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Nevermore 2004-11-29 05:45 PM

Universe Jawbreaker repaint coming up
Was rumored a while ago... now, here are the first pics:

RID Scourge 2004-11-29 06:10 PM

Nice. I've been wanting to get that mold for a while . . .

Nevermore 2004-12-23 11:50 PM

New pics

B-Maxw 2004-12-24 12:13 AM

The colors could be better, but that's a cool-looking mold! It would have been great to see it in the show.
Such a tragedy the show was cancelled so soon.

:::Adores the BW series:::


Nevermore 2004-12-24 11:48 AM

According to P.Prime, who got hold of the instructions, his name is going to be "Forstbite" (Frostbite?).

Nevermore 2004-12-25 11:26 AM

Proof for "Frostbite", plus NS Cheetor (previously announced by Hasbro) pics:

RID Scourge 2004-12-25 06:02 PM

I'm hoping the Cheetah head looks more like the one posted on the tf website. I like the goldish color moer than the red.

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