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2002-09-27, 02:45 PM
OOC I might end up mentioning people who are currently in play now mainly Pointblank and a possibly a few other guys, don't worry as this is a story from way back in my guys history.

Hatemonger continued to talk to Teratron but decided to tell him of his past actions for the sake of discussion and getting some of the odd arua of his own past out of the way.

"As you know I seved as a major strike commander before, basically what I would do for the Decepticons is commander my armies to take over planets for their resources for the Decepticon Empire at least before the choas on Earth began.

"It was quite amusing how many planets fell to only eleven warriors: The Aerialcons, Stealth, myself and the three warriors I am going to discuss bringing into the army, the Iron Wolves, three Decepticon super soilders, who fought as possibly the most amazing sheer combat group I have ever seen. But this story is about what happened to them and myself on one planet Xylon 5."


"Cybertronian commander Shockwave, this is commander Hatemonger. We have began a mission on Xylon 5, recommend sending a squad to begin ravaging this planet for it's resources within 24 cycles." Hatemonger said smiling as he looked over the lush rainforest of Xylon 5.

"This mission is going to be a snap." Stealth smiled swinging one of his energon daggers in the air and holding one of his pistols in the other.

"I argee with you Stealth everything here will burn burn burn!" Firebomb laughed.

"I agree we can tear this place up like tin foil." Rain smiled.

All of the Aerialcons seemed more than happy to have another mission where they were able to blow everything up. '

The Iron Wolves on the other hand were their stoic selves.

"Just tell me where to shoot Hatemonger and I will bring the reistance down." Deadshot said his sniper rifle shining in the sunlight of Xylon 5.

"Slag that just tell me where they are and I will mow right over them. I will pave the forest with the Xylonians smoking corpses!" Mowdown was always the energetic one of the group.

"Hatemonger whatever your plan is tell us and we will destory all." Sixblade said standing tall with his arms crossed.

"Yes." Hatemonger said to everyone. "We will attack soon enough but something seems odd about this mission, there has been little fight by the Xylonians so far. We must be careful." Hatemonger looked at a map and planned his attack.

2002-09-29, 12:08 AM
Hatemonger looked at the assembled troops.

"We strike here." Hatemonger said pointing at a map.

"The Xylonians only have one city their capital once, that falls everything falls, all that remains after taking their capital is several tribes and the like. Easy kills once we wipe out their capital city." Hatemonger said.

"Ok so what is the plan." Sixblade said.

"The Aerialcons, Stealth and Myself will come in from the front of the city. You three will all attack from the rear, I think your methods will be fine on this mission." Hatemonger smiled as Sixblade and Deadshot nodded Mowdown of course spoke up.

"Just let me in there and I will tear the city down myself the one bot wrecking crew!!" Mowdown cheered as Hatemonger looked at him.

"Yes Mowdown, you have my permission to wipe out whatever you want when we attack the city." Hatemonger laughed, Mowdown's attitute was usally enjoyable.

"Anyway ready yourselves and move out!" Hatemonger yelled as the Aerialcons transformed, along with Stealth, Sixblade, Deadshot and Mowdown.

The group left their base as Hatemonger flew ahead of them.

"For the glory of the Decpticons!" He yelled as they tore across the landscape.


At Xylon 5's capital city of Xylonia.

A large platoon of Autobots stood in the city readying their weapons.

"It looks like the Decepticons have left their base." Sureshot said looking at a radar screen.

"I figured they would leave soon." Pointblank said readying his weapons.

"We are all here to stop these Decepticons from raiding any more planets, remember take no prisoners kill anything thats not Autobot and from this planet." Pointblank told the rest of the Autobots there.

"No problem." Crosshairs said cocking his blaster.

The triggerbots were all loading ammo into their guns.

"You know we are gonna slag these guys." Override smiled.

Whirl, Twintwist, Topspin and several other Autobots could be seen getting ready along with several other unknown Autobots.

"Everyone get ready and get to your defensive postions." Pointblank yelled.

"Good luck and happy hunting." He said running to street level of the city.

2002-10-02, 02:39 PM
It was another wonderful day at Xylon 5's capital city of Xylonina, the sun was shining, the sky was blue the air was warm yet crisp and Autobots were marching with the Xylonians military forces getting ready for Decepticon strike.

The rush of an Autobot starship could be heard as it landed and several autobots rushed out of it to Pointblank.

The Autobot Landfill rushed to Pointblank first and gave him the rundown on who had arrived.

"Autobots: Landfill, Scoop, Quickmix, Chase, Rollbar, Freeway, Searchlight, Wideload, Slapdash and Joyride reporting for action!" Landfill yelled over the din of a large number of Xylonian heavy tanks.

"Excellent, I assume you were all briefed on the purpose of this battle, go and help reinforce some defensive postitions." Pointblank yelled back looking towards the sky.

"Something seems wrong, almost too quiet, we know the Decepticons left their base of operations where the slag are they?" He worried and his question was answered...


The Decepticon know as Deadshot stood on a hill outside of the city, silently he drew his massive sniper rifle and loaded a clip of ammuntion into it. He smiled, this was what he did best, killing before anyone would have a chance to even react. He looked down his scope and was shocked by what he saw.

"Autobots!? They are not suppose to be here." He growled and got onto his com-link to Hatemonger.

"Hatemonger there is a problem here, there seems to be a rather large number of Autobots, in fact I think they outnumber us at least anywhere from 4 to 8 on one." He said no fear in his voice, the more Autobots meant more targets for him.

Hatemonger heard the transmission.
"Then we will just need to make use of the advantage of surprise won't we. Dead Shot fire the first shot then we will strike!" Hatemonger said giving a signal for the Aerialcons to transformer into their jet modes and bomb the city. Stealth cocked his plasma pistols and turned invisable.

"You got it. Deadshot out." When he stopped Sixblade came on to his com-link.

"We have our orders when you fire Mowdown and myself will go in and attack. Cover us from your position." Sixblade nodded to Mowdown and they transformed ready to strike as well.

"No problem, one shot one down." Deadshot smiled and turned on his camoflauge and readied a special round he like to use to strike fear into other Autobots, an explosive bullet that was also filled with a highly corrosive acid, it was a sick weapon for a sick mind usally bringing down the first target in a sicking melting writhing mess if they were unlucky enough to still be alive after being shot.

Deadshot took a deep breath and sighed in on his target any Autobot in combat that was in nothing but bright orange was begging Deadshot to put him out of their misery.

He slowly exhaled and pulled the trigger.


The Autobots were still near Pointblank when he was wondering when the Decpeticons were going to stike he got his answer.

"Come on throttlebots let's move." Chase said to the group of Autobots, just as a round tore into Wideload.

The shot was perfect, the round nailed Wideload directly in the chest before exploding and spraying acid into the wound and all over the Throttlebots unlucky enough to be near him.

Wideload let out a sicking choking gargle as the explosive tore into him and the acid ate into his internal sturctures.

"Man down!" Chase yelled.

"We are under attack!" Rollbar yelled.

Searchlight was screaming in pain as he was the unlucky soul next to Wideload as the round impacted spraying the acid all over him and Wideload.

"We need a medic over here!" Freeway said trying to tend to Wideload but realising he could not touch him with the amount of acid over his body and the wound.

Pointblank watched the carnage begin to unfold almost in slow motion.

"Sound the alarm!" Crosshairs said trying to fire his weapon in the direction of the sniper.

Right as the siren screamed across the city six fighter jets screamed over the city.

"Hit them hard Aerialcons, level everything." Skyblade said firing his megacannons into a group of Xylonian soilders, their bodies exploding into a pink goo.

"No problem!" Firebomb said bombing a number of buildings luaghing the entire way.

"You strike the city we will deal with any aerial resistance." Fearmaker said as himself and Sonicforce fired at the Xylonian airforce, their pilots no match for the Decepticon jets.

*something odd happened on the PC I was on ealier toda I will update this sooner than later I hope :) *

2002-10-04, 11:10 PM
The Aerialcons began their strike all over the city and air when Mowdown and Sixblade ran in through the rear of the city.

"YEEEEEEE HAAAAAA!" Mowdown screamed firing rounds through several soilders and tanks gaurding the rear of the city.

Sixblade said nothing and tore through several Autobots, his blades cutting through them.

"Let's wipe this place out." Sixblade said swinging his blades through another group of warriors and vechicles.

"No problem with that!" Mowdown cheered firing all over the city.


Hatemonger and Stealth began their attack from the front of the city.

"Guard the front walls!" a Xylonian general barked to a group of soilders.

"Wait, whats arrrggghhh!!!" a massive blast of energy tore through the wall and the soilders.

"Heh, foolish flesh beings." Hatemonger growled stepping into the city and on the corpses of the soilders.

"Wow even with all the Autobots here, this battle is easy!" Stealth laughed shooting at several tanks and cannons and Autobot soilders milling about.

"Be careful anyway, I feel there is something else up here. Not to mention for every Autobot we wound or kill a medic picks them up and three more replace them. Something else is up here." Hatemonger said firing.


"Ok Throttlebots, let's take this clown out!" Freeway said raising his gun at Sixblade. Himself and the other none wounded Throttlebots circled the Decepticon ninja.

Sixblade just smiled as he watched Searchlight get shot in the head.

Deadshot smiled, his rifle smoking as he reloaded the gun.

"You can thank me later Sixblade." He laughed loading another clip into the rifle.

Sixblade smiled the last three Autobots seemed to have forgotten about Sixblade.

"Fools you may have guns, but my blades are all I need." Sixblade smiled and ran forward bringing a sword up and across the midsection of Freeway he then swung around and slashed Rollbar in the back and then brought up his other blade slicing Chase.

"Maybe next time you whelps will know how to fight." Sixblade smiled sheaving his sword as Freeway's body fell into two pieces, Rollbar feel apart and Chase's head feel to the ground.


"This is nuts!" Slapdash said to Joyride and Getaway while the two jumpstarters Twintwist and Topspin were also helping them try to attack the rolling armory called Mowdown.

"Come on out Autobots, I got more guns than your whole platoon!" Mowdown smiled firing a massive amount of energy at the Autobots.

Crosshairs turned to Pointblank seeing the carnage around him.

"Pointblank this battle is not going well even with the Xylonians, we are getting our waste disposals kicked." Crosshairs said.

"I had hoped we would not need to do this because this city will be destoryed but at least we can help the Xylonians rebuild." Pointblank said as he yelled.

"Guardianbots transform and attack!" He screamed as the building in the city began to shudder and crumble and an army of Guardianbots stood ready.

2002-10-05, 06:04 PM
"Oh slag!" Mowdown screamed as a guardian robot stepped in front of him pointing it's cannon right at his path.

Mowdown quickly started to back away, luckly the guardian robot was incredably slow otherwise Mowdown would have been easy waste for the massive robot.

Hatemonger looked at the battlefield.

"This is not good the trap suddenly springs." Hatemonger looked at Stealth who was engaged in his own firefight with a slew of Autobots on Xylonians.

Hatemonger got onto his com-link.

"This mission is a failure, no fualt of anyone but myself I didn't know anything about this trap." Hatemonger sighed.

"Steel Wolves, Stealth and Aerialcons prepare for retreat." Hatemonger said as a guardian robot was getting ready to smash him when suddenly a shell tore into this glass covered head and blew it clean off the body fell backwards and made the ground shudder as it fell.

"No Hatemonger." Sixblade called back.

"Get yourself, Stealth and the Aerialcons out of here, we will back up your escape then get out of here ourselves." Sixblade told him.

"What? No we will all retreat together." Hatemonger said.

"NO go, get your selves out of here, if we fall here, we will fall with honor, you have a great position in our empire, so it is imparative that you leave at once!" Sixblade said as he fought along side Mowdown, with Deadshot killing targets from a diastance.

"Ok, then meet us at this point." Hatemonger said then turned to Stealth.

"We leave now! Aerialcons, give us some cover fire here now!" Hatemonger screamed as the six fighter jet's screamed overhead shelling targets around them. Hatemonger himself ran and flew below the fighters with Stealth racing in car mode along the ground.

That was the last Hatemonger saw of the battlefield as he retreated with his comrades.


Later in cave.

"Man that suckor!" Stealth sighed reapairing several wounds on his body.

"Hey at least we made it out of their alive!" Firebomb laughed only to be smashed by Hatemonger.

"We did not all get out alive. The Iron Wolves gave their sparks so we could retreat. Remember that you ungrateful dolt." Hatemonger yelled when everyone froze at the sound of footsteps outside.

"What?" Hatemonger said running to the three Decepticons that met at the meeting point.

The Iron Wolves had survived, but barely, Deadshot crumbled infront of Hatemonger holes riddled his frame. Mowdown fell down and laid still smoke, sparks and flames poured out of his armour. Sixblade fell to his knees holding a severed arm in one hand his armour smashed, a large part of his face plate missing.

"I told you we would survive old friend." Sixblade said as he explained what had happened. The Autobots were able to regroup their forces once Hatemonger and his other men had left, with that they swarmed the three Decepticons, Deadshot's location was found and he was attacked there Mowdown and Sixblade were raided in the city. But they survived, they were able to retreat until they were able to run, and leave the ruined capital city behind. They may not have won the planet but in their minds they sure as the inferno won that battle by tearing apart the capital city.

Sixblade finished talking and fell himself. Hatemonger quickly gathered the three warriors and returned to a starship and with the Aerialcons quickly place the three soilders in stasis before returning to Cybertron.


Over the Enos the Iron Wolves stood in their three chambers, but they are not the same Iron Wolves that fought so valantly before. Over time they were rebuilt and remade, their bodies stronger and faster than ever their minds still the same but with more knowledge more skill. Soon they would be reawakened, very soon.