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Denyer 2002-01-19 04:31 AM

Dreamwave Comics message-board...
...can be found here:

Although the sections which probably concern us are the general TF forum (which has questions & answers by the Dreamwave artists and writers):

...and the TF comic book forum (news of release dates and discussion of content):

It's probably the best source for upcoming TF comics news! :cool:

Blaster_86 2002-01-19 06:01 AM

Thanks to moonbaseone's site I'm already part of ir :D

Sixswitch 2002-01-19 10:55 AM

Where will we be able to get them in the UK? And how much will they cost me?

Skycat 2002-01-19 11:37 AM

*wonders if these comics will be coming out in Australia at all, and how much they'll be if so...*

Halfshell 2002-01-19 11:37 AM

Ah, yet another forum for Transfans to bicker at... ;)

Sixswitch - are doing the comics for us lowly Brits.

Sixswitch 2002-01-19 02:01 PM

So, to get this straight.

Each issue is gonna cost 2.08, not including postage?

Or have I got the total wrong end of it?


Quickswitch6 2002-01-19 03:26 PM

Each issue is indeed 2.08 each. I just ordered one 'bot cover and one 'Issue 0':)

Sixswitch 2002-01-19 03:31 PM

Out of interest, will we be able to get the comic at newsagents or comic shops?


Denyer 2002-01-19 07:58 PM

Put it this way...
I've never seen Dreamwave merchandise in any comic shop, although they are a relatively new venture... never seen many Image comics, either.

Jetfire 2002-01-20 12:07 AM

Most London comic shops I imagine will sell it eg forbidden planet.

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