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Clay 2014-06-24 12:31 AM

Warbotron not-Brawl is already out in the wild, and here are some pictures of the production version of not-Swindle.

Moving right along, it seems.

Denyer 2014-06-24 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by Knightdramon (Post 740261)
Mindwipe does not look so great, but to be honest none of the other FX bots looked good at first to me, then I saw them transform and liked them a lot.

Better pics. Liking him more.

Clay 2014-06-24 09:52 PM

Quantron preorders are up at BBTS and TFSource.

Unicron 2014-06-25 12:55 AM

Haven't seen anyone mention it yet in here so I have to ask, why on earth does this exist?

Maybe I'm stupid (highly likely and that's unrelated to this) but I just don't see the point to what is basically a $400 third party Metroplex when the recent Generations one can still be had for a lot less.

Warcry 2014-06-25 01:33 AM

Judging by the proportions, this is aimed at the five people who threw a hissy-fit because Generations Metroplex wasn't based on the hideous, bulky FoC design.

(To the designers' credit, if that is the look they were going for they've improved on the source material.)

Knightdramon 2014-06-25 06:19 AM

Because it's maketoys.

They're very good [judging from what they pump out on their own] and somewhat recently released this toy catalogue which pretty much said they'll go on and do their own toyline.

Said toyline is based on characters from an official franchise, nevertheless, but they seemed adamant about going on with it :lol:

Pretty much every thread I've seen about metroplex now [hasbro] mentions very loose ratchet knees--this one is said to fix on such issues and have much better quality on the joints.

Maketoys does have a gift---if they're producing [or are very close to producing] 3 characters I don't give a damn about [Devastator, Computron, Metroplex] and making me consider dropping 300+ USD on each of them, then it means they're good ;)

Thunderwave 2014-06-25 01:39 PM


Originally Posted by Unicron (Post 740352)
Haven't seen anyone mention it yet in here so I have to ask, why on earth does this exist?

Maybe I'm stupid (highly likely and that's unrelated to this) but I just don't see the point to what is basically a $400 third party Metroplex when the recent Generations one can still be had for a lot less.

Because, to be blunt, in a lot of ways that one is better. The Hasbro Metroplex has a number of issues. If it wasn't $400 I'd consider it as a replacement. Anything over about $150 and it starts really, significantly cutting into my other hobbies.

inflatable dalek 2014-06-25 03:09 PM

For three times as much I should bloomin' well hope it's better. For that sort of money I'd at least expect to be felated by it.

Denyer 2014-06-25 05:59 PM

Consider picking up the UniqueToys head set for the Hasbro/Takara one instead, it makes a huge difference IMO. Larger, better proportions, bigger antennae. Also comes with some extra small weapons.

Denyer 2014-06-29 02:24 PM

In for Quantron. And the more in-hand pics of Scoria surface the more I'm liking the red deco Canadian Slag style; it'll look fine next to a toy colours Soar.

Correction to an earlier statement -- Omegalock aren't coming to AutoAssembly as a dealer, just as fans. They're sponsoring something at the event.

Knightdramon 2014-06-30 07:01 PM

Still weighing the options for Computron.

Giant [Devastator] seems solid altogether, and is available years later at a discount at kapow.

Maybe Computron will follow suit.

Maketoys Guardian [Defensor] though...that's pre-preordered :lol:

Osku 2014-07-05 10:08 AM


Originally Posted by Denyer (Post 740342)
Better pics. Liking him more.

I finally managed to get my Weirwolf and I'm pleased. Bought it from Kapow toys clearance (thanks for the tip).

Mindwipe is definitely on my watch list now. Wouldn't mind a Fangry retool either.


IIRC people were recommending Unique Toys Mania King (Galvatron). This new release seems to be the version to get, yes?

Denyer 2014-07-05 11:12 AM

Both look pretty good. Mostly toned down purple and metallic orange on the cannon. If I was particularly a fan of the sculpt / character, I'd probably try to pick up a V1 whilst/if people were selling them on.



Clay 2014-07-05 03:14 PM

Have the first iteration and am happy with it. Never understood the wailing and gnashing of teeth that accompanied the first release's color set.

I will say that Unique Toys did an absolutely excellent job getting Galvatron's cartoon model to turn into his alternate mode. Didn't really consider it the best candidate to be translated into toy form, but sure enough, they did it.

Ryan F 2014-07-05 03:16 PM

Another big difference is the shade of grey used on V1, which was far too white for my liking, and the reason I originally held off buying the figure.

Denyer 2014-07-09 06:43 PM

Other than missing the headlamp, which I've mailed Transbridge/Omegalock about (came like that in sealed packaging) "not Cy-Kill" has come out really well; the guns can mount on the shoulders and wheels attach to the thighs.

Box artwork's surprisingly nifty and a bit art deco.

Clay 2014-07-10 12:29 AM

Got Warbot Ron not-Brawl yesterday: he's nifty! And for as many tank robots as have been made, I think this is the first that actually features the turret barrel as a hand-held weapon for the robot. All others just have them hanging off the back or over the shoulder.

Tantrum 2014-07-10 01:28 AM

G1 Quake could use his turret as a pistol. Of course, that's assuming you didn't lose the turret after putting his purple targetmaster in its place. I still have my turret, but lost the black targetmaster.

Clay 2014-07-10 01:40 AM

Ah yes, Quake! So... that's two?

Tantrum 2014-07-10 02:46 AM

I just remembered Generations Skullgrin (and whoever he was remolded from), though that's using the turret as the handle for a melee weapon rather than as the turret for a gun.

There's also a Generations Megatron, the one that came in a two-pack with a horrible Optimus, whose turret becomes an arm-mounted cannon (without detaching). That's not quite a hand-held weapon, but he doesn't actually have a hand on that arm. This figure has sitting on my computer as I typed this, as well as the Quake post, yet I didn't think of him until now.

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