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StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-23, 09:22 PM
(Following Thunderwing's crew's victory in battle against Karandras they're more willing to work together. As such they have located what would appear to be the final resting place of Galvatron and are preparing to depart)

Sixshot watched as Cybertron's sun burned the horizon, it had been many stellar cycles since he had seen such beauty.

Though such beauty was not without it's opposite, the chaos ridden land of Cybertron was far from the Golden Age it had once enjoyed. Since Megatron had conquered their home planet in 2005 the planet had never been the same.

Sixshot removed the charred remains of Jhiaxus' decepticon logo from his holding pack....

How different this could have all been....

Sixshot wasn't disturbed by this relic, nor was he sentimentally attached, nor did he wish to think of what might've been any longer.

He walked back into the base of operations to find Skywarp waiting...

"Been for an early morning power walk huh...."

2002-09-23, 09:28 PM
After a long voyage, Thunderwing arrived home to see his troops collecting their weapons.

Thunderwing: "I trust you campaign went off with no hitches then? Excellent! No then...what of the remains of Galvatron, have we located their position?"

Quick Switch
2002-09-23, 09:29 PM
Dirge checked his concussion launchers, and stood next to Sixshot and Skywarp.

"Yes, Thunderwing. I located Galvatron's body on an asteroid...in Wild Space. We should have no trouble finding it."

2002-09-23, 09:41 PM
Thunderwing shot that trademark smirk of his and then took his seat.

Thunderwing: "Decepticons, the time for peace and coalitions with the pathetic Autobots is over. The time for this mutual brotherhood with our bretheren is at an end. Galvatron did not wish for peace! He wished for conquest and I believe as soon as Unicron and Liege's threat had expired, the end of days for the Autobots would have been upon them. Where Galvatron now rests is the key to that world...once we have it, we shall unlock the destruction of the Autobots...from with in! Chaos will reign supreme, with only us to control it. I have enlisted the assistance of the Quints...while we cannot trust them, they have offered us the help we shall need. In fact, Dirge open a channel to the Quints."

Dirge responded and opened the channel.

Thunderwing: "Greetings my Quintesson allies...it is I, Lord Thunderwing, your new partner. It is time for us to commence with the deal we struck. All I ask is a vessel to get my warriors to the location of the Chaos Matrix...that and some cannon fodder...and a distraction with the Autobots of some type would be greatly appreciated. Once the plan is completed all of Cybertron will be yours, I trust you find this to you liking. I await your response...Thunderwing, out!"

Thunderwing again turned to his crew: "Soon...very soon...we shall have all the power we will ever need to take the entire Universe...we will have no need for Cybertron!"

2002-09-23, 09:51 PM
Thundercracker skulked in the background, listening half disinterested to Thunderwing's monologue.

Just loves the sound of his own vox-synth... conquest... destruction of the Autobots... power... rule universe...

Thundercracker had heard it all several times before, across multiple bodies and lifetimes. Very little convinced him that this time would be any different from the others... but he knew there was no point arguing, he was there to do a job... and unlike certain other quarters, Thunderwing appreciated his talents. That was enough to keep him loyal to the cause.

Why do we need those ridiculous tentacled eggs anyway? the Decepticon thought suspiciously ... and why in the name of Unicron would they help us?

Quick Switch
2002-09-23, 09:57 PM
The Quintesson Magistrate's message played over Thunderwing's comm unit:

"Acknowledged, Thunderwing. I, the Imperial Magistrate, pledge the Quintesson Forces to the completion of your Quest...for the ultimate weapon which will give you victory over the Autobots...and return our homeland. It is Just. Send me the coordinates of your base, and I will dispatch a transport ship with one of my trusted Judges as its commander...I am working on a possible diversion now for the wretched Autobots...it will be completed shortly."

Dirge shuddered as he heard the feared leader of the Quintessons' gravelly voice.

"Ready to transmit your response, Thunderwing," Dirge replied, turning to look at the Decepticon renegade-aristocrat.

2002-09-23, 10:11 PM
Ramjet and Thrust sat silently, listening to Thunderwing and The Quintessons banter amongst themselves.

2002-09-23, 10:17 PM
Thunderwing: "Relay the coordinants Dirge...and convey my heartfelt appreciation...though do ask what they have in store for the distraction for the Autobots."

Quick Switch
2002-09-23, 10:19 PM
Dirge transmitted the coordinates in binary, on a secret channel, though on the same band as the Quintessons' receptors.

"It is done," the Seeker nodded.

2002-09-24, 02:34 AM
Darkwing and Dreadwind walked in and sat beside Ramjet and Thrust.

"What's going on?", Dreadwind asked Thrust.

"Beats me", Thurst said. "Something involving Quints and stuff."

2002-09-25, 06:13 PM
"Quints... if any of those five-faced slimy eggs with tentacles gets on my way, I'll turn them to Quint omelet." Snapdragon snarled, quite literally meaning what he said.

"I hate those creepy creatures... What Thunderwing believes to gain from them? Nothing but trouble." He grunted as he walked alongside with Apeface, Dreadwind and Darkwing.

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-25, 08:46 PM
Sixshot sighed....

"Thunderwing, how can you trust those creatures, or even pretend to, you really ARE as big a fool as I remember...."

Skywarp interrupted....

"Any sign of that ship yet...this is more than a little boring."

Quick Switch
2002-09-25, 09:35 PM
Dirge suddenly perked up, as a sensor grid activated.

"Skywarp, I'm picking up a signal...the computer indicates it is a Quintesson Spiral Ship!"

The Seeker turned to look aghast at Sixshot.

"The Quintessons really will keep their side of the bargain," Dirge reflected.


The Spiral Ship...

One of the Alligatorcons roared something and Delibarata shook himself from his doze.

"At last," the Judge remarked, watching as Cybertron came into view. "I never thought I would see my home again..."

Being tossed out into space by Galvatron had been a harrowing experience, and if it hadn't been for the Imperial Magistrate's search efforts, Delibarata would have long perished in the void. The Judge had learned from his mistake, and would follow the agreements set out by his Master, the Imperial Magistrate.

"This Chaos Matrix for Cybertron...is certainly a fair exchange." Delibarata remarked.

The Spiral Ship rotated past Iacon, and swung towards the remote location Thunderwing had said his base would be...

"Set down the ship!" Delibarata roared.

Arriving at the nondescript building's location, the Spiral Ship assumed a vertical landing position, spun downwards and bore into the surface of Cybertron.

Delibarata hovered away from his dais, and was met by his guard of ten Sharkticons and ten Alligatorcons, who had assumed their robot modes. The Sharkticons gripped their tail maces, and the Alligatorcons held their imposing prod lances. The door opened, the ramp extended, and the party left the craft, walked down the rampway and waited at the entrance.

Delibarata hovered in front, followed by the twenty creatures arranged in arrays behind him.

2002-09-26, 04:32 AM
Ramjet, Darkwing and Dreadwind fiddled with their weapons. Thrust looked at them. He knew that they were itching to destroy the approaching Quintessons.

He looked at Dirge.

"Those guys are going to go off", he whispered.

2002-09-26, 05:32 AM
Thunderwing shot a transmission to Sixshot on their sub frequency.

Who says anything about trust old friend...

Thunderwing greeted the new arrivals.

Thunderwing: "Welcome...I trust you not only have the transportation, but the distraction we require?"

Quick Switch
2002-09-26, 04:14 PM
Delibarata nodded.

"Indeed, the Imperial Magistrate has ordered to me to bring to you the first of our inventor's creations..."

The Alligatorcons removed from their subspace pockets ten boxes, and held them out to the aristocrat.

"Each of these boxes contains a tiny Techo-Organic. They are in their larval stage, as they were built shortly before I left for Cybertron. Place them in the main power grids of Cybertron, and eventually they will leech all power away from Iacon, Darkmount, or any of the large transformer cities..."

The Alligatorcons opened the tops of the boxes, displaying the small writhing creatures inside.

"We have a neutralization device installed wherein once the Techno-Organics have completed the draining of power, a shut down command is installed in their brains. They will not run rampant as before. However, they will require that one of your warriors place them in the strategic places mentioned, for my forces are too inconspicious."


Dirge nodded.

"Looks like they're here. Let's leave Thunderwing to deal with them."

2002-09-26, 04:51 PM
"I don't know about the rest of you guys", Ramjet said. "But I think that these stupid Quints are just gonna use us to get what they want. It worked before."

Ramjet, Darkwing and Dreadwind raised their guns at Deliberata.

"I say we nuke this guy and his little friends."

Thrust glanced at Dirge.

"Told ya", he said.

Quick Switch
2002-09-26, 10:18 PM
Delibarata looked as the Seekers raised their weapons.

The ten Sharkticons snarled and brandished their tail maces, forming a wall around Delibarata.

Dirge put out a hand.

"Come on! Now is not the time for this!"

Delibarata's prominent face frowned.

"Control your warriors, Thunderwing, or this bargain is null and void!"

StoneCold Skywarp
2002-09-27, 07:46 PM
Sixshot walked behind Ramjet, Darkwing and Dreadwind and coughed slightly, deliberatly, just so they knew he was there...

"What's the plan..."

2002-09-28, 03:40 AM
The three jets turned, and seeing Sixshot, lowered their guns...reluctantly.

Apeface, along with Snapdragon, watched from nearby. The monkey chuckled.

"Ha! Ramjet and cronies got told", he said.

"Don't push it, monkey boy", Ramjet said. "I killed you before."

"Um...", Thrust said. "Actually...I think the bugs did that.

Ramjet glowered at Thrust.

2002-09-28, 07:58 PM
Annoyed by Ramjet's comment towards Apeface, Snapdragon's optics flashed as his gaze focused on Ramjet who stood about head shorter than the two Horrorcons.

"Want a rematch conehead..." A low growl escaped Snapdragon's vocal unit. "I am sure Apeface would like to pay you some dues."

2002-09-29, 01:49 AM
Apeface chuckled at Snapdradgon's comment.

"Try it, monkey", Ramjet said. "And I'll splatter your brains across the room."

Thrust glowered. "I think you guys are being stupid. We have more important things to worry about."

"Like who?", Dreadwind asked.

"Like them", Thrust said, pointing back to Deliberata and the others.

"Bah!", Apeface said. "Stupid Quints get splattered worse than dumb conehead."

Quick Switch
2002-10-01, 11:30 PM
Dirge simply crossed his arms and waited...

"I believe you warrior has a point- can we get on to business?" Judge Delibarata growled. The Sharkticons and Alligatorcons growled at the actions of the restless Decepticons.

2002-10-04, 12:09 AM
Thunderwing: "Need I remind you buffons that it was I that brought you back from the dead and that I can return you there just as easily?"

Shaking his head Thunderwing took his commlink: "I know you are out there...War Cons...rally to these coordinants."

Thunderwing looked at the Quint.

Thunderwing: "All is as you have promised...and soon the planet will be yours as agreed...unleash the distraction...Decepticons...aboard the transport...Galvatron awaits!"

Quick Switch
2002-10-04, 12:53 AM
Delibarata nodded, and the Alligatorcons simply dumped the Techno-Organic larvae on the ground...and the ten metallic grub worms wriggled their way towards Darkmount and Iacon...

Dirge smirked.

"This will be a wonderful surprise for the Autobots and Decepticons."

"That is the intention..." Delibarata nodded again...but inwardly blanched when Thunderwing mentioned Galvatron.

It's been years. Surely...Galvatron has forgotten about the previous incident?

The Alligatorcons and Sharkticons tramped up the ramp.

"I'll hold you to your word, Thunderwing." Delibarata floated up the ramp, boarded and settled on the Captain's dais.

Dirge shrugged, and clanked up the ramp, and found a seat.

2002-10-05, 03:35 AM
Ramjet, Thrust, Darkwing and Dreadwind boarded the ship.

Apeface, however, remained behind with Snapdragon.

"Ummm...what you think we do?", he asked his Horrorcon buddy.

2002-10-06, 11:40 AM
Snapdragon glanced after the coneheads. "I suppose we should go as well..."

"Thunderwing might not like us just sitting around." He added with a chuckle and left after the others.

WarCon Apocalypse
2002-10-06, 01:47 PM
OOC: sorry Gavatron91, I would have responded sooner but I had no idea that you considered me part of the RPG already. I thought i was going to have to do an Entrance, But I think I will do this as I just cant have them appear out of nowhere as if they were always there.

A twinge of surprise caught hold of Tempests logic sensors on the WarCons ship base "Wrath", They had just breeched the portal to this dimension not even 1 earth hour ago and yet someone knew of them already. He wondered how that was possible, And further more how this would affect the Mission that the C.E.O of Future-Tech gave them. They were to observe and find out what they could about these Transformers, And to keep the BattleCons in line and away from the Decepticon hordes that their enemies the Black Talon had created. Tempest quicly dismissed these thoughts and turned to alert Apocalypse, Apocalypse sat on the Captains chair his arms crossed and his head hanging with his Optic sensors closed.

Apocalypse was remembering his fights with the Black Talon Decepticons, he remembered how Galvatron nearly extinguished his functions in one attack. He also remembered his battles with the Black Talons Gestaults, Predaking, Abominus,Black Hawk and the Dreadnought. Every action he and his WarCons took buzzed through his head and through the tactical simulater he had within him, However his thoughts were to be interupted by Tempest. Slowly the giant Decepticon opened his optic sensors, his face plated face displaying a cold, stern but willing to listen aknowledgement of Tempests calls to him.

Apocalypse: What is it that you want Tempest?

Tempest: SIR! we are recieving a message from this being known as ThunderWing, He somehow knows of us and is commanding to head to these cooridnates contained within his message. What shall we do?


Apocalypse: Fury calm yourself!, Tempest if one such being can already know of our exsistence and presence then logicaly we should do as he says as we know nothing of this ThunderWing. We shall go, But cloak the ship. We do not want anymore wild cards appearing.

Tempest: As you command Apocalypse!

The Ship Cloaked as its engines started up for travel to the cooridinates, within seconds the thrusters activated and the "Wrath" was under way.

2002-10-07, 02:12 AM
Apeface grunted, and followed Snapdragon onboard.

2002-10-07, 04:46 AM
and blasted deep into space making its warp jump similar to Skywarps capabilities.

Thunderwing: "For the rest of the universe it would appear that astrohours have passed yet for us it has been mere clicks...it seems out Quint partners have certainly lived up to this part of the bargain."

Thunderwings eyes lit up as the scanners showed the prize they sought.

Thunderwing: "there it is...the tomb of Galvatron...set us down immediately."

The ship landed and the crew disembarked. Thunderwing quickly moved, as if guided to the heart of the asteroid tomb. Winding through the maze he came to the point he sought.

Thunderwing: "Galvatron..."

There before his eyes rested the battered body of the former leader of all the Decepticons. A smile went across the face of Thunderwing...

Thunderwing: "From the ashes of a once great Decepticon the future shall arise...and I shall be the one to guide that future."

With that said, Thunderwing drove his fist deep into the cracked chest of Galvatron. Violently, he tore the Chaos Matrix from deep with in. Thunderwing looked down at the matrix as its black core gave off an eerie glow.

Thunderwing: "The demise of the Autobots...here in the palm of my hand. Thank you Galvatron...I will complete the tasks you were unable to...you shall be avenged...your dreams realized."

With that said...Thuderwing held the matrix over his head allowing some of its energies to seep out. Before he focused and opened it the slightest bit allowing more to escape. Then he smirked again and placed it deep within his chest.

Thunderwing: "All are one indeed...when we are finished there will be only one...the Decepticon Order!"

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