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Nevermore 2004-12-13 09:39 PM

Energon Barricade in package!

Courtesy of Bill's Toys and Games.

If you are confused by all those Energon combiners and don't know which one's which, see here.

Clay 2004-12-14 01:45 AM

He's very blue.

What's the D5 mean?

The aerialbots are Ax, which I guess means Autobot.

The constructicons are Cx, which I guess means constructicons.

The combaticons are... Dx? Shouldn't they be Bx for bruticus? The contructicons are decepticons, too.

Sir Auros 2004-12-14 03:45 AM

I think they're being called the Destructicons or something. Not sure, I remember hearing it somewhere.

dedicon 2004-12-14 10:31 AM

Bah,too blue for my taste.

AutobotJazz 2004-12-14 10:58 AM

looks kinda cool....not too much blue, but looks a bit Autobot-ish...well his pic on the backing card does. Still, no complaints.

I'm wondering, like many of the orginal G1 combiner teams, its possible to switch between the teams to create bizarre Gestalt robots? Any clues?

Sir Auros 2004-12-14 11:10 AM

Yes, they can be mixed and matched. My Superion Maximus is using his two limbs that are out now as well as Constructicon Maximus'.

Nevermore 2004-12-14 11:24 AM

They are called the Air Team, the Construction Team and the Destruction Team.

AutobotJazz 2004-12-14 11:28 AM


Originally posted by Nevermore
They are called the Air Team, the Construction Team and the Destruction Team.
Sounds good...except for the Construction Team...they sound like a building contractor...still gonna buy them when they come over here though.

Any cheers to Auros for the info...kinda figured they would, but thanks for the verification.

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