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2002-01-14, 03:35 AM
Seconds ago...

Gigatron had already transformed to robot mode to make sure his package for Blast Off would not be lost. He hadn't seemed to notice... Gigatron watched Blast Off disappear back to Cybertron while he continued to float to his destination. It satisfied him to know that his momentum would be enough to carry him, and simultaneously, terrified him. Power was already fading. He hadn't seemed to notice... As Blast Off moved farther from his body, Gigatron's conciousness continually faded and dropped. He had little time; just a few seconds to think.

Of course my name will not be forgotten, Blast Off... for Gigatron never dies!

His head slowly and mechanically (more than natural, of course) cocked down to his chest... and the void within. Blast Off hadn't seemed to notice the hole in Gigatron's chest, where his Destronger crystal had once rested. Blast Off hadn't seemed to notice that his cargo was indeed part of his flight companion. Onslaught hadn't seemed to notice when Gigatron took the time aboard the Raksha to prepare the slices to his torso. Gigatron hadn't seemed to notice how quickly the rift had reached him... With the last bit of his energy, his head rotated a vertical semi-circle, his eyes stared into the monstrosity, he grinned.




2002-01-14, 06:50 AM
(OOC - that's ok Man. I wasn't complaining :> )

Lockpick doesn't move, but she does intone "Master, shall I attack them directly? This unit has no ranged weaponry."

She had to buy the others time to attack, hoping they won't let the cons go on her part. She heard hatemunger and quailed inwardly, but was strong enough not to show it.

2002-01-14, 06:50 AM
(OOC: Are there TWO tunnels leading to the Plasma energy chamber?? Besides the hole KODA made, there's just the one I'm aware of, and Slipstream, Ironhide and Slingshot are in that tunnel/corridor. They were ORIGINALLY INSIDE the PEC, until everyone ignored them and I edited accordingly. I'll assume that Bomshell's group went through the hole KODA made, and the same for Hatemunger and his troops heading into battle)

(BIC http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif

The convoy reorganized at the tunnel drop leading to the energy chamber. Dark Prime made a sharp turn, and with his entire load in check made his way down the tunnel. Trailing him, Mirage, Electro and Sidewinder peeled down the tunnel way. Napalm ducked low as he flew along, and Tracks converted to car-mode along with the group. Blitzwing flew in belatedly in his jet-mode, while Roadkill took up the rear, while the four Aerialbots held escort outside. The sound of weaponsfire indicated they'd gotten into a furball already, but the forward mission was more important.

Dark Prime remembered Wheeljack's warning. If the energy from the chamber were released, it could add to this mess in the fabric of space-time that allowed them to be here in the first place. They'd already seen the damage their Cybertron's exploding had done to space-time. Rifts had formed all around the planet's debris.

The same could happen here. The same could not be allowed to.

"We're on our way," Dark Prime radioed ahead. "Be ready for us--we'll punch through together."


"Gotcha!" Slipstream answered her comm.

"We're ready, Prahme." Ironhide said, then transformed to vehicle mode. Slingshot did the same, hovering in place. Not too far along the corridor was the chamber they'd been in. Beyond it was the Plasma Energy Chamber, housing too many Decepticons than should have ever been allowed.

Streams of light poured down the corridor from behind. Slipstream waited for the group before transforming. Ironhide revved his engine to keep up once the convoy shot by. Slingshot was already angling his nose downward to start a forward vector.

Then, Dark Prime shot down the passage, followed by the troops. Ironhide joined them quickly, with Slingshot flying above them joining ranks with Napalm and Blitzwing. Slipstream transformed with a leap into the air, then gunned it forward. They entered the small adjunct chamber, then pushed forward towards the entryway.

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Quick Switch
2002-01-14, 02:30 PM
Blast Off entered Cybetron's airspace.

Landing smoothly on one of the multitude of runways, and after making sure he came to a complete stop, Blast Off transformed to robot mode, clutching the special cargo Gigatron had given him.

Appraising it, Blast Off went to a comm terminal in the airport.

"This is Blast Off! Onslaught do you read me?"


In Cybetron's airspace...

Vortex whirled around to his commander.

"Message for you sir!" the helicopter punched it up on speaker.

"Yes, Blast Off, go ahead," Onslaught rose and moved to the comm terminal.

"Meet me on Cybetron landing area 84. I have special cargo that must be delivered...and I cannot do it alone."

"Very well. Votrex...to Cybetron!"


It took some time, but the Combaticons were reunited.

Docking the shuttle with the port authorities, Onslaught examined the "cargo".

"Interesting. What is it?"

"I don't know sir. Gigatron...was going to sacrifice himself by mending the rift in time," Blast Off choked out.

"Wow," Swindle chortled.

"Who cares? Let's deliver that thing and get on with the war!" Brawl slammed one fist into the other's palm.

"Blast Off, you carry it...it was Gigatron who bade you on this mission, so you shall be cargobearer. Now who were we supposed to find?"

"Jhiaxus, sir. Jhiaxus." Blast Off deposited the cargo in subspace.

The Combaticons set off for Decepticon Command to find the headquarters of Jhiaxus.


Dirge and Thrust nodded, retrieved their weapons out of subspace, and guarded the entry way with Apeface as Ramjet worked on installing the bomb in the Chamber.

2002-01-14, 02:52 PM
(OOC: Assume all you want, Pun. It don't make it true. I decided to take the tunnel route, seeing that as the best way of getting there, according to Cryhavoc)

Bombshell groaned.

"Just attack them, you stupid excuse for a drone!", he shouted. "I don't care how! Just do it!"

Shrapnel came up to Bombshell, "But didn't Hatemunger tell you to..."

Bombshell leveled his fellow Insecticon with a stiff right hand.

"Shrapnel", he said. "In case you've forgotten, we're all Renegades now! We don't take orders from anyone!"

He then looked back at Lockpick.

"Well, don't just stand there! Start blowing stuff up!"
Inside the control chamber, Apeface stood guard at the door, as Ramjet tried to set the bomb.

"I hear voices outside", Apeface said.

"Don't worry about it", Ramjet replied. "I'm almost done...there."

He stepped back and showed Apeface the timer, secury fastened to the Chamber controls.

"Now all I ave to do is press this switch, and in then minutes...boom!"

He reached over and was about to push the button when...
Above ground, Darkwing and Dreadwind parked their shuttle at the coordinates Ramjet specified.

"Now all we have to do is wait", Darkwing said.

2002-01-14, 03:17 PM
Stealth was cloaked, he could see Bombshell and the insecticons.
"That lousy bug..." Stealth growled and drew his plasma pistols.
"Deathsuarus we got a problem here, seems ol Bombshell and co have became Renegades. Can you alert someone out there and come assist me." Stealth out." He took careful aim with his guns. "I should take out the Autobot first, then the traitors." He stayed cloaked and hid where nobody could see him.

Deathsuarus looked down at Darklark.
"Darklark you are to come with me seems we have a problem in the energy chamber."

Deathsuarus then opened up his com-link to both Hatemunger and Jhixaus
"Commanders come in it seems we have a problem. An Autobot is in the tunnel to the Plasma Energy Chamber. It also seems as though Bombshell and his company of insecticons are all traitors!" He paused for a moment as he checked his Laser from Hell and other weapon systems. "Any assistance may be nessecary as it is currently unknown who else is in the tunnel, Darklakr and myself are going in to check out the situation. Liokaiser will remain here to stop any more Autobots from coming in, I recommend we fortify the tunnel enterance more before more Autoscum arrive. Deathsuarus out." He looked at Liokaiser and Darklark, "Well we know what we have to do lets go."
Darklark transformed into his car mode and tore into the enterance, Deathsuarus followed close behind. LioKaiser then moved in front of the door.

Hatemunger received the message,
"What you are doing sounds fine, but you and Darklark have strong armour, Bombshell's only really offensive weapon is his cerbro-shells, both of you should be immune to those, not to mention Stealth can remain cloaked just don't shoot at him!" Hatemunger then looked at Sixshot.
"Sixshot your offensive skills and speed should be better down there. Can you go an wipe out the reneages and Autobot that are in the tunnel?" Hatemunger awaited Sixshot's answer.

2002-01-14, 04:14 PM
Blow Stuff up... well, he didn't say WHICH stuff

Without even cracking a grin or anything, the 'drone' of Lockpick nodded "Of course Master." she intones again, then turns and slams a fist into a wall's circuit board... it spits and sputters... fire alarms go off, and one of the MOST FEARED defense mechanisms in all Transformer history arrives sponaneously as small flames alert the bases' best fire department specialist... the bane of Decepticon circuitry... that wonderful white stuff that everyone cheered on in the show...

Fire Retardant Foam!!!

http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/biggrin.gif http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/biggrin.gif http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/biggrin.gif http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/biggrin.gif http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/biggrin.gif
(Ooc - Sorry! Couldn't resist and I'm drugged up on cold medecine!)

2002-01-14, 04:30 PM
Siren, Hosehead, and Hardhead: -covered in foam-

Siren: What the...

Hosehead: It's not my fault!

Hardhead: LOCKPICK! DUCK! -fires at Bombshell with shoulder cannon, H.E.A.A. shell followed by sonic disrupter shell-

2002-01-14, 05:36 PM
Originally posted by Bombshell:
(OOC: Assume all you want, Pun. It don't make it true. I decided to take the tunnel route, seeing that as the best way of getting there, according to Cryhavoc)

(OOC: in other words, you ignored the characters in the tunnel. I appreciate it. I was trying to give you the benfit of the doubt anyway.)


Dark Prime drove down the corridor, finding a large Decepticon (Liokaiser) with another one guarding the entrance way. The group transformed to their robot modes, except for Blitzwing who converted to his tank mode. Then, the team opened fire.

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2002-01-14, 06:04 PM
(OOC: My bad... I forgot to mention that your chars were in that tunnel Pun. Though I think that Bombshell could read posts better... http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/wink.gif )

BIC: Cryhavoc and Predaking were almost reached them main entrance of the plasma energy chamber as Cryhavoc spotted Aerialbots engaged in battle between some other Decepticons.

"Predaking... I suggest we join-" Cryhavoc began to say, but it was too late already.

The massive Predacon had already increased his speed and was now blasting at the Aerialbots with his X-ray laser cannon furiously. Aerialbots had attacked him back on Iacon and were part of his downfall. He would take his revenge.

Cryhavoc sighed and sped after his massive ally, firing his twin sonic cannons towards the Autobots.

"Adeara?" Cryhavoc asked through his internal speakers. "Ready for battle?"

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2002-01-14, 06:14 PM
(OOC: no prob--that's what the second entrance by KODA is for. For reference, Blitzwing is with Dark Prime's group in the tunnel, the Aerialbots *four of them anyway* are running patrol on the surface, *I remember Cryhavoc making it to the surface and going into battle* they're the ones your dealing with. I'll be posting for them now, but tonight Skycat will take them back over http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif )

"We've got the big boys coming in on us!" Skydive shouted.

"And we're one bot short for combining," Silverbolt responded. "Give them everything you have!"

"You got it!" Air Raid called back, then the four Aerialbots dived in on their new targets.

Quick Switch
2002-01-14, 06:30 PM
Dirge turned.

"What are you waiting for!" he shouted at Ramjet.

Thrust exchanged glances with Apeface.

"Yeah, I hear it too! C'mon c'mon!"


Meanwhile, the Combaticons trekked onward on to Decepticon Command.

Brawl growled.

"Geez! We're never gonna find this Jhiaxus guy!"

"Cool your turrent," Swindle chuckled.

"Good idea, but I'm gettin' nervous. Sneak attacks, ya know. I love 'em but-" Vortex got cut off.

"All right, that's enough." Onslaught shook his head.

Appraising the situation, the Combaticon leader sighted a mainframe comm terminal.
Walking to it, he punched in a high level security code.

"If we can't locate Jhaixus directly, we can send him a message. If Gigatron said he was a high level commander-which from what you said Blast Off I believe he was inferring- he should get this message, what?"

The Decepticon tactician opened the feed.

"Greetings, Decepticon Commander Jhiaxus. I am Onslaught, leader of the Combaticons. We possess a cargo that is of great import to you. My space warrior, Blast Off, will speak with you now."

Blast Off, shaking somewhat, stepped up to the console.

"Commander. I come with this cargo on the express orders of Sub-Commander Gigatron, who sends you his regards. Secondly, he wanted me to tell you this: 'You are to replace the symbol in this object with that of the Decepticon.' He said you would know what to do from there, sir."

Onslaught stepped forward again.

"We are located in Docking Area 84. The city is of no recollection for me...but I'm sure you are tracing this symbol. We await your response and directions to find you."

2002-01-14, 06:50 PM
"On a second thought..." Cryhavoc said and opened the hatch under Adeara, knowing that the Ta'Kaal could fly. "A warrior should always be ready for a battle." He continued as Adeara fell out of him.

Cryhavoc closed the hatch and hit the gas, breaking the sound barrier seven times in a row, taking distance to the Aerialbots. He slowed down fast and turned around locking his target computer on Silverbolt.

Again he sped up reaching the speed of Mach 3 this time. "Let's see how tough you're Autobot!" The massive Decepticon shuttle roared, increasing his speed even more, setting a ramming course on Silverbolt.

Meanwhile Predaking kept shooting at the smaller Aerialbots with his full weanponry, every now and then trying to slash at those Aerialbots which were foolish enough to get too close to him with his massive sword.

2002-01-14, 06:55 PM
Liokaiser saw Dark Prime and simply blocked the enterance.
"No one enters!" The Breastforce Gestalt growled and opened fire.

OCC Pun Deathsuarus and co are way down in the enterance, so they would not even see Dark Prime nor would you.

Deathsuarus and Darklark, drove and ran in to the fire retardant foam.
"What the?" Deathsuarus growled. "Bombshell you twit!" He opened fire on the Autobot and the insecticons trying to take out the Autobot first then the insecticons.

Darklark transformed happy to be able to wipe something out finally.
"Targets finally!" He smiled transformed and opened fire with all of his weapons.

Stealth opened fire on the Autobot and insecticons as well being cloaked he had an easier time opening fire on the targets.

2002-01-14, 08:28 PM
Megatron heard a response.

"Yes, proposal."

He looked behind at CounterPunch, motioning him to scan the area. He used his sensors to find out that Omega Supreme and Goldbug were disable outside. CounterPunch told Megatron this and Megatron whispered,

"Take, them into the bay, make sure they are offline. Tis is what i need"

He turned back to the comlink.

"The proposal is this. Codes are easy to break. Defenses even easier espicially Autobots. But, you see, i have, what shall i put it, "friends" in my timeline that can and could bring about your end. I propose, that we meet face to face. Just you and me. No guards, no security. At this location."

Megatron sent the coordinates of a barren rock waste on Cybertron. It was ideal.

"What is your answer"

He turned from the comlink again.

"TimeSplitter, you shall take me there, you are also my bargaining chip. MUHAHAH.MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!"

2002-01-14, 11:22 PM
Hardhead: -takes initial salvo in chest, blown off his feet into the rising mounds of foam-

Siren and Hosehead: -dive into the foam-

Hosehead: Siren, call for backup. I'm going to get Lockpick! -starts to crawl through he foam-

Siren: He's got an idea.... -pops up, fires at Deceptcons, dives back into foam, moves away- This can't be good. -activates commlink-

Nightbeat, Minerva, Chromedome, and Braistorm: -walking down hallway behind Jinrai-

Siren: -over commlink- COMMANDER!!

Nightbeat: -activates commlink- Yes, Siren?.... You guys wander into a battlefield?

Siren: Decepticons! In Iacon!!!!

Nightbeat: What?!?!?!

Chromedome: -quietly- I thought it was too quiet around here.

Nightbeat: We'll be there ASAP. Nightbeat out. -deactivates commlink- Brainstorm, can you recharge Chromedome's powerpacks?

Brainstorm: We need at least three of us to be able to do the charge manouver.

Nightbeat: Lovely. Brainstorm, Chromedome, you're with me. Mineva, get Jinrai here to the command center. Send reinforcements!

Nightbeat, Chromedome, and Brainstorm: -charge back down corridor, back the way they came-

Hosehead: Siren, NOW!

Siren: -pops up, firing again and again at the Decepticons-

Hosehead: -pops up next to Bombshell- Screwball in the corner pocket!!!!! -jams barrel of accelerator rifle into Bobshell's chest, blasts Bombsell, grabs Lockpick, dives back into foam, moves away as fast as possible-

Siren: -dives back into foam, moves away towards Hardhead-

2002-01-14, 11:37 PM
(OOC: Sorry, guys.Cry said that Ravage had his characters down here. Of course, they could have missed seeing Pun's, so I don't see a problem.)

Bombshell goes down, due to Nighbeat's shot in his chest.

The others, meanwhile, took fire from Deathsaurus, Stealth and Darklark.
Ramjet and Apeface came out of the room, transforming to their jet modes and flying back down the tunnel.

"Attention, all Renegades. This is Ramjet. Mission complete. Ten minutes till the destruction of Cybertron! Get to the surface and on our ship."

2002-01-14, 11:41 PM
Jhiaxus began to smile as he took the object handed to him by the combaticon.

it is time...i have only seconds

Jhiaxus: "Decepticons, it is time to decide, those who serve the future...join me now, the rest...accept the hand which fate now deals!"

With that Jhiaxus and Sixshot motioned to his group to make their way to the heart of the Plasma Energy Chamber, taking the dorment body of Gigatron with them.

Quick Switch
2002-01-14, 11:46 PM
Blast Off readily gave the object to Jhiaxus.

As Jhiaxus made his pronouncement, Onslaught pondered.

"We follow Jhiaxus."

The Combaticons followed Jhiaxus, Sixshot and the rest to the Plasma Energy Chamber.


Dirge and Thrust transformed to jet modes and flew out of the Chamber like a Shrike Bat out of the Pit following Ramjet and Apeface to the surface.

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2002-01-15, 12:13 AM
Shrapnel and Kickback picked up Bombshell and headed to the surface after Dirge and Thrust.

In the Control room, the timer on the controls had begun counting down from 10:00


2002-01-15, 12:16 AM
(OOC Hein, please use ATTEMPTS rather than assured hits on others' characters :P)

BIC - Lockpick doesn't even expect being pulled into the foam and squeaks in surprise. "What are you DOING?" she hisses, pulling away from him and quickly getting out of the foam. It stung in her wounds.

Then she blinks "Oh primus... I just remembered... they said something about Cybertron being blown up soon... "

2002-01-15, 12:49 AM
(OOC: Sorry about that.)

Siren: -tries getting to feet- Explosion? WhaaaAAAHHH!!! -slips, crashes to ground-

Hosehead: -somewhere under foam- What's going to blow up?

Hardhead: -gets to knees- I'd be more worried about the Decepticons, if I was you!

Nightbeat, Chromedome, and Brainstorm: -come sliding to a halt-

Nightbeat: What's going on?

Siren: -somewhere under foam- Lockpick heard that something's going to explode!

Nightbeat: It's never simple....... Lockpick, did they say what will explode?

2002-01-15, 02:06 AM
Lockpick shakes her head "Mechs." she mutters under her breath, then takes a breath to state louder "THey said something about CYBERTRON blowing up. I'm not sure what they mean... But they sounded serious. I think they're rats deserting a ship."

2002-01-15, 02:18 AM
Ramjet and Apeface made it to the surface and entered their ship, where Darkwing and Dreadwind were waiting for them.

"This thing ready to go", Ramjet asked.

"Yup", said Darkwing. "Ship's all ready to go."

"Good", said Ramjet. "As soon as your comrades get up here, we're getting off this dump."

In the Control Chamber, the timer continued to tick down.


2002-01-15, 02:54 AM
(OOC - where's this control chamber? Iacon?)

2002-01-15, 03:14 AM
(OOC: I think it's underneath it.)

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Quick Switch
2002-01-15, 03:23 AM
Dirge and Thrust rocketed up out of the bowels of Cybertron and transformed to robot modes as they too entered the shuttle.

"Let's go!" Thrust shouted, seating himself.

"If other Decepticons discover us, we're as good as scrapped," Dirge seated himself next to Thrust, looking wildly at the assembled renegades.

2002-01-15, 03:39 AM
Bombshell, Kickback and Shrapnel entered the shuttle.

"Let's go, already", Bombshell said.

Ramjet moved to the controls and lifted the shuttle off the ground, in a few minutes, they were off Cybertron.

(OOC: 08:32...08:31...08:30...)

Quick Switch
2002-01-15, 03:42 AM
As the shuttle lifted off, Thrust rose and clapped Ramjet on the shoulder.

"Wow. Never could a done without ya, Jet."

Dirge laughed, long and loud.

"Think of it- we, the outcasts of Decepticon society are going to remake Transformer society as we know it...and we shall lead it! The only thing that stands in our way are those pitiful robots still on Earth."

He too, got up.

"What's next Ramjet?" Thrust asked, taken aback by Dirge's enthusiasm.

2002-01-15, 03:54 AM
(OOC: And it has to be down ths corridor.. I thought this one of the base main corridors.. Ah, well..)

Nightbeat: They all came from that way? -points the way the Decepticons had come running from at high speed-

Siren: -nods-

Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -unison- RECHARGE!!!! -heads disconnect from their bodies, transform, and hover, connecting hands in a skydiving formation, then start revolving aound an invisible axis, as both they and their transectors start glowing, then they break and return to their bodies-

Nightbeat: Can't you guys drink energon like everyone else?

Chromedome: Do you have any handy?

Hosehead: He's got ya there, boss.

Nightbeat: -sighs- C'mon. Let's go see what's down that way.

Nightbeat, Chromedome, Siren, Hosehead, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -go skidding down he hallway until they clear the foam area, then contimue runnng in the direction the Decepticons came from at high speed-

2002-01-15, 04:52 AM
While the boys were doing their Man Dance Of Recharging, Lockpick ws already halfeway down the corridor and into the room. She screetches to a halt, taking in everything at once... including the timer.

"Wonderful!" she curses, moving to see about stopping it. But neither bombs nor hacking was her specialty.

2002-01-15, 05:12 AM
(OOC: Ravage, previous post has been edited to read LioKaiser accordingly.)

"Bots," Dark Prime nodded, "engage attack pattern."

Each Cybertronian opened fire, the flyers in the air strafing sideways while pouring on with their weapons. Sidewinder motioned forward as he attacked, using his shockwave cannon. But the blasts weren't strong enough to do more than nudge him. Under normal circumstances, the blasts would force him backwards a step or two, but with the wall of the entryway for support Liokaiser was going no where.

Electro used his weapons in motion, keeping movement to LioKaiser's left. Blitzwing rolled along, his tank cannon angled for each blast. The room thundered with each shot from his turret. Napalm and Slingshot hovered, strafing side to side with high-velocity-projectile weaponry and any energy-based weapons they had. Ironhide and Tracks gunned at the giant's knees, Tracks' shoulder rockets firing off its volleys of firepower.

Roadkill and Slipstream seemed to work as a team, trading off fire in coordination. Dark Prime held in front of the group, blasting away with his cannon while keeping his fury sword out in front. Surprisingly, he kept his rig in the background.

2002-01-15, 05:44 AM
Hatemunger heard Jhixaus.
"Everyone go into the energy chamber we will fight for Jhixaus." With that the Aerialcons and Crashticons all drove around Dark Prime and company with LioKaiser and Skystalker firing on the Autobots.

Hatemunger opened his com-link,
"Deathsaurus, Stealth, Darklark, we are going to the energy chamber to join Jhixaus and the other Warriors, I do not know what they have planned but we will fight on for the Decepticons and our future!"

Liokaiser and Skystalker then entered the chamber, the breastforce gestalt team transformed into it's six compent robots and tore into the chamber, with Skystalker hovering in through the hole made by the KODA.

Hatemunger saw Jhixaus and Sixshot and the prone Gigatron and asked.
"What happened to Gigatron?" as the rest his warriors arrived in the chamber.

The Aerialcons, Crashticons, Darklark, Deathsuarus, Stealth and members of Liokaiser all continued to fire on Autobots outside of the chamber as they awaited whatever was in store.

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2002-01-15, 09:53 AM
The entire area erupted with fire. Sections of tunnel were blown out, the chambers lit up as laserblasts tracked from every direction.

Electro took the first hit, taking off the chunk of his shoulder armor. Blitzwing took a rocket shot under his left track, lifting him up off the ground for a moment. He slammed back down and continued firing.

"There's too many!" Electro shouted, diving out of the way of another blast.

Dark Prime watched the cirling Crashticons, and rapid-fired his blaster cannon in a countering circle, scoring hits.

Sidewinder took a shot to the chest, reeled back from the hit.

Napalm had an easy time tracking the Aerialcons flying around the chamber in his hover mode. Firing blast after blast at each one. Slingshot joined in as well.

Ironhide rolled away from a strafe attack, then counterattacked against one of the Breastforce members.

"Prahm," Ironhide started, "we cain't last much longer!"

"We'll have to," Dark Prime said simply, deflected a blaster shot with his fury sword, then taking another one to his chest. The shot smoldered and sizzled a moment. Dark Prime returned fire--another Breastforce gestalt member.

The fight continued, the noise deafening in the small area...

2002-01-15, 02:30 PM
Hatemunger had an idea, but he needed to know how much more time he had.
"Jhixuas how much longer? I have a plan but need to know how much longer until whatever you are doing works!" Hatemunger then joined in to help his soilders out.

Skystalker then hovered above the Decepticon fighters and began to fire at Autobots.
"I can't move much here but at least I can attack! Also given the strength of my ship I know I can take some hits and also give it." Skystlaker laughed as he fired off missles and cannonfire at the Autobots.

Hatemunger was impressed at how all of these Decepticons were fighting.
"Thats it men keep the Autobots out of this chamber!" then Hatemunger had another idea.
Crashticons Aerialcons back away from the cave wall!" The Decepticons moved back and Hatemunger opened fire with both of his fusion cannons at the top of the cave door bringing rubble down in front of it and the Autobots, Skystalker rose out of the hole in the top of the cave made by the KODA to protech Autobots from coming in through the top.

Hatemunger looked around and counted who he could see, Scorpnok, Predaking, Cryhavoc, Sixshot, the defunct Gigatron and Jhixaus were all working on the controls, and firing at the Autobots they could get an aim at but now stopped and were just working at the controls. The Crashticons,
Aerialcons, Darklark,
Stealth, Liokaiser and
Deathsuarus were all busy reloading their weapons and scanning the now blocked cave door and cave walls for any Autobots who would have the brass to blast through.

Hatemunger looked at Jhixuas
"What must be done to get this show on the road? The Autobots should be kept out for a few minutes but they will surely blow through the rubble in time, or try to come from the top of the cave. What can I or my men do to help?" He asked the Decepticon commander thinking all the Decepticons that were going to join in on this adventure were already within the plasma energy chamber.

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2002-01-15, 02:33 PM
Ramjet looked at Dirge.

"Where else, friend? Earth."
In the control chamber, unknown to anyone, the timer continued to tick down.


(OOC: Do I have permission to start a "Earth" topic? Also)

Quick Switch
2002-01-15, 03:01 PM
The Combaticons were silent as they viewed the assembled Decepticon troops in the Chamber.

They knew almost none of the Decepticons assembled, except for Sixshot. Even the Commander, Jhiaxus, was a new face.

"How can we help," Onslaught said quietly to Jhaixus.

"Maybe by just staying out of the way," Swindle murmurred, unnerved by all the unfamiliar faces.


Thrust nodded vigorously.

"Right right. I'm game."

Dirge laughed again.

"Then its settled...the only problem is entering Earth's atmosphere without being detected."

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2002-01-15, 03:06 PM
(OOC: No, Quick Switch. The real problem is whether or not Galvy or Flec will let me do a Earth thread.)

"Right", Ramjet said, turning to look at the crew.

"Anyone got any ideas?

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Quick Switch
2002-01-15, 03:55 PM
"Ditch the shuttle all together," Thrust thought, smiling.

"No, you idiot," Dirge shook his head.

He turned to the Insecticons.

"Let me see if I remember. You all lived in...what was it...oh yes, Demon Swamp before being discovered by Megatron right? Well, the Autobots or Decepticons will never suspect that as a landing place. They'll think it's been deserted for at least thirty years."

Thrust shrugged.

"Sounds a good a plan as any, though the Insecticons will no it better than we would, Dirge."

"The point is to find a secluded place where we won't arouse supsicion. Ramjet, what say you?"

2002-01-15, 06:32 PM
Predaking glanced landed in front of the entrance to the tunnel that lead into the plasma energy chamber. Mental order from Razorclaw caused the giant to disengage into the five Predacon warriors.

"Get into the tunnel!" Razorclaw roared. "Keep your guns ready! Let the Aerialbots fight with Cryhavoc and that fleshling! We hunt down the bots that already went inside! Divebomb, Headstrong some cover fire!" Razorclaw commanded.

Divebomb moved just inside the tunnel entrance with Headstrong and opened fire on the Aerialbots with Headstrong.

Razorclaw then gestured Tantrum and Rampage to take the lead before slipping into the tunnel himself. "Headstrong! Divebomb! Follow!" He growled to the two Predacons at the entrance.

Divebomb and Headstrong pulled out from the entrance and followed their fellows into the tunnel that lead into the plasma energy chamber.

Razorclaw's gold visor glowed in the darkness as the Predacon commander advanced silently onwards in the dark tunnel. "The 'bots are most likely already fighting with Hatemunger's bunch... we have the surprise element on our side..." He snarled quietly.

Tantrum reloaded his gun and took hold of the hilt of his sword. "I don't like to leave enemies behind me..." He grumbled.

"You think they can beat Cryhavoc down Tantrum? Hah. And don't forget that fleshling... she can sure do some damage too even though I wouldn't like to admit it." Divebomb smirked.

"Go to suck your tailpipe Divebomb." Tantrum muttered, glancing at Divebomb angrily.

"Silence!" Razorclaw hissed. "We're supposed to be an elite team. Just keep going."

2002-01-15, 09:43 PM
Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, Hardhead, and Brainstorm: -skid to halt behind Lockpick-

Nightbeat: -looking at timer- Any ideas, guys?

Siren: Pray?

Hosehead: When in panic, fear or doubt, run in circles, scream and shout?

Nightbeat: -sighs, shakes head, examines timer-

Brainstorm: -stars examining timer as well-

(OOC- Are we talking a sealed unit here? Mercury trip switch? Windup alarm clock wth batteries and dynamite?)

2002-01-15, 09:55 PM
Lockpick runs her hands down the side of the console, quickly finding the seams and pulling one side out to look inside the timer and such. She bites her lip.

"Anyone know about bomb diffusion? I can stop a timer, but it might set off the explosion if its halted. This ain't no simple security system."

2002-01-15, 10:33 PM
Electro took a perfect hit to the chest, the construct tearing open on impact and forcing him back with a grunt. The ground erupted in debris as more shots came at them. Dark Prime ducked a blast, then returned fire, scoring a hit on one of the Crashticon's tail as he pulled back into the chamber. They're retreating...

"Follow 'em in!" Sidewinder yelled as he charged forward.

"No! Sidewinder, pull back!" Dark Prime called out. Sidewinder almost kept going, until Hatemunger appeared in the entryway. His two fusion cannons charged up, and Sidewinder dove away as the Decepticon blasted at and around the entrance.

When the rubble stopped falling, the entryway was sealed.

"Units, report in!"

Everyone reported minor scrapes or blast connections, but nothing major. All but one.

"How's Electro?"

"Bad," Tracks said, kneeling down to him. "He's out, and he doesn't have much chance down here."

"Ironhide, take him to the surface and get him treated."

"But, Prahm--"

"Do it!" Dark Prime growled. "Our fight here is done for now. Set for phase two when I signal."

2002-01-15, 11:07 PM
Brainstorm: -peers into bomb workings- Hmmmm.... What's the old saying? Red before yellow kills a fellow.....

Nightbeat: Something like that.

Brainstorm: I was afraid of that.

Nightbeat: Why?

Brainstorm: They're all grey.

Nightbeat: -groans-

Hosehead: I'll be in the hall....

Siren: Why bother? It won't make any difference.

Hosehead: Good point.

2002-01-15, 11:22 PM
(OOC: Heinrad and Lockpick, hold off on the bomb stuff till later tonight, please? Thanks.)

2002-01-16, 12:34 AM
(OOC: What's wrong with using the already existing Earth thread, Bomberman? It's fairly dead as is...)

Whirl fell silent. He didn't like the proposal. Megatron, alone, secluded, a plot to destroy the Decepticons... It all sounded like a trap. And yet, what good would it do to capture Whirl? He was a Wrecker, an elite Autobot gladiator. Capture was an impossibility. (Suicide was simply part of his contract; he said it made things more exciting.) So what would one pile of Autobot dust do for the Decepticons? He thought it might be legit.

"Whirl!" It was Topspin; the helicopter did not look. "You can't seriously be considering it!"

Can I? Madness can be an effective weapon, as I always say... And nothing is madder than making deals with the devil! Who knows, this just might work out.

Whirl remained quiet, extended his antenna, and responded. "Megatron, you've got yerself a deal."

Topspin gaped. "What?! You've gotta be kidding me! Hey -- Hey! Get back here! I'm not done talking to you!"

But Whirl was already in helicopter mode and en route.

Quick Switch
2002-01-16, 02:47 AM
Quick Switch, taking advantage of the end of the fighting (such as it was) and meandered up to Topspin.

"Were's Whirl off to? Shouldn't we head back to Command and firm up everything? You know, see where we're needed to shore up defenses round here?"

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2002-01-16, 04:25 AM
Hatemunger looked at his men.
"Everyone ok?" He asked.
A few hits on some of them but nothing too serious from what Hatemunger could see. On Crashticon needed a new paint job on his tail end but should still be ok in a fight and merging if needed.
Scrapheap touched up any repair work he could do in short order as the assembled group of Decepticons waited for Jhixaus.

2002-01-16, 08:51 AM
Slisptream landed near Dark Prime and transformed, then gave him a wry look. "Let's hope this 'phase two' plan thing of yours works, aye?"


Silverbolt barely managed to move out of Cryhavoc's path in time, the massive shuttle clipping him on one wing and sending the Aerialbot leader spiraling downwards. With great difficulty Silverbolt managed to straighten out and pull up away from the rapidly-approaching structures below, his damaged wing making manoeuverability rather hard.

The Aerialbot leader, though somewhat shaky, managed to pull himself together and go after Cryhavoc, weapons blazing.

Skydive, AirRaid and Fireflight tried to keep the Predacons from moving back into the tunnel, but the coverfire from Divebomb and Headstrong kept the three Aerialbots at bay.

"We should go after them!" AirRaid burst out, banking around to head for the tunnel mouth.

"No! Silverbolt needs our help with Cryhavoc out here, and we'd be easy targets in that tunnel anyway," Skydive rejoinded, cutting AirRaid off from the tunnel. "C'mon, let's go!"

The three Aerialbots quickly fell into formation and streaked towards Cryhavoc, determined to take him down.

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2002-01-16, 02:49 PM
As Brainstorm fiddled with the bomb, a moniter on the control panel flickered to life, showing Ramjet.

"Hello", he said. "If you're seeing this, you're trying to disarm the bomb that has been affixed to the controls. Well, allow me to tell you that your efforts are futile. There is no way you can remove that bomb!"

The screen flickered.

(OOC: Actually, Heinrad, there is a way to disarm it. Check your PM to find out what it is.)

2002-01-16, 04:51 PM
Nightbeat: I hope gremlins nest in his engines...

Chromedome: So much for the fast and dirty approach.

Brainstorm: Quiet. I need to concentrate. -checking inside of bomb-

2002-01-16, 05:32 PM
"Ahh, excellent."

Megatron thought about killing the little runt, but he wanted to kill the decepticons more at the moment.

"Wait here untill i return."

TimeSplitter's systems began to calculate.

"Megatron, are you really going to do this."

Megatron , his head down.

"There is no other way. No other way."

Megatron transformed into the giant tank. It rolled down the ramp towards the point were they would might.


Upon arrival()()()())()()()()()

Megatron rolled up throughout the dust. He transformed, hius face was unagressive.

"Well Autobot, i do wish to destroy the Decepticons, they are are a threat to us both. I am but an outcast with a new attitude. There is only one way to defeat the decepticons, and that i will show you.!"

Megatron's red eye circuits glitterd in the light.

2002-01-16, 07:23 PM
[OOC: Skycat... I got tired of waiting for Aerialbots to attack Predaking, so... read the last post of page 1... might want to edit your post. http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif ]

BIC: "Didn't have guts to take the hit, huh?" Cryhavoc smirked, two of the twin sonic cannons mounted to his rear section turning towards Silverbolt's direction and opening fire.

At the same time the four other twin sonic cannons of Cryhavoc began to shoot at the smaller Aerialbots.

"You don't have a chance." The massive Decepticon muttered, continuing his tactics, trying to collide with the Aerialbots.

2002-01-16, 09:49 PM
Topspin hoisted himself, and nodded.

"Yeah," he started to Quick Switch. "I suppose we should. Things are just about in order here. But I'm a bit worried about Whirl..."

His eyes turned skyward; words continued to flow.

"He's going to meet Megatron. I don't know what he's thinking. I wanted to follow and make sure everything's okay, but I couldn't catch Megatron's location... and Whirl's shut down his radio."


"Well, I'm sure it's no worry. Whirl's a tough guy, he'll get out just fine. Rack 'N' Ruin, come in."

Topspin raised a wrist to his face and listened to the Wrecker twins' voice from Debris. "Go ahead, Topspin," they responded.

"Quick Switch and I are heading back to Iacon for orders. We'll meet you there."

Rack 'N' Ruin double clicked to affirm, and the channel closed. Topspin transformed.

"Let's fly, good buddy!"


Whirl landed on his feet. (He'd transformed to robot mode in mid-descent.) His eyes met Megatron's. The camoflauged Decepticon was nearly twice his height, and obviously in possession of ferocious armaments. Though he looked different, it had to be Megatron. His aura simply spoke to the Wrecker. He was in meeting with the most vile Decepticon... Still, Whirl spoke confidently.

"I'm listening."

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Quick Switch
2002-01-17, 04:43 AM
Quick Switch nodded, not wanting to attempt to compound the situation that Topspin was attempting to minimize.

"Agreed," he said, transforming to fighter jet mode.

"Let's get back to Iacon." The Hexa Changer rocketed off with the Wrecker.


"C'mon Onslaught!" Swindle whined, grabbing on the Combaticon leader's shoulder.

"What do you propose we do Swindle?" The Combataicon leader rejoined.

"Leave this place while we've got our autonomy," Vortex muttered.

"Yeah, you said it 'Tex," Brawl scratched his head. "Nobody's even payin' attention to us anyhow. We paid our debt to that Gigatron fella, now we head back to the war."

"I paid it, fool, not you." Blast Off growled. "That Jhiaxus did not give us a moment's thanks or recognition. We're not needed here, sir."

Onslaught nodded, noting that none of the unknown Decepticons had batted an optic their way.

"Back to the shuttle bay."


As the Combaticons wearily piled in to the shuttle, Onslaught sank into his command chair.

Blast Off cued the engine, and the shuttle lifted off.

Time past, and Cybertron left them.

"We have no purpose. We served a Commander who merely used us as a temporary pawn. No worse than Megatron...or Galvatron. No, Cybetron is not our place...Blast Off, set course for Earth!"

The space shuttle turned and nodded, then turned back to the helm.

"Yes sir!"

The Raksha turned about on its new course.

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2002-01-17, 09:02 AM
[ooc: Ack, apologies Cryhavoc. I ain't online as much as I'd like t'be, heh, missed that post. Thankee for pointing that out, my previous post has now been edited accordingly.]

Silverbolt was hard-pressed to dodge Cryhavoc's sonic blasts with his damaged wing, but somehow he managed it, dropping underneath the shots and returning fire with his own weapons.

Fireflight and Skydive weaved around Cryhavoc as well, adding their firepower to Silverbolt's, and doing their best to stay in one piece. AirRaid however decided to play a little game of intergalactic chicken with the massive shuttle.

"Y'wanna try and ram me, ya flying lump of junk? Bring it on!" With that, he flew head on towards Cryhavoc, the distance between the two closing rapidly. At the last second, AirRaid pulled up and zoomed just over the top of Cryhavoc, quickly flipping into bot mode and landing on the shuttle's back. Taking out his torque rifle, AirRaid grabbed hold of some part of Cryhavoc's back to keep from being thrown off and aimed his rifle downwards...

2002-01-17, 12:02 PM
A lone shuttlecraft entered the system and moved toward Cybertron. The Cosmobots had been out of contact with their home planet for several million years, and only now were they returning home. A second later, it deaccelerated and came to an immediate stop.

"Woah!" cried Star Runner (the shuttle).
"What is it?" Vanguard moved into the cockpit and peered out of the forward window.

Cybertron lay before them, flames licking at it's surface, some buildings could be seen toppled and ruined, and in places, the flash of laser fire could still be spotted amongst the ruins.

"Oh no!" he exclaimed. The other three Cosmobots; Mercury, Apollo and Thorr came running into the cockpit. Vanguard turned to them
"A major Decepticon attack," Thorr growled, his fist clenched tight, "we have to fight!"
"Woah, slow down. First let's find out what's going on down there. Star Runner, take us down.
"Sure thing," the shuttle replied, before streaking down through the atmosphere of Cybertron toward the planet below.

(OOC: Anyone who's still on the planet's surface, feel free to see the Cosmobots arrive. If there's no one still on the surface, could someone let me know via PM? Thanx).

2002-01-17, 02:19 PM
Hatemunger realised that Jhixaus made yet another foolish error.
"Onslaught, why are you and the Combaticons leaving?" Hatemunger asked. "Jhixaus is more foolish than he seems, but his idea's do make sense for all Decepticons. I think more warriors are needed to make sure his plan works. I implore you not to leave, sides if Jhixaus idea does turn to foolish choas, it would be nice to have more able bodied warriors to stop his plans." Hatemunger turned off his com-link and waited for the energy chamber to finish charging or what Jhixaus was not doing.

Quick Switch
2002-01-17, 03:33 PM
As Raksha left Cybertron's atmosphere an announcement burst over the comm.

"Onslaught, why are you and the Combaticons leaving?" Hatemunger asked. "Jhixaus is more foolish than he seems, but his idea's do make sense for all Decepticons. I think more warriors are needed to make sure his plan works. I implore you not to leave, sides if Jhixaus idea does turn to foolish choas, it would be nice to have more able bodied warriors to stop his plans."

The Combaticons stopped the preparations.

Swindle, Brawl, Vortex and Blast Off swiveled their chairs to face their leader.

Onslaught stewed.

Blast, indecisive command in front of the troops...well, Hatemunger is right. If this Jhiaxus' fellows plans do not come to fruition...we might be of some us here. It looks like we may have one group of allies..

"Blast Off, stand down. We return...for now."


The Combaticons trooped back into the entryway.

Onslaught quickly moved toward Hatemunger, and stood at his side.

"Your plea is the only thing keeping my troops here," he nodded. "But you are right...so here we are."

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2002-01-17, 03:58 PM
"Good good." Hatemunger talked to Onslaught.
"I have plenty of warriors but Jhixaus's men all seem to think he is right, and just in case we do need to fight againist him, the more men we have the better." The looked at the plasma energy chamber.
"Anyway, for now we help him, but watch him carefully if he seems odd we need to stop him." With that Hatemunger told Onslaught "For now just help us to wipe out the Autobots that are trying to attack us."

Quick Switch
2002-01-17, 04:10 PM
Onslaught nodded.

"Yes, glad to make your acquaintance. If the Autobots break through...Bruticus shall crush them."

"You tell 'em Onslaught!" Brawl whooped.

2002-01-17, 06:07 PM
(OOC: I'm bringing the Cosmobots down to the Plasma Energy Chamber. Just so you guys know to expect some more Autobots.)

Star Runner streaked through the skies of Cybertron, the other bots inside keeping an eye open on the ground below. Occasionally, the odd derisory burst of fire would shoot up to meet them, but Star Runner easily avoided those. As they dodged around a rather large building, they were shocked to see a massive tear in the surface of Cybertron.

"Woah! Look at that!" Mercury exclaimed, "What happened?"
"I don't know," replied Vanguard, but we've got to find out. Star Runner, bring us down next to it."

Soon, the shuttle landed, and the rear door ramp lowered with a clang. Vanguard led the other four bots out, weapons drawn, then the door closed and the shuttle transformed into a large and sturdily built robot.

The five Cosmobots approached the hole and peered down.
"It's the Decepticons, I know it," Thorr growled.
"You could be right at that," the Cosmobot leader said. "Apollo, see what you can find out."

The white and red robot nodded, and immediately transformed, folding down into a satellite form. Running lights around his surface flashed as he worked, before he transformed back.

"Multiple transformer signatures down there. I can't get a reading on exactly how many - they're too far down. I'm also detecting a large source of energy."

Vanguard thought for a moment, then clicked his fingers.
"Generator C is down there..."
"What would the Decepticons want with one of the generators?" Mercury asked.
"I don't know, but we're going to find out."

Vanguard leapt into the air, and flew into the gaping hole, swiftly followed by the other Cosmobots.

2002-01-17, 07:02 PM
Megatron looked at the small autobot. He could crunch him down in a second but the Decepticons were the threat not the Autobots. For the moment.

"You, will know of all the Decepticons accomplishments. You see, if we hit them hard, they will come running. If we destroy miner outposts while gathering our forces, our resources, combining my comrades with yours, you need all the men you can get. I know it was written in the covenant of Primus, "Thou shall not kill thy Decepticon in vain." But, that is now beside the point.

The Decepticon Forces are vast. They will try to take over Cybertron again, and your defenses are pitable. They are not much good.

With a few enhancements and some Decepticon power they could be made to last

2002-01-17, 07:05 PM
Though Cryhavoc lacked manouverability he was fast. Clearly faster than the Aerialbots. As Air Raid landed on his back Cryhavoc flipped around and hit the gas, quickly accelerating to speed of Mach 8. Then Cryhavoc began to approach the top of nearby ruined building in attempt to have Air Raid colliding fatally against the building.


Razorclaw stopped advancing forwards into the tunnel and gestured the other Predacons to remain silent with his another frontpaw.

"Two Autobots. Another is wounded. Behind the corner... easy kills." He hissed.

Razorclaw jumped against the wall and bounced from it straight towards Ironhide who was dragging the wounded Electro away from the plasma energy chamber.

2002-01-17, 07:06 PM
Megatron looked at the small autobot. He could crunch him down in a second but the Decepticons were the threat not the Autobots. For the moment.

"You, will know of all the Decepticons accomplishments. You see, if we hit them hard, they will come running. If we destroy miner outposts while gathering our forces, our resources, combining my comrades with yours, you need all the men you can get. I know it was written in the covenant of Primus, "Thou shall not kill thy Decepticon in vain." But, that is now beside the point.

The Decepticon Forces are vast. They will try to take over Cybertron again, and your defenses are pitable. They are not much good.

With a few enhancements and some Decepticon power they could be made to last. I want to see that happen. Take me to Iacon, if you want me to help you. Then everyone will notice me. Around me. An entire army of Autobots agaisnt me, what do you think. I wouldn't have a chance."

2002-01-17, 07:23 PM
"Gauhk!" Ironhide took a slice into his left shoulder as he attempted to dive out of the way. "Pred'icons!" he shouted, pulling his blaster rifle and firing at the nearest of the pack. "This wusn't whut'ah wan'd to have to deal with raht now!" He charged his way towards Rampage, ducking at just the right time and getting under him. He picked up the Predacon with near-ease and chucked him at two approaching Predacons before Rampage could buck in his grip.

Then, he grabbed hold of Electro. Timing his transforming, he was able to store Electro in his cab without assistance.

"Lesse if you boys kin keep up!" With that, he drove at full speed up the corridor

2002-01-17, 07:28 PM
It was Apollo who'd realised it. Once they'd reached Generator C, and found nothing, they were seemingly up against a brick wall. He remembered that the Plasma Energy Chamber was almost directly beneath it. Twelve levels down. THAT was where the Decepticons had gone.

Now, they were skimming down through the spiralling tunnels toward the Chamber, once again inside Star Runner.

"Don't you think that perhaps we should have waited for reinforcements?" Mercury spoke.
"Bah, I just want to bust some Decepticons," that was Thorr, worked up as usual.
"You ALWAYS want to bust some Decepticons."
Vanguard coughed and they both turned to him.
"Perhaps we should have. If we did, we'd have wasted even more time. Hopefully I haven't acted too rashly. Perhaps there will even be some Autobots down here."

"We're here," Star Runner said as they skimmed into the vast outer chamber. Ahead of them, the domed roof of the Plasma Energy Chamber glowed in the light.

"Take us down,"

They once again dismounted, and began trekking through the maze of ditches and conduits that lined the floor. Vanguard in the lead, with Apollo behind.

"Erm, Vanguard?" the surveillance expert spoke up.
"I'm detecting many blips inside the chamber."
"Damn, so they are there. OK, we move cautiously from now on."

They continued their trek. However, if they could detect the Decepticons, the Decepticons could also detect them...

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Quick Switch
2002-01-17, 08:04 PM
Onslaught nodded, and the Combaticons set out on patrol near the Chamber.

As the maze of tunnels fanned out, the Combaticons were on alert.

Hearing a smattering of conversation in one of the tunnels, Onslaught tensed.

"Hmm...intruders, what?"

Vortex snickered.

"Finally. Some action."

Rounding the nearest bend...they saw a cluster of Autobots. (OOC: The Cosmobots)

"Halt, intruders! Surrender now or face termination!" Blast Off bellowed.

"Who cares! Anihilate 'em!" Brawl shouted.

Onslaught moved out in front.

"You've heard our request...now come with us."

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2002-01-17, 08:13 PM
Vanguard held up a hand, and the Cosmobots stopped. He cocked his head to one side.


Optimus stood in the large room, five Transformers in front of him. Behind those stood five more, weapons drawn. On guard. He addressed the front row.

"Onslaught. Blast-Off. Swindle. Brawl. Vortex." The names seemed to ring heavily around the hall.
"For your crimes against the Autobots, you are to be imprisoned in the mind-prison of Aurelia."
The five stood motionless - no flicker of emotion on their faces.
"Take them away Vanguard. You and your Cosmobots have done excellent work today, bringing these five to justice."
"Thank you, Optimus Prime," Vanguard nodded solemnly as he led his team, and the prisoners out of the room.

**Flash Forward**

That memory passed in and out of his mind in a matter of miliseconds. He knew exactly what reaction his surprised query would bring. He ducked into a nearby corridor.

"Cosmobots, find cover and prepare for battle."

The other four quickly complied, ducking behind walls, and into alleyways, leaving the Combaticons alone in the corridor.

The chase was on.

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2002-01-17, 09:35 PM
Hatemunger smiled.
"The Combaticons are still quite a combat force. The Aerialcons and Crashticons should work well with them." he thought.
"Onslaught what is the situation with the Aubobot intruders? I have a plan to destory them."

2002-01-17, 10:28 PM
(sorry for the long pause. haven't been online till now)

Adeara fell from Cryhavoc's shuttle form, and immediately shifted to her firebird form. Maybe our enemies will not realize I'm here, and forget about me... A smile curled the flaming beak. Then, she saw Cryhavoc attacking, and she flew up silently behind one of the Autobots, shifted back to her Decepticon form, drew her sword, and raised it to strike...............

Quick Switch
2002-01-17, 11:19 PM
Onslaught stopped dead as the lead Autobot spoke his name. He to cocked his head...and through the millenia of his existence, a voice fit a face.

His red optics widened.

The Autobots scattered.

Swindle caught the motion, and saw Onsalught begin to shake with little constrained fury.


"Run, ya Autobot cowards!" Brawl laughed, and Vortex chimed in:

"You couldn't find your way out of an Energon frame, much less stand up to us!"

Blast Off inspected his fingers.

Onslaught turned suddenly, causing his troops to recoil.

"Do you know who those Autobots were?"

Swindle was starting to get a sneaking suspicion he'd had a run in with them before, but wasn't going to say anything about it.

"No," Blast Off gasped. "Should we have sir?"

Onslaught stepped forward jabbing one finger at his troops, then back down the hallway whence the Autobots fled.

"Those were the same Autobots who captured us, and took us to Optimus Prime in chains, no better than a common Seeker! We, because of them, were branded 'criminals' and became outcasts, pariahs...even to other Decepticons! Are you starting to understand, Blast Off?"

The space shuttle began to quaver.

"yes sir yes sir yes sir-"

"Those were the...ah, the Cosmobots...and they are responsible for our millenia of imprisonment...of total deprivation to the outside world...and now they have returned to do it again,"

He stepped forward. His troops stepped back.

"I don't give a gilded damn about the Plasma Energy Chamber, Commander Jhiaxus, or the glory of the Decepticon cause...what I do care about is the Cosmobots. Find them...tear them apart...NOW!!"

Blast Off, Brawl, Swindle and Vortex quavered, then ran down the corridor after their quarry.

Onslaught stood, for a moment shaking.

Then, over the comm:

"Onslaught what is the situation with the Aubobot intruders? I have a plan to destory them."

The Combaticon leader steeled himself.

"Hatemunger? My men are in pursuit...we seek the Cosmobots. I doubt you are familiar with them...your assistance would be appreciated. Tell me your plan. I am heading to pursue."

Transforming to vehicular mode, Onslaught sped off.

2002-01-17, 11:41 PM
Brawl was wrong about one thing. The Autobots weren't running, already they had turned, and started moving toward the Combaticons. This time. This time, they wouldn't escape.

Vanguard ran through the corridors, talking into the comm.
"Thorr, take out their air support. Mercury and Apollo, Brawl's yours. Star Runner, Swindle for you."

He stepped out of cover behind Onslaught, who was still quaking with rage as he careened down the corridor.

"Onslaught's mine."

The Combaticon leader half turned as Vanguard fired a rocket which came streaking up behind him...


Meanwhile, Mercury had taken to the sky, and transformed, and was busy drawing out Brawl. The burly Combaticon was firing his rifle wildly, trying to hit the fast moving Autobot. Apollo in the meantime had also launched himself into the air, aiming his two pistols at the distracted Brawl below.


"Yeah, let me at 'em!" Thorr yelled as he dived from the sky, all weapons blazing at Vortex below...

(OOC: Lets make this a good 'un. I've left out Swindle and Blast-Off, since I thought you'd like to do their reactions.)

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Quick Switch
2002-01-18, 12:16 AM
Onslaught's robotic brain buzzed as he engaged in combat.

He heard the rocket before he saw it...and launched another photon missle, and detonated it before it reached him, sending out a shockwave. He transformed to robot mode, whisking his sonic stun gun out of subspace.

He walked forward.

"You self-rightous hypocrite," he seethed. "You served Prime like a Marconian dog, you care nothing for military honor! We did what we were called upon to do by Shockwave with no regrets those millenia ago!"

He took aim.

"I'm not surprised an Autobot cannot comprehend a higher plane of duty." He fired at the Cosmobot leader.


Brawl transformed to tank mode as he saw two Autobots in his periphral vision.

"I'll scrap you both, here and now scumsuckers!"

Brawl fired his turrent gun at Mercury, then shifted his position and began firing a series of bursts with his twin sonic cannon at Apollo, tank treads leaving skid marks in the steel he trode upon.


Vortex gaped as Thorr came down from the sky, as Thorr's weapons raised up marks in the solid steel around him, the Combaticon waited as he came in for another pass.

"Fly me if you dare, Autobot!" Transforming into helicopter mode, Vortex buzzed after Thorr, steadily nearing, and trained his glue gun on him.


Blast Off, who was jogging beside Vortex saw Thorr hurtle down from the sky.

"Amateur," he scoffed as his blasts missed.

Retrieving his ionic blaster, he waited to see how Vortex faired against Thorr...


Swindle sped along in jeep mode, nearly in a panic.

"Oh geez, oh geez, I wasn't even supposed to be here today!"

Suddenly, he overturned after a sharp bend in the highway, careening into a wall.

Transforming unsteadily he rose, groggy. A large form awaited him, cooly competent as always. Star Runner.

"St-Star Runner? Hey, let's make a deal! Yeah, good ol' Swindle! I have no loyalty to those guys, honest! Megatron...brainwashed us! And Shockwave! I don't care who wins this war! I just look out for number one! We all make mistakes! I've learned, and reformed! Bygones be bygones?"

Swindle stepped forward, arms out in a gesture of barely harnessed fear, guised as smoothness.

2002-01-18, 12:34 AM
Vanguard leapt aside as Onslaught's sonic rifle gouged chips out of the wall where his head had been a second ago. The shards patted against his body like rain, but he took no notice of them. Transforming into buggy mode and firing at the same instant, he raced around Onslaught, turret tracking the bigger Combaticon as he moved to outflank him.

"Honour?" he spat. "You don't know the meaning of the word.


Mercury retro'd sharply, the extreme outer edge of the turret shell burning a trail off his nosecone.
"Ouch!" he exclaimed, "That hurt!"

Meanwhile, Apollo was dodging around the sky, trying his best to avoid Brawl's blasters.
"Erm, Mercury!" he called as a wild shot charred his armour. "A little help here?" he called over the radio.

"Sure thing buddy!"
The scout imediately turned, and streaked in toward the battle, then suddenly transformed back into robot mode, firing blasts from his concussion pistol at the heavy tracks of Brawl's tank form.


Vortex had took off after him, leaving Blast Off with a look of amusement on his face.
"So, you wanna play huh?" Thorr grinned as he opened his afterburners, streaking across the massive room, Vortex trying to keep up. Then, he banked sharply and came about, jinking through the sky as he neared Vortex.
"Yike! You'll pay for that Decepticreep!" he yelled as he rolled his wings sharply and the glue gun shot strayed wide. Righting himself, he fired off his blaster cannon and powered up the blasters for another strafing run...


Star Runner peered carefully at Swindle.
"Right." he said simply, and aimed his rifle at the Decepticon's head.

(Flec: Sig removal.)

EDIT: thanks Flec. I always forget that.

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2002-01-18, 12:43 AM
Brainstorm: -still scanning the bomb- Pressure sensors in the casing, trip sensors on the attachment points, and I think it's linked into the main console control points here, here, and here. -points to appropriate points-

(OOC- How much time left on timer?)

2002-01-18, 12:52 AM
Lockpick tilts her head. Sensors and traps she understood. "Trip sensors... tension style?" she says, already one hand rummaging in her subspace for what they'd need.

Quick Switch
2002-01-18, 12:53 AM
The blasts from Vanguard's weapon knocked Onslaught down, thudding him into the floor.

Rising on one knee, he snarled.

"Indeed? We'll see," he transformed to missle trailer mode, and began to speed toward Vanguard, attempting to ram his faster opponent...


Brawl took aim, and fired at Mercury with his turrent, more specifically, his legs.

"This outta trip ya up! Ha ha!" he chortled as he saw the shell hit, seeming to throw Mercury back into a wall...a stun blow.

Brawl's treads though creaked under their abuse. He seemed to zag... he trained his weapons on Apollo, maniacal laughter ringing....


Vortex barely dodged Thorr's blaster shot, though his tail rotor was zinged by the blast.

"I'm not impressed," he remarked, continuing to fire his glue gun in timed bursts.


Swindle saw Star Runner seem to turn, near the vicinity of Brawl's battle with Mercury.

"Yeah...your friends gettin' hurt! You don't want me!" Not saying another word, he transformed to Jeep mode, skidding unsteadily down a corridor.

I've gotta get back to Onslaught!

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2002-01-18, 01:04 AM
(OOC: I love fight'n)

Vanguard grimaced (or rather, if he had a face in vehicle mode he would have). Spinnig his turret around, he fired another blast, which Onslaught skillfully dodged.
Dammit, this isn't working. he thought, then spotted a sight up ahead that brought a grin to his face.

Speeding underneath a low beam, he fired a missile at one end of it, causing it to slam down behind him as Onslaught neared...


"Argh!" Mercury was thrown back against a wall as the blast from Brawl hit him.
"No!" cried Sun Runner, and he launched himself towards his fallen comrade, rifle blazing at Brawl. Swindle meanwhile, had made good his escape, and roared off away from the angered Sun Runner.
"Keep on him Apollo!" Sun Runner shouted as he rolled his friend over. Groaning slightly, Mercury sat up.
"Ouch, my head," the scout groaned.
"Are you OK pal?" Sun Runner asked worriedly.
"Oh sure, it's only a scratch," Mercury shook his head to clear it.
"Then lets hit the sky, and nail some Combaticons."

The two transformed into their flight modes, and streaked into the sky, looking for targets.


Apollo had retreated behind a wall from the attack of Brawl. Panting heavily, he reloaded his pistols and got ready to rejoin the fight.


Vortex's shot slammed home into Thorr's right wing, sending him spiralling out of control toward the ground. Moments before he hit, he transformed, and somehow managed to land on his feet. Grunting in pain, he noticed his arm was smoking.

"I've got you now Autobot!" Vortex dropped from the sky, weapons blazing. Hurriedly, Thorr gritted his teeth and returned fire with his cannon.

Quick Switch
2002-01-18, 01:27 AM
The beam slammed mere inches away from Onslaught. Skidding to a halt, the trailer revved.

"It's time to end this," Onslaught growled.

"Combaticons, report to my position! Now!"

Onslaught drove toward an open area...


Brawl broke off his assault and met up with Onslaught...


Vortex, letting loose a blast of glue at his target screamed,

"I love sneak attacks!" but, hearing his leaders request over his comm unit, flew to his position...


Swindle zoomed around a corner when Blast Off leaped into his passenger seat.

"Geez, where'd you come from?!" Swindle yelped.

"Dosen't matter...Vortex took care of that fool. Let's get to Onslaught."

The two stopped at Onslaught, now in robot mode...


"This ends now! These Autobots shall not deny us victory by seperating us...Combaticons, combine into...Bruticus!"

In seconds, the Combaticons had merged into the Super Warrior.

"Bruticus...crush...Cosmobots. Bruticus...cursh...you...all!!"

His massive sonic stun gun materialized in one huge fist, missle cannon in the other. The super warrior strode forward, rocking the area with his footfalls.

Bruticus fired his missle cannon at Sun Runner and Mercury, then turned his attention to Vanguard, and discharged his sonic stun rifle, crushing the steel beam Vanguard had dislodged underfoot.

With a roar of glee, Bruticus battled.

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2002-01-18, 01:49 AM
(OOC: I was wondering who'd form first...)

Ducking back into cover, Thorr managed to avoid the hits from the glue gun. As the Combaticons converged on Onslaughts position, he checked himself over for injuries, and took to the air. He was stopped in his tracks however, as he saw the Decepticons merge into the gigantic gestalt.

"Uh oh," he muttered.

As Sun Runner and Mercury took to the air, a concussive blast from the missile cannon blasted them apart. Pulling up hard, they regained a level flight - just.

"Cosmobots, you know what to do!" Vanguard called, and transformed, shooting up into the air as Bruticus swatted for him, swiftly followed by Apollo.

Thorr swooped in low, and joined them in the air. The fivesome was completed by Mercury and Sun Runner as they swooped in in flight modes.

"Cosmobots, unite and form Proximus!"

Swiftly enlarging and extending their bodies, the five transformers came together in mid-air to form a gigantic white robot, sleekly lined and powerfully limbed. A rocket launcher materialised in his left hand, and a flaming red sword appeared in his right.

"Prepare to meet your final judgement Combaticons!" Proximus cried, and swooped down to attack his foe, firing as he came.

Quick Switch
2002-01-18, 02:01 AM
Bruticus took in the sight of Proximus for about a moment...and then the blasts came.

Leaping into the air, most of the rockets zooming by him, others impacting him, Bruticus fired multpile bursts from his missle cannon and sonic stun gun, all the while unleashing ultrasonic sound waves which battered against Proximus' brain...

"Die, Autobot!"

2002-01-18, 02:14 AM
The impact of the sonic waves disoriented the Autobot giant a bit, but being more intelligent than most Gestalts, he was less affected than others of his size. He did however swerve, and that was enough to make his next shot go wide of the target, and narrowly miss slamming into the plasma energy chamber. Instead, he aimed a slash at Bruticus as the two giants slammed into each other in midair, the force of the impact jarring them up towards the cavernous roof way above their heads.

"Not today Bruticus," Proximus growled as they struggled.

(OOC: OK, blatant thievery of a line I know, but I couldn't resist)

Quick Switch
2002-01-18, 02:22 AM
(OOC: Heh.)

Bruticus grappled with Proximus, snarling at the combiner's return of his threat.

As they neared the roof, the super warrior got an idea.

Depositing his weapons, he began to push upward, thrusting Proximus with his arms in the process.

As the roof neared, Bruticus put on more booster speed. Proximus wouldn't see it coming...

(OOC: Just in case you didn't know, Bruticus is trying to ram Proximus into the roof.)

2002-01-18, 02:28 AM
As the two Gestalts, still locked in a tight grip soared towards the ceiling without any sign of stopping, it was clear to Proximus exactly what Bruticus intended.

"Primate," growled Proximus, and started to push back against his enemy. Gripping his sword, he jammed it downwards towards one of Bruticus' massive arms, causing him to loosen his grip on the Autobot. Then, with a massive shove, Proximus pushed downwards, breaking the grip, and giving him room to swing his rocket launcher up and fire at point-blank range...

2002-01-18, 02:31 AM
(OOC: Sorry, Hienrad)

As Brainstorm fiddled with the timer, the countdown continued unrelentingly.


Quick Switch
2002-01-18, 02:40 AM
Bruticus became even more enraged as Proximus broke his hold...and then he saw the rocket launcher.

He thought.

Sending out ultrasonic waves once more, Bruticus focused as much of the attack as he could on the fired rocket, as he himself flew downward.

The rocket, needless to say, exploded over the area.

Bruticus roared,

"Bruticus superior! Proximus inferior!"

Ripping out part of a large steel superstructure, Bruticus broke one massive girder off, throwing the rest below, to fall where it may.

Whirling it like a quarterstaff, he charged, whistling the staff at his enemy.

2002-01-18, 02:42 AM
Nightbeat: -wincing- Nnn.

Siren: You okay?

Nightbeat: Sonic cannon's gone off somewhere nearby. Either that or Minerva's listeing to Enya again.....

Chromedome: -chuckles-

Nightbeat: Hardhead, Siren, and Hosehad, guard the doorway. The Decepticons figure that we're up to something, and they might try to stop us from stopping their plans.

Hardhead, Siren, and Hosehead: -unison- Aye, sir. -start reiforcing the door and taking up firing positions-

Brainstorm: No point in cuting the trip sensors. The way they're wired up, disabling them will set it off. -sighs- Commander, you do know we have a way out if all looks bad.

Nightbeat: No.

Brainstorm: You're the one who said that fearless is fine, but we need to use or heads as well. We might not be able to stop this.

Nightbeat: I'm not leaving without Minerva...... not without my sister.

Brainstorm: And I'm not sure I can stop this bomb.

Nightbeat: -scowls, then squares shoulders- Chromedome, take over here. -transforms-

Siren: Why not use the commlink?

Muzzle: She won't come willingly, not when she' got a patient. You know that. -starts engine, actvates vehicle weapons systems- I'll be back.

Siren: -opens door-

Muzzle: -floors accelerator, roars out of room-

Siren: Good luck, boss! -closes door-

Brainstorm: -almost to self- He's as bad as we are.

Chromedome: That's why he's in charge.

Brainstorm: -still scanning- How?

Chromedome: He's more of a loner than any of us. This way, he has to work with people, rather than letting them tag along.

Siren: This is true. He's gotten better over time.

2002-01-18, 02:45 AM
On the ground, the Spychangers were still standing beside Fort Max when they detected movement underground.

"Hey", Hot Shot asked. "Hot Shot to any Autobots underground. What's going on down there?"

(OOC: Hienrad, wanna help me out here, please? I haven't used these guys in a while.)

2002-01-18, 02:55 AM
Siren: -activates commlink to Hot Shot- We're trying to disarm a bomb that could blow up the whole planet. How are things up there?

2002-01-18, 02:56 AM
(OOC: Well we're all stealing lines from the Movie today aren't we? :P )

Proximus snarled in anger as the missile was deflected. Would this monster ever stay down? Seeing Bruticus's new weapon, he moved forward to meet him.

Both were skilled. Both were powerful. Bruticus was slightly stronger, Proximus slighty quicker. Almost a perfect match.

As they battled, the sword of one versus the quarterstaff of the other, Proximus was continually watching for the mistakes of his opponent, but there weren't many. A sword thrust would be turned away by the quarterstaff, and the swing of the quarterstaff would be dodged by the other.

On and on they fought and struggled to gain the advantage. Neither of them realised that they were nearing terra firma, until Bruticus landed with an almighty crunch of metal, followed by Proximus with an equally loud clang. After a moment of adjustment, they returned to the fray...

2002-01-18, 02:57 AM
(OOC- What kind of help do you need?

2002-01-18, 03:01 AM
(OOC: I don't know. Just get 'em used.)

Hot Shot responded to Siren

"We're waiting outside Brave Maximus, waiting for it to get powered up. But not much is happening. Need assistance?"

2002-01-18, 03:01 AM
Lockpick moves in beside brainstorm, eyes scanning the innards of the bomb "NO sensor net is without a way through... lesse...." she starts darting her optics from sensor to sensor, mind twisting and compiling the information for use. There wsan't much time left. "What about just disconnecting the wires from the explosives? Isolate the timer, so that no trigger-signal is sent?"
she asks as she works, touching nothing yet..

(OOC - anyone wanna PM me if I should find any loopholes?)

2002-01-18, 03:03 AM
(OOC: Well, seeing as I got the ball rolling, I'll let ya know.)

2002-01-18, 03:10 AM
Siren: -over commlink to Hot Shot- Any of you know anything about bomb diffusion?

2002-01-18, 03:22 AM
(I am having p.c. problems again, so don't take my silence to mean you are being ignored. If there are huge gaps in my appearances here and something really needs to be done, Flec has my permission to post as Jhiaxus.)

Jhiaxus looked up and then looked at the monitor...the rift was stablizing, which meant that Gigatron had done his part brilliantly...now it was time to bring his friend back...and to change history.

Jhiaxus: "Decepticons...myself, Cryhavoc, Sixshot, Adeara, the cassettes, and Scorponok must take Gigatron and take our leave of you now...you must not allow the the Autobots to interfere...fight them, portect us, for upon our return...Decepticon glory shall be fully realized."

Jhiaxus smirked as he looked down and began to press a series of buttons, the floor boards under the Decepticon group began to glow and a light began to emit from the plasma energy chamber...

"now it is time that history is unmade!"

*topic closed continued in chapter 6*

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Quick Switch
2002-01-18, 03:27 AM
Bruticus growled...so close...and then the sword swung out. The flat of it, actually.

Which made a large clang as it impacted with the combiner's skull.

Bruticus reeled backward, then collapsed into the deserted open area near the Chamber.

"Next time..." Bruticus snarled...and then everything went black.