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Denyer 2004-12-03 09:58 PM

Furman/Sarracini interview on current DW titles,21,0,0,1,0

Furman has Ben Yee onboard for quality assurance, and Sarracini sounds as if he'll be wrapping up Mick plot threads and moving in his own direction with Lee also in the works on the G1 title fairly soon...

Ultimate Weapon 2004-12-03 10:17 PM

Optimal Optimus! Looks like they are going to skip BM and just continue after Season 3.

Grimlock2983 2004-12-03 11:02 PM

It almost sounds like Furman wants to continue BW post season 3 with the other characters, which is cool, but is he really going to use Grimlock? Wouldn't that cause some continuity issues? Oh well, I'm sure it'll all be explained.

CounterPunch 2004-12-03 11:56 PM

hmmm quite interesting, is BW a mini series or ongoing? if its a mini series i wonder whether or not lee is merely replacing don while done does BW... its strange Furman says that hell try to keep the old fans happy with "continuity nuggets aplenty" yet ive seen more fans who hate these than i have who love them...

and im sorry but is Saccarini seeming a bit egotistical to anyone else? he says that he thinks hes good at controlling human characters, yet the only human characters he did anything with in vol.1 were hallo and spike, hallo was what the "achetypal" (Sp?) evil general who feels "if it aint ours nuke it", and spike was just an angry human, not exactly any defining features to spike.

Denyer 2004-12-04 12:44 AM


Originally posted by CounterPunch
and im sorry but is Saccarini seeming a bit egotistical to anyone else? he says that he thinks hes good at controlling human characters,
Apparently his non-G1 work is much better, though I can't corroborate myself... I think this has probably gone through Dreamwave's press-release filter, considering the other difficulties the company may be having...

Blacknife 2004-12-04 05:57 AM

It wasn't just me then. The interview reads like a very PC "Brad/Patyk SUXXORZ".

CounterPunch 2004-12-04 11:19 AM

some other things ive noticed, Saccarini says how hes not going to tred all over what mick and patyk have done, and that he will tie up all the loose ends and then go into his own direction, i think Saccarinis going to do this in a very bad way, i think hell spend all of two issues summing everything up and leave the rest for ever, the reason i say this is that lets not forget mick completely tred on what Saccarini did in volume 1, youd be a fool to think Saccarini wouldnt want a a small nugget of retribution

Sir Auros 2004-12-04 11:42 AM


Originally posted by Blacknife
It wasn't just me then. The interview reads like a very PC "Brad/Patyk SUXXORZ".
Same here.

I'd love to know all the dirty details about them leaving and all the trouble DW's having. Not out of an distaste for the company (increasingly better comics but irritating self-promotion), but because I'm nosy like that.

I wonder if Furman would be able to get away with this:

Like Chris, I’m aiming to strike a balance between keeping the long-time fans happy (with continuity nuggets aplenty)...
...when Mick's been raked over the coals every time he does something similar.

inflatable dalek 2004-12-04 01:25 PM

It definately reads to me as if more BW is already planed, weather as an ongoing or a annual event like WW I'm not sure...

There's nothing there to really get me excited (especialy the news that Pat Lee will be back on the ongoing), but ti's early days yet...

Sir Auros 2004-12-04 01:37 PM

Lee being involved in the ongoing may not be as horrible as we expect if Sarracini (whom I've always read as "Saccarini" until just this minute) can smack him around and keep him from having creative input in the storytelling.

Neuronutter 2004-12-04 02:14 PM

Bad news?
Well, I don't know if my opinions agree with popular opinion but I am very disheartened to learn that Sarracini will be taking over the G1 ongoing. While I thought that V1 was a nice story, alot of the characterisations were very off, and when Mick took over I felt things moved up a notch. V2 was a superb bit of storytelling with excellent characters, feeling the way most of the G1 characters should! I loved the epic feel of V2 with many of the g1 characters that were never seen together, all in the same story! Wonderful! Then the combination of Mick and Patyk raised the whole thing onto another level. Ongoing 1-6 (mostly just Mick)were great , 7-8 were interesting but 9 and 10 are outstanding! The combination of the whole epic feel combined with Megatron doing what he should always be doing, pulling the rest into line, uniting all his opponents to his cause through force, kinda the exact opposite of Prime, is just wonderful! I also love the little snippits of the movie that they wrote in with Starscream dumping Megatron in space and the shot of Prowl and the others heading back to Earth, just like in the movie, had me thinking oh crap they're all gonna die!

Just when I thought that the ongoing was gonna turn into the best thing I've ever read, the news arrives that Mick and Patyk have left DW! Ouch! And reading the interview with Sarracini just left me thinking that everything is gonna change and his comment of "I definitely want to breathe new life into the series…bring a fresh perspective" left me thinking what was wrong with the old perspective? Is there some grudge here over Mick getting the G1 series??

I am astonished that DW could let what I think is the best TF story I've seen disappear. I hope it turns out better than I am expecting!

Denyer 2004-12-04 06:18 PM


Originally posted by Sir Auros
I wonder if Furman would be able to get away with this:
Well, he's done it in War Within. The difference is that he doesn't attempt to bludgeon people with references...

inflatable dalek 2004-12-04 07:03 PM

Plus, most of the so called "Easter Eggs" in WW are in the art, and therefore probably not in the original script (unless he really wrote "The third charecter on the left should look like the unproduced diaclone triple changer"). Certainly the Ng drawn War Within has less of them than the first one...

Cliffjumper 2004-12-04 07:51 PM

How do we know? With Joe Constipation, you can never tell...

Me? I've never liked it when Furman has done that sort of thing, and it is scattered around War Within ["Dive- er, Swoop" etc.]. And as for Worlds Collide and trading on former glories...

CounterPunch 2004-12-05 12:13 AM

Re: Bad news?

Originally posted by Neuronutter
Is there some grudge here over Mick getting the G1 series??
if there is a grudge then its most likely over the fact that mick broke the unwritten law of writers (dont ignore what came just before)and basically f*cked with what Sarracini had just written (which while not good, and i am happy with mick doing so, this is frowned upon), was the whole daniels eyes thing true? or just something some idiot started...

Cliffjumper 2004-12-05 02:14 AM

Re: Bad news?

Originally posted by Neuronutter
Is there some grudge here over Mick getting the G1 series??

With us? No, not really, although consensus on the board is Vol. 2 was crap, and crap in a different way to Vol. 1. I really can't make my mind up which I preferred as both had huge storytelling problems - and both could have been much better in the hands of a more capable writer [no point naming names here, as I think most writers could have done better with the resources avaliable - i.e. everything which could be included in a G1 comic, plus some imagination], and with a less dictatorial self-styled superstar artist. The first arc of Vol. 3 was pretty decent, but a bit over-rated - I think people were so overjoyed to have something readable they went a little overboard in the praise. Sadly, the subsequent 3 issues [I haven't read #10 yet] to me revealed the limitations of Mick especially - a lack of focus, and having far too many characters he wants to play with.

With DW? No, not with him taking over. The problem with James at DW is that he wanted money, and when they refused to pay him, went to news sources rather than just shutting up. DW are basically putting out whatever positive material on Sarracini they can find [e.g. citing the huge sales of Vol. 1] to deflect from the negative press received over the McDonough/Patyk sackings... I think we're meant to believe that James and Adam were on their way out anyway... O_o

With Chris? Hmm, doubt he's got anything against Mad Brick personally... if I was him I'd be a bit irked about DW, myself - after receiving a lot of criticism over the scripts for Vol. 1, a lot of which may not have been his fault [with him back in at DW, we might not find out what for definite for a while, but there's decent evidence to prove Lee dictated a lot of the content and storyline], he was then confirmed as writer for Vol. 2 [with things like the inital poster, and preview in the Prime Directive TPB easy to see as a vote of confidence], only to be suddenly dropped and replaced with some kid no-one had ever heard of. However, it's in both his own interests and to the liking of Fuhrer Lee for him to talk himself up and not give full credit to his predecessor - the first part at least is part of these press releases. No new writer's going to say "well, he was great, so my stuff's going to be crap, really, Just get his stuff in TPB"... In more clement situations, there might be some praise of the outgoing writers, but not when the company's pissed at them.

Sir Auros 2004-12-05 06:54 AM


Originally posted by Denyer
Well, he's done it in War Within. The difference is that he doesn't attempt to bludgeon people with references...
The difference I've perceived is that one was using references to the comic run while the other was referencing the cartoon.

Cliffjumper 2004-12-05 07:01 AM

Hmm, while there are several references to the comics in the various WW series, there's nowhere near the saturation as in G1. If it wasn't just before I'm heading to bed, I'd dig out the comics and prove it. If you want, I can do so tomorrow.

Sir Auros 2004-12-05 07:10 AM

I'll take your word for it. I'm not as familiar with the original comics as the cartoon (having only read most of the comics once if that), but I was aware of some allusions and didn't know if there were more.

I still think the general distaste for the cartoon and Mick's allusions to that canon are at least as big a factor in how his "Easter Eggs" are judged as the frequency and ham-fistedness of the things. Vol. 2 had a ton of them and the outright lifting of dialogue so frequently was irksome, but the ongoing hasn't been as bad with an average of maybe one or two an issue and not all of them being so obvious.

The sad thing about this is that I think Mick really was learning from his mistakes, and while he had a lot of trouble in the latest issues keeping his storylines tight, they were at least reasonably entertaining stories except for the few pages of human interaction.

Neuronutter 2004-12-05 06:30 PM

Re: Bad News
Thanx Cliffjumper. I just wondered what general consensus over vols 1-3 were and how James and Adam leaving DW was received? Personally I think Vol 2 was better than 3, but i'm kinda new to the comics and though i've read the first coupla hundred, i'm still gettin' used to the mythology and how everything fits together with the previous stories.

Why is everyone so anti-Brad Mick, I mean Mad Brick? That's a bit harsh. He must really be loathed! Wondered where that came from? Is the general consensus that he's murdered the G1 stories? From what i've read i thought he was truer to G1 than Sarracini, but then G1 Furman or Budiansky? Character portrayal varies so much between them.

Lmk what you think of #10. My feeling is that it is building up well, and that it will probably be destroyed by all the DW situation.

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