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2002-01-18, 03:39 AM
*Autobots have engaged the Decepticons near the plasma energy chamber...Optitron still leads a battle on the surface...jhiaxus about to open the plasma energy chamber...and prime is no where to be found!*

With the touch of a button, Jhiaxus smiled and the plasma energy chamber opened, engulfing, Jhiaxus, Cryhavoc, Sixshot, Adeara, Scorponok, the cassettecons, and the dormant Gigatron...as expected, the energy began to kill the Decepticons on contact, but Jhiaxus was ready for this.

Sixshot: "I hope...you...have...a...plan..."

Jhiaxus: "Of course....I...Do..."

Struggling to finish his sentance, Jhiaxus pressed the final button...in an instant the chamber closed and the group was gone.

2002-01-18, 03:40 AM
Upon seeing his enemy stagger, and then fall, Proximus disengaged into the five Cosmobots. Each more minor wounds from their fight with Bruticus, but nothing too serious. Thorr moved to inspect the body of Bruticus, but Vanguard held him back.
"He's not dead, and there are too many Decepticons in the Chamber to take on at once."
"But nothing, Star Runner, transform."

The big Autobot complied with a weary nod. As the torso of Proximus, he had taken the brunt of the battle. However, he was immensely strong, and wasn't ready for the repair bay just yet. The four Cosmobots entered him, and he took off, powering up toward the surface once more.


As Star Runner flew out of the hole, he saw the Spychangers and Fortress Maximus below. He swooped down towards them.

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2002-01-18, 03:41 AM
"We can try", Hot Shot signaled to Siren. "You want us to come down?"

Before Siren could respond, Warpath saw Star Runner and signaled the others to be ready for anything.

(OOC: Chapter 5=[comic book guy]Shortest..chapter...ever[/comic book guy]

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2002-01-18, 03:47 AM
"Autobots," Vanguard said.
"Good, we can use all the allies we can get," replied Apollo.
"Quite right. Bring us in for a landing Star Runner."

The shuttle complied, landing only 30 metres away from the bulk of Fortress Maximuss. The Cosmobots quickly disembarked as Star Runner transformed. The approached the group of Spychangers.

"Greetings," said Vanguard, "We are the Cosmobots."
He introduced each in turn, and turned toward the leader of the Spychangers. And may I ask who you people are?

(OOC: The Cosmobots have only recently returned to Cybertron. Also, I don't know who the leader of the Spychangers is. Sorry)

Quick Switch
2002-01-18, 03:48 AM
Bruticus stirred.

"Proximus...gone. Bruticus...functional. Plasma Chamber...safe." The super warrior disengaged, and the Combaticons righted themselves.

"Errr...they got away!" Brawl yelled.

"That Star Runner scares the shock outta me," Swindle shook his head.

"Yeah, well, I gave their flyboys a taste of my glue gun, and they didn't like a bit," Vortex chortled.

Blast Off turned to Onslaught.

"If those were indeed the same Autobots who imprisoned us, we must destroy them."

"Agreed," Onslaught nodded, cold rage once more overcoming him. "But not now. We have another mission: protect the Plasma Energy Chamber."

As they entered the atrium where it had once stood...the Combaticons could do nothing but stare.

"Its...its gone," Swindle breathed.

"Yes, but our mission remains. We shall protect it until Jhiaxus returns to assure Decepticon victory."

The vigil began.

2002-01-18, 05:13 AM
"Great." Hatemunger growled.
"I have no clue where those fools went off too and no way to communicate with them." Hatemunger sighed as he looked around the energy chamber.

Hatemunger opened his com-link
"Onslaught, Razorclaw are you all ok? Jhixuas and his men have all been transported by the chamber. We are to protect this chamber at all costs." Hatemunger then decided to make a communication to all the Decepticons on Cybertron. "All Decepticons do you read me, Wierdwolf, Quake are you and your men ok? if you can recieve me call back. All other Decepticons please reply. This is General Hatemunger."
"There now to see what happens." Hatemunger then looked at his men.

"Stealth can you get out side and set up traps? I am sure you can get materials from Skystalker." Hatemunger asked him.

"Yeah boss! I am on it." The Decpticon theif cheered and flew up to Skystalker to load up on explosives and other fun stuff, Autobot hunter turrets and other fun stuff http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif.

"Darklark, help out Stealth, you have the firepower to cover him if needed and the knowledge of heavy weapons to help him set up a defense around this area." Hatemunger looked at the ex-Autobot.

"Yes sir, I am off." Darklark transformed and flew up too Skystalker to help out Stealth.

Hatemunger then looked at Deathsaurus, the Aerialcons, the Crashticons and Liokaiser.

"Now we wait, Deathsaurus do you think you can figure out the energy chamber, just in case those fools do something too increadably foolish for words and need to be stopped, basically yet another ace in the hole for us." Hatemunger asked the massive Decepticon.

"Coming from the future, I know a few things about it. It should not be huge problem for me to get back to you on how to run this thing." He started to look at the controls to the chamber.

"Excellent." Hatemunger smiled and thought to himself.

"One way or another the Decepticons will be assured there final victory. Jhixaus you had better not be screwing with the Decepticon cause!" He thought and stood guard.

On Skystalker who is currently in the hole the KODA made in the top of the chamber.

"Hmm 20 Autobot hunter turrets, 10 auto loading missle batteries, proximity mines, elecro nets and 10 hunter gatling cannons." Stealth looked at the amassed weapons for himself to set up a defense grid.

"I think we can do this Darklark. but time is important, I think we can set this up to protect us from an aerial assult and Autofools that try to climb up the mountain itself, you have any other suggestions?" He asked Darklark.

"I say we get some of this stuff on ground level I realise that will be a royal pain in the exuast but, it should be helpful." He suggested to Stealth.

"I agree, well let's start to set up a defense system on the top of this thing, then we can put what we can down on the bottom." With that and Skystalker's teleport transporters they set to setting up the defense systems.

2002-01-18, 06:35 AM
(OOC: What the.... new chapter already? Hoo, boy.... And where is the tme now?)

Siren: -over commlink, to Hot Shot- I'll ask. -puts Hot Shot on hold- Well, Brainstorm? Think another set of hands would help?

Brainstorm: Probably not now.

Chromedome: We should send somebody to check out the plasma enrgy chamber. At the very least do a recon of it.

Siren: -takes Hot Shot off hold- We're fine here for the moment. But there is something you guys might want to recon. The plasma energy chamber. Look for the hole that looks like it was made by a ship. There were a bunch of Decepticons down there.

(OOC: Sorry if this is a little jumbled. I'm starting to nod off.)

2002-01-18, 11:18 AM
Cryhavoc and Ta'Kaal woman Adeara had been suddenly drawn away from their battle against the Aerialbots. Somehow Jhiaxus had been able to have the plasma energy chamber reach them. Cryhavoc didn't care how it had happened. There had been a moment of sharp pain and in the very next moment he was standing alongside his commander in robot mode. All had happened faster than he could blink... behind his mask Cryhavoc grinned, thinking about what had happened to Air Raid who had been hanging on him just a moment before.


Razorclaw jumped over the other Predacons that had been suprised by Ironhide's actions. The Predacon commander knew that he wasn't as fast as Ironhide but this didn't remove the chance to kill the Autobot before Ironhide would reach his topspeed.

Razorclaw's jump carried him easily over his fellow Predacons and he was almost able to hit the rear end of Ironhide with his claws.

"Noooooo!" He roared in flustration as the Autobot accelerated away. However Razorclaw had once chance left. He aimed his two concussion cannons towards Ironhide and fired at the same moment as Hatemunger's transmission reached his audiosensors.

2002-01-18, 11:46 AM
As Hot Shot signed off from the transmission with Siren, Thorr spoke up.
"He's got that right. We just fought the Combaticons down there, and we detected more of the Decepticons actually inside the chamber. Lots of them."

"So lets get down there and kick some tail," Hot Shot replied.
"Well, no offence guys, but unless Fortress Maximus here can fit into that hole, or make his own, we're going to need reinforcements."

(OOC: Small post, just to tie the Cosmobots in and let the people on the surface know what's going on)

2002-01-18, 01:52 PM
Darklark and Stealth continued to walk around the permiter of the hole, placing the Auto-Cannons and such all around the top of it.
"We have used 10 Autobot hunter turrets, 5 auto loading missle batteries, and 5 hunter gatling cannons." Stealth looked at the whirling buzzing mass of firepower he and Darklark had set around the top of Chamber.
"Yeah this should help to keep the Autobots from coming in through the roof, and also the missles should help us alot againist Autobot Air strikes.
Darklark looked around he could see some battles going on around Iacon and so wanted to join them, he opened fire with his massive amounts of firepower at a random battle that caught his eye. Stealth jumped backwards.
"Whoa! Hey watch it!" The theif yelled as he hopped away.
"Heh sorry, I needed to get that out of my system." Darklark smiled. "Anyway I think the rest of the stuff should be placed near the enterces of the chambers by the enterance would a good idea. The mines and electro nets would be useless and risky up here anyway, and we can place the remaining 10 turrets, 5 missle lanchers, 5 gatling cannons and the various mines, nets and other fun stuff on the ground where the Autobots would most likely try to attack us."
Stealth nodded in approval.
"For an ex-Autobot your pretty smart, but then again I was once one too!" He laughed and transformed bringing the supplies do the base of the chamber. Darklark followed behind him.

OOC What happened to Trypticon?

2002-01-18, 02:25 PM
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"We got to go help Siren disarm that bomb", Hot Shot said. He looked at the Cosmobots, Brawn, Jazz, and Sunstreaker

"You might want to ccome too. We'll need all the help we can get."

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2002-01-18, 02:36 PM
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"Yes, they will be needing our help, especially if they get found by the Decepticons," Thorr stated.
"Yeah, and we may even be able to help disable the bomb," Apollo grinned.
"You might at that," replied Mercury

Vanguard turned to Hot Shot.
"We're with you, lead the way."

2002-01-18, 02:45 PM
"All right, then", Hot Shot said. "Follow us".

The six Spychangers transformed and drove down the hole that Star Runner made.

2002-01-18, 02:49 PM
Vanguard motioned with his arm, and the Cosmobots took to the air.

"Will the Combaticons be around do you think?" Mercury asked. He'd been a bit rattled by that hit from Brawl, but knew that he wouldn't let it happen again.
"Perhaps," replied Sun Runner, but we'll be ready for them.
"Indeed we will," smiled Apollo as they followed the Spychangers down the hole.

2002-01-18, 03:00 PM
The Spychangers reaced down the corridor.

"Siren", Hot Shot said. "We're closing in on your position. Hold on."

The six Spychanger accelerated to maximum speed.

2002-01-18, 03:11 PM
Seeing the Spychangers accelerate away below, Vanguard looked at his team, flying besides him.

Prepare for battle. Star Runner, Mercury, Thorr, transform.

The three instantly complied, transforming to flight modes, and adopting a V formation.
"Sun Runner, get ready to recieve cargo."

This was the term they used for a midair entry into the shuttlecraft, a move practiced over and over, and mastered to a fine degree. Sun Runner opened his large top doors, and manouvered underneath Apollo and Vanguard, who dropped into his passenger bay.

"OK, Cosmobots, full throttle. Lets give our allies a hand."

The three craft streaked out into the large bay, the remnants of their last battle still obvious below them.

2002-01-18, 03:42 PM
Darklark was setting up some of the traps when he could hear the engines from the Cosmobots.
"What the, x-ray optics on." He hid behind a rock and scanned the inside of one of the chamber's tunnels.
He then switched on his com-link and talked to Stealth.
"Hey there are a bunch of Autobots in the tunnel, looks like a gestalt team, a few headmasters, some older Autobot warriors and 6 small Autobots. It looks like they are trying to disarm a bomb of some type." Darklark reported to Stealth.

"Hmm who cares, the energy chamber itself is quite far from the tunnels. If that blows up and takes them out it's less work for us. Sides, with the auto-cannons and such outside that tunnel enterance the ground Autobots in there will have a bad time getting out." The theif laughed. "So, set up the rest of the equipment we have and let's get back to Hatemunger and the rest of the Decepticons that are on this rock. Stealth out."

Darklark decided to report to Hatemunger anyway.
"Hatemunger we have Autobots in one of the tunnels, looks like a gestalt team, a few headmasters, some older Autobot warriors and 6 small Autobots and they seem to be disarming a bomb of some type." Darklark reported to his commander.

"Excellent Darklark, first how goes the set up of the defense grid?" Hatemunger asked.

"We almost have everything set up, plenty of Autobot hunting turrets, cannons, missle launchers and then a wide varity of land mines and electro nets." Darklark replied.

"Good, continue to monitor the Autobots there, I am trying to find out what happened to Trypicon, how the Predacons are doing, and if there are any other Decepticons on Cybertron. If the Autobots do anything else let me know ASAP. Finish your work and get yourself and Stealth back here. Hatemunger out."

Hatemunger smiled, "Soon I can let the Autobots see what real power is." The Decepticon general laughed.
"Deathsuarus, have you figured out anything about this chamber yet?" He asked the massive
breastforce commander.
"Here is what I know Hatemunger, this chamber has some type of temporal ablitly simply put, Jhixaus and his company odds are went to the past to try and change Decepticon history. Right now I would guess he has done nothing of any signficance but who knows what he may do. In time I should be able to figure out what time period they went back too and from there we could figure out what they are trying to change. Also, if needed who knows I could possibly be able to send us to the period they are in" Deathsuarus replied.

"Hmm, intersting changing our history in the past. Maybe Jhixaus is not as much of a fool as I thought, or it could be even worse. I need to talk to the Decepticons here and on Earth at some point." Hatemunger said to Deathsuarus. "I will give it some time, but first I should see how the Combaticons are. Onslaught report are you ok?" Then he made a call to the Predacons and to see if he could find Trypicon "Predacons report are you ok, do you need any assistance? Trypicon are you also ok? Please respond." The Decepticon general called out and sat himself down on a rock in the chamber.

Inside the chamber.
"Arrrhhhhgg I want to blow something up!" Firebomb growled, the lack of fighting for the Aerialcons was starting to drive him nuts.
"Relax. We will be able to fight in due time." Skyblade calmed his hotheaded fighter down. Skyblade then looked at the rest of the Aerialcons and Crashticons "We should all see action soon, something inside me is telling me something big will be happening very soon."

2002-01-18, 03:56 PM
As the three aerial Cosmobots flew ahead of the Spychangers, they were met by ah ail of fire from the recently set up defence turrets. Sun Runner took a hit to his wing, and struggled to remain in control as he compensated. The two bots inside of him were thrown into a wall.

"Anti Aircraft defence," Sun Runner said by way of explanation.
"OK," Vanguard opened his comm signals, "Vanguard to Spychangers. Looks like the Decepticons have set up defences since we were last here. I advise caution on approach. Cosmobots, hit the ground."

The three craft dived toward the ground, Apollo and Vanguard leaping out of Sun Runner as they transformed.
"OK, what do we do now?" Thorr asked.
"Deactivate the defences," Vanguard said simply, "Come on."

He started running toward the turrets that had forced the landing earlier, and summoned his rocket launcher from subspace, firing at one of them, and blowing it to smithereens. The ground defence turrets, detecting the weapons fire returned in kind, sending the Cosmobots ducking behind cover.

"They have us pinned down," Thorr said.
"Concentrate on the anti-aircraft guns. Then we can attack from the air," replied Vanguard.
"Right," the Cosmobots began firing as Vanguard radio'd the Spychangers.
"They've got ground defence guns as well as anti-aircraft. It could cause a problem."

2002-01-18, 04:00 PM
"Right, Vanguard", Hot Shot said. "Spychangers, assume Stealth Mode.

The six Spychangers cloaked themselves and moed caustiously forward.

2002-01-18, 05:49 PM
Muzzle: -roaring down corridor towards where Minerva and Jinrai should be, transforms-

Nightbeat: -continues runnng down corridor-

Brainstorm: I'm mssing something here... Lockpick, keep scanning the bomb. -rips panel housing off below the console, starts checking connections beneath the console-

2002-01-18, 06:09 PM
Once the message had been sent to the Spychangers, Vanguard turned back to his team.
"OK, can we take these turrets?"
"If we're careful, sure. Attack around the fringes, pick 'em off one at a time. They're only lightly armoured. Even my pistols can destroy them." Apollo advised.
"Alright, split up and attack. Pick a weapon, destroy it, then move on.


Vanguard raced forward, dodging missiles from two of the batteries that remained. Returning fire with his own missiles, one of the defences detonated, exploding in a large ball of flame. Transforming, and taking to the air, he swiftly covered the ground, and landed beside the last. A swift pounding ensued in which he battered the launcher apart with his fists.


Mercury streaked through the sky, a bolt of lightning in robot mode as the defences tried and failed to get a target lock. Returning fire with his pistol, he toppled a few gatling guns as the blasts from his weapon forced them out of their mountings.


"Primitive defences," growled Thorr as he blasted another hunter turret, then leapt into the air to dodge the blast of another...


Apollo and Sun Runner advanced on the remaining cannons. The automated guns thundered into life, but the shots mostly bounced off Sun Runner's armour. One shot clipped Apollo in the arm, and he grimaced in pain, but fought on.


Shortly, the turrets lay blasted and shattered, and the Cosmobots stood amongst the smoking rubble.
"Surely they couldn't have expected those turrets to be a match for us?" Thorr exclaimed.
"Perhaps not," Vanguard replied, "They must have been playing for time, something which the turrets DID do. Cosmobots, lets go!"

They took off and headed down the tunnel toward the Plasma Energy Chamber. However, the mines still lay in place... perhaps an unpleasant surprise for the Autobot forces following behind them.

2002-01-18, 07:26 PM
Darklark watched the Cosmobots wipe out the defenses.
"Hatemunger we have a small problem." He said into his com-link. "A team of Autobot starfighters just went through our defenses."
Hatemunger laughed.
"Skyblade, Scrapheap do you wish to interlope with our new found Autobot friends?" Hatemunger said with a smile.

Skyblade looked and saw the Aerialcons nod in approval and watched as the crashticons did the same.
"Excellent then." Hatemunger smiled and got back onto his com-link.
"Stealth Darklark, return to the chamber, we still have Deathsuarus, Liokaiser and Skystalker here, the Aerialcons and Crashticons will go and have fun with our Autobot intruders."

Six Switch I have to PM you for the coming battle http://tfarchive2.com/ubb/smile.gif

2002-01-18, 07:53 PM
The Aerialcons and Crashticons ran through the tunnels and saw the Cosmobots.

Skyblade fired a warning blasts from his mega cannons.
"Autobots leave this place now! By entering here you enter at your upmost peril. I give you the choice now to leave or die. I am giving you a chance to save yourselves I recommend you take it." Skyblade took aim at the Autobots, the rest of the two gestalt teams also took cover and aim as needed at the five Autobots.

2002-01-18, 07:56 PM
The Aerialcons and Crashticons ran through the tunnels and saw the Cosmobots.

Skyblade fired a warning blasts from his mega cannons.
"Autobots leave this place now! By entering here you enter at your upmost peril. I give you the choice now to leave or die. I am giving you a chance to save yourselves I recommend you take it." Skyblade took aim at the Autobots, the rest of the two gestalt teams also took cover and aim as needed at the five Autobots.

2002-01-18, 07:59 PM
Siren: -looking out through gunports in doorway- Looks ike there's quite a battle forming up out there.

Hardhead: Then let's go join in!

Chromedome: No! We have to stay here. -drapes arm buddy-buddy like over Hardhead's shoulder- But that doesn't mean we can't make things interesting for the Decepticons out there. Right, Mr. Gun Sniper?

Hardhead: I like the way you think. -looks at Siren and Hosehead- Okay you two, Pick your targets. Center of mass, but head shots would be better.

Siren and Hosehead: -nod, although the looks on their faces are uncertain-

2002-01-18, 08:03 PM
Vanguard ducked back.
"We're sorely outnumbered here, but we have to try and reach the Autobots in the control room."
"Well, we do have one option you know..." replied Thorr.
Not yet, we don't want to tip our hand. Lets see if we can't do this the quiet way. Apollo, some cover please?"

Instant, Apollo transformed down into satellite mode, and send out a scrambler frequency toward the Decepticons, swiftly transforming back, he followed the team into the maze of tunnels and conduits they had only recently fought Bruticus in.

Quick Switch
2002-01-18, 08:52 PM
As the Combaticons patrolled one of the outer atriums of the Plasma Energy Chamber.

Hatemunger's message came over the comm channels.

Onslaught responded.

"We are fine, Hatemunger. As Bruticus, we have repelled the Cosmobots from breaching the Chamber. We are reporting to your position, so we may speak in person...for strategic prepartions."

In a matter of minutes, the Combaticons stood with Hatemunger and his cadre of Decepticons.

"What do you require of us, and how may we assist in the...defense of Cybertron?" Onslaught could not conceal the irony from his vocoder.

2002-01-18, 09:09 PM
Hatemunger looked at Onslaught.

"Right now we need to keep the energy chamber protected from Autobot interfence but I will tell you right now what else I want to do. I am worried Jhixaus is another power hungry Decepticon fool. I do not want to see another Decepticon civil war or otherwise. I want to see us finally rule this planet and Earth, which from what I have been told has finally fell to us. Basically I am asking if you would help me and my men in case Jhixaus is a fool. Also, you can slag Autobots which I figure we all enjoy." Hatemunger smiled and awaited his reply.

In the chamber.
"Weak Autobots but at least they ran." Skyblade said to the Crashticons and the Aerialcons, "for now we let them leave, let us return to Hatemunger and see what is going on."
The two gestalt teams returned to the energy chamber. Skyblade saw Onslaught.

"Onslaught!" Skyblade seemed almost overjoyed. "You and your men still exist I thought you were all destoryed by the Autobots!?"

2002-01-18, 09:19 PM
Vanguard looked behind his team as they ran, and didn't see, or hear any signs of persuit. He called his team to a brief stop.
"What's going on? Why aren't they following?"
"They're heading back to the Chamber," replied Apollo.
"Probably don't consider us much of a threat," said Mercury
"Why, I'll give them threat!" growled Thorr.
"Don't be stupid. They outnumbered us two to one. Now, lets head straight for the control room."

They trekked on toward the Headmasters' positions.

Quick Switch
2002-01-18, 10:03 PM
Onslaught nodded.

"Yes...your claims might have merit, Hatemunger. I do not know Jhiaxus well enough for a judgement, but. If all goes well, and he is not power-mad...then a few less Autobots will be all the better, what?"

The Combaticon leader turned to Skyblade.

"Far from it, friend. The Combaticons have merely...been out of action a few millenia."

"Give or take a few," Swindle shrugged, drawing guffaws from Brawl and Vortex.

2002-01-19, 03:37 AM
The Three bots nodded to hot shot. "Anything, I'm so bored" Jazz said.
Sunstreaker nodded in agreement transforming.
"Aslong as he get to bash decepticons" Brawn said transforming.
Jazz also transforming "lead the way m'man"

2002-01-19, 04:34 AM
Hot Shot and the other Spychangers, cloaked in Stealth mode, manevered past the defenses.

"Hold on, Siren", Hot Shot said. "We're almost there..."

2002-01-19, 04:36 AM
Skyblade continued to talk to Onslaught.

"Man the last time we fought together the Aerialcons where not even a gestalt team." Skyblade laughed and shook Onslaughts hand. "Well let's make this like old times and wipe out some Autobrats." He continued to talk to his one time fighting mate.

Hatemunger looked at a monitor.
"Hmm seems Trypticon is missing. Skystalker can you give me a reading on him?"

OOC What did happen to Trypticon?

2002-01-19, 07:52 AM
(OOC: Trypticon is under mod control, if you need him around ask a mod for temp control over him.)

2002-01-19, 09:02 AM
(OOC: I had control on him last: he's bruied under a building at the moment, knocked out. Get a crew in to repair him and I'll RP him with you)

2002-01-19, 01:00 PM
OOC I'll see what I can do right now its time for work :)

2002-01-19, 03:06 PM
Minerva: -looks up as Nightbeat comes running up- Nightbeat?

Nightbeat: There's a bomb. If it goes off, Cybertron goes with it.

Minerva: Do you think this could be the cause of what the sensors on our Cybertron detected?

Nightbeat: Could be. -looks at Jinrai- How's he doing?

Minerva: He's stable, and healing pretty quickly. Something to do with the technology he's built with. He's not from this dimention either.

Nightbeat: We might need him. -to Jinrai- Can you come with us?

Siren: They're still out there.

Hosehead: But they aren't advancing.

(OOC- How much time is left on timer, and has anybody seen Jinrai?)

2002-01-19, 03:13 PM
The Cosmobots landed outside the control room, where Hardhead and the others were busy trying to disarm the bomb.

"Hey it's us, open the door!" Vanguard shouted, not willing to use his radio in case the Decepticons could intercept the transmission.

Once inside, and the door locked once more, Vanguard turned to Hardhead

"Are you any closer to disarming it?"

2002-01-19, 06:11 PM
Lockpick doesnt pay attentoin to the boys as she sticks her head and shoulders into the console, starting to trace the trip-sensor's paths... oO(Sensors like these read each other's signals. A simple mirror set up at the right angle can reflect the beams back into the sensors, keeping them happy while we deffuse the bomb)

She pulls herself out and tugs a small box from subspace, opening it and starting to pull out several small stainless steel mirrors, each surface polished to perfection.


A sensor-console in the bases' command room starts beeping as a strange anomaly begins to appear in orbit around Cybertron...

2002-01-19, 08:03 PM
Ironhnide accellerated to his top speed--an improvement he'd been granted not long ago over his old sped performance, but not by much. Then, in his rear sensor grid, he saw two plumes coming at him.

"Aw, hell..." The corridor up ahead straightened out, leaving no maneuvering room. Luv, t'jus' take the shots an' not worry, but Ah got cargo...

But Ironhide had no real choice. If he tried to move and they zeroed in on his side, he'd flip for sure. The rockets approached fast. Came up behind him...

The first smashed right into the rear of his cab. It lifted his back wheels off the ground, threatening to turn him on his right side. The impact settled, letting them slam back down after the fires trailed behind him. Ironhide lucked out with the second rocket--the first's impact jarred him to the side just at the last minute. The second flew right past and impacted against the corridor wall ahead. Ironhide had no trouble driving through the smoke and fires, and continued on to the surface.

"Damn, that smarts!" he complained as he continued onward, not noticing he was trailing an internal liquid...

2002-01-19, 08:05 PM
THe Spychangers, still cloked, entered the room, decloaked, and went up to Siren.

"We're here", Hot Shot said, looking at the bomb.


2002-01-19, 08:36 PM
Adeara felt herself being transferred from where she was to somewhere else. Feeling herself start to die, the part of her that was the firebird starting to bring her back to life, fighting the energy from the plasma core. Then, everything stopped, and she was fine. "What in the name of the Great Maker just happened!!!!?????"

2002-01-19, 09:14 PM
Whirl had to think. He may have been a bit naive in coming here, but he was no idiot. Megatron in Iacon... yeah, right. Still, he was curious. Megatron seemed innocent enough (as much as a genocide junky can seem), and he did almost have a point about Iacon's defenses... What harm could a call do?

"Er... Allow me to check on that request. Company policy, you know. Gotta run everyone through customs first." As Whirl babbled, his antenna extended. "Come in, Iacon. This is Wrecker Whirl requesting a private channel and certain permissions with a high officer."

He turned to Megatron, and whispered, "Just a sec."


Topspin glanced at Quick Switch with his side scanners. The guy had been a big help more than once already. Maybe Springer would let him be a Wrecker... Nah, not Springer's style. He hadn't pushed so hard to get the commandos recommissioned, just to let them become a club. Still...


Topspin looked forward and below. Rack 'N' Ruin stood below, flagging their flying compatriots down... and he had a welcoming crew. Topspin transformed and dove.

"Sandstorm! Twin Twist! Oh, you guys look great!" Topspin rejoiced.

"Don't feel it," Sandstorm griped. "But I'd do it again!"

"No need," Twin Twist added. "Next time we see that scorpion, he's toast."

Rack 'N' Ruin was standing back, already holding an open Iacon entrance door for his friends. "Coming inside?"

2002-01-19, 09:27 PM
Vanguard whispered to Apollo, so as not to disturb Lockpick's delicate work.
"Why don't you go and help Brainstorm with disabling that bomb?"
"Sure thing," Apollo grinned, and sauntered over.
"Brainstorm," he said, and transformed into his satelite mode,
"I can help here."
He began scanning the bomb, and displaying various schematics and diagrams on a small screen on the outside of his casing.

2002-01-19, 10:03 PM
Razorclaw let out disappointed growl as Ironhide survived from his attack. The even Autobot as slow as Ironhide was too fast to be pursued by the Predacons and Razorclaw knew that.

The Predacon commander turned towards his fellows. "Get moving! It doesn't help our cause at all if you just stand here doing nothing!"

Razorclaw opened comm-channel to Hatemunger. "Razorclaw to Hatemunger! We're in the entrance tunnel to plasma energy chamber at the moment. Aerialbots are guarding the other end of the tunnel... we're coming in your direction. Is there still Autobots left between you and us?"

Steam puffed out from Tantrum's nostrils as he stared into the darkness of the tunnel. "Why you waste time to report to that fool Razorclaw?! We could already be killing some Autobots..." He grumbled.

2002-01-20, 02:41 AM
Lockpick doesn't notice Apollos' appearance as she continues setting up mirrors and such to get by the trip-sensor net inside the bomb's casing, hands working swiftly and smoothly, despite the time counting down...

In the command center, that strange anomaly continues to pulse on the scanner screen.

2002-01-20, 03:06 AM
Hatemunger spoke to Razorclaw
"Right now there are no Autobots in your path, there are some Autobots around though, so be wary." "Once you arrive we can work out a plan, we need to retrive Trypicon."

2002-01-20, 05:43 AM
Brainstorm: I hope you know what you're doing, Lockpick.

Siren: I think I finally understand what Nightbeat meant about the fraternity trick.

Hosehead: Why do you say that?

Siren: There's a whole bunch of us in a small room.

2002-01-20, 05:55 AM
Lockpic grins at Heard before sticking her shoulders back into the bomb's casing, pulling the mirrors with her "Don't worry... I used to do this as a former job."

"You were a bomb defuser?"

"No, a Theif."

She takes several breaths, holding the mirrors at ready. THen she closes her eyes, and her hands blurr as the mirrors slip into the cris-crossing sensors... only one ay to find out if this'll work...

2002-01-20, 06:23 AM
AirRaid was just about to pull the trigger when Cryhavoc disappeared out from underneath him. Caught by surprise, the Aerialbot barely had time to transform to his jet mode and break his fall before impacting with the ground.

"What the-- slaggit, where'd he go?!"

"Beats me, but that firebird thing that was on my tail just disappeared as well!" Fireflight replied, mystified.

"Well, wherever they've gone, they're not our problem anymore," Silverbolt decided, diving down towards the mouth of the tunnel. "We should try and get back to the others." The three other Aerialbots quickly formed up behind Silverbolt and followed him down.

2002-01-20, 07:41 AM
The corridor ahead of Ironhide straightened out, and just as he began to gun it for the exit to the surface, a blur of shadow streaked above him, followed by a hot blast of engine thrust.

"What thuh..."

2002-01-20, 09:11 AM
Silverbolt spotted a red van heading towards him down the tunnel and swerved upwards to avoid hitting it, barely missing the ceiling. "Whoa, Ironhide?!"

Ironhide screeched to a halt as three more jets roared by overhead, each one slowing down and landing next to Silverbolt.

"What's been happening, Ironhide?" Silverbolt asked as he transformed and approached the red van, Fireflight, Skydive and AirRaid transforming behind him, wary for any 'Cons that might approach.

2002-01-20, 03:58 PM
Vanguard sighed, and sat down on a nearby piece of equipment. They had been on the planet for less than a day, and had already been embroiled in a fierce fight, and were now assisting in deactivating a bomb which could destroy the entire planet.
It made him realise why the Cosmobots left Cybertron in the first place.
"We have a duty you know," Sun Runner was standing over him?
"You were wondering why the hell we got into this mess."
"You've known me too long. Yes I was."
"Part of our duty as Autobots is to protect those who aren't able to defend themselves."
"Yeah, yeah, I know. Still, you have to wonder. Will it ever end?"

"Maybe not," Mercury walked up to the group, "but that doesn't matter really. You know that we'd gladly keep fighting as long as Cybertron and the rest of the Galaxy was in danger."
"Of course we would," Vanguard said, "but that doesn't mean I have to like putting you guys in danger all the time."
"You're not," Sun Runner replied gently, "You may be our leader, but you know that we make our own choices in life."
"Right. I suppose."

"Hey you guys!" called Thorr from near the door, "how about you get out of the scientist's way, and come over here? The Decepticons might decide to attack again."

Vanguard nodded, and the three stood up and took up firing positions in the windows of the command centre.

2002-01-20, 04:47 PM
Hatemunger looked at Onslaught .
"What do you think we should do next? I think we should wait until the Predacons arrive and go from there. Yourself Onslaught ?" Hatemunger looked at the Combaticons leader.

Quick Switch
2002-01-20, 04:57 PM
Quick Switch transformed to robot mode, landing at the Wreckers collective feet.

"Good to see you fellas again." smiling he entered Iacon proper.


Onslaught turned to Hatemunger.

"Yes...quite. Trypticon will be a valuable asset, Hatemunger. We shall need all the help we can get. The Predacons, though volatile at times, will be most useful. At the very least, Predaking and Bruticus together can lift the rubble in which Trypticon is buried under...and at the same time protect against Autobot attacks. I agree: we wait until Razorclaw returns."

2002-01-20, 05:33 PM
Lockpick sighed in releif as the mirrors did their thing, and she moves further into the bomb's casing, glancing around for any more hidden sensors as she examintes the wiring for it, wondering how such a small package could blow up an entire planet. "How much time is on the tiemr?" she calls out as she works.

In the bases' command center, the scanners continue to beep as the anomaly grows larger.

(OOC I don't suppose someone could help me intro Sky Garry in the Cybertron Orbit thread? Pretty please with sugar on it?)

2002-01-20, 05:36 PM
Hatemunger nodded.
"Ok we shall wait for the Predacons then go from there."

2002-01-20, 06:19 PM
Hot Shot looks at Lockpick

"Do you need any help", he asks.

2002-01-20, 06:24 PM
Lockpick Mutters "Yeah, get me a case of beer and a margarita, shaken not stirred." then she says aloud "Not really... just silence. I think I have this figured out. What's the time say?"

2002-01-20, 06:33 PM
Counter-Arrow looks at the timer on the bomb.

"About four minutes left", he said.

2002-01-20, 11:48 PM
Ironhide drove out of the entrance, quickly heading towards the center of Iacon. "Aerialbots," he called out, "I'll need an escort!"


Sounds of weapons-fire became more and more distant. Jetfire stayed at Iacon's city entrance, looking out. The Decepticons within Iacon--for the most part--had become disbanded. They were now either pulling back or were out of commission. The tall Autobot gave the area a complete sweep with his repaired visual sensor equipment. A few patterns caught his attention, but it was all broken up in small clumps.

He recalled his conversation with Wheeljack, in regards to the key to the Plasma Energy Chamber being stolen. He'd been approaching the room when Prime had been informed, and Jetfire had discussed it with Wheeljack just before the inventor rocketed away upon the request of another. Wheeljack had taken special not at the material he was carrying when Jetfire informed him. Then, there was something Wheeljack had said before leaving...

"...this is slowly beginnin' to piece together. But what is it piecin' into...?"

And then, Wheeljack took off. Jetfire had wished to understand what the Autobot had meant, but the call to defend was too important at the time.

Now, the city was holding up, though the threat wasn't completely gone.

Worse yet, Prime was no where to be found...

2002-01-21, 05:28 AM
Brainstorm: Careful in there, Locpick. Touch the wrong thing and we all have a really bad day.

Chomedom: You'reworrying too much. She might even getthe bomb disarmed before you do.

Brainstorm: I'd rather shut it down, then disarm it. It's getting power from somewhere. And shutting down the power will deactivate the timer.

Chromedome: Any ideas?

Brainstorm: It's tied into this console. And more than just being attached the way it is.

Chromedome: Why not just rip the console out?

Brainstorm: Too simple. I've almost got it figured out......

2002-01-21, 06:16 AM
Lockpick grits her teeth "STOP telling me all the dangers of what I'm doing! you're makin' me scared!" she says, then sighs and crawls out "Power cord... that might do it... unless the timer is SUPPOSED to deactivate when it reaches zero... setting the explosives off. Lemme check." she dissapears back into the console, inspecting the wiring with a trained eye for one used to triggers, timers, and security systems.

2002-01-21, 07:59 AM
"You have one then," Silverbolt quickly replied to Ironhide as the van drove off. "Aerialbots, transform and form up!" With that, the four fliers switched to their jet modes and roared back out of the tunnel, flying in a diamond formation above Ironhide.

They hadn't gone very far when another flyer shot out of the tunnel like a black bullet, heading skywards. Before the others could react, it banked towards them and drew level, and Silverbolt relaxed slightly as he recognised it.

"Slipstream, what're you doing out here?"

"Um..." Slip gave an embarrased little barrelroll before replying. "Darkie jus' wanted me t'see what was goin' on topside, is all."

2002-01-21, 08:59 PM
"We'll be there soon enough Hatemunger." Razorclaw said to Hatemunger through the comm-link and gestured the Predacons to start moving towards the plasma energy chamber again.

The Predacon lion took the lead with Tantrum and started to lead his team deeper into the tunnel.

"Hatemunger said that there should not be any Autobots between us and their location... but I can sense that he is wrong..." Razorclaw growled. "Stay ready for any surprises."

"Bah... no bot can beat me here." Headstrong grumbled. "Gimme a clearline and I'll flatten any bot standing on my way. " He grunted as he followed Razorclaw in his rhino mode.

Rampage glanced at Headstrong. "No doubt about that if there is any bots standing anymore before you get there." The Predacon tiger smirked and began to laugh.

"Shut up..." Razorclaw hissed. "Several Autobots ahead... Divebomb... take a look on them..."

Divebomb walked over the corner and began to observe what the Autobots were doing with his exceptionally sharp optics. "There is a small femme crouching next to some small device... a bomb most likely. There are several Headmaster we encountered before as Predaking... they all look rather nervous Razorclaw." He whispered.

"Say... are they trying to plant a bomb or disarm it?" Razorclaw asked quietly.

"I would say they are trying to disarm it boss." Divebomb said.

"Gentlemen... ready your weapons... as soon as those Autofools have disarmed the bomb we'll take them by surprise." Razorclaw hissed, a wicked grin forming to his face.

God Jinrai
2002-01-22, 12:09 AM
Jinrai turned slightly, hearing the headmasters conversation..seeking lockpick in the small chamber trying to disarm the bomb... Slowly he rose to his feet, shaking off the daze he'd been in...It was then that he felt something wrong... slowly turning to gaze down the hall, he caught a glimpse of a head poking out from around a corner...

"This..doesn't look good..." he muttered... Picking up his dual cannons from the floor, he silently crept into the shadows... slowly sneaking down the hallway.... suddenly comming to a stop..

"I...was afraid of this"

He could barely make out Divebomb's head peeking around the corner, snooping...he remained silent... letting the preds make their move first... no sense starting a fight...especially if there was nothing to fight FOR if lockpick couldn't get the bomb difused...

Above, in Iacon, Prime found himself headed back for the command center... arrivng, he quickly made his way to teletran 3... runing a scan at maximum sensor range...

"Slag. Just what we need. a bomb under Iacon... The plasma energy chamber activated... and from the looks of it... empty internally... but yet stil heavily guarded... and this blasted time rift! Slag it!"

Prime slammed his fist down... his frustrations were mounting moreso now than ever... and he was practically helpless to stop it... until he felt a familiar presence within himself... one he'd not felt in ages.. not since the hate plague... the voice spoke silently to prime.. and he listened in silent awe...

2002-01-22, 12:17 AM
Chromedome: I still say we just rip the console out, bomb and all.

Brainstorm: -upper half of body inside wall below console- That's your anwer to everything, isn't it. Rip it out. Beat it on the head. Mangle.

Chromedome: It works, doesn't it?

Hardhead: I think it works fine.

Brainstorm: And which two Autobots ran headfirst into that unknown situation on planet Beast?

Chromedome and Hardhead: -get "Who, us?" looks on their faces-

(OOC- How much time left?)

2002-01-22, 02:15 AM
Hot Shot looked at Brainstorm.

"We don't have much time left", he said, pointing at the bomb readout, which stated...)4:02..04:01...04:00...03:59....

Counter-Arrow, meanwhile, tossed his laser sniper rifle at [b]Lockpick[/i], which clattered on the floor near her.

"Take thatr, and cut it out", he said.

2002-01-22, 02:16 AM
Whirl grew frustrated.

Ignore me, will ya? Why, I'll...

"Come in, Iacon!" he tried again. "Optimus Prime, this is Whirl! I really need to talk to you for a minute!"


The Wreckers, along with Quick Switch, entered Iacon.

They were not pleased.

"What the..." Topspin began. "Where is everybody?"

"The whole place is empty!" Twin Twist cried desperately.

"No one down there either," Rack reported upon his return from another empty corridor. The Wreckers looked at each other for help, confused.

Sandstorm shrugged. "Well, I'm gonna be at Macadam's. I'll meet up with you boys later." He turned to leave, but a swat from Topspin stopped him.

"Quick Switch," Ruin began. "Could you run to central command and see if anyone's there? You're faster than the rest of us... We'll keep looking here."

God Jinrai
2002-01-22, 03:24 AM
Prime came out of his daze as the com from whirl came through...

the matrix and the leaders of the past had explained what was the cause of the time rift... and what may come to pass because OF that rift...

"Prime here, Go ahead, whirl."

2002-01-22, 04:30 AM
Minerva: -looking around- Where'd Jinrai go?

Nightbeat: -starts looking around as well, catches glimpse of Divebomb- I'm sure he's around here somewhere.

Minerva: But he's not fully repaired yet!

Nightbeat: He's his own mechanisim, Minerva. He knows what he's doing.

2002-01-22, 07:17 AM
The thief gritted her teeth, ignoring the weapon, although her leg twitches. "Can't... handsre a bit tied up.." she had them entangled in the wires, holding a dozen nearly in each hand as she sorted through them carefully, looking for the one that would disconned power to the explosives and keep it from exploding... oO(Gotta remember my color-codes for Autobot-built mechanisms... been so long since I had to remember that.)

She finally narrows it down to two wires. Time is runing out... it had to be one of the two wires there... she looked between them and thought "Ah heck. If its wrong, we're dead anyways.. If its right, we'll live." Then she lets two small razors rise from the tips of her thumb and forefinger, puts the wires between them, closes her eyes, and Squeezes...

Teletran Beeps loudly in the command center "Unidentified Object impacted on Surface of Cybertron at <coordinates of the Orbit Thread>. Large heat source detected. Two unidentified Cybertronian life signatures detected."

Quick Switch
2002-01-22, 12:40 PM
Quick Switch nodded.

"Right," and with that the Hexa Changer was running towards Central Command....


Entering the massive Command structure, Quick Switch called out:

"Anybody? Hello, hello! We got a situation up here!"

(OOC: If anyone is present, please engage Quick Switch.)

2002-01-22, 01:26 PM
"Slag it..." Divebomb whispered and pulled himself back to the corridor where other Predacons waited. "That big Prime-look-like noticed me but only moved to observe us... they outnumber us boss..."

Razorclaw let out disappointed growl. "We need to get pass them... Tantrum, Headstrong take the front..." He hissed. "Everyone ready. The plan is simple... we rush through that area without leaving to fight the Autobots. I'm not going to risk my skin again that bunch of Autobot Headmasters supported by Prime copy..."

Tantrum and Headstrong moved side to side and prepared to ram through the room. The other three Predacons transformed into robot mode and readied themself for a run.

"Go! Go! Go!" Razorclaw roared.

The ground began to tremble as Tantrum and Headstrong started moving. The two Predacons rushed into the room without giving any attention to the Autobots there except for those that were foolish enough to stand on their way. Just behind them ran Razorclaw, Divebomb and Rampage, determined to reach the entrance to the plasma energy chamber.

God Jinrai
2002-01-22, 02:10 PM

Jinra targeted headstrong as he lead the charge down the hall... letting loose a volley of fire... but quickly shifted his attention to razorclaw.... opening fire, full burst on him...

Prime turned to quickswitch...

"What is it, quickswitch. I'm...sort of busy... whirl just came through with a communique for me, and it..seems rather urgent.

Quick Switch
2002-01-22, 02:16 PM
Quick Switch saluted.

"Prime, its the Wreckers. They need orders. I was sent to get them."

2002-01-22, 02:39 PM
Razorclaw barely had time to jump out of harms way. Transforming into lion mode in air he landed back to his feet and gave Jinrai a feral snarl. "No time to fight you Autoscum..." He spat out and fired two smokegrenades to Jinrai's feet.

"Keep running!" Razorclaw roared to Rampage who had turned and began to shoot at Jinrai.

"I will... friggin nail that Autobot!" Rampage roared, only to have Divebomb to grab him by hand with force and pummeling Rampage towards the entrance where Tantrum and Headstrong were already waiting, giving some backup fire to the other three Predacons.

"Obey fool!" Razorclaw growled to Rampage and started running even faster towards the safety that the tunnel offered.

2002-01-22, 03:40 PM
The Cosmobots saw the Predacons rampaging down the tunnel, a cloud of smoke behind them. Almost imediately, their weapons were out of subspace and ready.
"Cosmobots, commence firing!" ordered Vanguard, targetting Tantrum with his missile launcher.

The other Cosmobots also opened fire.

"Oh great," grumbled Sun Runner, "first a giant robot, now a pack of wild marauding beasts."

2002-01-22, 03:51 PM
Skyblade could hear something coming.

"Boss there is some rumbling coming from the tunnels either way this is not good!" Skyblade said to Hatemunger .
Hatemunger narrowed his eyes and looked through the walls changing vision modes. He could see the Predacons being followed by Autobots .
Hatemunger just smiled.

"Combaticons, Aerialcons, Crashticons, Deathsuarus, Darklark, Stealth, Liokaiser have your weapons ready we will welcome the Autobots when they get here. Skystalker, have some of your weapons focused on the doors. We will allow the Predacons through then open fire." A whole battleton of Decepticons readied their firepower at the door.
Hatemunger looked to Skyblade.

"If there is a large number of Autobots you know what you need to do." He said to the Aerialcon leader.

"You know we are ready to do it." Skyblade smiled.

"Excellent." Hatemunger stood ready his two fusion cannons aimed at the door. He then opened his com-link to Razorclaw .
"Razorclaw, have your men get in fast and transform to attack the Autobots we cannot let them reach the chamber!" Hatemunger yelled.

Quick Switch
2002-01-22, 03:54 PM
Onslaught nodded.

"Arms out!"

As one, the Combaticons unleashed their weapons from subspace, in a good display of precision.

"Ready, Hatemunger," the Combaticon leader nodded.

"Ready to rock," Brawl bellowed.

"Ready to scrap," Vortex echoed.

"Ready to run," Swindle muttered.

Blast Off shook his head. Onslaught paid no attention to his troops battle cries.

2002-01-22, 04:49 PM
"Excellent men!" Hatemunger smiled "stay ready and if it does not have our symbol on it wipe it out!"

God Jinrai
2002-01-22, 04:57 PM
Jinrai caught sight of the newcomers...

"Stay back! It's a safe bet I know EXACTLY what's waiting at the other end of that tunnel!"

Being one to not let his foes go unscathed, jinrai turned to the opposing exit of the tunnel... and let out a shout...

"Whoever the slag is all down there, you're going to want to hold your fire! unless you want ALL OF CYBERTRON TO GO UP IN FLAMES! "

He stood silent... Prime shook his head...

"Quickswitch... call them in here. I don't have time at the moment to issue new orders... the situation below can't be altered by them.... bring them in here. now"

Quick Switch
2002-01-22, 05:31 PM
Quick Switch nodded.

"Yes, Prime."

On internal comm, Quick Switch contacted the Wreckers.

"Guys, Prime wants you in Central Command, the sooner the better!"

The Hexa Changer stood silently with his leader.

2002-01-22, 07:51 PM
(OOC- How much time is left on the timer?)

2002-01-22, 09:38 PM
Headstrong and Tantrum were the first Predacons to reach Hatemunger's party of Decepticons. Rampage and Divebomb didn't stay far behind and soon Razorclaw jumped over the Decepticons that had readied themselves to shoot the Autobots full of holes.

Razorclaw turned to look at the direction they had come from, his optics burning of rage. "Predacons... unite!" He roared and jumped into the air. Second or two passed as the five Predacons moved to their positions, theirs bodies fusing together, their mind uniting into one... into the ultimate hunter... into Predaking...

2002-01-22, 10:09 PM
Whirl suddenly felt guilty. He realized that perhaps it wasn't a good idea to come here... especially with Optimus Prime fully aware of the situation. His voice dropped, became squeamish and uneasy as he spoke.

"Well... see, I got somebody here who wants to talk to you. I guess he'd do better to introduce himself than I would."

Whirl plucked the antenna from his head and handed a miniature communicator to Megatron.

"Say hi."


The Wreckers, upon receiving Quick Switch's relay, looked around the circle of themselves.

"Wha'd we do?" Twin Twist timidly questioned. None could answer, but none would dare disobey. They began for central command.

God Jinrai
2002-01-22, 11:23 PM
from the distance, Jinrai could see the predacons merging..

"Just great. now we;ve a gestalt to worry about, granted he cant' get back here unless he were to crawl... alright. you. new guys. have your firepower ready. I'm going to hopefully knock that oversized tin can on his rear thrusters..."

Jinrai's optics dimmed and he began again to summon the masterforce... this energy lance would blaze through the tunnel... into the chamber... and if the cons dodged it... would put an end to everyone inside the plasma energy chamber...

2002-01-22, 11:24 PM
(OOC: Two minutes left on the timer)

Quick Switch
2002-01-22, 11:47 PM
Onslaught silently looked at the Predacons display as they merged into Predaking.

This is foolish. Let the line Decepticons form a patchwork group. We are combiners!

"Combaticons, combine into Bruticus!"

As one, their weapons faded from view, and the Combaticons merged into the Super Warrior, Bruticus.

"Bruticus crush Autobots with Predaking," he rumbled, cracking his knuckles.

2002-01-23, 01:23 AM
"Oh great," Sun Runner sighed as he saw the two Gestalts merging further down the tunnel.

"Bruticus again," sighed Vanguard, "why doesn't he just go back to the pit he crawled out from?"
"We could unite and go face them," said Thorr.
"Perhaps. After he..." Vanguard motioned to Jinrai, "sorts out the other gestalt. We can't take on them both."

"But we can give supressing fire," Thorr, always one for battle replied.
"And we will. Cosmobots, open fire!"

The five lined up, firing shot after shot toward the giant gestalts further down the corridor.

Quick Switch
2002-01-23, 01:43 AM
Bruticus roared with laughter as the shots hit him.

"Puny Cosmobots!" with but a thought, he sent out ultrasonic waves, imploding some shots before they got to him...those that day impacted harmlessly on his armor.

Bruticus retrieved his missle cannon from subspace, and fired down the corridor at the Cosmobots.

God Jinrai
2002-01-23, 05:02 AM
the missile came charging down the coridor, giving jinrai little time to act... thrusting his fists forward, a massive beam of masterforce energy errupted...cleaving the missle, detonating it... the beam continued on, slowed down slightly but roaring down the hall... errupting from the tunnel opening.... set to collide...with both bruticus...and predaking...


jinrai shouted down the tunnel to the cons...

turning his head to the cosmobots, his frustration grew apparent...

"You just HAD to go and open fire, didn't you. as if it weren't bad enough, we've got bruticus and predaking breathing down our necks, you go an dprovoke them... if we'd have stayed quiet, I would have been able to further focus that beam, and possibly DEAL with them... I just rpay this blast is enough... "

returning his attention to the energy beam he was projecting, his optics dimmed again... his mind focused... summoning heaven energy and masterforce energy alikel... hoping to reinforce the beam with enough energy to take down the two gestalts... and hopefully damage the others enough to prevent another strike

2002-01-23, 05:38 AM
Hatemunger was impressed he had never seen Bruticus or Predaking in this close before.
"Wow Decepticon technology is truly impressive." He thought to himself readying his fusion cannons.

Suddenly Skystalker noticed a change in the energy reading outside the chamber.

"Hatemunger someone out there is going to unleash a high powered attack if it misses this whole area is going up. But I think you know how to avoid this." Skystalker reported.

"Yes I do." Hatemunger smiled and barked out orders.

"Liokaiser disengage to your six breast force members." The breast force warrior disenged and took places with Deathsuarus.
"Skyblade, Scrapheap you know what to do!" Hatemunger yelled.

"This is it guys!" Skybladed yelled and looked at Scrapheap who nodded and said "Let's do it!"
"Aerialcons, Crashticons merge into DOMINATOR!"

Suddenly the 7 Crashticons and 6 Aerialcons were surronded by energy Scrapheap was the first to transform as he turned into the body then Rain and Run transformed and interlocked into armour over Scrapheap. Next Pileup and Rollover merged into the body creating the left and right arms, then Firebomb and Fearmaker transformed into the arm shields. After that SonicForce and Buzzer merged into the body to become Dominator's legs with Blindside and Runaway turning to the leg shields. Hit jumped up and transformed into the face and finally Skyblade transformed and connected over the back and face forming Dominators jetpack and helmet and taking control of the massive warrior.

"AUTOBOTS, LEAVE NOW! WARRIOR DISCHARGE YOUR WEAPON OR DIE!" The massive warrior growled. Skyblade was impressed even as Skyrender he had not felt this much raw power. Next up the two megacannons charged up on Dominator's shoulders as he held the gattling cannon in his right arm and the massive energon saber hilt in the other. He analized the energy charge in the tunnel. "Shield at max power ready for deploment flashed up on the montior in the visor above the face plate." next flashed "All weapons systems online, armour power at max, energy levels max all systems under control all weapons systems online, heatbuster, megacannons, gattlling systems, chain and hook all missles armed and ready all other weapons active."

Slyblade continued to think "Wow even in a system this massive everything is so fast, even after that Autobot fires that blast we can recharge the shield in no time flat. We won't be able to run into the halls as easialy as the other gestalts but that won't be a problem with this sheer amount of power. Scrapheap good job." He thought and looked down for a moment at his comrades and his commander Hatemunger then he saw Bruticus and Predaking. "Maybe friends this war can slowly start to come to an end so we can finally enjoy our lives on Cybertron." He finished thinking and readied himself for the battle that was nearly at hand he massive gestalt shifted into a combat ready position. The massive power shield the gestalt had was ready to be placed in front of the Decepticons in order to disapate the energy charge in the tunnel.

Dominator yelled out an order. "Everyone stay at the ready, if the Autobots attack held your fire until we know it is safe to return fire, there is another high yield energy output in that tunnel other than the charging energy!"

Hatemunger decided it was better to agree with the warrior "You heard him watch your shots!"

Darklark heard the order and already locked onto several AUtobots with his massive amount of firepower. "You got it commander, Autobots locked on target."

Stealth cloaked and hid around a boulder and took aim with his two plasma pistols "Stealth in posistion and has an aim at Autobot targets!" He called into his com-link.

Deathsuarus and his six LioKaiser members all stood ready Killbison, Hellbat, Jaguar, Drillhorn, Guyhawk and Leozack all stood ready with their commander. "Breastforce ready." He called into his com-link.

Skystalker had an eye on the sky for the Decepticons. "All is clear in the air right now guys. if anyone tries to attack I'll mow them down from here." The micromaster pilot smiled as he armed all of the weapons on his starship.

Hatemunger himself was ready. He had both of his energon blades ready in case any Autobot was unlucky enough to reach the chamber and both of his fusion cannons were also ready and lock on targets.
"Everyone stand ready, and once we know the bomb is of no harm destory the Autobots!" He said into his comlink.

2002-01-23, 05:42 AM
Dominator noticed a flux in the energy readings. He reacted instantly. A massive shield of clear white energy suddenly appeared in front of all the Decepticon warriors.
Dominator chiled whoever fired the missles. "Watch your shots!" he growled as he placed all the shield energy in front of the chamber.

Deathsuarus noticed the energy charging in the tunnel.
"JINRAI!" He yelled his voice flowing over everything there. "You have avoided me long enough your end comes soon!" His eyes flowed red with hate and energy, himself and the six LioKaiser members all took aim at Jinrai. "Once that bomb is disarmed wipe him out." he growled.

2002-01-23, 06:29 AM
Brainstorm: Well, cutting those wires didn't do anything... -traces a couple of more wiring paths below the console, optics widen- Primus on a jet-ski.......

Chromedome: What?

Brainstorm: I don't believe it.... I just don't believe it......

Hardhead: What?!?

Brainstorm: It's just too simple..... They wouldn't be stupid enough not to account for that.... Would they?

Chromedome and Hardhead: -grab Brainstorm by the legs and drag him from the console inspection hatch, then, in unison- WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Brainstorm: -almost laughing- The one thing that bomb depends on for cohesion and stability, until detonation anyway, is attachment to that console. Nothing else at all.

Chromedome: You mean......

Brainstorm: Go ahead. Rip the console out. Be my guest. It won't affect the bomb in the slightest.

Chromedome: Will it stop the countdown?

Brainstorm: Now that.... I'm not so sure about.

Chromedome: Then let's get it out of here. -to Lockpick- If you'll excuse me... -digs fingers into panel around console-

2002-01-23, 06:44 AM
(OOC:Bombshell where is hot shot? Brawn Jazz and Sunstreaker are with him so I need to know)

2002-01-23, 07:06 AM
Lockpick sighs expaseratingly as the snipped wires did nothing. Then she blinks, hearing someone's fingers digging into the console and with a yelp, starts to detangle her hands from the waires "Wait! Wait I gotta get OUT first!"

Then she scrambles backwards out again, smacking her head and grabbing the mirrors that got her past the trip sensors.

In the Command Center, the beeping on the sensor panel continues endlessly.

Quick Switch
2002-01-23, 01:13 PM
Bruticus lowered his missle cannon at the chidings of Hatemunger, et. al, and watched as Dominator charged up his deflector shield, at the same time watching the mysterious Autobot (OOC: Jinrai) project his energy beam which had destroyed his missle.

"Bruticus obey," the combiner said simply and watched the preparations made by Hatemunger, Dominator and LioKaiser's troops.

2002-01-23, 01:49 PM
Vanguard bristled.
"You were the one who asked for covering fire in the first place," he told Jinrai.

He glanced up as the hulking gestalt Dominator's shield flickered into existence.
"Looks like they have no intention of attacking us anyway."
"At least not until we've done their dirty work for them," Thorr said sourly.

"Right, which means that we'll have to get out of here as soon as the bomb is deactivated. There's no way we can take them all on," Vanguard replied.

2002-01-23, 02:12 PM
Dominator analyzed the situation in the tunnel.
"Looks like the Autobots, will not try to attack after the other energy output is deactived." The massive warrior commented to everyone.

Hatemunger looked around.
"If the Autobots are smart and just leave then we will not fight them now. We have other matters of importance to take care of. Not that I would not mind wiping out those Autobots, but we should find Trypicon and get him active not to mention see if we can find any more Decepticons on Cybertron that will help us." then he looked at everyone.

"But if the Autobots attack, wipe them out all of them." He growled.

2002-01-23, 02:43 PM
Hot Shot looks at Chromedome as he rips the bomb from the console

2002-01-23, 04:03 PM
Chromedome: -holding bomb and console- Uh.... Brainstorm..... The clock is still ticking.....

Brainstorm: Well of course it's still ticking. And It'll explode in less than 2 minutes.

Chromedome: -optics widen- Can't you disarm it?

Brainstorm: What do you think we've been trying to do?

Hardhead: I say we give it back to the Decepticons.

Brainstorm: Won't work. The explosion won't rupture the chamber, but it will be more than enough to wipe us and them out.

Chromedome: Then what....

Brainstorm: -grabs bomb from Chromedome- Evac from the control room. Those Decepticons'll be coming in here as son as the bomb's gone. -runs out of control room- And it's my turn to do something stupid! -transforms to jet mode, kicks in afterburners- This bomb'll kill us all i you don't let me by, Decepticons!!!!!

2002-01-23, 04:17 PM
"Crazy, absolutely crazy," Vanguard said as he saw Brainstorm flying out of the control room, and toward the Decepticons.

"He might need our help," Mercury said.
"Right you are," said Thorr, "we have to follow him."
"I love democratic desicions," sighed Vanguard, "OK, Apollo, over here!"

He transformed into buggy mode, and Apollo ran over, transformed into Satellite mode and landed in his seat. Kicking into gear, he shot off down the hallway. The other three transformed into flight modes, and took off after him.

"I suggest you guys try to reach the surface, in case something goes wrong," Vanguard shouted to the other Autobots in the control room as he drove by.

2002-01-23, 05:19 PM
Nightbeat: DUCK! -grabs Minerva, dives to floor as Brainstorm howls overhead-

Minerva: What's going on.... ROLL! -grabs Nightbeat, rolls them both out of the way of the charging Cosmobots-

Nightbeat: You get the feeling that something happened back there?

Minerva: You may be right.

Nightbeat: I may be crazy.

Minerva: Look, you lunatic, now is not the time to quote Billy Joel songs!

Nightbeat and Minerva: -get to feet-

God Jinrai
2002-01-23, 06:42 PM
tapering off the masterforce blast, jinrai turned to nightbeat and minerva...

"both of you! Transform and get out of here! It's time for a break to the surface!"

Jinrai disengaged his trailer...reverting to rig mode... godbomber reverting to trailer mode as well... the cannons locked ontot he trailer, and the rocket launcher mounted down on godbomber... nailing his throttle, he burnt rubber for the exit...which...unfortunately for the decepticons...was right behind them!

2002-01-23, 07:30 PM
Chromedome, Hardhead, Siren, Hosehead: -come running up-

Nightbeat: Jinrai's got a good idea. Autobots, transform! Battle mode!

Mierva: You've always wanted to say that.

Nightbeat: -smirks- Yup.

Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, and Chromedome: -transform, weapons deploying-

Hardhead: -transforms slowly, and with much smoke and one minor explosion- Well, I guess that part needed to be replaced anyway....

Minerva: You okay?

Hardhead: I can't transform out of vehicle mode without some serious repairs.

Muzzle: CHARGE! -floors accelator- MAKE FOR THE SURFACE!!!!

Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, Chromedome, and Hardhead: -roar forward after Jinrai, weapons ready-
Brainstorm: -soars over the Decepticons at full throttle, making for the surface-

2002-01-23, 07:45 PM
Dominator laughed as he watched Brainstorm fly at them.

Stealth looked at everyone in the room.
"You think we should tell them the energy shield is still up?" The theif was clocked and laughing hysterically at the fact that the Autobot was trying to fly at them with the bomb.

Dominator increased the shield power to it's max.
"Oh well I'll just let the energy shield do our work for us." He watched as the row of Autoputzs were all rolling staright towards it.

Skystalker made a quick report.
"Don't worry if the flyer tries to drop the bomb through the room, I will make sure he gets an unpleasant surprise."

Hatemunger was laughing even harder than the rest of them.
"Just open fire at them. If they want to play stupidly let's help them out." He said as he fired through the shield with that all of the men at his command except for Dominator opened fire as he held the shield up.
Hatemunger then looked at Predaking and Bruticus.
"Once the bomb goes off, wipe them out. Fire at Brainstorm and Jinrai that way the two fools will continue to ride toward us, either into the shield or our firepower." He ordered and fired away as well his fusion cannon blasts taking wide sections of the tunnel almost assuring a hit on the Autobots in it.

OOC (Like I said there is a powershield up and I figure whoever is firing first and most would have a distict advantage given the tunnel is a more confined space)

2002-01-23, 07:51 PM
OOC Shields must not be on or something I take it anyway

Skystalker sees Brainstorm and opens fire on him using his combined missles laser and other firepower but saves the atom discenagrater for a more specfic cause.

Dominator left the shield up and decided to give the Autobots an mean surprise. "Not only can I mantain the shield, I can attack as well!" He fired the megacannons on his shoulders and opened fire with his heatbuster cannon and the gattling gun while he held the shield up.

2002-01-23, 08:13 PM
(OOC erm, wasn't the way to the surface the other end of the tunnel to which the Decepticons are?)

"Make us an exit Thorr!" Vanguard yelled over the radio as they neared the Decepticons.
"With pleasure," Thorr's determined voice came over the radio.

He arched up toward the ceiling of the large chamber, and opened up with his cannon and blasters, blowing a large hole in the old metalwork, showering the transformers below with bits of debris.

"Sun Runner, Mercury, get up and out of here now!" instructed Vanguard. The two fliers complied, shooting straight up, and avoiding a swipe from Predaking. They soon joined Thorr in flying through the hole.

"Vanguard, there appears to be an old maintenance shaft up here that leads to the higher levels," Mercury radio'd down.
"Excellent, we'll be right up," Vanguard replied.
"Lets go Apollo."

The satellite boosted out of the seat of Vanguard, before transforming and flying up to the hole in the roof. Vanguard swiftly transformed, and followed him. Once again, they were able to evade the slow moving Predaking, and reach the hole.

"You're right," grinned Vanguard, looks like we can escape this way. Lets go."

Mercury, Thorr and Sun Runner transformed into robot mode, before following Vanguard and Apollo through the shaft and towards the surface and escape.

Quick Switch
2002-01-23, 08:57 PM
Bruticus raised his missle cannon.

"Autobots are still escaping..." he rumbled.

He glanced down at Hatemunger.

(OOC: Ravage, what bomb are we talking about here? The one Chromedome's got in his hands?)

2002-01-23, 09:03 PM
Brainstorm: -narrowly avoids Skystalker's barrage- Are you people IDIOTS? If this bomb goes off down here we all DIE! -loops around, heading for the hole the Cosmobots made- What part of atomization don't you understand?!?!!?!? -flys up shaft-

2002-01-23, 09:06 PM
(OOC: Brainstorm's got the bomb. If it goes off, it would be very, very bad. Atleast, if it goes off in or on the planet's surface. On the up side, right now, the whole planet won't go up if it goes off.)

2002-01-24, 12:08 AM
(OO C- blinks Woah hold on ... WHERE are we again? Lockpick had sailed the KODA back to base which was where I THOUGHT she ran into Dirge and them... and now we're underground again? Or did I mess up royally?)

2002-01-24, 12:56 AM
(OOC: I'm not sure where we are anymore. I thought the control room was some kind of off-site control/monitoringsystm for he plasma chamber. Heck, I figured it was just a REALLY big bomb. Everybody started talking about the plasm energy chmbe, so I figured hat this control room must be down deeper than I thought it was. Either way, unless Roadbuster's been introduced already, I was going to use the explosion as a way to bring him in, but it has to occour over the planet. If it occours in or on the planet, can stl introduce him, but, well, al of us who are there won't be there anymore. I get the feeling we'e talking Gigatons of explosive force here.)

2002-01-24, 12:58 AM
OOC - Until I find out what's going on, Ill be sitting the rest of the 'fight' out... I'll be waiting for help for Sky Garry and Shotbomber in the Cybertron Orbit thread though, if anyone wants to rescue him before he burns up or explodes.

2002-01-24, 01:28 AM
OOC Post

Roadbuster's currently on Earth - see Chapter 4.

As for what's going on now, here's how I understand it.

The Control Room is several hundred meters (or 1 kilometre or so) away from the plasma energy chamber, which is where the 'Cons are. The bomb is in the Control Room, and the 'Cons are guarding the Chamber because Jhiaxus is using it.

I'm not sure why we needed to get by the 'Cons to get out of the Control Room though, seeing as no one seemed to have to get by them to get in.

At the moment, I think all the Autobots are trying to escape, as fighting would be rather futile (There's at least 3 Gestalts and Hatemunger in our path).


2002-01-24, 01:52 AM
(OOC- I think most of those Decepticons came in after we did)

2002-01-24, 02:14 AM
The Spychangers transformed and followed Brainstorm out the tunnel.

2002-01-24, 02:48 AM
Brainstorm: -afterburners on full, engines redlining, boosts for surface, catching up with Cosmobots-

Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, Chromdome, and Hardhead- -skid to stop-

Muzzle: Well, ther's our way out! Uhm.... Anybody know how to fly?

Minerva: Jinrai! Come back!

God Jinrai
2002-01-24, 02:59 AM
Jinrai heard Minerva's cry..but paid her no attention... his cannons roared to life, as did the rocked launcher mounted on godbomber..

"Let's...see how this oversized tin can handles a different kind of attack..."

Picking up massive speed, the distance closed rapidly between jinrai and dominator...at about a hundred yards, the unexpected happened... in mid motion, the merger commenced... god jinrai's momentum kept him sailing forward... again he summoned the masterforce... his body engulfed in flame...


Suddenly his physical form lurched forward even faster... breaking the sound barrier... plowing into... and hopefuly... the shield... and with any luck... puting a hurt on dominator.

2002-01-24, 03:03 AM
The Spychangers came to a complete stop beside Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, Hosehead, Chromdome, and Hardhead.

"Hope he makes it", Hot Shot said to Chromedome.

2002-01-24, 03:11 AM
Chromedome: You and me both.

Brainstorm: -passes Cosmobots, boosts out of maintinence shaft and up into low orbit- I made it. -looks at bomb timer as he hits eject switch to dump bomb- Oh, slag.......

2002-01-24, 03:29 AM


The bomb explodes, but at a safe distance from any serious objects or buildings.

2002-01-24, 03:43 AM
-Light fills the shaft to the surface, almost as if a giant child had shone a flashlight down it..... then the shockaves hit, sending Nightbeat, Minerva Siren, Hosehead, Chromdome and Hardhead skidding back down the tunnel-

Nightbeat: -transforms, looking unsteady- Everybody okay?

Minerva: I think so.... -looks around her vehicle's interior, notices he's in the back seat- How's I get back here?

Siren and Hosehead: -transform-

Siren: I'm all here.... I think.

Hosehead: Is that what you call it?

Siren: Ha, ha.

Chromdome: -transforms- I'm fine, Commander.

Hardhead -pops canopy, stands up in cockpit- I till can't transfrm, but I'm fine otherwise.

Nightbeat: Good. -activates commlink- Good job, Brainstorm. You saved us all.


Nighbeat: Brainstorm?


God Jinrai
2002-01-24, 04:42 AM
At Iacon command, Prime observed the situation on teletran 3...

"Brainstorm... Arcana... Primus why? As noble a sacrifice as it was... he didn't deserve this... heros deserve the life they had...not the death that comes with being one such...."

Silently he turned from his monitor... glancing up at the wreckers as they came into the command center...

"Topspin, take rack'n ruin and head for brainstorm's last trajectory before the explosion occured... maybe...arcana managed to eject... hopefully with brainstorm's personality grid...
the rest of you, head for that crater that recently formed. Whatever hit will either need our aid... or destroyed before it can cause any harm. if you need assistance, inform me immedieately on my private com channel. I'm off to rendevou with whirl... something's not right... that transmission was nearly cut off... and whirl sounded distressed..."

Transforming, Prime headed out of iacon, for the desert area of cybertron...where he would find whirl... and his unexpected guest.

2002-01-24, 04:55 AM
Dominator could see the truck traveling and just moved to the side.
OCC hey he is only moving in a straight line.
The two gestalt teams then disengaged into their two teams the Aerialcons and Crashticons.

"Cowards." Was all Skyblade said.

Hatemunger nodded and looked at Deathsaurus.
"This is the same Jinrai you killed in the future?" he asked.

Deathsuarus laughed.
"He can't be the one I killed had guts!." This caused a roar of laughter with the Decepticons.

Hatemunger quieted everyone down.
"That was an ammusing display of futility I do agree, but onto the matter at hand." He looked at the Predacons and Combaticons and said.
"How do we get back Trypticon? If you have any ideas I am all ears."

Quick Switch
2002-01-24, 06:01 AM
Quick Switch nodded.

"As you wish, Prime," and with that the Hexa Changer set off from Command towards the crater...


Bruticus roared with laughter as the rest of the Autobots fled.

Looking back down at Hatemunger, the combiner replied simply:

"Bruticus and Predaking find Trypticon. Uncover him...other Decepticons make him functional again. Somone just needs to tell us where he is buried. We shall search."

2002-01-24, 09:42 AM
The Cosmobots, still below the surface were protected from the blast of the massive explosion above, yet they could still see the huge burst of light as it washed down the tunnel.

Thorr patted himself testingly.
"Well, I seem to be still here."
"We all are," laughed Mercury, a kind of jubilation in his voice.
"Yes, the bomb is neutralised, and we're all safe," smiled Vanguard, "Now lets get to the surface."


The five Cosmobots flew out of the tunnel and arched into the sky, flying toward the distant Iacon.

God Jinrai
2002-01-24, 01:49 PM
dominator's sidestep was hardly expected... nightbeat and the others, he hoped would get through... the attack ended on the opposing side of the room, and jinrai turned around... took aim at deathsarus and liokaiser... and fired...

2002-01-24, 02:34 PM
Hot Shot transformed as the shockwave hit. He got knocked back several feet.

"Brainstorm!", he shouted.

(OOC: Hienrad, If you want Brainstorm to be alive, he can.)

2002-01-24, 04:23 PM
Deathsaurus took the hits and laughed.
"Jinrai the Godmaster power you have means nothing comparted to the Breastforce energy!" He growled and opened fire with his hell laser.

Jinrai should have realised the one problem of being the lone Autobot in a room full of Decepticons.

The Aerialcons and Crashticons had disengaged from Dominator, but all of them had their weapons ready, Hatemunger took aim with his fusion cannons, Stealth was cloaked and locked on the Autobot fool, Darklark took aim with his weapons and was ready to fire, both Deathsuarus and Liokaiser were already firing at Jinrai for trying to attack them. Skystalker Hovering above the chamber had an easy lock on the lone Autobot.

Hatemunger yelled out to Bruticus and Predaking
"There is an Autobot intruder wipe him out!" he then looked at the Autobot. "I will give you one chance to leave. I recommend you take it. You are out manned, out gunned and frankly outsmarted, your soilders have left and one blew himself to slag to save you. Unless you wish to join that warrior I recommend you leave now. If you leave we will allow you to pass without fire, otherwise it's your death and I think Deathsuarus would like to have your future demise occur now."

Quick Switch
2002-01-24, 04:27 PM
Bruticus shrugged, and exchanged his missle cannon for his sonic stun gun.

"Bruticus stop Autobot," he rumbled.

The Super Warrior began firing bursts of sonic stun blasts at Jinrai.

2002-01-24, 04:35 PM
Hatemunger was not mad at Bruticus. He just yelled to the gestalt to stop firing.

"Hold your fire, I am sorry I should have told you and Predaking to wait, until we knew if the Autobot would fight. Hold your fire I told the Autobot we would grant him safe passage if he wanted."

Deathsaurus growled angrly.
"Let me wipe him out now, he is weak and deserves to die! His masterforce technology and energy is weak and outdated, his death should be now!" He had his finger at his laser trigger.

Hatemunger stood in front of the laser.
"No Deathsaurus we will allow him to leave this time. If he goes without attacking we will not wipe him out it's that simple."

Quick Switch
2002-01-24, 04:41 PM
Bruticus stopped firing, placing his sonic stun gun back in subspace.

"Bruticus understand," he replied.

2002-01-24, 04:45 PM
Hatemunger thanked Bruticus
"Thank you Combaticons, stand ready but we will allow him to leave if he so desires."

2002-01-24, 06:41 PM
Predaking stood upright, staring at the lone Autobot in the chamber angrily. Was the Autobot insane, why he would attack them here?

The enormous Predacon combiner had to concentrate his all of his willpower not to attack Jinrai as his whole existance demanded him to destroy the Autobot.

Predaking struck his sword into the ground before Jinrai and crossed his arms, turning to look elsewhere in disgust.

2002-01-24, 07:27 PM
Chromedome: -over commlink- BRAINSTORM!!!!!


Hardhead: -shaking head- No.... no...... He can't be.....

Chromedome: -howls in denial of apparent truth, smashes fists through corridor wall, reducing the wall section into a piece of modern sculpture before finally sagging to floor-

Minerva: -sobbing into Nightbeat's torso-

Nightbeat: -patting Minerva's back, the look o his fae more stunned than anything else-

Siren and Hosehead: -looking shell shocked-

Chromedome: The'll pay for this....... those slagging Decepticons'll pay for this.......

2002-01-24, 10:40 PM
Lockpick watches the others, a little bit shaken at the sacrifice of Brainstorm... She then shakes herself, forcing those emotions behind the mental walls she built years and years ago. "Well, I'm heading for the crater... orders are orders." she states, turning and heading for the door.

2002-01-25, 12:04 AM
Brawn, Sunstreaker, and Jazz barley made it out the explosin shockwaves knocking them around. Jazz transformed as he reconnect with the ground sliding a bit then hopping back to his feet., Sunstreaker flipped over and landed on if roof and Brawn who also transformed landed on his feet.

"You guys alright?" Jazz asked?

Sunstreaker transformed and grumbled "It ruined my paint"

Brawn nodded "I'm fine"

God Jinrai
2002-01-25, 01:38 AM
...Jinrai's optics burned a bright red instead of the usual blue...

"An old friend of ours is comming, Deathsarus... Two friends, actually... And when they arrive... it won't be me you have to wrry about... And don't worry about my capacities as a godmaster... I've more tricks up my sleeve than your jinrai... "

Glancing at hatemunger, his optics reverted to their normal blue hue

"Truly a warrior ...one with honor. Such is a rarity among destrons..." Jinrai looked back behind them... seeing nightbeat and company were out of the chamber...

"Then I'll take you up on that offer, Hatemunger... "

Abruptly he charged the group, but not ten yards from them, leapt into the air, boosting up and out through the hole in the ceiling....

2002-01-25, 01:47 AM
Deathsuarus knew who he was talking about.
"Don't worry old friend I have new allies as well."

Hatemunger looked at his men then spoke after the Autobot left.

"Bruticus you will take Darklark and Stealth to go reactivate Trypticon, he is buried here." he inputted the coordinates into them. "Darklark and Stealth will carry these, they are a special energon fuel, they will allow you to reactivate him to get him back here. I would send more of you to get Trypticon, but we should be ready here in case of an attack." He puased and spoke, "But if you should need any more aid in anyway way let us know." He stopped and watched as Darklark and Stealth transformed into their vechicle modes.

"Ok boss we are off!" The both yelled and tore out of one of the new holes in the chamber.

Hatemunger addressed Bruticus directly.
"Bruticus you should only need to remove some of the rubble on Trypticon, the energon fuel I gave them should recharge him to full power and he should be able to get himself out of that hole have him come here, we need to be ready for an Autobot counter attack." He the stopped and said "Good Luck."

2002-01-25, 01:59 AM
Chroedome: -pulls blasters- They pay. NOW!

Hardhead: I'm with you!

Nightbeat: No.

Chromedome: ...... What?

Nightbeat: I said, "No". Did you misunderstand me?

Chromedome: What do you mean, "NO"?!?!?

Nightbeat: There's six of us, and there's at least three gestats down there.

Chromedome: That's not going to stop me!

Nightbeat: Even if Hot Shot and the others help us, the odds of us surviving this are low. Brainstorm gave his life to save us. Are you going to throw that away?

Chromedome: They must pay!

Nightbeat: I know. So we have to be smarter than they are. Fighting them when they have the advantage is futile. If we're going to get revenge.... we have to be sneaky. But for now,we follow Lockpick. She's the only one who knows her way around here.

Quick Switch
2002-01-25, 02:05 AM
Bruticus listened very carefully to Hatemunger's instructions.

"Bruticus not fail Hatemunger," he replied, nodding and pounding his massive fists together.

"Bruticus help Trypticon so Decepticons crush Autobots forever!" The Super Warrior followed Darklark and Stealth into the holes they had taken...and soon the group was out on the surface of Cybertron.

The combiner easily kept pace with the two smaller Decepticons, and the group eat up the mileage towards Trypticon's position...

And in a matter of cycles, Bruticus had reached the mound of rubble where the massive Decepticon city lay.

The Super Warrior began removing huge pieces of rubble, hurling them in a haphazard position.

"Bruticus found Trypticon! Bring Energon!" he boomed to Darklark and Stealth. The Super Warrior cleared away the rubble from Trypticon's fuel intake center...

He stood back and waited for his comrades to come forward.

2002-01-25, 02:27 AM
Hot SHot approached Chromedome.

"Me and W.A.R.S. can go see if he's still alive. It's possible that the bomb caused interference in his communication systems. He may still be out there."

Crosswise, meanwhile, approached Jazz, Sunstreaker and Brawn

"We're fine", he said. "Although Brainstorm..."

2002-01-25, 02:41 AM
The two Decepticon cars drove up and were in awe.

"Holy slag, he is huge! He makes Dominator look small and thats hard to do!" Stealth commented.
"Yes Trypticon is an incredable speciman." Darklark said as he transformed.

The two warriors slid down the side of the hole and found an entrance door in Trypticons hull.

Darklark made a transmission to Bruticus, "Hey big guy, watch for Autobots. we are going in, it will take us some time to get the chargers installed but when we do you'll know."

Quick Switch
2002-01-25, 02:45 AM
"Bruticus undersand. No Autobot stop us now," and with that the Super Warrior withdrew his missle canon and sonic stun gun, holding them up.

Bruticus began to pace, his heads-up display whirring with constant information on the surrounding area.

2002-01-25, 03:27 AM
Jazz shook his head "Man this sucks, Lets hope he's alright" he said.

Brawn just looked at the tunnel and shook his head "We almost didn't make it ourselves"

2002-01-25, 03:30 AM
Nightbeat: -looks at the Spychangers- Thank you.

Chromedome: And if he is dead......

Minerva: We're trapped here.........

2002-01-25, 03:33 AM
Hot SHot looked at Brawn

"We'll need you to dig us a tunnel to the surface", he said.

2002-01-25, 03:56 AM
Hardhead: The portal key...... Brainstorm's the one who had it.

Chromedome: Is that all you can think about?

Hardhead: Grieve later. Stop the Decepticons now.

2002-01-25, 04:17 AM
Brawn nodded trenforming his hood opening the drill popping out the hood closing again "You say where I drill there"

Blaster transformed going into Brawn sunstreaker transforming after wards.

God Jinrai
2002-01-25, 05:04 AM
charging up through the excape tunnel created by the cosmobots, jinrai overheard the conversation as he came flying out to the surface.... landing with a loud thud, he faced chromedome and the others...

"Chromedome. Calm Down. If he's truly gone... he died a hero's death... But something tells me he's not gone... at least...arcana's not. More transformers are trapped here than just you headmasters. I may not be the autobot commander you all know... but... If nightbeat has no objections... I'd like to take you all on as a squad. I know just as well as Brainstorm did how headmasters are... because I had a group of headmaster junipors...in my world. And...because..."

The armor, and trailer disengaged, and the transector reverted to vehicle mode... the engine ejected, and transformed...

"I'm Human myself..."

Silently he gazed up at those around him... his godmaster armor gleaned slightly under the light of the closest star cybertron was passing... and behind his visor... the godmaster...shed tears... He knew he couldn't look back... home was gone... this..WAS home now... and he had to fight...to save it

2002-01-25, 06:08 AM
Hardhead: -pops cockpit canopy, climbs out of transector- Like that Nebulan.... Wossname.

Chromedome: -transforms, head transforming to robot mode, transector transforming to vehicle mode- Hi-Q. -looks at Jinrai- Looked a lot like you do in that armor. But, Jinrai, unlike you... Brainstorm, Hardhead and myself are Cybertronian. We've always been this way. Admittedly, the transector bodies are newer, but this is the way we've been our entire lives.

2002-01-25, 07:54 AM
Lockpick stepped out of the way as Jinrai answered. Then her jaw dropped as the robots took their heads off/disengaged their masters and all that stuff, staring slightly bug-eyed at the humans/nebulans/etc with some fear and caution. "Wh... What the..." she murmers, taking a step back. She'd never seen either Nebulans or Humans before now. Heck, she hadn't seen a fellow Cybertronian for a good three million years. This was a bit of a shock, to say the least.

2002-01-25, 01:56 PM
Darklark and Stealth were marching around Trypticons insides.
"This is nuts." Darklark said "how will we know what to put these energon charger on?" He asked.

"Well my guess is over there. On the energon reactor." Stealth laughed.

"We better work fast we don't have all week." he added as he looked at the reactor.

"We need to attact these just right, if we don't the system will not power up correctly, but if we do it right ol' Trips here will be brought back to his full power." He said and he started to attact one the units and began to run wires from it.

2002-01-25, 02:45 PM
Hot Shot poined at the tunnel enterance leading to the surface.

"Make it quick", he said. "Brainstorm might still be alive. If we hurry..."

R.E.V. cam eover to Chromedome

"Don't worry", he said. "Next time we find those jets, we'll disintergramte 'em. I promise you they won't go uinpunished."

2002-01-25, 03:59 PM
Nightbeat: Time to introduce ourselves.

Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, and Hoshead: -transform-

Muzzle: (Nightbeat's headmaster component)-removes helmet, looks at Jinrai- At least we're not the only humans here.

Minerva: (Headmaster Jr.)-pulls helmet off, shakes hair out- You got that right. -to Jinrai- My name's Minerva, and that's my brother, Muzzle.

Quig: (Siren's headmaster component)-pulls helmet off- He thinks loud. How can anybody think loud.....

Lug: (Hosehead's headmaster component)-pulls helmet off, hands Quig some Advil- I told you to stay in your libray.

Quig: -takes Advil- But how can anybody think loud......

Muzzle: -gestures to Quig and Lug- And those two gentlmen are Quig and Lug, natives of Nebulos.

Chromedome: Hardhead, Brainstrom and I are from Master Star. Unlike them,we are Autobots who started out this "human" size...... -gets confused look on face, then optic band widens in shock- You're right! Brainstorm's alive!

2002-01-25, 04:28 PM
Lockpick looked from one *master to another, jaw shut again, but still with that look of feared amazement. "Uh... okay... this is new... " she then takes a step to the door "I'll... meet you guys at the crater after you're done introductions, kay?"

Then she took off.

2002-01-25, 10:06 PM
Brawn drove forwarward creating an entrance then pointed the dril a bit upwards and began to drill and then once the slant was totalythere he lowered and began to drill straight up

"COME ON GUYS" Brawn yelled out.

2002-01-25, 11:19 PM
Hot SHot, Crosswise, and W.A.R.S. ran up th etunnel after Brawn.

"We'll be back", he said to Chromedome.

Quick Switch
2002-01-26, 02:04 AM
Quick Switch, in fighter jet mode, flew towards the crater that Prime had instructed him to check out.

Sighting it, the Hexa Changer transformed to robot mode and landed silently.

He waited for more Autobots to arrive.

2002-01-26, 05:47 AM
Muzzle: -relieved look on his face- Where is he?

Chromedome: Not sure..... It's an old communication system we have. The humans call it telepathy. But for providing a location.... I'll only get one if he tells me where he is.

2002-01-26, 03:19 PM
(OOC Note: Brainstorm's landing was detailed in the 'Side Story, Cybertron Orbit thread, in case anyone doesn't know)

"Well, what a first day eh?" Mercury joked as the Cosmobots flew towards Iacon.
"Heh, you can say that again," Vanguard replied with a grin, "battling gestalts, meeting old enemies, and helping to defuse a bomb that could have blown up all of Cybertron. I think even Thorr would have to agree that that's enough action for one day."
"Yes..." Thorr said, "you could say that."

Shortly, they came upon Iacon, and Vanguard winced as he saw the massive hole blown into his roof. They landed outside, and after getting clearance to enter from the guards, made their way inside to find the Commander of the city.

2002-01-26, 09:04 PM
Brawns drill began to push out of the ground then causing it all to blow out creating a hole him driving out followed by Jazz and Sunstreaker.


2002-01-26, 09:15 PM
Hot Shot, W.A.R.S., and Crosswise came out of the tunnel behind Brawn, Jazz[/b], and Sunstreaker.

"All right, gang", Hot Shot said. "We got to find Brainstorm.
Ox, Counter-Arrow, and R.E.V looked at Muzzle, Minerva, Quig, Lug, Chromedome, and Hardhead.

"Hmmm...interesting", R.E.V. said.

2002-01-26, 10:54 PM
Wheeljack sat at the computer inside Grand Maximus. He had been monitoring Iacon's situation through a link-up with Cybertron's main computer net. When the fluctuation occured within vector Sigma, he'd feared the worst.

But then, the worst never came. Cybertron didn't explode, the planet's energy didn't reach critical. Wheeljack's fingers scrambled across the console trying to find the answers. What was going on down there?

Upon reading into the fluctuation, the answer came to him. It was a multitude of readings, all at Vector Sigma. Well, technically, the readings weren't in Vector Sigma, but in a sub-plain of multiple dimensions in the same location. A space-time rift was open there, but parrellel to Vector Sigma.

Correction, multipl rifts. Tears in the fabric of space-time from so many alternate universes that the computer couldn't calculate them all. But the strange part was, the fabric of THIS space-time hadn't torn.

Had he not setup his equipment, and had Roadkill not constructed his monitoring device, Wheeljack would have never seen it. It was like a blister where one single thin layer--their own dimension--was still intact and keeping everything from flooding out.

But it wasn't going to hold. Wheeljack clicked his commlink. "Optimus Prime, we're in big trouble. Can you read me?"

The comm clicked over. Wheeljack continued. "Prime, space-time has been concentrated into one spot, at Vector Sigma. Everything that has ever occured of ever will is melded together in one single space. Our own dimension is probably the only thing still intact, but if our universe blends with this anomolys...I don't know what'll happen!"

He paused a moment, realization hitting him. "Prime, the Decepticon signatures that were in Vector Sigma disappeared a few moments ago. Just as this thing started to appear. We're in a lot of trouble if we don't seal this thing off!"

2002-01-27, 05:10 PM
Stealth looked at the energon chargers and everything else.

"Ok Darklark, crank it up!" he yelled.

Suddenly energon began to plow and flow into Trypciton's systems.

"Nice." Stealth smiled.

2002-01-27, 06:55 PM
Muzzle: -thinking bout what Jinrai has asked, to take command of he team, in silent communication with Nightbeat-

Quig: -letting the Advil work on his headache-

Lug: -keeping watch-

Minerva: -has reconnected with her transector, helping Hardhead repair his transector-

Chromedome: -sitting in his transector, trying to maintain contact with Brainstorm-

Quick Switch
2002-01-27, 07:04 PM
Bruticus turned as he saw Trypticon go online.

"Trypticon ready...time to crush Autobots for good!" The Super Warrior roared, walking over to where the massive Decepticon City would soon rise from the rubble.

2002-01-27, 08:51 PM
Jazz nodded "so where do we start lookin for him?"

2002-01-27, 09:03 PM
Hot Shot looked at Jazz.

"Right now", he said. "Come on."

2002-01-28, 06:30 PM
Megatron switched the comlink he had been given on.

"Optimus Prime. This is Megatron! Once leader of the Decepticons. I propose something to help you. I am on your side!"

His raspy voice, cold and calculated never tipping off edge. It was a simple vocal subrotine added to his logistics. His speech. He enjoyed free speech.

He turned to Whirl, deactivating the Comlink, not letting Prime get the last word.

Megatron threw the comlink to the ground and stood on it, smashing its circuits piece by piece.

"Inferior technology. It will not work with this New Era."

Megatron's eyes gleamed. The seemed to burn. A bright red. His silver face plate, shone in the light.

"TimeSplitter. Awaken!"

And with that, from underground appearedthe large transformer. It came out of the rock and sand, like a feather floating through the wind. TimeSplitter was in ship mode Counter Puch was inside, quarding Goldbug and Omega Supreme, their Autobot signals dampened. They couldn't be detected, or could the Autobots detect them. Counter Punch began to spray Decepticon symbols were neccessary on these Autobots. CounterPuch lay hidded though.

TimeSplitter transformed into Robot mode. He changed from the dark ship to a huge monster of a transformer. His eyes gleamed.

"I have only one purpouse, To serve Megatron. And the new breed of the Decepticons. The Decepticons."

Megatron stood to his full height.

"I hope the appearance doesn't... frighten you!"

OOC: Sorry it took so long, i was still posting on the other board.

God Jinrai
2002-01-28, 06:56 PM
Prime arrived at the wasteland where he'd recieved the comm from whirl.. as he sped across the rust/sand covered ground, he could see on the horizon a massive form... as he grew closer, he could see two other forms... one of which was whirl.. the other... the reason for the start of the cybertronian wars... Megatron.

Prime split from his trailer, sending it to subspace, picking up even more speed, just as the tractor... abruptly, he activated his transformation module, launching into the air as he transformed...

"You... you of all the decepticons.. much less DEAD ones... dares to tell me you seek an alliance? "

Prime's optics burned brightly... this wasn't the megatron he'd fought for eons... even galvatron wasn't reminiscent of him...yet this transformer that stood before him brought out the rage he held for the original decepticon leader...

2002-01-28, 08:24 PM
*lockpick's voice crackles over the Autobot broadband* Hey Uh... Optimus? Is that your name? well, whoever it was... whatever made that crater's like, blown up... but something else hit down nearby with less force me and.. uh, six-something're going to investigate it. Looked like a ship or something."

2002-01-28, 10:42 PM
-Sitting in the newer impact crater is..... a twisted, blackened lump of metal. Were it untwisted, and the parts that vaporized in the explosion were replaced, you'd have a high tech jet fighter that is also the transector for the Autobot Brainstorm, who would be haivng thoughts but is currently dazed in the cockpit-

-Don't worry. He'll be fine. Although he might stay away fom anything potenially explosive for a while.......-

2002-01-29, 05:58 AM
Minerva: -surrounded by a small circle of parts, most of which look burned out or melted, slams htch shut on Hardhead's transector- Okay, Hardhead. Try it now.

Hardhead: -transforms to robot mode- Everything's working great, Minerva. Thanks.

Minerva: No problem. Just try not to get all torn up again so soon? And remember, your internals may be back to normal, or a reasonable facimile thereof, but your armor's still pretty damaged. I've repaired as much of that as I can.

2002-01-29, 08:40 AM
"Tryptico*o*o*n...funct.,-*ion-al!" the giant Decepticon called out. He moved his left small arm, the only limb free of the rubble. One of his optics pressed into the ground, the other covered by rubble. His giant mouth poked out through the mess that covered him.

He had energy, but he was not at full power. The life-giving energon flowed through his systems, allowing him to activate internal mechanisms.

There wasn't enough power for everything.

"Need....e-e-nerge*.'-nergy!" he roard in a slur.

Quick Switch
2002-01-29, 03:26 PM
Bruticus quickly subspaced his weapons and ran over to remove more debris.

"Give Trypticon more energy!" he roared, moving out of the way after the Decepticon City's head was totally free of the wreckage.

2002-01-29, 04:13 PM
Chromedome: -jumps ito cockpit of transector- Brainstorm's at the crater site that Lockpick went to! Hardhead! Let's go!

Chromedome and Hardhead, head for the crater site at full speed-

Muzzle: Wait! -sees that they'e not wating- Nnn. -climbs into Nightbeat's driver's seat- C'mon. With our luck he's run ito Thunderwing and his troops.

Minerva: -transforms-

Nighbeat, Minerva, Siren, and Hosehead: -drive off after Chrmedome and Hardhead-

Muzzle: -over commlink- Well, Jinrai? If you want to even contemplate running this motley crew, you gotta be able to keep up.

2002-01-29, 04:31 PM
Megatron kept his cool. His was with the autobots was extreme, suffice to say, these were not the same autobots.


Megatron's eyes seemed to cool down.

"I am not of your time, i am not dead. As, i said i am not of your time, so my fight is not with you. The Decepticons however, there is a fight. You see, i have seen time fly. In a matter of cybertronian years, you will be conqueard by the Decepticons. I a m now here to change that. Through the datalinks on this time, i have checked, one thing stuck in my mind. You. You are the key, to destroying them, you just haven't found the right way. Why should i help you, you ask. The Decepticons locked me up on Cybertron. As i was transported here. You think i want to fight the Autobots. Here's what i think of the Autobots."

Megatron found a rock a good distance away, it was small. A bolt of energy shot out of the cannon on his right shoulder, it shattered the rock into a million tiny pieces.

"But then, here is what i think of the Decepticons."

Megatron found an even larger rock. It was massive. To Megatron it resembled the Decepticon army. He fired one bolt then another and it again shattered into thousands upon thousands of tiny pieces of rock.

Megatron's eyes glared at Optimus Prime. The infuriataing rage showing in the eyes of Megatron.

2002-01-29, 05:17 PM
"Ok." Stealth said as he called up Hatemunger on com-link.
"We got the big guy running but he needs some more energon." He said.

Hatemunger looked up to Skystalker.
"Skystalker fly to there location and give Trypticon the much needed energon he desires." Hatemunger called to the starship.

"Yeah Hatemunger I am on my way over." He left his position and flew overhead of Trypticon and a tube fell to the ground.

"Ok." Darklark yelled after having connected the tube. "Let her go!" when he said that more energon pumped into the massive transformer. Stealth and Darklark fired at some debris while the energon flowed into Trypticon.

God Jinrai
2002-01-29, 05:34 PM
Jinrai sighed as muzzle and the others headed for the crater...

"It'd figure." putting his helmet back on, he shouted the command words, and slid into place on the semi rig... the rig roared to life charging after them, catching up to nightbeat and minerva...

"Well... it...seems I was right to an extent... he ISN'T dead... But something else bothers me... more than just brainstorm is in that crater... and I'm picking up a familiar energy signature... cybertron in nature... but... I don't recognize it totally.."

Prime stared at megatron and his display...

"I don't care what in primus name you think of any of us. autobot or decepticon. I'll hear you out. But first, you might want to have your giant sized friend there revert to his alt mode... he'll attract too much attention in robot mode... and besides... if you WERE to try anything, I've got two maximus class battleships that'll be here at the press of my transmitter to deal with HIM."

Prime stood in silence then... and waited for the response.

2002-01-29, 07:46 PM
Megatron turned toward TimeSplitter. He pressed some buttons on his arm.

"TimeSplitter, transform and await my instructions."

Megatron turned back to the two autobots.

"Iacon, here on Earth, quite frankly isn't holding up too well and it won't in the next few years. The defenses will weaken in about eight months and you will be forced to find a new planet. I don't want to see it happen."

Megatron presed a button on his arm and a holograpic display system came into the middle of the group.

There was an image of double cannons a new set of weapons for the Autobots.

"Iacon is the best thing to protect here, but i would think you would like to protect your Autobots as well."

Megatron pressed another button.

"Steel Torpeado casings from Decepticon ships, they should help to keep Iacon in place. And thisa field must be put around it like a bubble. You should channel your power system for a flow of 9.2 to make it work. My data is old, so i would suggest you take me to Iacon. If all else fails and the Decepticons do attack, then I will be of use as i will be there."

God Jinrai
2002-01-29, 09:57 PM
Prime was shocked... "wh...where in primus name did you come up with this? the size of those cannons alone are massive! and where the slag would we obtain the tech to create the enhanced shield for iacon?!"

2002-01-30, 02:21 AM
Ox, Counter-Arrow, and R.E.V had followed Chromedome, and Hardhead, Nightbeat, Hosehead, Siren and Mineva.

Hey", R.E.V. asked. "Who is this...Jinrai character?"
Hot Shot had led W.A.R.S., Crosswise, Jazz, Brawn, and Sunstreaker for several hours, but were unable to find Brainstorm.

"Hot Shot to Chromedome", he signaled. "We haven't been able to find him. Any luck on your end?"

God Jinrai
2002-01-30, 03:52 AM
it wasn't long after prime said his words to megatron that he recieved wheeljack's communique.

" My time for your shenanigins has just ended, megatron. Matters of life and death are more important than trying to figure out what you're trying to pull. Whirl! Head for the crater where the other wreckers are located, and give em an assist in finding out what the slag that thing is!"

Prime reverted to vehicle mode, nailing the throttle, headed for the source of these fluxuations... arriving at the massive tunnel, he charged headlong in, managing to slip through most of the defenses relatively undetected... he finally arrived at the main chamber... there stood the combaticons... crashticons... aerialcons... the breastforce, dezaras, and hatemunger...

"Great. that's about 30 to 1 odds. I've faced worse... like planet eating monsters out to kill off my race... but stealth is more useful here than firepower..."

Prime silently transformed, creeping to the chamber... the doors slid open, and several destrons turned... prime activated the key again, and the plasma drain began... once inside, he could see the gateway... and a strange device... which he quickly figured out nullified the effects of the plasma energy inside the chamber... charging through the warp, he found himself in the ripple of timespace that cryhavoc, stormweaver and the others remained in... Spotting a fluxuating image, he quickly realized what jhiaxus was up to... abandoning caution, he charged past the others present... diving through the ripple... finding himself on that fateful dock at the powerplant so many eons ago... He could see his former self working with his friends... and in the distance... two ominous forms... Prime knew he had to act fast... he headed for the center of iacon... the home of what would be the elite autobot warriors... entering the great hall, he spotted alpha trion... and another of his predecessors... Prime Nova. Optimus silently approached... and the two turned to him... Alpha Trion, startled, and Nova not at all surprised. Nova was the bearer of the matrix at the time, and as such, it had warned him of possible disasters on the front... of a warrior resembling himself...comming to stop a cataclysm... Prime spoke quickly to nova, and nova alone... alpha trion had to know nothing of what was to come to pass... the duo parted, and nova summoned a group of his best warriors and asked alpha trion to return to his lab, and not allow anyone entry until it was said that a gravely wounded transformer needed his aid.

The two primes departed iacon... prime in rig mode... nova in a jet fighter mode... the two arrived at the power plant, and went into hiding... each taking a post that would allow for solid observation of orion pax... so long as he was able to be taken to alpha trion.

The two sat, hidden in the shadows... and waited...

2002-01-30, 04:43 AM
Hatemunger smiled. He saw Prime and suddenly it all became clear.

"I understand what Jhixaus is trying to do now!" he looked at his soilders. "I can see what they want to do, they have went back to our history to when Orion Pax was nearly killed by Megatron. This is becoming clear now." Hatemunger had an evil smile on his face.

"Predaking, Skyblade, Deathsuarus, Scrapheap, and he got onto his com-link Bruticus we need to talk." He said and turned and waited.

sorry left out something at Trypticon.

"Its done!" Stealth called jumping out of the crater.
"Ol Trips should have all the power he needs now!".

OOC who is using Trypticon? I want him to return to the energy chamber area, if that is possible.

Quick Switch
2002-01-30, 05:04 AM
Bruticus cocked his head as the signal came through:

"Yes Hatemunger, Bruticus here. What Hatemunger want with Bruticus?"

2002-01-30, 05:50 AM
Chromedome: -over commlink- He's near the crater that everyone's investigating.

Muzzle: -activates commlink to Jinrai- So is it like this where you're from? They go charging in and you get dragged along?

2002-01-30, 06:52 AM
(OOC: I've got Tryp. Walk him to where the KODA made a tunnel to the energy chamber room)

Mirage watched in the shadows near old Iacon. His cloak worked just long enough for him to sprint out of harm's way without being seen. It deactivated the moment he found cover. He looked at his shoulder. It had been charred pretty good from Cryhavoc's blast. Luckily, it was only a small hinderance, nothing life-threatening.

Mirage watched as the workers moved about their business, unaware of the possible dangers. "Got to tell them what's going to happen. But how can I do it without destroying the timeline?" Then, Mirage looked around again. "How can I possibly save them? They're workers! No training in combat. How could they possibly hold off something like Jhiaxus and his group?"

Mirage made his way to the far end of the building he took cover near. "Have to find a way somehow."

As he turned, he never noticed Optimus Prime appearing where he'd just been...


"Trypticon, have power!" the giant roared as it forced the rubble from on top of its body. He stood up, debris raining down from where it all had caught in the crevices of the Decepticon.

"Fight Autobots! Where?" he asked.

2002-01-30, 01:23 PM
Stealth looked up at me massive Decepticon.
"Trypticon follow us back to the energy chamber thats where we need you!" He transformed and began to return to the chamber.

Hatemunger talked to Bruticus. "Come back to the energy chamber with Trypticon then we can talk."

2002-01-30, 02:31 PM
R.E.V. replied to Chromedome.
"We're on our way."

They sped off towards the crater.

Quick Switch
2002-01-30, 04:57 PM
Bruticus rumbled,

"Bruticus obey."

The Super Warrior was within moments flying back to the Plasma Energy Chamber, and after a while stood in front of Hatemunger and the other combiner teams.

God Jinrai
2002-01-30, 04:59 PM
"no, not quite, muzzle... usually I'M the one that goes charging in... but that changed with the arrival of black zarak.... and
devil z's manifestation into physical form... it seems we're here, muzzle. let's give them a hand."

Jinrai transformed, and approached the massive ship... seeing another smaller crated not far away...

2002-01-30, 07:46 PM
Nightbeat, Minerva, Siren, Hosehed, Chomedome, and Hardhead: -transform-

Nighbeat: Minerva, take Siren and Hosehead and check the main crater. -to Jinrai- Sounds like you'll fit right in.

2002-01-30, 07:58 PM
Jazz Sunstreaker and Brawn Transformed aswell following Hot Shot.

2002-01-30, 08:14 PM
Hatemunger looked at the amassed group of Decepticons.
"Well it seems our friend Optimus Prime has went back in time as well." Hatemunger looked at the Combaticons, Predacons, Deathsuarus, Skyblade and Scrapheap.

"This gives me an idea, what would happen if we wiped out this chamber, or at the very least turn it off." He walked around the room "Sure we would lose Jhixuas, Adeara, Sixshot, Gigatron and Cryhavoc but we would be without the accursed Optimus Prime. And I am fairly sure those six could change the course of history well into our favor." Hatemunger smiled. "Sides if a battle is to rage in the past [b]Prime himself could not possibly beat the 6 Decepticons that are in the past right now."

"So.." He said looking at the group of warriors, "Does my Logic make sense."

2002-01-30, 08:46 PM
The Predacons had disengaged earlier and were now gathered near the source of the plasma energy itself.

"Forget it Hatemunger... if you shut this down Cybertron dies." Razorclaw said and looked up to Hatemunger from his sitting place.

"Besides I doubt that if you turn this off it changes anything considering Jhiaxus or Optimus Prime... they are already in past, right? Why would future turn the tide of history?" He asked from the Decepticon general who seemed to be rather certain of himself.

Other Predacons rose their gaze towards Hatemunger as well, with questioning look on their faces.

Quick Switch
2002-01-30, 09:34 PM
Bruticus had also disengaged, and the Combaticons sat off by themselves.

Onslaught rose, facing Razorclaw.

"Even so, the principle must be examined, Razorclaw. Without Optimus Prime, the Autobots would be without their singular leader. As I'm sure even you are aware, no one can lead the Autobots like Prime. We've seen the paltry examples Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime. Our ultimate goal is the destruction of the Autobots and the subjugation of Cybertron."

Onslaught seated himself.

Blast Off spoke, seated.

"Besides, how do you know Cybertron will die if the Chamber is turned off? You can't possibly know the ramifications of what the Chamber can and can't do. Did Vector Sigma tell you itself that if it was shut down Cybertron would die? Besides, didn't it instruct Galvatron to find the Key to the Chamber itself for Decepticon use? If anything, we have a mandate to use it. It is...our destiny."

2002-01-30, 10:15 PM
Razorclaw stared at his sword which he was balancing in his hands. "I don't know for sure Onslaught... but so I have been told. Many records mention that the plasma energy here flows throughout Cybetron... and should it stop. The energy resources of Cybertron would eventually run off."

The Predacon commander began to sharpen the edge of his sword. "And can we really risk it Onslaught?" He asked without lifting his gaze away from the glowing sword in his hands.

"I know I wouldn't. When Scorponok and Jhiaxus ran their analyses here before they disappeared they seemed to be pretty sure that our future depends on the balance of energy here... and I wouldn't want to mess it up." Razorclaw continued and leaned against the pillar behind him.

Quick Switch
2002-01-30, 10:24 PM
Onslaught looked at the Predacon leader.

The Combaticon commander took to studying his hands as well, and shook his head.

"These are desperate times, Razorclaw. In case you haven't noticed, we ourselves are leaderless. We're holding a committee meeting to discuss this, if that isn't an indication."

He paused.

"I will bow to your judgement if scientific evidence concurrently proves that the Chamber holds the key to Cybertron's vitality. Or of course, one of us could do the simplest thing: ask Vector Sigma."

He rose again.

"Hatemunger, I recommend a detachment of troops travel to the Cybertron's depths to beseech Vector Sigma for the answer to this quandry. We can put it to a vote if you like. If the expedition is voted in favor, and if Vector Sigma refuses, than I and my Combaticons will be of no part of your plan, even if it would mean the banishment of Optimus Prime."

Onslaught turned to Razorclaw.

"I say we vote now."

2002-01-31, 01:02 AM
Hatemunger nodded.
"Honestly I agree with your logic, myself, the Combaticons and the Predacons can go to talk to Vector Sigma. With Trypticon back the chamber should be protected not to mention Dominator Deathsuarus, Stealth and Darklark and Liokaiser as well. " He looked at Onslaught and Razorclaw "It's up to you both?"

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 02:07 AM
Onslaught nodded.

"Agreed. The Combaticons shall travel with you to Vector Sigma."

The Combaticons rose as one.

"We are ready to move out, Hatemunger." Onslaught replied.

2002-01-31, 03:33 AM
Hatemunger readied himself making sure he had plenty of energy.
"I don't know how much of the security systems still funtion down there, so we should be prepared." He then looked at Onslaught and Razorclaw. "Let's go, Deathsuarus and Skyblade you are in charge." He said as he started to walk out with the Combaticons and Predacons in tow.

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 03:37 AM
The Combaticons moved out.

"Gee, great. In the depths of Cybertron," Swindle groused.

"Naw, we're finally gettin' some action!" Brawl chuckled.

"Doing something is better than nothing," Vortex agreed.

Blast Off said nothing.

Onslaught walked next to Hatemunger.

"Since the Key to Vector Sigma was destroyed twenty-odd years ago...can we still communicate with it?" the Combaticon leader quiried.

2002-01-31, 04:36 AM
Hatemunger smiled.
"Well what better way to find out than to try worse comes to worse I will fry my own circuits." He laughed.

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 04:39 AM
Onslaught was amused by Hatemunger's joke.

"As you say," he replied.

The trek continued.

2002-01-31, 08:53 AM
Trypticon stuck his gigantic nose and muzzle through the chamber opening leading into the Energy room. The corridor they'd taken was easily city-sized in diameter, but the entrance to the chamber wasn't so fitting. It could easily accomidate a large shuttle ship, but not anything of Trypticon's bulk. His muzzle sticking through the entryway looked rather amusing from within the chamber.

"Not see any Autobots" he growled, the sound echoing throughout the chamber. "Bored!"

How typical. To be brought online just to be used as a defensive tool. It was the common story for Trypticon. He always had to wait for the enemy to come to him.

And so, he waited.

2002-01-31, 10:10 AM
The Predacons continued following Hatemunger and the Combaticons in their robot modes.

Razorclaw walked just behind Onslaught and Hatemunger while the other Preds were following them little further away.

"I have used some of my spare time to study Cybertron's history... there is a theory that first generation Transformers... like Alpha Trion didn't need that key when they communicated with Vector Sigma..." Razoeclaw said.

"The question is... where we can get that old Transformer for us to exploit?" He added.

2002-01-31, 02:47 PM
Hatemunger wondered at Razorclasw's query.
"I wonder if it would be possible to look up skimatics on transformers that were that old, and if it would be possible to fool Vector Sigma into thinking I am that old?" He asked.

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 03:09 PM
Onslaught mused.

"Be warned. According to what we know about Autobot lore, Alpha Trion is part of Vector Sigma...so I doubt a simple ruse such as that will be effective. However, if there is a way we can circumvent him, and speak only to Vector Sigma itself...our chances will be improved."

2002-01-31, 05:59 PM
Razorclaw looked at Onslaught.

"If Alpha Trion is truely part of Vector Sigma... our chances to get any information from the supercomputer are minimal." The Predacon commander said.

Divebomb who usually preferred being alone walked over to the three higher ranking officers. "If a suggestion is approved?"

Razorclaw glanced behind him. "Go ahead Divebomb."

"Right... with no disrespect but I take that the most capable Decepticons for this work are either on Earth or travelled back in time at Plasma energy chamber... we Predacons are hunters and Combaticons are tacticians... no one of us doesn't possess the needed engineering and programming skills for this task... wouldn't it be better to get someone more profient with this kind of technology to help us?" Divebomb spoke.

Razorclaw began to rub his chin. "Then we would need either Shockwave, Hook or Soundwave... but they are not available."

Divebomb's optics flashed and he gave an evil grin. "Or we could kidnap some Autobot and make him to do this for us..."

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 06:52 PM
Onslaught nodded.

"Very good Divebomb...impressive. Our choices are limited: Perceptor, who as we all know is a scientist and possesses electrical engineering skills; or Skids the Autobot theoritician- he must have some abstract information on how Vector Sigma functions. Wheeljack, of course, perished twenty years ago."

The Combaticon leader looked at Razorclaw.

"Perceptor or Skids should suffice for what we require."

(OOC: I believe Perceptor and Skids are NPCs at this point?)

2002-01-31, 06:59 PM
"Life and Death" Megatron thought. This was a matter of life and death.

He pressed buttons on his arm. He was opening a comm-channel. To Optimus Prime

"Do, i have to prove my loyalty to you Optimus, so be it, TimeSplitter is tracking your position. I will help you, like it or not. There is no alterior motive!"

Megatron moved toward TimeSplitter awaiting a response.

2002-01-31, 09:13 PM
Hatemunger looked at the soilders.
"The one problem with that is if the Autobot alerts others of our plan. That would blow everything."

OOC I thought Shockwave was on Cybertron?

Quick Switch
2002-01-31, 11:01 PM
(OOC: He is. Commander Shockwaeve posted once, with Shockwave unearthing himself from the rubble of his communications tower. Then nothing.)

Onslaught shook his head.

"If it is our one recourse, we must do it. The Predacons alone would be sufficient for this mission. It is a perfect stealth operation which they are suited for."

2002-02-01, 02:19 AM
Hatemunger nodded.
"Hmm if we could find Shockwave that would be perfect, but he is MIA, so yes perhaps having the Predacons go after Percetor is the perfect idea." He looked at Razorclaw "Do you think you could do it?" He asked the Predacon commander.

2002-02-01, 09:03 PM
Razorclaw glanced at Hatemunger. "I and Divebomb can perform this mission if we Blast Off offers us a ride... also we need to learn out their location... I wouldn't like to go to Iacon if Perceptor is there... too many Autobots. We would need cloaking device to hijack Perceptor from Iacon."

2002-02-01, 11:19 PM
Originally posted by Quick Switch

(OOC: I believe Perceptor and Skids are NPCs at this point?)

(OOC: Yeah, I had Perceptor, but I dropped him. He's free to use.)

2002-02-02, 12:23 AM
Hatemugner looked at Razorclaw.
"A Decepticon who cloaks I can have that arranged." He got onto his com-link.
"Stealth get here now. We need your for a mission." He called for the thief.

"Ok Boss I am on my way." He transformed into his black car mode and drove out of the chamber and looked in awe as Trypticon stood gaurd.
"Wow he is huge!" he then got back onto his com-link
"I'll be there in few minutes. Stealth out." He cloaked and tore to the Decepticons location.

Hatemunger then looked to Onslaught.
"Do you mind if Blast Off goes with them?" He asked.

Quick Switch
2002-02-02, 05:14 PM
Onslaught turned.

"Blast Off! Front and center!"

The Combaticon space warrior approcahed and saluted.


"You are detached with Razorclaw and Divebomb to kidnap Perceptor, and will be their transportation to his location. Understood?"

"Sir!" the shuttle nodded, then turned to Razorclaw.

"I am at your disposal."

2002-02-02, 07:18 PM
Razorclaw looked at Hatemunger, his glod visor glowing in the darkness. "We need this Stealth to enter the city and learn out the location of either Perceptor or Skids. It is too dangerous to try to enter otherwise. If he can make us cloaked as well this mission will be simple... which I doubt he can't do."

Razorclaw crossed his arms. "That's why he needs to find us safe route to enter the city and quick escape route as well... Iacon is heavily guarded after our recent attack against the city and there is no Autobot that wouldn't identify us if seen."

2002-02-02, 07:32 PM
Megatron glared at Counter-Punch inside his ship, TimeSplitter.

He slightly moved his hand and Counter-Punch appeared in front of him.

"Transform, and head for..."

Megatron paused, remembering one Decepticon's name, one that saved him from Imprisonment. Shame, but he had to make his point clear.

"Head for the Decepticon named HateMunger. Gather Info from him and tansmit it to Optimus Prime. I am heading for Iacon, i will meet you there."

Then suddenly something moved inside TimeSplitter. A piece of machinery. No. The Autobots.

Goldbug silently slipped passed the metalalic floorboards. His blaster in hand, he ran onto the bridge and pointed the gun at Megatron.

"Megatron... Is that... you?"

Goldbug's systems had been inoperational. He was just coming to terms with the world right now.

"TimeSplitter, begin landing procedure. Counter-Punch, attack!"

Megatron moved from his chair, as the docking clamps hit the ground.

"This, is Megatron, Once leader of the Decepticons, my alliegance to you is true. And now, is the time for the AutobotMegatron force to strike.Open your doors , and let me in."

The message was transmitted to Iacon.