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Nevermore 2004-05-23 01:17 AM

One of the weirdest chapters in TF history: Mexican toys in Europe.
I hope some of you can help me out on that... I think most of you already know that Mexico got some really odd variations of the Transformers toys we all know. Mexican police Prowl comes to mind, or purple nose Skywarp, or blue Cliffjumper, or Gears in maroon pseudo-"Swerve" colors or "Puffer" (Huffer in pseudo-Pipes colors) or Brawn in Outback colors...

Well, thing is, some of these guys (and lots of other non-variations) were also released in parts of Europe in 1989/90 (which is several years after their Mexican release).

I know that because:
a) I remember that all of my Constructicons, my Blitzwing and my Skywarp had cards by the Mexican company IGA and with Spanish/English text
b) I still own the "purple nose" Skywarp
c) a former classmate of mine still owns the blue Cliffjuper and "Swears"
d) My Skywarp, my Constructicons, my Blitzwing, the Bumblebee I got from said former classmate and a second Bumblebee I bought from eBay Holland all have partially "blanked" copyright markings (it's the place of manufacturing that's blanked in all cases).

So it's a safe bet to say that the Mexican 1984-1986 toys were released in their Mexican packaging in either 1989 or 1990 at least in Germany and the Netherlands. Maybe other European Archivers can help me out? I won't even try to get any answers in the German Transformers "scene" since those hacks could never get off their @$$es (no offense to my fellow Germans registered here - the fact that you signed up at the Archive proves that you are NOT really part of the sad joke that considers itself the German Transfandom), but I'm sure the German, Dutch and maybe other European fans that read this might check their old toys to see a) whether they have partially "blocked" copyright markings, b) whether they are some obscure color variations or c) amybe they even remember buying them in Mexican packaging?

And the biggest question would be, of course: Why exactly were Mexican toys that were several years old suddenly mass-released across Europe? Major overstock? I mean, we're not even talking about repackaging. They were still in their original Mexican boxes/cards. Really weird.

Cliffjumper 2004-05-23 01:34 AM

Probably just because they were around, to be honest. Especially considering at the time Europe had the Classics range.

I got a Mexican Starscream off someone over here who said they got it from a clearance store at about the same time as the Classic Heroes... Around that time I remember a few people in school and the like getting "new" Transformers that on later research weren't part of the Classic line, though whether they were Mexican or just on shelves for 6 years [not facetious - there were a couple of independent toyshops near me with about 10 customers - if all ten of us had/didn't want, say, Ramjet, he stayed on the shelf...].

Nevermore 2004-05-23 01:46 AM

As far as I remember, the Mexican ones preceeded the "Classics" line at least by a few months.

Aside from that, an actuall mass-release of Mexican leftovers across several European countries would mean they did sell pretty poor in Mexico!

Cliffjumper 2004-05-23 02:35 AM

Well, according to Morg, they really did.

Without wanting to slip into wild stereotyping, would Mexican kids have had enough to actually go out and collect Transformers? In the relative scheme of things I remember over here back in the day that an Autobot car was an expensive toy [we're talking one on your birthday, one at Xmas kinda thing]... I think I only had three or four new.

Thankfully, car boot sales were great for the stuff back then.

Osku 2004-05-23 04:00 PM

Is this any information welcome thread? In that case...

I donīt remember Finland having leftovers from Mexico. We did get classic heroes etc. though. That propably goes for the rest of the Nordic Europe as well. But thatīs just my memories. If you want I can cut&paste your question on NTFA?

I think one of our Polish members mentioned that their country got wave of old toys in the beginning of 90īs. Possibly same toys?

Nevermore 2004-05-23 04:08 PM

Feel free to cut & paste the question, please just keep me informed about any helpful answers. :)

bluekatt 2004-05-23 06:03 PM

i rather like the black mexican prowl
i live in the netherlands i had the mexican gears in swerve colors but i cant tel you anything more about the toy it has been years ago and the toy it self has long since desintegrated

Nevermore 2004-05-23 07:19 PM

According to KillerMel from Iaconhub, the Mexican stuff was also available in Spain, Italy, Romania and Austria from 1988-1992. The reason for this was allegedly, as presumed, a huge overstock in the Mexican Market.
And Osku already found me information that that stuff was also available in Scandinavia... Whew.
We're talking about some major overstock here if it was available in more than a dozen different countries...

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