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2002-01-05, 06:00 PM
(Summary: Metrotitan, carrying the Earthbound Decepticon army, is still in transit to his mystery destination. Jhiaxus has sent word of Galvatron's disappearance and the time rift from Cybertron to Gigatron on Earth. So our story continues, as Metrotitan arrives...)

Beep beep. Beep beep.

Cyclonus was still pondering the suggestion as Gigatron looked over his shoulder. A red light (he'd been meaning to have it changed to purple) on his desk lit and faded in synchronization with the noise. His guest seemed oblivious; Gigatron took no reservation to pardoning himself.

"Well, think it over. If you'll excuse me, I have to take this call."

Beep beep.

I'm coming...

Gigatron returned to his desk, examining the communication screen as he assumed the chair. Lines of meaningless text (mostly encoded), but one particular set stuck out at him.

"Cybertron?" He'd meant to keep the thought internal, but its mystique was enough to betray him. With both cautious curiosity and hasty anxiety, he allowed the transmission to come through.

"Greetings, Gigatron."

And shock overtook him. "Jhiaxus?!"

Yes, Jhiaxus. The moment of panicking confusion ended just as quickly - logic resumed dictation of his thoughts. This was the past, he recalled. Jhiaxus was not yet dead. Still... how could he know Gigatron was here? No, of course, how could he not? Gigatron sat back and listened to those words.

"That is you over there, isn't it? Certainly no one else would have to come back to his race's past to rectify its problems. Even more certainly, no one else would have done anything about it."

Jhiaxus paused.

"But there will be time to chat later. I know you've been under the command (Following leaders, Gigatron... for shame!) of a robot named Galvatron. A fine choice for resurrection, but it's unfortunately become a worthless move. Galvatron is dead. He was slain by Optitron - a recent ally of mine - on his way to Cybertron."

Fat chance, Gigatron thought.

"But there are more important matters right now. Something has come to Cybertron... a time rift. It has already devoured a number of planets, and ours would be next, by rights. But I've a plan. I intend to step into the rift and alter Cybertron's past, that I may change the future... just as you did. I invite you to join me, Gigatron. But please hurry. I fear it won't be long until the Autobots discover us. I've sent you my party's coordinates along with this message. Jhiaxus out."

Gigatron stared at the screen, even after Jhiaxus' face disappeared. Galvatron dead? Optitron (presumably naming himself Decepticon leader) Jhiaxus' ally? Time rift? And suddenly, something popped into his head... He remembered.

Gigatron was standing at Jhiaxus' right that day. A speech was being given to the troops, something about the City Wars nearly being ended... He wasn't paying much attention, really. A fatal mistake, as a splintering pain shot through him, his back first, then through the torso and bursting out the chest. His systems knew to shut down his pain circuits quickly enough (what's the point in hurting if there's nothing one can do about it?), but he fell just the same. The last thing his eyes perceived was Jhiaxus spinning and exterminating the assassin...

My body must be there, he concluded. And I am responsible for this time rift.

Gigatron jumped from his desk, storming past Cyclonus and barking at him as he went.

"I must go. Report your decision to Soundwave when you make it. He is in command until I return."

As Gigatron covered the halls between him and the nearest exit, he contacted his appointee.

"Soundwave, this is Gigatron. Due to certain... circumstances, I must journey to Cybertron. You have the right of command over Earth's Decepticons while I am gone. You know the plan, don't you?"

"Of course, Gigatron," Soundwave snidely replied. He knew the plan... and disliked it. Nor was he fond of this leader's abandonment, but there was little he could do to change that.

In moments, Gigatron found himself on some helipad or another of Metrotitan. He heaved, taking one final gaze around.

So close... Farewell, Earth.

He transformed to jet mode and rocketed off.


In as little time as Gigatron took to depart, Soundwave had gathered the Decepticons at Metrotitan's main gate, and was briefing them on the situation.

"The time has almost come, my friends. Gigatron's plan is good... but unsatisfying to warriors such as us. He had planned on sitting and collecting energon where we could be safe, and destroying the Autobots when they would attacked us. Apparently, I am not as patient as Gigatron. We will collect some energon in safety, but we will be the assailants when the Autobots meet their final end."

Soundwave felt that Metrotitan had pulled to a stop. He shrugged his shoulders and utilized a panel on the wall, opening the door.

"Decepticons... Welcome to Central City!"

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Quick Switch
2002-01-05, 08:12 PM
Shawn Berger was alerted at his desk.

"Mr. Berger...I think you should see this!"

The portly businessman looked out his office window, looking up from his afternoon meal of lox and bagels.

"Good God!"

Standing at the gates was a giant transformer.

"Scramble the tank crews! Astrotrain again!? Send out an emissary! I completed my side of the bargain! Step on it!"

A tank crew commander hastily assembled a squadron of tanks, which ringed the perimeter of the city, though Metrotitan was given a berth of entry, if he desired one.

The Tank Crew Commander stepped out of his tank and walked a few ways out, stopping short of Metrotitan, and watched as one of his side panels opened, revealing Decepticons.

"Welcome to Central City!" he barked into a megaphone.


Astrotrain listened to Soundwave's speech.

I'll miss serving under Gigatron.

He pondered. The Triple Changer turned to Soundwave.

"Soundwave, I know the human who runs this city. I can deal with him to get the Energon we require...and act as our liason here, if you wish," he added.

Astrotrain crossed his arms, looking out at the City. He sighted the tank crewer.

"What are we going to do, Soundwave? How we act here will influence how well the fleshlings will assist us."

2002-01-06, 06:26 PM
Soundwave stood next to Astrotrain, his arms folded across his chest and concussion blaster in his right hand. Maintaining low tones, he conversed with the Triple Changer and Decepticon public relations robot.

"I believe the idea was that we should have a human city in which to go about our work. I was aware of your interactions with Berger, so I suggested this one to Gigatron, that we would not have to face human intervention. We simply want a temporary home base that, should the Autobots attack at all - unlikely, but possible - will greatly hinder our enemies' efforts. Oh!"

Soundwave started and spun to the Decepticons still in Metrotitan's threshold. He held his arms out from his sides and whispered.

"Remember, Decepticons, do not take hostile action against the humans! I dislike this little alliance as much as the rest of you, but it is somewhat necessary until the Autobots are driven from Earth!"

He turned again, returning his voice to normal level.

"Now, Astrotrain... Do your thing."

Quick Switch
2002-01-06, 07:37 PM
Astrotrain cracked a wide smile as Soundwave outlined his instructions and orders.

Never mind that, Train ol' buddy. Soundwave won't be so bad. Did he just compliment you? Nah...

"Of course. I put the fear of Unicron into Berger when last we spoke...I'll do it again...your plan is a good one." Astrotrain nodded, then walked out the door.

Ambling up to the tank crewer commander, the Triple Changer knelt down on one knee. He spoke in low tones.

"I am Astrotrain. Your boss knows who I am...and I want to speak to him. Now."

The crewer ran back to his tank, chattered into his growler phone, and in moments Berger's personal car came speeding up to the barricade. The businessman got out, buttoning his blazer with some difficulty.

"Astrotrain...what a surprise! I...er...hope you weren't disapointed with what my companies gave you..." Berger nervously fingered his tie, failing to avoid sweating profusely.

"No, no problems at all. Commander Gigatron sends his regards...the equipment was satisfactory. I am acting on orders from our new Commander, Soundwave. You remember him?"

Berger nodded, fear creeping into his eyes.

"Yes...I suppose you do. We are going to stay here, as your guests, until Soundwave decides we need to move on. This will be our base, home away from Cybertron...until we crush the Autobots. Your tank crews, police, and other officials will not harm any Decepticons-"

Berger broke in. "But what about my peop-"

"And in return," Astrotrain joined smoothly, "I promise that none of your fine citizens will be harmed...intentionally. Now order your tanks crews away. Everything must continue normally so the Autobots suspect nothing. Because if they do..." Astrotrain narrowed his eyes.

Berger blanched.

"Of course!" He turned to the Tank Crew Commander. "Disperse your men! Did you hear me! Let them through the City!!"

The tank commander signaled his columns to disperse, and they retreated back to their original deployment zones.

Berger nodded once, then entered his car, which zoomed back to his headquarters.

Astrotrain returned to Soundwave's side inside Metrotitan after a few moments and said softly:

"The City is ours."

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2002-01-09, 09:50 PM
(OOC: Come on, let's get our Earth boys in here! G91, Skywarp, Unicron, Blaster!)

"Very good, Astrotrain." Soundwave turned to his army, still waiting on the behemoth Metrotitan. "Decepticons, make yourselves at home. Begin gathering energon, and fabricating weaponry..."

But he trailed off, sensing that his soldiers were not listening. No surprise; their dissent was visible from the beginning. He stood next to the exit ramp and watched the Decepticons slowly funnel from one city to another. The scowls on their faces (or faceplates) were enough to reveal everything to him, but he decided to be safe and run a cursory mental scan on each as he walked past.

Some leader...

...wasting our time...

...destroy the Autobots!

...need an oil...

This stinks!

Yes, that would do. Soundwave concluded that the security of his power was sufficiently threatened; he would not wait around long enough to let it be revoked in mutiny.


He turned to the Triple Changer, still standing at his left.

"I fear we've made a mistake in coming here. The troops are miserable... They've had a taste of blood at the recent battle, and it's only served to make them thirstier. Well, let's give them what they want, shall we? Let Berger know that we won't be needing his help after all... for a while."

Soundwave took a few steps away from Astrotrain and toward his troops. He laid a hand on Scrapper's shoulder. The Constructicon turned and, subsequently, glared. He did not speak. What reason had he? Soundwave maintained his eternal stolid manner, signalling nothing. But...

"Inform the men that our plans have changed. We're going to the mountain. See that each Decepticon is reloaded to Metrotitan, and make it quick."

Scrapper, though pleased, was smug. "Why certainly, Soundwave. But then tell me, why did we waste the time to stop at this city? We've certainly gained nothing from it in the thirty-odd seconds we've been here!"

Soundwave pondered his response. "A decent plan has become a sour maneuver. Blame Gigatron," he added with a shrug. Scrapper showed no sign of rebuttal; Soundwave dismissed himself to his quarters.

"Talk about your dumb ideas," he mumbled to Long Haul.

"I heard that!" Soundwave shouted back without turning, on his course into Metrotitan.

Scrapper glared at Soundwave, then shared a discontent (and simultaneously, satisfiedly expectant) look with the Constructicons.

"All right, Decepticons! Change of plans..."

"Let's move it!"

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Quick Switch
2002-01-10, 02:07 PM
"As you command."

Astrotrain smiled, and contacted Berger via Metrotitan's mobile comm units.

"Berger, Soundwave has deemed your assistance unnecessary at the moment. Be prepared for another visit."

"Sure Astrotrain! Anything you say you know I-"

Astrotrain terminated the feed.

He frowned.

Odd move on Soundwave's part. But I guess some of the troops are a bit riled. What Decepticon wouldn't do the same thing?

Shrugging, Astrotrain seated himself in a chair and waited for Metrotitan to get moving.

2002-01-10, 02:31 PM
Metrotitan was confused he was told by Galvatron who made him to follow Gigatron, now Gigatron was gone and someone was telling him to break Gigatron's orders. So the gaint spoke.
"What do you mean move, Metrotitan told to not attack, Metrotitan is confused by your orders..."

2002-01-10, 03:48 PM
Ultra Magnus found it hard to keep spying on Metrotitan and remain safe and hidden, he looked at its current position and marveled, "Well I can't that them alone. Where's Fortress Maximus when you need him." He wanted to call for backup but he knew Blaster maybe doing a little spying of his own near metrotitan, probably a good idea to keep radio silence with him. So Magnus opened a channel to the Ark. "This is Ultra Magnus to any Autobot in the Ark, do you copy?"

2002-01-11, 03:58 AM
Mount Saint Hilary...

Cybershot stood at his console, still watching the external security monitors. Bushido had placed him on watch duty as soon as Springer told him that a Decepticon had been observing their location. He didn't mind. The life of a spy, he felt, is ten percent observation and ninety percent stealth. Still, what mattered it if those ten percent were in the sanctity of headquarters? Nothingness (save the occasional bird) still dominated the screens, but the radio receiver said otherwise. He listened...

"This is Ark, Magnus. What's your status?"



Soundwave sat in his office, listening to Metrotitan's quibbling. He nearly sighed in frustration, but stopped himself; it was not Metrotitan's fault that he was... less than stunningly bright.

"I am fully aware of Gigatron's orders, and I am ignoring them. The Autobots seem uninterested in keeping us away from their precious humanity... and I know better than Gigatron that our enemies are best wiped out while the opportunity is here, even if it means minimal casualties for our side. Wouldn't you like to win this war, Metrotitan? Wouldn't you like to be comfortable as a sub-ruler of the universe?"

Enter the Scrapper.

"The Decepticons are within the city, Soundwave. The main gate has been sealed, and we are ready to roll out."

Soundwave nodded. "Now Metrotitan, if you please..."

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2002-01-11, 05:55 AM
Eject and Ramhor now deep within metrotitan stop. "We can't find it we need outside help" eject mutters oping a comline "Autobots at mount saint hilary come in this is eject come in"

2002-01-11, 12:57 PM
Metrotitan did agree with Soundwave.
"Yes Metrotitan want to wipe out Autobots!!!! So Metrotitan will help to crush them!!!" With that a whole army of assult drones lead by Metrobomb appeared.
"They will help to assist Soundwave and the Decepticons." Metrotitan cheered happily knowing he would soon wipe out Autobots.

2002-01-11, 03:32 PM
"The Decepticons are planning something big but I'mm too far away to see what, they're currently located in..." Magnus then heard the beeping indicated another call coming in to the Ark. "Cybershot, put that through, it could be Blaster or one of his cassettes and put us on confernce call."

2002-01-13, 05:56 PM
Mount Saint Hilary...

Cybershot nodded, though Magnus could not perceive the notion. He began merging the frequencies while he responded.

"Roger that, big guy. It sounds like Eject. I'll put you through..."


"Now! Okay boys, what do you have for us?"



"Thank you, Metrotitan. Your vigor and spirit will certainly be helpful in the upcoming battle. Now, let us prepare for --"

Soundwave stopped. He heard... a transmission from within the city. Autobots! Yes, those he'd discovered on the way to Central City. In his business with the Decepticons and Gigatron's plans, Soundwave had neglected to finish them off. He heard... Frenzy entered his office.

"Soundwave, Laserbeak and Rumb --"

Soundwave held a hushing finger to his diminutive colleague. Frenzy immediately silenced himself and watched Soundwave, his head cocked slightly and motionless. When the hand lowered, the cassette spoke again.


Soundwave looked over his desk at Frenzy, as though he had not noticed his presence until that moment. Calmly, he returned, "Autobot spies within Metrotitan."

"What?!" Frenzy exclaimed. "Lemme at 'em! Me 'n' Rumble'll go and wipe 'em out! Please, Soundwave!"

Soundwave waited to shake his head. "No, leave them. Their message may be very useful to us..."

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2002-01-16, 03:07 PM
The Decepticon shuttle, newly christened Bane Of Existence circled in Earth orbit.

At the controls, Ramjet turned to look at the others.

"All right, then", he said. "We're going to head to Demon Swamp."

He looked at the Insecticons. "You guys still have some base there, right?"

"Yes," said Kickback. "But it's most likely deserted by now."

"That's why we got supplies", Ramjet responded, turning back to the controls.

"Setting course for Demon Swamp..."

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Quick Switch
2002-01-16, 04:55 PM
Dirge watched as Ramjet taunted Brainstorm.

"Heh, serves that Headmaster ninny right," he scoffed.

Thrust, meanwhile, was taking in the appearance of the Swamp.

"Wow," he murmurred.

Thrust had never seen a more desolate place in his life...outside of Chaar, that is.

He turned, and clapped Shrapnel and Bombshell on the shoulders in a display of camraderie.

"Welcome home, Insecticons!"

"Such as it is," Dirge scowled.

2002-01-17, 02:35 PM
Bombshell, Kickback and Shrapnel came up to the viewport, and looked out at the desolate waste of the swamp.

"It's so nice to be back home, home", Shrapnel said.

"You said it", Kickback replied.

"Amen to that", Bombshell said.

Darkwing, looking out the viewport, said, "I think it looks like..."

He cut off as the Insecticons turned back to him.

"Paradise", he finished.

Ramjet brought the ship down.

"All right", he said. "Now that Cybertron's a big rust stain on the steel sking of the galazy, what do you think we should do now?

Quick Switch
2002-01-17, 03:22 PM
Thrust looked at Dirge.

"We have to be very careful now, Renegades. I'm pretty sure that if the Autobots and Decepticons on this mudbull aren't fighting yet, they will be soon...so maybe a few of us should check out the battlefront, then signal the rest of us that we can wreak havoc on this planet," he nodded.

2002-01-17, 03:34 PM
"Right", Ramjet said, turning to Shrapnel and Kickback.

"You two are the only one that haven't been here yet. Dirge, you take them and go find Metrotitain. Find out the current status of the Decepticons. In the meantime, we'll start setting up the base."

Shrapnel and Kickback exited the ship and headed off.

Quick Switch
2002-01-17, 11:31 PM
Dirge nodded, then set off with Shrapnel and Kickback.

Transforming to jet mode, the caught up to them.

"Well you guys' guess is as good as mine...but I'd first look how far away Metrotitan is from the Autobot ship in Mt. St. Hillary, or whatever the humans call it."

2002-01-18, 02:35 AM
Kickback looked at Dirge.

"Are you nuts?", he asked. "We don't know if there are any Autobots in there."

"Yes", Shrapnel said. "We are in no position for a fight now, now."
Ramjet looked at Thrust

"Come on", he said. "Let's get some of this gear unloaded."

He went to the cargo hold, Bombshell and the Powermasters following him

Quick Switch
2002-01-18, 02:48 AM
Dirge snapped,

"No, not fight, reconnoiter! All we have to do is find Metrotitan! I'm not going to battle him! I just thought that if a major offensive is gonna happen, that's where he'll be. Whatdya think I am, nuts?"


Thrust shrugged.


The red Seeker trudged back to the cargo hold with the rest of the group.

2002-01-18, 02:57 AM
Kickback looked at the blue seeker.

"Oh", he said. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean..."

Shrapnel gave him a huge whack to his head.

"Sorry about that, that. Your plan is a good one, good one", he said.
In the cargo hold, Ramjet, Thrust, Doubledealer, Bombshell, Darkwing and Dreadwind searched through what they had managed to steal from Darkmount back on Cybertron.

Lots of Energon cubes, weapons and unlimited power...all right here in their hands.

"As the humans would say, Merry Christmas", Ramjet said to the others.

Quick Switch
2002-01-18, 03:19 AM
Dirge grunted.

"No worries," he said to Kickback.

He tipped his wings at Shrapnel in thanks for his concurrence.

"Let's get on with it, eh? On to that blasted mountain, to see if he's there yet. Staying low, of course." The jet increased speed toward Mt. St. Hillary.


Thrust laughed as he moved cargo.

"You said it. Hey Bombshell, you sure there aren't any extra Insecticons lying around in or near that pod you three came to Earth in?"

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2002-01-18, 03:36 AM
Kcikback and Shrapnel followed Dirge to Mt. St. hillary.
Bombshell looked at Thrust.

"I'm not sure", he said. "We did have four other crew members, but we really didn't know if they survived or not."

(OOC: OK if I take control of Chopshop Barrage, Venom, and Ransack? NPC, of course.)

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2002-01-18, 03:39 AM
Soundwave continued to listen.


"What're they sayin'?" Frenzy questioned.





"Nothing!" Soundwave snapped. Frenzy started and jumped back; Soundwave slammed a fist on his desk. "They've assumed radio silence! I wanted them to contact the mountain, draw the Autobots away from the confines of their fortifications and allow Ravage the time to perform his mission! But now..."

Soundwave turned to the monitor in the wall. The mountain was nearly upon them... He grinned.

"...Now things will proceed as I had planned. Metrotitan, why don't you let our hosts know we're here?"

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Quick Switch
2002-01-18, 03:40 AM
Dirge, Kickback and Shrapnel set down a few hundred yards away from the mountain proper, taking cover in a hilly area.


Thrust grinned.

"No kidding? Well, it can't hurt to check."

2002-01-18, 02:27 PM
"I don't see anything", Kickback said to Dirge
"OK, then", Ramjet said. "Bombshell, take Thrust and go find your buddies."

Quick Switch
2002-01-18, 08:43 PM
Dirge turned to Kickback and shrugged.

"Not yet. But I bet if we wait a while, Metrotitan'll show up. Then we can head back. Besides, you wouldn't want to be loading stuff in the hold now would you?"


Thrust nodded.

"OK, Bombshell, let's go find your friends." Chuckling slightly, the Seeker nearly bounded out of the shuttle, landing on the soft swampland.

Thrust staggered a little on the fluid terrain. He'd let Bombshell lead the way. Just in case.

2002-01-19, 03:40 AM
"Autobots come in this is Eject please reposnd"

2002-01-19, 04:30 AM
Bombshell came out of the shuttle and helped steady Thrust, who liiekd a bit shaky on the shaky ground.

"You ok, there", he asked.
Darkwing and Dreadwind took several large boxes, while Doubledealer and Apeface moved some Energon cubes.

"Come on, hurry up", Ramjet said.
"Right", Kickback responded to Dirge

2002-01-19, 04:38 AM
Metrotitian opened fire. He unleashed all of his firepower onto the mountian side.
"Autobots Die!!!!!" He boomed as he fired all of his cannons and firepower at the mountain.

2002-01-19, 04:48 AM
Kickback watcehd as Metrotitain opened fire.

"I'd say things have picked up", he said to Dirge

2002-01-19, 08:14 PM
Something stirred in Earth orbit.
Nothing more than a shimmer at first, it soon became less and less translucent, until an observer would be able to make out a large humanoid form. Soon, the form solidified, dragged fully into this universe.

A memory. The sphere. Orders from the Council...

As soon as they flashed into his subconcious, they vanished, to be replaced with something else.

The Cybertron Wars. Over, but restarted. A powerful menace from another time and place. Was that him? No, he was an Autobot.

Reality flooded forth. Every trace of his old memories of life with Big Convoy and the others faded. The seeds were being planted for a new life, new memories. His mind was being altered, reformatted if you like.

He knew. But he wasn't sure how. About the Cybertron war, Autobot HQ on Earth. Everything begun to slot home into his mind.

Transforming into fighter mode, he streaked through the atmosphere of Earth toward Mt Saint Hillary and the Autobot base there.

(OOC: Sorry if it's a bit odd. I didn't want to interfere with God Jinrai's continuity, so I decided to bring him into this universe. On the other hand, I didn't want him to have to start his memories totally from scratch again, hence the 'reformatting' bit. Soon, he'll be involved with the battle that I'm sure is due to start down on Earth).

2002-01-19, 09:30 PM
"Yes!" Soundwave shouted, jumping from his chair. "That's it, Metrotitan! Keep the Autobots off balance! The counter-attack will begin soon; I want no survi...vors."

Suddenly, Soundwave settled. He realized how out of character he'd acted... Good thing only Frenzy was there to see it. In his usually methodical way, Soundwave shrugged and took his seat again. His voice became more level.

"I realize this attack must be a great drain on your power supply. Still, don't hold back. I shall have Reflector ready to recharge you whenever you say the word. Now, Frenzy..."

The cassette, who had assumed a vacant seat in his waiting, now jumped up to respond to Soundwave.

"You want I should go fetch that Autobot now?" he questioned frantically.

Slowly, devilishly, Soundwave nodded. Frenzy nearly giggled with joy and ran out of the office, back to the medbay.

"Almost done," Buzzsaw mumbled through the wing panel replacement he was delivering to Laserbeak.


Buzzsaw started and hit his head on Laserbeak's back, bending the panel. "Idiot! Now I have to start over!"

Rumble glared at the quibbling condor, then jumped off his medtable and turned to Frenzy. "What is it?"

Frenzy produced a gun identical to his own, and tossed it into his twin's hands. "We're goin' hunting."


Blam! Blam!

Warfare stumbled back. "What's going on?!"

"Decepticons!" Cybershot responded from his post.

Bushido prepared to give orders, but was shaken off his feet by another roaring shot. Shoulderblades quickly ran over to hoist him up, allowing Bushido to try again.

"Cybershot, get the defensive guns online! Now! Join us outside when you're done! Warfare, Shoulderblades, with me!"

The three warriors ran to the elevator and out of the mountain.

Cybershot was busy fumbling with the panel controls and trying to keep himself on his feet, when a call came through.

"Not now!"

Beep, beep.

"Not now, slag it!"


"All right!" he screamed, slamming a fist on the comm receiver switch. "What is it, Eject?!"

2002-01-19, 09:58 PM
Sixswitch dived through the atmosphere of Earth, and then skimmed over it at high altitude. Below him, he could make out Mt St Hillary, but far more worrying was the hulking shape of the behemoth Metrotitan advancing upon the mountain, firing as he came.

Sixswitch dived down toward the behemoth to get a better view, and saw several robots run out of the mountain.

He altered course and flew toward them, transforming as he landed in front of the Orderforce commander, Bushido. However, he was weak from his dimensional switch. He fell to one knee.

"Looks like you could use a hand," he panted.

2002-01-20, 03:09 AM
Metrotitan was having a great time.
"Yes Soundwave, Metrotitian destory Autobots!" he locked on his main weapons and opened fire, he continued to open fire and talked so Soundwave.
"Have Reflector start refueling now, this way I don't have to stop firing."

2002-01-20, 05:35 AM
(OOC: Yep. Been a while since I posted, hasn't it?)

Cyclonus and the Chaoticons were in the middle of loading Overlord's large body into a lab inside of Metrotitan when they heard Metrotitan open fire.

"Sounds like the party has started without us" Gunrunner said while he, Mortormaster, and Cyclonus lowered the lower half of Overlord to the floor. Cyclonus walked over to a display while Spaceshot, Afterburn, Meanstreak, and Driveshaft placed Overlord's upper half down.

"It seems that Metrotitan is attacking Mount St. Hillary" Cyclonus explained without looking away from the display. "Go out and assist in the attack. Perhaps you'll run into the Orderforce."

The Chaoticons responded with a chorus of "yeah"s and "let's go"s as they left the lab. Cyclonus turned away from the display and started to gather tools he needed for his upcoming task.

"Just because we came back in time together doesn't mean I have to do all of Overlord's repair work" Cyclonus muttered as he opened a panel in Overlord's chest and peered inside. "This... is gonna take a while."

(OOC again: Yeah yeah Flec. So I posted later then when I said I would. If you don't like it you can go count energon)

Quick Switch
2002-01-20, 04:48 PM
Thrust nodded.

"Yeah, thanks. Let's get to your ship!" smiling, he waited for Bombshell to begin the trek through Demon Swamp.


Dirge nodded to Kickback.

"Yeah. Well, we know where Metrotitan is: here. Should we head back to the ship?"


In Metrotitan, Astrotrain heard and saw through comm viewports the sounds of battle.

He watched and waited.

2002-01-20, 05:06 PM
Scourge was reaching the end of his patience. The three Nebulans were arguing in a corner, infringing on his discussion with Needlenose and Spinister. He was trying to form a plan with them for the coming attack on the Autobot base - but the destraction was unworkable. He got up and strode over to the corner, grabbing Fracas by the arm, and tossing him against the wall.
"Quiet!" he roared, "We will march to war soon enough, and you can divert your anger towards a better cause. Like the Autobots."
"Yeah, you tell 'im Boss," Singe sneered at Fracas, who was picking himself up off the floor.
Scourge snarled and they quickly backed down. He strode back over to the table.

"Decepticons, Attack!" the call came over the internal communications line of Metrotitan.

"About time," Spinister grinned.
"Yeah, I'm ready to kick some tail!" Needlenose shouted.

"So are we!" Fracas and the other Nebulans came running, and transformed into the Decepticons weapons as they dashed from the room.


A door near the top of Metrotitan crashed downwards as the three Targetmasters transformed and took to the air, scouring the ground below for Autobot targets.

2002-01-20, 06:31 PM
"Me and Shrappers will go back to the ship", Kickback said. "You stay here and keep watching the action. If anything happens, contact us immediately."

Shrapnel and Kickback scuttled back into the foliage, leaving Dirge all alone.
Bombshell walked towards some foliage, and drew it back, revealing the escape module the Insecticons had used to travel to Earth four million years earlier.

"Come here", he said to Thrust.

Bombshell entered the cockpit and accessed the computer core.

"There's got to be something...here we go", he said.

A screen flickered to life, showing a scene from four million years ago....

"All right", Kickback said. "We made it safely. Although Chop Shop and the others are in Stasis Lock because of the crash"

"We'll have to leave them", Bombshell said. "We can't do anything for them now."

Bombshell watched as he and the others left the pod.

"This tells me that they should be here still", he said to Thrust

"But where are they now?"
Ramjet and the others continued to unload their cargo when Shrapnel and Kickback returned.

"We've found Metrotitain", Kickback said.

"Very well", he said, looking at Doubledealer. "Stay here. You're the only one whom they consider a traitor. We can create some kind of cock and bull story for them to explain our absence."

Ramjet, Apeface, Darkwing, and Dreadwind transformed to their jet modes, and flew off to Metrotitain, Shrapnel and Kickback following.
As soon as they were gone, a huge explosion erupted from nearby. Doubledealer raced over to see four large insects.

"These can't be the..." he said, but was cut off by another barrage of fire.

Quick Switch
2002-01-20, 09:23 PM
Dirge looked back, but Kickback and Shrapnel were gone.

"No problem," he muttered. The blue Seeker hunkered down and watched the coming battle.


Thrust shot Bombshell a quizical look.

"I've got no idea, Bombshell. Don't all you Insecticons carry tracking devices inside you? You know innate trackers that keep you in touch with each other?"

The red Seeker threw his arms out.

" 'Cause there's no way we can search all of Demon Swamp for them."

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-01-20, 10:43 PM
Springer stumbled over as the blast rocked Mt St. Hilary.

"What the....."

"How on earth did the external scanners miss that!?"

Grimlock ran to the main hall

"External scanners?" Grimlock muttered as he hit a button on a control panel and some monitors flickered into life.

"Go figure..." Springer remarked as he joined Grimlock staring at the monitor.

"Great, first we beat the cons, then they beat us, then they takeover, and now they want revenge, how could this day get any worse!"

Grimlock piped up again.

"Why we sit here and watch stupid Decepticons blast our base apart. Me Grimlock think we should go out there and fight til the last drop of fuel leaks from our broken bodies"

The other Dinobots cheered, Slag even began making his way to the blast doors, Pointblank stopped him.

"I had to ask didn't I..." Springer muttered.

"Here's what we do...Grimlock, you're right, in here we're as good as dead, out there we're as good as dead. As far as we know Ramhorn and Eject are still inside Metrotitan so we could use that to our advantage if we make contact with them"

"Dinobots, Wreckers, arm yourselves, we go out fighting...."

2002-01-20, 11:10 PM
"Sixswitch pushed himself up to his feet, wondering if he'd been heard. Deciding that he hadn't, he made his way to the elevator leading down to the Ark. He wasn't much good in his weakened state out here. Hopefully he'd be able to get himself a recharge, then join in the fray later.

The elevator stopped and he stepped out on the other side of some very thick and well protected blast doors.

"Oh great!" he exclaimed aloud.

(OOC: remember, the people inside don't know who Sixswitch is, yet.)

2002-01-21, 05:42 AM
Roadbuster shrugged, listening to Springer's suicidal tone.

"Aw heck, boss," he began, reaching for his laser rifle. "I always wanted to be a pizza! Wreck and rule!" He joined the Dinobots in their rampage advance on the outside world.


Cybershot waited. And waited. Blam! And waited.

Nnnn! Come on, Eject! Talk to me!

And Kow! stopped.

"You'll have to talk to somebody else, pal!" he shouted at the panel as he began to run. "My buddies need me!"

Within seconds, Cybershot had jetted through the base, past a foreign robot, and up the elevator. He gave some thought to the newcomer, but little. He certainly did have other things to think about...

"Bushido!" Cybershot cried upon reaching the surface. The Orderforce leader spun around; some wounds were visible. Cybershot didn't need to ask what had happened. The poor guy just couldn't get close enough to fight. Still, his tone was much stronger than his appearance.

"It's about time!" Bushido snapped. "We need your firepower! Hit some of those guns!"

Cyberhost grinned, leveling his gun arm on a Metroturret. "No problem," he responded. Energy began charging for the shot...


Cybershot gaped at his cannon. "I didn't do that..."

Warfare stepped between the Decepticon city and Cybershot, and pointed over his shoulder. "Hit the deck!"

Cybershot slowly began turning his head to look at the problem, but Bushido tackled him before the mountain's cannons opened fire. Orderforce watched from the ground.

"That oughta hold it for a while!" Warfare cheered.


Soundwave slammed a fist on his desk.

"No! The Autobots are holding Metrotitan back! Reflector!" he screamed into the microphone on his desk. "You will stay within the city, feed Metrotitan the energy he needs to continue the assault."

"But Soundwave", Viewfinder responded from the storage quadrant. "Isn't there a chance of overload?"

Soundwave glared. "Soldiers do not ask questions, Viewfinder! Do as I say!" He did not wait for a response before closing the channel. Almost instantly, he activated Metrotitan's universal PA system.

"Decepticons, attack!" Instantly, he detected Buzzsaw's and Laserbeak's worry.

With me, friends. We shall destroy them...

Soundwave ran from his office.


Deep within Metrotitan, two Decepticons roamed alone. Each was armed ferociously with a pair of high-powered laser blasters and a mean temper. They were identical twins... yet, they were different. One snarled at his surroundings, hunched in an alertly predatory manner. The other followed casually, confused about the mission. One lusted for blood. The other lusted for answers. One was Frenzy. The other was Rumble.

The other spoke.

"I don't get it, Frenzy. What's all the worry? I mean, can't big M.T. take care of these runts?"

One scowled at the other.

"They're cassettes, Rumble! It's our job to kill them! Don't you get it?"

The other looked about.

"Not really..."

One became aware.

"Sh! They're here... somewhere."

The other rolled his eyes.


2002-01-21, 09:31 AM
As the blast door opened to allow the Dinobots access to the outside, Sixswitch pushed passed them, and into the small chamber. Ignoring the surprise of some of the Autobots - he was an unknown face after all, he muttered.
"I need energon, or I will be unable to help in your fight," before collapsing weakly to his knees once more.

2002-01-21, 02:35 PM
"Yeah, You're right", Bombshell said.

Before he could activate the treacker, he heard a explosion outside.

"I don't think that we need to do that", Bombshell said.

"I think I know exactly where they are."
Doubledealer got hit back by the large insects, as the insects transformed.

"We got him now, Chop Shop", the one that had been a mosquito said.

"Don't get too cocky, Venom", Chop Shop replied. "We don't know who else came here."
Ramjet's group approached Mt. St. Hilliary. Transforming to their robot modes, they landed on the ground.

Ramjet walked up to Dirge.

"So, have the fireworks begun yet?"

2002-01-21, 03:08 PM
(OOC: If someone inside the Ark could feed Sixswitch some energon cubes I'd be grateful. I want to get him into action on the surface).

Quick Switch
2002-01-21, 07:38 PM
Thrust whirled to find the source of the explosion.

"Yeah...I think you're right Bombshell...but I just hope they want to be found."


Dirge looked up as Ramjet and company landed next to him. He pointed at various points of interest.

"Yeah...Metrotitan's pounding the mountain...Scourge is flying somewhere...and look there's Soundwave and some of his tapes!"

He shook his head.

"When the dust settles, our position will be improved."


Astrotrain heard Soundwave's order.

The Triple Changer rose and methodically walked to an open hatch.

He jumped, and landed near a mountain gone mad.

The Dinobots...was that Roadbuster? several Autobots began streaming out from parts unknown in the volcano.

Whisking his ionic displacer rifle and Octane's deflecto-shield from subspace, Astrotrain stood a few feet away from Metrotitan.

He began walking toward the mountain, weapons out, optics alert, ready for war.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-01-21, 09:16 PM
Springer began running towards the blast doors just behind Roadbuster and the Dinobots who were all eager for combat. He stopped as an autobot he'd never seen before slumped through the doors.

"Prowl, get this guy some energon, we need all the help we can get!"

As Springer stood up and un-sheathed his sword he hit a button on a side panel causing the blast doors to open slightly.

"Pointblank, get those external's online, then get out here, there's a fight brewin' at the ol' corral !"

With that Springer rolled under the door, as he ran Prowl and Pointblank heard the familiar cry "WRECK 'n' RULE!"

2002-01-21, 09:22 PM
Pointblank smirked as he went to work, peacemaker close by. Prowl shook his head over the lack of planning that had gone into the mission, but he was a wrecker now...and he played by new rules. Trailbreaker finished loading up and refueling...it was time


2002-01-21, 09:48 PM
Sixswitch opened his optics as the infusion of energon began to have an effect. He looked up into the face of Prowl, then remembered. There was a battle going on.

Pushing Prowl's offer of assistance away, he stood up.
"There'll be time for introductions later, for now, we have a battle to fight."

He shunted his blasters out of subspace.
"And it looks like it'll be a tough one," he finished, as he ran for the blast doors.

Running out from the exit point of the elevator, he yelled to Springer.
"I'll cover the skies!" before transforming into fighter mode, and taking off.


The Decepticon Targetmasters were flying above the battlefield, in a loose formation. Seeing the Autobots pour forth, Scourge swung towards Mt St Hillary.

"Decepticon Targetmasters, attack!" he yelled, then dived towards Springer, his weapons blazing.


Spinister saw Sixswitch transform into flight mode and take off.
"That one's mine," he announced over the comm, and flew off in pursuit.

Sixswitch banked sharply to dodge another burst of fire from the Decepticon helicopter on his tail.

I've got to get behind him. he thought, pulling up into a loop.

Spinister wasn't going to fall for such a move though, and simply altered altitude to match Sixswitch.

"Damn this," growled Sixswitch as he fired a missile at the helicopter. He watched stunned as it veered off course, and blasted harmlessly into the ground. Acting quickly, he jinked as another burst of fire from Spinister raked his wing.

"Not going to beat this guy easily, he's too sharp." Sixswitch told himself, "but perhaps not sharp enough..."

Suddenly, the Autobot dived toward the ground. Spinister followed quickly.

Just as it looked as if he would surely hit, Sixswitch transformed, turned, and opened up with both his arm blasters, which raked the Heliocopter accross it's front. Veering out of control from the pain and shock of the attack, Spinister crashed into some nearby trees, transforming seconds before he hit. He blacked out.

"One down, many more to go," Sixswitch told himself, transforming and taking to the skies once more.

2002-01-22, 02:36 AM
Bombshell radced out of the pod, and saw four forms he haden't seen in over four million years hovered over someone he'd spent the past few weeks with.

"Barrage, Chop Shop, Ransack, Venom", he said, appraching the newcomers. "It's so good to see you..."

He was cut off by a hail of laser and missle fire which knocked him over backwards and inot a lake.
Ramjet looked at the carnage.

"Yes, this will be good", he said to Dirge. He then looked at him.

"Wanna have some fun, old friend?"
(OOC: I'm gonna take the other four Dinobots, unless someone has any objections....)
Inside the Ark, Slag, Sludge, Swoop and Snarl heard the sound of battle outside.

"Looks like there's a party outside", Sludge said.

"And we're not invited", Slag said.

"So let's crash it!", Snarl said.

The four Dinobots ran out of the base, looking for trouble.

Quick Switch
2002-01-22, 12:36 PM
Thrust shrank back as Bombshell was blasted into the lake.

"We don't want any trouble," the red Seeker called out shrilly.

"We came here to rescue you, not to attack! We are allies!"


Dirge smiled.

"Yes, Ramjet...time for some fun."

2002-01-22, 02:35 PM
Venom and Ransack looked at Thrust.

"And what makes you think we'll believe that, conehead", Chop Shop asked.
"All right then", Ramjet said. "Then we're gonna...hold on!"

He ducked back down, jsut as he saw the Dinobots (minus Grimlock), exit the Ark.

"Well, well, well", said Shrapnel. "IT appears we have our first victims, victims."

"All right, gang", Ramjet said. "Hit 'em with everything you got!"

They all transformed and headed towards the Dinobots.
The Dinobots saw the incoming forces.

"Attention, all Autobots", Slag said. "We got a Decepticon attack group coming from the west side. We need backup!"

Quick Switch
2002-01-22, 03:15 PM
Thrust tried to appear collected, but he failed miserably.

"You probably don't," he began. "But it's the truth! Bombshell and I came to free you from the Insecticon ship, though it looks like you've done that already."

Thrust walked toward the new group of Insecticons, arms out in a non-threatening gesture.

"We need your help. I, Thrust, Bombshell, Kickback and Shrapnel-with another group of Decepticons- have established our own group. We go where we please, fight who we wish. That's it."

He shrugged.

"I didn't come here to force you to do anything. You all have to decide for yourselves if you wish to join us."


Dirge transformed to jet mode, screaming down towards the Dinobots, engines wailing a song of dread.

"Feel true fear, Dinobots! Know that your doom is upon you!"

The blue Seeker immediately fired some concussion missles at Sludge.

Astrotrain paused, and watched as Ramjet's attack group swooped down towards the mountain.

"Dirge? Ramjet? The Insecticons?"

The Triple Changer activated his internal comm unit.

"Soundwave, this is Astrotrain...a new group of Decepticons has joined the fray. We may yet carry the field."

2002-01-22, 03:29 PM
(OOC: Swoop is not there, Quick Switch. I found out htat he's already under control. You might wanna edit that.)

Dirge's missles hit Sludge, who didn't go donw.

"Take this, Decepticon", he said, firing his weapon at Dirge
Dreadwing and Ramjet strafed the surface of Mt. St. Hillary.

"Come on out and fight, Autobots", Ramjet said.
Chop Shop looked at Thrust.

"I guess we'll join you."

Quick Switch
2002-01-22, 03:34 PM
Dirge snarled.

"Stupid Dinobot!" the blue jet came in for another missle barrage, letting loose another volley at the brontasaurus.


Thrust sighed with relief.

"Well, glad that's over."

The red jet went over and fished Bombshell out of the lake, steadying the beetle.

"Um...let's head back to the ship, eh? I'm sure you all and Bombshell have a few million years of catching up to do..."

2002-01-22, 03:41 PM
"Yeah", Bombshell said. "Not to mention bang out a few dents."
Sludge got hit by Dirge's missles this time, and fell over backwards/

In response, Snarl transformed and let loose a bright orang flame blast from his tail at Dirge

Quick Switch
2002-01-22, 03:44 PM
Thrust radioded Doubledealer.

"This is Thrust. We're on our way back to the ship!"

Thrust began to gingerly pick his way back to the Bane of Existence.


Dirge let out a cackle as Sludge doubled over and toppled.

He turned about, and flew squarely into Snarl's flame.

Dirge let out a shriek of pain, as the fire burned him down to his core.

"Curse you all!" he bellowed, letting loose another wave of missles at Snarl.

"Ramjet, I can't take on the whole shockin' Dinobots by myself!" he wailed, flying erractically away from the Autobots due to the flame damage.

2002-01-22, 03:50 PM
Needlenose saw Spinister crash, and watched as Sixswitch took to the sky once more.

"I dunno who you are. but you're going down Autobot!" he yelled as he engaged his afterburners and shot up high, over Sixswitch. Grinning, he fired a hail of laser shots at the Autobot below, then flew away and circled around before Sixswitch could get a shot in.


Sixswitch winced as one of the blasts clipped his wing, banking in a wide arc, he pulled up sharply, on a course for Needlenose. The two aircraft were headed straight on a collision course. Waiting till the last minute, Needlenose pulled up, and Sixswitch shot past. He pulled a quick loop and roll, and got into a position to fire at the Autobot's engines.

"Bombs away!" he yelled as he launched a missile at Sixswitch. The Autobot managed to dodge it, but the blast from the explosion sent him spinning out of control toward the ground. Desperately, he fired his retros, and managed to lessen the impact slightly as he hit. Transforming into robot mode, he rolled over as Needlenose followed him down.


The Decepticon Targetmaster transformed before landing, crunching down to the ground. Sunbeam, who'd ejected from the cockpit moments before, transformed into his gun, and landed in Needlenose's outstretched hand.

"Die Autobot," Needlenose growled, and fired.

Sixswitch rolled aside, just managing to avoid the blast as it bit into the ground next to his head. Mustering all his reserves, he leapt up and returned fire, his lasers kicking up dust as Needlenose found cover.
"Ouch, that's going to hurt in the morning," he said sarcastically, then ducked into the nearby trees.

"You can hide, but you can't run!" laughed Needlenose as he transformed into his jet form, and took off, skimming low over the forest.


Sixswitch stopped underneath a huge redwood tree. He knew the Decepticon was right. He was too big to be skulking around in the woods. Just then, he saw Needlenose above him. The Decepticon was circling around, looking for him. Seeing his chance, he stood up.

Two perpendicular green lines moved swiftly accross his vision, before centring on the jet above, and flashing red. Target Lock. With a prayer on his lips, Sixswitched launched the missile, which streaked away up into the air.


Needlenose was aware of something approaching him fast from underneath, but he was not quick enough to dodge the incoming projectile. The resulting explosion blew him forcefully upwards, before he vanished out of sight, trailing smoke.

Sixswitch grinned. He'd taken out two pretty darned tough enemies, and he felt pleased. Running out the way he came, he tried to transform into fighter mode once more, but winced as he tried, and his arm flared up in agony. He wouldn't be doing any more flying today. Instead, he transformed into his heavy tank mode, and rolled back toward the distant battlefield.

(OOC: I just wanted to write a few solo posts with my new Cons, and Sixswitch to show what they were capable of. Now Sixswitch is joining the main battle, any Decepticons feel free to enage him. Needlenose is pretty much out for the duration of the battle (needs to be hauled to the repair bay), Spinister is knocked out, but can recover to rejoin the fray, and Scourge is attacking Springer at the moment.)

2002-01-22, 03:53 PM
"Ha!", Snarl laughed, transforming back to robot mode.

His laughter was short lived, as over the hill came mounds of Insecticons, which piled all over Snarl.

In the lead, Shrapnel and Kickback laughed in delight.
Bombshell glanced at the four Deluxe Insecticons.

"follow us", he said.

They followed bombshell and Thrust back to the ship.

Quick Switch
2002-01-22, 03:58 PM
(OOC: Hadn't realized about Doubledealer. No matter.)

Dirge laughed heartily as Kickback and Shrapnel's forces overwhelmed the Dinobots.

"Off to a good start," he mused, buzzing the mountain.


Thrust entered the ship, and silently sat himself. The Insecticons could do all the talking from here...

2002-01-22, 05:02 PM
"YO BUG FREAKS TAKE SOME OF THIS HEAT" Blaster yelled 'ooking at the insecticons crumpling all over slag as his Electro scrambler opened fire on them.

Inside Metro Titan Eject sighed "Come On Autobots somebody pick up again"

Rewind and Steelclaw and changed Directions and made their way back to Mt. Saint Hilary

2002-01-23, 12:06 AM
(OOC: Blaster and Sixswitch, check your PMs.)

Roadbuster didn't just happen out of the frying pan. No, that wasn't his style. He jumped. He looked over the edge, into the inferno, and joy filled him. He loved fire. Absolutely love it. Roadbuster didn't just happen out of the frying pan. He jumped. And the cook was none too pleased.

His eyes lifted first to the sky. Laser fire flew about his head; explosions left and right; a city, sentient and massively powerful in itself, absolutely full of Decepticons. He loved it. Those same eyes, once again, spotted a particular Decepticon... It had been far too long since he'd seen this one. Had he a mouth, he would have smiled. Viciously, sadistically, sinisterly, but smiled nonetheless.

"Hey, dirtbag!" Roadbuster shouted at Dirge, lifting his laser rifle to the sky. "Miss me?"

He jumped, guns blazing, into the fire.


Soundwave stood on Metrotitan's bow. He was like the blind man, oblivious to the war around him. Arms crossed his chest; a concussion blaster rested in his left hand; one friend perched on his left shoulder, the other in his chest. Both like and unlike. Yes, he was oblivious to the carnage, but blind was the last word to describe Soundwave. He saw everything, through his audio receivers. The charging of energy in a blaster, the clicking of a grenade timer, the fading of a dying robot's movements. It was nearly deafening... And he did not entirely dislike it.

Then, he heard something new. A tank, it seemed... unfamiliar. His eyes turned in the direction of the incoming warrior. A foreign Autobot. What fun! A finger gently came to rest on his shoulder button, and the door in his chest opened.

"Buzzsaw, eject. I want you and Laserbeak to present yourselves to this new Autobot. Let him know what fear is, eh?"

The condors complied, and in moments, had opened fire on Sixswitch.


Hi-ho, hi-ho. It's off to work we go...

Reflector was still busy tossing super energon cubes into Metrotitan's energy furnace. They'd worked fairly silently; they knew each other's thoughts, and they were more efficient this way. But as the furnace began to fill, their concentration was less necessary. Spyglass turned to his brothers.

"Ain't you guys sick of this?" He threw in another cube. "I mean, don't you wanna fight?"

"First," Viewfinder replied, "we have a job here. And second, we aren't warriors. We're spies, remember?"

Spectro laughed sarcastically. "More like slaves."

Viewfinder wanted to respond, but he couldn't. They were right. He hated energon duty. Hated it! Who invented these damned things anyway... Soundwave? Yeah, Soundwave. The one guy he'd liked to punch right in the snout just happened to be his new boss! Figured.

Viewfinder finally decided on, "We'll get out of here. Metrotitan, do you have enough energy yet?"


"Well, that's a fine how-do-you-do!" Warfare commented, pointing a finger into Cybershot's chest. "You almost got us slagged!"

Cybershot batted Warfare's hand away. "Would you rather I take the chance of saving you," he pondered, thrusting a hand at the city behind him, "or would you like me to just let that thing wipe you out? Next time, think before you speak."

Warfare was ready to blow up in Cybershot's face, but Shoulderblades stopped him. His hand clutched Warfare's arm. The Orderforce simultaneously looked at him (as this sort of "outburst" was fairly uncharacteristic), then in the direction of his other hand, pointing toward the open maw of the city.

"Chaoticons!" Bushido cried. He drew his katana, held it overhead, and charged. "Orderforce, attack!"



"Sh!" Frenzy frustratedly commanded, then whispered, "I hear 'em!"

Rumble let his head fall back and his jaw open, then righted himself again. "You sure about that?"

Frenzy frowned, then pressed his head back against the wall. "I definitely hear 'em! They're calling the Autobots!"

His weapons already reperched on his back, Rumble slumped down onto a random crate in the corner. His leg rested on the other knee; his elbow on his leg; his head on his hand.

"Didn't Soundwave tell us to let 'em?" Rumble mused.

Frenzy pointed a gun at Rumble and narrowed his eyes. He seemed certain, then unsteady, then embarrassed. "Nah, I couldn't do that. I gotta let you have some of the fun. Speaking of which..."

The same gun, as well as its opposite, pointed straight into the wall, away from which Frenzy backed, and fired. A large, charred hole remained - the Decepticons easily squeezed through.

"Well howdy-do, Autobots!" Simultaneously, they opened fire.

Quick Switch
2002-01-23, 12:20 AM
Dirge zoomed past the mountain...and blaster fire spatterd off his frame.

He heard that voice...

"Hey, dirtbag! Miss me?"

"Roadbuster!" he growled.

The blue jet saw Roadbuser leap...and that's when Dirge dove.

"I'll finish you once and for all, Autobot!" with that, Drige fired a volley of concussion missles.


Astrotrain moved to Soundwave, weapons out.

"What are your objectives, Soundwave? Do we blast the mountain into oblivion or try to breach it? I can't mount an assault by myself. I will fight, where I'm able."

Geez, that sounds horrible. But I'm a transport! I'm no Seeker!

2002-01-23, 01:37 AM
Sixswitch rumbled through the trees, emerging near the rear of the behemoth assault vehicle.

"How am I gonna crack that nut?" he thought to himself. He decided that his best bet was to try and find an access hatch, and perhaps get inside. He radio'd a quick message to Springer, letting him know that he could no longer provide air support, then accelerated forward toward the base of the giant tank.

Laser shots from the two cassettes thudded into hisheavy armour, and he quickly assessed the situation. Two small, quick aerial... vehicles? Birds? were diving towards him. He was obviously outmanouvered, but by the look of things, far from outgunned. His best bet, he decided, was to let the flyers come to him. He rolled to a stop.

"Come get some, Deceptigoons," he smirked as his turret swivelled, and his blasters opened up toward Laserbeak

2002-01-23, 02:24 AM
Ramjet and Dreadwing saw Dirge go after Roadbuster.

They dove towards them, and spattered the Wrecker with laser fire.
Snarl knocked some of the Insecticon clones away, as Blaster blew most off of him.

"Thanks", he shouted to Blaster
Bombshell glanced at Thrust

"I feel ready for some action", he said.

Quick Switch
2002-01-23, 03:11 AM
Thrust nodded.

"Yeah, agreed. Should we head to the Mountain then? With your Insecticon brothers...we will have a definite advantage," he chuckled.

2002-01-23, 03:16 AM
Bombshell looked at the four Deluxe Insecticons, four new warriors in their quest for total domination.

"Yes, but whee's Doubledealer?", he asked Thrust. "We'll need him to stand guard.

Quick Switch
2002-01-23, 03:49 AM
Thrust shrugged.

"Dunno," he admitted. "I thought he was here with us...why don't you radio him on internal comm or something?"

2002-01-23, 04:56 AM
Metrotitan boomed to reflector.
"Energy levels at 200% this should be more than enough power for now."

2002-01-23, 02:46 PM
"Let's check the sensors", Bombshell said.

He walked over to the control panel and activated the ships sensors.

"He right ouside", he said. "And damaged."

He turned to Chop Shop.

"Sorry", he said.

"Never mind that now", Bombshell snapped, pointing at Ransack. "Get him and bring him in here. THe rest of us will go out and help our friends."

The four Insecticons left the ship, as Ransack headed off to get Doubledealer.

Quick Switch
2002-01-23, 05:52 PM
Thrust tagged along with Bombshell and the new Insecticons, sans Ransack, on their way to Mt. St. Hillary.

2002-01-24, 02:24 AM
Snarl, Slag, and Sludge regrouped with Blaster, as the Insecticons retreated back into the underbrush.

"Great job ther, Blaster", Slag said.
Bombshell, Thrust, and the other Insecticons raced to Mt. St. Hillary. It soon came into view.

"Yes", Bombshell said. "All those Autobots....ready to die!"

2002-01-24, 02:34 AM
(OOC- Well, I guess I've got Roadbuster now.... who's plummetting through the air with three Coneheads on him)

Roadbuster: -mockingly- Don't you guys want more backup? -fires linear blaster gun at Ramjet, laser rifle at Dirge, and shrapnel cannon at Thrust- Or do you three really think you can take me by yourselves?

2002-01-24, 02:44 AM
(OOC: Heinrad, it's Ramjet, Dirge, and Dreadwing)

Ramjet got hit by Roadbuster's lienar blast and flew nosecone first, to the ground.

Dreadwing, however, was barely hurt by the Shrapnel cannon blast, and let loose with all his firepower on Roadbuster

2002-01-24, 03:05 AM
(OOC- Sorry about that. I see Ramjet and Dirge, and Thrust automatically comes to mind.)

Roadbuster: -sets shrapnel cannon to widespread pattern to try and dtonate the missles- Great. The Doom twins. -fires linear blaster gun at Dreadwing, keeps firing laser rile at Dirge-

Quick Switch
2002-01-24, 03:07 AM
Dirge swerved, avoiding Roadbuster's shots.

"Of course I can take you, Autoscrap! I am a Seeker!" he cackled.


On the mountain summit, Thrust transformed to jet mode, soaring after Dirge.

"Yeah Bombshell...so many targets, so little time," he chortled, moving up next to his comrade.


"Miss me, buddy?" the red jet rejoined.

"Nope, not one iota," the blue jet returned.

Both Seekers dove, and Dirge launched a salvo of concussion missles, while Thrust followed that up with some air-to-air missles.

2002-01-24, 03:11 AM
Ramjet got up the greound and wiped some sand from his face. He looked up as Dirge, Thrust and Dreadwing came under attack from Roadbuster.

He transformed back to his jet mode, and streaked towards Roadbuster, firing a cluster bomb at the Wrecker.
Dreadwing gets hit by Roadbuster's cannon, and seperated back to Darkwing and Dreadwind.

They swooped around and fired again at Roadbuster.
Venom, Chop Shop, Barrage, Shrapnel and Kcikback attacked the Dinobots and Blaster, while Bombshell fired a cerebro shell at Roadbuster.
Slag, Sludge, and Snarl batted at the Insecticons, but they got up and kept coming.

"Damned bugs just don't give up", Slag yelled.

2002-01-24, 03:23 AM
Roadbuster: -subspaces rifle and grabs cerebro shell, crushing it in his hand- I hate bugs. -fires shrapnel cannon at Dirge's engine intakes , fires linear blaster gun at Dreadwind, takes cluster bomb salvo square in the chest- Uhn! -pulls laser rifle back out, fires it at Ramjet-

Quick Switch
2002-01-24, 03:32 AM
(OOC: Wow. Didn't realized you were under that much of a blitz there, Hein.)

Roadbuster's missles exploded, sending an aftershock into Dirge.

"Slag it! My systems are going haywire!" he yelped.

"Stay calm, good buddy, you're in control here," Thrust tried to sound collected...but it was a close one. He couldn't tell if his missles or Dirge's had hit Roadbuster...but then again he couldn't tell much of anything.

It was like Roadbuster was a mad dervish.

Dirge and Thrust flew around the mountain, to try to get a better position.

"Geez, my core's gonna bein' feeling that for cycles," Dirge wailed.

"Hey, Ramjet just took a dive because a blaster hit him. Did you hear him complain?"

"Let's forget opponents for a while. How bout hit the Mountain itself? The Autobots'll suffer massive damage!" Dirge mused aloud.

"I hear that. Let's do it," Thrust replied.

Swooping in, the two Seekers began to hammer Mt. St. Hillary with missles.

2002-01-24, 03:32 AM
Ramjet and Dreadwind take the shots from Roadbuster.

"Thrust!", Ramjet radioed. "Take care of that miserable Wrecker.

Just then, he recieved confirmation that the bomb that they had planted had gone off.

"At least one good thing has happed today", he thought.

"Bye-bye, Cybertron!"
Slag, Sludge, and Snarl continued to swat at the six Insecticons.

2002-01-24, 03:46 AM
(OOC: Bah! Right in the middle of the long-awaited rematch, and poor Roadbuster gets taken from me! And I see no one understands my symbolism... Buncha stiffs.)

Atop Metrotitan, Soundwave spoke to Astrotrain.

"Objectives? Why, this is to be the final battle. I think you'll remember Megatron's ridiculous style of granting the Autobots another day, and another, and another at each battle. I will not support that. But, the attack here is merely a diversion, you'll find... Make yourself useful where you can. I don't expect you to take down the Autobots on your own."

Across the battlefield...

One shot.

Decepticon. A word of honor. One shot. Devoid of mercy. One shot. Future governor of the universe. One shot. All descriptions of the mighty, despicable, evil beyond imagination Decepticon.

One shot scared Laserbeak off.

"Get back here!" Buzzsaw screamed after him. "CowarGH!"

As Buzzsaw plummeted to the ground, his mind began to float. Perhaps Laserbeak had had the right idea. Running didn't seem so bad when one hurt this badly... Thump.

And Soundwave watched.

"Hm," he commented respectfully. "Impressive. I do believe I should introduce myself to this one. He seems... enjoyable."

Seconds later...

"Hi!" he sarcastically cheered, levelling his concussion blaster on Sixswitch and pulling the trigger. "I'm Soundwave, what's your name?"

(OOC: Okay, Brend. They're all yours. PM me if you don't feel like finding out where all the boys are on your own.)

Quick Switch
2002-01-24, 03:57 AM
(OOC: Yeah, Flec. I was looking forward to it with ya.)

Astrotrain nodded, understanding dawning on his face.

"Why...yes...Soundwave. Of course," he whispered, but by then Soundwave was gone.

Suddenly, the Triple Changer was uncertain.

What am I going to do? You've never had to fight in your life. This time, do something!.

He gave Metrotitan a quick slap.

"Remember me in case I don't make it back big fella," he called, jumping to the ground below.

Impacting the stone beneath, craters opened where his feet trode.

Astrotrain began to run up Mt. St. Hillary.

If I can just find an opening...I'll destroy their base from within!

2002-01-24, 04:00 AM
Roadbuster: I love my job. -subspaces laser rife, pulls grenade launcher from leg holster- WRECK!!! -fires linear blaster at Ramjet- RULE!!!!! -fires grenade at Darkwing's engines- You Decepticons are nothing! -angling descent so he'll land on Bombshell-

2002-01-24, 02:43 PM
Ramjet, closing in on Roadbvuster again, dodged a laser blast and fired another cluster bomb.

Darkwing, however, was not so lucky. The greade hit him right in his engines, and he descended to the ground.

On the ground, Bombshell was lining up to fire another Cerebro Shell when Darkwing crashed into him, knocking to the ground.

"Get off of me", he shouted, knocking Darkwing off.
Slag and Snarl took on Chop Shop and Kickback, while Sludge handled the other Insecticons.

"Thes damned bugs", Slag shouted.

(OOC: Are there any other Autobot characters here?)

2002-01-24, 04:19 PM
Sixswitch winced as a shot from Soundwave penetrated his tank treads. It was a minor injury, but painful none the less.

"The name's Sixswitch, and if you don't mind, I'd like a closer look at that oversized rust bucket of yours."

He accelerated forwards and at the last minute, swerved around Soundwave and kept on going. His turret swivelled around to face the Decepticon (OOC: Soundwave), and opened fire as he continued in the other direction towards Metrotitan.

2002-01-24, 07:00 PM
Roadbuster: -takes cluster bomb on the left shoulder, wincing as he feels the explosions rip into his armor, cursing the hit that knocked out the belt feed to his shrapnel cannon, fires linear blater gun at Dreadwind's engines, fires grenade at Ramjet, still fallingat Bombshell- You're all going down!

2002-01-24, 09:58 PM
Bombshell looked up to see Roadbuster falling on him.

Darkwing, seeing the action, lept into the air and tried to tackle Roadbuster.

Ramjet got hit by Roadbuster's grenade. He tumbled down, but regained his altitude.

"Thrust, Dirge! Where are you", he radioed.

Quick Switch
2002-01-24, 10:52 PM
Dirge and Thrust roared around Mt. St. Hillary, scoring massive gouges in its surface...though the true damage to the Autobot base (if any) was unknown to the Seekers.

"Sorry, 'Jet," Dirge chuckled.

"We're just renovatin' the Autobots home away from Iacon...and I think they'll like the new look!" Thrust laughed.

The two once again joined Ramjet in his pursuit of Roadbuster.

2002-01-24, 11:57 PM

Eject got cut off in mid sentence and knocked back by one of frenzys shots landing behind a crate shaking his head gett back up pulling out a blaster.

"Ramhorn get em." Eject yelled out

The rhino running towards Rumble weaving in and out of their blasts. He lunged to towards ruble head down horns out as Eject returned fire to frenzy.

Blaster jumped to the side the shots from the two insecticons and the three other cons, barely. He turned over to his back pressing a few buttons on his electro scrambler firing out the electro magnetic waves to the insecticons.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-01-25, 12:28 AM
Springer was pinned down by Scourge's fire whilst the war was waged around him.
"Eject, Ramhorn, Springer here, long time no speak! You've got to dis-connect the power to Metrotitan, do that, we got these cons beat, Springer out"

Right, enough of this Springer thought to himself. Sword in hand Springer darted towards Scourge.

"If your aim was as big as your mouth, you'd have hit me by now" leaping into the air Springer landed atop Scourge "YEEEEEEEEEHAW!"

Grimlock had charged forward, losing the other Dinobots and fellow Autobots. Finding himself in a veritble no-man's land, right beside Metrotitan.
Feeling bored and a little left out of the action, Grimlock turned sideways on and swung his massive tail into the side of Metrotitan causing stress fractures across the metal walls.

Quick Switch
2002-01-25, 12:53 AM
Astrotrain paused in his run up the Mountain.

"Forget this," he mumbled. Leaping down, the Triple Changer landed at the summit.

That's when he saw Grimlock battering Metrotitan.

"Oh no you don't, Grimlock!" Astrotrain growled.

Transforming to train mode, Astrotrain accelerated until he was set on a head-on course with the Dinobot leader.

2002-01-25, 01:23 AM
Roadbuster: -fires linear blaster at the leaping Darkwing, looks at Bombshell- I'm gonna crush you flat, roach! -fires greande launcher at Ramjet's jet intakes, looks at the approaching Dirge- Then I'm coming for you, blue-boy!!!

2002-01-25, 01:37 AM
Metrotitan boomed to Astrotrain
"You will be fine, all Decepticons will be ok, Metrotitan will see to that!" He boomed and opened fire on the Autobots attacking him and started to roll catching some unlucky foot soilders under his massive frame.

He then sent a transmission to Soundwave
"Can Metrotitan transform and stomp Autobots?" He asked.

Quick Switch
2002-01-25, 01:51 AM
Dirge and Thrust both laughed.

"Blue boy? You hear that Dirge? He must think you're no better than a fleshling," Thrust snickered, firing some missles at Roadbuster.

"Naw, Thrust. Twern't that at all," Dirge replied, firing a salvo of concussion missles near the Autobot.

The two jets came back around...


Astrotrain heard Metrotitan.

Transforming to robot mode, the Triple Changer skidded to a halt a few feet away from Grimlock.

Astrotrain withdrew his sonic stun gun, and his deflecto-shield from subspace.

"We've not tangled in a while, Dinobot," he yelled across the sounds of Metrotitan's thunderous wheels.

"It should be interesting."

2002-01-25, 02:06 AM
Roadbuster: -aims linear blaster at one of Dirge's engines and the grenade launcher at the other- I got a much higher opinion of them than I do of you two. -fires both weapons-

Quick Switch
2002-01-25, 02:17 AM
Dirge wailed once again as the linear blast scored one of his rear wings, nearly shearing it off.

"I'll scrap you!" he bellowed, transforming to robot mode, and landing a few feet away from Roadbuster.

Thrust managed to detonate the grenade shot using two air-to-air missles, creating a massive explosion, and a profuse amount of shrapnel.

He too transformed to robot mode and landed next to Dirge, withdrawing his automatic missle launchers and aiming them at the Autobot.

"I'm gettin' tired of you hurting Dirge here," he snarled.

"I'm not to keen on my wings getting roughed up either good buddy," Dirge muttered, face contorted with rage and pain. He to retrieved his concussion missle luanchers.

"Now you die," Dirge rasped. He fired both launchers. Thrust followed suit, firing both automatic launchers only a few feet away from Roadbuster.

2002-01-25, 02:24 AM
Venom and Chop Shop got out of the way of Blaster's Eletro-Scrambler blast, but Kickback, Shrapnel and Barrage got hit full blast, getting knocked to the ground.

"Good Shot", Slag said to Blaster
Darkwing got hit by Roadbuster's blast, who fell on the crashing Dreadwind, who both crashed into Bombshell.

Ramjet narrowly dodged Roadbuster's grenade, but just barely. A micro-inch further and his intakes would have been permanently wrecked.

"Dirge, Thrust", he radioed his fellow seekers. " want to try the triangle formation. Up for it?"
Unnoticed in the commotion, Apeface caustiously approached the massive bulk of Metrotitain. He placed a small tracking device on his hull.

"Job's done", he said to himself.

He transformed and headed back to the battle.
Ransack examined Doubleealer, who was strapped to a med bed on the Bane Of Existence. He held a mind probe he had taken from the gear in the cargo hold.

He plugged it into Doubledealer's brain circuitry. "Let's see what you're really up to", he thought.

Quick Switch
2002-01-25, 02:30 AM
After Dirge and Thrust fired their respective blasts, they transformed back to jet modes and soared up to meet Ramjet in the sky above.

"Let's go!" Dirge said.

"Yeah, move move!" Thrust added.

2002-01-25, 02:35 AM
(OOC: Hope ya don't mind this Quick Swithc. It'll work better when I describe it.)

Ramjet took point, Dirge and Thrust falling into step behind him.

As they closed in on Roadbuster, Ramjet fired off a cluster bomb to distract him, then bolted to the right to let Dirge and Thrust get their shots off.
Bombshell knocked Darkwing and Dreadwind off of him.

"What the hell do I look like, a landing pad?!", he screeched. He then saw he fellow Insecticons in trouble.

"Come on, you two", he said, picking up Darkwing and Dreadwind by their necks. "Get back up there and help the others."

Quick Switch
2002-01-25, 02:41 AM
(OOC: No problem Bombshell.)

Dirge and Thrust both fired off a salvo of missles a piece, then broke off sharply, joining Ramjet in his turn away from Roadbuster.

2002-01-25, 02:56 AM
Apeface flew through the battlefield, and signaled Ramjet.

"I've placed a small undetectable tracer on Metrotitain", he said.

"Good", said Ramjet. "Dirge, Thrust. Follow me."

He flew towards the top of Mt. St. Hillary.
Darkwing and Dreadwind, seeing the coneheads fly off, saw their opportunity for revenge against Roadbuster.

They combined into Dreadwing and fired their entire arsenal at him.
Ransack scanned Doubledealer's memories.

"Hmm....Betraying Bludgeon and the casettes...conspiring with Bombshell to overthrow the Decepticon leadership...Getting Ramjet, Dirge, and Thrust on your side...."

He disconnected himself from the mind probe device.

"You've led a good life, my friend", he said, pulling out his gun.

"Too bad I have to end it."

2002-01-25, 02:57 AM
Roadbuster: -comes down, feet first, where Bombshell was standing- COWARDS!

Quick Switch
2002-01-25, 03:01 AM
Roadbuster's shots impacted just behind Dirge and Thrust, making both Seekers flights more erratic.

"We read you," Dirge replied.

The three Seekers set off for the top of Mt. St. Hillary.

2002-01-25, 03:07 AM
Blaster nodded "When I'm done with 'em they'll be deader the disco"

Blaster calls out turning to Venom and chop shop firing the electro magnetic waves at them
"I HEAR YA SPRINGER BUT" Eject went quiet as blasts could be heard going off. "BUT WE'RE PINNED IN THE CORNER BYT TWO CONS"
Rewind and Steeljaw hopped into the hole on the side of metro-titan created byt eject and ramhorn

"We got it Springer, Eject just hold one we'll back you up soon" Rewind said as him and steel claw ran trough the halls to find metro -titans brain and power source.

2002-01-25, 03:10 AM
Bombshell heard Roadbuster's comment, and turned around.

That's it!", I've had enough of you", he said.

He fired his head mounted mortar at Roadbuster.

Meanwhile, Dreadwing came swooping in and fired on the Wrecler member.
Ramjet and Apeface laned on the top of Mt. St. Hillary.

They transformed and Apeface ripped off a boulder on the top. HE then began pounding away at the ground.

2002-01-25, 03:10 AM
Roadbuster: -feels(and looks) like Metroplex jumpkicked him thrugh one of Cybertron's moons, dodges Bombshell's blast, fires at Bombshell with linear blaster and Darkwing with the grenade launcher-

2002-01-25, 03:18 AM
Bombshell took a hit from Roadbuster.

Dreadwing, no better off, took a hit as well.

"We'd better fall back to the ship!", Dreadwing said.

The superjet retreated from the battle.
Ransack brought his gun to Ransack's head and pulled the trigger.


Doubledealer's body jerked once, then lay motionless.

He unhooked him from the support systems, and dumped him into the ocean.

2002-01-25, 03:38 AM
Roadbuster: -fires another blast from the linear blaster at Bombshell, then starts running(well, fast limping) after Dreadwing, firing grenade launcher-

2002-01-25, 03:40 AM
Bombshell took Roadbuster's second hit, and collasped to the floor.

"Chop Shop, Venom", he radioed. "Take the others back to the ship."
"Will do", Chop Shop said.

Dodging blasts from the Dinobots, they picked up the Insecticons bodies and went back in the direction of their ship.

Quick Switch
2002-01-25, 04:04 AM
Dirge and Thrust transformed and landed.

They watched as Apeface and Ramjet started pounding away at the Mountain.

"Unless the Autobots are under there," Thrust began,

"You're wasting time," Dirge finished. "We blasted the Mountain with a few missle volleys and got nothing."

2002-01-25, 04:08 AM
Roadbuster: -loses sight of the accelerating superjet, limps to a halt- Bloody hell. -looks up side of Mount St. Hillary, in he drection that Ramjet, Dirge, and Thrust went- Well, why not? -unjams the ammo feed to the shrapnel cannon, transforms to 4WD mode, starts driving up the side of Mont St. Hillary-

2002-01-25, 04:08 AM
OOC I always wanted to say this.

Suddenly alarms went off in Metrotitan as his senors picked up the Autobot tapes.
"AUTOBOT INTRUDERS IN MY BODY AUTOBOT INTRUDERS TRY TO REMOVE MY POWER!" he boomed and sent a small army of drones after the intruders.

2002-01-25, 04:14 AM
Steelclaw and Rewind blasted through all the drones steel claw hacking them up one by one. They reaches the door to the power chamber blasting a hole into the door. Steel Claw held off the drones as Rewind raised his blaster and fired three shots at his power core
"sorry metroplex ol' buddy but you're not your self" Rewind whispered.

Quick Switch
2002-01-25, 04:15 AM
Thrust happened to look up from Apeface and Bombshell's activity to see...

Roadbuster driving up the Mountain.

"Dirge, look!" the red Seeker started, jostling his blue comrade on the shoulder.

Dirge looked in the direction Thrust was gazing slackjawed.

"By Starscream's Ghost," he muttered. "Does that Autobot have a death wish?"

"Bombshell...that Autobot's coming, so you may have to postpone your little dig here," Thrust mumbled.


Astrotrain turned as Metrotitan boomed his warning.

"Slag it," he roared.

If Metrotitan goes, we're finished!

Leaving Grimlock, Astrotrain vaulted inside one of the massive Decepticon's hatches, and began running.

He found a Metrodrone.

"Where are the intruders?!" the Triple Changer bellowed.

The drone pointed toward the core.

"Arggh!" Astrotrain growled, and ran down the core area. He saw the two Autobot tapes.

"I'll blow you both to scrap!" he screamed.

2002-01-25, 05:52 AM
Roadbuster: -fires linear blaster at first Decepticon head he sees pop ito view- I wonder how active this volcano is.....

2002-01-25, 05:58 AM
By the time astrotrain had arrived the blasts had been fired and easily more then enough for metrotitans core... they hoped

"STEELCLAW LETS GO" Rewind called out hopping on the pumas back and riding past astrotrain.

2002-01-25, 11:48 AM
"Got to get aboard before it transforms," Sixswitch thought to himself as he accelerated forwards, "and this aint fast enough."

Thinking quickly, he transformed into scout vehicle mode, roaring forwards at a huge pace. Reaching the underside of the rolling behemoth, he transformed again, into robot mode, leapt, and caught on to a repair gantry near the ground.

Swinging up onto the ledge, he moved along it carefully, looking for a door. Eventually, he found an access hatch, and after a few seconds trying to open it, with a bit of help from his guns, he slipped into a narrow corridor inside Metrotitan.

"Right, I'm in. Now what?" he asked himself, but he already knew the answer. He headed along the corridor, towards where he guessed the main energon furnace would be.


Scourge leapt back, avoiding the first lunge of Springer's attack. He summoned an energo-axe from his fist and threw his weapon into the air, where it transformed into Fracas. The smaller robot began to circle Springer, looking for a clear shot, while the Decepticon tracker met Springer's charge head on, their weapons clashing.

(OOC: I figure as a Tracker, Scourge would have some form of close combat weapon, and an axe seemed to fit).

Quick Switch
2002-01-25, 01:35 PM
Astrotrain tried to examine the damage wrought by the Autobot tapes.

"Metrotitan, run a diagnostic scan on your power core...is it still functional? And if damaged, could I be able to repair it?"

The Triple Changer made a vow.

No other Autobot breeches Metrotitan's defenses if I can help it. The Metrodrones aren't enough. I've got to stay here and defend his innards.

Finding another Metrodrone milling about, Astrotrain caught its attention.

"Send out as many squads as it takes...find any Autobot intruders to notify Metrobomb so that he may destroy them. I will remain in the power core/energon fueling areas. Do not fail!"

The drone went off, scrambling various squads as it went.

Astrotrain wielded his ionic stun gun and deflecto-shield. He was ready.

2002-01-25, 01:50 PM
Suddenly Metrotitan's guns stopped.
"The blasts the Autobots fire damaged my energy cores. Thankfully to the point were I still function, but weapons systems are now offline. I recommend we recall all Deceptions and make a retreat. Or you could replace the damaged system, replacement parts are in the storage area behind you, I need a new energon converter and power sorter. But that would take several cycles that I don't know if we have." Metrotitan reported.

2002-01-25, 02:51 PM
"Unless the Autobots are under there," Thrust began,

"You're wasting time," Dirge finished. "We blasted the Mountain with a few missle volleys and got nothing."

"That's where you're wrong", Ramjet said. "We blew away at the mountain. Who's to say that the base is not somewhere inside the mountain?"
Bombshell heard Dirge['s comment and got up. He fired his head mounted mortar at Roadbuster, being careful not to hit his fellow Renegades.
Darkwing, Dreadwind, and the Insecticons (barely) made it back to the ship, where they saw Ransack.

"Where's Doubledealer?", Dreadwind asked.

"He...didn't make it", Ransack said.

"Then you killed him!", Darkwing said, trying to make a grab for Ransack's neck.

He was stopped by Shrapnel, who said. "Hold on a second, second. Doubledealer was a spy, spy. We couldn't trust him completly, completly."

Darkwing halted. "I guess you're right."

2002-01-25, 03:43 PM
Roadbuster: -takes mortar round to the right rear fender, tire blows out, bearings sieze, and he skids to a stop- Smegging Insecticons..... -pivots gun turret, fires linear blaster at Bombshell- Enemy to the right of me... enemies to he left.... -transforms- First the bug, then the flyers.

2002-01-25, 03:46 PM
Ramjet looked as Bombshell ired at Roadbuster.

"He bought us some time", he said to Apeface. "Hurry up!"

Apeface pounded on the ground, which crumbled inside.

"Come on", he said to Dirge and Thrust.

2002-01-25, 04:07 PM
Roadbuster: --aims both linear blaster and laser rifle at Bobshell, fires-

Quick Switch
2002-01-25, 06:54 PM
Dirge and Thrust nodded.

The Seekers began to pound the already weakend ground with Apeface.

"So the Autobots won't to rumble with Thrust, eh?"

"Just stop it. It sounds better when Rumble does that shtick," Dirge replied, grumbling.


Astrotrain stopped for a moment.

Call a retreat. This is serious. If Metrotitan falls...no. That cannot happen.

"Curse those tapes! With one blow, they stopped this assault. And where's Soundwave? Off settling a vendetta, I'm sure. Guess I'm in charge here for the moment...Metrotitan, call for a general retreat, now! You're to valuable to us to be captured. I'll work on repairing your core and Energon converters..."

The Triple Changer placed his weaons back in subspace and began retrieving the necessary parts. With a squad of Metrodrones assisting, Astrotrain began the repairs...

2002-01-25, 07:13 PM
Metrotitan began to call for the retreat.

"All Decepticons return to base. We are going to retreat! Repeat all Deceptions return to base." He boomed.

2002-01-25, 09:35 PM
"ALRIGHT THEY DID IT" Blaster called out Turning and firing at Thrust.
Eject and Ramhorn immdeatly charged towards Rumble and Frenzy as the retreat was sounded. Eject lunged at Frenzy Ramhorn flipping his horn to the chest of rumble
Rewind and SteelClaw amde a b-line for their created exit.

Quick Switch
2002-01-26, 02:01 AM
Thrust was slammed by Blaster's shots.

The red Seeker looked up, then went back to his work.

"I haven't got time to mess with you, boom box," he muttered. "You'll get yours once we've destroyed your precious base."

Dirge snickered, and the two began pounding again.

2002-01-26, 02:19 AM
Rewind and Steel claw had detoured to Blasters room grabbing another casette as comm from Blaster came in

"Rewind you have some time, Boogey back to the armoury and pick up those bombs finish the job on the brain" The comm ended

"Will Do Blaster" rewind replied "Steel claw we'll get fastforward later, lets go"

Rewind hopped on steel claws back as they mad their way to the armoury once their snagging some bombs and heading back for the brain
After Blaster finished sending the signal he turned back to thrust

"HAVE FUN DOIN THAT WITH SCRAMBLED CIRCUTS CONEHEAD" He switched the blaster to scramble mode aiming at thrust and firing again hoping to disable him.

2002-01-26, 02:22 AM
Ramjet turned around and saw Blaster firing away, with the Dinobots Slag, Sludge, and Snalr approaching.

Apeface pounded through the ground a final time, which completly caved in.

"Good work", Ramjet said. He turned to Dirge and Thrust.

"Come on, boys.". He turned to Apeface. "Go take care of the four stooges."

Apeface smiled a wicked grin and baralled down the side of Mt. St. Hillary, straight at Blaster and the Dinobots.
Sludge saw the barelling form of Apeface coming down the mountain.

"Not a chance!", he shouted, transforming to his Stegosaurus mode and running up the side of the hill at Apeface.
"Ransack", Darkwing said. "Go back to Mt. St. Hillary and tell the others about what happened. We need time to repair."

"Right", he said, running out of the ship and heading off towards Mt. St. Hillary.
Bombshell got hit by Roadbuster's lasers, and fell to the ground.

"I...can't...take...much...more of...this", he whispered.

2002-01-26, 03:52 AM
(ooc-you eithere mean "transform into diplidocus mode" or you meant Snarl not Sludge.)

Blaster yelled diving to the side as he watched Snarl Charge up the mountain.
Back inside Metro-Titan Rewind and Steel Claw had re-approached the brain checking around for guards first seeing the drones and astro-train are still there as it had only been about ten minutes since their last visit here.

"Alright" Rewind whispered holding a casette in one hand, andthree or four bombs in the other "Lets do this"

Rewind picked set the casette tape down and lifted up the bombs setting them each for five minutes, then getting ready to toss them

(ooc- stop here give the cons time to react)

2002-01-26, 04:45 AM
Roadbuster: -fires final barrage from linear blaster and laser rifle at Bombshell, then turn and starts to climb up the side of Mount St. Hillary, limping as fast as he can, cursing Bombshell's mortar hit on his rear tire-

2002-01-26, 03:14 PM
Sixswitch moved steadily through the twisting corridors of Metrotitan. The place was eerily quiet, but at the same time, it wasn't. He could hear machinery furiously working to keep the behemoth alive and sustain its attack.

He reached a lift, entered it, and travelled up. He was surprised that Metrotitan hadn't detected him yet.

2002-01-26, 03:34 PM
Roadbuster: -drawing ever closer to the top of Mount St. Hilary-

Quick Switch
2002-01-26, 07:26 PM
Dirge and Thrust let out a whoop of triumph, then jumped through the chasm with Ramjet.

Landing inside the Mountain complex, both Seekers retrieved their missle launchers.

"When this is over, Blaster dies," Thrust muttered.

"Sure...sure. For know, let's destroy Teltraan II, right Ramjet?" Dirge quiried.


Astrotrain was finishing up on the core repairs, and just beginning to work on the Energon Conversion Chamber, when a Metrodrone spoke up.

"Intruders: Present. Objective: Destruction."

The Triple Changer turned, parts and Energon gunk on his hands.

"Well, don't just stand there, terminate them!" Astrotrain waved a pink-covered hand, and turned back to his work.

"I can't deal with that now..." he muttered. He thought for a minute.

"Wait... someone else's is in Metrotitan..." The Triple Changer pounded on a comm unit. "Reflector, this is Astrotrain; report immediately to Metrotitan's brain! Some of Blaster's tapes are trying to destroy it!...I'm repairing Metrotitan, and the Metrodrones need assistance in terminating them! Come at once!" depressing the button he turned back to repairing the Energon Converter.

The Metrodrones advanced on Rewind and Steelclaw.

The Alpha Drone spoke up again.

"Surrender: immediately. Termination: imminent," it buzzed.

2002-01-26, 08:33 PM
(OOC: I meat Brontosaurus, Blaster_86.)

Sludge closed in on the charging Apeface, who was madly screaming away.

At the last minute, Sludge backed up and batted the Headmaster Horrorcon with his tail.

Apeface took the hit, and tumbled down the side of the mountain.

"Come on", Sludge said, transforming back to robot mode. "We got to follow the coneheads."

Snarl and Slag began making their way up the side of Mt. St Hillary.
Ransack moved through the underbrush and apprached Mt. St. Hillary. He spotted a badly damaged Bombshell.

"What happened?", he asked.

"What do you think?", Bombshell responded, getting to his feet. "I don't think we're ready yet."

"Come on", Ransack said. "Let's get back to the ship."
"Right", said Ramjet. "Now all we got to do is find the sucker and..." he broke off as he spotted a large piece of twisted metal embedded nearby.

"Hey, what's that?", he asked.

(OOC: Anyone who seen Beast Wars will know what this is...;) )

2002-01-26, 09:19 PM
Rewind made a slight gulping sound as Steelclaw growled. He readed dow to a hatch on the casette beside him and opened it pressing a few things then closing it again.

"Lets hope you work" Rewind whispers.

The casette Transforms becoming a Red Eject or Rewind "Whoa man where have I been" The new casette said shaking his head then looking at the drones.

The fact he was programed to know who his enemies were, he had the one up. Problem is the droids arn't wering decpticons symbols.

Rewind looked over at him and hispered "FastForward, Use your arms"

"What... Oh yeah" Fastforward mumbled.

FastForward was created as a counteract for rumble and frenzy's earthquake power by being given his own. His arms transformed into the pile-driver and began to smash into the ground causing a rumbling and shaking in the small area infront of the brain.

Quick Switch
2002-01-26, 09:54 PM
(OOC: I haven't Bombshell. You'll just have to clue me in when you next post. :) )

Dirge and Thrust looked at the object.

"Wow," Thrust muttered.

"Yeah, sure. Let's get to Teltraan II, eh?" Dirge cracked his knuckles. "The sooner the better. I can't believe we haven't been followed...yet."


Inside Metrotitan, Astrotrain was just finishing up with the Energon Conversion Chamber when...


The Triple Changer was thrown off his feet and landed with a stream of curses on his back.

"Curse you Autobots! Drones, destroy them!"

The Alpha Drone wobbled.

"Objective: difficult. Ground: unstable," it whirred.

Nontheless, the Alpha Drones signaled, and the squad of drones leaped and attempted to tackle the Autobot tapes.

Astrotrain rose unsteadily amid the pounding, and activated both of the massive Decepticon City's core and Energon Conversion Chamber.

"Metrotitan, all systems are functional! Get us out of here!"

The Triple Changer turned.

"If the Drones don't destroy you meddling tapes, I shall!"

Astrotrain withdrew his sonic stun gun and deflecto-shield from subspace and stood by to see the success of the Drones tackling.

2002-01-26, 10:01 PM
Metrotitan starts to roll backwards away from the battle.

2002-01-26, 10:07 PM
(OOC: It's what remains of the Maximal Ship Axelon after BW Rampage and Megatron destroyed it in "Optimal Situation" Watch it.)

Ramjet stood mesemrized by the sight of the wrecked ship.

"You...you two go on ahead", he said to Dige and Thrust. "I'm gonna go inspect this wreck.
Kickback and Shrapnel stood up from the med beds, freshly energized.

"Ah, it feels good to have energy coarsing through us, through us", Shrapnel said.

"So, anyone up for more 'Bot Slaggin'", Kickback asked.

A chorus of cheers erupted from the others.

"Good", said Kickback. "Then let's go!"

The seven Decepticons left the ship, heading back to Mt. St. Hillary.

A few seconds later, Ransack and Bombshell returned to the ship. Ransack placed Bombshell on one of the med beds and examined him.

"I think you're going to be ok", he told the damaged Insecticon.

"Oh, good", Bombshell said. "I had enough of Roadbuster."

Quick Switch
2002-01-26, 10:09 PM
Dirge and Thrust nodded.

"Right," Thrust replied.

"Off to Teltraan II..." Dirge cackled madly as the two Seekers set off, down into the corridors and hallways of the Mountain complex.

2002-01-26, 10:35 PM
Fastforward raised his arm to the air two drones getting smashed in the face by the face by the pile drivers.

Steelclaw lunging to the air above the droids towards astrotrain to knock him ovre and Rewind hopping off steelclaw and over Astrotrain doing a flip and running into the Brain.

"HEY WATCH IT" Fastforward cried as the drones started beting him down in numbers not able to fend them all off.

Rewind immdeatly began placing the bombs on the brain activinting them as he set them down and turning around running out

"WE HAVE TWO MINUTES GUYS" Rewind cried pulling a Blaster and firing at the drones covering Fastforward

2002-01-26, 10:40 PM
pointblank and prowl watched as the battle continued to unfold. it was then that Pointblank suddenly collapsed.

Prowl: "What the...POINTBLANK! Springer!!! Pointblank collapsed! I am pulling him off the battlefield, can you send Trailbreaker or someone over to our position to give us some cover?"

Quick Switch
2002-01-27, 04:13 AM
Astrotrain let out a cry of surprise, but swatted Steelclaw with his deflecto-shield, watching the tape clang against a wall, not seriously hurt, but at least out of his face...

The Alpha Drone shouted commands.

"Attack: continue, defenders: weakening," and with that he tackled Rewind.

The drones that were not destroyed by Fastforward swarmed him.

Astrotrain turned, and saw the bombs placed on Metrotitan's brain. The Triple Changer ran into the Central Brain area, observing the situation.

"Two minute timer, eh? We'll fix that," and with that, Astrotrain took aim with his sonic stun gun, and fired bursts at the bombs, shorting out their internal fuses as the sonic gun's stun charges shorted out the detonation components.

As the bombs fell with collective thuds on the floor, deactivated, Astrtrain observed the battle.

"Surrender or die," he boomed to the Autobot tapes.

(OOC: Blaster, PM if you have problems with my post.)

2002-01-27, 04:35 AM
Roadbuster: -looks down into hole Apeface pounded into the dormant volcano- Here we go again...... WRECK 'N RULE!!!! -jumps into hole, guns ready-

2002-01-27, 05:28 AM
(ooc- no problems QuickSwitch)

Rewind knew they were screwed when the bombs didn't go off but they had one last hope. He kept shooting the drones off Fastforward

"STEELCLAW SHOOT THE BOMBS" Rewind called out the puma.

Steel Claw nodded and opened fire from the his side lasers at two of the bobms hopeing they still go off when they get hit Rewind Turning around firing at the other bombs. Two of the bombs get hit and detonate launching Rewind and Steelclaw back. What happened to astrotrain is not knowen

(ooc-Chances are you'll have something wrong with this sixsitch so pm me and I'll edit it accordingly)

2002-01-27, 06:39 AM
Roadbuster: -lands hard, feeling his right leg servos and actuators groan in protest, limps towards the main area of the cavern- Come out, come out, wherever you are........

2002-01-27, 01:11 PM
Sixswitch felt the massive vehicle move in the opposite direction to where he knew Mt St Hillary to be.

"They're retreating?" he thought to himself, "time to cut the supplies."

He was outside the energon furnace room, and peeked in. It was full of drones, blind, unskilled robots, but possibly dangerous in large numbers.

"Oh well, who wants to live forever?"
He burst into the room, opening fire with his arm blasters and missiles simultaneously, and began cutting through the drones.

"Intruder, intruder, Alert!" a metallic voice rasped out, and he saw red lights blinking on and off, and a loud siren started emitting from some unseen speakers.
He growled. Best do this quickly. Grabbing two drones, he rammed their heads together, shattering their cranium, then spun around and blasted the Alpha drone for this section through the head at point blank range.

"Not bad..." he told himself.
Stepping away from the huge glowing pile of energon cubes, his missile launchers swivelled as he took aim at them...

(OOC: Any 'Cons near the place where Reflector was doing his energon bitch stuff? If not, I'll have Sixswitch detonate the cubes and get out of there next post.)

Quick Switch
2002-01-27, 03:12 PM
Astrotrain didn't get the response he'd expected.

"Steelclaw shoot the bombs!"

The Triple Changer turned.

The bombs detonated....obscuring Metrotitan's central brain.

Astrotrain couldn't tell what sort of damage was done to the massive Decepticon.

"I did what I could, Metrotitan," he whispered.

The Triple Changer was lifted up bodily by the blast, flung forward, and the flames from the explosion washed over him, a scorching embrace...

Astrotrain landed with a thud a few hundred feet into the corridor.

The remains of the drones fell by his side.

The Alpha Drone fell next to him.

"Objective: failed. Sorrow: genuine." The Alpha Drone's CPU began to sputter, and the Drone lapsed into shutdown.

Astrotrain fought to remain councious...but failed.

One thought marred his wavering state:

I will destroy those Autobot tapes...if it's the last thing I do!

Fade to black.

(OOC: Astrotrain is not dead, but is uncouncious.)

2002-01-27, 05:01 PM
Metrotitan rolled to a stop.
"Cpu damaged system malfunction grsawk."

OCC Where are the Construticons?

2002-01-27, 06:40 PM
Roadbuster: -limps into open area, sees wreckage imbedded in one wall, sags against the wall, letting autorepair systems try to catch up with internal damage- Gotta stop them.... No matter the cost.... -straightens, break into a limping run in the direction Dirge and Thrust went in-

(Roadbster's current outward condition, should anybody look at him: Right leg knee and hip servos damage, visible sign fluid leaks from both hip and knee(more severe from knee); Left shoulder armor plate twisted and torm from cluster bomb impact and detonation, minor fluid leak; Torso armor plate dented from cluster bomb impact; spiderwebbing of cracks across left side of optic visor band. Covered in soot and impact and burn marks from various assorted rapid-fire lasers and missles.)

Quick Switch
2002-01-27, 07:02 PM
(OOC: Ravage, if I remember right, Flec was using them as NPCs, but they are in Metrotitan.)

Dirge and Thrust moved through the corridors, meeting no resistance.

"All too easy, Dirge," Thrust crowed.

"Once we slip by their early warning sytems...we'll be rid of Teltraan II forever," Dirge rejoined.

But...they heard something. Was it another clanking form, impeding their progress? The Seekers weren't sure.

It didn't matter, because after a few cycles...they'd found it. Teltraan II.

Dirge and Thrust stopped at the doorway housing the supercomputer.

"Teltraan II," Thrust breathed.

"Yes...let's go," and with that, Dirge and Thrust entered Teltraan II's chamber...

2002-01-27, 07:08 PM
Roadbuster: -limp/runs down corridor towards Teletran 2's chamber,weapons ready-

Quick Switch
2002-01-27, 07:11 PM
Dirge and Thrust stood before the Autobot supercomputer known as Teltraan II.

"Trypticon destroyed its predecessor, know we destroy it," Thrust laughed.

"Yes...not to good at quality control, eh Thrust?" Dirge smirked.

Both readied their missle launchers.

"Goodbye, Teltraan II," Dirge cackled.

"Rest in pieces," Thrust jibed.

Four missles flew from the Seekers' launchers, impacting Teltraan II.

2002-01-27, 07:15 PM
Roadbuster: -limps into doorway- Rest in pieces is right, Decepticreeps! -opens fire with linear blaster, laser rifle, and shrapnel cannon at Dirge and Thrust, point blank range-

Quick Switch
2002-01-27, 07:18 PM
As Teltraan II exploded, Dirge and Thrust turned.

"Why you..." Thrust roared.

"Roadbuster!" Dirge bellowed.

Both Seekers were impacted by Roadbuster's weapons, and flew back against different walls.

Both Seekers, however, fired four missles at Roadbuster...also at point blank range.

2002-01-27, 07:27 PM
Roadbuster: -blown back into corridor, shrapnel cannon blown off of it's mount, right knee servos fuse, left shoulder armor blown completely away, torso armor torn, fuel and lubriant spilling from the wound, lands on his back, slides to a halt not far from door, chuckles, weakly- Yippie-kai-yay, Decepticreeps.... -starts trying to stand-

Quick Switch
2002-01-27, 07:53 PM
Dirge rose, unsteadily, against the burning remains of Teltraan II. The supercomputer had been destroyed relatively easily...and then Roadbuser had shown up.

The laser shot had bored a hole through the blue Seeker's left shoulder, near the top. The linear blast had missed him, but the shrapnel cannon had caught him in both legs, denting both feet at the knees. He limped over to Thrust.

Thrust had suffered a large torso wound, courtesy of the linear blaster. The red Seeker's right arm hung useless at his side, a casualty of the shrapnel cannon's discharge hitting him at the shoulder joint.

"Let's get out of here...Dirge," he rasped.

Dirge helped Thrust rise, the blue Seeker leaning on the red Seeker's good left arm/shoulder.

Thrust guided Dirge out of the doorway, but kicked Roadbuster savagely in the face, causing the Autobot to fall back to the ground.

Dirge snickered, amid bursts of pain from his shoulder.

"Serves...you right, Autoscrap. We've beaten you...eh hah..." laughing madly, the two stepped over Roadbuster, and moved into the corridors of the Mountain.

"Ramjet...this is Dirge...Teltraan II is destroyed...but we need...assistan-aah!!" another spasm of pain ripped through the blue Seeker.

The trek began back to Ramjet and Apeface.

2002-01-27, 08:08 PM
Darkwing, Dreadwind, Shrapnel, Kickback, Chop Shop, Barrage, and Venom returned to Mt. St. Hillary, to find a all but finished battle.

"Hey", Venom asked. "Where'd everyone go?"

"Beats me", replied Darkwing. "But let's just stay here and see what happens."
Ramejt and Apeface had approached the massive metal construct. They didn't know what it was, but it was too small to be a Autobot or Decepticon craft.

"Have any ideas on what it is", Ramjet asked Apeface.

Apeface shook his head.

Just then, Dirge's signal came in.

"Go help them out", Ramjet said to Apeface. "I want to stay here and examine this thing."

Apeface chuckled and ran off to hel the other seekers.
Slag, Sludge and Snarl ran up the side of Mt. St. Hillary, and jumped down the hole that the Decepticons made. They saw Apeface run off.

"Let's follow him", Slag said.

The three Dinobots silently pursued the Headmaster.

Quick Switch
2002-01-27, 08:13 PM
Dirge and Thrust saw Apeface run down their corridor...though it seemed like hours at the snail's pace the two Seekers were forced to travel.

"We've destroyed Teltraan II!" Dirge shrieked, delirious with excitement.

"Roadbuster's back there...but he's nearly scrap," Thrust wheezed. "Help us back to the outside...our transformation cogs are still intact. We just need help getting to the outside," the red Seeker nodded emphatically.

2002-01-27, 08:27 PM
"Right", Apeface said, helping Dirge and Thrust to their feet.

On their way out, however, tney ran into the Dinobots.

"Hold it right there, Decepti-creeps", Snarl said.

Apeface, not knowing what to do, kept walking.

The Dinobots fired at him.

On reflex, Apeface put the damaged bodies of Thrust and Dirge in front of him.

(OOC: Quick Switch, you can kill off Dirge, but not Thrust)
At the wrecked ship, Ramjet heard the sounds of battle, but didn't do anything about it. He was sure that Apeface could handle it.

He had reached the ship,and examined it.

"This is definitely CybertronianTechnology, but nothing I've ever seen before", he said to himself.

Extending a computer probe from his finger,he plugged it into the computer console and began downloading.

Quick Switch
2002-01-27, 08:34 PM
(OOC: Erm, Bombshell, I don't know if I like that scenario.)

Thrust shoved Dirge out of Apeface's grasp with his good arm, and at the same time wrenched himself free of the Headmaster's grip.

Both Seekers withdrew their missle launchers and fired at the Dinobots.

"You're not going to stop up this close to victory!" Dirge howled.

"Gee, thanks Apeface," Thrust growled, firing his launcher with his good arm.

2002-01-27, 08:37 PM
The missiles from Sixswitch's shoulder mounted launchers slammed home into the stack of energon cubes, causing a massively intense, but localised explosion. The Autobot was thrown backwards through the door to the room, and impacted against the opposite wall. Amazingly, although stunned, he was otherwise unhurt, and he rose shakily to his feet.

He laughed at the site of the explosion. The energon was no more. Suddenly, he became aware of the klaxons still ringing, and more drones approaching from his left. In no mood or condition for another fight, he raced off to his right.

Ahead of him, he saw a blast door moving slowly downward to contain the newly created small fires ravaging the energon chamber. Running forwards, he dived underneath it as it slammed down. However, no sooner had he gotten up, he saw several more doors further along the corridor also closing.

"Time to get out of here," he cried, and transformed into scout car mode, roaring off down the corridor, and through the doors before they closed.

Further down the twisting corridors he drove, trying to find his way out, when suddenly, his audio sensors picked up three voices ahead of him. He rounded the corner and came face to bonnet with three small robots. Two humanoid and one lion.

He skidded to a stop.

(OOC: Blaster, if your cassettes want a ride out of the place, feel free to come aboard :-) )

2002-01-27, 08:44 PM
(OOC: I'm just saying Quick Switch. I'm not telling you to do it.)

Apeface took out his Sonic Boomber and fired back at the Dinobots.

"Sorry", he said to Dirge and Thrust. "I wasn't thinking.

He grabbed their bodies and ran as fast as he could away from the Dinobots.
Ramjet had just completed his download of the computer core, amazingly perserved, despite a four million year down time. The information it contained was unbeliveable.

But before he could make anything of it, he saw Apeface, holding Dirge and Thrust.

He disconnected himself from the computer and ran to them.
The Dinobots had taken cover from the barrage of laser fire, and when they got back up, the three Decepticons were gone.

"Where'd they go?", Sludge asked.

"Don't know", Snarl replied. "But let's go find them."

Quick Switch
2002-01-27, 08:45 PM
Astrotrain came back from uncounciousness...painfully.

The Triple Changer sat up, slowly.

The Cassettes. The Bomb. The Drones. The sirens!

Astrotrain gripped his head, as the blaring klaxons careened through his audio receptors.

He rose, and staggered toward the Brain. It was gutted.

Astrotrain beat his fists on a wall in utter, complete rage. The advantage over the Autobots was gone. Unless Metrotitan could be repaired, at any rate.

The Triple Changer heaved his blackened body to a comm station, and very gently, depressed the intercom.

"This is Astrotrain...Metrotitan's Central Brain has been damaged...and I'd guess his Energon Chamber too from all the sirens...any Decepticons still present should report to the Brain and Energon Chamber and commence repairs immediately. That is all." He depressed the switch again and slid down the wall.


(OOC: No problem Bombshell. Sorry if that sounded nasty. Didn't intend it too.)

"Thanks," Dirge replied stowing is launchers.

"Yeah. We probably woulda done the same, thing 'Face. No worries," Thrust wheezed raggedly.

2002-01-27, 08:48 PM
The bots finished clearing everything off all the droids on fastforward his arms back to normal. They look back at the smoking brain room and smile then turn back to sixswitch

"Yeah we still need to find Eject and Ramhorn though"
Eject and Ramhorn were now back on the main floor looking for an escape.
Blaster raised his electro scrambler to the three grouped together bots smirking
"Got close together now yor circuts are fried I'll teach you for frying teletran two BY FRYING YOU"
He had the electro magnetic waves on and stood up firing the waves at [b]Dirge Thrust and Apeface, right before one of dirges laser hit him knocking him back down and out.

2002-01-27, 08:59 PM
Sixswitch grinned as he saw the Autobot symbols on the robots.
"Never met you guys before, but the name's Sixswitch. Hop in, we'll go find your friends. He opened his cockpit, letting the tapes climb inside, then headed off down the corridor, looking for an elevator to the main level.


Spinister raised himself shakily onto one knee. He was lying in a forest, where he had crashed after he'd been hit by that strange new robot who he'd never seen before. He shook his head to clear it.
"Singe? You OK?"
"Yeah, barely, big guy." his gun was lying several feet away, and it transformed into a yellow and orange human sized robot.
"Good, give me a minute, and we'll get back into the fray."


"Needlenose! Wake up man!" Sunbeam pounded on the cockpit of the bigger robot. The cockpit itself was cracked, and one wing was bent completely out of shape. The hit from Sixswitch's missile had done some hefty damage. All he got as a reply though was a groan.
"OK, OK, I'll get help."
The smaller robot took to the air, and flew off toward Metrotitan.

(OOC Note: It can be assumed that Needlenose is now in the repair bays inside Metrotitan)

2002-01-27, 09:06 PM
(OOC: I just thought that was the way you were going)

Apeface saw Ramjet rust towards them.

"Come on, we got to get back to the ship", he said.

He took Thrust from Apeface, and flew out through the hole, avoiding a few shots from Blaster.

Once they got outside, he saw his fellow Renegades.

"Return to the ship", he ordered them. "We have now information that we need to examine."

The renegades returned to their ship.
Slag, Sludge and Snarl ran back the way they came just to see the Dcepticons fly out the hole.

"Damn!", Snarl said. "we missed them."

Quick Switch
2002-01-27, 09:23 PM
Dirge and Thrust went to the Medbay.

"We'll see you all in a few cycles," Thrust told the others.

He guided Dirge into the Energon repair bed/medical bay.

Thrust lowered Dirge onto the bed, and let it do its work...

2002-01-27, 09:26 PM
Ramjet assembled the remainig Decepticons near a computer terminal.

"I have discovered some...intersting information that I would like you to see", he said, plugging himself into the computer and downloading the information to the screen.

The screen filled up with images of Transformers, but these were not ordinary Transformers. They were at least the size of humans, and looked, for the most part, organic.

"I don't believe this", Dreadwind said.

"Believe it", said Ramjet. "I do believe we're looking at our own future."

Quick Switch
2002-01-27, 09:29 PM
After a few cycles, both Dirge and Thrust had both been repaired/recharged by the repair beds.

Rotating their newly fixed joints, the joined Ramjet and the others in the main viewing area.

Both Seekers digested the information shown them by their comrade.

"How can we use this information to our advantage Ramjet?" Dirge asked.

2002-01-27, 09:36 PM
"Well", said Ramjet. "In addition to the video info, I managed to download biographical data, weapons info, and secret technologies. We may be able to adapt it and use it on us."

2002-01-28, 12:01 AM
(OOC: Had to cut a section out of this post. I failed to see previous posts. Sue me. My lawyer is already waiting)

Cyclonus had just finished repairs on Overlord. That should do it. But those leftover parts better not be important.

"Reflector, report to lab 1 with some energon. I'm ready to re-activate Overlord."

2002-01-28, 12:30 AM
(OOC: You do realise that Metrotitan is retreating?)

2002-01-28, 12:47 AM
(OOC: I as just informed of that by Reflector. I wasn't really paying attention to the other replies when I made mine. I've had a lot on my mind the last few days. I'll edit the reply shortly)

2002-01-28, 12:57 AM
(ooc- how can he move, his brain just blew up)

2002-01-28, 01:05 AM
(OOC: If you're driving a car, and you suddenly die, the car doesn't stop moving, does it? - Assuming Metrotitan doesn't have a clutch, then he'd just keep on rolling, right?)

2002-01-28, 02:38 AM
Roadbuster: -drags himself up off of the floor, his H.U.D. showing a schematic of his body, all damaged sections showing up in red- Well, at least my hands aren't too badly damaged....... -step/dragging himself forward, he makes his way into Teletran 2's chamber, sees the devastation the Seekers caused, starts cursing as he spins, nearly loses his balance, and lurches back down the corridor- I'm gonna find those two and kill them with my bare hands..... -pauses to pick up shrapnel cannon, nearly topples over again(causing a fresh wave of cursing), before finally dragging himsef to a halt next to the wreckage, collapsing next to it, and activating commlink- Roadbuster to any Autobots in vicinity. Do you read me? -Idly scans wreckage, detects low power and recent access(Disturbed dust, rocks, and the like, I would guess)-

2002-01-28, 07:10 AM
Roadbuster: I repeat, this is Roadbuster of the Wreckers, to any Autobot in the vicinity, do you read me? -pops part of backpack assembly open, puts srapnel cannon in, closes it, checks charge on laser rifle and linear blaster gun, seeing the charge levels, subspaces the laser rifle and hooks the linear blaster to an extendable power line from his backpack, pulls grenade launcher, props himself up a little better(to ease some of the pain in his right hip assembly), finally extends a probe into the wreckage that he's sitting next to, scanning for file info, downloading whatever hefinds-

2002-01-28, 03:08 PM
The Dinobots were wondering what to do next when they heard Roadbuster's call.

"Roadbuster, this is Slag", the Triceratops said into his commlink. "Where are you?"

Quick Switch
2002-01-28, 09:08 PM
Dirge nodded.

"Sounds good. Any advantage would be a pleasant one...even alien technology."

2002-01-28, 09:16 PM
Eject and Ramhorn spotted their exit and began to walk, wondering where Rewind and Steelclaw are.

2002-01-28, 10:29 PM
Roadbuster: Slag, I'm here inside of Mount St. Hillary..... Better bring some technicans. Dirge and Thrust... blew the bits out of Teletran 2....-feeling his power level dropping even more-.... and bring.... a ..... medic........-passes out, download from Axalon's computer complete-

2002-01-29, 01:03 AM
"Right", Slag said, looking at the other Dinobots, and motioning them to follow him.

As they headed for Roadbuster's position, Sludge asked, "Anyone know where to find a doctor?"
Searching the files, Ramjet uncovered something that looked somewhat...unusual.

"Hey, look at this", he said to Dirge. Something called...Transmetal technology? What do you suppose that is?"

Quick Switch
2002-01-29, 02:02 AM
Dirge and Thrust exchanged glances.

"I have no idea," Thrust murmurred.

Dirge leaned forward.

"If we can exploit it...I say we investigate," the blue Seeker nodded.

2002-01-29, 02:21 AM
"Right", Ramjet said to Dirge. "We'll need some test subjects."

He looked among the group.

"Any voulenteers?"

Darkwing and Dreadwind stepped foward.

"We voulenteer", Darkwing said.

"Good", said Ramjet. "I voulenteer as well. We will begin the procedure tomorrow. But for now, we need to repair ourselves and recuperate after that battle."

(OOC: Quick Switch, don't expect me to continue this till tomorrow)

Quick Switch
2002-01-29, 02:41 AM
(OOC: Bombshell, no problem.)

Thrust scratched his head.

Dirge shrugged.

"An opportunity is an opportunity...but Shrapnel should run the machinery. He's the most qualified. Bombshell can monitor everybody's vitals, once this experiment gets underway. Kickback and Apeface can help with setting everything up."

Thrust started.

"What about us, Dirge?"

Dirge turned to his partner.

"We watch. Observe...and record. If this works, Thrust, we won't have to worry about having a disadvantage on the field."

Dirge pulled Thrust to his side and whispered:

"And if it fails...we're still our good old regular selves."

Thrust looked at Dirge for a moment, then smiled slightly.

Both seated themselves in chairs, and began to sift through the data Ramjet had downloaded on their own screens, studying it intently.

2002-01-29, 02:50 AM
(OOC: Actually, I didn't think you'd be back tonight, so we can do it now. :p. Also, this scene takes place a few hours after yours.)

Darkwing, Dreadwind and Ramjet lay on the beds, as Chop Shop and Barrage strapped them down.

Shrapnel went to the machine that they had built for this procedure. Kcikback, Dirge, Thrust and Apeface had built it earlier using a few spare parts and energon. It was a rickety job, but if it worked...

"We're all ready here, here", said Shrapnel. "ready to go on your command, command."

"All right", said Ramjet, looking at Darkwing and Dreadwind. "LAst chance to back out, fellas."

The two Powermaster jets said nothing.

"All right, then", he said. :Begin the procedure."

Shrapnel hit a few buttons on the machine, and three silver heans shot out, enveloping the three test subjects with a strange glow.

Bombshell stood over a medical moniter. "Energy cores still within tolerance levels. No change in spark output."

Good, good", said Shrapnel. "Increasing power, power."

Shrapnel pulled a lever, and the beams intensfied.

Suddenly, a strange beeping noise oculd be heard.

"Energy output 10% over normal", Bombshell shouted. "Spark output reaching critical levels."

"reverse the procedure!", Apeface shouted.

"It's too late, late!", Shrapnel said. "The power is too strong, strong. It's going to..."


2002-01-29, 03:44 AM
Roadbuster: -unconscious next to wreckage, auto repair systems trying to knit his internal systemry back together.... Fuel and lubricants, which had been flowing freely, slowly reduce to a thin trickle, then stop altogether.... internal controls shut down power feed to linear blaster recharge cycle and start trying to recharge Roadbuster's systems from the weapons charger in his backpack-

Roadbuster dreams........ A vista of explosions and fire, a place he can call home........ then all is silence, peaceful..... and Roadbuster is trapped in his worst nightmare..... a fish out of water, a warrior who can only thrive in the hell of battle, now wrapped up in peace..... He screams, a mixture of fear, rage, and pain, but the nightmare won't let him go........

Quick Switch
2002-01-29, 04:36 AM
Dirge shrank back next to Kickback.

"By Starscream's Ghost! Ramjet what have you d-"

And then the explosion swept over the Renegades.

2002-01-29, 02:45 PM
Slag, Sludge and Snarl approached Roadbuster.

"Hey", Slag said, slapping Roadbuster's face.

"You ok?"
Ramjet picked his way through the rubble. He couldn't believe the awesome power that coarsed through his circuits now. He assumedd that Darkwing and Dreadwind felt the same way.

He stood up.

"What do you mean 'What have I done?", he asked Dirge.

"It worked!"

(OOC: Ramjet now looks like the Machine Wars Megaplex jet. Darkwing and Dreadwind now look like the Gen2 Dreadwing/BW 2 Starscream/BB stealth bomber combo.)

Quick Switch
2002-01-29, 03:34 PM
Dirge waved away the smoke from the explosion, and picked himself up off the shuttle floor.

"What do you mean 'What have I done? It worked!"

The blue Seeker could do nothing but gawk.

"Ramjet...is that you?"

Dirge scratched his head.

"You look...different. Do you feel all right?"

2002-01-29, 03:38 PM
Roadbuster: -groans, still half caught up in the throes of nightmare as his sensors register the presence of the Dinobots and his systems muster enough power to reactivate him, muttering- Nuh..... no..... no peace..... never...... -optic band brightens- Hey, guys. -optics dim slightly- Got any energon?

2002-01-29, 03:43 PM
Ramjet looked into the reflective surface of the table.

"I like it", he said to himself.
Sludge gives some energon goodies to Roadbuster.

"It's all I have", he said.

2002-01-29, 03:56 PM
Roadbuster: -takes and eats(don't know how, he has no mouth... absobs them through energy receptors in fingers, maybe?) energon goodies- Thanks. -optic band brightens- Teletran 2 might be out of action, but what I found in the computer core of that wrecked ship might help balance things out.... Especially seeing as the 'Cons got a copy before I did. -starts struggling to stand-

Quick Switch
2002-01-29, 04:01 PM
Dirge shrugged.

"OK, so now what?"

2002-01-29, 05:15 PM
Roadbuster: -manages to get to feet-

2002-01-29, 06:51 PM
The lift slowly lowered, creaking in protest. The energy supply to the Decepticon City was fast running out, and power was obviously being diverted to other things.

As soon as it stopped, Sixswitch was away once more, tearing along the corridor. It was his hope that the quick movement would stop internal sensors from picking him up, or at least from getting a lock on his position.

Ahead, he saw two small robots making for the exit, and on Rewind's urging, he took off after them.

"Hey guys, time, to bust out of here!" he called, opening his cockpit, allowing Rewind and Steeljaw to leap clear as he transformed.

"Stand away from that wall," he urged as he took aim, and opened up with his full arsenal, blowing a small hole in the side of the behemoth, then, he jumped through the gap, and down two stories to the ground.

Landing unharmed, he looked up to see if the cassettes were following.

2002-01-29, 06:54 PM
(OOC: I posted twice to keep my characters clear and seperate from each other).

Spinister skimmed over the ground, seeing Metrotitan beating a retreat. He also saw Scourge locked in combat with Springer - and he was struggling. Even if the Decepticon beat the Wrecker, there were who knows how many Autobots still around Mt St Hillary. He swept forward, guns blazing, causing Springer to leap back out of harm's way.

"Scourge, come on!" he called
The Tracker caught on quickly, turned and took to the air, transforming into jet mode and streaking away toward the retreating Metrotitan swiftly followed by Spinister.

Quick Switch
2002-01-29, 07:16 PM
Astrotrain rose once again from his stupor.

Nearly delirious, the Triple Changer staggered around the remains of Metrotitan's central core system.

He knew that Metrotitan was locked on an unknown course- he didn't even know what the last coordinates the massive giant was programmed to report to.

Seating himself heavily in a comm station chair outisde of the main processors, Astrotrain once again made his call.

"This is Astrotrain. I repeat, any Decepticons retreating/boarding Metrotitan must report to the Central Brain and Energon Converter chamber. He has suffered massive damage, and if repairs are not begun in earnest we shall stall. That is all."

As the message boomed over the rolling city's audio receptors, Astrotrain could only laugh.

"Once again, defeated. By Autobot tapes...and I led the retreat...again!"

The laughing ceased.

"No matter....since Soundwave has not returned as of yet, I shall lead the Decepticons...and why not? Only I helped to defend Metrotitan from attack. I called for retreat when Soundwave's plan turned to disaster...yes. I am Astrotrain, City Commander!"

He rose.

In moments a new squad of drones assembled in front of him.

"Begin repairs immediately. Other Decepticons may or may not arrive. Metrotitan's fate lies with you all. Do not fail me."

The Alpha Drone nodded.

"Directive: understood. Objective: success," it whirred.

The repairs began posthaste.

Astrotrain walked to Gigatron's former quarters, and keyed in the name plaque to read:


He entered, and sat.

2002-01-29, 11:43 PM
The cassettes hopped out of the city landing on the dirt looking at roadbuster.

"We gotta go bacjk to Mt. Saint Hilary fast, plan a counter-attack while they repair metro-titan" Eject said.
Blaster got up shaking his head "Whoa what a blast, almost became part of the past"

he looks down at his blackened chest a hole there knowing he'll need that repaired. He slowly entered the mountain looking around.

2002-01-30, 02:13 AM
Ramjet searched thr rubble, looking for Darkwing and Dreadwind.

"Hey, I found 'em", Kickback said.

The group came over and saw two vehicles. But instead of two jets, they saw one jet and a stealth bomber.

"Wait", Bombshell said. "These can't be them."

At that comment, the two vehicles transformed.

"What are you talking about", the vehnicle that had been the jet said. "It's me, Darkwing."

"Yeah", the former stealth bomber said. "And I'm Dreadwind."

They then looked at one another.

"Cool upgrade", they said to one another,

"All right", Ramjet said. "No time for chitchat." He turned to the others.

"Anyone else wanna try?"
Slag held up Roadbuster.

"Are you going to be ok?", he asked.

Quick Switch
2002-01-30, 03:12 AM
Dirge thought about what Ramjet had asked.

On the one hand...incredible power. Maybe.

But on the other...part of what had bound he, Thrust and Ramjet together was already gone...changed. And who knew how stable this knew technology really was? What if something happened? A malfunction? No. It was just too risky.

He looked at Thrust.

"I don't know what you're going to do, Thrust, or the rest of you," he said, indicating the various Insecticons and Apeface,

"But I'll stay just the way I am. I was brought online with this form, and that's how I'll remain."

2002-01-30, 03:31 AM
Apeface and the Insecticons looked at each other, then at Ramjet.

"I'm afraid we're going to decline, too", he said.

"All right", said Ramjet.

Quick Switch
2002-01-30, 03:45 AM
Dirge laughed.

"But hey, I'm not knocking your new power, 'Jet. I'm just being cautious, eh? So, what's our next move? Since the regular Decepticon forces have retreated, should we assault the Mountain again? With Teltraan II, the Autobots are out of their main security network, besides lookouts."

He turned slightly.

"Or should we just head out somewhere? I mean, our looks been pretty good, though Doubledealer's vanished...should we keep pushing it?"

The blue Seeker turned back to gaze once again at Ramjet's new form.

2002-01-30, 05:41 AM
Roadbuster: -in pain, but not about to admit it- I will be... just get me to a repair bay......

2002-01-30, 02:29 PM
'Yes", Ramjet said. "That will be a good idea. Thrust, Dirge, Darkwing, Dreadwind. You come with me. THe rest of you stand guard.

The three Decepticons left their ship.
Slag picked up Roadbuster.

"Anyone know where to find a good doctor?", he asked.

2002-01-30, 02:36 PM
"A counterattack?"
Sixswitch would have laughed if he didn't want to offend the smaller robot.
"We need to check on Mt St Hillary first, I'd be willing to bet my left arm that it's in pretty bad shape."
He shunted his guns back into subspace. I'm going to check it out, see if I can do anything to help.

Without waiting for an answer, he transformed into his scout car mode and sped off back toward the mountain, looking for Springer, or whoever else was in charge around here.

2002-01-30, 03:19 PM
Metrodrone were scrambling all over the massive Decepticon making repairs.

Hook looked at some of the damage.
"Bah this should not take us to long to repair." He droned working with his fellow construticons on fixing some of the damage caused to Metrotitan by the Autobot cassettes.

Suddenly one of the connections reactiviated the city's brain.

"Metrotitan back online, there is still 40% system damage and weapon systems are still down, time until complete repairs at this rate 24 hours." He boomed.

"Metrotitan recommend for counter attack measures we use Devastator and Menasor for additional damage." he called out, while Decepticons were running all over doing repairs.\

OOC there :)

Quick Switch
2002-01-30, 05:02 PM
Astrotrain heard Metrotitan's announcement.

The Triple Changer punched in on his comm frequency to the Decepticon City.

"Metrotitan, this is Astrotrain. Deploy the Constructicons and Stunticons...as Devestator and Menasor to repel any Autobot attacks. We cannot take any risks. Keep me updated on your repair progress."

Astrotrain terminated the feed.

You can do this, 'Train. Giving commands isn't so bad after all...at least as long as you've got the power to do it.


Dirge and Thrust followed Ramjet's group back out of the ship, heading towards Mt. St. Hillary.

2002-01-30, 05:33 PM
(OOC: Read my post on Questions About the RPG before we go any further).

2002-01-30, 07:35 PM
Roadbuster: -slung over Slag's shoulder like a sack of potates, shuts down to conserve energy...... and again starts to dream-

Voice: So....... now I'm in an Autobot..... Oh, the irony of it all.......

Roadbuster: Nnn..... you find this amusing in any way?

Voice: After spending four milion years in the core of a computer, sitting next to a disabled Autobot ship i an active volcano, I find much to be amusing....

Roadbuster: Who are you?

Voice: I am but a warrior, who fell in battle once.......

Roadbuster: Then why are you in my head?

Voice: I found your mind to be more interesting than that of the Seeker, Ramjet....... Do not worry. I am..... just along fo the ride.

2002-01-30, 10:21 PM
Roadbuster: -still dreaming-

Roadbuster: Just along for the ride?!?

Voice: Yes. As I no longer have a spark, all I am is the sum of the memories and personality recordings of one being. Your dreams are the only place I can talk to you....

Roadbuster: Lovely. That's just.... Lovely. I've got a ghost in my head.

Voice: -chuckles- My former commander was fond of saying "That' just Prime"......

2002-01-31, 02:50 AM
Ramjet's new body throbbed with power. He couldnt believe the strength he now carried.

As the group approached Mt. St. Hillary, he transformed and landed. Darkwing and Dreadwind, in their new bodies, landed as well.

"All right", he said.
Back at the ship, Apeface sat at the controls, looking at some readout.

Meanwhile, the Insecticons carried on a secret conversation among themselves. Apeface didn't pay attention.
Slag placed Roadbuster on a med table and bega to repair him. As best he could, since he possesed little to no medical knowledge.

"You sure you know what you're doing?", Snarl asked.

"Of course", Slag replied.

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 02:55 AM
Dirge and Thrust landed.

"Do we go in the same way? There's a good chance we'll run into the Dinobots again," Dirge glanced at Ramjet.

Thrust looked on, peering for any other advance scouts.

2002-01-31, 03:04 AM
"The Dinobots?!", Ramjet said in surprise. "HA! With our newfound powers, we can easily level any Autobot that comes our way."

Dreadwind said, "I've been experimenting with this body, and I think I can...there!"

He transformed to a tank.

"That's great", said Ramjet. "You lead the assault."

Dreadwind rumbled foward.

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 03:08 AM
Dirge's jaw dropped. He and Thrust looked at each other for a minute, and by then Dreadwind had already began moving toward Mt. St. Hillary.

"Well, its good to be confident of your abilities...but even I know something about overconfidence. We don't know if that...new process has any drawbacks. And the Dinobots are still not to be trifled with." Dirge looked on as Dreadwind moved forward.

Thrust shook his head and said nothing.

2002-01-31, 03:13 AM
Ramjet couldn't believe it. Here they were, on the verge of complete and utter conquest, and his friends were acting like pansies!

Ramjet came up and clasped Dirge's shoulders.

"Come on, Dirge", he said. "I know you have a habit of talking about death and stuff, but trust me on this. We can do it!"

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 03:15 AM
Dirge smiled.

"Yeah. Let's teach 'em a lesson in sorrow, eh?" Laughing weakly, Dirge shook off Ramjet's grip.

Thrust came up beside them both.

"Uh, the plan?"

2002-01-31, 03:22 AM
Ramjet looked at Thrust

The plan? Oh, yeah, the plan. First, we'll send Dreadwind there to draw them out. Darkwing will join him. Then the three of us will go in there and plan a explosive to bury the Autobots."

Ramjet looked at his fellow seekers.

"It'll be good!"
Apeface was working so hard on his screen that he didn't hear the sound of the electricity coarse through him. He slumped across the control panel.

"HA!", Shrapnel said. "That was too easy, easy."

"Two down, five to go", Barrage said.

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 03:33 AM
Thrust cracked his knuckles.

"Sounds good."

Dirge looked toward the Mountain.

"I'm game."

2002-01-31, 03:56 AM
Roadbuster: -still dreaming(though, given Slag's medical knowledge, this may be a blessing......)-

Roadbuster: Just who in the Prime Matrix are you, anyway?

Voice: -sighs- Perhaps I should introduce myself......

-Roadbuster's dreamscape suddenly brightened, and standing befre him..... was a lizard. It stood on it's hind legs, and Roadbuster's imrec scanners immediately identified it as a Velosiraptor-

Roadbuster: A lizard? I'm talking to a lizard?

Voice: Be quiet, you oversized excuse for a combat machine! Dinobot, MAXIMIZE!!!!

Dinobot: -transforms to robot mode-

Roadbuster: -starts chuckling- This has got to be a fever dream. I'm low on fuel, I've been used for target practice by most of the active Decepticon air combat units... Now I'm dreaming I'm seeing tiny Dinobots.

Dinobot: -clearly not amused..... then smiles- At least I'm not the one being repaired by Slag.

Roadbuster: WHAT?!?

Roadbuster: -optic band lights up-

2002-01-31, 04:06 AM
(OOC: Closed, and will be continued when Sixswitch gets around to posting the new thread. Why am I not doing it? To be honest, I'm kinda lost...)