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2002-09-17, 06:43 AM
Thunderwing finally reached his destination of Earth and quickly homed in on whom he sought.

Thunderwing: "It's been a long time...Optitron!"

2002-09-17, 01:22 PM
The damage done to Optitron's internal circuits when he tried to take control of Unicron had been severe, to be sure, but there was something about the Earthen atmosphere...it was almost as though the air, and the trees, and the grass healed his wounds. He was far from 100% operating condition, but only moments after he rose to his feet amongst his four faithful Renegade brothers, the impressive sight known as Thunderwing had appeared before him.

Optitron: "I.....I live. But.....but how? Who are you? And where is the Creator?"

2002-09-17, 07:22 PM
The Insecticons stood over the wreckage of the White House, nibbiling on the remains.

Approaching in a helicopter, a camera crew documented the entire scene, which played across all news stations.

2002-09-18, 01:05 AM
Originally posted by Starscreamsghost
Optitron: "I.....I live. But.....but how? Who are you? And where is the Creator?"

Thunderwing smiled broadly towards Optitron and his bunch. He then smirked at Top Dollar.

Thunderwing: "How quickly you have forgotten Opititron...do you not recognize me?"

2002-09-18, 01:16 AM
Top Dollar looked over Optitron. "I think all that time out of it may have jarred your memory circuits, my friend." He turns back to Thunderwing. "Maybe you should remind him who you are," he said slyly.

2002-09-19, 04:10 AM

"Ramjet to Thunderwing. We have begun to track the 'cargo'. Will keep you updated.


2002-09-19, 04:52 AM
"Acknowledged Ramjet....continue and keep me updated."

Thunderwing shot a look at Top Dollar.

Thunderwing: "The prize is nearly ours old friend...now to finish with family matters."

The cold gaze of the ancient Decepticon aristocrat shifted back towards Optitron.

TW: "Isn't that right, Optitron?"

2002-09-21, 04:05 AM

We've found something in a sector of Wild Space. We will go to investigate it after we have recharged. Will move out next cycle


2002-09-23, 09:07 PM
Thunderwing looked down at Optitron and pulled him within hearing range of a whisper...and muttered some information to him in an ancient dialect. He then passed him a disk and shot him a look.

Thunderwing: "All you need to know is there...including where to find me should you have questions. It seems the Insecticons are also causing some mayhem around the area. Top Dollar Would you be so kind as to investigate the matter...and squash those insects should they get out of sorts with you!"

With that Thunderwing transformed into his massive ship mode and blasted off to meet with Sixshot's patrol.

2002-09-24, 03:40 AM
Top Dollar twirled his gun on a finger as Thunderwing sped away. "I hate Insections," he mused, then activated a small satellite device. He could hear the Terrans screaming, almost incoherently, about the destruction of their "White House". He neither knew nor cared what that was, but the way it had been destroyed was of interest to him...Insecticons. Thus, he departed for Washington immediately.

2002-09-26, 04:37 AM
The rubble burned, the people screamed.

And the Insecticons enjoyed every minute of it.

Kickback, Ransack and Venom were chasing away nearby humans, as Chop Shop, Barrage and Bombshell continued to nibble on the remains.

All human resistance was crushed, and they knew it.

Suddenly, a shrill shriek erupted.

"Invaders, Invaders!"

They turned to see Top Dollar approach.

In the nearby helicopter which had landed in order to avoid detection, Spike saw the approaching figure.
And In Carbomya, as the event was being broadcast on all major news channels, so did Snake, Fakkadi and Lazarus.

"I think we've got trouble", Snake muttered.

Quick Switch
2002-09-26, 07:54 AM
Fakkadi shrugged.

"Perhaps. We shall see how events develop. We are safe here, my friends."

2002-09-28, 04:30 PM
Top Dollar looked over the Insecticons. "I see the passage of time changes little," he comments. "Why are you wasting your energy on these humans, anyway? The Insecticons I remember had bigger ideas than eating human buildings like this."

2002-09-30, 03:13 AM
Kickback glared at Top Dollar.

"Yes", he said. "But that was a long time ago. We Insecticons now have a bigger agenda."

"And you don't factor into it", Bombshell said, firing a cerebro shell at the large Decepticon.

2002-09-30, 04:41 AM
Death Knell smiled. The large van, accompanied by his two Conquesticon partners, were watching the standoff from a comfortable distance, enjoying the show.
"It seems that 4 million years changes much," Stryfe said. "If Decepticons will fight one another like this."
Chancre, his other partner, just chuckled.
"Unfortunately, we can't let this go on." Death Knell stated, "Fortunately, we finally get to see some action!"
"Let's just hope that they our 'fellow' Decepticons don't take our infiltrating this world as an act of hostility," responded Stryfe.
"If they do, then they deserve what they get!" with that, Death Knell drove off, leaving the two sportscars behind. Stryfe, the black one, followed, while Chancre remained behind, chuckling softly to himself.

2002-10-01, 02:13 AM
In the blink of an eye--not his own--Top Dollar flipped his gun into position and shot the cerebro shell down, never losing his gaze on Bombshell.

"I see how it is," he says. "I guess Thunderwing was right about you."

He twirled the gun lightly, observing their movements. It was not yet time for him to strike.

2002-10-01, 03:52 AM
Before the Insecticons had a chance to respond to Top Dollar's exceptional display of marksmanship, they got yet another surprise. An old-looking, grey van roared in between the bugs and their opponent, and squeeled to a stop.

"Is this how Decepticons behave now!?" the van roared, "Is this how you seek to build an Empire!?"

Before the assembled crowd could respond, Death Knell transformed, his van mode folding up into a tall robot of extraordinary width. He drew his two ion pulse carbines, aiming one at Top Dollar, the other at Bombshell.
And he waited.

2002-10-01, 04:10 AM
The ion pulse blast caught the Insecticon square in the chest, sending him backward.

In the nearby helicopter, the camera crew and Spike continued to capture the action, and play it out on all news statios.
"This will get bad pretty quuck", Lazarus said.

"I agree", Snake said. He turned to Fakkaddi.

"My friend, we must do something."

Quick Switch
2002-10-01, 11:33 PM
Fakkadi shook his head.

"Damn those Insecticons! They couldn't complete a simple mission...why did they even bother with those other Decepticons?"

The dictator pointed to Lazarus.

"Tell them to retreat...but not to this location." I do not want any other Decepticons, especially more Renegades learning of this area. In time, the Insecticons may return here, that is if they aren't killed first!"

2002-10-03, 01:37 AM
Top Dollar looked at Death Knell and raised an eyebrow.

"...And you are?" He said coolly.

2002-10-03, 03:06 AM
Death Knell looked Top Dollar over, then lowered his weapons.
"A potential ally," he said. "Though that depends entirely on your next move."
Just then, two cars pulled up, and transformed into a pair of mid-sized robots.
"Took you long enough, Stryfe," he whispered to the black one.
"Sorry, DK, had to go back for the mad doctor. Seems he didn't feel like fighting today." Stryfe responded.
Chancre chuckled to himself.
"Well, nice of you to show up, all the same," Death Knell turned his attention back to Top Dollar. "I am Death Knell, leader of the Conquesticons. We were sent here by our master to deliver a message to Lord Thunderwing. But it seems that we have just missed him."

2002-10-03, 03:17 AM
Lazarus sent the call.
"Thunderwing!", Shrapnel spat. "Thunderwing is a rust pile, pile."

2002-10-04, 04:02 AM
We don't have time for this, Stryfe thought.
He fired a charged particle burst into the ground in front of Shrapnel. Then, he raised his gun, pointing it directly at the Insecticon's head.
"That," he snapped, "was a warning. The way I see it, you have two options. One, you leave now, willingly. Two, we carry your charred remains out in a crate, and use them for spare parts. Decide, vermin. Quickly. Before I loose my patience!"

2002-10-04, 04:16 AM
"I'll die before I surrender to a shrimp like you, you!', Shrapnel said. "Insecticons, Attack!"

Shrapnel turned...and saw that the others had retreated.

"What the..."

2002-10-04, 04:26 AM
"Enough!" Top Dollar demanded. "These antics are befitting of children, not warriors. Is it any wonder I never aligned myself with Decepticons for more than a short time?" He turns to Death Knell. "Now then, who is your master, and what is his message?"

2002-10-04, 10:45 PM
Finally, Death Knell thought. At least one of them is sane. Let's just hope that he is trustworthy, too.
"My master prefers me to keep him anonymous, for now. However, the jist of the message is that we would like to rejoin the Decepticons, and Thunderwing is the only leader alive who is worth approaching." Death Knell paused. "If you could find someone to deliver a data card to him, he will be able to contact our commander.
"So, can you get the card to him? Or shall we look elsewhere for allies?"

2002-10-06, 04:15 PM
"Rejoin the Decepticons?" Top Dollar says. "Well that's really none of my business...I don't know if you've noticed yet, but I don't exactly sport a symbol. I'm a bounty hunter, a hired gun, and the best shot in the galaxy. But I'm no Decepticon, despite the number of times I've worked with them. Provided these three can pull their heads out of their respective rears, they would be the ones to deliver it to Thunderwing."

2002-10-06, 07:04 PM
Death Knell pulled a data card from an interior storage compartment.
"I don't care who delivers this, as long as it gets to Thunderwing. I'd take it myself, but our ship is not equipped for a long-range journey."
He looked back to Top Dollar. "I only asked you because our spy drone reported that you were the last person it saw talking with Thunderwing, and we thought you might know where he went. Like I said, who takes it does not matter, as long as it gets there."
But if someone doesn't take it, soon, I may have to kill you all he added silently.

2002-10-10, 08:35 PM
An uncomfortable silence stretched across the area where the White House had stood, only a few hours ago. The Decepticons, the bounty hunter, and the few humans who had not fled waited to see what the response to Death Knell's statement would be.
This is going nowhere. Stryfe thought. This bounty hunter seems to be toying with us. I doubt anyone on this planet even knows where Thunderwing went. Time to force the issue. He then pressed a small button on his left arm. He looked at Top Dollar. Hope he didn't see that.
The button sent out a short command, which was recieved by the Conquesticons' ship. The ship then sent a pre-recorded message, through sub-space, to a pre-ordained target.
In less than a minute, the message reached it's target, the warship Flamberge, in orbit of Proxima Centari.
A ray of light shot out from nowhere, growing, until it hit Cybertron. Then, it turned the homeworld of the Transformers into a great, horned sphere. Everything in the universe was sucked into the sphere, until only a void remained. The sphere grew, and became more distinct. It shifted, became a huge robot. It turned, about to reveal it's face...
"Commander Warcry! We have a message from Earth, sir!"
Warcry shook his head, dispelling the remnants of the disturbing vision.
"What does it say, Stormhawk?"
The black and grey seeker looked at his commander. "Sir, did I disrupt your meditation?"
Warcry turned his blue and black Misfire-style body to face Stormhawk. "Yes, you did. But don't worry. The vision was the same. The same one I've had since we set out."
"Did you learn anything else?" Stormhawk asked.
"No. Just the same. Something powerful is coming. And Cybertron, or the Transformers, will face great danger. Something about a shape-shifting planet. Same vague stuff. What did the message say?"
"The message..." Stormhawk began. "Oh, the message. An automated message. Saying the mission is over, and requesting pickup."
"Then, by all means, lay in a course for Earth." Warcry ordered, "Death Knell must have some interesting data for us. And hopefully, he has delivered our message, as well."
"Aye, sir" The seeker walked out.
Warcry turned, and began to meditate once more.
What are you trying to tell me? He asked of the universe What are these visions supposed to tell me? His only answer was silence.
I think we'll be avioding Cybertron for a while, though
The vision came again.

2002-10-13, 03:14 AM
"I do know where Thunderwing went," Top Dollar said finally. "But that is privileged information. Simply giving it out isn't my style. Now, for the right price, we might have something else..."

2002-10-13, 05:51 AM
Death Knell looked at Stryfe.
Good move, signalling the ship. If he wants to deal, the Flamberge is more likely to have something he wants than our shuttle. But you signaled before he spoke. What do you have in mind? He wondered.
He returned his attention to Top Dollar "Our commander's ship is equipped with the newest and best weapons from the Galactic Core region. I imagine we could find something that interests you."
The Flamberge swooped out of hyperspace in the Earth system. As she passed Neptune, her sensors picked up an anomaly.
"Lord Warcry," Stormhawk called out, "we're seeing something strange from one of that ringed gas giant up ahead's moons. The sensors seem to be picking up Transformer life signs."
There was a pause, as Warcry walked into the cockpit. He tryed to shake off the remaining effects of the vision, which had returned to him as soon as he had tried to return to his meditation.
"How many?" he asked Stormhawk.
"Sensors can't tell," the seeker shook his head. "We'd have to go in closer. I'd estimate between one and five. No more precision than that, though. Not at this range."
"Will we get close enough to get a better view on our way to Earth?"
"Not unless we change course."
"Don't," Warcry slid into his command chair. "Stay on course for Earth. We have no idea what trouble our psychotic gestalt team might have gotten themselves into there."

2002-10-16, 11:56 PM
Top Dollar stroked his chin. "All right, let's see what you've got."

2002-10-17, 04:04 AM
Death Knell checked his long-range sensors.
"Our commander's ship will be here shortly. I assume it will be landing where I left our shuttlepod, several hundred miles away. If you want, you can come with us to the rendezvous. Otherwise, give us a time and a place, and we can bring the ship to you."

2002-10-19, 01:16 AM
"Appointments aren't my thing," Top Dollar says. "I will accompany you to the rendezvous." He looks to the Insecticons. You guys gonna come, or am I gonna tell Thunderwing about how you've not only wasted your time and energy, but become cowards in the process?"

2002-10-24, 06:02 AM
Death Knell glared down at Shrapnel.
"The bugs aren't invited. I don't entirely trust them. Yet. If I was going to let them on the ship, I would have to arrange for the lockdown of secret areas onboard. Perhaps they will be asked to join us later, if they want to hook up with Thunderwing."

Death Knell transformed into van mode, opening his passenger-side door. He adressed Top Dollar "Business partners are a different matter, though. You are very much welcome to join us. Shall we go?"

2002-10-25, 11:00 PM
"Let's," Top Dollar says, and boards. "I believe we have much to do yet."

2002-10-26, 03:23 AM
Death Knell speeds off. Stryfe and Chancre transform into their car modes, and follow him.
The Flamberge cut through Earth's atmosphere like a knife, her dagger-like profile spreading the heat of re-entry evenly over the entire ship. She homed in on the beacon in the Conquesticons' shuttle. The ship soared low over human cities, still moving at nearly Mach 5, leaving a trail of destruction behind her.
Finally, the Flamberge arrived at her destination: a huge clearing along the Roanoke River, in southern Virginia. The ship's repulsor generators kicked in as the main drive units cut out. The ship lowered her massive hull down towards the ground, dwarfing the small shuttle that was still broadcasting it's automated message.
The ship's landing claws extended, and she touched down, her near-kilometer long hull barely fitting into the massive clearing.
The landing ramp decended.
The Conquesticons raced to the clearing, arriving in record time. They pulled up just as the huge cruiser was touching down.
Stryfe and Chancre transformed, and Death Knell opened his door to let Top Dollar out.
"Impressive, isn't it, Bounty Hunter?" Stryfe asked.

2002-10-28, 02:29 AM
Kickback glared up at Top Dollar.

"We're not traitors", he said.

"And we do as we please", Ransack said.

"And we please", Shrapnel said, he and the others raising their weapons. "To destroy you, you."
"We don't have time for this", Snake said, moving to a briefcase that he had brought with him.

"You're not serious", Lazarus said.

"Yes, Rook", Snake said. "I am!"

He opened the case and pressed a large red button.

The battle cry was cut off as all seven of the Insecticons were blown apart from the inside out, blasted chunks of metal flying out everywhere.

"No", Snake said calmly. "They're not."

He turned to Fakkadi.

"Signal a jet", he said. We leave for America immediately!"

Quick Switch
2002-10-28, 03:12 AM
Fakkadi sat, stunned.

"Explain, Snake."

The dictator waved a hand, and the General in Chief scrambled a jet...

2002-10-28, 03:21 AM
"It's simple", Snake said. "We're going on a trip."
Spike watched in horror as the Insecticons blew up. He and the camera crew had secretly followed the Decepticons as they headed back to their ship. He knew that something was going to happen. Obviously they were right.

"Get as many millitary men down here as you can", he said into his radio. "We've got a situation."

2002-10-28, 03:36 AM
Death Knell stared at the Insecticons as they swooped in, then exploded for no reason.
Suspicious. Very suspicious. We'll have to be on our guard, from now on.
As the Conquesticons were watching the Insecticons' rubble, their commander was stepping down the Flamberge's ramp, with Stormhawk and Thunderflare, the two seekers, at his side. He looked at the smoking pile of rubble that was once Shrapnel.
"Put those...things in stasis, Chancre." He called.
The Conquesticon medic's head snapped around. "Commander Warcry, sir. I didn't see you there sir. Yes, I'll get to it right now. Thunderflare, help me carry the corpses, will ya?"
The seeker went off, grumbling, to help carry the Insecticons' bodies away.
Warcry looked down at Top Dollar.
"What have we here?" he asked.

Quick Switch
2002-10-28, 01:35 PM
Fakkadi stroked his beard absently as the General signalled the jet was ready.

"Where to, my friend?"

2002-10-28, 03:58 PM
Snalke pulled out a locator, and turned it on. A faint beeping began.

"We're going to Cybertron", he said.

Quick Switch
2002-10-28, 09:07 PM
Fakkadi nodded.

"Yes...if the Transformers find their way here, we are doomed...and with the Insecticons gone..."

The dictator rose.

"Scramble your best troops, General! We are leaving! Prepare the prototype battle armada!"

"Yes, Excellency!" The General saluted and left.

"Yes, my friend," Fakkadi smiled. "We won't go unprotected. The infidel EDC has ships...and so do I. Old prototypes of yours, I believe."

2002-10-28, 11:08 PM
"Yes", Snake said. "And let's bring Fairborne with us. She will make an excellent barganing chip."

Quick Switch
2002-10-29, 12:58 AM
Fakkadi rose, and arranged his dress coat.

"I'm leaving you in charge for now, Vizier," the dictator nodded at his advisor. "Crush all those who would despoil my rule."

"As you wish, Excellency," the Vizier bowed, then left the chamber to set everything in order.

"Bring Fairborne, General! And prepare the battle battalions!"

The General saluted, then went to scramble the elite troops, vehicles, supplies, etc. necessary for the long voyage to Cybertron.

2002-10-29, 03:52 AM
"Our trip will be short", Snake said. "While we do not know the exact coordinates of the planet, we can always follow the Conquesticons ship, by hiding in their shadow. Should they spot us, we shall simply tell them that we have something that may interest them. We shall travel to Cybertron and gain the trust of a rogue faction. While I am not certain of the current political situation, there must be some who are disgruntled under the current leadership."

"And how do you propose to do that", Lazarus asked.

"By offering Fairborne to them, of course", Snake said. "We shall simply use her for payment to Cybertron. Once we arrive, we can use...other methods to pay for our trip."
Spike hid in the underbrush, along with several army men. They were following the Conquesticons and were near their ship now.

"Get the backup here now!", Spike shouted into his radio.

2002-10-29, 04:57 AM
"Eh?" Top Dollar says dismissively. "I don't know what you mean, but if I were you I'd not count the Insects out of this equation...they can clone themselves, you know. I bet that these were exactly that...clones."

2002-10-29, 05:55 AM
Death Knell looked at Top Dollar
"It almost doesn't matter, if they were clones or not. If their behavior today was any indication, they were weak cowards. But if you want to know, I'm sure our doctor can figure it out real quick."
He turned his attention back to Warcry.
"My lord, this bounty hunter claims to know the current location of Thunderwing. He has offered to trade that information to us, if we have any weaponry he wants."
Or, so he says Death Knell added silently. What he really plans, I have no idea. He's one to watch, anyway.
After hearing Death Knell's proclaimation, Warcry studied Top Dollar for several seconds.
"Perhaps..." he said, "perhaps we can arrange for a demonstration. As soon as the bugs are packed up. If that's all right with you...bounty hunter. Though if we are going to do business...I'll need your name."
While this was going on, Stormhawk was busy scanning the perimiter.
Suddenly, he heard voices. He could only make out:
"What the slag..." He looked down, and saw Spike's group. And he laughed. "Fleshlings! Leave now, while you still have the chance. Or die. Your choice." He aimed his lightning cannon at the soldiers. "Time's running out. Make your choice!"

2002-10-29, 08:36 AM
Bean Bandit, Rally Vincent and Talon the Minicon had just arrived. Since they have been driving non stop after leaving Dr. Light's house, they don't know of the recent developments.

Bean stopped the car near the gate. Two guards immediatly raised their weapons. One of them spoke.

Guard: "State your names and business"

Bean: "Bean Bandit, freelance bug squasher. I'm here regarding a certain robotic pest problem. Where's the boss of this place?"

Rally: "I'm Rally Vincent"

Talon: "I'm Talon"

2002-10-29, 04:36 PM
"Damn!" the General said. "All troops, open fire!"

"WAIT!", Spike said, but it was too late, as the assembled squad began to fire.

2002-10-29, 04:39 PM
Karandras shook his head the imbecile Warcon Muck.

"All all your fire power and strength will be outmatched by my speed fire power and finesse you robotic crack monkey. Now which of you five dolts wants me first or are you going to all attack me at once? Either way I will sperate you and pick ou off one by one so who is it?"

The extended feet of the mecha came down again this time on the solid pavement holding the scythe below the waist in two hands.

2002-10-29, 04:56 PM
The barrage of shots from the humans knocked Stormhawk off of his feet. He pushed himself up, and looked at his chast plate.
Aww...all dinged! They've really got to die, now. He looked at the general, especially that one
He aimed his lightning cannon, and pulled the trigger. A 90 degree cone of lightning shot out, towards the humans.

2002-10-29, 05:45 PM
The shot scattered the well formationed troops.

"Fall back!", Spike said, and the troops ran back the way they had come.

Quick Switch
2002-10-29, 06:08 PM
Fakkadi nodded, and the General appeared bringing Flint's daughter (still mind controlled, of course).

"Very well. Prepare to board the ships!"

2002-10-29, 06:11 PM
Snake boarded the main craft, Lazarus behind him. Snake moved to the control console and activated it. On the radar, a small dot began blipping.

"This is the homing device I had planted on the Insecticons", Snake said. "We'll wait until The Conquesticons have left, and then we shall follow them."

2002-10-29, 06:24 PM
Stormhawk transformed into jet mode, flying high into the air.
He kept his sensors focused on Spike and his soldiers.
Attack me, will you? You fleshlings will soon learn to fear Decepticons.
He sent a transmission to Warcry, to inform him of his plans.
"Sounds acceptable, Stormhawk," Warcry responded.
He searched the field for his other seeker. Seeing him, he called out: "Thunderflare, you're off corpse duty! Get up there, and help Stormhawk!"
The seeker transformed, grumbling, and took to the skies to join his comrade.
The two Seekers continued to follow Spike's soldiers.

Quick Switch
2002-10-29, 06:25 PM
Fakkadi boarded, and the General in Chief followed, setting Faireborn down into a chair and restraining her.

"Report to the main craft, General," Fakkadi said, and the officer left. The hatch sealed behind him, and Fakkadi sat.

"Very well. Pilot, take off!"

The Pilot nodded, and soon the ships (counting the troop and vehicle ships) left the underground hangar, and soared into space.

2002-10-29, 06:26 PM
Spike and the other soldiers continued to run, hoping somehow to lose the two jets following them.

2002-10-29, 06:31 PM
Enough of this Stormhawk decided.
"Begin strafing runs, Thunderflare!" he ordered, then dove towards the ground firing lightning bolts at the humans. The other seeker followed, firing null rays and grenades.

2002-10-29, 06:41 PM
As the seekers dove in and launched their weapons, Spike dived into a trench and covered his head, as the weapons blew up the ground around him, killing the other soldiers unfortunate to still be on the ground.

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-29, 10:44 PM
If Muck had a mouth he would be smileing, He finds these insults to be quite amuseing. But now is the time to fight, A command from Apocalypse is transferred through the Alien minds of the WarCons and if followed through without a second thought. Tempests weather maniupulater activated and created a Massive lighting storm that would fire random Bolts of lighting within a 10 mile radius, Rain began to reach Vision blurring proportions in seconds. Apocalypse was up next, From his cannons he fired several super flash bang Chaff grenades. Harmless to the WarCons but to anyone else, Blindness. As that happened the rest opened fire at Kanadaris, What would he do in repsonse? only he would know.

2002-10-29, 11:39 PM
Karandras sighed "Cheap tricks" he muttered raisng one hand to the sky and putting his other hand infront of him. A lightening bolt began to fore from the sky towards Karandras stoping only feet above his head. His other hand caught the flash bangs as the flew out stopping them dead in their tracks.

"Now You bo.." Before Karandras could finish fire was peircing through the rain towards him and all he could do was defend his body beginning to move to and fro through the shots a few connecting with the wraith bone hide making dsmoking dents in the wraith bone. He knew he would have a hard time getting near them this way so another tactic was required. The light blue aura encased him again and with that the lightening bolt continued it's course and the flashbangs exploded but Karandras had already made a move.

Karandras reappeared behind the Warcon Tempest his scythe raised above his head swinging it down at the warcons shoulder with speeds that seemed as bast as the lightening bolt that struck from the sky.

Karandras sat within as the computer ran over the damage he had recieved from those shots. Nothing serious at all structural damage, if push came to shove he would put up a telekinetic sheild.

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-30, 02:17 AM
Shell looks around as the happenings between the others are going on, He seems to be thinking about something.

Shell:I Wonder what the BattleCons are up to?

2002-10-30, 03:52 AM
Stormhawk watched as the energy beams and grenades ripped a hole in the human army. That, he thought, will teach them some manners.
"Thunderflare, return to the ship!" Stormhawk ordered. "These fleshlings aren't even good sport to kill!"
The two seekers turned aside, returning to the Flamberge.

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-30, 03:56 AM
Shell is still standing Idley about as he continues thinking to himself

Shell: I wonder what would happen if I shot a glue missile at that statue? and then blew that pillow factory up with a Scatter missile?

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-31, 03:15 AM
The attack on Tempest worked, He was shocked badly...But he is tough and Russian so he still stands and is in the battle, Meanwhile Apocalypse throws his mass fist in a Punch at Kandaris while the others prepare for attacks as their own

2002-10-31, 06:52 AM
ooc: a little long, but it works. Now Fakkadi and co. can follow me to Cybertron, and I can get off this planet.

As the seekers scuffled with Spike's army, Stryfe slipped up the ramp, and onto the Flamberge. He walked forward, onto the bridge. As he walked past the comm station, he noticed a red light flashing. What have we here? Ah, an incoming transmission from one of our probes.
He keyed up the report, and looked over the findings. What he saw interested him greatly. An ion trail, leading straight to the Earth city known as Seattle. More interesting, though, was the point of origin: the region near Cybertron. He directed one of the probes in that system to track down the origin of the ship that had arrived so recentlyat Earth. I have a hunch that this could be the break our commander is looking for.
The probe followed the trail through Cybertronian space, until it arrived at the planet itself. It contiinued to track, until it located the exact origin of the Warcon ship. It dove into the atmosphere and scanned the area with all of it's sensors. It was ready to report that the location was of no consequence, when it's auditory sensors picked up a word that it was programmed to recognise and report: Thunderwing. It came back around for another pass, scanning the area again, cataloguing the Transformers who were headed away from the fortress, and the corkscrew-like ship flying through space nearby. Then, it scanned the occupants of the ship.
It was ready to make it's report. And this location was certainly of some consequence, after all.
It transmitted, then activated an autodestruct sequence, leaving no evidence of it's espionage.
"Commander Warcry," Stryfe called, "I believe I have located Thunderwing. On Cybertron."
Warcry asked: "Are you sure?"
Stryfe responds: "The probe sure was."
"Excellent," Warcry said. He turned to Top Dollar. "I don't think we will be requiring your services after all, Bounty Hunter."
To his troops "Prepare for liftoff. I want to be enroute for Cybertron within the hour."
Against my better judgement, he added silently.
The Flamberge lifted off, leaving Top Dollar alone in the field.
The Flamberge launched a shuttle towards Earth, then shot off into hyperspace.

2002-10-31, 08:39 PM
The scanner's showed the Flamberge head off into hyperspace.

"All right, Fakkadi", Snake said. "Get these buckets on the road."

2002-10-31, 09:36 PM
Bean had waited around long enough. He revved his car and drove straight through the gate. The guards' fire bounced of the armorplating. Bean stopped the car inside a vehicle bay. He adressed the nearest technician.

"Hey buddy, I want to talk to who ever is in charge of this base. Do you know where he is?"

"Sir, you're not authorized to be here so.." the technician started.

"Let me put it this way. You guys asked me to come here and help with a robotic insect problem. Either someone here takes me to the boss of this joint, or I start looking for him myself. And that means I'll go through anything to find him, even the walls"

"Or we could let Talon here try and persuade you to take us to him..." Rally added with a grin.

Talon stepped from the roof of the car and headed towards the man. The techinician had though it was an ornament. "Uh.. that won't be necesary. I'll contact the commander right away" he spoke as he headed towards a wallcom, his voice trembling from seeing a 6 foot gargoyle glaring at him. "Um, this is vehicle bay 3, we got some.. persons here who want to speak to the boss"

2002-10-31, 10:35 PM
"Certainly Wilhelm, I'll be down momentarily," the base commander replied.

Lieutenant Colonel Philip Denton stepped from behind his desk, and headed for the door. A youngish man, in his mid twenties, with a muscular frame, blonde hair and deep brown eyesDenton had achieved his rank through his many successful operations for the EDC. Widely considered to be the best marksman in the organisation, he deeply regretted being pushed behind a desk.

He took the lift down to the vehicle bay, to see Bean, Rally and Talon threatening one of his staff. He strode forwards, at the same time motioning the technician away.

"How did you get in here?" he demanded sternly. Denton was a tough man, and he wasn't easily intimidated, not even by a six foot tall robotic gargoyle.

2002-11-01, 04:42 AM
The Flamberge shot through hyperspace. As they got closer to Cybertron, Warcry's uncertainty grew at an exponential rate. He didn't like to make moves that went against what his infrequent visions told him.
I only hope that I will survive to laugh at this hesitance
As the shuttle headed towards Earth, it's stealth equipment engaged, shrouding it from any human detection equipment.
On board, the Conquesticons Death Knell, Stryfe, and Chancre.
Stryfe watched as the Flamberge disappeared from their sensors.
"They'd better succeed. I don't relish the thought of being stranded on Earth for the rest of our lives."
Death Knell looked down on his subordinate. "We don't have the luxury of worrying about them. Warcry and the seekers will succeed, or not, on their own. We, on the other hand, have our own job to do. And we will not fail."
Stryfe shot back: "I don't intend to fail...Laying in our landing sequence now. We'll arrive outside the target within five minutes."
"Good," Death Knell responded.
Chancre, sitting behind them, chuckled to himself.
The shuttle put down in an empty clearing within sight of their target: the city known as Montreal.
Soon to be known as the Decepticon capitol of Earth, if all goes well, Death Knell thought.
"Lets go, people. You all have your assignments. Remember, no direct violence. And do not get seen in robot mode. It would ruin this whole mission. We want to panic the Montrealers into doing our work for us. Chancre, spread as many viruses as you have that will work on these humans. Stryfe, incite uprisings everywhere you can. I will carry out random terror attacks. By the time we mount our final assault, the city will be ours for the taking. Move out."
The Conquesticons rolled out, to carry out their individual tasks.

2002-11-01, 09:37 AM
"Simple, we drove inside. The guards did try to stop us, but their rifles didn't do much good. They only caused a few dents in the armor" Bean explained.

"We apologize for that, but we came here to help with a problem regarding a few Decepticons turning the White House into lunch. And the longer we wait, the longer they have to prepare for their next target" Rally continued.

"And I hope they don't wait too long, I'd like to fight them on equal terms" Bean added as he cracked his knuckles.

Talon leaned against the car, keeping an eye out for anything, just in case.

2002-11-01, 01:22 PM
Denton nodded.
"Well, at least you're honest about it. I assume then, that the car is not of Earth origin? Very well, come to my office, and we can discuss it further."

He gestured to the soldiers standing by the still open garage door, and one of them punched a button, which promptly closed it. Then, turning on his heel, he left the garage and headed for the lift, leading to his office.

2002-11-01, 07:15 PM
"Talon, you keep an eye on the car, ok?" Bean said as he started following the commander. "Don't worry Bean. It'll be here when you get back" Talon replied. "To be honest, it is originally from earth. Apart from the, currently empty, gunmount on the roof, it hasn't changed much on the outside. You could probably find the model in a few car magzines. However, during our stay on Cybertron, the inside design has been modified a bit" Bean continued.

"Now that's an understatement if I ever heard one" Rally added as she joined Bean.

2002-11-02, 05:42 AM
Chancre drove through the streets of Montreal, making sure to take as circular and complex a route to his target as possible.
Don't need anyone following me. I have killing to do!
He chuckled as he pulled up to his target: a park that was frequented by the homeless and downtrodden of the city.
The perfect place, he mused, to start a plague!
In retrospect, being a corvette in a hobo park is not the best way to go unnoticed, especially if you happen to be a driverless, laughing corvette. He was, in fact, attracting a lot of attention. Especially from potential theives. But since no one here would live long enough to tell of what was about to happen, Chancre didn't care.
He transformed into his robot mode, scaring the two teens who were lurking nearby, and drew his biomass cannon. He aimed it at the kids, who were by now paralyzed with fear.
"You die now!" he cackled, and fired.
His cannon shot out a small, gooey orb of biogenic nutrient gel filled with several forms of virus that were likely to be deadly to humans. As soon as it hit the teens, they were infected with fifty different germs, any of which would kill them within the hour. Together, they were strong enough to kill them instantly, converting their bodies into fetid sacks. As the bystanders ran off, they too were becoming infected.
Very soon, now, Chancre thought, this city will be ours. Only I have the cure for these diseases. And they will have to pay dearly indeed to get them.
Chancre laughed. And laughed. And laughed.

2002-11-02, 01:53 PM
"Alright," Denton sat down at his desk.
"To business. You can help us deal with the Decepticons?"

2002-11-02, 08:41 PM
Bean and Rally sat down in two chairs.

"Not alone I can't, there were six of them on the news feed and I've never met them so I have no idea how they'll fight. I've seen some Transformers on Cybertron deal enough damage to singlehandedly wipe out a city block. And we can't be certain it's just six of them. I just hope they aren't one of those "Gestalt" groups, I'd hate to think of the damage they could deal if they were.... I'd suggest sending out a call to any Autobots on Earth to help, I bet there's a few of them still here. And sending a similar message to Cybertron would be a good idea. The Autobots there should be able to spare some of their number to help. They are currently at peace with the Decepticons" Bean stated.

"With some luck we might be able to get a few of their scientists to come along. If Earth had a some squads who's member's were converted, like Bean and myself, then the EDC might be able to take care of a problem like this on it's own in the future. Though I'm not sure how many humans would be willing to undergo the required process" Rally suggested.

2002-11-02, 08:53 PM
"Quite, although I suspect that the problem will lie with the Autobots, more than with the lack of volunteers. I mean, I can't see Optimus Prime being willing to hand over the technology to us, without some serious considerations. He'd probably prefer to send a task force down. Perhaps you'd like to try to contact him? I know Ambassador Witwicky is in the field at the moment, doing what, I'm not sure."

He lent back comfortably in his seat.

"What does this conversion process entail, anyhow?"

2002-11-02, 09:40 PM
"...and the death toll is now over three hundred. Again, an outbreak of an unknown disease has occured in downtown Montreal today, already claiming three hundred lives. Doctors are baffled, and have no idea what they are facing..."
Death Knell turnded off his radio, having heard enough.
Good job, Chancre. Now it's my turn
He transformed into van mode and drove off, activating his holoprojector to disguise his appearence.
There. My first target.
He looked at the old hockey arena, the Forum, with contempt.
I can't believe that they are so attatched to such an old building. They haven't even used it for it's original purpose for over twenty years. On Cybertron, it would have been torn down, replaced with something useful. Then again, humans are inferior, after all.
Death Knell opened fire on the building, his ion bolts ripping through the electric circuits, causing fires throughout the building. It burned to the ground within ten minutes.
Now, on to the next target

2002-11-03, 10:11 AM
"Well, in a word, Cyborgs. Cybertronian technology merged with human flesh. As far as I know, there are three versions of the process. Headmasters, Targetmasters and Powermasters. Rally is a Targetmaster and I'm a Headmaster. We could give you a demonstration right now, but I'd need the car to be nearby." Bean started.

"We aren't sure how the process takes place exactly. But neither of us showed any surgery scars, so we think it might be that they alter us from the inside out" Rally continued.

"Yeah, and we noticed an interesting side effect of the process. We didn't just get the abilities from the process. But our own abilities were enhanced as well. I became stronger and faster. And Rally could hit targets she never could have before. Whatever they did, it's strong stuff" Bean finished.

2002-11-04, 05:47 AM
Stryfe watched the reports coming in from the Montreal media with glee.
Plague, terrorism, looting, mobs. Beautiful. The perfect environment for me to work my magic.
He drove off, towards the site of the nearest riot.
The mob was roiling, crushing, shooting, and stealing everything in site. The entire downtown core was in flames.
Perfect. Stryfe thought.
He transformed into robot mode, drawing the attention of the crowd. They stopped their rampage, frozen in place by the giant that had appeared in their midst. Stryfe waited for them to become absolutely silent before he spoke.
"Earth Defence Command has abandoned you!" Stryfe declared. "They have left you to rot and die in the streets as unknown terrorists murder you through plague, drive-by shootings, and other vile means! They don't care what happens to Montreal!"
A murmur of agreement swept across the crowd.
"They hide in their base, content to let you die off, before they come out!"
The murmur got louder.
"They have abandoned you! The Decepticons are your only hope, now! Join with us, and we will deliver you from this horror you are living!"
The murmur was a roar, now.
"Show the EDC that you will not take this anymore! Drive them out of their castle, once and for all!"
The crowd got even louder, as the sound of guns being drawn joined with the roar of voices.
"Show them that you will stand for yourselves! Show them that you support the Decepticons, not them!" Stryfe shouted.
The roar was distinguishable, now. Cries of "DECEPTICONS!" and "DEATH TO EDC" were very noticable.
The mob began to move towards the EDC base.
Stryfe sent a com to his partners, alerting them to meet him at the base.
This, he thought, is going to be good.

2002-11-05, 07:59 PM
Denton glanced up as the alarms started blaring.
"Uh oh, that means trouble. The base is going to emergency lockdown."

He tapped a button, bringing up security camera footage from the cameras mounted outside of EDC Command HQ.

"Decepticons," he breathed.

He turned back to his console, and begun typing.


"I only hope they get here soon..." he muttered.

2002-11-06, 05:43 AM
The other two Conquesticons joined Stryfe, just outside fireing range of the EDC base. They watched as their human supporters did their work for them, attacking the base guards with rocks and hunting weapons.
As the mob closed tighter in around the EDC base, Death Knell stepped forward and sent a transmission to the EDC base's command staff.
"It is obvious that the people of this city don't want you here," he said. "Leave, now, or we will have to help out our new friends, and remove you by force!"
As he and his partners waited for a response, they drew their weapons from sub-space, and targeted the base.
They had no doubt what the EDC response would be.

2002-11-06, 12:32 PM
Denton remains calm, his face impassive. Truly, they were in trouble, but he knew that if his response was recieved, then a strike force from Cybertron could be here in a matter of hours. He was confident that they could hold out for that long. He picked up a phone.
"Lieutenant, activate the new energo shields."
"But Sir, they haven't been fully tested yet."
"No time like the present, just do it. Also, activate exterior crowd control cannons, see if we can't break apart this mob."
"Yes sir."

Outside the base, turrets sprang into life, firing high powered jets of water at the crowd attacking the base.

2002-11-07, 04:12 AM
The water cannons had the intended effect of breaking up the mob. The anti-EDC fanatics fled outside the range of the water guns. Those with firearms continued to shoot, though the blasts now dissipated at the boundry of the energy shield.
The Conquesticons, seeing the effect, or lack thereof, that the human mob was having, began to fire as well. Ion bolts, particle blasts, and biomass projectiles(virus-free, this time) exploded against the forcefield.

2002-11-07, 10:26 AM
Bean saw the footage too.

"Ugh, another bunch I don't recognize, 3 of them... oh great... Let's hope those shields can handle the punch those guys can dish out" Bean said.

"Let's just hope they didn't bring that huge Decepticon, Dominator, along" Rally mentioned with a shaky voice.

"Yeah, the shields wouldn't hold out long against him. Heck, nothing holds out against him" Bean said.

2002-11-08, 05:08 AM
Death Knell looked at the shield.
We're hardly making a dent in it! It's almost as if they had planned for an attack like this! They have a counter to all of our moves.
Except this
"Conquesticons, UNITE!"
Hearing this, Stryfe and Chancre stopped firing, and transformed.
Stryfe tuned into a right leg, and lower torso. Stryfe formed the same, for the left side. Death Knell turned into the chest and arms. A head rose up from the chest.
The gestalt had Stryfe's particle cannon mounted on it's left shoulder, Chancre's biomass cannon on the right, and Death Knell's ion guns mounted on it's wrists.
The giant swung his fist back, and smashed it down, onto the forcefield.
The shield crackled.
Working. Few more hits, and shield be down, Obliterator thought.
The gestalt hit the shield again. And again. And again.

2002-11-08, 11:23 AM
Denton hit a few buttons on his keyboard in quick succession, and a klaxon blared, along with a computerised voice.
"Prepare for emergency evacuation. This is not a drill! Repeat, this is not a drill!"

2002-11-08, 07:56 PM
Obliterator swung his fist down, one last time. The sheild sparked, then faded away.
Now we see how strong walls are

2002-11-09, 09:18 PM
Bandit: "Damn, it IS a Gestalt team. There's no way we are going to beat him, even if he is the smallest one I've seen" he said as he jumped out of his chair and headed for the door.

Rally: "I'm sure his strength isn't small, he took out that shield with what? 5 hits? I'd better prepare, just in case we need to get out with guns blazing" she said as she got out of her chair. The next moment a bright purple aura surrounds Rally, blocking her from sight. She summoned her Targetmaster exosuit from it's subspace storage, it materialized around her in an instant. As the aura dissipates, Rally checks her weapons: two arm mounted laserguns.(ala G1 Megs' fusion cannon) "good, weapon charge at 100%, other systems nominal"

2002-11-10, 06:19 AM
Obliterator raised his foot, stomping down on the water cannons. With them out of the game, the Decepticons human supporters could get back into the picture.
Obliterator trained all of his weaponry on the base, and opened fire.

God Jinrai
2002-11-10, 05:27 PM
Having entered the sol system and arrived in earth orbit, fortress maximus prepped for the drop..."Dinobots, Cosmobots... prepare for atmospheric drop. if assistance is needed, contact me immedieately. I've a feeling the titan situation will be under hand in short due. cerebros out."

And so the frontal launch hatch opened, allowing the others to drop from above on the situation below

RVZ Prime
2002-11-10, 06:48 PM
As soon as the frontal launch hatch opened, Slag and Snarl walk near the edge of it.

Snarl: Me think that we need plan first. Slag: Me, Slag got plan. ATTACK!!!

Slag jumps out, heading down to Earth.

Snarl: *huhnhh* Me think that is not a very good idea.

Snarl jumps out too. On his way down, he transforms to dino mode.

Both Slag and Snarl have landed on the groung, not far from where the battle is taking place


2002-11-10, 07:13 PM
Sun Runner had already transformed, and the other Cosmobots had boarded. The hatch was shut, and they were ready to go.
"OK guys," Vanguard had pulled out his missile launcher, and was busy checking it.
"This is a standard attack drop. We don't know what we'll be facing in Montreal, so delay landing until we know what we're facing. Sun Runner, Thorr and Mercury, you're on air superiority. I want the skies secured. Me and Apollo will take ground duty. If things get heavy, we'll merge, but in such a confined environment, Proximus could do more harm to the humans and their building than good."
"Right, so if we find anything we need Proximus to deal with it, we'll try and lure them out of the city and into the open," Thorr said.
"Gotcha boss," Mercury nodded, holding his pistol easily in one hand."

"Roger that Fortress, Sun Runner, go!" Vanguard ordered.


Sludge leapt out soon after the other two Dinobots, dropping in free fall to Earth. Once he was inside the atmosphere, he deaccelerated, landing with a crunch. Immediately, he transformed to dinosaur mode, and met up with Slag and Snarl.


Sun Runner powered to Earth, then pulled up sharply, the city of Montreal appearing in the distance. The hatches along the side of the shuttle opened, and the bots inside were buffetted by the air outside.
"Thorr, Mercury, go."

The two fliers leapt clear of Sun Runner, transforming into their own ship modes, and accelerating off towards the city. Meanwhile, Sun Runner swept in low, and Vanguard dived out, deaccelerating and transforming into buggy mode as he hit the ground. Apollo transformed also, and landed in his seat, and the two immediately headed into the city.

Meanwhile, Sun Runner had pulled back into the sky, and was heading towards the EDC building.
"Vanguard, the EDC building is under attack by a rather large Decepticon."
"OK, Mercury, Thorr, draw it out, Sun Runner, see if you can land, and evacuate the building."

"Autobot Vanguard to Earth Defence Command."
"Lieutenant Colonel Denton here, go ahead."
"I have a shuttle coming in hot, lower your shields, and allow him to land. We can get you out of there."
"Our shields wouldn't have lasted long anyway, we'll be waiting."
"You're clear Sun Runner, go."

At the same time, Mercury and Thorr dived from the sky, firing long bursts of laser fire at Obliterator below.

"Mercury to Dinobot Slag, it appears that the humans are rioting at the EDC building. See what you can do to disperse them, but do not harm the humans."

RVZ Prime
2002-11-10, 07:31 PM
Slag: No! Me Slag, want to burn Decepticons! You take care of humans yourself.

Snarl: Me think it better if we do it. We scare humans away, then crush Decepticons without hurting humans. Prime nt like it if humans get hurt.

Slag: Prime not here. Me no care. Me, Slag, leader of Dinobots, not Mercury! But me not want to hurt humans. Me Slag, will do what Mercury asked.

Snarl, Slag and the other Diobots head to wards Montreal, where the humans are rioting. Slag and Snarl arrive first.

Slag: Me, Slag, say humans stop fighting now!

The humans continue their riot

Snarl: Me think they not listening to words. Me think they will listen to action!

With that said, Snarl hits his tail hard on the ground, creating a rift between most of the rioting people and the EDC. Slag creates a circle of flame around some of the people with his fire.

2002-11-10, 07:53 PM
Sludge followed after Slag, and some of the over-eager humans started pounding on his body with their fists. With a flick of his tail, they were pushed back, and getting the message, they turned and ran.

"Me Sludge think humans cheated by Decepticons."

RVZ Prime
2002-11-10, 08:38 PM
Snarl transforms to robot mode.

Snarl: Me think so too. Makes no sense for humans to help Decepticons.

Slag: Me, Slag, wanna know why Dinobots must stay here and scare humans away. Me wanna crush Decepticons!

Snarl: Me think we back up. Keeping EDC safe is big responsebility too. *huhn* What is that?

Snarl points up in the air. A jet approaches the EDC with high speed. When it is close to the ground, it transforms into a car.

Slag: It's a Deceptiocon! Attack!

Slag shoots flame from his mouth towards the Decepticon. He dodges it, Transforms to robot mode and hides behind a tall building. He gets both his guns and is ready to shoot.

Snarl: Who be you! Me not see you before when Dinobots were on Earth!

Overkill: The name's Overkill, partner. I am here to take out the legendary Dinobots as a favor to my comander! Yeeh Haw!

Overkill jumps from behind the building and fires some shots at Slag. Overkill hits Slag on the side of his body, but the shots don't even dent him.

Slag: HA! Me Slag strong. Your shots don't hurt Slag!

Slag on his turn shoots flame from his mouth again, this time, melting one of the two guns that Overkill uses. Overkill dicards the gun, but fires a shot from the other one at Sludge....

2002-11-10, 08:39 PM
Obliterator saw the Dinobots come falling down in front of the EDC base, but he ignored them. Instead, he aimed a shot at what looked like the weakest spot in the EDC base's wall, and blasted a huge hole in the side of the building.
A group of humans had managed to slip past the dinobots. However, these were not ordinary rioters. They were, rather, well-trained anti-EDC terrorists. Their leader, known to the others only by the code-name Command, saw the hole open up in the EDC base's wall.
"Come on, boys," Command said, "we may never get another chance like this. Let's get in there, now!"
He paused to think, "The base commander would make a wonderful hostage, wouldn't he?"

2002-11-10, 08:43 PM
Obliterator saw Overkill fly in, and engage the dinobots.
Fellow Decepticon. Must help. Can't while combined
With that, he spits back apart into Death Knell, Stryfe, and Chancre, who immediately attack the Dinobots.
Death Knell asks Overkill, "Want a little help, fellow 'Con?"

2002-11-10, 09:04 PM
Sludge rocked slightly as the concussion from the blast hit him, but stood firm. In retaliation, he moved to stomp a crevice in the ground, but remembered what he was told about minimal structural damage. Instead, he fired his eye lasers at the new enemy, chipping the side of the building he was hidden behind.


"Thorr to Vanguard, the Gestalt has disengaged into three Decepticons. We also have another to deal with, a triple changer by the looks of things."

Thorr banked aside, firing at Death Knell below.

"Understood, Apollo and I will be there shortly. Give cover to Sun Runner as he evacuates the building. Leave the Decepticons for the Dinobots for now."

"Gotcha boss," Thorr replied, banking around and circling the smashed up EDC building. Mercury joined him in his defensive patrol.

Meanwhile, LtCol Denton was marshalling the staff of the base out into the central courtyard, where Sun Runner was grounded, all hatches down. A stream of computer analysts, tacticians and soldiers boarded the craft while he stood by with a few guards.

Suddenly, he was knocked off his feet as Obliterator's blast took down the exterior wall. He grabbed one of the troops.

"How many sectors of the base are cleared?"
"All bar one sir, unfortunately, that's the one that the breach is in."
"Seal the others off at once."

The other trooper barked orders, and a squad of EDC soldiers ran to comply with the Colonel's order.

"Now, bring Alpha Squad with me, we're going to defend that breach."

The squad of ten men filed out of the courtyard, and towards the place where the terrorists were attempting to storm the base.


Vanguard weaved in and out of the traffic fleeing downtown Montreal, ignoring the honking horns and shaking fists of the panicky human drivers.

"Hope we get there soon, the others might need our help."
"Couldn't agree more," Vanguard replied.
"Our first objective is to get the EDC Command Staff safely out of the area. We can help the Dinobots deal with the Decepticons later."
"Right," Apoolo nodded as Vanguard continued towards the battle.

2002-11-10, 09:15 PM
Top Dollar looked at the scene from his viewer several miles away. He shook his head. The alleged ally that Death Knell had been claiming to be was now wasting his time, just as the Insecticons had been, in dealing with the EDC. And on top of it, there were Dinobots involved. "Stupid, stupid, stupid." He says to himself, then turns his attention to other duties, finding that Thunderwing, who had sent him here to begin with, was at Cybertron. Summoning his personal ship, Top Dollar decided to make a quick departure, and join his friend there...where his expertise in playing both sides would be more useful. He only hoped the warp capabilities of the ship would hold up and enable him to reach top speed, which if done, could put him there in a matter of minutes.

RVZ Prime
2002-11-10, 09:27 PM
Overkill: I can use all the help I can get against the Dinobots, partner. Lets turn them into toasters!

At the same time, Slag rushes towards the building where both the 'Cons are hiding behind. He runs right through the building, hitting Overkill in the back! Because of the impact, Overkill crashes into an other building.

Snarl get his Thermo blade and rushes towards Death Knell, ready to strike him with the sword...

2002-11-10, 10:57 PM
"Wait up there Commander. We're joingin the party" Bean said as he summons his exosuit from Subspace. "Talon, we need the car here now, catch my drift?" he told Talon via the radio in his suit as he and Rally follow Denton.

"Ok Bean, on my way!" Talon said as he merged with the front of the car. The next moment the car transformed into a 4 legged beast. Talon moved through the base, just barely making it through a door as it slides down to seal off the area.

2002-11-11, 12:20 AM
Death Knell took a hit from above. He rolled, coming up, and returning fire to where Thor had been. The Autobot wasn't there now, but the shot took a big chunk out of the road.
More Autobots. Great.
He turned his attention to the Dinobots.
He caught sight of Snarl charging towards him, and fired a double bast from his ion cannons.
Stryfe and Chancre see Overkill get smashed into a building.
"Common, Doc," Stryfe shouted, "we can't let a fellow 'Con get busted up like that!"
Chancre nodded, and began to cackle evilly.
The two 'Cons ran towards Slag, firing as they came.
Command stepped over the charred bodies of several EDC soldiers who had been caught in the blast.
Good. Fewer of them for us to worry about
The terrorists continued towards the centre of the EDC base.

RVZ Prime
2002-11-11, 08:43 AM
The blast of Death Knells ion cannons hits Snarl in the chest. Snarl staggers backwards and drops on one knee.
Snarl: These Decepticons stronger then others when we first be on Earth

Snarl gets back up and transforms to dino mode. Now that he has Death Knells attention, he fires his tail laser at him


Overkill got up after crashing through a building. Slag transformed to robot mode and was trying to slash Overkill with his thermal blade, but Stryfe and Chancre shot it out of his hands. Overkill now up, transforms into jet mode and flies into the sky, makes a turn and heads straight for the waiting Slag, firing his Photon cannons on his way down. Slag however gets charged from two positions and just lost his Thermal Blade.
Slag: Me think this not good. Me not want to ask for it, but me need help.
Sludge! Swoop! Me can not take all Deceptions by himself. You fight too! Leave humans alone and fight!

2002-11-11, 08:54 AM
Snarl's tail laser tags Death Knell in the leg. He falls, with a smoking, charred strip now adorning his left thigh.
Ouch. This one is going to be a good fight. He might even be stronger than me. I may have to resort to outsmarting my enemy, for once.
He activated his holoprojector, and he suddenly appeared to split into five different, identical Death Knells.
How do you like that, spikeback?
Stryfe heard Slag call his fellow dinobots.
Well, well. Finally, some recognition. He realizes that we can take him. Good. So let's do so, before his buddies get here.
He calls to Overkill and Chancre: "Take him down now, men! Before his buddies can get here!"
Stryfe and Chancre both aim their guns for Slag's head, and open fire.

RVZ Prime
2002-11-11, 08:20 PM
Snarl, now facing five Death Knells, doesn't know what to do.

Snarl:*Hunnhhh* Me now face five ugly Decepticons. Me don't care. Me blast them all!!!

Snarl starts to fire his tail laser rapidly, but uncontrolled. Hitting most of the structures and buildings around him.

Snarl: Hmm... So much for minimal structure damage

A few blocks away

Overkill is still charging towards Slag in jet mode, while Stryfe and Chancre just fired their guns at Slag.

Slag: This not good. Me, Slag, better duck

Slag ducks and the blasts meant for Slag now hit Overkill. One of Overkills wings get hit!

Slag: Me Slag, no need help. You destroy each other!

But before Overkill crashes, he quickly transforms into car mode and is still going straight for Slag and runs him over! Slag, on the ground, transforms to dino mode and first shoots flame at Overkill, but misses. Then he shoots flame from his mouth and shoots his horn-lasers at Stryfe and Chancre...

2002-11-11, 08:39 PM
"Sun Runner to Vanguard, I have all EDC personnel aboard. I'm just waiting for Lieutenat Colonel Denton and his soldiers. Oh, and the humans Bean Bandit and Rally Vincent are helping him out too."

"OK Sun Runner, get out of there, we'll try and help the remaining troops."

The shuttle's access hatches slammed shut, and his engines kicked into life, sending him accelerating up into the air, and away from Montreal.

"Thorr, Mercury, go with him, then get back here quick."

"Aye Vanguard."
"Roger boss."

The two space craft shot away and over the skyline with Sun Runner.

Meanwhile, Apollo and Vanguard had reached central Montreal, Apollo transforming and leaping clear of the buggy, in hand, Vanguard following, transforming into his red and white robot mode, wielding his missile launcher.
"We have to get the humans away from the battle, and the EDC building."
"Right," Apollo replied.
"Let's go!"

The two ran towards their objective, and immediately interspersed themselves between the rioting mob and the building.
"Listen, humans of Earth. I am Vanguard, Autobot explorer. We and the EDC mean you no harm. Please, leave now, before you get caught up in the Decepticons' firepower."

The speech was inspiring, but it'd do nothing to protect against the terrorists already inside the EDC building.


"Mmmm, me Sludge help friend Slag," the cheery Dinobot said to no one in particular, before stomping off down the street towards Slag, who was busy fighting the Decepticons.


Denton ran down the corridor, at the head of his team of soldiers, Rally, Bean and the Talon-car following behind.
"You two," he gestured to the two in exo-suits, we need to seal the breach before any more terrorists get in, can you see to that?"
Without waiting for an answer, he spun on his heel, and ordered his squad.
"With me men," before charging down the corridor that he knew the terrorists would have taken.

2002-11-12, 05:24 AM
The real Death Knell had so far avoided any further damage. However, his left leg was starting to act up where Snarl had hit him before. And the holograms weren't doing any good, only causing the Dinobot to destroy more human buildings.
Perhaps that's not all bad, after all. More humans than ever will rally to our cause upon hearing about the damage he's wreaking here.
But, I think I need a holo that will get him mad. Real mad. But what...oh, I have just the thing.
The fake Death Knells disappeared. In their place stood a holo of the most prominant Decepticon that Death Knell had any visual memory of: Shockwave. The holo Shockwave advanced on Snarl, raising it's artificial weapon.
Now, to take advantage.
Stryfe winced as Slag dodged his shot, and the blast hit Overkill instead.
Well, that's not good. At least our buddy is a Triple-Changer, so he won't be put out too much.
Stryfe aimed his particle shotgun for Slag's chest, and fired.
Chancre, saw Sludge stomping down the street.
That big, lumbering fool could cause us some real damage. Luckily, I can stop him in his tracks. At least, for a while.
He pulled out his biomass cannon, and programmed it to deliver a dose of nanobots an impact. He waited until the nanobots were injected into the biomass projectile, aimed at Sludge and fired.
Command's terrorists slinked through the halls to the EDC base, meeting little to no resistance. Soon, they arrived in the executive office wing.
"Command, the offices are empty," one of the terrorists reported. "What do we do now?"
As I suspected, Command thought. He looked at the lifeform sensor that he held in his hand. But they are still following us. Why? Is there some secret in this base that they want to protect? Or, perhaps, it's simpler then that. Perhaps the base commander is leading that group. Perhaps he is too proud to let us chase him from his base. Perhaps our quarry is walking right into our hands, after all.
"Take up defensive positions, men. We wait."

RVZ Prime
2002-11-12, 10:24 AM
Snarl takes a few steps back.
Hunhh, this not good. Shockwave is strong. Where are the Cosmobots? Me Snarl needs help against Shockwave.
Snarl transforms to robot mode, grabs his Thermoblade and rushes forward towards the Shockwave hologram, ready to strike it


Overkill comes back after dodging the flames that were shot at him by Slag. He transformers to robot mode and joins Chancre. Chancre fired at Slag allready and immideately after it, Overkill aims and fires too. Slag is too late to dodge the attack and one shot hits his chest and the other one his left arm.

Slag: This not good. Me hit in chest and arm. Arm is ok, but chest has extra hole now.
Slag grabs his thermoblade from the ground and starts to charge at Overkill. He tries to hit Overkill, but Overkill flies up in the sky and eveades a hit by the sword. Slag turns his attention to Chancre and takes a swing with his sword towards him.

Slag: Get ready for the s**** heap! Die Decepticon!

2002-11-12, 02:51 PM
Chancre's biomass cannon shot hit Sludge in the leg, but luckily for the tough Dinobot, the blast did not get through his thickly armoured hide. However, the glue like substance did spread over his leg, making his movements even slower than before.
"Mmmm, me Sludge move slow, me Sludge need to do something..."

After a while, he hit upon the solution of transforming into robot mode, and the effects of the goo disipated.
"Me Sludge good!" he grinned, raising his weapon, and advancing on Chancre all the while.


Sun Runner, having been directed to an EDC Research Centre by one of the scientists aboard, quickly disgorged his cargo.
"Mission complete guys," he told Thorr and Mercury
"Then let's get back into the fight!" Thorr said.
"Right, the others might need our help," Mercury agreed.

The three Autobots circled about, and opened their throttles as they broke the sound barrier, heading back for Montreal.


Denton looked up from his own life-form scanner.
"They're in the next room," he turned to his men.
"Be ready."
Next he turned to Bean.
"I suppose that armour of yours affords significant protection against small arms fire?"
It was rheotorical really - he already knew the answer.
"You two take point then, we'll be right in after you. OK?"

2002-11-12, 05:53 PM
Chancre ducks the swipe of Slag's blade. He looks back at Sludge.
Still moving. The nanobots must not have penetrated. And he's coming here. Oh, scrap!
Death Knell stifled a laugh as Snarl charged the Shockwave hologram. Not waiting to see how long it took the dinobot to figure out the deception, he transformed to van mode, charging towards his partners.
Stryfe closed in on Slag, stepping right up to him while the dinobot is preoccupied with Chancre.
He's too close to Chancre for me to shoot him. Gotta do this hand-to-hand.
Stryfe raises the butt of his weapon, and drives it towards Slag's face.

2002-11-12, 08:46 PM
Talon took up a guard position just outside the breech. Just his presence was enough to keep any humans away. Then again, any beast his size would keep humans away.

"I once had an entire police station use me for target practice, they didn't know that though, he he. Not a scratch" Bean said before he went through the door first, followed by Rally.

RVZ Prime
2002-11-13, 09:33 PM
Slag takes a hit in the face and holds his head.

Slag: This not good, me getting surrounded. Me need help fast or Slag get turned to Slag


Snarl takes three swings at the Shockwave hologram, before realising that it is a hologram.

"Snarl: Me tricked by stupid Decepticon. Where did he go?"

Snarl looks aroud and sees that Slag is in trouble, Now about to face three opponents.

"Slag in trouble! Me help fast. "

Snarl makes his way to Slag as quick as he can.

Snarl: *Hummh* Me wish Grimlock was here. Then Decepticons would have been scrap in no time.


Meanwhile, Overkill makes his way back to the battle field too. In car mode, he shoots rappidly at Sludge...

2002-11-13, 11:11 PM
Slude spun around as Overkill blasted at him, opening up a gash on his arm.
"Oooh, car Decepticon shoot Sludge. Me Sludge shoot back."

The Dinobot transformed back into Dinobot mode, and moved around slowly, still hampered by Chancre's shot from earlier, and lashed out with his tail at Overkill.

"Slag Me Sludge say we need help. Me Sludge think you should call Cosmobots."


However, Vanguard and Apollo were already there, and occupied with the mob, who, upon seeing 20 foot tall robots in front of them, finally turned tail and ran. The two let them go, standing guard over the EDC base for a while.

2002-11-14, 12:19 AM
Death Knell drove up to the spot where Stryfe and Chancre were fighting Slag and Sludge. The three Conquesticons now had the dinobot surrounded.
Death Knell transforms into robot mode. Or, rather, he trys to transform. His left leg, damaged earlier by Snarl, was now fully locked up, and wouldn't change from van mode. He automatically reverted to vehicle mode.
No good. Gotta get that fixed.
"Chancre," Death Knell orders, "Get over here, I need some repairs."
"Sure thing DK, be right there," Chancre replied, and hurried to help his commander.
Stryfe, meanwhile, continued to swing at Slag's head, trying to strike a disabling blow.
Death Knell's ion guns spring out from side panels in his van mode, and fired at Sludge, trying to provide cover for Chancre to work in.

RVZ Prime
2002-11-14, 11:01 PM
Slag: "Me, Slag say, we no need Cosmobots. We have big Autobot in the air. Fortress Maximus. Him say, when need help, call, so me Slag call him now!"

While Slag makes the call to Fortress Maximus, he has to avoid every blow that Stryfe is aiming at him

Slag: This not easy. Me make message quick

Slag: "Me, slag, calling Fortress Maximus. Dinobots need help now or Dinobots not last much longer. Me Slag, have big hole in chest, leaking to much oil. Sludge hurt too. Only Snarl unhurt. Don't know where Comsmobots are."

As Slag is finished with his transmission, he continues the figth with Stryfe. Snarl approaches Stryfe from behind and takes a swing with his Thermo sword towards Stryfe. Slag back away, seeing as Snarl is ready to deliver the final blow.


Overkill tries to evade the blasts from Sludge that miss by just a hairs' length.

Overkill: "Woohoo! Its getting hot in here. Can't fly anymore, because of the broken wing."

Overkill transforms to robot mode and runs towards Death Knell and Chancre to cover him

2002-11-14, 11:28 PM
"Vanguard, this is Thorr, reporting mission success. We're back in business."
"Roger that, good to have you all back, now go and help the Dinobots, the humans around the EDC base have been taken care of."
"Gotcha boss, let's go lads!" Thorr cried to Mercury and Sun Runner.

The three banked as one, and dove towards the ground, Sun Runner and Mercury transforming to robot mode, as their flight modes were not ideal for combat, while Thorr stayed in fighter mode, and lined up a strafing run against Chancre, Death Knell and Overkill. Bringing his wing blasters and ventral cannon online, he opened up with a hail of fire against the three Decepticons below.

Mercury and Sun Runner meanwhile ran to assist Slag against his opponent.


"Vanguard," Apollo said.
"Slag just sent a transmission asking for assistance to Fortress Maximus."
"That's not wise, the city is too enclosed for Fortress to manouver his ship effectively down here. Boost power to my communications."

Apollo nodded, and transformed to satelite mode, hovering ten feet above the ground.

"Vanguard to Fortress I'd advise against direct participation down here, the city isn't a good place for your ship to fight effectively without seriously damaging their structures."

2002-11-15, 12:57 AM
Stryfe catches sight of Snarl's blade, and drops to the ground to avoid the slash. He almost succeeds, and gets a slice taken out of his right arm.
Nothing vital...yet. But we're out-numbered 2 to 1. Eventually, they'll get us all.
"Death Knell," Stryfe called out, "our situation is untenable! We've got to fall back!"
Chancre finished repairing Death Knell's transformation circuits. Death Knell transforms into robot mode, and catches sight of Thorr, coming in on a strafing run. The two Decepticons dive out of the way, barely avoiding Thorr's blaster bolts. Then, the Conquesticon leader hears Stryfe's words.
He's right. We came here to incite uprising against the EDC, not get slaughtered by Autobots.
"Conquesticons," Death Knell called out, "our job's done here. Retreat!."
He looks down at Overkill "You can come with us, if you want to."
The Conquesticons transform, waiting for Overkill's answer.
Command's terrorist group was still waiting for the EDC troops to enter the room.
We're fairly equal in numbers. But I don't know how well armed they are. Just in case...
Command pulls out the small plasma bomb that he had carried with him into the building, and sets the timer for two minutes, and attaches it to the wall. He then brings out the remote that will start the countdown, and clips it to his belt.
Just in case, I'll be ready to bring this whole place down around us.
The door swung open...

God Jinrai
2002-11-15, 01:45 AM
"Vanguard, I'm comming down there regardless... At the very least, from what my scanners are reading, the cons are retreating... ant I can act as a mobile base so that pursuit can be maintained. Cerebros out."

As he uttered his last words, Cerebros activated the ship's heat shielding, and the massive battle fortress began its descent toward montreal...

2002-11-15, 02:31 PM
In a rather "bold" move(anyone else would call it stupid) Bean shouted into the room.

Bean: "I know you guys are in here! Come out, come out wherever you are!"

RVZ Prime
2002-11-15, 05:06 PM
Slag: "Good. They leave. Cowards! Snarl. Me Slag say we fry butts while they run away."

Snarl: You do frying, me do blasting! Montreal is under Dinobot protection now!

Both Dinobots transform to dinomode and fire away as the Decepticons are retreating.


Overkill: Death Knell, there is no way that Im going to stay here alone, fighting the Dinobots. Im not that insane. Lets go!

2002-11-15, 05:50 PM
"Thorr, Mercury, Sun Runner, let them go. The Dinobots and Fortress will handle the chase. Report to my current position."
"Right away," Thorr responded for the team, as they banked around, and transformed into robot mode, landing as one in front of Vanguard and Apollo.

"Good work team, you did well. All of the EDC got away?"
"No sir, not all. The CO, LtCol Denton and a small team stayed behind to combat some terrorists who had infiltrated the base."
"Damn," Vanguard clenched his fist.
"OK, I guess we'll just have to wait. We'll stand guard here in case the rioters return, though I doubt that."

Lord Zarak
2002-11-15, 07:42 PM
Whilst the fighting was continuing outside, Swoop was left in the shuttle. He sat there whimpering and cringing at each and every bang of weapons fire. He never once came out because...he was afraid of fighting, of facing fire, and most importantly, of dying.

When he was with Sky Lynx at the time of Unicron's last appearance, he just fell from the sky. His participation had left him deeply scarred, as did the death of Grimlock. He could no longer look at his sword. His missile launchers felt like heavy burdens upon his shoulders.

He got up, walked to the door of the shuttle and saw his Dinobot brothers firing at the retreating Decepticons. With visible melancholy on his face, he transformed and flew to the highest building.

2002-11-15, 07:54 PM
The Conquesticons sped off, counting on Overkill to keep up with them.
To confuse the Autobots in pursuit, Death Knell used his holoprojector to create images of the four Decepticons fleeing in several other directions.
Won't fool 'em for long, but it might just last long enough.
"Come on, troops," Death Knell shouted, "Our shuttle is close by! If we can get there, it's cloaking device can hide us from the Autobots!"
Meanwhile, Command's terrorists were sitting in the executive offices of the EDC base, listning to Bean's taunts.
"How'd you like this to come out instead, EDC scum?!" one of the terrorists nearest to the door shouted. He pulled out a grenade, pulled the pin, and lobbed it out the door towards Bean and Rally

RVZ Prime
2002-11-15, 08:07 PM
Snarl sees the 4 Decepticons flee in 4 different directions and transforms to robot mode.

Snarl: "No use, shooting now, no use wasting energy on them now."
Snarl sees that Swoop has finally joined the others. He is on a tall building.
Snarl: So you decided to come down. Why Swoop not come down, when Snarl needed help against Decepticons? Me was in trouble. Me thought that Swoop was friend. Me thought that Swoop help Snarl out when in trouble. *Hunnhh* No matter. Snarl ok, but Slag is hurt."

Slag: "Me Slag, ok. Me Slag let First Aid, Remedy or Ratchet take look at it. Hole in chest not gonna stop Slag. Me say we done on Earth. Maybe we go to Titan or to Cybertron, see if something is happening there. Me hungry after fighting."

Snarl: Me am ok here, but if we go to Cybertron, that ok too. What you think Sludge?

2002-11-16, 09:55 AM
"How'd you like this to come out instead, EDC scum?!"

Gotcha Bean thought as he turned to the direction the voice came from. But before he could move forward, a small object landed in front of him, and exploded. Bean and Rally were knocked back by the explosion, Bean into the wall of the office and Rally ended up in the corridor. Rally got up and raised her arms, making sure the 2 lasers on her arms were pointing at the door. Figures they'd have grenades Bean thought as a damage summary rolled by his eyes. Armor 97% Internal systems: undamaged "You're gonna have to do better then that" Bean said as he got up and advanced towards the source of the grenade.

Lord Zarak
2002-11-16, 12:48 PM
"Swoop is friend to you Snarl. Swoop is...is..." he could hardly bring himself to say the words. He flew down from the building and transformed.
"Me Swoop is scared of fighting now. I don't want war with Decepticons, don't want to see friends hurt or dead, like Grimlock".

2002-11-16, 01:14 PM
The grenade exploded, scything through the EDC troops like they were corn. Three were cut down instantly, and one more was left writhing on the floor.

Denton looked at the door, his face hard.
"Right, that's it. We're going in."

He pulled a satchel charge from his back, and set it near the wall, some 50 metres along the corridor from the door.

"They won't be expecting this," he explained to the others.
"As soon as it blows, we go in."

He hit the button to start the thirty second timer, and got back to a safe distance.

The charge exploded, collapsing the wall in a cloud of plaster and smoke. The remaining EDC troops poured through the breach, weapons blazing.


Me Sludge think we do our job here. EDC people safe. Cosmobots can help with base. Us Dinobots fighters, not builders."

He looked at Swoop, at his surprising declaration.

"Me Sludge not know what to say. Us Dinobots not supposed to be scared, but Swoop is. Me confused.


Mercury stood looking at the wall of the EDC base.
"We'll have to ship some builders and supplies in to repair this."
"That might take a while," Thorr said, holstering his cannon back in subspace.
"Right, but we can't leave the EDC undefended. We'll have to stay and watch over them."
"Agreed," Vanguard said. "The Cosmobots shall stay behind, while the Dinobots and Fortress Maximus return to Cybertron, if they so wish."

Lord Zarak
2002-11-16, 07:01 PM
"Swoop is tired of fighting, scared of dying. Grimlock is dead. What if Prime dies, who will lead us? What if you die?. I don't know the answer, and I don't want to find out."

RVZ Prime
2002-11-16, 09:24 PM
Slag: "Me say Dinobots return to Cybertron. If Swoop wanna stay on Earth, that ok too. "

Snarl: "Me miss Grimlock too, but Dinobots must stay together. Grimlock not comeing back, but he loved desroying Decepticons so we must destroy Decepticons for him. To honor Grimlock. Me want to go back to Cybertron too. Maybe Swoop can do peacefull things on Cybertron, but me not think so. When you be a dinobot, war always follows."

Slag: "Me Slag say that is good thing. Never boring. Now, lets go back to Cybertron.

2002-11-16, 09:50 PM
Me Sludge agree. Dinobots must honour Grimlock. Grimlock great leader. If Swoop not happy to fight, that not his fault. Swoop still Dinobot. In time, me think Swoop will be OK, but he should come to Cybertron, and stick with us Dinobots. Right Swoop?"

2002-11-16, 10:00 PM
As the EDC troops poured into the room, terrorists opened fire, cutting them down like so much dead wood.
It won't last forever, though. They have us outgunned. We've got to get out, Command thought. He looked at the plasma bomb that he'd placed on the wall. That should be enough to bring the whole place down. If we can get out of the room. He made a decision. Even if we can't. We've got to take this base out. He hit the remote on his belt, and the two-minute countdown started.

2002-11-16, 10:19 PM
Denton snapped off a couple of shots, taking down two terrorists. After all, he wasn't a Lieutenant Colonel in the EDC for nothing. Spinning around, he slammed the butt of his rifle into the face of another terrorist, knocking him out.

He glanced around and took stock of the casualties. The EDC were down to four now, plus Rally and Bean. The rest had been cut down on their assault into the room.

"Fall back!" Denton ordered his troops, who retreated in an orderly fashion, taking down several more terrorists with no casualties to themselves. It was then that Denton saw the plasma bomb on the wall.

"Run!" he ordered his squad.


He dropped his gun, knowing that he'd need both hands free.


He ran for the wall, diving and grabbing in the same moment.


He fell to the ground, covering the bomb with his body.


The bomb exploded, a small, muted flash as Denton absorbed the brunt of the blast. It was enough, of course, to kill the brave Lieutenant Colonel, but hopefully Bean could rally the defence, and drive the terrorists out of the EDC base...

2002-11-17, 05:56 AM
This place is still standing, Command thought, I'm surpised. I guess I'll need to have a talk with some of our techs when I get out of here. Yeah, like that'll be the easy part.
He and four other terrorists had escaped the blast, and had made their way to the basement of the EDC base.
Gotta take this place down.
"Get out all of your expolsives, men," Command ordered the four terrorists. "Wire up all of the structural supports you can. We're taking this place down. Set your timers to go off in ten minutes. Do your best to get out, but leveling this place is priority one. Understood?" The terrorists nodded. "Good. FOR QUEBEC!!"
The terrorists repeated Command's oath, then ran off to do their job. Command himself, of course, was too important a leader to let himself die in this attack, so he made his way up, towards the crack his team had used to enter the base.
The Decepticons arrived at the shuttle. As the other Conquesticons rushed onboard, Death Knell ran into the cockpit, engaged the cloak, and started the engines' power up sequence.

2002-11-17, 12:36 PM
Bean dug himself out of the rubble, one of the walls had collapsed on him. He saw the remains of Denton. Ugh, at least he died saving others he thought as he joins Rally and the EDC soldiers in the corridor. One of the soldiers asked what happened to Denton.

Bean: "He died protecting the base. There's bound to be a few terrorists left, let's make sure his death wasn't in vain and find them. Who's with me?"

All four soldiers: "We're with you, let's get them. They are probably heading for the basement"

Bean: "Then let's get going!" he said as he followed the soldiers towards the basement.

Rally followed behind the group as she contacts Talon. "Talon, stop any humans that come near you"

Talon turned to the inside of the base.
"Don't worry, they won't get past me"

Lord Zarak
2002-11-17, 01:53 PM
"Me Swoop will rerturn with Dinobots to Cybertron, but I don't know what I will do there. If Grimlock were here I would ask him what to do, but he isnt. I will Ask Optimus when I get back."

God Jinrai
2002-11-17, 05:30 PM
Maximus hovered only a hundred feet above the EDC command base... scanning the place, Fortress could see that it was not over...

"Cog... stay here with the ship... I'm going down there..."

Cerebros separated from the headmaster body, the body reverting to the command console for the maximus battleship...

Cerebros dove from the ship, using his flight pack to slow his descent... landing at the base of the building...

"Cog, give me a readout... what's going on in there?"

"Cerebros... I am detecting large quantities of plastic explosives in the building... It would be a safe assumption that they are planning to demolish the building entirely."

"Don't terrorists ever learn??"

Cerebros charged through the front doors, his blaster drawn. He began his sweep of the base level of the building... where he thought the terrorists might be planting the bombs...

2002-11-17, 07:09 PM
Apollo transformed into satelite mode, and began scanning the building.
"Vanguard, I don't like this. I'm detecting explosives placed all over the basement, there's no way that Cerebros can defuse them all."
Vanguard nodded.
"Vanguard to Cerebros, I recommend you get out now. We're detecting explosives all over the basement. You'll be unable to defuse them all in time."


Sludge smiled.
"That good Swoop, us Dinobots stay together. Me think once we get back to Cybertron, you feel better."

RVZ Prime
2002-11-17, 08:25 PM
Slag: "Me SLag say, if Swoop not want to fight, then Swoop no Dinobot no longer."

Snarl: Me think Slag got hit in head to much, me say Swoop always be Dinobot. If Swoop not want to fight, then Swoop not fight. Maybe he can help First Aid and Remedy if repairs are needed.


Meanwhile, Overkill arrives at the Decepticon shuttle and gets in.

Overkill: So, where are we going?

God Jinrai
2002-11-18, 04:16 AM
"Negative, vanguard! I'm not leaving the remaining EDC personell in here to die! But thanks for the tip..."

At that moment, Cerebros arrived at the stairwell, dropping down three flights, landing on the basement floor.

"Now... to deal with these explosives..."

Cerebros switched to heat detection, and began his scan, comming across two plastique bombs relatively close to his position... at a corner of the tower...

2002-11-18, 04:38 AM
Command arrived at the crack that led outside the EDC base. He looked out, and sees Talon. He looked at his watch.
1:25 until those bombs go off...don't have time for this!
He reached for his belt, and grabs the last grenade hanging there. A flash-bang.
Transformer or no, this should keep him blinded for a few seconds. Long enough for me to escape, I hope.
He looked at the field outside the base, figured out the quickest route to cover, then he pulled the pin, and threw the grenade. He looked down at his watch as the grenade flew through the air.
1:03, better hurry.
Then the grenade went off. And his world exploded into blinding light and roaring sound. And he ran for his life.
Death Knell looked at Overkill.
"Anywhere that's far away from that," he said, pointing to Maximus, floating off in the distance. "Got any suggestions?"
The shuttle took off, and roared away under cloak.

RVZ Prime
2002-11-18, 07:53 AM
Overkill sits down as the shuttle takes off

Overkill: I have no idea. If you are talking about somewhere on Earth, then Australia wouldn't be far enough to escape that big ship. I haven't been on any other planets for a long time. I think that I have been stationed on this planet too long.

2002-11-18, 11:35 AM
Talon saw the terrorist leader emerge, but before he could do anythin he was blinded by the flashbang grenade.

Bean arrived at the basement and sees Cerebros.

Bean: "Hey buddy, you happen to see a couple of humans run by?"

God Jinrai
2002-11-18, 06:59 PM
"Negative, Bean... But I HAVE found THESE..."

Cerebros displayed one of the bombs to bean, deactivated of course...

"I could use a hand getting these diffused as quickly as possible... if this place is to survive..."

from a side compartmend in his waist, cerebos pulled what looked like a huge airbrush...

"Spray any bombs you see with this... it'll freeze them into deactivation... but be SURE they're frozen. you'll be able to tell by the light on the bomb..."

Points to a lightbulb on the bomb in his hand

"Green is active...... Red is about to detonate... no light means it's deactivated. Get moving!"

Cerebros spun from his comrade, rushing through the basement for the central support spire... where he knew for certain there would be more explosives.

2002-11-18, 08:18 PM
Bean saw the bom, and took the freeze spray. "I'll try my best" he said as Cerebros speeds away.

"Rally, take the soldiers and try to remove as many bombs as you can find and bring them to me" he said as he starts searching the place for bombs. He finds one on a nearby support. He applies the spray to the bomb untill the light went out. "One down, who knows how many to go"

Rally and the soldiers were searching as well. Rally found a bomb and carefully removed it using one of her arm lasers as a scalpel.

Outside Talon was still blinded, but his sight was slowly returning to normal.

2002-11-19, 06:15 AM
Stryfe looked at Death Knell, and suggested, "Perhaps we should leave Earth, then. I seem to recall Commander Warcry mentioning something about checking on one of the gas giants' moons. Something about Transformer lifesigns."
"You mean Titan, as the humans call it," Death Knell replied. "But no, we are only to go there if our probe nearby see any unusual actions. But...I seem to recall there being one good place on Earth for ships to disappear in. Set a course for the Bermuda Triangle," he ordered.
As Stryfe layed in the course, Death Knell turned to Overkill and asked, "So, soldier, how exactly did you manage to get left here for so long?"
Command's eyesight was starting to return to him. He ducked into the crowd of protesters, who were dispersing semi-peacefully into the city.
I really need to get out of this line of work.
He looked at his watch.
0:24 before the bombs go off. This should be a good show.

Lord Zarak
2002-11-19, 03:23 PM
Swoop was angry at Slags comment.
"ME Swoop always a Dinobot!!"

RVZ Prime
2002-11-19, 08:43 PM
Overkill: "We're going to Titan? Never have been there. Well, Im always in for destroying new places. Anyway, I have been on Earth for a real long time because I never got any order or anything like it, to leave Earth. I didn't mind really. Raiding gas stations between watching some Earthen movies wasn't that bad, but as soon as I heard that there were Autobots on Earth I just had to check it out. Still, I had hopes for a smaller challange then the Dinobots, but hey, Im not complaining. Altough I do need to get my wing fixed or else there will be no flying for me anytime soon. By the way, nice to meet you guys. Traveling together beats travelling alone. "

Overkill takes a look around in the shutlle and then sits down.

Overkill: "By the way. What Decepticon Leader are you taking orders from nowadays? I don't really have a commander or do you guys operate alone?"


Slag: "Me Slag....... sorry. Me not want to make Swoop angry. Me was surprised about reaction of Swoop to not fight with Dinobots anymore. Me be honest, me want Grimlock back."

Snarl: Yes.. Everything better with Grimlock. Maybe doctors on Cybertron can rebuild him. But now, me just wanna go home..."

2002-11-20, 12:54 AM
Death Knell responded to Overkill, "No, we'll watch Titan from a secure spot in the Bermuda Triangle, and respond if we see any suspicious activity. As for our commander, we follow a Decepticon named Warcry, but he went to Cybertron to attempt to hook up with one of the major Decepticon lords. He left us here to keep an eye on Titan, and to create havok among the humans. Basically, a training mission. And about your wing. Our doctor, Chancre, is in the aft compartment. He could patch it up in no time. Why don't you see if he's got a minute to help you out?"
Death Knell smiled, "Oh, and by the way, welcome aboard. It's been too long since we've seen other Decepticons."

2002-11-20, 01:21 AM
Sludge nodded.
"We get Fortress Maximus to send shuttle down? We go back to Cybertron with him."


Vanguard shrugged.
"Suit yourself Cerebros," he said into his comm.
"But don't say I didn't warn you."

He turned to Sun Runner.

"Once the terrorists are cleared out, you can go fetch the EDC staff back here, and they can begin repairs on the base. We'll stay to oversee matters, and make sure the Decepticons don't return."

2002-11-23, 08:19 PM
Together, Bean and Rally had managed to find half a dozen bombs, Bean had made sure none of them would blow. But they were certain that there had to be more bombs. "I just hope that Autobot we met earlier found the rest of the bombs" Bean said as he contacts Talon. "You can anything yet?"

"Negative Bean, a human blinded me with something. He got away, I'm sorry" Talon replied.

"Don't be, these guys knew what they were doing, you're not used to fighting humans. Just keep watch, keep anyone not from the EDC out" Bean reassured Talon.

"Where did that earlier Autobot head off to?" Rally asked.

"He went that way I think. We'll see him soon enough" Bean said as he points further down the basement.

God Jinrai
2002-11-25, 04:14 PM
Cerebros was beginning to grow weary in his search...

"Cog... run a full building scan... locate any remaining explosive clusters...."

Cog approached the command module that fortress had become, tapping a few of the controls...

"Cerebros... mission complete. all explosives have been neutralized. the EDC buildng is clean. commence withdraw, and we'll head for titan."

"Roger that, Cog..."

Cerebros headed for the stairs again, nodding to bean and rally on the way, signaling that the place was clean... and that the two of them could safely remove the frozen bombs for permanent neutralization...

Using his jet boots, cerebros rose up through the stairwell to the ground floor, exiting the massive command center...

"Vanguard... The place is clean. I'm heading for titan... by now the decepticons may have fortified the place... and I may need additional firepower... I'd like your force to join me... but if you must stay here on earth... so be it."

2002-11-25, 04:21 PM
Vanguard shrugged.
"If you can spare some supplies for the humans to repair their breach, then I think we can be on our way. Apollo, signal to the EDC at the safehouse that it is safe to return."
Apollo paused a moment, sending an internal message.
"It's done."

Vanguard nodded.
"Alright Cog, we're done here. Ready to head up to Titan."

At that moment, Sludge's voice came over the comm.
"Me Sludge calling Vanguard, Fortress. Us Dinobots want to return to Cybertron now. We no want to stay on Earth. Our work done here anyway."


After Sludge had placed the call, he looked around at the assembled group.
"Me think they let us go home now."

God Jinrai
2002-11-25, 04:32 PM
"Alright... let's move then. Cog, open the starboard launching bay... we're comming aboard..."

Cerebros' jets kicked in again as he rocketed skyward, landing firmly on the launch bay floor of his mighty battleship...

"Let's move it folks! If the cons are still around on titan, they may have fortified the place by now!"

2002-11-25, 06:23 PM
Bean and Rally left the EDC soldiers to take card of the bombs and headed after Cerebros.

"Talon, see if you can get one of the Autobots to give you a lift. We're going to help them with whatever they are planning. We're heading your way right now" Bean says to Talon via the radio.

"Acknowledged Bean" Talon says as he heads over to Vanguard

"Excuse me, but I'd like to offer the services of Bean Bandit, Rally Vincent and myself to aid in your current mission" he says to the Cosmobot leader.

RVZ Prime
2002-11-27, 09:16 PM
Snarl and Slag transform to robot mode.

Slag: "Me, Slag, wnat to go to Cybertron too. Me want to go fishing again."

Snarl:" Me don't care where we go. Me just want to do something. Not standing around and waiting.

2002-12-03, 05:12 PM
Vanguard looked down at the strange car/beast combination.
"Our current mission now involves a trip to Titan, orbitting the planet Saturn. If you don't mind leaving Earth, you're more than welcome to join us."

He turned to Sun Runner.

"Give these people a lift up to Fortress Maximus would you?"
"Sure thing," Sun Runner replied, transforming into shuttle mode and opening his hatches.
"Climb aboard," he said amicably.
"I'll see you guys up there," he said, indicating that the rest of the Cosmobots should go ahead.
"Right, Vanguard replied, then turned to the other three.
"Let's get moving then."

With that, the three took off, and flew into Fort Max's cavernous drop bay.


"Me Sludge think we done our job on Earth. Now it time for us Dinobots to return to Cybertron."

2002-12-03, 10:05 PM
"I'll go fetch the others" Talon says as he speeds off to get Bean and Rally.

"We can go with them, as long as we don't mind stopping by Titan first" He says to his human friends as he stops infront of them.

"Titan huh? Wasn't that the moon of Saturn where some scientists think life may exist? Oh well, if they want to go there first, that's fine with me" Bean says as he smiles.

"It is. I read an article once, though several nearby probes have found no evidence, it is believed that life may exist on Titan" Rally says as she leans against Bean.

"Shall we get going?" Talon asks as he crouches down, allowing Bean and Rally to climb onto his back which they promptly do. Talon runs back to Sun Runner and takes his place in a corner of the hold. There the gang waits for the rest to return.

2002-12-09, 06:21 PM
Stryfe watched the shuttle's sensor panel.
Going somewhere, are you, Autobots? We'll just have to keep an eye on you then, won't we?
He tapped a few buttons, ordering one of the Conquesticons' orbiting probes to monitor the Autobots more closely.
Now, let's see where you are going

Lord Zarak
2002-12-10, 04:38 PM
Swoop eventually piped up:
"Swoop say Dinobots go home to Cybertron. Me need to see Optimus. Me need to think."

RVZ Prime
2002-12-15, 06:54 PM
Overkill gets up from his seat and walks towards the aft compartment. He sees Chancre.

"Hey, Chancre. Is Death Knell told me that you are able to help me. My wing broke, because one of those dumb Dinobots shot it off. In the mean time, can you tell me if we are goingto do something soon? It's getting boring real fast and I need some kind off action! I was stuck on the mud ball for way to long and when I saw that you were wrecking Montreal, I wanted to be part of it. Fighting the Dinobots was a bonus. Eventhough they're tough, I don't think that many bots can tell a story after fighting a dinobot. "

2002-12-15, 07:40 PM
Chancre laughed, "Yes, Overkill, I think I can help you with your wing. Just come here and take a seat. As for seeing some action, I have a feeling that we'll be having a go at those Autobots again, very soon now." He laughs again, "Yeah, those Dinobots were tough. They didn't make Autobots like that, back when I was one of them, I'll tell you that."

2002-12-15, 10:49 PM
The four Dinobots had already left the surface, and had been waiting inside Fortress's drop bay for some minutes now. The silence was agonising. Swoop was moping off on his own, Snarl was brooding silently, and it seemed to Sludge that Slag was on the verge of breaking something. The irony that the least intelligent of the Dinobots would be the one to make the first move was of course completely lost on Sludge.

"Sludge to Fortress. Us Dinobots not happy here. Us Dinobots need to go back to Cybertron."

He hoped that the urgency of his plea would not be lost on the battleship commander.

"Us want borrow the shuttle, take it back to home, with us on board."


By this time, Sun Runner had also transported Bean Bandit's team up to the drop bay. As the large Cosmobot approached, Vanguard grinned.
"Looks like the band's back together," he said, before nodding to Apollo, who tapped a button on his chest, before reporting:
"Apollo to Fortress, the Cosmobots and Dinobots are aboard, as is Bean Bandit. We are ready to depart."

2002-12-18, 08:34 PM
Talon walked out of Sunrunner, Bean and Rally still on his back.

"Wow, this place is big. I bet you could fit a city in here" Bean said as he looked at the sheer size of the bay.

"Well, this is one of the Maximus models. And since they are about the same size as the SDF series, Its quite possible" Rally replied with a small grin.

"Just how much anime have you seen?" Bean asked.

"Alot, I could teleport my entire collection from subspace, but that would bury us onder a small mountain" Rally replied.

"Ok.. forget I even asked" Bean said as he jumped down from Talon.