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God Jinrai
2002-09-10, 01:29 AM
OOC: continues the section of breakout for those with alpha convoy

BIC: Alpha roared across the ground as fast he coud withoug causing turbulance for his riders...

"That, minverva is where we're going..."

On the horicon, a small, seemingly undefended building came into view...

"Mentor... Alpha Convoy returning to the Lab, pass code sequence Alpha Omega Gamma.. Request deactivation of the barrier field..."

2002-09-10, 01:46 AM
Alpha Trion looked at his monitor. Alpha Convoy not only functioned, but was returning to him. It seemed most irregular; when he had retreated to this place, he had not anticipated disruption, living almost hermit-like.

"Request granted," the ancient Transformer said, pushing the buttons to bring down the shield. The moment Alpha Convoy passed through, they were reactivated.

Alpha Trion walked from his control room so he could meet Convoy as it arrived. As he rode the elevator up to the entry level, he felt a sense of foreboding he'd not had since Optimus had last visited him...

Quick Switch
2002-09-10, 01:58 AM
Swindle shuddered.

"Oh...well...I'll go through whatever is necessary to be rid of this accursed thing."

The Combaticons waited pensively.

"Who is this mentor, preytell?" Blast Off quiried.

"We shall know soon enough, Blast Off," Onslaught answered.

2002-09-10, 04:12 AM
Nightbeat: -over commlink- "I copy. Sending datafile now. It's my A/V recording of what happened." -taps a few buttons on commlink panel, sends zipsqueal of the events witnessed in Metrotitan's auditorium- "Make sure Prime sees this. We nearly got killed getting it......." -chuckles- "And made a few new friends in the process."

Brainstorm: "What if it's built into his cerebral circuitry?"

Minerva: -sighs- "I wish you hadn't said that. I was thinking it, too, but I can't picture anybody being so cruel."

Roadbuster: -broadcast over the airwaves- "Iacon, do you read?"

Hardhead: "What's up?"

Roadbuster: "Thought I'd check in, see if I really am the last one...."

Quick Switch
2002-09-10, 01:21 PM
Onslaught muttered-

"That sounds like Quick Switch receiving your transmission," the Combaticon leader mused.

"Yeah. Wouldn't want to tangle with that sucker!" Brawl nodded.

"We won't have to, if our defection remains secure," Blast Off laughed.

"What a relief," Vortex said. "That guy is bad business."

Swindle shook his head.

"Brainstorm, Minerva, never underestimate what you've heard about Megatron's cruelty. It could be hardwired to my cerebral circuits..."

2002-09-11, 01:13 PM
Minerva: "Hmmm......" -has a sudden flash of inspiration- "It makes sense that Megatron may well have made sure that if you have the chip removed, it would wind up lobotomizing you. So the trick is to get around the problem. All we need to do is bypass it." -smiles- "Although if this lab has all the stuff in it that our saviour here says it has, we should be able to get around this easily."

Nightbeat: "I just hope this guy's got a parts bay. At this rate, I'm just going to get a couple of crutches, a parrott, an eyepatch...." -affects a pirate accent- "An' a pie-rat gallern, Arrrrrr, me hearty."

Siren: "You've been hit in the head recently, haven't you."

Nightbeat: "By you. At high speeds."

Siren: "That explains that dent...."

Chromedome: -looks at Hardhead- "What do you think the Chaos matrix is?"

Hardhead: "Nothing good, with a name like that."

Quick Switch
2002-09-11, 09:21 PM
Swindle leaned against the bulkhead, smiling also.

"Yes...perhaps you're right."

Brawl and Vortex laughed easily at Nightbeat's affectation. Blast Off managed a chuckle, though Onslaught was not amused.

2002-09-12, 12:47 PM
Roadbuster: -lapses back into his usual pensive silence-

Hosehead: -looks over at Chromedome- "Maybe it won't be something planet threatening for once."

Chromedome: "Wishfull thinking, Hosehead."

Hardhead: "Besides, if it wasn't something truly horrific, things would get dull."

Nightbeat: -looks over at Onslaught- "What's wrong, Onslaught? Don't like unwinding with humor?"

Minerva: -still scanning Swindle's head-

Quick Switch
2002-09-12, 01:15 PM
Swindle leaned towards Minerva to help with the scanning process.

Onslaught's optics flahsed.

"Some humor, Nightbeat. Yours is not what I would consider 'top flight.' "

2002-09-12, 06:01 PM
Nightbeat: -shrugs- "I know it's not top flight. I'm not even sure it could get me on the Vegas club circuit."

Siren: "I'm not even sure it could get you on the high school talent show circuit."

Nightbeat: "See? I even bring my own critics with me. But that's the thing. If we can't at least look at all of this with some kind of humor, we're gonna go nuts."

Minerva: -sighs- "Nothing. Not a blip."

Brainstorm: "A completely dormant program."

Minerva: "Maybe that's it." -looks at Swindle- "When did it kick in? The exact moment."

Quick Switch
2002-09-12, 08:26 PM
"How true," Onslaught nodded. "Perhaps it was your humor that drove away your clients when you prowled the backstreets for clues as a detective."

Swindle shuddered.

"Right after I let you all out...and then...oh the pain was just intense...and then I was back in Darkmount, in our Command Center...and Megatron came down from his throne and berated me, calling me weak...a traitor...he said...he said even Reflector showed more promise than I ever did."

Swindle began sweating again.

"I mean, why should I care, you know? I never wanted to fight in the first place. But geez, calling Reflector better than me...that was a blow. I don't regret my decision to leave...but seeing him there again was such a shock...and to hear his voice..."

"Yeah, that was pretty low, even for Megatron," Brawl piped up.

Vortex nodded, but stopped after Blat Off whacked him on the head.

2002-09-13, 02:13 AM
Nightbeat: "Cybertron never had a crime rate that would support a detective. That whole lack of marriage thing even meant that there weren't any of those sleazy divorce cases that can keep your standard shamus in rent money." -chuckles- "Now, Nebulos was a whole different story. Murder, kidnapping, general mayhem.... those were the days. Don't let that 'Planet of Peace' thing fool you. It was great......" -taps side of head- "Until Muzzle here got himself tangled up in something serious. We're talking government officials, and some serious slag hit the air distribution system. The Headmasters program saved his life. Government officials aren't nuts enough to go after an Autobot. Their problem was solved either way, because they knew we were leaving." -sighs- "Not that that stopped them from trying later. They binary bonded to Fangry, Horri-bull, and Squeezeplay and tried to kill me."

Siren: "I remember that. I was wondering what they were going after you for."

Nightbeat: "And we don't have to worry about them anymore. Saved by Brainstorm's curiousity."

Siren: "And we don't have to worry about that business with Thunderwing anymore, either."

Nightbeat: "We didn't have to back home, either. He finally cashed it in during the battle with Unicron."

Minerva: "If it didn't kick in when you were thinking about it, that means there is something discriminatory about it." -sighs- "I hope we get to this lab soon."

Quick Switch
2002-09-13, 04:21 AM
Onslaught nodded, knowingly.

"I've heard tales of Nebulos' dark history, Nightbeat. Perhaps your erratic sensibilties will be enjoyable after all."

Swindle nodded at Minerva, still sweating.

"Yeah...you're rig--ah!!" Swindle convulsed again and, grabbed his head, writhing as his mind was transported back to Darkmount...


Swindle appeared back in Megatron's throne room.

"Why have you done this to me!" Swindle cried out in anguish. Megatron once again stepped down from his throne, though remained on a few higher steps, peering down at the arms merchant.

"Ah, Swindle. No words of welcome for your glorious Leader?"

"M-Megatron, I renounced your evil in Metrotitan! Astrotrain's attempts at capturing me failed! You've lost!" Swindle through out his hands in emphasis.

Megatron thought, reflective.

"Ah, how trite. Even though you think I am merely a security program, I have something to reveal." Megatron sneered.

"What? How much worse could this get?" Swindle harrumphed.

"I know your thoughts. Your entire braincase, CPU, operating systems are available to me, for my persual. I know, for instance, that a crazed lunatic named Galvatron became my alter ego, after a giant planet named Unicron attempted to ravage Cybertron. Would you like me to continue?" Megatron smiled.

Swindle, stunned beyond words, could do nothing. Megatron stepped down, and walked around Swindle slowly, measured, gravelly voice a taunting rasp.

"Yes...since we last spoke, I've looked through your databanks. I know that Starscream is dead. New Decepticons have come into the fold- many of them inferior...alternate universe Transformers- this Teratron being one of them- are vying for leadership...I've heard Teratron's plan to destroy the Autobots...I hope it succeeds." Megatron stopped in front of Swindle, after making a few revolutions around him.

"So? It won't do you any good!" Swindle began shaking again.

"But do you know the best part of all? I've found a way to access your optic interface and audio receptors. Everything you see...I see," Megatron laughed, "everything you say or receive, I hear."

Swindle shrank back from him in horror.

"You have feelings for one of the human alternate universe Headmasters. A human female, named Minerva. Feelings of affection for her? Notions of love? How utterly peverse! You are no better than those dimwitted Autobots Powerglide and Seaspray, with their affectations of bonding with lesser species!" Megatron jeered, then chuckled.

"She saved my life, Megatron! She showed me compassion! She is a healer, not a killer such as you! She treated me with respect, more than you ever gave me!" Swindle jabbed a finger at Megatron, who merely smirked. "I...do have feelings for her. Of affection, yes! I do not deny it!"

"Ah, Swindle...such a multi-faceted unit...well, don't worry. I won't try to kill you...indeed, to do so would end my existence, however shallow it might be! Instead, I'll periodically summon you here, to my court, for some chats, if you will, about the state of your fractured mind. And tell your friends to do their worst to excise me! I'll simply hack into another one of your systems! Maybe the next time...in your CPU? Vital systems? Your carburator? The possibilties are endless!"

Swindle fell to his knees, gripped in despair, and as Megatron peered down at him, laughing, everything went white.


Swindle lurched, and collapsed.

"Minerva...Brainstorm...it's worse than I thought," he groaned.

2002-09-13, 12:22 PM
Minerva and Brainstorm: -watch in shock as the meters spike suddenly and Swindle hunches over in pain-

Minerva: "He's not doing anything..."

Brainstorm: "This is bad.... The whole of his braincase is reacting. I'm not picking up on a specific reaction. Whatever this is, it's causing enough havoc in there to block its point of origin."

"Minerva...Brainstorm...it's worse than I thought," he groaned

Minerva: "What is it? What happened?"

Quick Switch
2002-09-13, 09:33 PM
Swindle moaned, sitting up.

"I don't know if I told you this...but the security program...is a representation of Megatron. And, it's a progressive program. It learns. And now it's decided to listen in on everything I say and do. I can't help it. It knows my thoughts...but I don't know yet what the program wants to do yet."

Swindle shook his head, coolant flowing freely.

"Megatron said he didn't want to destroy me...but if you all tried to excise him...he'd just infect somewhere else..."

Onslaught recoiled.


The other Combaticons nodded knowingly.

2002-09-14, 04:12 AM
Minerva: -horrified- "How could somebody do something like that?"

Brainstorm: "Well, it is one way to ensure a form of immortality."

Nightbeat: "But what kind of a life would it be?"

Siren: "Certainly a contained one."

Nightbeat: -sighs- "And they complain about my sense of humor...." -looks over at Minerva- "Got any ideas?"

Minerva: "Actually, I do. We can try-"

Nightbeat: "No! Don't tell us! If Megatron doesn't know about it, he can't try to defend against it!"

Brainstorm: "He's got a point. And I've got an idea, myself."

Quick Switch
2002-09-14, 03:09 PM
Swindle clamped his hands over his audio receptors, located where human ears would normally be.

"Please, discuss! You've got to do something...Megatron's trying to drive me insane..." another convulsion shook him, and Onslaught and the other Combaticons restrained Swindle.

2002-09-15, 12:58 AM
Nightbeat: -waves Minerva and Brainstorm over- "All right, tell me, and be quiet when you do."

Minerva: -quietly- "Megatron seems to be manifesting as a smart virus. We try to get him out, he moves. If we could run soft, non-damaging viruses that force Megatron to go to a spot of our choosing and pen him in there, we could remove that component, and Megatron along with it."

Nightbeat: -quietly- "Might work. Brainstorm, what do you have?"

Brainstorm: -quietly- "We might be able to excise Megatron using the rest of the Combaticons. All of their minds, united with Swindle's, might wipe out Megatron.... or infect all of them."

Nightbeat: -quietly- "Uh.... let's save that one for last, then." -looks at Swindle's convulsions, then looks at Minerva and Brainstorm, quietly- "Odd, sin't it."

Minerva: "Hmm?"

Nightbeat: -quietly- "Why didn't Megatron take over at the first sign of Swindle's defection?" -smiles- "I think I know why. From what Swindle said, we can deduce that Megatron will, eventually, take him over completely. Accessing audio and video feeds are the first sign. The convulsions may well be the second. Swindle's entrenched in his own mind, but if we can't stop Megatron, he may well push Swindle out completely."

Minerva: "But that's...... inhuman!"

Nightbeat: "Anybody who would put a part of their personality as a means of securing loyalty IS inhuman. Or at least insane."

Brainstorm: "Do you have any ideas?"

Nightbeat: "All I do is observe. You two are the medics."

Quick Switch
2002-09-16, 12:43 PM
Swindle continued to convulse.

"Decide on a method, and quickly!" Onslaught snapped. "It's taking all our power to hold him!"

The other Combaticons grappled with Swindle, who was begining to rave incoherently, coolant streaming down his face.

2002-09-16, 01:23 PM
Nightbeat: "Damn. Chromedome, Hardhead, give the Combaticons a hand holding Swindle down. Onslaught, come over here. We've got some ideas, but I want to run them by you first." -looks over at Minerva- "Do we have what you'd need on hand?"

Minerva: "Some of it. Monitoring would be the hard part."

Brainstorm: "I've got somethng that might work. We'd have to lock onto Megatron's energy signal first."

Chromedome and Hardhead: -go over to the Combaticons and help hold Swindle down-

God Jinrai
2002-09-16, 02:00 PM
"Guys... If you could... get him out of the trailer... if I can transform, I likely can easily hold him down for you... that is.. if it's not too much trouble..." spoke alpha convoy

Quick Switch
2002-09-16, 09:14 PM
The Combaticons lifted Swindle out of the trailer and set him on the ground.

Onslaught looked at the Headmasters.

"We're going to merge, and purge the virus!" the Combaticon leader boomed. "Stand by!"

The Combaticons waited for the Headmasters to assume the ready position...and Alpha, if they needed him.

God Jinrai
2002-09-16, 09:22 PM
once all were out of his box trailer, alpha commenced his transformation.

"Now... onslaught, I'd advise against this... my mentor may be able to better deal with this problem than how you plan to now..."

2002-09-17, 02:46 AM
Nightbeat: -responding to Quick Switch's comm signal- "We'll get the red carpet ready, Quick Switch....." -pauses, then sounding worried as he watches the Combaticons prepare to merge- "Assuming we'll be in any condition to roll it out." -deactivates commlink- "Well, guys, looks like we're getting a visit from the big boss himself, complete with retinue."

Siren: "Prime's coming here?"

Nightbeat: "If I understood what Quick Switch said." -looks at assembled Headmasters and Wrecker- "All right, guys. Get ready."

Brainstorm: "What do we do if the worst happens?"

Nightbeat: "Make like shepherds and get the flock outta here."

Roadbuster: -recieves message from Springer, responds- "Springer?!?!?!? You're alive!!!!!!!?"

Quick Switch
2002-09-17, 02:49 AM
Swindle suddenly stopped convulsing. The Combaticons released their hold.

"Hold! What is this?" Onslaught bent down...

Suddenly Swindle's dull optics flared with a bright shade of red.

"Onslaught! What a pleasant surprise!" Swindle rose...but assumed a far more familiar posture, smirk tugging up one corner of his mouth, Swindle's vocoder have assumed the gravelly register of the former leader.

"Megatron!" Onslaught clenched his fists in rage. The other Combaticons advanced, seething. "You will pay for what you did to us! We cannot reap vengence on Starscream, but we certainly may to you!"

"I think not, fool," Megatron waved a hand airily. "This body is secure. You wouldn't dare harm your pathetic comrade!"

Onslaught shook his head.

"You may be deceived in that respect, butcher!"

Swindle/Megatron laughed, frame shaking with mirth.

"I will walk out of this lab, or I will personally shut down Swindle's systems. I will present myself to Astrotrain...and he will gladly tell the other Decepticons of my arrival. I am certain at least that Soundwave will be pleased to see me."

Onslaught's optics flashed.

"When you were tossed out of Astrotrain ten years ago, Soundwave did nothing to stop it."

Swindle/Megatron's face contorted in rage; he swung a punch and Onslaught flew backward; such a blow was not normal to Swindle. Blast Off, Brawl and Vortex helped their leader rise.

"You lie! Soundwave would never betray me! Nor Shockwave, or any other of the real Decepticons, of which your number I count you not!" Megatron/Swindle advanced toward the exit, but not before turning back to the Headmasters.

"Is this all that Optimus Prime commands now? A paltry band of half-breeds? And human females are counted among your host? Hah! What mockery! When I have a new body fashioned from Swindle's, I will personally return and destroy you all!"

Megatron/Swindle stopped...but suddenly could go no further. Megatron jerked Swindle's legs, but received no response.

"Swindle is fighting you, Megatron, though you deny it," Blast Off interjected.

"Yeah, I knew Swindle had guts!" Brawl cracked his knuckles.

"You're going to pay for what you did to us! We are nobody's slaves!" Vortex shook his head.

Megatron/Swindle smirked.

"And who, traitors? How, indeed?"

Onslaught stood silent for a time, then, as Scrapper had done so long ago with the Constructicons, he initiated the traditional command:

"Combaticons, Phase One, transform!"

The four Combaticons grouped together; Megatron was forcibly pulled backwards as Swindle's body rushed to comply with Onslaught's order.

"NO! I control you, Swindle! No one defies MEGATRON!" But at that point Swindle had come to rest next to the others.

"Combaticons, Phase Two, transform!"

With a last scream of rage, Megatron/Swindle merged with the other Combaticons. Bruticus formed, massive; he shook with effort as Megatron struggled against the others.

"Bruticus...hate...Megatron...Bruticus...fight....Megatron!" the giant roared.

2002-09-17, 04:00 AM
Nightbeat: "This could be bad."

Chromedome: "Ready Hardhead?"

Hardhead: "Ready."


God Jinrai
2002-09-17, 12:52 PM
"fight it.. come on.. FIGHT IT! Megatron is DEAD! now! ensure he never lives to see another light of the comming day!"

Alpha tightly clenched his fist... if bruticus were to get out of control, it'd likely be up to him to knock apart the behemoth... or worse... take him down completely

Quick Switch
2002-09-17, 04:59 PM
Visualize a 3D battlefield...

Onslaught, Brawl, Blast Off, Vortex and Swindle were clustered in a circle around a prone Megatron.

Megatron rose.

"You will never stop me! I have endured worse!" Megatron scoffed.

"Bruticus, search for the virus infection," Onslaught intoned.

"Searching," Bruticus rumbled.

Megatron scowled, and broke free of the circle; Brawl, Vortex and Blast Off were hurled away as they tried to tackle the Decepticon leader.

"You'll have to try better than that, fools!"

Onslaught leaped at Megatron, and the two grappled.

"I shall defeat you," Onslaught stated.

Megatron merely smirked, before hurling Onslaught off of him. Onslaught landed, tranformed to vehicle mode, then proceeded to ram the Decepticon leader. Megatron sailed through the air, and crashed to his the floor of the battlefield.

The other Combaticons had also transformed to vehicle mode; Blast Off loosed the power of his X-ray, which scorched Megatron's frame. Brawl fired his main turrent, and a shell hit Megatron, causing him to be flung through the air; Vortex flew by and hit the Decepticon leader with a well-aimed shot from his glue gun. Megatron rose, laughing.

"I am more than the sum of my parts! None of your damage will effect me!"

"Virus located...purging," Bruticus' deep voice permeated the battlefield that raged inside him.

The other Combaticons transformed back to robot mode, and advanced.

Megatron writhed and thrashed as Bruticus purged the virus. A brief flash of light enveloped the Decepticon, and then vanished. The damage wrought by the Combaticons showed; Megatron's joints stiff, frame blackened and servos malfunctioning. The fusion cannon astride his arm detached as Megatron crumpled to the floor.

"No..." Megatron rasped.

"It is true, then," Onslaught said. "You are indeed a fragment of the real Megatron...and since Bruticus purged the viral elements of your incarnation...you are mortal, after all."

"Virus purged," Bruticus said. A representation of the combiner's face hovered over the individual Combaticons. Megatron flinched from his gaze.

Swindle slowly appeared from the recesses of the battlefield, and picked up Megatron's fusion cannon, cradling it in his hands. Onslaught, Brawl, Blast Off and Vortex clustered around the jeep. Bruticus' head hovered, silent, over his components.

"No...this cannot be..." Megatron shook his head.

"Prepare for the Void," Bruticus rumbled. The other Combaticons nodded.

Swindle silently affixed the fusion cannon to one wrist, in the style Megatron chose.

"Grant me mercy...I beg of you!" Megatron held up a hand in a pleading fasion, from his sprawled form on the ground.

Swindle said nothing. Megatron slowly put his hand down. He smirked.

"Go ahead, Swindle! You don't have the courage! If Optimus Prime could not slay me, what can you hope to achieve?"

Swindle's arm bunched with energy as he slowly raised the fusion cannon.

Megatron's smirk of truimph disolved into an expression of abject terror. He raised his hands in a gesture of submittal and surrender.

"No...I accept your terms! I ACCEPT!!!!"

Swindle fired the fusion cannon, which vaporized Megatron's head; the rest of his body crumbled to dust.

"Bruticus...proud of Swindle," the head spoke, then vanished.

"Yeah, wait to go, Swindle!" Brawl said, then vanished.

"Nice work, Swindle!" Vortex pumped his fists, then vanished.

"We are free now. Thank you Swindle." Blast Off nodded, then vanished.

Onslaught snapped to attention, and saluted Swindle.

"You are a true soldier, Swindle." He too, vanished.

Swindle said nothing...and everything went white.


Bruticus shifted to his subsequent parts quietly, making no proclomation.

Swindle collapsed to the floor, uncounscious, a fusion cannon affixed to one arm. The other Combaticons lay still as well, the exertion having taken them all off temporarily offline. However, a strange thing happened-

The insignias shifted on their torsos; the Decepticon sigil warped and changed into a sigil not unlike that of the Autobots...though slightly more futurisitc. The sigil faced upside down on each of the team.

2002-09-17, 05:41 PM
Minerva and Brainstorm: -rush forward, start checking the Combaticons-

Minerva: "Looks like they're okay. Just unconscious."

Nightbeat: "Thank Primus for that."

Quick Switch
2002-09-17, 09:53 PM
Swindle stirred, slowly.

"Minerva? Is that you?"

The other Combaticons rose, and saw their new insignia. Swindle, however, remained on the floor.

"We are...the Combatrons," Onslaught spoke finally. The others paused for a moment. "Our identity as Combaticons is forever revoked."

Swindle, however, seemed oblivious to his new insignia, Onslaught's announcement, or the fusion cannon on his arm. He just continued to peer up at Minerva, not quite certain if he was really out of the hell he had just gone through.

2002-09-18, 04:39 AM
Minerva: "I was me the last time I checked, Swindle."

Nightbeat: "I like the new emblems."

Quick Switch
2002-09-18, 01:19 PM
Swindle nodded.

"Good...I'm glad that's over..."

He was helped to his feet by the other Combatrons.

2002-09-18, 03:43 PM
Brainstorm: "So Megatron is completely gone?"

Minerva: -notices the new cannon on Swindle's arm- "That's new. Where did it come from?"

Chromedome: -looks over at Hardhead- "Guess we don't have to worry anymore."

Hardhead: "At least not about Megatron."

Quick Switch
2002-09-18, 04:19 PM
Onslaught shrugged.

"If forced to speculate, Brainstorm, I would say yes."

Swindle looked down at the new cannon.

"Oh...I took it from Megatron inside Bruticus' mind and I...I..."

"Swindle killed Megatron with it, Minerva," Blast Off said quietly, seeing Swindle's hesistance to actually say it.

"Yeah. Guess it became part of Swindle. You know, since he was infected by Megatron." Brawl shrugged.

Vortex looked down at his chest, then back at Nightbeat.

"They are pretty neat, aren't they?"

Swindle ran his other hand along the cannon.

"I guess that's Megatron's legacy for me. For better or worse."

God Jinrai
2002-09-18, 07:18 PM
"well.. since this is all dealt with... Follow me..."

Alpha started down a corridor into the depths of the lab... a turn here and there, and finally, he reached the central chamber...

"Door access, code alpha omega alpha. voice recognition unit Alpha Convoy"

the doors awoke, slowly sliding open...

"Come, friends... it's time you meet my mentor."

Quick Switch
2002-09-18, 08:13 PM
The Combatrons followed Alpha deeper into the lab complex.

2002-09-19, 03:44 AM
Hosehead and Siren: -holding Nightbeat up-

Nightbeat and Co.: -follow Alpha Convoy into the lab-

Roadbuster: -walking rearguard, looking for anybody watching the area, on commlink to Springer- "That's the plan. I think we're going to get the rest of out injuries attended to and rearm first. I tried to send a comm message a while ago, and didn't even get you. Anybody else report in yet?"

2002-09-24, 04:11 PM
(OOC: Better get this thread moving again. Otherwise my guys will miss all the fun.)

Hosehead and Siren: -lay Nightbeat on one of the lab repair tables-

Minerva: -starts working on Nightbeat, rebuilding his leg- "This lab is great!"

Roadbuster: "And we need to rearm and get back to base."

Quick Switch
2002-09-24, 07:47 PM
Onslaught crossed his arms.

"I wish your creator would show himself and be done with it!"

2002-09-25, 01:15 AM
"Perhaps patience is not taught so much anymore," Alpha Trion appears behind Onslaught almost like an apparition. He steps past him, and greets Alpha Convoy. "It is good to see you again, old friend. What do you desire here, and why have you decided to bring the Combaticons into my sanctuary?"

God Jinrai
2002-09-25, 01:20 AM
"... mentor... I.. These headmasters were under attack while fleeing from a decepticon battle station... yet there is supposedly a truce between autobot and decepticon... the combaticons... or rather, combatrons... aided them in their escape... we needed a place to refuel and deal with a problem which was just now remedied... however, something troubles me, mentor. Over autobot frequencies I have heard of a dreadful artifact ... called the chaos matrix. I wonder what you may know of this dreaded work."

2002-09-25, 01:47 AM
A3: "I trust your judgment on these Combatrons, then. They may have asylum here. Now, the chaos matrix...it is an instrument of great evil...as great if not greater a threat to galactic peace than Unicron ever was...It is not so easily explained, to be truthful. In the time since we last spoke I must wonder where you have been...what goes on around Cybertron currently?"

God Jinrai
2002-09-25, 01:53 AM
"as I mentioned... there exists an uneasy truce between autobot and decepticon... galvatron perished in the battle with Unicron, ensuring the dark god could not save his memories and recreate himself in the future...that is all I know of, aside from this search for the chaos matrix... apparently only the autobots know of it... which may be for our betterment. at any rate... on a more personal note, I finally completed my masterpiece.... "

The massive cannon materialized from subspace, resting in his hands... Alpha Convoy set it on Alpha trion's lab table.... its black and silver color glimmered under the light

"The nova cannon is finally complete...with the mounting modification that I'd planned to use for long range precision strikes... what of yourself, old friend?"

Quick Switch
2002-09-25, 02:04 AM
Onslaught shrank backward slightly, hands outstretched.

"Alpha...Alpha Trion?" The normally stolid combiner leader could scarcely believe his optics. "You live..."

Brawl and Vortex exchanged glances and shrugged. Blast Off tried to remain aloof, and listened to the conversation. Yet he too was twinged with fear.

Swindle, however was unafraid.

"Thank you, Alpha Trion. We have renounced the evil ways of the Decepticons forever."

2002-09-25, 02:19 AM
"Impressive," Alpha Trion says at the weapon, then looks at the Combatrons. "I am glad you have made that decision. You and your talents are most welcome among the side of good. Now, as for inventions, I may yet have a few things, you're welcome to look around and see what you can find. The older methods take longer, but I do believe there are some quality weapons around. Mainly I have been working on defensive measures. I shall get a few of them." He heads into the other room.

Quick Switch
2002-09-25, 03:56 AM
Onslaught nodded, but the team did not move, instead waiting for the brilliant inventor to return.

2002-09-25, 12:28 PM
Roadbuster: "Alpha Trion.... well, what do you know...."

Hosehead: "He's got a beard."

Siren: "I noticed."

Hosehead: "I didn't know we could grow beards."

Siren: "We're not from around here. We probably can't."

Nightbeat: -watching Minerva assembling his new leg- "I like this lab. "I'm not sure you could have built my leg this fast at iacon."

Minerva: "Neither am I."

2002-09-27, 02:58 AM
Minerva: -makes final attachments of Nightbeat's new leg to his body- "There. How's that?"

Nightbeat: -lifts leg, flexes knee a couple of times, jumps off of table- "It's great."

Minerva: "Good. Okay Siren. Your turn."

Siren: -gets onto table, watches as Minerva starts to build him a new arm- "This isn't going to hurt, it is?"

Nightbeat: "Mine didn't. Leg feels a little tingly, though."

Roadbuster: "Hurry it up. We need to rearm and get back to base. Something bad is going on."

Chromedome: "I hate being out of the loop like this."

Nightbeat: "Don't worry. We'll come swooping in out of nowhere, save the day, and wind up lost somewhere on the planet again."

Hardhead: "We didn't save the day last time. We just almost got blown up."

Nightbeat: "True."

2002-09-28, 04:47 PM
Alpha Trion returned to the group a few minutes later, a small device in hand. He placed it on the floor; "This is a cloaking device," he said. "It is experimental even now, and has side-effects that could be disastrous for the one who uses it." He points out a few components, then elaborates. "In order for it to work, you are transported into a null zone of space, and you remain there until you shut down the field. However, when you do so, you will phase back into reality wherever you might be. Where you are at the time of the phasing could determine if you will live or die as a result of it. But you can pass through any barrier when the cloak is active."

He stood up. "If anyone would like to volunteer to test it, I will show you how it functions and how to avoid the phasing issues. Otherwise, I have several other defensive items you all might find useful."

God Jinrai
2002-09-28, 07:49 PM
Alpha Convoy stepped forward...

"That...would be me, Alpha Trion. Above all else, i want to ensure that all of the group return to iacon... with or without me. It's for such a reason that I choose to take the risk"

2002-09-29, 03:43 AM
Nightbeat: "Speaking of the Decepticons, are they still out there looking for us?"

2002-09-30, 03:02 AM
Alpha Trion addressed Convoy. "Very well then. Be careful." He then handed the device to Alpha Convoy and told him how to activate it.

Quick Switch
2002-09-30, 12:24 PM
The Combatrons looked on as Alpha activated his device...

God Jinrai
2002-09-30, 01:58 PM
with a flick of the switch, alpha convoy dematerialized from the real world, finding himself in a null zone of time-space... he was still able to see his surroundings, but unable to interact with them... save phase through them... he began to move about, seeing piles of junk on the floor, he decided to try phasing through them, instead of tromping through them... setting the cloak to phase, he stepped into one of the piles, and proceeded to pass directly through without the slightest hinderance....

2002-10-01, 04:50 PM
Nightbeat: -watching Alpha Convoy disappear into the ether- "I like it. But what were the side effects you were talking about?"

Minerva: -still assembling Siren's arm- "If he phases back in standing in something solid, that would be pretty bad."

Siren: "That's why I like to wait until they work the bugs out of new things before trying them....."

Quick Switch
2002-10-01, 11:28 PM
"Nothing ventured, nothing gained," Vortex shrugged at Siren's comment.

"How eloquent," Blast Off ribed the helicopter.

Vortex chuckled.

Brawl scratched his head.

"Yeah, but would you try a gizmo like that, Vortex?"

Onslaught looked on, amused. Swindle seemed lost in his thoughts, gazing at the fusion cannon affixed to his arm.

"No way! You couldn't pay me enough energy to try out a prototype like that!" Vortex laughed.

2002-10-02, 01:11 PM
Roadbuster: "Nice effect. Get it past the prototype stage, and I think we could make good use of it. Now, about the weapons....."

Brainstorm: "Impressive."

Hosehead: "Why haven't you come up with anything like that, Brainstorm?"

Brainstorm: -shrugs- "Never thought of it."

2002-10-03, 01:43 AM
"Young ones, nothing is perfect." Alpha Trion said, looking at them. "And without these hindrances in place, imagine what would happen should the Decepticons get ahold of it. Just as it has a finite power source for a reason, it also has these devices in place for the same purpose--Security. Sadly, nowadays far too many inventors are obsessed with creating the unstoppable that they don't take what would happen if the enemy got hold of it into account properly."

Quick Switch
2002-10-03, 02:18 AM
"Primacron learned that lesson well enough," Onslaught nodded.

God Jinrai
2002-10-03, 12:34 PM
stepping from the piles of scrap that concealed many of the ancient relics created by alpha trion, Alpha disengaged the phase cloak....

"Indeed, Alpha Trion... but for the most part, I think we may be able to keep this little device our secret if there are no objections from those present...." AC looked around at the headmasters, roadbuster and the combatrons, hoping they would agree...

2002-10-03, 01:13 PM
Nightbeat: -looks at the other Headmasters and Roadbuster- "I think we can keep it quiet."

Siren: "Keep what quiet?"

Nightbeat: "Exactly."

Minerva: -finishes attaching Siren's arm- "There you go, Siren."

Siren: -gets off of table, moves arm around- "Much better." -wiggles fingers- "But it does feel a little tingly...."

Roadbuster: "Now, as to weapons....."

Quick Switch
2002-10-03, 02:21 PM
Onslaught nodded.

"Of course. Secrecy will not be an issue."

2002-10-03, 06:51 PM
Ultra Magnus transformed into robot form just outside the complex, it didn't look like it was occupyied, until Ultra Magnus walked into the energy barrier and flew back as a result. Well that answered his question, this old lab was back in action, since there was no visible control consel Magnus tried his audio code. "I must see Alpha Trion... if the rumors of him being alive are true. Request clearance Ultra Magnus voice code Alpha-4-4-2!"

2002-10-05, 05:03 PM
Nightbeat: "Even with a secret lab, you can't get away from those pesky travelling salesmen."

Siren: "Think he's selling Amway?"

Hosehead: "Or Fuller brushes."

Minerva: "Maybe he's come to knock the whole lab down to make way for a bypass."

Chromedome: "Er...."

Nightbeat: "Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters all 'round, then?"

2002-10-05, 08:40 PM
Ultra Magnus waited a moment not sure if his code was accepted, he started to shout, "I know someone's in there! It took me forever to find this place. If the Autobot femmes hadn't wrote a scouting report 3 years ago, I would have never found it. I need passage inside it's urgent. You got to let me see Alpha Trion, NOW!" He began to think how this wasn't probably going to work...

2002-10-06, 04:19 PM
A spy monitor floated into Alpha Trion's visual range, showing Ultra Magnus at the entrance to the complex. "Accept the code," Alpha Trion says. The monitor then floats off. "I will provide you with a few more shielding devices before you leave," Alpha Trion says to the group. "Here is your first trial to keep our newest weapon a secret...knowledge of its existence must not leave this room, not even to tell Ultra Magnus or Optimus Prime."

2002-10-06, 09:02 PM
It seemed like he was being let in, Ultra Magnus rushed into to lab, not sure where to find anything but he headed in the direction of a few Transformers. And there he was Alpha Trion, "Alpha Trion we can't stay here, you're in danger. Everything related to Prime at all is in danger. You ever hear of the Choas Matrix... it's the power of Unicron the device that lets him survive ever encounter. But now it's after the Autobots, and I've narrowed down the victim to either you, Hot Rod, Optimus Prime, and... and myself."

2002-10-06, 09:42 PM
Nightbeat: -looking at Ultra Magnus- "What exactly is this Chaos matrix, and why do you think it's targeted one of you four?"

Brainstorm: -finishes helping Chromedome and Hardhead patching their armor and fixing their transectors-

Roadbuster: "How do we fight it?"

Siren: "What will it do?"

Minerva: -checking over the unintentionally neglected Traveller-

Quick Switch
2002-10-07, 01:51 PM
Onslaught crossed his arms, and nodded at the City Commander.

"Magnus," in greeting.

Traveler smiled slightly over Minerva's ministrations.

"Thank you," the Metrodrone replied, "I still function."

2002-10-10, 03:07 AM
Roadbuster: "You can brief us on the way, Magnus. We need to get to HQ, now!"

Chromedome: "Calm down, Roadbuster. In case you hadn't noticed, we're weaponless."

Roadbuster: "Nnn."

2002-10-10, 03:33 AM
"The Chaos Matrix..." Alpha Trion strokes his chin. "Seems almost unfathomable. We must act quickly to ensure it does not fall into Decepticon hands."

2002-10-10, 03:33 PM
Nightbeat: -hears what Alpha Trion just said, compares that with what Magnus has said about the Chaos matrix- "You're right, Alpha Trion. Letting the Decepticons get their hands on the Chaos Matrix would be bad. But I think it might be best if we hide you, Prime, Magnus, and Hot Rod away somewhere together. The Chaos Matrix is looking for the four of you, don't forget." -suspicions starting to form-

2002-10-10, 04:18 PM
Ultra Magnus folded his arms, "It's most likely looking to destroy us and anything that could possibly be related to Optimus Prime. But I would be surprize that it wants to derail the Autobots as well. Optimus Prime keep warning of betrayal in the Autobots ranks. He could be refurring to Hot Rod, He was forced to attack the Autobots a while ago."

Quick Switch
2002-10-10, 04:42 PM
"Hot Rod is a fool," Onslaught shook his head. "Why would the Chaos Matrix waste time with him? He was an impudent whelp in his previous stage of development, and as Rodimus Prime nearly cost the Autobots the fragile lead they had over the Decepticons."

The Combatron leader let out a short laugh.

"No, this Matrix will seek out another avatar. And that rules you out as well, Magnus. This will be a foe we will not have seen before."

2002-10-11, 03:42 AM
Nightbeat: "We'll never find this guy, whoever it is, hanging around here."

Roadbuster: "We're not leaving until I find out whether or not we can rearm at all."

Chromedome: "We don't need to rearm."

2002-10-14, 05:04 AM
Roadbuster: -commlink chimes-

Springer (copied from Stone Cold Skywarp's post): "Roadbuster, this is Springer, don't know where you're at or what you're upto, but I need my squad together and at the following co-ordinates as soon as..."

Roadbuster: -recieves coordinates, narrows optic band at Alpha Trion- "Gotcha, boss. See you there soon." -deactivates commlink- "Play your games, then. As soon as you figure out what's going on, give me a ring." -gives Nightbeat coordinates, then brushes past Ultra Magnus and storms out, muttering about manipulating old buzzards under his breath-

Nightbeat: -watching Roadbuster storm out- "You know, he's right. We're not learning anything down here. We have no bloody idea what's going on outside."

Siren: "It beats being used for target practice for once."

2002-10-15, 04:58 PM
"Well Alpha Trion... there's another reason I came here... I think we have to put it on ourselves to dissolve this situation." Ultra Magnus spoke with a stern voice, "Onslaught does have a point thoght I don't argee mostly with him, but Hot Rod woun't get the job done. And I don't believe Optimus Prime can do it... not this time. Alpha Trion you merged with Vector Sigma... you must have unsurpassed wisdom."

2002-10-16, 11:41 PM
Alpha Trion thinks hard. "Perhaps, perhaps I should come along then."

Quick Switch
2002-10-16, 11:53 PM
Onslaught shrugged at Magnus.

"I stand by my analysis."

He turned to Alpha Trion.

"If the Decepticons discover you are alive, I am fairly sure that Astrotrain will detach a force to capture you, since the propaganda value of the Autobot leader in the hands of Lord Teratron are large. Be advised."

God Jinrai
2002-10-17, 12:35 AM
"That comes as no surprise, Onslaught. but for that very reason, I will not leave my mentor's side until this mission is complete... and he is safely back in hiding..."

With those words, Alpha Convoy transformed, engine roaring mightily...

"Let's roll." he spoke, not realizing his words were prime's usual comand phrase

Quick Switch
2002-10-17, 01:18 AM
Onslaught nodded in assent.

"Combatrons, transform!"

The Combatrons shifted to their vehicle modes and moved into position by Alpha.

2002-10-17, 02:35 AM
Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -transform-

2002-10-19, 01:09 AM
Alpha Trion climbed inside of Convoy and took a seat. "We must hurry. Let us go."

2002-10-21, 05:08 PM
"Then we must protect Alpha Trion at all costs, if Thunderwing... the Choas Matrix, got ahold of him, no Autobot secret would be safe. Even Vector Sigma itself would be in danger." Ultra Magnus Transformed as well and got set to follow.

2002-10-21, 05:59 PM
Siren: "Thunderwing? HERE?!?!?!"

Nightbeat: "Calm down, Siren. It's not the same Thunderwing. It can't be. Thunderwing is dead. We saw him die when Unicron destroyed the spawned essence of the Tainted Matrix. He broke apart. Dead. Gone. No more."

Muzzle: "Maybe this chaos Matrix rebuilt him?"

Nightbeat: "No. We're from a different timeline altogether. It can't be him. And what does some would be Decepticon warlord have to d with this, anyway? Are you not telling us something, Magnus?"

2002-10-21, 06:21 PM
Ultra Magnus sighed, "Thunderwing... he's been a pain for the Autobots for quite sometime. I guess the Choas Matrix just wants him because he's powerful or something. Typical of Unicron... only seeing the power behind something. But I actually know little about all this. All I do know is that I belive destruction of the Choas Matrix falls on us, and Optimus Prime. And the warning of betrayal in the Autobot ranks..."

Quick Switch
2002-10-21, 08:10 PM
"Thunderwing is very much alive," Onslaught bit out.

He paused.

"It's simple then. Prime must destroy this interloper, before the Autobots are embroiled in further conflict. Because the Decepticons will be able to destroy both sides of the Autobot factions piecemeal. Teratron will exploit this opportunity."

2002-10-21, 08:36 PM
"You mean Teratron is not serious about maintaining this peace..." Ultra Magnus couldn't fool himself but it was nice while it lasted, "...Well we don't even know yet who this traitor is. Prime just found out in one of his 'Matrix Visions' it may not even be for real... and that's exactly what we don't need, mistrust and division..."

Quick Switch
2002-10-22, 04:05 AM
Onslaught muttered.

"That's exactly what I mean," he replied to Magnus. "Teratron had no intention of maintaining the peace, he was merely waiting for an opportunity to extend the war."

The Combatron leader laughed.

"I'd rather trust Optimus Prime's mystic visions than your unabashed conservatism, Magnus."

2002-10-22, 05:34 AM
Nightbeat: "Didn't Quick Switch tell you, Magnus? I sent him the information. Teratron was going to branch out subtly, take over more worlds for the Decepticon Glory, then, when he had a decided numerical and tactical advantage, the war would begin again."

Chromedome: "What do we do about this usurper?"

Nightbeat: "We find him. We detain him. The last thing we need is for there to be two Autobot commanders running around here. This 'traitor' of Prime's wouldn't even have to cause an active rebellion. Having two commanders giving out orders that would likely be at odds with each other would cause more than enough confusion. Teratron wouldn't even have to break a sweat to wipe us out." -sudden realization hits- "Muzzle, we're idiots. Do you know that?"

Muzzle: -geting same idea- "You're right." -looks over at Brainstorm- "Brainstorm, can you build us something to detect any form of Matrix energy?"

Brainstorm: "I'm not sure. I can try."

Nightbeat: "Of course, we may well luck out and this Chaos Matrix could be drawn to this timeline's Thunderwing. If he's got the same affinity for the Matrix that our Thunderwing did."

2002-10-22, 04:37 PM
"Well Onslaught I can tell you that we better not put all our plans in Optimus Prime's visions." Magnus never though a former Decepticon would feel that way about the Autobot Matrix, but he continued, "Even Alpha Trion can tell you that the Matrix sometimes has it's own purposes." Magnus paused trying to remember if Quick Switch every reported this to him, "Well Nightbeat I'm sure he reported it to Optimus Prime. The pressure he has now must be great that's why I came here for help. Yes we don't need to commanders now, but we can sure use a mentor now, we need Alpha Trion."

Quick Switch
2002-11-06, 01:21 PM
Thread closed, in light of new ones being created.