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inflatable dalek 2017-11-09 09:21 AM

As a heads up, this week (a day early as I'm away over the weekend) I hit the start of the Irwin Spoon saga, and thus the end of the original British stories. Expect all sorts of crazy stuff to tie into this over the next three weeks. Assuming I think of anything. It'll probably be twitter memes, but they're exciting, right?

I've already changed my twitter handle to Irwin Spoon in tribute. I don't know how people change them on a regular basis for things like Halloween, it's only been ten minutes and I already don't know who I am any more.

Ryan F 2017-11-09 01:10 PM

Me: I won first prize in a hesitant Transformers journalist cutlery competition!
Person 2: Er... win spoon?
Me: No, it was Joy Meadows.

inflatable dalek 2017-12-01 08:46 PM

And it's the now traditional (except when I don't do it) Christmas Quiz!

And as it may well be the last one, I've some good prizes of a signed Lost Light trade, a Combat Colin collected comic and Transformation Volume 2. So get thinking!

As is also tradition, Auntie Slag will tell me off for it being too hard ;)

Tetsuro 2017-12-01 11:31 PM

Fiendish of you to make one of the questions about the most forgettable story in the comic that nobody wants to re-read to find the answer for.

inflatable dalek 2017-12-02 12:45 AM

I don't know the answer.

Skyquake87 2017-12-03 01:26 PM

Ooh them's some good questions! I'll put my best thinking brains on and have a goat that.

inflatable dalek 2018-02-02 08:06 PM

And issue 300 is coming next week! So expect a lot of silliness and an announcement about the future.

inflatable dalek 2018-02-03 10:16 AM

And the first of my daily countdown to 300!

inflatable dalek 2018-02-04 08:51 PM

Day 2:

inflatable dalek 2018-02-05 07:24 PM

Day 3!:

inflatable dalek 2018-02-06 08:38 AM

Day 4!

inflatable dalek 2018-02-07 08:54 AM

Day 5!

inflatable dalek 2018-02-08 07:41 AM

Day 6!

inflatable dalek 2018-02-09 05:15 PM

So here we go then ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls:

ISSUE 300!

Plus, as sadly my original plan fell through when I discovered the How It All Began Turtles video was no longer on YouTube, an Addendum on that video favourite, The Girl Who Loved Powerglide.

Red Dave Prime 2018-02-09 10:38 PM

Well done Dalek, it's quite a body of work. Must get a copy of volume 2, Volume 1 has been well thumbed and gets a regular read. Keep it up!

inflatable dalek 2018-02-09 10:58 PM

I always keep it up.

Red Dave Prime 2018-02-09 11:03 PM

Skyquake87 2018-02-11 08:16 PM

I liked the countdown thingies :) Wow. Can't believe we're in the home stretch of the UK comic. I've really enjoyed the blog and am glad you'll be picking up on the other UK comics :)

inflatable dalek 2018-09-15 05:06 PM

Six days.

inflatable dalek 2018-09-16 04:41 PM

Five days:

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