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2002-09-13, 03:00 PM
Somewhere in Decepticon teritory, five beings materialize.

Malzra: "We have arrived. This is your homeworld of Cybertron"

Frost: "So this is our homeworld.."

Blaze: "Not like you pictured it huh boss?"

Shock: "Yeah, no trees, no mountains, just metal"

Gale: "Ironic, the world we destroyed was so similar to our own.."

Malzra: "You may not remember it, but acording to the logs in your craft, this is your homeworld. I do have one more gift for you" Malzra said as he produced four crystals. Each glowed in a different color, red, green, yellow and blue. The crystals floated to Blaze, Gale, Shock and Frost respectivly. "Should you become injured, these crystals will aid your recovery process. This world is probably devoid of mana, so use these if needed"

Frost: "Thank you Master Malzra"

Malzra: "No, I'm not your master anymore. Maybe we'll meet again sometime. Goodbye my Elementals" he said as he dissapeared.

"Alright. The first thing we have to do is scout out the planet. Our main targets should be places where the inhabitants gather"

"Right" Blaze, Gale and Shock said in unison as they transform into their bird forms and fly off in different directions. Gale towards Iacon, Blaze towards Polyhex and Shock in an irratic patern zigzagging all over the place.

Frost scouted out the nearby area and soon came across an inn of some sort.

("Hmm, The Pit. Odd name for an inn") she thought as she steps inside. As soon as she enters, several of the patrons turn towards her. Ignoring them, and their whistles, she walks right up to the bar and adresses the bartender. "You are the owner of this establishment?" she asks in a commanding tone. "Depends on who's asking, lass" the bartender replied. "My name is Frost. I'm new to this region and was wondering which places are of interest" she explained. A bot standing next to her put his hand on her leg. "If you're interested, my place is worth a look" he said.
"I am not, and remove that hand or suffer the consequences.." Frost said. "Is that a threat missy?" the bot asked squeezing her leg a bit. "I warned you.." was all Frost said, the next moment the bot's hand was frozen solid. And the ice kept crawling up the arm until it was halfway. Frost then grabbed the arm and shattered it. The bot clutched the stump that was once his arm and cast Frost a look that could kill. "Why you.." he started, but was stopped by Frost's gaze. "I warned you, be grateful it was just your arm I shattered!" she said in a tone that brooked no argument. She then turned back to the bartender. "Now, where were we before we got interupted?" she asked. "Places of interest you say? Well, there's a duel going on in the colloseum at Polyhex. Then there's the Decepticon and Autobot capitols of Darkmount and Iacon. I suggest visiting those places" the bartender replied in an eager voice. He was eager alright, eager to get Frost out of his establishment before she froze the place solid. "Thank you for your information, I'll be taking my leave now" she said as she leaves The Pit. Outside she transforms into her bird form. ("Hmm, that was not a good start.. oh well, I hope the others have more luck") she thought as she heads off into the cybertronian sky.

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2002-09-13, 05:14 PM
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2002-09-24, 05:03 PM
Frost had flown halfway across Cybertron when she spotted something up ahead. Judging by the way it moved and the fact it was bright yellow, Frost could only conclude that it was Shock.

As the two Elementals neared each other, Frost contacted Shock.

"Ah Shock, what have you discovered?"

"'Structure-of-plane-is-spherical-and-fully-metalic. I-discovered-areas-that-were-devastated. Also-many-bodies. I-wonder-what-happened" Shock reported in her fast voice.

"I've seen the same things. I suspect either an invasion has taken place, or the was a war. Ironic isn't it? That our homeworld is so much like the world we destroyed" Frost replied.

Just then Gale's communication reached Frost. "Frost, this is Gale, I'm inside what appears to be a capital of some sort. I overheard the leader of a group calling themselves 'Autobots' order a search for some artifact. It sounded important. May I aid in the search? It would be a good chance to observe them and gain their trust"

Frost was thinking for some time. "Permission granted Gale. Ask if all four of us can aid in the search. The rest of us will join you shortly" she responded to Gale.

"What's-Gale-found?" Shock asked.

"She seems to have found a chance to observe the inhabitants up close and personal. We will join her, as soon as Blaze get's here" Frost answered as she turned to a red speck on the horizon.

Blaze had homed in on Frost and Shock's aura's, a trait shared by the sisters. She flew along side Frost. "Hiya boss, what's up?" she asked.

"Gale has found a group of inhabitants that require assistance. What have you found?" Frost stated.

"I encountered an arena of sorts, I ony saw one match. The warriors of this word seem to value honor above victory. An interesting event occured during the match, a group in the crowd merged into a titan. This would confirm that this world is our original home" Blaze answered.

"Could-we-get-going?-Gale-is-gonna-leave-without-us-at-this-rate" Shock said as she started flying towards the area she detects Gale's aura.

Frost and Blaze quickly followed their energetic sister. The three of them were quite a peculiar sight. One bird of fire, one of ice and one of lightning flying in formation towards Iacon.

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2002-11-07, 01:49 PM
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