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inflatable dalek 2004-10-14 02:09 PM

Titan Reprints of Black and White Stories For 2005
In one of the Transformers threads over at Outpost Gallfrey Estall has posted a reply to an email he sent to Titan asking if the Movie adaption would be reprinted:

'Thanks for your email and please accept my apologies for taking so long to reply but we have had a change of staff and reader feedback has suffered. There are currently no plans to reprint the Transformers: The Movie material. I’m not entirely sure why but that is the current state of play.

Although we have published the last in our series of books in the large UK format we will be releasing the black and white material (which is, as yet, uncollected) from the Transformers UK comics in smaller ‘manga’ sized books. Although a publication date has not yet been set for the first book it will hopefully be in the first quarter of next year'.

(The original thread can be seen here:

I assume the Manga size has been inspired by Dreamwaves "pocket books" (either that or they've deliberately set out to annoy me by not giving the reprints a uniform size...), but still no word on if they'll be in colour or not.

Ozz 2004-10-14 05:16 PM

To be honest, I'd prefer them left without the colour, just like they were done originally.

But it's good they will be reprinted. Gonna get them all someday.

Now if only they collected early stories, it would be even better.

Osku 2004-10-14 05:57 PM

Addtional information from e-newsletter


The first Titan collection of the rarely seen (outside the UK) Marvel UK
black & white Transformers comic strip material will be "Aspects of Evil"
(collecting the 5-part "Aspects of Evil" story from TF UK #223-227, plus
#251-254, #235-236, #240 and #245-247). All stories are written by Simon Furman and the line-up of artists includes Andrew Wildman, Geoff Senior, Jeff Anderson and Simon Coleby. The collection ? the first of five ? will be published in b&w manga format in May 05. At some point thereafter, a full-sized colour edition with extra features and bonus strip material, will also be available. For details of all Titan?s Transformers collections, visit "

? the first of five ? looks like that, because my email-program couldn't recognize the marks. So, small b&w version, big coloured version. Not bad IMO, but I quess not everyine's going to like the decision.

Ozz 2004-10-14 06:15 PM

Story selection is random as usual, but 5 collections means all stories from issues 215-289. Nifty!

Denyer 2004-10-14 07:43 PM

Not too keen on the format size, but I would rather have black & white than retroactively coloured material.

Let's see, that's...

Aspects of Evil (1-5)
The Void, Edge Of Impact, Shadow Of Evil, White Fire
Deathbringer (1-2)
Out To Lunch
Underworld, Demons, Dawn Of Darkness

That's a pretty sweet first collection. Consider me excited.

inflatable dalek 2004-10-15 10:18 AM

I suspect the colour version won't see light untill 2006, just in time to tie in with the film (if colourings going to be expensive they might as well do it when sales will be highest...)

inflatable dalek 2004-12-15 03:22 PM

Apologies for the bump, but I thought people might like to know that Aspects of Evil is now up for pre-order on Amazon:

It seems it's been pushed back to June, which knowing Titan probably means it won't be out till the end of next year now... :eyebrow:

Cliffjumper 2004-12-16 12:49 AM

Aww, but Aspects of Evil's a steaming pile of ****.

Release Flashback, you wankers! And i'm still waiting for Gina Hart's full-colour Man of Iron!

No, better still, give the license to a company who have a fuking [/Vash Stampede edginess] clue.

inflatable dalek 2004-12-16 02:23 PM


Originally posted by Cliffjumper
Release Flashback, you wankers! And i'm still waiting for Gina Hart's full-colour Man of Iron!

If we all buy 5 copies of each tradepaperback they might relent and release Man of Iron... :\

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