12-19, 05:55 AM
Eject and Ramhorn stalked the halls of the now moving metrotitan. Looking around hunting for Blasters room and the Secret Energon.

"wonder where the energon is" Eject said as they peaked into yet another empty room, Ramhorn just grunted in response.
"Thats true, I think Blasters room is around here" He said and Ramhorn nodded.

They were being very careful not wanting to get caught by and decepticons making sure to check every area before going into it.

2001-12-19, 10:43 PM
Soundwave continued to wander the halls of Metrotitan. He thought about things. Perhaps he'd been too worried about this Gigatron fellow. No damage had been caused yet by his appearance. And yet, he knew it was coming. Somewhere, this was causing destruction incomprehensible... And it would only be time before --

Soundwave stopped. He heard footsteps in the parallel hall, but he knew of no patrols on duty there. Examination.

I know them...


"Metrotitan! Autobots in corridor 114 stroke beta nine. Activate interior defenses, and destroy them!"


Gigatron watched the landscape roll by his office window. He thought about things. Finally, this would all be his very soon. With it, he could power the Empire to domination supreme... And there was nothing that could --

Gigatron stopped. He remembered that he still had one very powerful warrior out of action: Overlord. He should have been repaired by now...


Gigatron slammed his fist on his desk, signalling his rage that the spawn of evil had not responded earlier.

"This is Gigatron. Report to my office now!"


Spectro grinned at Astrotrain.

"Dude, there's no way we can lose! We have every advantage imaginable. It's just a matter of time before we can finish them off. Ah, this will work."

Spyglass scowled.

"Don't be so sure, hot shot. We've lost before when victory was ours, it can happen again."

Spectro waved a dismissing hand, giving the impression that Spyglass was making a situation where there was none.

"You're fooling yourself! This time failure is impossible!"

Viewfinder stood back against the wall, his arms crossed.


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2001-12-19, 11:00 PM
Metrotitan, set off his interior alarms. Buzzers and sirens went off while an announcment rang out giving the location of the intruders.
"Autobots located, all Decepticons seek and destory! Metrobomb seek out invaders and destory!" With the sections with the Autobots suddenly closed off and sealed trapping them until Decepticons and Metrobomb could arrive.

2001-12-19, 11:13 PM
Ramhorn and Eject looked around the alarms and sounds going off Romhorn immdeatly turned to a wall and started bashing But He was stopped byt Eject.
"Floor panel" he said quietly pointing down ramhorn stopping.
Hey grabbed his laser gun from subspace and then bent down lifting the panel as ramhorn dropped in and then Eject followed.
"Lucky I was part of the security team" Eject said looking up sealing the floor shut with the laser.
"If we get caught down here were done for so we gotta be real careful"

Quick Switch
2001-12-20, 04:20 AM
Astrotrain chuckled softly.

Good old 'Flec. Just like the old days.

"Well, all three of you have made good points, but I have to agree: victory is assured. I look forward to ramming Springer again..."

2001-12-20, 04:34 PM
Metrotitans scanners had a lock on the Autobots and began to project images of a map with the Autobots running around on it.
"Autobots attempting to escape Autobots to be destroyed."

2001-12-20, 06:12 PM
Ultra Magnus still watching from the secure location realized things wern't going well, although radio silence was the purdent thing to do, he figured thing had already gone bad enough, "Blaster, the Decepticons are on to you, get out of there!"

(ooc: Magnus is just being Magnus, you don't have to leave yet if you don't want to.)

2001-12-21, 01:30 AM
Blaster received Magnus Message and started looking around "I don't see any decepticons, Magnus m'man are you okay?"

Eject kept moving Ramhorn infront of him.
"We need to slow them down" Eject said as he turned and began to shoot at the circutry trying to disable anything he can while moving backwards.

2001-12-22, 12:05 AM
Cyclonus had just finished examining Overlord when Gigatron's message came through.

"What does that clown want this time?" Cyclonus muttered as he entered a corrider heading for Gigatron's office.

If he wants to speak with me so badly, maybe I should make a good entrance...

Cyclonus stopped infront of Gigatron's door, pulled out his blaster and fired blowing the door clean off its hinges and sending it flying into the back wall of the room.

"You called Gigatron?"

(OOC: Would the doors in Metrotitan have hinges?)

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2001-12-22, 12:45 AM
LOL comedy moment.
Metrotitan boomed.
"Hey do not shoot my doors!!!!!" http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif

2001-12-22, 03:15 AM
Gigatron sneered at Cyclonus. His eyes never contacted the charred, misshapen hulk of metal lying on the floor behind him. He'd expected Cyclonus would not come to his offices with bells on, but this sort of damage... irritated him.

Nnn. Calm, Gigatron. Mustn't further provoke Cyclonus. We'll need his power, as well as Overlord's.

"Indeed," Gigatron started, rising from his desk. "As you're no doubt aware, Overlord was deactivated in the recent battle with the Autobots."

He paced his office. Cyclonus stood before him, but they did not make eye contact. Gigatron kept his eyes on the floor just ahead of him through the duration. One hand was a fist tucked neatly behind his back; the other open before him.

"His power is absolutely vital to us. However, I'm told his human companions... Godmasters, I believe they're called... were killed in the battle. I've done research on this type of Transformer, and I realize that without Godmasters at the helm, Overlord is simply an empty shell. We'd call him dead. Thus, his reactivation will be more complex than it would be for you or me. I also understand that you and Overlord come from the same timeline."

Gigatron stopped his pacing in front of the visitor. His body was still facing the wall to Cyclonus' right, but he turned his head to face the fellow time traveller.

"Quite simply, I'm asking you to repair Overlord."

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2001-12-30, 10:11 PM
Eject kept moving through the floor "I wonder if were near the secret energo if it's here the is" He stops scanning the area for high energy signals "gotta be around here somewhere"

2002-01-05, 01:20 PM
Runabout is seen watching the view screen monitoring a weopans cache when he sees a shadow fly by the camera lense, Runabout becomes tense and flips a switch to turn on the heat sensors but nothing is detected, so he sits back in his chair.
As he finally calms down the door shudders open and a voice calls "hey Runabout help." Runabout becomes scared picks up his blater and fires at the door without looking.
"Arghhh!!!" Screams Runamuck as Runabout looks around and sees Runamuck standing in the doorway with a large crater in the wall only a few centimeters away from him.
"What do you think you are doing. Just get on with your job" screams Runamuck
"Seh...sorry Runamuck" apologizes Runabout

The Best Line Ever Said in A TF Series Must Be When Jetstorm (BM) Said "Your Situation Is The Same As Your Location..........TERMINAL!!!!!!!!!!"

2002-01-05, 05:08 PM
(OOC: Cripes, this thread is dead. Continued in Chapter 4: Earth.)