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(W)underBoy 2004-04-26 02:09 PM

Dino Gestalt
A litlle fuzy pic, but i think you get the idea! It's supposed to be a gestalt of the 5 original dinobots. I think its a constum built, but wouldn't it be sweet if Hasbro or Takara would ever build it.
pic can be found here

ESKiM0J03 2004-04-26 02:16 PM

not news

Arcee 2004-04-26 02:42 PM

It is a kitbash. There was never an official "Dinoking" (or whatever the gestalt would have been called, though it certainly would have been sweet. *dreamy eyes*

*waits for mod to move this to Toys*

On a site note, how the eff did you get a pic hosted on Geos***ties to show up?

Denyer 2004-04-26 03:06 PM

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Actually, Dinoking is the combined name of Dino Force, the Japanese versions of the pretender monsters (with different shells) ...released in 1989:

And no, this isn't news.

The GC site has exceeeded its bandwidth, but the pic attached below may be of a different Dinobot kitbash...

ESKiM0J03 2004-04-26 05:47 PM

yea thats a different one Denyer and also DinoKing is aka as Monstructor to most people same guy diff colors

Denyer 2004-04-26 06:02 PM

Mmm... hence the 'pretender monsters' bit...

Dinoking has the least offensive colour scheme, but they're both quite short for gestalts and the pretender shells are basically balls of rubberised plastic.

ESKiM0J03 2004-04-27 01:30 AM

not to mention he is kinda pricey well from what ive seen anyway...could always go with the KO thats out there

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