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Nevermore 2004-11-08 05:23 PM

RM-21 = Burning Convoy?
Previously, HobbyLink Japan had listed the robot Masters toy RM-21 as being a re-release of the RM-11 Beast Convoy mold coming together with a DVD (similar to RM-10 G1 Convoy + DVD).

Now, a new listing has surfaced, showing a photoshopped version of Beast Convoy in the colors of BW II Burning Convoy! More details to follow.

UPDATE: He's been confirmed.

For official pics of fully painted RM Star Saber and Victory Leo, see here.

Rookwise 2004-11-08 07:52 PM

Burning Convoy ???

All I get in the link is wierd text :(

Nevermore 2004-11-08 08:31 PM

Why doesn't this **** work?

The link works flawlessly from the posting at 2005... try that.

Rookwise 2004-11-08 08:38 PM

This one

dedicon 2004-11-08 09:41 PM

i swore i wont buy anything from robotmasters but i really really want one!

RID Scourge 2004-11-08 09:45 PM

I have the Beast Convoy, but a red one would be awesome. Depends on the price, though. I got all the ones I have at a heavy discount, afterall (bbts clearance+10% off sale=cha-ching! :)).

Halfshell 2004-11-09 09:33 AM


As such, it would not be illogical to presume the possibility of the "LioConvoy with DVD" release being Burning Convoy's contempory, "Flash" LioConvoy...

Darth Shrapnel 2004-11-09 09:34 AM

If only there was a Majin Zarak toy for Burning Convoy and Flash LioConvoy to fight with.

Nevermore 2004-11-09 11:22 AM

HLJ now also offer prototype pics of RM Lio Convoy.

Note that Lio Convoy was originally listed as RM-20. Currently, HLJ is listing RM-20 as Delta Seeker & Ix Gunner vs Set. Lio Convoy is instead listed as RM-22.

Either way, RM-23 is "Lio Convoy with DVD", so judging from RM-10 G1 Convoy with DVD and RM-21 Burning Convoy with DVD, I assume this is going to be yet another repaint... Maybe Flash Lio Convoy?

Nevermore 2004-11-17 10:19 PM

TFormers just confirmed RM-21 to be Burning Convoy.

ssjautobot 2004-11-18 12:11 AM

i wish they had a pic of a painted lio convoy

Nevermore 2004-12-08 02:14 PM

JRS Toyworld confirms RM-23 to be Flash Lio Convoy.

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