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God Jinrai
2001-12-02, 06:00 PM
OOC: I have to try. bombshell, Skycat, brend, at this moment, the chars you have are all the selected chars... all others are npc.. I pray others join. but I have to try. if it fails... so be it.


A cybertron ship blazes from deep space on a direct course for a destron supercruiser... This ship is the current base of operations for the Destron commander, magmatron... heavy fire rains on the ship, but it manages to sneak through... quickdocking, and burning an entry hatch of its own into the super cruiser... A lone cybertron warrior enters the ship... quickly making his way to the command center... hist brute strength deals with any destrons foolish enough to come in contact with him on the way... several have their heads crushed against the wall... others, holes punched through their torsos...

The lone cybertron arrives at the command chamber, and spots the destron commander at the controls of the ship's super weapon... preparing to fire it...


Bringing his big cannon to bear on the destron leader and the controls... he opens fire...

2001-12-02, 09:38 PM
Magmatron jumps out of the way just in time to avoid the shot from the mysterious Cybertron warriror. He turns to see who the foolish soul is that has attacked him.

"Ah, Big Convoy", he says with a bit of malice. "I thought that you would know better than that."

He fired off his weapon at Big Convoy.

God Jinrai
2001-12-03, 04:01 AM
Big leapt to the left, dodging the oncomming rockets, going into a shoulder roll... the blast colided with the control panel...

"One down... two to go..." he muttered... Magmatron was still in his way... and certainly not to be underestimated... however... the second objective... rather the primary objective was an easy enough target... the power core of the ship was right behind magmatron... one shot... and BC's mission would be completed... but Magmatron still had to be dealt with...

Bringing his dual tonfa from their holding racks in his forearms, big assumed a semi defensive stance, and charged magmatron...

(OOC: Bombshell, little hand to hand if you dun mind. magma's listed weapons were a blade and some rockets/missles, granted I've no problem with adding an additional weapon to it... just wana go for some variety...since we're equipped right)

2001-12-03, 03:03 PM
(OOC: OK, Jinrai. Thanx fot the assist.)

Magmatron saw the large form of Big Convoy charging at him.

"The fool", he thought. "What chance does he have against me?"

Unsheathing his blade, he charged at Big Convoy, screaming "Prepare to meet you're doom, Convoy!"

God Jinrai
2001-12-03, 05:51 PM
BC's optics burned brightly...

"No, magmatron... it's YOU that should fear for your life!"

The distance now closed, Big brought his right fist in a mighty cross, aimed for Magmatron's face... his left arm still at the read for magmatron's inevitable counterstrike...

"You're not going to win this day, magmatron... give up while you still can!"

2001-12-03, 11:34 PM
Magmatron went down from Big Convoy's hit to his face. He rubbed his jaw.

"Give up?!", he said with some surprise. "I am Magmatron! I never give up!"

He got up on his feet and went to the controls of his super weapon, seeing the wrecked controls.

"And if you think you can stop me, you're wrong!", he shouted, charging Big Convoy again.

God Jinrai
2001-12-04, 12:11 AM
BC was beginning to become slightly annoyed with magmatron...

"Destron leader or not, you've gotten on my last nerve, you blasted dinohybrid!"

Big leapt into the air, diving down at Magmatron, tonfa held back ready to arc forward in a crescent ready to wail on magmatron...

2001-12-04, 12:18 AM
Magmatron went down due to Big Convoy's overhead tackle.

"You can't beat me", he said.

(OOC: Jinrai, check your PM in a minute

God Jinrai
2001-12-04, 02:20 AM
bringing both tonfa in a wide arc, big convoy smashed both fighting sticks into magmatron... slumped over, slightly drained from the attack, he stared at the destron as he rose again...

"one way or the other, this cruiser is going down... like it or not, magmatron..."

He'd barely gotten his own bearings when magmatron's blade crescented down in a massive arc, cleaving one of the mamoth tusks from his shoulder... big was grateful magmatron's aim hadn't been further to the right... any further, and his head would have been what was removed...

2001-12-04, 02:51 AM
(OOC: Hope you don't mind if I do this, Jinrai

Magmatron shoved Big Convoy off of his body.

"Arrogant fool!", he shouted. "Didn't you learn anything from history? Over the millions of years, the conflict between the Cybertrons and Destrons has waged unrelentingly. And while we were always defeated, we have always managed to cause damage to our opponents. Now will be no different."

He brought his blade over Big Convoy's head and brought it down.

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God Jinrai
2001-12-04, 04:02 AM
Big Convoy managed to move his head barely in time; the blade cleaved down, cleaving through what wold have been his collar bone, were he human... it was then he lost it... and battle fury took over. BC scrunched his legs in, managing to fling magmatron away with an outward thrust...

"And we cybertrons have always risen again to stop you, Magmatron! This skirmish ends NOW!"

Big brought his massive cannon to bear on the reactor core set behind the fiberglass shielding. he didn't even bother to pinpoint a spot... any slight energy imbalance in the core would cause significant damage... but the amount of energy his cannon was about to add to the mix would cause a total overload... causing the core to go into a meltdown state... that couldn't possibly be stopped... big's trigger finger twitched slightly, and squeezed... the massive energy blast errupted from the cannon barrel on a collision course with the core

2001-12-04, 03:00 PM
Magmatron saw Big Convoy shoot at the reactor core of his ship. He new if that energy hit, the reactor would overlorad, and they would crash.

"You fool!", he yelled. "What have you done?!. You'll destroy us both!"

God Jinrai
2001-12-04, 09:25 PM
"Wrong, magmatron! I'm gone!"

As Big Convoy released the trigger, he pivoted, and bolted down the hallway for the maintanence room he'd docked his ship to... he arrived none too soon, and climbed into the fighter... deattaching from the super cruiser, and streaking off before the explosion...

" That's not likely the last I'll see of magmatron... but regardless..."

The ship errupted in a massive super nova-esque explosion

"...mission complete."

Big streaks off into space headed for cybertron command to refuel and recieve his next mission...

2001-12-04, 11:36 PM
The wreckage of Magmatron's ship flew all over space, scattering chunks of metal everywhere.

Among the ruins drifted the barely conscious, but still operaational body of Magmatron.

"Convoy, your time will come", he said to himself.

He flew off after Convoy's ship. On the way, he met up with a abandoned spaceshi. He boarded it, then set course for a secret rendevous point he knew.

"Convoy'll probably get help", he said to himself. "Better get some help of my own."

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God Jinrai
2001-12-06, 02:01 AM
Arriving at the massive spacedock,BC recieves a message sent down from the convoy council itself. it reads as follows:

"Big Convoy. Report to the council chambers immedieately. Your new assignment has been chosen."

Big reported to the chambers as ordered... but was very surprised by what the council had to say...

"Big Convoy. Your new assignment is to train a group of new cybertron warriors as their commander. Your ship, the Gung Ho, is waiting at dock 10."

Big protested..."I appologize, but I can't take this assignment. I work alone. It's not my style to be a babysitter for some trainees still in their diapers."

Hyper Convoy was the one to reply...

"These orders come directly from Vector Sigma itself, Big Convoy."

Big went silent... To defy vector sigma was to defy the creator of his race... And more importantly... Vector Sigma had never made a wrong decision before... it had never errd... Big Convoy was not about to defy it now. Turning from the council, he started for Dock 10...

(ooc: now would be the time for you other people to get in on things as this is the point where big meets his team.)

2001-12-06, 04:41 AM
Mach Kick strode through the spacedock towards Dock 10, thoughts about his new assignment running through his mind. Ever since the Thoroughbred Corps had been destroyed, the warrior had been at loose ends. This seemed to be a good opportunity to at last be doing something, even if it was just training. Better than just sitting around twiddling his thumbs and getting rusty.

He finally reached his destination, the ship Gung Ho berthed at dock 10. Gung Ho... what a name for a ship... Standing at the base of the Gung Ho's ramp was Big Convoy, the massive warrior not looking particuarly pleased with his new assignment.

"Mach Kick, reporting for duty, sir," Mach Kick said, coming to a halt in front of Big Convoy and snapping off a sharp salute.

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God Jinrai
2001-12-06, 04:30 PM
Big turned slowly, and spotted the oncomming trainee... "Mach Kick eh? any idea where the REST of the crew is?"

Big's expression changes slightly a moment later...

"Look, I appologize for just going off like that... but as you likely can tell, I'm not quite thrilled about being commander to some green trainees... especially when magmatron is still out there on the loose."

2001-12-06, 11:23 PM
Meanwhile, out in space...

Magmatron's ship rendevoued with another ship, carrying his troops. A large and mmenacing looking Destron stepped up to Magmatron.

"Guiledart, reporting for action", he said.

A Destron looking ready to explode in all directions stepped up next.

"Sling, ready for action!", he said.

Next came a Destron that was Magmatron's personal favourite. A no-nonsense warrior, he nonetheless hates working with others.

"Dead End, here.", he said.

"Ah, my loyal forces!", said Magmatron. "Together, we shall rule the universe."

(OOC: Jinrai, I didn't include Saberback as part of this group cause I couldn't find info on him. Also, could you PM me so I can know what to do next?)

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2001-12-07, 05:12 AM
Mach Kick raised a browridge slightly at Big Convoy's outburst, but otherwise ignored it. "Don't worry, I can understand your feelings on the situation. As for the rest of the crew..." He shrugged slightly and gave a dry smile. "I'm sure they'll get here soon enough."

(ooc: If needed, I can play one or two more of the Cybertrons. Lemme know what's wanted.)

2001-12-08, 12:05 AM
Meanwhile, in space, Magmatron and his troops waited.

A short time later, another ship arrived. This ship docked with Magmatron's.

Inside, at the docking hatch, Magmatron, Guildeart, Sling and Dead End waited.

The hatch open, and three Destrons appeared.

"Ah,", said Magmatron. "With the addition of Saberback, Crazybolt and Hydrar, our team will be unstoppable!"

"So now what do we do", asked Dead End.

"We will be heading for a planet called Gaea", said Magmatron.

"Why", asked Sling.

Magmatron came over and knocked the smaller Destron down.

"Fool! The previous leader of the Cybertrons, LioConvoy, along with my predeccessor, Galvatron, crashed on this planet. Galvatron had discovered this source of power called Angorumoa. I intend to succeed where he failed and capture this energy."

"How do you know this?", asked Dead End.

"I uncovered secret information about this", said Magmatron. "But that is unimportant! It is logical that Big will go off looking for his fellow Cybertron, and that planet seems to be the most likely starting position. Let's go!"

The ship carrying Magmatron and his Destron army headed off towards the planet Gaea.

2001-12-08, 08:57 AM
Footsteps approached the dock from behind Mach Kick, and he glanced over his shoulder to see Long Rack and Break approaching. "Well, here's two of them now, at least..."

2001-12-15, 03:00 AM
As the ship carrying Magmatron's forces sped towards Gaea, Magmatron conversed with Dead End.

"So, we're going to this planet to get some energy?", he asked Magmatron.

"Yes", answered Magmatron.

"And you expect Convoy to come there, too?", he asked again.

"Yes", Magmatron responded.

"Are you ok", asked Dead End again.

Magmatron was thinking about his battle with Convoy, and how he had let him escape. He swore to himself that he wouldn't let it happen again.

"Yes", he muttered to Dead End.

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God Jinrai
2001-12-15, 04:14 PM
Big glanced at the approaching longrack and break... "Well...I suppose this is better than no crew at all..." he sighed.... "Alright, folks... board the Gung Ho, and prepare to move out..." Big approached a comm panel on the wall... "Attention, all whiney trainies assigned to Big Convoy as their commander... haul your tails down to docking bay 5 or be left behind! That's all!"

Big turned and headed for the gung ho.

2001-12-16, 06:11 AM
Mach Kick smiled slightly to himself at Big Convoy's comm message. This was going to be a very interesting training run...

He waited for LongRack and Break to reach him, then gestured towards the ship. "Let's get aboard, shall we?"

Break nodded and gave Mach Kick a slight grin before hurrying aboard, while LongRack paused beside him. "Sorry we're late," the giraffe-bot said apologetically.

"Don't worry 'bout it, you've beaten some of the others here at least," Mach Kick said dryly as he led LongRack on board the Gung Ho.

2001-12-24, 05:03 AM
Heinrad: -standing at base of Gung Ho's docking ramp, looking down at datapad- "...orders for shipping out under Big Convoy aboard the Gung Ho. Training run. Don't forget, you're the cute fuzzy one, ha, ha, ha. Signed Base CO." I knew I should've gone with the rat look..... -sighs, walks up ramp-

As a professional tanuki (I'm a Japanese mythological animal), I have an alarm clock built into me somewhere. I also look like a stuffed animal. And you thought your life was tough......

God Jinrai
2001-12-24, 05:14 PM
Big turned from the comm panel, and approached the huge ship... and spotted the fourth member of his team...

"And you are...?"

big chuckled slightly... muttering to himself... "Great...a tanuki with an alarmclock imbedded in his chest. this one ought to be REAL interesting."

He extended his right hand... "Big Convoy. I'm the commander of the Gung Ho, and ...aparently your...mentor I suppose. come on. It's time to roll out."

big walked up the ramp into the gung ho's loading area... proceeding to its command center...

2001-12-25, 04:11 AM
Heinrad: My name is Heinrad, Commander. -straps in for lift off-

As a professional tanuki (I'm a Japanese mythological animal), I have an alarm clock built into me somewhere. I also look like a stuffed animal. And you thought your life was tough......

2001-12-27, 11:12 PM
Heinrad: Uhm... Commander? Where exactly are we going? Is this just a training mission? Or are we going somewhere specifc? And if it's "second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning", we're going to be the strangest thing to hit Peter Pan since Disney.

God Jinrai
2001-12-27, 11:45 PM
Big's optics dimmed slightly, and he glanced at heinrad but returned his gaze to the viewscreen... "We're going to Gaea. the last known location of Lio Convoy's squad. there are some strange going-ons on the planet... and we've reason to believe it's angolomous energy we're dealing with... magmatron, nor ANY destron... can be permitted to gain control of it. Mach Kick. set course, and engage the warp drive."

Big took his seat in the command chair...

"This...is going to be a disaster" he muttered to himself... "but...if I must..."

2001-12-28, 07:47 PM
Meanwhile, in orbit of Gaea...

Magmatron's ship hovered in orbit of the planet.

"Can you detet anything", Magmatron asked Saberback.

"No", came the reply. "I can detect no sign of Galvatron or any other Transformer".

"This is most strange", Magmatron muttered to himself. "Take us down."

The ship headed towards the surface of Gaea.

2001-12-30, 08:55 PM
Heinrad: -calls up preliminary scans fo Gaea- Looks like a quiet planet.....

2002-01-10, 02:21 AM
Heinrad: -in beast mode, pads into quarters- Ahhhh..... off-duty at last...... -picks up sake container and duffel bag, hangs duffel bag on hook, pours himself a small cup of sake, grabs a comic book, and lays down on bunk- I wonder what The Spirit is up to this month.......

God Jinrai
2002-01-10, 02:36 AM
Back on the bridge, Big Convoy sat in his command chair... Star lines streamed around the gung ho... and after what seemed like only cycles... the ship exited warp...

"Gaea... " he muttered.
Checking the scanners, he could tell that all was not right...

"Energy scans... are off the scale in one focused place... and... SLAG! Destron landing craft's already on-planet! Longrack! assemble the crew, and take the space sleds down to the planet. I'll assume a command post here on the gung ho. If things become to hairy, I'll be on planet in no time."

"Magmatron's down there.... I can feel it in my circuits..." he muttered...

2002-01-10, 03:52 AM
Heinrad: -curled up in a ball on his bunk, snoring loudly, when alert klaxon goes off- GAHHHHH!!!!! -jarred awake and thrown off bunk, lands on floor head first- Owwwww....... -transforms to robot mode, grabs equipment, runs out of quarters-

2002-01-11, 10:07 AM
"Aye sir!" Longrack replied with a brief salute before hurrying out of the bridge, quickly followed by Mach Kick.

Within moments, the crew of the Gung Ho were assembled in the launch bay. Mach Kick and Longrack organised everyone into the space sleds, and soon they were all headed planetside, towards the coordinates of the Destron's landing craft.

2002-01-11, 09:21 PM
Heinrad: -pulls goggles down- Now this is fun! WOO-HOO!!!! -flying sled towards Gaea-

God Jinrai
2002-01-12, 03:31 AM
"Navi, open a comlink to the space sleds."

the teletran-esque computer activated the com..."Com open, Big convoy"

"Alright, people, listen good. I've confirmed the presence of a destron craft on-planet. Magmatron was last seen headed for gaea... likely after the angolomus energy that was once found here. Be careful. I highly doubt he's alone. at the first sign of serious trouble, activate your homing beacons... and I'll be onplanet in moments. Big Convoy Out."

2002-01-12, 07:03 PM
On the planet, Magmatron and his crew searched the planet, which was totally devastated.

"What could have caused this", Magmatron wondered.

"I'm not sure", Dead End, who was beside him, responded.

Suddenly, Crazybolt broke in with a message.

"Um, boss", he said. "We've detected some space sleds coming down."

"Blast!", Magmatron thought "Convoy here? So soon?! All right, now. No need to panic. I can deal with this."

"All right", he said. "Scatter, and scan for beast modes! Convoy is coming, and we'll need to bled in as best we can. Now let's go!"

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2002-01-13, 04:29 AM
Heinrad: -blazing down through atmosphere on sled- Ambient energy readings are off the scale... Good thing we've got these beast modes... Now, let's see where the bad guys are. -starts scanning for Cybertronian life forms-

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2002-01-13, 10:14 PM
(OOC: OK folks, here goes. Let me know via PM if anything's wrong)

Sixswitch padded down the corridor of the Gung Ho. Recently, he had been training extensively in his tiger mode. As his superiors had rightly pointed out, he had no close combat weapons in robot form, so this was the best mode to fight hand to hand in.

He was slightly annoyed however, that the other bots had been sent to the planet without him. He was sure Big Convoy had a good reason for it, but he wanted to know what it was. The door to the bridge slid open as he entered. Big Convoy was stood there, his back to him as he faced the large window looking out onto the planet.

Sixswitch transformed into robot mode, and stood quickly. He was a tall robot, as large as the Commander himself. His missile launchers glittered from the running lights of the bridge reflecting off them.

"Commander (Big Convoy)," he started bluntly, "Why was I not to travel with the rest of the group down to the planet?"

"Eat well, stay fit, die anyway."

Thanks for the image Savannahtron!

God Jinrai
2002-01-14, 03:42 AM
Big turned abruptly... "Sixswitch. My appologies... you...weren't on the initial roster... and I'd no idea you were even on board... but all the better I suppose... Magmatron will expect me to be the only one left on board the gung ho... having you still here gives us a slight advantage... they'll have no idea you're present...until it's too late."

2002-01-14, 11:37 AM
Sixswitch nodded, happy with the answer, and stepped up to the middle of the bridge, just behind Big Convoy's chair, and looked out the window on the planet below.

Lush, green, and yet seemingly uninhabited. Having not taken time to read the mission briefing fully, his next question was inevitable.

"So, what do we know about this place?"

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God Jinrai
2002-01-15, 02:55 PM
"...this is the last known location of lio convoy... it was here that several years ago, Galvatron somehow brought from a rift in time and space, Majin Zarak... a battleship transformer more massive than even gigastorm was... The anolgomus energy was eventually contained in capsules, and spread throughout the universe... in hopes that no one would be able to posess its power... apparently, Magmatron's found something down there... and I'll give you three guesses as to what it is." Big rose to his feet, initiating a scan of the area where his crew had landed...

"Just like I thought... There's the destron landing craft... the must've scattered... and worse...taken beastmodes as well!"

Big opened a comlink to his crew, hoping he wouldn't be too late...

"Alright folks, listen up! The landing craft has been confirmed... but I'm not picking up any definitive destron energy signals... they must've assumed beast modes by now... BE CAREFUL!"

OOC: If the message gets through in time or not is up to you guys. It's meant to be sorta a last instant thing, seeing that stampy's going to have to get captured, one way or another...

2002-01-16, 01:37 AM
Sixswitch looks up at the sensor screen that Big Convoy is looking at.

A prime target

"Sir, if we attack now, we could destroy the shuttle and trap the destrons on the planet. The energy source will not be much use to them if they can't use it."

The six-changer swivelled his missile launchers to emphasise his point.

"So, what do you say?"

(OOC note: Remember Sixswitch's bio. Impulsive guy... whether this is a good thing in this situation is of course up to Big Convoy)

2002-01-16, 03:23 PM
Heinrad: -That would explain why the scanners aren't picking anything up. -starts switching through scanner settings- Something should pick them up.....

2002-01-16, 03:46 PM
A triceratops comes out of a nearby forest and takes a look at Heinrad's position.

God Jinrai
2002-01-16, 05:04 PM
Big shook his head... "Negative, Sixswitch... That may keep them from immedieately escaping the planet... but the anolgomous energy alone could tip the scales in the destron's favor... Navi. Give Sixswitch a briefing on what this energy's capable of with based just on its reaction to emotion..."

The ship computer activated a floating hoverpod projector... "Anolgomous energy is still quite a mystery, however Lio Convoy had some idea of what it was capable of. "

An image flashed out into the air... showing a warm tropical island, the ocean around it moving, massive waves splashing....

"This was taken during a scouting mission by lio convoy previous to his assignment on gaea... as you see, the area is of tropical nature, located near the planet's equator..."

Another image replaced it... another island... covered in snow and ice, the waters surrounding it frozen solid...

"This is the same island... after the anolgomous energy took effect. a young native of the planet was angry at his elder brother, and the energy, picking up on his emotions, froze not only the island... but a great deal of the surrounding area... the ocean was frozen for close to a hundred mile radius... and this was only with a VERY small amount of the energy present."

The projector pod returned to its launching pad, and Big Convoy turned slightly...

"Let's also not forget... that's only a landing craft... they've got to have a significantly larger ship in orbit... and I'm betting the thing's got at least as much firepower as the gung ho... I don't want to leave anything to chance. Understood?"

2002-01-16, 05:48 PM
Sixswitch gazed in awe and surprise at the screen.

"Yes sir, that stuff is too dangerous to fall into the Destron's hands."

And possibly even ours. He thought to himself.

He resigned himself to waiting for a word from the bots already on the planet.

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2002-01-18, 02:10 AM
Heinrad: -sighs- Not picking up a thing....... -looks out of sled's viewport, sees triceratops- Wish you could tell me where Magmatron's troops are....

2002-01-18, 02:49 AM
Hearing Hienrad's comment, the Triceratops transforms into the robotic form of Guildeart.

"Why, they're right here", he said, firing off his Thunder Horns.

2002-01-18, 09:41 AM
(ooc: apart from MachKick, LongRack, Break, and Heinrad, are there any other Cybertrons planetside?)

"Heads up, incoming!" MachKick yelled as he spotted Guildart fire off his Thunder Horns. Everyone dove out of the way, the horns driving into the ground where they'd all previously been standing.

LongRack rolled to his feet, then shifted to weapons mode and fired off a missile back at the Destron triceratops.

2002-01-18, 02:32 PM
Guildeart took LongRack's hit in full force, knocking him down.

Suddenly an explosion hit LongRack from behind, as Sling used his Tail Bunker attack.

2002-01-19, 08:06 PM
(OOC: I'm ready to bring Sixswitch into the main story arch now, so I'm going to extract him from the Gung Ho. PM me if you spot any continuity problems, and I shall attempt to correct them.)

Sixswitch was bored. He was idly tapping the keys of the library computer, trying to break the monotony. He glanced up as a red light blinked on one of the forward console, indicating an incoming transmission. A screen flicked on, and a powerful looking red robot appeared.

"Big Convoy, this is Alphias, contacting you on behalf of the Council. They have requested Sixswitch's presence on Cybertron. You are to release him from his current assignment, and have him return home. Cybertron out."

"Well, looks like that's final Commander."
Sixswitch stood up, and walked toward the door.
"I'll be on my way immediately," he paused, "oh, and good luck on your mission."


Sixswitch nodded to the robot manning the drop bay doors.
"OK I'm ready."
"Godspeed on your return journey Sixswitch," the robot said.
"And to you on this mission."

The six-changer dropped from the bay, and floated in space for a moment, before transforming into his stellar fighter craft mode, setting course for Cybertron, and heading into the distance.


He had been travelling for some hours when his sensors picked up extreme turbellence in space nearby. Curious, he diverted course to investigate. What he saw before him as he neared the site was astounding.

A large, roughly sperical ball of hissing and spitting energy hovered in space. Flickers of gold and silver flashed across its navy blue surface, and it seemed to expand and contract irregularly. He flew in for a closer look.

As he approached, the sphere hissed and spat more violently, as if aware of his presence. Subconciously he checked his weaponry and ensured that his missiles were ready to fire. Before he could react further however, the ball exploded violently, enveloping him in a haze of flowing energy. He blacked out...

TBC in End of Days:Chapter 4.

2002-01-21, 04:29 AM
Heinrad: YIPE! -dives for cover- IT WAS A RETORCHIAL QUESTION!